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Parivartan September 2013

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about Japan Are we going to learn, not all...! just a little!?

Cut Your Meeting Time by 90%

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Annual Stella Awards Are the Courts in the US so bizarre

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Dear Punjab’s Political Sirs

Title Photo √Î≈ AB, AC”Â∂ “Í«ÚÂÈ” «Ú⁄ ¤Í∆¡ª ⁄È≈Úª Á∂ Ò∂÷’ª ÚÒØ∫ Íz◊‡≈¬∂ ◊¬∂ «Ú⁄≈ «ÈØÒ ¿πȪ∑ Á∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‘È ¡Â∂ √ßÍ≈Á’ Á≈ ¿πȪ∑ È≈Ò √«‘Ó ‘؉≈ ˜±∆ È‘∆∫Õ Í«ÚÂÈ

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«Ú⁄ ¤Í∂ ¡≈‡∆’Ò «’√∂ Â∑ª Á∆ ’≈˘È∆ ‹ª «√˪’ √Ò≈‘ È‘∆∫ ‘ÈÕ «¬Ù«Â‘≈ª

Positive things you should say today

«Ú⁄ ’∆Â∂ Ú≈¡«Á¡ª ‹ª ◊ÒÂ∆¡ª Ò¬∆ “Í«ÚÂÈ” ˘ «˜ßÓÚ ∂ ≈ È‘∆∫ ·«‘≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈Õ Í≈·’ ‘ «¬’ Ó√Ò∂ ”Â∂ Ó≈«‘ª Á∆ √Ò≈‘ ÒÀ‰ ‹∆Õ Íß‹≈Ï∆ Óª ÏØÒ∆ Á∂ √«Â’≈ Ò¬∆ Í⁄∂ ˘ √ªÌ‰ Òæ«◊¡ª «¬æ˜Â Ï÷Ù‰ Á∆ «¥Í≈ÒÂ≈ ’È∆Õ

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Parivartan September 2013

Jasbeer Singh


As India celebrated the anniversary of its

We don’t feel happy to see the flight of capital from India, or to

independence day in August 1947, the

see its currency devalue in comparison to other international cur-

prime minister delivered his annual speech

rencies, or to see our family and friends in India having to work

from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in

even harder to make ends meet, or to see their hopes of material

Delhi. Highlighting the past achievements, he urged people to

sufficiency shattered, to see their access to quality education and

focus on a brighter future. Taking credit for the Right to Information

healthcare seriously curtailed, or to see them in tighter grip of

(RTI) act, he said that “the Act frequently brings to light irregulari-

social, moral and economic corruption; but we sincerely hope that

ties and corruption and opens the door for improvements”.

all this pain and suffering will stir their conscience and prompt

Is corruption in India such a rare or well hidden phenomenon

them to take firm, decisive and corrective action.

that one must invoke the provisions of the RTI act to obtain some

As a small first step, people could lawfully mobilize strong sup-

relevant information and then go to the courts or the media to

port for the Supreme Court’s decision to close the legislative doors

acquaint the public with yet another dimension of the widespread

to people who have been convicted and jailed for their

and unavoidable ugly reality that no Indian can escape from?

crimes.Imagine, the highest court in the land was compelled to

A nationwide movement led by Anna Hazare highlighted the

take notice of the fact that almost one in three legislators in India’s

extent to which the general public is fed up with the corruption in

state assemblies as well as in the national parliament had a crimi-

public affairs, particularly in the functioning of the government - be

nal past.

it municipal, provincial or central. While the pressure of the public

“According to findings of ADR, an NGO, 162 sitting MPs face

demand led the central government to prepare a ‘Lokpal Bill’ that

criminalcharges in various cases of which 76 involve offences

awaits finalization and enactment, the public is already worried

punishable withimprisonment of more than five years. Similarly, a

about its outcomes.

total of 1,460 MLAsface criminal charges in various courts. 30 per

The business community is concerned that a caution in demanding and accepting illegal gratification on the part of public

cent of these arepunishable with more than five years’ imprisonment”.

officials may result in unacceptable delays in getting the neces-

The Election Commission had repeatedly sought an amend-

sary paperwork out of the bureaucracy. What is worse, ‘getting the

ment of the law to effectively ban the convicted individuals from

work done in a timely manner with some illegal monetary lubrica-

seeking elected office.

tion of the bureaucracy; or not getting it done at all?’ they ask. The

In a landmark judgement that could cleanse Parliament and

bureaucrats or the public officials are gearing up to add additional

Assemblies of criminals, the Supreme Court had on July 10, 2013

‘premium’ to their service charges - what if they get caught and

struck down a provision in the electoral law that protected a con-

prosecuted or fired?

victed lawmaker fromdisqualification on the ground of pendency

Add to that, the woes related to the flight of foreign capital. The

of appeal in higher courts.

actual loss of investment is only a tip of the iceberg compared to

In response, an all-party group of politicians voiced concern

the loss of the potential investment to ‘Incredible India’ by the

over ‘erosion of supremacy’ of Parliament, with demands being

foreign investors and the NRI community.

made for a change in the mechanism of higher judiciary appoint-

The temptation of the business opportunities offered by a ‘middle

ments and a response to the recent Supreme Court judgements

class, larger than the entire population of the United States’, did

on disqualification of legislators and barring those behind bars

induce many large multi-national business enterprises to secure

from contesting elections.

a ‘toe hold’ in the ‘market of the future’; but unfortunately, that glitter is wearing thin. Perhaps, nothing will dissuade an American or a Canadianfrom doing business more, than the compulsion to bribe government

In a major blow to politicians and the Parliament, theSupreme Court on Wednesday (September 04, 2013) refused to review a judgement that bannedconvicted law makers from sitting in Parliament.

officials, all the way from the lowest ranking peon to the highest

While the courts need to deliver justice to the citizens who have

level of the elected or unelected officials and decision-makers.

been wronged in any way, in India, it appears, the highest court in

Add to that the prospects of litigation and the embarrassment in

the land needs to defend itself against challenges from the elected

the home country, should such nefarious activities come to light -

officials; not just any elected officials - the ones convicted of crimi-

even if a shadowy figure of a ‘public relations consultant’ is intro-

nal offences and jailed.

duced in the middle.

Would that be, what someone could call ‘Incredible India’?


Parivartan September 2013

Managing Time

“Managers do things right,

No meetings to “report.”

while leaders do the right

No meetings to “present.”

thing(s).” - Warren Bennis,

No meetings to “check.”

scholar and organizational ex-

No meetings to “dialogue.”


No meetings to “evaluate.”

Most advice on meetings fo-

No meetings to “connect.”

cuses on the “how.” But the ef-

No meetings to “think.”

fort to improve meetings must

No meetings to “consider.”

start with the “what.” No matter

No meetings to “educate.”

how efficiently you meet about the wrong things, they are still

No meetings to anything but “decide and commit.”

the wrong things to meet about.

Of course, in order to decide

I have sat in hundreds of bad

and commit it is necessary to

meetings : no goals, no agenda,

share information, monitor

no preparation, no documents,

progress, provide updates, re-

no schedule, no minutes, no ac-

view materials, discuss ideas,

tion items, no follow-up, and so

analyze options, and evaluate

on. We all hate these meetings.

costs and benefits. These are

We all want to improve them.

very reasonable ways to spend

That’s why Influencers’ posts

the time of a meeting.

on meeting management are some of the most popular.

But those are intermediate goals; the final goal is to per-

But they do not address what

form. And to perform effectively

I consider the major problem :

a team needs to decide intelli-

Most meeting time is wasted

gently, commit resolutely, and

because people aim at the

execute impeccably. A good

wrong target.

meeting focuses on the first

In this post, I will suggest a way to cut your meeting time.

two, in order to accomplish the third.

Not by meeting about the same

Swing Through The Ball

things faster, but by meeting

If you learned tennis or golf

about fewer things. This recom-

you must have heard your in-

mendation has reduced meet-

structor say, “swing through the

ing time by 90% in one of my

ball.” If you swing at the ball you


will cut your swing short and will

This does not mean that you

hit with significantly less power.

can do the work in 10% of the

Of course you will hit the ball as

time. You have to devote signifi-

you swing through it, but the

cant out-of-meeting effort to re-

right aim is to finish the swing,

solve the issues, but working

not to hit the ball.

more efficiently, enjoying a hap-

In the same spirit, “Meet to

pier mood, and achieving bet-

decide and commit.” If you meet

ter results.

to discuss, you will cut your ef-

Of course, in order to decide and commit it is necessary to share information, “to decide and commit.” No other monitor progress, provide updates, reobjective is worth meeting for. view materials, discuss ideas, anaNo meetings to “discuss.” lyze options, and evaluate costs and benNo meetings to “update.” efits. These are very reasonable ways to No meetings to “review.” spend the time of a meeting. No meetings to “inform.” What’s The Secret?

fort short and will work with sig-

The only goal for a meeting is

nificantly less power. Of course, you will discuss in order to decide and commit, but the right aim is to do, not to talk. Yet many teams practice “voodoo management.” They believe that talking about an issue is

Managing Time

Parivartan September 2013


enough to (magically) solve it. They take pride of “working” on

IT companies in the world, whom I have been helping for several

something while they only express opinions about what “ought to

years, have stopped meeting (by video-conference) four hours a

be done.” But as I wrote here, there is no action without commit-

week to “monitor progress” of their different projects. They now

ment. Not surprisingly, everybody feels frustrated because the is-

use shared documents where each project owner writes a review

sue remains unsolved “after all the time we spent talking about it.”

with three points: (a) what have we done last week, (b) what are we

The Value of Information

planning to do next week, (c) any is-

Imagine you are locked up in a

sues I need help to resolve. Only

cell, incommunicado, for the next 24

when (c) requires the whole team’s

hours. I offer to tell you the winning

interaction there is a team meeting.

number of the lottery that will be

Otherwise, there are sub-team

picked this very evening. The will-

meetings on the side to deal with


the specifics.



$100,000,000, is still available. How

Only people relevant to the mat-

much should you pay for the infor-

ter are invited to this side conversa-


tions. Nobody sits idle during the


discussion, and everybody present

This information is worthless to

has a valuable role to play in decid-

you because you cannot act on it.

ing and committing to solve the problem.

Information is valuable insofar as it may allow you to produce

The team now meets every four months in person, to explore

better results that you would have gotten without it. Unless the

new strategies and connect at a human level. Everybody loves

information may lead you to act differently than you would have

these meetings, which take about 10% of the time the weekly

acted had you not known it, its value is zero.

updates used to take.

Since you can neither buy, nor ask someone else to buy the lottery ticket, the winning number is worthless to you. The same thing happens with a meeting. Unless the meeting may lead people to act in a different way they would have acted had they not had the meeting, its value is zero - no matter how efficiently it is run.

The Acid Test Pick a red marker and search your agenda for terms such as “discuss,” “update,” “review,” and other non-decisive verbs. Cross them out and see what is left. Then put any remaining item through the following three-question test:

An Expensive Proposition

1. “What will we do differently if we succeed in this meeting?”

Meeting requires that all participants be in the same (virtual)

2. “Why do we need to meet to accomplish this?”

place at the same time. This is an expensive proposition. There is

3. “How will this help us further the goal of the team?”

only one practical reason to justify it : the interactive design and

I bet that 90% of your meeting time goes away.

evaluation of alternative strategies, and the collective decision and

Fred Kofman

commitment to pursue the strategy that the team believes is most

Executive Coach - Philosopher - Author of Conscious Business

conducive to its mission. (There are social and emotional reasons to get together, but regular meetings pursue tasks, rather than relationship goals.) There are many ways for a team to stay up to date on the status of initiatives, receive progress reports, share information, request clarifications, ask questions, express concerns, raise objections, make suggestions, and propose options without having to meet. Email and shared documents seem almost prehistoric in comparison to the many e-tools available today, but even they work quite well. The single thing that can only be done interactively is to assess the global impact of alternative courses of action on the team’s mission. This exercise requires pooling each member’s information about her area of responsibility and her knowledge about the opportunities and threats that it will trigger in her local environment. For example, a global leadership team from one of the top three

’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘È «’ √Óª ÏÁÒ‰ ‘≈ ˛, Â∂ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ ¡Èπ√≈ ‘ ⁄∆‹ ÏÁÒ ‘∆ ˛Õ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ ¡Èπ√≈ ÓÈπæ÷ Á∆ √Ø⁄ «Ú⁄ Ú∆ ÂÏÁ∆Ò∆ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ˛Õ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò ÓÈπæ÷ Á∂ √Ø’≈ ÏÁÒÁ∂ ‘∂ ‘È Â∂ ÏÁÒ ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ Í Ë≈«Ó’ ÷∂Â «Ú⁄ √Á∆¡ª ÂØ∫ ⁄æÒÁ∂ ¡≈ ‘∂ ∆Â∆ «Ú≈‹, ¡Â∂ Ë≈«Ó’ √Ø’≈ ‘Ó∂Ùª Óπæ„Ò∂ √Ó∂∫ «Ú⁄ «ÈË≈ ’∆Â∂ ◊¬∂ Ë≈«Ó’ È∂Ó ’≈˘È ¡È��√≈ ‘∆ ⁄æÒÁ∂ ¡≈¬∂ ‘È, Í Ô±Í Á∆¡ª ¡Á≈Òª ¡Â∂ √’≈ª «¬È∑ª ◊æÒª ˘ «ÏÒ’πÒ ‹ ¡≥Á≈˜ ’Á∆¡ª ‘ج∆¡ª «¬√ ◊æÒ ”Â∂ Ï«‹æÁ ‘È «’ Ë≈«Ó’ ’æ‡ÛÂ≈ ˘ ÿæ‡ ’È «‘æ ¡«‹‘∂ ÎÀ√Ò∂ ÒÀ‰∂ ˜±∆ ‘È, «‹√ «‘ Ë≈«Ó’ Úæ÷Â≈ ¡Â∂ ’æ‡ÛÂ≈ ˘ ‹Û∑Ø∫ ÷ÂÓ ’∆Â≈ ‹≈ √’∂Õ «Í¤Ò∂ «ÁÈ∆∫ Ô±Í∆ Í≈Ò∆ÓÀ∫‡ Á≈ ¡≈«¬¡≈ Ë≈«Ó’ ’æ‡ÛÂ≈ ˘ ÷ÂÓ ’È Ò¬∆ ¡«‹‘≈ ‘∆ «¬’ ’≈˘È «¬√∂ Ù∂z‰∆ «Ú⁄ æ÷ ’∂ Á∂«÷¡≈ ‹≈‰≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ˛Õ Ô±Í∆¡È Ô±È∆¡È Á∆ √πÍz∆Ó ’Ø‡ È∂ √ßÈ B@@I «Ú⁄ «ÁæÂ∂ ¡≈͉∂ «¬’ ÎÀ√Ò∂ «Ú⁄ «‹√ «Ú⁄ √πÍz∆Ó ’Ø‡ È∂ Ô±Í∆ ÓπÒ’ª Á∂ √’±Òª ’≈Ò‹ª «Ú⁄ Ë≈«Ó’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª ˘ Í«‘ȉ ¿πºÂ∂ ͱÈ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Ò≈¬∆ √∆Õ «¬√ «‘ ԱÍ∆ ÓπÒ’ª Á∂ √’±Òª «Ú⁄ «Ô√± Ó√∆‘ Á∂ ’≈¬∆√ Á∂ «ÈÙ≈È ‘‡≈¿π‰ Á∆¡ª ‘Á≈«¬Âª Ú∆ ‹≈∆ ’∆Â∆¡ª ◊¬∆¡ª √ÈÕ «¬√∂ «‘ «‹Ê∂ Óπ√ÒÓ≈Ȫ Á∂ Ïπ’≈ Í«‘ȉ ¡Â∂ «√æ÷ª Á∂ Á√Â≈ ÏßÈ∑‰ Ú◊∂ Ë≈«Ó’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª Ú∆ ¡≈ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, «‹√ ’’∂ Á√Â≈ ”Â∂ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Òæ◊‰∆ Ú∆ √πÌ≈Ú’ ‘∆ ˛Õ √≈∂ Ô±Í∆ ÓπÒ’ª Á∂ √’≈∆ √’±Òª «Ú⁄Ø∫ √≈∂ Ë≈«Ó’ ¡Â∂ Á≈Ù«È’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª ¿πÍ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ «¬√ √≈Ò Á∂ √ÂßÏ ÂØ∫ Ò◊ ‘∆ ˛Õ «‹‘Û∆ «’ B@@I «Ú⁄ Òæ◊ ‹≈‰∆ √∆ Í Ï‘π  √≈∆¡ª Ë≈«Ó’ ‹Ê∂Ï≥Á∆¡ª Á∂ ¡Á≈Ò «Ú⁄ ‹≈‰ ’’∂ ⁄≈ √≈Ò Ò∂‡ ‘Ø ◊¬∆Õ «¬√ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆ Ùæ’ È‘∆∫ «¬‘ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Óπ√ÒÓ≈Ȫ È≈Ò √Ïß«Ë ˛, ‹Ø «’ Ïπ’≈ ¡Â∂ ‡ØÍ∆ ”Â∂ ¡Ë≈ ˛Õ Í «√æ÷ª Á∆ Á√Â≈ ‹Ø «’ «¬’ «√æ÷ Á∆ Ù≈È ¡Â∂ Í«‘⁄≈‰ ’’∂ Ú∆ ÓßÈ∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ Á√Â≈ Ú∆ «¬√ Á∂ ÿ∂∂ «Ú⁄ ¡≈ ‘∆ ˛Õ Ì≈Ú∂∫ «¬‘ ’≈˘È ‹ÓÈ, Îª√ ¡Â∂ ÏÀÒ‹∆¡Ó ¡≈«Á Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ √ıÂ∆ È≈Ò Ò≈◊± ‘Ø ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ ÏÀÒ‹∆¡Ó Á∂ √π⁄∂ «√æ÷ª Á∂ ¿πÁÓ È≈Ò ¿πÊØ∫ Á∂ ’πfi «Èæ‹∆ ’ÀÊØ«Ò’ √’±Òª

√≈∂ Ô±Í∆ ÓπÒ’ª Á∂ √’≈∆ √’± Ò ª «Ú⁄Ø ∫ √≈∂ Ë≈«Ó’ ¡Â∂ Á≈Ù«È’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª ¿πÍ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ «¬√ √≈Ò Á∂ √ÂßÏ ÂØ∫ Ò◊ ‘∆ ˛Õ «‹‘Û∆ «’ B@@I «Ú⁄ Òæ ◊ ‹≈‰∆ √∆ Í Ï‘π  √≈∆¡ª Ë≈«Ó’ ‹Ê∂Ï≥Á∆¡ª Á∂ ¡Á≈Ò «Ú⁄ ‹≈‰ ’’∂ ⁄≈ √≈Ò Ò∂‡ ‘Ø ◊¬∆Õ «¬√ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆ Ùæ’ È‘∆∫ «¬‘ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Óπ√ÒÓ≈Ȫ È≈Ò √Ïß«Ë ˛, ‹Ø «’ Ïπ’≈ ¡Â∂ ‡ØÍ∆ ”Â∂ ¡Ë≈ ˛Õ Í «√æ÷ª Á∆ Á√Â≈ ‹Ø «’ «¬’ «√æ÷ Á∆ Ù≈È ¡Â∂ Í«‘⁄≈‰ ’’∂ Ú∆ Óß È ∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ Á√Â≈ Ú∆ «¬√ Á∂ ÿ∂∂ «Ú⁄ ¡≈ ‘∆ ˛Õ

È∂ «√æ÷ª Á∂ È∞Ó≈«¬≥«Á¡ª ˘ «√æ÷ Ïæ«⁄¡ª Á∂ Á√Â≈ ¡Â∂ Íø‹ ’’≈ Í«‘ȉ Á∆ ÷πæÒ∑ Á≈ «ÚÙÚ≈√ «ÁæÂ≈ ˛Õ «’¿π∫«’ ÏÀÒ‹∆¡Ó «Ú⁄ «¬√ √ÀÙÈ ÂØ∫ «¬√ √’≈∆ √’±Òª «Ú⁄ ’≈˘È ¡ÓÒ∆ ±Í ÒÀ‰ ‹≈ «‘≈ ˛, Í Á±√∂ Í≈√∂ ‹ÁØ∫ ¡√∆∫ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∆ √«ÊÂ∆ ‹≈‰È «‘æ ¡≈͉∂ ’πfi «¬‡≈Ò∆¡È ÁØ√ª Á∆ √‘≈«¬Â≈ È≈Ò «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ «√æ«÷¡≈ «ÚÌ≈◊ Âæ’ «¬√ ’≈˘È Á∂ Ò≈◊± ‘؉ Á∆ ÍπÙ‡∆ √ßÏßË∆ ‹ÁØ∫ √ÍÙ‡∆’È ¡Â∂ È؇∆«Î’∂ÙÈ ÒÀ‰ Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ’∆Â∆ ª «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄ «¬‘Ȫ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ◊Ó∆¡ª Á∆¡ª √’≈∆ ¤πæ‡∆¡ª ‘؉ ’’∂ √’≈∆ ÍπÙ‡∆ È‘∆∫ ‘Ø √’∆Õ Í Á±‹∂ Í≈√∂ Íz≈Í ‹≈‰’≈∆ ¡Èπ√≈ Ô±Í∆¡È √πÍz∆Ó ’Ø‡ È∂ AD √ÂßÏ B@A@ ˘ «¬’ ‹È «‘æ Á≈«¬ ͇∆ÙÈ ÈßÏ FAC Î≈«¬Ò Á≈ ÎÀ√Ò≈ «Áß«Á¡ª ‘Ø«¬¡ª G ¡’±Ï B@A@ ˘ ͱ∆ Â∑ª Ë≈«Ó’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª ”Â∂ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Á∂ ¡≈Á∂Ù √π‰≈¬∂ √ÈÕ √πÍz∆Ó ’Ø‡ È∂ «¬√ ÎÀ√Ò∂ Á∂ ‘æ’ «Ú⁄ ÏØÒ«Á¡ª «’‘≈ «’ ¡√∆∫ «’√∂ Â∑ª Á∆ Ú∆ ÓÈπæ÷∆ ¡«Ë’≈ª Á∆ ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ «¬‘ Ë≈«Ó’ ’≈˘Èª Á∂ ¡√±Òª Á∆ ’ج∆ ¿π¶ÿ‰≈ √ÓfiÁ∂ ‘ª, √◊Ø∫ ¡√∆∫ Ó≈ÈÚÂ≈ Á≈ fiß‚≈ Ïπ¶Á ’È «‘æ √Ì ˘ «¬’ √±Â «Ú⁄ Ïæfi∂ Á∂÷‰ Á∂ ⁄≈‘Ú≈È ‘ªÕ «¬‡Ò∆ È∂ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∆ √ß«ÚË≈È Á∂ «Ú⁄ Á‹ ’≈˘È Ë≈«Ó’ √πÂßÂÂ≈ «Ú⁄ √ØË ’’∂ ‹Ø «’ «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄ BB Ó¬∆ AIGE ˘ Í≈√ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ √∆ Á∂ AEB ÈßÏ ’≈˘È Á∂ ¡≈‡∆’Ò ÈßÏ E «Ú⁄ √ØË ’’∂ «¬√ ˘ Ò≈◊± ’ «ÁæÂ≈ ˛Õ «¬‘

«Ú⁄≈ ’؉

Parivartan September 2013


’≈˘È «¬‡Ò∆ È∂ √ßÈ B@@I (AF@@BEBG@) «¬√ «‘ ÓÂ≈ Í≈ ’∂ Á‹ ’ «Ò¡≈ Áæ«√¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ ‹Ø «’ BF ‹±È B@AC ÂØ∫ Ò≈◊± ‘Ø «◊¡≈ Áæ«√¡≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ «¬Ê∂ «˜’ ÔØ◊ ˛ «’ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ «√æ÷ «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄ √’≈∆ ÂΩ ”Â∂ «√æ÷ ËÓ Á∆ «‹√‡z∂ÙÈ Á≈ ’∂√ ª Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ‘≈ ¸æ’∂ ‘ÈÕ ‹Ø «’ «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄ Íø‹ ’’≈ª Á∂ Í«‘ȉ ¿πºÂ∂ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Ò≈¿π∫Á≈ ˛ Í √’≈ ’ØÒ ÓπÛ «Ú⁄≈ Á∆ Ì≈Ú∂∫ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ «√æ÷ª È∂ ¡Í∆Ò ˜± ’∆Â∆ ‘ج∆ ˛Õ ¿πÊ∂ ‘π‰ «¬√ ’≈˘È Á∂ Ò≈◊± ‘Ø ‹≈‰ È≈Ò ¿π√ ’∂√ ¿πºÂ∂ «¬‘ ÈÚª ¡≈«¬¡≈ ’≈˘È ‘Ø Ú∆ Ó≈Û≈ ¡√ Í≈Ú∂◊≈Õ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∆ ÓΩ‹±Á≈ ¡≈¬∆ ‘ج∆ ÈÚ∆∫ √’≈ ÂØ∫ ’ج∆ «¬√ √ÏßË «Ú⁄ Ï‘πÂ∆ ¡≈√ È‘∆∫ æ÷∆ ‹≈ √’Á∆ «’ ¿π‘ «√º÷ª Á∆ «¬√ Ë≈«Ó’ ’∂√ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆ ÓÁÁ ’ √’∂, «’¿π∫«’ «¬√ «Ú⁄ ’πfi ¡«‹‘∂ Ò∂◊≈ Í≈‡∆ Ú◊∂ ÁÒ Ù≈«ÓÒ ‘È ‹Ø «’ ¡ßÈ∆ Á∂Ù Ì◊Â∆ ’’∂ ‹≈‰∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, ‹Ø «’ ‘Ó∂Ùª ‘∆ È√Ò∆ «ÚÂ’«¡ª Á∆ ˜«‘

«√æ÷∆ Íæ÷∆ ‘؉ Á≈ Á≈¡Ú≈ ª ’Á∆ ˛, Í ¿π√ È∂ Ú∆ ¡‹∂ Âæ’ «ÚÁ∂Ùª «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂

¿π◊ÒÁ∂ «‘ßÁ∂ ‘È, «‹Ú∂∫ Ì≈ «Ú⁄ «ÙÚ √ÀÈ≈ Ú◊∆¡ª ’æ‡Û Í≈‡∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ

«√æ÷ª Á∆¡ª ÓπÙ’Òª ˘ «Ë¡≈È «Ú⁄ æ÷«Á¡ª ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ¿π‘Ȫ Á∂ «√æ÷∆ √±Í ˘

ÓΩ‹±Á≈ «¬‡Ò∆ Á≈ ◊z«‘ ÓßÂ∆ Ú∆ «¬√ Í≈‡∆ È≈Ò ‘∆ √Ï≥«Ë ˛Õ

ω≈¬∆ æ÷‰ Ò¬∆ Ì≈ √’≈ Á∂ Áπ¡≈≈ ¡«‹‘≈ ’ج∆ ¿πÍ≈Ò≈ È‘∆∫ ’Â≈ «‹√

«‹√ ÂØ∫ «’√∂ «ÚÁ∂Ù∆ Á∂ ÌÒ∂ Á∆ ¡≈√ È‘∆∫ ’∆Â∆ ‹≈ √’Á∆Õ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ ‹Ò

Á∆ ÙÒ≈ÿ≈ ’∆Â∆ ‹≈ √’∂Õ

√À«È’ª Á∂ Ó√Ò∂ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ‘π‰ ª ‘Ø Ú∆ ÷≈√ ’’∂ Ì≈Â∆¡ª È≈Ò ‘Ø Ú∆ Ó≈Û≈

«ÚÁ∂Ùª «Ú⁄ ÏÀ·∂ «√æ÷ª Á∆¡ª «√æ÷∆ √±Í ˘ ÒÀ ÓπÙ’Ò «Ú⁄ «ÁÈØ∫ «ÁÈ Ú≈Ë≈

√Ò±’ ’∆Â≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ ‹≈‰-Ϻ∞fi ’∂ ¿πÒfi≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛ Â∂ «¬√ ’∂√ ˘ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂

‘πßÁ≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ ˛Õ Ì≈Ú∂∫ Í«‘Òª Ú∆ ’≈¯∆ √≈Òª ÂØ∫ ÷≈√ ’’∂ Ô±Í Á∂ Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ «√æ÷ª

◊z«‘ ÓßÂ∆ Á∆ «˜¡≈Á≈ «‘ÓØ∫ ’ÓØ∫ Á∆ ˜± ˛Õ Á±‹∂ Í≈√∂ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ Íø‹≈Ï∆¡ª È∂

Á∆¡ª ‘Ú≈¬∆ ¡æ«‚¡ª ¿πºÂ∂ Á√Â≈ª ´‘≈¬∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘È √πæ«÷¡≈ Á∂ Ȫ¡ ¿πºÂ∂,

«¬√ ’∂√ ˘ «‹æ‰ ÚæÒ «Ë¡≈È ”Â∂ ’∆ √∂Ë ’È≈ ˛? √◊Ø∫ ¡≈Í√ «Ú⁄ ‘∆ ’¬∆

Á±‹∂ Í≈√∂ √z∆ √≈«‘Ï Á∆ √Óæ«√¡≈ Ú∆ ¿πÚ∂∫ ‘∆ ÷Û∑∆ ˛ «‹Ú∂∫ Í«‘Òª √∆Õ «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄

Ë«Û¡ª «Ú⁄ Í≈‡∂ ‘ج∂ ‘ÈÕ

‘ ‘¯Â∂ «’√∂ È≈ «’√∂ «√æ÷ Á∆ √z∆ √≈«‘Ï ´‘≈ ’∂ ¿π√ ˘ ¡ÍÓ≈«È ’È≈ «¬‡Ò∆

‘ ’ج∆ ¡≈͉∆ ¡≈͉∆ ‚ÎÒ∆ Ú‹≈ «‘≈ ˛, «‹√ È≈Ò ’∂√ ‘Ø Ú∆ ’Ó˜Ø ‘Ø «‘≈ ˛Õ «¬‡≈Ò∆¡È √’≈ Úæ÷ Úæ÷ Ë«Û¡ª ˘ Á∂÷ √Ω«◊¡≈ ‘∆ ¡ßÁ≈‹≈ Ò◊≈ ÒÀ∫Á∆ ˛ ‹ÁØ∫ «¬‘ Úæ÷ Úæ÷ È≈Óª ‘∂· ω∂ ◊πæͪ È≈Ò √’≈ ’ØÒ Í‘πß⁄ ’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ

