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Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

Journey Ahead Annual Report 2011/2012

Since 2000, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society has given 165 graduates to the community. Focused interventions on Girl Child Education, Health & Hygiene, Livelihood Generation and Gender Equality have brought out required changes throughout the community. 1200 girls from 60+ villages are part of 'Educational' programme. Under this programme, PPES is managing two Satya Bharti Schools of Bharti Foundation. 'Rags to Pads' programme has reached out to more than 1500 girls & women of Anupshahr. Blackberry department gives work to 60 women and is training 29 more for the same. 150 homes have been lit under the 'Green Initiative' programme. 150 families are utilizing toilet and bathing facilities of the 'Health & Hygiene Complex' in Madargate. Flagged off 'Self Help Group' initiative in May 2012 to generate livelihood opportunities and facilitate economic empowerment of community women. 1000 women from 30 villages have joined the SHG bandwagon as of now. Your regular support and constant belief in PPES' work has been instrumental in achieving all this. We invite you to join us in this journey of metamorphosis. Spread! Share! Support! Become a part of transformed social experience!


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From the Founder President For all of us as Individuals/organizations, there comes a time when we realize – “Adult Hood” has arrived. Yes! PARDADA PARDADI after 12 years of its existence has entered into a phase of “ADULT HOOD”.

Challenge is to earn our “KEEP” every day and plan for the future. “KEEP” is the school, where more than 1200 girls from disadvantaged communities receive education to be the 'Change Makers'.

Exciting part of this wonderful phase is, planning for the future. I'm extremely happy to inform you about two programs initiated in last 12 months - 'Self Help Groups' (SHG) for women and 'Rural BPO'.

Through initiative of Self Help Groups (SHG) for women, PPES is creating a common platform for the village women. These women will be trained to open/manage business and money entirely on their own. None of these women have ever participated in any endeavour of this kind before.

General image of women in this part of the region is, that of a 'veiled one' controlled by men. We are positive that this initiative would enable them in breaking this regressive image of women; making them equal partners in progress.

'Rural BPO' initiative will provide better employment opportunities to local girls and women. Commercial operation of the BPO will commence in June next year (2013). Once again, Thanks a Million and Please Stay in Touch. With kind regards

Virendra (Sam) Singh


Stepping Towards a Change... Last year we informed you about enrolling 250 girls under Mission Madargate's 'Educational' programme. Good news is that these first time school goers have created a ripple and motivated 185 more girls of their neighbourhood to join the school. Demand for new admissions has grown. Limited classrooms and insufficient space to accommodate more children are hindering us from enrolling more kids. Additional classrooms need to be built to accommodate the growing demand.

Healthier and Hygienic life is my Right! Number of families availing toilet and bathing facilities at the 'Sherry and Ron Fuchs Community Hygiene' complex has gone up from 84 to 150 since its operation last year. Practice of defecating in open has come down. Hygiene complex is a blessing for majority of women. As a step forward, we need to increase toilet and bathing facilities.

Lit 150 homes‌ 'Solar Lantern Project' has received tremendous response from the community. 150 homes have been lit under the programme so far.

Impact of Solar Latern Project Kerosene & Candle Usage

30% Still using Kerosene/ Candles

Increase in monthly savings

32% > Rs.200

32% < Rs.30


Stopped using Kerosene/ Candles

15% Rs.100Rs. 200



Note: The % of families who have stopped using kerosene/candles is likely to increase over time.

Note: The savings per month is likely to increase over time.

A step forward for each child is to be â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 'at school'. Each home - to be 'lit by solar light'.


Way Forward... Opening Doors for Infinite Opportunities 18th April witnessed opening of Pardada Pardadi's much-awaited 'Science Wing' at the school. The wing houses English lab, computer lab and a personality development lab.

Currently, 380 students (6th to 12th grades) utilize facilities installed at these labs. These facilities have exposed girls to an entirely new educational experience. Labs have opened doors of infinite opportunities for the girls. Girls can carry out experiments and gain first hand practical knowledge of various subjects. Girls can now take science as their mainstream subject after class 10th. Computer lab will be used to train girls to work in the call centres.

More Accolades to the School Enrolment at the school increased from 1100 to 1200 girls this year. There was 100% result in class 10th and 12th. In class 10th, out of 47 students, 39 girls secured first division and rest second division. Among 12th graders, 8 girls secured first division and remaining 2 secured second. With this, girls have indeed set an example for the fellow students and made the entire school proud of their achievements.


Transformation Happening as You Read! 1000 women from 30 villages of Anupshahr created a stir when they came together to form Self Help Groups (SHGs) in their villages.

Being part of just created platform of 60 Self Help Groups, these women are pursuing the objective of “honour and dignity for themselves”.

