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Volume 2, Issue 2

February 2009

Alien Abduction Issue Investigator Spotlight: Stanton Friedman — Physicist, Author, & UFO Researcher

Special Report:

The Stan Romanek Case

Alien Abduction: Visitors From Above or Within?

Special Report:

So You Wanna Start a Ghost-Hunting Group?

Also Inside: The Resurrection of the Tasmanian Tiger


Diary From a Haunted Hotel Haunted Sites: The Villisca Axe Murder House T.V. Watch: Ghost Hunters International Ghost Hunting on the Cheap: Part II

February 2009 Paranormal Underground

Roundtable Debate: Alien Abduction


Alien Abduc INVESTIGATOR SPOTLIGHT An Eye to the Skies: Stanton Friedman Unlocks the Mysteries of Flying Saucers



The Stan Romanek Case: An Alien Abductee’s Story


Visitors From Above or Within? A Look at the Alien Abduction Phenomenon


The Strange Case of Betty and Barney Hill


So You Wanna Start a Ghost-Hunting Group?

38 Claudia Ghidella


Haunted Sites: The Villisca Axe Murder House


Cryptids: Resurrection of the Tasmanian Tiger


Are We Alone?: Roswell Revisited


Paranormal History: Close Encounters: Notable UFO Sightings, Events, and Alien Abductions Throughout History



Paranormal Underground February 2009

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QUANTUM MUSINGS Are We There Yet, Scotty?


FICTION: FEATURED AUTHOR “The Last Woman” by Liz Hernandez



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Roundtable Debate: Alien Abduction


Paranormal Observatory 88 Reviews of the Month: 90 Book: Invasion DVD: Invasion of the Body Snatchers Theater: Let the Right One In

Diary From a Haunted Hotel


Life With the Breathing Impaired


My Experiences With Alien Abduction


Close-Up UFO


The Tylenol Capsule in the Sky


Book Review: 91 Hidden Secrets of “Many, But One”

February 2009 Paranormal Underground


Publisher’s Note Paranormal Underground Volume 2, Issue 2

February 2009

Are We Alone?

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

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re there aliens among us? The consensus within scientific circles is no, but if you listen to what the general populace is saying, then maybe so. Man has always been fascinated by the night sky; it’s multitudes of stars being a subject of speculation throughout history. And with the advent of science and the postulation that we may not be alone in the universe — leading to dreams of faroff worlds and intelligent beings that might reside there — the speculation as to life on other planets began. Science Has Helped Discover How Vast Our Universe Is Science continues to explore our universe, seeking answers to the question: Are we alone? Through the use of telescopes, both visual and radio, it has been determined that, yes, there are other worlds out there orbiting other stars. Many in the scientific community have come a long way from the days of thinking we are alone in the universe. With the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, we have found out just how vast and wondrous our universe really is. With further discoveries of exoplanets orbiting other suns, this through the wobble of the suns themselves, it might be only a matter of time before another habitable world is discovered. One exciting note to this is the discovery of a planet (MOA-2007-BLG-192-L b) 1.4 times the size of Earth. Why is this significant? Because

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Chad Wilson, Publisher

up until this point, most of these discovered planets, of which there have been 336 to date, have been huge gas giants that more than likely don’t support life. The discovery of this small, relatively Earth-sized exoplanet may be an indicator of a planet with conditions more favorable to life. The Odds of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth Still, that doesn’t determine if extraterrestrial beings have been to this small, blue world of ours. But as more positive proof of possible life outside our solar system is brought forth, the likelihood of said life visiting us increases. Just as you only have a 1 in 195.2 million chance of winning the United States’ Powerball lottery jackpot, the more you play, the better your odds. The same can be said of extraterrestrial visitations; the more inhabited worlds you have, the greater the chance that other civilizations have developed the means for interstellar transportation, and have been observing, some say visiting, us

for a period of time. Judgment on this will have to wait until the number of possible inhabitable worlds can be accurately determined or direct contact is made. We do have the Drake Equation to give us probabilities. The Drake Equation Provides a Starting Point This equation was created in 1960 by Dr. Frank Drake, professor emeritus of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His goal was to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy that we might come in contact with. The main purpose of the equation was to allow scientists to quantify the uncertainty of the factors that determine the number of such extraterrestrial civilizations. The Drake Equation is as follows: N = R* x fp x ne x fe x fi x fc x L where: N is the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible; and R* is the average rate of star formation in our galaxy fp is the fraction of those stars that have planets ne is the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets fe is the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point fi is the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life fc is the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space L is the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space. But how accurate is the Drake Equation? Of course, we don’t have the answer to that. According to the

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, the real value of the Drake Equation is not in the answer itself, but the questions that are prompted when attempting to come up with an answer. “Obviously there is a tremendous amount of guess work involved when filling in the variables,” according to SETI. “As we learn more from astronomy, biology, and other sciences, we’ll be able to better estimate the answers to the above questions.” If you’d like to try the Drake Equation yourself, visit drake_equation.html and give it a try. What Do Personal Experiences Mean in the Grand Scheme? What has helped convince me of the possible existence of aliens, and their having visited our planet in the past and present, are the actual numbers of personal experiences. I find it hard believe that everyone who has ever had any kind of “E.T.” experience is hallucinating, lying, experiencing sleep paralysis, etc. Even the infamous Project Bluebook classified about six percent (701) of 12,618 investigated UFO reports as “unknowns, defying detailed analysis.” This is not even considerng the cases worldwide. Even if one case is true, then we are left with the fact that aliens exist, and have at some point — past or present — been on our planet. As for their intentions, that is something else entirely. All I know is that one case is enough to impact our world. I personally would like to know that there are others out there, regardless of what they might look like or think. I’d like to think that the human race is not alone. Who knows, maybe one day soon, we will all receive an answer to the age-old question: Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

Paranormal Underground Volume 2, Issue 2

February 2009

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February 2009 Paranormal Underground


From the Editor

The Reality of Extraterrestrial Contact


elcome to Paranormal Underground’s February 2009 issue. This month, we focus on alien abduction and the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth. Our writers dive right in and tackle the age-old question: Is there life beyond our own world. Karen Frazier speaks with Stanton Friedman, physicist, lecturer, UFO researcher, and author. Friedman, who has spent more than 30 years researching the UFO phenomenon, believes that the Earth is being visited by extraterrestrial beings. He provides an inside look at what the government doesn’t want you to know about aliens visiting Earth. You won’t want to miss Friedman’s Investigator Spotlight Q&A on page 10. I recently had the opportunity to interview alien abductee Stan Romanek. A fascinating case — one that some deem as the most scientifically documented human/ extraterrestrial encounter case in the world — Romanek has experienced 10 abductions and numerous UFO sightings. The evidence he claims to have collected is compelling. Romanek has also been surrounded by controversy since revealing that he captured, on film, an alien peering into his living room window. Turn to page 20 to hear Romanek describe his abductions in detail. This issue also features a look at alien abduction and views on extraterrestrial intelligence in our Special Report, Case Files of the Unknown:


Alien Abductions: Barney and Betty Hill Betty Andreasson Charles Moody Travis Walton Whitley Strieber Allagash Abductions Linda Cortile-Napolitano

Are We Alone?, Paranormal History, Cultural Beliefs, Quantum Musings, and Roundtable Debate columns. In the Personal Experiences section, beginning on page 76, three separate UFO encounters are revealed, including two sightings and one recurring abduction case. And check out our new column, Paranormal Observatory, for a lighthearted look at E.T. So, are we really alone in this vast, far-reaching universe? Or are there others? And have these others visited Earth for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years? Have they even abducted humans, subjecting them to physical examination? Many say they have seen UFOs or been abducted by extraterrestrial beings. Some say that the governments of the world already have definitive proof of intelligent life beyond Earth. UFO sightings and abduction cases abounded during the Twentieth Century and included the following much-publicized events, to name only a few:

Paranormal Underground February 2009

UFO Incidents: Roswell, New Mexico Kecksburg Shag Harbour Phoenix Lights Mexico City Tinley Park Lights White House Evacuation Stephenville, Texas Skeptics say that the alien abduction phenomenon is explained by natural causes, such as night terrors, hallucinations, temporary schizophrenia, sleep paralysis, and memory repression caused by child abuse. Believers say these events don’t always happen at night or while the experiencer is sleeping. What do you think? Next month, Paranormal Underground will feature spirit photography, the findings of Instrumental Transcommunication Researcher Mark Macy, and a look at famous paranormal photo hoaxes. Carolyn Hughes will also share with us some of her spirit photography from the Gettysburg battlefield. Happy reading!

~ Cheryl Knight Editor-in-Chief

Paranormal News

T.V. Update Door to the Dead to Premier Feb. 13 on TRUTV

Door to the Dead follows psychic medium John J Oliver as he investigates a Virginia family beset by ghosts and on the verge of leaving their property for good. John is joined in his mission by paranormal expert Chris Moon, and skepticturned-believer Alison Smith. Using all the spiritual, scientific, and investigatory means available to them, John and his team must identify, evaluate, and eliminate harmful energies from the haunted home and help any trapped souls “crossover” into a more peaceful state. Door to the Dead premieres Fri., Feb. 13, at 10 p.m. on TRUTV. Paranormal Cops Series Planned Seeking to outdo Sci Fi’s Ghost Hunters, A&E’s Paranormal Cops is tentatively slated to premiere later this year. Blending paranormal investigation and law enforcement, the show features a group of Chicago police officers who moonlight as ghost hunters at night. The group includes four officers, two tech assistants, and a psychic medium. Paranormal State Gets Third Season A&E announced its show Paranormal State would be renewed for a third season. The show features a group of current and former Penn State University college students investigating paranormal phenomena.

UFO News UFO Flies Over Inauguration Video of what some speculate is a UFO flying over President Obama’s inauguration has circulated over the Internet. The video shows an unknown object flying past the Washington Monument as nearly 2 million people watched the inauguration. While some claim the UFO is actually a bird, others say it can’t be a bird due to its flat appearance, lack of visible wings, and flight speed. Tories Would Publish UFO Files Leader of Britain’s conservative Tory Party, David Cameron, vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if elected prime minister. Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct public meetings, he was asked about recent comments by American astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the moon. He replied in response to Mitchell’s comments about an American cover-up at Roswell, N.M., in 1947, that even though he thinks people look for rational explanations in relation to the Roswell incident, that he thinks that people should be as open as possible. He went on to state that if elected prime minister, he would be open and frank about the subject of UFOs. Briefing Obama on UFOs and Alien Life Like the President in the movie Independence Day, Barack Obama will soon be privy to knowledge that effects our daily national security, namely that of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Soon after his inauguration, President Obama began receiving daily intelligence briefings from his new Director of National Intelligence Admiral Dennis Blair (ret.).

Photo of Strange Airborne Animal


his photo of a strange airborne animal has been making the rounds online on Spanish and French paranormal blogs. Visit www. to read more.

Scientists Clone Extinct Ibex


or the first time, scientists have succeeded in bringing an extinct species back to life through cloning. However, the newborn Pyrenean ibex, a species that was declared extinct in 2000, died shortly after birth from a lung defect. Visit to read more.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground


Paranormal News

Number of Alien Worlds Quantified

Calendar of Events 2009 UFO Conference February 22-28 Acquarious Casino & Resort Laughlin, Nevada /


ccording to an Edinburgh scientist, there could be thousands of intelligent civilizations beyond Earth. The current research estimates that there are at least 361 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy and possibly as many as 38,000, according to nature/7870562.stm. Duncan Forgan, a University of Edinburgh researcher, simulated a galaxy like our own, allowing it to develop solar systems based on what is now known from the existence of exoplanets. These simulated alien worlds were then subjected to a number of different scenarios. The work is reported in the International Journal of Astrobiology.

ETPRS Helps Bijou Celebrate 100th Anniversary


n Jan. 30, the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society (ETPRS) recently helped the Bijou in Knoxville, Tenn., celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary. The team gave guided tours to about 300+ attendees. The theater is said to be home to shadow people, ectoplasm, and apparitions. For more information about ETPRS, visit


Le Festival dEsprits: Louisiana’s First Paranormal Convention February 28 Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Shreveport, Louisiana

Women’s International Study of the Paranormal Conference May 29-31 Mansfield Reformatory Prison Mansfield, Ohio Kansas City Paranormal Conferences June 19-21 Kansas City, Missouri

ParaCon 2009 March 21 Reno, Oklahoma (with a live broadcast by Ghostology Radio)

East Central Indiana Paranormal Conference July 9-11 Ball State University Muncie, Indiana

ComParaCon April 4 Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park Carlisle, Kentucky

MUFON 2009 International Symposium August 6-9 Denver, Colorado

X-Conference 2009 April 17-19 Gaithersburg, Maryland www.paradigmresearchgroup. org/X-Conference2009/X-Conference2009.htm

The Ohio Paranormal Convention August 14-16 Hara Arena Dayton, Ohio

2009 Rose City Paranormal Conference & Mt. Hood Ghost Conference April 25-26 Welches, Oregon http://rosecityparanormalconference. Indiana Paranormal 2009 Convention May 8-10 Indianapolis, Indiana

Paranormal Underground February 2009

East Coast Paranormal Investigators Conference 2009 October 9-11 Fort Mifflin on the Delaware Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ParaNooga — A Paranormal Investigator’s Convention December 11-13 Chattanooga, Tennessee

T.V. Watch

“Ghost Hunters International” Returns By Jaime Johnesee


ith their hit show Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Films and Sci Fi channel held the highest ratings that Sci Fi could hope for. What they didn’t have was something to take over the time slot during the winter while Ghost Hunters was not airing. The solution: Ghost Hunters International (GHI), a show that invited viewers to watch as six ghost hunters (Robb Demarest, Andy Andrews, Donna LaCroix, Shannon Sylvia, Brian Harnois, and Barry Fitzgerald) tackled the most notoriously haunted sites around the globe. New to airwaves in January 2008, the show quickly gained a following of its own. As the show’s first season wore on, cast members Brian Harnois, Donna LaCroix, and Shannon Sylvia left the show to pursue other interests. Sylvia opened her own spa and LaCroix and Harnois stated they left the paranormal world behind to focus more on their personal lives. The three cast mates were replaced by Brandy Green and Dustin Pari in the middle of the season, as well as a host of guest investigators. The show began its second season in January, and Pilgrim is hoping that the high ratings garnered for GHI in its first season remain high.

Capturing Evidence of the Paranormal Using equipment that includes digital recorders, EMF meters, full-spectrum cameras, the team sets out to capture evidence of the paranormal. Along with trying to obtain evidence of ghosts, the team tries to debunk the claims made by site visitors. At times, the team is able to find a normal reason Ghost Hunters International season one cast included behind certain events and (from left to right) Robb Demarest, Shannon Sylvia, sightings, such as a suit of armor being confused as an Barry Fitzgerald, Andy Andrews, Donna LaCroix, and apparition. Yet other times, Brian Harnois. they are left with inexplicable pieces of footage. Does this footage condio, a demonically haunted monastery tain irrefutable proof of the paranorin Italy, the cast explores and attempts mal, or is there a real-world answer to debunk the stories and legends that for what is seen and heard? That is have pervaded the sites for, in some the question they try to answer durcases, hundreds of years. ing each investigation. Whether you like or hate the As with their American-based show, while watching each episode counterpart (Ghost Hunters), GHI it’s hard to deny the beauty of the saves the answer for the reveal. locations the cast visits. Some of the most beautiful buildings and serene International Locations Keep landscapes have been host to this Viewers Coming Back group of investigators. With castles and ruins as its For those of us who will never backdrop, GHI takes its audience on a make it to these places ourselves, GHI tour of the world’s most haunted sites. gives us a peek into some of the most From Frankenstein’s castle to Luceamazing sites the world has to offer.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight

An Eye to the Skies: Unlocks the Mysteri By Karen Frazier


tanton Friedman is fighting an uphill battle. As one of the world’s foremost UFO researchers, he is often a lone voice in the wilderness, bringing his impressive array of knowledge and experience in the field to the public. Friedman’s take on UFOs is clear and concise. The Earth is being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Some (not all) UFOs are flying saucers. The cover-up of such information amounts to nothing less than a cosmic Watergate. On Friedman’s Website and in his book, he lists his four major conclusions about UFOs. 1. The evidence is overwhelming that Planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft. In other words, SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not. 2. The subject of flying saucers represents a kind of cosmic Watergate, meaning that some major government officials have known that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. This knowledge dates back to July 1947, when two crashed saucers and several alien bodies were recovered in New Mexico. As noted in 1950, it’s the most classified U.S. topic. 3. None of the arguments made against conclusions One and Two by a small group of debunkers — such as Carl Sagan, my University of Chicago classmate for three years — can stand


up to careful scrutiny. 4. The Flying Saucer story is the biggest story of the millennium: visits to planet Earth by aliens and the U.S. government’s cover-up of the best data (the bodies and wreckage) for more than 60 years. Friedman Utilizes Scientific Data and Documentation A nuclear scientist with BSc and MSc degrees in physics, Friedman’s approach to UFO research is scientific analysis of credible data and documentation. In his Stanton Friedman, physicist, lecturer, UFO researcher, and pursuit of information, author, has spent more than 30 years researching the UFO he has reviewed thou- phenomenon. sands of studies on UFO phenomenon, tic-12 documents is outlined in his spent weeks researching 20 differbook, Top Secret/MAJIC: Opent document archives, and testified eration Majestic-12 and the United before Congress. States Government’s UFO Cover Friedman has published books Up. And in Captured! The Barney about many UFO mysteries. He is and Betty Hill UFO Experience, the original civilian investigator of which he coauthored with Betty’s the Roswell incident, and his findniece, Kathleen Marden, he looks at ings are detailed in Crash at Corona: the fascinating case of the Hill’s alien The Definitive Study of the Roswell abduction in 1961. Incident. His analysis of the MajesIn his most recent book, Flying

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Stanton Friedman ies of Flying Saucers Saucers and Science, Friedman analyzes evidence from five major scientific studies that point overwhelmingly to the fact that the Earth is, indeed, being visited by flying saucers. His lecture, “Flying Saucers ARE Real” has been presented at more than 600 universities and 100 professional groups throughout the world. Friedman Utilizes Scientific Data and Documentation Impressive credentials aside, Friedman is a man who makes a lot of sense. One only has to talk with him for a few moments to understand that this is a person who has the unique combination of passion for his topic and the scientific chops to back up his conclusions. These qualities serve him well as he takes on heavyweights in the scientific community and the media. Nasty, noisy negativists, Friedman calls them, and he feels that their unwillingness or inability to look objectively at the data comes from a variety of sources, including ego, ignorance of the data, fear of ridicule, and the failure to use knowledge of technology to understand UFO behaviors. Friedman is also highly critical of SETI (which he refers to as the Silly Effort To Investigate), and he believes that SETI’s beginning assumptions are faulty and ignore science. If Friedman looks familiar, it is

because he is highly accessible to the media — in part because he believes that accurate information will never be disseminated to the public unless more brave souls are willing to step up and speak out about what they know. Hardly a UFO feature is seen on television without comment by Friedman, and his face is instantly recognizable. When talking with him it becomes immediately clear — this is a man who knows his stuff, and he is happy to share what he knows. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Friedman, who was at his home in New Brunswick, on the telephone. ***** Q: It seems the height of arrogance to believe that we are alone in the universe. Why do you think that so many people are so ready to dismiss the study of UFOs as fringe science?

Friedman: There are really two questions here. Are we alone in the universe, and if we aren’t alone, why are so many people ready to dismiss UFOs? To answer the first part of your question, I believe that we aren’t alone. There are a lot of UFO sightings, and some of those UFOs are flying saucers with extra terrestrials. As to why so many people dismiss UFOs, I don’t think that they do. There is a popular belief perpetuated by the media that people don’t

Captured takes a look at the Betty and Barney Hill 1961 alien abduction case.

believe in flying saucers. It has been my experience that this is untrue. The belief is out there because it is what governments and the media want us to believe. It is part of the cosmic Watergate that exists in the cover up of flying saucers. Q: What would it take to change this?

Friedman: It would take people being unafraid to speak out. It would take

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 11

Investigator Spotlight However, as already indicated, reports that affect national security will continue to be investigated using the regulations established for that purpose. And yet, no major media source has ever pointed out that Blue Book wasn’t getting the cream of the crop. I talked to General Bolender. It’s obvious that he understood quite clearly what he was saying. If a saucer goes down a runway at an Air Force base where nuclear weapons are stored, that is a national security problem. If my wife and I are standing in the driveway, and we watching a flying According to Friedman, “It would be natural to create hysaucer go overhead, brids to walk amongst us to see what we’re doing. But the that is interesting, but answer is really in my gray basket. I don’t know if they are lots of people have walking around amongst us or not.” had that experience. It is not, at this time, a national security probthe press reporting fairly and without lem. So that alone — a bias what people who have done a serious effort to look at the facts and scientific review of data have shown. the data instead of the garbage put When the closure of Project out by the nasty, noisy negativists — Blue Book was being contemplated, would clear the decks, I think. General Bolender sent out a memo Also, if a major effort were made in October 1969 — which actually to get reports from highly qualified resulted in the closure of the project people (there are already thousands — stating that reports of UFOs that of them) — for instance, an ad in the could affect national security are made New York Times seeking reports in accordance with JANAF 146 (Joint from qualified military personnel for Army Navy Airforce Publication) and sightings that involved more than one are not part of the Blue Book system. witness, and where there were radar That’s an extraordinary statement. and visual components of the case to A few paragraphs later he says, if be sent in with a guarantee of protectwe close Blue Book, the public won’t ed anonymity — then there would be have a place to report UFO sightings. countless reports. But none of them


Paranormal Underground February 2009

have had guts enough to do that so far. Maybe it will change. Q: Some people believe that extraterrestrial beings walk among us and we are unaware of it. Do you believe they walk among us, or are they just up in their crafts in the sky?

Friedman: Well – neither. I think they are here. Maybe they have bases where we can’t go — under the ocean water, for instance. There are plenty of areas of boonies around. When I drove some visitors out to the Roswell site, we went 54 miles without seeing another person or vehicle. There are plenty of places like that. I don’t know that they are walking around amongst us. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were. They would have to be hybrids, but in New York City you’d have trouble getting by as an alien walking down the street. You’d be spotted immediately. It would be natural to create hybrids to walk amongst us to see what we’re doing. But the answer is really in my gray basket. I don’t know if they are walking around amongst us or not. Q: You often refer to the US government’s cover up of UFO activity as a cosmic Watergate. Do you believe this extends to governments worldwide, or is the cover up primarily in the United States?

