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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Here are the fronts of my products put together. I feel the combination of them all work well together, and there is an evident house style. Previously I had a different coloured digipack and magazine advert cover, but I changed this because I felt there wasn’t a house style between my products. My genre for the music video and products was Indie, and I think this is shown well through the colours and layout.

Text As you can see, I kept the text the same on all the products. The text fits in with my indie genre, is bold, modern and stands out well. I originally wanted to use a different, slimmer text on the digipak, but after changing it to the same text as the other products, I felt it worked better to have them all matching. The colours I used for the font were black and white, depending on what looks best with the background, and what stood out the most. Since I used black on the digipak, white on the music video, I decided to use black and white on the advert. It made the letting stand out even more and was a combination of my other products.

I also used the same, matching fonts deeper into my products. In fact, all of the fonts used were the same, including my track list on my digipak, and the website and the reviewing labels. I felt this kept the house style, but also left it simple and modern to read. I think if I had used different texts for different parts of my products, the style wouldn’t have been kept the same and it would have got a bit confusing.


During my research, I found lots of products that used the same image for a digipak/ cd and a magazine advert. I decided to do this also, and matched the colours to fit with my music video. I first use this image for my digipak front cover, and stretched it to fit over back page also. I then used it for my advert, using more of the image to fit the A4 sheet. My music video inspired me to match all my products up, as I originally didn’t plan to do this. I think the three products colours fit in really well together and create a house style that stands out. If the products were for sale, I think it would be clear these three products are a good promotional pack. I also feel the colour works well for all the products. Since the music genre was indie, I think the modern and subtle colours work well.


A few conventions I also used were the same. On both the digipak and magazine advert I used a record label and a QR code. These were both positioned at the bottom, in corners to match in with the overall house style and there is a consistent match between the products. After location them in both roughly the same place, I also made the sizes roughly the same to fit in with style. For the QR code, on the advert it was located, obviously, on the front, but for the digipack, I put this inside for people when they open it up to look.

Overall, I think the whole appearance of all my products work well. Most of the basic conventions, including colour, text, layout and background are all as similar as they can be, and this was so the house style was even. It makes the products easier to sell as people know exactly what they are buying. It also means the image of the artist can have a better chance at being well know. For instance, if all the products are in the same layout, colours etc as this, people will know that brand, and if they like it, they would buy

Question 2  
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