In just 5 months, (since May 2012) women have saved Rs. 4,00,000/- ($8000) and crossed a monthly saving milestone of Rs. 1,25,000/- ($2500) through the discipline of saving just Rs. 5/- (0.1 cents approx.) per day. (*$1 = Rs. 50/-)

Now, to test their own integrity, and to avoid the humiliation of begging from the village “sahukar” (money-lender), they have started “Inter-loaning” amongst themselves.

These 1000 (and growing) women believe that their collective strength, provides them opportunities•

To enhance the productivity of their cattle/s.

Lower cost of milk produced through introduction of best practices.

Demand best price for their milk through collective unity.

This collective has already created a ripple, which will soon multiply into an unstoppable tide when 5,000 more will join the movement in the coming months.

Together, they have pledged to act and convert their villages into 'model' villages of India.


Building Capacity! Trainings Capacity building trainings were undertaken this year for teachers and students. These trainings comprised of sessions like Career Counseling, Communicative English, Teachers' Training and Personality development.

Etasha's English training (June), aimed at enhancing and improving communicative/spoken English skills of the senior students and teachers.

Sri Ram Foundation is training prep and primary teachers on 'Early Enhanced Education'. Under this training, teachers were given hands on training on the effective usage of play way methodologies, development and designing of assessment tools and preparation of age appropriate bridge course.

Trainers from Bharti Foundation regularly conducts teachers training for Satya Bharti schools (managed by PPES) Anupshahr and Bichola. They have been training teachers on effective use of Bharti Foundation curriculum and various aspects of teaching.

Healthy Daughter, Healthy Village As part of Pardada Pardadi's holistic approach to empowering girls in rural India, a new 'Health Center' has been established at the school which opened in October 2012. This center will provide total health care for the girls which includes regular check-ups, counselling and classes on health and hygiene.


MEET OUR BOARD President (PPES Managing\General Board) Mr. Kashi Nath Memani, former Chairman and Country Managing Partner of Ernst & Young, India. Has been extending support to various non-profit organizations.

Vice President (PPES Managing\General Board) Mr. Badri Aggarwal is past President of Bharti Airtel-Infotel Division and Past Hony. President of Bharti Foundation. Is passionate about the cause of education.

Vice President (PPES Managing\General Board) Mr. Ramesh Bajpai, an IIT Kharagpur graduate. He is the Director of Amrop India. Is keen to support the Society's agenda in any way he can.

Secretary (Managing\General Board & Founder Member) Mr. Virendra (Sam) Singh, a retired U.S. Dupont South Asia Head, seeded the change when he founded Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in Anupshahr, India.

Treasurer (PPES Managing\General Board) Mr. Sanjeev Gupta is a business entrepreneur. He is on the board of many leading NGO's and is pro bono advisor to many others.

Board Member (Managing\General Board) Mrs. Geeta Athreya is a respected social activist and development professional. Has worked in UNICEF (1986-2006). She has written various articles on women and public health.

Board Member (Managing\General Board) Mr. Atul Kumar Singh, an Executive Engineer at Noida Authority in Noida (U.P). Has committed himself to the cause of PPES.


Board Member (PPES Managing\General Board) Mrs. Indu Singh, a house maker, has seen PPES grow. She heads Production centre and Marketing department of PPES on voluntary basis.

Board Member (PPES Managing\General Board) Mr. Kush Agarwal is a retired healthcare executive and entrepreneur based in Chicago. Has been with PPES for a long time and is an active PPES fund raiser.

Board Member (Managing\General Board) Mr. Lokender Pal Singh, National Sales Manager at DuPont. Has 15 years of experience in MNC sector. Extend support to PPES in every possible way.

Board Member (PPES General Board) Ms. Renuka, currently heading PPES. Has an experience of more than 25 years in the nonprofit sector.

Board Member (PPES General Board) Mr. Manish Agarwal is the president of Federal and solution service for Attain. Has 20 years of success in the consulting and the technology fields. Has been promoting PPES through different channels.

Board Member (PPES General Board) Ms. Renu Singh Agarwal is an attorney, currently working for the U.S. Federal Government. Has been actively supporting PPES in its activities.

Board Member (PPES General Board) Mr. Neil Murphy is a Marketing professional and has an experience of over 25 years in the Marketing field. Works for generating awareness about PPES in US.

Board Member (PPES General Board) Ms. Ena Murphy, currently owns 'Ena Yoga Apparel' in US, has finance background. Also, looks after PPES's online boutique 'From Village to the World'.


Board Member (PPES General Board) Mr. Sangeet Kumar, a farmer by profession. Has been ardently supporting PPES since the beginning.


