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Focal area Introduction year review Staff funding Development Special event Coordination Public Infrastructure Business Association Bevo neighborhood Form based code Special taxing Districts


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NEW SPECIAL TAXING DISTRICTS under development special taxing Districts currently administered Bike racks Installed in the grove Special EVENTS % Of building construction in city of st. louis trees PLANTED in the cWE AND FPSE Sq. ft. of paint FOR PRIDE CROSSWALKS bags of trash collected in the grove hours of SUPPLEMENTAL PATROLS in the CWE hours of SUPPLEMENTAL PATROLS in the Grove

Letter from the executive direc tor In 2013, Park Central Development was faced with a 60% ($220,000) reduction in its annual budget. Like many other Community Development Corporations in the City of St. Louis, our annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocation was eliminated. In order to survive this funding crisis, our staff and board made several quick and decisive changes. First, we reviewed all expenses and strategically decreased spending. Second, we examined our time allocation and streamlined our efforts to meet the most critical programs and initiatives. Third, we explored holding an annual fundraising campaign. Finally, we looked at potential programs and initiatives to benefit the communities we work in, while simultaneously generating income for the organization. Those immediate changes saved Park Central Development and in three years’ time we have eliminated the deficit and have actually helped grow the organization’s annual budget from $350,000 to over $450,000. In that same period, we have been able to increase our staffing from four full time employees to seven. We have become experts in: 1) the production of unique and quality special events, 2) the implementation of neighborhood specific form based zoning codes, 3) tailored marketing and branding strategies for commercial districts, 4) the execution of walkable and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and beautification improvements, 5) the establishment of neighborhood committees and consensus building initiatives, and 6) the creation and administration of community special taxing districts. In 2015, Park Central Development underwent a five-year strategic planning exercise. Our new mission states, In partnership with community stakeholders, Park Central Development Corporation works to strengthen and attract investment that creates and maintains vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts. Along with working in our six focal neighborhoods (Botanical Heights, Central West End, Cheltenham, Forest Park Southeast, King’s Oak, and Midtown), we are now able to assist select neighborhoods and commercial districts with technical assistance and managerial support in the design and delivery of enhanced community services throughout the City of St. Louis. We are excited about the future of the City of St. Louis. The potential is unlimited and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you for the continued support of Park Central Development and the neighborhoods we work in. Brooks Goedeker Executive Director






Euclid South CID Begins Operations

4100 LINDELL ground breaking


Inaugural record store day event HELD IN THE GROVE

4th annual indihop



Reliance Bank Ribbon Cutting

Bike st. louis phase III improvements completed

2015 year review MARCH Toured BIKE INFRASTRUCTURE IN STL WITH TRAILNET AND EPA January Community Planning for FPSE Form Based Code Completed



April Park Central Begins Strategic Plan April Installed SEASONAL PLANTINGS IN THE GROVE & THE CENTRAL WEST END

MAY Reliance bank Received most Enhanced award for 4301 Manchester



Manchester Bike Bash rft showcase in the in the Grove Grove




traveled to portland, Oregon with delegation of st. louis biking leaders


4321 Manchester tops out



Hilton suites ribbon cutting JUNE


the grove celebrates pridefest with rainbow painted crosswalks

Panelist for IdsA-STL Design Competition for science corner

Transgender Memorial Garden RIBBON CUTTING IN FPSE

JUNE Community builders Network special taxing district presentation JUNE Park central presents to the city of st. Louis’ hudz committee

August Grove criterium

September eagle bank grand opening

December September IKEA GRAND OPENING

17TH ward holiday party

OUR • • • •

Staff Brooks Goedeker

Susan Anderson

Matt Green

Executive Director

Project manager

Project manager

Economic Development Coordinator Guidance of Special Taxing Districts Guidance of Special Event Production Guidance of Public Infrastructure Enhancements

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Gelinda Connell

Project manager • • • • • • • •

Grove Fest Co-Producer IndiHop Co-Producer Park Central Gala Coordination Park Central Annual Appeal Coordination Forest Park South Business Association Coordination Grove Criterium Liaison Park Central Social Media Coordination Grant Writing

NEW IN 2015

• • • • • • •

Euclid South CID Administration CWE Southeast SBD Administration CWE South SBD Administration Bevo CID Implementation

• • • • • •

Grove CID Administration Grove Fest Co-Producer IndiHop Co-Producer Manchester Bike Bash Producer FPSE Public Infrastructure Administration Trailnet, Bike and Pedestrian Safety Liaison

