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Abbas Mustafa It was 4th month of my job, a case came to me of a fake reason, I did an intervening call to customer on request of CS agent, it was a lady who was just ready to cry, She requested to look into that case personally, the story behind the shipment was that it was a bridal dress worth 1.5 lakhs, in a 3 kg box which was lingering in between KHI and GHK at first and then after much struggle, It was attempted on DHA street sunset lane 5 address but returned on a fake reason of CLOSED on ARRIVAL, as per consignee it was a house address and it is impossible as lighting is being done on the house as it was customer’s daughter wedding. She started crying that it was booked 2 days ago from ISB and still it is undelivered. After the call I called Mr. Bilal in (Incoming/Pending KHI) as well as with Abdullah and Arsalan (DB Department), for tracing out this shipment, as well as Ali Arain (Response Desk, He was in In Pending at that time), I left my seat after talking to Mr. Sameed Ezazi and discussed the whole scenario. After thinking, he approved my request for going in

the operations on most urgent basis. After 15 minutes, Ali Called me and updated that shipment is traced from General Operations, Courier of second time already left and it was nearly 5PM, as per customer’s conversation deadline was of 8 PM, I asked Chief Courier Shuja for recommending anyone to take it with him, he asked a Courier Faisal to take this responsibility, as marriage of the consignee’s daughter was on the same date, It was to be reattempted today. After much requests as well as coordinating with Adeel (RD KHI) courier took the shipment with him, I took courier’s number and asked him to confirm its delivery at max by 7:30 today, he ensured and left the building. I made a call to Customer and updated the whole scenario, she was very happy. I kept a follow-up from courier for ensuring its delivery. After delivery, courier provided DD via SMS to me. At nearby 1, Customer called our helpline and provided her blessings to me as well as appreciation on call received by Tajammul Hussain. He then forwarded an appreciation email to me regarding my extra miles.

Fasiha Afreen As a Service Ambassador, the customer satisfaction is always our 1st priority, just keeping that in mind there once a customer who was requesting and was literally begging for the shipment. The shipment was actually shipping from UK to ISB and has an IPHONE in it and the customer was in desperate need as because

he has a flight same day. That customer was a front line manager and requesting on the behalf of his head (SSP) who already gave him the ultimatum that if he won’t be arranging the shipment before the time than he will be terminated. Anyhow it was our duty to provide him beyond his expectations. As he already knew that it was a quick reminder that couldn't be arrange same day. Nevertheless, I went to the INTL care team and discussed the whole scenario and approached them to arrange the shipment as quick as we can. On the other hand when we came to know the shipment has been forwarded to ISB and handed over to the person who recently gone for the Annual leaves. Here it creates a big hassle for us but after a great struggle we took his personal number and communicated him directly and that was luckily the successful communication we had with that concern person and he finally arranged and operated the shipment on the route. Moreover, we were also in

coordination with the customer time to time and keeping him in loop that has at least kept him satisfied for the meantime. At the end, we successfully made the delivery possible on time and the customer was simply blown away for making such an effort for him and highly appreciated the coordination was made with him and praised TCS with the good words. Such thing doesn't only satisfy the customer but it also makes us happy to help.

Usman Yousafi As a Service Ambassador, it is our duty to give our 100% to the customer. The incident that I am sharing is from the Valentine Day last year. A customer called me and asked me to deliver the shipment before 4 pm. As service availed was overnight so I didn’t commit her that it will be delivered before 4 pm but I said to her that we will try our best to deliver it before 4 pm. On the same call she asked me that, “Does TCS deliver the shipment to anybody on the address or to the specific person?” I guided her that shipments are delivered on the given address and not to a specific person. Then she got a little

worried and I could feel that on call because she has sent Bouquet and cake for his friend and she wanted to keep this hidden from his friend’s family, for obvious reasons. She started shouting at me on call and was forcing me to call the customer and ask him to deliver it only to the specific person and not to anyone else but I keep telling her that it was not possible as per our SOP’s. After 7 minutes of argument, she told me that if that shipment is received by someone else at the given address then his friend would be in big trouble because nobody knew about their friendship at his home. She then asked me to stop the shipment right away because she didn’t want to put her in trouble. AGAIN, I informed her about our SOP’s that if she wants to stop the shipment the she must send us the requirements to stop the shipment. She forced me to stay on call while she sent requirements via e-mail. While I was launching her request I repeatedly told her that I will try to stop this shipment but it will be very difficult for us to stop it because shipment was already on route but she insisted me to launch the request. I launched the request and asked him to wait. She came back after 7 pm and as I was on my shift and she knew my name, she transferred her call to me and she was literally shouting at me and after a while she started crying and she kept telling me that because of TCS his friend would be in big trouble and that he is neither replying nor attending her call and she was so worried. I tried to give

her sympathy it took me more than 10 minutes to apologize and wrap up her call. This was the one of the experience that I can never forget and the one that I enjoyed a lot at the same time.

