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Anxiety/Panic Attack Symptom - Is It Possible To Stop Your Fear of Flying? By Paris Lee

Fear of flying is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, 40% of fliers experience some form of fear and anxiety while flying. Having to experience that excessive fear over the thought of not having your feet flat on solid ground, looking at the clouds just beyond the glass window of a plane, or feeling the wind high above the atmosphere in a helicopter is not very pleasant for people with fear of flying. This unreasonable fear can turn to an anxiety/panic attack. It is certainly an unpleasant experience but certainly not dangerous. It can cause multiple symptoms and an unpleasant trip for the rest of the passengers if on board a passenger plane. An anxiety/panic attack symptom that almost always presents itself is the rapid deep breathing. This can cause hyperventilation, which is the excessive concentration of oxygen and low carbon dioxide in the blood. Hyperventilation is the main culprit for some of the symptoms associated with anxiety/panic attacks and an effective way to prevent this is through paper bag breathing. Another anxiety/panic attack symptom is the tightness of throat and/or chest. Remember to breathe normally and relax. Get your mind off flying if you can by distracting yourself. Tell yourself that panicking is pointless, so you don't have to do it. If you are already panicking, tell yourself that it's only unpleasant and not life threatening. You should also remind yourself that you can overcome it if you want to. It's just a matter of want. Remember, mind over matter, and your mind is taking over you with its crappy way of thinking and you should take back control. You can do it because you're the boss. Feeling of impending doom is also a classic anxiety/panic attack symptom. Anticipating the worst is often coupled with trouble concentrating. Who would be able to concentrate when you're thinking of death upon you, right? The affected person is usually tensed and jumpy—unable to stay put and stick to a single activity. Sometimes it is also accompanied by feelings that your mind has gone blank. Physical symptoms of attacks may also present themselves from time to time. Pounding heart is a common anxiety/panic attack symptom that terrorizes its victims. Other symptoms include headache, abdominal problems, muscle tension, sweating, tremors, and insomnia. If you want to rid yourself of such unreasonable fear and live a fear-of-flight-free life, then you should get help. It's only practical that you start with the cheapest, easiest, and least-invasive treatment you can get. Programs that offer all-natural treatments are available on the internet. To set as example, Panic Away is a program that tells of a way to break the cycle of anxiety/panic attacks. If you think about having a panic attack, you get stressed and anxious. If you get anxious, it can develop into a full-blown anxiety/panic attack. And the cycle goes on. It is based on an advanced cognitive technique that was born from traditional psychology. These programs are very helpful if you have a tight budget as they eliminate the need for expensive frequent sessions to a psychiatrist. If you really want to eliminate your fear of flying and attacks, programs such as Panic Away will do you much good.

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Anxiety Panic Attack Symptom - Is It Possible To Stop Your Fear of Flying