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Ivey-sol® Ex-situ Soil Treatment SER® (Surfactant Enhanced Remediation) Phase Transfer Treatment Unit

Capacity: Duration: Rate: Advantages:

Range from 3 m3 to 30 m3 treatment units 2 to 4 hours (cycle duration) 1 to 3 cycles per day. On-site treatment option, no off-site transport, easier permitting, lower liability, cost savings, re-use of treated soils, scalable treatment processes (i.e., 1 to 10+ units on-site), portable, patented technology, environmentally friendly, and no greenhouse gasses produced.

Rotary Soil Treatment (RST) Unit

A new ex-situ rotational-mixing type method has just completed testing. Results are very positive with treatment rates ranging between 15 to 25 tons per hour. This is an economical alternative to thermal-adsorption and/or land filling options.

Soil Treatment – Before and After

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Ex-situ SER Information Sheet (090212)  
Ex-situ SER Information Sheet (090212)  

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