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MoMA Parker O’Connor November 1, 2017

From November 1, 2017 to January 28, 2018, artist Emily Spivack allowed visitors to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to chronicle what they were wearing to the museum. Visitors sent a simple text message to 1 980 222 3228 describing in their own words what they were (or not) wearing that day. This project was presented in conjunction with MoMA’s second ever exhibition on fashion, “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” The nearly five thousand entries are available online at and will be preserved in the MoMA archive.

How do we write our own history into the archives? For future scholars of the history of culture, fashion, and museums, this project provides valuable data. However, these words can only communicate so much. Right now, we understand what “jeans� means, but will that always be the case for future generations? The items of jeans also comes with its many nuances of fit, colour, size, brand, etc. Although this book gives visual representation to a day of entries, it truly attempts to illuminate the messiness of communication and writing our own personal history.

8:42 AM NOV 01 2017

Thick grey coat, white shirt with buttons, brown boots with lamb skin inner

8:42 AM NOV 01 2017

Red hooded sweatshirt, white jeans, rain boots

8:42 AM NOV 01 2017

Thick grey coat, white shirt with buttons, brown boots with lamb skin inner

8:43 AM NOV 01 2017

Neon green rain coat, light blue jeans

8:21 AM NOV 01 2017

black jeans, black leather short booties, black and white spotted shirt, bright red scarf, red lipstick, a crochet and beaded flower necklace and braided hair

11:10 AM NOV 01 2017

Red sweatshirt, blue sweatpants, & white converse

11:11 AM NOV 01 2017

Wool suit pants, a striped tank top, combat boots from ebay. pashmina from a table in union square.

11:16 AM NOV 01 2017

Black nirvana t-shirt from middle school and my brother’s old jeans. and moccasins.

11:17 AM NOV 01 2017

yellow and black hi-top nikes, Lakers baseball cap

11:39 AM NOV 01 2017

I’m wearing a navy blue fleece jacket, my favorite sweatshirt, skinny jeans, black oxfords, black socks and a necklace that was my mom’s

11:40 AM NOV 01 2017

blazer & Button down shirt & jeans & loafers

11:41 AM NOV 01 2017

Reeboks I got yesterday from a store on 14th street and my friend’s jean jacket because I was cold

12:25 PM NOV 01 2017

Red scarf, heathered black and red tights, tight skirt, pointy witch shoes

9:46 AM NOV 01 2017

Adidas jogging bottoms, white shirt, red jacket

10:51 AM NOV 01 2017

Black sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a parka that the person who soldit to me called a “piece”Â

10:54 AM NOV 01 2017

Ties leatherS WATCHES

10:55 AM NOV 01 2017

Black riding boots, black dress, flowery top, black belt, gold square necklace

11:01 AM NOV 01 2017

Jeans, white nikes and a hot pink t-shirt

11:08 AM NOV 01 2017

Black pants, grey turtleneck, black boots

11:09 AM NOV 01 2017

Black Suit and blue dress, black shoes, bag

11:13 AM NOV 01 2017

Gray sweater, black shirt, jeans, gray boots

11:13 AM NOV 01 2017

Black oxford shirt, blue pants and light brown leather shoes with no-show socks

11:39 AM NOV 01 2017

Long black velour dress with a black belt from Alberta

11:40 AM NOV 01 2017

Green Jott jacket, cashmere blue pull over, blue jeans, blue Converse

11:55 AM NOV 01 2017

Black high waisted pants and black and white vans, white socks and a pink sparkly shirt that says “Good Girl� :)

11:56 AM NOV 01 2017

Black jeans, white tees, black converse. Blue hair, blue eyes, I saw her.

11:58 AM NOV 01 2017

T-shirt, jeans and sneaker.

12:15 PM NOV 01 2017

Black sweater, plaid white shirt, olive Levi skinny jeans, brown shade shoes, tan glasses

12:16 PM NOV 01 2017

Ripped camo jeans, green boots, denim jacket

12:23 PM NOV 01 2017

I’m wearing a flannel with jeans and converse. I am also wearing a north face sweatshirt because I’m a little bit chilly.

