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product design portfolio


 Welcome Intrepid Adventurer, This is a small sampling of industrial design work executed between 2001 and 2005. All the projects listed here were awesome to design, so maybe some of that fun will rub off onto this mini-portfolio. If you would like to see design work fine-tuned to your current project requirements, please email me ( Your suggestions, comments, and work are always welcome. Warm Regards,

Thomas Parel

 Ryobi Pressure Washer


Automotive Sketches


Book Contribution: Gamer Mouse


Birsel and Seck: Tulips for Gaius and Gino


Raw Consultants: Hard-shell Backpack


Ridgid 18V Cordless Jigsaw


Ryobi Flagship Drill




product design portfolio


Innovation: A foot in the door

Designed to tackle virtually any outdoor cleaning job no matter how large it might be

Ryobi decided to enter an already crowded pressure washer market. To entice customers the product had to provide more gallons per minute throughput, more pressure per square inch and have a more powerful engine. The design team decided to go beyond the numbers game. The entire architecture was designed from the ground-up to function better than any other unit on the market. All touchpoints were considered and designed to create a premium pressure washing experience

Initial CAD sketches

180° rotating Twist & Store handle for compact storage 5 Quick connect spray nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 degree spread and soap)

Easy start 4 cycle Subaru™ EX 21 Chain Drive OHC engine

User interface is raised above the engine and closer to waist height. No more bending down, no more dirt in your detergent bottles.

Removable On-board dry storage compartment is designed around standard detergent bottles

Software Renders

Stainless steel wand assembly includes child safety lock and brass quick-connect coupling

30–foot Non-marring commercial grade high pressure hose on durable hose hanger

Maintenance free 3 piston brass pump head with axial cam design

10” Non-marring pneumatic tires

Solidworks Model, Photoworks render, Painter for sketch modifications

Premium Pressure Washer

Color Coordinated Spray Tips Pressure Washer wand storage

30 ft hose


Innovation Award 2005




Birdcage 2 These series of sketches are based on the proportions of the Pininfarina Birdcage. It explores the possible design directions of an expansive DLO.

futuristic trans sketches

Scion for Kathleen Edwards Kathleen Edwards (born July 11, 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Her blend of country, folk and pop music makes her a favourite of music critics. Her style of music is sometimes placed in the music genre "alt country". This is a Scion that is based on her music and style. Cool and rhythmical with an edge. The interior has no digital readouts- its all analog

trans sketches


 Book Contributor

Contributor to the book “'Drawing for Designers” Alan Pipes author of the 1990 book “3-dimensional drawing for Designers” had been commisioned by Laurence King to do a re-write under the better title of 'Drawing for designers'. Mr Pipes had seen a Solidworks tutorial that I had written online and asked whether I would be interested in contributing. How could I refuse?

3d Drawing for Designers

Final Rendering Since this would be in a book for designers, and the most exciting books are the ones with great designs, I designed a mouse specifically for the book. It would be sleek and light weight, made from thin- wall injection molded magnesium, and only have material at ergonomic touch-points

3d Drawing for Designers


 Client Sketches


sketch 2

CAD file

sketch 3

Closed polysurfaces

Clean highlights

Tulip for Gaius and Gino A collection of ceramic bathroom containers inspired by a traditional Turkish tea glass, its shape and comfort in the hand. This presentation demonstrated to Birsel+Seck the result of converting a sketch to a CAD model and then renderings

tulip for birsel + seck

Final Presentation

Tulips for Gaius & Gino



Products for the Extreme Games Segment of the Market This is a backpack that makes sense in the extreme games segment because of the hard spills that the lifestyle generates. All your tools of the trade will be protected in the protective polycarbonate shell.

3d Drawing for Designers 

Vision Sketch


Balance Prototype

Design the Ridgid Cordless jigsaw with the balance of an AC jigsaw In 2002, Ridgid came barnstorming into the powertool market with a range of products that raised the bar on sales and quality. The next year Ridgid took existing AC tools as a baseline to fill out the cordless line of tools. Challenges included reverse engineering from existing geometry and prototying to find the right balance.

Ridgid Professional Jigsaw 

Final Appearance Model

Ridgid Professional Jigsaw 


sharp body creases point to the center of the chuck

silhouette is bold and clean

“Grip zone” softens effective durometer of the overmold

all lines on the tool point to or revolve around essential interfaces

“ergonomic areas are soft

Fresh Direction for Ryobi tools The Ryobi 18V cordless drill is the highest selling cordless drill in North America. It is the crown jewel of the Ryobi line of tools. Working in tandem with engineers, the design team proposed new engineering functionality, improved the grip of the handle, and applied a new aesthetic to the tool

Form language design 

Final Appearance Model

18v cordless Drill 

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Thomas Parel_2006 ID Work  

Sample work from 2006. This was a pdf that I would send out. Just testing Issuu. Looks pretty nice so far.

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