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A brief profile... Respected Lion Friends! Wish you a very Happy New Year and Sankranthi! As your Lion G K Ramana, I would like to place before you these few words to share my feelings! I joined Lionism in the year 2000 with an ambition to "Serve the Society". I have been continuing in Lionism by developing and improving cordial friendship with the members of the then C2 and present C2 & C6 Districts. Lionism has become a part of my life today. I had enough Recognition and Encouragement even from the District Leadership. 2005 -'06 :

I was elected and awarded as the Best President among 130 Clubs in undivided District 324C2 and Best President in the multiple, when Lion Dr Ravinder Goud was the District Governor.

2006 - '07 :

I received awards as the Best P R O in District and Multiple when Lion Dr Nandan Singh was the Governor of District 324C2.

2007 - '08 :

I got awards as Best P R O and Best District Chairman in District and Multiple during Lion G Chenna Kishen Reddy's Governorship.

2008 - '09 :

When Lion R Sunil Kumar was heading the District as Governor, I was honoured as the Best PRO and Best D C for Diabetes Detection awards in District and Multiple, along with "International President Medallion" award!

2009 - '10 :

I was the Best Zone Chairman in District and Multiple when Lion A Natraj was the District Governor. Zone Social was celebrated in grand scale in the name of "JOSHHHHH".

2010 - '11 :

Best District Chairperson Award was given by Lion S S Malhotra, Dt. Governor. I received more than 300 awards in Walkers International and other famous Service Organizations apart from Lionism. I assumed office as PRO for Walkers International Organization for the year 2012 on 1st January. I am delighted to say that I have invited more than 400 new members into Lionism till now. I'm proud to have added New Clubs (Megacity, Pragathi & Vidyanagar) to our District, till 2010-'11.

2011 - '12 :

I shouldered the responsibility as Region Chairman under the Governorship of Lion Juluri Ramesh Babu, this year. The Governor allotted me the Region

with 11 Clubs. I dared to hold the Regional Conference in a grand manner with your cooperation with 20 Clubs by adding 9 New Clubs to the District in my Region. In this endeavour, 3 Clubs have already been installed (Film City, Gulabi City & Abhaya Banjara) and 4 more Clubs are on their way towards installation(Yellow City, White City, Tollywood City & Shalivahana Nagar). This Self-satisfaction that I could give 13 Clubs to our District till today and made large number of Lion members serve the society, is motivating me much more towards Social Service. My nature is to do justice to any of the post I got. I extend my cooperation selflessly to any Lions Club or any Lion friend. I'm always at the forefront to take our District to greater heights. My endeavour is to celebrate the Region Conference of 18th February 2012 in such a manner that it should be remembered forever. I need the cooperation of all of you for my dream to be realized. I hope that each and every Lion Leader will extend their cooperation to make this conference, a grand success. In this context, we are planning for service activities on a large scale, including;  Distribution of sewing machines to for women  Adopting orphans. I request and hope all of you will leave the delegates with sweet memories by extending your cooperation in the form of donations to these service activities, ads in souvenir and presenting gifts through the kit. If you can bring your Near or Dear to our conference with you, he/she may also become a Lion Friend in the future. Expecting your kind encouragement… to the success of gk ra 'MANA' Conference… While rendering service to humanity… If I could inspire people around me to serve, I am the real servant… And thus the Lion Leader… Yours

Lion G K Ramana Region Chairperson 98490 31601.

Speech of Lion G.K. Ramana, Region Chairperson Respected Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji, our distinguished chief guest of today’s program, Special Guest of Honour Sri Suman garu, our famous Cine Artist, Guests of Honour Sri Chakri Gilla garu, Music Director, Sri D Virinchi garu, former Assistant, General Manager, SBH. Sri Katepalli Janardhan Reddy garu, Member Legislative Council, Smt. Aruna Devi garu, yoga rathna, Sri Vedala Hemchander garu, well known singer, First Vice District Governor Lion N.N.Murthy. Our respected Past District Governors, Cabinet members on the dais and in the auditorium, Past Region Chairpersons, my Zone Chairpersons, Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers, my wife Yamuna Sree and all other members of this region and visiting Lions, Leos and Lionesses and Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome for our mana region conference. I deem a great honour and pride today to have Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji here in our region conference who has recognized our service activities and volunteered to be with us and give his blessings. Before I move further I have to thank Lion Juluri Ramesh Babu our District Governor for nominating me as the Region Chairperson in his Cabinet. I said “mana region conference” mana comes from I and YOU and we feel it, and once the feeling comes as mana the change is beautiful. Fortunately in my name I have this mana and with GK RAMANA we would like to Generate Knowledge and Reach to Achieve in our MANA Region Conference. Just say to yourself Mana Region Conference Mana Region Conference. You see the difference. You see the difference. Let us now move on with our Region what we have done so far and what we can do in the next few months in this Lionistic year 2011-12. When I took over as the Region Chairperson for Region IV we were with 11 Clubs and today we are 15 Clubs. Membership growth we have shown by adding 200 New Members and our total membership is 458. Our Region in the District is today represented with 4 LEO Clubs with a strength of 88 Leos. Members and Clubs make the Region you have just heard about the Membership and now when I

look into the activities I have to mention some outstanding serve activities my Region Clubs have take.  Recorded 20,000 tree plantations in one single day by my Region Clubs.  Lions Club Hyderabad Film City for crossing 10,000 Tree Plantation in one single day.  Lions Club of Hyderabad Health City adopted Orphan Students for over all development in educational field.  Lions Club of Hyderabad Bhagyanagar is the senior most Club in my Region and this Club is always referred as Doctors Club. Surpassed in Mega Health Camps  Fairly a new Club Lions Club of Hyderabad Adarsh , Lions Club of Hyderabad Film City and Lions Club of Hyderabad Ankit living to the District Governor’s slogan ~ Serve the Needy Together have done exceedingly well in all round activities.  Lions Club of Hyderabad Mega City with LCIF District Chairperson Lion Prem Kumar honoured all the MJFs. Many more such events my Region has done in this Lionistic year. I am proud of my Clubs and very happy with Club Presidents, Secretaries and Club Treasurers. Coming to Awards in my Region undoubtedly it was a difficult task, but I did it to the best of my ability. Believe in yourself and believe in doing things as our International President says “I believe”. Leadership has a lot to do with believing in yourself when no one else believes in you than you do. Let us serve with sincerity, with respect and with the one thing that always matters “heart” and your heart. Some individuals I have a great respect and regard for their contribution towards Lionism.  Our past district governor Lion A Vijay Kumar who donated 20 acres of land in Jadcharla worth a Million smiles.  Lion Y. Kiron adopted Suraram village completely providing all the necessities for the village.  Lion PDG Natraj who has donated is blood more than a hundred times till now.  Past District Governor Lion Chenna Kishen Reddy motivating all the clubs in the district serve the needy together.  All other Past District Governors are contributing their level best in a big way to pool up the District in high level in the International.  Lion Dr.Nandan Singh Past District Governor Professor of Microbiology who extends yeoman service in the medical field.  Lion Dr. G.V. Sudhakar who donated his late father’s body to the medical college.  Lion Mohan Doss our senior Lion who is always referred as a moving encyclopedia donated his beloved parent’s eyes in the cause of Lionism.  Lion M.V.Chary for extending his support to the Region and our District.  Lion R Sunil Kumar our International Director endorsee is another role model for me and we take with pride he representing India at the International. What I have seen in these Lions they always served with passion at its peak. With true passion and love for Lionism I have done my best and I thank everyone for making my year the best. Thank you, Thank you one and all.

EDITORIAL Dear Fellow Lions, My heartiest greetings and best wishes to all of you! At the outset, I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our beloved Region Chairperson, Lion G K Ramana for reposing his confidence and appointing me as the Chairman of the Souvenir Committee. With great pleasure we are bringing out this Souvenir on this wonderful occasion of 'gK ra MANA Conference', the Region Conference of Region- IV under the Chairmanship of Lion G K Ramana mjf. The main purpose of the souvenir is to highlight the service activities done by the clubs in the region during this period of the Lionistic year 2011-'12. Many service activities have been taken up by the clubs under the fantastic guidance and able leadership of the Region Chairperson Lion G K Ramana mjf. It's my duty to thank all of the advertisers, well-wishers, donors and fellow lions, who, either directly or indirectly, helped us in bringing out this colourful Souvenir! My special thanks are due to all of the members of different committees for their kind cooperation and I fail in my duty if I don't extend my thanks to Mr Paras Jagirdar of Chandraprabha Graphics for his team's sincere work in bringing out this Souvenir. Before I take leave, I would like to take the privilege and pleasure of wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year 2012 and to extend Season's Greetings! Thanking you, Yours in Lionism, to Serve the Needy Together, Lion Dr M R S Raju Chief Editor. Believe in yourself, to Serve The Needy Together

Hê≈£î ‘Ó*dæq \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD C….m˝Ÿ. lìyêdt dæ˙ q≥T\T õ.¬ø.s¡eTD ` ùdy˚ ‘·q ˝Àø£eT+≥÷, ùdïVü≤y˚Tsê J$‘·+ n+≥÷ ø£s¡Ôe´ ìs¡«Vü≤DÒ <Ó’e<Ûë´q+ n+≥÷ ‘·q J$‘· >∑eTHêìïùdyê |ü<+ä∏ yÓ’|⁄ü q&çddæ Tü Ôqï ªªø£sà¡ jÓ÷–μμ \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD. @ düTeTTVüAsêÔq ªª\j·Tì»+μμ qT ùdyêy˚~ø£>± m+#·T≈£îHêï&√ >±ì, Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT Ä \j·Tì»+ Äj·Tq ì‘·´ø£è‘ê´˝À¢ ˇø£ uÛ≤>∑yTÓ +Æ ~. ªª\j·THéμμ nqï |ü<+ä Äj·Tq Ç+{Ï ù|s¡T>± e÷], |ü]#·jT· düTÔ\#˚ \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD>± |æ\T#·Tø√ã&˚ $<Û+ä >± Äj·Tq ù|s¡T˝À \j·Tì»+ ˇø£ |ü#÷ u§≥Tº>± Ç$T&çb˛sTT+~. dü+ø£\Œã\+, n+<äT≈£î ‘·–q ø£èwæ, |ü≥Tº<\ä ñ+fÒ eTìwæ m+‘·{Ï |òTü q ø±sê´\HÓ’Hê kÕ~Û+#·>\∑ &ÉT nq{≤ìøÏ ì\TyÓ‘T· Ô ì<äsÙ¡ q+ \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD. ‘·q eè‹ÔH˚ Á|üeè‹Ô>± e÷s¡TÃ≈£îH˚ dü«uÛ≤e+ @ ø=~e› T+~ø√ e⁄+&˚ ñqï‘· \ø£D å +. ªª<˚e⁄ìøÏ |üP»\T #˚ùd #˚‘T· \T ø£Hêï, ìs¡Tù|<ä\≈£î ùde\T #˚ùd #˚‘T· \T $Tqïμμ nqï eT<äsY <∏]Ó kÕ‡ e÷≥\T \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD $wüjT· +˝À ì‘·´dü‘ê´\T. ùdyê <äèø£Œ<Û+ä Äj·Tq Ç»+. Äs¡TÔ\≈£î, ìs¡Tù|<ä\≈£î ùde #˚jT· &É+ Äj·Tq HÓ’»+. \j·THé $TÁ‘·T\‘√ eTy˚Tø£+ ø±e≥+ Äj·Tq≈£î düV≤ü »+. \j·Tì»+˝À n<˚ Äj·Tq $»j·T+. Á|ües¡Ôq˝À zs¡TŒ, |üìì kÕqT≈£L\+>± kÕ~Û+#·T≥˝À H˚sT¡ Œ, ø±s¡´Áø£eT ìs¡«Vü≤D˝À e÷s¡TŒ, Äs¡TÔ\ |ü≥¢ #·÷ù| z<ës¡TŒ \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD Á|ü>‹∑ |ü<ëÛ ìøÏ $»j·T k˛bÕHê\T. ˇø£kÕ] \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD≈£î |ü]#·jT· + nsTTqyês¡T, ø£\ø±\+ Äj·Tq $TÁ‘·‘ê«ìï ø√sT¡ ≈£î+{≤s¡T. e´eVü‰s¡Ø‘ê´ ø£+fÒ e´øÏÔ>‘∑ +· >± Äj·Tq ‘·q $TÁ‘·T\≈£î <ä>sZ∑ j ¡ ÷· ´s¡T. <Ó’e‘·«+ ìs¡à\yÓTqÆ eTqdüT‡qT ø√sT¡ ≈£î+fÒ ` e÷qe‘·«+ ìkÕ«s¡yΔ TÓ qÆ ùdeqT ø√sT¡ ≈£î+≥T+~. ªªkı+‘· ˝≤uÛ+Ñ ø=+‘·e÷qTø=ì, bıs¡T>∑Tyê&çøÏ ‘√&TÉ |ü&yÉ √jTY !μμ nqï >∑Ts¡C≤&É yê] dü÷øÏÔ, \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD JeqXË’*øÏ dü÷Œ¤]Ô. \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD eTè<äTdü«uÛ≤e+, $qj·T+‘√ ≈£L&çq dü+kÕÿs¡+, ìC≤sTTr‘√ ≈£L&çq Á|ües¡Ôq, ìkÕ«s¡Δ ùdyêìs¡‹ Äj·Tq≈£î dü+|òTü +˝À m+‘√ |üs|¡ ‹ü ì, düe÷»+˝À, |ü]bÕ\Hê s¡+>±\˝À ñqï‘· kÕúHê\˝À ñqï e´≈£îÔ\‘√, n~Ûø±s¡T\‘√ kÕìïVæ≤‘ê´ìï ø£\T>∑CdÒ +æ ~. uÛ≤s¡‘<· X˚ ¯ e÷J sêÁwüº|‹ü nãT›˝Ÿø˝£ ≤+, >±] n_Ûq+<äq |üPs¡«ø£ ÄodüT‡\T bı+~q |òTü qT&ÉT \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD Ä+Á<ÛäÁ|ü<˚XŸ e÷J eTTK´eT+Á‘·T\T l mHé.{Ï.sêe÷sêe⁄, l #·+Á<äu≤ãT Hêj·TT&ÉT, &Üø£ºsY yÓ’.j·Tdt.sê»X‚Ks¡¬s&ç,¶ l ø=DCÏ { Ò Ï s√Xj ¯ T· ´, e÷J d”Œø£sY l düTπswt ¬s&ç,¶ Á|üeTTK dæ˙q≥T\T &Üø£ºsY nøÏÿH˚ì Hêπ>X¯«s¡sêe⁄, ∫s¡+J$, eTTs¡∞yÓ÷Vü≤Hé e+{Ï Á|üuèÑÛ ‘·T\≈£î yÓ’<´ä |üØø£\å T ìs¡«Væ≤+#˚ neø±XÊ\T \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD ùdyêe÷s¡Z+˝À yÓTÆ\Tsêfi¯ófl. Çø£ Äj·Tq bÕ˝§Zqï, ìs¡«Væ≤+∫q ùdyê ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\ eT]j·TT kÕ~Û+∫q $»j·÷\ $X‚cÕ\T mìï