We are here too... Marathon Mania! Pardada Pardadi girls at the 5th Delhi Airtel Half Marathon. 10 girls ran to support the cause of Girl Child Education.

A Trip to the mesmerizing Taj! 30 selected girls were treated to a trip to Taj Mahal (Agra) for maintaining regular attendance.

Keeping the Baton of Higher Education Alive! 20 more girls took admission in professional graduate colleges. Of these, 11 are doing diploma in Computer Applications from Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) Bangalore, 5 are undergoing training in General Nursing and Mid-Wifery (GNM) and 4 are pursuing diploma in Hospitality and Management from the Rai University (Jaipur).

Recreated Magic at Rhythm in Melody! PPES girls enthralled the audience with their dance performance on a medley of old classical Bollywood songs. This performance was a part of 'Rhythm in Melody', a charity event organized by C.K Performing Arts of Australia.


Scaling new Heightsâ&#x20AC;Ś. Blackberry Department PPES BlackBerry department provide livelihood opportunities to 60 girls and women of Anupshahr. 29 more girls have recently joined the production centre as trainees. An additional Blackberry unit has been set up to increase the suit cover production. Many of these women have started earning Rs. 5000/- per month. Aim is to provide livelihoods to 120 girls/ women by next year.

Adding Dignity and Pride! PPES production centre gives work to 25 women with an aim of providing dignified living. These women specialize in sewing, embroidery and tailoring work.

Blending Tradition with Modernity PPES marketing team showcased its products at various exhibitions held across Delhi and NCR region. The products were appreciated and bought for its intricate embroidery, beautiful designs, usability and quality.

PPES marketing collaborated with Kingdom of dreams (Craft traditions) and Handicrafts and Handlooms Exports of India (HHEC).



Note: S. R. Batliboi & Co. is an Indian Audit Entity of Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.



Note: Depreciation Expense is not considered in chart.


PPES Family... “I have been overawed by the work of PPES and visiting the school is a tremendously inspirational experience. As a result, I have been involved both at a personal and professional level with PPES. As the Managing Director of Xerox India, I had been working with PPES at various innovative levels as part of the corporate social responsibility program as well. We're extremely proud of our association with PPES.”

– Andrew Horne, Managing Director, Xerox India (2004-2011).

"The best part about working at PPES is the receptiveness of the students, staff and community. They make any and every effort translating into positive changes. It has been an absolutely overwhelming experience to personally make and see these changes happen." – NanditaShetty, Neuro-imaging Scientist from Massachusetts (PPES volunteer)

BIG SINCERE THANKS To all our Partner organizations for supporting us throughout this journey! Your contribution had been instrumental in making PPES what it is today!

To name a few – iPartner India, Axis Bank Foundation, Pakhar Foundation, Ernst & Young, Dupont, Bitiya Foundation, Action for the Support of Deprived Children (ASED), Cargill, Bharti Foundation (PPES manages two Satya Bharti primary schools in Anupshahr and Bichola), Hayat Communications, Xerox India, MCKS- Food for the Hungry Foundation, ICT, BlackBerry, Apra Group (Kingdom of Dreams), Hambross Bank, IRRAD, See Your Impact, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Sahara Means Support, Indian Global Social Service Society (IGSSS)...

We are honoured to have committed friends like YOU All.


Recognitions... In 2012, PPES efforts were acknowledged and awarded by some of the prominent organizations. These wereâ&#x20AC;Ś

'The Real Heroes' award instituted by CNN IBN and Reliance Industries. The award celebrates the undying spirit of 24 ordinary people who have done extraordinary service and have expanded the realm of humanity across the country. Pardada Pardadi won this award for its outstanding project of resolving the issue of educating girls in rural area.

The 'Rays of Hope' award (Individual Category) initiated by Earth Foundation, recognizes individuals from around the country for doing outstanding and pioneering work for the underprivileged girl children.

The 'Gillette Blade of Honor' award (2011), part of Gillette India's 'Salute the Soldier in You' movement. This award is an attempt to honor 10 citizen soldiers across India for doing simple and inspiring work.

'Sat Pal Mittal National Award' (2012) by Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust (Ludhiana, India) for outstanding service to humanity and underprivileged girls.

We sincerely thank all these organizations for believing in our work and bestowing us with these coveted honours.

THANK YOU Do Visit Us! Delhi 114-B Ground Floor Khirki Village P.O. Malviya Nagar New Delhi 110017 Tel: +91 11 29542524 Fax: +91 11 29542524

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Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Registered under the Societies Act of India and under the 501© 3 in USA Report prepared by: Saba Pandey and Eshant Rajput • Photo Credits: Lyn Johnson (Ripple Effect Images) and PPES

Annual Report 2011-12  

Annual report

Annual Report 2011-12  

Annual report