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“We LOVE Tender Loving Care. The teachers are like family. They care for each child like their own family. They are knowledgeable in early childhood education as well as the gentle care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers!!� Woburn - 781-281-2983 | Weston - 781-703-5088 www.tenderlovingcarechildcarecenters.com 2

Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

A hands-on museum for families that blends

science, nature, and play.



177 Main Street, Acton MA 978-264-4200 • discoveryacton.org




a free event for boston public school families!

st rd 4:00 PM 2123 , 2019 Stop by between 1:00 and 4:00 PM on Saturday, Saturday,September September , 2017 Boston Teachers Union & Carson Beach 180 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, MA 02125 (Entrance is off of Day Boulevard, before Carson Beach)



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August 2019

Volume 34 • Number 12


Avoiding the Quick Change!

Transitioning Back To School for Parents and Kids W H AT ’ S I N S I D E

6 Family F.Y.I.

• Back to School Anxiety • Peechy Keen • Best Children’s Hospital

12 naeyc Preschool Listings 19 Calendar of Family Events

Kids 14 15 16 17 19 4


deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Discovery Museum Strawbery Banke Museum Boston Children’s Museum Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

Boston Parents Paper | August 2019


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q- South Shore OrHERAPIES


Specializing in Pediatric Occupational & Speech Therapy • • • •


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Family F.Y.I. Back to school anxiety

How to make the transition easier. Alicia Krueger, BSN, RN, CPEN from Boston Children’s Hospital


National Baseball Card Day

FREE CARDS AUGUST 10, 2019: Topps, MLB and the MLBPA are bringing back National Baseball Card Day for the fourth consecutive year. In the weeks leading up to August 10, every MLB stadium will be distributing packs at games, at Fenway that will be August 8, 9 & 10. Participating hobby shops will also hand out card packs. These packs have team-specific cards different from the national set. 6

Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

eelings of anxiety are expected for children going through transitions such as going back to school. Over the summer, routines have changed and worries of the unknown may begin to stir as the school year approaches. There are ways to recognize anxiety in your child, as well as interventions that can help relieve those feelings. Some behaviors that may indicate your child is having anxiety surrounding the return to school are irritability, change in sleep patterns, continually seeking reassurance or asking repeated questions, and in some cases complaints of headache, fatigue and stomachache. It is important for your child to attend school to learn that their fears can be overcome, as prolonged absence can worsen your child’s fears. LISTEN. One of the best ways to make the school transition easier on your child is to acknowledge their anxiety. This can be done by listening to your child’s feelings and encouraging them to speak to you about how they feel. It is important to validate their feelings and not dismiss them. Demonstrate confidence that your child can handle the situation. PRACTICE. Practicing school routines is another way to prepare your child for school. This can include practice walks to the bus stop, evening routines of packing the backpack and picking out their clothes, or routines that begin when they wake up such as breakfast, getting dressed and traveling to school. Having a school tour prior to the first day can be a great way to introduce the new environment, as well as finding a new friend or neighbor who will be at the school prior to the first day. During the practice runs, it’s helpful to support your child as they think through difficult points of their day such as changing classrooms. ROLE MODEL. Another way to provide relief for your child is modeling the calm behavior you would like to see. This can feel difficult in situations where you feel stressed, rushed, or anxious yourself. To work through your own feelings, think of taking deep breaths and remind yourself that your child’s behavior is being driven by anxiety. SLEEP. Another method to set your child up for success for the new school year is ensuring enough sleep based on their age. The new wake-up schedule for school may need to be slowly implemented 1-2 weeks ahead of the first day. Feelings of fatigue can enhance your child’s anxiety. After the school year begins, if your child continues to display signs of anxiety such as tantrums, problems sleeping, and/or refusal to attend school or activities, speak with your primary care provider about further interventions.

Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing

hkcExxcelGym1608.eps TM




12:54 PM






Exxcel 2016 Gymnastics 2017 2018 and Climbing Enroll Now for Fall Session WINNER







Catch fever8th 2015 Sept.Olympic 3rd – Dec. Classes Available and seeTrial why we were voted Family Favorite twoClimbing years in a•row! Gymnastics • Rock Tumbling Ninja Warrior • Cartwheel & Back Now Enrolling for Fall Handspring Clinics • Vacation Camps Sept. 6th – Dec. 10th Summer Camp • Kid’s Night Out! Trial Classes Available 2016



Gymnastics • Rock Climbing Morning Pre-School Programs Circus Arts way • Cheerleading An Exxcel-ent to start the day. Vacation Camps • Birthday Parties Mom, Dad & Tots – 18 months-3 years Morning Preschool Programs Toddler Classes 2.5 the to 5day! years An Exxcel-ent way to–start

Mom, Dad & Tots – Ages 18 months – 3 years

Tumble, Turn & Learn Tiny Tumblers

WednesdaysAges from to 12pm (ages 3-5) 2.59am – 3 years Gymnastics, Arts & Crafts, Story Time, Tumble, Turn & Learn Outdoor play, New Friends! Wednesdays & Fridays 9 amMake – 12 pm (ages 3 - 5 years)







We know kids’ feet! We know kids’ feet!

Our footwear fitting specialists are knowledgeable, patient and experienced; here listen to your Our footwear fitting specialists areto knowledgeable, needs, measure both your feet, answer your patient and experienced; here to listen to your questions needs, measureand bothmake your suggestions. feet, answer your questions and make suggestions.

Free sion Admeis Fre sion d A mis

FALLOPEN OPEN HOUSE FALL HOUSE Saturday, Sept. 10th Saturday, Sept. 7th

Meet our staff and check out our facility. 2 to 4pm Enjoy open gym activities, zip-line, foam pit, Meet our staff and check out our facility. bungee, trampoline, rock wall and more. Enjoy open gym activities, zip-line, foam pit, 2 - 3 pm for ages 18 months - 4 years bungee, trampoline, rock wall and more. 3 - 4 pm for ages 5 years and up

Where Kids Matter Most 88 • Newton • MA • 02459 88Wells WellsAvenue Avenue • Newton • MA • 02459 617-244-3300 • www.exxcel.net 617-244-3300 • www.exxcel.net

Browse Browse our our selection selection of of shoes shoes at at michelsonshoes.com michelsonshoes.com 1780 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington 781.862.1034 1082 Great Plain Ave., Needham 781.449.2753 1780 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington 781.862.1034 www .michelsonshoes.com 1082 Great Plain Ave., Needham 781.448.2753 www.michelsonshoes.com August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


Family F.Y.I. Apple Appreciation


ave you ever wondered where the cliché of a student giving the teacher a shiny red apple on the first day of school came from? The custom actually dates back to frontier times when the families of children attending school were responsible for helping to both house and feed teachers. The apple became a show of appreciation from pupils.

Wing It A

ugust is full of offbeat holidays that put the emphasis on kindness (National Friendship Day on August 4 and Just Because Day on the 27th), but we’re particularly digging Be an Angel Day, which is celebrated on August 22. What a simple, sweet and fun way to remind your children about the importance of doing something nice for others, like looking out for a younger sibling or lending a helping hand to a person in need.



id you know August marks Peach Month? Make the most of this ripe stone fruit by throwing it on the grill. Cut peaches in half and discard the pit. Place over medium-high heat, first grilling skin side down for three minutes. Flip ’em and grill the other side for one minute. Serve with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

The Best Care for Kids (Again!)


o parent ever wants to make a trip to the hospital (unless it’s to deliver your little bundle of joy), but local moms and dads can take solace in knowing that Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked as the best children’s hospital in the nation once again, according to U.S. News & World Report’s research. Ten hospitals earned a place on the Honor Roll – a distinction awarded to pediatric centers that deliver exceptionally highquality care across multiple specialties. Boston Children’s Hos8

Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

pital tops this year’s Honor Roll and ranks No. 1 in five of the 10 specialties; cancer, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and urology. Meanwhile, an “honor roll” of the 20 best medical centers released last year by US News & World Report listed Massachusetts General Hospital as fourth nationwide, with Brigham and Women’s Hospital claiming spot number 20. The top three spots went to the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Avoiding the Quick Change! Transitioning Back To School for Parents and Kids By Laura Richards

Ah, the dog days of summer — a time for parents

to take a break from school lunches, homework, carpools, sports, and a million other things associated with the school year. The kids get a break too, and they’ve hopefully enjoyed some fun, later nights and a break from the rigors of structured learning. Reality, alas, is fast approaching as we head into summer’s home stretch. In just a few short weeks, the lazy days of summer will turn into the packed schedules and hectic pace of school days. The transition can be rough for all involved, but it doesn’t have to be horrible. Here’s some expert advice to help lessen back-to-school pain and ease the summer-to-school transition.

