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North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion

Starting from explanation the Concept which is -Art as a shelter -the light -reflection the nature with using the metal skin

North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion Continue with illustrating the function of the pavilion which is : -outdoor classroom and component of the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Sculpture Park

Next step : Presenting the structure and materials Structure -The structure is wrapped in varying widths of horizontal, perforated metal bands, which offer experiences that change with the seasons, the light, and the vantage point of the viewer The pavilion’s metallic “skin� reflects its natural surroundings by taking on the colors of the grass and sky or, at times, completely disappearing into a moire (a type of silk with a pattern that looks like waves)pattern of light and shadow. Material - metal, both steel and aluminum, for three primary reasons. Structurally, steel allows the building to resist lateral forces through the use of moment connections, thus avoiding cross bracing and keeping the interior space as visually open as possible, Secondly, the perforated metallic skin, reflective, opaque and transparent, allows breezes to flow through the space while creating a composition of changing light and shadow. Finally, metal is a recycled content material and could one day be recycled and reused.

North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion

North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion

Developing the plan

North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion -The foundation must be temporary, but its not ! So I provide some example of temporary construction and details.

North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion


Architects: Tonic Design Location: North Carolina, United States Builder: Tonic Construction Photographs: Jim West References :

Story Board-North Carolina Museum of Art Pavilion