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October 2013


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Maxine the giant pumpkin gets a ride to Parkallen School in a double chariot stroller.

Update from your Parkallen Community Garden by Marlene Wurfel The Parkallen Sprouts: junior community gardening club and The Parkallen Diggers wrapped up the 2013 growing season with an Annual Harvest Potluck at Parkallen Hall. Sunchokes dipped in garlic butter, homemade pumpkin pie, and heirloom tomato salads were among the yummies on our tables.

Sustainable Food Edmonton attended with a prize for “The Biggest Vegetable” awarded to our own Maxine the Pumpkin who weighed in at a modest 127 lbs. Where is Maxine now? She’s at Parkallen School waiting to be carved into… the biggest… jack’o’lantern… EVER!

How did she get there? She was wheeled over in a double chariot by two strong moms and a strapping 5-year-old named Oliver. Watch for Maxine flickering in front of Parkallen Hall on Halloween night. Did a gnome mysteriously appear in your garden this summer? The Parkallen

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October 2013

(From left to right) Annika Davidge, Joshua Davidge and Erin Chevrette put their artistic talents to use at the gnome bombing workshop.

Sprouts’ gnome bombing workshop, where local kids created and dispersed gnomes into gardens they admire may be to blame.

picklers and jammers with a valid community league membership. E-mail to sign it out.

Did your grade-one student bring home a jar of pickles? 30 jars of crunchy dilledcarrots and cukes were pickled at Parkallen Hall this fall at a successful workshop sponsored by the WWF and the Parkallen Community League. The workshop taught preserving skills to several generations of Parkallenians, including me. Parkallen Community Garden now owns a canning set (boiler, tongs, etc.) for loan to potential

After this fall’s hard frost, Parkallen School’s grade 3 class took out the tangle of tomato vines and the blaze of sunflowers in the PCG with a zeal that would make any Viking army or Mongol horde scream: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr.” Thanks, grade 3, and enjoy your Pizza & Movie Party this November featuring organic pizza sauce made from tomatoes, garlic and oregano harvested from your community garden.

What’s new for next year: • We’re transitioning to an all-ages gardening model. • We’re setting dates well in advance for work bees. • We’ll be planting more tasty herbs, such as basil for your harvesting pleasure. • We’re adding this new monthly column which will feature recipes, updates and permaculture tips. • Next month’s topic: are you cultivating guilt in your garden? Stop it!

October 2013


Parkallen News

“Funky & cozy little place ... “What a fun little hidden gem! “Awesome local art and a pleasant surprise Great atmosphere and we were jewelry. Capuccino was on a quiet street!” so happy with our caricature!” delicious.” -Jody Sikora -Anonymous “Great coffee and -Lisa Martin “Delightful, friendly and “Yes I really liked it friendly and wonderful pumpkin relaxed !” small atmosphere my caricature cinnamon roll. turned out great everybody I showed -Maurice Juneau “Great deal. Mmmm good!” Lots of time spent doing a terrific drawing job. Charming cafe.” -Cathrine Nicols

“Service was great and the artist engaged our 3 year old while drawing him. He drew a caricature of his Dad when she finished. (Not quite the same result!)” -Jan McMillan

-Dave Thiele

said it resembles me and I will be back for another visit doing one for my niece on her bday “ -Sagal Iltire

“It was an amazing experience! Cathy is a very talented artist and her husband makes delicious chai latte! 5 stars” -inontheoutside and right in Parkallen! 6535-111 Street * Open Tues-Sat 9am-5pm *

“Amazing service, very personable, great value and wonderful little nooke of a cafe! Her drawings are great!” -Arturo D’Elia

Parkallen News


October 2013

Michael Hingston’s novel dissects and delights by Anne Pratt

the hallowed halls of academe. Courses like “Shakespeare without Shakespeare”, in which Shakespeare is eschewed in favour of the downstream detritus of the bard’s influence, complete the picture of a fairly messed up cohort. “Was nothing allowed to be boring anymore?” Alex wonders. Hingston quotes a reviewer who said “you didn’t invent 22 yr old disease”. Indeed, his self-centred characters are familiar really - sometimes quite touchingly so.

Parkallen resident and author Michael Hingston.

