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July 2013

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A New Beginning

P resident ’ s message

district governor ’ s message

I feel humbled by the honour bestowed on me by the Members of the Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera in electing me to be their President in the year 2013-14, a club known for its sincere, enthusiastic and vibrant members, always willing to do good to the community. 

Foremost I convey my profound gratitude to all Rotarians, Dynamic Presidents and ever rocking District and Club leaders. We are just to usher in a new Rotary year and this early I can feel the enthusiasm and energy of many club leaders. In fact, a good number of clubs have already furnished me with their Kick-off Projects, an indication of their eagerness to Engage Rotary in our communities this year to change lives. Congratulations, dynamic Presidents and Secretaries for your leadership.

I was a charter member of the Rotaract Club of Vasco-da-Gama, in 1999. And later joined my club RCPR in Jan 2009. My journey in Rotary service has been as a result of mentorship which I received from many Rotarians in the Club whom I thank for their immense support. Our GSR Rtn. Virgilio Velho, Rtn. Veronica Velho, Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai, Rtn. Paresh Sawardekar, Rtn. Prasad Pawar, Rtn. Sidharth Zantye and I would also like to thank my dear Secretary of the club for 13-14 Rtn. Meghana Sawardekar, all my directors and chairmans and our AG Rtn. Nitin Kenkre. Let me briefly outline our plans during this Rotary year. Our plans are in tandem with the Rotary International (RI) theme for the year 2013 -2014; ENGAGE ROTARY CHANGE LIVES This year our club has 7 focus areas: Adoption of the tribal village in Canacona; Health care; Assisting special children; Helping the under-priviledged; Women empowerment; Helping Children at risk; and environment protection. Every year our focus is very clearly guided by our core values, the values we live by and strive to bring into the communities we serve. They are values that define us as Rotarians. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow Rotarians, anns and annettes for the trust, confidence they have shown in me. And would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my husband Abhijeet, and my son Aditya for all the support and love. I am honored my friends. It is a great and honorable challenge that has been bestowed on me. I believe that together we will make it.  Let us together move forward in the true spirit of rotary to make a difference with peace and harmony and Engage Rotary to Change Lives. Yours in Rotary,


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: Board of Directors


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10 : Lisbon Sojourn

I have given much thought on the objectives of our District this year and after careful consideration the ones that really need our attention are the following: 1. Net increase in Membership by at least 15%. 2. TRF contribution ($1million )and program participation like EREY clubs, new Multiple Paul Harris Fellows who contribution comes quite generously; highest per capita club contribution ; highest total contribution to Annual Programs Fund; approved, completed and closed district and Global Grants 3. Service projects aligned to the Six RI/TRF Areas of Focus 4. Club administration includes implementation of the Club Leadership Plan; weekly club bulletin; Club secretary’s reports, and others; 5. High impact projects We are all blessed by the almighty to use our vast recourses and potential in the benefit of our brothers and sisters, the sick, the ignorant, the women, the disabled, and the victims in our societies both locally and globally. Eventually what concludes is we not only give them food, water, education, basic necessities and livelihood but we give them back their lives. I wish you all the best to Engage Rotary and Change Lives in our Year to come. Yours in Rotary

Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye


The Future vision is on the anvil and we are all set to go. A transformation that has multitude of scope to soar our attitude to do all the good in the world. This Year, world over, it will change the way we used to work in Rotary.

DG Rtn. Mohan Mulherkar

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Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye Roshan Mahal, 1st floor, Swatantra Path, Vasco-da-Gama, Goa. +91 9850466716

14 : Horoscope : August 2013


15 : Editor’s Message

21 /F-2, Kamat Kinara, Miramar, Caranzalem, Goa. +91 9850478004


Rtn. Paresh Sawardekar

Rtn. Meghana Sawardekar

RI President 2013-14

Rtn. Ron Burton District Governor (dist. 3170)

Rtn. Mohan Mulherkar


JUL 2013

Club No. R.I. District Charter date Meeting day Time Venue Email Website Fcbk

: : : : : : : : :

65754 3170 16/6/2004 Thursday 7 p.m. Goa Marriott Resort, Miramar rotary club of panaji riviera

Gratitude... Friends of Rotary Late Dr. Damodar Mapxencar Family Rs.10,000/- towards Scholarships to 3 students of Home Science College Mr. Manoj Pawar - Rs.10,000/- towards Tree Plantation drive at Ribandar road