Routines Are Key

Start planning now and you can prevent some serious grief later. Waiting until the week or even night before to get your kids into school mode just won’t work. Enjoying the last weeks of summer is important, but so is maintaining some semblance of consistency as the countdown to school starts. Mindy Skura, a school adjustment

counselor at the Fowler School in Maynard, sees a lot of struggles with kids who haven’t been given enough time to transition into a school schedule. Some of these struggles include the normal regression of academic and social skills over the summer, but some involve exhausted kids not used to getting up early and following the routine of a school day. These kids have a tendency to forget classroom expectations and are often caught having sidebar conversations with classmates they haven’t seen since June. Skura has observed that kids who weren’t given proper transition time encountered difficulties with focus and attending to tasks. “While it is important to allow ‘kids to be kids’ and incorporate fun into summer vacation, one needs to remember that kids thrive on structure, even in the summer,” Skura shares. “Parents should continue to enforce bedtimes, with perhaps a little leeway, and not allow their children to sleep for half the day. A schedule is helpful so that kids know what to expect.” Laurel Kayne, communications director of the Waldorf School of Lexington in Lexington, echoes Skura’s experiContinued >>>

August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


ence. The main challenge they see at school is getting kids back into a routine. “A couple of weeks before school begins, it helps to set a regular bedtime. Get kids involved in yard work or other household chores to reintroduce them to the idea of best effort and responsibility,” she says. Skura also suggests a balance of fun with some work to mimic a school routine. Allow some screen and general down time along with fresh air and exercise, a healthy diet, some alone time and some time with friends. “Those who stray too far from this in the summer months face the biggest challenges when the school year starts,” she explains.

Activities to Ease the Transition

In addition to tweaking bedtimes and getting kids back to a standard routine, there are activities parents can implement at home to help make this transition easier on everyone. Most elementary and middle school kids have summer reading or even math work to complete. Early August is the perfect time to check in with your kids to see if those projects are on track. Take a trip to the library to make sure they have the books they need. Kayne suggests parents encourage progress, but avoid micromanaging. “Summer learning should be easygoing and fun. Writing letters to a grandparent or far-away friend is a great way for older students to keep writing skills fresh without it feeling like school work,” Kayne recommends. She says that writing by hand has been shown to activate neural networks, so skip the keyboard and pick up a pen. “Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, but do encourage vivid descriptions and stories. Younger students can draw a picture.” Skura recommends playdates with school peers. “This can ease the social awkwardness when classmates see one another again after a two-month stretch. Conversely, this can reduce the excess chatter with peers in the classroom as they won’t have as much to catch up on,” she advises. For incoming kindergarteners, playdates are often arranged through the school ahead of time and can be enormously helpful for kids just starting out, so check your school’s website for information on upcoming events. These also help parents connect and swap stories of what is or isn’t working for them as they lead up to the big first day.


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

Parents can take everyday opportunities to creatively get their kids’ minds working. If you go out to eat, have the kids guess how much the restaurant bill will be and older kids can help figure out the tip. Cook or bake together and have them measure the ingredients. “There are unique opportunities for learning in the summer and engaging children in a continued love of learning and quest for new knowledge serves them well, both for getting back into school mode and overall,” Skura says. Playing games like Mancala, Monopoly, Connect Four and others all have some aspect of counting, math and learning which helps keep kids’ minds sharp while having fun.

Instill Enthusiasm

As a parent and educator, Cara Chase sees both sides of the back-to-school coin. She has three children ranging in age from 4 to 9 and is the director of a preschool in Framingham. Her husband and parents are all teachers so the beginning of school has always been a fun and exciting time. She and her husband try to generate the same excitement with their kids come August. “I strongly believe it is the way you talk about the return to school with your children that makes all the difference,” she says. “Children look to us as their emotional compass and positivity will lead to great places!” Chase finds it helpful to know that the beginning of the school year is typically a review time for most kids and teachers. She says that, especially for younger children, new material is not typically introduced until October or sometimes even November. “Teachers are transitioning back to school as well and need to get comfortable with the group before launching into curriculum,” she explains. “I find this helpful because I know that as my children transition to new schedules, peer relationships, classroom rules and expectations, the academic piece will be a bit lighter making the overall experience less overwhelming.” Despite this, Chase realizes that transitions can be difficult for kids. For her two older children, the social aspect is where the challenge lies. Her kids have more questions and concerns about who will be in their class, will their friends still like them and what will their new teacher be like. As a way to ease some of these transitional concerns, Chase makes it a point to read the classroom welcome letters from teachers. “Most schools also have

websites that include teacher pages,” she continues. “Looking at your child’s new teacher’s site might give them a glimpse into what is to come and relieve any concerns.” Another way to instill some back-to-school enthusiasm is to make the experience of shopping for school supplies fun. Make a list but give the kids a chance to choose their favorite colors and styles for folders, binders and other supplies. “Don’t try to jam these activities into the week before school, do a little at a time throughout the month of August,” Chase recommends. “This will lower stress levels, especially if you can’t find exactly what you need on the first try, and turn these tasks into something fun and exciting!” Also, for older elementary or middle school aged children, look into different school groups of interest (band, student council, gardening club, sports teams); this will help build excitement to start the year.

Get Ahead This Year!

If you or your child struggles with: ADHD • Autism • Executive Function Learning Issues • Anxiety • Depression Behavioral Problems • School Refusal

We Can Help!

Safe, effective, and drug free. Starting with a QEEG Brain Map, we create an individualized wellness plan that corrects brain imbalances and promotes sustained We host free improvement. educational workshops: visit us online for details!

ow Call N ree for a Fsult Con

Jolene Ross, Ph.D., Director

Licensed Psychologist | Over 30 Years of Experience

781.444.9115 • Needham


A Teacher’s Input

Parents and kids struggle with the transition to school, but what about teachers? They are adjusting, too, and have some valuable input on what makes it easier. Kim Connolly, a teacher at Wheelock Elementary School in Medfield, suggests having kids write their new teacher a letter or postcard to get them engaged and thinking of what’s ahead. She also suggests keeping all new clothes for school aside only to be worn when the year starts, building some excitement and motivation. To help establish a back-to-school mind-set, Connolly suggests getting children an analog watch so they can be in charge of the time for their extracurricular fun. Teaching kids to manage their money is another great learning exercise. Purchase a wallet or piggy bank so they can keep track of any money they might earn; then they can practice spending their cash at a store. In addition, you can find fun activities on the internet to develop research and reading skills, have your kids write in a journal or make a scrapbook of all their summer adventures. Connolly realizes that many kids love their technology so she advises using your child’s student ID or passwords for website access paid for by the school, like Raz Kids for instance, as you prep for the start of classes. This allows kids their tech or computer time but with an educational spin. Other great apps that Connolly recommends include Book Creator (where kids create books or comics using their own pictures, videos, drawings, text and audio), Foos (which provides practice for coding and engineering) and the National Geographic Kids app and website. Starting the year with a positive attitude and a little planning will get you far in helping to build your children’s confidence and ease their transition from summer to school. Laura Richards is a writer and mom of four boys from Framingham.

ONE WORLD TUESDAYS, July 9 to August 13 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Join us this summer to celebrate the world’s cultural diversity. Each week we’ll visit a different corner of the globe to explore the customs of six vibrant nations, through live performances, crafts, storytimes, and more— including book giveaways and free admission to the Mapparium® for youth under 17. THIS YEAR'S NATIONS: VIETNAM, MOROCCO, MEXICO, NIGERIA, IRELAND, AND WAMPANOAG NATION

200 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02115 For more information, contact our Educational Programs Coordinator 617-450-7203 | palladinom@mbelibrary.org

mbelibrary.org August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


BOSTON COLLEGE CHILDREN’S CENTER 47 Stone Ave., Chestnut Hill 617-552-3356 bc.edu/offices/hr/employees/all-cc-docs.html INFANT-TODDLER CENTER & PRESCHOOL

Serving children from 2 months - 6 years old • 2, 3, or 5 days a week • Half day or full day • Early drop off • School year, summer, or full year programs!