Á∆ ÍπÒ∆√ Á≈ ¡≈Ó ÚÂ≈≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ˛Õ «Í¤Ò∂ ‘¯Â∂ ‘∆ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ «¬ß‡ÈÀÙÈÒ «√æ÷ ÎÀ‚∂ÙÈ «¬‡Ò∆ Á∂ ÍzË≈È Ì≈¬∆ ÂÒ«ÚßÁ «√ßÿ Ï‚≈Ò∆ Á∆ «¬‡≈Ò∆¡È ÍπÒ∆√ Áπ¡≈≈ √z∆ √≈«‘Ï ´‘≈¬∂ ‹≈‰ Á∆

«Í¤Ò∂ «ÁÈ∆∫ Íø‹≈Ï Á∆¡ª ¡ıÏ≈ª «Ú⁄ ÈÙ ’∆Â∆ ◊¬∆¡ª ¿π‘ √≈∆¡ª ıÏª

Áπ÷Á≈¬∆ ¡Â∂ ÓßÁÌ≈◊∆ ÿ‡È≈ È∂ √Óπæ⁄∆ «√æ÷ ’ΩÓ ˘ «¬‡Ò∆ «Ú⁄ È≈ÓØÙ∆ «ÁæÂ∆ √∆

«‹È∑ª «Ú⁄ Ô±Í∆ Í≈Ò∆ÓÀ∫‡ Ë≈«Ó’ «⁄ßÈ∑ª ¿πºÂ∂ Í≈ÏßÁ∆ Ò◊≈ ‘∆ ˛, Á∂ ÍzÂ∆’Ó

Í Áπæ÷ Ú≈Ò∆ ◊æÒ Â∂ «¬‘ ˛ «’ ¡æ‹ √Ì ÂØ∫ ÚæË «¬√ ◊æÒ Á≈ „ß‚Ø≈ «Í櫇¡≈ ‹≈

Ú‹Ø∫ Ùz∆ ¡’≈Ò Â÷ Á∂ ‹Ê∂Á≈ √≈«‘Ï È∂ «¬‡Ò∆ ¡Â∂ ‘Ø Ô±Í∆ Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ Úæ√Á∂

«‘≈ ˛ «’ ͺ◊Û ˘ Ì≈ Á∂ ÁØ Ú≈∆ ω ¸æ’∂ ÓΩ‹±Á≈ Í◊Û∆Ë≈∆ fiº÷Û Ú‹Ø∫ ‹≈‰∂

«√æ÷ª ˘ ¡Í∆Ò ’∆Â∆ √∆ «’ ¿π‘ «¬È∑ª ’≈˘Èª Á∂ «ıÒ≈¯ «¬’æ·∂ ‘Ø ’∂ ¡Á≈Òª «Ú⁄

‹ªÁ∂ √: ÎΩ‹≈ «√æ÷ È∂ «ÚÙÚ È’Ù∂ ”Â∂ √Ì ÂØ∫ ÚæË Í«‘⁄≈‰ «ÁæÂ∆ ˛Õ Í Ì≈ Á∂

’∂√ Á≈«¬ ’È ¡Â∂ «√æ÷ ËÓ Á∆ Úæ÷∆ Í«‘⁄≈‰ ¡Â∂ «√æ÷∆ «√˪ª ÂØ∫ ‹≈‰π

Íø‹≈Ï∆ ¡Â∂ «√æ÷ ÍzË≈È ÓßÂ∆ «√æ÷ Á∆ «¬√ Ë≈«Ó’ √±Í ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ Í«‘⁄≈‰ Á∂ Ò¬∆

’≈¿π‰ ¡Â∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ «¬‘ ¡ıÏ≈ª Á∂ Ó≈«Ë¡Ó ≈‘∆∫ «¬‘ Ú∆ ‘π’Ó ’∆Â≈ √∆ «’

’πfi Ú∆ È‘∆∫ ’ √’∂Õ Á±‹∂ Í≈√∂ «√æ÷ Ú؇ª Á∂ ¡≈√∂ «√¡≈√ ’Á∆ ÙzØÓ‰∆ ¡’≈Ò∆

«√æ÷ «¬‘Ȫ Á∂Ùª «Ú⁄ ¡≈͉∂ «√æ÷ ÷≈Ò√≈ √’±Ò ÷ØÒ∑‰Õ Í «√ßÿ √≈«‘Ï Á∆ ¿π√

ÁÒ Ú∆ «¬√ Ó≈ÓÒ∂ «Ú⁄ ’πfi È‘∆∫ ’ √’∆Õ «ÚÁ∂Ùª «Ú⁄ Úæ√Á≈ «√æ÷ Ì≈¬∆⁄≈≈

¡Í∆Ò Á≈ «’√∂ È∂ ’ج∆ ÈØ«‡√ Âæ’ È‘∆∫ «Ò¡≈Õ

«¬‘Ȫ ÁØ‘ª √’≈ª ÂØ∫ Ô±Í «Ú⁄ «√æ÷ª ˘ ÁÍ∂Ù «¬‘Ȫ √Óæ«√¡≈ Á∂ ‘æÒ Ò¬∆

¿π√ ”Â∂ ¡ÓÒ Âª ’∆ ’È≈ √∆Õ ‘∆ ◊æÒ Íø‹≈Ï Á∆ ¡’≈Ò∆ √’≈ Á∆ «‹‘Û∆

·Ø√ ’ÁÓ ¸æ’∂ ‹≈‰ Á∆ ¿πÓ∆Á ’Á≈ ˛Õ

ÍÓ‹∆ Áπ√ªfi, «¬‡Ò∆


Parivartan September 2013

Íz’≈Ù ¿πÂ√Ú «ÚÙ∂Ù

˝ : √Ã∆ ◊π» ◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á≈

«Ú⁄ «¬È∑ª Á∆ ‹Û∑ ‹ª Ó»Ò ’º‡ ’∂ «¬È∑ª

Í«‘Ò≈ ÙÏÁ ‘ÀÕ ‹∂ «¬√˘ Ï∆‹ ’«‘

˘ ÏΩ‰∂ ‘∆ ÷ «Ò¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√∂ Â∑ª

Ò¬∆¬∂ ª √Óπº⁄≈ ‹Íπ ‹∆ √≈«‘Ï «¬√ Á∆

“˝” «√º÷ Á≈ Ó»Ò ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ó»Ò È≈Ò ‘∆

¡≥◊»∆ ‹ª ¡≥’∞ ‘À ¡Â∂ √≈≈ √Ã∆ ◊π»

«¬‘ √Ú¿∞µ⁄ ÍÃÓ≈ÂÓ≈ ˘ «ÓÒ ’∂ ¿∞√

◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï «¬√ ÙÏÁ Á≈ ‰≈, Ù≈÷ª

È≈Ò «¬’-«Ó’ ‘Ø √’Á≈ ‘À, Í «¬√

¡Â∂ ÎπºÒ ÎÒ ‘ÈÕ “˙” ÙÏÁ Í«‘Òª Ú∆

Ó»Ò È≈ÒØ∫ ‡πº‡ ‹≈‰ È≈Ò ÓÈ∞º÷ ¡≈«Ӓ

ÍÃ⁄«Ò √∆Õ «‘øÁ», ÏπºË ¡Â∂ ‹ÀÈ ËÓª

¿∞µÈÂ∆ «Ú⁄ ÏΩ‰≈ ‘∆ «‘ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√

È∂ Ú∆ “˙” ÙÏÁ Á∆ ÚÂØ∫ ’∆Â∆ ‘À Í

Á≈ «Ú’≈√ π’ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√∂ Ò¬∆ ◊π»

“˝” Á∆ ÚÂØ∫ ’∂ÚÒ ◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú

√≈«‘Ï È∂ Ï≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ √Ì ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª √≈‚≈

‹∆ È∂ Ùπ» ’∆Â∆ √∆Õ «¬√Á≈ ÷≈√ ’≈È

«Ë¡≈È ˝ ÚºÒ «ÁÚ≈«¬¡≈ ‘À «‹√ ÂØ∫

‘À «’ «‘øÁ» ËÓ «Ú⁄ “˙” ÙÏÁ ˘ «ÂøÈ

√≈∆ «√ÃÙ‡∆ ÷≥‚ Â∂ Ïë‘Ó≥‚ «√‹∂ ◊¬∂

¡º÷ª «Ú⁄ ÏÁÒ ’∂ “¡˙Ó” √Ófi ’∂,

‘ÈÕ ◊π» √≈«‘Ï Á≈ Ú≈’ ‘À:

Ì≈Ú «ÂøÈ Á∂ګ¡ª Á∂ È≈Ó È≈Ò ‹Ø«Û¡≈

˙¡≥’≈« ÏÑÓ≈ ¿∞Âͫ®

‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ “¡” «ÚÙ˘ “˙” ÏÑÓ≈ ¡Â∂ “Ó”

˙¡≥’≈π ’∆¡≈ «‹«È «⁄«Â®

«ÙÚ ‹∆ Ò¬∆ ÚÂ∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ Í ◊π»

˙¡≥’≈« √ÀÒ ‹π◊ ̬∂®

È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ È∂ “˙” ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª «¬’

˙¡≥’≈« Ï∂Á «ÈÓ¬∂® (Í≥È≈ IBI)

(A) Á≈ ¡≥’ Ò≈ ’∂ «¬‘ «√ºË ’∆Â≈ «’

◊πÏ≈‰∆ Á≈ Ú≈’ ‘À :

“˙” ’∂ÚÒ «¬’ “˝” ‘À ¡Â∂ ¿∞‘ ’∂ÚÒ

ÓØ«‘ ¡À√∂ ÏÈ‹ «√¿∞ È‘∆È ’≈π®

«¬’ ‘∆ Í»‹‰ Â∂ Ó≥ȉ ÔØ◊ ‘ÀÕ Ï≈’∆

«‹‘ ÿ‡À Ó»´ «È τÀ «Ï¡≈‹π®

√≈∂ Á∂Ú∆ Á∂ÚÂ∂ ¿∞√∂ ˝ Á∆ «’ ‘ÈÕ


¿∞‘ ÓÈ∞º÷ Á∆ Í»‹Ô È‘∆∫ ‘ÈÕ «¬√∂ Ò��∆

Ì≈Ú ÓÀ˘ ¡«‹‘∂ ÚÍ≈ È≈Ò ’ج∆

◊π  » ‹∆ È∂ “«¬’” ¡º ÷ ª «Ú⁄ È‘∆∫

’øÓ È‘∆∫ ‹ª Ó∂≈ ¿∞√ È≈Ò ’ج∆ √ÏøË

«Ò«÷¡≈ √◊Ø∫ «‘øÁ√∂ «Ú⁄ «Ò÷ ’∂ «¬’

È‘∆∫ «‹√ ÚÍ≈ «Ú⁄ Ó»Ò Âª ÿ‡Á≈

Á∂ Ì≈Ú ˘ √ÍÙ‡ ’∆Â≈ ‘ÀÕ

‹ªÁ≈ ‘À, Í «Ú¡≈‹ «È ÚËÁ≈ ‹ªÁ≈

√Ã∆ ◊π» ◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á∂ Í≈· Á≈


¡≈øÌ ˝ ÂØ∫ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ √Ó≈ÍÂ∆ “√Ì

«¬’ √∂· È∂ «’√∂ ÂØ∫ ’˜≈ Ú≈Í√

È≈È’ ÏÃ‘Ó Í√≈∂” ”Â∂ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬√Á≈

ÒÀ‰≈ √∆ «‹√ «Ú⁄ «Ú¡≈‹ ¡Â∂ Ó»Ò

Ì≈Ú ‘À «’ «‹Ú∂∫ «¬’ Ï∆‹ Á≈ Í√≈≈

ÁØÚ∂∫ Ù≈ÓÒ √ÈÕ «Ú¡≈‹ Ó»Ò ÂØ∫ ’¬∆

‘∆ √≈∂ πº÷ «Ú⁄ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À, «¬√∂ Â∑ª «¬‘

◊π‰ª ÚË ⁄π«’¡≈ √∆Õ Óπ’ÁÓ∂ ÁΩ≈È

«√ÃÙ‡∆ Ú∆ “˝” Á≈ ‘∆ Í√≈≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√

¡Á≈Ò «Ú⁄ ‹º‹ È∂ √∂· ˘ «’‘≈ «’

Á≈ ¡Ê «¬‘ Ú∆ ‘À «’ “˝” Â∂ ¿π√Á∂

¿∞‘ ¿∞√ ’˜∂ Á≈ ‹ª Ó»Ò ¤º‚ Á∂Ú∂ ‹ª

“ÏÃ‘Ó Í√≈∂” ˘ «È÷∂«Û¡≈ È‘∆∫ ‹≈

«Ú¡≈‹ ¤º‚ Á∂Ú∂Õ √∂· È∂ √Ø«÷¡≈ «’

√’Á≈, «‹Ú∂∫ «¬’ «√º’∂ Á∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ Í≈√∂

Ó»Ò Âª ÊØÛ∑≈ ‘∆ ‘À Â∂ «Ú¡≈‘ Ï‘πÂ≈ ‘ÀÕ

«È÷∂Û∂ È‘∆∫ ‹≈ √’Á∂Õ

¿∞√ È∂ ¿∞µÂ «ÁÂ≈, “‹È≈Ï ÓÀ∫ Ó»Ò ¤º‚

’∆¡≈ ÷∂´ Ï‚ Ó∂´ ÂÓ≈√≈ Ú≈«‘◊π  »

Â∂  ∆


«ÁøÁ≈ ‘ªÕ” ‹º‹ È∂ ÎÀ√Ò≈ ’∆Â≈ «’ «‹√ ⁄È≈®

(Í≥È≈-AD@C) «¬√ Â∑ª ˝ Á∆ Ó‘≈ÈÂ≈ «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄≈ª ÂØ∫ ÍÃ◊‡ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

Á≈ Ó»Ò ‘∆ È‘∆∫ ‘À, ¿∞√ Á≈ «Ú¡≈‹ «’Ú∂∫ ‘Ø √’Á≈ ‘À? Ó»Ò ¤º‚ ’∂ ¿∞‘ «Ú¡≈‹ Á≈ Ú∆ ‘º’Á≈ È‘∆∫ ‘Ø √’Á≈Õ «¬√∂ Â∑ª ◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ È∂ «√º÷ ˘

◊πÓ«Â Á∂ «ÚÁÚ≈È ˝ ˘ “Ó»Ò”

˝ Á∂ Ó»Ò ˘ È≈ ¤º‚‰ Á∆ Â≈’∆Á ’∆Â∆

Ú∆ ’«‘øÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√∂ Ò¬∆ ˝ ÂØ∫ ÒÀ ’∂

‘ÀÕ «¬√∂ Ó»Ò È≈Ò ‘∆ «˜øÁ◊∆ Á∂ ÙπÌ

“◊π ÍÃ√≈«Á” º’ “Ó»Ò Ó≥Â” ‘À «‹Ú∂∫:-

◊π‰ª Á∆ ≈√ ÚËÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

˝ √«Â È≈Óπ ’Â≈ Íπ÷π «ÈÌ¿∞ «ÈÚÀπ

’∞»÷∂Â Á∂ ÓÀÁ≈È «Ú⁄ Ó‘ªÌ≈ Á∆ ‹ø◊ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ’ΩÚª Â∂ ͪ‚Úª Á∆ ⁄≈Ò∑∆ Òº÷ ÎΩ‹ «Ú⁄Ø∫ «√Î Á√ ¡≈ÁÓ∆ ‘∆

¡’≈Ò Ó»«Â ¡‹»È∆ √ÀÌø ◊π ÍÃ√≈«Á®

Ï⁄∂ √ÈÕ «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄ Í≥‹ ͪ‚Ú, «¥ÙÈ ‹∆, ¿∞È∑ª Á≈ Ì≈ ÏÒ≈Ó ¡Â∂ «ÂøÈ ’ΩÚ

«¬√ Ó»Ò-Ó≥Â Á∆ ‘∆ «Ú¡≈«÷¡≈ √≈≈ ‹πÍ ‹∆ √≈«‘Ï ‘À ¡Â∂ ‹πÍ ‹∆ √≈«‘Ï Á∆

√ÈÕ «ÂøÈ ’ΩÚ √È «¥Í≈⁄≈Ô, «¥Íπ‰≈ ¡Â∂ ¡ÙÚÂÊ≈Ó≈Õ ’ΩÚª Á∆ Ó≈Â≈

«Ú¡≈«÷¡≈ √≈≈ ◊π» ◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï ‘ÀÕ Ó»Ò Á≈ ¡Ê ‹Û∑ ‹ª “¡√Ò∆ ≈Ó” Ú∆ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

◊øË≈∆ È∂ √ø‹Ô ÂØ∫ Íπº«¤¡≈ √∆ «’ ͪ‚Úª Á∂ √ºÂ ¡Â∂ ’ΩÚª Á∂ ’∂ÚÒ «ÂøÈ ‘∆ Ï⁄∂

Ó»Ò ÂØ∫ Ï◊À Ù≈÷ª È‘∆∫ ‘πøÁ∆¡ª ¡Â∂ Ó»Ò ÂØ∫ Ï◊À «Ú¡≈‹ Ú∆ È‘∆∫ ‘πøÁ≈Õ

«’¿∞∫ ‘ÈÕ √ø‹Ô Á≈ ¿∞µÂ √∆ «’ √ºÂ ¡Â∂ «ÂøÈ «ÓÒ ’∂ Á√ ωÁ∂ ‘È, Á√ ¡≥’

√π¡≈Ó∆ ≈ÓÂ∆Ê È∂ ‹≈Í≈È «Ú⁄ Ù≈‘∆ Ó‘ºÒ «Ú⁄ ◊Ó«Ò¡ª «Ú⁄ ¿∞µ◊∂ ‘ج∂ ÏΩ‰∂

«Ú⁄ «¬’ Á∆ «ÚÙ∂Ù Ó‘≈ÈÂ≈ ‘À, ‹Ø «¬’ È≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ª «√Î Á≈ ¡≈͉≈ ’ج∆ ÓπºÒ

Ï»‡∂ Ú∂÷∂Õ Íπº¤‰ ”Â∂ Ó≈Ò∆ ’ØÒØ∫ ÍÂ≈ Ò◊≈ «’ «¬‘ Ï»‡∂ ¡√Ò «Ú⁄ Ï‘π ¶Ó∂ ¶Ó∂

È‘∆∫ ÍÀ∫Á≈, «¬’ Á∂ ‘؉ ’’∂ ‘∆ «√Î Á≈ ÓπºÒ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ‘Ø ◊øË≈∆ Âø» √ºÂ Â∂

Í‘≈Û∆ Á÷ ‘È, «‹È∑ª Á∆ ¿∞⁄≈¬∆ ÁØ-„≈¬∆ √Ω Îπº‡ Â’ Ú∆ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ ◊ÓÒ∂

«ÂøÈ Á∂ ⁄º’ «Ú⁄ È≈ ÍÀÕ «¬‘ ’∂ÚÒ «¬’ «¥ÙÈ ‹∆ √Á’∂ ‘∆ Ï≈’∆ ÈΩ Ï⁄∂ ‘ÈÕ √º⁄

Íz’≈Ù ¿πÂ√Ú «ÚÙ∂Ù ‘∆ ‘À «√Îª Ì≈Ú∂∫ √À∫’Û∂ Í≈ Á∂¬∆¬∂, Í ¿∞È∑ª Á≈ ’ج∆ ÓπºÒ È‘∆∫, Í ‹∂ «¬’ Á≈

Parivartan September 2013

√Ø ÓÀ «Ú√« È ‹≈¬∆®


(◊π» ◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆, Í≥È≈ B)

«‘øÁ√≈ ¿∞È∑ª È≈Ò ‹ØÛ Á∂¬∆¬∂ ª ¿∞‘ Á√, √Ω, ‘˜≈, Òº÷ ÂØ∫ ’ØÛ Ú∆ ω √’Á∂

«¬’ ≈‹≈ Á»‹∂ Á∂Ù «◊¡≈Õ ¿∞ÊØ∫ ¡≈͉∆¡ª ≈‰∆¡ª ˘ √øÁ∂Ù Ì∂«‹¡≈ «’ ÓπÛÈ

‘ÈÕ «¬’ ÍÃÓ∂Ù È≈Ò ‹πÛÈ √Á’≈ ‘∆ «¬’ È≈⁄∆˜ ÓÈ∞º÷ Á≈ ÓπºÒ Ú∆ Òº÷ª Â∂

√Ó∂∫ ¿∞È∑ª Ò¬∆ «’√ «’√Ó Á∂ ÂØ‘Î∂ Â∂ √Ω◊≈ª ÒÀ ’∂ ¡≈Ú∂Õ «’√∂ ≈‰∆ È∂ ◊«‘‰∂,

’ØÛª ÍÀ √’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ

«’√∂ È∂ Ï√Â, «’√∂ È∂ ‘∆∂ ÓØÂ∆ Â∂ «’√∂ È∂ ’¬∆ ‘Ø ÂØ‘Î∂ Ó≥◊ Ì∂‹∂, Í «¬’ ≈‰∆

Ï≈‰∆ Á≈ Ú≈’ ‘À:

È∂ ¿∞µÂ Ì∂«‹¡≈, ““ÓÀ˘ ’∂ÚÒ Â∞‘≈‚∆ ÒØÛ ‘ÀÕ”” ≈‹≈ Ú≈Í√ Í«Â¡≈Õ ‘ «¬’

¡≈„ Á≈Ó ’Ø ¤∆ÍØ ‘Ø«¬˙ Ò≈÷∆‰≈®

(Í≥È≈ DHG)

≈‰∆ ˘ ¿∞√ Á∆ Ó≥◊∆ Ú√± «ÁÂ∆ ◊¬∆ ¡Â∂ «’‘≈ «◊¡≈ «’, ““Â∞‘≈˘ Â∞‘≈‚∆¡ª

’¿∞‚∆ ’≈ Ò÷ ‘»¡≈ Ó»´Õ

(Í≥È≈ HIH)

Ú√ª ÓπÏ≈’!”” ≈‹≈ ¡≈Í ¿∞√ ≈‰∆ Á∂ ÿ «◊¡≈√ «‹√ È∂ ’∂ÚÒ ¿∞√ Á∆ Ó≥◊

’Ï∆ ‹∆, Ú∆Á≈√ ‹∆, È≈ÓÁ∂Ú ‹∆, ËøÈ≈ ‹∆, √ËÈ≈ ‹∆, Ì◊ È∆⁄ Â∂ ¤Ø‡∆¡ª

’∆Â∆ √∆Õ ◊«‘‰∂, Ï√Â, ‘∆∂ ÓØÂ∆ ¡≈«Á Ú∆ ≈‹∂ Á∂ È≈Ò ¿∞√ ≈‰∆ Á∂ ÿ ¡≈

’‘∆¡ª ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‹≈ª Á∂ ÒØ’ Ú∆ ˝ È≈Ò √ªfi Í≈ ’∂ «√Îª ÂØ∫ Òº÷ª Á∂ ω ◊¬∂Õ

◊¬∂Õ «¬√∂ Â∑ª «‹‘Û∆ ‹∆Ú-¡≈ÂÓ≈ «¬’ ÍÃÓ∂Ù Á∆ Ó≥◊ ’Á∆ ‘À, ¿∞√ ˘ ÍÃÓ∂Ù-

«¬√∂ Ò¬∆ ◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ È∂ ‘ «√º÷ Á∆ √ªfi ˝ Á∂ Ó»Ò Ó≥Âz È≈Ò Í≈¬∆ ‘ÀÕ

≈‹∂ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò √ø√≈∆ Ú√ª Á∆ ÍÃ≈ÍÂ∆ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

√Ú≈Ó∆ ≈ÓÂ∆Ê «¬’ ’≈Ò‹ «Ú⁄ ÍÃØÎÀ√ √ÈÕ ¿∞È∑ª Á∆ ÿÛ∆ ”Â∂ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «¬’

«¬’ «¬√Â∆ Ë≈È (Ó≥»‹∆) ¿∞µ÷Ò∆ «Ú⁄ ¤Û ‘∆ √∆Õ «¬’ √≈Ë» ¿∞√ ÿ «Ìº«÷¡≈

Úº‹≈ ‘πøÁ≈ √∆Õ «Ú«Á¡≈Ê∆¡ª È∂ ‹ÁØ∫ Ú’Â Íπ¤‰≈ ª ¿∞È∑ª È∂ ÿÛ∆ Ú∂÷ ’∂ ‘Ó∂Ù≈

Ó≥◊‰ ¡≈«¬¡≈ Â∂ ÁÚ≈˜∂ «Ú⁄ ÷Û∑≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ ¿∞√ Ú∂«÷¡≈ «’ Ë≈È ’∞º‡«Á¡ª

«¬’ Úº«‹¡≈ ‘∆ Á√‰≈Õ «Ú«Á¡≈Ê∆ ‘À≈È √ÈÕ «¬’ «ÁÈ ÍÃÙÈ ’È Â∂ ÍÂ≈

‘Ø«¬¡ª «¬√Â∆ Á∆¡ª Úø◊ª ¡≈Í∂ ‘∆ Úº‹ Úº‹ ’∂ ¤‰’ ‘∆¡ª √ÈÕ «¬√Â∆ È∂

Ò«◊¡≈ «’ ¿∞È∑ª È∂ ¡≈͉∆ ÿÛ∆ ˘ ’Á∆ ⁄≈Ï∆ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ «ÁÂ∆ Â∂ √»¬∆¡ª ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «¬’

÷‰’ ÿ‡≈¿∞‰ Ò¬∆ «¬’ Úø◊ Ò≈‘∆, «Î Á»‹∆, «Î Â∆‹∆, Í «Î Ú∆ Úø◊ª ¤‰’

Ú‹∂ ”Â∂ ‘∆ ÷Û∑∆¡ª «‘øÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‘º√ ’∂ ’«‘‰ Ò◊∂ «’ «¬’ Â∂ ·«‘È≈ ‘∆ ÓÀ˘

‘∆¡ª √ÈÕ ‹Á ¡≈÷∆ «¬’Ø Úø◊ ‘∆ «‘ ◊¬∆ ª ‹≈ ’∂ Úø◊ª Á∆ ¤‰’≈ ÏøÁ ‘Ø

«Í¡≈≈ Ò◊Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ Ó∂∆ ÿÛ∆ Á≈ Ú’Â ‘∆ «¬’ È‘∆∫ ÏÒ«’ Ó∂∂ «‘Á∂ Á∆

◊¬∆Õ √≈Ë» ˘ «◊¡≈È ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ «‹øÈ≈ «⁄ ÓÈ∞º÷ Á∂ ¡≥Á ‘Ø «¬º¤≈Úª ‘È, ¿∞È≈

ÿÛ∆ Ú∆ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «¬’ ‘∆ Ú‹≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ◊π  »

◊Ø « Ïø Á

«√ø ÿ


«⁄ ÓÈ «Ú⁄ ÷Û’≈ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘∆ ‘∂◊≈Õ

Úº ‚ ∂

‹ÁØ∫ ’∂ÚÒ «¬’ Á∆ ¡≈√ ‘∆ Ï≈’∆ «‘

√≈«‘Ϙ≈«Á¡ª Á∆ Ù‘∆Á∆ Á∂ ’∂ ⁄Ó’Ω

‹≈Ú∂◊∆ ª ‘∆ ÓÈ Á≈ ÙØ ÏøÁ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈Õ

Á∆ ◊Û∑∆ «Ú⁄Ø∫ «È’Ò∂Õ Ì≈¬∆ ÓÈ∆ «√øÿ

◊π» √≈«‘Ï Á≈ «√º÷ Ò¬∆ ‘π’Ó ‘À:

’∞fi ÿ≥«‡¡ª Ï≈¡Á ¡≈Í ‹∆ ˘ «ÓÒ∂Õ

¬∂’Ø ‹«Í ¬∂’Ø √≈Ò≈«‘®

Ì≈¬∆ ÁÔ≈ «√øÿ ‹∆ È∂ «’‘≈ ““◊∆Ï

¬∂ ’ Ø «√Ó« ¬∂ ’ Ø ÓÈ ¡≈«‘®

«ÈÚ≈˜, ¡√∆∫ ’∂ÚÒ «ÂøÈ ‘ª, Í Á»

(◊¿πÛ∆ √π÷ÓÈ∆ Ó: D, Í≥È≈ BHI)

ÚÀ∆ Á∆¡ª Ï‘π ÎΩ‹ª ¡◊∂ Ș ¡≈

√Á≈ √Á≈ √Ø √∂Ú∆¡À ‹Ø √Ì Ó«‘ ‘À

‘∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ◊π» ’Ò◊∆Ë ‹∆ ’«‘‰


Ò◊∂, ““Ì≈¬∆ ÁÔ≈ «√øÿ ‹∆, ¡√∆∫ «ÂøÈ

¡Úπ Á»‹≈ «’¿∞ √∂Ú∆¡À ‹øÓ∂ ÂÀ Ó«

È‘∆∫ ÏÒ«’ ⁄≈ ‘ªÕ”” Ì≈¬∆ ÁÔ≈ «√øÿ


(Í≥È≈ E@I)

‹∆ È∂ Íπ«¤¡≈, ““Ó‘≈≈‹! ⁄ΩÊ≈ ’Ω‰ ‘À?””

«¬’ √ÀÒ≈È∆ √Ú∂∂ Ú∂Ò∂ Ï≈ˆ Á∆ √À

¿∞µÂ «Ó«Ò¡≈, ““˝ √≈‚∂ È≈Ò ‘À ‹Ø

’ «‘≈ √∆Õ ¿∞√ Ú∂«÷¡≈ «¬’ ÌΩ≈ Ú≈∆

√Ì ÂØ∫ Ù’Â∆Ú≈È Â∂ √≈«¡ª Á≈ √º⁄≈

Ú≈∆ ‘ «¬’ ÍΩÁ∂ Á∂ ÎπºÒ ”Â∂ ÏÀ·Á≈ ‘À,

√≈Ê∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√ «¬’ Á∂ È≈Ò ‘πø«Á¡ª √À∫’Û∂

Í ¿∞‘ ⁄øÍ∂ Á∂ ÎπºÒ ”Â∂ È‘∆∫ Ï«‘øÁ≈Õ

ÁπÙÓ‰ Ú∆ √≈‚≈ ’∞fi È‘∆∫ «Ú◊≈Û √’Á∂Õ””

√ÀÒ≈È∆ È∂ ⁄øÍ∂ ˘ Íπ«¤¡≈;

‹¯È≈Ó∂ «Ú⁄ ¡≈Í ‹∆ Á≈ ÎπÓ≈È ‘À:

⁄øÍ≈! Â∞fi Ó∂∫ Â∆È ◊π‰

‘’∂ Ô≈ Ï≈ÙÁ «⁄ ÁπÙÓÈ ’∞ÈÁ®

»Í ø◊ ¡ Ï≈√Õ

¡◊ ÁπÙÓÈ∆ ≈ Ï√Á ÂÈ ’∞ÈÁ®110®

ÚØ‘ ¡Ω◊π‰ «’¡≈ Â∞fi Ó∂∫

◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ ÂØ∫ «¬’ Óπ√ÒÓ≈È Í∆ È∂ Íπ«¤¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘ «’‘Û∆ ÙÀ¡ ‘À

ÌøÚ È≈ ÏÀ·∂ Í≈√?

