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CMGT 554 Week 1 DQ 1 Almost all IT administrators understand the significant part which IT performs in business these days. But, some people in the business community don’t always know the requirement for IT involvement in day-to-day functions. What are the main functions of IT in business these days and just how would you describe these roles to a business manager who feels IT is only a support function? CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 1 Communication is an essential asset of all businesses. However, most non-IT users rarely understand how this communication takes place. How would you use the layers of the OSI model to explain the communication process to these users in a way that is understandable but did not turn them off to the explanation? CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 2 One of the most important roles of IT managers is to make sure that communication is available and works 24/7 for most companies. What are the major communications protocols in use today and how are they monitored to ensure continuous availability? CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 3 Based on the Jones (2008) article, what is Industrial Ethernet and how does it affect the overall operation of the network? Why would a company be interested in this technology? CMGT 554 Week 2 Individual Assingment Paper Patton CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital IT Department CMGT 554 Week 3 DQ 1 Most networks today are based on Ethernet technology. Part of this is due to the ease of installation and reduced costs. However, there are other network technologies still in use. What are they and where and how are they used most

prevalently? How would you as the IT manager convince executive management that they should be upgraded? CMGT 554 Week 3 DQ 2 More businesses are using just-in-time purchases to reduce warehousing costs and ensure an up-to-date inventory. How does the use of the extranet help with this process? What network issues must be reviewed to make it a success for both the business and the vendor? CMGT 554 Week 3 DQ 3 Give an example from personal experience, research, or through something you read of an Intranet application that improved the way something was done in a company. How did the application improve a particular process? Can you see ways the application can be improved to improve the process even more? CMGT 554 Week 3 Individual Assingment Paper Patton CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking CMGT 554 Week 4 DQ 1 Application software is essential to make workers more efficient as well as maintain company information. However, determining the best software to use is often difficult. Your course readings provide an IT Performance Model to determine how software contributes to the company. What are the individual areas in this model and how would they be used to determine the type of software needed for an organization? Are there any areas that were left out and how would they be incorporated in this model? CMGT 554 Week 4 DQ 2 Many businesses are partnering to take full benefit of global economies. Global use of networking technology requires a collaborative effort to be successful. What are the facets of partner relationship management and what network considerations must be reviewed to ensure success? Review the course reading for examples of use and explain how these ventures were successful in their efforts. Would these uses also be beneficial to your businesses and what modifications would be needed for their use? CMGT 554 Week 4 Individual Assingment Paper Patton CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking

CMGT 554 Week 5 DQ 1 E-commerce has become a way of life for society and more companies are recognizing this as they expand their brick-and-mortar stores and develop or expand their Web presence. What are the major benefits of maintaining this dual presence? How might it be improved most efficiently to expand the company’s bottom line? CMGT 554 Week 5 DQ 2 Many companies are moving to the use of mobile computing. Employees use smart phones instead of a laptop to reduce the amount of equipment purchases and to maintain 24/7 contact. For every benefit to a company when changing technologies, there are also some drawbacks. How is this affecting network usage for the company? What are some important considerations when moving to this technology? CMGT 554 Week 5 DQ 3 Many companies are utilizing social networking sites for a variety of purposes. In the beginning, the majority of these uses were for customer surveys and marketing. What effect does this have on the current network environment of the company? With the Web 2.0 revolution, what are some other uses and how are they beneficial to both business and users? How does the future Web 3.0 expand on these uses? CMGT 554 Week 5 Individual Assingment Paper PattonFuller CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal CMGT 554 Week 6 DQ 1 According to Musthaler (2010), how effective is the current technology for verifying a customer’s identity in e-commerce transactions? Describe and evaluate methods employed in this process. CMGT 554 Week 6 DQ 2 Businesses have been using metrics to help justify their business processes for a number of years. IT also has developed suggested metrics to help determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the network. What are these metrics and how are they used to improve performance? CMGT 554 Week 6 DQ 3

Telemedicine, Wi-Fi, and green computing are issues that provide new methods for communication within companies internally and externally. What are some of the most recent news events in these areas and what effect do these or other newsworthy ideas have on networks of the future, such as topology, equipment, and customer expectations? CMGT 554 Week 6 Individual Assingment Paper Patton CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Care CMGT 554 Week 6 Team Assingment Paper Presentation CMGT 554 PATTON –FULLER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (PFCH) VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION CMGT 554 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Cmgt 554 entire course  
Cmgt 554 entire course