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New York Conflict By: Parker Parrett Every thing was ok until the mohawks attacked. We were all heading north towards Rock Land, New york. We all were just kids we diffident really know what was going to happen. “Patterson get over here!” “yes sir” I said “what are you doing you were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago,we are leaving for Rock Land.” “Yes Sir.” and off we went. Our platoon had twenty people in it, the captain was,Captain Matchless, I was just a private the lowest of the low and the worst thing of all was Matchless hated me. We left new york in the wee hours of the morning. After we got out of the city we went in to the heavy wilderness there were no trails just heavy thick vegetation we could barley see the sun shining through the canopy. We were all aware of what could be in the woods. We were all in safety mode. We continued to walk though the woods for around three hours before Captain Matchless told us to stop and take a break, I took my sack of my back and took out a piece of bread that I packed for the journey. I ate the bread and walked over to the creek about five meters away from the platoon, I started to drink from the creek the water tricked down my throat the water was very cool and it felt good in the hot wether that we were in. I heard a very faint shuffle of leafs in the distance but I just figure that it was a squirrel so I just shrugged it off and walked back to the platoon. After around twenty minutes of break Captain Matchless said that we need to get going so we could make it to the half way mark before night fall. We kept going and going my legs felt like soggy bread I didn’t think that I could walk any longer and just wanted to stop and take a break, I felt like I couldn’t do any thing until I slept the night away. We kept walking until almost night fall and then Captain Matchless Said that we could stop for the night and that we would continue in the morning. I was just falling asleep when I heard leafs violently shaking what sounded like 10 meters away from me I grabed my musket and got up, that is when every thing changed I looked up and saw around fifty indians all coming our way, I started to yell some people got a shot or two off but other wise it was two late to do any thing affective. I was the only one left the Captian and every one else was dead I ran off east two try to make my way to Rock Land. I noticed that once I started to run off the indians weren’t running after me, I stopped and looked back and to my surprise there were no indians. I continued to walk around five klicks east before I stopped and made a small shelter for the night. I woke up in the morning the freezing cold the morning dew was starting to dry to my skin I got up and tried to dry my self but it wasn’t very affective, I started walking north so I could get to Rock Land by night fall it was a long journey around 50 clicks if I was going to do that I had to get going right away.

I started off at around day break and I was walking and walking and around noon I heard lots of yelling and some gunshots as I Crested a hill in front of me I saw what looked to be one hundred indians all attacking a patrol of around 50 British I got down and waited for the attack to be over, I sat on the top of the hill for around twenty minuets before the gunshots stopped and the smoke rose I saw all of the british dead and only around twenty indians dead the indians had one the battle, I started to get up but just to the right of me I heard lots of footsteps, I looked over and I saw what looked to be one thousand indians all coming out of the woods. They all met up were the battle had just occurred. “they must be planning a attack” I thought to my self “OCARA MASTA KORAAA” screamed the head indian I went back down the hill and went around were all the indians were heading. I walked for around four more hours and then I saw the fort I was so happy that I was here. I entered the fort and went to see the genarel. “Sir” I said to him “ Yes come in what is the problem” He replied “Sir my name is private paterson from the fifth british battalion sir” “Where is your captain private he is the one that needs to be reporting to me” he replied “Sir we were ambushed around night fall sir” I replied “Ok I will have you assigned to a new company than,that is all” “Sir I witnessed a group of around one thousand indians headed this way sir” “Bloody one thousand people this fort can not hold back one thousand indians” He replied “Sir We must try” We ran out of his office and alarmed all the people to take there battle stations, around night fall gunsots rang out the indians were attacking. The battle lasted for around forty five minutes lots of british lost there life on that night,We fought and we fought and we came out victors. The next day I was assigned to a new company but instead of being the lowest of the low I emerged from that fort a Captain.

New Yourk Conflict  

This was a naritive that I wrote for the US History Seminar

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