«‹‘Û∆ ºÏ Ú∆ ⁄≈‘∂ ª Ú∆ √øÌÚ È‘∆∫Õ

⁄øÍ≈ È∂ ¿∞√ √ÀÒ≈È∆ √≈˱ ˘ ¿∞Â «ÁÂ≈Õ

¡ª ’∞Á≈Ó, ÙÀ ¡√Â

√∆¡≈, Óπfi Ó∂∫ Â∆È ◊π‰

◊π ıπÁ≈ ıπ≤Á ıÚ≈‘Á ÚÒ∂ ÍÀÁ≈ ÈÓ∂ √ÚºÁÕ

»Í ø◊ ¡ Ï≈√Õ

ª ◊π» √≈«‘Ï È∂ Á«√¡≈ «’ ¿∞‘ (ºÏ) Ú∆ Á»‹≈ ºÏ È‘∆∫ ω≈ √’Á≈Õ

‹◊∑≈ ‹◊∑≈ ’∂ Ó∆ ’Ø

¡ª ıπÁ≈ ¡√ÂÕ

’ØÈ «Ï·≈¬∂ Í≈√∂

◊π» ıπÁ≈ ıπÁ ıÚ≈‘Á ÷πÁ≈¬∂ Á∆ˆ ÍÀÁ≈ ÈÓ∂ ÙÚºÁÕ

¡Ω◊π‰ ⁄øÍ≈ «Ú⁄ È‘∆∫, «¬‘ ÌΩ≈ ‘‹≈¬∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√ ˘ «¬’ Á≈ ¡≈√≈ È‘∆∫, «¬√


Ò¬∆ ‘∆ ⁄øÍ≈ ÌΩ∂ ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ’ØÒ È‘∆∫ ¡≈¿∞‰ «ÁøÁ∆Õ “˝” Á∂ ¡≈√∂ Â∂ «Í¡≈ ÂØ∫

«¬√ ÂØ∫ ◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ Á∂ “˝” Á∂ «√˪ Á≈ √Ø‘‰∆ Â∑ª ÍÂ≈ Ò◊Á≈ ‘À «’

̇’Á∂ ‘ج∂ ÓÈ∞º÷ ˘ ’ج∆ Á»‹≈ √‘≈≈ È‘∆∫ Á∂ √’Á≈Õ

“˙” ˘ «¬’ È≈Ò ‹ØÛ ’∂ ¡≈Í È∂ «’√ Â∑ª ÁπÈ∆¡≈ ˘ “˝” Á≈ ¿∞Í≈Ù’ ω≈«¬¡≈Õ ¡≈Í Ï≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ Á√Á∂ ‘È:

Ú∆ ¿∞√ Á≈ «¯’ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À, Í «¬√ Á∂ «ÏÒ’∞Ò ¿∞Ò‡ Á-Ï-Á ÿπøÓ‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ’∞ºÂ∂ Á∆

¡√«Â ¬∂’ «Á◊« ’∞¬∆® ¬∂’ Â∞¬∆ ¬∂’ Â∞¬∆®

«‹‘Û≈ ’∞ºÂ≈ «¬’ Á≈ ‘Ø ‘∂, ¿∞‘ ¡≈͉∂ Ó≈Ò’ Á≈ ÚÎ≈Á≈ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ Ó≈Ò’ ˘

’ج∆ Ï≈ ȑ∆∫ Íπ¤‰≈Õ «¬√∂ Ò¬∆ «¬’ «ÚÁÚ≈È Á≈ ’ÊÈ ‘À: (◊π» ◊ÃøÊ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆, Í≥È≈ ADD)

«¬‘ ’∞ºÂ≈ Á-Á «Î∂

‹Íπ ‹∆ √≈«‘Ï «Ú⁄ ◊π» ‹∆ È∂ ÎπÓ≈«¬¡≈ ‘À:

Á-Á Áπ-Áπ ‘ج∂Õ

◊π≈ «¬’ Á∂«‘ Ïπfi≈¬∆®

‹Ø «¬’ Á Á≈ ‘Ø ’∂ ‘∂

√ÌÈ≈ ‹∆¡≈ ’≈ «¬’∞ Á≈Â≈

ª «’¿∞∫ Áπ-Áπ ‘ج∂?


Parivartan September 2013

Íz’≈Ù ¿πÂ√Ú «ÚÙ∂Ù

√Ã∆ ◊π» Â∂◊ Ï‘≈Á ‹∆ Á≈ ¿∞ÍÁ∂Ù ‘À :

‹º◊ Á∆ ‘¿∞∫ «’√ ˘ ¡≈÷ √π‰≈¬∆Õ

√π¡≈Ó∆ ’∂ «◊Ñ «‹¿∞ √Á≈

⁄»‘Û≈ ÓÈ ÚË∂∫Á∆¡ª Ó≈ª

√π¡≈È ‘‹Â È‘∆∫ «È®

ÓÀ∫ ´º‡∆ ¡ª Ï∂ ÍÚ≈‘∆Õ

È≈È’ «¬‘ «Ï«Ë «‘ Ì‹¿∞ «¬’ Ó«È ‘𫬠«¬’ «⁄«Â®

◊πÏ≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ «¬√∂ Ì≈Ú ˘ ÒÀ ’∂ ◊π«√º÷ ˘ ‘π’Ó ’∆Â≈ ‘À «’ «¬’ Ú≈«‘◊π» (Í≥È≈ ADBH)

Ì≈¬∆ ÈßÁ Ò≈Ò ‹∆, √≈«‘Ï √Ã∆ ◊π» ◊Ø«ÏøÁ ‹∆ Á∂ ÙË≈¨ «√º÷ ‘ÈÕ ¿∞‘ ’Ò◊∆Ë

“≈‹∂” È≈ÒØ∫ “‹∆Ú” «¬√Â∆ ¿∞ÁØ∫ ‘∆ ‡πº‡Á∆ ‘À ‹ÁØ∫ ¿∞‘ ¿∞√ “˝” Á∂ ÏÁÒ∂ «Ú⁄ ÁπÈ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª Á≈ √ΩÁ≈ ’ Ï«‘øÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

»Í∆ ÙÓ∑≈ Á∂ ÍÃÚ≈È∂ √ÈÕ «¬’ «ÁÈ ‘Ú≈ ˘ √øÏØËÈ ’’∂ ’«‘‰ Ò◊∂:

◊π» Ú≈’ ‘À:

““¡À ‘Ú≈! ¡≥ √Ó∂∫ ‹ÁØ∫ Ó∂∂ √∆ Á∆ ı≈’ ω ‹≈Ú∂ ª «¥Í≈ ’’∂ «¬√ ı≈’

√π«¬È≈ πÍ≈ ø◊πÒ≈ ÓØÂ∆ ‘À Ó≈«‰’∞ ‹∆¿∞®

˘ ’Ò◊∆Ë «ÍÂ≈ Á∂ Á ”Â∂ «‘‰ Á∂Ú∆∫, «’√∂ ‘Ø Á∂ Á Â∂ È≈ ÒÀ ‹≈Ú∆∫, È‘∆∫ ª

√Ø Ú√± √«‘ «ÁÂ∆¡≈

Ó∂∂ ÁπÙÓ‰ Ó∂∆ Ìø‚∆ ’È◊∂ ¡Â∂ ¡≈÷‰◊∂ «’ ÈßÁ Ò≈Ò ‘‹≈¬∆ ‘À, ¿∞‘ «¬’ Á≈

ÓÀ∫ «ÂÈ∞ Ò≈«¬¡≈ «⁄Â∞ ‹∆¿∞®

¡≈Ù’ È‘∆∫Õ””

Ó≥Á «Ó‡∆ √øÁÛ∂ ÍÊ ’∆Â∂ ≈«√ ‹∆¿∞®

ÓÏ ¡À Ï≈Á ı≈’Ó ¡˜ Á« Á»√ÂÕ

‘¿∞ ¬∂È∆ ‡ØÒ∆ ÌπÒ∆¡√π

ÁπÙÓÈÓ √˜ºÈÙ ’∞ÈÁ «’ ‘‹≈¬∆√ÂÕ

«Â√π ’øÂ È ÏÀ·∆ Í≈«√ ‹∆¿∞®

◊π«√º÷ Á∆ ª √∆ Á∆ «Óº‡∆ Ú∆ ◊π» Â∂ Ú≈«‘◊π» Á∂ Á ÂØ∫ «ÏȪ ‘Ø Á»‹∆ ‹◊∑≈

◊π» È≈È’ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á≈ ‘π’Ó ‘À :

È‘∆∫ ‹≈‰∆ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆Õ ¿∞√ Á∆ «Óº‡∆ «Ú⁄Ø∫ Ú∆ ¡≈Ú≈˜ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘À, “˝”, “˝”....Õ

ÓØÂ∆  Ó≥Á ¿±√«‘ ÂÈ∆  ‘Ø«‘ ‹Û≈¿πÕ

«¬’ ’Ú∆ Á≈ ’ÊÈ ‘À:

’√±« ’ø◊» ¡◊« ⁄øÁ«È Ò∆«Í ¡≈ÚÀ ⁄≈¿∞®

’±⁄≈ ¬∂ Ô≈ Ó∂∫ ÏÀ· È’Ù∂ Í≈ ’∆ Â‘Õ

ÓÂ∞ Á∂«÷ Ì»Ò≈ Ú∆√À Â∂≈ «⁄«Â È ¡≈ÚÀ È≈¿±®

’ج∆ «Ó‡≈ ÂØ √’∂ Í ¿∞·≈ È≈ √’∂Õ «¬’ ≈‹≈ Ï∂-¡ΩÒ≈Á √∆Õ ’¬∆ √≈Ò Â’ ≈‹ Á≈ Ó≈Ò’ ÍÀÁ≈ È≈ ‘؉ Â∂ ¿∞√ Á∆

(Í≥È≈ GFB)

(Í≥È≈ AD )

¡«‹‘∆ «¬’ ÍÂ∆ ÂØ∫ «Ú¤Û∆ ‹∆Ú »Í∆ «¬√Â∆ ˘ ◊π» È≈È’ Á∂Ú ‹∆ ’«‘øÁ∂ ‘È:

≈‰∆ È∂ ≈‹∂ ˘ ¡≈Í ‘∆ Á»‹∆ Ù≈Á∆ Á∆ ‹Ú∆˜ Í∂Ù ’∆Â∆Õ ≈‹≈ Ï‘π √Ó∂∫ º’

⁄»Û≈ ÌøÈ∞ Ͷÿ «√¿∞ ÓπøË∂ √π‰ Ê≈‘∆ √‰∞ Ï≈‘≈®

«¬√ ‹Ú∆˜ ˘ ‡≈ÒÁ≈ «‘≈ Í ¡≥ «Ú⁄ ≈‰∆ Á∂ Ï‘π ˜Ø Á∂‰ ”Â∂ ¿∞√È∂ Á»‹≈

¬∂Â∂ Ú∂√ ’∂Á∆¬∂ ÓπøË∂ √‘π ≈ÂØ ¡Ú≈≈‘≈®

«Ú¡≈‘ ’ «Ò¡≈Õ ≈‰∆ È∂ ¡≈Í ¡◊∂ ‹≈ ’∂ Á»‹∆ ≈‰∆ Á≈ √Ú≈◊ ’∆Â≈, Í

È≈ ÓÈ∆¡≈π È ⁄»Û∆¡≈ È≈ √∂ Úø◊πÛ∆¡≈‘≈®

ÈÚ∆∫ ≈‰∆ È∂ ≈‹∂ ¡◊∂ «¬‘ Ù Í∂Ù ’ «ÁÂ∆ «’ Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ ˘ Ù«‘ ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘

‹Ø √‘ ’ø«· È Ò◊∆¡≈ ‹ÒÈ∞ «√ Ï≈‘Û∆¡≈‘≈®

(Í≥È≈ EEH)

fiπº◊∆ «Ú⁄ Ú√≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂ ¡Â∂ ÓÀ˘ ͇≈‰∆ ω≈ ’∂ Ó«‘Ò «Ú⁄ «÷¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ

Ì≈Ú, ‘∂ ‹∆Ú «¬√Â∆! «¬‘ ’∆ÓÂ∆ ⁄»Û≈ Ͷÿ √Ó∂ Ï≈‘∆∫ ¿∞Â∂ Ï≈‘ª Ó≈ ’∂

Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ È∂ «¬‘ Ù Ú∆ Ó≥È Ò¬∆Õ ≈‹∂ È∂ Áπ÷∆ «‘Á∂ È≈Ò ¿∞√˘ Ó«‘Òª «Ú⁄Ø∫

ÌøÈ Á∂, «‹√ ⁄»Û∂ Á∂ ‘πø«Á¡ª Â∂ ‘Ø ¡«‹‘∂ Ú∂√ ’∆«Â¡ª ÂÀÊØ∫ ÍÂ∆-ÍÃÓ≈ÂÓ≈ «Ú√

fiºπ◊∆ ÚºÒ «ÚÁ≈ ’ «ÁÂ≈Õ

‹≈Ú∂Õ ¿∞‘ ⁄»Û∆¡ª Ú∂⁄‰ Ú≈Ò≈, ⁄»Û∆¡ª Â∂ Úø◊ª √Û ‹≈‰ ¡Â∂ ¿∞‘ Ï≈‘ª Ú∆ √Û

‹≈‰ √Ó∂∫ ≈‰∆ È∂ ≈‹∂ Á∂ ⁄Ȫ ”Â∂ ÓºÊ≈ ‡∂’ ’∂ ¿∞√ Á∂ Ï√Â Ë؉ Á∆ √∂Ú≈

‹≈‰ «‹‘Û∆¡ª ÍÂ∆ Á∂ ◊Ò È≈Ò È‘∆∫ Ò◊Á∆¡ªÕ

ÓȘ» ’Ú≈ Ò¬∆Õ ’¬∆ Ó‘∆È∂ Ï∆ ◊¬∂Õ Á»‹∆ ≈‰∆ ˘ ÍÂ≈ Ò◊≈ «’ Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆

Ì≈¬∆ ◊πÁ≈√ ‹∆ «Ò÷Á∂ ‘È «’ ͺ¤Ó «Ú⁄ ¬∂’Ó Á≈ ⁄øÈ Ú∂÷ ’∂ Óπ√ÒÓ≈È ¬∆Á

¡‹∂ Ú∆ ÷πÙ ÍÃ√øÈ ¡Â∂ ¡ÈßÁ «Ú⁄ ‘À Â∂ ≈‹∂ Á∂ Ï√Â Ë؉ Á∆ √∂Ú≈ ’ ‘∆ ‘ÀÕ

ÓÈ≈¿∞∫Á≈ ‘À Â∂ «‘øÁ» ¡≈͉∂ Í«‘È∂ Ï√Âª «Ú⁄Ø∫ «¬’ Ë≈◊∂ Á∆ ÂøÁ ’º„ ’∂ ¬∂’Ó Á∂

¡≈÷ «¬’ ◊ØÒ∆ ÂØ∫ √»‘ «ÓÒ∆ «’ Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ Á∆ ÷πÙ∆ Á≈ ’≈È «¬’ ÈΩ Òº÷≈ √ØÈ∂

⁄øÈ ˘ Ì∂‡≈ ’’∂ ÈÓ√’≈ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Á≈ ’≈È ‘À «’ ¬∂’Ó ˘ ⁄øÈ ¡≈͉∂

Â∂ ÓØÂ∆¡ª ‹«Û¡≈ ‘≈ ‘ÀÕ ‹∂ ¿∞‘ ‘≈ ¿∞√ ’ØÒØ∫ ÷∆Á «Ò¡≈ ‹≈Ú∂ ª ¿∞√ Á∆ ÷πÙ∆

ÿ Í«‘Ò∂ «ÁÈ ‹ÈÓ ÒÀ∫Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Í ‘ΩÒ∆ ‘ΩÒ∆ ¡◊Ò∂ Í≥Áª «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ‹Ú≈È ‘Ø ’∂

¡ÒØÍ ‘Ø √’Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ◊ØÒ∆ ≈‘∆∫ ¿∞√ ÈΩ Òº÷∂ ‘≈ Á≈ √ΩÁ≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ È∂

⁄øÈ Í»Ï ÚºÒ √»‹ Á∂ ÿ «Ú⁄ ⁄Ò≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√ «ÁÈ Í»ÈÓ≈Ù∆ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ ⁄øÈ ˘

¿∞√ ‘≈ Á∆ ’∆Ó ≈‹∂ Á∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ Á∂ ÁÙȪ Á∆ Ó≥◊∆Õ «¬‘ √π‰ ’∂ Á»‹∆ ≈‰∆

◊둉 Ú∆ Í»ÈÓ≈Ù∆ ˘ ‘∆ Ò◊Á≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ «¬√ Â∑ª ¿∞‘ ’¶«’ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ Ó≥«È¡≈

Ï‘π ‘º√∆ Â∂ ÷πÙ ‘ج∆Õ ÈΩ Òº÷≈ ‘≈ ≈‹∂ Á∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ Á∂ ÁÙÈ ÂØ∫ ÓπºÒ ÒÀ «Ò¡≈Õ

‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ‘π‰ ¿∞‘ √»‹ Á∆ ‹ª Ï∂◊≈È∂ Á∂ ˙‡ «Ú⁄ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√∂ Â∑ª ‹Ø ◊π«√º÷

Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ Ó‘ºÒª «Ú⁄ ≈‹∂ Á∂ ÁÙÈ ’È ¡≈¬∆Õ ≈‹∂ ˘ ÓºÊ≈ ‡∂’ ’∂ ¿∞√

“˝” ˘ ¤º‚ ’∂ Á»‹∂ Á∆ ˙‡ «Ú⁄ ⁄Ò≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘À, ¿∞√Á∆ ‹∆ÚÈ Ú∆ ’¶«’ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈

Á≈ ËøÈÚ≈Á ’∆Â≈Õ ≈‹∂ È∂ «’‘≈, “ËøÈÚ≈Á ª Á»‹∆ ≈‰∆ Á≈ ’ «‹√ È∂ ÂÀ˘


ÁÙÈ ’È Á∆ ¡≈«◊¡≈ «ÁÂ∆ ‘ÀÕ Í«‘Ò∆ ≈‰∆ ÏØÒ∆, “¿∞√ Á≈ ËøÈÚ≈Á ’≈‘Á≈?

‚≈: Ì≈¬∆ Ú∆ «√øÿ ‹∆ ¡È∞√≈ ‹ÁØ∫ ÓÈ∞º÷ «¬’ ˘ ¤º‚ ’∂ «’√∂ ‘Ø Á∂ Á Á≈

¿∞√ È∂ ª ÈΩ Òº÷≈ ‘≈ ÒÀ ’∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ Á≈ ÁÙÈ Ú∂«⁄¡≈ ‘ÀÕ”Õ «¬‘ √π‰ ’∂ ≈‹∂ È∂

¡≈√≈ ÒÀ∫Á≈ ‘À ª ¿∞√ Á∂ √≈∂ ◊π‰ ¿∞µ‚ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «‹√ Â∑ª ‹ÁØ∫ «’√∂ Á∂ ◊Ò «Ú⁄

¡≈«÷¡≈, “‘À∫! ‹∂ «¬‘ ◊ºÒ ‘À ª ¡º‹ ÂØ∫ ¿∞√ ˘ ¿∞√ Á≈ ‘≈ ÓπÏ≈’ Â∂ ÂÀ˘ Â∂≈

ÎπºÒª Á≈ ‘≈ «Í¡≈ ‘ØÚ∂, ‹ÁØ∫ ÎπºÒª È∂ «’√∂ Á∂ ◊Ò Á≈ ¡≈√≈ «Ò¡≈ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À ª

ÍÂ∆ ÓπÏ≈’! ¡º‹ ÂØ∫ ¿∞‘ Ó‘ºÒª «Ú⁄ È‘∆∫ ÚÛ √’Á∆ Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ Ó∂∆ ≈‰∆ ¡÷Ú≈

Í«‘ȉ Ú≈Ò∂ ˘ ¿∞È∑ª ÎπºÒª Á∆ ÷πÙÏ» Ó≈¨Ó È‘∆∫ ‘πøÁ∆, Í ÎπºÒª «Ú⁄ ¿∞√ Ú∂Ò∂ Á∆

√’Á∆ ‘ÀÕ Á»‹∆ ≈‰∆ ˘ «¬√ ◊ºÒ Á≈ ÍÂ≈ Ò◊≈ ª Áπ÷∆ ‘Ø ’∂ ÈΩ Òº÷∂ ‘≈ ˘ ‘ºÊª

÷πÙÏ» ‘πøÁ∆ ‘À:

«Ú⁄ «Ò¡≈ Â∂ Ø∫Á∆ «Íº‡Á∆ È∂ ¿∞√ Á≈ «¬’ «¬’ ’∆ÓÂ∆ ÓØÂ∆ ÂØÛ ’∂ ˜Ó∆È ”Â∂ √πº‡‰≈

Á „«·¡ª Á∂ ◊π‰ª Á∆, ’Á È≈ ÍÀ∫Á∆ Ô≈Õ

Â∂ ÍÀª È≈Ò «ÓºË‰≈ Ùπ» ’ «ÁºÂ≈Õ ’«‘‰∆ Òº◊∆, “‹∂ ÓÀ˘ ÍÂ≈ ‘πøÁ≈ «’ Â∂∂ ’≈‰

◊Ò∂ ͬ∂ ÎπÒ ‘≈ Á∆, Ì≈√∂ È≈ Ó«‘’≈Õ

ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ ÍÃ∆ÂÓ ÂØ∫ ‡πº‡ ‹≈‰≈ ‘À ª ÓÀ∫ ÂÀ˘ ’Á∂ ‘ºÊ È≈ Ò≈¿∞∫Á∆Õ ◊π» ¡‹È Á∂Ú

ª ‘∆ Ù∂÷ Î∆Á ‹∆ ºÏ∆ Ï≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ ÎπÓ≈¿∞∫Á∂ ‘È:

‹∆ Á∂ «Í¡≈∂ ’Ú∆ Ì≈¬∆ ⁄‘»Û, «‹‘Û∂ Ò÷È¿± Á∂ Ú≈√∆ √È, È∂ ≈‰∆ Á∂ Ó≥»‘Ø∫ ‘≈

ÎÁ≈ Ï≈« Í≈«¬¡À ÏÀ√‰≈ √ª¬∆ ÓπfiÀ È Á∂«‘®

Ò¬∆ «¬‘ ÙÏÁ ¡÷Ú≈¬∂ ‘È:

‹∂ ± ¬∂ÚÀ ÷√∆ ‹∆¿∞ √∆‘π Ò∂«‘®42®

Ù≈Ò≈! ‘≈ ‡πº‡∂ ¡ºË «Ú⁄Ø∫ Â∂∂ Ê∆ÚÈ Ò≈Ò ¡‹≈¬∆∫Õ

√π÷∆ «‘øÁ≈ ‘À Â∂ ’«‘øÁ≈ ‘À:

‹∂ ‹≈‰≈ ‘≈∆ ˘ ‘≈ ‘∂∫Á≈

Â∞Ó«‘ ¤≈«‚ ’ج∆ ¡Ú È ËÔ≈¿±∫®

ª ‘≈∂ ‘ºÊ È≈ Ò≈¬∆∫Õ

‹Ø Ï ⁄≈‘Ø∫ √π Â∞Ó Â∂ Í≈¿±∫®

«¬’ Áπ‘≈◊«Ï¡ª Ó√ÒÂ

(Í≥È≈ ACH@)

√Ø, «√º÷ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ ‘∆ “˝” Á∆ ˙‡ ÒÀ∫Á≈ ‘À, ¡≈͉≈ ÓÈ ¿∞√ «Ú⁄ «‡’≈¿∞∫Á≈ ‘À,

(’«ÏÔØÏ≈⁄ Ï∂ÈÂ∆® ⁄Ωͬ∆®) -«◊¡≈È∆ ¡‹È «√øÿ


Parivartan September 2013

È≈∆ √ß√≈

÷≈‰≈ Í«‘ȉ≈ «√Î «√‘ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ √◊Ø∫ ⁄ø◊∆ ÏπË∆ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ Ú∆ ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ Í «¬‘ ‹≈‰È≈ ˜»∆ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À «’ ÷≈‰≈ Í«‘ȉ≈ «’√ Â∑ª Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ «’Ú∂∫ Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ÷≈‰≈ Í«‘ȉ≈? ‘∆¡ª √Ϙ∆¡ª ¡Â∂ ÎÒ √≈‚∆ «√‘ ¡Â∂ √πøÁÂ≈ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ï‘π ˜»∆ ‘ÈÕ Ó∂Ê∆, Í≈Ò’, ÏøÁ◊ØÌ∆ Ú◊∆¡ª ‘∆¡ª √Ϙ∆¡ª «Úº⁄ ¡À∫‡∆ ¡≈’√∆‚À∫‡ Í≈¬∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬È∑ª È≈Ò √∆ ˘ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ “¬∂” ¡Â∂ “√∆” «ÓÒÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «‹‘Û∆¡ª «¬√Â∆¡ª ÍÃ≈Í Ó≈Â≈ «Úº⁄ ¡≈«¬È ÒÀ∫Á∆¡ª ‘È ¿∞È∑ª Á∆¡ª ¡º÷ª Á∂ ’ØÒ ’≈Ò∂ ˺Ï∂ È‘∆∫ ÍÀ∫Á∂Õ √πøÁÂ≈ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ «˜ø’ Ú∆ Ï‘π Î≈«¬Á∂Ó≥Á ‘ÀÕ «˜ø’ ◊»Û∑∂ ø◊ Á∆¡ª √Ϙ∆¡ª «Úº⁄ Í≈«¬¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬È∑ª È≈Ò Óπ‘≈√∂ È‘∆∫ «È’ÒÁ∂Õ «¬Ê∂ º’ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ «‹ø’ «ÓÃÂ’ ÂÚ⁄≈ ˘ ‘‡≈ ’∂ ÈÚ∆∫ ÂÚ⁄≈ ÍÀÁ≈ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ‘ ؘ ÎÒª Á≈ √∂ÚÈ ’ØÕ √∂Ï, ¡È≈, ¡≥◊», ÓΩ√øÓ∆, √øÂ∂ ¡Â∂ ’∂Ò∂ «√‘ Á∂ Ò¬∆ ÚË∆¡≈ ÎÒ ‘ÈÕ ÎÒ Á≈ ‹»√ Í∆‰ È≈ÒØ∫ «˜¡≈Á≈ ⁄ø◊≈ ‘À «’ ÎÒ ˘ √≈Ï ‘∆ ÷≈Ë≈ ‹≈Ú∂Õ «¬È∑ª ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ∂«Ù¡ª Ú≈Ò∂ ÎÒ Ú∆ «√‘ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ Ï‘π ˜»∆ ‘ÈÕ «‹È∑ª ÒØ’ª Á∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ √πº’∆ ¡Â∂ ¥ªÂ∆‘∆È ‘πøÁ∆ ‘À ¿∞È∑ª ˘ «ÂÒ, √Ø∫, Ó»ø◊ÎÒ∆ ¡Â∂ ‹ÀÂ±È Á≈ Â∂Ò Á≈ «¬√Â∂Ó≈Ò ’È≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬È∑ª Â∂Òª Á≈ ¿πÍÔØ◊ Á∂ È≈Ò ’∞fi ‘∆ «ÁȪ «Úº⁄ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Â∂ «È÷≈ ¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ Î≈¬∆Ï Ú≈Ò∂ ÌØ‹È È≈Ò Óπ‘≈√∂ ‹ª ⁄ÓÛ∆ √øÏøË∆ ’¬∆ Â∑ª Á∆¡ª √Óº«√¡≈Úª Á≈ ‚ «‘øÁ≈ ‘À «¬√ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ Î≈¬∆Ï Ô∞’ ’‰’ Á∆ ؇∆, ¡≈‡∂ Á≈ Í≈√Â≈ ¡Â∂ Ï≈¿±È ÏÃ∂‚ ÷≈˙Õ ¡’∞ø« ¡È≈‹ «‹Ú∂∫ ¤ØÒ∂, Ó»ø◊∆ Á∆ Á≈Ò Ú◊À≈ √∆ Á∆ √πøÁÂ≈ ÚË≈¿∞∫Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Â∑ª Á∂ ÌØ‹È È≈Ò √≈‚∆ Í≈⁄È «’«¡≈ «ÈÔ«Ó «‘øÁ∆ ‘À «‹√Á≈ ÍÃÌ≈Ú √≈‚∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ ”Â∂ ÍÀ∫Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Î≈¬∆Ï È≈Ò ÌÍ» ˙‡Ó∆Ò √∆ Á∆ «ÚÙÀÒ∂ ºª ˘ Ï≈‘ ’„Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ È≈Ò Ú∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ √≈Î √πÊ∆ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ Í≈‰∆ √≈‚∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ Ò¬∆ ¡ø«ÓàÁ≈ ’øÓ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ‘ ؘ H ÂØ∫ A@ ◊Ò≈√ º’ Í≈‰∆ Í∆˙Õ Í≈‰∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ √Ì ÂØ∫ ˜»∆ ‘À «’¿∞∫«’ «¬‘ √∆ Á∂ «ÚÙÀÒ∂ ÍÁ≈ʪ ˘ Ï≈‘ ’„Á≈ ‘ÀÕ √Ú∂∂ ¿∞µ·‰ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «¬’ «◊Ò≈√ Í≈‰∆ «Úº⁄ «ÈßÏ» «È⁄ØÛ ’∂ Í∆˙Õ «¬√ È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ ”Â∂ ⁄Ó’ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ‹∂’ ÌØ‹È Ì≈Î È≈Ò Ï«‰¡≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ª ¿∞π√Á∂ ÍØÙ’ º ÈÙ‡ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ ÌØ‹È ˘ «˜¡≈Á≈ ÂÒ‰ Ìπȉ È≈Ò ¿∞È∑ª «Úº⁄ ÓΩ‹»Á «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ ¡Â∂ «ÓÈÒ˜ ÷ÂÓ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ Ï≈Á≈Ó √≈‚∆ ⁄ÓÛ∆ ¡Â∂ ¡º÷ª Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ Ï‘π ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ ‘ ؘ √Ú∂∂ «Ìº‹∂ Ï≈Á≈Ó Á∂ È≈Ò ÁπºË Í∆‰ È≈Ò ø◊ «Úº⁄ «È÷≈ ¡≈¿∞∫Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Ï≈Á≈Ó ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ¡≥˜∆ ¡Â∂ ¡÷؇ Ú∆ √πøÁÂ≈ Á∂ Ú≈√Â∂ ⁄ø◊∂ Ó∂Ú∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬È∑ª Á∂ ؘ≈È≈ √∂ÚÈ È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ Â∂ ⁄Ó’ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ¡≥˜∆ √∆’ √πøÁÂ≈ ˘ «È÷≈Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Ó∂«Ú¡ª «Úº⁄ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ ¬∂ Á∂ ◊π‰ ‘ÈÕ √Ø«¬¡≈Ï∆È ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ï‘π ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬‘ ¡«‹‘∂ √≈«¬‰ª È≈Ò ÌÍ» ‘À ¡À√‡ØÃ‹È Á≈ ’øÓ ’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ ˘ ÷≈‰ È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ Â∂ Óπ‘≈√∂, ¤≈¬∆¡ª, Á≈◊ ˺Ï∂ Á» ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ «Úº⁄ Ú∆ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ ¬∂ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ √∆ Ú∆ √≈‚∆ «⁄‘∂ Á∆ √πøÁÂ≈ Á∂ Ò¬∆ ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ √∆ È≈Ò ÌÍ» ¡≈ÚÒ≈ Ú≈Ò≈ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ï‘π ӑºÂÚÍ»È ‘ÀÕ «¬√ È≈Ò Ú≈Òª «Úº⁄ ⁄Ó’ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ ‹ÒÁ∆ «⁄º‡∂ È‘∆∫ ‘πøÁ∂Õ Í’∂ ‘ج∂ ‡Ó≈‡ª «Úº⁄ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ ¬∂ ¡Â∂ √∆ ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ’À∫√ Ø’± ’À«Ó’Ò Ú∆ Í≈¬∂ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ ¬∂ ¡≥Á ÂØ∫ «¬ÈÎÀ’ÙÈ Ø’ Óπ‘≈√∂ Ú∆ ÷ÂÓ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ’∞fi ÷≈Ë ÍÁ≈Ê ¡«‹‘∂ Ú∆ ‘È ‹Ø √πøÁÂ≈ ˘ È∞’√≈È Í‘πø⁄≈¿∞∫Á∂ ‘È «‹Ú∂∫ ÂÒ∆¡ª ÌπÈ∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª «⁄‘∂ Á∆¡ª √Ì ÂØ∫ Úº‚∆¡ª ÁπÙÓÈ ‘ÈÕ «¬È∑ª È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ Â∂ Óπ‘≈√∂ ¡Â∂ ÎØÛ∂ «ÎÈ√∆¡ª ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‹ø’ λ‚ «‹Ú∂∫ Í∆˜≈, Ï◊, «⁄Í√ ¡Â∂ ‚ºÏ≈ ÏøÁ ÷≈Ë ÍÁ≈Ê «√‘ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ Á∆ √πøÁÂ≈ Ú∆ «Ú◊≈ÛÁ∂ ‘È, «¬√ ’’∂ «¬È∑ª ÂØ∫ Ï⁄ØÕ

