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Parivartan November 2012


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Parivartan November 2012

Jasbeer Singh


The month of November reopens the wounds of criminal murderous spree – if not genocide, inflicted on the Sikh community, by their fellow Indian countrymen, who never tire of highlighting the peaceful, vegetarian, God fearing and friendly nature of the overwhelming majority of the population. The government and the media, acting in concert, prefer to call it ‘riots’ and describe it as the reaction of an unruly mob, angered by the assassination of a political leader, allegedly by two members

of the Sikh community. People familiar with Indian landscape are well aware of the phenomenon of ‘angry mobs’ in Delhi or elsewhere in India. It doesn’t take much for people to get angry and set fire to a public vehicle or a building. However, the difference in the first week of November 1984 was the fact that it wasn’t the public vehicles or public buildings on fire, but the entire Sikh community – people, their property and their places of religious worship – were all made targets of their murderous wrath and nothing was spared. Using the excuse of a political leader’s assassination, the state machinery roared into action, making every Sikh - man, woman or child, a target of murderous vengeance by its army of criminals, directed by the politicians and aided by the police. The highest government official justified this carnage by saying, ‘when a mighty tree falls, the earth trembles’. ‘Abuse of power, by those in power’ constitutes the basis for the most common form of Human Rights violations. When the torment or the hardships became truly unbearable, peaceful people felt compelled to rebel and hoped to install a more humane regime. Today, in so-called democratic societies, we may not have ‘kings’ or the ‘royal families’, but the pattern of power and system of governance doesn’t appear to be as harmless to people as the cosmetics might suggest. The government and its law enforcement machinery, whose primary responsibility is to protect the lives and property of its citizens, stood by silently as the innocent Sikh citizens of India were massacred and burnt alive, by the thousands, in the streets of India’s capital – New Delhi, as several elected officials of the government urged and encouraged the murderous mobs they had brought in by the truck load to unleash this carnage against the innocent and helpless citizens. Any hopes of finding justice through established judicial processes evaporated when the police forces refused to register any complaints against the criminals. Instead, the high profile politicians, publicly identified as leaders of the killing hordes, were rewarded with ministerial positions in India’s government. Some justice!!! Four years ago (November 26, 2008), A group of armed insurgents landed in India’s business capital – Bombay, and unleashed a reign of terror, killing nearly 200 innocent people. Within hours of this tragic occurrence, the government of India provided, a detailed picture, including the names of the insurgents, where they had been trained, by whom and how they had travelled from a remote place in Pakistan to reach Bombay to cause havoc. The government of Pakistan was chastised and called upon to explain the actions of these insurgents. How is one expected to rationalize the two comparative situations? In the first one, the two armed persons were alleged to have assassinated ONE political person, against whom there were clear

grounds of valid anger, revenge or retribution. The two alleged killers were disarmed and were in protective custody when they were shot at close range. One died and the other, miraculously survived. The survivor was tried by a special court set up within the jail premises but not allowed the benefit of witnesses to testify in his defence. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. In the other instance, the individual, a Pakistani citizen – Mr. Ajmal Kasab, a member of an armed group of ten, that caused havoc in India’s financial capital, killing nearly 200 people, was given full legal assistance and tried according to the law of the land. The supreme court of India confirmed his death sentence and his final plea of mercy is awaiting consideration by the president. The full process of law was applied, as it should be. What law of the land was applied when, in wake of a political leader’s assassination, the entire community of Sikhs was targeted for murderous revenge, only because the alleged assassins were said to be Sikhs? Even if the two Sikhs killed the political leader, the entire community cannot be held accountable. Who pronounced the ‘guilty’ verdict against the entire Sikh community and why? Why were the politicians, who were leading the killers, rewarded with higher ministerial positions in the government? It didn’t take India’s intelligence more than a few hours to ferret out all the relevant facts pertaining to November 2008 murder spree in Bombay, why the public has not been told the truth about the massacre of Sikhs in 1984? Is it the ineptitude on the part of India’s investigative or intelligence agencies or the truth is too uncomfortable for the political masters of the country? Are the intelligence officials serving the country and the people or they view themselves to be the personal servants of the politicians who have not been known to shy away from criminal activities to serve their political or material interests? The government of India had acknowledged that over 3000 innocent Sikhs were mercilessly butchered in India’s capital, tens of thousands were rendered homeless and destitute, 384 places of Sikh worship were desecrated, destroyed and burnt in New Delhi alone and yet, no one has been held accountable. Can the leaders of the socalled ‘largest democracy’ in the world, look in the mirror and honestly say that the Sikhs, Muslims and other religious minorities in India, can expect any justice from them? The government has sought to close the chapter on its pogroms against the Sikhs by make a vague statement to the effect that what happened in November 1984 was a tragedy that should not have happened. It would have been more appropriate if the Prime Minister had given an assurance to the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Christians and other minority communities that what happened to the Sikhs in 1984 would not be allowed to happen to any group of citizens of India, ever again. In the absence of such a public commitment, the minority communities of India would continue to live in fear of the fury of the state unleashed in the form of ‘angry mobs’. When any minority community is targeted by the state machinery, entire population must take a strong notice of such acts of state terrorism – not just the victim community. One must not be complacent about issues of rights and freedoms and always remember, ‘eternal vigilance is the price of freedom’!

India is faced today with one of the most critical economic situations. At no other time did Indians witness the horrible pheno-menon of spiraling prices as they do today, prices are soaring like rackets and each day one finds a rise in prices of more or less all essential commodities. Inflationary pressures are doing plenty of mischief and the people of middle class families are finding it a Himalayan task to make both ends meet. In a developing economy, prices usually display an upward trend. But if prices keep rising persistently, they cause great hard-ship to the people. They spare neither the rich nor the poor, neither the producers nor the consumer. They make a economic activities uncertain and unstable, causing great unrest in the minds of the people. Prices are expressed in terms of money. When the rupee or any other currency buys much less than what it used to, and more is to be paid for practically every item, then the problem of rising prices comes into being. In economic terminology it is known as ‘Inflation’. Where the balance between money supply on the one hand and goods and services on the other is disturbed, a critical problem arises. If money supply increases more than goods and services available prices will rise. The fixed-income groups like salaried people, wage-earners and pensioners are the most helpless victims of inflation. As prices rise, their real income gets eroded. The additional dearness allowance which the government sanctions from time to time proves of no use to them, because their purchasing power actually goes down. Inflation induces businessmen to invest their money in non-productive assets like gold and land whose real worth is not affec-ted by rising-prices. High prices also adversely affect the exports of the country and distort the balance of foreign trade. In a developing economy a certain rise in prices in inevitable for at least three major reasons. First, the programmes of econo-mic development generate larger employment and money incomes and these increase the demand for basic consumer goods and services. The new incomes are not proportionately reflected in saving because a majority of the beneficiaries have to spend most of the additional money they get on satisfying unfulfilled needs. Secondly, the same programmes of economic development as generate the new money incomes push-up the demand for certain goods wanted also by the consumer, such as agricultural products, fuel, housing materials and the like. A third reason, of which the first two may be looked upon as special cases, is the large increase in currency in emulation and the operation of the law of supply and demand. Unless the production of basic consumer goods keeps pace with the increase in currency that is rendered inevitable by large scale, long term planning, prices are bound to rise even of the production of consumer goods is maintained at the old level. Numerous factors can be cited to explain price rise in India First, our economic planning has suffered from serious drawback, right from the beginning. During the various Five-Year Plans, while

Burning Issue gets were never realized. Secondly, this forced the Government led to infla-tion. The Third, major factor responsible for price rise is that due to great emphasis laid on heavy industries in our Five-Year-Plans, agriculture and consumer goods industries, which produce the items required by the people, have received insufficient attention. Con-sequently, agricultural production has not kept pace with consump-tion. Fourthly, in an underdeveloped economy like ours, the first increases in income always tend to be expended on food articles. In other words, the level of consumption tends to increase with increases in income. The cumulative effect is a growing pressure on prices. Fifthly, there is a tremendous increase in population. About ten million new mouths are to be fed every year. Sixthly, there are psychological factors that push up the prices. Continually rising prices give rise to rising expectations, with the result that farmers and stockiest tend to hoard more and more stocks, antici-pating further increase in prices. Seventhly, there has been very heavy taxation on the public—both direct and


1984 Anti - Sikh Riots

the public expenditure persistently increased, the production tarto resort to deficit financing. The resulting imbalance inevitably

Parivartan November 2012

Timeline of events First day (31 October) 9:20 am: Indira Gandhi is shot by two of her Sikh security guards at her residence, No. 1 Safdarjung Road, and rushed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 10:50 am: Indira Gandhi dies. 11:00 am: All India Radio listeners learn that the two security guards who shot Indira Gandhi were Sikhs. 4:00 pm: Rajiv Gandhi returns from West Bengal and reaches AIIMS. Stray incidents of attacks in and around that area. 5:30 pm: The motorcade of President Zail Singh, who is returning from a foreign visit, is stoned as it approaches AIIMS. evening and night Organized and well equipped gangs of ruffians set-up by ruling Congress-I party workers set out in different directions from AIIMS. The violence, including violence towards Sikhs and destruction of Sikh properties, spreads. Rajiv Gandhi is sworn in as the Prime Minister.

indirect. In an under-developed country like ours, this adds to the

Senior advocate and opposition leader Ram Jethmalani, meets

inflationary pressure for number of reasons. Heavy taxes on in-

Home Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and urges him to take imme-

dustries are ultimately passed on to the consumers, thus in-

diate steps to protect Sikhs from further attacks.

creasing their cost of living. Heavy taxation also discourages greater production. Defec-

Delhi's Lt. Governor, P.G. Gavai and Police Commissioner, S.C. Tandon, visits some of the affected areas.

tive tax-structure has encouraged tax-evasion and accumulation

Second day (1 November)

of black money and smuggling. Eighthly, majority of Indians have

The first killing of a Sikh occurs in east Delhi.

no com-munity consciousness. There is no organized consumer

9:00 am: Armed mobs take over the streets of Delhi and launch

resistance to price rise. The Ninth factor is the faulty distribution and market-ing system. Last, but not the least, was the international factor, increase of oil prices in the international market. In order to solve this difficult problem, some drastic steps

a massacre. Among the first targets are Gurdwaras, the holy temples of Sikhs, possibly to prevent Sikhs from collecting there and putting up a combined defence.

must be taken. First, the entire strategy of planning should be

The worst affected areas are low income colonies like

changed. There should be equal attention on heavy industries

Trilokpuri, Mongolpuri, Sultanpuri and Palam Colony. The few

and agriculture and consumer goods. Secondly, the mounting

areas where the local police stations take prompt measures

governmental administrative expenditure should be drastically

against mobs see hardly any killings or major violence. Farsh

curtailed as it is mostly wasteful and non-development expendi-

Bazar and Karol Bagh are two such examples.

ture. Thirdly, tax burdens on the public should be reduced. And

Third day (2 November)

finally, no hoarder, profiteer or black marketer should be left with

Curfew is announced throughout Delhi, but is not enforced.

impunity. Unless they are crushed with a heavy hand, the com-

The Army deployed throughout Delhi too but ineffective because

mon man is bound to suffer.

the police did not co-operate with soldiers (who are not allowed

Our government is quite conscious of the magnitude and implications of the problem. It has already initiated a number of

to open fire without the consent of senior police officers and executive magistrates).Mobs continue to rampage.

steps to check inflationary tendencies. What we now need is a

Fourth day (3 November)

strict enforcement of these steps. Apart from accelerating growth

Violence continues. By late evening, the national Army and

and imposing curbs on money supply, we need an effective dis-

local police units work together to subdue the violence. After law

tribution system. We also need the support of the social workers

enforcement intervention, violence is comparatively mild and

and other public minded citizens to keep a watch on the unethi-

sporadic.In Delhi the dead bodies of the victims of riots were

cal practices of shopkeepers.. But nothing can mitigate the situ-

taken to All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi and Civil

ation unless the growth of our population is checked.

Hospital Mortuary Tis hazari, Delhi.

Í∂∫‚± ‹∆ÚÈ √≈‚∂ √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ Á≈ «¬’ ¡«Èæ÷ÛÚª ¡ß◊ ˛Õ «ÁÈØ «ÁÈ ÚË ‘∂ Ù«‘∆’È È∂ ‘π‰ ¡≈͉≈ ÍzÌ≈Ú «Íø‚ª «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ¤æ‚‰≈ Ùπ± ’ «ÁæÂ≈ ˛Õ √≈‚≈ ¡Ó∆ √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ «Íø‚ª «Ú⁄ Ú√Á≈ √∆Õ «Ú«◊¡≈È’ Âæ’∆, √Ó∂∫ Á∆ ÿ≈‡, Íæ¤Ó∆ √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ Á∂ ’≈È ’¬∆ Î≈«¬«Á¡ª Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò ’≈Î∆ Èπ’√≈È Ú∆ ‘ج∂ ‘ÈÕ «Íø‚ª Á∆ ÓØ‘ Óπ‘æÏ ‘π‰ ÷ÂÓ ‘؉ ‹≈ ‘∆ ˛ ‹ª ‹≈ ¸æ’∆ ˛Õ ’¬∆ Ú≈ ª «¬ßfi Ò◊Á≈ ˛ «’ √≈‚≈ √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ ‘π‰ ÷ÂÓ ‘∆ ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ ’ج∆ √Óª √∆ ‹ÁØ∫ Ó≈ÒÚ∂ Á∂ «Íø‚ª ¡Â∂ Ó≈±ÊÒ Á∆ Ó«‘’ Á≈ ¡≈͉≈ ‘∆ Úæ÷≈ √ßÁÒ∆ √Ú≈Á √∆Õ ’¬∆ Ú≈ ª Ó≈ÒÚ∂ Á∂ «Íø‚ª Á∂ Ó≈±ÊÒ «Ú⁄Ø∫ ‘∆ ⁄ßÁÈ Ú◊∆ Ó«‘’ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ √∆, «’∂ «⁄æÏÛª Á∆ ıπÙϱ, Ó«Ò∑¡ª Á∂ Ï∂, ‹ß‚ È≈Ò Ò‡’Á∂ ÷Ø÷∂, ÎπæÒª È≈Ò ÒæÁ∂ ’∆, fi±ÓÁ≈ √’Û≈, √Ú◊ Á∆ Ô≈Á ’≈¿π∫Á∂ √ÈÕ ‘π‰ ’∆, ‹ß‚, ∂±, Ï∆Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∆¡ª Ï≈ª ω ’∂ «‘ ◊¬∂ ‘ÈÕ «Íø‚ª Á∆ ¡≈͉∆ ’‘≈‰∆ √∆Õ ¤æÍÛ, ¤ÍÛ∆¡ª, ÷±‘∆¡ª Á∆ ¡≈͉∆ Ó‘æÂÂ≈ √∆Õ ÷±‘∆¡ª Á∂ Í≈‰∆ ÌÁ∆¡ª Óπ«‡¡≈ª Á∂ πÓª√ Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª ¡√∆∫ ¡æ‹ √π‰Á∂ ‘ª Í ‘π‰ È≈ ’Á∂ ’ج∆ ÂπÂÛ, ¬∂È∂, Ø‘∆ Á∂ ’ϱÂª, „≈Ϫ, ¤ºÍÛª, «ÂzÚÀ‰∆¡ª, «‡æ«Ò¡ª, ÏÂ≈±¡ª, ’Ø‘ª ͪË∆¡ª, ◊æ‚∂ ◊æ‚∆¡ª, ‹≈± ‹±ÏÛª, √ºÏ’º«Â¡ª, fiª‹ª, ÍÂ∆«Ò¡ª, ¤ß«È¡ª ¡≈«Á ÂØ∫ ‹≈‰± «‘≈ ˛ ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ «¬È∑ª Ï≈∂ ‹≈ȉ≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ≈ ˛Õ ◊æ‚∂ ‹≈± √Ï ’πæÂ∂ ‘π‰ ¡‹≈«¬Ï ÿª Á≈ «Ùß◊≈ ω ’∂ «‘ ◊¬∂ ‘ÈÕ «ÍæÍÒª ”Â∂ ÍÀ∫Á∆¡ª Í∆∫ÿª, ’πÛ∆¡ª Á≈ √≈¿π ‰ Ó‘∆È∂ «¬’æ · ∆¡ª ‘Ø ’∂ «’æ’Ò∆ Í≈¿π‰≈, «ÍæÍÒª Á∆ ÷Û ÷Û, «’æ’ª Á∂ ÒΩ∫◊, Ú‰ª Á∆¡ª Í∆Òª, ±ª Á∆ ¤ª, ◊πÚ≈∂ Á∆ ’ß„, «Ú¡≈‘ Ú∂Ò∂ ‹≥fl Ú愉 Á∆¡ª √Óª, Ù≈ÓÒ≈‡ ‹◊∑≈ ”Â∂ ◊æ«‚¡ª ˘ ‹ØÛ ’∂ ω≈¬∆ ◊¬∆ √‡∂ ‹ ”Â∂ ◊≈¬∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ’Ú∆Ù∆¡ª Ï∆Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∆¡ª Ô≈Áª ω ◊¬∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «Íø‚ª «Ú⁄ ÚÂ∂ ‹ªÁ∂ «Ó·≈√ Ì∂ ÙÏÁ «Íø‚ª Á∂ ÒØ’ª ˘ ’Í≈‘ ˘ Í’≈‘ ’«‘‰≈, ⁄≈’ ˘ ’≈⁄ ’«‘‰≈, ⁄≈’± ˘ ’≈⁄±, Â∆Ú∆∫ ˘ Â∆Ó∆∫, ؇∆ ˘ ‡æπ’, √Ϙ∆ ˘ Á≈Ò ¡Â∂ Í‹≈Ó∂ ˘ ÂßÏ∆

Óæ’∆ Ï≈‹∂ Á∆¡ª ؇∆¡ª, √Ø∫∑ Á≈ √≈◊, «⁄æÏÛª Á∆ ⁄‡‰∆ Á∆ ¡≈͉∆ Ó‘æÂÂ≈ ‘πßÁ∆ √∆Õ ÷æ‡∆ Òæ√∆ ˘ Ú∆ Ï‘π ¡«‘Ó √Ê≈È «Áæ  ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ‘π ‰ Âª «’√∂ ÈÚ∆∫ «Ú¡≈‘∆ Ú‘π‡∆ ˘ È≈ ª Ï≈‹∂ Óæ ’ ∆ Á∆¡ª Ø ‡ ∆¡ª ω≈¿π‰∆¡ª ¡≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª ‘È, È≈ ‘∆ Òæ√∆ «Û’‰∆ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ˛Õ Í«‘Òª ÁπæË Ú∂⁄‰≈ Íπæ Ú∂⁄‰ Ï≈Ï √Ó«fi¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ ‘π‰ ¿π ‘ Áπ æ Ë √≈≈ ‚∂ ¡ ∆ ”Â∂ Í≈ «ÁæÂ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Òæ√∆ «Û’‰ Ú≈Ò∆ ÓË≈‰∆ È≈Ò ÏßÈ∑∂ ÿπß◊±¡ª Á∆ ¤‰ ¤‰ Ï∆Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∆ Ô≈Á ω ’∂ «‘ ◊¬∆ ˛Õ

ÓÒÚ¬∆ ‘≈’ª ¡æ‹ ͤÛ∂ ÒØ’ª Á∆ «ÈÙ≈È∆ √Ófi∂ ‹≈‰ Òæ◊∂ ‘ÈÕ ’ج∆ √Óª √∆ ‹ÁØ∫ ÒØ’ ◊πÛ ˘ ◊≈‹Í≈’ Úª◊ ¤’Á∂ √ÈÕ Ë±Û «Óæ‡∆ Á≈ ’ßÓ ’È ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ◊πÛ ¡ßÁÒ∆ ◊Á ˘ «Ï·≈ «ÁßÁ≈ √∆Õ ◊πÛ ÷≈‰ ÂØ∫ Ó◊Ø∫ Í∆Â≈ Í≈‰∆ ·ß„∆ ‘√∆ Â∂ Â≈˜◊∆ Ï÷ÙÁ≈ √∆Õ ◊πÛ Á≈ ÙÏÂ, Ùæ’, ‹Ω∫¡ª Á≈ √æ± ÏÛ∂ ÙΩ’ È≈Ò ÷ªÁ∂ ‹ªÁ∂ √ÈÕ ◊πÛ Á∆ ‚Ò∆ È≈Ò ÏßÈ∑ ’∂ Ì∂‹∆ ÷øω∆ Ù◊Ȫ Á≈ ÍzÂ∆’ ‘πßÁ∆ √∆Õ ‘π‰ È≈ ª √‘π∂ ÿ ◊¬∂ ‹Ú≈¬∆ Á≈ ӱߑ ◊πÛ È≈Ò «Óæ·≈ ’Ú≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛ ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ √‘π∂ ÿØ∫ Í∂’∂ ‹ªÁ∆ ˘‘ ˘ ◊πÛ È≈Ò ؇∆ ÷Ú≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ ¡æ‹ ’æÒ∑ Á∂ Ïæ⁄∂ ◊πÛ ˘ Á∂÷ ’∂ ¿πÒ‡∆ ’È Ìæ‹Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ◊πÛ Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ‘π‰ Ïæ«⁄¡ª «Ú⁄ ‡≈Î∆¡ª Â∂ ⁄≈’Ò∂‡ Ì≈± ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ Ì≈Ú∂∫ ‘π‰ «Ú¡≈‘ Ú÷ ◊πÛ Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ‘π‰ ’≈‹± Á∆ Ï¯∆ È∂ ÒÀ Ò¬∆ ˛Õ Í «Íø‚ª «Ú⁄ Ú√Á∂ Íπ≈‰∂ Ϙπ◊ ‘π‰ Ú∆ ˘‘ª, Íπæª ÂØ∫ ⁄Ø∆˙∫ ’π۫¡ª Á∂ ÷∆«√¡ª «Ú⁄ ◊πÛ Á∆¡ª ‚Ò∆¡ª ´’Ø ’∂ ÷ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ Óæ’∆ Ï≈‹∂ Á∆¡ª ؇∆¡ª, √Ø∫∑ Á≈ √≈◊, «⁄æÏÛª Á∆ ⁄‡‰∆ Á∆ ¡≈͉∆ Ó‘æÂÂ≈ ‘πßÁ∆ √∆Õ ÷æ‡∆ Òæ√∆ ˘ Ú∆ Ï‘π ¡«‘Ó √Ê≈È «ÁæÂ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ ‘π‰ ª «’√∂ ÈÚ∆∫ «Ú¡≈‘∆ Ú‘π‡∆ ˘ È≈ ª Ï≈‹∂ Óæ’∆ Á∆¡ª ؇∆¡ª ω≈¿π‰∆¡ª ¡≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª ‘È, È≈ ‘∆ Òæ√∆ «Û’‰∆ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ˛Õ Í«‘Òª ÁπæË Ú∂⁄‰≈ Íπæ Ú∂⁄‰ Ï≈Ï √Ó«fi¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ ‘π‰ ¿π‘ ÁπæË √≈≈ ‚∂¡∆ ”Â∂ Í≈ «ÁæÂ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Òæ√∆

Parivartan November 2012

√≈‚≈ «Ú√≈


‘π‰ È≈ Í≈Ú∂ ⁄≈‡∆ «Úæ⁄ ÓË≈‰∆ ’ج∆

«Û’‰ Ú≈Ò∆ ÓË≈‰∆ È≈Ò ÏßÈ∑∂ ÿπß◊±¡ª Á∆ ¤‰ ¤‰ Ï∆Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∆ Ô≈Á ω ’∂ «‘ ◊¬∆ ˛Õ «ÁÈØ «ÁÈ ÚË ‘∆ ¡≈Ú≈‹≈¬∆ Â∂ ‘Ø √≈ËȪ È∂ ÒØ’ª Á≈ «Ú‘Ò≈ √Óª ÷ÂÓ ’ «ÁæÂ≈ ˛Õ ¡æ◊∂ ÒØ’ «Ú‘Ò∂ √Ó∂∫ «Íø‚ Á∆¡ª

‘π‰ È≈ Í≈Ú∂ ⁄≈‡∆ «Úæ⁄ ÓË≈‰∆ ’ج∆

√æʪ «Ú⁄ Ω‰’ª ÏßÈ∑Á∂ √ÈÕ Ó≈√∆¡ª Á≈ ¡«‘Ó √Ê≈È ‘πßÁ≈ √∆Õ

È≈ ÌæÂ≈ ÒÀ ’∂ ÷∂Â∆∫ ‹≈Ú∂ √Ú≈‰∆ ’ج∆

Ìß‚ª Á∂ ‡Ø‡«’¡ª Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ‘π‰ ‡∆.Ú∆. ’Ò⁄ Ì≈± ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ

ÁπæË ’≈ÛÈ∆ Í≈ ’∂

«Ú¡≈‘ª ”⁄ ◊≈¬∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ÁØ‘∂ Â∂ «√æ·‰∆¡ª Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ‘π‰ ¡≈’À√‡ª

‘π‰ ’Ø¬∆ ¡≈ˇ∂ ËÁ∆ È≈,

È∂ ÒÀ Ò¬∆ ˛Õ «Ú¡≈‘ª Ú’Â Í«‘Òª ‘ÎÂ≈ ‘ÎÂ≈ Í«‘Òª ÏÀ· ’∂

È≈ ÂÛ’∂ ¿π· ’ج∆ ⁄≈‘ ω≈Ú∂

Ò悱 Ú應∂, √æ √æ «ÁÈ Ï≈ª È∂ «‘‰≈, Ù«‘ª «Ú⁄ ω∂

Òæ◊ ‹≈¬∂ ◊Ó∆ √Á∆ È≈,

ÓÀ«‹ ÍÀÒ∂√ª È∂ ÷ÂÓ ’ «ÁæÂ≈ ˛Õ «Ú¡≈‘ª Ú’Â Ùª Ò≈ ’∂ ÷≈Ë∂ ‹ªÁ∂ Íø‹ Íø‹ «’ÒØ Ò悱, Ï≈Ò‡∆ Ï≈Ò‡∆ Òæ√∆ Á≈ Í∆‰≈

ÁπæË ”Â∂ Á∂÷ ÓÒ≈¬∆

«¬’ ¡≈Ó ◊æÒ √∆Õ «Ú¡≈‘ √Ó∂∫ ≈ ˘ ’Û≈‘ ÚÂ≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ ’¬∆ ÒØ’ Íø‹ Íø‹ «’ÒØ ’Û≈‘ Ú∆ ÷≈ ‹ªÁ∂ √È, Í ¡æ‹

√Ì Á≈ «ÁÒ ÿÏ≈¿π‰ Òæ◊∂,

’æÒ ’Û≈‘ ˘ √Ú∆‡ «‚Ù Ú‹Ø∫ Ú∆ √Ú∆’≈ È‘∆∫ ’∆Â≈ ‹ªÁ≈Õ Ï≈Ò‡∆ Ï≈Ò‡∆ Òæ√∆ Á∆ Í∆‰∆, √∂ √∂ «ÿ˙ Í∆‰≈ ¡æ‹ Á∆ Í∆Û∑∆

Á∂÷ Ó÷‰∆ √Ϙ∆ ¿πÂ∂

˘ fi±· ‹≈ÍÁ≈ ˛Õ Í«‘Òª ¡Ï’ È≈Ò ß◊∆ Íæ◊, Â∂Û ÏØ√’∆ Á≈ ¶Ï≈ ’πÛÂ≈ Í‹≈Ó≈, ◊Ò «Ú⁄ ’À∫·≈ ¡Â∂ ‹∂Ï «Ú⁄ Ï∂◊ØÈ≈

◊æÌ± ӱߑ ω≈¿π‰ Òæ◊∂

Á∆ ÎØ‡Ø Ú≈Ò≈ Ù∆Ù≈, ÓØ⁄È≈ «’√∂ Ùπ’∆È ◊æÌ± Á∆ «ÈÙ≈È∆ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ ‘π‰ ’πÛÂ≈ Í‹≈Ó∂, ⁄≈Á∂ Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ’؇ ÍÀ∫‡ Ù∂Ú≈È∆,

È≈ ’ج∆ ÷∂‚ ’Ïæ‚∆ ÷∂‚∂

¡⁄’È ¡≈ ◊¬∆ ˛Õ ¿π‘ È≈ ª Í«‘Òª Ú≈Ò∂ ◊æÌ± ‘∂ ‘È ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ Óπ«‡¡≈ª, È≈ Ó≈±ÊÒ ¡Â∂ È≈ Í«‘Òª Ú≈Ò∂ «Ú¡≈‘Õ

È≈ ’ج∆ ÿØÒ «Á÷≈¿π∫Á≈ ¬∂,

«Ú¡≈‘ Ú’Â ’æ⁄∂ ÿª ˘ Ò∆Í ’∂ ω≈¬∂ ◊¬∂ ÂØÂ∂, ÓØÈ∆¡ª, «√¯ Â√Ú∆ª «Ú⁄ ‘∆ Á∂÷‰ ˘ «ÓÒÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «Èæ’∂ ‘πß«Á¡ª

È≈ ’ج∆ Ò≈ ’∂ Ùª ¡æ‹ ’æÒ

⁄Ø∆˙∫ ◊ßÈ∂ Íπæ‡ ’∂ ÷≈‰≈, Ìæ·∆ ÂØ∫ Á≈‰∂ ÌπÈ≈¿π‰∂, Óæfiª ⁄≈È∆¡ªÕ √≈≈ √≈≈ «ÁÈ ¤æÍÛª «Ú⁄ Óæfiª Á∆¡ª Í»¤ª ÎÛ ’∂

‘æÊ ’ßË ˘ Ò≈ ’∂ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ¬∂, ‘æÊ∆∫ ’È≈ ’ßÓ ¤æ‚Â≈

È‘≈¿π∫Á∂ «‘‰≈, Ù≈ ڋØ∫ ÒØ’ª Á∆¡ª «◊æÒ∆¡ª Í≈Ê∆¡ª ÂØÛ Á∂‰≈, ÒØ’ª Á∂ «ÓÒÁ∂ ¿πÒª«Ì¡ª ÂØ∫ Âß◊ ¡≈ ’∂ Óª Áπ¡≈≈

«‘ßÁ∂ ’Ø√Á∂ È∂ Â’Á∆ª ˘

«ÁæÂ∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ◊≈Ò∑ª «ÿ˙ Á∆¡ª È≈Òª ¡æ‹ Ú∆ Ô≈Á ¡≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ

ÏÁÒ «ÁæÂ≈ ‘π‰ ÒØ’ª “≈¬∂”

¡æ‹ ’æÒ∑ Ú≈‰ Ú≈Ò∂ Óß‹∂ Á∆ ‹◊∑≈ ¡À’±ÍzÀÙ È∂ ÒÀ Ò¬∆ ˛Õ √≈¿π‰ Ó‘∆È∂ ’πÛ∆¡ª Á≈ Ó∆∫‘ ÍÚ≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ «¬’æ·∆¡ª ‘Ø ’∂ Ò∆ª Á∆¡ª ◊πæ‚∆¡ª ÿæ‡ Î±’∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘È ¡Â∂ Á≈‹ Á‘∂‹ «Í¤∂ «‹¿π∫Á∆¡ª ◊πæ‚∆¡ª ÚæË Î±’∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Í∂∫‚±

ß◊Ò∂ Íø‹≈Ï Á∆¡ª Â√Ú∆ª ˘....

√«Ì¡≈⁄≈ ‘π‰ ÷ÂÓ ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ ¡æ‹ ’æÒ Âª √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ Á∂ ÁÙÈ ¡‹≈«¬Ï-ÿª «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ Ó≈√‡ «ÚßÁ Ï∑∂

√≈Ï ≈¬∂

the other. Oscar Ameringer, “the Mark Twain of American Socialism.” The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. AND.......... The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it. P.J. O’Rourke, American comedian I offered my opponents a deal: “if they stop telling lies What happens if a politician drowns in a river? That is pollution. What happens if all of them drown?

That is solution!!!

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

Aesop, Greek slave & fable author

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. Plato, ancient Greek Philosopher Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. Nikita Khrushchev, Russian Soviet politician When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.

by Irving Stone.

about me, I will stop telling the truth about them”. Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952. A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.