Pre-K & Preschool program available: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm Your child will enjoy daily age-appropriate activities as well as optional enrichment programs including Spanish, Amazing Athletes, Knucklebones, and more! Call now to schedule a visit! Infant/Toddler Center • 13 Bates Rd. • Watertown Preschool • 226 Mt. Auburn St. • Watertown email questions to elizabeth@stepcare.net

617-926-1434 • www.stepcare.net

BRIGHT HORIZONS EARLY EDUCATION & PRESCHOOL Various Locations Across Massachusetts 877-624-4532 brighthorizons.com/naeycboston

CHILDREN’S HAPPY DAY SCHOOL 5 Charles Park Road, West Roxbury 617-325-0606 childrenshappyday.com

COLE-HARRINGTON CHILDREN’S CENTER Infant Toddler Enrichment 605 Neponset St., Canton 781-821-4422, ext. 315

Preschool Enrichment Center 3 Randolph St., Canton 781-828-1519 Early Learning Center 960 Washington St., Canton 781-898-5037 PreKindergarten Enrichment Program 55 Pecunit St., Canton 781-828-3453, ext. 21 coleharrington.com

FAMILY ACCESS OF NEWTON EARLY LEARNING CENTER 492 Waltham St., West Newton 617-969-5906 familyaccess.org

Celebrating 32 Years of Excellence

Accepting Applications Infant • Toddler • Preschool • Pre-Kindergarten EARLY EDUCATION PROGRAMS Full- & Part-Time Childcare • 2 mos. To 5 yrs. Open 8:00am – 6:00pm Infant Care Is Now Available! On-site drop off parking • Fenced-in roof-top playspace Outstanding Teacher-Child Ratios Professionally qualified Early Education Teachers State Transportation Building 10 Park Plaza, Boston MA 02116

617-973-8200 Transchildrencenter.org

• Open to General Public • EEC Licensed #8117338


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

FRANCES JACOBSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER At Temple Israel 477 Longwood Ave., Boston 617-566-3960, ext. 148 fjecc.org

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS JCC Early Learning Center Brookline/Brighton JCC Early Learning Center at Congregation Sha’aray Shalom Hingham Bernice B. Godine JCC Early Learning Center Newton Gilson JCC Early Learning Center Sharon 617-558-6423 bostonjcc.org/earlylearning

KINDERCARE LEARNING CENTER 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham 508-390-2700 kindercare.com

NAEYC ACCrEditEd ProgrAms

NEEDHAM CHILDREN’S CENTER 858 Great Plain Ave., Needham 781-449-4486 needhamchildrenscenter.com

THE PRESCHOOL OF THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 2 East Central St., Natick 508-655-2171 thefccpreschool.org

LEADERS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION THE TOBIN SCHOOL Preschool – Kindergarten 73 Cottage Street • Natick, MA 01760 508-655-5006 • www.thetobinschool.org


TOBIN CHILDREN’S SCHOOL Infants – PreK 71 Cottage Street • Natick, MA 01760 508-653-6300 • www.tobinchildrensschool.org


TOBIN SCHOOL WESTWOOD PreK & Junior K 1054 High Street • Westwood, MA 02090 781-329-7775 • www.tobinschoolwestwood.org

95 Deerfield Ave., Westwood 781-329-2032 stjohnsnursery.org

Infant/Toddler Center 13 Bates Rd., Watertown Preschool 226 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown 617-926-1434 stepcare.net

STORYVILLE PRESCHOOL 97 Union St., Watertown 617-923-0930 storyvillepreschool.com

WESTWOOD CHILDREN’S SCHOOL Infants – Preschool 808 High Street • Westwood, MA 02090 781-329-7766 • www.westwoodchildrensschool.org www.thEtobiNFAmilYoFsChools.org



TOBIN CHILDREN’S SCHOOL 71 Cottage St., Natick 508-653-6300 tobinchildrensschool.org


73 Cottage St., Natick 508-655-5006 thetobinschool.org

TOBIN SCHOOL WESTWOOD 1054 High St., Westwood 781-329-7775 tobinschoolwestwood.org

WESTWOOD CHILDREN’S SCHOOL 808 High St., Westwood 781-329-7766 westwoodchildrensschool.org

Infant Toddler Enrichment Center 605 Neponset St., Canton • Ages 3 mos. to 2 years 9 mos. • Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Call Karen Heavey @ 781-821-4422 x 315

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME & CRAFT Silly Stories and Craft SATURDAY, AUGUST 10 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME National Smores Day & Camp Stories

Preschool Enrichment Center 611 Neponset St., Canton • Ages 2.9 mos. to 5 years • Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Call Linda Feller @ 781-828-1519

SATURDAY, AUGUST 17 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME Honey, Bees and Bears

Early Learning Center 960 Washington St., Canton • Ages: 3 mos. to 5 years • Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Call Debbie Ritson @ 781-989-5037


Prekindergarten Enrichment Program 55 Pecunit St., Canton • Ages 3.6 to 5 years • Hours: 7 AM to 6 PM Call Brenda Lee Boris @ 781-828-3453 x 21

SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 at 11:00 AM STORYTIME Knights and Dragons


Children ages 1 to 6 and their caregivers are welcome to join us for stories and snacks. All events are free, open to the public and are held in the Children’s Book Department.


109 Lower East St., Dedham 781-326-8411 177 Green St., Jamaica Plain 617-469-3977 sunnybearacademy.com



1400 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 617-499-2000 https://harvardcoop.eventbrite.com www.facebook.com/TheHarvardCoop

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Why Kids  It Kids love the school vacation week programs, interactive gallery spaces, being encouraged to touch the hands-on works in the Park with their families, and drop-in programs like Artfull Explorations.

Why Parents  It The 30 acres of rolling lawns, hills, and fields kids can run around in to their heart’s content make every parent smile! Also, where else can you find 60 internationally recognized contemporary outdoor sculptures? This is world-class inspiration at its finest!

Museum Info ADDRESS: 51 Sandy Pond Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773 WEBSITE: decordova.org HOURS: Summer Hours: Daily, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; Winter Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Weekends open until 5:00 pm; Check calendar for holiday schedules. ADMISSION: Adult: $14.00; Children 12 and under: Free; Student: $10.00; Senior: $12.00; IMAX Tickets: +$8-$10; Lincoln residents, Active duty military personnel & their families, and cyclists who pedal to the museum: Free; Ways to Save Admissions: $5/public library pass, $1/EBT, $2/AAA card, $2/MTA card, $2/Zipcar card; Reciprocal ½ price admission with Gropius House for one full price admission at either museum; Last Thursday of the month free w/ WGBH card. CAFÉ: DeCordova café offers indoor and beautiful outdoor courtyard and sculpture terrace seating, a wide selection of healthy menu and snack items, and bag lunches to advance order and take onto the grounds for groups of 5 or more. Picnics and blankets from home welcome!


SUMMER COURSES: The Hive summer camp for ages 5-12 connects campers to art and nature using real world ideas, unbounded creativity, and four weekly themes like Marvelous Inventions and Illusions and Inside Out Architecture. There is even an adult Hive welcoming parents, adults, and teen family members!

The Lab

SPECIAL EVENTS FOR FAMILIES/KIDS: Check the calendar for family and youth programs like the zany and popular MAKEmobile cruising the park, Kid’s Outdoor Yoga, and Play in the Park where kids construct large scale temporary art structures! Family activity kits available at front desk.

Can you find these treasures? Put on a little lab coat, and get ready to investigate nature and art in this hands-on learning space where touching is absolutely allowed! With changing activities throughout the year to match the museum’s current exhibits like a Walk-In Camera Obscura room and floor-to-ceiling windowed reading lab overlooking Flint Pond equipped with binoculars, kids will love this themed experience.