È≈∆ √ß√≈

Parivartan September 2013


‘ ¿πÓ «Úæ⁄ ‘ ¡Ω�� ω-·‰ ’∂ «‘‰≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ∆ ˛, Í «¬√ Á≈ ÓÂÒÏ «¬‘ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ≈ «’ Ï‘π √≈∂ ÍÀ√∂ ÷⁄ ’∂ Ó«‘ß◊∂ ’æÍÛ∂ Í≈ ’∂ ‘∆ √Ø‘‰∂ ¡Â∂ ÎÀÙÈ∂ÏÒ Ò«◊¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈ ˛Õ ’æÍ«Û¡ª Á∆ √‘∆ ⁄؉ Âπ‘≈‚∂ ¡≈ÂÓ «ÚÙÚ≈√ «Úæ⁄ ’¬∆ ◊π‰≈ Ú≈Ë≈ ’ √’Á∆ ˛Õ ¡≈͉∂ «‘‰ √«‘‰ Á∂ „ß◊ ’’∂ ‹ª ’πÁÂ∆ ÂΩ ”Â∂ Âπ√∆∫ Ó؇∂ ‹ª ÍÂÒ∂ ‘Ø √’Á∂ ‘Ø, Í ’πfi ◊æÒª Á≈ «Ë¡≈È æ÷Ø◊∂ ª ‘ Îß’ÙÈ ‹ª Í≈‡∆ «Úæ⁄ √≈«¡ª Á∆¡ª Șª Á∂ Í≈Â ˜± ω √’Á∂ ‘ØÕ ß◊ «Ïß◊∂ È≈ Ï‰Ø : Ì≈Ú∂∫ Ò≈Ò, ◊πÒ≈Ï∆, È∆Ò≈ Â∂ ‘≈ ’≈Î∆ ÷±Ï√± ß◊ ‘È, Í «¬È∑ª ˘ ÿæ‡ ÂØ∫ ÿæ‡ «¬æ’ Ú≈∆ ”’æ·∂ È≈ Í≈˙Õ Ô≈«È «¬‘ √≈∂ ß◊ «¬æ’ ‘∆ √≈Û∆ ‹ª ‚zÀ√ «Úæ⁄ È≈ ‘؉ ª Âπ√∆∫ «˜¡≈Á≈ ÎÀÙÈ∂ÏÒ «Á÷Ø◊∂Õ Âπ√∆∫ «‹‘Û≈ ß◊ Í≈ ‘∂ ‘Ø, ¿π√ ˘ ‘∆ ‘≈¬∆Ò≈¬∆‡ ’ØÕ ¡À‚‹√‡ ’Ø «Î«‡ß◊ : «˜ßÁ◊∆ «Úæ⁄ ¡À‚‹À√‡ÓÀ∫‡ ª ⁄ÒÁ∆ ‘∆ «‘ßÁ∆ ˛, Í ‹ÁØ∫ ◊æÒ ‡z≈¿±˜√ Á∆ ‘ØÚ∂, ª «¬Ê∂ ¡À‚‹À√‡ÓÀ∫‡ È‘∆∫ «¬’ÁÓ «Î«‡ß◊ ‘∆ ’ßÓ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ˛Õ «¬æ’ ÁÓ √«ÒÓ Â∂ «‡zÓ Òæ◊‰ Á∂ ⁄æ’ «Úæ⁄ ¡≈͉∂ ÂØ∫ B È≈Í ¤Ø‡∂ ‡z≈¿±˜√ È≈ Í≈˙Õ √‡zÀ⁄∂ÏÒ ‡z≈¿±˜ Ú∆ ‘∂’ Á∂ È‘∆∫ ‹æ⁄Á∂Õ ‘≈¬∆ Ú∂√‡ ‹ª ÒØ Ú∂√‡ : ‘≈¬∆ Ú∂√‡ ‹∆È√ ¶Ó∆¡ª ’πÛ∆¡ª Â∂ ‘∆ ‹æ⁄Á∆ ˛Õ «Ú⁄Ò∆ ‘≈¬∆‡ ‹ª ÒØ Ú∂√‡ ‹∆È√ Ì≈∂ √∆ Ú≈√Â∂ ·∆’ «‘ßÁ∆ ˛Õ ‹∂ ’æÁ ¶Ï≈ ˛ ª ‘≈¬∆ Ú∂√‡ ‹∆È√ Âπ‘≈˘ ı±Ï ÚË∆¡≈ Ò◊∂◊∆Õ ∂‡zØ ´’ : Íπ≈‰∂ ˜Ó≈È∂ Á∂ ÎÀÙÈ ˘ ∂‡zØ ÎÀÙÈ ’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ AIE@ ÂØ∫ AIG@ Âæ’ ÎÀÙÈ «Úæ⁄ ¡≈¬∂ ’æÍÛ∂ ‘π‰ ∂‡Øz ÎÀÙÈ ’‘∂ ‹≈‰◊∂Õ «¬√ Â∑ª Á∂ ’æÍÛ∂ Í≈¿π‰ «Úæ⁄ ’ج∆ ‘‹ È‘∆∫, Í ÒØÛ ÂØ∫ ÚæË ∂‡zØ ´’ È≈ ¡Í‰≈˙Õ «Ó’√ ¡À∫‚ ÓÀ⁄ ¡‹Ó≈ √’Á∂ ‘ØÕ ¿π⁄∆ ’Ó∆˜ Â∂ Í«‡¡≈Ò≈ √ÒÚ≈ : «ÎÒÓ “Ï߇∆ ¡Â∂ ÏÏÒ∆” ¡≈¿π‰ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ≈‰∆ Óπ÷‹∆ Ú≈Ò≈ ÎÀÙÈ ÓÙ‘± ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ˛Õ √±‡ Â∂ Ò«◊¡≈ ◊؇≈-Íæ‡∆, √∆’ÚÀ∫√ Â∂ ß◊ª Á∆ Ú≈¤ÛÕ Ì≈Ú∂∫ ’æÁ ¶Ï≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ‹ª ¤Ø‡≈, √∆ ÍÂÒ≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ‹ª Ó؇≈Õ «¬Ú∂∫ ‘∆ ‘Ø «ÎÒÓª Ú≈Ò∂ ‡Àz∫‚ª ˘ ¡ÍÈ≈¿π‰ «Úæ⁄ ’ج∆ ‘˜ È‘∆∫, Í «¯ÒÓ∆ ¡Â∂ ¡≈Ó

Âπ‘≈‚∂ Ú≈Òª Á∂ ’πÁÂ∆ ß◊ ÂØ∫ Ò◊Ì◊ C Ù∂‚ Î’ ‘ØÚ∂Õ «¬’ÁÓ Ï◊À ∫ ‚∆ ‹ª Ò≈Ò∆ Ú≈Ò≈ ß◊ ¤Ø‡∆ ¿πÓ «Úæ⁄ ‘∆ ‹⁄Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ’πæfi ‘Ø Èπ’Â∂ : ‹∂’ Âπ√∆∫ Ó؇∂ ‘Ø Âª √«’È ‡≈¬∆‡ ‹∆È√ ‹ª Ù≈‡ √’‡ È≈ Í≈˙Õ

«˜ßÁ◊∆ «Úæ⁄ Ï‘π Î’ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛ ! ÍÒ∂È √ÒÚ≈ Á∂ È≈Ò ’πfi ⁄Ó’ Ú≈Ò∆ ’Ó∆˜ Ú∆

‹∂’ ÍÂÒ∂ ‘Ø Âª Ú∆ √«’È ‡≈¬∆‡ ‹∆È√ ÂØ∫ Ï⁄ØÕ

¡’√ ‹⁄Á∆ ˛Õ

Ó؇∂ ‘Ø Âª «¬æ’ ‘∆ ß◊ Á∂ ’æÍÛ∂ Í«‘ȉ Á∆ ʪ B ß◊ª Á∂ ’æÍÛ∂ Í≈˙Õ ÏÒÀ’ ß◊

Ôß◊ «Á√Ø, Í √ßÌÒ ’∂ : ‘ √Ó∂∫ ‹Ú≈È «Áæ√‰ «Úæ⁄ ’ج∆ ‘˜ È‘∆∫, Í «¬√Á≈ ÓÂÒÏ «¬‘ È‘∆∫ «’ ‹∂ Âπ‘≈‚∆ ¿πÓ «˜¡≈Á≈ ˛ ª Âπ√∆∫ ÷≈‘-Ó÷≈‘ ‘∆ ’≈Ò∂‹ ‹≈‰ Ú≈Ò∆¡ª ’πÛ∆¡ª Úª◊ «Áæ√‰ Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ’ØÕ ‹∆È√ Í«‘‰Ø Í ÒØ Ú∂√‡ È‘∆∫Õ ‘∂¡ ’Ò Îß‚≈ : ¡≈͉∂ Ú≈Òª ˘ ß◊ ’È Ú∂Ò∂ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «Ë¡≈È æ÷Ø «’ ß◊

√≈¬∆ÒÀ∫‡ «’Ò

Á∂ ‡z≈¿±˜ Ú∆ Í≈ √’Á∂ ‘Ø, Í «¬‘ Ò≈¬∆’≈ Á∂ ‘؉ ª Âπ√∆∫ ’πfi ÍÂÒ∂ «Á÷Ø◊∂Õ ’πfi Ò±˜ «Î«‡ß◊ Á∂ ’æÍÛ∂ ‘ Ì≈ Ú◊ Ò¬∆ ·∆’ ‘∆ Ò◊Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ÓØ‡Ø ‘Ø Âª ’πfi ÍÂÒ≈ «Áæ√‰ Ú≈√Â∂ Ù∆Î≈È ‹ª ‹≈‹À‡, √≈‡È, «√Ò’, ¡≈æ◊∂∫‹≈ Ú◊∂ ÎÀÏ«’ ÎÀÙÈ∂ÏÒ «Áæ√‰ Ò¬∆ ÚÂ∂ ‹≈ √’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ÍÂÒ∂ ‘Ø Âª ’≈‡È Á∆¡ª √≈Û∆¡ª ‹ª √±‡ Âπ‘≈‚∆ ÷±Ï√±Â∆ ˘ ⁄≈ ⁄ßÁ Ò◊≈¿π‰◊∂Õ

ÚË∂ ‘ج∂ ÏÒº‚ ÍÃÀÙ ˘ √≈¬∆ÒÀ∫‡ «’Ò ’«‘øÁ∂ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ï∆Ó≈∆ Á≈ ’≈È Í»∆ Â∑ª √Ófi È‘∆∫ ¡≈¿∞∫Á≈

√Ó≈È :A@-AB ¿πÏÒ∂ ¡≈Ò±, B Úæ‚∂

‘À ‹ª ª ÏÒº‚ ÍÃÀÙ «˜¡≈Á≈ ÿº‡ ‹≈Ú∂∫ ‹ª «˜¡≈Á≈

⁄Ó⁄ Â∂Ò, √Ú≈Á ¡Èπ√≈ Ò±‰, A ⁄Ó⁄

ÚºË ‹≈Ú∂ ª ÏÒµ‚ ÍÃÀÙ ’«‘øÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Á∂ ’≈È

◊Ó Ó√≈Ò≈, A ⁄Ó⁄ Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄, A

⁄º’ ¡≈¿∞‰≈, «√ ÁÁ ‘؉≈ ¡Â∂ È∆∫Á È≈ ¡≈¿∞‰≈,

⁄Ó⁄ ‹∆≈, C ‘∆ «Ó⁄, A ⁄Ó⁄

ËπøÁÒ≈ «Á÷‰≈ ¡≈«Á ‘ÈÕ

¡È≈Á≈È≈, C Úæ‚∂ ⁄Ó⁄ √±‹∆ ÌπßÈ∆ ‘ج∆Õ

- ·∆’ √Ó∂∫ Â∂ ÌØ‹È È≈ ÷≈‰≈

Â∆’≈ : «¬’ ’Û∑≈¬∆ «Ú⁄ Â∂Ò ◊Ó

- «√◊∂‡, Ù≈Ï, ’ØÒ«‚øÃ’√ ¡Â∂ ‹ø’λ‚ Á≈ «¬√Â∂Ó≈Ò ’È≈Õ

’’∂ ‹∆≈ Í≈ «Á˙Õ ¿πÏÒ∂ ‘ج∂ ¡≈Ò± ’æ‡

- «˜¡≈Á≈ Ì≈ ںˉ È≈Ò «˜¡≈Á≈ ÏÒº‚ ÍÃ∂Ù ÚºËÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ

’∂ «¬√ «Ú⁄ Í≈ «Á˙Õ ÈÓ’, Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄,

- ؘ D-E «’ÒØÓ∆‡ ÍÀÁÒ √À ’ØÕ «ÁÈ Ì «Úº⁄ F@@ ◊Ã≈Ó ÂØ∫ «˜¡≈Á≈

¡È≈Á≈È≈ Í≈¿±‚ ¡Â∂ ◊Ó Ó√≈Ò≈

ÌØ‹È È≈ ÷≈˙Õ - «√◊∂‡ ¡Â∂ Ù≈Ï ˘ ¤º‚ «Á˙Õ «’√∂ Ú∆ ÁÚ≈¬∆ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò «∫¬√ Á≈ ÍÑ∂˜ ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ - «√¯ Ì≈ ÿ‡≈¿∞‰ Á∂ Ò¬∆ ’√ ‘∆ ˜»∆ È‘∆∫ «¬√ ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ÷πÙ «‘‰ ¡Â∂ ÏÒº‚ ÍÃÀÙ ÿº‡ ’È Ú≈√Â∂ Ú∆ ’√ ˜»∆ ‘ÀÕ

Í≈˙Õ ‘Ò’≈ «‹‘≈ «‘Ò≈ ’∂ «¬√ «Ú⁄ ‘∆¡ª «Ó⁄ª Â∂ √±‹∆ Í≈ ’∂ ⁄ß◊∆ Â∑ª «‘Ò≈˙Õ B-C «Ó߇ Ï≈¡Â ¡æ◊ ÂØ∫ ¿πÂ≈ Ò˙Õ ‘π‰ «¬√ ˘ «Èßϱ ¡Â∂ ‘∂ ËÈ∆¬∂ √‹≈ ’∂ ◊Ó≈ ◊Ó ÍØ√ØÕ


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‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√ßÿ È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÿ Á∆ Â∂ ˜Ó∆È ‹≈«¬Á≈Á

È≈Ò Ï’≈ æ÷ √’Á≈ ‘ª....Õ”

Á∆ Úß‚ Úß‚≈¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ «‹¿π∫«Á¡ª ‹∆¡ ’ Á∂‰∆

«Í¿π √Ø⁄∆∫ ÍÀ «◊¡≈Õ Úæ‚≈ Íπæ ◊Ò Ú∆ È‘∆∫

·∆’ √Ófi∆Õ ¿π‘˘ ¡≈͉∆ √≈∆ ¿πÓ, ¿π‘Ȫ Ïß«Á¡ª

√∆ ’«‘ «‘≈Õ ¿π‘˘, ¿π‘Á∂ ¿πºÂ∂ Ó≈‰ Ú∆ √∆ Í

¿πºÂ∂ ◊πæ√≈ «‹‘≈ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ «‘≈ √∆, «‹È∑ª È∂ ¡≈͉∂

ÿ∂ Ú∆ ¿π‘ ‹ÒÁÏ≈˜∆ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆ ÎÀ√Ò≈ È‘∆∫ √∆

«¬‘ Î˜ «√¡≈‰Í È≈Ò È‘∆∫ √È «ÈÌ≈¬∂ Â∂ ¿π‘Ȫ Á∂ ¡æ÷ª

’È≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ≈Õ

Ó∆‡‰ Á∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ «‹Ú∂∫ ÿ Á≈ √≈≈ ÚÂ≈≈ ‘∆ ¡æ÷ª Ó∆‡ ‹ªÁ≈

˙È∂ «⁄ ˘ Á±‹∂ Íπæ È∂ Ú∆ ÂÒÚ≈ ¿πºÂ∂ ¡≈͉≈

√∆Õ ÿ «Ú⁄ Úß‚ Úß‚≈¬∆ ÂØ∫ ’Ò∂Ù ÷Û∑∂ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ √ÈÕ ÓÈ Ú≈Ò∂ Á∂

‹Ú≈Ï Á≈¡Ú≈ Í∂Ù ’∆Â≈, “Ï≈ͱ ¿π∫‹ ª Úæ‚≈ Ì≈¿± Ú∆

Ï≈Ò‰ Â∂ ’¯È Ú◊∆¡ª √ªfi∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª Á∂ ÓπæÒ ¿π√ ¡≈Í ÍÀ∫Á∂

·∆’ ’«‘ «‘≈ Í ÓÀ∫ √Ø⁄Áª «’ ¿π‘ Ù≈¯ Â∂

Ú∂÷∂ √È Â∂ «¬‘ ¬∆÷≈ ÂπÁ∆ ÂπÁ∆ ’¬∆ Ú≈ ı±È ı≈Ï∂

√ÓfiÁ≈∆ Ú∆ «’√ ’ßÓ ‹Ø ÓΩ’∂ ”Â∂ ‘«Ê¡≈ Ú∆

Âæ’ Í‘πß⁄ ‹ªÁ∆ √∆Õ

È≈ Ú √’∂? ¿π‘ ¡æ◊∂ Ú«Ë¡≈ Â∂ «Í¿π Á∂ ‘æÊ

ÿ Á∂ Úæ‚∂ √π¯∂ ”⁄ ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√ßÿ Ͷÿ ¿πºÂ∂ ÏÀ·≈ √∆ Â∂

”⁄ ÎÛ∆ ÂÒÚ≈ ˘ √‹Á≈ ’Á≈ ’«‘‰ Òæ◊≈,

¿π‘Á∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ ÍπæÂ, ˘‘ª Â∂ «¬’ «¬’ Úæ‚≈ ÍØÂ≈ ¿π‘Á∂ ¡≈Ò∂ Áπ¡≈Ò∂Õ

‘«Ê¡≈ Ú‰ Ò¬∆ Ù≈¯Â Â∂ √ÓfiÁ≈∆ Á∂ È≈Ò È≈Ò

¿π‘È∂ √≈«¡ª È≈Ò Ò ’∂ Íø‹ Ú≈ “Ó±Ò ÓßÂ” Á≈ Í≈· Áπ‘≈«¬¡≈Õ

ÁÒ∂∆ Ú∆ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ ¡À....Õ √Ø Ï≈ͱ, ÓÀ∫ Á≈¡Ú∂ È≈Ò ’«‘

Í≈· ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ¿π‘È∂ «¬’ «√¡≈‰∂ Ϙπ◊ Úª◊, ÏÛ∂ ‘∆ ·ß∑Ó∂ È≈Ò

√’Áª «’ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á∆ Ó≈‰ Â∂ Ó«¡≈Á≈ ÓÀ∫ ‘∆

«’‘≈, “Ó∂∂ ͺ∞ÂØ, ¡≈͉∂ ¿πºÂ∂ æÏ Á∆ ÏÛ∆ Ï÷«ÙÙ ˛ «’ «ÂßÈ Í∆Û∑∆¡ª, «¬’Ø

’ÀÓ ÷ √’ª◊≈Õ”

‘∆ ¤æ ÊæÒ∂ ÏÀ·∆¡ª ¿π‘Á≈ Ȫ ‹Í ‘∆¡ª È∂Õ”

Ï≈ͱ √Ø⁄∆∫ ÍÀ «◊¡≈Õ ¿π‘˘ ÍÂ≈ √∆ «’ ¿π‘Á∂

«¬√ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ¿π‘È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‹Ú≈È ÍØ«¡ª ˘, ’ΩÛ «‹‘∆ È≈Ò Ï≈‘

ÁØÚ∂∫ Íπæ «√¡≈‰∂ Â∂ √ÓfiÁ≈ ‘ÈÕ ¿π‘ √Ó∂∫ Á∆

‹≈‰ Ò¬∆ ’«‘ß«Á¡ª Â≈ÛÈ≈ «‹‘≈ ’∆Â∆, Ò≈◊Ø ÏßÈ∂ ‘∆ «‘‰≈, ÒØÛ ÍÀ‰

Ș≈’ ˘ √Ófi ’∂ ⁄ß◊∂ Ó≈Û∂ Á∆ Í÷ ’ √’Á∂

”Â∂ «Ë¡≈˘ √æ«Á¡≈ Ú∆ ‹≈ √’ÁÀÕ”

‘ÈÕ ¿π‘È∂ «¬√∂ ‘∆ «ÚÙÚ≈√ È≈Ò «’‘≈, “ÓÀ˘ ÌØ√≈

Î∂ ¿π‘È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÍπæÂª √≈‘Ó‰∂, ÿ Â∂ ˜Ó∆È Á∆

˛ Âπ√∆∫ ’Á∂ Ú∆ «’√∂ Á∂ «ÚπæË ÙΩ’ È≈Ò ‘«Ê¡≈ È‘∆∫

Úß‚ Ï≈∂ ¡≈͉∆ «Ú¿π∫ ˜≈‘ ’∆Â∆Õ È«‘∆ ÍÀÒ∆

¸æ’Ø◊∂Õ Í ‹∂ «Í¡≈, Óπ‘æÏ ‹ª Ó˜Ò±Ó ˘ Ï⁄≈¿π‰

Á∆ Ú∆ «’æÒ∂ Úß‚ ’ «ÁæÂ∆ ◊¬∆ √∆ Â∂ ÏÀ≈È∆ Á∆

Ò¬∆, «’√∂ ‹Ú≈‰∂ ‹ª ¡≈͉∂ Á∂ «ÚπæË Ú∆ ¸æ’‰≈ ÍÚ∂

Ú∆Õ «¬‘ √Ì ’πfi ’ ’∂, ¿π√ È∂ Í«‘Ò ¡≈͉∂

ª ◊π∂˜ È‘∆∫ ’Ø◊∂Õ”

Úæ‚∂ ÍπæÂ ˘ «Áß«Á¡ª «’‘≈, “Ú∂÷, ÁÏ≈≈ «√ß‘ª, Âß± Úæ‚≈ Íπæ ‘؉ Á∂ È≈Â∂ «¬√ Í«Ú≈ Ò¬∆ ÏÛ≈

’∆ «Í¡≈ Óπ‘æÏ ˘ Ú∆ ‘«Ê¡≈ª Á∆ ÒØÛ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛?” Úæ‚∂ Íπæ È∂ «‹Ú∂∫ Ï≈ͱ ˘ ‘∆ √Ú≈Ò ’∆Â≈Õ

’πfi ’∆Â≈Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ Í«‘Ò Â∂∆Õ «‹‘Û∆ Ú∆ „∂∆

Ï≈ͱ È∂ Óπ√’≈ ’∂ Úæ‚∂ ÚæÒ Ú∂«÷¡≈ Â∂ ‘ΩÒ∆ «‹‘∆ «’‘≈, “ÒØÛ ‘Ó∂Ù≈

ÂÀ˘ Á𑪠”⁄Ø∫ ⁄ß◊∆ Òæ◊∂, Óß±‘Ø∫ Óß◊ ÒÀÕ ¿π‘È∂ Ú∆

ÿπæ◊∆¡ª, ’ß±‹ª Â∂ «⁄Û∆¡ª ˘ ‘∆ Ï⁄≈¿π‰ Á∆ ‘πßÁ∆ ˛Õ Ï≈ÿ Â∂ Ï≈‹ ª ¡≈͉∆

¡≈͉∂ Úæ‚∂ ‘؉ Á∆ «˜ßÓ∂Ú≈∆ ˘ ¡≈͉∂ «ÍÂ≈

≈÷∆ ¡≈Í Ú∆ ’ ÒÀ∫Á∂ È∂Õ”

Íπ÷∆ ¡ßÁ≈˜ ”⁄ ’ϱҫÁ¡ª «’‘≈, “ÓÀ∫ Í«‘Ò

«Í¿π È∂ ÂÒÚ≈ ˘ «Ó¡≈È ”⁄ Í≈ ’∂ ¡≈͉∂ √≈‘Ó‰∂ æ÷ «Ò¡≈ Â∂ √Ø⁄‰ Òæ◊≈

¡≈͉∂ ¤Ø‡∂ Ì≈ ˘ «ÁßÁ≈ ‘ªÕ ¿πÈ∑∂ Ó∂∂ ÂØ∫ «˜¡≈Á≈

«’ ¿π‘Á∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ ÍπæÂª È∂ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ ≈‘∆∫ ’∆Â∂ ¤∂¡ ’ÂÒª Á∆¡ª ’‘≈‰∆¡ª ª

¿πÓ ‹∆‰∆ ˛Õ ¿πÈ∑∂ Ó∂∂ ÂØ∫ ÊØÛ∑∆¡ª «˜ßÓ∂Ú≈∆¡ª

√π‰ æ÷∆¡ª È∂Õ ¿π‘ √≈∂ Á∂ √≈∂ ’ÂÒ Í«Ú≈ Á∆ Ó≈‰ Ó«Ô≈Á≈ ˘ ÚË≈¿π‰ Ú≈Ò∂

Ú∆ «ÈÌ≈¿π‰∆¡ª È∂, «¬√ Ò¬∆ Í«‘Ò ¿π‘Á∆Õ”

√È Ù≈«¬Á «¬√∂ Ò¬∆, ¿π‘ ÁØÚ∂∫ ‘∆ ¡≈͉∂ «Ú≈√Â∆ ‘«Ê¡≈ ˘ ‘ ‘≈Ò «Ú⁄

¤Ø‡∂ È∂ Ú∆ ‘æÊ ‹ØÛ ’∂ Â∂ «√ «ÈÚª ’∂ «’‘≈, “‹ÁØ∫ «È¡ª Í√ßÁ Úæ‚ Ú‚∂ ÏÀ·∂

¡Í‰≈ ÒÀ‰≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ∂ √ÈÕ

‘؉, ¤Ø«‡¡ª ˘ ÏØÒ‰ Á∆ ‹ª Óß◊‰ Á∆ ÒØÛ ¬∆ È‘∆∫ «‘ßÁ∆Õ” ¬∂È≈ ’«‘ ’∂ ¿π‘È∂

√≈≈ Í«Ú≈ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈Ò ¬∂È≈ ‹π«Û¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ √∆ «’ ¿π‘ Ï≈’≈«¬Á≈

¡≈͉∂ ’πÛÂ∂ Á∆ fiØÒ∆ ÎÀÒ≈ «ÁæÂ∆, “Âπ√∆∫ ‹Ø Ú∆ Ó∂∆ fiØÒ∆ Í≈ Á∂¿π◊∂, ÓÀ˘ ÓȘ» ¡ÀÕ”

ÍØ‘ √±‘ Á∆ √ÂÚ∆∫ Á∂ ◊πÍπÏ Ú≈Ò∂ «ÁÈ ÏÛ∆ ÙË≈ È≈Ò, «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈Ò

‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘ßπ, ¡≈͉∂ ÍπæÂª Á≈ ¡≈Í√ «Ú⁄ «Í¡≈ Á∂ «¬Â¯≈’ Ú∂÷ ’∂ ÏÛ≈ ÷πÙ

◊πÁπ¡≈∂ Í‘πß⁄ ’∂ «¬√ ˘ ◊π± ◊zßÊ √≈«‘Ï Á∂ √≈‘Ó‰∂ ÓæÊ≈ «‡’≈ ’∂ «Ò¡≈¿π∫Á∂ √ÈÕ

‘Ø«¬¡≈Õ ¿π‘ «¬√ ◊æÒØ∫ ‘Ø Ú∆ «˜¡≈Á≈ ÷πÙ √∆ «’ ¡’√ Úß‚ Úß‚≈¬∆¡ª Ú∂Ò∂ ‚ª◊

‘ ’ÂÒ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á≈ «Ó¡≈È ÏÁÒ «ÁæÂ≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆ Â∂ ‘π‰ Âæ’

