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Severe earthquake in Lorca The last severe earthquake that happened in Spain was the earthquake of Lorca that happened a month ago, on May 11th of this year. That day, Lorca suffered two earthquakes of 4,5º and 5,2º in the moment magnitude scale (MW). These earthquakes caused 9 deaths, more than 160 injured people and the destruction of different buildings which were considered World Heritage, for example, the Church of Santiago. In my opinion, I consider than many disasters caused by the earthquake could be avoided taking into account than the Region of Murcia is the most active sismical zone in Spain. If they had the right equipment, many of the disasters could be avoided and the number of victims could have been smaller. Civil Protection and the Militar Unid of Emergency (UME) were responsible of marking every house with a color to communicate if those buildings were accessible. But, who can make sure if our houses are really accessible and if in a near future, they won’t be down? In the way I see it, no one. Also, so many people were left without their houses and without the help of Church of Santiago completely the city council. destroyed The case is that they should ensure appropriate equipments to this kind of situations taking into account the severe consequences that this may entail.

Graphic with the consequences of the earthquake in Lorca. Epicenters

Damaged buildings

Dead people

Severe earthquake in Lorca  

Opinion Article about the earthquake that happened in Lorca (Murcia)

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