JUL 2013


board of directors 2 0 1 3 - 1 4

secretary ’ s report

ii) Induction of a new member

Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye

Secretary’s Report for July 2013


Rtn. Meghana Sawardekar Secretary 2013-14

Rtn. Meghana Sawardekar

Rtn. Pallavi Salgaoncar

Rtn. Sidharth Zantye




Rtn. Clare D’Souza

Vice President

President Elect

President Nominee and Public Relation Chairman

Rtn. Clayton De Souza

Rtn. Dr. Sunil Kenkre

Rtn. Sanil Shirvaikar


Club Service Director - 1

Club Service Director - 2

Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai

Rtn. Dr. Shekhar Shirwaikar

Rtn. Raja Melvani

Vocational Service Director

Community Service Director-1

Community Service Director-2

Rtn. Angad Singh

Rtn. Prasad Pawar

Rtn. Veronica Velho

International Service Director

New Generation Director

Service Project Chairperson

Rtn. Paresh Sawardekar

Rtn. Abhijeet Shetye


JUL 2013

TRF Chairman

i) Installation Ceremony & Charter Nite Celebrations

iii) Guest Speaker We had Rtn. Subhash Sajane at our 1st weekly meeting on 4th July, as our Guest speaker and he spoke on ‘To be or not to be happy’. Since its our 1st meeting of the year, we wanted to start off on a happy and positive note, aptly taken by Rtn. Subhash. He made us believe and realize the positive outcomes of just being happy.

Rtn. Shivanand Naik

Rtn. Vishnu Tarcar

Club Administration Chairman


Rtn. Yogish Kulkarni Membership Development Chairman

A new member Tanvi Doshi Sawant was inducted into the Club, on 20th July 2013 at our Installation Ceremony and Charter Nite Celebration.

iv) 1st Club Assembly

Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye was installed as the 10th President of Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera at the Installation Ceremony held at Vivanta by Taj on 20th July 2013. Chief Guest, Rtn. Dr. Indumati Gopinathan, a well known Rotarian from Mumbai from district 3140, installed Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye as the President and their entire Board of Directors. On this occasion the outgoing President Rtn. Sidharth Zantye and outgoing Secretary Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai, showcased the projects carried out during their year, like lighting up a village in Gambia-Africa, Wall painting project, blood donation camp to name a few. Past District Governor & Rotary Zonal Cordinator Zone 5, Rtn. Mahesh Raikar was DG’s representative and our Guest of Honour for the Charter Nite. He appreciated the great work carried out by the club and released the monthly Club Bulletin - The Rivulet, in the presence of Assistant Governor Rtn. Nitin Kenkre. This event was followed by fellowship. And was very well attended by fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and distinguished guests.

We had our 1st Club Assembly on 11th of July. AG Rtn. Nitin Kenkre was our Chief Guest for the meeting. He spoke to us on DGs thrust areas and he expressed his support. v) Release of the Club Bulletin

JUL 2013


secretary ’ s report

Our Club released its monthly bulletin the Rivulet, in the hands of PDG Rtn. Mahesh Raikar at the installation ceremony. It’s the last edition of 2012-13 year, which the editor Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai has beautifully written and edited. vi) Attended the Membership Seminar

6 members from our club attended the Membership Seminar at Kolhapur on the 6th of July 2013 hosted by RC Shiroli MIDC. Our president Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye also had the priviledge to speak midst the PDGs present on the topic “Women in Rotary”.

served during festivals, like Besan ladu, chakri, chivda, tikhat phav and shanker pali. A kitchen set-up was made for each and every group alongwith the required utensils and ingredients and were given practical training to prepare the said stuff. After that they were also taught packaging for the eateries. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Rtn. Dr. Pramod Salgaoncar and the Guest of Honour for the valedictory function was Mr. & Mrs. Singh. Each self help group were given a set of 5 utensils-kadai, zara, katori type zara, chakli maker and cutter. They all received participation certificates too. ii) Free Basic Computer Education

vii) Attended DGs Installation Ceremony

7 members from our club attended DG Rtn. Mohan Mulherkar’s Installation Ceremony in the hands of R I Director Rtn. P.T. Prabhakar, at Kolhapur on the 7th of July 2013 hosted by RC Shiroli MIDC.