Friedman: Sure — it is worldwide. But you have to understand that very often people who differ about a lot of things have a common goal in taking action. For example, neither the United States nor the Soviet Union talked about the fact that 166 military crewmen of reconnaissance planes were shot down over North Korea, Russia, and China mostly back in the 50s. Both sides knew this, and the families were all lied to. It’s not that they agreed with one another. We shot down some Russian

planes, too. It was that they both had an interest in not admitting that they were doing something wrong — the Russians so that they wouldn’t have to get back to the people, the Americans because we were violating Russian air space. So what I’m saying is that there’s often an attitude around the planet that’s related to the fact that countries have common goals. In this case, no country wants its citizens to start thinking of themselves as Earthlings. They’d rather have them think of themselves in nationalistic terms — Greek, Russian, etc. Nobody wants their citizens to offer their allegiance to a planet instead of an individual government. Plus there are ulterior motives. They want to figure out how UFOs work, they worry that others will figure it out before they do. They worry about economic considerations if everyone realizes, “Hey we’ve got smart aliens coming here. Pretty soon we may not need oil because we’ll have better energy sources; we’ll have more efficient transportation systems and so on.” Governments don’t act in the interest of what sounds good to the people; they act on the basis of what’s good for them. Q: Do you think that the evidence that the governments have will ever come to light? And what will it take for that to happen?

Friedman: I think that’s where journalists doing their job and the scientific community doing their job, and maybe a survey looking for better results will help bring things to light. A witness came forward in Roswell who had helped gather the wreckage, but he fought talking about it for years and years. He was finally convinced to talk. If we get more of these people to come forward, that would be great. And if we could get the major

media — 60 Minutes, Washington Post, New York Times — to do their jobs, that would help. The media is suffering from a syndrome. They take pride in knowing what is going on in the world. They all agree that if aliens were visiting and the government was covering it up, that would be important. But, if it were important, they would know about it. But they don’t know about it, so they’re not going to waste their time reporting on it. That’s circular reasoning — they won’t find any evidence. They need to be pulled out of their lethargy. It takes a lot of Friedman has published books about many UFO mysterpeople being willing ies. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell to stand up. I get incident, and his findings are detailed in Crash at Corona: rather perturbed at The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident. some of my colleagues who believe that flying saucers are By the time I get to the other real, but they don’t side of the hall, hands go up vigorwant to take a stand in public. I keep ously. Everyone thinks he’s the only saying, “Hey what’s the problem. one. By the time I finish, it’s 10% of I’ve given 700 lectures. I’ve had 11 the audience, which is a lot of sighthecklers. Two of them were drunk.” ings. And then I ask, so how many You get that many if you talk about of you reported what you saw? 90% sports, religion, politics. So if we could of the hands go down. get more people to do what should be done — that is to stand up and be Q: I read a statistic that 3 million counted — it wouldn’t take long at all. Americans believe they’ve had Fear of ridicule is the biggest encounters with extraterrestrial problem we have. At the end of beings and that their bodies bear my lectures I ask how many people the marks of those encounters. believe they have seen what they What are your thoughts on that? consider to be a flying saucer. I look to my left — hands go up reluctantly. Friedman: That’s the result of a poll I point and count. that takes a lot of interpretation to

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 13

Investigator Spotlight come up with that number. Enter yes to two of five or six questions, you were presumed to have been abducted, but they didn’t have any way of knowing if those who answered yes were abducted and how many weren’t abducted. Sightings are common, reports are uncommon, good investigations are rare indeed. Behavior is determined by their perception of how other people will react. I had a class of 100 students, and I said to them, “I want to figure out what you think — but I don’t want you to worry about what your neighbor thinks about your answer. So close your eyes to vote, and your professor and I will count your votes.” It turns out that 80% thought most people did not believe that some UFOs were alien spacecraft. Eighty percent of those people did believe that some UFOs were alien spacecraft. How you act is determined entirely by how you perceive others will respond. I am trying to change that perception.

Q: As the first civilian investigator of Roswell, you must have come across some interesting evidence. Can you tell me a little about your investigation?

Friedman: Yes — I was the first civilian investigator of Roswell. That doesn’t mean I was there in 1947. It means that I happened to be in the right place at the right time — a television station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1978. I was supposed to be doing three interviews to promote my lecture that night at Louisiana State University. I did the first two, and the third interviewer was nowhere to be found. The station manager who knew the person who brought me to the station was embarrassed. Out of the blue he says, “You know the person you ought to talk to is Jesse Marcel.” And being the brilliant investigator that I am, I said, “Who’s he?” He said, “Oh, he handled wreckage of one of those saucers you are interested in while he was in the military.” I asked for more information. The next day I called information and found Jesse Marcel’s number. I called him and he told me a story. He didn’t have the exact dates, but his pictures had been in the newspaper. It’s something I put in my file that I wanted to follow up on. A few months later I was in Minnesota, and someone came up to me after a lecture and talked to me about a crashed saucer in New Mexico. I shared it with an associate who had a third story about New Friedman’s analysis of the Majestic-12 docuMexico. ments is outlined in his book, Top Secret/MAJIC: Operation Majestic-12 and the United States He went to the University Government’s UFO Cover Up. In the future, Fried- of Minnesota library and found man would like to dig deeper into the MAJESthe story. It gave the names of TIC-12, and who might have succeeded them. lots of people, and for the next


Paranormal Underground February 2009

In his most recent book, Flying Saucers and Scienc scientific studies that point overwhelmingly to the flying saucers.

year and a half, we found 60 witnesses, which led to the first book, The Roswell Incident by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. By 1986, we’d found 92 people. I instigated the Unsolved Mysteries program in 1989. That was seen by 28 million people, and 30 million the second time around. We got about a hundred calls from people. And then my book came out in 1992. So there have been books by serious researchers, and then some garbage — lots of garbage by the nasty, noisy negativists who accuse all sorts of people of all kinds of bad things. For instance, that Jesse Marcel sold his story to the National Enquirer for lots of money — that type

ce, Friedman analyzes evidence from five major e fact that the Earth is, indeed, being visited by

of thing. Total baloney. But it’s quite remarkable — the four basic rules for debunkers apply to Roswell — and the MAJESTIC-12 documents. Four basic rules: What the public doesn’t know, I’m not going to tell them; don’t bother me with the facts — my mind is made up; if you can’t attack the data — attack the person; and do your research by proclamation because investigation is too much trouble, and nobody will know the difference. This is a constant battle. Q: Talk to me a little bit about the Majestic-12 documents.

Friedman: In my second edition of TOP SECRET/MAJIC about the

MAJESTIC-12 documents, I point out a whole host of anti-document arguments and what’s wrong with all of them. But these are done by people who sit in their armchairs. I go to archives. I’ve been to 20 — so there is an incredible contrast between the noisy, nasty negativists and the serious researchers like myself, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Rob Swiatek — there’s a bunch out there. We look for data — we don’t make pronouncements. A typical example of this: One of the documents is done in the large pica type. So Phillip Klass — an avionics editor for Aviation Week and Technology — said that some of the documents were done in the large pica type, but the National Security Council didn’t use that type, and he had nine examples to prove it. He challenged me to find any other documents from the National Security Council done in the same style and type that the “phony” document used, and he said he’d pay $100 each up to a maximum of 10 for all of the documents I could find. Long story short, there’s a picture of his check to me for $1,000 in my book. He told everyone about the challenge, but he told nobody about paying me. He’s never been to the Eisenhower library. I picked up 14 documents done in the same size and type as the MAJESTIC-12 document.

hoping a saucer would show up but it didn’t. Area 51 is out in the middle of nowhere. It was originally established for the development of the U2, and then later on the Stealth Fighter, and so forth. It’s a large area with lots of underground bases — primarily for two reasons. You want to stay away from the other guy’s satellite — it was set up in the mid-50s when they knew satellites would be coming. And, if there’s a nuclear detonation nearby, you don’t want to be on the surface. You’d like to be underground. They do classified work there, and they have a right to do classified work there. It has an 18,000-foot runway — most airports have runways shorter than 13,000 feet — some say it is 33,000. It is probably where the Aurora is being developed, and we think that they are developing unmanned crafts. Some of them look kind of weird. A lot of people think that the

Q: Let’s talk about Area 51. First off, has it been moved to Colorado as is reported? And what do you think is going on at Area 51?

Friedman: They moved some of the work to Colorado, but Area 51 is still intact. I’ve driven by Area 51 on the Extra Terrestrial Highway. I kept

According to Friedman, “I get rather perturbed at some of my colleagues who believe that flying saucers are real, but they don’t want to take a stand in public.”

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 15

Investigator Spotlight bodies from Roswell were taken to Area 51, but Area 51 wasn’t established until the 50s (the Roswell incident happened in 1947). Wreckage from Roswell was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It was the standard base for captured enemy equipment. Even back then, after the war, there was a standing offer for a MIG for a million dollars. So it’s a standard place to take those kinds of things. It’s not surprising that stuff would be sent there. There is legitimate government research going on out there. We know that for sure. I don’t know about other stuff. Q: Where do you think the wreckage from Roswell is now?

Friedman: I think some of it is still at Wright Patterson Airforce Base. Some of it might have been moved elsewhere. Q: How is the government able to cover up something as huge as their knowledge of UFOs?

ing for GE — a classified project, and I had the security clearances — but because I was working on aircraft, I read the monthly abstracts about the Navy’s shielding for nuclear submarines, but I couldn’t get the information. I had the right clearance; I just didn’t have the need to know.

society is concerned about its own survival and security, you have to keep track of the primitives in the neighborhood that are close to you, especially those primitives who show signs of being able to bother you. At the end of WWII, any visiting alien would see that those primitive Earthlings had just killed 50 million Q: I found it interesting in your of their own kind. And they debook that you talked about Rostroyed 1,700 cities. There were three swell being a site where a lot of signs that these idiots would be going nuclear testing was going on at the to the stars in the near future — within the next 100 years, which is the blink of an eye on the cosmic scale. The three signs were nuclear weapons, V-2 rockets being used in the war — we’d captured a whole bunch of them and were firing them at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico— and advanced electronics. Radar didn’t exist before the war. You put them all together, and the conclusion could be that soon these guys will be leaving Earth. There’s only one place in the entire world where all three things were happening at the same time — Southeastern New Mexico. In July Pictured above is Area 51 in Nevada. Friedman 1947, you have all three of these said that Area 51 was originally established for technologies in New Mexico.

Friedman: I have uncovered projects where the government spent billions of dollars doing research with huge the development of the U2, and then later on staffs. It’s so foolish when the noisy the Stealth Fighter. negativists say the government leaks like a sieve so they can’t keep a secret. The Stealth bomber was a secret time of the Roswell crash. Can you for decades. And how come we didn’t explain a little more about this? hear anything about the Corona Friedman: It was near where the first satellite until 1995? Its first successful nuclear test was — on the grounds launch — after 12 failures to launch of the White Sands Missile Range, were covered up — was in 1960. which is in turn the largest military All of the people in Washington base in the United States. That’s say, “If that were going on, certainly where we set off the first A-bomb I’d hear about it because I’m so — the equivalent of about 12,000important.” 15,000 tons of TNT. That wasn’t far Well, the need to know is the from Roswell. crucial thing, not the security clearThere were three things that ance. Without the need to know, were happening in Southeast New you don’t gain access, no matter Mexico that would have been of what your clearance. great interest to visiting aliens. I was working on radiation shieldMaking the presumption that every


Paranormal Underground February 2009

Q: What are your thoughts on the alien abduction phenomenon? Are there any especially compelling cases you’ve come across?

Friedman: I’m coauthor of a 2007 book, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, with Kathleen Marden, who is Betty’s niece. And of course, I met Betty and Barney way back in 1968 — Barney died in 1969 — and I met Betty many times after that. Kathy has all of the investigative tapes. It is kind of peculiar — there were 10 sessions of hypnosis done separately with amnesia induced after each session. The technique was created by Dr. Benjamin Simon, who is a psychiatrist. His specialty

was helping people recover lost time, and he worked with post-traumatic stress disorder in people returning from the war. He ran a hospital with 3,000 beds. He didn’t know anything about UFOs, but he was very good at getting them to relive their experience. He taped all of their sessions. I am absolutely convinced that they were abducted. Many abductions are legitimate. I’m not saying all — I wouldn’t make a general statement like that. But, look at the work of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Raymond Fowler, and others, and there is a case for alien abduction. Of course, as you might expect, the nasty negativists came up with all kinds of baloney about abductions like they were just being led by the hypnotists. As we point out in Captured, Dr. Simon tried to do exactly the opposite. He tried to convince Barney that he was only echoing what Betty had said about what she saw in a dream. A comparative analysis shows that is totally untrue. When they were together, their memories were the same. When they were apart, because they were examined separately on the craft, Barney’s comments were not echoes of Betty’s. I was a consultant on the movie, The UFO Incident, with James Earl Jones. I was the first to publish about the star map that Betty drew. Q: In your book, you talk about the SETI project as being based upon faulty assumptions. What do you feel is the best way to go about communicating with our extraterrestrial neighbors?

Friedman: It is, and it is really quite remarkable. They start with an assumption that there are intelligent beings out there who are generating radio waves. We don’t have any evidence for that. It goes well beyond that assumption.

Friedman is highly critical of SETI (which he refers to as the Silly Effort To Investigate), and he believes that SETI’s beginning assumptions are faulty and ignore science.

They assume the aliens are trying to communicate with us. Why would they possibly want to communicate with this primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare? Secondly, these guys assume that extraterrestrial intelligence is using technology that’s pretty close to ours. Why? Anyone looking at the rate of change of technology would realize that civilizations could be far more advanced than ours. The third thing they assume is that nobody is coming here. That there’s no colonization or migration going on anyplace out there. Does that make sense? I ask my audiences how many of their ancestors 10 generations back lived here. I may get a few native Americans, but not any others who raise their hands. How’d you get here? Colonization and migration, crash landings, escaping regimes, etc. The SETI people act like we are the crown of creation, when in fact we know about as much of what’s going nearby in the local galactic

neighborhood as the gorillas in the nature preserves in Africa do. We know nothing. SETI also assumes that there is no national security aspect of this, which I find incredible. Every government on the planet would like to be able to duplicate the nature of these things. Of course, there’s a national security aspect. I have personally heard of seven different cases where airplanes went up after UFOs and didn’t come back a number of years ago. There was an order issued in 1952 by the military to shoot UFOs down if they don’t land when instructed to do so. Funny thing — neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post carried that story. A whole bunch of small papers did. If I have heard of seven such cases, then how many more than that have occurred? Q: If SETI isn’t where we start, where do we start? How do we establish communication?

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 17

Investigator Spotlight Friedman: I think it’s up to them. Q: What is the most compelling And I’m not saying that there hasn’t piece of UFO evidence you’ve ever been communication. There are come across? stories about President Eisenhower Friedman: The accumulation of that frequently get debunked, but evidence is what’s impressive to me. not very effectively. When I first found Project Blue Once, the President was in SouthBook Special Report Number 14, ern California, and the press didn’t see that really shook me up. This is about him. After many hours, they started 1960. I’d already read 15 books and getting antsy, and the press secretary none of them had mentioned it. said he was at the dentist. Here’s this huge study with Bill Moore, a number of years ago, data on 3,201 sightings done for did some research and got the name of the government by Battelle Memothe dentist. He was dead, but Bill talked rial Institute, a highly respectable to his wife who had no recall of his havinstitute. The report has 240 charts, ing treated Ike. Furthermore, they keep detailed medical records on Presidents, as you know. There was no record of the dental visit. The third thing is that the White House sends out floods of thank you notes to people who do nice things for them when they are in the neighborhood. There wasn’t a thank-you note sent to the dentist. Now, none of that proves that he met with aliens, which was the story, but it does leave that possibility open. This Friedman has uncovered projects where the would have been over at Edwards government spent billions of dollars doing AFB, which wasn’t that far away. research with huge staffs. Does it prove Eisenhower met with aliens? I can’t say he did. But tables, graphs, maps, and cross something was going on. Maybe he comparisons between knowns and was meeting with his girlfriend. I unknowns, etc. don’t know. The Air Force issued a press release that said, “We believe that Q: Working with anything paranorno objects such as those popularly mal, you hear debunkers bring up described as flying saucers have overOccam’s Razor a lot. What are your flown the United States. Even the thoughts on this? unknown 3% could have been identiFriedman: The simplest explanation fied as conventional phenomena or is very definitely that we’re dealing illusions if more complete observawith alien vehicles. What could be tional data had been available.” simpler than that? We’ve learned Now that seems very straight how to fly, we can move around in forward. The only trouble is that the atmosphere. when you look at the data — and We’re not the most advanced I’m a data hound — the unknowns civilization — there are stars out weren’t 3%, they were 21 1/2%. Inthere that are a billion years older sufficient data was a whole different than the sun. What’s the big deal? category — 9.3%. The better qualThat’s the simplest explanation. ity the sighting, the more likely the


Paranormal Underground February 2009

sighting was to be unknown. He lied — flat out lied. On my Website (www.stantonfriedman. com), there’s a paper called Government UFO Lies. I don’t discriminate — I have lies from the CIA, FBI, USAF — they all lie. Q: Are the first 13 Project Blue Book reports still classified?

Friedman: Numbers 1-12 were declassified. There are conflicting statements about #13. Some say they didn’t put out a 13 — people are superstitious, and it is like leaving off the 13th floor. That’s total malarkey. I’ve looked at thousands of government documents. We don’t skip report numbers. The second explanation is that 13 was incorporated with 14. That’s not true — there’s no indication anywhere that happened. I’ve had two different people quietly tell me that they had seen copies — one at an Air Force facility in Omaha, and another at a facility in England. And it had all kinds of good data. My belief is consistent with the people who have said they’ve seen a copy — it had the hot stuff. Q: Can you tell me about the Drake Equation? What are your thoughts on this?

Friedman: It’s not really an equation. E=MC2 is an equation. What Drake said — and quite correctly — is that we can make an estimate of how many civilizations there are in the galaxy by first finding out how many stars are created each year. What fraction of those stars have planets, what fraction of those planets would be suitable for life, and what fraction of those civilizations where life develops would be capable of adding technology? You also have to throw into the equation how long a civilization lasts. Obviously, if a civilization lasts for a

billion years, there will be a lot of them around. If they only last for a few hundred years, then there won’t be many around because they come and go. The problem is we don’t have numbers to put in. What’s the lifespan of a civilization? There are maybe 200-400 billion stars in the galaxy. So what’s the lifespan of a civilization? We know one civilization. We don’t know that there might not have been 10 others on Earth over the last 10 billion years. A sample of one is not enough data. And they leave out colonization and migration. So if civilization A sets up civilization B, which sets up civilization C, what’s the lifespan? Is it the total of all of those? The Drake Equation is a guide for the perplexed. That’s not an equation, it’s a dart board. I should point out something about Frank Drake. He got his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, and when he went in the military, he worked on electronic countermeasures, which means he had very high level security clearance. When he went to grad school at Harvard, he was in the Naval Reserve there. The government loves to have highly talented and experienced people for special projects. I would love to know how much he learned in those classified programs. Q: I’m interested in religious miracles — such as the story of the prophet, Ezekiel, in the Bible and the miracle at Fatima. There are many who believe that these are actually extraterrestrial contacts. What are your thoughts on this?

Friedman: Yeah — I think especially Fatima. Remember, the Pope didn’t release the third prediction (made at Fatima). Also, last year the Pope said sort of casually that he has nothing against the notion of aliens. God

made our brothers in space. The Vatican astronomers had said similar things in the past. I recommend people to The Bible and Flying Saucers by Dr. Barry Downing. He goes through the Old and New Testaments and finds all kinds of examples of things where we would say today, “Oh, that’s a UFO.” I think that it was natural, especially for the so-called historians, to interpret ancient people’s descriptions of things coming down from the sky as God. Q: Is there anything that you haven’t had a chance to study yet that you would like to?

Friedman: There are a lot of things.

Friedman’s take on UFOs is clear and concise. The Earth is being visited by extraterrestrial beings. It’s a question of funding. I’d like to be digging more into the MAJESTIC-12 guys, and who might have succeeded them. I want to discover people who have done lots of work with high security clearances. I’ve got some in mind — I’m trying to put together a proposal to get some funding to go check it out. But, I’d really like to pin down the successors on MAJESTIC-12. I’d like to get into the technology, but I don’t know how to get at that. Maybe I was right in my congressional testimony 41 years ago when I talked about magneto aerodynamics. There are all kinds of people doing work on magnetic fields, plasma around them, that type of thing.

Q: If you came into contact with extraterrestrials, what questions would you ask them?

Friedman: Can I find your leader? I guess the standard questions would be: Where are you from? What’s going on in our local galactic neighborhood? How many civilizations are in the galaxy? What are their plans? What’s it like out there? Are there a lot of civilizations that coexist peacefully, or are they fighting like we are? How many crafts have been left behind? Have there been interactions? Have there been meetings? What about God? What about the Bible? That would keep somebody busy for a very long time. Q: Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our readers?

Friedman: One of the big things is that we should try to see ourselves as aliens must see us. Take a look at the notion of the planet Earth being a primitive society. Why can’t we spend our money on things other than the military? A trillion dollars this year was issued on military things. Thirty thousand children are dying of preventable things like disease and starvation every day — it’s sick. Why can’t we put aside of our differences and start thinking of ourselves as Earthlings? For the benefit of the planet instead of the arms industry. I find the younger generation is really not aware that 50 million people died and 1,700 cities were destroyed in WWII. Isn’t there a lesson there to be learned about how stupid man can be? That’s the kind of thing that I want people to start thinking of. Stanton Friedman’s Website can be viewed at www.stantonfriedman. com.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 19

Special Report

The Stan Romanek Case: An Alien Abductee’s Story By Cheryl Knight


n his upcoming book — Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story — alien abductee Stan Romanek tells his story. And after having more than 100 unique alien/human encounters, he has a lot to say. Romanek’s experiences include being abducted by alien beings, encountering alien spacecraft, and writing (in his sleep) quantum equations dealing with space travel and planetary alignment. Did I mention he has a fourth-grade math comprehension and is dyslexic? According to many in the ufology community, the Stan Romanek case is possibly the most scientifically documented extraterrestrial encounter case in the world. There have been hundreds of witnesses to dozens of unexplainable events. The evidence collected includes photographs, videotapes, physical evidence, police reports, and scientific analysis. Within the pages of Romanek’s upcoming book, due out in May, he reveals details of his case not yet released to the public. Paranormal Underground recently spoke with Romanek about his experiences, including alien abduction, extraterrestrial messages about Earth’s future, and capturing an alien on film. Read on to find out more . . . *****


Q: When was your first UFO sighting?

