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9 July 2011 South Bank, London Your opportunity to advertise to one of the largest gatherings of older people in the UK

Introduction Capital Age Festival presents a unique opportunity for your organisation to advertise to one of the largest gatherings of older people in the UK. Capital Age Festival is a free open-air arts festival aimed at an audience aged 60 years and over. The event attracts up to 30,000 people annually, at a high-profile venue along the South Bank of the River Thames. The festival is delivered by Capital Age Festival Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise working exclusively to deliver festival activity for older people. The event is produced by Thames Festival Trust, supported by Coin Street Community Builders and marketed as part of Coin Street Festival. It is further supported by Greater London Authority and Mayor of London. As a small social enterprise, Capital Age Festival is able to work closely with you to develop a package that allows you to reach your target group. Working with us, you will be part of a small, friendly team delivering a special event in the cultural landscape and working directly with the people that make the festival happen. Capital Age Festival is a unique sponsorship opportunity and a chance to get your message to some of the capital's hardest-to-reach older residents.

This is the biggest opportunity of the year to communicate your message to older people.


Why Capital Age Festival? Capital Age Festival showcases and celebrates the creative talents of older artists, empowering isolated and disengaged Londoners to participate and enjoy the arts with confidence. ●

Capital Age Festival is London's largest arts festival aimed at an older audience. The festival takes place at the start of July, on one of the busiest weekends of the year for tourism and cultural activity.

The festival enjoys an excellent reputation, loyal audience base and strong brand identity.

Visitors value the key messages from sponsors and partners presented at the festival.

Festival production is managed by the team that deliver the annual Mayor's Thames Festival and benefits from being part of the Coin Street Festival. In previous years the festival has attracted up to 30,000 visitors. In 2011, the festival is expected to attract a similar number of visitors, with over 450 performers from over 30 arts organisations and over 100 volunteer stewards.



KEY 1. Exhibition pitches along Thames Path 3. Performance (dance) stage 5. Bar, seating area & Home Marquee 7. Main stage 9. Area not in use

2. Workshop marquees 4. Performance stage 6. Further exhibition pitches 8. Refreshment tent

Site specific stages and promenade performance work will happen across the festival site.

Audience The typical festival visitor is 55 - 75 years old, in early retirement and good health. Many are concerned about their future needs, but are willing to enjoy today and have the means to do so. The festival attracts around 30,000 visitors each year. Marketing targets an audience aged 60 and over and this demographic makes up a large proportion of the audience. Many travel independently or with family, the rest arrive with an organised group. The festival site is situated between the National Theatre and OXO Tower Wharf, along the South Bank of the Thames River. It therefore also attracts a multi-generational audience of families, tourists and local residents interested in older people's issues.

Audience (continued) Independent research over the last 3 years has shown on average: ● ●

over 70% of festival visitors are aged 50 or over over 60% of festival visitors are aged 60 or over

Independent research conduced in 2009 showed: ●

over 50% of visitors spend more than 3 hours at the festival and over 90% spend at least 1 hour at the event. information available from sponsors and partners was an important element in the decision to attend for over 50% of visitors. over 90% of visitors made their way to the festival independently, mostly on public transport. around 50% of festival visitors attend cultural events at least once a month and a similar number participate in regular arts activity. over 60% are I.T. literate and regularly use the internet.

Evaluation carried out by Greater London Authority in 2010 showed: ● ●

94% of visitors said they plan to return to the festival in 2011 75% of visitors were from London

Capital Age Festival Ltd. Capital Age Festival Ltd. has delivered festival activity since 2003 at Coin Street, Southbank Centre and City Hall. The festival showcases the best music, dance, theatre, visual art and more made by older artists. It attracts older people from all walks of life and works with some of London's best and most loved artists and arts organisations. Capital Age Festival Limited is: ●

a not-for-profit social enterprise and a company limited by guarantee. (registered company number 05369704)

committed to creating festival activity exclusively aimed at older people.

majority-led by older people who understand intimately the needs and tastes of their peers.

a strategic hub and recognised advocate for arts work with older people in the capital.

strongly supported by the Mayor of London's office and Greater London Authority, working closely with them throughout the year to offer excellent networking opportunities for stakeholders. one of only 10 organisations to receive core funding support in 2010 from The Baring Foundation, allowing the organisation to continue its growth, despite the economic climate.


Why older people?


