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MAY 2019


Happy Mother’s Day

to All Super Moms Duckling Day • March for Babies • Fast & Furriest 5K – Run. Walk. Wag • Greek Festival



Boston Parents Paper | May 2019


May 2019 |


“We LOVE Tender Loving Care. The teachers are like family. They care for each child like their own family. They are knowledgeable in early childhood education as well as the gentle care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers!!� Woburn - 781-281-2983 | Weston - 781-703-5088 4

Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

Two Islands. Two Hotels. One Memorable Vacation. Stay at Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard’s Best Resorts.

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Each hotel features suites and cottages; Winnetu also offers spacious and exclusive weekly home rentals with all Resort amenities. Children’s Programs, spa services, heated pools, yoga, Tennis Club at the Winnetu, fitness club at The Nantucket, and award-winning restaurants

“Sea for Yourself” Our Two-Island Adventure Package. Vacation on both Islands, stay at each of our Resorts. We’ll handle all the transportation & transfer logistics for you. Mention Code “BPPMay19” to receive a free amenity upon check-in

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Contents May 2019 Volume 34 • Number 9

12 Decoding Baby’s Temperament


Aboard! Vintage 14 All Family Train Rides

• What Mom Really Wants • Northeast Camp Guide • Help Your Child Cope

10 Children’s Speech Development 17 Calendar of Events

Directories TM

18 Camps and Summer Programs 22 Schools & Childcare Centers 25 Entertainment & Party Needs 26 Classes and Enrichment 6

Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

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Day Camps • Sports Camps • Enrichment Programs • Camps for Special Needs

Your Child’s Best Summer EVER Starts Here CounselorIn-Training Programs


Camp Listings

15 Steps to Day Camp Success

Northeast Camp Guide


till trying to figure out where you’ll send your child to camp this summer? The 2019 digital edition of Northeast Camp Guide features helpful articles on picking the right camp, specialty programs, family camps, dealing with food allergies and more. Read it on – just click on the Magazine tab then on the image of the Northeast Camp Guide.

What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day F

lowers are nice. Brunch is a nerve wrecking and tiring experience and a weekend away can be too much work when you have kids under 10. Mom’s don’t require much. Most would like to do a little less. Here are 10 great and inexpensive ideas to get the gift Mom really wants and needs this year:

1. A clean and empty house 2. Sleep 3. A really good workout 4. Spa Day 5. A Day Free from “Mom Routine” 6. A good car wash, inside and out! 7. Subscription Box-self-care, clothing, books, wine 8. A finished Honey-Do list. 9. A no-cook or dishes week. 10. A handmade something, a card, photo collage, jewelry or piece of kid’s art.


Comic Book Day

Heroes unite! Saturday, May 4th, marks the 18th annual Free Comic Book Day. Additional details, including a list of participating locations hosting this super giveaway and which comics that will be handed out, can be found at 8

Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

Let’s Grill!


f you’re salivating at the very thought of the approaching barbecue season, know that you are most certainly not alone. The most popular holiday for barbecuing in the United States is the Fourth of July, followed by Memorial Day (we’re counting the days) and, of course, Labor Day. Now go make sure you’re stocked up on charcoal or propane and get those grills cleaned in preparation.

Duckling Day Parade!


ooking for the sweetest parade in town? Boston welcomes the Duckling Day Parade on May 12 in honor of the beloved children’s book Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey, which was published in 1941. It’s a fitting setting to celebrate a book that centers around a family of ducks that live in a lagoon in Boston Public Garden. The story is a Caldecott Medal winner and has sold more than 2 million copies.



Be Ready …for it all!

Sun Smarts Woo-hoo – warm weather is here! More outside time, more playing, more fun! Just make sure you and your family are slathered in sunscreen. Remember, even on cool or hazy days, SPF is a must. The sun can affect your skin no matter the weather, so be sun safe. If you are going to the beach search up sunscreens that protect our oceans while still protecting you and your brood.

Parties or Playgrounds - Beach or Summer Camp We have the variety you need for summer footwear. Let us help your entire family to be ready for it all!


According to a National Retail Federation study that took place in 2018, that’s how much the average consumer will spend on their mama this Mother’s Day, although we all know that nothing is better than sweet hugs, burnt toast in bed and a school-made craft to celebrate.

1780 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington 781.862.1034 1082 Great Plain Avenue, Needham 781.449.2753 May 2019 |


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ities Extracurricular Activ l Philosophies • ior Understanding Schoo t Challenging Behav What to Know Abou • Sick Day Plan • And More! a Success Lunch l Schoo g Makin

Childcare & Preschool Guide


he 2019 Childcare & Preschool Guide includes articles on how to find the best school environment for your child, where to go for local enrichment activities, ways to teach gratitude and patience, and more! Read it online at by clicking on Childcare & Preschool Guide in the “Our Magazines” tab.

How to Help Your Child Cope By Deirdre Walsh, Boston Children’s Hospital


eing a child is tough. Children are under a lot of pressure between school and extra-curricular activities. The pressure affects every child differently and for some, it may be more than they can handle. It is important to remember that children might stress about something that does not seem like a big deal to an adult. There are many signs that your child might be having a hard time and fortunately there are several steps you can take as a parent to help them cope. Signs that your child may be depressed: • Sudden change in mood or severe mood swings • Change in sleep patterns • Withdrawing from family or friends • Lack of energy and/or focus • Change in grades • Anxiety or fears (about going to school, being alone, etc.) Signs that your child is stressed • Headaches • Upset stomach • Loss of appetite • Trouble sleeping


Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

It is important to remember that children might stress about something that does not seem like a big deal to an adult. Development of a new habit • For younger kids: thumb sucking • For older kids: lying or bullying • Negative feelings about their school work or extracurricular activities To help your child cope, talk to them. Find out what is bothering them and try to figure out a solution together which could be journaling, exercise or cutting back on activities. Make sure they have time to rest and relax after school or after extra-curricular activities. Focus on fun: schedule fun activities to do as a family. If your child is anxious about a doctor’s appointment, a test or an upcoming game, take time to talk to them in advance to help them feel more prepared. Work on their diet; make sure they are eating well-balanced and nutritious meals. Sometimes a child just needs to talk to help them feel better so make sure they know and feel that they have a safe space to talk.



From coding and game dev to robotics and design, your child will develop in-demand skills and ignite lifelong passions—all in a fun, inclusive environment. Choose from 50+ innovative courses and join our community of over 400,000 alumni. Get ready for the best summer ever!

Held at over 150 prestigious universities Harvard Law School | Bentley | Lasell Olin College | Curry College | NYU UMass Lowell | Endicott

Get a brochure and find a camp near you!