Romanek: My first UFO sighting was Dec. 27, 2000. I was going to videotape the surrounding area of where I lived to show my girlfriend — who is now my wife. She was in Nebraska, and I was in Colorado. I took my video camera up with me to this place called Red Rocks. It’s kind of a natural amphitheater

Alien abductee Stan Romanek has had more than 100 alien/human encounters.

where they give concerts. It’s right at the foothills, and I wanted to videotape the skyline and the mountains; it was a beautiful day. I never made it up there. As I drove up, I noticed a whole

Paranormal Underground February 2009

bunch of people on the side of the road. Once I got close to the foothills, and I looked off to the south, there was a huge UFO hovering above the power lines. I was a complete skeptic at the time of this event, and I thought it was either a prank of some kind or a military experiment. Q: What happened after that? Did the UFO just leave, or did you have any interaction with it?

Romanek: That particular UFO was strange-looking. There was a TV show about a UFO over a military base that looked exactly the same. The UFO started pacing my van as I was driving, and it scared me. At first I thought it was some kind of weird hot air balloon. And then I hit the gas and started speeding forward. And I remembered this static electricity all around me, and my hair was standing up. Eventually, I remembered I had my camcorder with me. Even though I was really scared, I pulled over and got my video camera out. Right when I did that, the UFO literally shot to about a thousand feet from where it had been. I could feel a sonic boom. Having grown up in the military, I knew that was exactly what it was, a sonic boom. A whole bunch of us saw it —

The controversy surrounding Stan Romenek’s video of what he believes could be an extraterrestrial being peering through his living room window led to an appearance on Larry King Live.

probably about 30 or 40 people. And after the thing kind of corkscrewed away, I went down to the dog park, which was about 200 feet from where I was parked, and there were a lot of people there talking about it. We reviewed my video, and then about 5 to 10 minutes later, two F-16s came flying over at real fast speed in the direction where this UFO had disappeared to. Q: How did that event affect you?

Romanek: The interesting thing about this event — it seemed to change something in my chemistry, change something in my magnetic field. I don’t know if it was from the static electricity that the UFO was creating, but I started affecting lights. I’d walk toward my car, and the

horn would go off, and the windshield wipers would freak out. Birds seem to be attracted to my car. I’d be driving along, and all these birds would keep running into my car. Or I’d be sitting at my desk by the window, and birds would slam right into the window. And it just went crazy from there. My life changed completely from that point forward. This event kind of made me think about things from my childhood. My Dad was stationed in North Dakota during that big UFO flap in the 60s where it changed all the codes and flew over the missile silos and stuff. I was about five years old when that stuff happened, and that’s probably when my experiences started I think.

Q: Talk about your first alien abduction.

Romanek: My first abduction experience happened Sept. 21, 2001. I remembered everything, and it freaked me out so bad that my brain couldn’t handle it. The first ones I saw were, I guess, what are called Hybrids. When it first happened, there was a knock at the door at about 2 a.m. I had just gone to bed about an hour earlier. I thought my friend Mark was at the door. I figured he had came back over, having maybe left something behind. But, there were three people standing at the door. My sister had already opened the door and was standing there with this dumbfounded look on her face staring at the ceiling.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 21

Special Report

On Dec. 27, 2000, while out on a daytime excursion, Stan Romanek captured a multi-spherical UFO hovering above the power lines. After pacing Stan’s van, the UFO eventually flew away. This was Romanek’s first UFO encounter. He would never have guessed that it was just the beginning of a life filled with unexplained encounters.

I was thinking, What in the world? And I thought these people were in costume or makeup or something. They were shorter than my sister, probably about 4’ 5”, 4’ 7”. And they had really, really skinny necks, real skinny arms, and hardly any hair at all. They had huge wrap-around eyes, almost no mouth, and their nose and their mouth were real close together toward the bottom of their chin almost. I thought, These guys have to have some kind of mask on. I was yelling at my sister to not let them in, because I was thinking they were going to rob me. There was a female and two males, and as they got closer, I realized that if these are masks or some kind of elaborate costume, they went through a lot of trouble and paid thousands of dollars to come up with this getup. Then the female grabbed my hand, and I remember a thought popping into my head: It’s OK, it’s OK. Having a thought suddenly pop into your head that’s not yours is very frightening. The female alien then walked me out of our second story apartment, and, for whatever reason, I just went with her.


Q: Did you and your sister discuss the event after it took place?

Romanek: I woke up the next morning after my experience, and I remembered everything . . . the ship, what they were doing, I remember what happened before. I remembered everything, but I was trying to make it a dream. I wanted it to be a dream because I couldn’t handle it. I really couldn’t. But, the morning after it happened, I got up, and said, “Man, I had a really horrible dream.” And when I got up, my sister goes, “What the hell’s wrong with your back?” I had all these open wounds on my back and around my wrists. What’s interesting is I couldn’t feel a damn thing. I didn’t know there was anything wrong, and these wounds healed to scars in about 48 hours. My friend Mark said he thought I had been abducted, but I didn’t believe it. However, he got me hooked up with a group called MUFON, who sent some people down. They told me that sometimes abductees have scoop marks and that the inju-

Paranormal Underground February 2009

ries will sometimes fluoresce under black lights. So, I had that done, and all my wounds lit up like a Christmas tree. Whatever it was under my skin lasted about nine weeks before it went away. Q: How many times have you been abducted?

Romanek: Including the one that just happened with the camera crew, around 10. Q: What happened recently with the camera crew?

Romanek: I was invited to do a documentary film about my story. And I always tell people, if you don’t believe, just come hang out; there is always something happening. This recent abduction was at my cabin. There was a film crew there just in case something happened. There were all kinds of flashes of light spotted one night, and one of the crew swore he saw a 35-foot long flash shaped like a tube. In fact, a lot of the camera crew got so freaked out that they just left.

On Sept. 30, 2001, Romanek had just gotten off work and was headed home when he noticed a spotlight illuminating the ground next to his van. The light then made a sweep over his van. Not long after Romanek spotted the UFO, it flew over a park full of people. The park was Old Stone House Park.

A bunch of us, there were probably six or seven of us, all had missing time, and at least four of us were taken. A huge circle was found depressed in the field by the cabin. I ended up with a triangle in my chest, and there was a lump under it. The lump migrated from my chest down into my armpit in seven days. That kind of stuff happens all the time. I keep track of everything. There is stuff that happens literally on a weekly basis now. We have so many witnesses, and so many people coming over to the house, and stuff constantly happening. Q: Talk about the different types of extraterrestrial encounters you have had since your first UFO experience in 2000.

Romanek: As far as the different types of ETs, I have encountered three, and I think they are all kind of related. I’ve never actually seen a being that looked grey. I’ve seen creatures that resemble what are widely considered as a grey alien, but they weren’t actually grey. They were really pale with a bluish tint to their skin.

From far away, they do look grey. There’s what they call the Hybrids, which have beautiful blue eyes. I mean, I’ve never seen blue eyes that color. An amazing blue in the iris. Their eyes are real big and wrap around. They have almost no mouth, and they have really small nostrils for a nose. They have three fingers and a thumb that is real long on the side. The hybrids have a very skinny body and neck, but are still muscular and dense. And they can move really fast — faster than a horse. I remember one experience I had with a giant bug. I don’t know how to explain it. It looked like a big giant grass hopper or something — or like a praying mantis. I honestly sometimes wonder if a couple of abduction experiences I had were — I know this is going to sound crazy, and I’m not really into conspiracy theories — faked or meant to scare me. I’ve had about two experiences that were absolutely terrifying and made no sense at all. During the rest of the experiences, the ETs were almost polite.

Q: You mentioned that the different types of aliens are related. How so?

Romanek: They seem to work together. I had one experience where the bluish grey guys and the female hybrid were together in one of my abductions. Q: Tell me about some of your other abduction encounters. When did they happen, and what took place during the experiences?

Romanek: Our good friend Heidi was up at our cabin. We remember a bunch of dogs were barking. Everybody stayed up — they wanted to see if they could see anything, but eventually everyone went to bed at about 3 in the morning. I remember getting up because the dog was barking. And I walked downstairs. There’s a hot tub that comes out on the deck, and you can walk out. And the door was open, and the dog was barking. My friend Heidi was up too and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was trying to get the dog to be quiet. So we walked down there, and

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 23

Special Report a grey being was downstairs. He had a container — like a silver tube. And he raised it, and I could feel a bolt of energy that just went by me to that dog. And that dog just went crazy. He went to the bathroom all the way up the stairs. I remember I woke up the next morning, and I vaguely remembered that maybe something had happened. Well, I got up and my underwear was on backward. And I had a bloody nose. And I said, “Well okay — something happened.” And then I thought if something happened, I’d find what the dogs left all over the carpet. Sure enough, it was all over the carpet. It brought back all kinds of memories, and my friend started remembering too. Q: Talk about some of the strangest encounter experiences you’ve had to date.

Romanek: I once ended up with a fixed torn ligament, which was documented. An interesting thing — there’s always one or two female humans up there with me, and one of them is actually now my business manager. We met and it was like “holy crap — you look really familiar.” And it went from there. There was one time I came back in a woman’s nightgown. And I couldn’t fit in it. I don’t know how they got me in it. I woke up saying, “What the hell,” and I couldn’t move. The light was off, and I said to my wife, “Tell me this is yours.” And she said, “Tell you what’s mine?” and I finally got the light turned on, and she started laughing hysterically at me in that nightgown. And what’s interesting is that nobody in the house owned that nightgown. Another time, I was driving in a rather large suburb of Denver, and a UFO beamed my van. It was rush hour, and this UFO just swooped


down and beamed my van. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people saw it. The news did a news piece on it. A bunch of us were at the house waiting for the news to come on, and right at 9 o’clock when it was supposed to start, the power went off. The power outage affected about 20,000 homes. The center of the power outage was where the UFO beamed my van. That stuff happens all of the time. Q: Describe what the inside of an alien spacecraft looks like.

Romanek: My first abduction experience was extremely vivid. When the female came in and grabbed my wrist, I just kind of went with her. And she started walking me out, and there was a male on each side.

“I once ended up with a fixed torn ligament, which was documented.” —Stan Romanek The female was in kind of a light blue long skirt/jumpsuit thing. The males were wearing baby blue jumpsuits. I remember that the suits were the same color as their eyes. The female grabbed my wrist and started leading me out to the deck, and I just kind of went with her at first. But then I thought, Wait a minute; why are you doing this. I started fighting with myself, and all of a sudden I snapped out of it. When I snapped out of it, we were almost to the middle of the deck. Well — when I snapped out of it, I totally wigged out. I grabbed one of the males — he was really a dense, stocky sun of a gun for as skinny as he was. I was going to throw him off

Paranormal Underground February 2009

of the balcony. This thing’s eyes got really big, and all of a sudden I felt something touch the top of my head. I woke up literally stuck to the wall. It’s not like I was glued — I was standing in a trough or gutter or something. There were no sharp edges, and the light was really bizarre. I couldn’t tell where the light came from. It looked like the light was coming from everywhere. You know those new cars — especially VWs with blue headlights, that weird blue light? It’s that kind of light. The wall that I was stuck to — I was stuck to it like those rides at the amusement park where you spin really fast. It was a centrifugal force kind of thing. They were able to control gravity. And I was able to move my head, feet, and arms, but I couldn’t go anywhere. I had these bracelets — like copper bracelets — around my wrists and ankles and little wires running from them to the wall. On the wall, every two to three feet was a quarter-sized copper piece embedded in the wall. That’s what it looked like to me. Copper. I don’t really know if it was or not. I couldn’t really see any edges because there was a real bright light in the center of the room, and everything was dark around it. So I couldn’t really see. But it looked like there was a door or entryway beyond that. There was no furniture or anything. There were tables — or I don’t know what you’d call them — but they were formed out of what the room was formed out of. There was nothing free-standing. I remember the female. I was buck naked — the female came up. I remember thinking, Oh my God, and trying to see what was going on. And I started freaking out. Oh my God, what are you doing? Oh my God, am I going to die? And every time I’d have a thought like that,

On Sept. 20, 2001, Romanek and customers of the retail store he managed witnessed a UFO with large, blinking lights. The UFO eventually flew away, only to return and follow Romanek home. After falling to sleep that night, he was awakened at 2 a.m. by a knock at the door. Romanek remembers three “people” waiting for him by the front door. As he approached them, he realized that they were not fully human.

When Romanek awoke the next morning, he tried to convince himself that what had happened to him was only a bad dream. As he went about his morning activities, family members noticed that Stan had strange marks and wounds on his body. The wounds healed to nothing but scars in less than 48 hours.

Romanek’s wounds also fluoresced under black light, which UFO investigators say is a typical sign of alien abduction. He later recalled his abduction experience, including several medical procedures performed on him by the extraterrestrial beings.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 25

Special Report of the planet. Fires. Horrible stuff. And I thought, “Oh my God, all of this is going to happen.” And she stepped back and kind of assured me that it didn’t have to happen — I don’t know how to explain it. And I asked, “When’s this going to happen?” This image kept popping into my head. All of these things kept popping into my head. Eventually, I woke up in my room with his amazing dream — or whatever it was. And all of these wounds all over. And it kept haunting me. So, MUFON and my friends talked me into going to get hypnotized, and under regression, the person doing the regression said, “You said you remember all of these symbols,” and I started writing all of these complex equations. I have maybe a fourth-grade math comprehension. I had a hard time in school because I’m dyslexic.

Romanek drew the above picture after a vivid dream on Oct. 10, 2003. He drew it freehand in under a minute and has no idea how he drew it so straight and so quickly. He later tried to duplicate this and was unable to.

Q: You mentioned being regressed. How many regressions have you gone through?

these images would start popping into my head. Like, Where are you from, and an image would pop into my head. How did you get here, and an image would pop into my head. What’s interesting — the more scared I got, it looked like it almost hurt them. If I got really terrified or freaked out, she backed up and kind of cringed. She hit a panel on the wall with her hand, about seven to eight feet away, and it released whatever hold this wall had on me, and I fell forward. She grabbed my wrist, and I stepped up and over this gutter-like thing. One of the males came up to me with a clear box on a strap he had over his shoulder. It was a pearlescent tube-looking thing. It almost resembled a melon baller. I don’t know

Romanek: Probably nine. And the reason I’ve gone through so many is because the scientists kind of force me. They want answers to a lot of stuff — so they can help with the equations. They usually get more out of me when they want answers to the equations. And a lot of people go, “Hypnotherapy. No — they lead you.” But, no they don’t. It’s not what you think. When you get hypnotized, they can’t make you flap your wings like a chicken unless you think it will be fun and want to freak everyone out. They can’t lead you that way. They can make you go under so deeply that you’re smelling smells, and you remember exactly what’s going on. When I was first regressed, I thought I’d been under for only about 10 minutes, and it had really been four hours.


how else to describe it. And they turned me around, and I could feel them scraping my skin, and it hurt so bad. I could feel somebody — I think it was the female — pat me on the back of the head and the pain went away. I don’t really remember what happened — I must have blacked out because I woke up sitting on a table. The two males were walking away, and the female leaned into me, put her hand on my shoulder, and looked straight in my eyes. All of these images flooded into my head. And it happened so fast I fell over. She stepped back and kind of cocked her head like a dog, like okay you stupid idiot. Then she started doing them one at a time. I was shown all of these things. Like flags. Winds strong enough to scour highways off

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Q: Describe your feelings about your encounters.

Romanek: It’s not like I make them appear at will. And they do whatever they want. They take you against your will, and that’s not right. It sounds so blasé. People always say, “You sound so blasé.” But when you’ve experienced it for years and years, and it happens on a weekly basis, it’s how we handle it. Some people will say, “Oh my God, there’s a big UFO behind you.” My wife and I are like yeah — so. What do you want us to do? It’s like an everyday thing. That’s how we deal with it. I mean, you either freak out or you don’t. Q: Talk about the “mystery equations” that you have drawn under hypnosis and at other times.

Romanek: Well, if you talk to the scientists, including the head of the University of Nebraska Physics Department and people who work for MIT, they think the equations mostly talk about propulsion. Some of it’s very new. Some of it some of the top scientists in the world are going, “Wow, this is way beyond us.” But I really can’t tell you. Most of its about propulsion, worm holes, stuff like that. Q: So do you think the reason you’ve been given these equations is to help advance our technology?

Romanek: Yeah — I think the reason that I’ve been given this stuff is to prove to people what I’m going through is real. There’s a lot of skeptics. You know — I know what it’s like to be a skeptic. The reason I was a skeptic was because I was terrified. I’m one of the lucky ones. I know what I want to do when I grow up. I’m here to help enlighten the human race about this subject. The public has been lied to for

so long about this stuff. We’re at a crossroads. This is really what I believe. Everybody in the world is waiting for the shoe to drop. Everybody feels this way, from little kids to old people. Everybody is waiting for something to happen. I can’t tell you what. But I know we’re at a crossroads. We can either do the right thing, or we’ll just die. And I have a feeling that there’s thousands of civilizations out there, and they all go through this stage. You make it or you don’t. And you can’t make it if you don’t get enlightened and learn to love each other. I mean, that’s what it’s about. Then, if you get enlightened, you make it. And that’s what our neighbors are waiting for. They can’t get directly involved. But they can

“It would be stupid to think we’re the only ones. Well, I know we aren’t.” —Stan Romanek give us little hints here and there. I’m sure there’s good and bad out there like there’s good and bad here. It would be stupid to think we’re the only ones. Well, I know we aren’t. Q: There are some people who claim that the equations you’ve received might represent an upcoming “hyperdimensional event,” while others says they represent an impending global disaster. What are your thoughts on these claims?

Romanek: Well I’m not gonna say that. The equation I had wasn’t really an equation. They showed me a bunch of dots and some kind of a backward question mark design, and numbered the dots — like 3, 4, 6, 9

— and the word cheese, and something else. What it ended up being was an alignment of planets. And it took me a long time to figure out what cheese was. It was the moon. But what’s interesting is that there was an astronomer from Dublin that actually found the date that those planets align that way, and I think it was September 22, 2012. Which is really creepy, because everyone talks about that doomsday stuff. I thought it was also interesting that in my first regression, years ago, they gave me electron structure for Element 115 — almost three years prior to anyone having talked of it. Q: Can you tell me more about Element 115?

Romanek: I’m not exactly sure what Element 115 is, but when I wrote it under regression, it didn’t exist. I don’t think they even had an equation for it. And another thing that’s interesting from that regression — our solar system had 10 planets, not nine. And then three years later they found Xena, that pseudo planet. These beings will do things like that. They’ll give you something if other people don’t believe what you say happened. And it’s how I know my experiences are real — because everything they say is going to happen does happen. They told me 2008 was going to be an incredibly big year. And we’ve got our first black president. All kinds of stuff is happening — the Vatican came out about aliens. Q: So do you think that 2012 will contain a doomsday?

Romanek: No. But I think there’s going to be some kind of a shift. Q: Based on your experiences, what do you think are the purposes for aliens visiting Earth?

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 27

Special Report Romanek: I really don’t know what their motives are. But, I think it’s time for the human race to grow up. That’s what this is all about. I mean, we have been misled — for whatever reason. I think it’s got to do with control. People want control. Who’s really running the country? I’m not really into conspiracy stuff, but my phones are tapped, I’m followed, people break into our house pretty much on a monthly basis. I was beat up. I had my wrist broke. I was recently shot at, and I had to go into protective custody. Q: Are you saying that the government is putting pressure on you because you are speaking out about your extraterrestrial encounters?

Romanek: Oh yeah — there’s government documents with my name on them. Oh yeah. Is it really the government? I can’t tell you. But the people that beat me up certainly looked military. I grew up in the military. I know how they act. They told me to shut up and not talk about this stuff. And I told them no. On Dec. 20, 2004, I rode my bicycle to work, and this black SUV cut me off. This guy started beating me up because I told them no. The police were there right away. Q: What other types of pressure has been put on you?

Romanek: I get threatening calls all of the time. You know those helicopter that people talk about? I’ve taped at least four hours of 10-minute to half hour segments of helicopters harassing us. There was one recently — about two months ago before I got shot at that was hovering maybe 100 foot across the street above the neighbors house. People were coming out of their house looking at this helicopter. This guy had his window down,


and this big huge camera lens was coming out of it taking pictures of me and my wife in my yard. Q: What happened when you were shot at?

Romanek: It was a white Ford Taurus. A guy had been sitting down the block for hours, and every time I approached, he drove away. Eventually, I came out, heard a gunshot and felt it go right past my ear. Q: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding video that you captured on July 17, 2003, of what you think to be an extraterrestrial being peering through the window of your home. What happened during that event?

“It could be somebody in a mask. But it actually looked like one of the greys I’ve seen before.” —Stan Romanek Romanek: I thought we had a peeping Tom because I’d often get up from the computer, and I’d see movement at the windows at night. We called the cops because my step-daughters were young teenagers at the time. But we couldn’t catch this person. Researchers involved in my case said, “You’ve got a camera with a light on it. Turn on the thing and pretend like you’re going to bed.” Well, that’s what I did. Except, I didn’t go to bed that night. I set up the camera, went into the bathroom, and sat there reading a magazine for like 10 minutes or so. I wanted to see if I could catch this thing. Then I saw two incredibly bright flashes.

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Now these two flashes were extremely bright and fast. The researcher who did the video analysis said, “It’s as if the sun was right next to your house.” It almost damaged the camera. When I saw these flashes, I kind of got out and peeked out of the bathroom. Because the bathroom was at the end of the hall, and I could see it kind of looking in the window. I see this head pop down, and I thought, “Oh I got it! I got the thing.” So I went running down to see who it was, and I saw what looked like a kid running away to the backyard. It hit a bush on the side of the house with its right shoulder. When it did that, it looked back at me, and it was not normal. On the video, you can see it scared the crap out of me. Q: How sure are you that the person at the window was an extraterrestrial being and not someone or something else?

Romanek: It could be somebody in a mask. But it actually looked like one of the greys I’ve seen before. Some people say its computer generated. It’s not because there’s a time stamp on the camera, and it’s been analyzed by professionals. I’ve seen these things before. I’ve seen them looking in our sliding glass doors. I’m not the only one taking these pictures. There are other people. Q: Is this video available for public viewing?

Romanek: No, but it will be. We were going to wait to release the video along with a documentary about my case, but the video will be shown sooner when 20/20 does its special on my case, maybe in April. Q: What do you have to say to the people claiming you are trying to make money?

Romanek: That’s not true. I’m trying to get money for science — it costs a lot of money to run an electron microscope and do scientific experiments. Everything we’ve done has been paid for either by the scientists or universities involved in my case. Q: Some claim that alien abduction and/or other encounter experiences might be the result of sleep paralysis, false memories, etc. How do you respond to these theories?

accounts are available to support your experiences?