Hannah Curtin

Cathy Beck

Associate project manager


Euclid CID Social Media and Marketing Bevo CID Implementation FPSE Development Corporation Administration Grove Social Media and Marketing Grove Fest Assistant RFT Music Showcase Liaison Park Central Marketing and Annual Repot

• Bookkeeping Services for All Special Taxing Districts and Organizations


Hannah started with Park Central as a volunteer in the summer of 2014 shortly after graduating from Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning. After a year with the organization, Hannah was hired full-time as an Associate Project Manager in the winter of 2015. She grew up in South St. Louis, on the edge of the Holly Hills and Dutchtown neighborhoods and currently resides in the Benton Park area. In her spare time, she

enjoys exploring the St. Louis neighborhoods with her two dogs, rock climbing, hiking, and camping. She is an amateur photographer who enjoys visiting architectural salvage yards and repurposing her finds.



CONTEMPORARY projects in 2015 4321 Manchester: 20 Unit apartment project. Ground floor retail. First new construction residential building on Manchester in the past 15 years. Features large balconies and structured parking 4200 Gibson & 1303 S. Boyle (Avant Grove): Five for-sale, single-family homes on vacant lots 32-40 N Euclid: Five-story mixed-use development with two-floors of underground parking

CONTEMPORARY In addition to preserving and restoring historic structures in the central corridor of the City of St. Louis, Park Central Development and the neighborhoods it works in also welcome new and innovative architecture and design. Several exciting and innovative commercial and residential projects were proposed and constructed in 2015. These projects bolster a new era of quality, modern and timeless structures in St. Louis. To illustrate, UIC continued its work in Forest Park Southeast with its Avant Grove project on the 4200 block of Gibson and 1303 S. Boyle. In addition, UIC continued their innovative design by collaborating with a developer on a mixed-use project at 4321 Manchester in the Grove. This threestory building is consistent with the street’s setbacks and occupies a previously vacant parcel along Manchester Avenue. Another unique and contemporary project was proposed by the Koman Group in fall, 2015. The proposal replaces a one-story, underutilized building with a five-story, highdensity, mixed-use project. The building will feature 14,000 square feet of first floor retail space, 14,000 square feet of office space, 72 luxury apartments, and a subgrade parking garage. The sleek building will add character to the already eclectic Euclid corridor.

Attracting Invest

HISTORIC With the ongoing help of the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program, developers continue to preserve, strengthen and restore some of the city’s most treasured residential and commercial buildings. In 2015, the Lawrence Group and Eagle Bank collaborated to restore one of Lindell’s most prominent and recognized midcentury modern buildings at 4100 Lindell. This building nearly met the wrecking ball for a convenience store, but Park Central Development and Central West End residents publicly opposed the demolition, in hopes that a future developer would be able to save and restore the building. Luckily, that hope became a reality in 2015.

HISTORIC projects in 2015 3900 Laclede (Gerhart Lofts): 24 apartments and nine retail storefronts 1210 S. Newstead: Multi-Family Residential Rehab 1262 S. Boyle: Landscape Architecture Offices 1472 Vandeventer: Mediplex Headquarters 3900 Lindell (The Vandy): Residential Apartment Rehab 4100 Lindell: Eagle Bank and Offices 4133 Manchester: Commercial/ Residential Rehab

Over the last year, the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood received over 30 proposals for single site historical buildings. The projects were presented by more than a dozen developers interested in helping Forest Park Southeast maintain its historic character.

4136 Manchester: Single-Family Residential Rehab

Park Central Development has led the way in recruiting a multitude of developers that are capable of performing quality historic rehabilitations. Park Central Development not only attracts developers, but also guides them through the planning and community review process.

4301 McRee (Union Loafers): Commercial Rehab


4170 Manchester: Commercial Rehab 4248 Manchester: Commercial Rehab 4301 Manchester: Commercial Rehab, Reliance Bank

4308 Swan: Two-Family Residential Rehab 4308 Gibson: Two-Family Residential Rehab 4309 Gibson: Two-Family Residential Rehab 4349 Swan: Two-Family Residential Rehab 4370 Swan: Two-Family Residential Rehab

Mixed-Use Mixed-use projects are important to a neighborhood’s growth and development as they add needed retail and services to communities. The following mixed-used projects within the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods meet the form-based zoning codes and the community’s desire for ground floor retail, high-density, urban designed projects. One such project is Mills Properties’ mixed-use development, the Orion, located at the corner of Euclid and West Pine. The project includes a 30,000 sq. ft. Whole Foods and 176 apartments. Additional amenities include a 445 space parking garage and a fitness center. This $70 million project will greatly enhance the vibrant urban experience along the Euclid corridor.