2. VOCATIONAL SERVICE i) Women Empowerment programme

Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera in association with Mahalaxmi Trust & ACES Computer Academy inaugurated the Basic Computer Training Program on 16th July at the premises of Mahalaxmi Trust. This program was inaugurated by our Honourable Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar. This Computer program is designed to provide Basic training in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Internet usage at no cost to the participants. There are 5 batches giving training 3 times a week for 2 months. The aim is to help the underpriviledged and computer illiterate people in all age groups to receive basic computer knowledge. 50 people will be benefited from this programme.

secretary ’ s report

On 1st July, we kick started the year by having a tree plantation drive on Chimbel Raibandar Road where we planted 10 fruit and flower bearing trees alongwith tree guards having our club name. Rtn. Andrew D’Souza coordinated the entire event for us. ii) Rations to National Association for the Blind On 4th July, Rtn. Abhijeet & Rtn. Madhavi Shetye sponsored the rations to National Association for the Blind, on behalf of the Club for the month of July 2013. Members present and inmates of NAB were served snacks for this function. iii) Celebration and Visit to Old Age Home, Chimbel Rtn. Angad Singh, Ann Ridhima and their family celebrated the birthday of Mrs. Renu Sablok (Rtn. Angads mother-in-law) with the inmates of Old Age Home, Chimbel, on 5th July 2013, by cutting a cake, giving them snacks and requirements as asked by them. They donated 6 ceiling fans, 6 pedestral fans, 100 bedsheets and pillow covers, 20 cfl bulbs, 1 steel cupboard and 1 aquaguard. iv) Vanamohatsava celebration


v) Tree plantation drive – phase 2 On 17th July, our club had the second phase of tree plantation. This time the locations were very prominent ones. One was the Ribandar ferry point and the other exactly opposite the GIMS – Goa Institute of Management studies. We planted 15 fruit and flower bearing trees alongwith tree guards, and each of them highlighting our Club name. Our ‘Friend of Rotary’ Mr. Manoj Pawar contributed towards this project. vi) Lunch and needy requirements @ Provedoria Old Age Home, Chimbel

Every year our past President Rtn. Pradip Dhuri celebrates his birthday, by giving the inmates of Chimbel Old Age Home a sumptuous Lunch. On 17th July, Rtn. Pradip planned a great spread for their lunch and the inmates enjoyed it thoroughly. After their Lunch, our members on behalf of the club donated few need based items for the home. Rtn. Abhijeet & Rtn. Madhavi Shetye donated 30 mts mackintosh material, 2 drying racks for clothes and 6 clocks. Rtn. Amit & Ann Rasika Palekar donated 5 beds and 20 pillows. And Rtn. Shiv Joshi & Rtn. Neeraj Shukla donated beautiful pink curtains for 7 windows in the ladies room.

i) Tree plantation drive – phase 1 vii) Osteoporosis Camp

On 14th July, RC Panaji Riviera organized a women empowerment programmme for 8 self help groups. The women from these groups were taught by professionals Mrs. Nutan Shetye, Mrs. Geeta Bandekar and Mrs. Shruti Tanawde, to prepare traditional Goan sweets specially


JUL 2013

Vanamohatsava was celebrated at Home Science College, on 6th July by planting flower bearing trees and plants around the campus. Rtn. Dr. Shekhar Shirwaikar organized an osteoporosis

JUL 2013


secretary ’ s report

camp at Kamat Hospital wherein 80 patients were checked for osteoporosis. Medicines were prescribed to those with calcium deficiency.

4. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE i) Rtn. Madhavi and Rtn. Abhijeet Shetye became Major Donor Level 1

ii) Flag Exchange Rtn. Dr. Indumati Gopinathan exchanged club flags with our Club. Rtn. Dr. Indumati is from RC Bombay Chembur West, dist 3140.

Club Diary Weekly Meeting details 4th July Guest Speaker Rtn. Subhash Sajane, spoke on ‘To be or not to be Happy” 11th July 1st Club Assembly with AG Rtn. Nitin Kenkre Board of Directors meet 18th July Regular Meeting 20th July Installation Ceremony and Charter Nite Celebration

Sunshine Box Collection

Rs. 2,000/-


JUL 2013

N ilesh A monker ’ s B log

5. NEW GENERATION i) Debate on Counselling On 26th July RC Panaji Riviera alongwith Home Science College organized an inter class debate Competition on the topic - “Is counselling a reflection of today’s turbulent times or is it a product of old age practice?” Interesting views were put forth by all the teams, and all teams received a memento as an encouragement for their thoughts. Winning teams received gifts. ii) Scholarships to Students of Home Science College On 28th July, 5 deserving and needy students from Home Science College were encouraged by our club by giving them scholarships. Late Dr. Damodar Mapxencar’s family sponsored 3 students and Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai sponsored 2 students, on behalf of the club.

