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Ready or Not, Welcome to th By Karen Frazier, with Jim Frazier


was listening to quantum physicist Brian Greene one morning on the radio. Greene is the author of the quantum physics for the everyman book, The Elegant Universe. He was talking about the implications of all of the discoveries made in quantum physics in recent history. Teleportation is already fact. Sure, not in the Star Trek kind of way, but scientists have already teleported small units of matter. String theory has postulated — and seems to point to — the existence of a multiverse. What does this mean? Parallel universes, baby. Seems like they may, indeed, exist. Imagine it. One quantum event in some other universe and there could be a world where Hitler never came to power or the September 11, 2001, U.S. terrorist attacks never happened. In the lab, scientists are growing body parts from tissue. They’ve grown an ear and a kidney. There may be hope for the Viagra crowd yet. Real Discoveries or the Stuff of Science Fiction? The implications of each of these things are mind-boggling. This is the stuff of science fiction, and yet on


a small scale, it is happening in our universe — in our world — right now. Ready or not, here it comes. Our sci fi future is on the way, and as these changes make their way from labs to real life, it can forever change the way the human race lives. Looking back on the past 100 years, the sheer volume of scientific advancement and the profound effect it has had on human lifestyle is stunning. Often I’ve been left scratching my head, unable to imagine where on Earth we can go from here. What will there be 100 years from now? How will our great-grandchildren live their lives, and will they look back at our ways as primitive and difficult? Science continues to advance. Discovery continues, and we’re far from done with new technologies. Thirty years ago, I couldn’t talk on the phone while driving my car. Now, I shouldn’t — it’s illegal in my state without a hands-free system. Thirty years ago, there was no such thing as a blogosphere. Now, I gratefully use it. Who knows where we are going as a species. Are we continuing to evolve, or are we hurtling toward extinction? Twenty generations down

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