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TV Safe for Your Family

In most business enterprises, a few large interests dominate. There may be a number of smaller concerns in the same business, which may provide more specialized services; but it is the large conglomerates that control most of the field. This is true of the entertainment industry, too. The production, marketing, distribution, and airing of the vast majority of television programming is controlled by one of six conglomerates: Comcast-NBCUniversal, ABC-Disney, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom, and Fox. Most of these control movie studios and theme parks as well; and Comcast also controls a major cable company. Because of this, when it comes to TV programming, the playing field isn’t level. The conglomerates each own multiple TV networks. For example, Disney owns ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family, ESPN, Lifetime, and more. This means they’re able to flood television with programming that emphasizes unhealthy content. But there are other, smaller networks devoted to creating and airing truly inspriational and family-friendly programming. But because these networks are independent of the big conglomerates, they operate at a disadvantage: they are given less desirable channel slots and are charged more by cable or satellite systems – and sometimes, cable and satellite refuse to carry them altogether. We at the PTC believe that these networks – the ones devoted to providing programming safe for families and children – deserve a fair shake. We urge the Federal Communications Commission to ensure that child-safe networks are given a chance to succeed, free from unfair competition. We’ve dedicated ourselves to standing up for the “little guy”…whether that means a small network struggling to do the right thing, or parents looking for TV safe for their family.


PTC Annual Report 2015  
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