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Who are you? How would you find you? OK, Now what?

SOCIAL MEDIA ● ● ● ● ●

The Basics Who is Using Social Media Social Media Good Practices Social Customer Service Advertising on Social Media


Social Media: Planning & Managing Social Media: Content Curation Graphics, Videos & Visuals


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Free Advertising Ideas A Note About Marketing


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YOUR BRAND PROFILE YOUR BRAND PROFILE Who are you? How would you ямБnd you? OK, Now what?

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WHO ARE YOU? Before we dive into all of the valuable resources in this book, let's do a little brain storming about your brand. We are going to describe your brand and help you deďŹ ne your brand. Ready?

What do you want your brand/company to be known for?

What is your brand/company mission statement?

Who is your potential Customer?

What Unique Qualities does your brand possess?

After experiencing everything your brand has what do you want your clients to say?

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HOW WOULD YOU FIND YOU? One thing we often forget, and mostly overlook is that - we are consumers! Everything we buy, everytime we go to a restaurant, or even just meeting up with friends is a way in which we consume something. With that being said, as a consumer - How would you find you? Use the below to help you answer that question. Remember, answer it in how you would look, not how you think your customer would look.


What Service Are you looking for?


Where do you go to find that type of service? Where do you normally look?


What factors would you take into consideration before signing up?


What type of experience do you expect to receive when attending?


How do you react when the experience is positive?


How do you react when the experience is negative?

Your answers to those questions should give you a good baseline of what your clients expect from you, and how to answer some crucial questions about your brand. -


What are people looking for when they search for you? These are your keywords! Where are people going to find you? This is where you should focus your marketing on What information are people looking for from you? This is the information you should put front and center on your website, social media and etc. What experience should you deliver? This is the experience people are looking for when they come to you Where to look for Feedback. (Both Positive and Negative) Ways in which you should check and look for client feedback

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OK, NOW WHAT? Now you have a pretty good idea of your brand, your market and areas you may not have realized are important. Now it’s time to put them in action.

The rest of this guide is more resources to set your plan in motion and help you fill areas you need help in. It also contains helpful information about the world of marketing, social media and advertising that we currently experience.

It is a guide of resources I have found over the years that I have found helpful, that I am sharing with you - as your friend. It is up to you to use them, and figure out the best ways they can work for you!

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SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA The Basics Who is Using Social Media Social Media Good Practices Social Customer Service Advertising on Social Media

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THE BASICS Well we all know what Social Media is, right? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And yes you see ads and you see brands all of the time. But it's more than just having a social media page for your brand. It's about being relevant and creating relationships.



There are over 21 Social Media Sites! Most of us think of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It's a big popularity contest! There. I said it. But here's the deal - the more you post, the more you engage the more you will grow.

Learn more about the different social media sites to consider here: https://buffer.com/library/social-media-sites

HASHTAGGING: ALWAYS!!! Use hashtags in your posts! Annoying I know but If you include the right hashtags on your posts, you will likely see higher engagement than you would if you didn’t have any. Why? Because hashtags help to categorize content and make it more discoverable. Anyone who clicks on a hashtag or searches for it will see a page with all the posts tagged with it. So Go ahead be that #loser who #everything because you will see results.

Want to go viral: Engage. The more you respond to people’s comments, the more comments you get, the more shares... all of that impacts how visible your content will be in the social media landscape. So, If someone comments on your post, say "THANK YOU" in another comment. Getting a lot of negative feedback on a post? Remember the saying "Any publicity is good publicity" You just need to stay positive.

This is why Social Customer Service is Soooo Important…. And we will cover that in a moment.

RESOURCES: Find relevant hashtags to use: https://hashtagify.me/hashtag/tbt

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WHAT THIS MEANS? This is just a base idea of who uses social media. And what channels they use. You can use this as a way to determine what channels you should use based on your primary customer demographic.

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SOCIAL MEDIA GOOD PRACTICES When it comes to social media and how you as a brand interact online, there is a general etiquette to follow when interacting with customers, and how overall you present your brand on social media.


Be Active and Engaged on Social Media

Practice Good Social Customer Service


Dedicate a specific time each day to check for messages, monitor your page and Create a Post or two.

Keep a Consistent Brand "voice" When posting


Comment On Visitors Posts on Your page, or Posts that you have been tagged in.

Check for Spelling and Grammar before posting


Use Hashtags

Respond on social media in a timely manner. (Some services such as Hootsuite help you monitor your social sites for comments and messages.)