Romanek: The video is nothing compared to other pieces of evidence I have. And, there are so many witnesses involved in my case. And that’s the nice thing for me because I don’t have to explain anything. Things usually happen when there’s a lot of people around. I have so much trace evidence, it’s unbelievable. They pulled something out of my leg that has tiny little gears

pened. Most abduction experiences have to do with genetic manipulation. You know — the reproductive system. That’s most of them. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they’re trying to save the human race. Maybe they’re trying to save their own race. I don’t know. I have my theories. Q: What are your theories?

Romanek: Maybe they’re just scientists. We have scientists here that experiment on animals. Maybe it’s not about good or bad. Maybe it’s about indifference. They seem to be a little bit closely more involved though. A lot of people are scared that they’re evil creatures. But they’ve been here thousands of years. You can see it yourself. They found stuff dating back 3000 to 4000 years, and there’s a frickin’ picture of a gray standing next to one of the workers in their paintings. There’s frescoes, tapestries from the 14th century with UFOs in them.

Romanek: The first experience that I had, as well as my first abduction experience, had nothing to do with sleep paralysis stuff. One event happened in the daytime while I was driving, and the other I was wide awake and at my front door. Debunkers will try to come up with some really stupid explanations. Seventy percent of most abductions are when people are not asleep. I don’t know why people are having such a hard time with this — the U.S. especially. There was one group when I was on Larry King that On Sept. 1, 2001, Romanek and his friends were returning Q: Where are these beings from a trip to Pennsylvania. Traveling west on Interstate from? was saying I was full of crap; 80, Romanek’s girlfriend noticed a large UFO up in the this was all faked. It ended up clouds. It didn’t take them long to realize that the UFO Romanek: I don’t know. Maybe being a ghost hunter group was following them. they’re from everywhere. We that I’d refused to let come can’t see the other dimensions investigate. — we can see three dimensions. But Many people who believe in and all kinds of stuff in it. I’ve got reams Einstein proved mathematically that UFOs are well-educated. And of scientific analysis and documentathere were more than three dimenbecause of my experiences, I’ve got tion. I had a major puncture mark in sions. I think he proved that there to talk to a lot of ex-CIA, admirals, my hip — I got bruised big time. And were 11 at least. generals. And all of them are like, there was a wet spot on the back of that “Yeah — we know about it.” nightgown I told you about. That wet Q: Why do you think you have you And I ask why can’t everyone spot had a protein spot that they can’t been chosen to receive the informaknow about it. But I think its changidentify. It was some chemical that tion given to you by these beings? ing. I think it is ready to be disclosed. resembles polyvinylpyrrolidone, which Romanek: Why me? I have absois used in vitro fertilization. lutely no idea. Q: Some say you have had the most scientifically documented Q: What do you think happened in Stan Romanek’s Website can be human/extraterrestrial encounter that abduction? viewed at www.www.stanromanek. case in the world. What type of Romanek: We know what hapcom. scientific evidence and witness

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 29

Special Report

Visitors From Above or Within?

A Look at the Alien Abduction Phenomenon By Karen Frazier


nita started having what she thought were odd dreams as a teenager. In the dreams, she was coaxed out of bed to look through her window at a large alien craft on the front lawn. Later, she found herself lying on a bed surrounded by tiny, thin creatures in silver suits. Although very kind, the creatures performed frightening medical procedures on Anita. On several occasions, Anita had these dreams. In one, she was on the craft in space, looking back on Earth as a tiny speck in the sky. Although the dreams were overwhelmingly positive, Anita began to dread night time, afraid that she would once again be taken from her bed in the middle of the night. Are Anita’s nighttime experiences merely the troubled dreams of a teenager, or are they something else altogether? This is the central question surrounding the phenomenon of alien abduction. Visits From Another World? Anita isn’t alone in her experience. A poll conducted by Psychology Today in 2003 indicated that some 3 million Americans believe that they have encountered aliens and that their bodies bear the marks of those encounters. When one considers that people reporting experiences like


alien abduction are often marginalized by society, and many people are likely to be too embarrassed to admit their experiences, it is possible that the numbers are even higher. If that many people believe they have had alien encounters, what’s really going on here? Are we being visited by creatures for another world, or is there another, more mundane explanation?

The population of alien abductees is as psychologically sound as anyone else. A Psychological Perspective In 1992, Harvard Professor of Psychiatry Dr. John Mack investigated more than 60 self-reported abductees who spent hours in therapeutic discussion with him about their experiences. According to Mack, what struck him about his patients was how ordinary they were. “The majority of abductees do not appear to be deluded, confabulating, lying, self-dramatizing, or suf-

Paranormal Underground February 2009

fering from a clear mental illness,” he said in a report in the Harvard University Gazette. Stanley Krippner, a transpersonal psychologist at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in San Francisco, confirmed, “Assessment by both clinical examination and standardized tests has shown that, as a group, abduction experiments are not different from the general population in term of psychopathology prevalence.” In English? The population of alien abductees is as psychologically sound as anyone else. In his 1994 best seller, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, Mack reached the conclusion that many reporters of abductions are, indeed, probably being abducted by aliens. Mack, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was a long-time faculty member at Harvard University until his death in 2004. He was also one of leading supporters of what is often referred to as Abduction Phenomenon being a genuine experience, and not some trick of the mind. According to Mack, alien abduction experiences cannot be understood in a Western rationalist tradition of science. Mack supported his belief in his conclusions with data obtained from interviews with more than 300 alien abductees, as well as hypnothera-

Claudia Ghidella

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 31

Special Report py sessions with many of his patients. Ultimately, he found his patients to be overwhelmingly mentally competent. Many were also severely traumatized by their experiences and appropriately skeptical about the Abduction Phenomenon explanation. Skeptical explanations of Abduction Phenomena run the psychological gamut from the prosaic: confabulation, delusion, hallucination, and temporary schizophrenia to the more cerebral: sleep paralysis, epileptic seizure, night terrors, and the ubiquitous explanation for all types of paranormal phenomenon — false memory syndrome. It is well-established in psychological circles that the human brain is wired to produce false memories, especially when those memories are obtained under hypnosis, which is commonly used as a method of extracting traumatically repressed memory. Studies performed in 1996 by Harvard researchers, Richard McNally, Ph.D., and Susan Clancy, Ph.D., examined memory function in women who believed they had recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse. They found that these women were significantly more likely to create false memories of non-traumatic events in a lab than were women who had always remembered being sexually abused or women who had never been abused. The next phase of their study involved alien abductees. They assembled a group of participants who had recovered memories of alien abduction under regression hypnotherapy, a repressed memory group that believed they had been abducted but had no conscious recollection of the event, a group who believed they had been abducted by aliens and had full recall of the events without any repression or a need for hypnotherapy, and a group that had no abduction memories or experiences. The recovered and repressed


memory groups displayed high rates of false recall on word recognition tests. Those with fully-remembered, non-suppressed experiences had even higher instances of false recall. According to a summary of the study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, susceptibility to creating false memories, coupled with a disturbing experience like sleep paralysis and a cultural script that allows for abduction by aliens, may lead one to falsely recall such an encounter. “You don’t necessarily have to endorse these experiences to create false memories,” Clancy explained.

According to Harvard Professor of Psychiatry Dr. John Mack, the majority of abductees do not appear to be deluded, lying, or suffering from a clear mental illness.

“You may have just seen The X-Files and thought, ‘That’s crap,’ but then you have an episode of sleep paralysis that freaks you out, and the show is still in the back of your mind.” A popular notion among psychologists evaluating Abduction Phenomenon is that abductees may be inclined to fantasy and “absorption,” including daydreaming or being enthralled by fiction. They point to a commonality between alien abductees and fantasizers in their increased tendency to report things such as out-of-body experiences, false preg-

Paranormal Underground February 2009

nancies, and apparition sightings as support for this position. In The Demon Haunted World, Astronomer Carl Sagan pointed out that reports of alien abduction are similar to demon-abduction stories throughout history. According to Sagan, “. . . most of the central elements of the alien abduction account are present, including sexually obsessive non-humans who live in the sky, walk-through walls, communicate telepathically, and perform breeding experiments on the human species. Unless we believe that demons really exist, how can we understand so strange a belief system, embraced by the whole Western world (including those considered the wisest among us), reinforced by personal experience in every generation, and taught by Church and State? Is there any real alternative besides a shared delusion based on common brain wiring and chemistry?” Elements of Alien Abduction Sagan was definitely right about one thing, at least: Alien abduction narratives, while not exactly the same from person to person, share many common elements. Thomas Bullard, folklorist and UFO researcher, studied more than 300 alien abduction narratives in order to determine the commonalities between encounters. He concluded that Abduction Phenomena has the following common elements: 1. Capture: The abductee is taken against their will to an extraterrestrial craft or setting. 2. Examination: Invasive medical examinations are performed on the abductee. 3. Conference: Abductors speak to the abductee. 4. Tour: Abductee is given a tour of the alien craft or extraterrestrial setting. 5. Time loss: Abductees lose large chunks of time and forget a great deal about their experience.

Reader Feedback

What do You THink About Alien Abductions?


aranormal Underground recently asked a few of its readers: “What do you feel is really going on with alien abductions?” Here’s what they had to say:

just hoping I get a little forewarning if they come for me. *****

Julia/Karina Kay: I believe most

Scott Mannen/Lightwish: When

it comes to belief in aliens, there is one thing that everyone from medical professionals down to those claiming to be abductees can agree on, and that is that many of the people making these claims are certainly not psychotic. It’s my belief that something has happened to these people, I just think that it has nothing to do with aliens. The brain is mysterious, and is something that science clearly still does not understand completely. While many respected people truly believe that these abductions have happened to them, I think that it is a series of complex subconscious visions created by the victim’s brain, brought on by stress and other unknown factors. As for those with physical abduction symptoms, it has been proven that psychological suggestion can provoke physiological responses. I once read an experiment where a hypnotized blindfolded man was told his arm was on fire, when in reality it was not. Yet, his arm produced the same skin burns and blisters that heat would potentially cause. I think it’s possible for psychological trauma, like perceived abductions to produce physical marks like “triangles” or other unexplainable alien abduction “burn patterns.” It’s the unknown power of the human brain that is the real alien invader here. *****

Jenny Brown/Skeerdy: Personal-

ly, I think there are aliens out there, but they are just watching us. I don’t think they are ready to abduct us and study us yet. I think that people have been abducted and tests have been performed on them, but by government agencies. I think the government has used people’s notions of alien abductions as a cover for secret testing of all sorts. On the flipside, I also believe in the power of the mind. I believe in some cases, individuals have suffered an extreme trauma, and rather than face that trauma, their mind has fabricated this reality so detailed that the person actually believes it has happened. The false memory becomes so real to these people, they can’t delineate between the trauma they experienced and the fabrication in their mind. And I’m not saying that’s entirely a bad thing. Sometimes it’s a protection mechanism that we need to survive. But, eventually, the person needs to come to terms with the trauma in order to really heal. Do I believe in aliens? Absolutely. Do I think they are abducting us? No, not yet. Will they? Perhaps. I’m

people who report having been abducted by aliens are sincere and truly believe the event or events really happened. Most of them could be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is often the result of an outof-the-ordinary stressful event or events in which the victim had no control and felt powerless. PTSD is most commonly associated with survivors of rape, incest, and war. In the case of alien abductees, it is my belief that those reporting the event or events actually experienced a different traumatic event, such as rape or incest, which they are blocking, and are using aliens as a way of trying to deal with their underlying trauma and receive needed care, nurturing, and attention. Being abducted also has the added benefit of feeling “special” and “chosen.” And, I don’t believe aliens visit our planet, simply because they would need to travel too many light years to even reach us. *****

NorCalMonkey: The universe is

a big place, and it doesn’t seem likely that we’re the only intelligent life. Just as we perform experiments on “lesser” creatures, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that IF aliens do exist that they would scoop us up as “lesser” beings and experiment on us to see how we work. If the universe is infinite as scientists and physicists claim, that’s a lot of area, and there might be something else out there.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 33

Special Report 6. Return: Abductees are returned to Earth. 7. Theophany: The abductee has a profound mystical experience and a feeling of oneness with the universe. 8. Aftermath: The abductee attempts to cope with their experience psychologically, socially, and emotionally. Regression Hypnotherapy and False Memory Syndrome As Mack noted, many who experience scenarios similar to the above list display a great deal of understandable skepticism over the source of their experiences. While often severely traumatized by the experience, they have difficulty coming to terms with having experienced what the mainstream considers fringe science after undergoing regression hypnotherapy. Regression hypnotherapy, psychologists point out, may lead to the implantation of false memories. This was illustrated in a study performed by McNally. In the study, McNally collected testimony from 10 subjects with recovered memories of abduction and then confronted them with the most frightening details of their own accounts. Six of the 10 subjects presented with extremely elevated physiological reactions, including heartbeat and facial muscle tension — physiological symptoms that meet the criteria for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study also showed that subjects with PTSD reacted physiologically to their own traumatic experiences only; however, the group of alien abductees had extreme physiological reactions to stressful scenarios unrelated to themselves. There was even a physiological reaction to positive scripts, such as spending time with a loved one. According to McNally, this type of hyperreactiveness combined with high levels of absorption is linked


to the propensity to create vivid imagery. Therefore, McNally hypothesized that abductees are more likely to experience a traumatic script as real, partially because the subjects have such vivid imaginations. Finally, McNally concluded that there is psychological payoff for alien abductees. He said that subjects who have experienced Abduction Phenomenon feel that they have ultimately received an overwhelmingly positive spiritual gift as a result of their experiences. In this, they are unique from any other victims of PTSD. According to McNally, while ab-

According to Harvard Professor Dr. Richard McNally, regression hypnotherapy may lead to the implantation of false memories.

ductees feel assaulted by the aliens, they also feel special. Because of that, he says, “They are not trying to demystify their experience.” Historical Perspectives Contrary to popular belief, alien abductions are not just a late-20th and early-21st Century phenomenon. In 1897, the account of Colonel H.D. Shaw was recounted in the Stockton, Calif., Daily Mail. In the report, Shaw claimed that he and a friend were accosted by tall, slim humanoids who attempted to take them to their mys-

Paranormal Underground February 2009

tery air ship, but Shaw and his friend were able to fight them off. Perhaps the most well-known case of early alien abduction in the mid-20th Century is that of Betty and Barney Hill (see sidebar on the next page). The Hills’ account of their 1961 abduction to an alien spacecraft was not presented publicly until 1963, when they discussed it first with their church group, and then for a Massachusetts UFO study group. In 1965, the Hills’ story finally made headlines after Boston Traveler reporter, John Lutrell, obtained an audio tape of a lecture given by the Hills in 1963. The Hills’ case was later dramatized in a made-fortelevision movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons. Another famous case of Alien Abduction occurred in 1985, when horror fiction writer Whitley Streiber claimed he was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York. Streiber’s account, detailed in his 1987 book, Communion, tells of his experience with what he terms, The Visitors, but makes no conclusions as to the source of the experience. Streiber has gone on to become a well-known UFO researcher who has written several books on the subject. Throughout the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century, there have been many other reports of alien abduction around the world. It is easy to find personal accounts of alien abduction in literature, on television, in the media, and on the Internet. While individual details may vary, a common theme runs through each account: The universe is a big place, full of mysteries we have yet to unravel. And we are not alone. With 3 million people in the United States alone who believe they have encountered visitors from the sky, the universe may not be as lonely as some believe it to be.

Recommended Reading

Alien Contact


ant to learn more about alien abduction? Here are some books and Web sites to check out:

BOOKS By John E. Mack: —Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters —Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

By Craig Glenday and Stanton T. Friedman: —UFO Investigator’s Handbook: The Practical Guide to Researching, Identifying, and Documenting Unexplained Sightings

By Stanton T. Friedman and Whitley Streiber: —TOP SECRET / MAJIC: Operation Majestic-12 and the United States Government’s UFO Cover-up

By Budd Hopkins: —Witnessed —Missing Time —Intruders

By Stan Romanek: —Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story

By David M. Jacobs: —UFOs & Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge (2000)

—Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions (1999) —The UFO Controversy in America

By Stanton T. Friedman, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and Dr. Bruce Maccabee: —Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups

By Whitley Streiber: —Communion: A True Story —Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? —Transformation: The Breakthrough

UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings

By Raymond E. Fowler: —The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention —UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee —Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Field Investigator’s Manual

By Susan A. Clancy: —Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens

By Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Richard M. Dolan: —High Strangeness — Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

By Bruce Maccabee:

—Breakthrough: The Next Step

—Abduction In My Life: A Novel of Alien Encounters

By Constance Clear:

Web Sites

—Reaching for Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction

By Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden: —Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction

By Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey —Sight Unseen: Science,

— — — — — alienabductions.html — —WorldwideTopSites. com/sites/closeencounters.html — ufo_alien_links.htm — od/aliensalienabduction/a/ bestabductions.htm

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Special Report

The Strange Case of Betty and Barney Hill


here was nothing average about Betty and Barney Hill. A mixed-race couple (Barney was African-American, and Betty was Caucasian) in the pre-civil rights 1960s, the Hills drew attention from the inception of their relationship for nothing more than the color of their skin and who they chose as a partner. Residents of Portsmouth, N.Y., the Hills were community leaders who were active in the NCAAP and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. But what made Barney and Betty Hill even more unique was their experience on Sept. 19, 1961. Returning home to Portsmouth late one night, after a vacation in Upstate New York and Canada, the Hills observed bright lights in the sky over the deserted New Hampshire road on which they were driving. Betty observed the lights — which were attached to a disc-shaped object — through her binoculars as the Hills drove slowly down the road, keeping the lights in sight. After traveling in concert with the craft for several minutes, the object suddenly descended toward the Hills’ car, causing Barney to stop abruptly. Barney grabbed his gun and stepped out of the car, moving toward the craft, which now hovered 80 to 100 feet above them. Looking through the binoculars, Barney noticed several humanoid figures peer-


ing out of a window in the craft. Barney recounted suddenly being filled with fear and bolting for the car yelling, “They’re going to capture us.” The Hills drove off at a high rate of speed, trying to escape the craft. As they fled the disc, Betty opened the window and looked up, but saw only darkness. Driving away from the scene, the Barney and Betty Hill said that they were abducted by alien Hills noticed odd beings on Sept. 19, 1961. buzzing sounds from immediately behind the car. It Betty Remembers Traumatic is at that point, the Hills claimed, that Events they entered an altered state of conAlthough they tried to reconstruct sciousness that dulled their minds and the chronology of their experience, caused a tingling sensation throughout the Hills’ memories were fragmented their bodies. and difficult to access. Betty reported Arriving home in Portsmouth in their experience to the Air Force the early dawn hours, the Hills cona few days later, although she withtinued to experience the odd tingling held some details out of fear of being sensation and displayed behaviors deemed crazy. that were out of the ordinary for both An Air Force officer interviewed of them. Later, they attempted to the Hills a few days later. In his draw pictures of what they had seen. report, the officer stated that the Hills Though drawn independently, the had merely misidentified Jupiter. pictures were remarkably similar. A few weeks after the incident,

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Betty began having recurrent nightmares. This led her to write a letter to Donald Keyhoe, the head of a UFO research group whose book she had checked out from the library. In November, Betty began writing down the details of her nightmares, which were later recounted to a member of Keyhoe’s organization. In the dreams, Betty recalled being taken aboard a disc-shaped craft and being medically examined. After the examination, while talking to one of the creatures aboard the craft, another of the creatures attempted to remove her teeth and was mystified when her teeth couldn’t be removed in the same manner as Barney’s, who had dentures. In the dream, Betty asked for an artifact to prove her experience was real, and she was shown a huge book filled with mysterious symbols. She then asked where the craft was from, and was shown a map of the stars, but was told that it was impossible for her to understand from whence the craft had come because of her ignorance of the location of Earth on the map. In further conversations with the UFO organization, it was noted that the Hill’s trip, which should have taken about four hours, actually took them seven hours. There were three hours of time for which the Hills could not account. Hills Undergo Regression Hypnosis In 1964, the Hills began undergoing regression hypnosis to uncover more about their experiences. All along, Barney had maintained that he had very little memory of anything that had happened. Barney and Betty were hypnotized separately. Under hypnosis, Barney’s accounts of their encounter were remarkably similar to Betty’s dreams, with more details about the examination that he had undergone while separated from Betty on the craft.

An elementary school teacher, Marjorie Fish, deciphered the copy of the star map that Betty Hill drew under hypnosis. Researchers determined that, according to Betty’s map, the visitors came from a nearby solar system called Zeta Reticuli.

Betty’s recollections under hypnosis were nearly the same as the contents of her recurrent dreams. Following the hypnosis, Dr. Benjamin Simon concluded that Barney’s recollections were false memories created by Betty’s recurrent dreams. The Hills, however, had reached a different conclusion. They believed that they had, indeed, been abducted by aliens. The press didn’t get wind of the Hill’s story until 1965, when a reporter for the Boston Traveler obtained access to a tap of a speech the Hills had given to a UFO research group. In the aftermath of the flurry of publicity surrounding the case, an elementary school teacher, named Marjorie Fish, deciphered the copy of the star map that Betty drew under hypnosis. Fish, and researchers who later reviewed Fish’s interpretation, determined that, according to Betty’s map, the visitors came from a nearby solar system called Zeta Reticuli.

Confabulation, Hallucination, or Something More? Over the years, the Hills’ story has been examined by many researchers. Various conclusions have been reached, depending on the researcher. Some feel that the story was confabulation. Others theorized that the experience was a hallucination brought about by the stress of being an interracial couple in the 1960s. One researcher suggested that Barney’s memories bore a remarkable resemblance to an episode of the television show The Outer Limits called “The Bellero Shield.” Barney died in 1969, and Betty in 2004. Though their story now provides a unique historical insight into alien abductions, any answers to the mystery of their experience in September of 1961 died with them. And so, the mystery remains as to what happened one night on a lonely New Hampshire road under a starry sky.