Abdul Basit Once an annoyed, booking customer called and asked for urgent delivery at 1am, I tried my best to get it delivered before 5am in the morning by sending email to operations and shipment was delivered at around 4am. But customer never called back to thank.


Muntaha Aziz Uddin I never thought CS could be this amazing when I started off. It's about a year now, every day, every call brings you one amazing experience. First, I would like to share the unique experience I had with one amazing customer. He was looking for fastest possible delivery of chocolates and gifts filled with love for her beloved fiancĂŠ. But, at the time of placing an order, we both realized that the recipient's name sounds like if the gifts are being sent to his male friend. All of a sudden, the customer started laughing, I was curious to know if he is laughing at any mistake that I made unintentionally. Upon asking, Mr. Rodney, the customer; told me that I am sending it to my fiancĂŠ and it's for female, but due to family issues, I have to use her brother's details, which is quite awkward as you must be thinking that I, being a male sending a gift for my male friend but I am not what you have thought of me. That was quite awkward but a unique experience because we kept laughing after that dialogue until his orders were successfully placed.

It’s a wow experience I am about to share. There was one customer who came on chats very annoyed and disappointed due to his bad experience with He kept typing bad stuff about the company and was not ready to accept apologies. Then I offered him TCS Hazir Procurement Service and took a day time to find the product from the open market and same day delivery arrangements. Hearing to this made him so calm that we wrote a wow for me. Even he stopped me from purchasing it and commended that your commitment to find it from the open market was more than enough to minimize my anger. That was all. This is one proud experience that I have earned. The customer belonged to Australia and required delivery in Mirpur AK, and the arrangements and demands he had seemed impossible initially as he was asking for a customized basket full of mix roses and center filled with chocolates. After acquiring a consent from the Gujranwala team, we made arrangements even shared the pictures of what we had delivered in Mirpur AK. This whole process was done before 1:30 pm as requested by customer. The team helped me a lot and we earned this WOW.

Wajiha Kamal It has been an amazing journey here up till now. I have seen our department progressing a lot in reference to career path. It keeps me excited that we do not have same task to do every day and it keeps changing for us that makes us learn new things. I wish to grow more with TCS InshAllah đ&#x;˜Š

M. Gulraiz Khan 2017 was better in CS as 2 offs a week were introduced. Felt more empowered and valued.

Ahsan Yousufi Black Friday was the most memorable experience of my time at TCS I tried to give it my best to make the customer happy and it has proven to be a great learning experience.

M. Talal Recognition, Praise, appreciation, RING !!!!!!!! Me: Assalam O Alaikum TCS se Talal Baat karha ho Farmaye Kiya help Karsakta hoon? Customer: Sir bus aap he meri help karskte he, me apke Peco road office pe hoon mene self-collection ki request ki thi 4 baje but abi tak mjhe call nahe aye or apke office me shipment bhi nahi. Me: Sir mjhe Tracking number btaye me check karleta hoon apki shipment kis office me he . Customer: ye ticket number he 1900000 Me: Thek he sir mere sath line pe moujood rahegae me check karleta hoon. Me: Sir bilkul apne iski request ki thi selfcollection ki liye jo ke under processing he . Please wait Karen apko call ki jaige concern department se. Customer: oh bhai meri flight he me apna samaan car me rakh kar laya ho sirf shipment pick karke airport jaoge mjhe ni pata mjhe abhi shipment chaiyeee. Me: Thek he sir hold farmana pasand karenge me backend se check karwaleta hoon *Customer on hold* *I called Lahore Peco Office*