Texas Guinan. 19th century American businessman

I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. Charles de Gaulle, French general & politician Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. -Doug Larson (English middle-distance runner who won gold medals at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris) The problem with political jokes is they get elected. Variously attributed to Will Rogers and George Bernard Shaw

Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel. John Quinton, American actor/writer Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from

“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it, and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.” Myanmar’s democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi

Gurpurab Special

Parivartan November 2012


The 16th century was blessed with the grace of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Actually He was born in 1469 in Nanakana Saheb in Pakistan, but His glory was known to the world since 1506, at the age of 36 years. Once, Guru Nanak Dev ji along with His friends went to River Ven of Sultanpur. Diving into the river for bath, three days passed, and He did not come out of the river. Those three days were spent in Samadhi. He had gone for bath of His body but returned with the bath of His soul. On His arrival back he was not the same person. All that was old was washed away. Within Him took the birth of a New Light. As soon as one gets enlightened His life is divided into two parts – initially there was a search, a longing for knowing the Ultimate and after being one with the Reality there is a need for sharing, for letting others also have the experience of Infinite. These words of Guru Nanak Dev ji, reflect His Inner Joy. It is like after the awaited scorching heat of summer, you experience the rain or after the dark night comes the illuminating rays of the Sun. Guru Nanak Dev ji says: "Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purukh, Nirbhau Nirvair Akal Murat, Ajuni Saibam, Guru Prasad." Each of His words is a Veda. 'Ek' means one. All is said in this single word. 'One' stands for what Islam calls ‘Toheed’, what Upanishads call ‘Adwait’. Saint Namdev says: "Ek Anek Viyapak Purak…" Truly, it is One, but it seems like many. Wherever I See, I can see only IT. The first declaration is that it is One. But what is it? It is Omkar – it is the Sound of Existence, it is the Light of Universe. It is present in the form of consciousness. It is the energy prevailing everywhere. It is manifested in the form of Bliss. In the real sense, it is Omkar which is the truth. By whatsoever name you may call it, let it be tree, bird, man or animal. All these are just names given so as to differentiate but truly speaking it is Omkar residing inside and outside. Guru Nanak Dev says – it is all the Leela of Omkar. Only Om is existing, and nothing else. Only the ocean is existing. All others are just its waves. Guru Nanak says: "Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purakh" Once Meera goes to Vrindavan in a temple, where an ascetic, called Gusai, is the chief priest. Gusai says, "Don't you know that the entry of females is prohibited here?" Meera laughs and replies, "Are you a male? I always knew that only Lord Krishna is a male." Gusai acknowledges his mistake and falls at the feet of Meera, realizing that the male is only one, Govinda. Only He is the doer. "Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purakh, Nirbhau, Nirvair..." He is fearless. Remember one who does not fear does not make othesr fear too. So there is no reason to be in fear of God. He is 'Nirvair' i.e Hedoes not have enmity with anyone. ‘Akal Murat’ – the world that exists is moving in the zone of time, what is today will not be there tomorrow or was not there yesterday. The form will be destroyed one day or the other. The formless that exists within the form

A Little Poem

Parivartan November 2012


is the actuality. He is ‘Ajuni’. Guru Nanak dev ji is giving a hint to the believers of incarnation. In


those days speaking against incarnation or ‘Awtars’ was a matter of great courage. He is ‘Swayambhu’. Iit does not need a womb to be born. It is generated by itself. It does not have

FOR ALL Drivers

parents. It is not barred in the frame of time. But if it is beyond time, how can one know it? Guru

I have a little Satnav

Nanak Dev ji answers – ‘Guru Prasad.’ These two lines reveal the entire secret of religious-

It sits there in my car

ness. Whenever one gets the key of Omkar, it is only through a Living Master. Saint Kabir says it rightly:

A Satnav is a driver’s friend It tells you where you are

"Guru Pratap Ja din te jaagi,Din- Din Adhik Chali..."

I have a little Satnav

It can,t happen without a Master.

I’ve had it all my life

Guru Amardas jee says it beautifully,

It’s better than the normal ones

"Jiska Grah Tin Diya Tala Kunji Guru So Pai." We have treasure within us, but it is locked and its key is given by the grace of a Master or a

My Satnav is my wife It gives me full instructions


Especially how to drive

There is a Haiku:

‘It’s thirty miles an hour’, it says

Sitting silently, Doing Nothing,

‘You’re doing thirty five’

The spring comes

It tells me when to stop and start

And the grass grows by itself.

And when to use the brake

It indicates that mere presence of a Master leads to growing of grass by itself. How is that Govinda?

And tells me that it’s never ever Safe to overtake

"Aad Sach, Jugad Sach.

It tells me when a light is red

Hai bhi sach, Nanak ho si bi Sach."

And when it goes to green

It is immortal, having an infinite existence.

It seems to know instinctively

Shankaracharya says rightly: ‘Brahma satyam, jagat mithya.’ It is the divine which is the truth All else just appears to be true. It (divine) is the truth today, it was the truth yester ages and it will be the truth for ever.

Just when to intervene It lists the vehicles just in front

"Soche Soch Na Hovai Je sochi lakh war."

And all those to the rear

How can people know the one having no boundaries in the frame of thinking. It is simply impossible.

And taking this into account It specifies my gear.

The divinity is beyond mind and yet we want to know it through the mind. We want to understand it through intellect, discussions, reading religious books. There are two words in Hindi –

I’m sure no other driver

Chintan and Manan; the former means to know through information and outside knowledge and

Has so helpful a device

the later means to understand through one’s own experience. The divine can be explored only

For when we leave and lock the car

through experience. Saint kabir says it similarly:

It still gives its advice

”Kya Soche Barambara,

It fills me up with counselling

Kya Padiye, Kya guniye, Kya ved kitaba padiye,

Each journey’s pretty fraught

Pade Likhe kya hoi jo sahaj na miliye soi." Just merely by reading, repeating or preaching nothing will happen unless it is your own experience. Until you haven’t been friendly to omkar, it is of no use. Till the time you have not showered in water of Omkar, nothing can help you.

And get a quieter sort? Ah well, you see,

Guru Nanak says:

it cleans the house,

"Soche soch na ho vai je soche lakh war,

Makes sure I’m properly fed,

chupe chup na ho vai je lai raha livtar." A wonderful statement is given by Guru Nanak dev ji – doing meditation is not enough. Our beloved Master Osho says it wonderfully – that meditation is like traveling in a boat. To get to the destination it is essential to get into it and get down of it. If not, then one will miss the goal. Meditation is simply the cleaning of land before sowing the seeds into it. And when the seeds of Omkar are sown then will the plant of Samadhi be grown. And in this plant, blossom the

It washes all my shirts and things And - keeps me warm in bed! Despite all these advantages And my tendency to scoff, I do wish that once in a while

flowers of Bliss, love and peace. To be one with omkar is samadhi.

So why don’t I exchange it

Osho Siddhartha

I could turn the damned thing off.


Parivartan November 2012

Gurpurab Special ◊¬∆ ˛ ª ¿π√ «Ú⁄ ◊π± ‹∆ ˘ ◊π‰∆ «ÈË≈È (ı˜≈È≈) ’«‘ ’∂ Ú«‚¡≈«¬¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ ◊π± ‹∆ Á∂ ¡Èß ◊π‰ª Á≈ Ú∂Ú≈ √z∆ ◊π± ◊ßzÊ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á∆ Í≈ÚÈ ◊πÏ≈‰∆ ¡ßÁ Á‹ ˛Õ ¿πÈ∑ª ¡Èß ◊π‰ª ”⁄ ◊π± ‹∆ Á∆ √«Â’≈ Ù÷√∆¡Â Á≈ «¬’ «ÚÙ∂Ù ◊π‰ ˛ «’ ◊π± ÏßÁ∆ ÒØÛ ˛Õ ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ ÙÏÁ Á∂ ¡æ÷∆ ¡Ê ‘È : ÏßÁ∆ - ÏßËÈ, ¤ØÛ Óπ’Â∆, Ì≈Ú Ï≥ËȪ ÂØ∫ Óπ’Â∆ «ÁÚ≈¿π‰ Ú≈Ò≈Õ ‘π‰ Ú∂÷‰ ‹ª «Ú⁄≈È Ú≈Ò∆ ◊æÒ «¬‘ ˛ «’ «’ßÈ∂ ’π «√æ÷ ˛È «‹È∑ª È∂ ◊π± «◊¡≈È ◊π‰ª Á∂ ı˜≈È∂ ”⁄Ø∫ ◊π± ‹∆ ˘ “ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ” Á∂ ±Í «Ú⁄ √Ú∆’≈È ‹ª ¡ÈπÌÚ ’È Á≈ √πÌ≈◊ Ó≈«‰¡≈ ˛Õ Í«‘Òª ª ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í Á∆ √ÚÀ ÍÛ⁄ØÒ ’’∂ «¬‘ ¡«‘√≈√ ’È «’ ÓÀ∫ ¡«◊¡≈ÈÂ≈, Ú«‘Óª ÌÓª, ’Ó ’ª‚ª, Ì∂÷≈ ¡Â∂ «Ú¡’Â∆ ͱ‹≈ Á∂ ’¬∆ Íz’≈∆ ÏßËȪ «Ú⁄ Ϋ√¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘ªÕ ÓÀ∫ «¬È∑ª ÂØ∫ Óπ’ ‘Ø ’∂ ◊π± «◊¡≈È ÍøÊ ”Â∂ ÂπÈ≈ ˛ Â∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‹∆ÚÈ Ó’√Á ˘ Í≈¿π‰≈ ˛Õ ‹ÁØ∫ Âæ’ √≈‚∂ Ëπ ¡ßÁ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í Ò¬∆ ¿πÍØ’Â √Øfi∆ ÍÀÁ≈ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ∆ ¿πÁØ∫ Âæ’ ◊π± √«Â◊π± Á∆ Ù’Â∆ Â∂ √ÓæÊ≈ Á≈ √≈˘ ‘’∆’∆ ±Í ¡ßÁ ≈¬∆ Ó≈Â Ú∆ ÍÂ≈ È‘∆∫ ⁄æÒ∂◊≈Õ «¬√ ¿πÍØ’Â ‘’∆’ Á≈ √ÏßË Ïæ⁄∂, ÈΩ‹Ú≈È Â∂ «ÏË √Ì È≈Ò «¬’Ø «‹‘≈ ˛Õ ÏßÁ∆ ¤Ø«Û «ÁÚ√ Á∂ ¡Ê «¬«Â‘≈√ Á∆ √≈÷∆ ”⁄Ø∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ò¬∆ ÂÒ≈Ù ’È∂ ‘ÈÕ ’πfi «‘ßÁ± ≈‹∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ ‹Ú≈‰∂ Á∆ ’ÀÁ ¡ßÁ Â√ Ì∆ Ï∂¿πÓ∆Á∆ Ú≈Ò∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ «‹¿π∫ ‘∂ √ÈÕ √z∆ ◊π± ‘«◊Ø«ÏßÁ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ ˘ ¿π√∂ ‹Ú≈‰∂ ‘≈’Ó ÚæÒØ∫ ÏßÁ∆ ÷≈È∂ ¡ßÁ Í≈«¬¡≈ «◊¡≈ √∆Õ Ó◊ ◊π± ‹∆ Á≈ √ß√≈ «Ú⁄ «Ú⁄È≈ ‹ª ÏßÁ∆ ı≈È∂ ¡ßÁ «‘‰≈ ±‘ Á∂ ÂÒ ”Â∂ «¬’ √ Ú≈Ò≈ √∆Õ «¬’ ¡’≈Ò Íπ÷ Á∆ ‹≈ «Ú⁄ ¡ÈßÁ ‘∆ ¡ÈßÁ Á∂ √π¡≈Ó∆ ◊πÁ∂Ú Á∂ Í≈√ ¡≈«Ӓ ı˜≈È≈ √∆Õ ¡À√∂ ◊πÁ∂Ú ‹∆ Á∂ «¬√ «’Ò∑∂ ¡ßÁ ÍzÚ∂Ù ’«Á¡ª «¬È∑ª ’ÀÁ∆ ≈«‹¡ª ¡ßÁ «¬’ ‹∆ÚÈ Ω¡ Á≈ fiΩ∫’≈ ¡≈«¬¡≈Õ

ı≈Ò√≈ ÍøÊ Á≈ «Ú√≈ Ï‘π ¡Ó∆ ˛Õ «¬√ Á∂ «√˪ «ÚÙÚ Á∆¡ª Á±‹∆¡ª ’ΩÓª ÂØ∫ «ÈÓÒ Â∂ «È¡≈∂ ‘ÈÕ ı≈Ò√≈ ÍßÊ Á∂ «Â¿π‘≈ ◊π± «¬«Â‘≈√ ¡Â∂ «√æ÷ «¬«Â‘≈√

ÓΩ Á≈ ÷Ω¯ ÿ‡Á≈ «Á«√¡≈Õ «¬‘ ◊π± ‹∆ Í≈√ ıπÁ≈¬∆ «◊¡≈È Á∆ Ï’ Â∂ ¡Èß ◊π‰ª Á≈ ÁÀÚ∆ ÍzÌ≈Ú √∆Õ

Á∆¡ª ¡«‘Ó ÿ‡È≈Úª È≈Ò √ßÏß«Ë ‘ÈÕ ı≈Ò√≈ ÍæÊ ÚæÒØ∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ó‘æÂÚͱÈ

ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ ◊π± Á≈ «¬’ «ÏË ˛, √πÌ≈¡ ˛, ◊π‰ ˛Õ ¿π‘ ’∂ÚÒ Â∂ ’∂ÚÒ «’√∂

«Á‘≈«Û¡ª ˘ ◊π± «◊¡≈È Á∂ «ÚÙ∂Ù ◊π‰ª ˘ ◊z«‘‰ ’È ¡Â∂ «¬«Â‘≈√ ”⁄Ø∫ ’ΩÓ∆

Áπ«È¡≈Ú∆ ‹Ú≈‰∂ Á∆ ’ÀÁ «Ú⁄ ͬ∂ ‘ج∂ √∆ ˘ ¡≈˜≈Á ‘∆ È‘∆∫ ’Ú≈¿π∫Á≈,

⁄∂ÂÈ≈ Á∆ √∂Ë Íz≈Í ’È Ú‹Ø∫ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Ì≈ ¡ßÁ Ò’ÙÓ∆ ͱ‹≈ ‹ª

ÏÒ«’ ‘ ÓÈπæ÷∆ ÓÈ ˘ ÓØ‘ Ó≈«¬¡≈, ÓÓÂ≈, ¡Ω◊∞‰ª Â∂ «Ú’≈∆ «ÏÂ∆¡ª ‹ª

Á∆Í≈ÚÒ∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ «¬ÊØ∫ Á∆ Ï‘π «◊‰Â∆ ’ΩÓ ÚæÒØ∫ √Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ ¡≈͉∆ ω∆ ‘ج∆

’Óª Á∆ ’ÀÁ «Ú⁄Ø∫ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ «◊¡≈È Á≈ Á≈ÓÈ Í’Û≈ ’∂ Óπ’ ’Ú≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛Õ

Ú≈«¬Â ¡Èπ√≈ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Òæ÷ª ’ØÛª πͬ∂ Á∂ ͇≈’∂, ¡≈«ÂÙÏ≈˜∆ ¡Â∂

ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ «ÁÚ√ ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ ◊π± ‹∆ Á∆ ◊π‰ √ßÍøÈ ‘√Â∆ ˘ √Ófi‰ Ò¬∆ ±‘ Á∂

Òæ÷ª ’ØÛª πͬ∂ Ó«·¡≈¬∆ ”Â∂ Ì≈Â∆ ÒØ’ ÷⁄ ’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ «ÁÈ ÿª Á∂

ÂÒ Â∂ ’ΩÓ∆ ÂΩ ”Â∂ ÓÈ≈¿π‰ Á∆ ‹≈⁄ Íz≈Í ’È∆ ˛Õ ¡√∆∫ Á∆Ú∂ Ï≈Ò‰∂ ‘È, ◊π±

ÁÚ≈˜∂ ÷πæÒ∑∂ æ÷‰ Á∆ Ú∆ Ú≈«¬Â ˛, ’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘È «’ «¬√ ≈ ҒÙÓ∆ (Ó≈«¬¡≈)

ÙÏÁ («◊¡≈È) Á∂ ‹Ø √≈‚∂ ¡ßÁ ͬ∆ ‘ج∆ ◊±Û∑∆ ’≈Ò∆ ÏØÒ∆ ≈ ˘ ıÂÓ ’ Á∂‰,

ÿ ÍzÚ∂Ù ’Á∆ ˛Õ «√æ÷ ’ΩÓ ÚæÒØ∫ ¿πÍØ’Â «ÚÙÚ≈√ª ¡Èπ√≈ «¬‘ «ÁÈ ÓÈ≈¿π‰≈

√≈˘ ÍÂ≈ Òæ◊ √’∂ «’ ‹Ø Ó≈«¬¡≈ ¡√∆∫ ÓÈ Ò¬∆ ÚÂ∆ ÷πÙ∆ ”Â∂ ÷⁄ ’Á∂ ‘ª,

«’√∂ Ú∆ Â∑ª ¿π«⁄ ȑ∆∫ ˛Õ

‹∂’ ¡√∆∫ ◊π± Á≈ ı˜≈È≈ √Ófi∆¬∂ ª «¬√ Ó≈«¬¡≈ Á∆ ÚÂØ∫ ¡È≈Ê ¡≈ÙÓª

ı≈Ò√≈ ÍßÊ Á≈ «¬«Â‘≈√’ «ÁÈ “ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ «ÁÚ√” ˛Õ ÏÁÒ∂ ‘≈Ò≈ È∂ «√æ÷

«Ú⁄, Ï∂√‘≈«¡ª Ò¬∆ √ÓæÊ≈ ‘∆‰ Ø◊∆¡ª Á∂ «¬Ò≈‹ Ò¬∆, ◊∆Ï Í«Ú≈ª Á∆¡ª

√Ó≈‹ «Ú⁄Ø∫ ¡≈͉∂ ’ΩÓ∆ «Ú√∂, «¬«Â‘≈√, ◊πÏ≈‰∆ ¡Â∂ «‘ ÓÔ≈Á≈ ÍzÂ∆

Ë∆¡ª Á∂ ¡ÈßÁ ’≈‹ª Ò¬∆, ’πÁÂ∆ ¡≈¯Âª Á∆ Ó≈ ‘∂· ¡≈¬∂ «¬È√≈Ȫ Á∆

‹≈«◊zÂ∆ Ï‘π ‘∆ ÿ‡≈ «ÁæÂ∆ ˛Õ ¡È∞ÓÂ∆ ÍzÌ≈Ú «√æ÷ √Ó≈‹ Á∂ Ï‘π ‘∆ Úæ‚∂ «‘æ√∂ ”Â∂

√‘≈«¬Â≈ Ò¬∆ ¡Â∂ «Ú«Á¡≈ ¡Â∂ ‘Ø ⁄ß◊∂ ’≈‹ª Ò¬∆ ÷⁄ ’È∆ ˛Õ ’∆ √≈‚∂

’¬∆ ±Íª «Ú⁄ Ì≈± ‘πßÁ≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ «√æ÷ √ß√Ê≈Úª Á∂ Óπ÷∆ ‹Ø ’ßÓ ¡ßÁ «Ú√∂,

¡ßÁ ◊π± «◊¡≈È ”⁄Ø∫ ÍÀÁ≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ¿πÍØ’Â √ß’ÒÍ ’¬∆ Íz’≈ Á∂ ÏßËÈ È‘∆∫

«√˪Â, √±Í Â∂ ÓÔ≈Á≈ Á∆ Í«‘∂Á≈∆ Ò¬∆ Óπæ÷ «˜ßÓ∂Ú≈ ‘ÈÕ ¿π‘ «¬√ ÓΩ’∂

’æ‡∂◊≈? ¡«‹‘≈ ’È È≈Ò √≈˘ ¡≈ÂÓ √’±È «ÓÒ∂◊≈ Â∂ Á±«‹¡ª ˘ √≈‚∂ Úª◊

√Ú≈Ê∆ «‘æª Â∂ ÎØ’‡ Á∆ ⁄ΩË Ó◊ ÁΩÛÈ ’’∂ ¡≈͉∂ ’ΩÓ∆ Î˜ª ÂØ∫ Áπ≈‚∂ ⁄Ò∂

È∂’∆, √∂Ú≈ Â∂ Í¿πÍ’≈ ’È Á≈ ⁄≈¡Õ

◊¬∂ ‘ÈÕ ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ «ÁÚ√ Á∂ Ȫ¡ ”Â∂ ÷≈Ò√≈ ÍøÊ ÚæÒØ∫ «¬‘ ÍπÏ Óπæ÷ ±Í «Ú⁄ √z∆

ı≈Ò√≈ ÍßÊ Ò¬∆ «¬‘ «ÁÚ√ ’ΩÓ∆ ⁄∂ÂÈ≈ Á≈ «ÁÚ√ ˛, «’ √≈‚∂ ◊πÁ∂Ú ‹∆ È∂ ª

‘«ÓßÁ √≈«‘Ï, √z∆ ¡ß«ÓzÂ√ «Ú÷∂ √Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ Í «¬√ Á≈

√Ó∂∫ Á∆ √’≈ Á∂ ‹Ú≈‰∂ ‘≈’Óª Á∆ ’ÀÁ «Ú⁄Ø∫ EB ≈‹∂ Óπ’ ’Ú≈¬∂ √È, ¡√∆∫

Íz⁄≈ Íz√≈ «¬√ «√Ò∂÷ ‘∂· È‘∆∫, ’∂ÚÒ ÂØ∫ ’∂ÚÒ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á∂ Ȫ¡ ‘∂· ‘∆ ’∆Â≈

¡≈͉∂ ¿π√ √Ó≈‹ ˘ Óπ’ ’Ú≈¿π‰≈ ˛ ‹Ø ◊π±¡ª ÂØ∫ Âπæ‡ ’∂ È«Ù¡ª, ØÓª Á∆

‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ «¬Ù«Â‘≈ª ¡ßÁ «¬√ Á≈ Ú∂Ú≈ «Áß«Á¡ª Ï∂Ùæ’ √z∆ ◊π± ‘«◊Ø«ÏßÁ √≈«‘Ï

Ï∂¡ÁÏ∆, ‹≈ Í≈Â, ß◊ È√Ò, ◊∆Ï ¡Ó∆ Â∂ «¬Ò≈’∂ Á∂ Ì∂Áª Á∆ ’ÀÁ «Ú⁄

‹∆ Á∆ ◊Ú≈Ò∆¡ Á∂ «’Ò∑∂ ”⁄Ø∫ EB ≈«‹¡ª ˘ «‘≈¡ ’Ú≈¿π‰ Ú≈Ò∆ ÿ‡È≈ Á≈

«˜ßÁ◊∆ Á∆ ’∆ÓÂ∆ Ï≈˜∆ ‘≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ «ÁÚ√ ˘ ¿πÍØ’Â √≈«Ê’ «ÁzÙ‡∆

«˜’ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛, Í «√æ÷ Ó≈È«√’Â≈ «¬È∑ª ¡æ÷ª ‹ª ¡ıÏ≈ª, √≈«Ò¡ª ¡ßÁ ¤ÍÁ∂

È≈Ò ÓÈ≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ «√æ÷ ’ΩÓ ¡æ◊∂ ¡≈Ú∂ ª «¬‘ «ÁÚ√ «ÚÙÚ Ì≈¬∆⁄≈∂ «Ú⁄ «¬’

√ßÏß«Ë Ò∂÷ª Á∆ Í‘πß⁄ ÂØ∫ Ï‘π ‘æÁ Âæ’ ¡‰‹≈‰ ‹ª ¡«Ìæ‹ ‘∆ «‘ßÁ∆ ˛Õ ı≈Ò√≈¬∆

¡≈ÁÙ’ «ÁÚ√ Ú‹Ø∫ √Ú∆’≈«¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂◊≈Õ «¬√ «ÁÚ√ ˘ ÓÈ≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ Ó˜∑Ï∆

«Á÷ Ú≈Ò∂ ÿ≈«‰¡ª ¡ßÁ Ú∆ «¬‘ «ÁÈ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Ú‹Ø∫ ◊π¡ª„∆ Ó Á∆ Â˜ ”Â∂ ‘∆

‘æÁª «‹Ê∂ ‡π應◊∆¡ª, ¿πÊ∂ «¬È√≈È∆ «ÙÂ∂ Á∆¡ª ◊ß„ª «ÁÒª Á∆¡ª ‚≥∞ÿ≈¬∆¡ª ”⁄

«˜¡≈Á≈Â ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ

Í∆‚∆¡ª ‘Ø ‹≈‰◊∆¡ªÕ ͱ≈ «ÚÙÚ Ì≈¬∆⁄≈≈ «¬√ «ÁÚ√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∆¡ª ÍÒ’ª

ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ «ÁÚ√ ÂØ∫ ¡√∆∫ ◊z«‘‰ ’∆ ’È≈ ˛? Í«‘Òª ª «¬‘ √Ú≈Ò «√æ÷ √Ó≈‹

«Ú¤≈ ’∂ «¬ß˜≈ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ ’∂◊≈ √◊Ø∫ Ï∂‘Â∆È ÂØ∫ Ï∂‘Â∆È √∂Ú≈ Í¿πÍ’≈ Á∂

Á∆ ‹«◊¡≈√≈ Á≈ «‘æ√≈ È‘∆∫ ωÁ≈Õ ‹∂ «’Ë∂ «¬‘ √Ú≈Ò «√æ÷ «Ú√∂ Á∂ ‹≈ÓÈ

’ßÓª Á∆ «Ú¿π∫ÂÏßÁ∆ ’’∂, ı≈Ò√≈¬∆ ¡◊Ú≈¬∆ «Ú⁄ √«Â◊π± Á∆ ¡˜∆Ó ‘√Â∆ ˘

ÈΩ‹Ú≈Ȫ Á∆ √π Á≈ «‘æ√≈ ‘Ø Ú∆ ‹≈Ú∂ ª «¬√ Á≈ √≈«Ê’ ‹Ú≈Ï ‘≈√Ò ’È≈

È Ó√Â’ ‘Ø «‘≈ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈ Â∂ ¡≈÷∂◊≈ “√«Â◊π ÏßÁ∆ ¤ØÛ ˛Õ”

¿πÈ∑ª Ò¬∆ ’«·È ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ ◊πÓ«Â «◊¡≈È ¡ßÁ ‹ÁØ∫ ◊π± √«Â◊π± Á∆ Â≈∆¯ ’∆Â∆

’∂ÚÒ «√ßÿ, √≈Ï’≈ ‹Ê∂Á≈ Âı √z∆ ÁÓÁÓ≈ √≈«‘Ï

AB Parivartan

November 2012

È≈∆ √ß√≈

¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ì«Úæ÷ ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ ¬∂È∂ «⁄ß «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ª «’ ¡≈͉∂ ÚÂÓ≈È ˘ Ú∆ ⁄ß◊∆ Â∑ª È‘∆∫ ‹∆ √’Á∂Õ ¡√∆∫ ¿πÈ∑ª ’ßÓª ˘ ͱ≈ ’È Ò¬∆ ‘∆ Í∂Ù≈È «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ª ‹Ø Ì«Úæ÷ «Ú⁄ ’∆Â∂ ‹≈‰∂ ‘ÈÕ √≈∂ Á≈Ù«È’ ¡Â∂ ¡«Ë¡≈«Ӓ ◊π± «¬‘∆ √Ò≈‘ «ÁßÁ∂ ¡≈¬∂ ‘È «’ Ì«Úæ÷ Á∆ «⁄ßÂ≈ È≈ ’Ø ¡Â∂ ÚÂÓ≈È Á≈ ¡≈ÈßÁ Ó≈‰È Á≈ ÔÂÈ ’ØÕ ‹∂ Âπ√∆∫ ÷πÙ‘≈Ò ‹∆ÚÈ «‹¿π‰≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ∂ ‘Ø Âª «ÁÈ Á∂ ‘∂’ ÍÒ Á≈ ¡≈ÈßÁ ÒÀ‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ˛ ¡Â∂ «¬√ ˘ ¿π√ ¡‰Ú∂’∂ Ì«Úæ÷ Á∆ «⁄ßÂ≈ ”⁄ «Ú¡Ê È‘∆∫ ◊π¡≈¿π‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈, «‹√ Á∆ ‘Ø∫Á ’∂ÚÒ √≈‚∆ ’ÒÍÈ≈ ”⁄ ‘∆ ˛Õ √⁄≈¬∆ ª «¬‘ ˛ «’ ¡√∆∫ ÚÂÓ≈È ˘ Ï∂‘æÁ ‘Ò’∂ „ß◊ È≈Ò ÒÀ∫Á∂ ‘ª «’ «¬√ Ï≈∂ √Ø⁄Á∂ ‘∆ È‘∆∫Õ √≈‚≈ ͱ≈ «Ë¡≈È ¡‰Ú∂÷∂ Ì«Úæ÷ ÚæÒ Òæ«◊¡≈ «‘ßÁ≈ ˛Õ ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ïæ«⁄¡ª ˘ Ú∆ Ì«Úæ÷ Á∆ ¡ßÈ∑∆ ÁΩÛ «Ú⁄ fiØ∫’ «ÁßÁ∂ ‘ª Â∂ Ï⁄ÍÈ Á∆¡ª «¬È∑ª ’Ò∆¡ª ˘ Ó«‘’‰ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ÎπæÒ Ï‰≈ Á∂‰ Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ”⁄ «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ªÕ ¡√∆∫ √Á≈ «¬√ Ï≈∂ «⁄ß «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ª «’ ’æÒ∑ ˘ ’πfi ¡«‹‘≈ È≈ Ú≈Í ‹≈Ú∂ «’ √≈‚≈ Ì«Úæ÷ ‘∆ ËπßÁÒ≈ ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂Õ ¬∂√ «⁄ßÂ≈ ”⁄ ÚÂÓ≈È Á∂ Ú‚ÓπæÒ∂ ¡Â∂ ’∆ÓÂ∆ ÍÒ √≈‚∆ Óπæ·∆ ”⁄Ø∫ ∂ ڪ◊ «’ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «˜ßÁ◊∆ ’Á∂ «’√∂ ˘ Á±√≈ ÓΩ’≈ È‘∆∫ «ÁßÁ∆Õ ÏÏ≈Á ‘ج∂ ‘ ÍÒ Á≈ ¡Ê ˛ «’ «¬’ Ù≈ÈÁ≈ ÓΩ’∂ ˘ Ì√Ó ’ Á∂‰≈Õ ¡≈͉∂ Úæ√Ø∫ Ï≈‘ Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª Ï≈∂ √Ø⁄ ’∂ «⁄ß «‘‰ È≈Ò ’∂ÚÒ «¬’ ⁄∆˜ ‘∆ ÊØ’ «Ú⁄ «ÓÒ √’Á∆ ˛ ¿π‘ ˛ - ‰≈¡Õ «˜ßÁ◊∆ ”⁄ ¡¯√Ø√ «¬√ ’’∂ ÍÀÁ≈ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ «’ “‘≈¬∂ ¡√∆∫ «¬‘ È‘∆∫ ’ √’∂, ‹∂ ’ ÒÀ∫Á∂ ª Ù≈«¬Á ¡«‹‘≈ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈...Õ” ¡«‹‘∆ Ó≈È«√’Â≈ È≈ ’∂ÚÒ √≈˘ ÓπÙ’Òª ”⁄ Í≈ √’Á∆ ˛ ÏÒ«’ «¬‘ «¬’ «’√Ó Á≈ ¡«È¡ª ˛, ‹Ø ¡√∆∫ «’√∂ ‘Ø È≈Ò È‘∆∫ √◊Ø∫ ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í È≈Ò ’Á∂ ‘ªÕ ¶ÿ∂ Ú∂Ò∂ ”Â∂ ͤÂ≈¿π‰ Á∆ ʪ ¶ÿ ‘∂ Ú∂Ò∂ Á∆ ’ßÈ∆ ÎÛÈ Á≈ ÔÂÈ ’ØÕ Á∂ ’Á∂ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ ‘ج∆ ‘πßÁ∆Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ÚÂÓ≈È «Ú⁄ ‘π‰ ÂØ∫ ‘∆ «‹¿π‰ Á≈ ÔÂÈ Ùπ± ’ØÕ Ï∆Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Ï≈∂ √Ø⁄‰ È≈Ò ÓÈ ”⁄ Â∑ª Â∑ª Á∆¡ª Ì≈ÚÈ≈Úª ¿πº·Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ Áπ÷Á, ¡¯√Ø√È≈’, ÷πÙ∆¡ª ‹ª ÙÓ È≈Ò Ì∆¡ª Ú∆ ‘Ø √’Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ ª ÂÀ¡ ˛ «’ ¡√∆∫ Ï∆Â∂ ’æÒ∑ ˘ ÏÁÒ È‘∆∫ √’Á∂, «¬‘ Ò¬∆ «¬È∑ª Ô≈Áª È≈Ò ‘∆ ¿πÒ«fi¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂ ª ·∆’ ˛Õ ̱’≈Ò Á∆¡ª ◊ÒÂ∆¡ª ÂØ∫ √Ï’ ÒÀ‰≈ «’√∂ ⁄∆˜ Á∆ ÿ≈‡ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛ ª ¡√∆∫ «¬√ ÍzÂ∆ ¡ßÁØ ¡ßÁ ¡ÀÈ≈ «æfiÁ∂ «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ª «’ √≈˘ ’ج∆ ÷πÙ∆ ÍzÌ≈Ú ‘∆ È‘∆∫ ’ √’Á∆Õ ‹∂ √≈‚∆ ¡≈͉∂ ÁØ√ª «Ú⁄ ⁄ß◊∆ ͤ≈‰ ¡Â∂ «¬æ˜Â ˛, Í«Ú≈ Á≈ ‘ «¬’ ‹∆¡ √≈˘ «Í¡≈ ¡Â∂ √«Â’≈ ’Á≈ ˛ ª «¬‘ √Ø⁄ ’∂ ¿πÁ≈√ ‘؉ Á∆ ’∆ ˜± ˛ «’ ÁπÈ∆¡≈ √≈‚∂ Ï≈∂ ’∆ √Ø⁄Á∆ ˛Õ «’√∂ Ú∆ «Ú¡’Â∆ Á∆¡ª ÷πÙ∆¡ª «Ú⁄’≈ ıπÁ ¿π√ Á≈ ÌÀ¡ √Ì ÂØ∫ Úæ‚∆ Á∆Ú≈ ω ’∂ ÷Û∑≈ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ √Ì ÂØ∫ Úæ‚≈ √ß’Ø⁄ ª «¬‘ ˛ «’ Âπ√∆∫ ’πfi Ú∆ ’ ÒÚØ, ÒØ’∆ ’πfi È≈ ’πfi ª ’«‘‰◊∂ ‘∆Õ «√¡≈«‰¡ª Á∆ ’‘≈Ú ˛ «’ ÒØ’ª Á∆ ˜πÏ≈È È‘∆∫ ÎÛ∆ ‹≈ √’Á∆Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ «ÚÚ∂Á Á∂ √‘≈∂ ‹Ø Âπ‘≈˘ ⁄ß◊≈ ¡Â∂ √≈«¡ª Á∆ ÌÒ≈¬∆ Ú≈Ò≈ ’ßÓ Ò◊Á≈ ˛, ¿π√ ˘ «ÏÈ≈ «fi‹’∂ ¡ß‹≈Ó «Á¿πÕ ‹∂ Âπ√∆∫ ’«‘‰ Ú≈«Ò¡ª Á≈ «Î’ ’Ø◊∂ ª Ú∆ ¿πÈ∑ª È∂ Òæª «÷æ⁄‰ ÂØ∫ ª Ï≈˜ È‘∆∫ ¡≈¿π‰≈Õ ‹∂ ÒØ’ª Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª «Ú⁄ ¡≈ ’∂ Âπ√∆∫ «fi‹’ ◊¬∂ ª √≈∆ ¿πÓ Âπ‘≈ÊØ∫ «¬’ ’ÁÓ Ú∆ ¡æ◊∂ È‘∆∫ Ú«Ë¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ «¬√ ÌÀ¡ ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘ «È’Ò ’∂ «˜ßÁ◊∆ «‹¿π‰≈ «√æ÷ØÕ Ô≈Á æ÷Ø «’ ‹∂ ÒØ’∆ Âπ‘≈‚∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ ¿πÍ ’ج∆ «‡æ͉∆ ’Á∂ ‘È Âª ¡«‹‘≈ ’’∂ ¿π‘ ’∂ÚÒ ¡≈͉∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ ”⁄ ¡«‹‘∂ ÓΩ’∂ È≈ «ÓÒ √’‰ Á≈ Áπæ÷ Íz◊‡ ’ ‘∂ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «˜ßÁ◊∆ Âπ‘≈‚∆ Ú∆ ÷±Ï√± ‘Ø √’Á∆ ˛, ÏÙÂ∂ «’ «¬√ ˘ «‹¿π‰ Á≈ √Ò∆’≈ «√æ÷ «Ò¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ «⁄Û∆¡ª Á≈ ⁄«‘’‰≈, Ù≈È≈ÓæÂ∂ «ÚÙÚ≈√ ”⁄ Á◊Á∂ √±‹ Á∆¡ª «Èæÿ∆¡ª ’ØÓÒ «’Ȫ Á≈ ¡≈ÈßÁ Ó≈‰È≈, ’æ⁄∆¡ª ◊ßÁÒª ¿πºÂ∂ fi±ÓÁ∂ √Ø∑∫ Á∂ ÎπæÒª ˘ Ú∂÷ ’∂ ¡≈Èß«Á ‘؉≈....˜≈ «¬’ Ú≈ ¡≈͉∆ ¡ßÁÒ∆ √πßÁÂ≈ Á∂ ϱ‘∂ ÷ØÒ∑ ’∂ Ú∂÷Ø Âª √‘∆ «’ ’πÁ È∂ «’√ Â∑ª ⁄≈ ¸Î∂∂ √πßÁÂ≈ ‘∆ √πßÁÂ≈ «÷Ò≈ ¤æ‚∆ ˛Õ Ì«Úæ÷ Á∆ ʪ ¡≈˙ ÚÂÓ≈È Á∂ Ó˜∂ Òæπ‡∆¬∂Õ