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Special Report

So You Wan Ghost-Hunt By Dave Galvan, Paranormal League of America


ost everyone has seen a paranormal T.V. show or even knows someone who ghost hunts. These shows and paranormal groups go from house to business looking for ghosts and things that go bump in the night. The current influx of television shows highlighting ghost hunters has glamorized what paranormal investigators do and how they do it. Hunting ghosts is now sexy and exciting. Online message boards are filled to capacity with people who want to quit their day job just to spend the nighttime looking for ghosts. Personally, I have been looking for ghosts for the better part of a decade. Starting a group can have its advantages; it can also part you with your money so fast you would think you were in Vegas. If this is how you truly want to spend your spare time, there are key steps to take when forming your own ghost hunting group. Incorporation The first thing you will need to do is legally incorporate your company. This is the best thing you could ever possibly do for your group. This gives your ghost hunting group the same legal rights under the law as a human being, and it protects your


personal assets in case you get sued. You may have constructed what you consider to be the perfect waiver to let you enter a piece of property to conduct a formal investigation; however, waivers are not a force-field against litigation. A judge can throw the waiver out if they see that even one adjective violates or contradicts federal, state, or local laws. Besides, if you can say that you are legally incorporated, it makes your group look a little more professional than the teenager with a MySpace page and a tape recorder. The question you should be pondering is: Should I make this a commercial enterprise or a non-profit? It doesn’t really matter. When I incorporated my group, Paranormal League of America (PLA), I made it a non-profit simply because I didn’t want people to think we were one of those groups who were going to come into their home and charge them 50 bucks an hour to do our thing. We don’t charge a dime for what we do, and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who does charge money gives ghost hunting groups a bad name. Volunteers Volunteers are, to be honest, the most difficult thing I have had to deal with in regards to PLA. Most

Paranormal Underground February 2009

You will need to have some unpaid volunteer he things you just don’t have time to do (i.e., Web d

people who volunteer do so because they see what we do on the T.V. shows, and they want to do that too. And nothing else. You will have a lot on your plate when you start a group; there is no way you can do everything. This is why you will need to have some

nna Start a ting Group? because you can start a group? Of course not! Your children need to be played with; your friends need to be seen. You need to have some sort of life outside the paranormal. You can’t do this alone. The problem that I always had with volunteers is that as soon as they realize there is more to this field than what they show on T.V., they just disappear. I always need someone to help with the day-today management of the group, and everyone’s reward is that they get to do the fun stuff: the investigations. Choose your volunteers wisely. Do a background check on them, makes sure they have a state issued ID, and check the Internet to see if they just happen to be a convicted felon or a registered sex offender. You can never be too careful.

elpers who will spend their free time doing design, research, analysis, marketing, etc.).

unpaid volunteer helpers who will spend their free time doing things you just don’t have time to do (i.e., Web design, research, analysis, marketing, etc.). We all have families and other interests outside the paranormal. Do you really want to neglect all that just

Equipment This is the main reason why most groups fail. Contrary to what everyone will tell you, don’t rush out and buy a ton of equipment right from the start. This is a good way to lose a bunch of money, and you don’t even have any cases lined up. You need to slowly build up an arsenal of equipment. And unless you are funded with your lottery winnings, you need to look for the cheapest

deal on used equipment from Internet auctions and newspapers. Most equipment out there is really only valuable for debunking, or proving there is nothing there. Expensive thermometers, barometers, thermal imagining systems, etc., are tools you can use to find out if the experiences where people hear noises are the result of voices coming in from another room or if cold spots are due to a vent sending in cold air. Do not spend a ton of money on equipment just because you see it on T.V. You will get the equipment you need by waiting for prices to drop. I’ve been hunting ghosts for a long time and still don’t own an EMF detector. The most valuable piece of equipment a ghost hunter can have is a quality audio digital recorder, and even then there is no reason to spend more than $40 on one. Be sure to get one that has a USB connection to a computer where you can download the audio file and copy it to a CD/DVD. You will need that to back up all your evidence. Don’t forget the flashlights and spare batteries for everything that takes them. It’s amazing how you will always run out of power on the device that you don’t have batteries for.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 39

Special Report of those free hosting locations. That Marketing will make you look really nickel and So, you incorporated, you have dime. You shouldn’t have to spend a couple of volunteers, and you also more than $10 monthly for quality bought a few digital audio records and Web hosting for your site. This will a digital camera. Now you’re ready include the purchase of your domain to hunt some ghosts. The problem, name of the group you founded. of course, is getting your name out. You may not know anything Trying to get to a point where strangabout Web design, but you don’t reers will trust you enough to let you into ally have to. There are plenty of protheir house takes some effort. grams out there that will allow you to Here in Oregon, a ghost huntcreate a Web site in a few hours that ing group is about as common as a looks just like the ones everyone else Starbucks, so how do you get a person has. Spend an afternoon doing an to let you into their home? There Internet search on some of them. are a lot of books and Web sites out Once you have your Web site there that have alleged haunted public up and running, be sure to start places. What I did when I first started cross-listing your site with others. was design a simple flyer with my word processor, run up to the Staples that’s up the street from me, and have it printed up on red paper. I then looked up the addresses of these alleged haunted places online and mailed them. The prices are nominal, but the results can vary. For every 500 flyers I mailed, I would get maybe one phone call. This also worked well as secondary marketing. Just because the business that is listed has a reputation of being haunted, it doesn’t mean it actually is or that the person who owns it believes in such a thing. One key issue that I do recommend is to On the other hand, a person join your local Chamber of Commerce. This in the office who opens the mail will help you get your name out. might have a problem or know someone who does. This can be a Make a deal with paranormal sites great way to get your name out. that you will list their Web site on Also, don’t ignore your local yours if you do the same. The more historical societies. I’ve gotten more places your Web site is listed, the calls from sending the historical more it can help you get in the Intersocieties a flyer then from any online net search engines. source, including MySpace. Also, don’t make the same Be sure to let people you work mistake I did. I ignored MySpace with know you do this as well. It’s up until a few months ago because amazing how they may know someI felt it was too teeny-bopper. Too one who has a paranormal problem. Hannah Montana. After the screams Needless to say, you will also and shouts of many volunteers, I need a Web site to advertise your begrudgingly started a MySpace existence. Don’t run out and get one


Paranormal Underground February 2009

page. Once we got it configured and looking the way we wanted it to, our call load doubled. One key issue that I do recommend is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. The fees for that can range in the hundreds of dollars a year; however, what you get out of them is very positive. Most chambers sponsor events several times a month, allowing its members to mingle. This will help you get your name out, and the advice from people who have been in business for decades could be invaluable to your survival. Also, some Chamber members will give other chamber members discounts in products and services. Want some cool T-shirts or hats printed up with your company logo on them? A printer just might be a chamber member. Ghost Hunting on the Cheap The key thing to remember is NOT to overspend on equipment or marketing. In this economy, it is important to remember to do as much on the cheap as you can. You must look at online auctions, or even local Police Auctions, to see if there is more affordable equipment out there. Also, your name is only as good as you make it. Do not jump at every case that comes along, and do not jump to say a place is haunted just to say you caught a ghost. I investigate 10 places before I find evidence of an actual paranormal variety, so your patience will be rewarded.

Dave Galvan is the cofounder/director of the Paranormal League of America, and can be found online at He will be speaking at the Mount Hood Paranormal Conference in April 2009, where he will be giving lectures about ghost hunting.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

The Villisca Axe Murder House By Chad Wilson


idden in the town of Villisca, Iowa, is a house with a dark history. On June 10, 1912, eight grisly murders occurred there in the early hours of the morning. And even though the murders were never truly solved, and the person, or persons, responsible never brought to justice, there are those who think something still remains.

and finally the children. It is in the children’s room that the slayings take on a more sinister note, as the axe marks in the ceiling were haphazard at best, almost as if the children were trying to escape the stinging death blows of the axe. The brutality of the case is horrifying, even by today’s standards. And to further mystify those involved in the investigation were a few ominous The Victims clues left by the killer. First The father of the Moore were the curtains that were family was Josiah B. Moore, drawn on all the windows one of Villisca’s most promiexcept two, which did not nent businessmen. His wife, have curtains, and these were Sarah Montgomery (Moore), covered by articles of clothwas 39 years old and the ing belonging to the Moores. mother of four children when Second, all the victims’ she was murdered in her bed. faces were covered with their The children were, in orbedclothes after they were der of age: Herman (age 11), killed. Even stranger still Katherine (10), Boyd (7), and were the kerosene lamps Paul (5). There were also the that were found at the foot of Stillinger sisters, Lena (12), the Moores’ and Stillingers’ Notable items found at the Villisca Axe Murder House after and Ina (8). They were spend- the murders included a pan of bloody water was found on beds. The chimney had ing the night at Katherine’s been removed, and the wick the kitchen table next to a plate of uneaten food. request. It was Lena who was turned back. the only one to have tried to In the case of the fight off the killer, this being deduced And then there are the murMoores, the chimney from their from the position of her body. ders, the axe leaving marks in the lamp was found under the dresser. low ceiling above with each stroke. The murder weapon, an axe belongThe Crime The victims all received blows to the ing to Josiah Moore, was found in Life in the little Iowa town of head, starting first with the Stillinger the downstairs room occupied by the Villisca was changed forever on that sisters downstairs, then the Moores, Stillinger sisters. An attempt to wipe


dark night in 1912. Neighbor became suspicious of neighbor as the hunt for the murderer began soon after the bodies were found. One thinks back to what that night might have been like, a train passing by on the nearby tracks possibly covering the sounds of the murder taking place. The killer sneaking through the house, some thinking he had hid out in the attic while the family was at church.

Paranormal Underground February 2009

The brutality of the Villisca Axe Murders is horrifying, even by today’s standards. And to further mystify those involved in the investigation was a few ominous clues left by the killer. The victims’ faces were covered with their bedclothes after they were killed.

it off as made, although the killer left it behind still bloodied. The bodies of the sisters were found in the small room off of the parlor. It is called the blue room due to its blue walls. Lena showed signs of sexual molestation, even though forensics at the time were sorely lacking. More disturbing was the two-pound slab of bacon found next to the axe, wrapped in a dish towel. What was its purpose? Some other notable items were a piece of key chain found in the downstairs bedroom on the floor. A pan of bloody water was found on the kitchen table next to a plate of uneaten food. Did the killer make himself a meal and then lose his appetite after completing the atrocious crime? And then, once the murders

were complete, the killer let himself quietly out and locked the door behind him. The Suspects The murder suspect list was long and had a variety of people from all walks of life on it. These include Frank F. Jones, a prominent Villisca businessman and Iowa State Senator. A side note: In the nearby Villisca Graveyard, Franklin F. Jones and his family have some of the smallest headstones there, even though at the time they were one of the most well known and important families in Villisca. At first working for Frank Jones at his store, Jones and Company, Josiah Moore opened his own implement company in 1908. Jones

was extremely upset when Moore took the very lucrative John Deere franchise with him. This was further exacerbated when it was rumored that Moore had an affair with Jones’ daughter-in-law Dona. Jones was openly accused, along with his son Albert, by Detective Wilkerson of the Burns Detective Agency of hiring William Mansfield to kill Josiah Moore. Neither was ever arrested and denied to the grave any involvement in the murders. The prime suspect of the Burns Detective Agency of Kansas City was William Mansfield of Blue Island, Illinois. It was Mansfield that Detective James Newton Wilkerson said committed the murders in the Moore home, with Wilkerson accusing F. F. Jones of hiring Mansfield to do this.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 43

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

The bodies of the sisters Lena and Ina Stillenger were found in the small room off of the parlor. It is called the blue room due to its blue walls.

Wilkerson also believed it was Mansfield who had been responsible for the axe murders of Mansfield’s own wife, child, and in-laws two years later, as well as the axe murders committed four days prior to the ones in Villisca in Paola, Kansas. He also believed Mansfield to be responsible for killing Jennie Peterson and Jennie Miller in Aurora, Colorado. What led Wilkerson to accuse Mansfield in all these murders was the similarity in the way the murders were carried out. In each case an axe was used, with the victims being hacked to death. Also, the mirrors were covered, and a burning lamp with the chimney removed was left at the foot of the bed. A basin was found in the kitchen in each case, and was full of bloody water where the killer had washed up after the crimes. It was also believed that the killer had avoided leaving fingerprints by wearing gloves, which Wilkerson said was a strong indicator of Mansfield’s guilt, since Mansfield knew his fingerprints were on file at the federal military prison at Leavenworth.


Wilkerson also stated that he could prove that Mansfield was present at each of these locations, though Mansfield was able to provide an alibi for his whereabouts the night of the Villisca murders. The Reverend George Jacklin Kelly was another prime suspect in the case. Kelly, a traveling preacher, was present the night of the murders, and it was his departure in the early morning following the killings that caused others to suspect him in the murders. The three men above are just some of the many suspects brought forth. And yet no one was ever convicted of this heinous crime. Maybe if the murders had been committed today, or if the forensic technology we have today had existed then, justice would have been done. Now the answer is lost to time, with the answer to the question of who did it never to be answered. Paranormal Activity What exactly haunts the little house on 323 E. 4th Street has yet to be determined. There have been

Paranormal Underground February 2009

cold spots, feelings of unease, unseen forces moving through the house, opening and closing the door in the upstairs children’s room, as well as other paranormal happenings. There are at least three recorded paranormal events, two of them documented by current Villisca Axe Murder House owner Darwin Linn, which happened before the 1994 renovations. Below are the three cases in brief. The first occurred in the 1930s when the house was rented by Homer and Bonnie Ritner, a young couple who moved in soon after they were married. Shortly after moving in, Bonnie began hearing noises during the night, repeatedly telling Homer someone was in the house. This happened every night, with Bonnie waking up to see an image of a man wielding an axe at the end of their bed. Homer would have quite the time trying to calm her down. A local physician, Doctor Cooper, informed the Ritners that Bonnie was in danger of losing her child if she didn’t stop becoming so distraught. Homer started staying up with her in an attempt to calm her, sitting at the end of the bed while she slept. Moving was not an option for the couple due to their financial situation, but working all day and sitting up all night was taking its toll on Homer. Soon, though, Homer was hearing the same noises as his wife, and it was when Homer heard someone walking up and down the stairs that he too became frightened. The next day he sought out the person he had rented the house from. Hoping to get his money back, he ended up in the pool hall run by Bert McCaull. As Homer was trying to explain his dilemma, the bartender took a cigar box out from underneath the counter. Telling Homer it contained the skull bones of J. B.

Moore, he showed them to Homer who then bolted from the pool hall, returned home, packed up, and left with his wife, moving in with relatives in Clarinda, Iowa. He never recovered his original deposit or his first month’s rent. Dismissing his story, Villisca residents blamed Bonnie’s condition for her dementia and Homer’s lack of sleep for his. The second incident involved John and Allie Geeseman, and is told by their grandson, Dale Miller of Shenandoah, Iowa. His grandfather John refused to sleep in the house, preferring to sleep in a bed he had made up in the barn. The townsfolk attributed this to John’s terrible temper and a possible rocky marriage. Miller, however, attributes it to a story he heard as a young boy. According to Miller, his aunt and her husband were staying with his grandparents at the time, and the door from the front porch to the parlor would keep opening. Even when they would get up and close it, it would just reopen a few minutes later. About 3:00 a.m., Miller’s aunt and her husband came flying out of the house and were seen running down the sidewalk with their nightshirts billowing out behind them. It was never determined what the cause was for their flight. The last of the three accounts involved two girls and their parents, who were renting the property from the Villisca State Bank. The father of the family was a truck driver and on the road for long periods of time. While he was out driving, the girls would awaken to the sound of children crying and sobbing. Upon occasion, they would return to their room to find the dresser drawer open, and their clothing strewn about the room.

Some believe that the pantry area of the Villisca Axe Murder House contains a portal to the other side.

The girls’ experiences were met with disbelief until the father had his own experience one night while sitting at the kitchen table sharpening his pocketknife. It flew out of his hand and stabbed him in the palm. He packed up and left the house with his family that night. The longest known residents of the house are the Spragues, who resided there for more than 20 years. According to Mrs. Sprague, nothing out of the ordinary occurred during their ownership of the house. I actually had a chance to investigate the Villisca Axe Murder House with a group of friends in Sept. 2008. The house was old and shook when you walked too hard. A draft would blow through the house when the wind blew with any strength, and the floors were very uneven, so any balls left for any potential ghosts to play with tend to roll around of their own volition. All that being said, I constantly had a sense of something unseen “being there.” The murder investigation was

officially closed in 1917 with no one being charged with the crime. Maybe it is this injustice that accounts for the reported haunting of the Villisca Axe Murder House. What’s Next? The Villisca Axe Murder House has been featured on many T.V. shows, including Scariest Places on Earth, Haunting Evidence, as well as many others. There is also a movie now on DVD by Ariesworks, called Haunting Villisca, based on the history of the house and the murders. Tours run year-round and can be scheduled by going to Next month, in our Case Files feature, I will relay the adventures of our ghost hunt at the Villisca Axe Murder House. This is one location that represents the mystery of the unknown and the sadness of a brutal, unsolved crime. It is doubtful that the case will ever be solved, so the house and its mysteries will most likely remain a secret forever.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids

Resurrection of the By Scott Mannen


t was very a hot night in the Outback, and the park ranger had decided to pull his truck to the side of the dirt road. Catching a quick nap would give him the energy to complete the long drive back to the ranger camp. The year is 1982, and Western Australia is a wild and unpopulated territory. Our ranger, an employee of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), awakens from his nap and surprisingly finds a creature in the lights of his vehicle. The animal is too large to be a dingo and has hind stripes like a tiger and piercing eyes like two black opals. After a minute or two, the creature notices the ranger and instinctively runs away. After returning to civilization and informing the others of the incredible creature he had witnessed,

he was told what he had likely seen was a thylacine, better known as the Tasmanian tiger. This startled the ranger, not because the creature resembled a tiger, but rather because the Tasmanian tiger has reportedly been extinct for almost 100 years. The Australian government was quick to act on this exciting information and search teams were formed. After years of no further sightings and failed searches, the information (originally withheld for species protection) on the sighting was finally released to the public by the government.

Thylacine Go Extinct After Bounties Placed Thylacines have been missing from our planet for more than 60 years. There were healthy populations in Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania in the 1800s before the arrival of modern man. With the settlement of European populations in these areas, fear and misinformation led to large bounties placed on these creatures. Their hind body coloring is similar in appearance to the African tiger, and their size and diet all were factors that likely Thylacines have been missing from our planet for more than 60 years. There were contributed to this fear. Throughout the last 75 years, healthy populations in Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania in the 1800s before many expeditions have been funded, the arrival of modern man. some by the government and others


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through private funding to search for living specimens. Yet, all the search teams came up with were thylacine tracks, which is not enough proof to convince the world that the species is still alive today. In 1985, pictures were released by an adventurer who claimed to have seen a thylacine digging at the foot of a tree in the Australian Outback. The photos, which remain a highly controversial topic to this day were published in New Scien-

e Tasmanian Tiger rare and sought by zoos around the world. • 1926: London Zoo procures a thylacine for £150 (a large sum at the time). • 1933: Last known thylacine captured in Florentine Valley and sold to Hobart Zoo. • 1936: World’s last known thylacine dies in Hobart Zoo on July 7, 1936. • 1936: Tasmanian tiger added to the list of protected wildlife. • 1986: Thylacine declared extinct around the globe by international standards.

tist magazine and were discussed the world over. The history of this creature’s demise follows a traceable chronology: • 1830: Van Diemens Land Co. introduced Tasmanian tiger bounties. • 1888: Tasmanian Parliament places a bounty of £1 on a thylacine’s head. • 1909: Government bounty program cancelled. 2,184 bounties paid. • 1910: Thylacines extremely

What We Know About the Thylacine Today we now know the thylacine was a shy, nocturnal creature, instinctively avoiding man at all costs. The species was almost mute and rarely made sound; however, when it did, it made a type of yelp during hunting not unlike a terrier’s yip. Adult thylacines reached sizes of up to six feet in length and stood about two feet tall, looking like a sort of “elongated dog.” Thylacines were the largest marsupial carnivore to have gone extinct since the marsupial lion and are survived today by the only remaining marsupial carnivore on Earth: the Tasmanian devil. Similar to the wallaby, the Tasmanian tiger carried its young in

a pouch, that once full (five young) almost touched the ground. They were meat eaters, eating anything up to and including kangaroos and farm animals. Over the last 100 years, numerous accounts of sightings have been made across their former habitat; however, no hard evidence of their current existence has been discovered to date. The likelihood of a small population surviving in a remote area of their former habitat is very small. If some fringe populations existed in the last 70 years, scientists speculate that there would not be enough genetic diversity to effectively sustain them. Introduction of feral dogs and other non-resident species increased the potential for cross-breeding, and competition for food would be particularly harsh for

The thylacine was a shy, nocturnal creature. The species was almost mute and rarely made sound; however, when it did, it made a type of yelp during hunting not unlike a terrier’s yip.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids their species. Due to their instinctive ability to avoid human contact, and the fact they are primarily a nocturnal creature, it could be possible small populations may have existed (and may still exist) in remote areas; however, in all likelihood the Tasmanian Tiger is now an extinct species.

the Earth through DNA is currently underway. The further goal of the project is to prevent the extinction of species, and ultimately assist in the re-introduction of some extinct ones. With the cloning technology we have today, it is possible re-introduction of recently extinct species is closer to reality now than ever before. Ever since the breakthrough Is Cloning an Extinct cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, Species Possible? science has been making leaps and As of 2009, the world bounds in this contentious had consigned the Tasmafield of study. It has been nian tiger to the same fate more than 10 years since as that of the dinosaur. the original breakthrough, This, however, is not the and the information it case for Dr. Webb Miller provided the scientific comand Dr. Stephan C. Schusmunity has been critical in ter, two world-leading contributing toward clone experts in the field of gescience. netics at Pennsylvania State The cloning technology, University. They believe as it applies to the thylacine, the mitochondrial genome could literally be the key to sequence of the Tasmaresurrecting extinct species. nian tiger can be restored The original clone breakto life through science. through sparked an incredTheir science team has ible amount of controversy, proposed utilizing hairs particularly between the from the lone preserved religious community and existing specimen held at the scientific world. the Swedish Museum of This writer thinks Natural History (a single resurrection science is Tasmanian tiger preserved Dr. Webb Miller and Dr. Stephan C. Schuster, two world-leading close to becoming a realin alcohol at the turn of the experts in the field of genetics at Pennsylvania State University, ity and closer than ever to believe the mitochondrial genome sequence of the Tasmanian discovering a genetic cloning century) to biopsy DNA tiger can be restored to life through science. sequences for potential breakthrough from longfuture genetic cloning. If dead animal DNA. When successful, re-introduction this happens, the species “We hope to add DNA-seof the first extinct species could that our race has managed to so quence data to the taxonomic data possibly be achieved. It would be ignorantly wipe from the Earth can provided by many of the important a monumental undertaking and a potentially be re-introduced to the specimens that define the species we critical scientific breakthrough. wilds once more. know today,” Schuster said in the Remember the movie Jurrasic A known controversial topic, press release. Park? If the movie about cloning what do you the reader think about dinosaurs from ancient DNA comes cloning to bring back extinct aniThe Thylacine and Its to mind, you won’t be far off from mals? Is it “playing God” as some Possible Future what is being attempted at Pennpeople think? Plans to add the thylacine sylvania State University’s genetics As for this writer, I’d be happy sequence to a genetic library that department. Certainly attempting to have the Tasmanian tiger back in catalogues the creature history of to sequence DNA that is only 100 the wild once more.


years old must be easier than that of what has been attempted, with so much failure, in dinosaurs. The surprising result is that it is incredibly hard to sequence thylacine DNA, and many attempts have failed. They tried and failed, that is, until Jan. 13, 2009, when Pennsylvania State University sent out a press release stating that they had sequenced the Tasmanian tigers DNA successfully.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone?

