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The Paras World School

Art of Learning not just through Books

The great Isaac Newton also discovered the Law of Gravity outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, he only read about the theories and life taught him the practical lessons. This is exactly what The Paras World School believes in achieving, educating children outside the classroom’s four walls. Most of the schools in India are CBSE approved but the question is “are all the CBSE schools in Gurgaon capable of driving the learning spirit rather than making them mere robots?”

Creativity Explodes in the Mind of Kids

The Paras world School is one school I have seen bringing creative arts together with the development of emotional and educational intelligence. The concept “creating classrooms where students explore more than just Academics� is a vital ingredient to nurturing the curious minds. Many schools in Gurgaon have been trying to inculcate these ventures by The Paras World School that has been setting benchmark.

The Fortes of the School • Engaging children’s imagination through activities that involve arts, dance, poem recitation and creative thinking • Enhancing children’s language skills which have become an integral part in public relations and social gatherings. What is the use of a school that lacks the ability to produce brilliant speakers • Their school’s song “The Paras World School is the heaven of Joy” truly represents the spirit of the school

Excellent Primary School in India I have never ever come across a school that doesn’t follow the classic pedagogy of teaching through books only. Their goal is to produce not students but citizens capable of facing the world with head held high. Finding one of the excellent primary schools in Gurgaon and India that looks for the all-round development of a child is a task as every school looks and does the same. Look for the one that promises your child’s conceptual study and not train them to be fishes that climb trees. If you have a look decades back and analyze the education system then and compare that with the present time, then you will be disappointed that it hasn’t changed the way the world has advanced. It has the same black or white board and teaching techniques. Out of the Box concept is missing. Now The Paras World School is taking the step to change the way we look at the never changing schooling methods.


Schools in Gurgaon Inculcates the Art of Learning not just through Books