2018 TOP 5

May 2019 |


The Link Between Speech Development and Lip and TongueTie Conditions


abbling is a child’s natural way of attempting to communicate at first. Typically, children begin speaking words between 18-24 months. You will notice your child experimenting with sounds and connecting them with meaning. Eventually, the babble turns into actual words and your child begins to express themselves articulately. It’s definitely a milestone we hope to capture on video. But, what if your child hasn’t spoken their first words yet? Is it a cognitive speech development issue? Or, could your child be affected by lip or tongue-tie conditions.

Likewise, we encourage parents to seek a consultation with a lip and tongue-tie doctor. Speech development issues are a common sign of these conditions that prohibit natural lip and tongue movement.

Lip and Tongue-Tie Conditions

Speech Development

Babble talk is your child’s method of developing communication skills. In addition, it helps your child to learn the rules of socialization and how words relate to facial expressions. Babies are constantly learning the language spoken to them. Help your child by following these tips below.

When the lip or tongue frenula is too thick or tight, it is known as lip-tie or tongue-tie. In short, some babies are born with one or both conditions. Many pediatricians and parents overlook these issues which result in the child coping with complications such as speech development. “Sadly, there are cases where children are believed to have other issues, mental or physical, that prohibit them from speaking clearly. However, they later find that the true issue was lip or tongue-tie,” says Dr. Fawn Rosenberg of Lexington Smile Studio. “These conditions are likely to cause a series of complications which is why a professional consultation is always recommended.”

Speech Development Tips

Symptoms and Complications

Engage your child in conversation As you speak, your baby is processing words. Give him/her time to respond - even if it’s just babble. Encourage your child to speak correctly by avoiding baby talk. For example, some parents will speak babble to their child. Instead, use the correct words to help guide your child’s natural progression. In other words, do not say “binky”. Say “pacifier”. Read and sing to your child as well. They will start associating words with meaning faster.

Key Point

Every child will develop differently. Some progress sooner while others do not. Nevertheless, parents should not worry. Keep in mind that as long as you notice a steady progression, your child is on the right path. However if you notice a lack of progression, contact your pediatrician. There could be an underlying issue that is affecting your child’s speech development. Often times, you may be referred to a speech-language pathologist.


These conditions occur at birth. Therefore, early symptoms can be noticed such as the ones listed below. In addition, early treatment is possible to assure your child’s best quality of life. • Difficult tongue movement, Reflux, Gasps for air during feedings, Baby falls asleep before consuming enough milk, Gas or hiccups after feeding, Poor latching capabilities, Makes smacking sounds during feedings, Gum latching, Baby has oral blisters, Poor weight gain, Gulps milk, Prefers the bottle and/or avoids the pacifier. If your child’s lip and/or tongue-tie is left untreated, future complications are likely to occur. Aside from speech development challenges, your child can also suffer from the following. • Teeth clenching, Teeth grinding, Snoring, Sleep apnea, Mouth breathing, Difficulty chewing food, Delayed speech, Lisp, Dental health issues, Migraines, Narrow airways, Difficulty sleeping, Narrow palate, Underbite or overbite, Chronic asthma, Rhinitis, Neck, back, or jaw pain. PROMOTIONAL

Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

CO2 Laser Treatment for Lip and Tongue-Tie Conditions

Treating lip and tongue-tie conditions is easily done with a CO2 laser procedure. This safe and effective treatment offers instant sterilization with minimal blood loss. In addition, patients feel no discomfort. The procedure is simple. In brief, the laser evaporates the excess frenula within seconds. This allows patients to immediately return to normal activities. The CO2 laser treatment is safe for babies, children, and adults. Thus, parents can consult with a specialist regarding treatment for their infant child. “We recommend treating the condition as early as possible since babies are likely to experience malnourishment. However, if the child is older, treatment is still necessary to avoid future complications like speech development,” says Dr. Rosenberg. In all, seeking professional guidance for a child’s speech development is essential. Underlying issues such as lip and tongue-tie conditions require consultation from a specialist. If you suspect your child of having lip or tongue-tie conditions, request an appointment with Dr. Fawn Rosenberg of Lexington Smile Studio today. Parents may call (781) 861-SMILE or book an appointment online at The office is conveniently located at 922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421. About Fawn Rosenberg, DMD, FAGD Dr. Fawn Rosenberg graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 1985 and received her Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1990. Since then, Dr. Rosenberg has been using a variety of lasers in dentistry for more than 20 years. Her credentials have been recognized at Brigham and Women’s Hospital along with Tufts, Boston, and Harvard universities where she previously held staff appointments. Dr. Rosenberg is devoted to continuing her education while participating in dental organizations. She is an active member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals and International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals.

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For over 10 years, helping children with speech and feeding therapy including: Dyslexia, auditory processing and language disorders, social skills training, articulation including apraxia, stuttering and voice therapy using evidence-based treatment strategies provided by skilled speech pathologists

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May 2019 |


Question How can you tell if a baby is happy? Our baby Josh is 6-months old. He seems quite alert and intelligent. Sometimes I worry that he doesn’t seem as happy as other babies I’ve seen. He often has a very serious expression on his face. His grandmother thinks he’s grumpy, even though she’s seen him laugh, just not with her. He needs time and a little bit of playfulness before he warms up. Is there anything we can do to make him more cheerful?

Answer Isn’t it funny how until you become a parent you don’t really notice how different one baby is from another? A year ago, you may have thought that most babies looked at least

Sometimes, of course, a parent might notice a differences between her own baby and another and wonder, “Is my baby okay?” And sometimes, a parent might also

Some babies have temperamental characteristics that can make them more puzzling for adults to figure out. entertain the idea that what is unique about her baby may be a sign that that there is something to worry about. It is natural to wonder if a baby’s usual expression is a clue to his inner feelings, and then to wonder if that is something that might be a problem. Babies don’t all look like the round jolly-faced cherubs we see in advertisements. In fact, some

Babies don’t all look like the round jolly-faced cherubs we see in advertisements. somewhat alike. Now, if you walked into a room of 20 babies you would be able to spot Josh immediately, right? That’s because the more you tune into your own baby’s unique characteristics — the curve of his cheek, the cowlick, the way he holds his head — the more you see him for himself.


Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

A serious baby like Josh may not give parents or grandparents the kind of instant feedback that a more cheerful or outgoing baby delivers with every interaction.

babies, just like some adults, seem to be naturally serious in just the way you are describing Josh. They reserve their smiles and laughter for times when they are really amused. If you see a smile you know that they’re absolutely delighted, and a laugh means that something is really, really funny.