Monitor Your Social Media Analytics


Set reachable Social Media Goals

Check for people tagging you in posts, and ASK if you can share images they post of your services.

Check Out How your Competitors Handle Social


Respond to feedback both negative and positive.


Create a social media Calendar to help you consistently create content.


The more you post and are active on social media, the more people will engage with you.


Publish any achievements on Facebook or social media! Share the good news!!


You can share the posts from other companies if it helps you or directly relates to your audience.

Meet Negativity with Positivity

RESOURCES: Learn more about social media for small businesses https://sproutsocial.com/insights/topi cs/social-media-for-small-business/

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SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE What is Social Customer Service? It’s how you as a brand interact with customers on social media in a customer service capacity. Answering questions, directing them to the right place and handling complaints. 42 Percent of Consumers Complaining in Social Media Expect 60 Minute Response Time Source: Convince & Convert



As a Small Business you need to reply to everything as a means of community building.


Create a series of pre-written replies to make it easier to monitor and reply to consumers. The consumers will want a personal touch when they hear from you so be sure to edit your pre-written scripts as needed.


Always Have The Last Comment - Even if a sender ends the exchange with “Thank you”, send another message saying “You’re welcome!” or “Glad we could help!”.


Personalize Your Conversation - Giving a customer your name (or initials) instantly adds a human touch to the brand. It offers the customer someone to speak to directly should they be interested in continuing the conversation.


Check Comments

Check Messages

Check Message Requests


Check Comments

Check Messages

Check Message Requests

Create Page away messages

Create Page question prompts


Check Comments

Check Messages

Check Re-tweets

Say "Hello [There Name], thanks for reaching out to us" and end it with a "Let us know if you have any other questions, [Your Name]"


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Learn more about the importance of customer service on social media https://sproutsocial.com/insights/soci al-customer-care/


ADVERTISING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media advertising, is one of the fastest ways to reach your audience. And it's Cheap!

WHAT DO I GET FOR $100: For an ad in a local magazine, you may pay $100 for a small 3"x3" spot. With that tiny ad, you may reach customers but you also may not. It’s not a bad way to advertise if you specifically want to reach people in a certain area. With Social Media advertising, you can actually get a guesstimate of how many people your ad will reach, you can see who they click and you can even target who the ads go to. For That same $100 you can: ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Boost a post Promote your Event Promote Your Page Promote Phone Calls Promote Your website Get more Ticket Sales & Much More!!

WHAT TO DO: First: Plan out your marketing schedule and stick to it. No one likes to see ads for a facebook page that actually has no content. Which Ads: I would start by boosting your posts on Facebook and Instagram. Since Facebook owns instagram it makes it a little easier once these accounts are linked. You may also want to consider setting up your audience profiles. Which is much easier to do on a computer than a cellphone. What if you don’t? You will only reach your followers and their friends. If you only have a follower count of 500, it isn’t super effective if you are trying to reach people nationwide.


https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-advertising/ I will never be able to write this better than they can, they are the experts afterall.

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THE TOOLS YOU NEED THE TOOLS YOU NEED Social Media: Planning & Managing Social Media: Content Curation Graphics, Videos & Visuals

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SOCIAL MEDIA: PLANNING & MANAGING Keep track of your posts, plan ahead & discover new posts!

PLANNING: Hootsuite** - Social Media Dashboard Management (Free & Paid) ● ● ● ● ● ●

Free version allows up to 3 social Platforms Schedule up to 30 Posts Per Month Great for social listening (Monitor your mentions, specific hashtags & ect) 1 User Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked in, Google My Business Allows for Social Media Monitoring, Tracking Hashtags, tracking users & More.

Buffer – Social Media Management (Free & Paid) ● ● ● ●

Free version allows up to 3 social Platforms 10 Scheduled posts 1 User Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked in, Google My Business

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MONITORING & MEASURING: Netvibes - social media insights and custom analytics Back Tweets - twitter archive search of tweets that link back to personal sites Ow.ly - shorten and track URL links (Included with Hootsuite) TweepsMap - measure campaign reach on Twitter

OTHER PLANNING TOOLS: ShortStack - building social media contest and marketing campaigns Woobox - online promotions, contests, coupons and more


SOCIAL MEDIA: CONTENT CURATION The idea of posting in one place and not having to post again seems like a fantasy. Instead of running from social site to social site posting, just post in one place and let these do the rest!

