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4 Every Girl Not every negative message is obvious. Every day, our girls receive subtle messages from entertainment: Are you pretty enough? Do boys like you? Remember: the most important thing about you is how you look. Young women, teenagers, and even little girls are constantly deluged with media messages encouraging them to act and dress, and even think, in ways that are “sexy.” According to the American Psychological Association, the three most common mental health problems for girls – eating disorders, depression, and low self-esteem – are linked to the use of girls and women as sex objects in media. We think girls deserve better. One of the most important ways we stand up for children is by promoting positive images of girls in the media through our 4 Every Girl (4EG) campaign. Through 4EG, we uphold a positive image of girls by advocating for a media environment where they are honored, valued, and represented by healthy, respectful depictions. Our 4 Every Girl website has raised tremendous awareness of this issue; and through our work with TV sponsors and advertisers, we encourage advertisers to support – and programmers to create – more television programs and movies that show girls and women in their best light: strong, smart, brave, and compassionate. Through 4 Every Girl, we stand with – and stand up for – our nation’s most precious resource…because the girls of today are the women of tomorrow.


PTC Annual Report 2015  
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