√ßÂØ÷ «√ßÿ Ì≈‰≈

È≈∆ √ß√≈

Parivartan November 2012


Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á∆ ≈ Á∆Ú∂ Ï≈Ò∆¡È Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á∂ «Â¿π‘≈ Á≈ √z∆ ◊π± ◊zßÊ √≈«‘Ï «Ú⁄ Ú∆ «˜’ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛Õ Ì≈¬∆ ◊πÁ≈√ ‹∆ Á∂ «¬’ √ÒØ’ Á∆¡ª Íø’Â∆¡ª “Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á∆ ≈ Á∆Ú∂ Ï≈Ò∆¡È” Ú∆ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Ï≈∂ √‘∆ Â√Ú∆ Í∂Ù ’Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ ÙÏÁ Á∆Í≈ÚÒ∆ ÂØ∫ Ï«‰¡≈ ˛, «‹√ Á≈ ¡Ê ˛ Á∆«Ú¡ª Á∆¡ª Ó≈Ò≈Úª ‹ª ’Â≈ªÕ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ ΩÙÈ∆¡ª Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ ˛, Í«‘Òª ÒØ’ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Ú≈Ò∆ ≈ ¡≈͉∂ ÿª Á∆¡ª ’ß˪, ÏÈ∂«¡ª ¿πºÂ∂ Á∆Ú∂, ÓØÓÏæÂ∆ Â∂ «Ï‹Ò∆ Á∂ ÏÒÏ ¡≈«Á ‹◊≈¿π∫Á∂ √ÈÕ Í «Í¤Ò∂ ’πfi √≈Òª ÂØ∫ ⁄∆È Á∆¡ª ω∆¡ª ÒÛ∆¡ª È∂ Á∆Ú∂ Â∂ ÓØÓÏæÂ∆¡ª ÷ÂÓ ‘∆ ’ «ÁæÂ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «√¯ √Ó Í±∆ ’È Ò¬∆ ‘∆ ’πfi ÿª «Ú⁄ Íø‹ √æ Á∆Ú∂ ΩÙÈ ’È∂ «‹æ ‹ª ÷πÙ∆ Á≈ Íz◊‡≈Ú≈ ’È Úª◊ ˛Õ Á∆Ú∂ ¡≈Í ‹Ò ’∂ Á±√«¡ª Á≈ Ó≈◊ ØÙÈ ’Á∂ ‘È, ‹Ø √≈˘ ¡≈͉≈ ¡≈Í Ú≈ ’∂ Á±√«¡ª Á∂ ’ßÓ ¡≈¿π‰ Á∆ Íz∂‰≈ «ÁßÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ ÚÀ√∂ «¬‘ «Â¿π‘≈ √Á∆ πæ Á∂ ¡≈◊ÓÈ Á≈ Ú∆ √±⁄’ ˛Õ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ ÚÀ√∂ ª ‘ Ù«‘ «Ú⁄ ÓÈ≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˛ Í ¡ß«ÓzÂ√ Á∆ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á∆ Ù≈È Úæ÷∆ ˛Õ Òæ÷ª ÒØ’ «¬Ê∂ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ ÓÈ≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ ¡≈¿π∫Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ¡ß«ÓzÂ√ «Ú⁄ «¬‘ «Â¿π‘≈ «¬’ ‘¯Â≈ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Ú≈Ò∂ «ÁÈ ÁÏ≈ √≈«‘Ï ¿πºÂ∂ ΩÙÈ∆ Á∆ √‹≈Ú‡ Á≈ ÏÛ≈ √π‘≈Ú‰≈ «ÁzÙ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ ‘ «¬È√≈È Á∆ «¬‘∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛ «’ Á∆ͪ Á∂ «¬√ «Â¿π‘≈ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á≈ «Èæÿ ¡≈Í«‰¡ª Á∂ È≈Ò ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ √≈‚∂ ÏßËÈ, √≈‚∂ «ÙÂ∂ È≈Â∂ Ì≈Ú∂∫ ¿π‘ ÌÀ‰ Ì≈ Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂, ÁØ√Â∆ Á≈, «Í¡≈ Á≈, Óπ‘æÏ Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂, «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄Ò∂ «Èæÿ ˘ ͱ∆ Â∑ª Ó≈‰È ¡Â∂ ‘Ø ÚË≈¿π‰ Á≈ ÔÂÈ ’∆Â≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Óæ«√¡≈ Á∆ ’≈Ò∆ ≈ ˘ πÙÈ≈¿π‰≈, «Í¡≈ Á∂ ¡«‘√≈√ª ˘ ‹◊≈¿π∫Á≈ «¬‘ «Â¿π‘≈ ’æÂ’ Á∆ Óæ«√¡≈ ˘ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛, ¡≈Ó ÂΩ ”Â∂ «¬‘ ÈÚßÏ «Ú⁄ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ÌÚÈÁ∆Í «√ßÿ ÍπÏ≈


√Ó≈È : H Úæ‚∆¡ª ÷≥∞Ϫ, AE ◊z≈Ó ¡⁄≈ Á≈ Ó√≈Ò≈, «¬’ ¸‡’∆ Ò±‰, «¬’ ¸‡’∆ ‘ÒÁ∆ Í≈¿±‚Õ Â∆’≈ : A. ÷≥∞Ϫ ˘ ⁄ß◊∆ Â∑ª ËØ ’∂ Ò±‰ ¡Â∂ ‘ÒÁ∆ «ÓÒ∂ Í≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ ¿πÏ≈Ò «¬’ Á∆Ú≈ Òæ÷ª Á∆«Ú¡ª ˘ ΩÙÈ∆ Úß‚ √’Á≈ ˛, ‹∂ ’ج∆ Á∆Ú∂ ÂØ∫ Á∆Ú≈ ‹Ò≈¿π‰


Á≈ ͱÈ ÔÂÈ ’∂Õ Í √Ú≈Ò Âª «¬‘ ˛ «’ ‘È∂∂ È≈Ò √ßÿÙ ’È Ò¬∆ ¡æ◊∂

B. ‚ß‚∆ ’æ„ ’∂ ¿π√ ˘ ’æ‡ Ò˙Õ

’Ω‰ ¡≈Ú∂? ’Ω‰ «¬√ Á∆ ¡◊Ú≈¬∆ ’∂? ’Ω‰ ‹∆ÚÈ ÓπæÒª Á∆ «¬√ ÒÛ∆ ”⁄ ¡≈͉≈

C. «¬√ ˘ ¡⁄≈ Á∂ Ó√≈Ò∂ «Ú⁄ ÒÍ∂‡

Í«‘Òª Ȫ¡ «Ò÷≈Ú∂? Ï‘π ÓπÙ’Ò ˛, «¬√ ΩÙÈ∆ Á≈ √¯ ÂÀ¡ ’È≈Õ «’Â∂ «Óæ‡∆ Á≈ «¬‘ ¤Ø‡≈ «‹‘≈ Á∆Ú≈ ‹Ø ≈ Ì ‹◊Á≈ ˛, √Ì Á∂ ‘È∂∂ ˘ √Ó∂‡‰ Ò¬∆Õ «’Ê∂ ¡√∆∫ ØÙÈ∆ Á∆ √Ú≈Ê∆ ¿πÓ∆Á ”⁄ ÍÂ≈ È‘∆∫ «’ßÈ∂ ÒØ’ª Á∆ ØÙÈ∆ ÷Ø‘ ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ

Ò˙Õ ÌÈ Ú≈Ò≈ √Ó≈È «Â¡≈ ˛Õ D. ÌÈ Ú≈Ò∂ √Ó≈È ˘ ÷≥∞Ϫ «Ú⁄ Ï≈Ï-Ï≈Ï Ì ’∂ B-C «Ó߇ Âæ’

¡≈«÷ «’Ú∂∫ «Ó‡≈¬∆¬∂ ÿ ”⁄Ø∫ Ïπ≈¬∆¡ª ‹ÁØ∫ ¡≈͉∂ «Ú‘Û∂ ”⁄ Á∆Ú≈ ‹Ò≈¿π‰

˙‡∆‹∆ «Ú⁄ Ø√‡ ’ Ò˙Õ ‘≈ ËÈ∆¡≈/

ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ¡√∆∫ √Ø⁄‰ Òæ◊∆¬∂ «’ «¬√ Á∆ ØÙÈ∆ ª ◊π¡ª„∆ Á∂ «Ú‘Û∂ Âæ’ Ú∆

ÍπÁ∆È∂ Á∆ ⁄‡‰∆ ¡Â∂ «Í¡≈‹ Á∂ Ò櫤¡ª

Í‘πß⁄∂◊∆? «¬Ó≈ÈÁ≈ ’Ø«ÙÙª Á≈ √¯ ¡æ◊∂ «’Ú∂∫ ÚË∂, ‹ÁØ∫ Ùπ±¡≈ ”⁄ ‘∆ Òæ◊‰

È≈Ò ◊Ó≈ ◊Ó ÍØ√ØÕ

Òæ◊∂ «’ ‹Ø ’ßÓ ¡√∆∫ ‘π‰ Âæ’ È‘∆∫ ’ √’∂, ÌÒ≈ Á±«‹¡ª ˘ Ú∆ ¡√∆∫ «’Ú∂∫ ’È Á¬∆¬∂? «’ßÈ≈ ÏΩ‰≈ «⁄ßÂÈ ˛Õ ¡≈ÁÓ∆ Á∂ ÓÈ Á≈ «’, “ÓÀ∫ ª Ïπ≈ ‘ª ‘∆, Í Á±‹≈

ÍzÔØ◊Ù≈Ò≈ ”⁄ ÌÒ≈ ¡√∆∫ Úæ‚∂ ’ßÓª Ò¬∆ ¿πº⁄∂ ÓÈ√±Ï∂ È≈ ω≈¬∆¬∂ ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ Úæ‚∂

Ú∆ ⁄ß◊≈ È≈ ω∂Õ” ÒØÛ ˛ √æ⁄ Á∆ ÂÒ≈Ù ’È Á∆, «‹Ê∂ È≈ Ùæ’, È≈ ‹ÒÁ∆, È≈

√πÍÈ∂ Á∂÷∆¬∂, Í Á∆Ú∂ Á∆ Â∑ª «¬‘ ¤Ø‡≈ «‹‘≈ √ß’ÒÍ ÒÀ ’∂ ˜± ¡æ◊∂ ÚË∆¬∂ «’ “ÓÀ∫

√Ú≈ʪ Á≈ √ΩÁ≈ Â∂ È≈ «ÁÓ≈◊∆ ÎΩÛ∑∆¡ª Á≈ √‘≈≈Õ ¿πÊØ∫ ¡√∆∫ ÷πÁ √æ⁄ ÒæÌ∆¬∂Õ ÒØÛ

≈ Ì ‹≈◊Á≈ ‘ª◊≈, Í«‘∂Á≈ ω ’∂Õ” Á∆Ú≈ ͱ≈ ‹∆ÚÈ ˛Õ ¿π√ ˘ Ïπfi≈¿π‰

˛ «Ú’≈√ Á∂ «¬√ √¯ ”⁄ ¡Â∆ Á≈ √Ï’ ω∆¬∂, Ì«Úæ÷ Íz∂È≈ ω∂ «’¿π∫«’ √≈‚∂

Á∆ ◊æÒ Î≈Ò± ˛Õ ≈ Á∆¡ª ÂÈ‘≈¬∆¡ª ”⁄ Á∆Ú≈ √≈‚≈ √≈Ê «ÁßÁ≈ ˛Õ ¡√∆∫

Ò¬∆ ‘π‰ Íz∆«÷¡≈ È‘∆∫, √≈˘ ¡≈͉∆¡ª ’Ø«ÙÙª Á≈ ÈÂ∆‹≈ ⁄≈‘∆ÁÀÕ

«¬’æÒ∂ È≈ ‘Ø ’∂ Á∆Ú∂ È≈Ò ‘πßÁ∂ ‘ªÕ Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ √≈‚∆ ¿πÁ≈√∆, «¬’æÒÂ≈ ˘

¡√∆∫ «¬‘ È≈ ÌπæÒ∆¬∂ «’ ÌΩ«Â’ ÍÁ≈ʪ ÂØ∫ «ÏȪ ‹∆ÚÈ «ÈÓ≈‰ √ßÌÚ È‘∆∫Õ

Á± ’Á≈ ˛Õ

ÌÒ≈ ’∆ ‘ج∆ «√¯ ‘«Ê¡≈ª È≈Ò «√Í≈‘∆ ω √«’¡≈ ˛? ⁄ß◊≈ √’±Ò, ’≈Ò‹

ÊØÛ≈ ¡Òæ◊, Í Óπ’ßÓÒ „ß◊ È≈Ò √Ø⁄‰ Á∆ ÒØÛ ˛, ‹Ø Á±«‹¡ª Á∂ «ÚØË ”⁄ È≈

‘؉ Á∂ ’≈È ‘∆ ’ج∆ ⁄ß◊≈ ¡≈ÁÓ∆ ω ’∂ «È’Ò √«’¡≈? «’√∂ Á∆¡ª «√¯≈«Ùª

‘ØÚ∂, Í Á±«‹¡ª ˘ ÏπÒ≈Ú≈ Á∂‰ Ò¬∆ Ï≈Ï ÷πæÒ∑∆ ‘ØÚ∂Õ √≈˘ Á∆Ú∂ Ï≈Ò‰ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª

«’√∂ ˘ ¿πÁ∂Ù Á∆ ÍΩÛ∆ Âæ’ Í‘πß⁄≈ √’∆¡ª?

Á∆Ú≈ˇ∆ Á≈ √ßÁ∂Ù ◊Ω È≈Ò ˜± √π‰ ÒÀ‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ˛ ª «’ √≈‚≈ Á∆Ú≈ ‘æ√ ’∂

√Á∆¡ª Í«‘Òª ‹ÒÁ∂ Á∆Ú∂ Á∆¡ª ’Â≈ª ΩÙÈ∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ ω∆¡ªÕ ‹∆ÚÈ Á∆

ͱ∆ ≈ ‹◊Á≈ ‘∂Õ

‹◊Â≈ Ëß‹Ò


Parivartan November 2012

Watch Out Anatole France once asked a soldier, “Do you think you die for your country?” When the soldier replied in the affirmative, he said, “Wrong! You die for the industrialists.” I would, in the Indian context, like to modify his suggestion to read as: Wrong! You die for the corrupt, ungrateful and unconcerned. Bureaucrats and politicians head the list, followed by the bulk of unscrupulous businessmen who eminently qualify to be on this list. Soldiers, today, must learn that they no more fight a Nation’s wars but the conflicts started by inept, inefficient and incompetent bureaucracy of India, in league with self-centered, greedy and corrupt politicians. You ask me to explain it. My answer is very simple. All internal and external problems of India are created by lack of vision and thought bankruptcy on strategic matters by two sets of people who rule India, namely, bureaucrats and politicians: From Nagaland in the fifties to Mizoram in the sixties; From Assam in the seventies to Punjab and J&K in the eighties; From Mumbai riots in the early nineties to Mumbai attack in 2008; From communal riots in Gujarat to the same in Andhra & Karnataka; From killing fields of Bihar and UP to mafia murders in Mumbai; From ‘MANDAL’ issue to ‘KAMANDA’L issue; From demolition of Babri Masjid to burning of train in GODHARA; From Naxalite hooliganism to Communalist mayhem since independence. All this and much more, is the result of the misdeeds of an unholy nexus between the bureaucrats and the politicians who govern this country. Whether it was the Indo-Pak wars in1947, 1965 and 1971 or the ‘war like situation ‘in Kargil, in 1999 or even Operation ‘Pavan’ in Sri Lanka in the late eighties and the Chinese invasion of 1962 my dear departed comrades, you did not die for the nation; instead, you gave your lives to cover the callous mistakes of these people. You are dead and gone. But no one remembers you other than some politicians’ ranting on some annual rituals, called ‘Vijay Divas’ or the ‘Victory Day’. If there is a natural calamity in the country - army is called in. If law and order goes awry, soldiers are roped in. If a child gets stuck in a bore-well pit, soldiers are mustered to save the innocent life.

Soldiers, today, must learn that they no more fight a Nation’s wars but the conflicts started by inept, inefficient and incompetent bureaucracy of India, in league with

But no one punishes the guys responsible for such acts of omission and commission. Just imagine, what will happen if the Armed Forces withered away like police or any other government organization? Bureaucrats and politicians have broken the back of police and made them ineffective. Thus Law and Order has become a serious problem. Like Committed bureaucracy and committed police officials they

self-centered, greedy and corrupt

want soldiers also to be committed to political parties. If it hap-


pened, your national security is damned. Some Congressmen will think that KARGIL-99 was not their war but BJP’s. Similarly BJP will think that 1971 or 1965 wars were not theirs, but of the Con-

Watch out gress. What happens to soldiers? They too are being cultivated to

Parivartan November 2012


US army tilted the balance in favor of Allied Powers.

divide the Army. Would Congress’ soldiers like to die for BJP’s

The last bastion of India’s unity and integrity is waiting to

war? The question is ridiculous but this is what Mr. Rashid Alvi, a

disintegrate because of constant tampering with it by bureau-

Congress MP meant, when he ridiculed the celebrations of ‘Vijay

cracy and politicians.

Divas’. No congressman asked him to shut up. Often, I hear the logic, that one joins armed forces voluntarily and that no one forced them to join. Very right! This very logic has affected the military ethos. You do not get the quality material anymore because of this lopsided thinking.

Indian army has been fighting for 60 years in Nagaland and other North Eastern States. It has been holding Assam, Kashmir and Punjab for you for the last 25 to 30 years. Despite all this, there are no major cribs against it, other than media hyped non-sense by vested interests by which some of you

Therefore there are aberrations, corruption cases, rapes,

get influenced. Remember, Soldiers are not saints - there will be

misbehaviour, hooliganism, extortion and what not, by some offic-

aberrations but the track record of Indian armed forces is much

ers and soldiers. It is still under control - but if you continue to

better than most of the armies.

ignore them, certainly he would ask the question: why should I die

I am appalled to see some debates in media which talk about

for these people? Is it worth laying down one’s life for such self

wrong doings in the army. Most of it is based on misinformation- -

centered people?

but even if there was any misdeed army is prompt to act and pun-

Most of our soldiers come from rural poor backgrounds and they still think of their poor families before they do any act which

ish the guilty - you know about Tehelka expose and what Army did later. Who else did it and who else does it?

might affect their family’s honor. Therefore, they not only tolerate all

Look at the record of Pakistan army in Bangladesh in 1971.

sorts of nonsense but also accept the professional hardships.

More than 10 million people had become refugees; many lakhs

Their tolerance limits are much more than the soldiers of other

perished and thousands of women were raped and hundreds of


children maimed.

They suffer the vagaries of weather and man-made conditions

Just have a glance at Sri Lanka’s recently concluded opera-

silently. In 1962, they fought the Chinese with point 303 rifles with

tions against Tamil Tigers (LTTE). What has not come out is, thou-

just 50 rounds - they went to snow covered high altitude moun-

sands of civilians of Tamil origin who were killed. Compare the

tains in their summer clothing. They died.

track record of Indian Army against this back drop.

They were injured but they did not rebel. It was exploitation of

Now talk about the Indian Army and its track record. It is sixty

their impoverished background by the nation. Giving medals and

years for this Army to hold your nation together from Nagaland to

awards to a few does not ameliorate the pain of many others

Kashmir and J&K to Kanya Kumari.

whose deaths go unnoticed and uncared.

It has been involved in wars, low intensity conflicts, militancy /

The question is how long the nation and the army can keep its

terrorism, flood reliefs, child rescue, disaster relief. Can you name

soldiers in the ‘denial mode’ from their legitimate dues and rights?

a damn thing where you have not called your army? How many

Today’s soldiers are more aware of their rights and privileges.

INDIANS have been rendered homeless? It has fought four and a

Education and literacy is making them individualistic.

half wars (Kargil was somewhat a war) for you.

Time is not far when they would behave like the - Yes, its impli-

Some thousands of soldiers have laid down their lives in these

cations must be understood by all and sundry - even the Army.

wars and operations. They have left behind widows, orphaned

They will question everyone - from their own bosses to govern-

children, helpless mothers, sobbing sisters and wailing fathers in

mental orders.

your care, for they had faith in you. Would they have sacrificed their

They will no more be soldiers of the ‘light brigade’ - who will

lives if they had an iota of doubt on your sincerity?

automatically march into the ‘valley of death’ while the bullets fly

They fulfilled their part of the contract by laying down their lives

left and right of them. They will no more sing the hymn: theirs is not

for your safety, honor and security. Why are you retracting from your

to reason why; theirs is but to do and die.

part of the contract?

Therefore, please do understand that ignoring soldier’s martyrdom and his sacrifices is going to be very costly for this nation. The words of General Douglas Mac Arthur, US army Chief in 1931 echo in my ears, when he told president Franklin Roosevelt, “Mr. President, when in the next war, an American soldier lay on the ground with enemy bayonet slicing his abdomen and spat out his last curse, I do not want the name to be ‘McArthur but Roosevelt. It is no point emphasizing that President Roosevelt gave to the Army what he wanted. And Second World War is a testimony that

Please ensure they are not to be ridiculed and slighted as you are doing it today. I insist soldiers are no saints - they are from the same society as you all are. When you have gone astray - I mean the society, how do you expect them to remain holy men? If soldiers are running berserk at times - it is the social system which is to be blamed which has begun to treat them as doormats. Reform the society first. Stop this unwanted criticism lest you break this institution. If not, be prepared for the soldiers asking, ‘Why should I die for these people?’

Íø‹≈Ï∆ «Ú⁄ «¬’ ’‘≈Ú Íz⁄Ò ˛ «’ «Ú¡≈‘ «¬’ ¡«‹‘≈ Ò悱 ˛, “‹Ø ÷ªÁÀ ¿π‘ Ú∆ ͤÂ≈¿π∫ÁÀ Â∂ ‹Ø È‘∆∫ ÷ªÁ≈, ¿π‘ Ú∆ ͤÂ≈¿π∫ÁÀÕ” «Ú¡≈‘ ’Ú≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ «Â¡≈ Ï «Â¡≈ Ó∂∂ «¬’ ÁØ√ ˘ «⁄Û≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ ¡√∆∫ √≈∂ ÁØ√ª È∂ «¬‘ ¸‡’Ò≈, ¿π√ ˘ √π‰≈«¬¡≈Õ Ó∂∂ «¬’ ÁØ√ È∂ «¬’ ‘Ø ¸‡’Ò≈ √π‰≈¿π∫«Á¡ª «’‘≈, «’ «¬’ Ú≈∆ «¬’ ◊Ë≈, ◊Ë∆ ’ØÒ ÷Û∑≈ √∆ Â∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ «¬’Ø ‡Ø’∂ «Ú⁄Ø∫ ÿ≈‘ α√ ÷≈ ‘∂ √ÈÕ È≈Ò ‘∆ «¬’ÁÓ ÈÚ∂∫ «Ú¡≈‘∂ ÁØ√ ÂØ∫ Íπ椉 Òæ◊∂, “ ‹≈‰ÁÀ∫ ¿π√ ◊Ë∆ Á≈ ¿π√ ◊Ë∂ È≈Ò ’∆ «ÙÂ≈ √∆? ¿π‘, ¿π√ Á∆ ÍÂÈ∆ √∆Õ” √≈‚∆¡ª √Ì Á∆¡ª Șª ¡Â∂ «Ú¡ß◊ª Á≈ ’∂∫Á ω∂ ÁØ√ È∂ «¬’ÁÓ ˛≈È∆ È≈Ò «’‘≈, “‘À∫? ◊Ë∂ Ú∆ «Ú¡≈‘ ’Ú≈¿π∫Á∂ È∂?” ¡√∆∫ «¬’ÁÓ, «¬’Ø ¡≈Ú≈˜ «Ú⁄ ¡≈«÷¡≈, “«√¯ ◊Ë∂ ‘∆ ª...” √≈‚∂ «¬’ «ÓæÂ È∂ ◊æÒ Á∆ ‡ß◊ «÷º⁄«Á¡ª ¡≈͉∆ ‡ß◊ ¡Û≈¬∆, “¿π‘ Ú∂Ò∂ ÒæÁ ◊¬∂ Ô≈Õ ’Ò √≈‚∂ Óπ‘æÒ∂ «Ú⁄ «¬’ ◊Ë∂ Ú≈Ò∂ È∂ ı±Ï Ω‰’ Ò≈¬∆Õ ¡≈÷∂, «¬√ ◊Ë∂ Á≈ «√ «‘Ò≈ ’∂ «Á÷≈ «Á¿π, ÁØ ‘˜≈ È’Á «¬È≈ÓÕ √≈∂ Óπ‘æÒ∂ È∂ ˜Ø Ò≈ «Ò¡≈, Í ◊Ë≈ ‹∆ ßÈ∂ «√ È≈ «‘Ò≈«¬¡≈Õ ÓÀ˘ Â’∆Ï √πæfi∆, ÓÀ∫ «¬’ÁÓ ◊Ë∂ Á∂ ’ßÈ ”⁄ α’ Ó≈∆ Â∂ ◊Ë∂ È∂ Ò◊≈Â≈ ÁØ «ÂßÈ Ú≈ «√ «‘Ò≈ «ÁæÂ≈, ¿π‘ Ú∆ ÏÛ∂ ˜Ø È≈ÒÕ” ‹Á ¡√∆∫ ¿π√ ˘ Íπ«¤¡≈ Ϭ∆ ◊Ë∂ ˘ 屧 ’∆ «’‘≈ √∆? ª ¿π√ È∂ ÏÛ∂ √πÌ≈Ú’ «‹‘∂ ¡ßÁ≈˜ «Ú⁄ ¡≈«÷¡≈, “Ïæ√ «¬‘∆ «’, Â∂≈ «Ú¡≈‘ ’ª◊∂ ‹È≈ÏÕ” ‘π‰ √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ ’ØÒ ’ج∆ ‹Ú≈Ï È‘∆∫ √∆Õ Í ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ô≈ Á∆ À«◊ß◊ Á≈ ª ¡‹∂ √z∆ ◊‰∂Ù ‘∆ ’∆Â≈ √∆ Â∂ ¿π√ Á∂ Ú≈ Ú≈, “¤æ‚Ø ÓÀ˘, ÏıÙØ ÓÀ˘ Â∂ «Î √‘∆ ‹ª ¡æ‹ Ó∂∆ «√‘ ·∆’ È‘∆∫”, Á∂ ‹Ú≈Ï «Ú⁄ √≈‚∂ ’ØÒ «¬’Ø ‘∆ ‡ √∆, «Î Á∆ «Î √‘∆Õ “¡≈◊∂ ¡≈◊∂ Á∂÷∆¬∂ ‘ØÂ≈ ˛ «’¡≈Õ ¡æ‹ ‘æÊ ¡≈«¬¡À∫, «Î ’Á ¡≈¿π ‰ À ? «Î ª ÂÀ ˘ «Íø ‹ ∂ ”⁄ ‘∆ «Ó«Ò¡≈ ’ª◊∂ ‹ª «Î Ì≈Ï∆ ¡æ◊∂ Ò«◊¡≈ ‘∆ «Á÷∂∫◊≈Õ” ¡«‹‘∂ Ú≈’ª Á∆ ’ج∆ ’Ó∆ È‘∆∫ √∆Õ «¬’ ÁØ√ È∂ ¡≈͉≈ ÓØÏ≈¬∆Ò ’º„«Á¡ª ÈßÏ «ÓÒ≈¿π‰≈ ¡‹∂ Ùπ± ‘∆ ’∆Â≈ √∆ «’ √≈˘ ¿π√ ”Â∂ ÂÚ≈ Ò≈¿π‰ Á≈ ÏÛ≈ ÚË∆¡≈ ÓΩ’≈ ÒæÌ≈Õ Ó∂∂ «¬’ «ÓæÂ È∂ ¡≈«÷¡≈, “Ô≈ Â∂≈ ÓØÏ≈¬∆Ò Á≈ Ó≈‚Ò ÏÛ≈ Íπ≈‰≈ ˛, ÈÚª È‘∆∫ ÒÀ ‘πßÁ≈?” Í ¡æ◊Ø∫ ¿π‘ «’‘Û≈ ÿæ‡ √∆, ¿π√ È∂ «’‘≈, “Á∂÷ Ô≈, ÍÂÈ∆ Â∂ ÓØÏ≈¬∆Ò «Ú⁄ «¬’ ⁄∆˜ √ªfi∆ ‘πßÁ∆ ¡À, ÍÂÀ?” Â∂ ¿π√ È∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ ◊æÒ ¡æ◊∂ ÚË≈¬∆ ¡Â∂ «’‘≈, “ÓØÏ≈¬∆Ò ÷∆Á‰ ¡Â∂ «Ú¡≈‘ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ÏßÁ≈ «¬‘∆ √Ø⁄Á≈ ˛, Ϭ∆ ÊØÛ∑∆ Á∂ ‘Ø ¿π‚∆’ ’ ÒÀ∫Á≈ ª, Ù≈«¬Á

