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Quarterly Report of DWRT50 for the period 1st July to 15th Sept.2008. The year started with a BANG, an event which I think included all aspects of tabling, be it planning, fellowship, projects, fund raiser, publicity, etc. Planning such a big event in the beginning of the New Year with 11 tablers, 10 about 2 years in tabling and 1 about 4 years looked nearly impossible but here’s what we achieved.

A<50 ART UNDER 50 An initiative by DWRT50 to raise funds for Freedom through Education Venue: Stainless Gallery, Mira Complex, Mathura Road, New Delhi Date: 12th – 19th July 2008 Co-sponsored by: Crayon Capital

The Idea A small spark can make a Big Difference. The idea to hold an art auction cane up during one of the business meetings and it looked an easy way to raise some funds. And Why Not? The art market was booming and another table had managed to raise a lump sum in the previous year. The more we discussed, we realized that an auction takes time and planning – time being the main factor. Since one of the tablers is an Art Curator by profession, the decision was taken to experiment with a smaller event, which could be controlled easily and would also give the table a chance to learn

the ‘Art Business’. The table readily agreed and we set a deadline of 2 months to plan and host the event.

The Title: Rather than going for a working title, which would change with every show, we decided to take this project as a long-term Brand Building Exercise. No business becomes big overnight and we followed the same policy for the art event. We were ready for failure after the first show, but had the foresight to expect bigger returns in the long run. Art under 50 was passed amid a lot of discussion. Simply put it denotes Art Under the Delhi West Round Table 50, and it would be title for all our shows in the future. The format is simple – the more shows we do, the more brand we build and with time Art Under 50 becomes a one point stop for the best of Indian Art. The Build up: As soon as we got the green signal, the list of activities put forth and a budget was prepared. The main aspects of an art show were: 1. A Gallery 2. Art to sell 3. A guest list After a quick round up of possible locations, which were either all booked or too expensive (like Banquet halls in 5 star hotels), we froze on The Stainless Gallery, which is run by Jindals. The gallery is one of the most beautiful galleries in India, with facilities like projections and plasma TV’s available as well. It was an east choice, though the question about its location was always there. But our ‘Feel Good Factor’ was enough to say yes.

Using all possible connections, we set to acquire art. Every tabler came up with their list of contacts from where the art could be sourced. The involvement of these sources cannot be undermined and we thank all of them for their support. We really appreciate it. The guest list was probably the simplest to achieve as one of the tablers already had it with him.

Tr.Punit Jindal & Tr. Nitin Singhal lighting the lamp

Cr. Chandni Rai and Cr.Neetika Jain lighting the Lamp Choice of Artist: Today, art is just not collected by a specific genre of people. Thus we were very sure that we had to meet all tastes, from an eighteen-year to an eighty-year-old collector. Thus, artists from legendry Jamini Roy to Ram Kumar, KG Subramanium to Kolte, from Arpana Caur to Sanjay Bhattacharya, from Rachana Nagarkar to Suprakash Nath, were all under one roof.

Painting by Artist Mousmi Bishwas

Painting by Artist Bose Krishnamachari

Painting by Artist Aparna Caur

Painting by Artist Binoy Vergheese

The icing on the cake was three participating artists from Pakistan who understood the importance of our cause and decided to participate. A square leg was also invited to participate.

Guests at the opening

Preparing a budget: Budget was one of our Biggest concerns as we were first timers and new very little about the industry. With the all the tablers coming forward to pitch in with whatever they best could we were always under pressure of not loosing the amount. After rigorous Brain storming and suggestions from all tablers on how we could cut down on costs utilizing our own resources we finally allocated a budget of Rs.2,50,000/- for the entire show. Cost cutting was done at all ends. Though it was always a Race against time but we were determined to run all our efforts and try to get our event Sponsored. And Thanks to Tr.Dhruv Manga we FINALLY DID IT. Crayon Capital: Every day leading up to the show was a challenge. Getting a sponsor was looking like a mountain peak, which we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t climb. But we never gave up our goal. In the end it all paid up, with Crayon Capital Art Fund coming to our rescue. They understood the cause and supported the idea with their heart and soul. Apart from sponsoring the event (Rs.1.00 Lac), they also gave 13 works by known artists like Ram Kumar, TV Santhosh we were sure to have walk ins. Amit Vadhera and Gaurav Karan, partners at Crayon also were present at the opening and participated in our Table Meeting. They lit the lamp as well and were present for all press questions the same evening.

Gaurav Karan lighting the lamp

We thank them for supporting the cause!

Amit Vadhera Lighting the Lamp

Amit Vadhera talking to Sahara News The Blog: Well, we learnt how to make a Blog! Since managing a website is a slightly elaborate process, we decided to make a Blog. A Blog is free and they come with designed templates. All we had to do was upload the images. Within a few hours, we were all Blogging! The main advantage of a Blog was to replace a catalogue. Since we were on a small budget and a catalogue was not an option, the Blog filled in that requirement and all the works were available for viewing online. It was a risk, but then we were overwhelmed by the amount of hits we got on it. The Blog continues to exist and will serve as an online catalogue for other shows as well. Publicity: Any event can be judged by the kind of Publicity they get. Even though we had Press Kits Prepared and sent to all media offices, Our Success is also due to the Sincere Efforts of Tr. Kulbhushan Rakheja (Delhi South Table 32) and his wife Cr.Neema Rakheja (Delhi South Ladies Circle 15), who helped us getting the media. Television channels like NDTV, AAJTAK, SITI CABLE were present during the course of the event and covered us at various days. These can be viewed at:

Cr. Neema and Artist Mousumi Bishwas Art Curator Tr.Amit Jain and Neena Soni

Guest Interview

Artist Tr. Khushroo Kalyanwala

Artist Mousumi Bishwas giving interview to NDTV Newspapers listed us in the events column throughout the week and we got excellent walk in because of them as well. Again, thanks Kullu and Neema for your excellent support for our event! The aftermath: The result of the event can be summed very easily: A HUGE SUCCESS After the show, as all the tablers wound up the first day of the show and regrouped for dinner, there was a sense of achievement. Each face, though exhausted, had smiles all over.