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

INCLUSIVITY INFO: DeCordova provides accessibility and universal design across campus and welcomes wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and strollers; Service dogs welcome inside and outside; Touch Tours for blind or low-vision visitors; ASL tours; ARTZ tours for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and caregivers; www.decordova.org/visit/accessibility

Musical Fence

The Process Gallery

Can you find the most iconic inter– active work in the park? Kids will love making melodies by hitting these pipes with a stick! Families also love the funky reflections in Crazy Spheroid: Two Entrances.

Do you see what I see? This multisensory museum space inspires ideas of how to think about art using immersive activities and illusion artwork for kids and families to discover side by side.






Why Kids  It Discovery Treehouse (built by DIY Network’s The Treehouse Guys) allows kids to magically experience nature and a birds-eye view of the woods 19 feet in the air! Quirky windows, binoculars, activities, and even a cozy book nook will have their imaginations soaring and give them an experience they will not soon forget!

Why Parents  It Discovery Woods outdoor museum exhibit complete with a nature playscape is just the place parents imagine for getting their kids outdoors! Bounce the wiggly bridge, sway in the nest swing with friends, and explore the rain garden, gravel pit, beaver lodges, and acres of adjoining conservation land (orienteering maps available). And the entire space, including the treehouse, is inclusive, fully accessible, and open year-round!


Can you find these treasures?

Museum Info ADDRESS: 177 Main Street (Route 27), Acton, MA 01720 WEBSITE: discoveryacton.org HOURS: Daily, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (Summer Free Fridays 4:30-8:00pm); School Year Hours: Closed most Mondays (First Free Friday Evenings of the month 4:30-8:00pm); Check calendar for holiday and vacation schedules. ADMISSION: ONE price for Discovery Museum and Discovery Woods! Adult and Child: $14.50; Senior: 13.50; Under 1 year old: Free; Teachers always free!; Military discount; Ways to Save: $2 AAA discount up to 4 people; $1 EBT or WIC card holders up to 5 family members; Local library passes offer ½ price admission up to 3 people: https://www.discoveryacton.org/ member-libraries EATING/BRING YOUR OWN: Picnic tables on the patio and designated areas for eating in the lobby welcome home-packed picnics and snacks. Healthy snack and drink vending machines also available in the gift shop; nearby family-friendly eateries. SPECIAL GROUP PROGRAMS: School field trips K-8, Preschool and Kindergarten Early Childhood field trips, Traveling Science Workshops (more than 20 affordable STEM delivered museum to classroom workshops available!); Bubble Printing Birthday Parties, themed goody bags and more! Scout, Community, and Family group pricing available for 15 or more. SPECIAL EVENTS FOR FAMILIES/KIDS: Daily programs range from therapy dog visits to taking apart electronics to experimenting with 300 lb. blocks of ice to exploring the infinite possibilities of mud! Programs free with admission. INCLUSIVITY INFO: The entire campus, including the museum and treehouse, is accessible and was built based on Universal Design principles. Autism and sensory-friendly afternoons and evenings, Mornings for deaf or hard of hearing families, and Visually impaired family evenings. Sensory guide available to download or borrow from Admissions Desk along with noise reducing headphones. https://www.discoveryacton.org/visit/accessibility-inclusionespecially-me

Water Gallery

da Vinci Workshop

Bessie’s Diner

Can a stream of water suspend an object in mid-air? Can you change the shape of water? Can you stand inside a bubble? How do water vortexes move? Control, move, divert, and explore the properties of water—you may get a little wet, but it’s all in the name of science exploration!

Step into your very own workshop to tinker, design, build, and invent just like the artist, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci! Recycled materials, off-the-shelf supplies, and super cool technology like electronic circuits and conductive thread will help create your masterpiece. Before you leave, test your da Vinci-inspired flying machine prototype on a vertical air stream table!

What kid doesn’t love to play restaurant? Wear an apron, hand out some menus, then cook, create, and serve your hungry customers. There’s even a cash register to ring them up (after they’ve had dessert of course)! Can you find the miniature diner booth designed just for Teddy the stuffed bear? What do you think he’ll want to eat? August 2019| | BostonParentsPaper.com August 2019







Why Kids  It “If school was like Strawbery Banke camp, history would be my favorite subject.” My grandson had a blast but I must confess I had a blast as well. The people who were there provided a clear understanding of what life was like for individuals who lived in the area during the early colonial era, what an education. “… [A]n exceptional job combining education and interesting activities. It’s always a favorite for our family.”

Why Parents  It Time travel through centuries while you meander through this village. Ordinarily we tend to lean toward 18th and 19th century history but our favorite locations at SB included the WW2 store and home as well as the the 1950s house. Take time to talk to the crafters and guides. They were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share their knowledge.


Can you find these treasures?

Museum Info PROFILE: Through restored furnished houses, exhibits, historic landscapes and gardens, traditional crafters and costumed roleplayers, Strawbery Banke interprets the living history of generations who settled in Portsmouth, NH from 1695 to 1955. The historic houses are open May 1 through October 31, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily; and November through December for guided walking tours and special events. A seasonal outdoor ice skating rink operates December through March. Holiday events take place throughout the year. ADDRESS: 14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 WEBSITE: www.strawberybanke.org HOURS: 10 am to 5 pm (May 1-Oct 31). 9 am to 9 pm (Dec-Mar) ADMISSION: Adult $19.50. Child (5-17) $9. Family (2 adults/2 kids) $48. Children under 5, members, active duty military families, free. SKATING PEAK: All day Saturday and Sunday, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas vacation week, Winter Holidays, NH February vacation week Children (age 5-17) - $9 (under 5, FREE). Adults (18 and over) - $11. OFF-PEAK: Children (age 5-17) - $6 (under 5, FREE), Adults (18 and over) - $8 CAFÉ: Figtree Kitchen Cafe and Mombo Restaurant. SPECIAL EVENTS FOR FAMILIES/KIDS: Fall Festival/Children’s Book Festival ; Ghosts on the Banke ; Candlelight Stroll; Winter Ice Show; Baby Animals: Heritage Breeds at the Banke; An American Celebration INCLUSIVITY INFO: Provides a welcoming and engaging experience for all guests, regardless of age, gender identity, religion, mobility or income. Strawbery Banke makes every space as accessible as the restrictions of historic house architecture and preservation allow, with ramps and flat walkways wherever possible and staff interpreters where not. Strawbery Banke tells the stories of an original Portsmouth NH waterfront “neighborhood of newcomers” from 1695 to 1955, interpreting actual people who lived in the neighborhood to present the personal histories of men, women, and children of different races, ethnic backgrounds and economic circumstances.

Garden Tea Party

What does a cooper make?

Find the model of the ship on the NH state flag.

Discover a tea set and fairy house, along with plants named for animals in the Goodwin Children’s Garden.

Watch Strawbery Banke’s master cooper make barrels in his workshop.

The Port of Portsmouth exhibit in the WinnYeaton house has a model of the Raleigh and of the shipyard where she was built.


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019






Museum Info

Why Kids  It What kid wouldn’t love a 3D vertical maze they can challenge themselves on while climbing up up and away from their parents? The massive three-story climbing structure just past the museum entrance gives an impressive welcome and a way for kids to safely plan their next moves and take some independent risks. Don’t worry parents—you can trail alongside the sculpture and cheer your kids on!

Why Parents  It Interactive multi-sensory and hands-on activities and exhibits spaciously laid out across three floors for busy minds and bodies of all ages and stages make this a favorite for engaging kids in the power of play! STEAM family workshops allow children and parents to take on challenges and work together on projects like Screen Printing and Soldering!