Parents of a serious child sometimes worry that they are doing something wrong or that their child isn’t responding to them. We tend to think that if a baby isn’t smiling he isn’t noticing (or appreciating) what we say or do. But some babies show their interest by watching and listening, and the signs that they are engaged are subtle — eyes widening, tracking conversations, turning to hear a parents’ voice or moving up and down when you sing to them. As you start to tune into Josh’s unique way of relating to you and the world you’ll be better able to understand who he is as a person and describe him to others. You’ll become more aware of what is pleasing to him without waiting for a smile to let you know if he is happy or amused. Look for the cues that tell you when he’s in a good mood or he is enjoying the way you are playing with him.

It is natural to wonder if a baby’s usual expression is a clue to his inner feelings, and then to wonder if that is something that might be a problem. Does he lean forward when he’s interested? Does he wiggle his toes or wave his hands when you bring out a toy he likes? How does he let you know when he wants to eat, and how does he let you know if he likes what you’ve offered him? If Josh is not happy — fussy or fretful — how does he let you know the way he wants to be soothed?  Does he quiet gradually or can you distract him by giving him something to capture his attention? 

Different Temperaments Some babies have temperamental characteristics that can make them more puzzling for adults to figure out. Josh’s serious expression is just one example. Temperament is a child’s behavioral style that seems to be inborn. This style is as much a part of your child as the color of his eyes. There are other styles of infant temperament that can be challenging: THE “NON-CUDDLY” ACTIVE BABY Some babies prefer to move around rather than be held. They may seem to stiffen a little when you hold them close. A baby who acts as though he needs “space” may make a parent feel as though he doesn’t want love and attention. That’s not true, of course. He may prefer that you talk to him or show him things rather than cuddle him. A non-cuddly baby needs to be held, but usually in certain ways, and you have to figure out what works. THE “UNPREDICTABLE” ARRHYTHMIC BABY Some babies sleep in very irregular patterns, acting tired one evening and staying up late the next, or having short or long

or no naps during the day. An unpredictable baby can become grouchy from fatigue and act unhappy when he is really just sleepy. Parents of these babies may wind up exhausted and grouchy themselves from trying to react to

A baby who acts as though he needs “space” may make a parent feel as though he doesn’t want love and attention. the baby’s unpredictable schedule. You may have to impose a schedule and hope that your baby will gradually adapt to it. THE “INTENSE” OR “PASSIONATE” BABY An intense baby may scream or cry loudly whenever he feels distressed, unlike a milder baby who might simply frown or whimper. If a baby reacts strongly to anything he doesn’t like, it can be hard to know how to respond. You can’t quiet the baby every time he gets worked up, since he probably needs to blow off steam. You have to learn how much distress is just normal for that particular baby.

and family don’t understand how delightful their baby is most of the time, because he acts so differently when he is out. “Letting go of judgment” is a useful phrase to consider. I find that when parents learn to observe their babies without comparing them to others it’s easier for them to feel comfortable with the baby they have. Babies like Josh don’t need to be fixed, they just need to be understood and valued for who they are. Of course, if your baby has any characteristics that continue to worry you, be sure to talk to your pediatrician or and infant care specialist. Someone who has seen lots of different babies is usually able to help you distinguish between differences in development that matter and those that do not. Meg Zweiback is a Nurse Practitioner who counsels parents about children’s behavior and development.

THE “SLOW-TOWARM-UP” BABY Some babies take a while to get used to new people or places. These babies smile much more often at home than when they are in a new environment. Parents of a “slow-to-warm-up” baby may feel as though their friends May 2019 |



All Aboard

VINTAGE FAMILY TRAIN RIDES HOBO & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroads


hat could be more nostalgic than riding the rails across even just a pocket of America with your family? There’s no better way to show your kids that life is about the jour-

ney, and not the destination than by taking some time out of the driver’s seat to sit shoulder to shoulder and take in the sights and sounds of the wheels and whistles from the track. No matter if it’s just a short jaunt on a steam locomotive this time— the oldfashioned swing railroad bridges, freight cars, and rolling landscapes will have everyone sputtering to life and planning their next long-distance rail journey.

HOBO & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroads


oted “best ride for kids”, the Hobo Railroad scenic train ride rambles just long enough along the peaceful forest and Pemigewasset River for parents to relax and children to be delighted. Live music and on-board entertainment like guitarists and clowns making balloon animals make this the perfect choice for a family full of youngins or a child’s first railroad trip. Check the schedule for Storybook Sundays and Putt & Ride Passes. Lincoln, NH For a longer trip and lakeside splendor, climb aboard a vintage coach in Meredith, NH for a magnificent ride along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee that will travel through the great lawns of summer homes and afford a water view from the rails. Rail & Sail Packages begin in June. Meredith, NH

Conway Scenic Railroad


f an old-fashioned train ride with mountain views sounds like just the ticket, book your ride on the Valley Train departing from North Conway’s historic 1874 station. Choose from two family-friendly excursions— the one-hour Conway, perfect for young children and the bit longer Bartlett “over the river and through the woods” journey. Reserve a seat in the 1898 first class car, the Gertrude Emma, and watch the world roll by from your comfortable wicker chair. River crossings and daydreaming guaranteed. Children under 4 ride free. North Conway, NH Conway Scenic Railroad



Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

There’s no better way to show your kids that life is about the journey, and not the destination than by taking some time out of the driver’s seat to sit shoulder to shoulder and take in the sights and sounds of the wheels and whistles from the track.



or a depot stop that has it all, visit the Lenox Station museum featuring an authentic replica station along with historic railroad displays and exhibits. This is the place to wet your whistle with a short ride in the cab of the “jitney” before heading to Adams for a one-hour scenic and educational narrated train ride on the classic 1955 Budd RDC through the Berkshire Hills. BSRM is steadfast in their dedication to railroad history and renovation projects. Check out their plans for the old Stockbridge route! Adams, MA

Berkshire Scenic Railway Train

Essex Steam Train & Riverboat


or the ultimate combination excursion on both rail and river, plan an afternoon the whole family will treasure for years to come on the Essex vintage coach steam locomotive and three-tiered true Mississippi Becky Thatcher riverboat. This 2 ½-hour journey begins with a 12-mile narrated train ride through pretty, coastal towns and tidal wetlands, and ends with a breathtaking 1-hour cruise along the Connecticut River. Bring your binocs for viewing the historic Gillette Castle and Goodspeed Opera House, and for the variety of bird habitats you’ll pass through on the train. Opt for a first class Pullman parlor car outfitted with individual padded swivel seats, or a ride on the caboose on select weekends. Check the calendar for Day Out with Thomas special event dates. Essex, CT


Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum & Hoosac Valley Train

Essex Steam Train



Cape Cod Canal Railroad

Cape Cod Central Railroad & Museum


ranberry bogs, salt marshes, sand dunes, Oh My! Reserve your tickets onboard the Coastal Excursion train for a narrated two-hour tour showcasing Cape Cod’s natural beauty and the Cape Cod Canal. Want to pair this with an activity? A one-hour whistle stop at Pairpoint Glass includes a facility tour and viewing of live glass blowing. Hyannis, MA

n explorable, restored caboose and gleaming depot make this one stop you don’t want to miss before heading back to the mainland! Thousands of railroad artifacts like menus, lanterns, timetables, and even working Western Union telegraph equipment will have everyone rolling back in time. Located at Cape Cod Central Railroad. Chatham, MA

May 2019 |




explore our event calendar at ARTWEEKMA.ORG 18

Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

Calendar Eastern Bluebirds

Thursday, May 9 Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary 208 S Great Road, Lincoln 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. 781-259-2200 Northern Cardinals

Birds of a Feather

Carolina Wren

Flock together and greet the songbirds that are preparing to build nests and raise their families. Meet a couple of feathered friends and create bird nest helpers to take home for the birds in your neighborhood. For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $16. May 2019 |


Nature Time

1 Wednesday ArtWeek Boston Various locations, Boston. A twice-annual 10-day collection of events throughout the city, featuring interactive and creative experiences. Through May 5. Full schedule at

I’m a Little Tadpole 3:30 – 5pm, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, 208 S Great Road, Lincoln. I’m a little tadpole, soon to be a frog. I’ll jump from the water and sit on a log! Spring is the time for frogs (and salamanders) to lay eggs. Meet frogs, listen for their songs, and check for babies swimming in the pond. For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $16. 781-259-2200;

10:30 – 11:15am, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, 1904 Canton Ave, Milton. Programs may feature a story, nature games, crafts, short walks outside, or meeting one of the museum’s animal residents. Meet, play, and learn with other area families. Each program runs for 45 minutes and meets most Thursdays. For families with children ages 3-6. Registration required, Adults $6/ Children $9. 617-983-8500;

Dana Hall Hosts a Conversation on Girls and Stress 7pm, Dana Hall School 45 Dana Rd. Wellesley. Pigs dig and potatoes grow underground. Will the pigs dig for

2 Thursday Some Bunny Loves You 10 – 11am, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, 208 S Great Road, Lincoln. Hop, hop, hop! Have an up-close visit with a Drumlin Farm rabbit and have a snack it would love to eat! We’ll search for rabbit hiding places around the sanctuary and visit the garden to plant a rabbit treat. For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $16. 781-259-2200;







Math • Science • English • Test Prep • Art • Baseball • Basketball • Field Hockey • Flag Football • Multi-Sports • Lacrosse • Soccer • Strength & Conditioning





Boston Parents Paper | May 2019



Chinese Summer Camp 中文青少年夏令营 for Youth


Drawing & Painting

Date | July 8 ~ July 19 • Time | 9:00 am ~ 3:00 pm Location | Bryant University


• Classes led by professional Chinese teachers with experience teaching K-12 students • Designed for student activites & group exercises Applications open at For questions or more info, please contact Ms. Kun Xie at 401-232-6883 or

& More!

Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing

Discover Summer Camp at Exxcel

Register now at

Offered Weekly June 24 – August 29 Enjoy Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Zip-Line, Bungee, Obstacle Courses, Water Slides, Group Games, Arts & Crafts, Great Weekly Themes, Fun Field Trips or Special In-House Events And Much More . . .

61 Washington Park, Newton, MA 617-964-3424 |

PreSchool – Ages 3-5 years Pre-School Campers can choose Half, Full and Extended Days Gymnastics Camp – Ages 5+ Rock Climbing/Sports Camp – Ages 6+ Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm Extended Day Available

Where kids matter most! TM



88 Wells Avenue • Newton 617-244-3300 •



Come Discover the Joy of Dancing! CLASSES START AT AGE 2 AND ARE OFFERED 7 DAYS A WEEK Register now for Summer & Fall Check out our Free Performance! - Sunday, May 19th at 3:00pm at The Street, Chestnut Hill. Ages 2 and Up

• Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Contemporary • Creative Movement • Pre-Ballet/Tap • Musical Theater • Street Jazz and Lyrical WINNER • And More! 330 Watertown St., Newton • 617-641-0784 TM


May 2019 |


potatoes? We’ll dig, plant, and pig out! Then we’ll feed the pigs a garden treat. For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $16.

3 Friday

NRT’s 2019 Spring Farm Festival 10am, Natural Resources Trust of Easton 307 Main Street North Easton. Admission includes all games, crafts, activities, music, and games. See website for details. 508-238-6049;

Star Gazing Nights

Pigs and Potatoes 3:30 – 5pm, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, 208 S Great Road, Lincoln. Pigs love to dig and potatoes grow underground. Will the pigs dig for us? Join us for some digging, planting, and pigging out. You’ll plant potatoes and feed the pigs a garden treat. FREE. 781-259-2200;

4 Saturday

9 – 11pm, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, 293 Moose Hill Parkway, Sharon. Join local astronomers for a look at the stars and other night objects through big telescopes. The event is on-going, so drop in for all or just some of the evening. This free program is cancelled if sky conditions are cloudy/milky or in the event of deep snow/extreme cold. For ages 6 and up. FREE. 781784-5691;

Kids Tag Sale by Chelmsford Mothers’ Club

Wake up the Earth Festival 11am – 6pm, Southwest Corridor Park, Jamaica Plain. The parade begins at 11am, followed by multiple stages of entertainment, craft and food vendors, and much more. FREE. 617-524-6373;

Boston By Little Feet 10am, Park Street MBTA Station, Boston. This child’seye view of the Freedom Trail’s architecture and history is especially designed for young walkers from 6-12 years of age. Reservations required. $12. 617-367-2345;

9am, McCarthy Middle School 250 North Road Chelmsford. The Chelmsford Mothers’ Club Kids Tag Sale is one of the biggest children’s consignment sales in the greater Lowell and suburban Boston areas. FREE.

5 Sunday New England Right Whale Festival 11am – 3pm, New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston. Hear from scientists and researchers about


Summer STEM Programs Lego Engineering, Robotic Programming, Stop Motion Animation, and Minecraft!