One in three people in the UK is now over 50 years old.¹

There are now more pensioners in the UK than there are children under 16.²

Almost 1 in 5 of the UK’s total population is above state pension age.²

The number of people aged 60 or over is projected to rise by over 50% in the next 25 years.²

Why older people? ECONOMY ●

Consumption in Europe by people aged 50 and over has risen three times as fast as that of the rest of the population in the last 20 years.¹ People aged 60 and over own 80% of the private wealth of the UK.¹ Households headed by someone aged over 65 contribute about £90.6bn of spending power to the economy every year.² Over two thirds (68%) of householders aged over 65 own homes outright without a mortgage.³ The amount spent by people aged 65 - 74 years on consumer goods is projected to rise from an average of £4,379 a year now to £6,055 by 2017 - an increase of nearly 40%. 4 In the UK average gross pensioner income increased by 44% in real terms between 1994/95 and 2008/09, ahead of the growth in average earnings.²

Why older people? ACTIVITY ●


58% of people aged 50 and over holidayed in the UK in the last year and about 50% of people this age holidayed abroad in the last year.² 90% of people aged 50 and over in England are a member of a political party, trade union or environmental group; tenants, residents group or neighbourhood watch; church or other religious group or charitable association.² 84% of people aged 50 or over participate in social or recreational activities (e.g. education, arts, music groups or evening classes, social clubs, sports clubs, gyms or exercise classes).²

SOURCES 1. Audiences London. Older People and Culture Resource Pack, 2009 ( 2. Office for National Statistics. ( 3. Housing in England 2006/07, Communities and Local Government, 2008. ( 4. “Success of Retirement Show confirms power of the grey pound”, 19th July 2011. (



There are several ways to become involved with Capital Age Festival including sponsorship, advertising or in-kind support. Event sponsorship is the best way to support the festival and reach your target audience. We are happy to discuss a bespoke sponsorship package, tailored to your needs and budget. For your convenience, below are three ready-made packages. These packages offer efficient, easy-to-choose options based on your budget. (please note that all prices are exc. VAT)

Platinum package

Main stage sponsor

Named festival sponsor on all on-site branding, printed and online publicity

Exhibition space within Home Marquee

Full page advert in A4 full-colour event programme

CAF presentation to your employees, including performance by older artists

Invitation to VIP networking event at City Hall COST: £18,500

Gold package

Marquee sponsor

Named festival sponsor on all on-site branding, printed and online publicity

Double-sized exhibition pitch on-site

Half page advert in A4 full-colour event programme

CAF presentation to your employees

Invitation to VIP networking event at City Hall COST: £12,000

Silver package

Site-specific performance stage sponsor

Named festival supporter on selected on-site branding, printed and online publicity

Exhibition pitch on-site

Quarter page advert in A4 full-colour event programme

CAF presentation to your employees

Invitation to VIP networking event at City Hall COST: £7,000

ADVERTISING Advertising in the festival programme allows you to reach the festival audience for a low cost and high impact. ●

Advert in programme: ¼ page ad: £500 ½ page ad: £800 Full page ad: £1,250 Readership: 25,000, based on 2007 attendance figures. Programme is 8 pages, A4, full-colour produced on 170gsm paper

Exhibition stall pitch: Single pitch: £1,500 Double pitch: £2,750 A single stall pitch measures 2m x 2m. Pitches are provided with electricity.

IN-KIND SUPPORT As a not-for-profit enterprise, we rely upon the support of volunteers and a broad range of in-kind support. If you have something you could offer that might help the festival, then please get in touch. By donating your time, resources or skills you will help to reduce festival costs and make our current funds go event further. Although all offers of support are gratefully received, we are specifically looking for support with: ● ● ● ● ●

Refreshments & catering for visitors and staff Administrative support (HR and/or resources) Volunteers on-site Transport for performers / visitors Printing costs (marketing / programme)

For larger in-kind donations, we may be able to offer the following by way of recognition and thanks: ● ● ●

An acknowledgement of your support in the festival programme A presentation on the festival to your employees Invitations to VIP networking event at City Hall


If none of the options above suit, there are other ways to be involved with Capital Age Festival. We would be delighted to talk to you about other sponsorship opportunities, including: ●

Sponsorship of VIP networking event at City Hall ● Anticipated sponsorship cost:


Sponsorship of the event programme ● Anticipated sponsorship cost:


Contact For further details on any of the information contained in this document, please contact: Paul Margrave Festival Director 020 8525 0990 07966 436 175

all images Š Carmen Klammer, 2008 & 2010

Capital Age Festival 2011  

Sponsorship and marketing opportunities at Capital Age Festival 2011

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