#Ó|æŒHê düX‚cÕ˝Ò. ªª<Ûqä + eT÷\+ Ç<ä+ »>∑‘μY μ nHêïs¡T. ‘êqT ìs¡«Væ≤+#˚ ùdyê ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\≈£î nedüsy¡ TÓ qÆ Ä]Δø£ eqs¡T\qT Á|üeTTK yê´bÕs¡ dü+dü\ú <ë«sê, Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·«s¡+>∑ u≤´+≈£î\<ë«sê, Ä]Δø£ k˛ÔeT‘· >∑\ ‘·q $TÁ‘·T\ <ë«sê $sêfi≤\T>± ùdø£]+#·Tø=ì düe÷»+˝Àì ã&ÉT>∑TJe⁄\≈£î ùde\+~düTÔqï e÷qe‘êyê~ \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD. \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD≈£î \_Û+∫q nyês¡T\¶ T, Ç+≥πsïwüq˝Ÿ Áô|dæ&+ç {Ÿ‡ ùdyê |ü‘ø· ±\T, Á|üX+¯ kÕ|üÁ‘ê\T, nH˚ø£ Ç‘·s¡ Á|üeTTK dü«#·Ã¤+<ä ùdyê dü+düú\#˚ n+<äT≈£îqï düHêàHê\T, Á|ü‹uÛ≤ |ü⁄s¡kÕÿsê\T mH√ï... mHÓïH√ï. ‘·q≈£î \_Û+∫q nyês¡T\¶ T, |ü⁄sk¡ Õÿsê\T ‘·q u≤<Û´ä ‘·\qT eT]+‘· ô|+#êj·Tì, n$ ‘·qqT ìs¡+‘·s+¡ ùdyê ø£s¡Ôe´ ìs¡«Vü≤D yÓ’|ü⁄ |ü⁄s√>∑$T+#˚≥T¢ #˚ùd ñÁ‘˚Œs¡ø±\ì uÛ≤$kÕÔ&ÉT \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD. \j·Tì»+˝ÀøÏ q÷‘·q düuTÑÛ ´\qT #˚]Œ+#·&+É \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD ≈£î ˇø£ yê&ÉTø£. q÷‘·q ø£¢uŸ‡qT kÕú|+æ #·≥+ \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD≈£î ˇø£ y˚&TÉ ø£. ø±≈£î+fÒ düTe÷s¡T 400≈£î ô|’>± \j·THé düuTÑÛ ´\qT, 20øÏ ô|’>± q÷‘·q ø£¢uŸ‡qT n+~+#·&+É ` nB Ç+‘· ‘·≈î£ ÿe ø±\+˝À. Ç~ n+<ä]ø° kÕ<Û´ä eTj˚T´ $wüjT· + ø±<äT. \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD á ]ø±sYq¶ T düTkÕ<Û´ä + #˚XÊ&ÉT. Ç+ø± Ä \j·Tì»+ e÷s¡+Z yÓ’ù| n\Tô|s¡T>∑ì ì‘·´ÁXÊ$T≈£îì e˝… |üj·TìdüTÔHêï&ÉT. \j·Tì»+˝ÀH˚ >±ø£, Ç‘·s¡ nH˚ø£ dü«#·Ã+¤ <ä ùdyê dü+dü˝ú À¢ ‘·q≈£î \_Û+∫q u≤<Û´ä ‘·\qT düeTs¡eΔ +‘·+>± ìs¡«Væ≤dü÷Ô, Äj·÷ |ü<äe⁄\≈£î eHÓï‘Ódü÷Ô, eT#·Ã˝Òì e´øÏÔ>±, ø£s¡Ôe´ ìs¡«Vü≤D˝À kÕeT÷Væ≤ø£ X¯øÏÔ>±, Äràj·TT\ Ä<äsD ¡ Ò Áb˛‘ê‡Vü≤+>±, ñqï‘· e´≈£îÔ\ dü÷#·q˝Ò Áù|s¡D>± yê´bÕs¡ s¡+>∑+˝À, ùdyês¡+>∑+˝À, Jeqs¡+>∑+˝À X¯óø£¢ |üøå£ #·+Á<äTì e˝… ~q ~q Á|ües¡eΔ ÷qeTe⁄‘T· qï \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD bÂs¡$í THê{Ï |üPs¡#í +· Á<äTì e˝… yÓ\T>=+<äT‘·÷, s√>±s¡TÔ\, ìs¡Tù|<ä\ Nø£{Ï J$‘ê˝À¢ #·\¢{Ï yÓ\T>∑T\T ì+bÕ\ì ` Ä Á|üj·T‘·ï+˝À \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD≈£î $TÁ‘·T\yÓTqÆ eTqeT+‘ê Äj·Tq≈£î #˚<√&TÉ yê<√&TÉ >± ñ+<ëeTì ø√sT¡ ≈£î+<ë+. Ä uÛÑ>∑e+‘·T&ÉT \j·THé õ.¬ø.s¡eTD≈£î, Äj·Tq ≈£î≥T+ã düuÛÑT´\≈£î Äj·TTsês√>∑´uÛÀ>∑uÛ≤>±´\qT ø£\T>∑Cj Ò ÷· \ì ø√sT¡ ≈£î+<ë+.

Message JAI SRIMANNARAYANA RAMANAJI! MANGALASASANAMS~! We are happy to receive your request for a message in the souvenir that will be distributed at the forthcoming Regional Convention of Lions at Hyderabad during February. How lucky you are, and you want to give back. May be you are searching for another life purpose in this self-centered â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;me, me, meâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; society. Or it may simply be that you feel it is the duty as a human being to better the lives of those less fortunate. There are as many reasons as to why people volunteer as there are volunteers themselves. So many lives are enriched by organizations that provide invaluable services to communities which, without the work of dedicated volunteers, simply would not be able to function. In addition to fulfilling the desire to make a difference, volunteering offers us an opportunity to see the world through new eyes and to better understand it. When we experience different cultures and alternate ways of living, we not only develop an appreciation and compassion for others, but learn to better understand ourselves, and ultimately grow in that understanding. The beauty of volunteering lies in the fact that when you give, you receive so much more in return. You will gain self-confidence and self esteem discover your strengths and talents develop a sense of independence have compassion for others raise your social awareness interact with a diverse range of people make life-long friends create challenging and fulfilling experiences that will turn into long-lasting memories By volunteering, you will change the lives of others by giving them the hope to realize their dreams. In doing so, you will inspire others to give of themselves. After such an experience, you will undoubtedly glow and those around you will bask in your light. Our mangalasasanams are there with you always to grow. JAI SRIMANNARAYANA! =chinnajeeyar=

Message Dear Lion G.K.Ramana, My compliments and best wishes for your Region Conference. Knowing you and your talent I am sure the Conference will be grand event. Also it will be a memorable event. The way you are planning and with an excellent Team working with you the Conference will undoubtedly will be a grand success. Every Club in your Region are active and doing very good service activities. Together you will excel and bring laurels to yourself, your Region and to our District. Region Conference is a wonderful platform where Lions and Clubs meet exchange ideas develop new fellowship and share their success stories. Community judges by our action not by our intensions. Thinking and preaching is easy but interpreting the thoughts into action is difficult. Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success Let us Believe in working Together to Serve the Needy Yours in Lionism Lion Juluri Ramesh Babu, pmjf District Governor District 324C2

Message Dear Lion Ramana Warm Lionistic Greetings I am happy to note that Region Conference of your Region is scheduled on 19th February 2012 at Taramati Baradari. I have acquantance with all the clubs, they are all showing excellent performance on true lines of Lionism. As we are all aware that our country is second in membership and getting all the recognition for the good work in Lionism. I wish your Region, which is having all urban clubs can take up Clean Environment in colonies. Your clubs under your leadership are active and doing good work. I specially mention your motivation to your region Lions and your service to community, through medical service are high appreciated. I bring warm felicitation and greetings all your members of your Region. Warm Regards Lion N.N. Murthy mjf 1st Vice District Governor

Message Dear Lion Ramana I am delighted to note that your Region Meet of Region IV will be held on Saturday, 18th February 2012. Your Region Cubs has done wonderful performance under your able leadership needs publicity and I am glad to learn that a Souvenir is being broughtout on the occasion of the Region Meet, highlighting the activities as the Clbs in your Region. Certainly such publicity enhances the reputation of the Lions Movement. Please convey my regards to all the fine members of your Region. I bring warm felicitations and wish them the event will be a very successful. With regards, Yours in Lionism, to serve the needy together

Lion Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy Second Vice District Governor

Message Dear Lion GK Ramana, Greetings! It is delightful to receive the brochure on your Recon and I am impressed by the manner in which you are promoting registrations. It is not common that Region Conferences are held with as much Pomp and Gaiety as you have planned. I am certain that this grand event will win the hearts of Lions who are present at the Region Conference. My compliments to you for your excellent Leadership during the year and I wish you and every delegate at this conference a great success. It is important that the purpose of any Region Conference must be well achieved and the Conference must motivate performance for the remainder of the year. Clubs which get awarded and those who have not ranked high - must be able to utilize the balance term better. I encourage you to ensure that at your conference this is well taken care of to help achieve the purposes of holding any Region Conference. Congratulations to every Zone Chairperson and the Clubs in the Region for their wholehearted support towards furthering the objects of Lionism during the year. Wish you all the very best in all your endeavours With warm regards

pdg Lion Sunil Kumar R International Director Endorsee

Best Lion of the Region Lion MRK Reddy

Speech of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji at Taramati Baradari

February 18th, 2012

5 STEPS – R2 Jai Srimannarayana to you all! Many Lions…. rather we are scared! Being Lions, you are supposed to live in the Forest…. you are in the cities …. being a Sanyasi we are also supposed to be in the Forest, but we are also on the streets. May be due to this is the relationship you have invited us here, Sriman Ramana wanted us to be here, at this function! Anyhow, we are happy because of your wonderful services. All Lions,

especially, Sriman Ramana garu attracted us. We are human beings with a Lion heart. Why? The reason is very simple, we want to know what we are! We want to live a human life. Nowadays, we are searching for the meaning of a 3-lettered word – ‘Man’, What is the meaning of the word, Man. By seeing what quality or the ability, we claim ourselves as human beings. No doubt, we have few qualities no other animal possess. Only man does! Can we call the essential quality of man – to dress! I don’t think so! Another unique ability that man only possesses is – cooking the food and eating. No other animal or creature does that. We only do it. Can you say that this is the unique ability that man possesses, by which we can claim ourselves as human beings. I don’t think so! Somebody said – Man only can speak, animals cannot… it is true…. But somebody said – That is why man only can speak lies, animals do not. Can anybody raise their hands and say – ‘I never spoke lies in my life’! Anybody…. In front of the dais and also on the dais, including me! No exceptions! We cannot claim that speaking ability makes one to be called as ‘Man’. And by what ability can we claim ourselves as human beings, my friends? A difficult question! A tough question to answer…. We know that we are highly educated, all other creatures are well aware of what they are, and they know what to do and how to react. But, it’s only the man, who can respond, not just reacting…. who can respond to the situations.

