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Tips Made Just For You! If you’re a first time college student that is insecure about your first college experience, then this magazine is just for you! Throughout these pages will be tips to help YOU have the BEST college experience.

The first few weeks on campus are critical for all new college students. It is during this time when you make critical decisions that will affect the rest of your college life and maybe the rest of your personal life.

SCHEDULE A TOUR – GO TO ALL ORIENTATIONS You may ask yourself, “Do I really need to go on another campus tour?” YES! College orientation programs are designed for your success. Research shows that the most successful college students were the ones who showed up at orientation. Not only do they help with first time college student anxiety, but they also allow you to become familiar with your new home. I know it sounds simple, but sign up! The better you know your campus, the more comfortable you will feel on campus. The more at ease you feel, the better prepared you will be when and if issues arrive. Invite family or friends to join you. Many times these programs are specifically designed for them. Don’t forget to ask questions! Nobody comes in knowing all the details, unless you’re the tour guide of course. Don’t hesitate to speak up because chances are there are other people in your group wondering the exact same thing. If you are not comfortable asking in front of the group, after the orientation pull aside and ask a staff member one-to-one. If you think of any more questions while you’re away, email the staff member, they want to help you! Orientation is also a great time to make new friends! Step out of your comfort zone and talk to another student. Another huge problem for first time college students is homesickness! If you are able to get involved with a group, you’ll make new friends and be able to connect with your school. Because studying is a must in college, almost all college campuses have tutoring or studying locations. If you go on a tour you will become familiar with these locations that way you can seek study help when you need it. One last word for this tip is stay on campus! No matter how homesick you get, try to stay on campus! Your boyfriend/girlfriend can wait! The more time you spend on the campus, the more time you will spend with your new friends and the more at home you will feel. Get to know your campus!

MAKE IT TO CLASS – DON’T MISS Pretty obvious, right? Yeah maybe so, but sleeping in and missing that 8AM class can be tempting at times. Well, avoid the temptation because you HAVE to go to class! Even if you are five minutes late, go to class! It can be flat out impossible to find the motivation to go to that 8AM class. But even the word itself says “I’m Possible.” You haven’t had enough sleep, you just need a break, you’re not going to learn anything important, you have other things to do, there is something more exciting going on, the professor is bad, the professor won’t notice, and you won’t miss anything. These are all typical excuses and even though some may be true it is important to take a step back and look at the full perspective of things. You’ll learn what you need to know. You never know when your professor may drop the, “This will be on your exam” sentence. In that case, you want to be there! If you’re home or in your dorm asleep or playing video games or out with you boyfriend/girlfriend, you just missed a very crucial piece of information! You’ll learn what you don’t need to know. Your professor may say something along the lines of, “This is important for you to understand, but it will not be on your exam.” Learning what you do not need to know is just as helpful as learning what you need to know. Why waste time on studying on something you will not be tested on when you have other important things to know and study. Making connections with other students is important as well! Homesickness is a huge issue for first time college students. If you go to class, you can meet at least one new person a day. You may find a group of students you like to hang out with, which may end up leading you to joining an organization or club. Get involved! The more friends you make, the more at home you will feel. Which leads me to my next point, stay on campus. No matter how homesick you get, stay on campus. Anytime you leave your campus that’s another chance for you to miss your class. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can wait. Trust me.

. GET ORGANIZED – BE PREPARED In high school, your teachers’ spoon fed you. I don’t literally mean they fed you out of a spoon, but the organized things for you. Your teachers tended to lead you through all your homework and assignments as well as due dates. In college, staying organized can be the difference of success and failure. Your professors are not going to spoon feed you, instead they are going to give you all of your assignment for the semester along with a due date calendar. Nobody is going to be there to give you friendly reminders, it’s all on you. Get a planner. This may seem like just something else to keep up with, but it will help you in the long run. This is one of the most important things a college student can get. A planner can become useful and you can write down things IMMEDIATELY, and only use one planner. Some students think using highlighters for color coding assists them. You can highlight by subject, by test or quiz or assignment, or even a social event. Either way a planner is great tool for college students, electronic or paper. Keep separate notebooks and folders for each class. Label or color code a different binder for every class. In each binder have a folder for assignments that need to be done immediately and other things that just need to be kept. Take notes for each class in a different notebook. Sure you may spend a lot of money on everything, but in the end it will benefit you. You have to stay organized. You’ll eventually figure out that having all your papers for one class in a specific binder saves you time from searching for notes. Transitioning to college can be difficult, but getting organized can make a huge difference in your college experience.

