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4 Ways to Get Involved in Narrowing the Digital Divide 1. Donate a device or purchase a refurbished one at

InterConnection Seattle (, an organization that works with the City of Seattle to distribute laptops to residents through community and school programs.



2. Become a digital literacy volunteer ( digital-literacy-volunteer) with Seattle’s International Rescue Committee.

3. Lobby your district superintendent to bring STEMbyTAF ( to your school community.

4. Learn more about Sen. Patty Murray’s Digital Equity

Act of 2019 (, aimed at increasing digital opportunity in Washington.

As Tacoma’s Boze Elementary School nears the end of its five-year school transformation process, TAF is preparing to work with three more schools in 2019–2020: Roosevelt Elementary School in Tacoma, and Brigadoon Elementary School and Olympic View Elementary School, both in Federal Way. “We’re working with Seattle Public Schools to bring the model to Washington Middle School in September 2020,” Dziko adds. Before schools can teach technology skills effectively, educators need to get on the same page in terms of what STEM education is. “In some places, it’s been reduced to ‘Let’s get everyone coding,’” Dziko notes. “The STEMbyTAF model is about using STEM skills to ideate, solve problems and express ideas — and that includes using arts, humanities, communications and writing.” Seattle Public Schools has been supportive of this work, says Keyes, donating more than 1,000 laptops to local students and working on a new program to create a stronger pathway to information-technology careers for youths. “Even in a high-tech city like Seattle, we do have these divide issues,” Keyes says. “Making progress is going to take individuals, companies and organizations all stepping up together.” ■ Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist based in Tacoma.

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