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to a winter wonderland Bring plenty of warm drinks, as well as snacks high in carbohydrates and protein; pay close attention to the weather forecast and how many hours of daylight you’ll haves; know your planned route or trail well and bring a map; and dress appropriately for the cold weather. ■ Sarah Bradley is a freelance writer and creative writing teacher from Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and three young sons.

Dressing Warm for Winter Play You spend a half-hour getting your child ready to play in the snow, and 10 minutes later, they’re complaining about cold fingers and wet socks a nd begging tos go back inside. How can you keep your child warm and comfortable outside when temperatures drop below freezing? The secret is layering. Start with a smart base layer, one that fits snugly against the skin, not too warm and made of a material that wicks away sweat. Cotton absorbs moisture, so avoid waffle-knit or thermal underwear and stick with a pair of long johns that are 100 percent polyester. Add an insulating middle layer of polar or performance fleece, which will trap heat against the body. A quarter-zip fleece top and separate pants go on easily, but make sure both items are 100 percent polyester fleece (not cotton lined with fleece, like many sweatpants and sweatshirts are). Top off with a waterproof outer layer, either an all-in-one snowsuit or one composed of individual items (like a syntheticfill ski jacket or lined windbreaker paired with snow pants or a snow bib). Whatever you choose, the pieces must be waterproof, not water-resistant; waterproof materials will prevent wet snow from soaking through to the base and middle layers, but waterresistant items won’t do the job quite as well.

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Finally, don’t forget about your child’s hands, feet and head! Wool socks and waterproof boots will keep toes dry and toasty; waterproof mittens with extra-long cuffs will keep wet snow out of sleeves; and a fleece or wool hat that covers your child’s ears will lock in body heat. • Family Adventure Guide • 9

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Family Adventure Guide Winter 2018  

Family Adventure Guide Winter 2018  

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