If man is able to really respond to the situations…. But how to respond is again another question! Many animals respond, nature of responds… at times…. Birds will respond… but the response that we say, is something different… You have to respond according to … a kind of realization. If you are really able to realize properly, and respond accordingly, you may claim that you are a ‘Man’. What is the angle of realization we need, is again a big question! Any animal, any bird, learns…. and they respond. When you raise the stick…. the bird flies because it realized that the stick may hurt…. so …. it simply flies. It responded immediately. So, also the dog… Realization is there even with the animals and birds and other creatures, but we being human beings are expected to have the realization in a five-fold way. A five-fold realization…. and then, responding accordingly makes one to be called as a ‘Man’. I try to give a brief note of what is called – Five-fold realization. I don’t want to take much of your time because the introduction itself took lot of time… My Friends! The first step of realization is – OURSELVES….. know about yourself. Realize what you are! And just respond accordingly – ‘What are you’! You are a creature with possibly two legs, two hands, two eyes with a beautiful body, good heart and wonderful brain and so many of course…. other things in the body. This is what we are! Each of these limbs have different names, shapes, places, variety of activities but all they work for just you! They never quarrel with each other, though their shapes are different…. names are different…. activities are different. Softer is your tongue, sharper are your teeth, but they move together, not hurting each other… so you are able to hear my voice. Otherwise, you just

can’t! Your hands and feet never quarrel with each other. If something happens to your foot, and your hand responds immediately…. your eyes shed tears…. your mouth calls for help and your hands go there and rescue operations are on. Hands and eyes never say – ‘Hey! Something hurt you, why should I respond. You cry…. I don’t mind!’ If I call your mouth and eyes, and your hands, did not respond to the call of your foot, you are in trouble… maybe…. the person is a diabetic, we want each of our organ to respond with all others, so … you are in good health, for which, of course, somebody has to work and others have to enjoy… your mouth works well …. And your feet and hands and mouth and eyes… ears… every organ receives the result of the food you eat, the mouth eats and they are happy…. mouth is also happy. Legs walk …. And head is carried. Head never says – ‘Hey Feet! Why should you only walk’ …. only Yoga masters can do that, not others. And your feet never claim – ‘Why should I be on the ground, why not on the top?’ … so… you are happy. So, your parts of the body are different, with their activities, with their shapes and their names, but they too respond equally the call of others, thus, your body is in good condition…. for which you have to share things, that means, all parts are sharing equally, may be proportionately…. so… you are happy! That is what you are, this is the body…. So that’s how Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Githa said – ‘Eat well, My Friend! Drink well! Of course, water. Sleep well and wake up also well – yuktha:hara viha:rasya yuktha cheshtasya karmasu yuktha swapna:vabodhasya yo:go: bhavathi dukhaha You can live well without any sorrows…. without any problems, if you observe the Lord’s words. This is what you are…. this is what the body is. Understand the body mechanism and live well! But all this is only, Step 1. You have four more, yet to open…. The Second step of realization, what we need to possess…. what we need to have… what we need to acquire …. You are not just by yourselves … you are with the world. You are born to a Mom and a Dad. The moment you born on this Earth, you have some kind of network …. you are fixed in that network. When you see your hand or thumb

…. it is not by itself, it is a part of the body…. so also - You. Being a person on this planet, you are by yourself but in a family. Mother is there, Father is there, Uncles are there, Aunts are there and brother and sisters …. a family in which you are a part. You are a part of the Whole. Unfortunately, some people miss Whole for the sake of a part. Don’t’ miss the Whole for the sake of the part. At the same time, don’t miss a part also, for the sake of the Whole. If you see the hand, I want to keep the hand in good condition …. let the body go in its own way…. that means, you are in trouble! Body should be in condition…. your hand also should be in condition …. both should go together…. so also – you are a part of a family and the family is the Whole and you are a part of it…. so don’t miss the Whole for the sake of a part! Nowadays we see that many people never care for their families, they never care for their parents…. they never care their brothers and sisters. They feel that they are by themselves. Realization is lacking! In a family…. yes… mother is different…. Father is different, brothers and sisters are different…. habits, their shapes and their attitudes, but sure…. they have to share with each other and thus, make a family. Respect what you have, and respect others too! We have a slogan – ‘Worship your own, Respect all’. Something may not be yours …. but still you need to respect …. don’t dis-respect! You shouldn’t look down at others who do not belong to you…. but whatever you like, you worship that. You like sweet… hmm… Eat…. Don’t miss it! But your brother may like salt, let him eat too! Don’t hate him…. because it is a family…. so you have to respect the other person …. satisfying yourself, whatever you require…. so this should be the policy. If you understand that, and respond accordingly…. means …. you rise to the step 2. And in our family, we also have a tradition, just follow them. And don’t underestimate their values …. just follow. If you are able to Realize and Respond, it is Step 2….. but that is not everything…. you have 3 more steps to go up. The 3rd step is – the society you live in. You being in a family is not everything because the society you live in is having many many millions and millions of families around. You are just a part of the Whole. Don’t miss the Whole for the sake of the part!

So…. understand the society, with many many people where colours are different, sizes are different, shapes are different and abilities are also different. They are people in white colour, in black colour and in brown colour like us and many varieties of colors are there. No two people match in the whole world. You are in a society, it is so sad today…. people fight seeing the colour…. People fight seeing the shapes and sizes. We have to say that man is wise !! So if you are able to understand the society around and play the role as a part of the Whole, sharing the things…. that is what Lions are doing. Being Lions, you people are really shaping the things in the society around …. Not craving for the colours, sizes and the status, in the society. I have seen people here…. Some uncared…. underprivileged children…. you are taking care of them. I have seen some people with good ability are being encouraged by you. You are trying to share things with the people around in the society. And of course, this is again a part of the Whole! You are conducting similar activities, I think…. throughout the world. This is what is required! But this is Step 3 – understanding people around, with different names, different races, different religions and different languages and different activities. If man understands this …. I am sure there won’t be quarrels between the countries. You worship whatever is yours as we have seen the flag and the respect you are trying to show, to the flag. It is the heart that is working and worth respecting! So, My Friends! You feel proud of what you are! You may be a black person, a brown person, but worship yours and respect others.

Lions, Lionesses and Leos, all the above steps, you are already possessing…. it is something great! I appreciate that! We pray God to bless you all with ability to grow more and more and more. For all of you are on Step 3. Now, we should ask ourselves…. What would be the Fourth Step, can you imagine? You are a man in the society, but you are not just living by yourselves, man is not really helping man, except Lions. It means other animals are helping us for our survival. Animals are helping, birds are helping, trees are helping, water is helping and air is helping and the earth is helping and so on, so many things, so many bacteria are also helping us. Man hardly helps a man. It is something sad that man feels that he is progressing but he is causing unbelievable damage to the animals, to the trees, to the water, to the air, to the earth – pollution - disastrous. So, if man is able to understand that he is a part of the whole universe, as a species, there are so many other species around which are to be taken care of, but respecting or worshipping your own race, first start with that. But then take care of other things, take care of plants, of course, you Lions have started doing that too. That is great. You are taking care of the nature, you are taking care of.... Take care! If you take care of anything, it takes care of you, otherwise you won’t be there. Not out of compassion, or out of any other generosity that you have to take care of them! For your own survival, you have to take care of those things. For Your own survival! Thus, you try to live, share things, you are on Step 4, we can say. Still one more step to climb. What could it be? The pious, the unseen and most powerful energy behind you, what we call as

God. This is the only energy behind us. Realize the presence of God behind everything and everywhere, which is running the whole show….. Not only this Friends! But the unbelievable, innumerable galaxies…. Plants and birds, are being controlled, programmed, and run in unison by one single power, no two powers. If there are two powers, there would be clash…. star wars. Only one power. Let people call it in their own way, with their own names, we don’t mind. In each of the religion, again each section, give different names, different forms and even ways of worshipping that power, let them. Some people may not believe that, but they believe nature….. still something! That something should be; let them call it GOD, let them call it Nature. But, be good to that, be dedicated to that, be surrendered to that and then start doing things. And then, you have to hook to that and then, respect everything. I being a devotee of God and my friend being an atheist doesn’t believe in God, but still, I respect him… still, I respect him. And vice-versa, he should also respect. He should learn to respect, be true. Be sure! If man realizes this factor, then, no wars between religions, no conversions, no formations between the countries and religions and no walls ….. If man possesses this knowledge, this kind of realization of five folds - himself, time, society, nature around and God, not contradicting with each other, man has to have synchronization between all the five fold realization and he needs to respond. Responding is one single thing but realization is five-fold. So, with the five fold, understand that you are responding to society – many are seen and many are unseen.

Faith in God is unseen, respect towards your family is not seen, respect towards society is also not seen but your activities will speak, your actions will speak, what you are and what your understanding is. Some people think that they are highly devoted and they never care for the society, they never care for the nature, they never care for the family, that means, understanding is not full. Some people believe in nature, but don’t believe in God and then, again understanding is not full. Some people believe in the society around but they don’t care for God…. So, there are many lacunas in their understanding, which is wrong! So, My friends! You being a man, either you have a code for you and we need to understand that code. Do you know the code for Oxygen….. what is Oxygen? What is the code given to Oxygen – O2. Then what is for man? It is R2 – Realize and Respond. Respond according to your realization. If this R2 is followed, then, we can call ourselves human beings, we become humans, otherwise we are like other animals with two feet. We are very very happy that you people taking care of yourself in good attire, trying to understand yourself, keeping you in good condition…. very nice, understanding the society and trying to help them. I won’t say it is helping because you didn’t use that word, … there is a slight difference between helping and serving, I am sure you people know that. Helping is - I possess, you don’t so I do. Serving is – I just can’t …. without giving to you, that’s all ….so I give it. And if I do, I am happy, if I give, I am happy, otherwise I am sad. As a Mom does to her own … child. That is service. And my friends, you are doing service, I am very very happy. So, you love the society and you are trying to serve

the society in your own way, that’s really a great thing. I am sure you respect the family as well because, Sriman RAMANA is with his spouse. … So, you respect your family system, you respect your society and the services you are trying to showcase now, and those banners are really wonderful. You are trying to care for nature as well. I am sure….by inviting me here, you believe in the God too….. so, the five fold understanding is very much with you. I am very happy. Sriman RAMANA being a Lion, with the Lioness is trying to prove and he is trying to set an example to the society as how a man has to conduct himself and be in the society. I appreciate the efforts the elders put on him, his seniors, his friends, his Governors and his predecessors, to bring him up with good qualities. I am very happy. Let his services, let your services also always be there. We always try to see the things well; as the lady introduced us…. We try to do some activities like serving the people in the forest. And we try to serve the people who are visually challenged. I am sure, ours is the only college in India which sends children with laptops in their hands, for examinations, right from intermediate board. They go to the intermediate examinations with the laptops, with a special package in it which is called as Jaws. And also the degree college started the same tradition, they go with laptops in their hands to the examination hall and they come out with success. They are trying to do good job. And we serve them. Trying to do some activities here and there, not of course, in a big way, because the world is so big, needs a lot… lot and lot of service to be done by the world. It is only man who can do something, you know.... beyond his own requirements, so

I appreciate all of you doing something for your own sake but trying to care for the society a lot. God bless you all! Our special Managalasasanams to Sriman Ramana and Smt. Ramanaji, for extending wonderful services with the blessings of many elders. He is trying to cultivate good qualities, just as a bee collects honey drops from different flowers and they blossom well. I am very pleased to see our Honourable Minister Sriman Lakshmaiahgaru and a wonderful hero, Suman, who in recent years introduced himself in the role of Lord Balaji to the masses and the District Governor, Ramesh Babu and so many wonderful personalities like you. You are encouraging such good qualities with people. That is something great. Nowadays, it is a rare quality… we can say…. encouraging a person doing good. There is a saying you know…..or probably there is a nice story. I think…. some ship left Chennai port, to China, suddenly the person taking care of the vessel said to the pilot, “Hey my friend! Take the ship back to the shore.” He asked – “Why? Here is a container which is not closed properly.” He asked – “What’s in that box?” The other person said – “A box full of frogs.” Pilot asked – “Where were they loaded?” Answer was – “In Chennai” Pilot asked – “Really?” Answer was – “Yes, Boss!” Pilot said – “Then, let’s move ahead!” The other person asked – “Why Boss?” Then, the Pilot said – “These are Indian frogs. If they are frogs from other countries, if one frog is trying to raise, then other frogs will try to push it from the bottom. In India, the condition is different, if one frog is

trying to rise, then, there are 10 frogs to pull it down. Don’t worry, let’s move on!” This is the situation in India. If one wants to move forward, there will be 10 ready to pull him down …. may be a sarcastic thing. There are good people everywhere, there are good qualities everywhere ….when one person is trying to do something good, then there are so many people to encourage the thing, to encourage the person, to encourage the quality, to encourage the charity and generosity. That is something great! There are some persons representing the Government, there is a person representing the masses, and there are people like you ….. representing the corporate part of the country…. there are people representing the country. I am very happy, let there be good always from every corner of the country. Let there be generosity cropping from every cell of our body. Let us try to feel that oneness among ourselves, crossing the barriers of caste, creed, race, religion and language. Our Mangalasasanams to Ramana garu and also to all of you who are encouraging this wonderful service …

Jai Srimannarayana!!

Ä+Á<ÛÁä |ü<X˚ Ÿ eT+Á‹es¡T´\T l bıHêï\ \ø£àå j·T´ >±] Á|üd+ü >∑+ düuÛÑ≈£î qeTkÕÿs¡+. uÛÑ>∑e‘Y dü«s¡÷|ü⁄\T l ∫qïJj·÷sYkÕ«$T >±]øÏ, Á|üeTTK q≥T&ÉT l düTeTHé >±]øÏ, MLC l »Hês¡Hú é ¬s&ç¶ >±]øÏ, Ø»q˝Ÿ #Ó’s|Y sü ‡¡ Hé l \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD>±]øÏ, y˚~ø£ô|’qTqï $•wüº n‹<∏Tä \≈£î, á kÕj·T+ø±\ dü e ÷y˚ X ¯ + ˝À uÛ ≤ >∑ k Õ«eTT˝… ’ q MT n+<ä ] ø° kÕj·T+ø±\ qeTkÕÿs¡eTT\T. á düu≈ÑÛ î£ |æ*∫, qqTï ˇø£ njÓ÷eTj·T |ü]dæ‹ú ˝ÀøÏ HÓ{≤ºsT¡ ìsê«Vü≤≈£î\T nì H˚qT uÛ≤$düTÔHêïqT. Ç~ yêdüÔe+, ˇø£ Á|üøÿ£ Á|üeTTK q≥T&ÉT. eTs√ Á|üøÿ£ Ä<Ûë´‹àø£ >∑Ts¡Te⁄\T, uÛ>Ñ e∑ ‘Y dü«s¡÷|ü⁄\T. Ä Ç<ä]› eTT+<äT $_Ûqïs¡+>±\˝À $•wüº‘ê«ìï dü+bÕ~+∫, J$‘·+˝À ‘√{Ï eTìwæøÏ @<Ó’Hê #˚<ë›eTqï ñ <˚X› ´¯ +‘√, ˇø£ eT+∫ dü+ø£\Œ+‘√ ñqï MT eTT+<äT sê»ø°j÷· \˝À zqe÷\T ≈£L&Ü Ç+ø± dü]>± sêì H˚qT @+ e÷{≤¢&TÉ ‘êqT #Ó|Œü +&ç. Ä<ÛTä ìø£‘≈· î£ bÕXÊÑ·´ <Û√sD ¡ T˝Ò ì<äsÙ¡ q+>± uÛ≤$+∫, ø£ìŒ+#˚ á s√E˝À¢ Ä<ÛTä ìø£‘≈· î£ , bÕXÊÑ·´ dü+Á|ü<ëj·T b˛ø£&É\≈£î Ä<Ûë´‹àø£ ∫+‘·q n&ÉT¶ø±<äì #Óù|Œ kÕúsTT˝À á düe÷y˚X¯+ ìs¡«Væ≤+#·&+É , Ç<=ø£ >=|Œü dü<eä ø±X¯+>± H˚qT uÛ≤$düTÔHêïqT. uÛ>Ñ e∑ +‘·T&ÉT, Á|ü|+ü #·+, düèwæº, eTìwæ, »qà, e÷qe Á|üjT· ‘·ï+, düe÷»$ø±dü+, n+<äT˝À eTìwæ bÕÁ‘· Ç$ ˇø£ m‘Ó’‘˚, ªªÇ+<äT>∑\&É+<äT ˝Ò&Éìμμ q>∑ï dü‘ê´ìï qy˚Tà e´≈£îÔ\+ ø±ã{Ϻ, uÛÑ>∑e+‘·T&ÉT n+‘·{≤ ñHêï&Éì $XÊ«dü+ ñqïyês¡eTT ø±ã{Ϻ, e´øÏÔ>∑‘·+>± ‘·è|æÔ‘√, J$‘·+˝À