√؇∂ ÷Û’Á∂ Â∂ «√ «ÌÛÁ∂ Â∂ Í≈‡Á∂ √ÈÕ «¬Ê∂ ÁØÚ∂∫ Ì≈, ¿π‘Á∂ «√ È≈Ò «√ ‹ØÛ

Á∂ √≈∂ «Ó¡≈È ÏÁÒ∂ Ú∆ «¬√∂ ◊πÍπÏ Ú≈Ò∂ «ÁÈ ‘∆ √ÈÕ ¿π‘ ◊π± ◊zßÊ √≈«‘Ï Á∆

’∂ ÏÀ·∂ √ÈÕ ¿π‘È∂ Ò≈‚ Â∂ Ó≈‰ «‹‘∂ È≈Ò Ò≈◊∂ ÏÀ·∂ ÁØÚª ÍπæÂª ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ’Ò≈Ú∂

‘˜±∆ «Ú⁄ Íπ≈‰≈ «Ó¡≈È ¿πÂ≈Á∂ Â∂ ÂÒÚ≈��� ˘ ’æ⁄∂ ÁπæË È≈Ò «¬ÙÈ≈È ’Ú≈

«Ú⁄ ÒÀ «Ò¡≈Õ

’∂, ÈÚ∂∫ «Ó¡≈È «Ú⁄ ÂÏÁ∆Ò ’ «ÁßÁ∂Õ

¶Ó∂ ⁄ΩÛ∂ ÁØ Áª Ú≈Ò∂ «Ú‘Û∂ «Ú⁄, ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘ßπ È∂ √Ø⁄ √Ófi Á∂, ÁØ ‘Ú≈Ò∆ ÈπÓ≈

“«¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈Ò ’∆Â∂ ¤∂¡ª ’ÂÒª Á≈ «’æ√≈ Âπ√∆∫ √π‰ ‘∆ ¸æ’∂ ‘Ø”, «Í¿π È∂

ÿ, Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ωÚ≈ ¤æ‚∂ √ÈÕ «¬’Ø «‹‘∂ ‘∆ √π¯∂, √Ï≈ª Â∂ Ïª‚∂Õ Ó≈Ò ‚ß◊

«¬’ÁÓ ¸æÍ ˘ ÂØ«Û¡≈, “Í ¡æ‹ ÓÀ∫ √ÂÚ∂∫ ’ÂÒ Á∆ ’‘≈‰∆ «Ë¡≈˘ Áæ√Áª ‘ªÕ”

Ò¬∆ «¬’Ø «‹‘∂ ‘∆ ÙÀ‚ Â∂ È‘≈¿π‰ Ë؉ Ò¬∆ ÁØ Ó؇ª Â∂ ÁØ Ú∆ Úæ‚∂ ⁄Ïæ⁄∂Õ

«Í¿π ¡≈͉∂ ÁØÚª Íπæª ÚæÒ Ú∂÷ ’∂ Óπ√’≈«¬¡≈Õ

Í ÿ «Ú⁄ «ÍÂ≈ Íπ÷∆ ÂÒÚ≈ «¬’ ‘∆ √∆ «‹√Á≈ «Ó¡≈È Âª ’¬∆ Ú≈ ÏÁ«Ò¡≈ ‹≈ ¸æ’≈ √∆ Í ÂÒÚ≈ ¿π‘∆ Âπ∆ ¡≈¿π∫Á∆ √∆Õ ÏÁÒ∂ ◊¬∂ ¤∂¡ «Ó¡≈È Ú∆ ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√ßÿ È∂ «¬ß‹ √ßÌ≈Ò ’∂ ‡ß’ «Ú⁄ æ÷∂ ‘ج∂ √È «‹Ú∂∫ ’ج∆ ÈÚ∆∫ ÷∆Á∆ ˜Ó∆È Á∆¡ª «‹√‡∆¡ª √ßÌ≈Ò ’∂ æ÷Á≈ ˛Õ «‹‘Û∂ ÍπæÂª È∂ ˜Ó∆È ‹≈«¬Á≈Á Á∆ Úß‚ Ú∂Ò∂ ’ج∆ ‘Óª Á≈¡Ú≈ È‘∆∫ √∆ ‹Â≈«¬¡≈Õ «ÍÂ≈ Íπ÷∆ ÂÒÚ≈ Á∆ Úß‚ Úß‚≈¬∆ Á≈ Ú∂Ò≈ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ª ÁØÚ∂∫ ÍπæÂ ‘∆ ¿π√Á∂ Á≈¡Ú∂Á≈ ω ÏÀ·∂Õ Í«‘Òª, Úæ‚∂ Óπß‚∂ È∂ ¡≈͉≈ Á≈¡Ú≈ Í∂Ù ’∆Â≈, “ÓÀ∫ Ëπ¡≈‚≈ Úæ‚≈ Íπæ ¡ª Ù∆¯ Â∂ √ÓfiÁ≈ Ú∆ ‘ªÕ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á∆ «¬æ˜Â ÓÀ∫ ‘ Â∑ª

Íπæ √ÂÚ∂∫ ’ÂÒ Á∆ ◊æÒ √π‰ ’∂ ˛≈È «‘ ◊¬∂ √ÈÕ «¬‘ ¿π‘Ȫ Ò¬∆ «ÏÒ’πÒ ‘∆ ÈÚ∆∫ ◊æÒ √∆Õ «Í¿π È∂ ¡≈͉≈ ◊Ò≈ ÷øÿ±«Á¡ª ◊æÒ Ùπ± ’∆Â∆Õ “√ßÂ≈Ò∆ Á∂ Î√≈Áª Ú∂Ò∂ ÓÀ∫ ¡≈Í «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈Ò «’√∂ Á≈ «√ Úæ«„¡≈ √∆ Í ‘π‰ Âæ’ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ ’Á∂ ’≈ÂÒ È‘∆∫ √Ó«fi¡≈, Í ‘ª, «¬‘ «¬’Ø «¬’ ’ÂÒ √∆ «‹√ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á≈ «Ó¡≈È Ú∆ È‘∆∫ √∆ ÏÁ«Ò¡≈ «◊¡≈? «’ßfi ÏÁÒÁ≈ «¬√ Á≈ «Ó¡≈È Â∂ ’∆ Áæ√Á≈ «’√∂ ˘?” ¿πÊ∂ ÏÀ·∂ √≈«¡ª Úª◊ ‘Ú∂Ò∆ Á∆¡ª ’ß˪ Ú∆ ¸æÍ √È, ‹∂ Î∂ ’Á∂ «¬‘Ø «‹‘∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‘∆ ÷±È Á≈ ’ÂÒ ’È≈ ÍÚ∂ ª Ï∂Ù’ Âπ√∆∫ Ú∆ «Ó¡≈È È≈ ÏÁ«Ò˙Õ”

’‘≈‰∆ ÍπæÂª Ò¬∆ «¬‘ ◊æÒ «‹Ú∂∫ fi‡’∂ Ú◊∆ √∆Õ √‹∞◊∆ «Í¿π Á∂ ’‘∂ «¬‘ Ò¯˜ √π‰ ’∂ ¿π‘ ˛≈È ‘∆ È‘∆∫ Í∂Ù≈È «‹‘∂ Ú∆ ‘ج∂Õ «¬‘ «’‘Ø «‹‘∂ Úæ‚∂ ◊πÈ≈‘◊≈ Á≈ ’ÂÒ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈ «‹√ ˘ ’ÂÒ ’’∂ Ú∆ ¿π‘Ȫ Á≈ «Í¿π ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ ’≈ÂÒ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ √∆ √Ófi «‘≈?

Parivartan September 2013


«¬‘ ◊æÒ ¡È‘؉∆ Ú∆ Òæ◊∆ Â∂ È≈ Óßȉ ÔØ◊ Ú∆Õ ¿π‘Ȫ È∂ Î√≈Áª Ú∂Ò∂ ‘ج∂ «¬√ ’ÂÒ Ï≈∂ ª √π«‰¡≈ √∆ Í ¿π‘Á≈ ’≈ÂÒ, ¿π‘Ȫ Á≈ ‘∆ «Í¿π, «¬√ ◊πæfi∂ Ì∂Á ˘, «¬ß‹ Ù∂∑¡≈Ó √Ú∆’≈ ’∂, ¿π‘Ȫ Á∆ √Ófi ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘≈ √∆Õ ¿π‘ √Ø⁄ ‘∂ √È «’ «’Ú∂∫ ’ج∆ ’ √’Á≈ ˛, ¡≈Í«‰¡ª Á≈ ‘∆ ’ÂÒ ‹ÁØ∫ «’ ¿πÁØ∫ √≈∂ ÒØ’, ¡≈Í«‰¡ª Â∂

¤Ø‡∂ Íπæ È∂ ˛≈È∆ «‹‘∆ È≈Ò «’‘≈, “Ï≈ͱ, Âπ√ª ‹Ø Ú∆ ’∆Â∂ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈ ͱ≈ √Ø⁄

Ï∂◊≈«È¡ª «Ú⁄ ÍzÂæ÷ ±Í «Ú⁄ Úß‚∂ ◊¬∂ √ÈÕ Í Ï≈ͱ Á≈ «Ï¡≈È ‹≈∆ √∆, “‹ÁØ∫

√Ófi ’∂ ’∆Â≈ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈ Í ¡√∆∫ ˛≈È ‘ª «’ ’ÂÒ ’’∂ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘....?”

ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ Â≈¬∂ Á∂ Íπæ ˘ Èß◊∆ ÂÒÚ≈ ÒÀ ’∂ Óπ‘ßÓÁ Ù∂÷ Á∂ ÿ ÚÛÁ∂ Ú∂«÷¡≈ ª

Ï≈ͱ √Ú≈Ò √π‰ ’∂ Óπ√’≈«¬¡≈ Â∂ Î∂ Ï‘π ‘∆ ◊ßÌ∆ ‘Ø ’∂ ’«‘‰ Òæ◊≈, “ÍπæÂØ

ÓÀ∫ Ú∆ Ùß’≈ Úæ√ ¿π√ Á∂ «Íæ¤∂ Ìæ‹ ¿π«·¡≈Õ Í Ó∂∂ ‹ª«Á¡ª ˘ ¿π‘È∂ Ù∂÷ Â∂ ¿π‘Á∆

«‹‘Û≈ Ú∆ «¬È√≈È ¡≈͉∆ ˜Ó∆ Â∂ ‘«Ê¡≈ ˘ «Í¡≈ ’Á≈ ˛, ¿π‘ «¬È∑ª

ÿÚ≈Ò∆ ˘ Úæ„ «ÁæÂ≈ √∆Õ ¿π‘ Ù∂÷ Á∆ Ë∆ ‘π√∆È≈ ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ’Ϙ∂ «Ú⁄ ÒÀ‰ Á∆

√≈‘Ó‰∂ ’Á∂ Ú∆ fi±· È‘∆∫ ÏØÒ √’Á≈, ÿ∂ ¿π‘È∂ ÂÒÚ≈ ˘ ÁØ‘ª ‘æʪ ”⁄ ÎÛ ’∂

’Ø«ÙÙ ’ «‘≈ √∆Õ ‘π√∆È≈ Í«‘Òª ÿÏ≈ ’∂ «Ú‘Û∂ «Ú⁄Ò∆ ÷±‘∆ ÚæÒ Ìæ‹∆ Â∂ Î∂

ÓæÊ∂ ˘ ¤π‘≈¿π∫«Á¡ª «’‘≈, “ÓÀ∫ ‘ ≈ ϫ‘ ’∂, ¡≈͉∆ «˜ßÁ◊∆ Á≈ Ò∂÷≈ ‹Ø÷≈ «¬√

ÓÀ˘ ¡æ◊Ø∫ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ Ú∂÷ ’∂, ¿π‘ ÷±‘∆ Ò≈◊Ò∂ «ÍæÍÒ ¿πºÂ∂ ⁄Û∑ ◊¬∆Õ ÓÀ˘ Ú∂÷ ’∂ Ù≈«¬Á

‘«Ê¡≈ Â∂ ¡≈͉∆ ˜Ó∆ √≈‘Ó‰∂ «¬ß‹ ‘∆ √‹Á∂ «Ú⁄ fiπ’ ’∂ ’Á≈ ‘ªÕ ‘È∂∂ «Ú⁄

¿π‘ ‘Ø Ú∆ Ïπ¶Á ‘Ø «◊¡≈ √∆Õ ¿π√ È∂ ÒÒ’≈≈ «‹‘≈ Ó≈«¡≈, “Ì≈¿± Â◊Û≈ ‘Ø ‹≈,

Ú∆ ‹Ø Ó∂∆ ˜Ó∆ ‹ª ÂÒÚ≈ √±‹ Úª◊ È≈ «ÒÙ’‰ ª ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘

«¬˘ Ó≈È≈ Ȭ∆∫, Í Ï⁄ ’∂ È≈ ‹≈¬∂ «¬‘ Óπ√Ò∆....Õ” Áæ√«Á¡ª Áæ√«Á¡ª Ï≈ͱ

◊πÈ≈‘◊≈ √Ófi ÒÚª◊≈ Í ¡‹∂ Âæ’ «¬ß‹ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ Ȭ∆∫....Õ”

Á∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª «‹Ú∂∫ ÈÓ ‘Ø ◊¬∆¡ªÕ Í ¿π‘È∂ ’‘≈‰∆ ‹≈∆ æ÷∆, “‘π√∆È≈ ¬∂È≈ ÿÏ≈

Î∂ Ï≈ͱ Úß‚ Ú∂Ò∂ ‘ج∂ Î√≈Áª Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª √πÈ≈¿π‰ Òæ◊ «Í¡≈Õ «¬‘Ø «‹‘∂ Ú∂Ò∂

◊¬∆ «’ ¿π‘È∂ ‡≈‘‰ È≈Ò ÒÓ’«Á¡ª ¡≈͉∂ ÚÒØ∫ ÷±‘∆ «Ú⁄ ¤≈Ò ’æ„ Ó≈∆ Í

¿π‘ ¡’√ Áπ÷∆ Â∂ ¿πÁ≈√ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ √∆, “√ßÂ≈Ò∆ Á∆ Úß‚ Úß‚≈¬∆ Ú∂Ò∂ ÓÀ∫ Ì ‹Ú≈È∆

«‚æ◊ ¡ÀÈ ÷±‘∆ Á∆ Ó‰ Á∂ Ò≈◊∂ ͬ∆Õ ¿π‘Á∂ «Í¤∂ ‘∆ Ú«‘Ù∆ ‘ج∂ Ó∂∂ Ì≈ È∂ ¤≈Ò Ó≈

”⁄ √ªÕ Ó∂≈ «Í¿π «Í¤Ò∆ ¿πÓ ”⁄ ÍÀ æ÷ ¸æ’≈ √∆Õ ‘≈Ò≈ª ˘ «Úß‘«Á¡ª Ó∂∂ «Í¿π

’∂ ¿π√˘ Ï≈‘Ø∫ ÎÛ «Ò¡≈ Â∂ Òæ◊≈ ¡ßÁ ˘ «÷æ⁄‰Õ ‘π√∆È≈ Á∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª «Ú⁄ ÍÂ≈

È∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ «Íø‚ Á∂ ◊πÁπ¡≈∂ ”⁄ ◊π± ◊zßÊ √≈«‘Ï Á∂ ¡æ◊∂ ÓæÊ≈ «‡’≈ ’∂, «¬√

È‘∆∫ «’‘Ø «‹‘≈ ÂÒ≈ √∆ «’ ÓÀ˘ ¿π‘Á∂ Úæ„∂ ◊¬∂ Óª Ï≈Í Á∆¡ª Ò≈Ùª Ú∆ ¿π√ «Ú⁄

ÂÒÚ≈ Á∆ √Ω∫ÍÈ≈ ÓÀ˘ ’«Á¡ª «’‘≈ √∆, “«¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á∆ Ò≈‹ æ÷∆∫ ÍπæÂ≈Õ

ÂÁ∆¡ª Ș ¡≈¬∆¡ªÕ ÓÀ∫ «¬’ ÁÓ ‘∆ ¬∂È≈ ’·Ø Â∂ ·Ø√ ω «◊¡≈ Â∂ ͱ∂ ◊πæ√∂

‘«Ê¡≈ «√¯ ÁπÙÓ‰ Á≈ «√ Ú愉 Ò¬∆ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ∂, «¬‘ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ ˜Ò∆Ò

Â∂ ˜Ø È≈Ò ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ Ì≈ ˘ Ëæ’≈ Ó≈«¡≈Õ ¿π‘Á≈ «√ ÷±‘∆ Á∆ Ó‰ È≈Ò ‹≈

‘؉ ÂØ∫ Ï⁄≈¿π‰ Ò¬∆ Ú∆ ‘πßÁ∂ È∂Õ” Ï≈ͱ, ¡≈͉∂ «Í¿π ˘ Ô≈Á ’’∂ Ì≈Úπ’ «‹‘≈ ‘Ø

‡’≈«¬¡≈Õ ¿π‘ Î∂ «¬’ Ú≈ ‘ßÌÒ≈ Ó≈ ’∂ ¿π«·¡≈ Â∂ ‘π√∆È≈ ˘ Ϫ‘Ø∫ ÎÛ«Á¡ª,

«◊¡≈ √∆Õ ¿π‘È∂ ‘Ω’≈ «‹‘≈ ÒÀ∫«Á¡ª «’‘≈, “ÓÀ∫ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈Ò ’¬∆¡ª ˘

ÂÒÚ≈ ͱ∂ ˜Ø È≈Ò Ó∂∂ ÚæÒ ¿πÒ≈¬∆Õ ÂÒÚ≈ Á≈ Ú≈ Ø’«Á¡ª, ÓÀ∫ «¬’ ‘∆ fi‡’∂

Ï⁄≈«¬¡≈ Í ËÓ È≈Ò ¡ßÈ∑∂ ‘ج∂ ÒØ’ª Á∆ Ú≈‘ ’ØÒØ∫ ¡≈͉∂ «Í¿π ˘ È≈ Ï⁄≈

È≈Ò ¿π‘˘ fi‡’≈ ’∂ æ÷ «ÁæÂ≈ Â∂ ¡≈͉∆ ‘æÊ∆∫, ¿π‘Á≈ «√ Â∂ ËÛ, ¿π√∂ ÷±‘∆ «Ú⁄

√«’¡≈.....Õ” Ï≈ͱ Á∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª «Ú⁄Ø∫ Í≈‰∆ «√ßÓ ¡≈«¬¡≈ Í ¿π‘È∂ ¡≈͉∆ ◊æÒ

Ú◊≈‘ Ó≈«¡≈Õ” ¿π‘Á∂ ÍπæÂ ˛≈È∆ È≈Ò √π‰ ‘∂ √È Â∂ «¬‘ Ú∆ Ú∂÷ ‘∂ √È «’

‹≈∆ æ÷∆, ” ....Á¡√Ò Ó∂∂ «Í¿π ˘ √≈≈ «Íø‚ ‘∆ ¬∂È≈ √ªfi≈ ÏßÁ≈ «ÓÊÁ≈ √∆ «’

Ï≈ͱ Á∂ «⁄‘∂ ¿πºÂ∂ ’ج∆ «Ù’È ‹ª ͤÂ≈Ú≈ È‘∆∫ √∆Õ ¿π‘È∂ ◊æÒ ‹≈∆ æ÷∆Õ

√≈˘ Â∂ ¿π‘˘ ’Á∂ «’√∂ ıÂ∂ Á≈ ÌÀ∫Ó√≈ ‘∆ È‘∆∫ √∆ ‘Ø«¬¡≈Õ Í ¿πÁØ∫ ÒØ’, ÒØ’ È‘∆∫

“ÓÀ∫ ‘π√∆È≈ ˘ «¬√∂ ÂÒÚ≈ Á∂ Í«‘∂ ‘∂·, ¿πÈ∑ª Á∂ ‘∆ Ù∆’∂ Ì≈¬∆⁄≈∂ Á∂ ÿª

√È ‘∂Õ ¿π‘ ËÓª ”⁄ Úß‚∂, ÏÛ≈ ’πfi ‘Ø ω ◊¬∂ √ÈÕ ¿π‘ «Á√Á∂ Ïß«Á¡ª Ú◊∂

«Ú⁄ ¡ÍÛÁ∆ ’’∂, ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ √π÷± Ó√±√ ’∆Â≈Õ” Ï≈ͱ È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÁØ‘ª ‘æʪ

‘∆ √È Í Ïß«Á¡ª Ú◊≈ ’πfi Ú∆ ¿π‘Ȫ ”⁄ Ï≈’∆ È‘∆∫ √∆ «‘ «◊¡≈Õ”

Á∆¡ª ‘Ê∂Ò∆¡ª ˘ ¿πÍ «√ Âæ’ ¸æ’Á∂ ‘ج∂ «‹Ú∂∫ ¡≈͉∆ ‘æ‚Ï∆Â∆ Á≈ ¡ß ’∆Â≈Õ

Ï≈ͱ È∂ ¡≈͉∂ √≈‘Ó‰∂ ͬ∆ ÂÒÚ≈ Î∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‘æÊ ”⁄ ÎÛ«Á¡ª «’‘≈, “ÓÀ˘

Î∂ ¿π‘È∂ «Ó¡≈Ȫ Ú≈Ò∂ ‡ß’ ˘ ÷Ø«Ò∑¡≈ Â∂ ¿π‘Á∂ «Ú⁄Ø∫, πÓ≈Ò «Ú⁄ Ïæfi∆¡ª „∂

Ȭ∆∫ ÍÂÀ Ëπ¡≈‚∂ ”⁄Ø∫ ’Ω‰ ω∂◊≈ «¬√ ÂÒÚ≈ Á≈ ¡√Ò∆ Á≈¡Ú∂Á≈ Í «‹‘Û≈ Ú∆

√≈∆¡ª ÓΩÒ∆¡ª Á∆¡ª ÂßÁª ’æ„ ’∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÍπæÂª ˘ «Ú÷≈¿π∫Á≈ ÏØ«Ò¡≈, “«¬‘ ¿π‘

ω∂ ¿π‘˘ Ó∂∆ È√∆‘ Ô≈Á æ÷‰∆ ÍÚ∂◊∆ «’ ‘«Ê¡≈ «√¯ Ï≈‘Ò∂ ÁπÙÓ‰ Ò¬∆

ÓΩÒ∆ Á∆¡ª ÂßÁª È∂ ‹Ø ‘ æ÷Û∆ ”Â∂ ‘π√∆È≈, ÓÀ˘ ¡‹∂ Âæ’ Ì∂‹Á∆ ˛Õ”

‘∆ Ȭ∆∫ ‘πßÁ∂ «¬’ ‘∂’ ÓÈπæ÷Â≈ Á∂ ÁπÙÓ‰ Ò¬∆ ‘πßÁ∂ ‘È Â∂ ÁπÙÓ‰ ’Á∂ Ú∆ ¡≈͉≈

ÁØ‘ª ÍπæÂª Á∂ «√ «¬’ ¡≈Á È≈Ò, ¡≈͉∂ Ï≈ͱ Á∂ ¡ÁÏ «Ú⁄ fiπ’ ◊¬∂Õ

È‘∆∫ ‘πßÁ≈Õ «¬√∂ Ò¬∆ ‘«Ê¡≈ æ÷‰≈, √ßÌ≈Ò‰≈, ÁπÙÓ‰ Á∆ ͤ≈‰ ’’∂, «¬√ Á∆

¿π‘Ȫ È∂ Ó«‘√±√ ’∆Â≈ «’ «‹Ú∂∫ ¿π‘Ȫ Á≈ Ï≈ͱ √æ⁄ ‘∆ ’«‘ßÁ≈ √∆ «’ ’ÂÒ ’’∂

√‘∆ ÚÂØ∫ ’È≈, ÏÛ≈ ¡Ω÷≈ ’≈‹ ˛Õ”

Ú∆ ¿π‘È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ˘ ’Á∂ ’≈ÂÒ È‘∆∫ √∆ √Ó«fi¡≈Õ

Ï≈ͱ Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª √π‰ ’∂ ÁØ‘Ú∂∫ ÍπæÂ «⁄ßÂ≈Ú≈È «‹‘∂ ‘Ø ◊¬∂Õ ¡≈͉∂ ‹Ú≈È ‘Ø ‘∂ ÍπæÂª Á∆¡ª ¿πº‚Á∆¡ª Ó≈Û∆¡ª ¡Ú≈¬∆¡ª ¿π‘ Ú∆ √π‰ ¸æ’∂ √È Â∂ ¿π‘ √Ø⁄‰ Òæ◊ ͬ∂ «’ Ï≈ͱ Âæ’ Ú∆ ¿π‘ ˜± ¡æÍÛ ◊¬∆¡ª ‘؉◊∆¡ªÕ ¿π‘Ȫ ˘ ‘π‰ «¬‘ Ú∆ Û’‰ Òæ◊≈ «’ Ï≈ͱ È∂ ’∆ √Ø⁄ ’∂, Í∑∂ ”⁄ ÏÀ·∂ ¡≈͉∂ ÍØ«¡ª ˘ Ï≈‘ ‹≈‰ Ò¬∆ ’«‘ «ÁæÂ≈ √∆Õ «¬ß‹ Á∆¡ª ◊æÒª √Ø⁄ ’∂ ¿π‘Ȫ ¡≈Í√ «Ú⁄ ’ج∆ √πÒ≈‘ «‹‘∆ ’∆Â∆ Â∂ Î∂ Úæ‚∂ ÍπæÂ È∂ ÏÛ∆ ¡≈˜˜∆ È≈Ò «’‘≈, “Ï≈ͱ, ÂÒÚ≈ æ÷‰ Á≈ ÎÀ√Ò≈ ¡√∆∫ ¡≈Í√∆ ˜≈ÓßÁ∆ È≈Ò ’ ÒÚª◊∂ Í «¬√ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ¡√∆∫ Ëπ¡≈‚∂ ‘æÊØ∫ ‘ج∂ ’ÂÒ Á∆ ’‘≈‰∆ ˜± √π‰È∆ ⁄≈‘ª◊∂Õ” Ï≈ͱ Á∆ ÿØ÷Ú∆∫ Ș È∂ «‹Ú∂∫ ÍπæÂª Á∆ ÏÁÒÁ∆ Ó≈È«√’Â≈ ˘ ÍÛ∑ «Ò¡≈ ‘ØÚ∂Õ ¿π‘È∂ ÂȘ∆ «‹‘∆ Óπ√’≈È È≈Ò «’‘≈, “«¬‘ ÂÒÚ≈ ‘π‰ ÷πß„∆ ‘Ø ¸æ’∆ ˛, Â∂ “÷πß„∆ ÂÒÚ≈ ’ÂÒ Á∆ ’‘≈‰∆ √π‰≈¿π∫Á∆ ⁄ß◊∆ Òæ◊Á∆, Í«‘Òª «¬√ Á∆ Ë≈ ˘ √≈È∂ ÒÚ≈¿π‰ Á∆ ‘≈Ó∆ ÌØÕ” ÁØ‘ª ÍπæÂª È∂ ‘≈Ó∆ Ì «ÁæÂ∆Õ ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘πß È∂ «’√∂ æ÷ ÷≈ Á∂ «ÏȪ ¿π⁄∆ √≈∆ «’‘≈, “«Ë¡≈È È≈Ò √π‰Ø, Î√≈Áª Ú∂Ò∂ ÓÀ∫ ¡≈͉∂ Â≈¬∂ Á∂ ÍπæÂ ˘ Úæ«„¡≈ √∆ «¬√∂ ÂÒÚ≈ È≈ÒÕ” ¿π‘Á∂ √æ‹∂ ‘æÊ ”⁄ ÎÛ∆ ÂÒÚ≈ ’ßω Òæ◊∆ Â∂ È≈Ò ‘∆ ¿π‘Á∂ ÏØÒª È≈Ò √πÎ∂ Á∆¡ª ⁄≈∂ ’ß˪ Ú∆ ◊≥»‹∆¡ªÕ ¿π‘Á∂ Íπæª ˘

¿π‘Ȫ ˘, ¡≈͉∂ «Í¿π Á∆ ÏÛ∆ ·∑ßÓ∂ Ì∆ ¡≈Ú≈˜ √π‰≈¬∆ «ÁæÂ∆, “«¬√ ‘’∆’ ˘ √π‰È ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á, Áæ√Ø ’Ω‰ ωÈ≈ ⁄≈‘∂◊≈, Ëπ¡≈‚∂ ”⁄Ø∫ «¬√ Á≈ Ú≈√?”

Ï≈’∆ √¯≈ BF ”Â∂



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Japan - Building Society

1. Did you know that Japanese children clean their schools every day for a quarter of an hour with teachers, which... led to the emergence of a Japanese generation who is modest and keen on cleanliness. 2. Did you know that any Japanese citizen who has a dog must carry bag and special bags to pick up dog droppings. Hygiene and their eagerness to address cleanliness is part of Japanese ethics. 3. Did you know that hygiene worker in Japan is called “health engineer� and can command salary of USD 5000 to 8000 per month, and a cleaner is subjected to written and oral tests!! 4. Did you know that Japan does not have any natural resources, and they are exposed to hundreds of earthquakes a year but do not prevent her from becoming the second largest economy in the world. 5. Did you know that Hiroshima returned to what it was economically vibrant before the fall of the atomic bomb in just ten years. 6. Did you know that Japan prevents the use of mobile in trains, restaurants and indoor. 7. Did you know that in Japan students from the first to sixth primary year must learn ethics in dealing with people. 8. Did you know that the Japanese even though one of the richest people in the world but they do not have servants. The parents are responsible for the house and children. 9. Did you know that there is no examination from the first to the third primary level; because the goal of education is to instill concepts and character building, not just examination and indoctrination. 10. Did you know that if you go to a buffet restaurant in Japan you will notice people only eat as much as they need without any waste. No wasteful food. 11. Did you know that the rate of delayed trains in Japan is about 7 seconds per year!! They appreciate the value of time, very punctual to minutes and seconds. 12. Did you know that children in schools brush their teeth (sterile) and clean their teeth after a meal at school; They maintain their health from an early age. 13. Did you know that students take half an hour to finish their meals to ensure right digestion When asked about this concern, they said : These students are the future of Japan.

