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Parentingis hard,but ParentingWisely can help.ParentingWisely.comdesign ahighlyinteractive course toequip parentslike you with thetools necessary to engage your childrenin difficultfamily scenarios.

Ourcurriculum wasdeveloped with over 30 years of scienceand study proving itseffectiveness. Ourgoal is to equip parentswith the skills necessary toengage their children in difficultfamily scenarios. Our course hasbeen proven to reduce teenalcohol, drug use, reduceaggressive behavior, and improvefamily communication.

Chapters included inParenting Wisely Online Parenting Program:     

HelpingChildren to doHousework

    

Loud Music, Chores Incomplete

Helping Children Do Better in School Curfew Stepparenting School, Homework andFriends

Sharing the Computer Sibling Conflict Getting up on time Finding Drugs

\ Online Parenting Programs Video ScenariosReview QuestionsInteractiveQuizzes Watch common parentingAftereach video scenario,Parenting

At the end of each chapter, Quizzes

scenariosand then see

Wisely reviews and explainswhy

differentresponses and

different and explainswhydifferent

help ensures that you’ll be ready to handle these situations in future.

howthey can effecthappen and how to deal with them. outcomes.

ParentForumSkills Practice Find support from other

After you’ve finished the course, you

Parents and trained professionals

can spend time in skills practice section.;

in the PWO forum

ParentingWiselyOnline : $39.95 24/7 access to theParenting Wiselycourse for six months. Certificateof Completion. Uponsuccessful completion ofthe course, a certificate willbe available for download. AdditionalResources withinthe course. RequiresGoogle Chrome for completion.

Contact Us: Parenting Wisely 1005 East State Street, Suite G Athens, OH45701, USA Phoneno: 866-234-9473

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Parenting Programs  

Parenting Wisely offers you online parenting programs that helps parents to equip with the skills needed to improve family interactions and...