Fatima Ahmed At TCS, I have found diversity and a very welcoming workforce. Standing true to its reputation as being the number one Logistics Company in Pakistan, I found the people extremely hardworking and within my tenure of one and a half years, I have evolved as a professional and as a human. I RING!!!!! have learnt patience, acceptance Me: Assalam O Alaikum TCS call and lightheartedness. center se Talal Baat karaha ho ek Here, I have found celebration, shipment baray me confirm karna friendliness and helpfulness. hai. him. Lahore Peco Office : Kia ticket He said: �OK�, I agree, but I number he? cannot come , I hardly can Me: 1900000, Please isko check walk, so I told him about Karen operations se and selfcomplete requirements if he collection ke liye arrange karwae. is sending another person for Customer Peco road ke office pe he HFC collection. or uski flight he. He clearly admired me on Lahore Peco Road : Sir customer ko call, that Mam, you are the kahe apse half hour me contact kiya only one who guided me jaega clearly about the shipment *Customer Unhold* and its way to get it today. Me : Taweel hold ke liye maazrat , And thanked me with Sir mene confirm kiya he apko happiness. We've all been in within half hour contact kiya jaega such situation before. for self-collection Put yourself in the shoes Customer : Shukria bhai jaldi of the customer when you karwado. take their case. Your Me: Thank you for calling TCS Allah empathy and honestly will Hafiz. show and they'll certainly appreciate it.

Iqra Javed Alright so working in TCS has been a very good experience. I did my internship here but then I applied after my graduation and luckily got inducted. The best thing about TCS is its friendly culture. Everyone is so cooperative here Ma shaa Allah. I was inducted as a service ambassador initially and very soon my skills were appreciated and I became Team leader contact center within a year. As it's my first job, I would have to say I have learned a lot here. My managers, colleagues, and trainers everyone is so cooperative here. The open door policy exhibits transparency in organization and I really appreciate that. Moreover, the best thing that has recently been announced is the 6-month promotion cycle. Indeed it is a very good effort by TCS. Hope to see this organization rising and shining in future. Amen.

Shariq Perveiz So far my experience with TCS is splendid. As being part of CS team we have to work round the clock and at office during major occasions such as Eid and Bakra Eid which makes colleagues as family.

Muhammad Ali 1.A customer called me today and said k I booked three parcel through TCD service and booking staff had told me that even if it is one minute late you will get refund. Customer told me that he prayed the whole night that these deliveries should be late and he can get refund amount. And luckily his all deliveries were late and he was so happy to hear that. He started asking me how much amount will be refunded? I said: “Sir only partial amount you’ll get it He said; “okay fine hy me apny friends ko party dunga ap amount btaden me sab ko bula kar dawat karta hu NAZ biryani MANGWA KAR. That was the funnies call I received. 2. One pathan caller called me and said; “Sir me ny shipment DIRECTORTE ISB bhjwaya tha ap ny umrah ki shop per bhej diye. I just checked his tracking no it was mentioned the ISB Address and delivered status mentioned with one name.

I wondered how this happened. I asked him how he would know that it is delivered to umrah shop. He told me “sir umrah waly k msg arrahy hain” I asked what message he is getting. He told me: “Perform umrah, Then I understood and I explained to him that it is just a promotional message. That call made me laugh for several minutes. .

Rabia Riaz

502417419- Customer requested to Stop the shipment & Change its Destination after departure. Whereas, as per Int'l services we cannot stop any shipment after its departure from origin and we never guarantee any customer upon this request & the second thing was that they want to change

entire destination country for this shipment. I take up the matter with destination Dubai Hub & origin OPS. Shipment was successfully stopped at UAE Hub and forwarded to the destination as requested.

Mahrukh Faizan Working in customer service is not an easy job as we have to deal with all kinds of tantrums of the customer. Our major task is to make customer happy and satisfied by all possible ways which means delivering beyond expectation. When handling customer and after providing them with resolution we believe that particular task has been done and forgotten but then suddenly an email pops up and it laden with appreciation , it brings huge smile and satisfaction on our face . I would like to share my customer experience, it was just normal query of consignment number 30071411657 send by AGA KHAN for fake status as delivery address was company address and it could not be closed on working day, after taking initiative and proper follow up till delivery. This below email made my day.

“Dear Mahrukh, I am Dr Farah. I spoke to you multiple times today regarding my documents that I sent to GSK. My tracking number was 30071411657. I am writing to thank you for your help. You were very Cooperative and helpful. Thanks a lot. We are very prompt at lodging complains but I feel we appreciate others very less. So I will thank you for being a kind person and being good at your job! Keep it up! Dr Farah Naz.

Saira Vatcha The year 2017 has been a challenging and an exciting year! Team has taken a leap to settle claim cases in 15 days, and the e-channel team will reply to emails prior to 6:00pm within 4 hours. For 2018, we are going ahead full throttle to derail whatever challenges that come in our way!