Boston Parents Paper | May 2019






efforts to protect this highly endangered species and take part in family activities. FREE. 617-973-5200; neaq. org

Birds and Breakfast (42nd Annual) 7am – 12pm, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, 280 Eliot Street, Natick. This year celebrate Mother’s Day a week early! Be an early bird and come on your own or with family and friends for guided birding explorations followed by a homemade breakfast (pancakes and REAL maple syrup from the Natick Community Organic Farm) at the Nature Center. For families with children ages 5 and up. Registration required. Adult $19/Child $11. 508655-2296;

May Fair Noon to 6pm, Harvard Square, Cambridge. This annual spring festival includes multiple stages of music and dance, food, vendors, children’s activities and very cool sidewalk chalk art. FREE. 617-491-3434; harvardsquare. com

6 Monday MFA Playdates

making and looking activities in the galleries. Free with admission. 617-267-9300;

7 Tuesday Magical Meadow 10 – 11am, Habitat Education and Wildlife Sanctuary, 10 Juniper Road, Belmont. Over in the meadow, flowers are beginning to pop up, birds are looking for nesting materials, and insects are zipping this way and that. We will explore with nets and magnifying glasses, and look at and listen to the life all around us. For children ages 0-5 with an adult. Registration required. $8. 617-4895050;

8 Wednesday Backyard and Beyond: Summit Great Hill 11pm, The Discovery Museums, 177 Main St., Acton. Join us as we summit Great Hill! Don’t worry, the hike is short and easy and you won’t need to bring a pack, but we will pause at the top for a snack if you’d like to bring one along. Free with admission. 978-264-4200;

10:15am, Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston. Bring your toddler to enjoy story time, art

Results that make

a Difference

q- South Shore OrHERAPIES


Specializing in Pediatric Occupational & Speech Therapy • • • •






2015 TOP 5



2016 TOP 5



2017 TOP 5



May 2019 |


9 Thursday Birds of a Feather 10 – 11am, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, 208 S Great Road, Lincoln. Flock together and greet the songbirds that are preparing to build nests and raise their families. Meet a couple of feathered friends and create bird nest helpers to take home for the birds in your neighborhood. For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $16. 781259-2200;


Nature Time 10:30 – 11:15am, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, 1904 Canton Ave, Milton. Programs may feature a story, nature games, crafts, short walks outside, or meeting one of the museum’s animal residents. Meet, play, and learn with other area families. Each program runs for 45 minutes and meets most Thursdays. For families with children ages 3-6. Registration required. Adults $6/Children $9. 617-983-8500;

10 Friday Trucks, Tractors and Tools May 11, Opening of Large Mountain Lion Exhibit at EcoTarium

3:30 – 5pm, Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, 208 1 3/16/17 12:47 PM Page 1


“I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!” Learn, create, and explore at the JCC Early Learning Centers JCC Early Learning Center • Brookline/Brighton Godine Early Learning Center • Newton Gilson Early Learning Center • Sharon JCC Early Learning Center at Congregation Sha’aray Shalom • Hingham Everyone welcome


Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

S Great Road, Lincoln. Search for trucks, tractors, and tools all over the farm and see the important jobs they help do. What did farmers use before they had machines? Meet a farmer and take a hayride while getting a behind-the-scenes look at these mega machines! For families with children ages 0-8. Registration required. $17.50. 781-259-2200;

11 Saturday March for Babies 9am, 45 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Join in a scenic walk while raising money for the March of Dimes. Registration required. 508-366-9066;

Special Storytime: Matt Phelan, Heidi E. Y. Stemple, and Jane Yolen The Eric Carle Museum, 125 West Bay Road, Amherst A Kite for Moon, co-written by New York Times bestselling author Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple, and illustrated by award-winning artist Matt Phelan, tells the heartfelt story about a young boy’s fascination and unlikely friendship with the moon. Free with admission. 413-559-6300;

Opening of Large Mountain Lion Exhibit at EcoTarium Franklin Park Zoo, 222 Harrington Way, Worcester. The EcoTarium museum of science and nature enthusiastically announces that two mountain lions and several native bird species are at the center of Wild Cat Station, a new spectacular outdoor exhibitFree with admission. 508-929-2738;

Celebrate Azize’s Fourth Birthday! 10am – 2pm, Franklin Park Zoo, 1 Franklin Park Road, Boston. Azize, the baby of the gorilla troop, turns four. Sign a card, have some cake and learn more about gorillas. Free with admission. 617-989-3742;


Welcoming Future Leaders • Toddlers through Grade 5 • Outstanding academic achievements • Flexible Early Childhood schedules • Before school care available • After school enrichment • Summer and vacation programs

3 McGinnis Dr, Burlington | 781-272-1014

NEWTON SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Open Houses: Thursday, May 2 9-11am & 4-5pm Friday, May 3 9-11am & 4-5pm Saturday, May 4 9am-12pm

Since 1982

25 Lenglen Road, Newton MA (617) 965-1705

Little People’s Playhouse

Educating and caring for your child like their own!

15 mos. to 6 yrs. • Pre K • Kindergarten Before & After School Ages 6-12 • 7am - 6pm Part-time Preschool • 7am - 1pm ♦ Literacy based academic program focusing on the whole child ♦ Tutoring available ♦ Catered hot meals included

ONGOING ENROLLMENT 32 South Fairview Street ♦ W. Roxbury/Roslindale Line ♦ 617-323-2566 4019 Washington Street ♦ Roslindale/Jamaica Plain ♦ 617-323-6144

Our mission is to create an early childhood program that fulfills the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of what is known to be the most significant period of human development.

Boston Pops Star Wars: A New Hope 3pm, Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. Join Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops as they present this classic film with live orchestral accompaniment of the unforgettable John Williams score. $37 and up; 50% off youth tickets. 888-266-1200;

12 Sunday Duckling Day 10am – 12:30pm, Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common, Boston. Dress up as a Make Way for Duckling character and parade through the Common. After, enjoy games, music, magic and more. Family, $40. 617-599-8509;

Mother’s Day Picnic and Lilac Festival

• Professional Staff • Toddler, Preschool & Transition Program • Music & Movement • Spanish & Gymnastics • 7:30am - 5:45pm • Summer Program Available

Friends Childcare offers an exciting, creative curriculum, as well as fun and stimulating learning activities for all age groups. Tailor-made schedule 7AM-6PM, 5 days a week. Regular in-house enrichment programs such as nature exploration, music, gross motor program, and baby massage are included in the tuition.