POSTING ON MULTIPLE SOCIALS: Hootsuite** - Social Media Dashboard Management (Free & Paid) Buffer – Social Media Management (Free & Paid)

AUTOMATED SITE CONTENT CURATION: This resources automatically take what you post on your site, blog, ect and shares it as a post to social media. Dlvr.it - Automatically takes posts from your Instagram / blog and posts them to your social sites Starter social media automation toolkit. For individuals and beginners. ● ● ● ●

AUTOMATED SOCIAL CONTENT CURATION: Zapier - Hidden Gem, Zapier is an app automation program. Developers often use this to automatically integrate project management apps and websites. (ie, Emails sent to you automatically are added to a google spreadsheet) I like to use it for social media. FREE VERSION ● ●

5 Zaps (connections) 100 zap tasks per month (how many times the zaps can be used in a month)

Social Media Posting Made Easy: Create Zaps to Post once and that post is automatically distributed across your social channels.

2 Social Media platforms 3 automatic daily posts per social 3 sites / feeds to pull from 15 queued posts / social

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GRAPHICS, VIDEOS & VISUALS Don’t have the budget to buy the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Or you just need something simple to use? Try these! (You can also call me if you need help, but I understand wanting to create it yourself. You won’t hurt my feelings.)

MUST HAVE APPS: Your best graphic designer is right in your pocket! Photo Editing: befunky – photo editor, collage maker and design studio Videos: Inshot - Video Editor iPhone | Android

VIDEO EDITING: Programs to help you edit Videos: Davinci Resolve - Super Awesome Program to edit Video for free PROMO - Online Promotional Marketing Video Maker Shakr - Online Marketing Video Maker

FREE STOCK PHOTOS: Pexels - Great For almost all uses Unsplash - Lifestyle Photos PixaBay - For Everything Else

CREATE FLYERS, SOCIAL GRAPHICS, AND MORE: Need a quick Flyer or Images to Post on Social Media? (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MAGAZINE) Canva - Online Designer for Flyers and Sell Sheets (Free & Paid)


Crello - Online Image Editor

Programs to help you edit photos BeFunky - Free Online Photo Editing Tool

PowerPoint - Did You Know: You can change the size of Powerpoint slides to be anything you want and you can use it to easily create sell Sheets!

Pixlr - Free Online Photo Editing Tool (Powerpoint is also great for ebooks, like this one!) GIMP - Free Downloadable Editing Software

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MORE MARKETING MORE MARKETING Free Advertising Ideas A Note About Marketing

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FREE ADVERTISING IDEAS: Looking for some quick ideas on where to advertise your brand for free? Check this list out!




Join Local Facebook Groups or Interest Facebook Groups that relate to your business.


Partner with a Local Businesses to host events or collaborative promotions


Comment on Social Media Posts of Businesses in your Area


DONATE your services as a package to local charities to use in fundraisers.


Start a Youtube Channel and Post Regular Videos


Reach out to Local newspapers with press releases and opportunities to advertise


Share for Share campaigns with Local businesses. Share their posts if they share your posts on a specific day to help collaborate and share audiences.


Create a Referral Program for Loyal/Returning customers to Promote you for an incentive


Come up with Regular Events and Publish them on Eventful or EventBrite Publish a Free eBook to Guide on Amazon Write as a guest blogger on a industry related blog Publish a deal on Groupon

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A NOTE ABOUT MARKETING: One old thought of marketing is that it isn't TRACKABLE. That you can spend a bunch of money to advertise but you won't know where the customers are coming from, but you spent a bunch of money, the ROI is there, it must have worked. We don't know how they found us, but it worked!

With the proper tools in place, and knowing how to use them, you can actually track your audience! It's quite magnificent. You can see where the audience clicks, the pages they view and how they see your website, and a general demographics!

A simple google search on topics you are looking for information on can lead you to a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking for a more customized SEO & Website Audit, A way to use these tools to benefit your company, or just a quick plan of action for a specific social media network, reach out to me for a quote! www.ParisiCreative.com Laura@ParisiCreative.com

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All-In-One: Digital Marketing Guide  

A eBook resource guide full of tools and resources to use to help you with digital marketing across social media and other digital platforms...

All-In-One: Digital Marketing Guide  

A eBook resource guide full of tools and resources to use to help you with digital marketing across social media and other digital platforms...