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Technical data Product number 080900

Product name PANNA game arena

Painting Zinc powder and polyester powdered paint

D i am eter 6 meters Materia ls Welded steel sh e

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The robust structure is vandal resistant. German test house TĂœV Produkt Service GMBH, has awarded a certificate of safety standard EN15312 for PANNA –product.


903099 Artificial grass

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Crushed stone / asphalt Sand Pile yarn 702623 Mounting stones [ Check availability from nearest supplier ]


PANNA football


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SCORER, WHO IS THE MOST AMBITIOUS the most eminent ball player? fastest player, The Game from the Homeland of Rijkaard, Seedorf, Kluivert & Co.: Surinam, a small country in the north of South America, is the home of the original form of a dynamic and fast-paced variation of football that is now taking Europe by storm. The game in english is simply called Panna, or Nutmeg or Tunnel. What makes this game exciting is that players are directly and continually matched against an opponent: it is usually played one-on-one or two-on-two. Panna has two small goals and a match lasts a maximum of three minutes. The arenas can be installed both at outdoor playgrounds, schools, theme parks and play areas. For indoors, Sports halls are particulary suitable locations. An arena base can be asphalt, concrete, artificial grass or safety tiles. Artificial grass (by Saltex; product number 903099) is recommended as the nicest base which needs to be mounted

on top of 17mm of dried quartz sand. Granular size should be between 0,3–1,5mm. Please check availability and installation from the nearest supplier. Lappset has responded to this modern and spaceefficient football trend with its professional PANNAfootball arenas, which were designed in collaboration with Panna players. This led to the development of an arena that is not only visually pleasing, but also prevents injuries. Lappset PANNAfootball arena’s diameter is 6 meters and it has no sharp edges or protruding corners. This model provides the perfect arena experience. Every Lappset PANNAfootball arena is built out of three to five-millimetre strong steel and braced with rust resistant steel based mountings. The steel is thermally galvanised and given a two-tone powder coating. The robust structure is vandal resistant.

It isn’t just about scoring but also about playing!

Copyrights and patents Lappset Group Ltd.

PANNA football


PANNAfootball is a game of skill. Panna is a game that requires extreme coordination and ball handling skills but the intensity of the game also puts a lot of emphasis on the player’s physical fitness qualities. Playing demands intelligence and planning and the ability to read the opponent’s intentions and movements instantly. The basic rules of football are applied to PANNAfootball with some minor adjustments and never forgetting the principle of Fair Play. PANNAfootball by Lappset is played as a 2-on-2 game. Although the goals count just like in regular football, a Nutmeg* ends the game immediately.

A match lasts for three minutes. If the score is even, one minute of overtime will follow and the rule of sudden death is applied. If the tie has still not been resolved, the winner can be decided by the toss of a coin or the game can be continued until either of the teams makes a goal. Alternatively if the game has no time limits then the winner can be decided by which side reaches a pre determined amount of goals scored. But remember whoever scores a goal between the opponents legs is automatically the winner! PANNAfootball is a game of skill, but anyone can play it to their own level of ability!

*(goal through the opponent’s legs)

rrent affairs see For more information and cu appset.COM. and www.l

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