The Capstone Development Group took a formerly underutilized historic building and restored it into 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and 24 loft style apartments. The Gerhart building located at Vandeventer and Laclede adds much needed retail adjacent to SLU’s campus and the eastern end of the Central West End. Park Central Development has worked with Green Street Development to bring the mixed-use Chouteau’s Grove development to the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The project will extend the Grove, adding an eastern anchor to the Manchester Avenue commercial corridor. The design includes 271 market rate apartments and 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space over a 4.5 acre site. The project will bring much needed density, diversity and amenities to the area.

Mixed-use projects in 2015 4321 Manchester: 20 Unit apartment project. Ground floor retail. First new construction residential building on Manchester in the past 15 years. Features large balconies and structured parking 4001 Chouteau (Chouteau’s Grove): 271 apartments. 4.5 acre site. 20,000 SF of ground floor retail 100 Euclid (The Orion): 30,000 SF Whole Foods. 176 apartments on the 6 floors above Whole Foods. Includes parking garage to serve 445 residents and customers 4133 Manchester: Historic Retail and Residential Renovation 32-40 Euclid: Five-story mixed-use development with two-floors of underground parking 4490 Lindell: Office Rehab 4101 Laclede: 54 unit condo project, Ground floor retail

For-Sale Housing In 2015, Park Central Development helped market two prominent, long-standing, vacant parcels as ideal sites for condo projects. There has not been a large, new construction, for-sale project in the Central West End since the 2008 recession. Park Central Development proactively approached area developers regarding the 33,000 sq. ft. property at 4101 Laclede, which had been vacant for over 40 years. Park Central Development and the community’s wish list for the site included ground floor retail, for-sale condos, and structured parking. Developers Austin Barzantny and Michael Gingrich answered that call and teamed up with Trivers Associates to propose a five-story, mixed-use project that fulfills the requirements of the Central West End form-based code. The design offers ground floor retail, 54 condo units, an outdoor pool and amenity deck, and 75 structured parking spaces. In the same year, Park Central Development approached the Lawrence Group about developing the property just south of their 4100 Lindell development. The Lawrence Group plans to construct 13 for-sale condos at 4101 West Pine. Both projects will increase density and foot traffic along the Sarah corridor. These projects offer for-sale options in what has been a strong housing market in the central corridor for the last several years.

Others (In Progress) in 2015 3939 West Pine: 77 Unit Apartment Building

Others (Completed) in 2015 920 S. Taylor (Home2Suites by Hilton): 107 new extended stay hotel rooms 4050 West Pine (West Pine Lofts): 206 unit apartment building 3853 Forest Park (The Standard): 465 unit apartment building marketed toward SLU students. Includes nonvisible parking garage that hold up to 400 vehicles 1 IKEA Way (IKEA): 300,000 sq. ft. IKEA Store 5215 Manchester (The Watering Bowl): Dog Kennel & Training Facility 5800 Highlands Plaza (Encore): 200 Apartments

May 30: Indi Hop

July 19: Manchester bike bash


March 26: Euclid South Begins Park Central Gala Operations

June 28: rft music showcase

special Events Fostering the growth and development of a community takes on many different forms and involves a myriad of efforts. Park Central Development understands this and has spearheaded the planning and production of neighborhood special events for many years. In 2015, Park Central Development assisted with and produced a number of unique special events.

The 4th Annual IndiHop is St. Louis’ only community building beer festival. A joint event with Cherokee Street, it brought over 3,000 people to the Grove. In addition to sampling. 50 different types of beer, the festival also featured musical acts and the opportunity to visit and learn more about the 25 participating businesses in the Grove. In late June, for the 2nd consecutive year, the Grove welcomed the Annual RFT Music Showcase. The event featured over 100 bands in 10 venues throughout the district. Park Central staff coordinated with the Riverfront Times and business owners to promote participating venues.