100% Attendance Rtn. Abhijeet Shetye Rtn. Angad Singh Rtn. Clayton D’Souza Rtn. Denzil Xavier Rtn. Jitesh Tolani Rtn. Kalyani Laud Rtn. Madhavi Shetye Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Pai Rtn. Meghana Sawardekar Rtn. Nataline Vaz Rtn. Nitin Kenkre Rtn. Pallavi Salgaoncar Rtn. Paresh Sawardekar Rtn. Pradip Dhuri Rtn. Prasad Pawar Rtn. Raghu Shetye

Rtn. Raja Melvani Rtn. Sanil Shirvaikar Rtn. Dr. Sandeep Kenkre Rtn. Dr. Shekhar Shirwaikar Rtn. Shiv Joshi Rtn. Shivanand Naik Rtn. Sidharth Zantye Rtn. Dr. Sunil Kenkre Rtn. Vishnu Tarcar Rtn. Yogish Dempo Rtn. Yogish Kulkarni

Average Attendance 74.45%

When life hands you Lem ns… We all have our rainy days! Life doesn’t always pan out the way we’d like and fate always has a toolbox full of wrenches to throw into our best laid plans. There is no definite way to predict when or where a difficult situation may arise; nor is there a definite mechanism to completely prevent these setbacks from occurring. The trick then, is to make sure that you handle these setbacks as positively as possible; the other option being to let these setbacks overwhelm you, make you angry - leading to bitterness, resentment and a negative spiral that can drag you into a hopeless vortex of self-pity and a feeling of victimization. There are countless examples of people who have overcome setbacks and shortcomings and have gone on to become icons in their respective fields. Sir Winston Churchill had a speech impediment as a child; ironically, he is known for some of the best speeches during World War II and he went on to become the British Prime Minister. Walt Disney, whose cartoon characters we’ve all grown up with, had his idea turned down by scores of banks before he met with success. The celebrated writer Richard Bach had his script turned down by over eighty publishers; eventually when he managed to find one, “Jonathan Livinston Seagull” sold over a million copies within the first two years and remained on the New York Best-Seller list for over 38 weeks! Closer home, we have the story of our very own Big B. Bollywood folklore has it that Amitabh was turned down the job of an announcer at a radio station because somebody apparently thought “he did not have the voice for it”. He went on to become the unchallenged superstar of our country and with a voice that has contributed as much to his success as his acting prowess. These are of course celebrity instances and I am sure each one of us have known people in our own lives who have overcome such setbacks to lead amazing lives. One of the qualities that sets these people apart is their high self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. Of course you are never born with these qualities and it takes a good deal of grit, determination and discipline to painstakingly work at your weaknesses day in and day out to eventually overcome them while simultaneously working at enhancing your strengths. The other important quality is their sheer approach in all the things that they do. Regardless of their background, all these individuals display a sense of game-play in their approach at life and in all their endeavors. While they are totally focused on the outcome of their activities they refuse to get tied down emotionally to the outcome itself. Life is played more like a game with a fair sense of optimism

while at the same time with a detached approach. So if things don’t pan out the way they were expected to – as in you are dealt a wrong set of cards – they still play that round with an optimism that the next round dealt would be a better one rather than get bogged down by the present one. They firmly believe that their luck will stand them in good stead. And as in any card game, if you are dealt a really lousy round, you are allowed to fold up and start all over again. There is no emotional baggage of the previous round that is carried forward - just a fresh and abundant sense of optimism, luck, self-belief and a focus on the outcome of the new round! And so it is with life; and the sooner you realize that there is no point in fretting and fuming when you find yourself in a tight spot, the better it is. If you’d only care to step back and take a hard look from a neutral, detached perspective, chances are you’ll discern some positive in what appears to be a hopeless situation. And therein you could find a calling - an opportunity! Needless to say, it is people who react positively to the difficult situations in life are invariably the ones who excel in their lives – and the ones who have a story to tell. At a recent convention that I had the opportunity to attend in Los Angeles, one of the speakers was Sir Richard Branson. A dyslexic child with very modest beginnings, he is the founder of Virgin Group which is presently valued at over US $ 8 billion. One of the many interesting stories in Richard’s life is when he was on holiday and got stuck at an island after the airline he was booked on cancelled the flight to Puerto Rico. While some of the stranded passengers gave vent to their frustration by cribbing or arguing with the helpless airline staff, a few others just sat there totally lost. Amidst all this chaos, Richard went on to look up charter services in the Yellow Pages and chartered a flight for $2000. A quick calculation later, Richard was moving around the airport with a borrowed blackboard on which was scribbled “Virgin Airways - $39 single flight to Puerto Rico”. Thanks to Richard, many of the passengers were able to reach their destination. But even more importantly, the idea for Virgin Airways was born. The question you should be asking yourself is, what would you be doing if you were booked on that flight to Puerto Rico? Would you be arguing with the airline staff or would you just be lost and waiting for somebody to do something about it or would you be on the phone negotiating a charter? The next time life hands you lemons - grab one if you must, string it up with seven chilies and hang it outside to ward off the evil eye; that done, take the rest of them and get down to business - make lemonade!

