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PTC’s full-pa ge advertis ement and appeal to ad vertisers as seen in new spapers natio nwide

Parents ... Gr andparents ... Families

... This is for Y OU

TV Is Lead ing Childr en Down A M oral Sewe r H o w Y o u A n d I Can Stop It Are you as disg usted as I am

Steve Allen

at the filth, vulg Are you fed up arity, sex and vi olence TV is se language, violen with steamy unmarried sex nding into our situations, filth ce, killings etc homes? y jokes, perver .? Are you as outra sion, vulgarity ged as I am at ho , foul to have pre-mar w TV is un dermining the ital sex ... enco morals of child uraging lack of to the lowest sta re n ... encouragin respect for auth ndards of dece g them ority ... and shap ncy? Well now you ing our country and I can end it. down Yes we can, ac sponsors whos tually and liter e ad dollars mak ally. We can do e it possible. An it by reaching th d here's how: e TV

A Parents ' Appeal T o

TV Spons ors Look At T he E

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These Are vidence Some Of T he Tragic C F il th , onsequenc Sex And V Since television es Of The T iolence You started around 1,000 studies, the impact of TV V S e nd Into Ou reports, etc. co violence have nc ern ing be r Homes en published. Th e Na tio na l TV sponsors: In sti tu te of M Th is is jus ta en

or ga ni za tio ns ta l He al th an d 7 m or e na tio sa y th er e is ov na l er wh el m in g ev entertainment causes violent id en ce th at vi behavior. ol en t • An ABC ne twork study fo und 22 to 34 imprisoned for percent of yo violent crimes ung felons said they had co techniques lea nsciously imita rned from watch ted crime ing television • Homicide rat programs. es doubled in 10 to 15 years after into specific are TV was first introdu as of the U.S. and Canada. ced • In a survey of 10 to 16-year old s, 62 percent sa their peers to ha id sex on TV inf ve sex when the luences y're too young.

small sampling showing the ter of the massive rible damage yo evidence u are causing filth, sex, and by paying to se violence into Am nd TV eri sponsoring it. can homes. W e beg you to sto p Please don't tel l us to take our complaint to the network official TV networks. For s went to Washin years gton and prom on TV. Janet Re ised to reduce no, U.S. Attorne violence y General, calle less". We know d their promise , and YOU know s "worth, that without yo the TV program ur advertising s that are desens dollars itizing an entir lence, promisc e nation to killin uous sex and vu g, violgarity WOULD N'T BE BROA DCAST.

We Want I t Stopped !

A Message From Steve Together W Allen e Can Mak e It Happen I'm asking every person who ag spe

rees with this ak to DOES) to ad (virtually EV send in the Ap Parents Televisi peal To TV Sp ERYONE we onsors below. on Council will Every month we total the numb They're going er received and at to KNOW that notify the sponso we, their custo to stop sponso rs. mers, are angry ring sex, filth, violence and sle and we want the in the kinds of aze ... and instea m decent, family d put their ad do -safe programs The heads of the llars that are getting se companies are huge ratings. ents. The troub fin e pe op le. Many are paren le is they have ts and grandpa been letting the which programs rir ad agencies to sponsor and and others decid they are unaware We can really e of the harm they get them to sto are doing. children and ou p sponsoring the r country. All TV that is so it takes is for en ha Here's proof: rm ful to our ough of us to ma ke our voices he Recently viewe ard. rs critical of jus t one TV progra anger, and over m let the sponso 35 sponsors can rs know of the celled their ads! So please, mail ir This project is YOUR Appeal going to succee To TV Sponsor Please don't pu d! s to me today. t it off. Our ch We'll do the res ildren and our any one of us to t. country are being remain silent. hurt too badly Mail your Appe for al to me NOW . Parents Telev ision Council Washington, D. C. Office • 32 5 South Patri ck Street Alexandria, Vi rginia 22314

An APPEAL To T o The Head s Of Every TV

TV P Company Su Prro og grra Mail to: am ms That Un pporting dermine Am Steve Allen erica Parents Televi sion Council, Department, 325 South Pat Washington rick Street D.C. Office Alexandria, Vir ginia 22314 Yes, Steve, I want to be cou nted as one wh sewer. I think o agrees that it is unconsci onable for fin TV is leading filth, vulgarity e companies us down a mo , coarse humo to use their ad ral r, pre-marital into American dollars to sen sex living rooms situations, vio d TV and children’ lence, killings, s bedrooms. and all the res Name ______ Let’s bring ba t ____________ ck Fam ily-Safe TV. ____________ ____________ Address ___ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ___ _____ ____________ City _________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ________ ❑ I’d also like _____ State to help you run _______ Zip ____________ with the numb more ads like _______ this so you can er of these Ap peals you rec contribution overwhelm the eive. Enclosed to he sponsors is my tax-dedu payable to: Par lp buy another full-page ctible ad in anothe ents Televisio r city. (Please n Council.) make checks ❑ $100 ❑ $50 IMPORTANT: ❑ $25 You don’t need ❑ $10 to send any mo ❑ Other we report. Bu t we do need all the help we ney to have this Appeal ad ads cost up to ded to the tot can get. This $36,000.00 eac al is a grassroo h. Every penn the sponsors. ts campaign. y you send wil We will not giv These l go for the ad e your name The Parents to s and notifying the sponsors. Th Television Co ank un s. cil is a projec nonprofit org t of the Media anization. Co Re ntributions to PTC can be acc search Center, a 501(c)(3) and are tax-de epted for unlim ductible unde ited amounts r 501(c )(3) tax laws.


PTC Annual Report 2015  
PTC Annual Report 2015