ADDRESS: 308 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210 WEBSITE: bostonchildrensmuseum.org HOURS: Daily, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; Fridays open until 9:00 pm ADMISSION: Adults: $18.00; Children (1-15): $18.00 (Free under 12 months); TJX Fridays: $1 admission from 5 pm to 9 pm; Ways to Save: Public library discount coupons available, Last Hour discount half price admission (Saturday-Thursday); $2 admission for EBT and WIC cardholders up to 4 people; Free admission for New England teachers of grades K-8; Military discounts. CAFÉ: Outdoor plaza seating during summer months; Many nearby family-friendly dining options with hand stamp museum reentry! SPECIAL GROUP PROGRAMS: School field trips, afterschool programs, childcare centers, and community groups welcome! Self-directed or 1 hour educator-run programs include Explore-A-Saurus (Grades 2 & 3), Kinder Keva (K-1), Money Matters (K-2), Balls and Tracks (1-3). Beyond the Chalkboard free activities to teach in afterschool programs: beyondthechalkboard.org. SPECIAL EVENTS FOR FAMILIES/KIDS: All ages daily activity calendar featuring KidStage live plays, STEAM and Visiting Artist family workshops, Sing-alongs, Magic shows, Pint Sized Science, Tech Kitchen, summertime outdoor tent projects and more; Themed birthday party packages include décor, photo props, dress-up costumes and catering! INCLUSIVITY INFO: Wonderful Online Exhibit Accessibility Guide! ASL Interpreted Programs; Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Events; Morningstar Access afternoon and evening programs limited guest museum visits, Preregistration required: Iwamoto@ BostonChildrensMuseum.org 617-986-3697

Can you find these treasures?

Construction Zone

Japanese House


What kid isn’t fascinated by construction and demolition sites? In this kid-sized building zone, children can ride a Bobcat, walk and balance on a steel beam teetering above a city, and even do some jackhammering! They’ll love putting on a hard hat and being part of their very own city in motion as they build, excavate, and explore the tunnels and tools of this awesome exhibit.

Kids will love leaving their shoes at the door and getting a glimpse inside a real Japanese silk merchant’s home from 100 years ago. How did it get here? Discover the special story and childhood memories of Kiyoko as you imagine what life would be like in this two-story beloved exhibit. japanesehouse.bostonchildrensmuseum.org

Want to try and blow the most giant bubble in the universe? Want to see how long you can hold one in your hands before it pops? Think you can make a double bubble? A favorite for all ages, this investigative bubble room blends fun and science with plenty of gizmos and surfaces for creating and discovering the magic of bubbles! BRIAN PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHY

August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com





Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

Museum Info PROFILE: The Waterworks Museum interprets unique stories of one of the country’s first metropolitan water systems through exhibitions and educational programs on engineering, architecture, social history, and public health. ADDRESS: 2450 Beacon St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 WEBSITE: waterworksmuseum.org

Why Kids  It Giant Steam Engines and Pumps tower over kids and adults alike. Most kids have never seen this kind of massive machinery before and it can e quite a breath taking experience! There are also lots of video kiosks from which to learn more information about how the machines work and hands on activities in our overlook gallery related to water and engineering. We also have an immersive three-screen introductory film set in the early 1900s that enthralls kids, and even features one!

Why Parents  It The Waterworks Museum makes it easy to get excited about science and engineering. Examining the big machines in the great engines hall and attempting to build your own upstairs in the overlook gallery can engage kids for hours.We offer a variety of community events throughout the year so there is always something new to check out. On a nice day, you can couple your visit to the museum around the scenic Chestnut Hill Reservoir Walking trail right across the street. And of course, general admission is always free!”


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

HOURS: Wednesday - Sunday: 11am - 4pm ADMISSION: General Admission is always free. Some special programs may incur fees. CAFÉ: No food venues on site but many restaurants within a ten minute walk from the museum. PROGRAMS FOR SCHOOL TOURS: https://waterworksmuseum.org/education PROGRAMS FOR HOMESCHOOLERS: https://waterworksmuseum.org/education SPECIAL EVENTS: https://waterworksmuseum.org/events/


Can you find these treasures?

Allis Pumps

Wooden Water Pipe

The water pumps connected to the Allis engine are so big that they had to put underground. There is one area of museum where you can look through the floor and see them!

Before Boston had a city water supply, private companies would pipe water into the homes of people who could afford to pay for it. They used wooden pipes like this one in our collection.

Governor The governor would help regulate the speed of the steam engine. You can find a governor on two of the machines in the great engine hall, and one on a table that you can touch!”

Calendar Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Aquariums


Norman Rockwell Museum

EcoGTarium, Worcester

Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield

Free Fun Fridays

Various locations

The Highland Street Foundation opens museums and cultural venues to the public for free.

Old Sturbridge Village, EcoTarium, Norman Rockwell Museum, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, USS Constitution Museum, Cape Ann Museum, Griffin Museum of Photography, Provincetown Art Museum, The Mary Baker Eddy Library. See listings for more locations >>>

617-969-8900 • highlandstreet.org

1 Thursday Yankee Homecoming various locations, Old Newburyport. Nine days of summer fun – music, food, art, family activities – capped off by fireworks and a parade. Through Aug. 4. FREE. yankeehomecoming.com

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Madeira Field, 50 Madeira Ave., New Bedford. The largest Portuguese Feast in the world features food, live entertainment, midway, carnival rides and a parade. FREE. Through Aug. 4. 508-992-6911; portuguesefeast.com

Lowell Summer Music Series 10am, Boarding House Park, 40 French St., Lowell. Make and take art and snacks at 10am, followed by a show at 11am. Today: Hubba Bubba Magic. FREE. 978-970-5200; lowellsummermusic.org

All events are subject to change or cancellation. We recommend calling first to confirm and purchasing tickets in advance whenever possible. August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


All events are subject to change or cancellation. We recommend calling first to confirm and purchasing tickets in advance whenever possible.

Eco-Art for Families:Forest Floor 9-11am, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, 87 Perkins Row, Topsfield. The forest floor is teeming with life, if you look closely enough. Take a walk through the forest to look at mosses, lichen, fungi, and more. Roll logs and look for creatures that make their homes there. Make forest floor gardens on a plate to take home. For ages 4-12. Adults, $12; youth, $11. 978-887-9264; massaudubon.org

Trail Detectives’ Club 1-2:30pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan. Explore the wonders that summer reveals by looking for insects, flowers and animal signs with this fun, hands-on nature club. For ages 6-10. $7. 617-9838500; massaudubon.org

2 Friday Salem Heritage Days Various locations, Salem. Highlights of this annual festival include the Essex Street Fair, Tour-A-Truck, Ice Scream Bowl and a car show. Through Aug. 11. FREE. salem.org

Circus Smirkus 1 & 6 pm, Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm 5 Little’s Lane, Newbury. This international traveling youth circus stars kids on high wire and trapeze, as clowns, jugglers and acrobats. $19 and up. 877-764-7587; smirkus.org


Bountiful Summer!

Welcoming Future Leaders • Toddlers through Grade 5 • Outstanding academic achievements • Flexible Early Childhood schedules • Before school care available • After school enrichment • Summer and vacation programs

3 McGinnis Dr, Burlington The| 781-272-1014 www.mounthopeschool.org

CAMPUS SCHOOL at Boston College

Ice cream, gift shop, farm stand, animal barn, bakery winetasting, berry picking*, and more! 143 Argilla Rd. • off Routes 133 & 1A in Ipswich, MA Open daily, 8-7 • *Crop permitting; check status online before you travel.

978-356-5366 www.RussellOrchards.com the campus school at• boston college is a private, mana non-profit, publicly funded, special-education day school located in the heart of boston college’s THE CAMPUS SCHOOL chestnut hill campus. AT BOSTON COLLEGE 2019 TM


The Campus School at Boston College is committed to providing quality education to learners ages 3-21 with multiple challenges, services provided including complex health care include needs. • physical therapy Our•program provides a holistic, occupational therapy student-centered approach in a • speech therapy school- based setting, as well as support to families. • vision therapy

the campus school at boston college is committed to providing quality education to learners ages 3-21 with multiple challenges, including complex health care needs.

• eagle eyesTM

Services provided include: • music therapy • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy services • healthcare • Speech Therapy • assistive technology • Vision Therapy • Eagle EyesTM • transition services • Music Therapy • Transitional and Lifeskills • Assistive Technology • Healthcare Services

our program provides holistic, student-centered approach in a school-based setting, as well as support to families.