Indian Rupee NEW DELHI : The Indian rupee, which

Parivartan September 2013


at the Indian rupee’s journey since 1947 :

was at par with the American currency at

- India got freedom from British rule on Aug 15, 1947. At that

the time of independence in 1947, hit a

time the Indian rupee was linked to the British pound and its value

record low of 68.80 against the dollar

was at par with the American dollar. There was no foreign borrow-

recently. This means the Indian cur-

ings on India’s balance sheet.

rency has depreciated by almost

- To finance welfare and development activities, especially with

68 times against the green-

the introduction of the Five-Year Plan in 1951, the government

back in the past 66 years.

started external borrowings. This required the devaluation of the

The currency has wit-


nessed a large vola-

- After independence, Indian choose to adopt a fixed rate cur-

tility in the past two

rency regime. The rupee was pegged at 4.79 against a dollar

years. This volatility became

between 1948 and 1966. - Two consecutive wars, one with China in 1962 and another one with Pakistan in 1965, resulted in a huge deficit on India’s budget, forcing the government to devalue the currency to 7.57 against the dollar. - The rupee’s link with the British currency was broken in 1971 and it was linked directly to the US dollar. - In 1975, the Indian rupee was linked to a basket of three currencies comprising the US dollar, the Japanese yen and the German mark. The value of the Indian rupee was pegged at 8.39 against a dollar. - In 1985 it was further devalued to 12 against a dollar. - India faced a serious balance of payment crisis in 1991 and was forced to sharply devalue its currency. The country was in the grip of high inflation, low growth and the foreign reserves were not even worth to meet three weeks of imports. Under these situation, the currency was devalued to 17.90 against a dollar. - The year 1993 is very important in Indian currency history. It was in this year when the currency was let free to flow with the

acute in the

market sentiments. The exchange rate was freed to be determined


by the market, with provisions of intervention by the central bank




fecting major

under the situation of extreme volatility. In 1993, one was required to pay Rs.31.37 to get a dollar.


- The rupee traded in the range of 40-50 between 2000-2010. It

nomic data,

was mostly at around 45 against a dollar. It touched a high of 39 in


2007. The Indian currency has gradually depreciated since the

growth, inflation, trade and investment.

global 2008 economic crisis.

Managing volatility in the currency markets has become a big

- Former finance minister Manmohan Singh, who is now the

challenge for the economic policy markers in the country. The cen-

prime minister, was instrumental in liberalising the currency re-

tral Despite those measures, the rupee continues to depreciate.

gime. The move led to a sharp jump in foreign investment inflows

And the trend is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

and boosted the economic growth.

”We expect the rupee to depreciate further. It may touch 63

”India being a developing economy with high inflation, depre-

against a dollar in near-term (in a couple of months),” ReenaRohit,

ciation of the currency is quite natural,” said Siddharth Shankar, an

chief manager, non-agri commodities and currencies at Angel

economic expert and advisor at brokerage firm KASSA.

Broking, told IANS. She said rupee depreciation was badly hurting Indian economy. It was fuelling inflation and has hurt economic growth.

Shankar said the sharp depreciation as witnessed this year was hurting the economy. ”Depreciation of rupee is good, so long as it is not volatile. A

The Indian currency has witnessed a roller-coaster journey since

random depreciation that we have seen in the last few months is

independence. Many geopolitical and economic developments have

bad and it has hurt the economy,” he said. The Indian currency hit

affected its movement in the last 66 years. Here is a broader look

a record low of 68.80 against a dollar Aug 28, 2013.


Parivartan September 2013

‹ÁØ∫ Á≈ «¬√ «ÚÙ≈Ò ÁπÈ∆¡ª Á≈ «ÈÓ≈‰ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘À, √Óª ¡≈͉∆ ⁄≈Ò∂ Â∞«¡≈ ‹≈ «‘≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ Ú∆ «¬’ Ú’Â √∆ ‹Á √Ó∂∫ Á≈ Ȫ ÏÛ≈ ⁄π∂Û≈ ‘πøÁ≈ √∆Õ √Ó≈⁄≈ ÓΩ√Óª «Úº⁄ Úø«‚¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘πøÁ≈ √∆ Â∂ «Î «¬√ È∂ ÿÛ∆¡ª Â∂ Í«‘ª Á≈ » Í Ë≈ «Ò¡≈Õ «¬’ «ÁÈ Á∂ ÚÂÓ≈È Á∂ BD ÿ≥‡∂ ¡º· Í«‘ª «Úº⁄

«‹¿±‰ ‹≈⁄

«ÚÒ∆¡Ó ÙÀ’√Í∆¡ ¡≥◊∂˜∆ √≈«‘ Á≈ Ó≥«È¡≈ ÍÃÓ≥«È¡ª È≈‡’’≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ ·∆’ ‘∆ «Ò÷Á≈ ‘À, ““√Óª Â∂ Í≈‰∆ Á∆ Ë≈≈ «’√∂ Á∆ Ú∆ ¿∞‚∆’ È‘∆∫ ’Á∂Õ «√¡≈‰∂ ÓÈ∞º÷ ¿∞‘ ‘πøÁ∂ ‘È «‹‘Û∂ ¡≈͉≈ √Óª «Ú¡Ê È‘∆∫ ‹≈‰ «ÁøÁ∂ ¡Â∂ «‹øÈ∂ √Ú≈√ ÍÃÓ≈ÂÓ≈ È∂ ¿∞È∑ª ˘ Ï÷Ù∂ ‘È ¿∞È∑ª Á≈ Í»≈ Ò≈Ì ¿∞·ªÁ∂ ‘ج∂ ’ج∆ È≈ ’ج∆ ⁄È≈«Ӓ ’øÓ ’Á∂ «‘øÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ

È≈Í∂ ‹ªÁ∂ √È «‹È∑ª «Úº⁄ D Í«‘ «ÁÈ ‘πøÁ≈ √∆ Â∂ ⁄≈ Í«‘ ≈ÂÕ ¡º‹ ¡√∆∫ «Ú«◊¡≈È Á∂ Ô∞º◊ «Úº⁄ «‘øÁ∂ ‘ª, ¡º‹ Á∆ Â∂˜ ¯Â≈ ÁπÈ∆¡ª «Úº⁄ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ È≈Í Ú∆ √πø◊Û ◊¬∂ ‘ÈÕ ‘ÎÂ∂ «Úº⁄ √ºÂ «ÁÈÕ «¬’ «ÁÈ «Úº⁄ BD ÿ≥‡∂Õ «¬’ ÿ≥‡∂ «Ú⁄ F@ «Ó≥‡ ¡Â∂ «Ó≥‡ «Ú⁄ F@ √«’ø‡Õ ‹ÁØ∫ ’ΩÓªÂ∆ ͺË ”Â∂ ÷∂‚ª ‘πøÁ∆¡ª ‘È Âª A@@ Ó∆‡ Á∆ ÁΩ Û «Ú⁄ Í«‘Ò∂ ¡≈¬∂ ¡ÀÊÒ∆‡ Â∂ Á»‹∂ ÈßÏ Ú≈Ò∂ Á∂ √Ó∂∫ «Úº⁄ ¡ºË∂ √«’ø‡ ÂØ∫ Ú∆ ÿº‡ Á≈ √Óª Òº◊Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «ÚÒ∆¡Ó ÙÀ ’ √Í∆¡ ¡≥ ◊ ∂ ˜ ∆

«ÚÙÚ≈√ ‘π ø Á ≈ ‘À «’ ÿÛ∆ Á∆¡ª

√≈«‘ Á≈ Ó≥ « È¡≈ ÍÃ Ó ≥ « È¡ª

√»¬∆¡ª ˘ È≈ Ø«’¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈ ‘À,

È≈‡’’≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ ·∆’ ‘∆ «Ò÷Á≈

È≈ ÍÂ≈«¬¡≈ ‹≈ √’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Ù≈«¬Á

‘À, ““√Óª Â∂ Í≈‰∆ Á∆ Ë≈≈ «’√∂ Á∆

«¬√∂ Ò¬∆ «’‘≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ‘À, “‹Ø ’ºÒ∑ ’È≈

Ú∆ ¿∞‚∆’ È‘∆∫ ’Á∂Õ «√¡≈‰∂ ÓÈ∞º÷

‘À ¡º‹ ’ Ò˙Õ”

¿∞‘ ‘πøÁ∂ ‘È «‹‘Û∂ ¡≈͉≈ √Óª

√Ó∂ ∫ Á∂ ÁØ Ú«⁄º   Í «ÚØ Ë ∆

«Ú¡Ê È‘∆∫ ‹≈‰ «ÁøÁ∂ ¡Â∂ «‹øÈ∂

Í«‘¨ ‘ÈÕ √Óª ÈÙ‡’≈∆ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ

√Ú≈√ ÍÃÓ≈ÂÓ≈ È∂ ¿∞È∑ª ˘ Ï÷Ù∂ ‘È

«¬‘ «ÈÁ¬∆ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ ˜≈ÒÓ ‘πøÁ≈

¿∞È∑ª Á≈ Í»≈ Ò≈Ì ¿∞·ªÁ∂ ‘ج∂ ’ج∆

‘ÀÕ «¬√ «Úº⁄ ÂÏ≈‘ ’È Á∆ Ù’Â∆

È≈ ’ج∆ ⁄È≈«Ӓ ’øÓ ’Á∂ «‘øÁ∂

¡Ê≈‘ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ Ï∆‰ È≈Ò

‘ÈÕ ¿∞ È ∑ ª ˘ «¬√ ◊º Ò Á≈ «Áz Û

‘ «Ú¡’Â∆ Â∂ ∂ ‘ Ú√± «Úº ⁄ Í«ÚÂÈ ¡≈¿∞ ∫ Á≈ ‘À , È≈ ’∂ Ú Ò ¡È∞ÌÚ‹È’ ÍÃø± «Á√ ‘∆ ÂÏÁ∆Ò∆ Ú∆ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ √ØÒ∑ª Ú«∑¡ª Á∆ «¬’ √πȺ÷∆ Óπ«‡¡≈ ”Â∂ fi≈Â∆ Ó≈ØÕ ¿∞‘ Á∂ ¶Ï∂ ¶Ï∂ Ú≈Ò, ¿∞‘Á∆ «‘È∆ Ú◊∆ ⁄≈Ò, ¿∞‘Á∂ ◊πÒ≈Ï∆ ÏπºÒ∑, ¿∞‘ Á∆¡ª ’≈ÂÒ ¡º÷ª ¡Â∂ ¿∞‘Á∂ √π∆Ò∂ ÏØÒ ¿∞‘˘ Í∆ ‹ª ‘» Á≈ πÂÏ≈ ÍÃÁ≈È ’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ √Ó∂∫ Á∆ √πøÁÂ≈ È≈Ò ÏÛ∆ ÁπÙÓ‰∆ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√∂ ÒÛ’∆ ˘ DE Ú«∑¡ª Ï≈¡Á Ú∂÷Ø ‹ÁØ∫ ¿∞‘ FA Ú«∑¡ª Á∆ Ϙπ◊ ¡Ω ω ’∂ Ïπ„≈Í≈ ÌØ◊ ‘∆ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿π‘Á∂ ÁπºË Ú◊∂ «⁄º‡∂ Ú≈Ò, ¿∞‘Á∂ «⁄‘∂ ”Â∂ ͬ∆¡ª fiπÛ∆¡ª, ◊Ø«‚¡ª Á∆ Í∆Û È≈Ò «Ú◊Û∆ ¿∞√ Á∆ ⁄≈Ò, ˜≈ÒÓ √Ó∂∫ ÚÒØ∫ ÿ‡≈¬∆ ◊¬∆ ¿∞√ Á∆ √π‰È Ù’Â∆ ¡Â∂ ¿∞‘Á∆¡ª ¡º÷ª ”Â∂ Òº◊∆ Ó؇∂ Ù∆«Ù¡ª Ú≈Ò∆ ¡ÀÈ’


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¿∞‘ ‚≈¿∞‰∂ »Í «Úº⁄ Í∂Ù ’Á∆ ‘À ¡Ω Ì≈Ú∂∫ «¬‘ ¿∞‘Ø ‘∆ ‘À Í ˜≈ÒÓ √Ó∂∫ È∂ √Ì ’∞fi ÏÁÒ ’∂ º÷ «ÁºÂ≈ ‘ÀÕ ’ÀÎ-¬∂-¡≈˜Ó∆ ¿∞Á» Á≈ Íë√ºË Ù≈«¬ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ «¬’ ʪ ”Â∂ «Ò÷ÁÀ, “Ú’Â È∂ ’∆¡≈ «’¡≈ ‘√∆∫ «√ÂÓ, Â∞Ó ‘∂ È≈ Â∞Ó, ‘Ó ‘∂ È≈ ‘Ó”” Ú’Â √º ⁄ Óπ º ⁄ √Ì ’∞ fi ÏÁÒ ’∂ º÷ «ÁøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬’ ÈÚ∆∫ ω∆ «¬Ó≈ ”Â∂ fi≈Â∆ Ó≈ØÕ ¿∞‘˘ Ú∂÷ ’∂ Ó«‘Òª Á≈ ÌπÒ∂÷≈ ÍÀ∫Á≈ ‘À Í ÁØ «ÂøÈ √Ω Ú«∑¡ª Ï≈¡Á ¿∞‘ ÷≥‚ª Á≈ »Í Ë≈È ’ ÒÀ∫Á∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬’ πº÷ ‹ÁØ∫ ÍΩÁ≈ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À, ÏÛ≈ «Í¡≈≈ Òº◊Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ’∞fi √Óª Í≈ ’∂ ¿∞‘ Áº÷ ω ‹ªÁ≈ ‘À «‹√ Á∆ ·ß„∆ ¤ª ¡È∂’ª ÒØ’ª ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ÚºÒ ¡≈’Ù ’Á∆ ‘ÀÕ ’∞fi √Á∆¡ª «Íº¤Ø∫ ¿∞‘Á∂ √≈∂ ͺÂ∂ fiÛ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, ¿π‘Á∆¡ª √≈∆¡ª ‡«‘‰∆¡ª √πº’ ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘È, ¿∞‘Á∂ Óπº„ «Úº⁄ «√¿±∫’

1. Law of Mechanical Repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to pee. 2. Law of Gravity - Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. 3. Law of Probability - The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. 4. Law of Random Numbers - If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers. 5. Supermarket Law - As soon as you get in the smallest line, the cashier will have to call for help. 6. Variation Law -If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now. 7.Law of the Bath - When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings.

Òº◊ ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘ «’√∂ fiº÷Û ‹ª ‘È∂∆ Á≈ ‡≈’≈ ’È Á∂ ÔØ◊ È‘∆∫

8. Law of Close Encounters - The probability of meeting someone you

«‘øÁ≈, ¿∞‘ «‚º◊ ÍÀ∫Á≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ ¡º◊ Òº◊‰ Ú≈Ò∆ Òº’Û∆ ω ’∂ «‘

know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don’t want to

‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ

be seen with.

√Ó∂∫ Á∆ ¡πº’ ⁄≈Ò ˘ ¡È∞ÌÚ ’Á∂ ‘ج∂ Ì≈¬∆ √≈«‘Ï Ì≈¬∆ Ú∆ «√øÿ È∂ ·∆’ ‘∆ «Ò÷ «ÁºÂ≈ √∆, ““‘∆ Ú≈√Â∂ ÿºÂ √Ó∂∫ È∂ «¬’ È≈ Ó≥È∆, ÎÛ ÎÛ ‘∆ Ë∆’ √Ó∂∫ «÷√’≈¬∆ ’øÈ∆Õ”” ¡√∆∫ Ì≈Ú∂∫ «’øÈ∂ ÂÒ∂ ͬ∂ Ò¬∆¬∂ «’øÈ∂ ‘≈Û∑∂ ͬ∂ ’º„∆¬∂ Í √Óª ÏØÒ≈ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞‘È∂ √≈‚∆ ’ج∆ ◊ºÒ È‘∆∫ √π‰È∆Õ ¿∞√ Â∞∂ ‹≈‰≈ ‘ÀÕ √Ó∂∫ Á≈ Á»‹≈ »Í ‘À ¿∞√Á∆ „≈√ ÏøË≈¿± Ù’Â∆ ¡Â∂ Ø◊ «ÈÚ≈’ √ÓºÊ≈Õ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ Ï∆‰ È≈Ò ‚±øÿ∂ ˜÷Ó Ú∆ Ì ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ AIDG «Úº⁄ Á∂Ù Á∆ Úø‚ ‘Ø ◊¬∆Õ Òº÷ª ÒØ’ ͺ¤Ó∆ Í≥‹≈Ï ÂØ∫ ¿∞º‹Û Íπº‹Û ’∂ ⁄Û∑Á∂ Í≥‹≈Ï ‹ª Ì≈ Á∂ ‘Ø «‘º«√¡ª «Úº⁄ ¡≈ Ú√∂Õ ¿∞√ Ú∂Ò∂ ¿∞È∑ª Á∆ Ó≈È«√’ ÁÙ≈ «ÁÒ ‡πøÏÚ∆∫ √∆, ¿∞‘ «È≈Ù √È, ¿∞Á≈√ √ÈÕ ◊Ó◊∆È √ÈÕ ¿∞‘ ÒØ’ ¡º‹ √Ì ’∞fi ÌπºÒ∂ ⁄ππº’∂ ‘ÈÕ ¡≈͉∆ «‘øÓ Â∂∂ Ò◊È È≈Ò ¿∞È∑ª È∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‹∆ÚÈ Á∆ ÍπÈ ¿∞√≈∆ ’ Ò¬∆ ‘ÀÕ √Ó∂∫ È∂ ¿∞È∑ª Á≈ ‘Ω√Ò≈ ÏÈ∑≈«¬¡≈ ‘ÀÕ ¡º‹ «¬’ «Ú¡’Â∆ Á∆ ÓΩ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ‘À, ¿∞‘ ¡≈͉∂ Í«Ú≈ Á≈ Óπ÷∆¡≈ √∆, ‘ «ÙÂ∂Á≈ Â∂ ‘ «ÓºÂ Á∆ ¡Ω÷∂ √Ó∂∫ ÓÁÁ ’Á≈ √∆Õ ¿∞‘ Á∂ √≈∂ √È∂‘∆ √ÓfiÁ∂ √È «’ ¿∞‘ Á∂ «ÏȪ √È≈ È‘∆∫Õ ¿∞‘ Á∆ ÓΩ È∂ «¬’ ¡«‹‘≈ ÷Ò≈¡ ÍÀÁ≈ ’ «ÁºÂ≈ ‘À «‹√ ˘ ’Á∂ Í»«¡≈ È‘∆∫ ‹≈ √’∂◊≈Õ Í «ÁÈ Ï∆ÂÁ∂ ‘È, √≈Ò Á‘≈«’¡ª «Úº⁄ ÏÁÒ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, √Óª √Ì ’∞fi ÌπÒ≈ Á∂‰ Á∆ ÔØ◊Â≈ «ÓºÂª √≈’ √ÏøË∆¡ª ˘ ÍÃÁ≈È ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬’ «Ú¡’Â∆ «’√∂

9. Law of the Result - When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, it will. 10. Law of Biomechanics - The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach. 11. Law of the Theatre & Hockey Arena - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last. 12. The Coffee Law - As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold. 13. Murphy’s Law of Lockers - If there are only 2 people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers. 14. Law of Physical Surfaces - The chances of an open-faced jam sandwich landing face down on a floor, are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug. 15.Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about. 16. Brown’s Law of Physical Appearance - If the clothes fit, they’re ugly. 17.Oliver’s Law of Public Speaking - A closed mouth gathers no feet.

√Û’ Áπÿ‡È≈ «Úº⁄ κ‡Û ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ’∞fi «⁄ ¿∞‘ «Ï√Â∂ ÂØ∫ ¿∞µ·

18.Wilson’s Law of Commer-

È‘∆∫ √’Á≈, ¿∞‘ Á∂ ÎÀ’⁄ ‘ج∂ ¡≥◊ª ”Â∂ ÍÒº√Â ⁄«Û∑¡≈ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À

cial Marketing Strategy - As soon

Í ’∞fi ‘Ϋ¡ª Ó◊Ø∫ ¿∞‘ ÈΩ∫ Ï ÈΩ∫ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ ¡≈͉∂ ’øÓ «Úº⁄

as you find a product that you really

πfi ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ √Óª ¿∞‘ Á∂ ˜÷Ó Ì Á∂∫Á≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ „«‘øÁ∆ ’Ò≈ «Úº⁄ ‹≈

like, they will stop making it.

‘∆ ¿∞√ Á∆ Ó≈È«√’Â≈ ˘ ¡ÈØ÷≈ ‘πÒ≈≈ «ÁøÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬’ √ÎÒ «Ú¡’Â∆ ¿∞‘ ‘πøÁ≈ ‘À «‹‘Û≈ √Ó∂∫ Á∂ ÁØÚª Í«‘¨¡ª Á∂

19. Doctors’ Law - If you don’t feel well, make an appointment to go to the doc-

ÍÃÌ≈Ú ˘ «Ú⁄≈È ¿∞Íø ¡≈͉∆ ¡‚ØÒÂ≈ ¡Â∂ √«‘ÈÙ∆ÒÂ≈ ˘ ’≈«¬Ó

tor, by the time you get there you’ll feel

º÷Á≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ÓÈ∞º÷∆ ’ÂÚª Á∆ Í≈Ò‰≈ ’Á≈ «‘øÁ≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ ˜≈ÒÓ

better... But don’t make an appointment,

√Ó∂∫ ÚºÒØ∫ ’∆Â∆¡ª √∆’ ÂÏÁ∆Ò∆¡ª ˘ Ú∂÷ ’∂ ÿÏ≈¿∞∫Á∂ È‘∆∫ ¡Â∂

and you’ll stay sick. This has been proven

√Ó∂∫ Á∂ ‘Ω√Ò≈ ÚË≈¿± Í«‘¨ Á∆ Í«‘⁄≈‰ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬‘∆ «˜øÁ◊∆

over and over with taking children to the

«‹¿∞‰ Á∆ ¡√Ò ≈‘ ‘ÀÕ


Parivartan September 2013


√≈«‘Â’ √æÊ

’∞Ó≈ «Ú’Ò

ÍØz. ’ßÚÒ‹∆ «√ßÿ „πæ‚∆’∂


Á∆ «’Â≈Ï


Ú˜∆≈Ï≈Á «Ú⁄ AICE ”⁄ ‹ø Ó ∂ ’∞ Ó ≈ «Ú’Ò Á≈ √π Ì ≈¡


κ’È∞Ó≈ √∆ Í ¿∞√Á∆ ’«ÚÂ≈ È∂ ‚±øÿ∆¡ª ÍÀÛª ¤º‚∆¡ªÕ ¿∞√ Á∆¡ª «ÂøÈ «’Â≈Ϫ-¬∂’ ¤Ø‡∆ √∆ ÒÛ≈¬∆ (AIH@), ø◊ ÷Â∂ Ó∂∫ ‘À

ÚÀÈ’»Ú Á∂ «¬’ ∂‚∆˙ ⁄ÀÈÒ ”Â∂ (AIHB) Â∂ «È»ÍÓ≈ ÁºÂ, ÓÀ∫ Ï‘π ¿∞Á≈√ ‘ø» (AIIC) «Ú⁄ ¡≈¬∆¡ªÕ √π÷«Ó≥Á ⁄∆Ó≈ ¡≈͉∂ ∂‚∆˙ ‡≈’ ÙØ¡ «Ú⁄ «‘øÁ∆ «Ú⁄ «Ò÷‰ Ú≈Ò≈ «¬‘ ’Ú∆ BD ÎÚ∆, AIIG ˘ √≈‚∂ ”⁄Ø∫ Ó∂∂ È≈Ò ¶Ó∆ «¬ø‡«Ú¿± ’ «‘≈ ‘ÀÕ Â∞ «◊¡≈Õ Í∂Ù ‘À ¿∞√Á∆¡ª ’«ÚÂ≈Úª Á≈ Í≥‹≈Ï∆ Â‹Ó≈Õ «¬ø‡«Ú¿± √π‰

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄

Ó∂∂ Ï⁄ÍÈ Á≈ «ÓºÂ ◊π⁄È

«’Ú∂∫ ÓØ◊∂ ¡≈∆¡≈ √’±Ò Á√Ú∆∫ º’

F@ Ó∆Ò ◊º‚∆ Ì‹≈

«¬’º·∂ Â∞ ’∂ √’±Ò ‹ªÁ∂

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ÏøÁ≈ ’«ÚÂ≈ È‘∆∫ «Ò÷Á≈

«ÓÒ‰ Á≈ Ó≈≈-

Óº÷‰ ‹∆È Á∂ Ï√Â∂ ⁄πº’∆

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ÏøÁ≈ Ï‘π ’∞fi ’Á≈ ‘À

∂‚∆˙ √‡∂ÙÈ ˛ Í‘πø«⁄¡≈Õ

È≈ ’ج∆ «Î’ È≈ Î≈’≈....Õ

ÒÂ∆Î∂ √πÈ≈¿∞‰ ÂØ∫ ˜«‘ ÷≈‰ º’

√‡»‚∆˙ Á∂ Ï≈‘ ÷Û∑≈ ‘À

¿∞‘ Ï≈‘Ò∆ ’∞Û∆ Á≈ ÒÛ ÎÛ ’∂

ÁÚ≈˜∂ Á∂ Ù∆Ù∂ ”⁄Ø∫ ‘æʪ Á≈ ’πæÍ≈ «‹‘≈ ω≈

«¬Ë ¡≈«¬¡≈,

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ÏøÁ≈

¡ßÁ “Ï≈¬∆√’ØÍ” Úª◊ Á∂÷ «‘≈ ˛Õ

«Î ¡≈͉∆ Í»¤ ÒÓ’≈ ’∂

«ÁÈ Á∆ ΩÙÈ∆ «Ú⁄ ؉ Ò¬∆ ‘È∂≈ ÒºÌÁ≈ ‘À

«ÁÒ «Ú⁄ ‚∞ºÒ∑Á≈ ÓØ‘

Ï∆‹∆-Í≈Í≈ ˘ Ú∆ ‹‘≈˜∂ ⁄Û∑≈«¬¡≈Õ

¡Â∂ ⁄≈Ò∑∆ Á∆ ¿∞Ó «Ú⁄ Ú∆

Í ¿∞‘ ’«ÚÂ≈ È‘∆∫ «Ò÷Á≈Õ

Óª Á∆ ◊ØÁ Ú◊∆

«ÂzÍ «ÂzÍ ‘øfi» ‘∂ È∂ ⁄Ø¡Õ ÿ-Á∆ ’ßÓ ”Â∂ ‹ªÁ∆

’ج∆ √πº÷∆¡Â ʪ ÒºÌÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ÍÃØ◊≈Ó ”⁄ Ï∂’ ‘πøÁ∆ ‘À

⁄ø◊∆ ‘À ÓºÊ∂ Úº‡ È≈ Í≈¿π∫Á∆

ÓÀ∫ Ï≈‘ ¡≈ ’∂

Ï∆‹∆ «È¡≈«‰¡ª ˘ «ÈºÂÈ∂Ó ‡≈¿π∫Á∂

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ÏøÁ≈ Ï‘π ’∞fi √Ø⁄Á≈ ‘À

¿∞‘˘ «ÓÒÁ≈ ‘ª Ë≈¡

Í≈Í≈ ‹∆ ’øÓ ”⁄ ‘ºÊ Ú‡≈¿∞∫Á∂

«‹Ú∂∫ «’ fi∆Ò Á∂ Í≈‰∆ Á∆ ◊«‘≈¬∆

È≈ ¿∞√ ÂØ∫ ’∞fi ÏØÒ ‘πøÁ≈ È≈ ÓÀÊØ∫

◊Ø«¡ª Á∂ È√Ò∆ Â≈¡È∂ «Íø‚∂ ”Â∂ ‘ß„≈¿π∫Á∂Õ

¡Â∂ Ù«‘ Á∆ √Ì ÂØ∫ Úº‚∆ «¬Ó≈ Á∆¡ª Ó≥«˜Òª ¡Â∂ È≈ÒØ∫ È≈Ò

¸æ«’¡≈ È‘∆∫ ‹ªÁ≈ ⁄≈¡....! ¿∞‘ ’≈‘Ò∆-’≈‘Ò∆ Ò◊≈Â≈ Áº√ «‘≈ ‘À

«¬’ ÷≈ÓØÙ Ì≈Ù≈ «Ú⁄ ⁄∆’Á≈ ‘À «¬ø‡«Ú¿± Á∂ ≈ º’ ⁄ºÒ‰∆ √∆

¿∞‘ ’≈‘Ò∆ñ’≈‘Ò∆ Ò◊≈Â≈ Íπº¤ «‘≈ ‘À

¿∞‘ ’øÓ ⁄ÒÁ≈ ¤º‚ ’∂ ¡≈«¬¡≈ √∆

Áπæ÷, √πæ÷ Á∆ «’Â≈Ï Á∂ Í≥È∂ ÍÒ‡«Á¡ª

ÿª Á∂ ·∂’∂ ÒÀ∫Á≈ ‘ÀÕ

¿∞√Á∆¡ª, Ó∂∆¡ª ¡º÷ª ’¬∆ Ú≈ ¤Ò’∆¡ªÕ

«’ ¿∞√Á∂ √≈∂ √’∂ √ÏøË∆ fi∆Ò ”Â∂ «¬’ Әϻ ÍπÒ Ï‰ ’∂ ÷Û∂ ‘Ø ‹≈‰ ¡Â∂ «¬Ó≈ª «Ú⁄ ⁄ÒÁ∆ «Ò· ˘ Ø’ ÒÀ‰ ÎØÈØ-ÎØÈ∆ ‘πøÁ∂ ⁄≈‘ Í∆∫Á∂-Í∆∫Á∂ ¿π‘È∂ ‘¿π’≈ «‹‘≈ Ì«¡≈ -

Í √’∂ √ÏøË∆ ª ºπ÷ ‘πøÁ∂ ‘È, ¤ª «ÁøÁ∂ ‘È

Ï≈¬∆, ÿπøÓ‰ «ÎÈ ˘

‘Ú≈ ≈‘∆∫ ¡≈Ó Á∂ √’Á∂ ‘È, ÍπÒ È‘∆∫ ω √’Á∂

«¬√ ÓπÒ’ Á∆ ∆√ È‘∆∫,

ÍπÒ Âª ÏøÁ≈ ÷πÁ ‘∆ ωÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ

Í «‘‰, ’øÓ ’È Â∂ «‹¿π‰ Ò¬∆ -

Áπ÷∆ «ÁȪ «Ú⁄ ÏøÁ≈, «¬’ Әϻ ‹ª ’Ó˜Ø ÍπÒ Ï‰Á≈ ‘À

«¬Áø» Úº‚∆ ⁄∆√ È‘∆∫Õ

Í ’«ÚÂ≈ È‘∆∫ «Ò÷Á≈Õ

¡√∆∫ ¤∂ «ÁÈ Ï≈Á Ú∆’¡À∫‚ Â∂ ‘∆ «ÓÒ √’∂....Õ -¬∂‘∆ «˜øÁ◊∆ ¡≈ Ï≈¬∆ «¬Ê∂Õ” Ô≈Á ’∆Â∂ ¿π‘ «ÁÈ

«’√≈È Â∂ √ºÍ

Ù∂ ¡Â∂ Óπ‘ºÏÂ

Òº’Û‘≈∂ È∂ «’‘≈, “Ù «¬‘ ‘À «’ ÓÀ∫ ÂÀ˘ Ë∆

«¬’ Ù∂ È∂ Òº’Û‘≈∂ ˘ «’‘≈,

Á∂‰ Á∂ ÏÁÒ∂ «Ú⁄ Â∂∂ ÁøÁ ’º„ª◊≈

«¬’ «’√≈È È∂ √Á∆ Á∆ πºÂ∂

“Ó∂∂ È≈Ò ¡≈͉∆ Ë∆ «Ú¡≈‘ Á∂Õ”

¡Â∂ Â∂  ∂ Í≥ « ‹¡ª Á∂ È‘ø π Ò≈‘

Óπ º ¤ ≈

’∞Û∆ Á∂ «Í˙ Òº’Û‘≈∂ È∂ Ȫ‘

ÒÚª◊≈Õ” Ù∂ È∂ Òº’Û‘≈∂ Á∆ ÙÂ

‘Ø « ¬¡≈ «Í¡≈

’È∆ ⁄≈‘∆ Í ¿∞‘ Ù∂ Á∂ ◊πº√∂ ÂØ∫

÷πÙ ‘Ø ’∂ Ó≥È Ò¬∆ ¡Â∂ È‘ø㭦 È≈Ò,


‚Á≈ √∆Õ ¿π‘ È∆Â∆ È≈Ò Ù∂ ÂØ∫

ÁøÁ Ú∆ ’º„Ú≈ Ò¬∂Õ ‘π‰ ‹ÁØ∫ ¿∞‘È∂

◊π º ¤ ≈


Á∂«÷¡≈Õ ¿∞‘ ·ß„ È≈Ò ÓÁ≈ ‹≈

Òº’Û‘≈∂ ’ØÒØ∫ Ë∆ Á≈ «ÙÂ≈ Ó≥«◊¡≈

«Íº¤≈ ¤∞‚≈¿π‰≈ ⁄≈‘πøÁ≈ √∆Õ

ª Òº’Û‘≈≈ ¿∞‘Á∂ ’ØÒØ∫ «ÏÒ’∞Ò È≈ ‚«¡≈Õ ¿∞‘È∂

«¬√ Ò¬∆ Òº’Û‘≈∂ È∂ Ù∂ ˘

«‘≈ √∆Õ «’√≈È

«’‘≈, ““ÓÀ∫ «¬’ Ù ”Â∂ ÂÀ˘ ¡≈͉≈ ‹π¡≈¬∆ ω≈

¡≈͉∂ ‚ø‚∂ È≈Ò Ù∂ Á∂ ÓΩ √∂’ «ÁºÂ∂ Â∂ ¿∞‘˘ ‹ø◊Ò

˘ È≈◊ ”Â∂ Ï‘π Â√ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ¡Â∂ ¿∞‘È∂ È≈◊ ˘

√’ÁªÕ” Ù∂ È∂ Íπº«¤¡≈, “«’‘Û∆ Ù ?”

