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Broadcast Indecency Protecting children and families from sex, foul language, and media violence is the core of our activism. We at the PTC document every act of violence, sexual act or reference, and use of profanity on prime-time broadcast network TV and selected cable networks, and produce multiple studies of harmful trends in entertainment, so that we can educate, inform, and engage with members of the public about the dangers posed by media. But we don’t stop there. Under federal law, broadcasters are required to operate “in the public interest.” That means, in part, not airing obscene or indecent material between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. We urge the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the law. We also make it possible for members of the public to file comments with the FCC, so their voice can be heard. Our most important focus is on helping parents protect their children from violent and indecent media.

Cable Choice Pay-TV services like cable and satellite TV force consumers to pay for dozens of channels they don’t want, in order to get the handful of channels that they do. Many of these channels show content that is harmful or offensive to many viewers – yet those viewers are forced to pay for them. As a result, major cable networks receive hundreds of millions of dollars every year from families who don’t want that network in their home. The PTC’s response to this unfair situation is to promote a la carte Cable Choice, under which customers would pay for only those channels they actually watch. Thanks to the PTC’s unrelenting emphasis on this issue, we are recognized across the nation as the driving force in the public policy sphere for Cable Choice.


PTC Annual Report 2015  
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