JUL 2013


L isbon sojourn

Inspired by the film “Jindagi ne milagi dubara” two Rivierites from the Zantye clan (Siddharth and Pravin) along with a member of RC Mangalore Metro Rtn Ganesh Kamath (whose roots are from Goa) and our extended family member (and friend of RC Panaji Riviera) Salil Danait from Brisbane (Australia) who claims to be doing a doctorate in Goa/Portugal Connect decided to explore the HARBOR OF PEACE “LISBOA”, PORTUGAL where 500 years ago, ships sailed out on a voyage to discover the sea route to Africa, Asia and America. They spread their culture throughout the world and grew into a cross maritime power and Lisboa became the Gateway to the world. The D day arrived on 21st June 2013 courtesy Qatar airline/TAP airline. We landed in the most unique capitol in Europe, surrounded by seven hills overlooking the river Tagus “LISBOA”. We navigated through the historic city with architectural splendors to a heritage apartment in Avenue Dom Carlos where we stayed for the next 8 days. The warm hearted Portuguese were very courteous. Our Goan tag made us brothers for a short while but was partially disconnected due to deficiency of language. Our mentors Rtn Veronica and Rtn Virgilio Velho, who were staying a block away, made completed our family. Our “Comista” and “obergado” did wonders for us in our neighborhood. It was a very proud moment for all of us to attend the International Rotary Convention 2013 which was housed in one of the most magnificent conventional centres of the continent. We were welcomed by 25000 odd Rotarians from across the globe and the HOUSE OF FREIENDSHIP truly did justice in meeting long lost Rotarian friends. The sumptuous eateries served all kinds of cuisines and the most recommended local dish was the whole roasted piglet with different flavored herbs. However, every time I would go to the counter to take my serving, his eyes would admonish me and so I never landed up eating it.

Y ou may wanna know …

India Monsoon Season Health Tips

Staying healthy during the monsoon season in India requires particular care to be taken. The rain and water lying around makes it easy for mosquitoes to breed and increases the risk of mosquito transmitted infections, such as malaria and dengue fever. Viral infections are also common. Tips for staying healthy during the monsoon in India

• If you’re fond of street food, the rainy season isn’t the time to indulge. Pollution of water and raw vegetables is very common during the monsoon. • Apply a strong insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten. It’s also a good idea to take anti-malarial drugs during this time of year, as malaria is at its most prevalent. • Where possible, try to avoid walking through dirty water. Besides leptospirosis, it can lead to numerous fungal infections of the feet and nails. • Also avoid walking where water is lying on the road,

• • • •

The Inaugural and closing ceremony was a fantasy land experience with a combination of amazing light works, soothing fado music, pop singers, an elegant global flag march and several great moments which I cannot express in words. Our RI President Sakuji Tanaka emphasized the spiritual enrichment gained in doing peace through service and RI President Elect Ron Burton inspired all of us to “ENGAGE ROTARY CHANGE LIVES”. The South Asia Meet was a great forum as we rubbed shoulders with PRIP Kalyanji, RIP 2012/13 Rtn Sakuji, RIP 2013/14 Rtn Ron, RIP 2014/15 Rtn Gary, RIP Nominee 2015/16 Rtn Ravindran and Rotary world stalwarts. The Indian Cuisine was of interest too. We realized that a good way to taste the energy and spirit of the city of Lisbon is to take a trip along the river Tagus. The best way to explore Lisbon is to get lost in the lovely winding back streets or relax on a hop on/hop off sightseeing bus which takes one to the museum, palaces and a wonderful oceanarium .The streets have lovely restaurants, cafés and bars (TAVERNS) which got us going but the only thing which I could not live up to was the nightlife as it would begin at sunset and would not slow down until dawn. I would highly recommend not to miss the delicious custard pastries and coffee at the café brasillaria immortalized by the 20th century poet Pessoa. A tram ride to the historic city centre with its colorful neighborhood and charming and cobbled street mesmerizes us. It was like a rewind to the 17th century. This experience was complete at our major donor diner at the magnificent ministerial palace. The music, 2 2 décor, set up and fine dining made me feel like Vasco da Gama.