s¡øD å£ ñ+<äì eTìwæ uÛ≤$kÕÔ&TÉ ø±ã{Ϻ, eTìwæ düHêàs¡+Z ˝À q&Ée{≤ìøÏ, eT+∫ |üqT\T #˚jT· {≤ìøÏ Ä<Ûë´‹àø£‘· <√V≤ü <ä|&ü TÉ ‘·T+~ ø±ã{Ϻ, á $wüj÷· \qT, $XÊ«kÕ\qT Á|ü»˝À¢ Á|ü#ês¡+ #˚jT· {≤ìøÏ $X‚w+ü >± ø£èwæ #˚dTü Ôqï lll ∫qïJj·TsY kÕ«$T >±] >∑T]+∫ H˚qT Á|ü‘´˚ ø£+>± #ÓbÕŒ*‡q nedüs+¡ ˝Ò<äT. Çø£ eTìwæ ‘·q <Ó’q+~q J$‘·+˝À ø£˙dü nedüsê\ b˛sê≥+ ‘·s¡Tyê‘· Ç‘·s¡T\qT Ä<äTø√e{≤ìøÏ, ù|<ä\ yÓTs¡T¬>’q J$‘ê\ ø=s≈¡ î£ \j·THé‡ ø£¢uŸ‡, \j·THé düuTÑÛ ´\T #˚dTü Ôqï ø£èwæì, ùdeqT á dü+<äs“¡ +¤ >± H˚qT Á|ü‘´˚ ø£+>± n_Ûq+~düTÔHêïqT. Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·«+ mH√ï dü+πøeå T |ü<øä∏ ±\qT neT\T |üsT¡ k˛Ô+~. Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·«+ ìs¡«Væ≤+#˚ dü+πøeå T |ü<øä∏ ±\≈£î düe÷+‘·s+¡ >± \j·THé‡ ø£¢uŸ‡ ùde\T n+~+#·&+É n_Ûq+<ä˙j·T+. ù|<ä\≈£î ñ∫‘· yÓ’<´ä ùde\T, ø£+{Ï Ä|üπswüqT¢, ñqï‘· $<ä´quÛ´Ñ dæ+#·{≤ìøÏ nedüsy¡ TÓ qÆ dü<Tä bÕj·÷\T, $<ë´s¡T\ú ≈£î |ü⁄düÔø±\T, ã≥º\T, $ø£˝≤+>∑T\≈£î \j·THé düuÛÑT´\T #˚düTÔqï ùde\T m+<ä]ø√, dü«#·Ã¤+<ä ùdyê dü+dü\ú ≈£î e÷s¡<Z sä Ù¡ ø£+, eTq+ Ç+<ëø£ #·÷XÊ+. Çø£ÿ&É á y˚~ø£ô|’q ù|<ä $<ë´s¡T\ú ≈£î ã≥º\T, |ü⁄dÔü ø±\T n+<äCXÒ Ês¡T. $ø£˝≤+>∑T\≈£î q&Ée{≤ìøÏ düV≤ü ø±s¡+#˚ ªWheel Chairμ qT n+<äCXÒ Ês¡T. Çìï #·øÿ£ ì ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\T #˚d÷ü Ô, qqTï á düe÷y˚XÊìøÏ ÄVü‰«ì+∫q ìsê«Vü≤≈£î\≈£î H˚qT Á|ü‘´˚ ø£ ø£è‘·»‘„ \· T ‘Ó*j·TCÒdTü ≈£î+≥THêïqT. eTs=ø£ $wüjT· + #Ó|Œæ eTT–kÕÔqT Ç~ dü+<äs“¡ +¤ ne⁄H√, ø±<√ ø±ì, Hê XÊK≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫q $wüjT· +ø±ã{Ϻ #ÓãT‘·THêïqT. Ç+<ëø£ l düTeTHé >±s¡T ôV’≤<ësêu≤<é˝À Á{≤|òøæ ˘ düeTdü´qT Á|ükÕÔ$+#ês¡T. ‘·«s¡˝ÀH˚ ÇqŒ¤πsàwüHé f…ø±ï\J ì ñ|üj÷Ó –+#·Tø=ì, n‘ê´<ÛTä ìø£ kÕ+πø‹ø£ |ü]C≤„q+‘√ ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é˝À Á{≤|òøæ ˘ dæ>ï∑ ˝Ÿ‡ @sêŒ≥T #˚d,æ m\Áø±ºìø˘ e´edü‘ú √ nqTdü+<Ûëq+ #˚d,æ |üs´¡ y˚ø+åÏ #·{≤ìøÏ ‘·–q @sêŒ≥T¢ »s¡T>∑T‘·THêïj·Tì á dü+<äs“¡ +¤ >± ‘Ó*j·TCÒjT· {≤ìøÏ dü+‘√wdæ Tü ÔHêïqT. Çø£, eTqeT+<äs+¡ lll ∫qïJj·TsYkÕ«$T yê] Á|üd+ü >±ìï $qe*‡ ñ+~. H˚qT ≈£L&Ü yês¡T @+ #ÓãT‘ês√ nì, yê] dü+<˚X+¯ $Hê\ì ñ‘ê‡Vü≤|ü&TÉ ‘·THêïqT. n+<äTø£ì m≈£îÿe düeTj·T+ rdüTø√≈£î+&Ü, eTs=ø£ e÷s¡T \j·THé düuÛÑT´\+<äØï n_Ûq+~dü÷Ô, qqTï ÄVü‰«ì+∫, Hê≈£î á neø±X¯+ ø£*–+∫q \j·THé õ.¬ø. s¡eTD >±]øÏ, ìsê«Vü≤≈£î\≈£î ø£è‘·»‘„ \· T ‘Ó*j·TCÒdTü ≈£î+≥÷.. ôd\e⁄.

Á|üeTTK dæ˙q≥T\T l düTeTHé >±] Á|üd+ü >∑bÕsƒ+¡ Jindagi Shuru Hotha Hi... Ache Rishte Se ... Ache Rishte Shuru Hotha Hi... Pyar Se ... Pyar Shuru Hotha Hai... Ache Dost Se ... Aur Ache Dost Shuru Hotha Hai... Aap Se!!

n+<ä ] ø° qeTkÕÿs¡ + . y˚ ~ ø£ ô |’ qTqï ô|<ä › \ T lll ∫qïJj·÷sYkÕ«$T >±]øÏ, eT+Á‹es¡T´\T l bıHêï\ \ø£àå j·T´ >±]øÏ, d”ìj·TsY \j·THé ]õj·THé #˚syY TÓ Hé l õ.¬ø. s¡eTD>±]øÏ, Ç‘·s¡ ô|<ä\› ≈£î, düe÷y˚XÊìøÏ $#˚Ãdæq MTø£+<ä]ø° Hê qeTkÕÿs¡eTT\Tj·T õ.¬ø. s¡eTD>±s¡T ¬s+&ÉT s√E\ eTT+<˚ qqTï ø£*XÊs¡T. H˚qT n|ü&ÉT wüO{Ï+>¥˝À ñ HêïqT. á Ø»q˝Ÿ ø±qŒ¤¬sHé‡ ø±s¡´Áø£eT $esê\T #Ó|Œæ , qqTï ÄVü‰«ì+#ês¡T. MT eTT+<äT #Ó|Œü &É+ ø±<äT. Hê≈£î \j·THé‡ n+fÒ m+‘√ >ös¡e+. n+<äs÷¡ #ê˝≤ _J>± ñ+&˚ á s√E˝À¢, MT˝À ≈£L&Ü #ê˝≤ eT+~ m+‘√ _J>± ñ+{≤s¡T. mH√ï yê´bÕsê\T #˚ùdyês¡T+{≤s¡T. nsTTq|üŒ{Ïø° \j·THé‡ø£¢uŸ‡ <ë«sê yê] $\TyÓ’q düeTj·÷ìï πø{≤sTT+∫, Á|ü‹ s√E kıôd’{ø° ,Ï ù|<äyê]øÏ Ä]úø|£ sü +¡ >± >±ì, Ç‘·sÁ¡ ‘ê>±ì MTs¡T m+‘√ ùde #˚d÷ü ÔHêïs¡T. á $wüjT· + Hê≈£î u≤>± q∫Ã+~. >∑es¡ïyÓT+≥T≈£î düe÷+‘·s+¡ >± MTs¡T ùde #˚dTü Ô+{≤s¡T. #ê˝≤ >=|Œü düV≤ü ø±sêìï n+~düTÔHêïs¡T. n+‘˚>±ø£ eTq<˚XÊìøÏ, eTq<˚X¯ |ü‘êø±ìøÏ MT]∫Ãq $\Te, >ös¡e+, MTs¡T #·÷|æ+∫q uÛøÑ ÔÏ qqTï m+‘√ dü+‘√w|ü ]ü #êsTT. H˚qT mH√ï düu\ÑÛ ≈£î yÓfió¯ ‘·T+{≤qT. MTs¡T ≈£L&Ü yÓfió¯ ‘·T+{≤s¡T, eTq+ Ç‘·s¡ <˚XÊ\≈£î yÓ[flq|ü&ÉT, yêfi¯fl <˚X+¯ |ü≥¢, yêfi¯fl C≤rj·T |ü‘êø£+ |ü≥¢ #·÷|æ+#˚ uÛøÑ ÔÏ, >ös¡e+ #·÷düTÔ+{≤eTT. n|ü&ÉT eTq˝À m+‘· e T+~ á $<Û ä + >± eTq <˚ X ¯ + |ü ≥ ¢ , eTq<˚ X ¯ | ü ‘ êø£ + |ü ≥ ¢ >ös¡ e + #·÷|ædü÷ÔHêïs¡ì

qqTï H˚qT Á|ü•ï+#·Tø=ì u≤<Û|ä &ü TÉ ‘·T+&˚yê&çï. á s√E Çø£ÿ&É á Flag Presentation #·÷dæ, Hê≈£î m+‘√ inspiration e∫Ã+~. n+<ä]˝À <˚Xu¯ øÑÛ ÔÏ ì ø£*–+#˚ $<Û+ä >± e⁄+~. m+‘√ energy ì Ç#êÃs¡T. á düu≈ÑÛ î£ l ∫qï Jj·TsYkÕ«$T e#êÃs¡T. eTqeT+‘ê yê] ñ|ü<X˚ Êìï $Hê*‡e⁄+~. nsTT‘˚ H˚qT ˇø£ $wüj÷· ìï #ÓãT‘êqT H˚qT ‘·$Tfi¯, ‘Ó\T>∑T, eTfi¯j÷· fi¯ uÛ≤wü˝À¢ düTe÷s¡T 300≈£î ô|’>± ∫Á‘ê˝À¢ q{Ï+#êqT. ‘Ó\T>∑T˝À 99 ∫Á‘ê˝À¢ q{Ï+#êqT. MT n+<ä]ø° ‘Ó\TdüT Ä uÛ>Ñ e∑ +‘·Tì ÄodüT‡\‘√ H˚qT nqïeTj·T´ ∫Á‘·+˝À l yÓ+ø£fXÒ «¯ s¡kÕ«$T>±, sêeT<ëdüT ∫Á‘·+˝À sêeTTì>±, l dü‘´· Hêsêj·TDkÕ«$T ∫Á‘·+˝À dü‘´· Hêsêj·TD kÕ«$T>± q{Ï+#·>*∑ >±qT. mH√ï nyês¡T\¶ T sêe#·TÃ. ø±ì uÛ>Ñ e∑ +‘·Tì bÕÁ‘·˝À¢ q{Ï+#˚ n<äèwüº+ ø£\>∑≥y˚T Hê≈£î \_Û+∫q ô|<ä› nyês¡T>¶ ± H˚qT uÛ≤$kÕÔqT. MT n+<ä] n_Ûe÷q+ e\q, n_Ûe÷qT\ Ä<äsD ¡ e\q Ç~ kÕ<Û´ä yÓT+Æ ~. ∫qï Jj·TsYkÕ«$TJ ˝≤+{Ï kÕ«$TJ\T, Ä uÛ>Ñ e∑ +‘·Tì ÄodüT‡\ e\q Ç~ kÕ<Û´ä yÓT+Æ <äì nqT≈£î+{≤qT. Ç+<ëø£ yê´U≤´‘· #Ó|Œæ q≥T¢ &Û©ç ¢˝À uÛ≤s¡‘· e÷J sêÁwüº|‹ü l X¯+ø£s<Y j ä ÷· fiŸ X¯sà¡ >±s¡T nqïeTj·T´ ∫Á‘·+ #·÷&Ü\ì, n+<äT˝À yÓ+ø£fXÒ «¯ s¡kÕ«$T>± q{Ï+∫q q≥T&çï ø£\yê\ì n_ÛÁbÕj·T+ yÓ*ãT#·Ã>±, ∫Á‘êìï rdüT≈£îì &Û©ç ¢ yÓ[fl sêÁwüº|‹ü uÛeÑ Hé˝À yê]øÏ #·÷|æ+#·≥+ »]–+~. n|ü&ÉT sêÁwüº|‹ü X¯+ø£sY <äj÷· fiŸ X¯sà¡ >±] Á|üøÿ£ q ≈£Ls=Ãì, yê]‘√bÕ≥T ∫Á‘·+ #·÷ùd uÛ≤>∑´+ Hê≈£î ø£*–+~. Ç~ H˚qT #ê˝≤ >=|Œü >± uÛ≤$düTÔHê ïqT. ˝Òøb£ ˛‘˚ Hê uÀ{Ïyê&ÉT sêÁwüº|‹ü uÛeÑ ˝Ÿ˝À Á|üy•˚ +#·≥+ kÕ<Û´ä eTj˚T´ $wüj·T+ø±<äT. Ä uÛÑ>∑e+‘·Tì ÄodüT‡\‘√H˚ Ç~ kÕ<Ûä´yÓTÆ+~. á s√E ≈£L&Ü ∫qïJj·÷sY kÕ«MTJ >±] Á|üøÿ£ q ≈£Ls√Ã>∑\≥ Z + ≈£L&Ü Ä uÛ>Ñ e∑ +‘·Tì ÄodüT‡\‘√H˚ kÕ<Û´ä yÓT+Æ ~. m+‘√ eT+~ ñqï|ü&ÉT H˚qT Äj·Tq Á|üø£ÿq ≈£Ls√Ãe≥+ Ä uÛÑ>∑e+‘·T&ÉT Hê≈£î Ç∫Ãq neø±X¯+>± H˚qT