• Infants

(Birth to 15 Months)

• Toddlers

(15 Months to 33 Months)

• Preschool/ Pre-Kindergarten (33 Months to 5 Years)

Brookline • 617-731-1008 • 617-739-0854

Call or email us to schedule a tour • May 2019 |


10am-1pm, Stevens-Coolidge Place North Andover. Get outside with your family this Mother’s Day and celebrate Mom with a picnic at The Stevens-Coolidge Place surrounded by the peak of lilac season. Enjoy live music and explore the garden with your little ones. Play croquet, bocce, ring toss, and other lawn games that will be set up throughout the garden. Take a family photo among the beautiful gardens. Registration required. Adults, $30, moms free; youth, $15. 978-356-5728; ttor. org

allowed on the grounds but food must be brought in to the Arboretum—no food vendors on site. FREE. 617-3845253;

Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Zoo

Lilac Sunday, 10am – 3pm, Arnold Arboretum, 125 Arborway, Boston. The lilac is celebrated with tours and activities. Stay for lunch – it’s the one day picnicking is

Mother’s Day 9:30am- 5pm, Old Sturbridge Village, 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road, Sturbridge. Visit the Village to learn about 19th century parenting, watch cooking demos and partake in hands-on crafts. Free with admission; moms, free. 800-733-1830; 10am – 6 pm, Franklin Park Zoo & Stone Zoo. Celebrate your mom (and all of the zoo moms!) with FREE ADMISSION for all mothers throughout the day. Bring Mom along with the entire family to the Zoo for a memorable day spent discovering incredible animals! Moms free, free with admission. 617-989-3742;

18 Saturday MuckFest MS 9am, Willard Athletic Complex, Antietam St. & Sherman Ave., Boston. A 5K muddy obstacle course (ages 12 and up) supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Younger kids (ages 5-11) will enjoy the free mucky play area.

MAY COOP KIDS SATURDAY, MAY 4 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME & CRAFT Celebrating May flowers

SATURDAY, MAY 11 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME & CRAFT Join us to celebrate Mother’s Day with stories and a craft SATURDAY, MAY 11 at 2:00 PM We will host a poetry reading for All Contest Participants. In appreciation of everyone’s efforts, a complete anthology of entries will go on exhibit in the Children’s Department SATURDAY, MAY 18 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME & CRAFT Celebrating little books for little hands. A board book storytime featuring authors Steve and Chieri Degregorio reading their books Vehicles & Animals then a fun craft

AUTISM SERVICES Your insurance pays, we provide.

DIRECT BEHAVIORAL SERVICES provides customized ABA services and social groups (funded by your health insurance) to children in Framingham, Metro West and Greater Boston. No waiting list.

SATURDAY, MAY 25 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME & CRAFT Celebrate families and fun with stories and a craft


EVERY TUESDAY AT 11:00 AM STORYTIME Children ages 1 to 6 and their caregivers are welcome to join us for stories and snacks. All events are free, open to the public and are held in the Children’s Book Department.


1400 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 617-499-2000


Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

We work on social skills, language play skills, self-help skills and academic skills at home, school and community. Supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Call 508.834.8366 or email Now accepting Mass Health and most insurances.

and tales around the campfire. Adults, $10; youth, free. 781-740-7233; Family Owl Prowl, 7pm, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, 1904 Canton Ave., Milton. Practice owl calls and meet Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival some of the museum’s resident owls before going on a Noon –night 4pm, Brookline School Quad, 115 hike to search High for them. Registration required. $10. Greenough Street, Brookline. Loud and thunderous, 617-983-8500;

in addition to food, games, and music, theNorth festival’s Stargazing: Jewels of the Night, 7pm, River artisticWildlife draw isSanctuary, the region’s only St., public taiko 2000 Main Marshfi eld. drumming Join astronomy enthusiast Reedthroughout as he guides you showcase featuring taikoPeter groups New throughsuggested the constellations. Registration $13. England. $5 donation, $10-20 required. for families. 781-837-9400;

ENTERTAINMENT Super Heroes for Endangered Species Day Varying times, Franklin Park Zoo, 1 Franklin Park Rd., Celebrate Boston. Meet Spider-Man and Black Panther, and in learn everything how you can unleash your own powers to be heroes at 617for our endangered species! Free with2017 admission. 541-5466;

Spring Nature Walks

Online Ordering Available

1 – Rosalita's 2pm, Boston Nature Center, Host 500 Walk Street, Puppets yourHill next party Mattapan. Experience the wonders ofinspring on our new 617-633-2832 a Teacher Naturalist led walk around the wildlife Decorating Kitchen sanctuary. Observe the beauty of spring flowers in bloom, listen toRentals the birds as they start returning from J & J Pony their winter grounds, and watch for animals tracks • Quiet, gentle, lovable ponies; in large the fresh mud. For ages and small available for 5 and up. Registration any occasion. required. $7. 617-983-8500;

with refreshments by the fire. $10 per car. 978-886-5297;

Family Comedy Show is all about letting creativity 31 Tuesday flourish in an accepting atmosphere. Each improv show is an hour-long, all new, and created on the spot based WEST Backwards Storytime, 10am, The Discovery on audience members’ suggestions andMuseums, participation. 177 Main Acton. Celebrate National Backwards Day Free withSt.,admission. 413-559-6300; with silly stories and activities. Free with admission.

978-264-4200; Family Design Day

10:30am, BSA Space, 290 Congress St., Boston. A design and architecture workshop for families, this month & PARTY NEEDS looking at Treehouses. Registration required. $10. 617391-4023; Parents Choice Award er ner nne inn Win Wi W

19 Sunday

Fran Friedman

Children’s Musician & Instructor

Fast & Furriest 5K –

8am, Baxter Park, Assembly Row, Somerville. A familyPreschool & Elementary Music Specialist friendly fundraiser for the MSPCA including a timed 5K

Lots of Participation & Fun for All! 508-358-1614 • ENTERTAINMENT AND PARTY NEEDS

BIG JOE the Storyteller

Original & classic stories Props, puppets, & surprises

• Pony parties at your place or

at the farm. Happier Family Show at The Eric • Customized packagesComedy at reasonable rates Carle Museum

3pm. 125 West Bay Road, Amherst. Their Happier


Celebrate everything 2019 at HUNTERS OnlineHAVEN OrderingFARM Available

104 King St., Groveland, MA

Birthday Parties, Schools, Concerts, Run. Walk. Wag Libraries

Birthday Parties Schools Libraries Special Events



Enrollment Now offering Down? GLUTEN-FREE items WINNER

Advertise Here! Cakes, Cookies, Candies, Gift Baskets & All Your Party Needs!