Fawad Lari

Maaz Ali Baig It’s been a good long 20 months until now. I found it great working in such prolific ambiance under such supportive team that honed my skills. Being in CS is a good experience because of dealing with different kind of people on a daily basis that taught me empathy in a greater way.

My experience in CS has been tremendous throughout the tenure as I have been provided with all the growing opportunities and empowerment, apart from that, the support in having learning in few domains pertaining to CS has further added a lot of value in to it.

Ali Ahmed Khan Being as a good SERVICE AMBASSADOR this is our duty to create an atmosphere for our customer where they can build their trust and should have to provide them the happiness that they deserve. This is the important factor that I always keep in my mind at the time of delivering my services to our valued customers. I had a great experience, when someday I received a call of a customer during the last week of Ramadan who actually came across to Pakistan for some official purpose and was about to leave in few days for Eid celebrations with his wife there who actually lived in UAE. But due to some circumstances he couldn’t go back so he asked for a favor to deliver some gifts for his wife before Eid which is totally impossible as because the EID holidays were about to be started at the both ends. At the first, I apologized him for the time commitment but after having a long sentimental conversation I decided to make it possible by the entire mean. I took all the personal references and approached all of them to make it possible.

We were in continuous coordination with the UAE team as well and requested them to deliver the shipment same day once the shipment reached there. Finally after making every effort the shipment reached there and had been forwarded to the customer home address but the best part of everything and for which the customer was actually expressing gratitude and relief towards, was the bouquet and the apology card surprisingly sent by the TCS on the behalf of customer to his wife as an act of courtesy and this is how I create an intense relation with the customer which keeps a relation last forever.

Fakiha Majeed Ek dafa ka zikarr hai ke ek customer hamary contact center main helpline pe aya 111-123-456 jo k na he consignee tha or na he shipper or us insan ka is shipment se koi taluq bhi nahe tha.. barish ki waja se un dino delivery effected the or us shipment main customer k mutabiq living plants the jo ky fragile item tha as per the policy hum usko carry nahe karte hen lekin kyun k booking ho chuki the to humain delivery

krna zaroori tha or woh shipment Karachi se lahore k liye book hue the or Lahore se move tak nahe hue the lekin customer humare contact center per call kr raha tha har 5minuteke baad jaldi‌delivery k liye hum ne akhiri had tak koshish ki ushe deliver karwane ki par wo shipment us din deliver nahe ho saki or customer gussa hogya or yeh wohe customer hai jis ka taluq na k shipper se hai or na consignee se.. bil akhir woh customer gussa hogya or batmeezi karne laga helpline agents k sath us customer ne takreban har mard aur khatoon agent k sath nazeba alfaz istamal kiye. Jab ke us customer ki mujhse bat hue shipment Karachi puhancho chuke the or humare headoffice main he the hum ne koshish kr k us shipment ko subha jaldi deliver karwa diya . Jab delivery hue to hum ne apne

policy k mutabiq us complainant ko call ki batane k liye k apki shipment deliver ho chuki hai us customer ne humain thanks kaha and mazrat bhi ki. Delivery hone k theek ek ghunte baad consignee ki call aye jis ko shipment deliver hue the us k mutabiq us k plant mukamal taur par damage ho chuke the or istamal k qabil nahe the humare agent ne us ko policy k mutabiq kaha hum kisi bhi kisam ka fragile item nahe book karte. Phir customer ne kaha k booking karte nahe hain to kiya kyun book apkey booking staff ne to customer ki is bat par hum ne complain launch kar di or phir us complain par kam kiya gaya to pata laga k jo banda pehle call kr k nazeba alfaz istamal kar raha tha wo humara booking staff he tha aur apni galti ko sudharne k liye yeh sab kar raha tha. Till the end hum ny apne staff ko mad e Nazar rakhty hue compensate kiya or refund arrange karwaya or us booking ki bhi counseling arrange ki. .

Kahen na kahen usny hmari company or hum apni company k shakhs ko shelter kia.. jahan insan hoty hain wahan human error zaror hoty hain but us galti ko sudharna he hamara kam hai

Mobina Faisal I started with the Usual line; "Assalam-O-Alaikum this is Mobina from TCS how may I help you? And to my surprise, Customer replied: "Kiya aj ap urdu may baat karsakti hain? Mera English bolnay wala button off hai." Being an obedient Customer Service Agent representing TCS took the call in "Khaalis Urdu" :D. The customer upon ending got too happy and appreciated me all the way.

Zainab Asif The journey has been with little bumps on the road but it was worth travelling with the Team.