Roswell Revisited By Karen Frazier


ll is quiet in Roswell, New Mexico, as it was for nearly 30 years following the mysterious events of 1947. Those events occurred on the ranch known as the Foster Homestead 30 miles north of the town of Roswell. It was no secret something had crashed on the ranch in early July 1947. Ranch foreman Mac Brazel and his son found the debris field, which he described as a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper, and sticks.” Brazel thought nothing of it, but a few days later, after hearing a story of a flying disc, he took Sheriff George Wilcox aside and quietly explained what he had discovered on the ranch several days earlier. Sheriff Wilcox called the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF), and Major Jesse Marcel accompanied Brazel back to the ranch, where they gathered up the wreckage and attempted to reassemble the object. On July 8, 1947, the front page of the Roswell Daily Record reported that the RAAF had captured a flying saucer. The article was based on a press release issued by the RAAF on the same day; however, a subsequent press release was issued the following day stating that the debris found on the ranch was actually


In early July, 1947, wreckage from a supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. A press release was issued by the army on July 7, 1947, stating a flying saucer had been recovered. However, they retracted that statement a day later, saying the wreckage was just a weather balloon.

a weather balloon. Then nothing happened. For 30 years, the story lay dormant, forgotten even in UFO communities. Roswell Resumes Its Place in the Spotlight It wasn’t until more than 30 years later that Roswell would make its way into the spotlight once again.

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The year was 1978, and physicist, lecturer, and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman was at a television station in Baton Rouge, La., giving a series of interviews promoting a lecture he was giving that evening. In Friedman’s narrative, he tells of meeting with two interviewers, but the third was nowhere to be found. “The station manager, Johnny

Allen, was giving me coffee, looking at his watch and was frankly embarrassed,” Friedman said. “Completely out of the blue, he suddenly says, ‘The guy you really ought to talk to is Jesse Marcel. He handled the wreckage of one of those saucers you are interested in when he was in the military.’ “Now, being the brilliant investigator that I am,” Friedman continues with a glimmer of humor in his voice, “I asked, ‘Who’s that?’” The rest, as they say, is history. Friedman tells of calling information from the airport the next day and contacting Marcel. Over the next few years, Friedman and fellow UFO researcher William Moore found and interviewed 92 witnesses. The result of the witness interviews and investigation was the first book on Roswell, The Roswell Incident, which Moore coauthored with Charles Berlitz in 1980. In 1989, Friedman contacted NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries, and got them to air a segment on the Roswell incident. Following the airing and reairing of Unsolved Mysteries, more than 100 witnesses came forward. And then, in 1992, Friedman published his findings from his years of research and witness interviews in his book Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident. Had it not been for the offhand comment of an embarrassed station manager in 1978, it is quite possible the 1947 events in Roswell, and the mystery surrounding them, would remain nothing more than a quick historical side note in the annals of ufology. Instead, that comment sparked what is arguably the most famous and hotly debated UFO case of all time. A number of books and television specials on Roswell continue to capture the public’s attention, and numerous theories have been put

Major Jesse Marcel helped recover the crash wreckage at Roswell in 1947. He claimed the materials recovered were of “extraterrestrial” origin. Marcel also claimed that by the time he posed with the “wreckage” for the media on July 9 (see photo above), the debris had already been switched with material from a weather balloon.

forth as to the origins of the wreckage discovered by Mac Brazel and his son in 1947. Witness Account of the Roswell Incident The common belief among the populace as to what occurred at Roswell follows: In early July 1947, a local rancher discovered wreckage on his property Northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. Men from the

local military base went to the ranch and recovered the wreckage, which was unlike any terrestrial material anyone had seen. Wreckage from Roswell was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. A press release was issued by the army on July 7, 1947, stating a flying saucer had been recovered. The press release was then retracted a day later via another press release stating the wreckage was just a

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Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone? weather balloon. In the books and television specials presented throughout the ’80s and ’90s, many ufologists presented evidence they felt pointed to a government cover-up of a UFO crash on the Foster Homestead. In the 1980 book, The Roswell Incident, Moore and Berlitz presented evidence (much of it researched and gathered by Friedman) gathered from witness accounts suggesting the material collected at the Foster Homestead was of super strength and highly unusual. It was suggested this material was most certainly not consistent with a weather balloon, with which both Berlitz and Marcel had prior experience. Marcel himself claimed that by the time he posed with the “wreckage” for the media on July 9, the debris had already been switched with material from a weather balloon. The book also gave the account

of Barney Barnett (as told by friends — Barnett had died years earlier), in which the claim was made that Barnett described a flying saucer crash 150 miles west of the Foster Homestead in the Socorro area. Barnett happened to be in the area with a group of archeologists, and they stumbled on the crash of an alien saucer and its occupants, only to be led away by the military. Accounts by other witnesses seemed to suggest the debris from the Socorro crash had been taken to nearby Edwards Air Force Base (located in the Mojave Desert). While the book didn’t draw any outright conclusions, it was suggested that either there were two crashes in New Mexico, or the craft had broken apart and some of the debris had found its way to the Foster Ranch. Further details on the Roswell crash appeared in the 1991 book, UFO Crash at Roswell, written by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmidt. In the book, there were witness accounts of a 400- to 500-foot “gouge” on the Foster Ranch, and other witnesses told of a military cordon and recovery operation. Friedman’s 1992 Crash at Corona included research into the MAJESTIC-12 documents. The documents appeared to be official government documents briefing President Eisenhower about a government agency that’s purpose was to investigate and cover up the information about the In the books and television specials presented throughaliens from the Roswell out the ’80s and ’90s, many ufologists presented evicrash site. dence they felt pointed to a government cover-up of a UFO crash on the Foster Homestead. The book also


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contained witness accounts of at least one alien recovered alive from a crash site, as well as eyewitness descriptions of the crash site, the downed aircraft, and the recovered alien bodies. In the mid-90s, the USAF issued two reports about Roswell, explaining the debris found at the Foster Homestead as being from a weather balloon used in a top-secret government project known as Project Mogul. Furthermore, the reports discounted witness accounts of alien bodies, explaining they were actually crash dummies. Arguments Against the E.T. Explanation Critics of the conclusions drawn in the Roswell books discuss the fact that many witness accounts were accounts of other people’s accounts — in other words, hearsay. According to critics of the witnesses interviewed, only a small percentage actually claimed to have seen the wreckage or had first-hand experience with the debris. Critics also pointed to the lack of credibility of many of the witnesses, and suggested that witnesses came forward only after being paid for their stories. Marcel’s credibility is also called into question, as he originally made public statements identifying the debris as a weather balloon before claiming later the debris was some material the likes of which didn’t seem to be of terrestrial origins. According to critics, Marcel has made several other conflicting statements as well. Another skeptical argument points to the difficulty of a large number of people being able to cover up the events of Roswell, as is suggested happened. Critics also capitalize on the disagreement in the UFO community as to the timeline of events that occurred

at Roswell as evidence the stories of Roswell are most likely myth. According to Karl Pflock, a onetime advocate of the alien interpretation of the Roswell incident, “The case for Roswell is a classic example of the triumph of quantity over quality. The advocates of the crashed-saucer tale . . . simply shovel everything that seems to support their view into the box marked ‘Evidence’ and say, ‘See? Look at all this stuff. We must be right.’ Never mind the contradictions. Never mind the lack of independent supporting fact. Never mind the blatant absurdities.” Wild Theories Proposed to Explain the Roswell Incident In 2007, the book Witness to Roswell by Donald Schmitt and Tom Carey was published. The book made new claims about many of the witnesses previously featured in other Roswell books, but took their accounts further. For the first time, the claim was made that Major Jesse Marcel saw alien bodies. The book also contained an affidavit by Walter Haut, who wrote the original press release on the Roswell incident in 1947. According to Haut’s affidavit, he claims to have seen alien bodies and participated in the coverup. The affidavit was signed by Haut in 2002. At the time of publication of Witness to Roswell, Haut had been dead for two years. Perhaps the most unusual theory of what happened at Roswell is Nick Redfern’s 2005 book, Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story. In his book, Redfern contends that the incident at Roswell didn’t involve a Mogul weather balloon or a crashed UFO. Instead, he said Roswell is the story of a top-secret government program that used the deformed bodies of children and adults in top-secret nuclear experiments.

Critics of the conclusions drawn in the Roswell books discuss the fact that many witness accounts were accounts of other people’s accounts — in other words, hearsay.

According to Redfern, something went horribly wrong with one of the experiments. The crash in Roswell was actually a Horton Brothers flying wing supported by a Japanese flying balloon that contained the bodies of Japanese people who were used as guinea pigs to learn the effects of radiation in a Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA) project. Redfern’s accounts come primarily from the testimony of whistle blowers from inside of the project. The resulting mystery, Redfern claims, is the government’s attempt to cover up the atrocities performed

on human beings who, in post WWII America, were considered expendable. So what really did happen at Roswell? Whether it was a covered up UFO crash, a downed weather balloon, or something else, theories abound. As time marches on, the incidents at Roswell get farther in our collective rear-view mirrors, guaranteeing that eventually those who know the truth will no longer be around to tell their tales. And the most hotly contended debate in the UFO community will continue as an unexplained mystery into perpetuity.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Paranormal History

Close Encounters: Notabl and Alien Abductions By Karen Frazier and Cheryl Knight


hroughout the 20th and 21st Centuries, the world has looked to the skies and wondered if there was anyone out there. While looking up, we occasionally see something that we can’t identify Sometimes, explanations are found, and the UFO suddenly becomes an IFO. Sometimes, we can’t trust our vision. Sometimes, the glimpse of the object in the sky is too brief to be able to get a good look. Sometimes, the judgment of the person reporting the UFO may be questionable. But then there are the cases where the witness (or witnesses) is credible, the object in the sky can be viewed for a long period of time, and it can’t be explained as any known terrestrial object. These are the UFO cases that leave us wondering if we have just been visited by beings from another world. In his book, Flying Saucers and Science, UFO researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman says, “The evidence that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft is overwhelming. In other words, some UFOs are ET spacecraft. Most are not.” The history of the past century is rife with reports of UFO sightings and interactions — many of them


credible. Listed below, you will find some of the more notable UFO “events” from around the world throughout history. ***** 593 BC — Ezekiel saw the wheel. The vision by the prophet, Ezekiel, can be found in the Bible: Ezekiel 1:4 – 1:28. In Ezekiel’s account, he spoke of seeing a ball of metallic fire in the sky. And on the craft, strange creatures. Later, Ezekiel was taken into the sky — presumably by God — but many researchers believe that what Ezekiel describes is a UFO and alien abduction. 328 BC — Great shining silvery shield. A historian from the time of Alexander the Great told of “great shining silvery shields, spitting fire around the rims . . . things that came from the skies and returned to the skies” diving repeatedly at the army. July 1868 — Copipapo, Chile. The first “modern” documented UFO sighting. Described in a local newspaper as a large, flying bird, UFO historians count this as the first documented UFO sighting in modern history. Nov. 17, 1882 — An Unusual Phenomenon. European astronomers

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593 BC — The vision by the prophet, Ezekiel, can b account, he spoke of seeing a ball of metallic fire in

at the Greenwich Royal Observatory had numerous UFO sightings and wrote their findings in professional journals. Described as a disc or zeppelin that was much greater than anything else in the sky, the object was said to have moved across the sky in approximately two minutes. Astronomers of the time determined the object was likely a sunspot storm.

le UFO Sightings, Events, s Throughout History history. In 1917, three young Portuguese children encountered the Virgin Mary. Mary, illuminated by heavenly lights, told the children three secrets about the fate of the Earth. Thousands flocked to Fatima following the children’s encounter. What followed was “The Miracle of the Sun” in which thousands saw the sun appear to dance in the sky. 1941 — The Missouri UFO Crash Retrieval. This event was brought to the public by UFO investigator Leo Stringfield from an account by Charlette Mann. Mann related the story of her grandfather, Reverend William Huffman, who claimed to have been called to the scene of a crashed UFO with dead aliens.

be found in the Bible: Ezekiel 1:4 – 1:28. In Ezekiel’s n the sky. And on the craft, strange creatures.

June 30, 1908 — The Tunguska Event. A large explosion in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia is claimed by some to have been caused by the explosion or crash of a UFO. Oct. 13, 1917 — The Fatima Incident. Believed by many to be a UFO sighting, the Fatima incident is a significant event in religious

1942 — UFO over Hopeh, China. A UFO was reportedly spotted and photographed over Hopeh, China. Masujiro Kiru had found the photograph while looking through his father’s China Campaign (before World War II) photo album. His father had purchased the photograph from a Tientsien street photographer. Feb. 24, 1942 — Battle of Los Angeles. Unidentified aerial objects trigger the military to fire thousands of anti-aircraft rounds into the sky and raise the wartime alert status. The

Los Angeles incident occurred less than three months after America’s entry into World War II as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 1946 — A Wave of Ghost Rockets. In June 1946, a bright light tailed by smoke and the sound of thunder streaked across the skies of Helsinki. The smoke was said to have lingered for 10 minutes. This was the first in a wave of hundreds of reported sightings in the skies over Scandinavia. Reports began to taper off in September. July 24, 1947 — Kenneth Arnold Sighting. Pilot Kenneth Arnold is best known for making what is generally considered the first widely reported unidentified flying object sighting in the United States. He claimed that he saw nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Wash., on June 24, 1947. Arnold described the objects’ shape as resembling a flat saucer or disc, and also described their erratic motion as resembling a saucer skipped across water; from this, the press quickly coining the new terms “flying saucer” and “flying disc.” The U.S. Air Force formally listed the Arnold case as a mirage. July 7, 1947 — The Roswell Incident. Materials are reportedly

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Case Files of the Unknown: Paranormal History home from vacation in New York, Barney and Betty Hill spotted lights in the sky on a deserted road near Portsmouth, N.H. Later, under hypnosis, the Hills recalled being taken aboard an alien spacecraft. The Hill case remains hotly debated to this day. October 1963 — Dexter, Mich., Case. UFO sighting in Dexter, Mich., is explained by Project Blue Book, formerly Project Sign, as “swamp gas,” producing long-term public ridicule.

July 21, 1969 — Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, shortly after Apollo 11’s moon landing, reportedly spotted a UFO.

recovered from a ranch in Roswell, N.M. On July 8, the Roswell Army Airfield issued a press release telling of the recovery of a crashed flying disc. Later that day, it was reported to be a weather balloon. Roswell remains one of the most hotly debated UFO debates today. 1952 — Washington DC UFO Wave. In 1952, UFOs were seen flying over the White House, Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base picked up several unidentified blips on their radar on July 19, 1952. According to Washington National, the blips traveled at about 100 MPH but could accelerate to 7200 MPH. The UFO sightings lasted until July 29. Aug. 1953 — Ellsworth Case. This case, which occurred in August 1953 in Bismarck, N.D., is significant in the fact that it is a radar-visual case. Additionally, the incident was


witnessed by 45 citizens and military personnel. A local citizen reported a red glowing light making sweeping movements across the sky at 8 p.m. on Aug. 5. The object was reported to the Bismarck, N.D., Air Defense Filter Center, and a while later, a Sergeant spotted the lights from a rooftop. The lights were visible in the sky for nearly three hours. At midnight, two F-84 pilots made visual contact with the lights, and one pilot gave chase. Radar indicated that the UFO stayed 5 to 10 miles ahead of the plane until the pilot gave up the chase and went home. 1957 — Antonio Villas Boas incident. Twenty-three-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas claimed to have been abducted and examined by aliens. He also claimed to have had sex with an alien woman during his time aboard a UFO. Sept. 20, 1961 — Barney and Betty Hill Abduction. While traveling

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Dec. 9, 1965 — Kecksburg UFO Incident. Thousands of people in six states and Canada observed a brilliant fireball in the sky. Metal debris rained from the sky as the object streaked across it. Eyewitnesses in Kecksburg, Pa., claimed that something crashed from the sky into the nearby woods. Local fire department volunteers reported finding an acorn-shaped object that was the size of a VW Beetle. There were also claims that the object had hieroglyphics on its surface. The official explanation is that a meteor fell from the sky, although the residents of Kecksburg disagree. 1965 — UFO Landing in Pretoria, South Africa. Reportedly, the UFO was copper colored and about 30 feet in diameter. Within seconds, the object lifted off the road, emitting flames from two tubes or channels on the underside. Later investigation showed that part of the road was caved in as if from a heavy weight, and gravel had been separated from the tar in a severely burned area about six feet in diameter. April 7, 1966 — Portage County Ohio Police Chase. At 5 a.m. on April 7, 1966, in Portage County, Ohio, Sherriff’s deputies saw an

object rising from the ground to the sky. Deputies were ordered by their sergeant to pursue the lighted object, and they did so for 85 miles. As they chased it, police from other jurisdictions spotted the object and joined in. Jan. 25, 1967 — The Betty Andreasson Abduction. South Ashburnham, Mass., was home to one of the most celebrated cases of UFO abduction. Betty Andreasson was working in her kitchen while her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. The family witnessed bright lights invading the house, as well as alien creatures hopping toward the house from the yard. Oct. 4, 1967 — Shag Harbour Incident. A UFO was seen crashing into Shag Harbor. A Canadian naval search follows the reported crash and is officially referred to as a UFO crash. October 1969 — A Peanut Farmer and Future President Spots a UFO. According to former President Carter, “It was the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors, and it was about the size of the moon. We watched it for 10 minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never make fun of people who say they’ve seen unidentified objects in the sky.” Oct. 24, 1968 — Minot Air Force Base. At least 16 ground witnesses and the in-air crew of a B-52 spot a glowing object hovering near Minot AFB, N.D. July 21, 1969 — Space Men on the Moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, shortly after Apollo 11’s moon landing, reportedly spotted a UFO, according to Armstrong. Ham radio operators

Feb. 24, 1942 — During the “Battle of Los Angeles,” unidentified aerial objects trigger the military to fire thousands of anti-aircraft rounds into the sky.

reported picking up transmissions in which Armstrong told NASA of crafts lined up along a crater. 1969 — Project Blue Book Closure. The Air Force closes down Project Blue Book after an independent commission concludes that UFOs were of no scientific interest or threat to national security. 1971 — Delphos, Kansas Landing Ring. Considered one of the best physical trace cases involving UFO landings, the Delphos case began when a teenage boy who was tending sheep in a field spotted a mushroom-shaped craft hovering nearby among some trees. The boy’s parents also spotted the object and arrived just in time to see the object as it disappeared beyond the horizon. The family was shocked to see a glowing ring on the ground just under where the object had hovered. The ring remained, in spite of rain, snow, and other weather.

Oct. 10, 1973 — Pascagoula, Miss., Abduction (Parker, Hickson). Fifteen people see a large, silver UFO fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, La. About 24 hours later, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson are abducted by strange creatures with claw-like hands. 1973 — UFO Studies. The Center for UFO Studies is established by former U.S. Air Force scientist J. Allen Hynek. 1973 — Blue Book Files. Project Blue Book case files are first made available to the public at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. 1975 — The Abduction of Sergeant Charles L. Moody. Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was reportedly abducted by extraterrestrials on August 13, 1975, in Alamogorde, New Mexico. Moody was in the

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Case Files of the Unknown: Paranormal History desert observing a meteor shower when he saw a glowing, metallic, disk-shaped object falling toward the ground about 300 feet away. 1975 — The Travis Walton Abduction. As seven loggers began to head home from a log day of work, they see a “luminous object, shaped like a flattened disc.” Travis Walton, captivated by the sight, left the truck to get a closer look. A blue beam hit Walton, throwing him to the ground. He vanished for five days, and soon begins telling his story of the inside of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. 1976 —The Allagash Abductions. The Allagash Waterway incident included four men enjoying a canoeing trip on the Allagash Waterway. The men encountered a night of terror, reporting missing time and alien abduction. This case has been called by some as one of the most compelling cases of alien abduction.

and early 90s involved thousands of UFO reports. They were first observed by a retired policeman in Kent, New York, late on New Year’s Eve in 1981. 1985 — The Whitley Strieber Abduction. Horror writer Whitley Strieber is abducted by aliens while in his isolated cabin in upstate New York. He says that he encountered four types of alien beings, which subjected him to medical tests. Nov. 6, 1986 — UFOs Accompany a Japanese airliner. On Nov. 6, 1986, the flight crew of Japanese Air Flight 1628 witnessed a UFO that flew with them for approximately 50 minutes

hypnosis, Spencer recalled an odd flying object and an alien abduction. 1989 — Linda Cortile-Napolitano Abduction. Linda Napolitano claimed that she was abducted by so-called Grey aliens, who floated her from a closed bedroom window into a hovering UFO. Several witnesses came forward to substantiate her claims, including a retired telephone operator and a United Nations statesman and his two bodyguards. Researcher Budd Hopkins investigates. 1989-1990 — Belgian Flap. In 1988 and 1989, a wave of triangular UFOs were spotted in the skies over Belgium. The sightings were confirmed by the Belgian government and military. Thousands of Belgian citizens reported seeing the triangular objects, which exhibited flight properties far outside of the properties typically exhibited by earthly craft. Also of note in the case is radar evidence, as well as the fact that virtually every report was of the exact same type of craft.