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY The key to becoming a successful college student isn’t studying harder, but to study smarter. Do not wait until the last minute to study. A successful student usually studies over short periods of time and doesn’t cram studying into one or two study sessions. In college, time gets scarce, therefor to become a successful student you need to learn how to dedicate your time to studying. Create a study plan. Successful students schedule their study sessions and then stick with their plan. A student who studies whenever it is convenient does not typically do to well. Study at the same time. It is important to plan when you are going to study and keep a scheduled routine. When you schedule a time every day, it become a part of your regular schedule. Having a regular schedule will emotionally and mentally prepare you and leads to you becoming more productive. Establish a specific goal for each study session. Just studying is not very effective. In fact, you have to figure out what you need to know by the end of your study session in order to actually learn something. Do not procrastinate. If you procrastinate your studying will not be effective. Procrastination also leads to stress, and that is the last thing you need as first time college student. Start with the subject that is most difficult for you. A successful student will do this because they know that this subject takes more physical and mental energy. This way, you have enough energy to finish your workload that is easier. Begin each study session by reviewing your notes. You can only be successful if you take good notes in class. Reviewing your notes before starting an assignment allows you to better understand what you are doing. Find a quiet place to study. When you are studying, you do not want to be disturbed. When finding time to study, make sure you find an appropriate place to study. Sorry to break it to you, but your bed isn’t one. Do not rule out study groups. Study groups can be a great way to study. Because there are more people, you can get assignments done faster. Maybe you missed something the professor said in class, more than likely, one of the people in your study group may have caught that note that you missed. Make sure you use study groups productively. Do not take the weekends off. Successful students always review what they have learned, weekend or weekday. Even though going out with your friends and partying all night may seem like fun, think about your future. What you do in college predicts your future.

DO NOT CUT CORNERS College is all about learning. If you procrastinate and cram, you won’t learn anything. You may be able to get by and pass the tests, but you will learn very little. It may have been easy in middle school and even high school to procrastinate and cram, but college is a whole other story. College takes a lot of time and if you do what you need to, you won’t get stressed. You have to stay motivated. They key to success in school is to focus on your school work. Create new challenges. Changing your approach can help you stay interested in what you are doing. If you have been doing an assignment that is very similar to a past assignment, try to look at it differently so you do not get bored. Set attainable goals. If you are struggling writing a 30 page paper for a class, break it down into pieces. Start off small and then look at the big picture. Find support with peers. You need to stay around people who motivate you. The crowd you hang around with can make or break you. If you hang around people that constantly slack off school work, you will eventually begin to slack off yourself. On the other hand, if you hang around people who are motivated, they will keep you motivated. Acknowledge your accomplishments. A reward is nice every once and a while. Give yourself a treat. Maybe you have that 30 paper essay to write and you are not motivated at all. Tell yourself, “If I get at least 5 pages done, I can watch an episode of my favorite show.” Give yourself a quick reward. Get a snack, or send an email, or maybe even play with your dog. Know your limits and find a balance. As much as we like to think we are invincible, we are not. We get tired, we get frustrated and we get overwhelmed. The important lesson for you to discover, is what are your limits? For example, you may find that you study at night better than the mornings. Don’t push it and try to study in the mornings, just study at night. The second part to this is once you find your limits, you need to find your balance. Even if you wanted to study at every second and maybe you even have the energy to, it’s probably best if you don’t’. You may start to suffer in other categories such as health and even friendships. We all need a balance in our lives. The more balance we find, the happier and more successful we will be in the end.

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Tips For First Time College Students  

If you're an upcoming college student, then this magazine is just for you! Learn how to make the best of your college experience.

Tips For First Time College Students  

If you're an upcoming college student, then this magazine is just for you! Learn how to make the best of your college experience.