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Colleges A-Z

By Parker Drawbaugh


A​ is for Alabama State University, And Alabama State University has 95 student athletes that had ​grade point averages of 3.0 or higher.

Image taken from Boston University

B​ is for Boston University Boston University has 33,000 undergraduate from more than 130 countries.

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C​ is for California Coast University. California Coast University was founded in 1973

Image taken from Dickinson State University

D​ is for Dickinson State University. Dickinson State University has up to 132 acres.

Image taken from East Tennessee State University

E is for East Tennessee State University. East Tennessee State University costs $9,700 per semester for full-time out-of-state students.

Image taken from Florida State University College of Medicine

F is for Florida State University. Florida State University ​students have won more than 250 nationally competitive awards

Image taken from Office of undergraduate Admission

G ​is for George Washington

University. George Washington University has more than 12,000 internship opportunities available.

Mage taken from ​Hamilton College

H is for ​Hamilton

College. Hamilton College was ​ founded in


Image taken from Iowa State University

I ​is for Iowa State

University. Iowa State University has a vet place where you can become a vet.

Image taken from ​www.scoutforce​.

J ​is for Jackson State

University. Jackson State University has JSU now offers 46 bachelors.

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K​ ​is for Kansas State

University. Kansas State University has 22,795 total students.

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L ​is for Lake Forest College.

Lake Forest college has 97 percent of the Class of 2015 had jobs or enrolled in graduate school within six months after graduation

Image taken from Middle Georgia College

M​ is for Middle Georgia College. Middle Georgia College had many names like New Ebenezer Baptist Association and New Ebenezer Baptist Association

Image taken from North Carolina Central University

N ​is for North Carolina

Central University. North Carolina Central University has Washington Monthly ranks NCCU in the top 40 in the nation for contributions to the public good.

Image taken from Ohio Northern University

O ​is for Ohio Northern

University. Ohio Northern University has an independent, comprehensive University located in the scenic village ​of Ada

Image taken from AUVAC

P ​is for Polytechnic institute

of NYU. Polytechnic institute of NYU has strong ​academic records in certain programs may apply for admission to the BSMS Accelerated Program.

Image taken from ​swimming world Magazine

Q​ ​is for Quincy University.

Quincy University has 3,600 square foot fitness room featuring 36 Flex and Paramount machines.

Image taken from ​Radford University

R​ is for Radford

University. Radford University has a library indoors with a mini golf course.

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S​ is for Southeast

Missouri State. Southeast Missouri State has 12,000 students.

T is for ​Tennessee Technological University

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Tennessee Technological University has hours from 8am to 4:30 pm.

U is for ​Union College

Image taken from wikipedia

Union college was founded in 1795.

Image taken from ​Valley City State University

V is for valley City State University. Valley city State University was Founded in 1890 as a normal school.

Image taken from Montgomery College

W is for Washington College. Washington College has ​on May 14, 1783, the first commencement was held.

Image taken from College compass

X ​is for ​Xavier University of

Louisiana​ Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights in 1997.

Image taken from ​www.ysusport

Y​ ​is for Youngstown State University it was founded in 1908.

Image taken from Zion Fellowship

Z ​is

for Zion christian University it has sound teaching.  

My book is about all the colleges A-Z. So like if i did A  it would be for ​Alabama State. And another example would be W it would be for ​Washington College. And i would do that for all of them.       

Colleges A-Z  

My book is about all the colleges A-Z. So like if i did A it would be for Alabama State. And another example would be W it would be for Wash...

Colleges A-Z  

My book is about all the colleges A-Z. So like if i did A it would be for Alabama State. And another example would be W it would be for Wash...