1977 — The Colares UFO Flap. On the Brazilian island of Colares in 1977, islanders experienced an outbreak of 1997 — You might have seen it on YouTube — historic UFO sightings. During the 1993 — Kelly Cahill Incident. footage of UFOs over Mexico City. On Aug. 6, 1997, a video sightings, the crafts allegedly East of Melbourne, Australia’s was taken of a UFO over the city in broad daylight. attacked citizens with intense Dandenong foothills, Kelly laser beams that left burn Cahill and five others were marks and scars. A Brazillian confronted by a flying saucer doctor examined 35 patients shortly after midnight. The who claimed to have been struck by as they crossed over Alaska. The group reported seeing tall, slim, these beams from the sky — all with UFO was captured on radar. black aliens with glowing red eyes. burns. Two died. A number of scientific organizations 1987 — The Ilkley Moor Alien. A performed subsequent tests of the Nov. 11, 1979 — Manises UFO Inpoliceman named Philip Spencer area and found significant anomalies cident. Three large UFOs forced a claims to have taken a picture of in soil and vegetation samples. commercial flight to make an emeran alien being. The Ilkley Moor in gency landing at Manises airport in Yorkshire, England, was the scene of 1995 — Roswell Update. The U.S. Valencia, Spain. the incident. Spencer was frightened Air Force announces that wreckage but ran after the creature, taking one recovered near Roswell, N.M., in 1980 — Hudson Valley UFO Sightphotograph. Some claim the photo 1947 was weather balloons from the ings. This UFO flap during the 80s taken is of a Grey alien. Through then top secret “Project Mogul.”


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Mar. 13, 1997 — The Phoenix Lights. Thousands of people witness unidentified lights flying over the state of Arizona. Hundreds spot a triangular shaped object over the Phoenix area around 8:30 p.m. And then lights reappear around 10 p.m. the same night. 1997 — Mexico City Footage. You might have seen it on YouTube — historic footage of UFOs over Mexico City. On Aug. 6, 1997, a video was taken of a UFO over the city in broad daylight. Allegedly, more than 100 people witnessed the UFO as it was filmed. Sept. 1, 1999 — North America Sighting. Early in the night of Sept. 1, dozens of people from Canada to Arizona saw glowing trails in the sky that occasionally appeared to break apart and fly in different directions. Several of the objects reportedly behaved as though “maneuvering,” even doubling back in at least one case. The phone lines of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and Art Bell’s Coast to Coast talk-radio program were jammed with sightings. Bell classified the incident as “a major UFO event.” Some witnesses also reported signs of heightened military in the area. One Bell caller saw F-15 fighters scrambling in the Portland, Ore., area “in pursuit of something.” Jan. 5, 2000 — Illinois Event. At least six people, including five police officers, see a large-triangular shaped object fly over Southwestern Illinois. The object glided silently and slowly over several towns before vanishing near the town of Dupo just before 7 a.m. The object which was reported to have several bright lights, was also reported to be as tall as a two-story house and as long as a football field.

1952 — In 1952, UFOs were seen flying over the White House, Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base picked up several unidentified blips on their radar on July 19, 1952. According to Washington National, the blips traveled at about 100 MPH but could accelerate to 7200 MPH.

Oct. 10, 2004 — Queens, New York, Incident. Five flying saucers appeared and were observed by people throughout the Queens and Manhattan area. They UFOs reportedly disappeared one by one. Oct. 31, 2004 — Tinley Park Lights. The Tinley Park Lights refers to a series of five mass UFO sightings that occurred Aug. 21, 2004, in Illinois. Mass sightings were also reported on Oct. 31, 2004, Oct. 1, 2005, and Oct. 31, 2006, in Tinley Park and Oak Park, Illinois, both suburbs of Chicago. April 27, 2005 — White House Evacuation. The White House was evacuated when a UFO entered restricted air space. The UFO eventually disappeared. The episode has been explained as “probably a cloud or several birds.” Nov. 11, 2007 — Chicago O’Hare UFO sighting. United Airlines employees and pilots claimed to have seen a saucer-shaped craft hover

over a Chicago O’Hare Airport terminal, before shooting up vertically. Jan. 8, 2008 — Stephenville, Texas, UFOs. Citizens of Stephenville, Texas, spot UFOs flying over the town. A radar study confirms witness statements. The sightings are still under investigation. Jan. 20, 2009 — Washington, D.C. Presidential Inauguration. A UFO was seen during the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama near the U.S. Capitol. The footage was filmed by a reporter. Jan. 31, 2009 — Aliens in My Living Room. As I write this, my son is watching the movie Mars Attacks. Mom, as a witness, confirms goofy looking aliens and a star-studded cast broadcast in 60-inch glory. But it just goes to prove — we are fascinated by aliens. And if we can’t see UFOs in the sky, we can look to entertainment to give us our fix. Keep looking to the skies!

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Cultural Beliefs

The Alien Abdu

Similarities and Differe

By Binoo’mukua


ohn is a typical person. He has a family, a career, average or above average intelligence, and many friends and acquaintances that he gets along well with. Friends and family describe him as hard working, outgoing, caring, and an overall good person Recently, however, John has not been himself. He has not been sleeping well due to strange, recurring nightmares that he cannot explain. He has been short with his family and easily angered by his coworkers. He complains of a feeling of dread that he cannot shake. John cannot account for his feelings, but knows that they seemed to begin about a month after a strange experience he had while returning home from work one evening. It had been a long day, and John worked well into the evening. Heading home, he left the interstate highway and began the last leg of his trip on a short stretch of rural road that led to his residence. Halfway home, John noticed what appeared to be a bright light in the sky. The light appeared to be getting brighter. John was puzzled since the light seemed to be following his


vehicle. John pulled off of the road for a closer look. As he exited his vehicle, he noticed that the light became extremely bright, as if it was almost on top of him. And then it was gone. Upon entering his vehicle, John noted that the time was two hours later than he previously thought. Attributing this to the long day and the possibility that he had not been keeping track of time in his rush to return home, John started his car. He arrived at his residence a short time later without further incident. After visiting his physician for the rash of problems he was experiencing, the doctor told John that he had symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Following further review, neither John nor his physician could account for any life event that could possibly have triggered PTSD. John was referred to a counselor for further examination. After interviewing John about his symptoms and the events that led up to them, the counselor noted John’s missing time episode. He decided to place him under hypnosis. During his session, John recounted a strange series of events that account-

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Explanations of the abduction phenomenon ran temporary schizophrenia, sleep paralysis, and m conspiracy theories involving a government dea citizens in exchange for technology.

uction Phenomena:

ences Across Cultures

nge from seizures, night terrors, hallucinations, memory repression caused by child abuse to al to allow extraterrestrials to experiment on

ed for the two hours of missing time that he claimed to have experienced. In his hypnotic state, John told the counselor that as he stepped from his vehicle to observe the object he thought was following him, he was suddenly struck in the chest by a blinding beam of light and rendered paralyzed. He was then levitated toward a light above him, where he entered what appeared to be a craft of some sort. There, he was surrounded by “beings� that led him to what appeared to be an examination room. John described these beings as three to five feet tall with greyish skin, large heads, no nose, a slit for a mouth, and large, almond-shaped, dark eyes with no pupils. Known as Greys by UFO researchers, one of these beings telepathically communicated with John in an attempt to calm him. Others performed a series of examinations on him that caused him abject pain. After the examination, John was returned to his vehicle and the craft sped off. The counselor noted that John was becoming increasingly agitated and experiencing extreme fear, so he ended the session.

Abductions in Western Cultures This is a typical account of the Western abduction phenomenon, or AP. Formally known as an alien abduction, researchers now use the term AP in an attempt to minimize any ridicule that may be directed at those who report this phenomenon. In this article, we will examine the Western AP and the various stages of this phenomenon, and also AP reports from other cultures, noting their similarities and differences. Since the alien abduction case of Barney and Betty Hill was widely publicized in the 1960s, AP has been the focus of many scientists and researchers from around the world. While many mainstream scientists do not believe that these cases have occurred as reported and attribute them to psychosocial issues, others are adamant that the accounts of those who claim to be abducted while under hypnosis are absolute proof that we are not alone. Explanations of this phenomenon range from seizures, night terrors, hallucinations, temporary schizophrenia, sleep paralysis, and memory repression caused by child abuse to conspiracy theories involv-

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Cultural Beliefs ing a government deal to allow extrapsychosocial causative measures as Soviet Union — a socialized society terrestrials to experiment on citizens the reason for the abduction phewith emphasis placed on producin exchange for technology. nomenon, will argue that the inundation — many accounts of the beings Several noted researchers have tion of these images to society since encountered in AP reports are examined AP over the years, includthe 1950s when the general interest robot-like or mechanical in naing Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard in science fiction movies and novels ture. In the more remote and rural psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, neurowas at its peak is one reason for the places of the world, the creatures scientist Dr. Michael Persinger, and phenomenon. encountered in AP reports will be psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, In other cultures where the of a magical nature, such as fairies, to name a few. Since the focus interest in science fiction is not as elves, and brownies. of this article is the cross-cultural predominant, the Greys are almost In Western cultures, these comparison of AP, however, space non-existent in AP reports. creatures seem benign. As through constraints do not allow for stories and movies with an in-depth discussion of which we have all become their findings. Suffice it to familiar, this is how they say, most of their research have been portrayed. Howlead them to psychosocial, ever, in cultures where physical, or cultural conthese creatures are an inclusions. tegral part of their mytholWhile the Western ogy, they are perceived in a AP reports have received different light altogether. much publicity and interest Believing that these from researchers over the creatures can cause great years, AP accounts from harm, they are blamed other cultures and counfor everything from child tries have become wideabduction to crop failures, spread in recent years, difand are feared by many. fering in content from their Interestingly enough, reWestern counterparts. ports such as these can be Research shows that traced back to the Middle most Western accounts Ages, where people rouinvolve the beings known tinely reported encounters as Greys, slender beings with demons. approximately three to five In many cases, the Many Native American and Australian Aboriginal tribes have various feet tall, with greyish skin, beings encountered had cultural myths that have similarities to the abduction phenomenon. a large head, and dark, numerous similarities to almond-shaped eyes with modern-day AP reports. no pupils. They are deThese creatures reportAbduction Phenomena in scribed as having no nose and only edly could walk through walls and Non-Western Cultures a slit for a mouth, and they seem to communicate telepathically. They In other cultures from around communicate telepathically, both to supposedly lived in the sky and had the world, the beings reported are the abductees and to each other. sexual relations with the humans of a spiritual nature, taking on the While other creature types have they encountered. persona of the mythical creatures been reported in Western APs, One typical case that comes that exist within that culture. These the Greys seem to be the predomito mind from that period involves can include reports of demons, fairnant paradigm. They are the most reports of “night terrors.” These ies, elves, brownies, night hags, and well-recognized, as they have been creatures would supposedly appear a myriad of others, all pertaining to featured predominantly in many to their victims at night, sitting on the the local culture or region in which sci-fi films and magazines since the person’s chest and making it difficult the AP is reported. early 1980s. for the victim to breath. People who For instance, in the former Some researchers, who support encountered the night terror re-


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ported that they were aware of what was happening to them, but were paralyzed and unable to do anything about it. Native Populations and Abduction Phenomena Many Native American and Australian Aboriginal tribes have various cultural myths that have similarities to the abduction phenomenon; however, caution must be used when seeking correlations to their mythologies and AP reports. The reason for this is that their mythologies are based on “Culture Heroes,” an anthropological term defined as a mythological hero specific to some group or culture. Though some of these myths may seem similar to AP reports, we cannot ethically interpret these to be representative of other cultural phenomenon. To illustrate this point, we can look to the Shaman and their experiences to find similarities. In any native tribe, the Shaman is considered an integral and respected part of their society. They are responsible for healing and guidance regarding both past and future events, and are believed to be imbued with magical powers bestowed upon them by the Gods. In his 1996 study on “Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible UFO Connections,” Bill Chalker, researcher and author of the Oz Files recounts that “Many of the accounts of ritualistic initiation bear striking parallels to modernday UFO contactee and abduction lore. The aboriginal shamanic ‘experience of death and rising again’ in the initiation of tribal ‘men of high degree’ finds some fascinating parallels with modern day UFO abduction lore. “The ‘chosen one’ (either voluntarily or spontaneously) is set upon by ‘spirits’, ritualistically ‘killed,’ and

then experiences a wondrous journey (generally an aerial ascent to a strange realm) to meet the ‘sky god.’ “He is restored to life — a new life as the tribal shaman. Ritual death and resurrection, abduction by powerful beings, ritual removal or rearrangement of body parts, symbolic disembowelment, implanting of artifacts, aerial ascents and journeys into strange realms, alien tutelage and enlightenment, personal empowerment, and transformation — these and many other phenomena are recurring elements of the extraordinary shamanic tradition.” Different Creatures, Common Elements As you can see, while many cul-

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” —Carl Sagan tures have AP reports, the creatures encountered can be vastly different from their Western counterparts. However, similarities do exist. In most cases, a typical pattern can be derived from AP reports regardless of the creatures involved. These are as follows: 1. Capture: In this phase, the abductee reports being taken against their will and is helpless to do anything about it. A floating sensation or levitation is also reported in association with bright lights. This is not dissimilar to reports of near-death or out-of-body experiences. 2. Exam and experimentation: In this phase, the abducted under-

goes a number of tests and experimentations that are reported as painful, and many times are sexual in nature. 3. Consultation: Many of those abducted report conversations with their captors. The subjects of these discussions range from the intended goal of their captors to dire warnings regarding the Earth and changes that must be made by humans in order to avoid a coming disaster or life changing event. 4. Loss of Time: Most of those abducted report a loss of time that correlates to their capture. 5. Return: The abducted is returned to the place where they were taken from, usually disoriented and without memory. The exception to this phase is the Shamanistic myths mentioned earlier. In these cases, the Shamans reported feeling sickened and slightly disoriented, but their memory of the events were intact. Continue to Explore the Abduction Phenomena Throughout this article, I have made every attempt to present the information here in as neutral a way as I can. As a scientist, I am neither a sceptic nor believer. I prefer to remain on the middle ground, keeping an open mind on all matters. I hope that the information presented here has provoked as much thought in you, the reader, as it has me. I also hope that you can continue your own research on the matter, for it truly is an interesting subject. In closing, I will leave you with this quote by Carl Sagan, a great scientist who did not believe that extraterrestrials were visiting Earth, although he did believe that we are not alone in the vastness of the universe: “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” Until next time.

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Quantum Musings

Are We There Yet, Scotty? By Jim Frazier


have a confession to make. I read a lot of science-fiction (probably too much), and I believe in extraterrestrial life. There are just too many stars out there for life to only exist in one backwater spiral arm of a nondescript galaxy. I’m usually the consistent skeptic, but I have to go with my gut on this one. We are not alone. Whether any of the life out there is intelligent (relative to life here) is a crapshoot, because they never call, write, or leave messages on our Facebook pages. Some say they stalk us, abducting us in the middle of the night for some good, old-fashioned cavity probing, but I highly doubt that. The main reason they can’t easily come here is the same reason we can’t go there. It’s a heck of a long ways away. Don’t forget that our nearest neighboring star is more than four lightyears (about 35 trillion miles) away. See, there really are numbers that dwarf the national debt. Andromeda, our nearest similar galaxy, is about 2.5 million light years away, so the frequent-flier miles really start to add up fast. For the sake of argument, let’s say that ET did want to come visit us, but wasn’t able to violate the ba-


sic laws of physics any more than we can. What kind of ship would he/ she/it need for such a journey? Conventional wisdom would dictate that since there’s no air in space to create drag, they can go as fast as they wanted. Sadly, this is not the case, since nothing made of Warp drives or worm holes would almost certainly be necesmatter can exceed sary to move vast distances through space. the speed of light. While light-speed any other gas, save a molecule or two is the natural speed limit of matter of hydrogen every cubic yard. in our universe, even reaching it There is the occasional microborders on the impossible. We’ll meteorite, which one would need a go into why that is and what kind of shield to avoid being shredded like technologies a species would have an Enron tax document. We’ll call to possess in order to make such that technology number one. interstellar visits a reality. Technology #1: Shielding First of all, open space is not conducive to a long and happy life. It’s cold in space, within spitting distance of absolute zero. There’s no air, nor

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Technology #2: Protection Then there’s the acceleration issue. Acceleration creates force on any object having mass, including ET. One Earth-standard gravity will accelerate an object 9.8 meters every second.

Light speed is about 300 million meters per second. A little simple math gives you 30.6 million seconds (50 weeks or so) to hit the top end. If you had sufficient power, you could certainly accelerate faster than one gravity, but at some point even the Hulk couldn’t brush his teeth. Unless you can find a way to dampen the effects of the g-force, two g is about all a person could take for long. Unless ET is made of something resembling a steel-belted truck tire, that’s one more technology he would need. Technology #3: Warp Drive and Worm Holes Of course, they’d never actually get to light-speed, because the energy required to accelerate increases exponentially as you approach it. It’s called relativistic mass, and it means that the faster you go, the heavier you get. Think of it as payback for E=mc2. Even in zero-drag space, it still takes more energy to accelerate a heavier object, and the increase is considerable (at best). We know that acceleration itself can crush us like grapes, but nobody knows what effect all that added mass would have on living tissue. I can’t imagine that even one g would be very comfortable when your head weighs more than a sumo wrestler. If ET wants to get here in any reasonable amount of time, he’s going to have to find a shortcut. That means either compressing space (warp drive) or tunneling through it (wormholes). Either way would be technology number three. Technology #4: Fuel We have approached light-speed here on Earth, but only with the aid of huge particle accelerators. The new 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland can accelerate a small clump of protons to 99.9999% light-speed in a few passes,

but we’re talking about a mere smidgen of nonliving matter, and the energy usage is so great that the LHC can’t be run in winter without collapsing Europe’s power grid. So, in effect, you’d need an infinitely powerful engine with unlimited fuel, or at least the ability to harvest your fuel on the way. That’s technology number four. Scientists have Could the Bussard Ramjet be the answer to helping reverse thrust to slow down a speeding space craft? long studied an electromagnetic scoop called a Bustake your foot off the gas. I suppose sard Ramjet, which you could use the scoop field to could capture those stray hydroparachute into the solar wind, but that gen molecules and fuse them in a might merely reduce the size of your constricting magnetic field. Current impact crater. An interesting idea, but fusion reactors (yes, they exist) only not ready for prime-time just yet. generate about 1% of the energy that it takes to create the magnetic field, Technology #5: Supplies but at really high speed the atoms So why is it so important to get could be smashed into each other near light-speed in a manned vehicle? without using a lot of power. One of the tenets of Einstein’s Theory However, even if such a design of Relativity is that time is dependent could be engineered, there are still on speed (relative to light). As you two drawbacks. The rate of fuel intake approach light-speed, time slows (just (and therefore the fusion thrust) is proas mass increases). Slower relative time portional to the velocity of the scoop, means faster travel and less need for while the thrust required to accelerate air, food, and toothpaste. further increases exponentially with Try finding a friendly Klingon velocity (relativistic mass).This means mini-mart in the Horseshoe Nebula. that top speed will be well below that Since recycling will only go so far, of light (although a high fraction will ET is going to need a replicator to still get you there eventually). turn raw energy into whatever he Secondly, what happens when eats, drinks, and breathes. Technolit’s time to slow down? Even if you ogy number five. could reverse the thrust while keepAll of this super-advanced ing the scoop pointed forward, your technology just to visit one backwater thrust would fall off greatly as you spiral arm in a nondescript galaxy. slowed down. Objects in motion tend No wonder Scotty drank so much. to remain that way, so you can’t just

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Fiction: Featured Author

The Last Woman By Liz Hernandez


ilvia opened her eyes. Her back and neck hurt like hell. God, what the hell happened? she thought to herself. Something heavy was keeping her from turning over, and it was hot. A rough, wet tongue licked her in the face, and she could hear whimpering. When she tried to focus her eyes, she could see a red glow over to her left. The wind was blowing through a large hole, and it was blowing hot like the fires of hell. She tried to sit up. There was a large boulder pinning her against the wall of the cave. A cave, I’m in a cave, she lay there trying to remember. ***** First came the news that Iran and the U.S. were squaring off, swearing to stop the other from using their nuclear weapons. Then the word came over television and radio that the talks had failed. Iran launched more than 10,000 atomic warheads toward the United States, Russia, Israel, Africa, Australia, and Japan. The United States retaliated with missiles of their own, hitting targets all over the world. It all came back to her now: packing food, water, clothing, blankets, and a first aid kit. Calling Rowdy, her husky, and getting in her jeep. She fought traffic because all the roads out of town were congested. It


crawled most of the way. She could hear gunshots and screams coming from the streets as the population of Burbank fought their way into stores. Friends and neighbors were fighting each other — fighting for their lives. Sylvia drove as fast as she could, not stopping for the hands reaching out and trying to pry their way into her jeep at every intersection. It was a wild ride through the streets and onto the interstate. Two hours later, she took the

They heard the whistling sound at the same time. Sylvia looked up, and couldn’t believe her eyes. Big Bear turn-off that headed up into the mountains. She knew a spot, a place that she had gone as a child with her father and older brother to fish and camp. Silvia headed up and up until she could see an opening through the trees just wide enough for her Jeep to get through. She stopped, listened, and looked around. She heard only silence. Taking the turn, she bounced along a logging road for about five miles. She reached the clearing. The

Paranormal Underground February 2009

campsite sat on a cliff with only a narrow path leading about 100 feet down to the lake. The air was fresh and clean and the sky bright blue. As Rowdy romped stretching his legs, Silvia drove her jeep next to the mountain side and unloaded her supplies into a cave. She had learned from her father that you set up your camp before you do anything else. A lump formed in her throat as she thought of her parents and her brother. She was unable to reach either of them as she fled the city. But they had discussed this day, and her father always told her this would be a place of refuge for them all. She knew that guns and ammunition were buried in the cave, and she knew how to use them. Rowdy came up to her and sat down. They heard the whistling sound at the same time. Sylvia looked up, and couldn’t believe her eyes. Five missiles flew overhead, racing across the sky headed toward Los Angeles. “Rowdy come!” she screamed, heading into the dark cave. She went back as far as she could go until she was behind a huge boulder. They reached the space just as a rumble hit the mountain, shaking it and filling her lungs with a thick, choking dust. Something hit her head, and her world went black. ***** Rowdy licked her face again.