The Dilettantes is Michael Hingston’s first novel, and it’s getting a lot of attention. This delightfully told story reveals much about university students in the first decade of the 21st century. Hopelessly aware of their need to be smarter-thanall-that, they inhabit a world where irony has become so engrained it has lost its capacity to satisfy. A world in which being gullible is, as it turns out, not such a bad thing. Hingston’s main character, Alex, holds his generation in something like contempt and, recognizing that this is what his generation “does” to itself, holds himself beneath contempt. The layers sometimes seem infinite – the

“no soap radio” joke makes an appearance, there are no parents weighing in on anything, and the villains are handing out free newspapers. What is real here anyway? Still shy of 30, Hingston is nonethe-less old enough to look back on his time at Simon Fraser University with a critical eye. His main characters work in the student newspaper office, and are absorbed by the challenges of fending off the threat of the “evil” Metro (yes – one and the same – the free daily newspaper). They don’t seem to go to class much and they are blissfully unaware of any genuine threat to humanity going on outside

When the new kid on the paper, Claude, texts his girlfriend to explain why he can’t see her that night, “Lainey. THEY ASKED ME TO HANG OUT,” she replies “That’s great. I’m so proud of you”. Let’s be honest – most of us have been there. His cast is not so much unique to the decade as they are unique to campus. University is an unusual place compared to rest of society. “When I moved away, got a 9-5 job, I realized people didn’t need to talk about the things that were so important in that world. People talk about things like traffic and weather,” says Hingston. Yes we do. We don’t spend that much time wondering about postmodern deconstructionist takes on classic tales – unless it’s Friday night of course. Michael was, for a brief time, the co-editor of the Parkallen News. When he took on the

October 2013 books column at the Edmonton Journal, he stepped out of the role to focus on journalism. He enjoys the freedom of journalism, the freedom to go into a situation with nothing but questions – no answers. It’s an interesting twist on the stereotyped persona of his generation. My favourite line in the book (and there are loads of great lines) comes very close to the end. “You know the last thing the world needs is more writing.


Parkallen News

We’re full up as it is and most of it is useless. So if you’re not in it to really connect with someone, then do us all a favour and pack it in.” Good advice to any writer, in any field. Michael Hingston has succeeded in connecting with his readers and will likely continue to do so in the career that undoubtedly lies ahead for him. His insight as both a journalist and a novelist suggests he is not done with examining the worlds he inhabits. I look

forward to hearing more from him soon, but respectfully request that his next newsroom is not the dark underbelly of the Parkallen News. Thank you Michael. We are proud to call you neighbour. You can get a copy of the Dilettantes directly from Michael. Please contact the editor at for more information.

Halloween at the hall Getting chilly? Need a break? Drop by the Rink Shack on Halloween for hot chocolate. The washrooms will be open from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

Halloween Holiday Crafts At the Parkallen Community Hall Sunday October 27th 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm For children 6-12 years old Register by calling 3-1-1 or at Course code: 510854 Cost: $11

Fall Programs Information about these upcoming programs will be posted soon on our Facebook page: Safe at Home - Grades 4-6 Thursdays 2 - 4 pm, November 7th - 21st Cooking Up a Story - preschoolers Thursdays 10:00 am - 11:30 am, starts November 7th Chocolate Making - all ages 2:00 - 4:00 pm, November 30th GeoCaching - all ages 2:00 - 4:00 pm, November 30th

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780 756 7736 6523 111 Street

October 2013

October 2013


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Meet your Community League as smart or as sophisticated as we thought. I am inspired by those that take meaningful risks in both their personal and professional lives. For my father, the risk was that I wouldn’t come home…the reward was that I would learn more about myself over that week than I would have otherwise at home.

Why do you volunteer for the Community League?

Jesse Lafrance

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Calgary and later moved to a small town in Nova Scotia for four years before settling in Edmonton in 2010.

When did you move to Parkallen? I moved to Parkallen in September 2012 after spending two years in Garneau while my girlfriend finished her degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta. We haven’t looked back since.

What do you like best about this community? After spending nearly 18 years living in the suburbs of Calgary, we were intrigued by Parkallen’s character and sense of community. We love the mature trees, wide streets, Ellingson park and friendly

neighbors. We cannot think of any neighborhood in Edmonton that has as much to offer as Parkallen. This is a compliment to all of the residents of Parkallen that helped shape our community into the vibrant and family-friendly neighborhood it is today.

Who inspires you? My father has always been an inspiration to me throughout my life. When I was 15, my friends and I were convinced that we had both the maturity and life experience to spend a week on our own camping without parental supervision. To our surprise, my father concurred and herded us for 10 hours to Penticton, BC and drove back to Calgary. We returned home underweight and willing to accept that we were not

I volunteer because it provides me with a deeper connection to the community and those who call it home. Volunteering for the community league is an exceptional opportunity to work alongside brilliant volunteers who have taken an active role in defining our community into what it is today and what it will become in the decades to come.

Tell us one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you. With my last name being LaFrance, people would be surprised to know my understanding and pronunciation of the French language is poor, to say the least. Jesse LaFrance is your Neighbourhood Development Director. Thanks for volunteering Jesse.

