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Causes of Panic Attacks - Understanding Panic Attacks And Post Traumatic Disorder By Paris Lee

Panic attacks can be alarming, especially when the possible reactions of the affected person are taken into consideration. It can range from a simple flight reaction, for example, staying away from the cause of the attack to severe reactions where a person inflicts pain on himself or to the people surrounding him. Thus, it is important to understand the different causes of panic attacks and how it can be addressed in order to prevent adverse effects on the person suffering from the condition. Often, identifying the cause and properly addressing it is the only way to solve the problem. Some doctors recommend the use of anti-anxiety medications in order to prevent the aggravation of the condition when a panic attack is triggered. However, medications can only do so much. Medicines and drugs are only prescribed to avoid the worsening of the situation and in order to prevent a person from inflicting pain on himself or to other people. In the end, there is no medication in existence that can ultimately cure anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Getting to the bottom of the situation and identifying the causes of panic attacks is the only cure. Some doctors link the existence of panic attacks to post traumatic disorder. Post traumatic disorder pertains to a condition where a person is exposed to a very traumatic situation, for instance, a vehicular accident or any life threatening situation. After the incident, the person seems normal, but any situation or condition that would remind him or her of the traumatic condition causes the person to feel a certain level of anxiousness and can sometimes trigger panic attacks. When this happens, the person sees himself back in the traumatic condition that he has experienced and his succeeding movements will be dictated by the fact that he feels he is being threatened and there is a need to protect himself at all costs. During panic attacks, the person is not in his right state of mind. He may not see things in the real sense of it and this may also be a possible cause of schizophrenia. Thus, it is really important to try to address any possible causes of panic attacks as soon as possible. It is also important to be able to observe any person who has suffered a traumatic situation to check if there are any signs that the person is suffering from post traumatic disorder. That way, we can proactively address the issue and do our best to help the person cope up with what happened. There are other causes of panic attacks, but post traumatic disorder is the most common trigger. If we have a relative or a friend who is suffering from post traumatic disorder, it is important to make that person feel that he is safe. Regular counseling sessions would also help in making the person understand and accept any loss brought about by the traumatic disorder. In time, what's important is for the person to learn how to react to awkward situations without feeling anxious. Once the person is cured from post traumatic disorder, it is highly likely that panic attacks will disappear as well. Have you identified the causes of panic attacks and want to stop stress and panic attacks fast, using a natural and effective technique? Find out more by watching the video at:

Causes of Panic Attacks - Understanding Panic Attacks And Post Traumatic Disorder  

Post traumatic disorders are one of the most common causes of panic attacks. If we have a relative or a friend who is suffering from post tr...