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Panic Attacks While Driving - How to Stop Anxious Thoughts? By Paris Lee

You might be prone to panic attacks and you are getting paranoid that you may experience panic attacks while driving. This type of thought is actually both good and bad. The negative side of it is that you are simply paranoid over the symptoms of attacks that may never even occur. The good side of it is that you are already anticipating the circumstance; hence, you can prepare for it and find ways to overcome it if this is ever going to take place. Focus on the Good Side Rather than letting these negative thoughts on panic attacks while driving ruin your life, you should focus on the good side. This can allow you to be prepared, so that you will know what to do in the future. If ever you may be faced with this horrible situation, the most vital point that you must bear in mind is to loosen up and stop thinking about things which will make you feel even more anxious. This can really be dangerous, particularly if you are in the middle of a busy highway. The following are steps to discontinue anxious thoughts when panic attacks while driving hit you unexpectedly. 1. You have to be positive that you won't lose focus. Try to loosen up your muscles, starting with your face. Make sure that your forehead, eyes and jaws are relaxed. This can release the tension on these areas. As you do this step, reassure yourself that everything is going to be fine. If you must speak out loud so you can keep your focus, just go ahead and talk to yourself. This vital step is going to enable you to remain alert throughout the attack until you have overcome it. 2. As soon as you reach traffic signals and your vehicle is allowed to stop, you can do basic exercises that can enable you to soothe your nerves. You can roll your head a bit in each directions and then do the same for your shoulders. Try to bend your shoulder blades backwards and hold the position for a while. While doing this, make sure you are constantly breathing in and out in order to loosen up even more. 3. Now you should put both your hands firmly on the wheel and squeeze it tightly. After some counts, you may let go and relax. Repeat this action for two to three times. Apart from that, you should also try to squeeze the bottom of your hand and loosen up after a few counts. All these exercises will enable you to calm your nerves. These will help you to focus on what you should do in this instance. Through this, you will not have much time to think of anxious thoughts. Practicing these steps before facing actual panic attacks while driving will prepare you to act quickly as soon as it occurs.

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Panic Attacks While Driving - How to Stop Anxious Thoughts?