Hall Happenings for September 2013 Parkallen Playgroup Fridays 1 pm - 3 pm

Parkallen Knitters Wednesdays 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Dr. Mary Ann Kuharchuk, Dr. Jason Nijjer, d.d.s

b.msc., d.d.s

(780)434-7616 5534-111 Street, Edmonton

We provide a full range of comprehensive general services including: • Complimentary happy visit for children under 3. • State of the art in office professional whitening. • Digital radiography. See what your neighbours are saying about Mak Dental:

October 2013


Parkallen News

A big thank-you to the Parkallen Community from Green Circle Preschool! Your support of our recent bottle drive helped raise over $1200 for your local, non-profit preschool. We are still looking for a few terrific 3-5 year olds for spots in our Tuesday/Thursday class. Please visit our website at www. or call Jessie at 780-977-3772 for registration information.

Parkallen Pub Night Mark your calendars for January 25, 2014 Follow us on facebook for more information.

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October 2013

Getting the Most Out of Your Workout by Roxanne Skoreyko, Recreation Services – University of Alberta, AFLCA Trainer Try this treadmill workout: 10 min warm-up comfortable pace 1 min hill climb 2 min easy walking 2 min hill climb 1 min easy walking 3 min hill climb 2 min easy walking 2 min hill climb 1 min easy walking Remember that healthy eating and a good sleep contribute to good health and play an important part in our daily exercise routines. Eat a balanced diet and healthy snacks during the day. Drinking adequate amounts of water keeps us hydrated, especially before and after a taxing cardiovascular workout. For a detailed nutrition plan, consult a registered dietitian. Sleep patterns also play a huge role in reaching our physical activity goals. Adequate amounts of sleep (six to eight hours) keep our hormones in balance, our emotions under control, our energy levels up, and a positive outlook on life in general.

5 min cool down comfortable pace Hands off the railing! You burn more calories and promote good body position when you are not hanging on! Set Goals and Celebrate Them! Yes, we hear this one all the time, but life revolves around goal setting. Think about what you would like to improve on and what you enjoy doing, then combine them. We still need to enjoy the path and its small successes along the way that lead to our final destination!

Graphics & layout for Parkallen News courtesy of:

lindsayerickson 780.707.0522 


Want to get the news faster? Follow us on facebook. Sign up to get the newsletter be email: Email with “Sign me up” in the subject line!

October 2013


Parkallen News

Urgent request for volunteer Every second year the Parkallen Community League runs a casino to raise funds to league activities. We urgently need a volunteer to work with other league members to coordinate the 2014 casino. Please contact president@parkallen. ca for more information

11840 - 87 Ave.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

hand knit scarves, hats, vests, sweaters‌pima cotton/alpaca: adult & children sizes

(custom orders available)

PRICES $25.00 - $250.00 Minkha is a women's knitting cooperative. Save the Children Canada volunteers assist the Bolivian knitters by marketing the sweaters on a non-profit basis. Linda Haswell (780) 436-5732



Windsor Park Community Hall



It’s back! Movie Night in Parkallen November 9, 2013 Kids movie at 7:00 pm Adult movie to follow at 9:00 Movies TBD

October 2013


Parkallen News

Classified Parkallen resident since 1990 and pet/house sitting for 12 years. Will shovel walks, bring in mail, water plants, take care of your pets while you are away. Contact Michele @780.434.7871. References available on request. Need your lawn mowed or snow shovelled this winter? Call the Andison kids (Elan, Eiden, Daylan and Rhen) all for hire. If one is busy the other may not be. Call 780-438-2120 Need a babysitter? Call Elan (3 yrs experience) or Eiden (babysitter course this past spring), both have experience with 1 yr olds. Call 780-438-2120. If one is busy the other may not be.

Your Parkallen Community League Executive:

Co President: Alex Clifford

Co President: Leanne Kohn

Treasurer: Julie Beschell Casino: VACANT Membership: Sandra Stessun & Janet Mayhew

Secretary: Allison Chevrette

Past President: Nora Begoray

Parks & Recreation Director: Meghan Dunnigan Rink: Sal Blair Soccer Coordinator: Meghan Dunnigan Hall Coordinator: Jennifer Fedor Hall Maintenance: David Begoray Social Coordinator: Todd Beschell Programs: Laurel Miyashita Garden Coordinator: James Goldman

Communications Director: Anne Pratt Newsletter Editor: Anne Pratt Website: Marc Pearce Social Media Coordinator: VACANT Graphics and Layout: Lindsay Erickson

Neighborhood Development Director: Jesse Lafrance SCNC Representatives: Donna White & Jarret Orchard Civics Representative: Donna White UACC Representative: Oliver Rossier Transportation: VACANT Housing and Development: Jesse Lafrance Community Recreations Coordinator: Michael Goth

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