Muzammil Hussain It was before one year, a customer came on call that was previously called by a person from LHE MMS regarding banking shipment. His query was that he wanted to arrange Self collection of ATM card as his mother was travelling, for whom the shipment was booked. Arranging a banking shipment for Self collection is like moving the mountain: D But anyhow I understood the pain of a son trying to be the superhero for his mom and took matters in my hands by contacting different people of operations who could just listen to my request and take me as a sane person ;-) I called in banking OPS, the shipment was luckily still with TCS and I instructed them to send it to MUX again for HFC. They followed my instructions and forwarded it to MUX. When it arrived back to MUX the lady was also travelling from LHE to MUX and the request was fulfilled. *Happy Customers*

Yusra Ajmal Like every other day, it was one regular day when I was occupied with the same routine work and an agent from Contact Center rushed towards me with a follow up on the ticket just logged. It was a call from a very angry mother saying that it was last date of admission and her son would miss out the opportunity as the university is claiming they haven’t received any forms under his name. The lady was harsh and aggressive and was not willing to listen to anyone. With great difficulty, I promised her that we would find it and we will not let her down. It was almost an hour or so left for university to get close and with the help of my Operations team we started verification and contacted courier to get the matter resolved on war footing basis also arrange special call from University end to the customer as soon as they receive the shipment. After constant follow up and with great effort of our team we finally succeeded in retrieving the shipment and getting it delivered to the correct address within the timeline was surely a sign of relief for me.

I hurriedly called the customer and gave her the good news. Upon hearing she told me she just received a call from university and she has no words to express her gratitude. She was so emotional and with heavy tone, she started praising me and said ‘thank you beta’. Her words touched my heart. I had same feeling as if something done special for my own mother. It was a very special day to be remembered! At that very moment I realized that willing to step outside one’s comfort zone once in a while is all it takes to be happy and spread the happiness around you. My comfort zone is like a little bubble around me, and I've pushed it in different directions and made it bigger and bigger until these objectives that seemed totally crazy eventually fall within the realm of the possible and changed my services to a whole new level of wow.

Iraj Khalid One day there was a complaint of wrong delivery; client disclosed to me that the credit card which was wrongly delivered by us was having a place with his supervisor. Because of wrong delivery his job was in threat. I arranged re-collection of that shipment within 24hrs and rightly delivered on his official address. He was so cheerful by quick action taken by TCS.

Farwa Liaquat Customer had a flight and the call center agent came running for Follow-up / immediate resolution around 6pm when it was already time for leaving. Follow-up call was made to the customer with a promise that the best efforts will be made to resolve the query as early as possible. We further contacted Mr. Jadoon and courier. Shipment was successfully delivered to the customer in 40 minutes. Customer had appreciated the efforts made by the team.

Muhammad Channah

Kanwal Salauddin

Muhammad Tayyab

I have been a part of CS since march 2016 and it has been a roller coaster of a ride and like all rides its had its ups and downs but the Ups have been plenty full and with the guidance of our manager,team leads and fellow ambassadors life has been both challenging and fun at CS and in these two years I have been given an added responsibility as coordinator which I am immensely proud of To share a WOW story I think which really helped me grow as to what the role of a service ambassador was during my time on chats when I helped arrange a perfume and chocolates for a customer for his spouse at 1 am and he was so happy that he had asked me to send our team leads or managers email so he could personally send an email in regards to how well he felt served by our chat service this event was what really kick started what I have come to realize as my growth period.

It is a story of brother who was not aware of the address (newly shifted) of her sister and booked the shipment (without address) in order to surprise her. Fortunately, I got the chance to serve him and he requested me to call her sister and asked her address, I told him, “Sir, I am on inbound calls and it is out of SOP too but I will be glad if I will become the part of this surprise, umm let’s see what I can do for you!� He thanked me and hanged up. Later, I discussed this with my Yayvo colleague to call the lady and take the address and then call the customer and transfer that call to me. She did the same and I told the customer that this is the address, kindly send this address to our email id with the requirements so that we can easily update the address. Customer thanked me and said that you save the day!, And I thought you made my day

I have enjoyed working for this organization and I appreciate having this wonderful opportunity to work with Hazir/Yayvo. During the last year, all team leaders and managers have provided me support and through encouragement and guidance from them, I have been able to excel at all tasks offered to me. I do wish Hazir and YAYVO every success in all its future end.