The results weren’t bad either. We managed to sell a few works, got publicity and achieved fellowship. The Show was a Great Success.

Guests at the opening

“WE WERE ABLE TO RAISE RS.2,51,050/- FROM THIS EVENT.” Fellowship: Events can bring people together and like one tabler said, ‘This was a like a School Project; having late night meetings with pizza’s and beer!” Over million coffee meetings, every tabler connected and there was a feeling of Fellowship. Attendance was always Maximum and with a twist of fun and a common goal, every tabler came up with ideas and took responsibility with a smile. Be it negotiating with the artist, printing labels, handling the press, arranging the snacks for the opening, framing the works, or simply hosting these meeting, every tabler came forward and met deadlines. This has been a fantastic achievement as we all look forward to a common objective. Everyone has learnt something after this event. No doubt that the art index of our table has gone up drastically and we are more confident of doing more shows in the future. The result of this was seen at the opening, where each tabler carried a price list in his hand and trying to make a sale. This was fantastic!

Tr.Nikhil Rai explaining an artwork to visitors on opening night

Tr.Dhruv Manga explaining an artwork to visitors on opening night Acknowledgements: This show was successfully organized mainly due to the efforts of Tr.Amit jain and Tr.Dhruv Manga. Tr.Amit Jain played his role by organizing the entire show and Tr.Dhruv Manga who got the Requisite sponsor. All other Tablers also chipped in Rs.15000/- each apart from their honest efforts in making this event a huge success. We all at DWRT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 50 would like to give a Special Thanks to Tr. Kulbhushan Rakheja and Cr. Neema Rakheja (DSRT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 32) whose sincere efforts got us a Huge Publicity for this event.

B) We were now all geared up for Celebrations and FELLOWSHIP.

SUNDAY BRUNCH AT TONINO’S on the 26 th July‘ 2008 The start of New Team was celebrated with the much awaited Sunday Brunch at Tonino’s. The same was planned at the First Business Meet of the year and everyone was happy to celebrate it to the fullest.

It was a nice and relaxed Brunch with some fine wine and Italian cuisine. A prospect Sid Kapur was happy to be there and showed his keen interests in becoming a part of this Table at the earliest.

CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY AT TR. PUNIT JINDAL’S HOUSE on the 15th Aug.’ 2008 What could be a better way to celebrate the Independence Day!!!!!!!!! After celebrating The Independence Day at “MANDI VIDYANIKETAN” on the 13th August’08, tablers met up at Tr.Punit Jindals house on the 15th August 08. It was a wonderful evening with all the active tablers and the Square Legs meeting up after a long time. It all started with a DECENT round of Drinks,

As usual itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Secretary who does all the work. And see what he gets in the END. STRENGTH of our Table.

It all ended up with our First Session of Diwali Cards. Thanks to Tr.Manish Kapoor who is always filled with Bright ideas on fellowship.

Finally thanks Tr.Punit Jindal for being such an Amazing Host.

Always RELAXED. Thanks to all the tablers for being my STRENGTH

ATTENDED THE TABLE AGM OF DMRT – 149. We attended the Table Agm of DMRT – 149. The theme was “SINGH IS KING”.

Tr.Nitin Singhal and Tr.Nikhil Rai

Tr. Nitin with Cr.Chandni and Cr.Neetika

Tr.Amit Jain and Cr.Neetika Jain

Tablers Nikhil, Punit and Amit

Thanks to Table DMRT – 149 for organizing such a wonderful AGM and giving us an opportunity to enjoy fellowship to the fullest. •

Apart from above we also participated in full strength for the premier of Singh is King hosted by NDRT 24 as well as the Blood Donation Camp organized by RT43.

DWRT – 50 Donated Rs.3000/- towards Blood Donation Camp organized by NDRT-24 and DRT-5. Additional Rs.2100/- (Rs.350 x 6) was given for Publicity on Radio FM.


Independence Day Celebration at Mandi Vidyaniketan on 13 th August’ 2008 We celebrated the Rakhi Making Competition at Mandi Vidyaniketan jointly with the Ladies Circle on the 13th August 2008. The Event took off by paying tribute to the National Flag.

Students gave us all a very warm welcome.

Members of the Gujrat Education Society were also present there. We discussed about the requirements of the school in brief as it is in the process of getting recognized.

The entire event, as earlier was very well organized, with the students putting up a wonderful show with display of their excellent talent.

Certificates of Merit were distributed by the Tablers, Ladies Circle and the members of the GES. The prizes were distributed by the Ladies Circle to the students for making such beautiful Rakhis. 400 food packets were distributed to all the children and the staff present there. I would like to thank the LC Chairperson for being a great help in organizing this event and Tr.Pushpinder Bhatia for donating food packets for 400 children. Celebrate life as WE make the DIFFERENCE. YIT Nitin Singhal Chairman DWRT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 50 "No HARD work, only SMART work


Qrtly report DWRT 50  

qrtly report

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