Barbara J. Cataldo, ED. D. Director of The Campus School

140 Commonwealth Avenue The Campus School at Boston College is a private, non-profit, publicly funded, specialcampusschool@bc.edu Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 education day school located in the heart of Boston College’s Chestnut Hill campus. www.bc.edu/campusschool (617) 552-3460 Dr. Barbara J. Cataldo, Ed.D. Director The Campus School at Boston College 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019


CAMPUS SCHOOL at Boston College

campusschool@bc.edu www.bc.edu/campusschool (617) 552-3460

Stroller Strides at Patriot Place, 10am, Patriot Place, 2 Patriot Place, Foxboro. Stroller Strides is a full-body work out where babies and toddlers stroll along with you. FREE 508-203-2100; patriot-place.com

Preschool - Grade 8

Fall Open Houses

Free Fun Fridays

All School Sunday, November 3 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Various locations. The Highland Street Foundation opens museums and cultural venues to the public for free. See website for today’s free locations. FREE. 617969-8900; highlandstreet.org

Free Friday Flicks 6pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Come early for free food samples, games and giveaways, then watch The Lego Movie 2 at sunset. FREE. 617-787-7200; www.celebrateboston.com

3 Saturday

Middle School

Outstanding academics. Critical thinkers. Global citizens.

Wednesday, November 13 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Accepting applications for 2020. Financial aid is available.

Join us at one of our upcoming open houses! Tricia Moran, Director of Admission 781.641.1346 tmoran@lesleyellis.org 34 Winter St. | Arlington, MA 02474 | lesleyellis.org

First Saturdays Noon to 4 pm, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. In addition to regular weekday hours, Research & Reference services are open on the first Saturdays of August, and November. Please note that researchers are asked to fill out a Research Application either ahead of time or on their arrival. FREE. 617-450-7000; marybakereddylibrary.org

Scituate Heritage Days Scituate Harbor, Scituate. This annual event combines live music and entertainment, artisan crafts, kids’ activities and historical site visits. Through Aug. 4. 781545-4000; scituatechamber.org

Redcoats and Rebels Old Sturbridge Village, 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road, Sturbridge. The largest military reenactment in New England. Through Aug. 4. Free with admission. 800733-1830; osv.org

Little People’s Playhouse

Educating and caring for your child like their own!

15 mos. to 6 yrs. • Pre K • Kindergarten Before & After School Ages 6-12 • 7am - 6pm Part-time Preschool • 7am - 1pm ♦ Literacy based academic program focusing on the whole child ♦ Tutoring available ♦ Catered hot meals included


www.peopleplayhouse.net 32 South Fairview Street ♦ W. Roxbury/Roslindale Line ♦ 617-323-2566 4019 Washington Street ♦ Roslindale/Jamaica Plain ♦ 617-323-6144

Tiny Trekkers – Reptiles 10:30am to noon, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, 108 North St., Norfolk. Head out on the trails to learn about reptiles. There will be crafts, activities and more. For ages 2.9-6. $7. 508-528-3140; massaudubon.org

S’more Tour: Outdoor Discovery Programs at Spectacle Island 10:30am-4pm, Georges Island, Boston. Meet near the visitors’ center for free summer activities including guided hikes, paddling demos, kids activities and s’mores, of course. See you in the outdoors! FREE. bostonharborislands.org

4 Sunday Fun with Butterflies & Dragonflies 1-2:15pm, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, 280 Eliot Street, Natick. Discover the amazing number of dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies that make Broadmoor home! Come learn all about these beautiful winged creatures and how to help our local butterflies

Our mission is to create an early childhood program that fulfills the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of what is known to be the most significant period of human development. Friends Childcare offers an exciting, creative curriculum, as well as fun and stimulating learning activities for all age groups. Tailor-made schedule 7AM-6PM, 5 days a week. Regular in-house enrichment programs such as nature exploration, music, gross motor program, and baby massage are included in the tuition.

• Infants

(Birth to 15 Months)

• Toddlers

(15 Months to 33 Months)

• Preschool/ Pre-Kindergarten (33 Months to 5 Years)

Brookline • 617-731-1008 • 617-739-0854

Call or email us to schedule a tour • friendschildcare.brookline@gmail.com www.friendschildcare.net August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com



this summer. For ages 5-16. Adults, $14; youth, $8. 508655-2296; massaudubon.org


Science Experiments- Amazing Oobleck!

SUN. NOV 3 • 11 am -1 pm

Go Bats!

1-2:30pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan. Learn about liquids, solids and gases, and make glow-in-the-dark oobleck. For ages 4-11. $7. 617983-8500; massaudubon.org


Experts in Elementary Education since 1860. • • • •

Beginner (age 3) through Grade 6 Flexible Extended Day and Enrichment Programs Family-focused next school placement process Transportation and Financial aid available


7-8:30pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan. Bats are mysterious, misunderstood creatures. Learn about how important they are to the global habitat. For ages 4 - 12. Adults free, Child $7. 617-9838500; massaudubon.org

5 Monday

428 Hammond Street • Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 617-566-4394 • www.tchs.org

Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights Daycare & Nursery School - Belmont

Christ Lutheran Childcare and Nursery School

2, 3 or 5-days per week

• Full time or part time • Agest 1 month - 5 years • Seasoned staff - well educated • Nurturing & Developmentally Appropriate

597 Belmont Street • Belmont, MA 02478 • 617-489-3071 clintod@verizon.net • www.clcbelmont.org

8pm, Fallon Playground, Roslindale. Catch an outdoor viewing of Leap! FREE. boston.gov/parks

6 Tuesday Peek a Blue Hike for Parents and Tots 11am to noon, Houghton’s Pond, 840 Hillside St., Milton. Join the Friends of the Blue Hills for their bi-weekly baby and toddler hiking series. Snacks and drinks provided. FREE. 781-828-1805; friendsofthebluehills.org/peekablue

One World

Ages 15 months 6 years

10am to noon, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. A series of free arts and cultural events, each week exploring a different corner of the globe. FREE. 617-450-7000; marybakereddylibrary. org

7 Wednesday

• Provides hands-on, minds on learning experiences in a welcoming, nurturing and stimulating environment that supports the social, physical, emotional and intellectual development of each child

Lowell Summer Music Series

• Offers robust enrichment program featuring Spanish, music, creative movement, swimming, tumbling, yoga classes, mindfulness programming and Arts Exploration Program and local visitors such as librarian storytellers

BLO’s Free Summer Concerts

10am, Boarding House Park, 40 French St., Lowell. Make and take art and snacks at 10am, followed by a show at 11am. Today: Stacey Peasley. FREE. 978-970-5200; lowellsummermusic.org 7pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Boston Landmarks Orchestra presents Longwood Symphony Orchestra. FREE. 617-987-2000; landmarksorchestra.org

• Provides weekly snack options that feature vegetables and fruits

Wednesday Night Concert Series

• Teachers with an average of 15+ years experience at Magic Garden and in the field of early childhood education

7pm, City Hall Plaza, Boston. Boston’s longest-running outdoor concert series. Tonight: Hipshot Band. FREE. 617635-4505; boston.gov/parks

• Walking Field Trips for all classrooms, Toddlers through Pre-K, additional Bus Trips for Pre-K Classes

Open Year-Round! 8 am - 3 pm (extended day available 7:30 am - 6:00 pm) 6 Ballfield Road, Lincoln, MA 01773-3211

www.magic-garden.org Phone: (781) 259-8161


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

8 Thursday Red Sox Experience 10:30am, Fenway Park 4 Yawkey Way, Boston. The Red Sox Experience will teach participants various baseball skills, while giving them a chance to practice inside

Major League Baseball’s most-beloved ballpark, Fenway Park. Kids will run the bases, pitch in the bullpen, hit in a batting cage, tour Fenway Park, and meet some of their favorite Red Sox players and coaches. Ages 7-12. Registration Required. FREE. www.boston.gov/calendar/ red-sox-experience

watch How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World at sunset. FREE. 617-787-7200; www.celebrateboston.com

Lowell Summer Music Series

Noon – 6pm, Landmark Center 401 Park Drive, Boston. The Green Monster-inspired mobile truck stops for fun, games and photo opportunities. FREE. boston.redsox.mlb. com

10am, Boarding House Park, 40 French St., Lowell. Make and take art and snacks at 10am, followed by a show at 11am. Today: Trand N Motion Hip Hop Dance FREE. 978970-5200; lowellsummermusic.org