July and August saw two very different bicycle-themed events. The Manchester Bike Bash, in its 2nd year in the Grove, is the pre and post celebration for the World Naked Bike Ride. The event brings vendors, musical performances, costume contests and a bit of spice to the Grove all while drawing attention to the need to improve cycling in the City and decrease the dependence on petroleum based fuels. The first annual Grove Criterium was held in early-August and consisted of a series of closed circuit races, looping through the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Park Central Development assisted organizers in this inaugural year of the race which included competitive cyclists from all over the United States. The race will return to the neighborhood in 2016. Grove Fest celebrated a decade of debauchery with another eclectic, electric, supercharged street celebration in 2015. Park Central staff and the Grove Fest committee worked tirelessly to highlight the wealth of entertainment choices

December 15: 17th ward holiday party

August 4: National Night out

August 1: The grove criterium

available in the Grove to the greater St. Louis community. The event featured over Park Central staff was integrally involved in all aspects of in the planning and execution of the event. Staff planned committee meetings, solicited sponsorships, and headed up marketing efforts. Staff created recruitment materials for vendors, solicited and attracted over 80 vendors and organized and managed those vendors on the day of the festival. Grove Fest attracted over 20,000 attendees and wowed them all with national music acts, the return of the paint-by-numbers mural, a children’s area, street performers and an experience they will always remember.


October 3: GROVE FEST

Events by the numbers $30,000 raised Park Central Gala 50 BEER Samples IndiHop 1800 TICKETS SOLD 100 + bands rft music showcase 10.000 ATTENDEES MANCHESTER BIKE BASH 2,000 cyclists 600 competing riders the grove criterium 1 kickball game National Night out 80 VENDORS GROVE FEST 20,000 + ATTENDEEs 7 AWARDS PRESENTED 17th ward holiday party

Public Infrastructure A number of public infrastructure projects from 2015 will strengthen the landscape of the central corridor for years to come. Park Central Development staff, along with volunteer members of Infrastructure Committees in the respective neighborhoods researched, planned, coordinated and implemented a number of projects in 2015.

FPSE Crosswalk Ramps

For the past year, the Forest Park Southeast Infrastructure Committee and Park Central Development staff have worked to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility throughout the neighborhood. After conducting various surveys, meeting with City of St. Louis staff, and developing a priority list with the Committee, construction of 12 new pedestrian crosswalk ramps started in December, 2015. This $42,000 infrastructure project was funded through 17th Ward Alderman Joe Roddy’s Capital Ward Fund and will provide critical north-south access on sidewalks throughout Forest Park Southeast.

Street Trees

Forest Park Southeast saw roughly 50 new street trees planted throughout the neighborhood in 2015 while the Central West End saw approximately 100 planted. These trees will reduce pollution, and water run-off, provide shade, and improve the aesthetic of various streets in the neighborhood. The trees were funded through 17th Ward Alderman Joe Roddy’s Capital Ward Fund and the Grove Community Improvement District.

Trash Cans

The Grove installed six new trash cans in 2015, which reduces litter on the street and improves the aesthetic of the district. These trash cans were funded by the Grove Community Improvement District.

Street Paving

The City of St. Louis paved many major roads in the 17th Ward in 2015, including portions of Vandeventer Avenue and Sarah Street. Funds to pave these streets came from a collaborative effort between various Aldermen and their Capital Ward Funds.

Euclid Streetscape Biking

The City of St. Louis installed two of six new bike corrals in the Grove and the Central West End all part of the Bike St. Louis Phase III effort. A bike corral transforms a standard parking lane or sidewalk area into bike parking for 4-8 bikes per five foot section. They also provide an opportunity to promote local business with bike accessibility, to enhance the streetscape and strengthen neighborhood identity. The Grove’s corral was installed to the west of the HandleBar and the Central West End’s corral was installed on the east side of Coffee Cartel. Each can accommodate 10 bicycles. In addition to the corrals, Bike St. Louis Phase III installed new bike lanes and improved striping, diversifying transportation options and safety throughout the 17th Ward and the City of St. Louis in early 2015. The corrals and striping were funded through the 17th Ward Alderman Joe Roddy’s Capital Ward Fund and a federal grant.

After many years of planning, engineering and fundraising, construction on the $400,000 Euclid streetscape began in December of 2015. This ongoing community planning effort will lead to the installation of new sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and street trees along the eastern side of Euclid Avenue, from Forest Park Parkway to Laclede Avenue. This project is funding through Park Central Development and the Euclid South Community Improvement District.