as traffic will drive by and spay it all over you. Dry your feet whenever they get wet. Avoid colds and coughs by keeping your body warm and dry. Don’t enter air conditioned rooms with wet hair and damp clothes. If you suffer from asthma or diabetes, avoid staying anywhere with damp walls. It promotes the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful. Drink lots of warming herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties.

T: +91-832-2720800, 2720801 E:


Roshan Mahal, 1st Floor, Swatantra Path, Vasco-da-Gama, Goa. Ph.: 0832-2512818

My special moments were at the Presidential Luncheon where I got the opportunity to give our club memento to RI President Rtn Sakiji Tanaka. He was overwhelmed with the gesture and presented me with a tie designed and patented by him, complete with his signature. My Lisbon trip thus proved to be completely fulfilling.

10 JUL 2013

JUL 2013


F ood for thought !

culinary tour

How your mood can affect your skin

Recipe from Hotel Calangute Towers

Taipan Prawns INGREDIENTS For Taipan Prawns Medium Prawns- 08 No Wonton Sheet 08 No Galangal (Thai Ginger) 05 gm Garlic peeled 05 Gm Red Chilly Paste 10 Gm Basil leaf 02 Gm Salt 05 Gm Lemon Juice 02 Ml Egg 01 No Coconut Milk Powder 10 Gm Refined Oil to Fry Soya Sauce 02 Ml

The roller coaster of emotions that we ride on every day, not only affects our mental peace but our skin as well. Yes! You read it right. Stress, anger, depression, embarrassment and fear are some of the fundamental emotions that we go through every day. Each of these adversely affect our skin. This damage also depends upon the longevity of our emotional state. Long lasting mood swings have much longer lasting and irreversible effects on our skin. Similarly, good and happy mood has some positive beauty benefits for your skin. There is some medicinal validity behind the saying, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

Stress: Stress is youth’s biggest enemy. It causes skin to age more rapidly than the passage of time. Stress produces cortisol, heightened levels of which can significantly harm our facial skin cells by interfering with blood flow pattern. It weakens the facial blood vessels and leads to ageing. Studies have shown that stress can worsen or cause skin problems like acne, psoriasis and eczema. It has also been observed that during the stressful times people crave for more salty and sweet junk foods, which are not good for your body and skin. Anger: Anger affects our facial muscles. Anger decelerates skin’s healing, fastens wrinkling and produces dark spots. Prolonged period of anger can cause chest pains, excessive sweating and high blood pressure. People who often get angry experience ringing in ears, muscle pains, intestinal cramping and frequent hiccups. People who hold in their anger often suffer from rashes, hives, warts, eczema and acne. Suppressed anger can also have long-term effects such as depression, eating disorders, insomnia and addiction to drugs. On the other hand, resolved anger issues remarkably improve one’s health.


Feelings of anxiety and depression are one of the biggest drivers of bad mood. Depression produces higher levels of cortisol in the blood stream. This leads to premature hair loss, skin pigmentation, increased fat content in the hip areas, and foul mood. Depression also causes skin rupture. Sadness is another by-product of depression. Repeated frowning and furrowing of eyebrows, due to depression, can deepen the wrinkle lines on your face. Prolonged depression is disastrous for skin. It triggers

12 JUL 2013

hormones that can affect sleep-patterns, thus leading to puffy eyes and dull complexion.


We all have experienced severe embarrassment at one point of time or another, and it is something we do not easily forget. But effects of embarrassment can also easily move from our brains to our skin. Neuropeptide receptors in our skin receive mixed signals from brain, causing chronic swollen blood vessels and sleep deprivation. Embarrassment increases acne problems. Blood flow to skeletal muscles is also hampered due to embarrassment. The organic structure of our skin cells weakens and enzyme production rates are altered, due to embarrassment.