10 Saturday Red Sox Mobile Showase

Butterfly Festival

10am-4pm, Broad Meadow Brook, 414 Massasoit Road, Worcester. Activities include naturalist-led walks, 1-2:30pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, performances, live caterpillars, butterfly art, face Mattapan. Explore the wonders that summer reveals by painting and much more. For all ages. $6. 508-753- 6087; looking for insects, flowers and animal signs with this fun, hands-on nature club. For ages 6-10. Adult free, child massaudubon.org $7. 617-983-8500; massaudubon.org

Trail Detectives’ Club

Stars, S’mores and Meteors

Bolton Fair 9am-9pm, Bolton Fairgrounds, 318 Seven Bridges Road, Lancaster. Great entertainment, friendly competition and educational experiences for the whole family. Through Aug. 11. $5 and up. 978-365-7206; boltonfair.org

Free Friday Flcks 6pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Come early for free food samples, games and giveaways, then

8-9:30pm, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, 1904 Canton Ave, Milton. Enjoy the sunset from the top of Chickatawbut Hill while we toast marshmallows around the campfire and tell some celestial stories. Ages 5 & up. $12. 617-9838500; massaudubon.org

11 Sunday Meet Beach Creatures 10 am – 3 pm, Joppa Flats Education Center, 1 Plum Island

SCHOOLS & CHILDCARE CENTERS 2016 National Winner for Curriculum and Instruction in STREAM

• STREAM Preschool. 7:30 - 5:30, 10 months - Year Round • 1:1 Chromebooks for grades 4 through 8 • 3D printers in the STREAM Labs • Hands on programmable Bee-bots in our STREAM preschool • Lego Mindstorms - Robotics • Art, music, foreign language, technology and gym classes • Diverse community of learners Currently enrolling for the Fall. Call us today to set up your tour! Sacred Heart School Boston 1035 Canterbury Street, Roslindale, MA 02131 • 617-323-2500 Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math = STREAM



www.sacredheart-boston.org August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


Turnpike, Newburyport. Drop in before the beach, after the beach, or instead of the beach! Our 110-gallon tide pool touch tank is open for fun hands-on learning. For ages 2-18. $2 suggested donation per child. 978-4629998; massaudubon.org

cultural events, each week exploring a different corner of the globe. FREE. 617-450-7000; marybakereddylibrary. org

12 Monday

Wednesday Night Concert Series

14 Wednesday

7pm, City Hall Plaza, Boston. Boston’s longest-running outdoor concert series. Tonight: Disco Night Featuring 7:45pm, Moakley Park 1005 Columbia Road Boston. Catch Stardust. FREE. 617-635-4505; boston.gov/parks an outdoor viewing of Ralph Breaks the Internet. FREE. Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights boston.gov/parks 7:30pm, Ramsay Park, Roxbury. Catch an outdoor viewing of Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse! FREE. boston.gov/ parks

Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights

13 Tuesday One World

15 Thursday

10am to noon, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. A series of free arts and

Meet Beach Creatures; Marine Mammal Mania!


10 am – 3 pm, Joppa Flats Education Center, 1 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport. Drop in before the beach, after the beach, or instead of the beach! Our 110-gallon tide pool touch tank is open for fun hands-on learning. For ages 2-18. $2 suggested donation per child. 978-4629998; massaudubon.org

FALL REGISTRATIONS! call now or visit one of our Open Houses Gotta Dance: 101 Brick Kiln Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824: • 8/7 4-6pm • 8/17 10am-2pm

• 8/21 4-7pm • 9/5 5-7pm

Ages 18mos.- Adults All Levels

16 Friday

Acro • Adult Classes • Ballet • Broadway Jazz Creative Dance (2-5) • Competition Teams • Contemporary Hip Hop • Jazz • Line Dancing • Lyrical • Mommy & Me • Musical Theater • Performing Dance Teams • Pointe • Tap • Zumba

Boston Green Fest

ksgottadance.com 978.671.0400

GET THE BEST REPORT CARD YET! GET AHEAD IN MATH & READING. Join us as we play math games, read books and apply our studies to our daily lives. Call in today to reserve a slot! TM

Private Lessons • Group Classes • Ensembles • Concerts

2018 TOP 5

32 South Fairview St., Roslindale, MA

617-323-2566 SPACE AVAILABLE



Making a Difference One Skater at a Time

Come Discover the Joy of Dancing!


CLASSES START AT AGE 2 AND ARE OFFERED 7 DAYS A WEEK Register now for Fall Fall Open Houses: • Aug. 28, 5:30-7pm • Sept. 5, 5-6:30 pm • Sept. 8, 1-2:30 pm* *Free Trial Classes




Ages 2 and Up • Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Contemporary • Creative Movement • Pre-Ballet/Tap • Musical Theater • Street Jazz and Lyrical • And More! 330 Watertown St., Newton • 617-641-0784 www.AllThatJazzNewton.com


Boston Parents Paper | August 2019


binoculars, go on a bird hike and create some seed and fruit art for the birds to enjoy. Registration required. Youth, $7. 617-983-8500; massaudubon.org.

Boston City Hall Plaza and Faneuil Hall, Boston. Boston Matias Latelier, 10:30am, Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St., GreenFest is excited to bring you this wonderful Arlington. An hour of magic and surprises from a free Chilean three-day festival. The weekend filled with$8.an exciting magician and mentalist. Adults,is$10; youth, program of live performances, activities, food, films, and 781-646-4849; regenttheatre.com. interactive exhibits meant to inspire.. Through August SOUTH 18. FREE. 617-477-4840; Tracking the Winterbostongreenfest.org Wild Thing, 9am, Francis William Bird Park, 251 Washington St., Walpole. See Jan. 14 listing.

Free Winter Fun Fridays Warm Up, 2-6pm, World’s End, Hingham. Get

Variousoutdoors locations. The Highland Foundation for hiking, sledding, Street snowshoeing, owl prowls opens and museums and cultural venues to the for tales around the campfi re. Adults, $10;public youth, free. 781-740-7233; free. Check websitettor.org. for participating locations. FREE. 617-969-8900; highlandstreet.org Family Owl Prowl, 7pm, Blue Hills Trailside Museum,

1904 Canton Ave., Milton. Practice owl calls and meet of the museum’s resident owls before going on a Free some Friday Flicks night hike to search for them. Registration required. $10. 6pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Come 617-983-8500; massaudon.org.

early for free food samples, games and giveaways, then Jewels the Night, North River watch Stargazing: Captain Marvel atof sunset. FREE.7pm, 617-787-7200; Wildlife Sanctuary, 2000 Main St., Marshfield. Join www.celebrateboston.com astronomy enthusiast Peter Reed as he guides you through the constellations. Registration required. $13.

Marshfield Fairmassaudubon.org. 781-837-9400;

Noon to 10pm, Marshfield Fairgrounds, 140 Main St., Marshfield. This agriculturalENTERTAINMENT fair draws hundreds of competitors in 4-H, arts and crafts, agricultural and Celebrate horticultural events. Through Aug. 25. $10; ages 6 and everything in under free. marshfieldfair.org

2017 at

17 Saturday Meet Beach Creatures

Online Ordering Available

10 am – 3 pm, Joppa Flats Education Center, 1 Plum Rosalita's Puppets Host your next party Island Turnpike, Newburyport. Drop ininbefore the www.rosalitaspuppets.com our new 617-633-2832 beach, after the beach, or insteadDecorating of the beach! Our Kitchen 110-gallon tide pool touch tank is open for fun handsonJ learning. ForRentals ages 2-18. $2 suggested donation per & J Pony child. 978-462-9998; massaudubon.org

Registration recommended. $12 per pair or trio. 413-658-1100; carlemuseum.org.