1356 Beacon St., Brookline Call 617-566-3330

Host978-373-1300 your next party in our new 617.522.1515 Decorating Kitchen 34 Boston Parents Paper | January 2017

J & J Pony Rentals • Pony parties for all occasions at your place or at the farm. • Riding Lessons • Summer Camp

LLeett’s’sy! Pa arrtty! P

“Come Bounce Off Our Walls”

• 100% Private Birthday Parties Open Bounce Bounce & & Family Family Fun Fun •• Open Field TripParties Programs •• Birthday Glow Trip & Rock Star Parties •• Field Programs

• Glow & Rock Star Parties

Parents Choice Award er ner nne Win Wiinn W


2018 2016 TOP10 10 TOP

Peabody, MA MA Peabody, 978-532-5868 978-532-5868

Fran Friedman

Children’s Musician & Instructor Birthday Parties, Schools, Concerts, Libraries

Preschool & Elementary Music Specialist Lots of Participation & Fun for All! 508-358-1614 •




Now offering GLUTEN-FREE items

Cakes, Cookies, Candies, Gift Baskets & All Your Party Needs! 1356 Beacon St., Brookline 617-566-3330






D e d h a m H e a l t h K i d s . c o m / B i r t h d a y - Pa r t i e s May 2019 |


fun run, walk and kids’ fun run – each including dogs. See website for pricing. 978-687-7453; fastandfurriest. com

25 Saturday

21 Tuesday

11:30am & 2:30pm, Franklin Park Zoo, 1 Franklin Park Road, Boston. Adventure-seeking kiddos can test their climbing skills on a rope spider web, and insect enthusiasts can bug out at interactive education stations and even meet some real-life insect ambassadors up close during daily encounters Free with admission. 617-9893742;

Visit the Japanese House 11am, Boston Children’s Museum, 308 Congress St., Boston. Experience Japanese family life, customs, ceremonies, art, architecture and seasonal events in this 100-year-old house. Free with admission. 617-426-6500;

Toddler Tuesdays 10am – 2pm, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston, 598 Assembly Row, Somerville. Special toddler activities and story time for the youngest LEGO fans. Adults, $16; youth ages 3-5, $14. 866-228- 6439; boston

Wicked Big Bugs Exhibit Opening

Lexington Discovery Day 10am – 3pm, Muzzey Street/Waltham Street Municipal Parking Lot, Lexington. A street fair with food, fun, clowns, exhibits from town departments and more. FREE. 781-862-1034;

26 Sunday Newburyport Spring Festival

Peek a Blue Hike 11am, Houghton’s Pond, 840 Hillside St., Milton. A free, one hour guided hike for kids, including a simple scavenger hunt and refreshments. FREE. 781-828-1805;

10am – 5pm, Downtown Newburyport. Enjoy live music, art, fine crafts and food from Newburyport’s best restaurants. Kid’s entertainment, live music and more. FREE. 978-462-6680;


GET THE BEST REPORT CARD YET! GET AHEAD IN MATH & READING. Join us as we play math games, read books and apply our studies to our daily lives. Call in today to reserve a slot!

1pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan. Ladybugs are beautiful insects that are also deadly hunters! Learn what makes ladybugs insects, why they are red in color, and how they help our gardens by eating pests. For families with children ages 5-12. Registration required. Adults FREE/Children $7. 617-9838500;

27 Monday


2016 TOP 5

32 South Fairview St., Roslindale, MA

617-323-2566 SPACE AVAILABLE

Making a Difference One Skater at a Time

Memorial Day Commemorate the holiday by attending a local Memorial Day parade. Several towns, including Somerville, Sudbury, Stoneham and Quincy, hold annual parades. Check your town’s website for details.

Powisset Farm Trail Run 9am, Powisset Farm, 37 Powisset Street, Dover. All races begin and end at Powisset Farm near the main barn and utilize Powisset Farm’s scenic Meadow Loop trail which is a very flat and grassy trail characterized by views of the farm, rock walls, hundred plus year old fencing and numerous bird boxes. Registration req. www.thetrustees. org

30 Thursday Greek Festival in Arlington BP201819


Boston Parents Paper | May 2019

5pm, Saint Athanasius 4 Appleton St Arlington. Live Greek Music, dancing authentic Greek food, children’s activities. Repeats Friday, Satureday and Sunday. Free.