Fear: Adrenaline is produced as soon as the first thread of fear runs through our body. This causes our muscles to tense-up, and our sweat glands to rupture. It also causes frowning and increases wrinkles. Due to fear our skin loses its natural firmness, folds appear in our skin and we look older. How to save yourself? Here are few tips to save your skin: • Stay calm and be surrounded by jolly faces. • Get some fresh air every day. • Sleep well and stress less. • Cry if you feel like. It can help you purge away the negative feelings trapped within. Even scientific studies support that crying is good for our health.

INGREDIENTS For SWEET CHILLY SAUCE Fresh Red Chilly 05 Gm Garlic 05 gm Sugar 05 Gm Salt 02 Gm Veg Gelatin 02 Gm Water As required

PROCEDURE Shell out the prawns except tail portion & remove vain. Wash properly and marinate with lemon juice and salt. Make slit on the prawns to keep it straight during frying. Make a paste with galangal, red chilly, garlic basil, Soya Sauce, Coconut milk powder and again marinate the prawns with this and keep aside for some time. Now wrap the prawns in wonton sheet with applying egg, to make a proper fold like roll by keeping tail portion out of roll. Now pre heat the oil and deep fry the prawns and serve hot with sweet chilly sauce.

SWEET CHILLY SAUCE Chop the fresh red chilly and peeled garlic and keep aside. Now pre heat the pan put water in it. Now put sugar and salt along with chopped chilly and chopped garlic. Now after few minute of cooking add Veg gelatin and cook till is get proper consistency of sauce, now remove from fire and let it get cold to be served with Tipan Prawns.

Vistar Motors Goa

Remember that the solution to these problems is rather simple… ‘Smile more’!

JUL 2013



horoscope : august 2 0 1 3

Aries March 21 - April 20 You are still having a bit of trouble juggling your wonderful home life with the great opportunities happening in your professional life. Unfortunately, your spouse, best friend, business partner, rival, enemy, or competitor adds to your stress by complaining that you are not focusing enough on them or that you are simply doing everything wrong. Luckily, the tough times are not long-term and the positive activities in your career are becoming quite profitable.

Taurus April 21 - May 21 There is still a lot happening in your professional life. Some of it is really great and some of it is really bad. None of it is boring or meaningless. The good news is that you have some lovely playtime energy brewing and some great things beginning to happen between you and a romantic, social, or business partner. Life can seem complicated and crowded this month, but you should be able to juggle everything without losing your mind. Get out there and mingle!

Gemini May 22 - June 21 Both of your financial sectors are clashing with your social life and your playtime activities. However, both of your financial sectors are getting along wonderfully with your home life and your work sectors. You are better off focusing on earning a living, improving your household net worth, and/or working from home. Hold off on the extracurricular activities for now.

Cancer June 22 - July 22 You and a partner or rival are disagreeing about your home life and your professional life. You could be having some trouble balancing the two or you might just disagree about each of them as separate topics. The good news is that the two of you have plenty of opportunities to talk things over, enjoy some romantic date nights and play dates together, and you are able to remember why you actually like spending time together. You could also find ways to engage rivals and competitors in peace talks.

Leo July 23 - August 23 Despite all kinds of dramas, challenges, and arguments this month, you seem to be doing okay. Your financial sectors take turns working nicely with your home sector and your work sector is plugging along nicely despite bureaucratic, legal, and/or cultural battles. No matter how big the issues seem to get, you are always finding ways to juggle, outmaneuver, brainstorm, and/or tenaciously plough through them. You could end up feeling more exhilarated rather than drained as a result of all of the problems you solve this month.

Virgo August 24 - September 22 You have planets encouraging you to play, have fun, fall in love, spend quality time with pets and children, and to lose yourself in hobbies, vacations, and luxury shopping. You also have planets encouraging a lot of social activities, teams, memberships, clubs, and spending time online. At times, these two ideas clash with each other. And one or both of these topics is usually creating all kinds of financial challenges for you. Still the heart wants what the heart wants. You could thoroughly enjoy yourself this month, just be incredibly careful with your budgeting and you should probably avoid online financial transactions.

14 JUL 2013

Libra September 23 - October 23

Let me first of all take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very eventful Rotary year 2013 - 14. I am sure we Rotarians will continue to serve our community and touch the hearts of the needy and the deserving people and will play our role to: Engage Rotary Change Lives.