uÛ≤$düTÔHêïqT. eTs=ø£ e÷s¡T MT \j·THé‡≈£î, \j·THé ˝Ò&ûdt n+<ä]ø° Hê n_Ûq+<äq\T ‘Ó*j·TCÒdTü ≈£î+≥÷, MTs¡T eTT+<äT eTT+<äT ≈£L&Ü Ç˝≤π> \j·Tì»+˝À ø=qkÕ>∑T‘·÷, ù|<ä\≈£î, Äs¡TÔ\≈£î ùde #˚d÷ü Ô ñ+&Ü\ì ø√sT¡ ≈£î+≥THêïqT. Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·«ìï $eT]Ù+#˚ yêfi¯ófl #ê˝≤ eT+~ ñ+{≤s¡T. n~ #˚jT· ˝Ò<Tä , Ç~ #˚jT· ˝Ò<Tä n+≥÷ Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìï $eT]Ùdü÷Ô ñ+{≤s¡T. á eT<Ûä´ ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é Á{≤|òæø˘qT $eT]Ùdü÷Ô #·s¡Ã »]–+~. ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é˝À Á{≤|òøæ ˘ Áø£eT•ø£D å ñ+&É<ìä , Çø£ÿ&ç yêfi¯ófl Á{≤|òøæ ˘ s¡÷˝Ÿ‡ dü]>± bÕ{Ï+#·sì¡ $eT]Ù+#ês¡T. Hê≈£î ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é n+fÒ #ê˝≤ n_Ûe÷q+. m+<äTø£+fÒ H˚qT ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é ìyêdæì. Á{≤|òøæ ˘ düeTdü´≈£î ≈£L&Ü Á|üuTÑÛ ‘ê«ìï ì+~kÕÔsT¡ . >∑es¡ïyÓT+≥T≈£î BìøÏ dü+ã+<Ûyä T˚ eTT+~. nø£ÿ&É ˇø£ dæ>ï∑ ˝Ÿ ñ+~ #·÷&É+&ç. ¬s&é, Á^Hé, Ĭs+CŸ, MTs¡T K∫Ñ·+>± Ä dæ>ï∑ ˝Ÿ‡qT >∑eTìdü÷Ô, Ä s¡÷˝Ÿ‡qT bÕ{ÏùdÔ m˝≤+{Ï Á{≤|òøæ ˘ düeTdü´ ñ+&É<Tä . Á|ü‹yê&ÉT eTq¬ø+≈£î˝Ò, eTq Çwüº Á|üø±s¡+ eTq+ b˛<ë+ nqT≈£îqï|ü&˚ düeTdü´\T ekÕÔsTT. Á{≤|òæø˘ s¡÷˝Ÿ‡ >∑T]+∫ Á|ü»˝À¢ ne>±Vü≤q ø£*Œ+#·≥+ ˝≤+{Ï ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\ <ë«sê á Á{≤|òøæ ˘ düeTdü´qT ‘=\–+#·e#·TÃ. MTs¡T mH√ï eT+∫ ùdyê ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\qT #˚dTü ÔHêïs¡T. eTTK´+>± $<ä´, yÓ’<´ä s¡+>±\˝À MTs¡T eT]qï ùdyê ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\qT #˚j÷· \ì, MTs¡T \j·THé‡>± kıôd’{ø° Ï m+‘√ ùde #˚d÷ü Ôqï+<äT\≈£î $TeTà\ï+<äØï eTs=ø£ e÷s¡T n_Ûq+~dü÷Ô, m+‘· _J ôw&É÷´˝Ÿ ñqï|üŒ{Ïø° } M¬ø+&é˝À MT‘√ ñ+&É&+É H˚qT m+‘√ Äq+<ä+>± uÛ≤$düTÔHêïs¡T. Ç+‘·eT+∫ ø±s¡´Áø£e÷ìøÏ qqTï ÄVü‰«ì+∫q+<äT\≈£î, ìsê«Vü≤≈£î\≈£î, l s¡eTD>±]øÏ, MT n+<ä]ø° <Ûqä ´yê<ë\T ‘Ó*j·TCÒdTü ≈£î+≥÷ ôd\e⁄ rdüT≈£î+≥THêïqT.



It is an opportunity for me to be a part of it and make my presence at BANNER PARADE of the Confluence of Lions clubs.Lions pride is ever approved by their deeds and dedication to the upliftment of all areas of the society. Iam equally happy to declare myself a Lion ,being the member of HEALTH CITY LIONS CLUB of HYDERABAD.My association withn the club for the last two years has been a wonderful journey.Iam greatful to my friend and fusion Ln B.JAGAN MOHAN who introduced me and supported to become the member of the lub. The remarkable event on this August evening at this Historical venue has laid a new milestone having approved many more new resolutions for thr cause of service and social security.It is my pleasure To express that the gathering is very much blessed by His Holiness PUJYA CHINAJEEYAR SWAMIJI and also greeted by Honourable Minister For IT Govt of AP Sri PONNALA LAXMAIAH GARU.It was fair with fans of handsome personality Cine Artist Sri SUMAN garu who added some more serving colour to the occasion. Iam proud to say what is witnessed by me and society at large that Lions club service activities And strategies of social outlook do comfort by being an inspiration to the Government.Lions clubs are doing as what the State idoes or suppose to do. Today adding more feathers to the cap HEALTH CITY LIONS CLUB OF HYDERABAD hoisted the BANNER PARADE.Under the cover of Ln G.K RAMANA as Presiding officer had rededicated to the social cause.It has adopted 15 Orphons,Distributed Sewing Machines to the needy Women and also adopted The State topper of Undergraduate studies for career guidance with Financial support. I am once again thankful to the People and the Day(18-02-2012) who promoted the service spectrum Of Lions clubs.I remain with pride and honour as a Lion and assure as a Legislature of RANGAREDDY,MAHABOOB NAGAR and HYDERABAD would always extend my support personally and also for any projects that need to be schemed by the Government of AP.

Speech of Sri Virinchi Retd. Assistant General Manager, State Bank of Hyderabad Jai Srimannarayana Respected His Holiness Shri Chinna Jeer Swamy, Shri Ponnala Laxmayya garu (Ho. Min. IT), tollywood actor Suman, Shri Janardhan Reddy, MLC, Smt. Aruna Devi, Shri G.K.Ramana, (Chairperson), members of the Lion's Club and Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me' immense pleasure to be here at the midst of you all today. I congratulate Ramana for organizing this Mega Regional Conference of Lions. I for one feel too small to talk about His Holiness Shri Chinna Jeer Swamy as I always believe him as a visible God. He has been doing selfless service to the society by setting up several Educational and Spiritual centers at various places in the country. I was very much impressed about his Centre for the Blind, opened near Shamshabad. The school run by his Trust basically takes care of education of the Blind. He has set up such an Institution where the Blind can easily pursue the education with the help of Audio embedded Laptops. His service to the visually impaired is beyond mere words. I take this opportunity to request you all the members of the Lions club, present here to visit the Institute and render the service., Coming to today's function I compliment Ramana for having organized this Mega Regional Conference under his Chairmanship. There are very few persons born like Ramana who have immense potentiality and qualities of serving the society especially the Have-Nots. I have seen and witnessed many of his camps being organized, such as Blood Donation Camp, Diabetic Camp, Bone Density Camp, Eye Camps etc. I can surely say that Lions Club has become richer by his presence in the organization as a member. We all know serving the mankind is serving the God. 'Manava Seva Madhava Seva'. He is a standing example for that. He started his life dedicating to that CAUSE only. Apart from organizing such activities, he has set up a Pathological Laboratory wherein he treats the patients at very nominal rates. If I keep on telling you about his activities, I don't think time given to me is sufficient. I once again compliment him and pray to God to give Ramana a long life to continue his services. I thank him and the organizers for giving me' this opportunity to address you all.

Hyderabad Fort City

Lion Rajesh Babu President Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Lion Ravi Kumar Y Secretary

Lion Ram Reddy T Treasurer

Distributed books and clothes at BC Hostel, Langer House, Bapu Nagar. Conducted Medical Camp, including Diabetic, Blood Grouping and Thyroid Camp. One sewing machine distributed. Adopted a Orphan Student. Eye check-up Camp. Beneficiaries 75. Donated Bed Sheets at Old Age Home.

Know Your Heart People the world over are highly concerned about heart disease because it is the No.1 killer. As Indians, we should be much more seriously worried because we are three times more vulnerable than, say, Europeans to a heart attack because of genetic factors. Heart diseases in our region grew by 300% in the last 30 years and are still growing by 2-3% every year. WHO projects that by 2015 one million people under the age of 40 will die from this disease and 60% of heart patients in the world are likely to be in India. We may not be able to choose our parents but we can take many measures to prevent the onset of heart disease in the first place. If in the unfortunate event of becoming a victim of heart disease, we can promptly act to minimize its consequences. We should, therefore, have some basic understanding of heart disease. What is Heart Disease? Heart disease is any disorder that affects the heart’s ability to function normally. Various forms of heart disease include: ·Coronary artery disease (the most common form of heart disease resulting in heart attacks) –results in narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries ·Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) ·Heart valve diseases ·Congenital heart disease(defects in the heart present at birth) -cardiomyopathy(damage to the heart muscle) ·Heart failure A heart attack occurs when one or more of the tiny arteries supplying the heart with oxygen-rich blood (coronary arteries) become blocked. Blockages are caused by a blood clot that forms suddenly where a coronary artery has narrowed over the years from a buildup of cholesterol and other substances known as

plaque. Interrupted blood flow to the heart can damage or destroy a part of the heart muscle. Symptoms of Heart disease: Warning signs and symptoms of a heart disease include: ·Pressure, fullness or a squeezing pain in the center of the chest ·Pain extending beyond the chest to shoulder, arm, back, or even to teeth and jaw ·Increasing episodes of chest pain/Prolonged pain in the upper abdomen ·Palpitations ·Left arm numbness with exertion ·Shortness of breath/fatigue ·Sweating/ nausea and vomiting ·Swelling around the ankles ·Lightheadedness ·Fainting Diagnosis & treatment: Doctors perform a number of tests to find out if one is having or vulnerable to a heart attack. They include: Electrocardiogram (ECG), blood tests, chest X-ray, echocardiogram and angiogram. Initially, doctors try to pre-empt a heart problem with medication. But some people do suffer a heart attack despite medication. If the tests reveal that a person has suffered a heart attack because of the blockage or narrowing of coronary arteries, doctors have three options to provide relief to the patient. One is giving medicines. Other two options added sometimes are-angioplasty and bypass surgery. Angioplasty is a medical procedure, which widens narrowed or blocked arteries. Angioplasty relieves chest pain and reduces the risk of heart attack. Bypass surgery involves sewing veins or arteries in place at a site beyond a blocked or narrowed coronary artery (bypassing the narrowed section), restoring blood flow to the heart.