«Ú⁄ Ì‹≈ «ÁºÂ≈Õ

⁄πº’ ’∂ ¡≈͉∂ ¤≈Â∆ ”Â∂ «Ï·≈ «Ò¡≈, ª «’ È≈◊ «Èºÿ≈ ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂Õ «Èºÿ≈ ‘Ø ’∂ È≈◊ ÎπÂ∆Ò≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈

Ϻ⁄≈ ¡Â∂ Ì∂Û∆¡≈

¡Â∂ √Ì ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ¿∞‘È∂ ¡≈͉∆ «÷¡≈ ’È Ú≈Ò∂

«¬’ Ϻ⁄≈ ¡≈͉∂ ÿ Á∆ ¤ºÂ ¿∞µÍ ÷ÒØÂ≈ √∆Õ ¿∞ËØ∫ «¬’ Ì∂Û∆¡≈ ¶ÿÁ≈

«’√≈È ˘ ‘∆ ‚º√ «Ò¡≈Õ ¡≈÷∆ √≈‘ ÒÀ‰ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª

‹≈ «‘≈ √∆Õ Ïº⁄∂ È∂ Ì∂Û∆¬∂ ˘ Á∂÷ ’∂ ¿∞‘˘ «‡º⁄ª ’È∆¡ª Ùπ» ’ «ÁºÂ∆¡ªÕ

«’√≈È È∂ «’‘≈, “«¬’ ’Ó∆È∂ Ï∂¬∆Ó≈È Á∆ ÓÁÁ ’È

Ì∂Û∆¬∂ È∂ Ϻ⁄∂ Á∂ Ó»ø‘Ø∫ «‡º⁄ª √π‰ ’∂ ¡≈͉≈ «√ ¿∞ª‘ ’Ø·∂ ÚºÒ ⁄πº«’¡≈ Â∂

Á≈ ÓÀ˘ ·∆’ ‘∆ ÎÒ «Ó«Ò¡ÀÕ”

¿∞√ «È¡≈‰∂ ˘ «’‘≈ “˙¬∂ ¤Ø’«¡≈, ÓÀ∫ Â∂∆ Ϻ’ÛÚ≈‘ √π‰ Ò¬∆ ‘À Í «¬‘

◊ºÒ ‘À È≈Ùπ’≈ ¿∞Û’ª Á≈ Ò≈Ì ÒÀ ’∂ Ú∆ Ùπ’≈È≈ È‘∆∫ ’Á≈Õ

Âø» È‘∆∫ ÏØÒ ’∂ ÓÀ˘ «‡º⁄ª ’ «‘≈, √◊Ø∫ «¬‘ ¿∞µ⁄∆ ¤ºÂ ÓÀ˘ «‡º⁄ª ’ ‘∆ ‘À, «‹√ ¤ºÂ ”Â∂ ±ø ÷ÒØÂ≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ¬∂∫Õ” √Óª ¡Â∂ √Ê≈È ¡’√ ’Ó˜Ø ˘ Ú∆ Â’Û∂ È≈ÒØ∫ Â’Û≈ ω≈ «ÁøÁ∂ È∂Õ

Stella Awards

Bhai, yeh to amrikka hai!! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are

Parivartan September 2013


even though the beagle was on a chain in its owner’s

named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled

fenced yard. Williams did not get as much as he

hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the

asked for because the jury believed the beagle might

McDonald’s in New Mexico, where she purchased

have been provoked at the time of the butt bite be-

coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the coffee

cause Williams had climbed over the fence into the

and put it between her knees while she was driv-

yard and repeatedly shot the dog with a pellet

ing. Who would ever think one could get


burned doing that, right?

Pick a new spot to scratch, you’re getting a

That’s right; these are awards for the

bald spot..

most outlandish lawsuits and verdicts in


the U.S. You know the kind of cases that

Amber Carson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

make you scratch your head. So keep your

because a jury ordered a Philadelphia restau-

head scratcher handy.

rant to pay her $113,500 after she slipped on a

Here are the Stellas for this past year —

spilled soft drink and broke her tailbone. The


reason the soft drink was on the floor: Ms.


Carson had thrown it at her boyfriend 30

Kathleen Robertson of Austin , Texas was

secondsearlier during an argument.

awarded $80,000 by a jury of her peers after

What ever happened to people being re-

breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who

sponsible for their own actions?

was running inside a furniture store. The


store owners were understandably sur-

Kara Walton, of Claymont, Delaware

prised by the verdict, considering the run-

sued the owner of a night club in a

ning toddler was her own son.

nearby city because she fell from the

Start scratching!

bathroom window to the floor, knock-


ing out her two front teeth. Even

Carl Truman, 19, of Los Angeles,

though Ms. Walton was trying to

California won $74,000 plus medi-

sneak through the ladies room win-

cal expenses when his neighbor ran

dow to avoid paying the $3.50cover

over his hand with a Honda Accord.

charge, the jury said the night club

Truman apparently didn’t notice there was someone at the wheel

had to pay her$12,000....oh, yeah, plus dental expenses. Go fig-

of the car when he was trying to steal his neighbor’s hubcaps.


Scratch some more...

Ok. Here we go!! Drum roll ...



Terrence Dickson, of Bristol, Pennsylvania, who was leaving a

This year’s runaway First Place Stella Award winner was: Mrs.

house he had just burglarized by way of the garage. Unfortunately

MervGrazinski of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who purchased new

for Dickson, the automatic garage door opener malfunctioned and

32-foot Winnebago motor home. (I hope this isn’t a Polish joke!)

he could not get the garage door to open. Worse, he couldn’t re-

On her first trip home, from an OU football game, having driven on

enter the house because the door connecting the garage to the

to the freeway, she set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left

house locked when Dickson pulled it shut.

thedriver’s seat to go to the back of the Winnebago to make herself

Forced to sit for eight, count ‘em, EIGHT days and survive on a

a sandwich not surprisingly, the motor home left the freeway,

case of Pepsi and a large bag of dry dog food, he sued the

crashed and overturned. Also not surprisingly, Mrs. Grazinski sued

homeowner’s insurance company claiming undue mental anguish.

Winnebago for not putting in the owners manual that she couldn’t

Amazingly, the jury said the insurance company must pay Dickson

actually leave the driver’s seat while the cruise control was set. ( I

$500,000 for his anguish.

wonder if she could read, and if so, if she did read the manual

We should all have this kind of anguish Keep scratching. There are more...

before driving the vehicle.) The Oklahoma jury awarded her, are you sitting down?

Double hand scratching after this one..

$1,750,000 PLUS a new motor home. Winnebago actually changed


their manuals as a result of this suit, just in case Mrs. Grazinski

Jerry Williams, of Little Rock, Arkansas, garnered 4th Place in

has any relatives who might also buya motor home.

the Stella’s when he was awarded $14,500 plus medical expenses after being bitten on the butt by his next door neighbor’s beagle -

If you think the court system is out of control and America has lost ALL common sense; you are not alone!

I know you are healthy and

shuts his eyes. He sees images of

wealthy. So without wasting many

youth loitering around aimlessly on

words, I wish to draw your

motorcycles; youth rubbing cannabis

immediate attention towards

between their palms; a society split

Punjab’s fitness. I am sure you are

on religion, caste and class; bandhs

aware that Punjab of today can

and communal protests; religious

barely crawl. From a state that

institutions littering the roads for

always led from the front, it

langars and jagratas; politicians

unfortunately has been reduced to

abusing power; no power for

a point where calling oneself a

agriculture and industry, only power

Punjabi has become a bit of an

struggle; chaotic traffic with bus


drivers terrorising people with

So, how did all this happen?

pressure horns etc, etc.

Who is vastly responsible for it?

My dear sirs, the point that I am

Aliens, gods, UFOs or us?

trying to make is that the politicos

Sirs, pardon my gustakhi if I

have failed to build a prosperous and

pronounce that the blame for the

vibrant Punjab. You, for your political

current situation lies with your

considerations, have chosen to keep

class. To you all was handed the

Punjab in the dark ages, in spite of

task of taking this state to new

the 21st century being 13 years old.

glories. In you, is vested the power

Correct me if I am wrong - when I

to shape the state’s destiny in any

say that when the political discourse

manner. And look what you did with

of the state is limited to whether the

that mandate. Drove your own state

chief minister’s photo should be on

to shambles to fulfil your political

an ambulance or not, what is left to


expect from the political class. When

You fashioned a state, which,

ministers seek publicity for a water

from being at the top, plummeted

cooler that they might have donated,

to a land where very few now want

you know the kind of calibre that is

to even tread. In fact, the ones who

floating around. What inspiration and

reside here also want to migrate.

motivation can such parochial

And this phoren bug is not limited

thought bring to the youth? Kakhnahi.

to the unskilled or the peasant - as

Which leader amongst you stands

smitten by it is also the wealthy

committed for development in the

layer, which sees very less hope

real sense of it? Please don’t give

for its next generation and feels insecure investing further in the

me the list of foundation stones as a corollary. Development is an

state. Every household, which has the means, is deliberating on

environment and not merely a dictionary word. Development ushers

how to create an alternative for their children abroad.

where education flourishes. Flowers of progress blossom in the

Yes, political sirs, this is the hard reality and I am being no cynic.

land where its stakeholders invest in the land’s intellectual wealth by creating institutes of excellence research and development.

Just as a favour, shut your eyes and look around. Can you spot

Growth does not come with ribbon-cutting exercises, foundation

even one good government hospital which can be called world

stone laying ceremonies or gathering people in huge numbers to

class; a school which provides top class education; a city which

listen to your voice. It comes to the land that attracts and welcomes

you can call clean; a justice system which you can term fair; a

the best minds as well as offers the locals the best infrastructure

police that can be termed responsive; a bureaucracy that is robust

and safe environment.

and vibrant; a department which is without corruption; an

Sirs, I am not an academician, so I cannot lace my observations

entrepreneurship which is intellect-driven; an environment that is

with statistics. However, correct me if whatever I have said is wrong.

pollution free; an agriculture that is sustainable and profitable;

Ask your inner voice once - did you betray Punjab for petty gains? If

and most importantly, a face that is beaming and without anger?

it says yes, you’ve had it, as history characteristically spares none.

None, whatsoever.

In bold letters it will be advertised, when Punjab was squandered

Now, let me show you what a normal Punjabi sees when he

by its very own.

Khushwant Singh


Parivartan September 2013


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel however over ruled Gandhi. When Nehru heard of Patel’s police action in Hyderabad(operation POLO) he disconnected his ( M o h a n d a s Karamchand Gandhi (often called Mahatma Gandhi) was assassinated on 30 January 1948, shot at pointblank



NathuramGodse. Gandhi was outside on the steps of a building where a prayer meeting was going to take place. He was surrounded by a part of his family and some followers when three gunshots killed him. Prior to his death, there had been five unsuccessful attempts to kill Gandhi, the first occurring in 1934.) During the trial, justice Khosla had allowed NathuramGodse, to read his own confession in the court. However the Indian governmentbanned the confession of Nathuram. Nathuram’s brother GopalGodse fought a 60 years legal battle after which the Supreme Court removed the ban. Nathuram had given 150 reasons for killing Gandhi. some of which are as follows: 1. In 1919 people of Indiawanted General Dyer to be tried forthe Massacre of innocent people at JalianwallaBagh . Gandhi refused to support this demand. 2. Whole of India wanted Gandhi to intervene and saveBhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev from the Gallows. Gandhi stubbornly refused on the groundsthat they were misguided freedom fighters, and theirs was an act of violence. 3. On 6th May 1946 on public platform, Gandhi askedHindus to sacrifice and not fight the members of Muslim league.

telephone with Patel. 6. In 1931 the congress committee on designing ofIndian flag suggested that the flag be only in saffron. Gandhi insisted on changing it to a tri-colour flag. 7. During the Tripura congress session, Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as president with majority how ever Gandhi supported Pattabhai Sitaramayya forcing Bose to resign. 8. On 15th June 1947 during congress conclave it was decided to resist the partition of India but Gandhi went to the meeting at thelast minute and supported the partition. Infact it was Gandhi who had declared earlier that partitionwill take place only over my dead body. 9. Sardar Patel was elected by majority as thefirst Prime Minister but Gandhi insisted on Nehru. 10. Nehru government had decided to reconstruct Somnath Mandirat its cost but Gandhi without even being a member of the ministryforced the Govt. to reject this proposal. At the same time on 13th January 1948 he went on a fast toallow Muslims to repair the mosque in Delhi at Govt’s cost. 11. When Hindus refugees returned to India after partition, some

In Kerala Muslim league members killed over 1500 Hindus

of them took shelter in some mosques temporarily. When Muslims

and con verted 2000 to Islam. Instead of protesting Gandhi ex-

objected,Gandhi forced all such Hindus children,ladies and the old

pressed that it was a brave act of Allah’s followers.

to leave the mosque and live on the streets.

4. On several occasions Gandhi called Shivaji, Maha Rana Pratap and Guru Govind Singh as misguided nationalists. 5. Gandhi advised Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir to abdicate as Kashmir had Muslim majority,and settle down in Kashi. On the other hand he supported the Nizam (Osman Ali Khan)of Hyderabad to join Pakistan, even though the state of Hyderabad (Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Berar) had Hindu majority.

12. In October 1947 Pakistan attacked Kashmir,Gandhi went on a fast and forced the Indian Govtto pay Pakistan a compensation of Rs.55 Crore. Gandhi did not mind hurting Hindu feelingsto win over the Indian Muslims. NathuramGodse and Narayan Aptewere hanged on 15th November 1949 in the Ambala Jail in Punjab.

BD Parivartan

September 2013

Better Thinking

Your life story is an expres-

doubt whether you can do some-

sion of who you are; the words

thing is the moment it becomes

you choose to use shape this

impossible for you.

story. Your words create the es-

You have to believe in yourself.

sence of your inner culture and

You have to trust yourself. You

the core of your identity and

might be nervous, but don’t you


ever let any source of negativity

How have you written your

in the world convince you that you

story so far? Have you put your

don’t have what it takes.

words to positive use? If I

Give yourself a pep talk if you

eavesdropped on your self-talk

need one. State some facts,

or your conversations with oth-

some evidence of your great-

ers, would I hear statements that

ness. Recall your past victories.

create happiness, or state-

Speak them out loud - “I aced that

ments that refute it?

test.” “I earned that big raise.” “I

Your ability to write a happy

ran that 5K without stopping.” “My

life story hinges on your lan-

best friend loved my wedding

guage. It is your inner and outer

speech.” And so on and so

verbal expression that makes

forth… Give a positive voice to

your joy possible and that in-

your past victories and you will

fuses your life with purpose,

find the strength to repeat history.

meaning and vitality.

4. “Hello, how can I help

So today I challenge you to



In life, you get what you put in.

1. “I have a choice.”

Generally speaking, the un-

It is not your talents or abili-

happiest people you will ever

ties, but your choices that ulti-

meet will be those who are ut-

mately decide your fate.

terly self-absorbed; the happiest

You ARE your choices.

people you will ever meet will be

Until you can look at yourself

those who lose themselves in

in the mirror and honestly say,

the joy and challenge of helping

“I have a choice. I am here now


because of the choices I’ve

Happiness is always attained

made in the past,” you will never

by giving it away without expecta-

be able to say, “I choose differ-

tion. Those who help others are


eventually helped. You have two

2. “Let’s get started!”

hands, one to help yourself and

You can’t build anything

the other to help those around

wonderful with ideas of what

you. If you can lie down at night

you are going to do someday. If

knowing in your heart that you

you want something, you have to make a little noise, declare it and

made someone’s day just a little brighter, you have something to

then get started.

smile about. Read 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People

A goal is far more than a mental exercise. In fact, without the intent of action a goal is nothing more than a lie. Make your decisions real and present in your life; give them the time and attention they deserve.

Do Differently. 5. “Look how far I’ve come.” The way you move a mountain is by moving one stone at a time. Every stone you move, no matter how small, is progress.

In the end it doesn’t matter what you’re thinking, it matters what

Sometimes it may be hard to see your progress. Sometimes it

you’re doing. Whatever you want to accomplish, it’s time to get

will be frustrating when the results you seek don’t appear as quickly

started. Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

as you had hoped. Still, you are advancing. You may be moving

3. “I have what it takes.” The worst enemy of today is your self-doubt. The moment you

along slowly, but you are still moving a mountain. Achievement, after all, is an enduring process, not a single

Better Health

Parivartan September 2013


event. To achieve any worthwhile goal you must cover a lot of ground. You need to learn what works by trial and error. You must explore possibilities, many of which will

Even the smartest of us can sometimes fall prey to our mindless food

only show you what doesn’t work. Just keep in mind

cravings. Here’s how to break the cycle. Call it the flip side of plenty. While

that the mistakes and setbacks are a vital part of the

much of the world dreams of a simple square meal a day, those of us in


bigger cities have cravings that have little to do with actual hunger.

Take a break every now and then and pat yourself on

Post-lunch hankerings for chocolate, a random longing for Thai curry, a

the back. Applaud yourself for doing what needs to be

taste for spicy pickle. Cravings are a common challenge when one tries to

done. And be careful not to spend so much time looking

manage one’s diet and weight. They’re hard to beat every time.

at how far you still have to go, that you forget to appreci-

Mind Game

ate how far you’ve already come.

Temptation, craving or whatever one might call it, originates from an area

6. “I have more than enough to be happy.”

of the brain which is also the spot from where drug cravings originate. This

The happiest of people aren’t the luckiest, and they

area lights up the moment it gets the food one desires. Over time, this acti-

usually don’t have the best of everything either. They

vates the nerve pathways and the whole sequence of action and reaction

simply make the most of everything they do have. The

becomes more automated till the response to cravings goes out of control.

reason so many people are unhappy is because they

This is when one loses judgement and will do anything to get one’s fix.

tend to look at what’s missing in their life, instead of what’s present. Take a stand and flip the switch. Stop wishing you

While food cravings are nowhere as extreme as drug- or alcohol-induced ones, a major trigger to bring on a craving is stress. Other triggers include anxiety, boredom and lack of sleep.

had more. Stop wishing you were somewhere else.

Fight The Urge

Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Love your

Beating a craving is a mind game too. Know what is triggering your cravings.

quirks enough to let them shine. Appreciate your body

Then finding a healthy replacement will be easy.

and use it to it’s full potential. Appreciate the things you

Break the habit: If your routine is to start the workday with a trip to the coffee

have that so many others dream about. Scream it out

machine, break the cycle by taking another route to your desk. Like eating and

loud if you must: “I am lucky to be alive! I am happy to be

reading? Reserve book time for when your tummy is already full.

me right now! I have way more than I need and so much

Find a substitute: Munch on roasted channa, not chips, when the cricket

to be grateful for! My life isn’t perfect, it’s just pretty darn

match is on. Nibble on beetroot, carrot and cucumber sticks with a hung curd

good!” Read The Happiness Project.

dressing when you’re reading or working on a project. Substitute plain pop-

7. “ … ”

corn or murmura for fried crunchy snacks. Replace salty and fatty foods with

That blank space denoted by “ … ” is no mistake.

cholesterol-free roasted peanuts. For a caffeine kick, abandon cappuccino

That space represents silence.

and cola for cinnamon, cardamom and ginger infusions.

Silence is soothing. Silence is peace. Silence is divine. The more silent you are, the more you can hear your-

Flush it out: Drinking water also takes care of food cravings. Many times we end up eating more food when our body is actually craving water. Hydrating yourself surprisingly blunts most food cravings.

self think. Have you ever heard the silence just before

I Want It Now

the sun peaks over the horizon? Or the hush of a coun-

Common textures we crave:

try road at midnight? Or the peaceful calm just after a

Crunchy: Biting into something makes a satisfying sound. Chips compa-

thunderstorm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence

nies know this.

in the back of your city library, or the eager pause of an

Chewy: Wanting to

auditorium full of people when the lights dim for the

chew on something is

main event, or, best of all, the moment just after the front


door shuts and you suddenly have the whole house to

When we eat in a hurry


we miss the pleasure of

Each silent moment is different, yet all are beautiful if




you listen carefully. Leave enough space in your day to

Cool and creamy:

enjoy the space between the commotions. Say noth-

Why else do cafes do so

ing, think quietly, just be and breathe.

well? Any smoothie or

The floor is yours…

cold coffee lover knows

What would you add to the list? What’s something

that it’s the temperature

positive (perhaps an affirmation) we all should say ev-

and texture that hits the

ery day? Please reply below and let us know.



Parivartan September 2013

’‘≈‰∆ Let’s face it; we have all seen and experienced bad bosses. There are

Á≈¡Ú∂Á≈ Úæ‚∂ Íπæ È∂, ¡≈͉∂ Ì≈ È≈Ò ’∆Â∆ √Ò≈‘

the ones that bully, the ones that only care about themselves and their

Á∂ ÓπÂ≈Ï’, «fi‹’«Á¡ª «fi‹’«Á¡ª ¡≈͉≈

own career, the cowards that hide behind others or the ones that drive

ÎÀ√Ò≈ √π‰≈ «ÁæÂ≈, “¡√∆∫ Ú≈∆ Ú≈∆ ¤∂¡ ¤∂¡

you mad by trying to tell you how to do your job in the minutest level of

Ó‘∆È∂ «¬‘ ÂÒÚ≈ ¡≈͉∂ ’ØÒ æ÷‰ Ò¬∆

detail. Seeing bad bosses in action can be hilarious but if you are on

«Â¡≈ ¡ªÕ √≈‚∆ ÔØ◊Â≈ ˘ Í÷«Á¡ª Î∂

the receiving end of a bad boss it is usually no laugh-

Âπ√∆∫ Íæ’∂ ÂΩ ”Â∂ «‹√˘ Ú∆ «¬‘Á∆ √Ω∫ÍÈ≈ ’Ø◊,∂ √≈˘ ÓȘ» ‘ØÚ∂◊≈Õ” ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘ßπ ˘, ÁØ‘ª Ì≈Úª Á≈ «¬‘

ing matter. Bad bosses cause so much unnecessary stress in the work place and are a major cause of reduced productivity and performance. The thing is that we are often not fully aware why

ÎÀ√Ò≈, Á≈¡Ú∂ ÂØ∫ Ï∂Óπ÷ ‘Ø ’∂ Ï∂Á≈¡Ú∂ ÚæÒ ˘

we get stressed by our bosses, they just make us feel

Óß±‘ Î∂Á≈ ‹≈«Í¡≈Õ ¿π‘Á∂ ÏπæÒ∑ª ¿πºÂ∂ «¬’

uncomfortable or in the worst case completely

‘æ√Ó¬∆ «‹‘∆ Óπ√’≈‘‡ ÎÀÒÁ∆ ÎÀÒÁ∆ √πßÿ‰

stressed out. I work with so many different com-

«‹‘∆ ◊¬∆Õ ¿π‘, ¿π‘Ȫ Á∆ Í∂Ù’Ù È≈Ò «‹Ú∂∫

panies all over the world, across all industries

√«‘Ó ȑ∆∫ √∆ Òæ◊ «‘≈Õ ¿π‘ Î∂ ¡≈͉∂ ‘∆

and sectors and believe I can tell whether

¡ßÁ≈˜ ”⁄ «‹Ú∂∫ ¿π‘Ȫ ˘ √Ófi≈¿π‰ Òæ◊

someone is a good boss or not within sec-

«Í¡≈, “‘«Ê¡≈ Ú‰ Ò¬∆, ’≈«¬Â≈,

onds of meeting them and their team. You

«ÏÒ’πÒ ‘∆ Ȭ∆∫ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ Í √ß‹Ó Ú∆ ÏÛ≈

can just tell by what they say, how they say

˜±∆ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ ‘«Ê¡≈ Ú‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ‘æʪ ˘,

it and how they and their team behave.

¡≈͉∂ Ï∂◊≈È∂ Á∆ Í÷ È≈ÒØ∫, ⁄ß◊∂ Ó≈Û∂ Á∆

Here are my top ten tell-tale signs of a

Í÷ ‘Ø Ú∆ Ò≈˜Ó∆ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ˛Õ

bad boss:

‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘πß, «Ó¡≈Ȫ Ú≈Ò∂ ‡ß’ ”⁄Ø∫ «ÂßÈ

1. The Ego-Tripper - a boss that

«ÂßÈ «Ó¡≈È ÁØ‘ª Íπæª ˘ ÎÛ≈¿π∫Á≈, ÏÛ∂ ‘∆

is arrogant, shows off at any op-

Áπ÷∆ ÓÈ È≈Ò ’«‘‰ Òæ◊≈, “«ÍÂ≈ Íπ÷∆

portunity and is in constant need

‹ÀÁ≈Á Úª◊, Âπ√∆∫ «¬È∑ª Á∂ ’πÁÂ∆ ‘∆ ‘æ’Á≈

of boosting his or her ego

‘Ø Í ‹∂ «Ë¡≈˘ «¬‘ ÂÒÚ≈ ⁄≈¬∆Á∆ ¡À ª «¬√ Á≈ ÓπæÒ Â≈È≈ ÍÚ∂◊≈Õ” ÁØ‘Úª ÍπæÂª È∂ ÏÛ∂ «ÈßÓØfi±‰∂ «‹‘∂ ‘πß«Á¡ª

2. The Coward - a boss that takes on no accountabil-

ity and often hides be-

hind others

«¬’ Á± √ ∂ Úæ Ò Ú∂ « ÷¡≈Õ Ï≈ͱ ’«‘ «‘≈

3. The Micromanager - a boss that believes he knows how others should do their job, who

√∆,”....Í ÓÀ˘ ‹≈ÍÂ≈ «’ «¬È∑ª ÓÀ∫◊∑≈ ÓπæÒ ÙÀÁ

can’t trust people to just get on with their job and instead and micro-manages everything they

Âπ√∆∫ ’Á∂ Ú∆ Â≈È Ò¬∆ «Â¡≈ È≈ ‘ØÚØ” ¿π‘


¿π⁄∆ ¿π⁄∆ ‘æ√‰ Òæ◊ «Í¡≈, “ «¬‘ ÂÒÚ≈ ª ¡≈Í«‰¡ª Á≈ Ò‘± Ú∆ Ȭ∆∫ ÏıÙÁ∆Õ” «Í¿π Á∆ ◊æ Ò √π ‰ ’∂ , ÁØ ‘ ª Íπ æ  ª È∂ ¡≈͉∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª fiπ’≈ Ò¬∆¡ª ‹ª Ù≈«¬Á Ï≈ͱ Á∂ ÏØÒª Á∂ Ì≈ È≈Ò, ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ‘∆ fi∞’ ◊¬∆¡ªÕ ‹Ú≈Ò≈ «√‘πß Í«‘Òª ÂØ∫ Ú∆ ˜Ø Á∆ ‘æ«√¡≈, “ÓÀ˘ Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ÍÂ≈ √∆.....Õ” “Ï√ ¡≈ı∆ ◊æÒ”, ‘π‰ ¿π‘Á≈ ‘≈√≈ ◊≈«¬Ï √∆ Â∂ ¿π‘ ¿πÁ≈√ «‹‘≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈, «‹Ú∂∫ ¡≈͉∆ Ú√∆¡Â ”⁄ «Ò÷∆ «’√∂ È√∆‘ Èß» Áπ‘≈ «‘≈ ‘ØÚ∂, “‹∂ √‘∆ Ú‰≈ È≈ ¡Ω∫Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂ ª √≈È∂ Òæ◊∂ ‘«Ê¡≈ È≈ÒØ∫, ÷≥∞„≈ ‘«Ê¡≈ «’Â∂ ⁄ß◊≈Õ” ¬∂È≈ ’«‘ ’∂ ¿π‘È∂ ÂÒÚ≈ ˘ ‡ß’ «Ú⁄

4. The Incapable - a boss that has been promoted beyond his or her capabilities, has no clue how to do the job and has lost all respect of subordinates and co-workers 5. The Over-friendly Mate - a boss that inappropriately wants to be your best mate or nearest friend 6. The Bad Communicator - a boss that is unable to communicate anything effectively, be it the corporate strategy or individual performance feedback 7. The Plagiarizer - a boss that takes credit for other people’s work or ideas and passes it off as his own (especially to his or her boss) 8. The Negative - a boss that just can’t say anything positive and instead turns everything into doom-and-gloom 9. The Ego-Centric - a boss that doesn’t care about the people who work for him and is not interested in helping, coaching and developing anyone else but himself 10. The Criticizer- a boss that is quick to criticize mistakes others make and is unable to provide constructive feedback

ÏßÁ ’«Á¡ª, ¡≈͉∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª ÓπßÁ Ò¬∆¡ªÕ

For me, each of the above are clear signs of a bad manager and when you get a boss with

ÍπæÂª Á∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª Ú∆ «‹Ú∂∫ ÷≈√ ÙÓ√≈∆

one or maybe two of the signs then you can usually manage around them (not ideal but

«‹‘∆ «Ú⁄ fiπ’ ◊¬∆¡ªÕ ÁØ‘Ú∂∫ ÍπæÂ, «Í¿π Á∆¡ª ÓßπÁ∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª ÚæÒ Ú∂÷ ’∂ √Ø⁄ ‘∂ √È «’ ÓπßÁ∆¡ª Â∂ fiπ’∆¡ª ¡æ÷ª «Ú⁄ Ú≈«’¡≈ ‘∆ ÏÛ≈ Î’ ‘πßÁ≈ ˛Õ

doable). Really problematic is when you end up with a boss that shows several of them at the same time, in which case I can only wish you good luck! Do you agree with the list? Are there other tell-tale signs you would add? Or have you got any stories, insights or experiences to share on the topic?

