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ď‚Ą Wildman,

14, was found dead on July 25, 2008, in his home in Goonellabah, on the NSW north coast, two days after the latest in a series of bashings by students at local high school.


bullying and repeated bashings by fellow students played a significant role in the 2008 suicide of NSW schoolboy Alex Wildman, a coroner found yesterday, placing the onus on education authorities to take responsibility over bullying by students, in or out of school.

ď‚Ą Cyber

bullying involves anything electronic, including computers, answering machines and mobile phones. ď‚Ą Traditional bullying includes teasing, name calling, spreading rumours, exclusion, physical threats and physical assault.

 Anti-Bullying re education campaign  Clear guidelines

and consequences for

those who bully  Additional support for students who need assistance  Working towards a culture of respect and harmony in our community


powerpoint on bullying in school


powerpoint on bullying in school