√Ì ÂØ ∫ ‚≈¿π ‰ ∆ ¡Â∂ Úæ Ë Íz⁄Ò «’√Ó ˛ Ú∂Ò‰≈ ‡≈¬∆Í «’√ÓÕ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∂ ¡≈’≈ ‹ª «Áæ÷ «Ú⁄ ’πfi Ú∆ ¡«‹‘≈ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ≈ «’ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ ÂπÒÈ≈ Ú∂Ò‰∂ È≈Ò ’∆Â∆ ‹≈ √’∂Õ ¿π‘ ‘Ø «’√∂ Ú∆ ⁄∆˜ª Ú◊∆¡ª ‘Ø √’Á∆¡ª ‘È Í Ú∂Ò‰≈ «¬È∑ª ⁄∆˜ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ Ù≈«¬Á ¡≈÷∆ ⁄∆˜ Ú∆ È≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ Ú∂Ò‰∂ È≈Ò «¬È∑ª Á∆ È‘∆∫, √◊Ø∫ «¬È∑ª Á∂ ‘æÊ Á∆ √ªfi ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ ‹∂ Âπ√∆∫ √Ø⁄Á∂ ‘Ø «’ Âπ√∆∫ «ÏÒ’πÒ √‘∆ ¡ßÁ≈‹≈ Ò≈«¬¡≈ ˛, ª ÓÀ∫ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ ¡ÈπÌÚ, Ó؇∂ «ÁÓ≈◊ ¡Â∂ Ó؇∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ ¡≈Ë≈ ”Â∂ «¬‘ ◊æÒ Í±∂ «ÚÙÚ≈√ È≈Ò ’«‘ √’Á≈ ‘ª «’ Âπ‘≈‚≈ ¡ßÁ≈˜≈ √Ω Î∆√Á∆ ◊Ò ˛Õ

’ج∆ ‘Ø ÚË∆¡≈ Â∂ ÈÚª Ó≈‚Ò «ÓÒ ‹ªÁ≈Õ Ó∂∂ È≈Ò Ú∆ «¬ß‹ ‘∆ ‘Ø«¬¡ÀÕ” ¿π∫‹ ¡’√ ¡√∆∫ ÍÂ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª «’√Óª Ï≈∂ ª ÍÛ∑Á∂ √π‰Á∂ «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ª, È∂Â≈Úª, ¸◊Ò÷Øª Â∂ Íø¤∆¡ª Úª◊ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª Ú∆ ¡È∂’ª «’√Óª ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘È Í ‹∂’ Ó؇∂ ±Í «Ú⁄ Ú∂«÷¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂ ª «ÈÓÈ«Ò÷ «’√Óª Á∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ¡’√ «Ú÷≈¬∆ «ÁßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‚≈’‡ ÿπæÁ≈ ≈Ó È∂ «¬’ «ÚÙ∂ ”Â∂ ¡≈͉≈ Í∆.¡Àº⁄.‚∆. Ê∆«√√ “ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª «’√Óª”, ‘π‰∂ ‘π‰∂ Óπ’ßÓÒ ’∆Â≈ ˛Õ ¿π‘ ÓÀ˘ ÍÛ∑È Ò¬∆ Á∂ ’∂ «◊¡≈Õ Í ¡√ª ¡≈Ò√∆¡ª È∂ ’∆ ÍÛ∑È≈ √∆, Ï√ √≈ Ú≈Ò≈ Ú’≈ ÍÛ∑ «Ò¡≈ ¡Â∂ ¿π‘∆ Âπ‘≈‚∆ ÷∂⁄Ò «Ú⁄ Í∂Ù ’ ‘∂ ‘ªÕ ÍÛ∑È Á∆ ÷∂⁄Ò Âª ’Á∂ √≈‚∂ Á≈Á∂ ÍÛÁ≈Á∂ È∂ È‘∆∫ ’∆Â∆, «Î ¡√∆∫ Ú∆ ª ¿πÈ∑ª Á∂ ÍØÂ∂ ‘ªÕ ¿π∫‹ √≈‚∂ Úæ‚∂ Ú‚∂∂ √≈‚∂ ¿π√Â≈Á √È Â∂ Âπ√∆∫ ‹≈‰Á∂ ‘∆ ‘Ø, “◊π± «‹È∑ª È∂ ‡æ͉∂, ⁄∂Ò∂ ‹≈‰ ¤ÛæÍ” ‘π‰ ¡√∆∫ ¤ÛæÍ∂ ª Ó≈È∂ ‘∆ ‘ÈÕ ıÀ! ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ ÁØ√ ˘ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª «’√Óª Ï≈∂ «Ú√Ê≈ «Ú⁄ ‹≈‰’≈∆ «ÁæÂ∆Õ √Ì ÂØ∫ ‚≈¿π‰∆ ¡Â∂ ÚæË Íz⁄Ò «’√Ó ˛ Ú∂Ò‰≈ ‡≈¬∆Í «’√ÓÕ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∂ ¡≈’≈ ‹ª «Áæ÷ «Ú⁄ ’πfi Ú∆ ¡«‹‘≈ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ≈ «’ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ ÂπÒÈ≈ Ú∂Ò‰∂ È≈Ò ’∆Â∆ ‹≈ √’∂Õ ¿π‘ ‘Ø «’√∂ Ú∆ ⁄∆˜ª Ú◊∆¡ª ‘Ø √’Á∆¡ª ‘È Í Ú∂Ò‰≈ «¬È∑ª ⁄∆˜ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ Ù≈«¬Á ¡≈÷∆ ⁄∆˜


Parivartan November 2012


Ú∆ È≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ Ú∂Ò‰∂ È≈Ò «¬È∑ª Á∆ È‘∆∫, √◊Ø∫ «¬È∑ª Á∂

È∂, ÓÀ˘ Óæª «ÁßÁ∆ ¬∂ Â∂ ¡≈Í «¬‘ «’‘Û∂ Í≈«√˙∫ ÁæπË

«Ú⁄ Ú∆ √Ì ÂØ∫ ¡æ◊∂Õ «¬‘ Á±«‹¡ª Á∆¡ª Ì≈ÚÈ≈Úª Á∆

‘æÊ Á∆ √ªfi ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ ‹∂ Âπ√∆∫ √Ø⁄Á∂ ‘Ø «’ Âπ√∆∫ «ÏÒ’πÒ

ËØÂ∆ ¬∂Õ” √π‰«Á¡ª √≈ √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ È∂ ’ßÈ ÎÛ Ò¬∂

’Á ’Á∆¡ª ¡Â∂ √ÓfiÁ∆¡ª ‘È Â∂ √Á≈ ’πÏ≈È∆

√‘∆ ¡ßÁ≈‹≈ Ò≈«¬¡≈ ˛, ª ÓÀ∫ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ ¡ÈπÌÚ,

¡Â∂ «’‘≈, “˙ È‘∆∫Õ æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª

Á∂‰ Ò¬∆ «Â¡≈ «‘ßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ ÿ «Ú⁄ ؇∆

Ó؇∂ «ÁÓ≈◊ ¡Â∂ Ó؇∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ ¡≈Ë≈ ”Â∂ «¬‘ ◊æÒ


√Ì ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «Ú⁄ ÷ªÁ∆¡ª ‘È, √Ì ÂØ∫ «Í¤Ø∫ √Ω∫Á∆¡ª

ͱ∂ «ÚÙÚ≈√ È≈Ò ’«‘ √’Á≈ ‘ª «’ Âπ‘≈‚≈ ¡ßÁ≈˜≈

⁄ΩÊ∆ «’√Ó ˛ ‹≈◊±’ «’√Ó Á∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆Õ

‘È, Í ¿πº·Á∆¡ª √Ì ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ‘ÈÕ «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄

√Ω Î∆√Á∆ ◊Ò ˛, «’¿π∫«’ «¬È∑ª Á∂ ‘æÊ Á≈ Ú∂Ò‰∂

«¬‘ ¿π‘ ¡Ωª ‘È «‹È∑ª ˘ √‘∆ ¡ʪ «Ú⁄ Ó≈‚È

ÍÂÈ∆ Ú≈Ò∂ √≈∂ ◊π‰ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘È, ‹Ø «’ ¡≈͉∂ ‘æ’ª

È≈Ò «ÙÂ≈ √ج∆ ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘ Ùπ± ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ ¡Â∂ Ï≈‘ ‘∆

Ì≈Ú Íz◊Â∆Ú≈Á∆ ¡≈«÷¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈ ˛Õ «¬‘ ¡≈͉∂

ÍzÂ∆ È‘∆∫, ¡≈͉∂ ¯˜ª Â∂ «˜ßÓ∂Ú≈∆¡ª ÍzÂ∆ ‘∆ √π⁄∂Â

÷ÂÓ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ √ج∆ «Ú⁄ ª «¬‘ ¿π√ √Ó∂∫ ‘∆

‘æ’ª ÍzÂ∆ √π⁄∂ ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Í ¡√Ò «Ú⁄ «¬‘

‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‹∂ ¡«‹‘∆ «’√Ó Á∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ÈΩ’∆

‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘È, ‹Á ÈΩ ’ ≈‰∆ ˘ ÷∆¡ª ÷∆¡ª

˙Ú √π⁄∂ ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ ¡’√ ¡Ω ‹≈◊±’Â≈

’Á∆¡ª ‘؉ ª ¡≈͉∆ √≈∆ ’Ó≈¬∆ ¡≈͉∆ √æ√ ‹ª

√π‰≈¿π‰∆¡ª ‘؉ Â∂ ‹ª «’Â∂ ÌπÒ∂÷∂ Úæ√ ÍÂ∆ Á∂Ú ’πæ‡

’ÒæÏ ‹ª Ó«‘Ò≈ ¡≈˜≈Á∆ ’À∫Í Á∆¡ª ¡À’«‡Ú ÓÀ∫Ï

ÍÂ∆ Á∂ ‘æÊ ÎÛ≈ «ÁßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Í ¡¯√Ø√ «¬‘ ˛ «’

÷ªÁ∂ ÷ªÁ∂ √ج∆ «Ú⁄ Ìæ‹ ’∂ ´’‰ Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ’ÈÕ

‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ ÍÂ∆¡ª ˘ ª ’∆, √æ√ª ˘ Ú∆ ¿π∫◊Òª

¡æ‹ Á∂ ‹π◊ «Ú⁄ «¬‘ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª «√¯ ¬∂’Â≈ ’ͱ Á∂

“æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ÂØ∫” √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ È∂ «ÏȪ

”Â∂ È⁄≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª ‘È Â∂ ◊æÒª Ó≈È, Ì≈Ù‰ Á∂‰ «Ú⁄

«’√∂ √∆∆¡Ò «Ú⁄ ’Á∂ ’Á∂ Ù≈«¬Á «Á÷Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ

Íπ櫤¡ª ‘∆ ¡≈÷ «ÁæÂ≈Õ

Ó≈‘ ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‹Á «¬‘ ÍÂ∆ ”Â∂ «Ï¡≈È ¡Â∂

Í ¡√Ò∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ «Ú⁄ «¬È∑ª Á∆ ¡‰‘Ø∫Á ‘∆ Í≈¬∆

Á±‹∆ «’√Ó ˛ : Ó≈‚È ‡≈¬∆Í ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆Õ «¬‘

ÂØ‘Óª Á∆ Ú≈¤Û ’ ‘∆¡ª ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘È Âª ÍÂ∆

‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ

«ÁÈ Á∂ ⁄ΩÚ∆ ÿø«‡¡ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ AB ÿø‡∂ ÏÀ‚ ”Â∂ ◊π˜≈Á∆¡ª

Á∂Ú «Ìæ‹∆ «ÏæÒ∆ ω∂ ¡≈͉∂ Ï⁄≈¡ Ò¬∆ ’ج∆ ÂÂ∆Ï

√≈‚∂ ÁØ√ Á∂ «‹Ú∂∫ ’ßÈ ÷πÒ∑ ◊¬∂ ‘Ø‰Õ ¿π√ È∂ «’‘≈,

‘È «’¿π∫«’ «¬È∑ª ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ‘π√È ”Â∂ Ó≈‰ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛

È‘∆∫ √Ø⁄Á∂, Ï√ «¬‘ Áπ¡≈ ’Á∂ È∂ æÏ ˘ «’ «¬√ Á∂

“æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ÂØ∫Õ” ¿π‘ ’«‘‰ Òæ◊≈,

¡Â∂ È≈Ò ‚ Ú∆ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ «’ ’ßÓ ’È È≈Ò «¬È∑ª Á∂

«ÁÒ «Ú⁄ Ó∂∂ Ò¬∆ ˜≈ Â√ Ì, «’¿π∫«’ Ï«‘√ «Ú⁄

“‘Ø ’ج∆ «’√Ó Ú∆ Áæ√ «Á¿π?” Í ÁØ√ «¬’ Á±‹∂ Á∂

‘æÊ ı≈Ï ‘Ø ‹≈‰◊∂, È‘πß ‡πæ‡ ‹≈‰◊∂, fi∆‡ fi±‡ Òæ◊

«¬È∑ª ˘ ’ج∆ È‘∆∫ «‹æ √’Á≈ ¡Â∂ ‹∂ «‹æ Ú∆ «◊¡≈

ӱߑ ÚÒ Ú∂÷‰ Òæ◊∂, «‹Ú∂∫ «’Â∂ ‘Ø ’ج∆ «’√Ó ‘ØÚ∂ ‘∆

‹≈¬∂◊∆ ‹ª ‘∂¡ √‡≈¬∆Ò «Ú◊Û ‹≈¬∂◊≈Õ Ï≈’∆ Ï⁄∂

ª ’Ø‡ «Ú⁄ ‘≈ ‹≈Ú∂◊≈Õ «¬‘ Ú∆ √ج∆ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆

È≈ ¡Â∂ ¡≈ı √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ È∂ ¡≈͉≈ ÎÀ√Ò≈ √π‰≈«¬¡≈,

AB ÿø«‡¡ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ F ÿø‡∂ «’æ‡∆ Í≈‡∆¡ª, √‡∆‡

ı≈√ ’ßÓ È‘∆∫ ’Á∆¡ª, Ï√ ω∆ ω≈¬∆ Òæ√∆ ‘∆

“æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ÂØ∫Õ Ó∂≈ «Ú¡≈‘ Á≈

◊≈«√Í, ’ÒæÏ ‹ª «Ó√ Ô±È∆Ú√ Ú◊∂ Óπ’≈Ï«Ò¡ª

«Û’Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ Á≈ «‹Ú∂∫ «√ ⁄’≈ «◊¡≈

ÍzØ◊≈Ó ’À∫√Ò!” ‘π‰ √Ì Á∂ «⁄‘«¡ª ”Â∂ Ω‰’ √∆,

Á∆ «Â¡≈∆ Ï≈∂ Ï«‘√ Ï≈˜∆ «Ú⁄ ¶ÿ≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ

‘ØÚ∂, “Ï√ ’Ø Ô≈, æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª

«’¿π∫«’ √≈˘ ª ’ج∆ Í√ßÁ È‘∆∫ ’Á≈ √∆ Â∂ ‹Á

Ï≈’∆ Á∂ F ÿø‡∂ «¬‘ «Ï¿±‡∆ Í≈Ò «Ú⁄ Ú≈Òª ˘ ·∆’


√≈‚≈ ÁØ√ «Ú¡≈‘ ’Ú≈ ’∂ √≈‚∂ ÂØ∫ ¡æ◊∂ ¶ÿ «‘≈

’È, ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ ◊Ø∂ ÍÈ «Ú⁄ Ú≈Ë≈ ’È ¡Â∂ Î∂Ù∆¡Ò,

Íø ‹ Ú∆∫ «’√Ó ˛ ¡≈ÁÙÚ≈Á∆ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆,

√∆ ª «¬√ «Ú⁄ √≈‚∆ √Ì Á∆ Ï∂«¬º˜Â∆ √∆Õ ’Ω‰ √«‘ßÁ≈

Ó√≈‹ Â∂ ‡««Óß◊ ¡≈«Á «Ú⁄ ◊π˜≈Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‹∂

«‹‘Û∆¡ª ¡≈͉∂ ÍÂ∆ Á∆ ı±Ï √∂Ú≈, ’Á ¡Â∂ √«Â’≈

Ó≈«Í¡ª, ÒØ’ª ¡Â∂ «ÙÂ∂Á≈ª Á∂ Â≈¡È∂, «Ó‘‰∂?

’ج∆ «¬È∑ª ˘ √Ófi≈Ú∂ Ϭ∆ ÏßÁ∂ Á≈ ’ßÓ ’È Á≈ ¡ßÁ≈˜

’Á∆¡ª ‘È ¡Â∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÍÂ∆ ˘ ÍÓ∂ÙÚ √Ó≈È

¡÷∂, “Á∂÷ Â∂≈ «ÓæÂ Ú∆ ª...” Â∂ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡√∆∫ ¿π√

‘∆ √Ì ’πfi ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ Â∂ ‘∂¡ √‡≈¬∆Ò ‹ª Î∂Ù∆¡Ò

√ÓfiÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ «√ ÂØ∫ ÁπÍæ‡≈ «ÂÒ’ ‹≈Ú∂ ª «¬È∑ª

Á∂ Ú∆ ‘æÊ Í∆Ò∂ È≈ ‘؉ «ÁÂ∂Õ ÓßÈÁ∂ ‘Ø √≈‚∆ ’Ò≈,

Ï≈‘∆ «Á÷≈Ú∂ ‘È Âª «¬‘ È«‘Ò∂ ”Â∂ Á«‘Ò≈ Ó≈«Á¡ª

Ò¬∆ √Ì ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ’ßÓ «¬√ ˘ ·∆’ ’È≈ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ

√≈‚∆ ¡Á≈, √≈‚≈ ¡ßÁ≈˜? «¬‘∆ ª ’≈È ¬∂ «’ √≈˘

«Ó߇ È‘∆∫ Ò◊≈¿π∫Á∆¡ª «’ “Âπ‘≈‚∆ È≈Ò‹ ÏÛ∆ Ú∆’

ËÓ ”⁄ Ú∆ Íæ’∆¡ª Ì◊‰∆¡ª ¡Â∂ ÿ Á≈ ’ßÓ ’È

’ج∆ Í√ßÁ È‘∆∫ ’Á≈Õ

ÍØz. ¡Àº⁄.¡À√. «‚ßÍÒ

¬∂, √‡≈¬∆Ò «¬˜ ¬∂ ÓÀÈ, ÈØ ‚≈¿±‡, Ïæ‡...¡÷∂Õ”, ¡Ω ‚≈’‡ Ó∆˜ ˘ : Âπ‘≈˘ √ı Á∆ Í«‘⁄≈‰ ª ¿π√ Á∂ ‘∂¡ √‡≈¬∆Ò ÂØ∫ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ ¡ÀÈ’ Ò◊≈¿π‰ Á∆ ÒØÛ ˛Õ ÙØÒ‚ ’æ‡, Ï≈Ï ’æ‡, Ú∆ ’æ‡, √‡«Í√, ÓÙ±Ó ’æ‡, Ó∆˜ : «’¿π∫ ‚≈’‡ √≈«‘Ï? ¶Ó∆ ◊πæÂ, ÍØÈ∆ ‡∂Ò ¡≈«Á...Õ ‘π‰ «Î √≈‚∂ ÁØ√ Á∂ ‚≈’‡


‘Ø· «‘æÒ∂, “æÏ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ¡«‹‘∆¡ª ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ÂØ∫Õ” «’¿π∫«’ Âπ√∆∫ ÁÚ≈˜≈ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘ج∂ Ú∆ «÷Û’∆ ≈‘∆∫ ¡≈¬∂ ‘ØÕ Â∆‹∆ «’√Ó ˛ ⁄π◊Ò∆ Ï≈˜ ÍÂÈ∆¡ª Á∆ Â∂ «¬‘ «¬’ ÒÛ’≈ (Á±‹∂ ˘) : «’¿π∫ Ϭ∆ 屧 √’±Ò ¡≈¿π‰≈ «’¿π∫ ÏßÁ ’ «ÁÂÀ? ÍÂÈ∆¡ª ¸◊Ò∆¡ª ’È «Ú⁄ Ó≈‘ ‘πßÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ È≈ Íø«‚ ( Óπ椪 Ú≈Ò∂ ¡≈ÁÓ∆ ˘) : Ì≈ Âπ‘≈‚∆¡ª Óπ椪 Â∆ Úª◊ ÷Û∑∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ÷øÌ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘È ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ Ù≈«¬Á «¬È∑ª È∂ ’Á∂ Íߤ∆¡ª Óπ椪 Ú≈Ò≈ : Â∂∆ Ú∆ ª ÏØÁ∆ √æÍ Úª◊ Ò‡’∆ ‘ج∆ ¬∂Õ Á∆¡ª ‚≈ª Ú∂ ÷ ∆¡ª ‘Ø ‰ Õ Í ÷ø Ì ª Á∆¡ª ‚≈ª Á±‹≈ ÒÛ’≈ : Ó∂∂ «ÍÂ≈ ‹∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ È∂ ω≈¿π‰∆¡ª ‘؉ ª ’ج∆ «¬È∑ª ÂØ∫ «√æ÷∂Õ ÿ Á∆¡ª «’ ؘ ؘ «¬’ ʪ ‹≈‰ È≈Ò «¬æ˜Â ÿ‡Á∆ ◊æÒª Ï≈‘ ¡Â∂ Ï≈‘ Á∆¡ª ¡ßÁÕ Í ωÁ∆ «¬È∑ª ˛Õ Á∆ È≈ Ï≈‘ ˛ ¡Â∂ È≈ ¡ßÁÕ ÓπæÒª Á∆ ÁΩÛ Ó√∆ Ӫ : (Ï∂‡∂ ˘) Ï∂‡≈ ’Á∆ Ú∆ ıÂ≈ ÓπæÒ È‘∆∫ ÒÀ‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈Õ Âæ’, Úª◊ «¬‘ √æ√ Á≈ ‹±Û≈ ͺ∞‡Á∆¡ª ‘È Â∂ √æ√ Ï∂‡≈ : Í ÓßÓ∆ «¬‘ «Ú’Á≈ «’Ê∂ ˛? «¬È∑ª Á∂ ͺ∞‡Á∆ ˛Õ Â∂ «Î √æ√ Ï≈‘ ‹≈ ’∂ ¸◊Ò∆¡ª ’Á∆ ¬∂, “Ú∂÷ ÎÀÙȪ Íæ‡∆, ¡‹∂ ’Ò «Ú¡≈‘∆ ¡≈¬∆ ¬∂, Í«‘Òª ¸ßÈ∆ «√Ø∫ Ò≈‘ «ÁæÂ∆ Â∂ ‘π‰ «√ Ú∆ ÓπÈ≈ «Ò¡ÀÕ ÙÓ Âª «¬√ Á∂ «◊櫇¡ª «Ú⁄ Ú∆ È‘∆∫, ‘ª ¡’Ò ˜± «◊櫇¡ª «Ú⁄ ˛Õ” ˘‘ «Í¤Ò∂ ϱ«‘¿π∫ Ï≈‘ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ¬∂ Â∂ «Î ¿π√ Á∆ ÷øπ„ ⁄⁄≈ Ùπ± ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ˛, “Ó∂∆ √æ√ Ú∂÷Ø! Ïπæ„∆ ÿØÛ∆ Ò≈Ò Ò◊≈ÓÕ” ‘π‰ ’Ï ”⁄ Òæª È∂ Â∂ Òæ◊∆ ˛ ‘∂¡ √‡≈¬∆Ò Ï‰Ú≈¿π‰Õ Úæ‚∆ ¡ÀÙÚ«¡≈ ≈¬∂Õ Ó∂∂ Ú≈Ò ’æ‡∂ «¬‘Á∂ ⁄±ß„∆¡ª Úº„Á∂

Ó≈√‡ (ØÓ∆ ˘) 屧 √’±Ò Á≈ ’ßÓ È‘∆∫ ’∆Â≈? ⁄Ò Óπ◊≈ Ï‰Õ ØÓ∆ : Ó≈√‡ ‹∆, ؘ Óπ◊≈ ω≈¿π∫Á∂ ‘Ø, ¡æ‹ ’πæfi ‘Ø ω≈ Ò¿πÕ «¬’ ÁØ√ (Á±‹∂ ˘) Ô≈, «Ú¡≈‘ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª Óß◊‰≈ «’¿π∫ ’∆Â≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Á±‹≈ ÁØ√ : ª ‹Ø ‘≈Á√∂ ÂØ∫ Ï⁄‰ Á≈ ͱ≈ ÓΩ’≈ «ÁæÂ≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ «√Í≈‘∆ (√’±‡ Ú≈Ò∂ ˘) : Â∂≈ √’±‡ «¬√ Â∑ª «’¿π∫ ¿π¤Ò «‘≈ ˛? ’∆ «¬‘ ÷≈Ï ˛? √’±‡ Ú≈Ò≈ : ‹∆ È‘∆∫, ÓÀ˘ «‘⁄’∆¡ª ¡≈ ‘∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ


Parivartan November 2012

«‹¿π‰ ‹≈⁄

«¬‘ ’«‘‰≈ «’ Á∂Ù Á∆ ’ج∆ Ó±Ò √Óæ«√¡≈ FF √≈Òª «Ú⁄ ‘æÒ È‘∆∫ ‘ج∆, ¡’√ √≈‚∂ ¡È∂’ «√¡≈«‰¡ª ˘ «È≈Ù≈Ú≈Á∆ √Ø⁄ Ò◊Á∆ ˛Õ «¬‘ Ú∆ √æ⁄ ˛ «’ «È≈Ù≈ «’√∂ Ú∆ Íæ÷Ø∫ ⁄ß◊∆ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ∆Õ Ï⁄ÍÈ ÂØ∫ √π‰Á∂ ¡≈¬∂ ‘ª, “‹∆Ú∂ ¡≈√≈, Ó∂ «È≈√≈Õ” ¡≈√ ¿πºÂ∂ ‘∆ ¡≈Ó ÒØ’ «‹¿π¬∆∫ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «‹È∑ª Á∂ “’Ó” ⁄ß◊∂ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘È, ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ «’√Ó ’Á∂ È≈ ’Á∂ ¿πÿÛ ÍÀ∫Á∆ ˛ Â∂ «˜ßÁ◊∆ «‹¿π‰ ‹Ø◊∆ Òæ◊‰ Òæ◊ ÍÀ∫Á∆ ˛Õ Í DE √≈Ò Í«‘Òª È≈ÚÒ “ÓÛ∑∆ Á≈ Á∆Ú≈” Á∂ Â∆‹∂ ⁄ΩÊ∂ √¯∂ ¿πºÂ∂ ÒØ’ ÓÈ Á∆ Ú∂ÁÈ≈ Á∂ √Âª «Ú⁄ «Ò÷∆ √∆ : Ïß«Á¡≈ Â∂∆¡ª Á√ Á∂‘∆¡ª «¬’Ø ◊¬∆ «Ú‘≈ ÈΩ∫ «’æË ◊¬∆¡ªÕ Ò◊Ì◊ ¡æË∆ √Á∆ Ï∆‰ Ú≈Ò∆ ˛, «¬√ È≈ÚÒ ˘ ’≈Ò‹ª Â∂ Ô±È∆Ú«√‡∆¡ª ”⁄ ÍÛ∑≈¿π∫Á∂ ’¬∆ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ¡æ‹ Ú∆ «¬‘Á∂ ¡Ê È‘∆∫ √ÓfiÁ∂Õ ’≈È «¬‘ ˛ «’ ’¬∆¡ª Á≈ «Íø‚ª È≈Ò Ï‘πÂ≈ Ú≈‘ ¬∆ È‘∆∫ «Í¡≈Õ √Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ √≈‚∂ Á∂Ù Á∂ ÒØ’ Áπæ÷ª Á≈ ¡«‘√≈√ È≈ Íπ≈‰∂ ≈‹∂ Ó‘≈≈«‹¡ª ˘ √∆, È≈ Ï≈‘Ø∫ ¡≈ ’∂ ≈‹ ’È Ú≈Ò∂ Ï≈ÁÙ≈‘ª, ÈÚ≈Ϫ ˘, È≈ ¡ß◊∂˜ª ˘ Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ √≈‚∂ ÒØ’ÂßÂ Á∂ “ÒØ’ ÍzÂ∆«È˪” ˘ ’Á∂ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ˛Õ «¬‘ ÒØ’ ‘˜≈ª √≈Òª ÂØ∫ “æÏ ¡≈√∂” «‹¿π∫Á∂ È‘∆∫, “‹±È-ÌØ◊Á∂” ¡≈¬∂ ‘ÈÕ ¡æ‹ Ú∆ ¿π‘Ø ¡Ë ÍÙ± ‹∆ÚÈ «ÏÂ≈ ’∂ Âπ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ (‹∆ÚÈ, ¿πÓ Ï∆‰ È≈Ò √◊Ø∫ ‘Ø Ó≈Û≈ ‘πßÁ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛) ¿π º ∂ «ÁæÂ∆¡ª ÁØ √Âª «Ú⁄ «Íø‚ª Á∂ ‹∆ÚÈ Á≈ ’·Ø √æ⁄ √Ó≈«¬¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ˛Õ Óπ„Ò∂ ’≈Ò «Ú⁄ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ª, Íø‚ª È∂ ¿π⁄ ‹≈Â∆¡ª Á∂ √Ω √≈Ò Á∂ ‹∆ÚÈ ˘ ⁄≈ «‘æ«√¡ª «Ú⁄ Úß«‚¡≈ √∆, «‹È∑ª ˘ ¡≈ÙÓ ÙÏÁ È≈Ò ‹Ø«Û¡≈ «◊¡≈ («‹√ Á∂ ¡Ê √È «‡’≈‰≈ ‹ª «‘‰ Á≈ √Ê≈È) Í«‘Ò∂ Íøfi∆ √≈Ò ˘ Ïz‘Ó⁄Ô, Íøfi∆ ÂØ∫ Íø‹≈‘ √≈Ò Âæ’ ˘ ◊z«‘√Ê, Íß‹≈‘ ÂØ∫ ÍfiæÂ Âæ’ Ú≈ÈÍz√Ê Â∂ ¡≈÷∆ Íøfi∆ √≈Ò ˘ √«È¡≈√ ¡≈ÙÓ Á≈ Ȫ «ÁæÂ≈ √∆Õ «¬‘ “«◊¡≈È” ‹ÁØ∫ «’√∂ Ú∆ ±Í «Ú⁄ Í∂∫‚± ÒØ’ª Âæ’ Í‘πß«⁄¡≈ ª ¿πÈ∑ª ˘ ≈√ È‘∆∫ ¡≈«¬¡≈Õ Í«‘Ò∂ Íøfi∆ √≈Ò «Ú⁄ «’√∂ È∂ «Úæ«Á¡≈ Íz≈Í ȑ∆∫ √∆ ’È∆, «’¿π∫«’ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ ‹≈Â∆ (÷∂Â∆ ’È Ú≈Ò∂ ÒØ’ Â∂ ÷∂Â∆ ”⁄ √‘≈«¬Â≈ ’È