Your partner or a rival has been complaining about your private life and your professional life for quite some time, but they were not necessarily blaming you for whatever it is that has been bothering them. But this month, the whole thing blows up and you finally have to deal with everyone’s feelings. Luckily, your ruling planet, Venus is there to help empower you with plenty of diplomatic grace and style. It is not fun, but you have things under control. You have excellent things happening in both your private life and your professional life, so it is no wonder that you could have some trouble juggling everything and everyone’s needs at this time.

As we Rotarians are aware, the role of the editor of Rotary Club magazine is one of the most tedious but challenging responsibility and this is the first time I am being entrusted with this responsibility by our dynamic President Rtn. Madhavi Bandekar Shetye. Our magazine - the Rivulet is considered

Scorpio October 24 - November 22 Your career is in quite an uproar. You are dealing with all kinds of political, legal, bureaucratic, cultural, shipping, and/ or telecommunications problems. It can seem as if it is just one crisis after another. Yet, all the while, you are a shining beacon of teamwork and finding clever ideas, negotiating better solutions, and persuading people to see things from your point of view. Your people skills, intelligence, and excellent problem solving skills come into great use and you seem to actually be enjoying yourself despite the dramas around you.

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 Despite the fact that both of your financial sectors are clashing with both of your social and playtime sectors, you still have something to be happy about this month. Both of your financial sectors are taking turns getting along wonderfully with your professional goals and aspirations sector and your bureaucracies sector. This is a great time for analyzing, negotiating, and working towards achieving your financial and professional goals.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 You and a partner or rival end up in a huge disagreement about your private life and public life. Your boss, father, mother, home life, retirement plans, home-improvement projects, real estate deals, reputation, etc. are all up for debate and nobody is really happy about how it all plays out. Ultimately, you have to stand up for yourself without being a bully and without being a doormat. You have to find that balance between listening to everyone else’s views and following your own truth. There is some excellent social energy and partnerships energy afterwards for you to begin the “make up” efforts afterwards.

as one of the finest Rotary magazine of our Dist. 3170 and we have only managed to raise its standard and content quality every Rotary year. I hope I will do justice to this role as the Editor. This is a special year for our club as we enter into the 10th Rotary year and what makes it more special is our core team of Rtn. Madhavi, Rtn. Meghana and Rtn. Pallavi – the all Women trio. And I am sure that we Rivierians will have a very successful 13 - 14 under the able leadership of our hard working and most committed President Rtn. Madhavi Shetye. I would like to express my considerable appreciation to all authors of the articles in this issue of the Rivulet. It is their generous contributions of time and effort that made this issue possible. I would also like to thank all the members of my club for their support and also the management of Hotel Calangute Towers for the Advertisement. I would like to request all our members/anns/annettes to share their special insights with the Rotarians, family members and friends of Rotary by submitting an article, jokes, recipes, poems, etc. to me at

Paresh Sawardekar Editor, RC Panaji Riviera

Aquarius January 21 - February 18 During most of the month, you are enjoying professional, financial, and/or partnerships related blessings. Things are still pretty much going your way. However, the last 7-10 days of the month are a hectic mess. The various problems are caused by people being narrowminded, bigoted, gullible, dysfunctional, uneducated, unable or unwilling to see other people’s points of view, and/or an inability to break through bureaucratic red tape. These are not things that Aquarius tolerates very well anyway, so it could be really frustrating for you to watch others get themselves worked up into such a frenzy.

Pisces February 19 - March 20 You have some excellent romantic, social, professional, and financial opportunities this month. But you also have a huge blow up when all of your playtime and fun sectors clash with all of your financial sectors. Unfortunately, you could spend a few days dealing with some pretty harsh financial or romantic trust issues as a result. But then you get some great opportunities to work things out and you probably end up having some fun together.


B e s t wi s h e s f r o m

Birthdays in August 1st Aug

- Rtn. Paresh Thaly

9th Aug - Ann Harsha Kulkarni 15th Aug - Natasha (d/o Rtn. Kanika & Ann Vivek Dempo)

25th Aug - Hrithik (s/o Rtn. Raja & Ann Sheetal Melvani)

31st Aug - Rtn. Meghana Sawadekar

With Best Compliments from

Rtn. Amit Palekar & Family

JUL 2013



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Rivulet - July 2013 issue  

"A New Beginning" is the first issue for the Rotary year 2013 of the Rotary Club Panaji Riviera. Happy reading......