Business Association Park Central Development manages and provides administrative support for the Forest Park South Business Association. The Association is a membership organization created to advance the mutual interests of commercial establishments within the area bounded by Hampton Avenue, 39th Street, Forest Park Avenue and I-44. The Forest Park South Business Association (FPSBA) serves as a collective, representative voice for businesses and strengthens its members’ role in community improvement projects. The FPSBA has been crucial in providing leadership for major projects throughout the area. Past achievements include funding and implementing the initial, landmark Grove entry marker sign on Manchester Avenue, establishing a prohibitive use ordinance for the Forest Park Southeast area and securing a $3.5 million federal grant for streetscape and pedestrian lighting improvements along Manchester

Avenue. Currently, the FPSBA is working with the City of St. Louis to address traffic and pedestrian safety issues surrounding the five-way intersection at Tower Grove and Vandeventer Avenues. Members meet bi-monthly to discuss topics surrounding commerce in the city and region, as well as advocate as a unified group for area improvements. Each quarter, the Association hosts a networking luncheon held at venues within the area. Park Central Development plans all meetings and networking events and provides informational updates to all of its members.


June 10: Spring luncheon



April: park central locates donor


september-december: on-ground work begins

may: planning efforts begin

the Bevo Neighborhood Leaders of St. Louis City neighborhoods outside Park Central Development focal area frequently contact staff for advice. In 2014, Bevo Neighborhood stakeholders (business owners, property owners, residents, and Alderwomen Carol Howard and Beth Murphy) began discussions about Park Central working in that area. Despite its current state of decline, Bevo is one of the most unique and historic neighborhoods in the City of St. Lous and has the potential to become one of the next “IT” districts. As the conversation progressed, an anonymous donor agreed in 2015 to sponsor Park Central Development’s

efforts to establish a Community Improvement Distrct (CID) along Gravois Avenue. With research completed, Park Central Development began meeting with property owners and went door-to-door to meet business owners in the fall of 2015.

Following an enthusiastic reception from the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce, a vigorous 2016 schedule for establishment of the Bevo CID has been set, with the hope of improvement projects coming to fruition in 2017.

Form Based Code

In 2014, Park Central Development embarked upon an ambitious, year-long planning process with the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Staff at Park Central and a design team from H3 Studio worked closely with residents, business owners, and local leadership with the goal of developing a comprehensive vision for the future of the area, as well as lay the groundwork for a form based district in the future. After holding numerous public meetings, open houses, planning charrettes and private interviews, Park Central Development, H3 Studio and the 15-member steering committee are proud to present the FPSE Neighborhood Plan. This plan encompasses a series of specific and strategic recommendations for the neighborhood that will improve the general welfare, experiential quality, perceptions, identity, safety, livability and quality of life for all of the residents in Forest Park Southeast. The planning

process was funded with Community Development Block Grants from the Community Development Administration of the City of St. Louis, and generous support from the Washington University Medical Center. The future FPSE Form Based Code will represent the codification of recommendations outlined in the FPSE Neighborhood Plan, as they pertain to future development on private property. Throughout 2015, Park Central Development has been working through a draft of the form based district with City of St. Louis officials and continues to collect feedback from residents, business owners and local leadership over the next few months in the hopes of having the code adopted by the City in mid-2016.


Special Taxing Districts

Park Central Development works with communities lacking the capacity to implement desired infrastructure improvements and social programs by identifying potential revenue sources and strengthening neighborhood assets. Special taxing districts (i.e. Special Business Districts or SBDs and Community Improvement Districts or CIDs) have helped many communities address funding constraints. Park Central Development’s staff have become specialists at establishing and administering such districts. They work with communities looking to fund improvement projects including safety and security initiatives, lighting, sidewalk and park improvements, and litter and beautification initiatives. In 2015, Park Central Developement started a new CID in the Central West End known as the Euclid South CID. Already in 2015, the District has started construction on

a new streetscape, installed new security cameras, hired supplemental security patrols and initiated a new marketing and branding campaign on social media. Along with the creation and administration of the Euclid South CID, Park Central Development continues to administer The Grove CID, the Central West End South SBD, and the Central West End Southeast SBD. Park Central Development is currently exploring the creation of a CID in the Bevo Neighborhood as well as expanding the current Grove CID.

cing communities

4512 Manchester Ave St. Louis, MO 63110 Website: www.parkcentraldevelopment.org Phone: 314-535-5311 Facebook: Park Central Development Twitter Handle: @ParkCentralSTL





the Grove cid Website: www.thegrovestl.com Facebook: The Grove STL Twitter: @thegrovestl Instagram: @thegrovestl

Forest Park South Business Association www.forestparksouthba.com Facebook: Forest Park South Business Association

Euclid south CID Facebook: Central West End Live Twitter: @cwelive Instagram: @cwelive

Profile for Park Central Development Annual Report 2015

Park Central Development 2015 Annual Report  

Park Central Development is a community development organization in the City of St. Louis.

Park Central Development 2015 Annual Report  

Park Central Development is a community development organization in the City of St. Louis.