8:03 AM

My Montessori-Sudbury Sudbury, MA 978-883-8000 Nashoba Montessori School Lancaster, MA 978-365-6669 Newburyport Montessori School Newburyport, MA 978-462-7165 Newton Montessori School Newton, MA 617-969-4488 North Shore Montessori School Rowley, MA 978-495-2244 Norwood Montessori School Norwood, MA 781-769-6150 Notre Dame Children’s Class Wenham, MA 978-468-1340 Oak Meadow School Littleton, MA 978-486-9874 Old Colony Montessori School Hingham, MA 781-749-3698 Panda Cub Academy Brookline, MA 617-614-7709 Pincushion Hill Montessori School Ashland, MA 508-881-2123 Pinewood School of Montessori Plymouth, MA 508-746-5127 Pioneer Valley Montessori School 413-782-3108 Pond View Montessori School Dedham, MA 781-801-7939 Acton Montessori School Acton, MA 978-263-4333 Adams Montessori School Quincy, MA Reading Montessori School Petersham Montessori School Reading, MA 781-944-1057Petersham, MA Adams Montessori SchoolMontessori Quincy, 617-773-8200 Amesbury SchoolMA Amesbury, MA Pincushion Hill Newburyport, Montessori MA School 978-465 0065Ashland, MA River Valley Charter School Amesbury Montessori Amesbury, MA 978-518-5113 Amherst School Montessori School Amherst, MARock and Roll Preschool Pioneer Valley Montessori Cambridge, MASchool 857-259-6891Springfield, MA Amherst Montessori School Amherst, MA 413-253-3101 Andover School of Montessori, Inc. Andover, MA Sam Placentino Elementary Reading Montessori School School Holliston, MA 508-429-0647Reading, MA Andover School Montessori, Inc. Academy Andover, MA 978-475-2299 BayofFarm Montessori Duxbury, MASandwich MontessoriRiver School SchoolValley Charter Sandwich, MA 508-888-4222Newburyport, MA Bay Farm Montessori Duxbury, MA 781-934-7101 BedfordAcademy Montessori School Bedford, MA Seaside Montessori School Riverbend School Hull, MA 781-773-1588Natick, MA Bedford Montessori SchoolMontessoriBedford, 781-275-3344 Bridgeview SchoolMA Sagamore, MA Sandwich Montessori Sandwich, MA Shrewsbury Montessori School Shrewsbury, MA 508-842-2116 Bellingham Children’ s House 508-966-2752 Burlington Montessori Bellingham, School MA Burlington, MA Seaside Montessori School Hull, MA Summit Montessori School Framingham, MA 508-872-3630 Cambridge MontessoriCanton, SchoolMA Cambridge, MA Shrewsbury Montessori School Shrewsbury, MA Blue Hill Montessori 781-828-5230 Sunrise Montessori School Franklin, MA 508-541-8010 Children’sSchool House Montessori West Roxbury, MA Silver Spruce Montessori School Grafton, MA Bridgeview Montessori Sagamore, MA 508-888-3567 Tara Montessori School Manchester, MA 978-526-8487 Children's Montessori Burlington, Center MA Danvers, MA Spanish Immersion Montessori Newton, MA Burlington Montessori School 781-273-0432 Milton,School MA 617-361-2522Framingham, MA Children's Inc. Winchester , Thacher MA Montessori School Summit Montessori CA Montessori Children’sOwn CenterSchool,Framingham, MA 508-628-8429 781-334-6436Franklin, MA Children'sSchool Workshop Montessori Marblehead, The MABethlehem SchoolSunrise Montessori School Cambridge Montessori Cambridge, MA 617-492-3410 The Bilingual Montessori Christian Family Montessori SchoolMA 617-325-2233 Holliston, MA Tara Montessori School Manchester, MA Children’s House Montessori West Roxbury, Sharon,School MA 781-784-3000Milton, MA ConcordCenter Montessori School Concord, MA School of Sharon Thacher Montessori Children’s Montessori Danvers, MA 978-774-2144 of Bilingual Montessori School Cottage Montessori Arlington, MAThe Montessori School The Sharon, MA Children’s Workshop Montessori Marblehead, MA 781-631-8687 Northampton Northampton, MA 413-586-4538Canton, MA Dracut Children’s House Dracut, MA The Blue Hill Montessori Christian Family Montessori School Holliston, MA 508-429-5478 of Montessori School of the Berkshires eBridge Montessori School Westborough,The MAMontessori School The Lenox Dale, MA Concord Montessori School Concord, MA 978-369-5900 Lenox Dale, MASchool 413-637-3662Sandwich, MA Hands-On Montessori School Mansfield, MA the Berkshires The Sandwich Montessori Dandelion Montessori CoopMontessoriCambridge, MA 617-354-6400 Natick, MA 508-655 7333Worcester, MA Harborlight Beverly, MA The Riverbend SchoolThe T.E.C. Schools Hands-On Montessori Inc. Wellesley, MA School 781-237-6670Westwood, MA Hill View School Montessori Charter Public School508-339-4667 Haverhill, MAThe Wellesley Montessori The School, Westwood Montessori Harborlight-Stoneridge Westwood, MA 781-329-5557Cambridge, MA Inly School Scituate, MAThe Westwood Montessori TobinSchool Montessori Montessori School Montessori School Beverly, MA 978-922-1008 Tobin 617-349-6600Boston, MA Keystone N. Chelmsford, MAMontessori School Torit MontessoriCambridge, School MA Inly School King's Wood Montessori Scituate, MA 781-545-5544 MontessoriMontessori Boston,School MA 617-292-5181Vineyard Haven, MA School Foxboro, MA Torit Language CenterVineyard Keystone Montessori North Chelmsford, MA 978-251-2929 School Park Montessori Sturbridge, MA KingsleySchool Montessori School Boston, MA Treetops Montessori Walnut School 508-347-8059Newton, MA King’s WoodLexington Montessori School Foxboro, MA 508-543-6391 Montessori School Lexington, MA Wayland Montessori Urban Village Montessori Haverhill, MA 978-361-0793Wayland, MA Kingsley Montessori School Boston, MA Longmeadow Montessori Internationale 617-226-4900 Longmeadow, MA Montessori Wild Vineyard SchoolRose Montessori Vineyard School Haven, MA 508-693-4090Somerville, MA Lexington Montessori Lexington, MA 781-862-8571 MarigoldSchool Montessori School Haverhill, MAWalnut Park Montessori Wildflower School School Montessori Newton, MA 617-969-9208Cambridge, MA LongmeadowMeeting Montessori House Montessori Braintree, MAWollaston Hill Montessori Woodside Academy 617-237-0722Millis, MA School Montessori Quincy, MA Internationale Longmeadow, MA 413-567-1820 Melrose Montessori School Melrose, MA Woodside Montessori Academy Millis, MA 508-376-5320 Melrose Montessori Melrose, MA 781-665-0621 MightySchool Oaks Montessori School Auburn, MA Country Village Montessori Northeast SchoolMontessori Amherst,Institute NH 603-672-3882Rockport, ME BeginningsAuburn, SchoolMA Sandwich, MA Casa dei Bambini Children’s Center603-400-1515Bow, NH Mighty OaksMontessori Montessori School 508-304-7110 Hollis Montessori School Hollis, NH Montessori Day of Wellesley Hills 508-563-9010 Wellesley Hills, MA Hollis Montessori School Hollis, NH Montessori Academy of Cape CodSchoolNorth Falmouth, MA Seacoast Center for Education Stratham, NH 603-590-6360 Montessori Escuela Sandwich, MA Belmont, MA Montessori Children’s House Hanover, NH Montessori Beginnings School 508-477-7730 Southern NH Education Center Londonderry, NH 603-818-8613 Montessori Parent Child Center Boston, MA Southern NH Montessori Academy Londonderry, NH Montessori Country Day Montessori of Greenwich Bay East Greenwich, RI 401-234-1243 School of Northampton Northampton, MA Montessori Pathways of New England Exeter, RI School ofMontessori Holden Holden, MA 508-829-2999 Brattleboro,VT 802-257-0500 My School Montessori of Sudbury Sudbury, MAHilltop Montessori School Montessori School of Greenwich Bay East Greenwich, RI Montessori Day MyHills Montessori of Woburn Woburn, MA Ocean State Montessori East Providence, RI of Wellesley Wellesley Hills, MA 781-795-5571 The listed schools do not discriminate in admission, Nashoba Montessori School Lancaster, MA Sea Rose Montessori Co-op School Portsmouth, RI Montessori Escuela Belmont, MA 508-454-0631 Needham Montessori Needham, MA Hilltop Montessori School Brattleboro, VT Montessori Institute-New England at Harborlight-Stoneridge and employment practices on the basis of race, color, Newburyport Montessori School Newburyport, MA Montessori School Beverly, MA 978-927-9600 Newton Montessori School Newton, MA national or ethnic any other protected category Theorigin, listedorschools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, Montessori Parent Child Center Boston, MA 617-513-4270 North Shore MontessoriWoburn, School Rowley, MA under applicable Federalororethnic State origin, laws. ancestry, sex, religion, gender identity or national My Montessori of Woburn MA 781-333-4898 North Star Montessori Mashpee, MA expression, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, or any Norwood Montessori School Norwood, MA other status protected by applicable law in the administration of its Oak Meadow School Littleton, MA admissions, scholarships, and loans, and its educational, athletic, Old Colony Montessori School Hingham, MA

Montessori IS 21st Century Education

Find a Montessori school near you...

and other programs.

May 2019 |


Memorial Day Open House Free Admission! Monday, May 27, 2019 10 amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5 pm From our galleries to our front lawn, join us for art-making activities and more! Memorial Day Open House is generously supported by MFA Associates/MFA Senior Associates. Supporting Sponsor is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Additional support for MFA Open House Programming is provided by the Lowell Institute.

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