Ï⁄ÍÈ ÂØ∫ √π‰Á∂ ¡≈¬∂ ‘ª, “‹∆Ú∂ ¡≈√≈, Ó∂ «È≈√≈Õ” ¡≈√ ¿πºÂ∂ ‘∆ ¡≈Ó ÒØ’ «‹¿π¬∆∫ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «‹È∑ª Á∂ “’Ó” ⁄ß◊∂ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘È, ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ «’√Ó ’Á∂ È≈ ’Á∂ ¿πÿÛ ÍÀ∫Á∆ ˛ Â∂ «˜ßÁ◊∆ «‹¿π‰ ‹Ø◊∆ Òæ◊‰ Òæ◊ ÍÀ∫Á∆ ˛Õ Í DE √≈Ò Í«‘Òª È≈ÚÒ “ÓÛ∑∆ Á≈ Á∆Ú≈” Á∂ Â∆‹∂ ⁄ΩÊ∂ √¯∂ ¿πºÂ∂ ÒØ’ ÓÈ Á∆ Ú∂ÁÈ≈ Á∂ √Âª «Ú⁄ «Ò÷∆ √∆ : Ïß«Á¡≈ Â∂∆¡ª Á√ Á∂‘∆¡ª «¬’Ø ◊¬∆ «Ú‘≈ ÈΩ ∫ «’æ Ë  ◊¬∆¡ªÕ Ò◊Ì◊ ¡æË∆ √Á∆ Ï∆‰ Ú≈Ò∆ ˛, «¬√ È≈ÚÒ ˘ ’≈Ò‹ª Â∂ Ô±È∆Ú«√‡∆¡ª ”⁄ ÍÛ∑≈¿π∫Á∂ ’¬∆ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ¡æ‹ Ú∆ «¬‘Á∂ ¡Ê È‘∆∫ √ÓfiÁ∂Õ

Ú≈Ò∂ Á«ÒÂ) ˘ «’√∂ «Ú«Á¡’ ¡≈ÙÓ Á∂ È∂Û∂ Ú∆ ¡≈¿π‰ Á≈ ¡«Ë’≈ È‘∆∫ √∆Õ «¬È∑ª ⁄≈ Ì≈◊ª (¡≈ÙÓª) Á∂ ¿πÈ∑ª Ò¬∆ ’ج∆ ¡Ê È‘∆∫ √ÈÕ «¬√∂ ’≈È ¿πÈ∑ª È∂ ⁄≈ Ì≈◊ª ˘ Á√ª «Ú⁄ Úß‚ «Ò¡≈Õ ¬∂Á±ß ÚË √Ó∂∫ Ò¬∆ È≈ ¿π‘Ȫ ’ØÒ √Ï √∆ È≈ √ÓæÊ≈Õ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «¬‘ «¬æ¤≈ ‘∆ «’ ‹∆ÚÈ ‘ Á√ √≈Òª Ï≈¡Á ÏÁÒ‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ˛Õ («¬√∂ ’≈È ¡«‹‘∂ Óπ‘≈Ú∂ ω∂ «’, Ï≈∑ª Ú∑∆∫ ª ±Û∆ Á∆ Ú∆ √π‰∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ”) «Ë¡≈È È≈Ò Á∂÷∆¬∂ ª «¬‘ Í∂∫‚± ‹∆ÚÈ Á∆¡ª «¬º¤≈Úª Â∂ ¡≈Ù≈Úª ÂØ∫ ¡◊ª‘ Í∂∫‚± ‹∆ÚÈ Á≈ ÔÊ≈Ê «‘≈ ˛Õ Á√ √≈Ò Á≈ Ïæ⁄≈ Ú∆‘ √≈Ò Á∆ ¿πÓ ”⁄ ‹Ú≈È ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Â∆‘ ‹ª ⁄≈Ò∆ √≈Ò Âæ’ ¿π‘ “‘ß«„¡≈ Ú«Â¡≈ ’Ï∆ÒÁ≈” ω ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ Í ’·Ø ÔÊ≈Ê Â∂ √⁄≈¬∆ «¬‘Ø ˛ «’ “«Óæ‡∆ È≈Ò «Óæ‡∆” ‘؉ Ú≈Ò∂ «¬‘Ȫ Í∂∫‚± ÒØ’ª Á∆ «’√Ó ±Û∆ È≈ÒØ∫ Ú∆ Ó≈Û∆ ‘∆ ˛Õ √∆ ÏÁÒÁ≈ «‘ßÁ≈ ˛ Í IE Î∆√Á∆ Á∂ ‹∆ÚÈ «Ú⁄ √π÷ √«ÓzË∆ ’Á∂ È‘∆∫ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆Õ «‹‘Û∆ «Óæ‡∆ È≈Ò Ï⁄ÍÈ ÂØ∫ Ú≈‘ «Í¡≈, ¿πÊ∂ ˘ «ÓºË«Á¡ª Ïπ„≈Í≈ ¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ «‹‘Ø «‹‘∂ «Èæÿ∂ ‹∆ÚÈ «Ú⁄ ¡æ÷ª ÷ØÒ∑∆¡ª ¿π√ «Ú⁄, ÓÈ Ú∂Ò∂ Âæ’ Ú∆ ’ج∆ ÂÏÁ∆Ò∆ È‘∆∫ ¡≈ √’∆Õ Í«‘Òª ≈‹∂ Ó‘≈≈‹∂, Ï≈ÁÙ≈‘, ÈÚ≈Ï, ¡ß◊∂˜, Ëπæͪ Í≈Ò∂ fiæÒ ’∂ ¿π◊≈¬∂ ¡È≈‹ Á≈ «‘æ√≈ ÷Ø‘ «Ò‹ªÁ∂ ‘∂Õ ‘π‰ “‘∂ «¬È’Ò≈Ï” ÂØ∫ Ùπ± ‘ج∆ “ÓÙ∆È∆ ÷∂Â∆” Á∆ ÚË∆ ¿πÍ‹, ω≈¿π‡∆ ÷≈Áª, ’∆Û∂Ó≈ ÁÚ≈¬∆¡ª, Ï∂ÒØÛ∂ ‡À’‡ª, «‡¿±Ï-ÚÀµÒª, ¡≈Û∑Â∆¡ª, ÏÀ∫’ª È∂ «Èÿ≈ Ò¬∆Õ ÚËÁ∆ ¡≈Ï≈Á∆ ’≈È ÍπÙ Á ÍπÙ Úß‚∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˜Ó∆È È∂ ’πfi Ú∆ ÍæÒ∂ È‘∆∫ Í≈«¬¡≈Õ ‹∂ «„æ‚ Í∂‡ ÏßÈ∑ ’∂ ’ج∆ Óπß‚≈, ’πÛ∆ Ï∆.¬∂.¡ÀÓ.¬∂.’≈ «Ò¡≈ ª ¿π‘˘ ÁØ „≈¬∆ ‘˜≈ Á∆ (¡≈͉∂ «Èæ‹∆ ◊π˜≈∂ ‹Ø◊∆) ÈΩ’∆ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ «ÓÒ∆Õ «¬¿π∫ «¬‘ ÒØ’ ¡æ‹ Ú∆ “«¬’Ø ‹±È” (Á∂‘∆) ÌØ◊ ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ «‹‘Û∆¡ª “Á√ Á∂‘∆¡ª” Á∆ ¡≈√

We Indians

√∆ ¿πÈ∑ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ ÈΩ∫ ª ¡ß √Ó∂∫ Âæ’ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ «ÓÒ∆¡ªÕ «¬‘ √≈Ë≈È Ò◊Á∆¡ª ÁØ √Âª «Ú⁄ ͱ∆ «’√≈È∆ Á≈ «¬«Â‘≈√ Â∂ Áπ÷ªÂ √Ó∂«‡¡≈ «Í¡≈ ˛Õ Ïz≈‘Ó‰, Íø«‚ Òæ÷ ’«‘‰ (√Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ ’«‘ßÁ∂ Ú∆ ¡≈¬∂ ‘È) «’ «¬‘ ÒØ’ «Í¤Ò∂ ’Óª Á≈ ÎÒ ÌØ◊Á∂ ‘È, Í «’√∂ Á≈ ÓÈ È‘∆∫ ÓßÈÁ≈Õ ¡«◊¡≈ÈÂ≈

Parivartan November 2012


Wedding food worth Rs 339 crore goes waste... In Bangalore alone!

’≈È ÒØ’ ¿πÂÒ∂ ÓÈØ ÓßÈ Ú∆ ÒÀ∫Á∂ ‘È («’ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∂ “’Ó ‘∆ ÷؇∂” ‘È) Í ¡≈√

After the big fat wedding is done with and the guests have

¡ß Âæ’ Ï‰∆ «‘ßÁ∆ ˛ «’ “¿π‘” ’Á∂ ª ¿πÈ∑ª ”Â∂ «Ó‘ ’∂◊≈Õ «Óz◊ «ÂzÙÈ≈ Ú≈Ò∆

gone home, what remains is the litter, dirty dishes and piles of

ÁÙ≈ «Ú⁄ “‹±È ÌØ◊Á∂” «¬‘ ÒØ’ «¬‘ Ú∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘È, “«¬‘ ‹‘≈È «Óæ·≈, ¡◊Ò≈

excess high-calorie food. Enough to feed lakhs of children, in a

’∆‘È∂ «‚æ·≈Õ” ¬∂∫Á± Ú∆ ¡◊ª‘, «¬√ √ß√≈ Á∂ √πæ÷ª Á≈ ¡«‘√≈√ «¬È∑ª ÙÏÁª «Ú⁄ Ú∆

country where malnutrition has been termed a “national shame”

√≈¯ Ș ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛Õ

by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Statistics show that

‹∆ È∆∫ ‹≈‰ ˘ ’Á≈

every third malnourished child in the world is an Indian. A survey

ß◊Ò∆ ÁπÈ∆¡≈ ÂØ∫!

shows that annually, Bangalore alone wastes 943 tonnes of

«¬‘ «’ßÈ∆ ’π “ß◊Ò∆” ˛, «¬‘Á≈ ¡«‘√≈√ ª ¿πÁØ∫ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ ‹ÁØ∫ ÁÙ≈ «Ú⁄Ø∫ «¬’Ø

quality food during weddings. “This is enough to feed 2.6 crore people a normal Indian meal,” a study by a team of 10 profes-

“Á∂‘∆” ÌØ◊ ’∂ ÂπÈ≈ ÍÀ∫Á≈ ˛Õ √Ó∂∫ ÏÁÒ∂Õ πæª Á∂ ◊∂Û Ú∆ ‘Ò‡ Á∆¡ª «‡ß‚ª Úª◊ ¡≈¬∂, ◊¬∂, Í ‹∆ÚÈ Á∂

sors from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Banga-

Áπæ÷ ’Ù‡ «¬È∑ª ÒØ’ª Ò¬∆ ’Á∂ È‘∆∫ Óπæ’∂Õ Á∂Ù Á∂ √±«Ï¡ª Á∆¡ª «ÚË≈È √Ì≈Úª, ÒØ’

lore, has concluded. The team, under the guidance of UAS

√Ì≈ Â∂ ≈‹ √Ì≈ «Ú⁄ ‹Ø Ú∆ Ó√Ò∂ «Ú⁄≈∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, ‹ª «ÚØË∆ Í≈‡∆¡ª, ≈‹-

vice-chancellor K Narayana Gowda, surveyed 75 of Bangalore’s

√ºÂ≈, “‘«Ê¡≈¬∆” ÏÀ·∆¡ª ≈‹√∆ Í≈‡∆¡ª ˘ “ÿ∂Á∆¡ª” ‘È, ¿πÈ∑ª Á≈ ÿ∂≈ ÚæË ÂØ∫

531 marriage halls over a period of six months. “About 84,960

ÚæË ‘∂·Ò∂ ¿πÂÒ∂ ÓæË Ú◊ Âæ’ Ó«‘Á±Á ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ Â∂Ò, ’≈ª, Ïß◊Ò∂, Ó«‘ß◊≈¬∆,

marriages are held at 531 kalyana mantapas (marriage halls)

Í∆‰ Ú≈Ò∂ Í≈‰∆, √Î≈¬∆ Âæ’ Á≈ ‘ Ó√Ò≈ «√¯ Á√ ÂØ∫ ÍøÁª Î∆√Á∆ ÓæË Ú◊

in Bangalore every year. About 943 tonnes of high-calorie qual-

Âæ’ ‘∆ «√Ó«‡¡≈ «‘ßÁ≈ ˛Õ «’√≈È∆, Í∂∫‚± ÒØ’ Â∂ Á«Ò ‹≈Â∆¡ª Á∂ È’ ÌØ◊Á∂

ity food is wasted in these halls annually. At an average cost of

H@-I@ ’ØÛ ÒØ’ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «¬√ ÿ∂∂ ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘ «‘ßÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ (√’≈ Á∂ ¡≈͉∂ ¡ß’«Û¡ª

Rs 40 per meal, the total food wastage in the city is estimated at

¡Èπ√≈ Ú∆ E@ ’ØÛ ÒØ’ ◊∆Ï∆ Á∆ ∂÷≈ ÂØ∫ ‘∂· ◊πÏ Á∆ ÁÒÁÒ «Ú⁄ ‘∆ «‹ß¿π∫

Rs 339 crore,” the study said. Weddings wows! 1,000 people

‘∂ ‘ÈÕ) ‹∂ Ó∆∫‘ È‘∆∫ ͬ∂, Î√Ò ⁄ß◊∆ È‘∆∫ ‘ج∆ ª ’∂∫Á∆ √’≈ «¬‘Ø √Ø⁄‰ ”Â∂

attend an average marriage Menu comprises two meals and

Òæ◊∆ «‘ßÁ∆ ˛ «’ ¡È≈‹ «’‘Û∂ Ï≈‘Ò∂ Á∂Ù ÂØ∫ Óß◊≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈¬∂Õ

breakfast Each meal contains 1,239 calories Average cost of

FC √≈Ò Ï∆ ◊¬∂, Ï√≈ Á∆ πæ ¿πΉ∆¡ª ÈÁ∆¡ª ÂÏ≈‘∆ Ó⁄≈ «ÁßÁ∆¡ª

meal Rs 40

‘ÈÕ È«‘± Ôπæ◊ ÂØ∫ ¡æ‹ Âæ’ ’Á∂ ’ج∆ ÔØ‹È≈ È‘∆∫ ω∆ «’ ÂÏ≈‘∆ Ó⁄≈¿π∫Á∂ Í≈‰∆

(This is a very low estimate. An average wedding meal in

˘, Í≈‰∆ Á∆ Âß◊∆ Á∂ √Ó∂∫ Ò¬∆ √ßÌ≈Ò «Ò¡≈ ‹≈¬∂Õ ’≈È «¬‘ ˛ «’ «‹Ê∂ ÂÏ≈‘∆

Delhi/Punjab is likely to cost Rs.1000 or more…. /ed.) 943 tonnes

‘πßÁ∆ ˛ ˙Ê∂ ª ÏßÁ∂ È‘∆∫ “Í∂∫‚± ◊ßÚ≈” Ú√Á∂ ‘È, “ÏßÁ∂” ª ÏßϬ∆ ‹ª «ÁæÒ∆ Ú◊∂

of high-calorie quality food wasted Wasted food worth Rs 339

Úæ‚∂ Ù«‘ª «Ú⁄ Ú√Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ¿πÈ∑ª Ï≈∂ ‘∆ √Ì √’≈ª √Ø⁄‰◊∆¡ª, Í∂∫‚± ÒØ’ ª

cr 22% food wasted in buffet system; 20% in served system

“Ú؇ª” ‘È, ¿π‘ ⁄≈‘∂ √Ω «Ú⁄Ø∫ Á√ ÍøÁª ‘∆ ÍÀ ‹≈‰ ª Ú∆ √’≈ ª «’√∂ È≈ «’√∂

The next time you savour a wedding feast, spare a thought

Í≈‡∆ Á∆ ω ‹≈‰∆∫ ˛Õ “Í∂∫‚±¡ª ÂØ∫ ª Ú؇ª, «’√∂ fiπæ◊∆ «Ú⁄ Ú√Á∂ Á«Ò Á∂ ÿ

for the masses which go without two square meals a day. Es-

«¬’ ‚ß◊ ؇∆ ÷≈‰ Á∂ “È≈‡’” ’’∂ Â∂ ¡«‹‘∂ ‘Ø ÁßÌ ⁄ ’∂, Ù≈Ï, ÈÙ∂, ÍÀ√∂ Úß‚

pecially children. At Indian weddings, where guests are plied

’∂ Ú∆ «ÓÒ ‹≈‰◊∆¡ªÕ ‹∂ ‚ª◊ Á∆ ÒØÛ Í¬∆ ª ¿π‘Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ú∆, «¬È∑ª ‘∆ “«Èæÿ«¡ª”

with good food, there’s always excess. This can be channelized

«Ú⁄Ø∫ ÏÊ∂∂ «ÓÒ ‹≈‰◊∂Õ

to feed the poor, as some NGOs are already doing. Which goes

ÍÂ≈ È‘∆∫, “«Óæ‡∆ Á∂ «¬È∑ª Ïß«Á¡ª Á∆¡ª ÈΩ∫¡ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ ÁØ ⁄≈ Á∂‘∆¡ª Ú∆ ’ÁØ∫

to show there’s enough to go around.

«ÓÒÈ◊∆¡ª ‹ª È‘∆∫Õ ’Ω‰ «ÁÚ≈¬∂◊≈Õ ’Ω‰ ¡≈͉≈ ‘æ’ √Ófi ’∂, “¿π«ҡª” ’ØÒØ∫

India produces enough for its people, but the bulk of the food

÷Ø‘∂◊≈Õ ’ÁØ∫ ¿π‘ ’Ó “‹≈◊‰◊∂” ‹Ø ’¬∆ ‘˜≈ √≈Ò ÂØ∫ ’πßÌ’È∆∫ È∆∫Á √πæÂ∂ ͬ∂

reaches those with purchasing power. It is the economics which

‘ÈÕ Í ¡≈√ ª ‘Ó∂Ù≈ ‘∆ ˛Õ ÂÁ∂ ¡ßÂÒ∂ ÙÏÁª Á∂ ¡ʪ Á∆ √⁄≈¬∆ Á∆ √Ófi

needs to be balanced.

¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ˛ Ïß«Á¡≈ Â∂∆¡ª Á√ Á∂‘∆¡ª «¬’Ø ◊¬∆ «Ú‘≈ ÈΩ∫ «’æË ◊¬∆¡ª! «¬‘ ¡≈Ó ÒØ’ª Á∂ ÓÈ Á∆ “‘±’” «Ú⁄ «Âæ÷≈ «Ú¡ß◊ Ú∆ ˛, «‹√ ¡ßÁ Ø‘ Á∂ Ï∆‹ Ú∆ ÁæÏ∂ ͬ∂ ‘ÈÕ Í “Íπß◊È◊∂” ’ÁØ∫, «¬‘ ’Ω‰ ‹≈‰∂Õ ¡≈√ ª √æ √Á∆¡ª Í«‘Òª √≈‚∂ Ó‘≈È ’Ú∆ Ï≈Ï≈ Î∆Á ˘ Ú∆ √∆ «’ ¡≈‡∂ Á∂ Ì∂ ÌÛØ«Ò¡ª Ú≈«Ò¡ª ˘ √˜≈ «ÓÒ∂◊∆ ÂÁ∂ «’‘≈ √∆ : Î∆Á≈ «¬’È≈ ¡≈‡≈ ¡◊Ò≈ «¬’È≈ È≈‘∆∫ Ò؉πÕ ¡◊À ◊¬∂ «√≥fl≈Í√«È ⁄؇ª ÷≈√∆ ’¿π‰π® Í ¬∂Ê∂ «‹‘Û∂ Ò±‰ ÚæÒØ∫ Â√Á∂ Âπ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, ¡◊∂ (ÓÈ Ï≈¡Á) Ú∆ ’Ω‰ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ √π‰∂∫◊≈! «‹È∑ª ˘ ¬∂Ê∂ ⁄؇ª È‘∆∫ ͬ∆¡ª, “¡◊ª‘” Ú∆ ¿πÈ∑ª Á≈ «’√∂ “ËÓ≈‹” È∂ ’∆ «Ú◊≈Û Á∂‰≈ ˛Õ ¡÷∆ “«¬È∑ª «Èæÿ«¡ª” ˘ «¬‘Ø ⁄≈ ÙÏÁ Áπ‘≈ ’∂ ‹±È ͱ∆ ’È∆ ÍÀ∫Á∆ ˛

◊π«Á¡≈Ò «√ßÿ


Parivartan November 2012

√≈«‘Â’ √æÊ


ÍØz. ’ßÚÒ‹∆ «√ßÿ „πæ‚∆’∂ Á∆ «’Â≈Ï


√πæ÷≈ ¡≈͉∆ Ì≈ „؉ Ú≈Ò∆ «ÂÍ‘∆¡≈


∂‘Û∆ ÒÀ ’∂ ؘ Ó∂∂ ϱ‘∂ ¡º«◊˙∫ ¶ÿÁ≈ ª

Âæ’∆ Á∆ ÍΩÛ∆

«Íæ¤∂ ÏÀ·≈ ¿π‘Á≈ «ÂßÈ ’π √≈Ò Á≈ Óπß‚≈

’Ó∂ ”⁄ ‘ª- ÓÀ∫, √π‹∆ Â∂ Ï∂‡≈ ‹≈«ÚßÁ

Ï߇∆ Ï‘π ‘∆ ÷πÙ ‹≈ÍÁ≈

«’øÈ≈ ÓØ‘ ‘À....

«‹Ú∂∫ ’≈ Á∂ fi±‡∂ ÒÀ «‘≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ “Ò˙ ‹∆, ¿πºÂØ ‘π‰Õ

’Ó∂ ”⁄ ‘ª- ÓÀ∫, √π‹∆Â, ‹Ú∆ Â∂ ’ø«Í¿±‡ Ù≈Ï≈Ù! ⁄æÒØ ÿ ˘Õ” √πæ÷≈ «ÁÒ «Úº⁄ ÷Ø‘ ‘À.... Ï߇∆ ˘ ’«‘ßÁ≈, Í ¿π‘ ‘Ø ’Ó∂ ”⁄ ‘ª, ÓÀ∫, ‹∆Â, ‹Ú∆ Â∂

’Ó∂ ”⁄ ‘ª-

fi±‡∂ ÒÀ‰ Á∆ «˜Á ’Á≈, Ó√ª

¸æÍ ⁄≈Í ◊æÒª ’Á≈ «¬ß‡ÈÀ‡∆ ’ß«Í¿±‡

ÓÀ∫ Â∂ ÓÀ∫, ‹∆ Â∂ ’ø«Í¿±‡, ‹Ú∆ Â∂ ’ø«Í¿±‡

‘∆ ¿π º  Á≈ Â∂ Ø ‰ Òæ ◊

ÓÈ «Ú⁄ Ø‘ ˛....

»‘ ˘ ’Ø‘ ‘À....!

‹ªÁ≈Õ “¸æÍ! ؉≈ È‘∆∫, Ó∂∂ Ïæ⁄∂Õ ÓÀ∫ Ù≈Ó ˘ Â∂∂ Ò¬∆ ⁄∆‹∆ ÒÀ ’∂ ¡≈Úª◊≈Õ ¸æÍ! ¡æ¤≈ ¡À∫ Áæ√ Â∂∂ Ò¬∆ ‘Ø ’∆ «Ò¡≈Úª?”


√πæ÷≈ Íπæ¤Á≈Õ “Ì≈Í≈, “‡≈’∂Õ” “⁄ß◊≈ ÍπæÂ, ͇≈’∂ Ú∆ «Ò¡≈Á±ßÕ «◊¡≈È «√ßÿ √ß˱, ¡≈͉∂ Ó‘≈ ’≈«Ú “‘∆” «Ú⁄Ø∫ ’πfi ¡ßÙ √π‰≈

⁄æÒ ‘π‰ ÿ ˘ ÁΩÛ ‹≈Õ” ◊Ò∑ª ”Â∂ ⁄ÒÁ∆¡ª ‘ßfi±¡ª Á∆¡ª

«‘≈ √∆Õ Íz√ß◊ √∆, ‹ÁØ∫ ªfi≈ ‹Ø◊∆ Á∂ ±Í ”⁄ ‘∆ ’ØÒ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛ ª

ÿ≈ˇª È≈Ò ‘ΩÒ∆-‘ΩÒ∆ Âπ«Á¡ª √æ‹∂ ‘æÊ È≈Ò “Ï≈¬∂ Ï≈¬∂”

‘∆ ÷∆Ú∆ ‘ج∆ ’«‘ ‘∆ ˛ “È∆ ÓÀ∫ «’Ê∂ Ô≈ «Ï·≈ÚªÕ”

’Á≈ Ï߇∆ ÿ ÓπÛ ‹ªÁ≈Õ

¿π‘ «‹¿π∫ Ùπ± ‘Ø«¬¡≈, ÏßÁ ‘؉ Á≈ Ȫ ¬∆ È≈ ÒÚ∂Õ Ù∂¡ ¬∂È∂ ‘Ò’∂

√≈≈ «ÁÈ ’ßÓ Á∆ ÂÒ≈Ù «Ú⁄ ̇’Á∂ √πæ÷∂ ˘ Ì≈ „π¡≈¬∆

¡Â∂ ¡’≈¿± √È «’ √ث¡ª Á∂ √Ï Á≈ ÍÀÓ≈È≈ ¤Ò’ «◊¡≈Õ

Ò¬∆ ’ج∆ È≈ «Ó«Ò¡≈Õ «È≈Ù ‘Ø«¬¡≈ √πæ÷≈ Ù≈Ó ˘ Ó«·¡≈¬∆¡ª

’Ú∆ Á∂ ‘ ÏßÁ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «¬‘ √Â ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ √∆, “È∆ ÓÀ∫ «’Ê∂ Ô≈

¡Â∂ ͇≈«’¡ª Á∆¡ª Áπ’≈Ȫ ÚæÒ ‘≈√∆¡ª Șª È≈Ò Ú∂÷Á≈

«Ï·≈ÚªÕ” “Ô≈ «¬‘˘ ’«‘ Ó∂∂ «√ ”Â∂ «Ï·≈ Á∂‘!”

÷≈Ò∆ ‘æÊ ÁæÏ∂ ÍÀ∆∫ ⁄Øª Úª◊ ÿ ¡≈ Ú«Û¡≈ ª «’ Ï߇∆

¡æ’∂ ÏÀ·∂ ◊πÂ∂‹ ’Ø‘≈Ú≈Ò≈ È∂ È≈Ò ÏÀ·∂ «Ú‹∂ «ÚÚ∂’ ˘ «’‘≈Õ ≈«‹ßÁ «ÏÓÒ Á∆¡ª ◊π√Â≈ı∆¡ª ”⁄Ø∫


Ù√∆ ÒÂ≈

È≈Ò È˜ª ⁄≈ È≈ ‘Ø ‹≈‰Õ

‹È √∂Ú’

Ó≈ÈÚÂ≈ Á≈ ¡≈Ù’ √∆ ‹Ø, «◊¡≈È∆ Â∂ «Ú«◊¡≈È∆ ’≈ÒØÈ∆ «Ú⁄ ‹Ò√≈ ‘Ø «‘≈ √∆Õ È∂Â≈ ‹∆ Á≈ ◊π‰ ◊≈È ◊π± È≈È’ «‹‘≈ ‹æ◊ ”Â∂ ÒØ’Ø, «ÓÒ‰≈ È‘∆∫ ’ج∆ √≈È∆Õ ‘Ø «‘≈ √∆ - √≈‚∂ È∂Â≈ ‹∆ ÒØ’ «‘ÂÀÙ∆ √ÈÕ «¬È∑ª È∂ «‘ßÁØ√Â≈È Á≈ ⁄æÍ≈ ⁄æÍ≈, Á∂Ù «ÚÁ∂Ù √∆ ◊≈«‘¡≈

’≈ÒØÈ∆ Á∆¡ª √Û’ª Íæ’∆¡ª ’Ú≈ «ÁæÂ∆¡ª È∂, ’ß’∆‡

ÓÁ≈È∂ ˘ √≈Ê∆, ÒÀ ’∂, æÏ∆ È≈Á √π‰≈«¬¡≈Õ

«Ú¤≈ ’∂Õ Í≈‰∆ Á∂ «È’≈√ Ò¬∆ È≈Ò∆¡ª ωÁ≈ «ÁæÂ∆¡ª È∂Õ ˛ È≈ È∂Â≈ ‹∆ Á≈ ’Ó≈Ò! È∂Â≈ ‹∆....” «¬’ Ϫ‘ ¿π·∆Õ

√拉 ·æ◊ Â∂ ’Ω‚≈ ≈÷Ù, ‹ª √∆ ÚÒ∆ ’ßË≈∆ ....“«˜ßÁ≈Ï≈Á ! ...... «˜ßÁ≈Ï≈ÁÕ” È≈¡∂ Òæ◊ ‘∂ √ÈÕ È∂Â≈ ‹∆ ÒØ’ ÌÒ≈¬∆ ’È Òæ◊∂ √Ì, Ì∂÷∆ Â∂ ‘ß’≈∆ Á∂ ◊Ò «Ú⁄ ‘≈ Í≈¬∂ ‹≈ ‘∂ √ÈÕ È∂Â≈ ‹∆ ¿π·Ø, ÒØ’ª Á≈ ËßÈÚ≈Á ’È Ò¬∆, “’≈ÒØÈ∆ Á≈ ’ج∆ ÷ø±‹≈ ’Ó ’ª‚ Â∂ ‹≈ Í≈ Á≈, Ì∂Á «Ó‡≈«¬¡≈ Ï≈Ï∂

¡«‹‘≈ È‘∆∫ «‘‰ «ÁæÂ≈, «‹√ ˘ √π¡≈«¡≈ È≈ «◊¡≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ ¡⁄≈È’ «¬’ ¡≈Ú≈˜ ¡≈¬∆, “◊Ò∆ ÈßÏ AI

Ò≈ÒØ ˘ ¿π√ ◊Ò È≈Ò Ò≈«¬¡≈, Ì≈◊Ø Ú◊∂ ‹≈◊∂Õ

ª «¬√ Ú≈ Ú∆ «‘ ◊¬∆ ˛Õ” ¿π√ Á≈ ’πfi È‘∆∫ ‘Ø √’‰≈Õ «ÚØË∆ Í≈‡∆ Ú≈«Ò¡ª Á∆ ◊Ò∆ ÓÀ∫ «’ßfi ·∆’

Óß«◊¡≈ √Ïæ Á≈ ÌÒ≈ Â∂ √Ì ˘ √∆ «¬’ ’∆Â≈

’Ú≈ √’Á≈ ‘ªÕ

È≈∆ ˘ ¿π⁄ πÂÏ≈ «ÁæÂ≈, Í≈«‡¡ª ˘ ¿π√ √∆Â≈Õ Ï≈Ï ˘ ¿π√ ‹≈Ï ’«‘ ’∂, «Îæ‡ Ò≈‘È √∆ Í≈¬∆

¡≈⁄‰ Á∆ Ó‘æÂÂ≈

«¬’Ï≈Ò Á∆Í «Ú¡≈’‰ ÍÛ∑≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ ÓÀ∫ «¬√ Ù«‘ «Ú⁄ ÔØ◊ «¬È√≈È È‘∆∫ ‘ª «’¿π∫«’ «¬√ «ÚÙ∂ «Ú⁄ Ó∂∂ È≈ÒØ∫

«¬‘ ¡≈˜≈Á∆ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª √ßÈ AIDD Á∆ ◊æÒ ‘ÀÕ «˜¡≈Á≈ «◊¡≈È∆ Ó∂  ∂ ÍÓ «Óæ   Â≈’È≈Ê

◊π Ï≈Ï∂ Á∂ ’ΩÂ’ ¡æ‹ Âæ’, ◊≈Ú∂ √π‰≈Ú∂ ÒØ’≈¬∆Õ ¬∆ÙÚ ⁄ßÁ «Ú«Á¡≈√≈◊ √ß√«¥Â Á∆ «ÚÁÚÂ≈,

Ú≈⁄√ÍÂ∆ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ‹∂ Ó∂∆ ʪ ¿πÂ∂ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ «‘ßÁ± Óπ√«ÒÓ, ÁæÏ∂ ’π⁄Ò∂, ¿π√ Ò¬∆ √È «¬’ ‹À√∂