12:23 PM NOV 01 2017

Jeans, turtleneck, black boots accented with faux fur, and an accent scarf.

12:32 PM NOV 01 2017 Brown riding boots, blue cashmere sweater, jeans, leather jacket and a beige scarf I bought yesterday because it was freezing outside……

12:34 PM NOV 01 2017

Jean shirt and navy type pants and a lucky charm from Thailand ... and a white shirt , wearing black shoes ( dirty ) with white and grey socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:38 PM NOV 01 2017

Black wool sweater, jeans and leather boots with plum colored trench coat and scarf

1:27 PM NOV 01 2017

Purple Paul Smith Docs. Levi Jeans. Fred Perry. Trench Coat. Herring Bone cap.... A Beaut!

1:46 PM NOV 01 2017

Black crop-top with white skirt and suspenders

2:01 PM NOV 01 2017

Burgundy doc martens, no show socks, wide leg black pants, textured white sweater, mix and match earrings, eye glasses.

2:30 PM NOV 01 2017

Scarf, Zara blouse, Gap jeans, heart socks, Platform boots

2:38 PM NOV 01 2017

Black Nike, black jeans, blue shirt

2:43 PM NOV 01 2017

Midi length denim dress, pink and black sneakers, hoop earrings, assorted silver rings, black lipstick

3:15 PM NOV 01 2017

Black furry Pom Pom headband, black crushed velvet bomber, vampish red velvet Adidas dress with a turtle neck, black leggings and black NB trainers ++ some rings that I had all my life :)

3:22 PM NOV 01 2017

Tory birch bracelet, fluffy sleeve black romper

3:28 PM NOV 01 2017

Me:A black long sleeve top, jeans/trousers with wide ends, charcoal pink trainers/sneakers and a pink, purple, lilac, brown, beige and blue matching beanie hat and sweater My Dad: Clothes

3:59 PM NOV 01 2017

Wool sweater, dark blue jeans, multi-color leather boots, bold gold watch and black cotton cross bag.

4:00 PM NOV 01 2017

Jean dress, wool vest, adidas shoes with cute socks.

4:17 PM NOV 01 2017

White nike Air Force. Black Paige jeans. Blue crop top. Black bomber jacket. Supreme iPhone case. Black purse

4:27 PM NOV 01 2017

I wear a jeans with a pull and a T-shirt from levi’s. The socks from thommy hill finger. My shoes are from Nike

4:45 PM NOV 01 2017

Christmas pants, tennis, jackets

4:47 PM NOV 01 2017

Nike sweats, Patagonia organic cotton tee from and flannel from goodwill

4:48 PM NOV 01 2017

Beige sweater, grey acid wash high-waisted jeans, pink scarf, black socks, pink shoes

4:55 PM NOV 01 2017

Beige sweater, navy sweatpants and orange pineapple hat

5:15 PM NOV 01 2017

I’m wearing asics sneakers, a black Zara jeans, a sweater, a scarf and a grey jacket !

5:17 PM NOV 01 2017

I am wearing black Nike sneakers, a comfy chino, a warm gray pullover. Jacket under my arm because it’s really warm inside here :D

5:17 PM NOV 01 2017

I’m wearing Nike sneakers, black jeans, a red sweater and a watch.

5:22 PM NOV 01 2017

I am also wearing a maroon scrunchie in my hair but I didn’t have enough room in my last entry to say so

5:23 PM NOV 01 2017

Black thermal shirt, grey leggings, high heeled boots, Foxing dad hat with three dogs (listen to Foxing)

5:24 PM NOV 01 2017

!!! And my fur coat how could I forget

The author and illustrator of this book did in fact attend the exhibition on January 9, 2018 from 11:44 AM – 1:57 PM. For some reason, he choose not to participate in the project. Since he did not text Emily Spivack his outfit that day, it will be forgotten. In fact, he already forgets what he was wearing that visit. One thing for sure that he was wearing was his thick black glasses.

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MoMA Parker O’Connor November 1, 2017

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