Can’t we prevent heart attacks? Non-modifiable RiskFactors: Modifiable Risk Factors: The answer is: yes and no. Certain factors, called coronary risk factors, increase the risk of a heart attack by contributing to the build up of plaque in arteries including the coronary arteries. We don’t have control over certain factors, which make us vulnerable to heart disease. There are certain factors which we can modify and minimize the risk. The three factors that are out of our control are: ·Age ·Gender·Genetics and Family History Following are the modifiable risk factors: Smoking, ·High blood pressure, ·High cholesterol, ·Diabetes, ·Stress, ·Physical inactivity, ·Obesity, ·Unhealthy diet By taking care of these, you can ward off heart disease for years or minimize its havoc. You should, however, appreciate that even if you do all the right things suggested here, you may not be totally immune from heart disease. Metabolic Syndrome Medications One out of every three Indian men and one out of every two Indian women have metabolic syndrome. Any person with

metabolic syndrome has a 42% higher chance of getting coronary artery disease and diabetes within the next 20 years. You have metabolic syndrome if at least 3 of the following are true: ?You are overweight or obese and you carry the weight around your middle? You have high blood pressure and you have a high amount of sugar in your blood ?You have a high amount of fat in your blood ? You have low HDL cholesterol The more of these risk factors you have, the higher your risk of heart disease. Even if your cholesterol level is normal, you still may be at risk for a heart attack or stroke. Along with lifestyle changes, your doctor may recommend certain medications to prevent or control heart disease. One is the simple drug aspirin. Aspirin has been shown to reduce strokes in women and heart attacks in men. Drugs known as ‘Statins’ lower LDL, the bad cholesterol. These drugs prevent the onset of heart disease and the progression of heart disease if you already have it. Dr. A.G.K. Gokhale M.S., M.Ch.,CMC.(Vellore)DNB Sr.Consultant-Cardiothoracic, Vascular & Transplant Surgeon & HOD M: 98480 45810

Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes is a house hold name now in the world. Specially in India. "Diabetes Mellitus" is the actual disorder we mean by the term diabetes. Diabetes mellitus should not be confused with diabetes insipidus which has nothing to do with body glucose metabolism. About 50 million Indians are at present Diabetic and the number is increasing day by day. What is Diabetes Mellitus? Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder of body metabolism affecting carbohydrate, protein, fat and mineral metabolism but mainly the symptoms pertain to glucose excess in the blood and it is commonly known as sugar disorder. At what age can it affect ? It can start at any age right from birth till very old age, any time. Can it affect both men and women ? Yes, Diabetes has no sex priority. What is the normal blood sugar and norma l urine sugar? In a non diabetic urinesugar is usually nil excepting in few pregnant women and few other persons who may have a condition called "Renal Glycosuria" (without diabetes). Diabetes should not be diagnosed or treated by urine sugar values. Always blood glucose levels decide diagnosis and management of diabetes. Fasting plasma glucose when below 100 mg/ Dl and 2Hr post prandial value of less than 150 mg are absolutely non diabetic. In fasting if the values exceed 126 mg and /or 2hr Post prandial or at random values exceed 200 mg one is called a diabetic patient. In between normal and diabetic range values indicate a potential diabetic person.

Dr. Jaya Prasad Kotla Endorinologist JP Endocrine and Diabetic Research Centre Ph: 04065587108 What are the symptoms of diabetes ? Unfortunately symptoms are there in one diabetic patient out of 10 diabetics. Other 09 though diabetic are without any symptoms or with mild symptoms. In child diabetics (usually fall in to type 1 diabetes), rapid loss of weight, excess urination, excess thirst or hunger or vomitings with dehydration(diabetic keto acidosis) are usually seen. In adult onset diabetes which commonly is diabetes millitus 2 symptoms are not as dramatic. Few may lose weight, few may have excess urination and thirst. Few have itching or fungal infection of private parts, skin infection, blurred vision, tiredness without reason etc. Birth of a big baby also is sometimes seen. What is Blood diabetes and Urine Diabetes? There is no condition called Urine Diabetes. Diabetes is only excess of blood glucose. After 160-180 MG level in Blood Glucose starts getting filtered in urine and appears in urine which is wrongly thought as urine diabetes. Is Diabetes compulsory in children if parents are Diabetic? Need not be compulsory. There are strong genes and weak genes of Diabetes and the possibility depends on strong genes and stress, infections which may trigger the unmasking of diabetes. It can appear in persons without any family history and viceversa. Can a Diabetic marry ? Certainly a diabetic person can marry, can beget children like normal persons. They should have positive attitude and keep the

sugar under control which is basic. Will a diabetic have shorter life span ? No. Infact Diabetics live longer than others because they take care of their health better and more attentitively than others. They undertake tests and know what is happening and are guided more frequently by their doctors. How do we prevent diabetes ? Cant totally prevent till a vaccine becomes available. We can postpone the onset by regular exercise, yoga, life style modification, take less stress, balanced diet, quitting smoking and alcohol. Not all children need insulin. Pure type1 diabetics have no or little insulin secretion in their body. This insulin is a hormone which can bring back the sugar in blood to normal levels. As they don't manufacture sufficient quantity, we administer from outside. Few children also can be managed by oral medication. like wise most of the adults need only tablet medecine but few need insulin for survival.Few people are

put on insulin during pregnancy, hospitalisation, sickness and infections temporarily. It is not true that once on insulin always on insulin atleast for few patients. How do we treat Diabetes ? In the treatment of Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Blood Fats, Blood Pressure should always be kept in normal limits for the age. Exercise, walking, yoga or physical activity as determined by the Doctor is a must. Balanced diet prescribed by the doctor for that patient is advisable. Reducing stress is very important. No self medication. Don't follow internet and magazines for treatment, use it only as a guidance. Your specialist doctor gives you the best.Medication as per advice of the doctor, periodic checkup are cornerstones to treatment. Unless a patient has interest and commitment for his health no one can help. Can we eat fruits ? Certainly all fruits excepting Banana, Seethaphal and Chikku are permitted in the prescribed quantity.

CLUB EXCELENCE PROCESS "Lions Training for Club Excellence Process Is the Future of Lionism" Presented by Lion N. Mohan Doss We are always looking for ways to help make each and every Lions Club even more successful. Through various Lions Programs process has begun to learn which things you think are working particularly well for you and your Club as well as some things that you would like to improve. One such attempt is the latest Club Excellence Process survey. Your Club wants to be successful likewise my Club also wants to be successful. Is this not true, but how do we get there? The Club Excellence Process is the program that helps Clubs first evaluates their program, examine their community to see if there are needs that the Club can address, and works to get the Club moving. Every individual has the potentiality and the responsibility to be a high performance leader. Each person builds leadership style by understanding and leveraging their own values, strengths, experiences, knowledge, and capabilities. CEP is the powerful tool to make the Clubs vibrant. It's simple program with 2 componentsMember & Community Satisfaction Analysis. CEP is an easy program and enables to assess strength and weaknesses of a Club. It has 4 Steps. Step 1 in CEP enables to understand Lionism and Membership. It gives an insight into Service Activities and Community Needs. Step 2 discusses how a Club can be excellent and guides the Club to reach those excellent characteristics. Step 3 in CEP analyses Community Needs Survey & Members Experience in the Club. Immediate needs are then determined. Step 4 in CEP in CEP helps to set goals and prepare Action Plan for Member Satisfaction Retention - Community needed Projects. Another worthy exercise is the How are your Ratings exercise, you will understand from the Survey which has 4 components - Club Meetings - Membership - Club Activities - Personal Satisfaction questionnaire. High scoring Member is a satisfied Member. One who goes through these exercises he never leaves the Organization. Why not we give try to be a satisfied Lion? Small minds talk about winning. Average minds talk about position. Great minds talk about growth. Champions never talk, they just perform and the world talks. Never change your originality for the sake of others Because no one can play your role better than you. You are the BEST - when - YOU are YOU. Be always YOU and only YOU.

<∏Ó’sêsTT&é Yoga Ratna Aruna Devi Cell : 9440698003

Á|ü|+ü #· yê´|üÔ+>± #ê˝≤ eT+~ m<äTs¡TÿH˚ rÁe nHês√>´∑ düeTdü´˝À¢ <∏’Ó sêsTT&é ˇø£{.Ï <∏’Ó sêsTT&é nH˚~ >=+‘·T eTT+<äT uÛ≤>∑+˝À ñ+&˚ ˇø£ Á>∑+~Û. á Á>∑+~Û qT+&ç yÓ\Te&˚ Vü‰s√àqT¢ m≈£îÿe ñ‘·Œ‹Ô ø±e≥+ ˝Ò<ë ˝À|æ+#·≥+ Á>∑+~Û ôd’E ô|s¡>≥ ∑ + e+{Ï$ ø±´q‡sY sêe{≤ìøÏ ø±s¡DeTe⁄‘÷· ñ+{≤sTT ˇø£ $<Û+ä >± #ÓbÕŒ\+fÒ <∏’Ó sêsTT&é Äs√>´∑ + &Üy˚TCŸ #˚jT· ≥+˝À eT<ÛTä y˚TVü≤ yê´~ÛøÏ @ e÷Á‘·+ ‘·≈î£ ÿe ø±<äT. Ç$ |ü⁄sT¡ wüß˝À¢ ø£+fÒ Ád”Ô\˝À m≈£îÿe ø£ì|ækÕÔsTT. Ád”Ô\˝À ñ+&˚ áÁk˛º»Hé nH˚ Vü‰s√àHé <∏Ó’sêsTT&é Á>∑+~Ûì Á|üu≤Û $‘·+ #˚jT· &ÉyT˚ Ç+<äT≈£î Á|ü<ëÛ q ø±s¡D+. á düeTdü´˝À¢ ôV’≤b˛<∏’Ó sêsTT&ç»+ <∏’Ó sêsTT&é Á>∑+~Û qT+∫ Vü‰s√àqT\T ‘·–q yÓ÷‘ê<äT˝À $&ÉT<ä\ ø±ø£b˛e≥+ nH˚~ #ê˝≤ m≈£îÿe>± ø£q|ü&TÉ ‘·T+~. á ÁøÏ+<ä Ç∫Ãq≥Te+{Ï ÄdüHê\T, ÁbÕD≤j·÷eT+, ã+<Ûä+ Á|ü‹s√E #˚ùdÔ 30 s√E˝À¢ ‘·>∑Z&É+ >∑eTì+#·e#·TÃ. ñÁcÕº d ü q + #˚ùd $<Ûëq+ * eÁC≤düq+ ˝À ≈£Ls√Ãyê* Ç<˚ dæ‹ ú ˝À yÓ÷ø±fi¯flô|’ ì\ã&Ü*. * yÓT\¢>± yÓqøÏÿ e+>∑T‘·÷ #˚‘T· \‘√ ø±*eT&ÉeT\qT |ü≥Tºø√yê*. * }|æ]ì kÕ<Ûës¡D+>± |”\Tdü÷Ô ñ+&Ü*. á $<Û+ä >± eT÷&ÉTkÕs¡¢≈î£ ‘·≈î£ ÿe ø±≈£î+&Ü #˚j÷· *. dü s ê«+>±düq+ #˚ùd $<Ûëq+ * X¯yêdüq+˝À $ÁXÊ+‹>± ñ+&É+&ç * ø±fi¯¢qT ‹qï>± ñ+∫ bÕ<äeTT\qT ø£\|ü+&ç * ¬s+&ÉT ø±fi¯flqT HÓeTà~>± ‹qï>± uÛ÷ Ñ $TøÏ 45, 90 &çÁ^\˝À ô|’¬ø‘·Ôe˝…qT * #˚‘T· \ düV‰ü j·T+‘√ M|ü⁄qT, ø£{Ï Á|ü<X˚ e ¯ TTqT ô|’¬ø‘·Ô+&ç yÓ÷#˚‘T· \T H˚\ô|’ ñ+∫, M|ü⁄qT ns¡#‘˚ T· \‘√ ì\u…≥º+&ç. #˚‘T· \ düV‰ü j·TeTT‘√ X¯Øs¡eTTqT q&ÉTeTT es¡≈î£ ì≥ºì\Te⁄>± ñ+#·+&ç >∑&e¶É TTqT ø£+sƒêìøÏ ‘êπø˝≤ ñ+&ÉTq≥T¢ #˚j÷· *. * uÛTÑ »eTT\ô|’ X¯Øs¡ uÛ≤s¡eTTqT+#·T‘·÷ X¯Øs¡eTTqT ‹qï>± ô|’¬ø‘·Ô+&ç á dæ‹ ú ˝À 2 ì$TcÕ\

qT+&ç 5 ì$TcÕ\ es¡≈î£ ñ+#·+&ç. * X¯Øs¡eTT ø£<ä\Ã≈£î+&Ü C≤Á>∑‘·Ô eVæ≤+#ê*. * Áø£eT+>± j·T<∏ëdæ‹ ú øÏ sêyê* ñC≤®sTT ÁbÕD≤j·÷eT+ * dü T U≤dü q +˝À ø±˙, eÁC≤dü q +˝À ø±˙ ì{≤s¡ T >± ø£ fi ¯ ó fl eT÷düT≈£îì ≈£Ls√Ãyê*. * Ç~ Á|ü‘´˚ ø£ ÁbÕD≤j·÷eT+ Bìì ≈£Ls¡TÃì e÷Á‘·yT˚ ø±≈£î+&Ü, ì˝§Ãì ≈£L&Ü kÕ<Ûqä #˚jT· e#·TÃ. Bì˝À Á|ü<ëÛ q+>± >∑eTì+#·e\dæq~ ø£+sƒ¡ dü+ø√#+· , eTq+ XÊ«dü rdüT≈£îH˚≥|ü⁄Œ&ÉT ø£+sƒêX¯jT· ø£+&Ésê\qT dü+ø√∫+|üCÒdæ, ˇø£ $<ÛäyÓTÆq eT+Á<äyÓTÆq X¯ã›+ $ì|æ+#ê*. á X¯ã+› >∑Ts¡øq£ T b˛* ñ+≥T+~ <∏’Ó sêsTT&é ñqïyêfi¯ófl á ÁbÕD≤j·÷e÷ìï s√E ñ<äjT· +, kÕj·T+Á‘·+ 3 qT+∫ 5 ì$TcÕ\T #˚ùdÔ <∏’Ó sêsTT&é n<äT|ü⁄˝À ñ+≥T+~. C≤\+<Ûäs¡ã+<Ûä+ * düTU≤düq+ ˝Òø£ |ü<ëàdüq+˝À ≈£Ls√Ãyê*. * ¬s+&ÉT ns¡#‘ ˚ T· \‘√ yÓ÷ø±fi¯flqT H˚\ô|’ ˇ‹Ô|{ ü ≤º*. * Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT XÊ«dü |”\TÑ·÷ yÓT&ÉqT eTT+<äT≈£î e+∫ #·TãTø±ìï ø£+sƒêìøÏ ÄHêÃ* á dæ‹ú ˝À |”*Ãq XÊ«düqT n˝≤π> düÔ+_Û+|üCj Ò ÷· *. * Ç˝≤ ñ+&É>∑*–q+‘· ùd|ü⁄ Ä|æ, HÓeTà~>± ‘·\qT m‹Ô XÊ«düqT e<ä˝≤*. * XÊ«dü e~*q ‘·sê«‘· ø=~› ùd|ü⁄ XÊ«dü Ä|æ, eT∞¢ rdüTø√yê*. Ç˝≤ 2 qT+∫ 4 kÕs¡T¢ #˚j÷· * XÊ«dü rdüTø=ì #˚dqæ fÒ¢, XÊ«dü e~* ≈£L&Ü ô|’ |ü<䛋˝À #˚j·Te#·TÃ.