Patriot Place on Sunday, August 18 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 29 Sunday PM with live music by 10:30am, Occasional BrassCorner & Strings on The Enchanted Forest, Coolidge the main290 stage. They a collective ofa150+ Theatre, Harvard St.,are Brookline. Artbarn, youthclassically trained buttheater oh-so-funky from community company,musicians presents the taleall of aover New family vacation wrong. Adults, $13;AC/DC youth, $10. England who gone play everything from to Bruno Mars, 617-734-2501; coolidge.org. Coldplay, Journey, Queen, Stevie Wonder, and more. FREE 508-203-2100; patriot-place.com NORTH Ward Winter Fest, noon to 3pm, Ward Reservation, Andover. Explore the property on a guided hike, or bring your snowshoes and sled to play. Then warm up ENTERTAINMENT AND PARTY NEEDS with refreshments by the fire. $10 per car. 978-886-5297; ttor.org.


ice Award ChoTuesday 31 er ner nne Win Wiinn W

Fran Friedman

Children’s Musician & Instructor

Birthday Parties, WEST Schools, Concerts, Backwards Storytime, 10am, The Discovery Museums, Libraries 177 Main St., Acton. Celebrate National Backwards Day with silly stories and activities. Free with admission. Preschool & Elementary 978-264-4200; discoverymuseums.org. Music Specialist

Lots of Participation & Fun for All! 508-358-1614 • www.franfriedman.com

& PARTY NEEDS Parents Choice Award er ner nne inn Win Wi W

LLeett’s’sy! t ! Pa arrty

Fran Friedman

Children’s Musician & Instructor

Birthday Parties, “Come Bounce Off Our Walls” Schools, Concerts, Libraries • 100% Private Birthday Parties


• Open Bounce & Family Fun • Field Trip Programs • Glow & Rock Star Parties

Preschool & Elementary Peabody, MA 978-532-5868 Music Specialist TM



• Quiet, gentle, lovable ponies; large and small available for any occasion. parties at your 3• -Pony 8pm, Boston Cityplace HallorPlaza 1 City Hall Square, at the farm. Boston. A showcase • Customized packages of at the unique ethnic and cultural diversity of India reasonable rates with food, booths and performances.

the Storyteller

India Day Festival

Original & classic stories Props, puppets, & surprises Birthday Parties Schools Libraries Special Events

FREE. iagb.org

18 Sunday Kids’ Summer Series


TOP 10 Lots of Participation & Fun for All! 508-358-1614 • www.franfriedman.com





J & J Pony Rentals


Now offering 4:30pm, Regattabar at the CharlesGLUTEN-FREE Hotel, 1 Bennett St., items

Cambridge. A family friendly show featuring Mister G. Cakes, Cookies, $12. 617-395- 7757; regattabarjazz.com Candies, Gift Baskets & All Your Party Needs! HUNTERS HAVEN FARM Kiddies Carnival

1356 Beacon St., Brookline 104 King St., Groveland, Noon, White Stadium, MA Franklin Park, 450 Walnut Ave., 617-566-3330 978-373-1300 Boston. A Trinidad-style carnival event with steel band www.partyfavorsbrookline.com HuntersHavenFarm.com music, dancing, face painting, Caribbean food and more. bostoncarnival.org 34 Boston Parents Paper | January 2017

• • • •

LLeett’s’sy! t ! Pa arrty P


Open Bounce & Family Fun Birthday Parties Field Trip Programs Glow & Rock Star Parties

• Quiet, gentle, lovable ponies; large and small available for any occasion. Bounce Off Our Walls” • Pony parties at your place or at the farm. • Customized packages Peabody, MA at reasonable rates TM

2016 TOP 10

978-532-5868 BostonBounceParty.com

August Moon Festival Noon to 5pm, North Quincy MBTA Parking Lot, Quincy. Festivities begin with a lion dance and continue with food, vendors, games, music and children’s activities. FREE. quincyasianresources.org

Sounds of Summer at Patriot Place, 4-6pm, Patriot Place, 2 Patriot Place, Foxboro. Join

HUNTERS HAVEN FARM 104 King St., Groveland, MA


HuntersHavenFarm.com August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com


19 Monday Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights 8pm, Rogers Park, 30 Rogers Park Avenue, Allston. Catch an outdoor viewing of Dumbo. FREE. boston.gov/parks

20 Tuesday Children’s Summer Festival 10am-1pm, Franklin Park, Dorchester. Boston Parks & Rec’s summer festival offers performing arts, science activities, art projects, face painting, a visit from Franklin Park Zoo and more. FREE. boston.gov/parks

Peek a Blue Hike 11am to noon, Houghton’s Pond, 840 Hillside St., Milton. Join the Friends of the Blue Hills for their bi-weekly baby and toddler hiking series. Snacks and drinks provided. FREE. 781-828-1805; friendsofthebluehills.org/peekablue

21 Wednesday BLO’s Free Summer Concerts 7pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Boston Landmarks Orchestra presents Landmark Dance Night. FREE. 617- 987-2000; landmarksorchestra.org

Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights 7:45pm, Ronan Park, 92 Mount Ida Road, Dorchester. Catch an outdoor viewing of Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. FREE. boston.gov/parks

AUTISM SERVICES Your insurance pays, we provide.

DIRECT BEHAVIORAL SERVICES provides customized ABA services and social groups (funded by your health insurance) to children in Framingham, Metro West and Greater Boston. No waiting list.

We work on social skills, language play skills, self-help skills and academic skills at home, school and community. Supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Call 508.834.8366 or email directbehavioralservices@gmail.com www.directbehavioralservices.com Now accepting Mass Health and most insurances.


23 Friday Free Fun Fridays Various locations. The Highland Street Foundation opens museums and cultural venues to the public for free. See website for participating locations. FREE. 617-969-8900; highlandstreet.org

Free Friday Flicks 6pm, Hatch Shell, 47 David G. Mugar Way, Boston. Come early for free food samples, games and giveaways, then watch Dumbo at sunset. FREE. 617-787-7200; www. celebrateboston.com

display, many which you can board. Music, crafts and children’s activities round out festivities. Through Aug. 25. 617-666-8530; boatfestival.org

Shapes + Patterns at the ICA Noon-4pm, ICA, 100 Northern Ave., Boston. Experiment with the possibilities of shapes and patterns using our interactive magnet-wall installation and create your own multimedia collages. FREE. 617-478-3100; icaboston.org

Downtown Plymouth Waterfront Festival 10am-6pm, Plymouth Waterfront, Plymouth. Enjoy artisan and craft booths, food vendors, a rubber duck race, two stages of live entertainment and more. FREE. 508-8301620; plymouthwaterfrontfestival.com

25 Sunday Kids’ Summer Series 4:30pm, Regatta bar at the Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St., Cambridge. A family friendly show featuring BDan & Claudia Zanes. $12. 617-395- 7757; regattabarjazz.com

26 Wednesday Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights 7:30pm, Noyes Park, 928-922 Saratoga Street, East Boston. Catch an outdoor viewing of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. FREE. boston.gov/parks

29 Thursday Trail Detectives’ Club 1-2:30pm, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan. Explore the wonders that summer reveals by looking for insects, flowers and animal signs with this fun, hands-on nature club. For ages 6-10. $7. 617-983-8500; massaudubon.org

30 Friday Free Fun Fridays Various locations. The Highland Street Foundation opens museums and cultural venues to the public for free. See website for participating locations. FREE. 617-969-8900; highlandstreet.org

Gloucester Schooner Festival 6-10pm. Various locations. Taking place in the harbor and nearby waters of America’s oldest seaport, the Gloucester Schooner Festival honors the major role the fishing schooner has played in the heritage of Gloucester and the eastern seaboard. Continues through 9/2. FREE. 978-2810470; gloucesterschoonerfestival.net

24 Saturday

31 Saturday

Antique and Classic Boat Festival

Boston Jazz Festival

Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina, 10 White St., Salem. Boats will be on

Boston Parents Paper | August 2019

Noon – 7pm. South Boston Maritime Park, 600 D Street, South Boston. A free ground-breaking festival features the most musically diverse array of jazz artists performing at Boston’s Waterfront. FREE. bostonjazzfest.org



Applied Behavioral Learning Services Celebrating 17 Y ears of Serv ice to the Autism Com m unity Behavioral Consultation Functional Behavior Assessment Social Enrichment Program Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Social Skills Groups Early Intervention Services Home Based Behavior Analytic Programs Extended Year Services

Now Accept ing: MassHealt h, BlueCross/BlueShield, and Harvard Pilgrim

Applied Behavioral Learning Services 617 -467 -4136 www.ablspart ners.org August 2019 | BostonParentsPaper.com



Join us Saturday, September 14 for free trial (16 months-age 7) and placement (ages 8-18) classes. Learn from expert faculty, experience a world-class ballet curriculum, and have fun.

PRE-REGISTER: bostonballet.org/school/events Photo by Igor Burlak Photography


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