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March-April 2017

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How your marriage impacts your Pg 8

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Cover Story

How your marriage

Impacts your Parenting


March - April 2017

Cover Story

Aparna & Sanjay Balasundaram’s mission lies in strengthening families by supporting individuals, parents and couples find hope, healing and courage. As relationship and life coaches they have cofounded Life Skills Experts ( that empowers children, parents and schools - as well as The Flourishing Marriage Course (flourishingmarriage. com) which encourages couples to refresh and rekindle their marriages.

Imagine this.

Mom and Dad come home from work – often at different times. The children are doing their own thing – watching TV, playing games, doing homework. A brief exchange of pleasantries follows. Sometime later, the family gathers to eat dinner. Conversations range from the mundane to the practical. After dinner, each goes their separate way – to bed. Lights out. End of day. In nuclear families of today, scenarios like this play out faithfully – each night, all over the nation. Our children rarely get to see their parents spending quality time together and much less, their mutual love and affection. And since monkey see, monkey do – we risk yet another generation instinctively replaying harmful marital behaviours. March - April 2017



Strength Training for

Children what you need to know

Neeraj Mehta is the founder of GFFI Fitness Academy. He is an M. Phil. in Physical Education, and has a Ph. D. in Human Biomechanics and Alternative Medicine. He is a certified Advance Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Master Trainer, Specialist for training in sports for weight reduction, speed and agility and a qualified Nutritionist. Neeraj developed a unique exercise technique Biomechanic Exercise (BMXStrength®), in which movements are devised according to the needs of an individual’s joints and connective tissues. This technique has been patented subsequently.

A study involving 24 researchers from across the globe, reported the impact of lack of physical activities on the health and development of children aged six to eighteen years. The researchers analysed the effects of exercise on children’s fitness, health, cognitive function, motivation, and mental and social health. It was found that exercise not only led to improved cardio respiratory fitness, stronger bones and muscle endurance but also better development of the brain and intellect. So there is no doubt that exercise is beneficial. However, with increased exposure, children, especially boys, are increasingly expressing interest in strength training. This article aims to give parents all the details so they can help their children along this path.


March - April 2017


The truth about sugar Meera Srinivasan is a food technologist and nutritionist with over 18 years of experience in the food industry. She is a core team member of Thinking Forks, a consulting firm, which works with the food industry to bring food and nutrition ideas to life.

The word ‘sugar’ immediately brings the visual of pure white crystals along with negative connotations! Nowadays different types of sugars like brown sugar, jaggery, palm sugar are available on the shelf and almost all of them claim to be better than white sugar! So what is the real story? Read on to get a hold of the ‘sugary facts’. 28

March - April 2017

CoverSchool High Story Years

Dr. Ali Khwaja is the Founder of Banjara Academy, a unique institution committed to improving the quality of life. He writes books and columns, and is regularly invited to conduct workshops and lectures at prestigious national institutions, schools, and colleges.

In our country, we associate college education with ‘specialising’; an undergraduate degree has one or more major subjects that the student takes up for three years. In contrast, institutions in the USA traditionally offer freedom to study varied subjects, the emphasis being on exploration. ‘Liberal arts’ is the term used for such an education. In the recent past, several colleges and universities in India have ventured into this system. Read on.


March - April 2017

Boarding Schools Abroad

Boarding Schools in

Switzerland Punita Shah is an educational specialist. After working as a teacher with The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai for more than a decade, she founded Punita Shah Education Services, which provides educational advisory services, specialising in Boarding School selection and admissions abroad. She also organises specialised summer programmes and seasonal camps abroad.

For those of you who have been following my articles, I have so far focused on affordable and easily accessible boarding schools. However, as we have learnt, boarding schools come in all shapes, sizes, locations and of course price points. In this article, I am going to talk about some of the most exclusive and expensive boarding schools in the world – the Swiss Boarding Schools. While they may not appeal to everyone’s interests and tastes, they do offer the most sought after education in the world. Background Switzerland has been the traditional host to boarding schools for generations. These schools used to be famous as ‘finishing schools’ for the elite. Now, not only do they groom children in the lost arts of etiquette and social graces, but also offer university prep education that holds its own against any other prep school in the world. The location in the middle of Europe, the safety and stability of the country and the beautiful landscapes add to the appeal. They are also considered the most trusted Boarding Schools for foreigners, in the world. 38

March - April 2017

The demand for boarding schools among local Swiss families is no longer as high as it used to be, as they have enough education opportunities closer to home that are relatively cheaper than boarding schools. Thus, today there are more than 100,000 foreign students studying at Swiss Boarding Schools, making up a majority (~70%) of the student body.The foreign student body consists of students from Russia, Germany, France, Britain, United States of America, China and Japan, and most of these schools ensure real diversity by having a quota system to limit students coming from any one country. Curretly, very few Indians students opt for Swiss Boarding Schools because of the high costs involved.


g ing bre a ch

dge g ďŹ tin

ht ing snorin

g w ng in chewi mun



– when sounds cause trouble


March - April 2017

Parentedge mag vol 6 issue 5 preview  

Mar-Apr 2017 Preview

Parentedge mag vol 6 issue 5 preview  

Mar-Apr 2017 Preview