eT<ÛäTy˚TVü≤+ (&Éj·÷u…{Ïdt) eT<ÛäTy˚TVü≤+ Á|ü|ü+#·+˝À n‘·´~Û≈£î\T m<äTs=ÿH˚ düeTdü´˝À¢ &Éj·÷u…{Ïdt ˇø£{Ï Bìì yê&ÉTø£ uÛ≤wü˝À eT<ÛäTy˚TVü≤+ n+{≤s¡T. á düeTdü´≈£î Á|ü<Ûëq ø±s¡D+ ˇ‹Ô&ç, ndüÔe´düÔ Jeq $<Ûëq+. X¯Øs¡+ $|üØ‘·+>± ô|]– eT<ÛTä y˚TVü≤yê´~ÛøÏ <ë]rdüTÔ+~. Ç~ Ç{°e\ q>∑sJ¡ $‘·+˝À düŒwüº+>± ø£ì|ædTü Ô+~. yÓT≥u≤*ø˘ &çdC” Ÿ\˝À Ç~ ˇø£{Ï &ÉjT· u…{dÏ t e´øÏÔì n~Ûø£ ã¢&é düT>∑s≈Y î£ >∑T]#˚dTü Ô+~. X¯ØsêìøÏ ø±yê*‡q ÇqT‡*Hé ñ‘·Œ‹Ô XÊ‘·+ ‘·–bZ ˛‘·T+~. n‹ eT÷Á‘· $düsq®¡ , n‹ <ä|Œæ ø£, n‹ Äø£* ˝≤+{Ï \ø£Då ≤\T &Éj÷· u…{dÏ ˝t À ø£ì|ækÕÔsTT. á eT<Û´ä ø±\+˝À #ê˝≤ ∫qï ej·TdüT˝ÀH˚ á yê´~Û <ë&ç#d˚ Tü Ô+~. X¯Øs¡+˝À bı≥º ÁøÏ+<ä≈î£ ø=~>› ± yÓqTø£≈î£ @&É+>∑Tfi≤\ bı&Ée⁄q, Hê\Tø£ Äø±s¡+˝À eT÷&ÉTqïs¡ WqT‡\ ãs¡Te⁄qï Á>∑+~Û ˇø£{Ï ñ+≥T+~ Ç<˚ bÕ+ÁøÏj÷· dt Á>∑+~Û. Ç~ ÇqT‡*Hé $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæ ‹qï ÄVü‰s¡+ Js¡+í ø±e&ÜìøÏ ‘√&ŒÉ &ÉT‘·T+~. ÇqT‡*Hé nH˚ |ü<ës¡+Δ ˝À|æ+#·≥+ e\q @s¡Œ&˚ Js¡Áí øÏjT· ˝Àì s¡kÕj·Tìø£ #·s´¡ ˝ÀbÕìï eT<ÛTä y˚TVü≤+ ˝Ò<ë #·¬øÿs¡ yê´~Û n+{≤s¡T. á ÁøÏ+<ä Ç∫Ãq≥Te+{Ï ÄdüHê\T, ÁbÕD≤j·÷eT+, ã+<Ûä+ Á|ü‹s√E #˚dæq≥¢sTT‘˚ #ê˝≤ ‘·«s¡>± eT<ÛäTy˚TVü≤+ nH˚ yê´~Û ‘·>∑Ze#·TÃ. ns¡ú eT‘˚‡´+Á<ëdüq+ #˚ùd $<Ûëq+ * yÓTT<ä≥ ø±fi¯flqT #ê|æ ≈£Ls√Ãyê* * ≈£î&ç ø±*ì e+∫ ≈£î&ç n]ø±*ì bòÕ¢{Ÿ>± m&ÉeT yÓ÷ø±* |üøÿ£ >± ñ+#ê*. * m&ÉeT ø±*ì eT&ç∫, m&ÉeT n]ø±*ì ≈£î&ç |æsT¡ <äT |üøÿ£ >± ñ+#ê*. * m&ÉeT #˚‹ì #ê|æ, ≈£î&ç yÓ÷ø±* Á|üøÿ£ >± b˛ì∫à m&ÉeT #˚‹‘√ ≈£î&çbÕ<ëìï ø±˙, N\ eT+&É˝≤ìï >±˙ |ü≥Tºø√yê*. * á Á|üjT· ‘·ï+˝À ≈£î&ç yÓ÷ø±\T m&ÉeT bÕ<ä+ <ä>s Z∑ >¡ ± ñ +&Ü*. * ≈£î&ç #˚‹ì yÓT\¢>± ˝Ò|æ q&ÉTeTT #·T≥÷º ‹bÕŒ*. ≈£î&ç #˚‹ y˚fió¯ fl m&ÉeTyÓ’|⁄ü q&ÉTeTT e+|ü⁄˝À ñ+#ê*. * Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT ‘·\ ì{≤s¡T>± ñ+∫ >±* e~˝Òdü÷Ô ‘·\qT, uÛTÑ C≤\qT, q&ÉTeTTqT yÓT\¢>± ≈£î&ç uÛTÑ »+ yÓ’|⁄ü ‹bÕŒ*. * Ç˝≤ ø=+#Ó+ ùd|ü⁄ ñ+∫q ‘·sT¡ yê‘· >±* rdüT≈£î+≥÷ HÓeTà~>± |üPs¡«dæ‹ú øÏ sêyê*. Ç˝≤ Hê\T>∑T kÕs¡T¢ #˚j÷· *.

uÛÑT»+>±düq+ #˚ùd $<Ûëq+ * uÀsê¢ |ü&ÉT≈£îì ¬s+&ÉT ø±fi¯ófl ˇø£<ëìø=ø£{Ï <ä>∑Zs¡>± #˚]à ¬s+&ÉT #˚‘T· \T #Ûê‹øÏsT¡ yÓ’|⁄ü ˝≤ ñ+#ê*. XÊ«dü rdüT≈£î+≥÷ ‘·\, #Ûê‹ì, uÛÑTC≤\T, q&ÉTeTTqT Hê_Ûes¡≈î£ ô|’øÏ ˝ÒbÕ*. * Ç˝≤ 10 ôdø£qT¢ Ädüq dæ‹ ú ˝À ñ+&ç ‘·sT¡ yê‘· >±* e~˝Òd÷ü Ô j·T<∏ëdæ‹ú øÏ sêyê*. nqT˝ÀeT $˝ÀeT ÁbÕD≤j·÷eT+ * yÓT\¢>± >±*ì ãj·T≥≈£î e~* ô|≥º+&ç eTT≈£îÿ eT÷j·T&ÜìøÏ dæ<+Δä >± ñ+&Ü* * ≈£î&ç eTT≈£îÿ eT÷dæ, m&ÉeT eTT≈£îÿ s¡+Á<Û+ ä <ë«sê yÓT\¢>±, Á|üXÊ+‘·+>± >±* |”˝≤Ã*. * >±* |”*Ãq ‘·sT¡ yê‘· ¬s+&ÉT eTT≈£îÿ\T eT÷j·÷*. * >±*ì 4 ôdø£q¢≈î£ ‘·≈î£ ÿe ø±≈£î+&Ü ã+~Û+#ê*. * m&ÉeT eTT≈£îÿ s¡+Á<Ûëìï eT÷dæ ñ+∫, ≈£î&ç eTT≈£îÿ s¡+Á<Û+ ä >∑T+&Ü ì<ëq+>± Á|üXÊ+‘·+>± XÊ«dü e<ä˝≤*. * XÊ«dü |üP]Ô>± e~*q ‘·sT¡ yê‘· ≈£î&ç eTT≈£îÿ <ë«sê ì<ëq+>± XÊ«dü rdüTø√yê*, m&ÉeT eTT≈£îÿ <ë«sê e<ä˝≤* eTs¡\ m&ÉeT eTT≈£îÿ qT+&ç rdüT≈£îì ≈£î&ç eTT≈£îÿ <ë«sê e<ä˝≤*. á $<Û+ä >± 1:4:2 ìwüŒ‹Ô˝À 10 kÕs¡¢≈î£ ‘·≈î£ ÿe ø±≈£î+&Ü #˚j÷· *. ñB›j·÷q ã+<Ûä+ eÁC≤düq+˝À ≈£Ls¡TÃì q&ÉTeTT, yÓT&É, ‘·\ ì{≤s¡T>± ñ+#·+&ç. ns¡#˚‘·T*ï yÓ÷ø±fi¯flô|’q ñ+∫ düVü≤»+>± XÊ«dæ+#·+&ç. >±*ì |üP]Ô>± e~* bı≥º jÓTTø£ÿ ø£+&Ésê\qT ˝À|ü*øÏ ˝≤ø√ÿ+&ç BìH˚ ñB›j÷· q ã+<Û+ä n+{≤s¡T. HÓeTà~>± bı≥º ø£+&Ésê\ì ]˝≤ø˘‡ #˚jT· +&ç. ‘·\ì HÓeTà~>± ô|’øÏ m‹Ô yÓT\¢>± >±* ˝ÀìøÏ |”\TÃø=ì XÊ«dü düV≤ü »+>± e#˚Ães¡≈î£ HÓeTà~>± XÊ«dæ+#·+&ç yÓTT<ä{Ï>± Bìì 3 sö+&ÉT¢ kÕ<Ûäq#˚dæ, HÓeTà~>± kÕ<Ûäqô|+#·T‘·÷ yÓfi¯fl+&ç. Ç˝≤ 10 es¡≈î£ #˚jT· e#·TÃ.