In Bollywood female actors have always been portrayed as glamorous and more or less have always had little to contribute to the plot. The male actors have held the centre-stage and heroines have been standoffish, having only to add to the glam quotient of the film. But intermittently these heroines have had the chance to play tomboyish characters which is quite a challenge for these beautiful women. These characters have had an edge to it which has been delivered with finesse and élan by these actresses. Let us take a look at those memorable tomboyish characters. Kajol : One actress who made those overalls exceedingly fashionable was Kajol. In the first half of the film-“Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” that was all that she wore, bidding adieu to short dresses. She sported short hair and a minimal make-up look. What she can take credit for is her performance. From the way she spoke, to her body language everything was perfectly that of a tomboy. She imbibed the finer nuances of a tomboy and gave a perfect performance. Genelia D’Souza : Genelia’s carefree and effervescent personality has always shown through off-screen. On-screen too the first time she played a feisty character was “Masti”. But “Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na” tops the list. In this film she played the role of a brat with absolute magnetism. She fights for her friend in her college campus; she gets into a tussle with her younger brother and she does it all with charm. She was lovable and endearing in the film and this sealed her position at the top-spot of all tomboy characters ever played. Hema Malini : The film that will always remain an all-time favourite among Hema’s fans is “Sita Aur Gita”. In this film she portrayed twin roles- that of a submissive character and the other a full-blooded twin. She portrayed the role convincingly and gave a performance worth remembering. Preity Zinta : Preity has the image of a tomboy from the time she entered Bollywood. The ‘Liril’ advertisement that first brought her to notice too portrayed her as carefree. The films that followed like “Salaam Namaste” and “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karenga” portrayed her at her effervescent best. In the films that she has worked in, she has come across as strong-nerved and lighthearted. Kangana Ranaut : Kangana portrayed the lively and free spirited Tanuja of “Tanu Weds Manu” effortlessly. She gave a brilliant performance in the garb of an UP girl. She was extrovert, disobedient and unmanageable. She remained swigged; she smoked and also swore- all this and more wearing the oldfashioned salwaar kameez. Amrita Rao : Amrita has a petite structure that makes her for a bad choice for the role of a tomboy. But she surprised everybody when she delivered a noteworthy performance in the film “Main Hoon Na”. She played the role of Sanjana believably and was highly appreciated for her efforts in the film. Katrina Kaif : Katrina is one of the highest paid and wanted actresses in the industry at this point in time. She has had the chance to play several different kinds of roles in films. A tag that is attached to her in real life and has transcended on-screen as well is that of a tomboy. She herself has described her real life attitude as that of being free of care and blithe. Roles such as in the films “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”, “Namaste London”, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and “Blue” have all portrayed her as a tomboy. She has been cheerful, effervescent and has had a sparkling screen presence in the films. She dropped the tag of a glamorous and racy actress in these films and delivered performances worth cheering her for.

«ÎÒÓ∆ Ó√≈Ò≈

Parivartan September 2013

√ÒÓ≈È ÷≈È ¡«‹‘≈ ¡«ÌÈ∂Â≈ ¡Â∂ «’Ú∂∫ Á≈ «¬È√≈È ˛ «¬√ Ï≈∂ Ï‘π √≈∂ ÒØ’ ‹≈‰Á∂ ‘ÈÕ ÒØ’ «¬‘ Ú∆ ‹≈‰Á∂ ‘È «’ √ÒÓ≈È Á≈ √≈Ê «ÓÒ ‹≈Ú∂ ª Ï‘π √≈∂ ÓπÙ’Ò ’ßÓ ¡≈√≈È ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ ‘ª «¬‘ ¡Òæ◊ ◊æÒ ˛ «’ ¿π‘ ‹ÒÁ∆ «’√∂ È≈Ò ÿπÒÁ≈ «ÓÒÁ≈ È‘∆∫ Í ‹∂ ¿π√ È∂ «’√∂ ˘ «ÁÒ ÂØ∫ Í√ßÁ ’ «Ò¡≈ ‹ª ¿π√ Á≈ ’À∆¡ ω≈¿π‰ Á≈ «¬≈Á≈ ’ «Ò¡≈ ª «Î ¿π√ ˘ ¡æ◊∂ Úˉ ÂØ∫ ’ج∆ È‘∆∫ Ø’ √’Á≈Õ ¡«‹‘≈ ’¬∆ Ú≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ˛ √ÒÓ≈È Ï≈∂ «¬‘ ◊æÒ √≈∂ ‹≈‰Á∂ ‘È «’ ¿πÈ∑ª ’¬∆ ÈÚ∂∫ ’Ò≈’≈ª Á∆ Ï∂Û∆ Í≈ Ò◊≈¬∆ ˛Õ ¡æ‹ «’√∂ ¡À’‡ ˘ √ÎÒ ‘؉ «Ú⁄ Ï‘π ÓπÙ’Ò ‘≥∞Á∆ ˛Õ ’¬∆¡ª ˘ ª «ÎÒÓª Ú∆ È‘∆∫ «ÓÒÁ∆¡ª Í √ÒÓ≈È «ÓÒ ‹≈Ú∂ ª ¿π‘ ¡≈͉∂ ¡≈Í ⁄⁄≈ «Ú⁄ ¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ √ÒÓ≈È È∂ «‹È∑ª Á∆ Ï∂Û∆ Í≈ Ò◊≈¬∆ ˛ ¿πÈ∑ª Á∆ «Ò√‡ ’≈Î∆ ¶Ï∆ ˛Õ ¿πÈ∑ª ”⁄Ø∫ ‹Ø ÷≈√ ‘ÈÕ ¡≈˙ ¿πÈ∑ª ”Â∂ Ș Ó≈Á∂ ‘ªÕ ‘π‰ √ÒÓ≈È ÷≈È Á∆ «ÁÒ⁄√Í∆ ¡≈͉∂ Ï≈‚∆◊≈‚ Ù∂≈ Á∂ B@ √≈Ò Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ ‡≈¬∆◊ ”Â∂ ˛Õ ¿π‘ ‡≈¬∆◊ ˘ ÷πÁ Òª⁄ ’È≈ ⁄≈‘ßπÁ≈ ˛Õ ¡≈͉∂ «ÍÂ≈ Á∆ Â∑ª Òæ◊‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ‡≈¬∆◊ ˘ ¡‹∂ Ó∆‚∆¡≈ ÂØ∫ Á± æ«÷¡≈ «◊¡≈ ˛ Í √ÒÓ≈È Á∂ «ÁÙ≈ «ÈÁ∂Ù «Ú⁄ ¿π√ Á∆ «¯ÒÓ∆ ‡∂«Èß◊ Ùπ± ‘Ø ¸æ’∆ ˛Õ ¡«ÌÈ∂Â≈ ¡«Áæ«Â¡≈ Íø⁄ØÒ∆ Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ √±‹, ÙÂ» ÿÈ Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ ÒÚ «√È∑≈, ‹À’∆ Ù≈Î Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ ‡≈¬∆◊, Íø’‹ Ë∆ Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ «È’∂ÂÈ Ë∆, ÏØÈ∆ ’ͱ Á∂ Ï∂‡∂ ¡‹È ’ͱ ¡≈«Á ’¬∆ ¡«‹‘∂ ’Ò≈’≈ ‘È «‹È∑ª Á∂ ¿π‘ ¡≈ÁÙ ‹ª ◊≈¬∆‚ Á∂ ÂΩ ”Â∂ ‹≈«‰¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ ˛Õ ¡«ÌÈ∂Â≈ ¡‹È ’ͱ ª ¿π√ ˘ ¡≈͉≈ ◊≈‚Î≈Á ÓßÈÁ≈ ˛Õ √ÒÓ≈È È∂ ’¬∆ ÒÛ’∆¡ª Á≈ ’À∆¡ Ú∆ ⁄Ó’≈«¬¡≈ ˛Õ ’À‡∆È≈ ’ÀÎ Ï≈∂ ª √Ì ˘ ÍÂ≈ ˛Õ ˜∆È ÷≈È, √ØÈ≈÷Ù∆ «√È∑≈, √È∂‘≈ ¿πÒ≈Ò ¡≈«Á ‘∆Ø«¬Èª Á∂ Ú∆ ¡≈Á٠ω∂Õ ’À‡∆È≈ ª ‘ ʪ ”Â∂ «¬‘ ’«‘ßÁ∆ √π‰∆ ‹≈ √’Á∆ ˛ «’ √ÒÓ≈È Ó∂∂ Ò¬∆ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ ¡«‘Ó «‘≈ ˛Õ ¿π√ ˘ ÒØ’ Ó∂≈ ¡≈ÁÙ ‹ª ◊≈¬∆‚ ’πfi Ú∆ ’«‘ √’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «ÎÒÓ “ϱӔ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ‹Á ÓÀ∫ «¬ß‚√‡∆ ”⁄Ø∫ Ò◊Ì◊ Ï≈‘ ‘Ø ¸æ’∆ √∆ ª ¿π√ Ú∂Ò∂ ¿π√ È∂ ÓÀ˘ √‘≈≈ «ÁæÂ≈Õ ¡æ‹ ÓÀ∫ «¬√ Óπ’≈Ó ”Â∂ ‘ª ª ¿π√ Á∂ ’≈È ‘∆ ‘ªÕ

√πÍ∆ «√ßÿ



Parivartan September 2013

«Èæ’∆ ◊æÒ Úæ‚∆ ◊æÒ

√≈˘ Âث¡ª ˘ Ï≈◊ ÏÊ∂∂

‹‘≈‹ª Á≈ ¡æ‚≈ ω≈ Áß±...., «Íø‚ Âæ’ ◊æ‚∆ Á∆ Ò≈¬∆È «÷⁄Ú≈ Áß±....., Â∂ «Íø‚ Á∂ ‘∂’ Ó≈¬∆ Ì≈¬∆ ˘ Ó√‚∆

’æÒ «Î Áπ«Í‘∂ ◊Ó∆ È∂ ⁄ß◊∂ ’«ÛæÒ ’æ„∂Õ Ù≈Ó ˘ ’πfi ÏæÁÒÚ≈¬∆ ‘ج∆, ‘Ú≈ ’≈ª ÒÀ Áß±..... Â∂ ‘∂’ ¡ÓÒ∆ Á∂ ÿ Á∂ «Í¤Ò∂ Í≈√∂ ⁄æÒ∆Õ ÓΩ√Ó ”⁄ ’Á∂ ’Á∂ ª ‹Ó∑ª ¬∆ ◊πßÓ∑ «‹‘≈ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈Õ Íø‹ Íø‹ «’æ«Ò¡ª Á∂ «Ú⁄ ‚Ø«‚¡ª Á≈ Ï≈◊ ÒÚ≈ Áß±....., Ì≈ÁØ∫ Ó‘∆È≈ ¡≈͉∂ ß◊ «Á÷≈ «‘≈Õ √ß√Á ”⁄ «ÚØË∆ Í≈‡∆¡ª È∂ ◊πßÓ∑ «‹‘≈ ’≈‡Ø ÎπæÒª ”Â∂ «‹Ú∂∫ Ó˜∆ «Ò‡Á∆ «Î∂Õ” ’∆Â≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈Õ ÓÒæ·∆ Â∂ «Ú’√ Á∆¡ª ◊ØÒ∆¡ª ÷≈ ’∂ ¡≈ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂, ¡≈¿π∫Á∂ ‘∆ ’ªÚª Ï≈Ï≈ ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ⁄ÒØ ¿π‘ ª ·∆’ ¡≈, ‘∂’ ˘ ΩÒ∆ Í≈ «ÁßÁ∂ È∂Õ ’ج∆ È≈ ’ج∆ ÓπæÁ≈ ¸æ’ ’∂ √’≈ ˘ ÿ∂∆ æ÷Á∂ ¡≈Õ √’≈ Ú∆ √πÍÈ∂ ÒÀ‰ Á≈ ‘æ’ ¡≈, Í Â∂∆ Â∂ √’≈ Á∆ ≈Ù∆ Ò◊Á≈ ‘π‰ „∆· ‘Ø ◊¬∆ ¬∂Õ ‹ª «Î ’ßȪ ”⁄ ß± ÂπßÈ ’∂ ¡≈ Ï«‘ßÁ∆ ¬∂Õ «¬’ «’Ú∂∫ ‘ج∆Õ” «¬Ë Íø‹≈Ï Á∂ «‚͇∆ Óπæ÷ ÓßÂ∆ √≈Ï∑ È∂ ’È∂‚≈ Á≈ ÁΩ≈ æÁ ’ «ÁæÂ≈Õ ’∂‘± ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ¿π‘∆ ª Áæ√‰ Òæ◊≈ √∆ Ϭ∆ ÓÀ˘ Á¡√Ò ¿πÊ∂ ◊Ó «÷¡≈Ò∆ ÁÒª ÚÒØ∫ ʪ-ʪ ”Â∂ ¿π‘Ȫ Á∂ «ÚØË Á≈ ¡ÀÒ≈È ’∆Â≈ «¬‘Ø «‹‘∂ √πÍÈ∂ ¡≈¿π∫Á∂ ¿πÁØ∫ ‘∆ ‘πßÁ∂ ¡≈, ‹ÁØ∫ √’≈

ÍzØ. ’ßÚÒ‹∆ «√ßÿ „πæ‚∆’∂ @IHADA-CEAEA

‘Ø«¬¡≈ √∆ Í «‚͇∆ √≈«‘Ï Á≈ ’«‘‰≈ ¬∂ «’ ÓÀ∫ «’√∂ ÂØ∫ È∆ ‚Á≈, «¬‘ ª Ïæ√ Úª◊±ß Ó∂∆ Ú∆ ‹∂Ï∑ ‹Ó∑ª ¬∆ ÷≈Ò∆ ‘ØÚ∂ Â∂ ÿ Á∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª Ú∂⁄-Ú∂⁄ ’∂ ÿ Á≈ ≈ÙÈ ¿πÊØ∫ Á∆ √’≈ √«’¿π‡∆ Á∂‰Ø∫ Óπæ’ ◊¬∆ √∆, ª ’’∂ ÁΩ≈ æÁ ’∆Â≈Õ Í≈‰∆ ⁄ÒÁ≈ ‘ØÚ∂....Õ” Ó≈√‡ ‹∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ - È≈Ò∂ «‚͇∆ Óπæ÷ ÓßÂ∆ √≈Ï∑ ’‘∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂ «’ ��À∫ ‚Á≈ È∆∫, ‘π‰ ÎØÈ ’’∂ ’∂‘± ˘ ¡≈͉∂ «‘√≈Ï È≈Ò Áæ√ «Á˙ «’ √’≈ È≈Ò ¿π√ Á∆ È≈Ò∂ ’‘∆ ‹ªÁ∂ È∂ «’ ¿πÊØ∫ Á∆ √’≈ √«’¿π‡∆ È‘∆∫ Á∂ ‘∆, «¬√ ’’∂ ÁΩ≈ æÁ ≈Ù∆ ÒÁ∆ ¬∂ «’ ¡ÀÚ∂∫ ‘∆ ¿π√ ˘ ÌπÒ∂÷≈ ¬∂.....Õ ’∆Â≈Õ «Î ÌÒ≈ √«’¿π‡∆ ’≈‘ÂØ∫ ⁄≈‘∆Á∆ √∆Õ”

◊ß„∂ A@ Á∂, ◊ß„∂ AE Á∂....!

’∂‘± ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ÏæÒ∂ Ó≈√‡ ‹∆, ¡≈Ó ÏßÁ∂ È≈Ò √Ω ¿πÈ∆-«¬’∆ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ¡≈Õ ’ج∆ Ï◊À √Ò±‡ Ó≈«˙∫ ¶ÿ ‹∂, ’ج∆ «’Â∂ À√‡ØÀ∫‡ ”⁄ ̇±«¡ª-¤Ø«Ò¡ª Á∂ ÍÀ√∂ Óß◊

ÓΩ√Ó ’æÒ «Î ◊Ó ‘∆ «‘≈Õ ’∂‘± ’æÒ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈ ‘∆ ◊≈¿π‰ Òæ◊ «Í¡≈Õ ÁØ «ÂßÈ

ÒÚ∂...., ’ج∆ «’√∂ ⁄Ω’ ”⁄ Ò≈Ò ÏæÂ∆ ”Â∂ Ø’ Ò¬∂....., ª «Î ’∆‘Á∆ Óª ˘ Ó≈√∆

◊∆ Ò≈ «ÁæÂ∂Õ “‹≈ÚØ È∆ ’ج∆ ÓØÛ «Ò¡≈ÚØ....., Ó∂∂ È≈Ò «◊¡≈ ¡æ‹ ÒÛ ’∂....., ÍÀ


«◊¡≈ √Û’∂ √Û’∂...., ‘π‰ È∆ ÓπÛÁ≈....., «Ò¡≈ÚØ È∆ ’ج∆ ÎÛ ’∂.....Õ”

«¬‘∆ ª ¡≈Ó ÏßÁ∂ ”Â∂ Ò∆‚ ”⁄ Î’ ‘πßÁ≈, ‘π‰ ’«‘ßÁ∂ ¿π‘ ’È∂‚≈-¡Ó∆’≈ Á∆ ʪ ”Â∂ Âπ’∆ Ú◊∂ ÓπÒ’ª Á≈ ◊∂Û≈ Ò≈¿π‰◊∂Õ” Î∂ ’∂‘± È∂ ’ßÈ ”Â∂ ‘æÊ æ«÷¡≈ Â∂ Ó≈‰’ Úª◊ ◊≈¿π‰ Òæ◊ «Í¡≈...., È∆ √≈˘ Âث¡ª ˘ Ï≈◊ ÏÊ∂∂, ’È∂‚∂ Á≈ Âß± Ó≈‰ È≈ ’∆∫.....Õ” Íπ≈‰∂ Ú∂Ò∂ «‹È∑ª ¡ß◊±ª Âæ’ ‘æÊ È‘∆∫ √∆ Í‘πß⁄Á≈, ¿π‘ ÷æ‡∂ ‘πßÁ∂ √∆...., ‘π‰ ÌÒ≈ «‹È∑ª ¡ß◊±ª Âæ’ ‘æÊ È≈ Í‘πß⁄Á≈ ‘ØÚ∂, ¿πÈ∑ª ˘ ÌÒ≈ ’∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ ‘πßÁ∂ ¡≈....Õ

√≈‚∆ ≈Ù∆ «¬’Ø ‘∆ ¡≈....!

Ó≈√‡ ‹∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ - ’∆ ‘Ø «◊¡≈, ’∆‘Á∂ Ò¬∆ ◊≈¬∆ ‹≈ȪՔ ª ’«‘ßÁ≈ - πͬ∆¬∂ Ò¬∆ ØȪ, ’«‘ßÁ∂, ‘ ؘ ‘∆ ‘∂·ª ˘ π«Û∑¡≈ ¡≈¿π∫Á≈Õ ’æÒ FD πͬ∆¬∂ ‘Ø «◊¡≈, ÍΩ∫‚ A@@ πͬ∆¬∂ ˘ ‘Ø «◊¡≈Õ” ıÀ! ◊ß„∂ G@-H@ πͬ∆¬∂ «’ÒØ ‘ج∂ «ÎÁ∂ ¡≈, √Ϙ∆¡ª Ú≈«Ò¡ª È∂ Ú∆ ¡≈͉∂ ‘Ø’∂ ÏÁÒ ”Â∂Õ «¬’ ∂Û∑∆ Ú≈Ò≈ ‘Ø’∂ Á∂¬∆ ‹≈Ú∂, ◊ß„∂ A@ Á∂, ◊ß„∂ AE Á∂Õ ¿π‘Á∆ ∂Û∑∆ ”Â∂ Ì∆Û Òæ◊ ”◊∆, ÒØ’ Íπ椉 Ϭ∆ «’‘Û∂ Áæ√ª Ú≈Ò∂ ¡≈ Â∂ «’‘Û∂ ÍøÁ∑ª Ú≈Ò∂ ¡≈Õ

√æÊ ”⁄ ’æÒ ¡≈¿π∫Á∂ √≈ ‘∆ ’∂‘± ¡ÓÒ∆ È∂ fiØÒ∂ ”⁄Ø∫ ’æ⁄ Á∆ ÷≈Ò∆ ÏØÂÒ ’æ„∆,

∂Û∑∆ Ú≈Ò∂ È∂ ’Ó∆˜ Á∆ Ϫ‘ È≈Ò ÓæÊ≈ «‹‘≈ Íø±fi ’∂ ¡√Ò ◊æÒ ’æ„ Ó≈∆,

«Ú⁄ «¬’ ÿ√∆ «‹‘∆ ÙπÒ∆ æ÷∆ ”Â∂ ¡æ◊ Ò≈ ”Â∆Õ ’«‘ßÁ≈, Í≈√∂ ‘Ø ‹Ø ”Â∂ ÙπÒ∆ «ÁÈ∂

’«‘ßÁ≈ - ¡≈‘ ¤Ø‡∂ ◊ß«„¡ª Ú≈Ò∆ „∂∆ Á∂ ◊ß„∂ Á√ª Á∂ ÁØ ¡≈ Â∂ Úæ‚∂ ¡≈Ò∆ „∂∆ Á∂

‘∆ ⁄Û∑≈ ”Â∆, ¿π‘ ¿πª‘ ˘ ˙‘ ◊¬∆, ˙‘ ◊¬∆.....Õ «Î ◊Ú≈⁄ ”◊∆Õ Î∂ ¿π‘È∂ Ëß±¬∂∫

AE Á∂ ÁØ ¡≈.....Õ”

Á∆ Ì∆ ÷≈Ò∆ ÏØÂÒ ¡≈͉∂ fiØÒ∂ ”⁄ √ªÌ Ò∆ Â∂ fiØÒ≈ √≈¬∆’Ò Ó±‘∂ ‡ß◊ ’∂ ¡≈Ó È≈Ò Ï«‘ «◊¡≈Õ ’¬∆ ‹‰∂ ¿πÍ ˘ Ú∂÷‰, ’¬∆ ‹‰∂ ’∂‘± ÚæÒ Ú∂÷‰.....Õ Ó≈√‡ ‹∆ ’«‘ßÁ∂ - Ï≈¬∆ ’∂‘± «√ß‘ª, ¿πÍ ‹≈ ’∂ Â∂∆ ÙπÒ∆ Á≈ ÌÛ≈’≈ ª «Í¡≈ ¬∆ È‘∆∫, ·πæ√ ͇≈’≈ ‘∆ ‘Ø ◊¬∆ Ò◊Á∆ ¡≈Õ”

È≈Ò ‘∆ ¿π‘ «Î ◊ß„∂ A@ Á∂, ◊ß„∂ AE Á∂...., Á≈ ‘Ø’≈ Ò≈¿π∫Á≈ ˙‘ «◊¡≈ ˙‘ «◊¡≈Õ æ÷Û∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ «Í¤∂ «‹‘∂ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ «◊¡≈, ’Á∂ æ÷Û∆ ÓΩÒ∆ Á∆ ‘πßÁ∆ √∆, Í «Í¤∂ «‹‘∂ √ØÈ∂ ⁄ªÁ∆ Á∆¡ª æ÷Û∆¡ª Ú∆ Ï‰È Òæ◊ ◊¬∆¡ª √∆...., ÌÀ‰ Ó«‘ß◊∆ æ÷Û∆ «Ò¡≈¿π∫Á∆ ª Ì≈ ˘ Ú∆ Ó«‘ß◊∆ ÍÀ∫Á∆......, ˙È≈ ‘∆ Ù◊È Á∂‰≈ ÍÀ∫Á≈....Õ

ª ’∂‘± ’«‘ßÁ≈ - «¬‘Á≈ È≈Ó ‚≈Ò-ÙπÒ∆ ¡≈, ’æÒ FD πͬ∆¡ª Á∆ ÒÀ ’∂

’∂‘± √π‰≈Ú∂, ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ‘π‰ Ó«‘ß◊≈¬∆ ÚË ◊¬∆ ¡≈, ’ßÓ ¡Ω÷≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ «Í¡≈, ÓÀ∫

¡≈«¬¡ª, ‘≈Ò∂ ¿πÍ ˘ ‹≈¬∆ ‹ªÁ∆ ¡≈....., «¬‘Á≈ ÌÛ≈’≈ ‘≈Ò∂ ·«‘ ’∂ Í¿±Õ

ª ¡≈ÚÁ∆ ‹¶Ë Ú≈Ò∆ ÌÀ‰ ˘ ÎØÈ ‘∆ ’ ”Â≈, Ϭ∆ ÌÀ‰∂ «Í¡≈ ‘؉≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈,

‹ÁØ∫ «¬‘ I@-A@@ Á∆ ‘Ø ”◊∆.....Õ”

Ïæ√ Âß± ¡≈Í È≈ ¡≈Ú∆∫, Ë≈◊≈ ‘∆ ‚≈’ ”⁄ Ì∂‹ Á∆∫, È≈Ò∂ ‹¶Ë Ú≈Ò∂ ‡ØÒ ÍÒ≈˜∂ ”Â∂

«Î √≈«¡ª ˘ √Ófi Òæ◊ ◊¬∆, Ϭ∆ ’∂‘± Ï≈¬∆ ‚≈Ò Á∆ ⁄Û∑Á∆ ’∆Ó Á∆ ◊æÒ ’Á≈....Õ BA ¡◊√ ˘ æ÷Û∆ Á≈ «Â¿π‘≈ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈ «◊¡≈, ’¬∆¡ª È∂ «¬’ «ÁÈ

¡À∫Ú∂∫ ‡ØÒ ‡À’√ ”Â∂ ‘∆ ‚±„ √Ω ÷⁄Ø∫◊∂Õ ÓÀ˘ ÍÂ≈ Ϭ∆ Á∂‰∂ ª ÓÀ˘ ‘∆ ÍÀ‰∂ ¡≈.....Õ ¡◊ª‘ Ó∂∆ ÌÀ‰ Ú∆ Ó∂∂ ”Â∂ ‘∆ ◊¬∆

Í«‘Òª ‘∆ ÓÈ≈ «Ò¡≈, ’¬∆¡ª È∂ ‘π‰ ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈Õ È≈Ò∂ æ÷Û Íπß«È¡≈ Á∂ ÓΩ’∂ ”Â∂

¡≈, ’«‘ß Á ∆,

Ï≈Ï≈ Ï’≈Ò≈ «Ú÷∂ «√¡≈√∆ Í≈‡∆¡ª ¡≈͉∆ ÌÛ≈√ ’æ„ ’∂ ¡≈¬∆¡ªÕ

·∆’ ¡≈ Ú∆∂,

Íø‹≈Ï √’≈ È∂ Ú∆ ¿πÊ∂ ’≈ÈÎÀ∫√ «Ú⁄ ’ØÛª πͬ∆¬∂ ÷⁄ ’∂ Íø‹≈Ï Á∂ ÒØ’ª

¡À∫ ‘∆ ’ Òß±,

Ò¬∆ Ò«‘ª Ï«‘ª ’È Ú≈Ò∂ ÍzØ‹À’‡ª Á≈ ¡ÀÒ≈È ’ ”Â≈ «’ Ô∂ ’ «Á¡ª◊∂....,

È≈Ò∂ √π « ‰¡≈

ÚØ ’ «Á¡ª◊∂....Õ

´«Ë¡≈‰∂ Á∆

’∂‘± È∂ ÏÀ·∂ ÏÀ·∂ È∂ ¡≈͉∆ ‘∆ ¤æ‚∆, ’«‘ßÁ≈ - Ï≈¬∆ «√ß‘ª.... Ò◊Á≈, Ó∂∆ ”Â∂ Íø‹≈Ï √’≈ Á∆ ≈Ù∆ «¬’Ø ¬∆ ¡≈....Õ” ’≈Ó∂‚ Íπæ¤∂ - «’Ú∂∫?”

√Ϙ∆ Óß‚∆ ”⁄ ◊ß„∂ √√Â∂ ¡≈, ‹ÁØ ∫ ¡≈«¬¡≈, ¡≈¿π ∫ Á≈

ª ’«‘ßÁ≈ - ÓÀ˘ Ú∆ ’Á∂ ’Á∂ √πÍÈ∂ ¡≈¿π‰ Òæ◊ ‹ªÁ∂ ¡≈ Ϭ∆ ÓÀ∫ «Íø‚ Á∂

‘Ø«¬¡≈ Ú∆‘ «’ÒØ Ú≈Ò∆

«È¡≈‰∂ ”’æ·∂ ’’∂ Ó≈√‡ ‹∆ Úª◊± ÒÀ’⁄ Á∂¬∆ ‹≈Ȫ Â∂ Ú≈¡Á≈ ’∆ ‹ªÈª Ϭ∆

ÏØ∆ ‘∆ æ÷ «Ò¡ª¬∆∫....Õ”

ÓÀ∫ «Íø‚ ”⁄ ‘∂’ ÏßÁ∂ Ò¬∆ «’æÒ∂ «’æÒ∂ ”⁄ Úæ‚∆¡ª ’Ø·∆¡ª ÍÚ≈ Áß±...., «Íø‚ ”⁄

Âπ‘≈‚≈ ’∆ «÷¡≈Ò ¡≈Õ

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