Muhammad Saleem 2017 was a very promising year, as good as they come, memorizing stuff came to us. TCS joined hands with International Giant UPS and apparently, International Customer Care went to great changes with regards to the work being performed here. Whole team gained a chance to coordinate worldwide, different countries, different people. We had great opportunities to learn what is said to be most advanced technology in the courier industry.

Yasir Hussain Last year Mr. Javed from Pharm EVO approached me and said, “We are going to dispatch calendars for various locations throughout Pakistan. We want 100 percent deliveries across the network.” To ensure 100 percent deliveries we designed an activity and thanks to my colleague, operations and sales team we successfully delivered all consignments without any discrepancy. At the end of the activity Mr. Javed contacted us and appreciated for our effort and dedication. He said, “I asked my management not to stop business with TCS and you guys proved me right. “

Sadaf Rubab So far it has been a great work experience at TCS ,before joining I just knew that TCS is a courier company but after joining I came to know how TCS is involved in our lives.

During our training days as SA, one of our trainer Gerald Sir use to say always try to serve beyond customer expectations, customer ko na nh bolna. That thought ingrained in my mind, it was always about serving customers and making their experience with TCS worthwhile. Customer service is one of the challenging jobs, but the healthy atmosphere and constant encouragements from my manager, supervisors, TL and seniors has always made it easy for me to try new levels and never to get demotivated. My first wow was in the second or third month of my joining when after 5:00 p.m. I got a call from Mrs. Rasheed of Gujarat to get medicine from Islamabad, our service Hazir sub kuch at that time was only available in KLIR,i did not think of denying her I asked from Ahmed mujtaba can we do it he said let me ask from OPs and viola!!We did deliver, an other call from

Mr. Omer Ahmed when his yayvo order of pre booking Samsung S8 was not delivered and got canceled, he was beyond furious, after listening and empathizing with him for more then 15 minutes at the end of call he took a deep sigh and said were do we have to grade this conversation because I wanted to grade it 10/10( I wish I knew at that time) . A lady in Lahore was to travel Islamabad and wanted her parrots to be carried by TCS, we do not cater this category but i searched other services who do, she was so much happy. Some of my worth remembering services were to A husband from Multan wanted same day delivery of cake and bouquet to his wife in Peshawar, and Rehan in Rawalpindi wanted to know any update on his several mobile phones which he sent for warranty claim. The list goes on, for me it has always been trying new limits and owning customer's issues and providing the best solutions possible.

Khizra Gohar Mubin Ringgg!!!! “Assalam o aliekum TCS this is Khizra, how may I help you” I HAPPILY started with the monotonous greeting But the customer make the hell out if it FURIOUSLY REPLYING ‘WHERE IS MY SHIPMENT” “Sir, it’s on route we will try our best to deliver your shipment a.s.a.p.” I replied confidently... The customer then added “Maam aap ko nae pta washing machine arahi hy agar aaj timely deliver nae hoi tou is machine me hi meri begum mjhe dho de gi, bht bura wala phdda hojana h aaj , maam aap plz kuch krein :/” I was like ‘Okay’ indeed a very serious matter, I thought: p I asked the customer to just hold for a second and then hurriedly went to the care team and asked for his instant delivery , the care team contact the courier asked the couriers to deliver this shipment on most urgent basis … And as per our commitment the shipment was timely delivered … Thank God!! Bch giaaa bechara :p

Syed Faizan Hussain It was a good experience for me . Really like teamwork & friendly environment at floor. The best thing is celebrating birthday's & different occasions. Alhumdullilah things are getting much better day by day .

Ramiz Raja Dear Concerns hope you are fine and healthy. Well there many good experiences in TCS journey, life in TCS is becomes a dream comes true. There are lots of good stories to tell but I want to share one of my experiences when I first entered in this company. I was called for an interview assessment after qualifying my Service Ambassador Test and the instructions was to inter from gate no # 1. But I mistakenly entered from gate no# 3 which passes through the back bone of this company named the operations area.

When I entered I first saw the 50 feeter OLE truck weight lifter machines, Sentiments vehicles , TCS vans, huge pole and over the night shipments under one umbrella of TCS, I never visited before in my life and I suddenly shocked realized that how big company it is and a huge operation facility where I am standing. Then later that day I interviewed by (HOD CS) Mr. Kashif Sheerazi and shared my feelings what I experienced earlier and Mr. Kashif sudden said; “Wow!” And was very happy to listen my story, It was my first day and I was feeling very blessed and proud to be part of such a huge company and looking forward to add more in diary.

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