ø±s¡´ Bø£å ñ+&Ü* ...∫qï düTã“qï ø±s¡´Bø£å, |ü≥Tº<ä\, ∫Hêïëô|<ä›, ù|<ëë>=|üŒ ‘˚&Ü ˝Ò≈£î+&Ü n+<äØï ø£\T|ü⁄≈£îb˛j˚T eTìwæ>± ù|s¡T+~ düTã“qïøÏ n<˚ Äj·Tq $»j·T s¡Vü≤dü´+. bı{Ϻ lsêeTT\T õ˝≤¢, yÓ+ø£≥–]˝Àì ã+>±s¡T ù|≥˝À »ìà+∫q 60dü+ˆˆ\ |üÁ‘·bÕ] ∫qï düTã“qï >±+&É¢ ≈£î˝≤ìøÏ #Ó+~qyês¡T. u≤\´+˝À b˛*jÓ÷ k˛øÏ s¬ +&ÉT ø±fi¯ófl e+ø£sT¡ ¢ b˛j·÷sTT. ‘·*‘¢ +· Á&ÉT\T ‘·eT≈£îqï Hê\T¬>ø£sê\ bı\+˝À e´ekÕj·T+ #˚ùdyêfi¯ófl. q\T>∑Ts¡T nqï<äeTTà\ eT<Û´ä |ü⁄{Ïqº düTã“qï yÓ<’ ë´ìøÏ ø=~› bı\+ ≈£L&Ü ne÷à*‡e∫Ã+~. |ü~ dü+ˆˆ\T yÓ<’ ´ä + #˚sTT+∫Hê Á|üj÷· »q+ ˝Òøb£ ˛sTT+~. 13 @+&ÉT¢ e#˚Ães¡≈î£ düTã“qï Ç+{À¢H˚ ñ+&˚yês¡T. düTã“qï ‘·+Á&çøÏ #·T≥Tº|øü ÿ£ \ eT+∫ |üs|¡ ‹ü ñ+&˚~. n˝≤ m˝Ÿ.◊.dæ. @C…˙‡ Ç∫à düTã“qïqT #˚jT· eTHêïs¡T. Ç+{ÏøÏ #ê˝≤ eT+~ eTqTwüß\T edü÷bÔ ˛‘·÷ ñ+&˚yês¡T. yêfi¯fløÏ Çq÷‡¬sHé‡ #˚ùd≥|ü⁄Œ&ÉT &Üø£ºsY dü]º|òæ¬ø{Ÿ nedüs¡eTe⁄‘·T+~. <ë+‘√ #ê˝≤ eT+~ &Üø£ºs¡T¢ ≈£L&Ü |ü]#·jT· eTj·÷´s¡T düTã“qï≈£î. yêfi¯fl‘√ n+>∑ yÓø’ ˝ £ ≤´ìøÏÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫q yÓ<’ ë´ìï >∑T]+∫ #·]Ã+#˚yês¡T. düTã“qï ñ+≥Tqï Á>±eT+ qT+∫ u≤+uÒøÏ ìeTà|ü+&ÉT¢ m>∑TeT‹ nj˚T´$. nø£ÿ&É qT+∫ e#˚à yê´bÕs¡dTü \ Ô <ë«sê u≤+uÒ˝À ø±\T u≤>∑T#˚ùd &Üø£sº T¡ ¢ ñHêïs¡ì $Hêï&ÉT. ‘·+Á&ç CÒãTqT+∫ 5000 s¡÷ˆˆ\T rdüT≈£îì me]ø° #Ó|Œü ≈£î+&Ü (1962 ˝À 15 dü+ˆˆ\ ej·TdüT˝À) ãdüT‡ mπøÿs¡T Nø£{À¢. ‹s¡TeT\˝À kÕ«$Tì <ä]Ù+#·Tø=ì sπ DÏ>T∑ +≥ qT+∫ u≤+uÒ yÓTsTT˝Ÿ˝À u≤+uÒøÏ #˚sês¡T. eTTqTù| |ü]#·jT· eTsTTq ìeTà|ü+&É¢ yê´bÕs¡dTü \ Ô T &Üø£sº Y e<ä≈› î£ rdüT≈£îyÓfi≤fls¡T. nHê<Ûqä ì nã<ë›\T #ÓbÕŒs¡T. Ä˝Ÿ Ç+&çj÷· yÓT&çø˝ £ Ÿ Çìdæ≥ º ÷´{Ÿ˝À yÓ<’ ´ä + yÓTT<ä\sTT´+~. uÛ≤wü düeTdü´ ñ+&˚~. ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é˝Àì |ü+»>∑T≥º e<ä› ìC≤+ Äs√Δô|&çø˘ ÄdüŒÁ‹˝À |üì#˚dTü qÔ ï &Ü. s¡+>±¬s&ç¶ e<ä≈› î£ Äj·TqTï |ü+bÕs¡T. nø£ÿ&É <ë<ë|ü⁄ 32 Ä|üsπ wüqT¢ »]>±sTT. Áø£eT+>± Áø£#dÓ ‘t √ q&Ée≥+ yÓTT<ä\Tô|{≤ºsT¡ .ìC≤+ Á|üuTÑÛ e⁄ ‘·q ÄdüŒÁ‹˝À $»j·Te+‘·yTÓ qÆ yÓTT<ä{øπÏ düT>± dü+‘√wæ+∫ n+<ä]ø° $TsƒêsTT\T |ü+#ês¡ì, #·T≥÷º >∑TÁsê\T eT<Û´ä ˝À ìC≤+ Á|üuTÑÛ e⁄ ‘·q #˚sTT|ü≥Tº≈î£ ì q&ÉT#·T≈£î+≥÷ n+<ä] eT<Û´ä ˝À sêe≥+, m|ü⁄Œ&É÷ eT]∫b˛˝Òì nqTuÛÑ÷‹ n+{≤s¡T düTã“qï. 1967˝À ø±fi¯ófl u≤>∑T #˚düT≈£îì ndüŒÁ‹ qT+∫ &çkÕÃ]® nj·÷´s¡T. ‘·*‘¢ +· Á&ÉT\≈£î ø£ãTs¡+|ü>± #·ìb˛j·÷&ÉqT≈£îqï düTã“qïqT ‘·*‘¢ +· Á&ÉT\T #·÷dæ ÄX¯Ãs¡´b˛sTT, Äq+<ä|&ü ç Ç+{ÏøÏ rdüTø¬ fi≤fls¡T. düTã“qïqT #·÷ùd<ëìøÏ yês¡+s√E\ bÕ≥T #·T≥Tº|øü ÿ£ \ Á>±e÷\yês¡T e#êÃs¡T. q&Ée{≤ìï #·÷dæ ÄX¯Ãs¡´b˛j·÷s¡T. Ç˝≤ ñ+&É>± uÛÑ$wü´‘·TÔ >∑T]+∫ ã‘·T≈£î ‘Ós¡Te⁄ >∑T]+∫ ∫+‘·q˝À |ü&ܶs¡T düTã“qï. ‘·*‘¢ +· Á&ÉT\≈£î #Ó|Œæ ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é #˚sês¡T. ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é˝Àì y=πøwüq˝Ÿ ØVü‰_fÒwHü é ôd+≥sY˝À ø±¬sŒ+≥Øô|’q •ø£D å bı+<ës¡T. •ø£D å ‘·sê«‘· ô|ò&sÉ ˝ ¡ Ÿ k˛ŒsY‡º Ç+&ÉÁd”dº ˝ t À 250 s¡÷ˆˆ J‘·+‘√ ø=ìï s√E\T |üì #˚kÕs¡T.

eT]ø=ìï s√E\T dü÷|üsyY »’Ó sY>± |üì#˚XÊs¡T. ‘·sê«‘· Ä+Á<ÛÁä |ü<X˚ Ÿ ùdº{Ÿ ô|òH’ êHé‡ ø±s=ŒπswüHé Ä]úø£ düV‰ü ø±s¡+‘√ $TwüqØøÏ 17y˚\T ùdº{Ÿ u≤´+ø˘ Ä|òt Ç+&çj÷· qT+&ç 10y˚\T ãTTD+ bı+<ës¡T. yÓT≥˝Ÿ |òØü ï#·s,Y d”\ º T >π ≥T¢, #Óøÿ£ ‘√ |òØü ï#·sY #˚jT· ≥+, Ç+{°]j·TsY &Óøsπ£ wüHé dü+ã+~Û+∫q |üì yÓTT<ä\T ô|{Ϻ nH˚ø£ |ü]ÁX¯eT\≈£î, u≤´+≈£î\≈£î, dü÷ÿfi¯fl≈£î, Ä|òd” Tü \≈£î düô|’¢ #˚ùdyê&ÉT. ªªyÓTT<ä{Ï Äs¡s¶ Y #˚dqæ |ü⁄Œ&ÉT 30 s√E\ ‘·sê«‘· ù|yÓT+{Ÿ ÇkÕÔeTì ù||üs√¢ Ç#êÃs¡T. #·<Tä e⁄sêì ø±s¡D+>± #·÷düTø√˝Ò<Tä . |üì nsTTb˛sTT+~. Äs¡s¶ Y Ç#˚ÃkÕs¡T. ‘·sê«‘· |üì yÓTT<ä\Tô|≥º&ÜìøÏ &ÉãT“\T ˝Òe⁄. Ç˝≤ ∫qï ∫qï yê{Ïø√dü+ ≈£L&Ü #ê˝≤ nedü\ ú T |ü&ܶeTT yÓTT<ä{À¢μμ n+{≤sêj·Tq. ùdº{Ÿ u≤´+ø˘ Ä|òt Ç+&çj÷· , ùdº{Ÿ u≤´+ø˘ Ä|òt ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é, Ä+Á<Ûëu≤´+ø˘, Ç+&çjT· Hé ze؇dt u≤´+ø˘, u≤´+ø˘ Ä|òt Á{≤eHéø=sY ˝≤+{Ï nH˚ø£ C≤rj·T u≤´+≈£î˝À¢ ø±+Á{≤ø£sº >Y ± ‘·qù|s¡T ]õdüsº Y #˚dTü ≈£îHêïs¡T. <ë+‘√ M{ÏøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ mø£ÿ&É ø=‘·Ô Áu≤+#Y\T yÓTT<ä\sTTHê ˝À|ü\ øö+≥s¡¢ @sêŒ≥T, ø£+|üP´≥s¡T¢ ô|≥Tº≈î£ H˚ fÒãT˝Ÿ‡ ˝≤+{Ï yÓTT‘·+Ô Ç+{°]j·TsY &çCH’… é |üì düTã“qï #˚õøÏÿ+#·T≈£îH˚yês¡T. Á|üdTü ‘Ô +· düTã“qï <ä>sZ∑ ¡ 60 eT+~ <ëø± ñ<√´>∑T\T |üì#˚dTü HÔ êïs¡T. ◊<äT ø√≥¢ <ëø± ≥s√ïesY ñ+~. Ä<ëj·T|ü⁄ |üqTï n+‘ê düÁø£eT+>± ø£fºÒ yêfi¯fl˝À eTT+<äTHêïqì n+{≤s¡T Äj·Tq. yÓTT<ä{À¢ ôd’ø˝ Ï ,Ÿ ‘·sê«‘· \÷Hê, ø¬ H’ { Ó øÏ ˘ ôVA+&Ü, Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT ø±s¡T yê&ÉT‘·THêïs¡T düTã“qï. Ç|ü⁄Œ&ÉT eT÷&ÉTø±s¡T¢ ñ Hêïj·T+{≤s¡T Äj·Tq. eTq+ ≈£L&Ü me]ø£Hêï ñ|üj÷Ó >∑|&ü Ü* nqï Ä˝À#·q‘√ $XÊK|ü≥ï+ #√fi¯es¡+ ôVAyéT˝À ñqï |ü<eä ‘·s>¡ ‹∑ es¡≈î£ #·~$q düsd¡ «ü ‹ì $yêVü≤e÷&Üs¡T. ÄyÓT ù|s¡TMT<äT>± düsd¡ «ü r Ç+&ÉÁd”dº ìt yÓTT<ä\Tô|{≤ºsT¡ . düTã“qïøÏ Ç<äs› T¡ dü+‘êq+, yês¡T ≈£L&Ü ñqï‘· #·<Tä e⁄\T #·~$ dæsú |¡ &ü ܶsT¡ . nyês¡T¶\T  ªªBest self sustaining effort by a handicapped person in the state” FAPCCI nyês¡T¶ 1998ë99 >±qT n+<äT≈£îHêïs¡T.  1999 ˝À eTT+ãsTT˝Àì Lalji Malhotra foundation qT+∫ Certificate of excellence nyês¡T¶ bı+<ës¡T.  2000 ˝À Out standing performance as disabled employee >± uÛ≤s¡‘· Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·« C≤rj·T nyês¡Tq¶ T bı+<ës¡T.  2002˝À Out standing work in creation of barrier free environment ÁøÏ+<ä sêÁwüº Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·« nyês¡Tq¶ T bı+<ës¡T.  2004˝À dæø+Ï Á<ëu≤<é s√≥Ø ø£u¢ Ÿ qT+∫ ªªRotary centennial vacationing excellence awardμμ bı+<ës¡T.  2004˝À ø=˝≤¢|Pü sY ˝Àì Helpers of the Handicapped yês¡T ªªBHARARIμμ (Greal flight) nyês¡Tq ¶ T Á|ü<ëÛ q+ #˚kÕs¡T.

u≤´+ø±ø˘, #ÓH’ ê, dæ+>∑|Pü sY\˝À »]–q n+‘·sê®rj·T $ø£˝≤+>∑T\ dü<dä Tü ‡≈£î Vü‰»s¡j÷· ´s¡T düTã“qï. ªªø±s¡´Bø£å ñ+&Ü*. eTq+ #˚dTü ≈£îH˚ |üì #˚dTü ≈£î+≥÷ b˛‘·T+&Ü* n+{≤s¡T. ;<ä`>=|üŒ, ∫qï`ô|<ä› nì ‘˚&Ü ˝Ò≈î£ +&Ü n+<äØï ø£\T|ü⁄≈£î+≥÷ b˛yê*. düT\uÛ+Ñ >± nìï »s¡T>∑T‘êsTT nqTø√≈£L&É<Tä ø£w|ºü &ü Ü*μμ n+{≤s¡T Äj·Tq. Ç|üŒ{Ïø° Äj·Tq s√E≈£î 10 qT+∫ 13 >∑+≥\T |üì#˚kÕÔsT¡ . düe÷»+˝À n+>∑yø’Ó \ £ ´+ ñqïyês¡T ãj·T≥ ‹s¡>{ ∑ ≤ìøÏ nqT≈£L\+>± sê´+|t‡ ñ+&Ü*. s¬ fi’ ó¯ fl, ãdüT‡\T mø£ÿ{≤ìøÏ M\T>± ø£èÁ‹eT sê´+|t‡ @sêŒ≥T #˚j÷· *. s¬ ˝ ’ «Ò ùdºwHü ˝ é À, ãdt ùdºwHü ˝ é À, M˝Ÿ #Ós’ ‡Y ñ+&Ü*. dü÷ÿfi¯fl˝À M˝Ÿ #Ós’ ‡Y ‘√ Mfi¯q¢ T rdüTø¬ fi¯fl{≤ìøÏ Äj·÷\T ñ+&Ü*. n|ü⁄Œ&˚ yêfi¯ófl #·<Tä e⁄ø√>∑\s¡T. Ç‘·sT¡ \≈£î ãs¡Te⁄ ø±≈£î+&Ü m<ä>>∑ \ ∑ s¡T n+{≤sêj·Tq. z≥¢ u≤´+≈£î ø±<äT ø£qTø£ Á|üuTÑÛ ‘·«+ |ü{+ºÏ #·Tø√<äT. eT∞fl yêfi¯fl $‘·sD ¡ qT #ê≥Tø√e&ÜìøÏ $ø£˝≤+>∑T˝Ò ø±yê*. $ø£˝≤+>∑T\≈£î nqT>∑TD+>± sê´+|ü⁄\T, ìsêàD≤\T, |ü<‘›ä T· \T ñ+fÒ eè<äT\ › ≈£î, s√>∑T\≈£î ≈£L&Ü ñ|üj÷Ó >∑|&ü ‘É êsTT. Ä ~X¯>± n+<äs÷¡ Ä˝À∫+#ê* n+{≤s¡T düTã“qï. $ø£˝≤+>∑T\ düe÷y˚XÊ\T @sêŒ≥T <ë«sê, e÷qdæø£ $ø£˝≤+>∑T\ ø√dü+ JeqCÀ´‹ ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\ <ë«sê \sTTHé‡ ø£u¢ Ÿ <ë«sê ‘·q ùde\T n+~düTHÔ êïs¡T düTã“qï. u≤\´+˝À n+<ä]˝≤ q&Éyê* nqï |ü≥Tº<\ ä ‘√ 32 Ä|üsπ wüqT¢ #˚sTT+#·T≈£îì q&ç∫q Äj·Tq n+<ä]˝≤ >=|üŒ>± ã‘·ø±* nqï ÄX¯jT· +‘√ ø√{°X«¯ s¡T\T nj·÷´s¡T. yÓqTø£ |üP\ bÕqTŒ\T ˝Òe⁄, eTTfi¯fl u≤≥\ô|’q q&ç#˚ Ç+‘· kÕúsTTøÏ #˚]q ∫qï düTã“qï m+<ä]ø√ Ä<äsÙ¡ +.


Lions Clubs International, District 316B, Souvenir