«ÈÓÂ≈, √æ⁄≈¬∆ ¡Â∂ Í¿πÍ’≈ ¡≈«Á ◊π‰ª ’’∂

’πæÒ ÁπÈ∆¡≈ Ò¬∆ ¡‹Ï Ï≈ ˛, ’ßÓ ’∆Â∂ È∂ ’À√∂Õ

√Ì Í≈√∂ ÙØÌ≈ ¡Â∂ √«Â’≈ Íz≈Í ’ ¸æ’∂ √ÈÕ

È≈ʪ, Í∆ª, ‹Ø◊∆¡ª È∂ ‹Á, √π‰∆ ◊π± Á∆ Ï≈‰∆

¿πÈ∑ª «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ’Ò’æÂ≈ Á∂ √ß√«¥Â

«Ó‡ ◊¬∆ ‘¿π∫ÓÀ∫, √∆√ fiπ’≈«¬¡≈, ω ◊¬∂ ¿π‘Á∂ ‘≈‰∆Õ

’≈Ò‹ «Ú÷∂ √ß√«¥Â «Ú¡≈’‰

Íz≈Í ’ ’∂ Ï‘π ˛≈È ‘Ø«¬¡≈

«ÚÙ∂ Ò¬∆ «¬’ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ Á∆ ‹◊∑≈

«’¿π∫«’ ¿π√ È∂ ª «¬√ ¡‘πÁ∂

÷≈Ò∆ ‘ج∆Õ ’≈Ò‹ Á∂ √≈∂ √‡≈¯

Ú≈√Â∂ ’ج∆ ¡˜∆ È‘∆∫ √∆ Ì∂‹∆Õ

«ÈÔπ’Â∆ ‘ØÚ∂ ª Ï‘π ⁄ß◊≈ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈Õ

Ò«‘‰∂ ˘ ◊π ¡ß◊Á ω≈ ’∂, √Ω∫Í «ÁæÂ∆ ◊π«¡≈¬∆ ÍπæÂª ˘ «¬’ Í≈√∂ ’∆Â≈, ∆Â∆ ÈÚ∆∫ ⁄Ò≈¬∆Õ È∂ «Ú«Á¡≈√≈◊ ˘ ‘∆ √æÁ≈ ÍæÂ ◊π± Ï≈Ï∂ Á≈ ‹√ Â∂ Ï≈‰∆, √π‰∆ Ï∂‡∆ ‹Á “±‘∆”

Ì∂‹ ’∂ ¡√≈Ó∆ ¿πÂ∂ ¡≈¿π‰ Á≈ √æÁ≈

«Èæ √Ú∂∂ “‹Íπ‹∆” ÍÛ∑Á∆, ’Á∆ ±ߑ∆ ±ߑ∆Õ


¡≈˙, √≈∂ Ò ’∂ ¡≈ͪ, Ï≈‰∆ ◊π± Á∆ ◊≈¬∆¬∂ ⁄Û∑Á∆ ’Ò≈ ”⁄ ‘∆¬∂ È≈Ò∂, √Ì Á∆ ıÀ ÓÈ≈¬∆¬∂Õ ÍzØ. ÈÚ √ß◊∆ «√ßÿ

ıÀ, ÍzÏßË’ª È∂ «Ú«Á¡≈√≈◊ Á≈ Íz√Â≈Ú ÓßÈ «Ò¡≈Õ Ízß± Ú≈⁄√ÍÂ∆ «ÈÔπ’Â∆ ÍæÂ

‹ÁØ ∫ ¿π √ ˘ ͱ  ∆ ◊æ Ò Á≈ ÍÂ≈ ⁄æ«Ò¡≈ ª Âπß «Ú«Á¡≈√≈◊ Á∂ ÿ Í‘πß«⁄¡≈ ¡Â∂ ¿πÈ∑ª Á≈ ËßÈÚ≈Á ’∆Â≈Õ «¬√

Ì≈Ú∂∫ «¬‘ ⁄ß◊≈ ¡‘πæÁ≈ √∆ ¡Â∂ ÂÈ÷≈‘ Ú∆ ⁄ß◊∆

Íz√ß◊ ÂØ∫ Íz∂È≈ «ÓÒÁ∆ ˛ «’ ’∂ÚÒ «◊¡≈È∆ ωÈ≈

Í «Ú«Á¡≈√≈◊ È∂ ÍæÂ ÍÛ∑È ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ¡√«‘ÓÂ∆

‘∆ Ó‘æÂÚ È‘∆∫ æ÷Á≈ ÏÒ«’ «ÚÁÚ≈È Á∆ ¡√Ò∆

«Ò÷ ’∂ Ì∂‹∆Õ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∂ ÙÏÁ √È, “Ó∂∂ ¡Èπ√≈

ÙØÌ≈ ¿π√ Á∂ ¡≈⁄‰ ÂØ∫ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ ‘◊π‰Íz∆ «√ßÿ

Ï≈Ò ’‘≈‰∆

Parivartan November 2012


«’ ¿∞√ Á∆ Ó≈Ò’‰ 鱧 ≈‹≈ ÚµË ⁄≈‘∞ßÁ≈ ‘À «¬√ Ò¬∆ ’ß◊‰ ¿∞‘∆ Ò¬∂◊∆Õ «Èµ’∆ «‹‘∆ ◊µÒ ”Â∂ ¿∞‘ ÁØÚ∂∫ ÒÛÈ Òµ◊∆¡ª, ‹Á fi◊Û∂ È≈Ò ◊µÒ È≈ «ÈµÏÛ∆ ª ÁØÚ∂∫ «¬‘ ’«‘ßÁ∆¡ª ‘ج∆¡ª Ó∞Û ◊¬∆¡ª, “¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∆ ≈‰∆ 鱧 «Ù’≈«¬Â ’≈∫◊∆¡ªÕ” ÂÁ∂ ¿∞È∑ª 鱧 ¿∞µÊ∂ ÏÀ·≈ ËßÈ≈ «Á√ «◊¡≈Õ ¿∞‘ Á≈√∆¡ª Á∂ fi◊Û∂ 鱧 Á∂÷ «‘≈ √∆Õ ¿∞‘ ËßÈ∂ 鱧 ’«‘‰ Òµ◊∆¡ª, “fi◊Û≈ Â∂∂ √≈‘Ó‰∂ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘À, «¬√ Á∆ ◊Ú≈‘∆ ÂÀ鱧 «’√∂ Ù«‘ «Úµ⁄ «¬µ’ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ «‘ßÁ≈ √∆Õ ¿∞‘ ÏÛ≈ ‘∆ Í«Û∑¡≈-«Ò«÷¡≈ ¡Â∂

≈‹∂ Á∂ √≈‘Ó‰∂ Á∂‰∆ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆Õ”

Ï∞µË∆Ó≈È √∆Õ ¡’Ò «Úµ⁄ ’ج∆ Ú∆ ¿∞√ Á∆ Ï≈Ï∆ È‘∆∫ ’ √’Á≈ √∆Õ «¬µ’ «ÁÈ

ÁØÚª Á≈√∆¡ª È∂ Ú≈Í√ Í ’∂ ¡≈͉∆-¡≈͉∆ Ó≈Ò’‰ ’ØÒ «¬µ’-Á±‹∆ Á∆

Ïz≈‘Ó‰ Á∆ ÓΩ ‘Ø ◊¬∆Õ ¿∞√ Á≈ «¬µ’ Í∞µÂ √∆, ¿∞‘ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ «ÍÂ≈ Ú≈∫◊ ‘∆

«Ù’≈«¬Â ’∆Â∆Õ ÁØÚ∂∫ ≈‰∆¡ª ◊∞µ√∂ È≈Ò Ì ◊¬∆¡≈∫Õ ¿∞‘ ≈‹∂ ’ØÒ Í‘∞ß⁄∆¡ª

◊∞‰∆ √∆Õ ‹Á ¿∞√ 鱧 ’ج∆ ‘Ø ’ßÓ È≈ «Ó«Ò¡≈ ª ¿∞√ È∂ «¬µ’ Á∞’≈È ÷ØÒ∑∆Õ Á∞’≈È

¿∞È∑≈∫ È∂ ≈‹∂ 鱧 √≈∆ ◊µÒ Áµ√∆Õ È≈Ò ‘∆ «¬‘ ◊µÒ Ú∆ Áµ√∆ «’ ‹∂ Â∞‘≈鱧 √≈‚∆

Á∂ Ï≈‘ ¿∞√ È∂ ÏØ‚ ”Â∂ Úµ‚∂-Úµ‚∂ ¡µ÷ª «Úµ⁄ «Ò÷Ú≈«¬¡≈, “«¬µÊ∂ ¡’Ò Ú∂⁄∆

◊µÒ ”Â∂ ÌØ√≈ È‘∆∫ ‘À ª ËßÈ∂ 鱧 √µÁ ’∂ Â∞√∆∫ ¿∞√ ’ØÒØ∫ Í∞µ¤ √’Á∂ ‘ØÕ Ó‹Ï± ‘Ø ’∂

‹≈∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ”

≈‹∂ È∂ ¡◊Ò∂ «ÁÈ ¯À√Ò≈ ’È Á≈ «¬≈Á≈ ’∆Â≈Õ

¿∞√ Á∆ Á∞’≈È Ï≈˜≈ Á∂ «Ú⁄’≈ √∆Õ Ï≈˜≈ «Úµ⁄ ¡≈¿∞‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ÒØ’ ¿∞√ Á∆ Á∞’≈È Á∂ √≈‘Ó«‰˙∫ ‘∆ ÒßÿÁ∂ √ÈÕ √≈«¡ª Á∆ Ș ¿∞√ ÏØ‚ ”Â∂ ÍÀ∫Á∆ √∆Õ

¡◊Ò∂ «ÁÈ ◊Ú≈‘∆ Á∂‰ Ò¬∆ ËßÈ∂ È±ß Ó‘µÒ «Úµ⁄ √µ«Á¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ «¬‘ √∞‰ ’∂ ¿∞‘ ¡Â∂ ¿∞√ Á≈ «ÍÂ≈ ÿÏ≈ ◊¬∂Õ ¿∞È∑ª Á∆ √Ófi «Úµ⁄ È‘∆∫ ¡≈«¬¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘ ’∆

«¬µ’ «ÁÈ «¬µ’ ¡Ó∆ Ù≈‘±’≈ Á≈ ÒÛ’≈ ¿∞µÊØ∫ Òß«ÿ¡≈Õ ¿∞√ Á≈ Ȫ ËßÈ≈ √∆Õ

’ÈÕ ‘≈ ’∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ ‹‰∂ ¡’Ò Ú∂⁄‰ Ú≈Ò∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ’ØÒ ◊¬∂Õ Í«‘Òª ¿∞√ ÂØ∫ ¡≈͉∂

Ïz≈‘Ó‰ Á∆ Á∞’≈È Á∂÷ ¡Â∂ ÏØ‚ 鱧 ÍÛ∑ ’∂ ¿∞‘ ‹µ’Ø-µ’∆ «Úµ⁄ ¡ßÁ ÚÛ «◊¡≈Õ

’∆Â∂ Á∆ Ó∞¡≈¯∆ Óß◊∆Õ «Î ÓÁÁ ’È Á∆ Ï∂ÈÂ∆ ’∆Â∆Õ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ¿∞È∑ª Á∆ ÓÁÁ

¿∞√ È∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ÂØ∫ Í∞µ«¤¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘ «’√ Â∑ª Á∆ ¡’Ò Ú∂⁄Á≈ ‘À?

’È Ò¬∆ «Â¡≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ

Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ÏØ«Ò¡≈, “Ì≈Ú≈, «¬‘ ª ÷∆Á‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ”Â∂ «ÈÌ ’Á≈ ‘À «’ ¿∞‘ «’ßÈ∂ ÍÀ√∂ ÷⁄ ’È≈ ⁄≈‘∞ßÁ≈ ‘À, «‹ßÈ∂ ÍÀ√∂ ÷⁄ ’Ø◊∂, ¿∞√∂ «‘√≈Ï È≈Ò ¡’Ò «ÓÒ∂◊∆Õ”

¿∞‘ ÏØ«Ò¡≈, “‘∞‰ ¡’Ò Ú∂⁄‰ Á∆ ’∆Ó Íß‹ ‘˜≈ ∞ͬ∂ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆Õ” ËßÈ∂ Á∂ «ÍÂ≈ È∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ 鱧 Íß‹ ‘˜≈ ∞ͬ∂ Á∂ «ÁµÂ∂Õ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ È∂ ËßÈ∂ 鱧 «’‘≈, “‹Á ≈‹≈ ÂÀ鱧 ◊Ú≈‘∆ Ò¬∆ √µÁ∂ ª 屧 Í≈◊Ò ‘؉ Á≈ „’Úß‹ ’∆∫Õ «¬√ Â∑ª ±ß

ËßÈ∂ È∂ ¿∞√ 鱧 «¬µ’ ∞«Í¡≈ «Á÷≈¿∞∫«Á¡≈∫ Í∞µ«¤¡≈, “«¬µ’ ∞ͬ∂ Á∆ ¡’Ò È≈Ò ÓÀ鱧 ’∆ «ÓÒ∂◊≈”

ÁØÚª ≈‰∆¡ª «ıÒ≈¯ ’∞fi Ú∆ ’«‘‰ ÂØ∫ Ï⁄ ‹≈¬∂∫◊≈Õ «¬√ Ó∞√∆Ï ÂØ∫ ÂÀ鱧 ¤∞‡’≈≈ «ÓÒ ‹≈¬∂◊≈Õ”

Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ÏØ«Ò¡≈, “«¬µ’ ∞ͬ∂ Á∆ ¡’Ò ÷∆Á ’∂ «¬µ’ Òµ÷ ∞ͬ∂ Ï⁄≈¬∂ ‹≈ √’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ”

¡◊Ò∂ «ÁÈ ÁÏ≈ «Úµ⁄ ËßÈ∂ 鱧 ◊Ú≈‘∆ Á∂‰ Ò¬∆ ¡≈Ú≈˜ Ó≈∆ ◊¬∆Õ ‹Ø ◊µÒ ≈‹≈ ¿∞√ ÂØ∫ Í∞µ¤Á≈, ¿∞‘ ’∞fi Á≈ ’∞fi ‹Ú≈Ï «ÁßÁ≈Õ ¿∞√ 鱧 Ïz≈‘Ó‰ Á∆ ¡≈÷∆ ◊µÒ

ËßÈ∂ È∂ ¿∞√ 鱧 «¬µ’ ∞«Í¡≈ Á∂ «ÁµÂ≈Õ ÏÁÒ∂ «Úµ⁄ ¿∞√ 鱧 «¬µ’ ’≈ˆ˜ Á≈ ‡∞’Û≈

Ô≈Á √∆Õ ¿∞√ È∂ Í≈◊Ò ‘؉ Á≈ È≈‡’ ’∆Â≈Õ ¡ß «Úµ⁄ ≈‹∂ È∂ ◊∞µ√∂ «Úµ⁄ ¡≈ ’∂

ÎÛ≈ «ÁµÂ≈, ¿∞√ ”Â∂ «Ò«÷¡≈ √∆, “’Á∆ ÁØ Úµ‚∂ ¡≈ÁÓ∆¡ª Á∆ ÒÛ≈¬∆ È‘∆∫ Á∂÷‰∆

¿∞√ 鱧 ÁÏ≈ ”⁄Ø∫ Ï≈‘ ’µ„Á∂ ‘ج∂ «’‘≈, “Í≈◊Òª Á∆ ◊Ú≈‘∆ ”Â∂ ÓÀ∫ ÌØ√≈ È‘∆∫


’ √’Á≈Õ” √ϱ È≈ ‘؉ ”Â∂ ≈‹∂ È∂ ≈‰∆¡ª 鱧 √Ò≈‘ «ÁµÂ∆ «’ ¿∞‘ ¡≈͉∆¡≈∫

ËßÈ≈ Ú≈Í√ ÿ Í∞µ«‹¡≈Õ ¿∞√ È∂ ¿∞‘ ’≈ˆ˜ ¡≈͉∂ «ÍÂ≈ 鱧 «Á÷≈«¬¡≈Õ Í±∆

Á≈√∆¡ª 鱧 ¡«‹‘∆¡ª Ï∂’≈ Á∆¡ª ◊µÒª È≈ ’È Á∆ ‘Á≈«¬Â Á∂‰Õ

◊µÒ √Ófi ¡Â∂ ’≈ˆ˜ ÍÛ∑ ’∂ Ù≈‘±’≈ 鱧 ÏÛ≈ ◊∞µ√≈ ⁄«Û∑¡≈Õ ¿∞√ 鱧 ‹≈«Í¡≈ «’

Úµ‚∆ ≈‰∆ È∂ ª ≈‹∂ Á∆ ¡≈«◊¡≈ ÓßÈ Ò¬∆Õ ¤Ø‡∆ ≈‰∆ ¡≈͉∆ «¬√ ‘≈ ÂØ∫

Ïz≈‘Ó‰ È∂ ¿∞√ Á∂ ÒÛ’∂ 鱧 ·µ◊ «Ò¡≈ ‘ÀÕ Ù≈‘±’≈ Â∞ß Ïz≈‘Ó‰ Á∆ Á∞’≈È ”Â∂

Ï‘∞ È≈≈˜ √∆Õ ¿∞√ È±ß Ô’∆È √∆ «’ ËßÈ∂ È∂ ‹≈‰-Ï∞µfi ’∂ Ù≈ ’∆Â∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘


¿∞√ ÂØ∫ ÏÁÒ≈ ÒÀ‰ Ï≈∂ √Ø⁄‰ Òµ◊∆Õ Ù≈‘±’≈ 鱧 ‹Á ¤Ø‡∆ ≈‰∆ Á∂ ◊∞µ√∂ Á≈ ÍÂ≈

’≈ˆ˜ ÓØÛÁ∂ ‘ج∂ ¿∞√ È∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ÂØ∫ ∞«Í¡≈ Ú≈Í√ Óß«◊¡≈Õ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ∞Í«¬¡≈

Òµ◊≈ Â≈∫ ¿∞‘ ÿÏ≈ «◊¡≈Õ ¿∞‘ √Ø⁄‰ Òµ◊≈, “≈‰∆ ’∞fi Ú∆ ’ √’Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ≈‹≈

ÓØÛÈ È±ß «Â¡≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ ¿∞√ È∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ «’‘≈, “«¬µ’ ∞«Í¡≈ ª ÓÀ∫ Ú≈Í√ ’

¿∞√ È±ß Ï‘∞ ÓßÈÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ÓΩ’≈ «ÓÒ«Á¡ª ‘∆ ¿∞‘ ÏÁÒ≈ ÒÚ∂◊∆Õ” ¿∞√ 鱧 ¡≈͉∂

Á∂Ú≈∫◊≈ Í «¬µ’ Ù ‘À «’ ËßÈ≈ Ó∂∆ √Ò≈‘ 鱧 ÚÂØ∫ «Úµ⁄ È‘∆∫ «Ò¡≈Ú∂◊≈Õ”

Í«Ú≈ ¡Â∂ ËßÁ∂ Á∆ «⁄ßÂ≈ ÷≈‰ Òµ◊∆Õ ¿∞‘ «Î Ïz≈‘Ó‰ ’ØÒ Í‘∞ß«⁄¡≈Õ ≈‰∆ Á∂

Ù≈‘±’≈ È∂ ¿∞√ Á∆ ◊µÒ ÓßÈ Ò¬∆Õ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ È∂ ¿∞√ Á≈ ∞«Í¡≈ Ú≈Í√ ’ «ÁµÂ≈Õ

◊∞µ√∂ Á∆ ◊µÒ Áµ√ ’∂ ¿∞√ Á∆ √Ò≈‘ Óß◊∆Õ √Ò≈‘ Á∂‰ ÏÁÒ∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ È∂ «Î

¿∞√ Ù«‘ Á∂ ≈‹∂ Á∆¡ª ÁØ ≈‰∆¡ª √ÈÕ «¬µ’ «ÁÈ ≈‹≈ ÁØÚª ≈‰∆¡ª È≈Ò

Ù≈‘±’≈ ÂØ∫ Íß‹ ‘˜≈ ∞ͬ∂ Óß◊∂Õ Ù≈‘±’≈ Ò≈⁄≈ √∆Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¿∞√ 鱧 Íß‹ ‘˜≈

Ï≈˜≈ Á∆ √À 鱧 «È’«Ò¡≈Õ ¿∞‘ «¬µ’ √∞«È¡≈∂ Á∆ Á∞’≈È √≈‘Ó«‰˙∫ Òßÿ∂ ≈‰∆¡≈∫ Á∆ Ș Á∞’≈È «Úµ⁄ µ÷∂ «¬µ’ ÏÛ∂ ‘∆ √∞ßÁ ’ß◊‰ ”Â∂ ͬ∆Õ ÁØÚ≈∫ È∂ ¯À√Ò≈ ’∆Â≈ «’ Ú≈Í√ Ó‘µÒ Í‘∞ß⁄ ’∂ ¿∞‘ Á≈√∆¡ª 鱧 ’ß◊‰ ÷∆Á‰ ÿµÒ‰◊∆¡ªÕ ¿∞ ‘



∞ͬ∂ Á∞Ï≈≈ Á∂‰∂ ͬ∂Õ ∞ͬ∂ ÒÀ ’∂ Ïz≈‘Ó‰ È∂ «’‘≈, “Â∞√∆∫ ¿∞‘ ’ß◊‰ ÷∆Á ’∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ≈‰∆ 鱧 ÂØ‘¯∂ Ú‹Ø∫ Ì∂‡ ’ Á∂ÚØÕ «¬√ È≈Ò ¿∞‘ ı∞Ù ‘ØÚ∂◊∆ ‘∆, È≈Ò ‘∆ Â∞√∆∫ Ú∆ ¿∞√ Á∆¡ª Șª «Úµ⁄ ¿∞µ⁄∂ ‘Ø ‹≈˙◊∂Õ”

Í‘∞ ß ⁄ ∆¡ªÕ ¿∞ È ∑ ª È∂ ¡≈͉∆-

ÓÁ≈ ’∆ È≈ ’Á≈Õ √Ø Ù≈‘±’≈ È∂

¡≈͉∆ Á≈√∆ 鱧 √∞«È¡≈∂ Á∆

√∞«È¡≈∂ ÂØ∫ ¿∞‘ ’ß◊‰ «¬µ’ Òµ÷ ∞ͬ∂

Á∞’≈È ”Â∂ ÿµ«Ò¡≈Õ √ß‹Ø◊ Úµ√

«Úµ⁄ ı∆«Á¡≈ ¡Â∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ≈‰∆ 鱧 Ì∂‡ ’

ÁØÚ∂∫ Á≈√∆¡ª «¬µ’Ø √Ó∂∫ Á∞’≈È

«ÁµÂ≈Õ «¬µ’ ∞ͬ∂ «Úµ⁄ ¡’Ò È≈ ÷∆Á‰

«Úµ⁄ ÚÛ∆¡ªÕ √∞«È¡≈≈ «¬‘

Á∆ Ì∞µÒ ’’∂ Ù≈‘±’≈ 鱧 «¬µ’ Òµ÷

Á∂÷ ’∂ Í∂Ù≈È ‘Ø «◊¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘

Á√ ‘˜≈ ∞ͬ∂ ı⁄‰∂ ͬ∂Õ

Í«‘Òª ’ß ◊ ‰ ’∆‘ȱ ß Á∂ Ú ∂ ?

«¬√ ÿ‡È≈ È≈Ò Ïz≈‘Ó‰ Á≈

Úµ‚∆ ≈‰∆ Á∆ Á≈√∆ ÏØÒ∆ «’

Ȫ ⁄‘∞ß Í≈√∂ ÎÀÒ «◊¡≈Õ ‘∞‰

¿∞‘ Úµ‚∆ ≈‰∆ Á∆ Á≈√∆ ‘À, «¬√

¿∞ √ Á∆ Á∞ ’ ≈È ¡’Ò Á∂

Ò¬∆ ’ß◊‰ ”Â∂ Í«‘Ò≈ ‘µ’ ¿∞√∂

÷∆ÁÁ≈ª È≈Ò Ì∆ «‘‰

Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬‘ √∞‰ ’∂ Á±‹∆ ÏØÒ∆


«ÈÓÒ Íz∂Ó∆

You may have heard of the blood type diet plans, which were popularised by Dr Peter D’Adamo when he discovered that patients with a particular blood group responded differently to specific types of foods they consumed. His theories – eating foods that fit your blood group (A, B, O, +ve or -ve and combinations thereof) – were initially met with much scepticism. Many refused to take it seriously, citing lack of clinical trials and research evidence. But over the years, more members of the scientific community are looking into research and analysis of his popular diet plans. What it’s based on The premise of the diet is that one’s blood group is the reflection of one’s genetic structure. This coding not only manifests itself through the colour of one’s eyes, height, weight, hair and other features but also determines the kind of metabolism the person has inherited. So individuals of a specific blood group are likely to respond best to specific kinds of foods. What kind of meals to expect Blood group ‘A’ For group A patients, the recommended foods include wheat and wheat products. This means more rotis, bread, pasta, kulchas, bakery products and noodles. It also encourages green vegetables, teas (especially green tea), light pulses and lentils. But warns against excess heavy meat (even chicken) and dairy. Fish, in small amounts, and all fruits are fine. The blood group ‘B’ Those with a B blood group, on the other hand, should thrive on milk, curd, paneer and other dairy products – so long as they choose skimmed or low-fat milk if they follow a less active lifestyle. It discourages the consumption of chicken but greenlights other kinds of meat. But wheat products and high glycemic index foods such as rice, biscuits, sooji and maida are to be avoided. All green vegetable are beneficial to the blood type and low-sugar fruits work best. The blood group ‘O’ D’Adamo claims that this is the earliest human blood group. The blood group O is associated with acidic constitutions or body chemistries that are more acidic than alkaline. Since the natural pH of the body should be 7.4 and leans acidic in any case, naturally acidic constitutions have to work harder to keep the body in balance. So it’s recommended that people with this blood type stay away from foods that generate acids upon digestion. They should cut down on non-vegetarian food, pickles, alcohol, fired foods, dairy and too much wheat and maida. What works better are all kinds of vegetables (especially leafy ones), rice, potato, black chana, all lentils, and fruits – especially melons. Blood group ‘AB’ If your blood is of the AB type, it has compatibility with the A as well as the B group. As a result, foods of both blood types suit the body. The only thing to watch out for is the quantities in which food is consumed. AB types tend to gain weight after their 30s. Are you +ve or -ve?

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The new science of

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You have to your

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Uncaring children may fight over your assets even

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In good spirit, sickness will cure; in a happy spirit,

might just adjust to life

mise so they can inherit your properties and wealth.

sickness will cure faster; in high and happy spirits;

better. One of the newest converts has been Australian

Your children take for granted that they are rightful heirs to your wealth; but that you have no claims to their money.

sickness will never come. With good mood, suitable amount of exercise, always in the sun, variety of foods,

model Miranda Kerr, who

50-year old like you, don’t trade in

reasonable amount of vitamin and min-

believes that the blood-

your health for wealth by working your-

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type diet is the key to

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year-old, who has type-A

When to stop making money, and

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vegetarian-based diet,

Out of thousand hect-

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etables, fresh juices and

can consume only three quarts


(of rice) daily; out of a thousand man-

pleasure. Above all, learn to cherish the goodness around... and FRIENDS... They all make you




“wanted”... without them you are surely to feel lost!! (Translated from the original in Chinese).

˛Õ √‡≈¯ ±Ó «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂ Ó≈√‡ª ’ØÒ «¬’ Ïæ⁄∂ Á≈ «Í˙ ¡≈«¬¡≈ Â∂ Ï∂ÈÂ∆ ’∆Â∆, “Ó≈√‡ ‹∆˙! ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ïæ⁄∂ ˘ ¡¯√ ω≈¿π‰≈ ˛Õ «¬√ Á∆ ‹∂’ ’ج∆ ’Ó∆ ˛ ª ÓÀ∫ «‡¿±ÙÈ ÷Ú≈ «ÁßÁ≈ ‘ªÕ Î∆√ Á∆ ’ج∆ ’Ó∆ È‘∆∫ «‹ßÈ∆ ’‘Ø◊∂ Á∂ «Á¡ª◊≈Õ” ‚≈«¬ß◊ Ó≈√‡ È∂ Ù≈ È≈Ò ¿π√ ˘ «’‘≈, “¿π‘ √≈‘Ó‰∂ ‡≈‘Ò∆ ‘∂· «‹‘Û≈ Ó≈√‡ ÏÀ·≈ ˛, ¿π‘ Ï‘πÂ

«Ízß. ◊πÓ∂Ò «√ßÿ ⁄ßÁ ÈÚª


«Ó‘ÈÂ∆ ˛Õ Â∂∂ Óπß‚∂ ˘ ¿π‘ Í≈√ ω≈ Á∂¿±, ¿π‘Á∂ ’ØÒ ⁄Ò≈ ‹≈‘Õ” √∂· È∂ ÈÓ√Â∂ ÏπÒ≈¬∆ Â∂ Ï∂ÈÂ∆ ’∆Â∆, “Âπ√∆∫ ‘∆ Ó∂∂ Óπß‚∂ ˘ ÍÛ∑≈ √’Á∂ ‘ØÕ ÍÀ«√¡ª Á∆ ’ج∆ ’Ó∆ È‘∆∫Õ Âπ√∆∫ Áæ√Ø D@@ πÍÀ Á∂ «Á¡ª ’ª, ÚæË ’‘Ø ÚæË Á∂ Á∂Úª◊≈Õ Âπ√∆∫ Ȫ‘ È≈ ’«˙Õ” “Ò≈Ò≈ ‹∆ ! Âπ‘≈˘ ’∆‘È∂ Ì∂«‹¡≈ ˛, Ó∂∂ ’ØÒ?” Ó≈√‡ È∂ ‘æ√Á∂ «’‘≈Õ “¿π‘ √‡≈¯ ±Ó «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂, ◊πÒ≈Ï∆ Íæ◊ Ú≈Ò∂ Ó≈√‡ È∂ Ì∂«‹¡≈ ˛Õ ¿π‘Ȫ «’‘≈, ¿π‘ Ï‘π ’≈ÏÒ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ È∂, Óπß‚∂ Á∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ ω≈ Á∂‰◊∂Õ «ÓßÈ ˛, Âπ√∆∫ Ȫ‘ È≈ ’«˙Õ” √∂· È∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ ‘æÊ ‹ØÛ ’∂ «’‘≈Õ “Ò≈Ò≈ ‹∆! ÓÀ ∫ «‡¿± Ù È È‘∆∫ ÍÛ∑≈¿π∫Á≈Õ Âπ‘≈˘ «’√∂ ‘Ø Ó≈√‡ ’ØÒ Ì∂«‹¡≈ ‘؉≈, Âπ‘≈˘ ÌπÒ∂÷≈ Òæ◊ «◊¡≈ ‘؉≈” ’«‘ ’∂ ¿π· ÷Û∑≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ Â∂ √‡≈¯ ±Ó ÚæÒ ⁄Ò «Í¡≈Õ “‚≈«¬ß◊ Ó≈√‡! ÏßÁ≈ ω ‹≈ Ù≈ª ’È ÂØ∫, Ò≈Ò∂ ˘ «¬‘ ª ÍÂ≈ È‘∆∫ ‘؉≈Õ ÓÀ∫ ⁄≈Ò∆ ‘˜≈ Ó‘∆È≈ ÂÈ÷≈‘ ÒÀ‰ Ú≈Ò∂ È∂ «Í¤Ò∂ B@ CE ’π √≈Ò Úæ÷ Úæ÷ √’±Òª «Ú⁄ ÍÛ∑≈¿π∫«Á¡ª ‘ Â∑ª Á∂ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ª È≈Ò

√≈Òª ÂØ∫ «¬’ ‹π¡≈’ È‘∆∫ ÍÛ∑≈«¬¡≈Õ

«Ú⁄‰ Á≈ ÓΩ’≈ «ÓÒÁ≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ ‡ªÚ∂∫ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ‘∆ «Ú«Á¡≈Ê∆¡ª Á≈ ÓÈØ

«¬‘ D@@ πÍÀ «Ú⁄ Óπß‚≈ ÍÛ∑≈¿π‰ ˘

«¯’ æ÷‰ Ú≈Ò∂, «Ó‘ÈÂ∆ ¡Â∂ ¿π‘Ȫ ˘ «Í¡≈ ’È Ú≈Ò∂ Á∂÷‰ ˘ «ÓÒÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ

«ÎÁ≈” ’«‘ ’∂ ˜Ø ˜Ø Á∆ ‘æ«√¡≈Õ

ÂÈ÷≈‘ ˘ ÍÀÈÙÈ √Ófi‰ Ú≈«Ò¡ª Á∆ Ú∆ «’Ë∂ ÿ≈‡ È‘∆∫ ˛Õ ’Û∑Ú∆∫ ˜πÏ≈È È≈Ò

ØÙÈÁ≈Ȫ «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂ ’ϱÂ ÎÛ ÎÛ

ÏØÒ‰≈, ËΩ∫√ ’Ó≈¿π‰≈, ⁄ΩË ’È∆ Â∂ Í≈‡∆Ï≈˜∆ ω≈¿π‰∆ ¿π‘Ȫ Á∂ √πÌ≈¡ Á≈

’’∂ ¿πº‚ ◊¬∂Õ

“ÓÀ ∫ C@ √≈Òª «Ú⁄ Òæ ÷ ª ‹π ¡ ≈’ª Á∆¡ª «˜ß Á ◊∆¡ª ◊≈ÒÂ∆¡ªÕ «¬‘ ’πæ’Û È≈ ◊Ò±, Ú≈‘ ˙¬∂! ÓÀ˘ Âπ‘≈‚∆ ¡’Ò Â∂ ‘≈√≈ ¡≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ≈Õ ¡À Ú ∂ ∫ √≈Ò∂ «„æÒ∆¡ª «‹‘∆¡ª ◊æÒª ’∆ ‹ªÁ∂ ¡ÀÕ” ’«‘ ’∂ Â∂˜∆ È≈Ò ¿π· ’∂ ¸æÒ∑∂ «Ú⁄ «¬’ Ó؇∆ «‹‘∆ Òæ’Û ‘Ø ‚≈‘ «ÁæÂ∆Õ Ï≈ÒÓȪ Á∆¡ª ’Ø∆¡ª √Ò∂‡ª ”Â∂ ’∆ ¡«‹‘∂ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ √πÈ«‘∆ ͱÈ∂ Í≈ √’‰◊∂? Á∂Ù Á≈ Ì«Úæ÷ ’Ω‰ √πÚ≈∂◊≈? √Ø⁄‰ Â∂ «Ú⁄≈È Ú≈Ò≈ ¡«‘Ó Ó√Ò≈ ˛Õ ÈÚ∆∫ Í∆Û∑∆ Á∆ «Ï‘Â∆ Ò¬∆ «¬‘ ÍzÙÈ Ó±ß‘ ¡æ‚∆ ÷Û∑≈ ˛......Õ

«‘æ√≈ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ ‘ √Ó∂∫ ’πæ‹∆ «Ú⁄ ’≈È≈ Í≈¬∆ æ÷‰ «ÏȪ ¿π‘Ȫ ˘ ⁄ÀÈ È‘∆∫

ÁØ Ó‘∆È∂ Í«‘Òª Ó≈√‡ √ß˱ Á∂

¡≈¿π∫Á∆Õ ¿π‘ √’≈∂ ÁÏ≈∂ ¡≈͉∆ Í‘πß⁄ ω≈ ’∂ æ÷Á∂ ‘È, «’¿π∫«’ ≈‹È∆Â’

÷∂ «‡¿±ÏÚÀµÒ Â∂ Ó≈√‡ª Ùπ◊Ò Ó∂Ò≈

ÁÏ≈¡ ω≈¬∆ æ÷‰ È≈Ò ¿π‘ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ √Ó≈«‹’ ÂΩ ”Â∂ Á±‹∂ √‡≈¯ È≈ÒØ∫

’È Ò¬∆ ÍØ z ◊ ≈Ó Ï‰≈ «Ò¡≈Õ

¿π⁄≈ √ÓfiÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «‹Ê∂ ÈΩ’∆ ’Á∂ ‘È, ¿πÊ∂ Óπ‘ÂÏ Ïß«Á¡ª Á∂ ¡≈‘ ÓÈ∂ ÌØ◊ Â∂

√∂Ú≈Á≈ ˘ B Óπ◊∂ Í«‘Òª ‹≈ ’∂

‹≈‰≈ ’Á∂ È‘∆∫ ÌπæÒÁ∂Õ

ω≈¿π‰ Á≈ ‘π’Ó Á∂ «ÁæÂ≈Õ √ß˱ E@ «’º«Ò¡ª Á≈ Ó≈Ò’ ˛Õ

«√¡≈‰≈ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ¡≈ͪ ’∆ ÒÀ‰≈ ˛, √Ø⁄ ’∂, ¡≈͉∂ ’ßÓ È≈Ò ÓÂÒÏ æ÷Á≈

÷∂ «Ú⁄ ÁØ-«ÂßÈ ’Ó∂ ¿π√ Á∂ ÏÀ·‰ ¿πº·‰ Ò¬∆ ω≈ ’∂ æ÷∂ ‘ج∂ ‘ÈÕ ¿π√ Á∂

˛Õ √’±Ò Óπ÷∆ Ú∆ ¡≈͉≈ ’ßÓ ⁄Ò≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ ¡«‹‘∂ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ”Â∂ «ÈÌ «‘ßÁ≈

̬∆¬∂ ÈΩ’ √∂Ú≈ ’Á∂ ¡æ◊∂ «Íæ¤∂ Ìæ‹∂ «ÎÁ∂ √ÈÕ Á≈± Á≈ ÁΩ ⁄ÒÁ≈ «‘≈Õ ⁄æÒ∂ Â∂

˛Õ ¡È∂’ª √’±Ò ’ßÓ ¿π‘Ȫ Áπ¡≈Ò∂ ’∂∫Á« ’ «ÁæÂ∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ ¡√Ò Ó≈¡«È¡ª

√∂Ú≈Á≈ B ÿø«‡¡ª ÂØ∫ Ó∆‡ Á∂ ÍÂ∆Ò∂ ‘∂·ª ¡æ◊ Ï≈Ò «‘≈ √∆ Í Ó∆‡ «æfi È‘∆∫

«Ú⁄ √’±Ò Á≈ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ’≈‹ ¿π‘Ȫ ≈‘∆∫ ‘∆ ⁄ÒÁ≈ ˛Õ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ª Á∂ Á±‹∂

«‘≈ √∆Õ Ó∆‡ Á∂ Ùπ’∆È ’≈‘Ò∂ ͬ∂ √ÈÕ

Ú◊ È∂ √‘∆ ’ßÓ È‘∆∫ ’È≈ ‘πßÁ≈, Óπ÷∆ Á∆ ◊æÒ È‘∆∫ Óßȉ∆ ‘πßÁ∆, Ò≈ÍÚ≈‘∆

√∂Ú≈Á≈ ˘ Ïπ≈ ÌÒ≈ ’«‘ ‘∂ √ÈÕ ÍÂ≈ È‘∆∫ ’≥‹ «’ÊØ∫ Ïπæ„∂ ’πæ’Û ¸æ’

Ú‰∆ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛ Â∂ «ÏȪ Ú‹≈ Óπ÷∆ Â∂ «‡æ͉∆ ’È∆ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ Óπ÷∆ ¿π‘Ȫ

«Ò¡≈«¬¡≈ ª ‘∆ Ó∆‡ È‘∆∫ ◊ÒÁ≈Õ ’ØÒ ÏÀ·∂ Ó≈√‡ È∂ Â∂˜∆ È≈Ò ◊Ò≈√ ı≈Ò∆

Á∆ «’√∂ ’ßÓ «Ú⁄ «‚¿±‡∆ È‘∆∫ Ò≈¿π‰≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ≈ «’¿π∫«’ ¿π‘ ‹Ú≈Ï Á∂‰ «Ú⁄,

’’∂ ˜Ø Á∆ Ó∂˜ ”Â∂ ·≈‘ ’’∂ æ÷Á∂ È∂ «¬’ ‘æÊ È≈Ò Óπ椪 ˘ Úæ‡ Á∂ ’∂ Á±‹∆ Ϫ‘

√«‘ÔØ◊ È≈ Á∂‰ «Ú⁄, ’ßÓ ◊Ò ’È «Ú⁄ Â∂ Ò∂‡ ’ Á∂‰ «Ú⁄ «ÚÙÚ≈√ æ÷Á∂

¿πª‘ ˘ ¿πÒ≈ ’∂ ÏÛ∑’ Ó≈∆Õ

‘È Âª «’ ¡æ◊∂ ÂØ∫ ¿π‘Ȫ ˘ ’ج∆ ’ßÓ Ò¬∆ «’‘≈ ‘∆ È≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ ¡«‹‘∂ «¬’ ÁØ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ª Á∆¡ª «Ó√≈Òª Í∂Ù ’ «‘≈ ‘ª : ¶Ó≈ ’æÁ, ’πß‚∆¡ª Óπ椪, ÚË∆ ‘ج∆ ◊Ø◊Û, ◊Ø≈ ß◊ Â∂ Ó؇∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª Ú≈Ò≈ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ ÿæ‡ Â∂ ͇Ú≈∆ ÚæË Òæ◊Á≈ ˛Õ Á≈Û∑∆ ÷πæÒ∑∆ æ÷‰≈, Ó؇≈ √ØÈ∂ Á≈ ’Û≈ Í≈¿π‰≈ Â∂ «⁄æ‡≈ ’πÛÂ≈ Í‹≈Ó≈ Í≈¿π‰≈ ¿π√Á≈ ÙΩ’ ˛Õ Ó≈√‡∆ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò Íz≈Í‡∆ Á≈ ⁄ß◊≈ ’≈ØÏ≈ ˛Õ Ù«‘ «Ú⁄ ¡≈Û∑ Á∆ Áπ’≈È ˛Õ ‘ ؘ ◊æ‚∆ Â∂ √’±Ò ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛Õ ‘ «¬’ ˘ «‡æ⁄ ‹≈‰È≈ ¿π√Á≈ Ùπ◊Ò

“ÓÀ∫ C@ √≈Òª «Ú⁄ Òæ÷ª ‹π¡≈’ª Á∆¡ª «˜ßÁ◊∆¡ª ◊≈ÒÂ∆¡ªÕ «¬‘ ’πæ’Û È≈ ◊Ò±, Ú≈‘ ˙¬∂! ÓÀ˘ Âπ‘≈‚∆ ¡’Ò Â∂ ‘≈√≈ ¡≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ≈Õ ¡ÀÚ∂∫ √≈Ò∂ «„æÒ∆¡ª «‹‘∆¡ª ◊æÒª ’∆ ‹ªÁ∂ ¡ÀÕ” ’«‘ ’∂ Â∂˜∆ È≈Ò ¿π· ’∂ ¸æÒ∑∂ «Ú⁄ «¬’ Ó؇∆ «‹‘∆ Òæ’Û ‘Ø ‚≈‘ «ÁæÂ∆Õ Ï≈ÒÓȪ Á∆¡ª ’Ø∆¡ª √Ò∂‡ª ”Â∂ ’∆ ¡«‹‘∂ ¡«Ë¡≈Í’ √πÈ«‘∆ ͱÈ∂ Í≈ √’‰◊∂? Á∂Ù Á≈ Ì«Úæ÷ ’Ω‰ √πÚ≈∂◊≈? √Ø⁄‰ Â∂ «Ú⁄≈È Ú≈Ò≈ ¡«‘Ó Ó√Ò≈ ˛Õ ÈÚ∆∫ Í∆Û∑∆ Á∆ «Ï‘Â∆ Ò¬∆ «¬‘ ÍzÙÈ Ó±ß‘ ¡æ‚∆ ÷Û∑≈ ˛......Õ


Parivartan November 2012


During 2003-2009, 182 students out of 210 have made it to the IITs. In 2010, all the students of Super 30 He developed an indomitable affection and love towards mathematics and possesses exceptional mathematical abilities. His

cleared IIT JEE entrance making it a three in a row for the institution.

role model is great Indian mathematician “Ramanujan”. During

Anand Kumar has no financial support for Super 30 from any

graduation, He submitted papers on Number Theory, which were

government as well as private agencies, and manages on the

published in Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Ga-

tuition fee he earns from the Ramanujam Institute. After the suc-

zette. He worked hard and dreamed of getting into one of the

cess of Super 30 and its growing popularity, he got many offers

world’s best university “Cambridge”. And one day he got it, admis-

from the private – both national and international companies – as

sion to Cambridge.

well as the government for financial help, but he always refused it.

But… Very soon he realized that his father cannot afford his

He wanted to sustain Super 30 through his own efforts. After three

education at Cambridge. He and his father searched helplessly

consecutive 30/30 results in 2008-2010, in 2011, 24 of the 30

for a sponsor all over India but nobody came up. And one day his

students cleared IIT JEE.

family’s only breadwinner : his father died and his last hope of getting good education diminished. He gave up the dream of Cambridge and came back to his home in Patna, Bihar. He would work on Mathematics during day time and would sell papads in evenings with his mother, who had started a small

Anand’s work is now well received from all over the world : USA’s president obama read about Anand in TIME magazine and sent a special envoy to check the work done by him and offered all the assistance and Anand never accepts help irrespective of helper.

business from home, to support her family. He also tutored stu-

Discovery Channel broadcast a one-hour-long program on Su-

dents in maths to earn extra money. Since Patna University library

per 30, and half a page has been devoted to Kumar in The New

did not have foreign journals, for his own study, he would travel

York Times.

every weekend on a six-hour train journey to Varanasi, where his

Actress and ex-Miss Japan Norika Fujiwara visited Patna to

younger brother, learning violin un-

make a documentary on Anand’s ini-

der N. Rajam, had a hostel room.

tiatives. Kumar has been featured in

Thus he would spend Saturday and

programmes by the BBC.

Sunday at the Central Library, BHU

He has spoken about his experi-

and return to Patna on Monday morn-

ences at Indian Institute of Manage-


ment Ahmedabad.

He rented a classroom for Rs 500

Kumar is in the Limca Book of

a month, and began his own institute, the Ramanujam School of Mathematics (RSM). With in the

Records (2009) for his contribution in helping poor students crack

space of year, his class grew from two students to thirty-six, and

IIT-JEE by providing them free coaching.

after three years there were almost 500 students enrolled. Then in early 2000, when a poor student came to him seeking coaching for

Time Magazine has selected mathematician Anand Kumar’s school – Super 30 – in the list of Best of Asia 2010.

IIT-JEE, who couldn’t afford the annual admission fee due to pov-

Anand Kumar was awarded the S. Ramanujan Award for 2010

erty, Kumar was motivated to start the Super 30 program in 2003,

by the Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sci-

for which he is now well-known.

ences (IRDS) in July 2010.

Every year in August, since 2003, the Ramanujan School of

Super 30 received praise from United States President Barack

Mathematics, now a trust, holds a competitive test to select 30

Obama’s special envoy Rashad Hussain, who termed it the “best”

students for the ‘Super 30’ scheme. About 4,000 to 5,000 students

institute in the country. Newsweek Magazine has taken note of the

appear at the test, and eventually he takes thirty intelligent stu-

initiative of mathematician Anand Kumar’s Super 30 and included

dents from economically backward sections which included beg-

his school in the list of four most innovative schools in the world.

gars, hawkers, auto-driver’s children, tutors them, and provides

Anand Kumar has been awarded by top award of Bihar govern-

study materials and lodging for a year. He prepares them for the

ment “Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar” November

Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology


(IIT). His mother, Jayanti Devi, cooks for the students, and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management.

He was awarded the Prof Yashwantrao Kelkar Yuva Puraskar 2010 by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Bangalore.

Out of 270 students he tutored from 2002-2011 236 students

In April 2011, Anand Kumar was selected by Europe’s maga-

have made an admission to IIT. All of them came so poor back-

zine Focus as “one of the global personalities who have the ability

ground that their parents were Hawkers, Auto-drivers, laborer etc.

to shape exceptionally talented people.”


Parivartan November 2012

«’æ√∂ «ÂÂ» Á∂

’∂ª «ÂÂ» ’ØÒ «¬’

¡◊ª‘ ‚≈’‡ È∂ «¬’ Ó∆˜

«ÓæÂ È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ◊Ú≈Û

Ìπ◊Â≈ ’∂ ¿π√ ˘ ¡ßÁ ÏπÒ≈ «Ò¡≈ Â∂

«‘ßÁ∂ «¬’ Íæ’∆ ¿πÓ Á∂

Íπ櫤¡≈ -Í«‘Òª «¬‘ Áæ√ «’ ÿ-

√≈Ê∆ ÈÀ‰» Á≈ Áπ÷Û≈

‹≈«¬Á≈Á Ú◊À≈ Ï≈Í» ‹∆ Á∂ È≈Ó ‘∆

√π ‰ ≈«¬¡≈ ¡Â∂ √Ò≈‘

˛ «’ ÊØÛ∂ ÒÚ≈ ”Â∆!” «¬‘ √π‰ ’∂ ª

Óß ◊ ∆ ª «ÂÂ» È∂

«‹Ú∂∫ ÈÀ‰» Á∂ Óπß‚∂ Á∂ ÍÀª ‘∂·Ø∫ ˜Ó∆È

Ó«‘«ÎÒ «Ú⁄ ¿π√ Ï≈¬∆

‘∆ «È’Ò ◊¬∆Õ

˘ ÏπÒ≈ «Ò¡≈Õ ◊æÒª ◊æÒª

«Ú⁄ «ÂÂ» ˘ ÍÂ≈ Òæ◊

-’∆ ÓÂÒÏ ‚≈’‡ √≈«‘Ï?”

«◊¡≈ «’ Ï≈¬∆ ÈÀ‰» G@

Ú«∑¡ª Á≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ

-Ì≈Ú≈! ◊æÒ «¬‘ ˛ «’ ÓÀ∫ ª

Óπß«‚¡ª Á∂ Ú∆ Óπß‚∂ ‘Ø ◊¬∂ ‘È, Í ¿π√ «Ú⁄≈∂ ˘ È≈Ò∂ ª ’ج∆ «√æË∂ ӻߑ ÏπÒ≈¿π∫Á≈

’¬∆ «ÁÈ Á≈ ÊØ˘ ¿π‚∆’Á≈ √∆, ÊØ‚∂

È‘∆∫ ¡Â∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ ’Ø‘¨ Á∂ ÏÀÒ Úª◊»ß √Ú∂∂ ‘∆ ’Á∂ ¤æÍÛ ÂØ∫ Óæfiª ˘ ÈÚ∑≈¿π‰ Â∂

Ï≈Í» ‹∆ Á≈ ‘≈‡ Ïæ√ «’È≈∂ ”Â∂ ‘∆

Í≈‰∆ «Í¡≈¿π‰, ’Á∂ ÷∂ÂØ∫ Íæ·∂ «Ò¡≈¿π‰, ’Á∂ Úß‚ Ò≈¿π‰ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò ˘‘ª Ú∆

˛Õ ¡ªÁª «Ú⁄ √Ø‹ ¡≈¬∆ ‘ج∆ ‘ÀÕ

‘π’Ó √π‰≈ «ÁßÁ∆¡ª È∂, “Ï≈Í», «Ú‘Ò≈ ‘∆ ÏÀ·ª, Óæfi Á≈ ÎØ√ ‘∆ ΑπÛ∂ È≈Ò Í≈√∂ ’

¿π‘Á≈ ª «¬Ò≈‹ ‘Ø ‘ÎÂ∂ Á√ «ÁÈ

Á∂Õ” √Ø, ’πæÒ «ÓÒ≈ ’∂ «Í¤Ò∂ C@-D@ √≈Ò ÂØ∫ «Ú⁄≈≈ ˙‘∆ ’ßÓ ’∆ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆ ¡Â∂

”⁄ ‘Ø ‹»Õ È≈Ò∂ √æ⁄, «’Â∂ ’ßÓ ’πßÓ Âª

’ج∆ ¤π‡’≈≈ È‘∆∫ √∆Õ

È‘∆∫ Ï‘πÂ≈ Ì∂‹Á∂Õ

√Óæ«√¡≈ ’≈Î∆ ◊ßÌ∆ √∆Õ Í ‹ÁØ∫ Âæ’ √≈«¡ª È∂ «ÂßÈ «ÂßÈ ¶‚» «‹‘∂ Ò≈¬∂,

‹∂ Ì≈ Ú≈Ò≈ ’ج∆ ’ßÓ Ï≈Í» ’È≈

¿πÁØ∫ Âæ’ «ÂÂ» È∂ ÈÀ‰» ’ØÒØ∫ Íπæ¤ ’∂ «‘√≈Ï Ò≈ «Ò¡≈ «’ ‘≈Ò∂ ÿ ¿π√ Á∂ ‘∆ È≈Ó

⁄≈‘∂ ª Ø’ «Á˙Õ Í«‘Òª Íπ⁄’≈

√∆Õ Ï⁄∆ ‘ج∆ ÁØ ⁄≈ «Úæÿ∂ ÍÀÒ∆ Ú∆ ¿π√∂ Á∂ È≈Ó √∆ Â∂ ¿π√ È∂ Óπß«‚¡ª ÂØ∫ ⁄Ø∆

’∂ ÿ ‹≈«¬Á≈Á ¡≈͉∂ È≈Ó ÒÚ≈

‚≈’÷≈È∂ Ú≈Ò∂ È≈Ò Ô≈∆ Ò≈ ’∂ ‘ΩÒ∆ ‘ΩÒ∆ C@-D@ ‘˜≈ πͬ∆¡≈ Ú∆ ‹Ó∑ª ’∆Â≈

ÒÚØÕ ÓÀ∫ Íπ櫤¡≈ √∆ Ó≈Û≈ «‹‘≈ ª

‘Ø«¬¡≈ √∆Õ

ÊØ‚∆¡ª ÿ-Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ Ï≈Í» ÷≈√≈ ¡Ω÷≈

’πfi Á∂ Ï≈¡Á «ÂÂ» ˘ ÎπÈ≈ Îπ«¡≈ ¡Â∂ ¡◊Ò≈ ÍÀ◊ Óπ’≈¿π∫Á∂ Óπ’≈¿π∫Á∂ ¿π√ È∂ ÈÀ‰» Á∂ ’ßÈ «Ú⁄ ’πfi ¡«‹‘∆¡ª λ’ª «‹‘∆¡ª Ó≈∆¡ª «’ ÈÀ‰» Á∂ «⁄‘∂ Á≈ ß◊ ‘∆ ÏÁÒ «◊¡≈Õ Ó«‘«ÎÒ ÷ÂÓ ‘ج∆ ¡Â∂ √≈∂ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈͉∂ ≈‘ ͬ∂Õ Á»¬∂ «ÁÈ √Ú∂∂ ‘∆ ÈÀ‰∂ Ï≈¬∆ È∂ ⁄≈ ’π Ú‹∂ «Ú‘Û∂ «Ú⁄ ͬ∂ È∂ «¬’ Ò∂ «‹‘∆ Ó≈∆, “‘≈¬∂ ˙¬∂, Ó «◊¡≈ ˙¬∂!” ‹ÁØ∫ ÁØ «ÂßÈ Ú≈ ¡«‹‘≈ «’‘≈ ª √‰∂ «È¡≈«‰¡ª Á∂ √≈≈ ‡æÏ ‹≈◊ «Í¡≈Õ ÌÀÛ≈ «‹‘≈ Óß»‘ ω≈ ’∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ˘‘ È∂ Í≈‰∆ Á∆ ÏØÂÒ ◊Ó ’’∂ Á∂ «ÁæÂ∆Õ Úæ‚∂ Óπß‚∂ È∂ ¡≈͉∆ È∆∫Á ÷≈Ï ’È ÏÁÒ∂ ¡Ω÷≈ «‹‘≈ ÏØÒ«Á¡ª ‘π’Ó Úª◊ √π‰≈ «ÁæÂ≈, “Ï≈Í», ÍÀ ‹≈ ¡Ω÷≈ √Ω÷≈, «ÁÈ ⁄Û∑∂ ÂØ∫ ‚≈’‡ ˘ «Á÷≈ «Ò¡≈Úª◊∂Õ” ÈÀ‰» È∂ Íø‹ √æ Ú≈ ‘Ø ⁄ß◊≈ ‚≈Ó≈


⁄æ’Ú∂∫ ÍÀ∆∫ ÈÀ‰» Á≈ Óπß‚≈ ÿ∂ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ¡Â∂ Í≈Ò∆ÓÀ∫‡ Á∆¡ª Ó∆«‡ß◊ª Úª◊ √≈∆ «Á‘≈Û∆ ÿ «Ú⁄ Â∑ª Â∑ª Á∂ Î≈Ó»Ò∂ ÿÛ∂ ◊¬∂Õ ¡≈÷ Ì≈Úª Á∆ √÷Â∆ ’’∂ ÿ-Á∆¡ª ˘ ¡æ’ ⁄æω≈ «Í¡≈Õ “Ï≈Í» ‹∆” Á≈ ’Ó≈ ËØ √Ú≈ ’∂ «Â¡≈ ’ «Áæ  ≈ «◊¡≈Õ ÍÁ∂ ÏÁÒ∂ ◊¬∂Õ ⁄≈Áª √∑≈‰∂ ÈÚ∂∫ ¡≈ ◊¬∂Õ √Ú∂∂ ‘∆ ’Á∂ Úæ‚∆, ’Á∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ˘‘ ⁄≈‘, ÁπæË Íπæ¤Á∆ È≈ Êæ«’¡≈ ’∂Õ ÈÀ‰» Ú∆ Í»  ≈ ÷π Ù , Í Âπ  È Òæ ◊ ∂ ÒÓ’≈ ’∂ “‘≈«¬ Ó «◊¡≈” «¬ß‹ «’‘≈ ’∂ «‹Ú∂∫ Ïæ√ «◊¡≈ «’ «◊¡≈Õ Óπß‚∂ ˘‘ª Ìæ‹∂ Ìæ‹∂ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ’È, “Ï≈Í» ‹∆! √≈˘ Áæ√Ø, Âπ√∆∫ √≈∆ ¿πÓ ’ßÓ ’ «Ò¡≈Õ

’«‘ßÁ≈ Ë∂Ò∂ Úæ‡∂ È‘∆∫ «√¡≈‰Á≈ ’ج∆, ¡≈ÚÁ∆¡ª ’πÛ∆¡ª Á∂ È≈Ó ”Â∂ ‹≈«¬Á≈Á ’È Á∆ ’ج∆ ◊æÒ «‹‘∆ ’Á≈ √∆Õ ÓÀ∫ ª Ï‘πÂ≈ Íπ櫤¡≈ È‘∆∫Õ «√¡≈‰∆ ◊æÒ «¬‘ ˛ «’ ÏπÛ∑∆¡ª ˘ ’‘Ø «’ ¡Ω÷∂ Ú∂Ò∂ ◊Ë∂ ˘ Ú∆ Ï≈Í» ’«‘ Ò¬∆Á≈Õ «¬‘ ª √æ⁄∆ Óπæ⁄∆∫ Âπ‘≈‚≈ Ï≈Í» ˛Õ” ⁄æ’Ú∂∫ ÍÀ∆∫ ÈÀ‰» Á≈ Óπß‚≈ ÿ∂ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ¡Â∂ Í≈Ò∆ÓÀ∫‡ Á∆¡ª Ó∆«‡ß◊ª Úª◊ √≈∆ «Á‘≈Û∆ ÿ «Ú⁄ Â∑ª Â∑ª Á∂ Î≈Ó»Ò∂ ÿÛ∂ ◊¬∂Õ ¡≈÷ Ì≈Úª Á∆ √÷Â∆ ’’∂ ÿ-Á∆¡ª ˘ ¡æ’ ⁄æω≈ «Í¡≈Õ “Ï≈Í» ‹∆” Á≈ ’Ó≈ ËØ √Ú≈ ’∂ «Â¡≈ ’ «ÁæÂ≈ «◊¡≈Õ ÍÁ∂ ÏÁÒ∂ ◊¬∂Õ ⁄≈Áª √∑≈‰∂

’∆Â≈ ¡Â∂ «Î «ÁÈ ⁄Û∑∂ ¡≈Í ‘∆ «Íø‚ Á∂ ‚≈’‡

ÈÚ∂∫ ¡≈ ◊¬∂Õ √Ú∂∂ ‘∆ ’Á∂ Úæ‚∆, ’Á∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ˘‘

Á∂ ÿ ÚæÒ Âπ «Í¡≈Õ

⁄≈‘, ÁπæË Íπæ¤Á∆ È≈ Êæ«’¡≈ ’∂Õ

¡≈¿π∫«Á¡ª ‘∆ ¿π√ È∂ Áæ«√¡≈, “‚≈’‡ ª

ÈÀ‰» Ú∆ Í»≈ ÷πÙ, Í ÂπÈ Òæ◊∂ ÒÓ’≈ ’∂

’ج∆ Íπ· æ ∆ «‹‘∆ Ψ-ÎÒ≈¡ Ú◊∆ Ï∆Ó≈∆ Áæ√Á≈Õ

“‘≈«¬ Ó «◊¡≈” «¬ß‹ «’‘≈ ’∂ «‹Ú∂∫ Ïæ√ «◊¡≈

’«‘ßÁ≈-ÿ«Á¡ª ÂØ∫ Á» ‘∆∫Õ √≈∂ ‡æÏ ˘ ‘∆

«’ «◊¡≈Õ Óπß‚∂ ˘‘ª Ìæ‹∂ Ìæ‹∂ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ’È, “Ï≈Í»

È≈ ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂Õ ¡æ‹’æÒ∑ ’≈Î∆ ÎÀÒ∆ ‘ج∆ ˛Õ”

‹∆! √≈˘ Áæ√Ø, Âπ√∆∫ √≈∆ ¿πÓ ’ßÓ ’ «Ò¡≈Õ ‘π‰

¤Ø‡∆ ˘‘ È∂ ·≈· «È¡≈‰∂ ˘ Ì∂‹ ’∂ ÿ Á∂ Ò≈◊∂ ‘∆ ◊Ò∆ Á∂ ÓØÛ ”Â∂ Òæ◊∆ «ÈßÓ∑ ÊæÒ∂ “Ï≈Í» ‹∆” Á≈ Óß‹≈ ‚π‘≈ «ÁæÂ≈Õ √≈≈ «ÁÈ Ú◊Á∆ ‘Ú≈ ”⁄ «ÈßÓ ÊæÒ∂

⁄≈ ÿÛ∆¡ª ¡≈≈Ó Á∂ «ÁÈ ◊π˜≈ØÕ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ÈÀ‰» Á∂ ’Ó∂ «Ú⁄ ‹∆¡ Í⁄≈Ú∂ Ò¬∆ ‡ÀÒ∆Ú∆˜È Òæ◊ «◊¡≈, √Ú∂∂ ¤Ø‡∆ ÍØÂ∆ Ï≈‘Ø∫ ÂØÛ ’∂ ’Ò∆¡ª æ÷ ‹≈«¬¡≈ ’∂Õ ’Á∂ ÍØÂ≈ Òæª ÿπ應 ¡≈ ‹≈«¬¡≈ ’∂Õ

ÈÀ‰» «˜ßÁ◊∆ ”⁄ Í«‘Ò∆ Ú≈ ‡Ω‘ È≈Ò

ÈÀ‰» Ò¬∆ ª «‹Ú∂∫ Á»‹≈ ‹ÈÓ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ «’Ê∂ √≈∆ ¿πÓ ÓÀÒ∂ ’Ó∆‹ª

«Í¡≈Õ «¬’ ÁØ Ú≈ ˙Í≈ «‹‘≈ ÍÂ≈ ÒÀ‰

Í‹≈«Ó¡ª ”⁄ ’πÛ∑Á≈ «‘≈ ÈÀ‰» ¡Â∂ «’Ê∂ ‘π‰ ÁπæË «⁄æ‡∂ ’πÛÂ∂ Í‹≈Ó∂ Â∂

ÿ Á∂ ‹∆¡ ¡≈¬∂Õ ؇∆ ‡πæ’ Ú∆ ¿πÊ∂ ‘∆ Í‘ßπ⁄ «◊¡≈Õ ‹ÁØ∫ ’ج∆ ¡≈Ú∂ ÈÀ‰» ‘»ß◊ «‹‘∆ Ó≈ «Á¡≈ ’∂Õ ⁄≈ Íø‹ «ÁÈ ÈÀ‰» È∂ «‹Ú∂∫ √π◊ª Á≈ fi»‡≈ ÒÀ «Ò¡≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ ’πÛ∑Á∂ ’πÛ∑Á∂ Óπß‚∂-˘‘ª ¡≈Í∂ ‘∆

ËØÂ∂ ‘ج∂ ‚æÏ∆¡ª Ú≈Ò∂ √≈Î∂ Ú≈Ò≈ “Ï≈Í» ÈÀ‰ «√ßÿ”Õ ‘ΩÒ∆ ‘ΩÒ∆ ¿π‘ Â’Û≈ Ú∆ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ ‚≈’‡ Á∆ √Ò≈‘ ÓπÂ≈«Ï’ ¿π√ Á∂ Óπß‚∂ ¿π√ ˘ Ù≈Ó ˘ ‘ΩÒ∆ ‘ΩÒ∆ √À ’È Ò¬∆ Ú∆ «˜æÁ ’’∂ Ì∂‹Á∂ (Â∂ ¿π‘ «√æË≈ «ÂÂ» ‘πª ’ØÒ∂ Ó؇ ”Â∂ Í‘ßπ⁄Á≈ ¡Â∂ √≈∂ Ò ’∂ ¿π√ Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª Á≈ √Ú≈Á ÒÀ∫Á∂Õ)

Óæfiª Ú≈Ò≈ ’ßßÓ √≈È Òæ◊∂Õ ¡Ω÷∂ ‘Ø ’∂ ‹ÁØ∫ ⁄≈

ÈÀ‰» ⁄≈‘∂ «ÂÂ» ÂØ∫ Ú∆‘ Íæ⁄∆ √≈Ò Úæ‚≈ √∆, Í ‹ÁØ∫

Íø‹ «ÁÈ ¶ÿ∂ ª Úæ‚≈ Óπß‚≈ ‚≈’‡ ’ØÒØ∫ Íπ椉

«ÓÒÁ≈ «ÂÂ» Á∂ ◊Ø‚∆∫ ‘æÊ ˜» Ò≈¿π∫Á≈ ¡Â∂ Íæ«Ò˙∫ «ÂÂ»

«◊¡≈ «’ ÏπÛ∑∂ ˘ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ’∆ ˛?

Ò¬∆ ◊π Á椉≈ Ú∆ ˜» ÒÀ ’∂ ‹ªÁ≈Õ

India's legendary actor and iconic personality Mr. Amitabh Bachchan turns 70 on 11th and the veteran continues to awe, awe and awe! The Big B (as he's fondly called), needs no introduction but this is a fan's humble attempt to talk about the man's greatness. The countdown for his 70th Birthday has begun and we list the first 25 reasons as to why we love Amitabh Bachchan. 1. Baritone voice - Amitabh Bachchan is known for his baritone voice and although he was rejected by All India Radio as an RJ (Radio Jockey), this turned out to be a blessing for Bollywood. He's been a narrator (for Satyajit Ray's Shatranj Ke Khilari and the Oscar-winning French documentary March of the Penguins) and a playback singer (Sharaabi, Khuda Gawah, Paa. Kahaani, Bol Bachchan and Silsila to name a few). 2. Angry Young Man of Hindi Cinema-The term that was famously coined by English playwright John Osborne, went on to become a catchphrase for Amitabh Bachchan. He portrayed the rebellious and disillusioned man in films like Deewaar, Zanjeer, Trishul, Agneepath and Shakti). 3. Legendary actor- With a career spanning four decades, Amitabh Bachchan has worked with the best directors and co actors in the Indian film fraternity. He has award winning performances to his credit and his films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Namak Haraam, Deewar, Anand, Abhimaan, Sharaabi and Sholay watched till date. His hits like Agneepath and Don have been remade but none match the originals! He was the 'Superstar' of Indian cinema for a quarter century before his down fall. 4. Iconic public figure- Wherever Amitabh Bachchan goes, "Line wahi se shuru hoti hain". 5. Family man- He is a doting father to both Shweta Nanda and Abhishek (AB Junior). His camaraderie and rapport with his children is evident at public events and in movies, where Big B and AB Junior have worked together. He recently made it to the success bash of Bol Bachchan to support Abhishek in spite of a hectic schedule. 6. Fighter- During the shooting of Coolie in 1982, he had a near fatal accident while shooting a fight sequence with co-star Puneet Issar. He condition was termed critical and he spent many months in hospital. He was even close to death but chose to fight and with the well wishes of family and close friends, he bounced back to life. This was christened as his re-birth. 7. Professional- Come hail or storm, Amitabh Bachchan lives up to his commitments. Out of the many incidents, the particular one that comes to mind is during the shooting of the film Sharaabi where Amitabh Bachchan burnt his hands. But being the professional he is, he continued to shoot by putting his hand in his coat pocket which went on to become a fashion statement in itself! 8. Good diction- No one has a better command over English and Hindi the way Big B has. He's articulate, well read and pronounces words to the tee. His fluency in both languages is impressive! 9. Dance- Amitabh Bachchan has his own unique style when it

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Parivartan November 2012


comes to dancing. He re interpreted Bhagwan dada's dance style

20. Doting Grandfather- He's known to be crazy about his grand

to give it the Amitabh stamp. This is evident in songs like (Jahan

children Navya Naveli Nanda, Agastya Nanda (Shweta Nanda's

Teri Yeh Nazar Hai, Khaike Paan Banaras Wala, Shava Shava and

kids) and baby Aaradhya Bachchan. The entire family is often seen

the list is endless).

at functions with Shweta Nanda's children. And with the recent

10. Dialogue delivery- Amitabh's dialogue delivery renders au-

birth of Aishwarya and Abhishek's daughter, baby Aaradhya, Big B

diences speechless. From "Rishtey mein to hum tumhare Baap

can't seem to get enough of her. At a recent press conference, Big

lagte hain, Naam hai Shahenshah" to "Don ka intezaar to 11 mulko

B said he was eager to rush back home to play with Aaradhya.

ki police kar rahi hai, par don ko pakadna muskil hi nahi namumkin

These kids are truly lucky to have him as their grandpa!

hai" dialogues form the USPs of his films.

21. Doting father in law- Big B does not differentiate between

11. Versatility- He has experimented with all genres of cinema

his children Abhishek & Shweta and his daughter in law Aishwarya

from playing comic roles (Namak Halal) to the intensely romantic

Rai Bachchan. Big B is very fond of his bahu and recently even

hero (Silsila) to the Angry Young Man (Deewar) to playing a child

went to the airport to receive her. The two are often seen at events

suffering from progeria (Paa) and a villain (Aankhen). Amitabh truly

together, to represent the Bachchan parivar. Ash said in an inter-

embodies the spirit of cinema!

view a while back that Amitabh Bachchan is the bestest.

12. Lineage- He is the son of the famous poet Harivansh Rai

22. Face of Supremo- Amitabh Bachchan is the facial carica-

Bachchan. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, whose original surname was

ture of the Indian comic book character 'Supremo' which is based

Shrivastava, adopted the pen name Bachchan that signified a child-

on him.

like spirit and it was this surname that Amitabh chose to use to make his debut in Hindi Cinema.

23. For being vegetarian- At a time when celebrities across the world are now being conscious of their food choices and are even

13. Superstar- After Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan was

turning vegan, Amitabh Bachchan has always been a vegetarian

the second superstar of the country. But with the sad demise of

by choice and has stuck to a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet.

Kaka (Rajesh Khanna), Big B recently Tweeted, "The word 'super-

24. Teetotaler-He abstains from alcohol and does not believe

star' was invented for him, and for me it shall ever remain his and

in social drinking. Though he's given the best drunken perfor-

no others". We appreciate the humility.

mances in his movies, Big B's a teetotaler! He's not one to be

14. Connect with people- Amitabh Bachchan is a people's person without having to make an effort. His connect with audiences, fans, celebrities, politicians and world leaders is effortless and come to him naturally and spontaneously.

embroiled in any drinking controversies and has always stayed clean from them! 25. Religious- Amitabh Bachchan is religious by nature (sometimes superstitious also) and follows Indian traditions, whether it

15. Active blogger & Twitterati- He has his own official blog

involves Abhishek and Aishwarya's wedding or it's the naming cer-

and is extremely active on the social networking site Twitter where

emony of Aaradhya to wearing different rings for religious pur-

he has 3, 646, 523 followers. Big B is conscientious and writes on

poses, he sure follows what the ancient Indian sutras say!

many topical issues. 16. Moves with the Times- Whether it's his dressing style or the roles he chooses (Cheeni Kum, Boom, Buddha Hoga Terra Baap) or it's his approach to new age directors and actors, Big B knows how to keep up with gen next.

Aamir interested in knowing Wanted’s collections It is learnt that Aamir Khan is keeping a close tab on his buddy Salman Khan’s film Wanted’s box office collections. The film

17. Real & reel life persona- Amitabh Bachchan has great poise,

has opened to bumper collections all over India in the single

excellent diction, is a great orator, well read and spoken personal-

screens and the multiplexes collections, if not as big, has been

ity, an altruist and an actor unparalleled by any in the history of

rising steadily as well. Aamir’s Ghajini was the last Bollywood

Indian cinema.

film to break big in the single screens and amass huge collec-

18. For giving trademark characters- From Vijay Dinanath


Chauhan in Agneepath (which was his character name for 20 films)

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan : The trade has been claiming

to Jay in Sholay and Subhash 'Sarkar' Nagare in Sarkar, no one

Wanted has over taken Ghajini at many centers and this has

can beat Amitabh when it comes to acting!

intrigued the perfectionist Aamir more. Though most of the crit-

19. His chemistry with Rekha - His onscreen chemistry with co-actor Rekha sparked of many rumours that went on to link the

ics have lashed the film out, Wanted has been conquering the box office even in its second week.

two together. Big B was married to Jaya Bachchan then and the

Incidentally, Aamir was invited personally by Salman to have a

iconic film 'Silsila' is said to be inspired by this love triangle. Rekha

dekko of his Wanted, days before its release. However, with

and Amitabh were seen together in films like Do Anjaane, Silsila,

Aamir being busy with his 3 Idiots it was not possible for him.

Suhaag, Muqaddar ka Sikandar and Mr. Natwarlal. Till date, the

But he seems to have finally watched the film on last weekend

camera pans on Amitabh and Rekha at all award functions.

and loved Salman’s act in it.


Parivartan November 2012

«Èæ’∆ ◊æÒ Úæ‚∆ ◊æÒ

«’Â∂ Íπ≈‰∆¡ª ⁄æÒ‰, «’Â∂ ÈÚ∆¡ª Ú∆ ÷Û∑∆¡ª

Ï≈Ï≈ Íπ¤Á≈ √∆ «’ ÌÒ≈ «¬‘ √≈∂ √拉 πÒÁ∂ «’√≈È ˘ ’≈‘ÂØ∫ È‘∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ ◊∆ª Â∂ «ÎÒÓª Á≈ «ÚÙ≈

¡æ‹ ’æÒ ÓΩ√Ó ÏÁÒ‰≈ Ùπ± ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ¬∂Õ «‹‘Û∂ √Ú∂∂ √≈‹∂ ÷∂ª ÚæÒ È‘∆∫ ‹ªÁ∂ ω≈¿π∫Á∂Õ ‹∂ ÊØ‚∂ ’ØÒ ‹π¡≈Ï ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ª Ï≈Ï∂ Ï÷ÂΩ∂ ‹ª Ù«‘ª ”⁄ «‘ßÁ∂ È∂, ¿πÈ∑ª ˘ Áæ√ «ÁßÈ∂ ¡ª «’ √Ú∂∂ ’π «‹‘∂ ÓΩ√Ó ’πfi ’πfi ·ß„≈ ˘ √Ófi≈ ¡≈«¬˙Õ ‘πßÁ≈ ¬∂, ÿ≈‘ ”Â∂ Â∂zÒ ÍÀ‰∆ Ùπ± ‘Ø ◊¬∆ ¬∂Õ ‹∆.‡∆. Ø‚ ”Â∂ √Ú∂∂ √Ú∂∂ ‹≈‰≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ª

«‡’∂ ‘Ø

Á± ÷∂ª «Ú⁄ ËπßÁ ͬ∆ «Á√Á∆ ¬∂Õ ÍæÙÓ Á∆¡ª ‡ØÍ∆¡ª, ‚æÏ∆¡ª Ú≈Ò∂ √≈Î∂, ‘Ò’∂ √Ú≈‡, ÷∂√ ÷∂√∆¡ª Ú∆ ‘ΩÒ∆-‘ΩÒ∆ ‡ß’ª ”⁄Ø∫ Ï≈‘ ˘ ¡≈¿π‰ Òæ◊ ͬ∂ È∂Õ

«Í¤∂ «‹‘∂ Íø‹≈Ï √’≈ È∂ Íø‹≈Ï ÍπÒ∆√ Á∂ BG

ÏÁÒÁ∂ ÓΩ√Ó Úª◊ ’ª◊√ Á≈ √’æÂ ≈‘∞Ò ◊ªË∆ ÁØ ’π «ÁÈ Íø‹≈Ï ”⁄ ‹ÁØ∫

¡¯√ª Á∂ ’ª‡∂ ÏÁÒ «ÁæÂ∂ Ô≈È∆ «’ ¿πȪ∑ Á∆¡ª √’≈

Á≈ ⁄æ’ Ó≈ ’∂ «◊¡≈ ¬∂, ¿πÁØ∫ Á≈ ’ª◊√ ”⁄ Ú∆ ÓΩ√Ó «‹‘≈ ÏÁÒ‰ Á∆ ◊æÒ ‘Ø

È∂ ÏÁÒ∆¡ª ’ «ÁæÂ∆¡ªÕ √≈∂ ‘π‰ ¡≈ÍØ ¡≈͉≈

‘∆ ¬∂Õ ’ÀÍ‡È ¡Ó«ßÁ «√ßÿ Á≈ ÷≈√∂ √Ó∂∫ ÂØ∫ ’ج∆ ◊Ó≈ ◊Ó ÷±ß‚∂ Î∂È Ú≈Ò≈

ÏØ∆¡≈ «Ï√Â≈ √Ó∂‡ ’∂ «¬ËØ∫ ¿πË Â∂ ¿πËØ∫ «¬Ë

’ج∆ «Ï¡≈È È‘∆∫ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ª ¿πÈ∑ª Á∂ «ÚØË∆¡ª È∂ ¡≈͉∂ «√ß◊ª ˘ Â∂Ò Ò≈¿π‰≈

Âπ∂ «ÎÁ∂ È∂Õ ¿π∫‹ Òæ◊Á≈ «¬‘ ¬∂ «’ Íπ«Ò√ ÂØ∫ Î∆Á’؇

Ùπ± ’ «ÁæÂ≈ ¬∂Õ ‹ÁØ∫ ≈‘πÒ ◊ªË∆ Íø‹≈Ï ¡≈«¬¡≈ √∆ ª ¤Ø‡∂ ÂØ∫ ÒÀ ’∂ Úæ‚∂ ’ª◊√∆

ÂØ∫ ¡◊Ú≈ ‘ج∆ Ù±Â∆ È≈Ó Á∆ «¬’ ÒÛ’∆ Á≈ ’∂√ ͱ≈ ˜Ø Ò≈¿π‰ Á∂ Ï≈Ú‹±Á ‘æÒ

Ò∆‚ Âæ’, ‘∂’ È∂ ‘∆ ’ÀÍ‡È Á∂ «ÚπæË ¡≈͉∆ ͱ∆ ÌÛ≈√ ’æ„∆ «’ «’Ú∂∫ ¿πÈ∑ª È∂

È‘∆∫ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ¡Â∂ Íπ«Ò√ Á∆ ÷≈√∆ ÏÁ÷Ø‘∆ ‘Ø ‘∆ ¬∂Õ ¿πÒ‡≈ Íπ«Ò√ ÚæÒØ∫ ¡≈͉∂ ÂΩ

◊Ò «‡’‡ª Á∆ Úß‚ ’’∂ ¡Â∂ Ì≈¬∆ ÌÂ∆‹≈Ú≈Á Á∂ «‘ ¡≈͉∂ ’¬∆ ÷≈√Ø ÷≈√

”Â∂ ‘∆ ’¬∆ Â∑ª Á∆¡ª ÓÈ ÿÛ ’‘≈‰∆¡ª Ú∆ ÿÛ ’∂ «¬√ ’∂√ ˘ ÷πÁ ÏπÁ

Ïß«Á¡ª Á∂ ’Ó˜Ø «ÙÂ∂Á≈ª ˘ «‡’‡ª Úß‚ ’∂ Ï◊≈Ú ’Ú≈ Ò¬∆Õ “¿πÂ ’≈‡Ø,

’È Á≈ ÔÂÈ ’∆Â≈ «◊¡≈ Í ‹ÁØ∫ √≈≈ Ù«‘ ‘∆ √Û’ª ”Â∂ ¡≈ «◊¡≈ ª Íπ«Ò√

ÓÀ∫ ⁄Û∑ª” Á∂ «‘√≈Ï È≈Ò «¬√ Ú≈ Íø‹≈Ï «Ú⁄ ¡’≈Ò∆¡ª ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á Íæ’≈ ‘∆

«÷Ò≈¯ √’≈ ˘ ’ج∆ ’≈Ú≈¬∆ ª ’È∆ ‘∆ ÍÀ‰∆ √∆Õ √Ø Ò◊Á≈ «¬’ ¡æË∂ ¡¯√

’ª◊√ Á∆ Ú≈∆ √∆ Í ’ÀÍ‡È ‘πª Á∂ «¬√ Íø◊∂ È∂ ‘æÊ «Ú⁄ ¡≈¬∆ Ïæ◊∆ «ÂæÂ∆

˘ ¿πÊØ∫ ÏÁÒ‰ Á∂ È≈ÒØ∫ ͱ∂ ’ØÛÓ∂ «Ú⁄ ‘∆ Ú≈ÚØÒ≈ «‹‘≈ ÒÀ ¡ªÁ≈Õ √Ø «¬√∂ Ï‘≈È∂

¿π‚≈ «ÁæÂ∆Õ «¬√ Ú≈√Â∂ Ï’≈«¬Á≈ «ÁæÒ∆ Âæ’ ’πfi ’ª◊√∆ È∂Â≈Úª È∂ ¡≈͉∆ Í‘πß⁄

¿πÊØ∫ Á∂ ¡¯√ Ú∆ ÏÁÒ∂ ◊¬∂Õ ¡ßÁØ ¡ßÁ∆ ÍπÒ∆√ ¡¯√ Ú∆ ÷πÙ ‘؉≈, Ϭ∆ Ó∂≈

«Î ÂØ∫ ω≈¿π‰∆ Ùπ± ’ «ÁæÂ∆ ¬∂Õ ¿πÈ∑ª Á≈ ’«‘‰≈ ¬∂ «’ ‘π‰ ’ÀÍ‡È ‘πª ”⁄ ¿π‘

¤π‡’≈≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈, √’≈ Ú∆ ≈‘ ӫ‘√±√ ’Á∆ ‘؉∆ ¡≈ Ϭ∆ ‘π‰ ÒØ’ «‡’

ÁÓ ÷Ó È‘∆∫ «‘≈, «ÚË≈È √Ì≈ ⁄؉ª ”⁄ ‘≈ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ‘π‰ ¿π‘ ’Ó∂‡∆¡ª Á∆¡ª


ÍzØ. ’ßÚÒ‹∆ «√ßÿ „πæ‚∆’∂ @IHADA-CEAEA

¡Â∂ ‘Ø ¤Ø‡∆¡ª Ó؇∆¡ª ⁄؉ª Ú∆ «‹Â≈ È‘∆∫ √’∂Õ √Ø ‘π‰ ‘≈¬∆’Óª‚ ˘ ’≈‡Ø ÿÀ∫ ’

Í ÒØ’ Ø‘ ‘π‰ «√¡≈√∆ ÙÂß‹∆ ⁄≈Òª ˘ √ÓfiÁ≈ ¬∂ ¡Â∂ «¬‘ Áω Á∆ Ï‹≈¬∂

Á∂‰∆ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ ¬∂ Â∂ ‘π‰ Íø‹≈Ï ’ª◊√ Á∆ ◊æ‚∆ Á≈ ‚≈¬∆Ú ÏÁÒ Á∂‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈

«¬√ ’Á ÚË «‘≈ ¬∂ «’ √’≈ Á∂ «‚͇∆ Óπæ÷ ÓßÂ∆ √≈«‘Ï Ú∆ Î∆Á’؇ «¬Ò≈’∂


«Ú⁄ ‹≈‰ ÂØ∫ ÂzÏ’ ‘∂ È∂Õ √Ø ¿πÊØ∫ Á∆ Íπ«Ò√ È∂ ’«‘ «ÁæÂ≈ ¬∂ «’ ‹∆, «¬Ë È≈ ‘∆ ◊æ‚∆ Á∂ ‚≈¬∆Ú Á∆ ◊æÒ √π‰ ’∂ √æÊ «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂ ’Â≈∂ ‚≈¬∆Ú ”⁄ Ú∆ ‹ØÙ

«‹‘≈ ¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ ’¬∆ «ÁÈ Á≈ ¸æÍ «‹‘≈ √∆, ’«‘ßÁ≈ - Ï≈¬∆ ‹∆, ÓÀ˘ ª ¬∂‘ ÍÂ≈ Ϭ∆ ‹ÁØ∫ ◊æ‚∆ Á∂ ‡≈«¬ «‹‘∂ ÿ√ ‹≈‰, ◊æ‚∆ Ëß±¡ª ¤æ‚‰ Òæ◊ ‹∂, ‚∆˜Ò Í∆‰ Òæ◊ Í∂, «¬ß‹‰ «Ó√ «‹‘≈ Ó≈È Òæ◊ ‹∂, ◊Ó ¤∂Â∆ ‘؉ Òæ◊ Í∂ ª ¿π√ ◊æ‚∆ ÂØ∫ ÌØ√≈

¡≈«¬˙, «‹Ê∂ ‘Ø «‡’∂ ‘Ø, «’¿π∫«’ ÒØ’ Ï‘π ’√±Â∂ √Ú≈Ò Íπæ¤Á∂ È∂Õ «¬È∑ª √Ú≈Òª Á≈ ‹π¡≈Ï «’√∂ ’ØÒ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ ¬∂Õ «Î ÌÒ≈ ‘È∂∂ «Ú⁄ ‘æÊ Ó≈Á∆ Íπ«Ò√ «¬È∑ª ÒØ’ª ˘ «’Ú∂∫ «‡’≈Ú∂◊∆Õ «¬√ Ï≈∂ ¡≈͉∆ ≈¬∂ ‹æ◊ ˜≈‘ ’«˙ ‹∆Õ

«Ú¡≈‘ «’Ú∂∫ ’Ú≈«¬¡≈

«‹‘≈ ¿π· ‹ªÁ≈ ‘πßÁ≈, «Î ‹ª ª Ú’Ù≈Í ”⁄ Ò≈ ’∂ ͱ≈ ‘∆ ’ßÓ «‹‘≈ ’Ú≈¿π‰≈ ÍÀ∫Á≈ ‘πßÁ≈ Â∂ ‹ª «Î ¿π√ ◊æ‚∆ ˘ Ï≈‘Ò∂ ÿ∂ ÷Û∑≈ ’∂ ÈÚ∆∫ ‘∆ ’„≈ ÒÀ‰∆ ·∆’ ‘πßÁ∆

«¬ß‚∆¡≈ ¡◊∂∫√‡ ’πæÍÙÈ Á∂ Óπæ÷ fiß‚≈ ÏÁ≈ ¡«ÚßÁ ’∂‹∆Ú≈Ò È∂ √ØÈ∆¡≈ Á∂ ¡≈Õ” ‹π¡≈¬∆ ≈Ï‡ Ú≈‚≈ ÚÒØ∫ ◊ªË∆ È«‘± Í«Ú≈ Á∂ È≈Ó ”Â∂ ’ØÛª Á∆ ’∆Â∆ Ï≈Ï≈ Ï÷ÂΩ≈ ’Â≈∂ Á∂ ◊æ‚∆-«◊¡≈È ˘ √π‰ ’∂ ‘æ√ «Í¡≈, ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ÂÀ˘ ª ’Ó≈¬∆ «ÚπæË ‘Ø ‘æÒ≈ ’È≈ Ùπ± ’∆Â≈ ¬∂ Â∂ ‘π‰ ’ª◊√ ¿π√ ÓπæÁ∂ ˘ ÁÏ≈¿π‰ Ú≈√Â∂ Ì≈Ú≈ ¡≈͉∆¡ª √Û’ª ”Â∂ ⁄æÒ‰ Ú≈Ò∆¡ª ◊æ‚∆¡ª Á≈ ‘∆ ÍÂ≈, ÂÀ˘ «√¡≈√∆ ’¬∆ ‘Ø ÓπæÂ∂ ¿πÌ≈ ‘∆ ¬∂Õ ◊æ‚∆¡ª Á≈ È‘∆∫ ÍÂ≈, «¬‘ ÍÂ≈ È∆∫ ’≈‘Á∂ ”Â∂ ⁄ÒÁ∆¡ª È∂, «¬Ê∂ ª ’¬∆ ÿ√∂ ‘≈Ò∂ Ú∆ ¡’√ ’Á∂ ’Á∂ √æÊ ”⁄ ◊æÒ «¤Û ÍÀ∫Á∆ ¬∂ «’ ‹Ø Ó˜∆ ’‘∆ ‹≈˙Õ ¿π√ ‡≈«¬ª, Ëß±¡ª ¤æ‚Á∂ «¬ß‹‰ª ¡Â∂ ¡ß‹ Íø‹ ‘ج∂ „ª⁄∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ ÁæÏ∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂ ¡Â∂ Ï≈¬∆ È∂ ’Ó≈¬∆ ª ’∆Â∆ ¬∂ Â∂ ˛ Ú∆ «¬‘ ‹π◊≈Û± ’Ó≈¬∆ ¬∂Õ √≈«¡ª ˘ ¡æ◊∂ Ò≈¬∆ «ÎÁ∂ È∂ ‹Á«’ ’¬∆ ¡ÀÈ ÈÚ∂∫ È’Ø «¬ß‹‰ª Ú≈Ò∂ ◊πæ·∂ √≈∂ ª ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈͉∂ «‘√≈Ï È≈Ò ÂÚ∂ Ò≈¿π∫Á∂ È∂ Í ’∂‘± ¡ÓÒ∆ Á≈ «ÁÓ≈◊ Ò≈¬∆È Òæ◊∂ ’¬∆ ’¬∆ √≈Ò Ï√ ¿π‚∆’∆ ‘∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂Õ È≈Ò∂ 屧 «’¡≈ ‹≈‰À ’ª◊√ ‘Ø ‘∆ Â∑ª ⁄ÒÁ≈ ‘πßÁ≈Õ ⁄ÒÁ∆¡ª ◊æÒª «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ’æÒ Íπ椉 Òæ◊ «Í¡≈ - Ï≈’∆ ’∆¡ª Ï≈ª ˘Õ” ◊æÒ «Ú⁄≈«˙ Ì≈¬∆Õ ¡Â∂ «‹‘Ø «‹‘≈ ÂÛ’≈ Òæ◊∆ ‹ªÁ≈, ¿π√ ˘ ◊æÒª ª ‹≈Ï∑ª Á≈ Ì∂Û ‘∆ ¬∂, Âπ√∆∫ ÓÀ˘ «¬‘ Áæ√Ø «’ ¿π√ ¡≈Ó «‹‘∂ Ï≈¬∆ È∂ √ØÈ∆¡≈ √πßÿ∆ ⁄æÒØÕ Ï‘πÂ≈ Ò±‰ «Ó⁄ Ï≈∂ «Î’ ’È Á∆ ÒØÛ È‘∆∫Õ ◊ªË∆ Á∆ Ï∂‡∆ «Íz¡≥’≈ È≈Ò «Ú¡≈‘ «’Ú∂∫ ’Ú≈«¬¡≈Õ”

fiØÈ≈ √πæ’∂ «’ «’√≈È √πæ’∂ Óß‚∆¡ª ”⁄ ¡ÀÂ’∆∫ «Î fiØÈ∂ Á∆ ÷∆Á Á≈ ‘≈Ò Ó≈Û≈ ¬∆ ¬∂Õ Í«‘Òª ª fiØÈ≈ ¸æ’‰ Ú≈Ò∆¡ª √’≈∆ ’ßÍÈ∆¡ª Ú≈Ò∂ ‘ÛÂ≈Ò ¿πÂ∂ ⁄Ò∂ ◊¬∂ ¡Â∂ Í«‘Ò∆ ¡’±Ï ÂØ∫ fiØÈ≈ ¸æ’‰ Á∆¡ª √’≈ Á∆¡ª √’∆Óª Ë∆¡ª Ë≈¬∆¡ª ‘∆ «‘ ◊¬∆¡ªÕ ‹ÁØ∫ ¿π‘ ÓπÛ ’∂ ¡≈¬∂ ª ¿πÁØ∫ ˘ √’≈∆ Ùª ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ Íø‹≈Ï «Ú⁄Ò∂ ÙÀÒª Ú≈Ò∂ ‘ÛÂ≈Ò ”Â∂ ⁄Ò∂ ◊¬∂Õ √Ø “‹æ‡≈ Â∂∆ ‹±È Ïπ∆” Ú≈Ò∆ ’‘≈Ú ‘ Ú≈ Úª◊ «Î ÂØ∫ Ô≈Á ¡≈¿π‰ Òæ◊∆ ¬∂Õ Í«‘Òª √’≈ ’«‘ßÁ∆ √∆ «’ fiØÈ≈ √πæ’≈ Óß‚∆¡ª «Ú⁄ ÒÀ ’∂ ¡≈˙, ‘π‰ Ò◊Á≈ «¬‘ ¿π‚∆«’¡≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ «’ «¬√ √πæ’∂ fiØÈ∂ ˘ «’ËØ∫ ’ج∆ Ó∆∫‘ ’‰∆ ¡≈ ’∂ «Ì¿π∫ ‹≈Ú∂ Â∂ «Î ÓΩ’≈ «ÓÒ ‹≈Ú∂ «’ ‘π‰ ‘Ø √πæ’ ÒÀ‰ «Á˙Õ È≈Ò∂ fiØÈ≈ ª √πæ’∂ ⁄≈‘∂ È≈ √πæ’∂, Óß‚∆¡ª «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·≈ Íø‹≈Ï Á≈ ¿π‘ ‹æ‡ ˜± √πæ’∆ ‹ªÁ≈, «‹√ ˘ Íø‹≈Ï Á∂ √«Ì¡≈⁄≈ Á∂ ≈÷∂ ¿π¯ ◊≈«¬’ Ú∆ ‘∂’ ◊≈‰∂ «Ú⁄ ¯Òª ¸æ’∆ Â∂ ◊Ò≈√∆¡ª Ò≈¿π∫Á≈ «Á÷≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂ Â∂ ¿π√ Á∂ Ȫ ”Â∂ «Î ÂØ∫ «¯ÒÓª ω≈ ω≈ ’∂ «Á÷≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂Õ

Ï≈Ï∂ È∂ «fiÛ’ ”Â≈ - 屧 ¸æÍ ’’∂ ÏÀ·≈ «‘, «Íz¡ß’≈ Á∆ ‘Ø ’ج∆ ÌÀ‰ ˛ È∆, «¬Ë ¿πË Á∆¡ª È≈ √Ø«⁄¡≈ ’, Ï≈ͱ Â∂≈ «’ßÈ∂ «ÁÈ Á≈ Óß‚∆ ÏÀ·≈, 屧 Ú∆ ¿πÊ∂ ‹≈«¬¡≈ ’Õ” ’∂‘± ’πfi Á∂ ª ¸æÍ ’’∂ ÏÀ·≈ «‘≈, «Î ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ¿πÊ∂ Ú∆ ‹≈È≈ ‘πßÈ≈, Í ¿πÊ∂ Ù≈Ó ˘ ‡ÀÓ «√ ‘∆ ‹≈¬∆Á≈Õ” ‘π‰ ’∂‘± Á∂ “‡ÀÓ” Á∂ ¡Ê Âπ√∆∫ ¡≈Í∂ ’æ„ «Ò˙Õ

‹∂Ï ’應 Á≈ ‹π◊≈Û √∆ √≈≈ «Í¤∂ «‹‘∂ ≈‘πÒ ◊ªË∆ ’ØÒ ‹ÁØ∫ Íß‹≈Ï Á∂ ’ª◊√∆¡ª È∂ ’ÀÍ‡È «ÚπæË ÓØ⁄≈ ÷ØÒ∑ «ÁæÂ≈ ª «√¯ ’ÀÍ‡È ˘ ‘∆ ÍÂ≈ ‘؉≈, Ϭ∆ ¡≈‘ ª ’ßÓ ’√±Â≈ ‘∆ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ ’∂‘± È∂ ¤æ‚∆, ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ◊æÒ ¿π‘∆ ¡≈, Ϭ∆ ’∂ª ¤Í≈ Á∂ Ó∂Ò∂ ”⁄ √≈‚∂ ÂØÂ∆ ¡ÓÒ∆ Á∆ ‹∂Ï ’æ‡∆ ◊¬∆, B@-E@ Á≈ Èπ’√≈È ‘Ø «◊¡≈, ¿π‘˘ Íπ椉, Ó∂Ò≈ «’Ú∂∫ Òæ◊≈, ª ’‘∂, Ó∂Ò≈-Ó±Ò≈ ’πfi È∆ √∆, ¡ÀÚ∂∫ Ó∂∂ ‹∂Ï ’應 Á≈ ‹π◊≈Û √∆ √≈≈Õ” √Ø Ò◊Á≈ ‘π‰ ’ÀÍ‡È ‘π∆∫ Ú∆ ¡À∫ ‘∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘؉∂ ¡≈”


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