She reached up and put her arms around his large neck. “Pull, Rowdy.” He pulled. Her shirt was caught. Remembering the size of the boulder, she was surprised she hadn’t been crushed. Her shirt ripped as she pulled herself free. God, she was thirsty and so hot. She got up slowly, checking Rowdy and herself in the process. They were both uninjured. Sylvia approached the entrance of the cave carefully. The heat was unbearable. Looking out, she got her first look at what was to be her new home. Most of the trees around the cave were still standing. As she went out into the scorching heat, she saw that the sky was full of smoke, and the view from the cliff showed the level of destruction below. Her Jeep had been blown off the cliff and was floating down in the lake. Fires raged in all four directions. Farther away on the horizon, there was a large mushroom cloud hovering over what was once Los Angeles. It was flat with nothing standing for miles. It started to rain, and she headed back into the cave with Rowdy at her side. She went to her supplies and opened a bottle of water. Taking a large drink, she turned and filled Rowdy’s mouth. She opened another bottle. When they both had their fill, she sat back and hugged her friend. “We have to conserve water, baby. I don’t know when, or if, we will find fresh water anywhere.” The storm raged outside for five days, thunder and lightning lighting up the cave, but it started to blow cooler air. She and Rowdy slept and ate cold canned food. On the sixth morning, she awoke to complete stillness. Sylvia got up and looked out. The view had changed. The sky was gray, but the air was clean. When she looked down the cliff, the lake had turned into a torrid river, with debris and mud rushing down the

The campsite sat on a cliff with only a narrow path leading about 100 feet down to the lake. It started to rain, and she headed back into the cave with Rowdy at her side.

mountainside. Her Jeep was long gone, but by some miracle her shelter and all above it was safe. Nothing moved. There was just weak sunlight trying to filter its way through the absolute stillness. Silvia felt a tear slip down her cheek. This part of the mountain had been God’s country. Normally, it was full of wildlife. It’s all gone, she thought, gone in an instant of insanity. She returned to the cave and started a small fire. Finding the canned soup, she sat down with Rowdy to feast on their first hot meal in over a week. For the next 10 days, she watched the river below. Each day it became smaller, until it was only a few feet across. Dead trees and debris were left behind, including cars, pieces of cabins — all strewn about like toys. ***** The next morning Silvia decided to explore. She packed a small knapsack and started down the path with Rowdy by her side.

“I’m so glad you’re with me pal,” she said. “I can face the end of the world as long as you’re with me!” She started to laugh and then stopped in her tracks. Rowdy looked up at her. The end of the world, she thought. Is it? If so, why did I survive? Am I the only one? “That’s what we need to find out Rowdy.” She continued down the path until she reached the bottom of the cliff. Looking up, she saw that her little sanctuary was completely hidden from below. “We’ll spend our nights up there until we know for certain what’s going on with the rest of the mountain.” The complete and utter stillness was what she noticed as she stepped around the carcasses of dead animals and debris. “Rowdy, no!” she said as she saw him nosing around a pile of what looked like garbage. But it wasn’t garbage. Silvia was horrified when she realized that it was a body.

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Fiction: Featured Author “Don’t touch it.” She grabbed his collar and pulled him away. Rowdy growled deep in his throat, and she took another look at the body. It was a man in his early-twenties. The top of his head was gone, and he had been gutted like a fish. All of his internal organs were missing. “Some kind of animal survived, Rowdy. And a large one from the looks of it.” She continued down the mountainside. They traveled about a mile when they heard a gunshot. It sounded far away, but it echoed through the stillness. “I’m sure that was a gunshot,” she told Rowdy, hushing him as they came to a small rise. Over the ridge, she saw two men sitting with their backs to a pile of logs. Empty beer cans littered the ground around them. They had set up a crude camp with a small tent and campfire. They were drunk. Silvia touched Rowdy’s back, and they backed slowly away from the scene. Returning to the cave, Silvia started to shake. “Is that all that is left — murdering drunken men?” she asked Rowdy. They sat in the cave as night settled in. Not knowing what else was out there, they had a cold camp. Just as she started to fall asleep, she heard terrified screams followed by gun shots, and then silence. They spent the next few days close to the cave. Finding the binoculars she’d packed, Sylvia kept a constant visual surveillance. ***** After a few more days, Sylvia told Rowdy, “We’re getting low on water and supplies. We can’t stay here.” She went into the cave and dug up the rifle and a box of ammunition that was buried. They started quietly down the path and soon returned to the men’s campsite. Both men were dead and gutted.


The tops of their heads were ripped open and their brains were missing. “Just like the man in the river,” Sylvia said, holding her hand over her nose and mouth. “No animal did this.” Leaving the campsite, they worked their way slowly down the mountain. The air became thicker, laden with a foul smell. Rowdy was becoming more spooked, stopping and sniffing every few feet. “We need to find shelter before it gets dark, pal. I don’t know what killed those men, but I sure as hell don’t want to run into it in the dark.” As they stopped to take a drink, she heard Rowdy’s growl followed by a click. Next came the sound

of a man’s voice. “OK, that’s close enough. Drop the rifle.” She did as she was told, afraid to turn around. Rowdy growled again. “Tell the dog to back off. I don’t want to shoot him,” the voice said. “Rowdy, sit,” she instructed him, and Rowdy lay down next to the rifle. Silvia turned around slowly to see a gun pointed at her head. The man was tall and dressed in green pants and shirt. He looked to be a ranger of some sort. His face was shadowed by a few days growth of beard, and his clothes were dirty and torn, but he was sober and alone. They stood and

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stared at each other, each assessing the threat of the other. “Who are you?” the man spoke first. “And why are you wandering around up here alone?” “My name is Silvia Reynolds, and I’m not alone up here!” she said acidly. “There are 20 or 30 of us. We made it up just before the bombs hit.” “Twenty or 30 of you,” he laughed. “I doubt that.” He looked at the darkening sky. “We need to get out of the open,” he said. “They’ll be out soon.” “Who will?” Sylvia asked. “I’m not sure what to call them,” he said. He turned and started up the hill. Picking up her rifle, Sylvia followed him until he came to an opening hidden by dead logs and trees in the side of the mountain. She snickered to herself. Out of one cave and into another. This cave was a lot larger, and there was a stack of boxes and bottled water. “Make yourself at home.” Silvia noticed a shiny black off-road, four-wheel pickup in the middle of the cave. “You are prepared,” she told him. “I lost my Jeep when the floods came.” “Ohhh, the one all 20 or 30 people came in,” he laughed. She smiled. “OK, so maybe there aren’t that many. It’s just me and Rowdy.” “Are you hungry?” the man asked. He reached into a pan on the fire pit and brought out a piece of meat. “Here ya go, fella.” Rowdy looked up at Silvia with a look of longing. “Go ahead,” she said. The dog walked over and took the meat from the man. He circled twice, lay down, and chewed with rapture. “My name is Mike,” he said holding out his hand, “Mike Smith. I’m a ranger. Well I was a ranger before the bombs fell,” he corrected

himself. “We keep this cave here in case of forest fires, and we could live in it for years. It goes back at least a mile, and is well-stocked.” Silvia told her story as Mike built a small fire and put on a pot of coffee. “I haven’t had coffee for so long. How long has it been since the bombs dropped?” she asked. “Almost a month,” he told her. “Long enough for them to change.” “For who to change?” ***** “Well,” he started, “The first wave of bombs took out most of the population, but the second wave was the worst. They contained some kind of chemicals. Anyone unlucky enough to have survived the initial blast was infected. It turned them into some kind of mindless monster.” “I think I ran across some of their victims,” she said shuddering. “They had the tops of their heads ripped open, and the brains were gone, and they had been gutted like a fish.” “Yep, that’s what they do,” Mike said, throwing the last dregs of coffee on the ground. “Are you sure you’re not hungry?” “No, I’m just tired.” “I’m taking the truck tomorrow and going out the back way down the mountain, taking fire roads down to the valley, and that will take me to the coast highway into Malibu. That should give us an idea how L.A. is. I may not get far, and I don’t know how bad it will be. You and Rowdy can come with me,” he told Silvia. “We’re going,” she said without hesitation. “What about the cities? There are a million people in L.A. They can’t all be dead or like those monsters,” she said thinking of her parents and brother. “We don’t know how bad it is, but if some survived the bombs or, like us, are in a shelter, they may be okay. If anyone is alive, they need

us. We’ll find them and bring them back up here. We can live in this cave for a long time. The more there are of us, the easier it will be to clean out these mountains. I don’t think there are many of them left up here. Something about the first blast of the bombs messed up their eyes and they only come out at night.” He continued, “I have found a lot of them in hidey holes and caves and killed them. But they’ve run out of fresh meat. They’ve already killed any survivors that, like us, were behind rocks and thought they could come out. Get a good night’s sleep. I want to leave at dawn.” Silvia and Rowdy curled up next to the fire. Her dreams were full of monsters and family. *****

As far as the eye could see, there were burned out shells of vehicles littering the highway. She awoke to the smell of coffee and was on her feet in a second. “Good morning,” Mike said. “How did you sleep?” “Fine,” she lied. After breakfast and clean up, Mike packed the truck. As he pulled out of the cave, Rowdy jumped in the back. They pulled out and started down the fire road. They had to stop every few yards to clear dead trees or logs from the road as they traveled the ten miles to the highway. Rowdy was standing in the back of the truck with his head up and his tongue lolling out of his mouth. His tail was wagging in excitement. Looking in the rearview mirror, Mike said, “That’s a great dog you have there.”

“Yeah,” Silvia answered. “I found him at the animal shelter where I work. I’m a vet. He was the only survivor of a bag full of puppies that someone threw off a bridge. He was only five weeks old.” She told him about herself, her family, and their trips into the mountains. Mike listened while taking Sylvia’s measure. She’d shown little emotion as she talked about finding the bodies. Her courage was apparent as she told the story of her flight out of the city. With short brown hair, clear skin, and dark brown eyes she was beautiful. Mike hit the brakes. The bomb’s destruction lay across the road in front of them. “This must be the edge of the radius of the first few blasts,” Mike said, looking out the windshield. As far as the eye could see, there were burned out shells of vehicles littering the highway. Some were melted together, and others were in the ditches all along the shoulder. “We can’t get through this mess. These cars must have been trying to leave the city but got caught.” Neither one mentioned that there were no bodies in any of the vehicles. “Hang on to your britches Silvia, this is going to get rough,” Mike said, putting it into 4-wheel-drive and driving into the ditch. As they got closer to the coast road, the going got slower. There were cliffs all along the sides of the canyons, and Mike had to back up and go around, sometimes for miles. They followed all the side and fire roads that Mike knew. Soon they were on the Pacific Coast Highway. On the beaches, million dollar homes were stacked into large piles of rubble. Two cruise ships were lying on their sides like beached whales. Mounds of dead sea life were everywhere. Mike drove around as many of

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Fiction: Featured Author the abandoned cars as possible. He looked at his watch. “It’s going to be dark soon. We need to go inland and find a place to spend the night.” Driving along the burned tree line, Mike kept the highway in sight until they came to the remains of what appeared to be small cabin that had burned to the ground. It had a few heat damaged steel out buildings that were still intact and could serve as a place of safety. He pulled behind one. Mike pried the shed open. It would do as a place to sleep. Rowdy lay down and went to sleep, and Mike and Silvia dozed. The sky was starting to turn to dusk when Mike sat up. ***** “What’s that?” he asked, listening closely. “I don’t know,” Silvia said, her throat going dry. Mike grabbed his weapon and headed for the door. A large man who appeared to be a police officer pushed his way in, and headed for Silvia. She screamed, and Rowdy jumped “the thing” from behind. It fell on his face, while Rowdy tore at its leg. It yelled like a wounded animal and continued to crawl and drag its way toward Silvia. Another one came through the door, slobbering and moaning with empty dead eyes. Mike shot him between the eyes, and then turned and shot the one in the back of the head. Rowdy started for the door of the shed just as two men came through the door both holding sawed off shot guns. Mike started to aim the rifle. “No! Wait,” the man yelled. “We’re not one of them.” Rowdy sat with his teeth barred watching, as Mike lowered his weapon. “I thought you were another one of those things.” “No, we have been tracking these two and thought we had them


cornered until we heard the lady scream.” Sylvia looked down at the two corpses. “They smell,” she said, holding her nose. “That’s one of the things that gives them away,” the man said. “Well, I need fresh air,” Mike said, as Silvia and Rowdy followed one of the men out the door. The other man found a gas can in the shed, poured it on the two dead bodies, lit a match, and quickly shut the door. The men introduced themselves. “Mike Smith,” Mike said, holding out his hand. “My name’s Hank Royal,” the biggest and older of the two men said. “I’m Jerry,” the other man said. “Hank’s my dad.”

It yelled like a wounded animal and continued to crawl and drag its way toward Silvia. “I’m Silvia Reynolds. This is Rowdy,” Sylvia said. “We have a camp up about a mile into the brush,” Hank said. “There are 10 of us. You are welcome to join us if you want, at least for the night. Wouldn’t travel any father tonight if I were you.” Mike whistled at Rowdy, who jumped into the bed of the truck. They followed the men’s SUV up the trail in the dark. They stopped in a small clearing at the top of the timber line. There were five or six assorted cars, trucks, and vans in a group parked around a fire pit. Everyone in the clearing had come to attention and stood with guns pointed at the pair. They

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lowered them when Hank appeared and gave the OK sign. Rowdy jumped out of the truck and stood guard over Silvia as introductions were made. As they sat around the fire, Silvia took a drink of warm beer and listened as the men talked about what it was like in the cities. “You don’t want to go into Los Angeles,” one man said. “There is nothing standing, not even the tallest of the buildings made it, just miles and miles of rubble. It took a direct hit from at least three of the bombs. Anyone in the surrounding towns that survived is prey to the undead or the trash that got out of the jails and prisons. I don’t know which is worse.” It was then that Silvia asked a question she had been afraid to ask. “What about the women and children?” she said softly. “The children were the first to die,” he said. Their immune systems weren’t strong enough to be a host to the virus, which is a blessing if you think of it. And the women . . .” his voice trailed off. All was silent as every eye turned to stare at Silvia. “Very few have been seen. You’re the first one we have seen for over a month. They started dying from the virus the first day. You may be the last woman alive in this area.” Silvia jumped as a log fell into the fire and snapped and cracked. She looked at the men around the pit. Mike got a tighter grip on his rifle and moved over protectively toward her. Hank noticed. “Don’t worry about Silvia. We all had wives and girlfriends. She’s safe with us. The way we figure it, we are the last of the civilized world. We all need each other to survive. I know there are more women out there. We just have to find them.” Everyone laughed nervously. Silvia wasn’t convinced as the men sat back down and picked up their beer.

She sat as close to Mike as she could. The talk continued late into the night. One by one the men wandered off to sleep. Sylvia found a spot near the fire, and she fell into a restless sleep next to Rowdy. The next few days were spent inching their way toward the city, with nights spent in caves and buildings still standing all along the coast. Rowdy proved to be valuable. His nose could find the monsters where they slept. Silvia got used to hearing the gun shots and the sounds that came with the death of another of the Night Men, as she called them. Along the way they had picked up a few more survivors that had escaped the bombs and the virus. No women, no children, and no one over the age of 50.

had once been fathers, sons, grandfathers, city officials, police, fire, and government of one of the most populated countries in the world. Hank, Jerry, Mike, and Silvia, and a group of 20 other haggard and ragged men finally made their way out of the city. It took two days. The last night was spent on the beach, each taking turns going into the surf, to be alone, to cry over memories of family and friends that were gone forever. They cleansed themselves of the stink and horror of what had happened to their world and tried to come to terms with what they knew was the beginning of a new life. *****

***** On the fourth day, they went down the cliffs for their first view of Los Angles. The smell was almost unbearable. Rubble, bridges, and skyscrapers were stacked hundreds of feet into the air. Nothing moved. A city of more than 2 million people was completely obliterated. As darkness came, so came the Night Men. They came out of the shadows and rubble by the hundreds, but for the first time, Mike and Silvia saw that they were turning on each other. They had run out of fresh prey. Nothing else lived but their own rotting bodies, mindless and hungry. The group watched from the piles of cement and steel, slowly backing out the same way they had come into the city. As the killing went on, the smell was so bad that they had gone unnoticed in the carnage as the night men went about the business of their own demise. That was the way the days passed, killing as many of the ones that had escaped the fury. The group began seeing more and more bodies of the Night Men, men that

The next morning, they climbed back into mountains, back to the camp, back to the cars and trucks, and back to the clean clear air. Hank made fresh coffee and dug out cans of food and pots and pans. Silvia and Mike helped cook, and after a much needed supper, they all sat around the fire talking. Hank spoke first. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have seen enough to know I won’t go into any more cities. Jerry and I are going to head north, try to get to the East Coast. Maybe by the time we get there, all of those rotting bastards will have killed themselves off.

And maybe we will find more survivors. We can’t be the only ones left. Maybe some women did survive. If they did, I want to find them.” The other men were talking among themselves about where they wanted to go. Mike looked at Silvia, and they both knew where they wanted to go, back to their mountain, back to their cave. Together. ***** The next morning, they all said their goodbyes and headed off either alone or in small groups. Mike, Silvia, and Rowdy drove most of the day. They stopped once when Rowdy started barking loudly, whining and trying to jump out of the pickup truck. Mike pulled over, and Rowdy jumped out of the truck. “No! No!” Silvia screamed. “Rowdy, come back! Come back!” Just then, out came Rowdy followed by the most beautiful female German shepherd. They hopped and jumped at each other, and both climbed into the back of the truck. Mike and Silvia laughed. “Well I’ll be darned,” Mike said. “Atta boy, pal. Good for you. She’s a beauty,” he smiled at Silvia, and they started up through the valley, up and up through the fire roads until they came to their own cave. As they stood on the top of the mountain, they looked down over the stillness. The sun was going down, and the sky was a brilliant gold. They watched until it had gone down below the horizon. Mike turned and took Silvia in his arms. “Hmmmm,” he said. “The last woman. I’m sure glad I found you,” he said, kissing her slowly. Silvia shivered with anticipation, and they turned and walked into the cave. “Come on Eve,” Mike said to Sylvia. “We have a world to create.” THE BEGINNING

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 71

Personal Experiences

Diary From a Haunted Hotel By Carolyn M. Hughes


hen I began working as a night auditor a year and a half ago at Quality Inn at General Lee’s Headquarters, located on the Gettysburg battlefield, I anticipated experiencing nothing more interesting than having some bizarre request from a guest. However, I never expected my spirit friends to visit so often or to hear so many accounts of activity from unsuspecting guests. I never thought they would alert us to their presence in so many creative ways, or for there to be so much activity involved. I am of the personal belief that spirits only want us to know they are still here and not to forget what happened here, for it is on this ground that they truly gave their “last full measure of devotion.” Here is my ongoing diary of my experiences within the hotel . . .

Tues., Dec. 22 1:30 a.m. I was sitting in the office watching T.V., and I heard two loud thuds that sounded like something large hitting the front lobby portion of the building. I immediately went to the front door and stepped outside. There was nothing on the ground and no damage to the front of the building.


“I was on my way into the lobby to get some coffee and looked out the front door. I witnessed three flashes of bright light appearing several feet apart and at varying heights over the parking lot.”

Tues., Dec. 22 3:07 a.m. I had been sitting for quite a while reading and got up to stretch. I walked to the front desk and looked out the front door to check the weather. It was a bright, clear night. As I was looking out the window, I witnessed what appeared to be several quick flashes of bright light that appeared to be rod-like in shape just

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a few feet above the covered pool. There is a road to the left of the hotel and miles of battlefield that surrounds the entire property. There were no cars or trucks traveling on the road adjacent to the hotel at the time. I stood observing the outside security lights for more than 10 minutes to make sure they were not blinking and/or faulty. They were not. I confirmed the fact that there were no complaints and/or comments from any other night auditor

regarding faulty security lights with maintenance in the morning.

Wed., Dec. 24 6:45 p.m. The hotel is getting a new reservations system, and the computers and other equipment related to this are in boxes approximately four feet by four feet stacked upon each other sitting on the floor and tucked up against a wall just inside the manager’s office off the lobby. When Courtney arrived that afternoon, she had placed her purse in an upright position and leaning against the wall on the top box. Courtney was sitting at the manager’s desk working on a crossword puzzle when she heard a noise coming from her left (the direction of the boxes). She looked over just in time to see her purse being pushed to the edge of the box and onto the floor. Her purse had been moved the four feet across the top of the box to the edge and pushed off. Courtney told me that she said: “Hello! I guess you didn’t like my purse there,” and placed her purse upright on the floor. Just to prove that the box was level and not tilted in anyway, she put some lightweight newspapers on the top of the same box stack. The papers remained in the same place all night long.

Sun., Dec. 28 3:40 a.m. I was sitting in the office and reading when I heard a loud bang on the floor and felt a hard vibration/thump directly under my feet (coming from the basement). There is NO way I’m going down into the basement at the hour except in the case of a fire; however, I did report it to maintenance

“As I was looking out the window, I witnessed what appeared to be several quick flashes of bright light that appeared to be rod-like in shape just a few feet above the covered pool.”

when he arrived in the early morning. He checked the area directly below where I was sitting, and there was nothing that would have caused anything to hit the ceiling in the basement, which I heard and felt through my feet.

Sun., Dec. 28 4:12 a.m. I was on my way into the lobby to get some coffee and looked out the front door. I witnessed three flashes of bright light appearing several feet apart and at varying heights over the parking lot. Once again, I stepped outside to check the security lights and to see if any cars or trucks were passing on the adjacent road. The security lights appeared to be working perfectly and could see no cars or trucks for miles. I reported same to maintenance

in the morning and was told there were no reports from any night auditors of any problems with the security lights.

Wed., Dec. 31 5:09 p.m. My mom, as has been her habit, comes to work with me on New Year’s Eve. She is a trooper! She, Carrie, and I were standing behind the desk chatting when the front door opened. As soon as the front door opened, the inside ceiling light directly in front of the door immediately blew out with a flash and a bang. No one came in the door. The door is heavy with a bar across the top that shuts it as soon as it is opened. Needless to say, Carrie was her usual excited self (“They did NOT do that!”). My mom and I just laughed.

Stay Tuned . . .

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 73

Personal Experiences

Life With the Breathing Impaired By Bri Larkin


ince buying my home in Missouri during spring 2002, my family and I have had experiences that we can’t fully explain. I have been documenting those occurrences here, within these pages, for Paranormal Underground readers since the September 2008 issue. And, as I said in my very first article, before I had my experiences, I was pretty much what you would call an atheist. I really didn’t see or sense anything that would lead me to believe there was anything beyond what I could see in day-to-day life. To this day, even after everything I’ve experienced, I’m still searching for answers. I will say I’m now agnostic. I just simply don’t know what’s out there, although I’m trying my hardest to figure it out. ***** With all our happenings and goings on, life has been pretty interesting in this sleepy little corner of America. How many other corners are like ours? How many people have been terrified of something they can’t explain but won’t tell? It’s impossible to acquire a correct headcount.


“With all our happenings and goings on, life has been pretty interesting in this sleepy little corner of America. How many other corners are like ours?”

Should we guess? Although at first I was stricken with fear so palpable my bones would ache, I’ve come to realize that whatever is here isn’t out to hurt me or my family. The entities within these old farm walls have shown nothing but gestures of mischief or curiosity. Sometimes they just want to be made aware of. Other times, they seem to want to tell us goodbye, as

Paranormal Underground February 2009

one February night suggested. ***** One of the very last things that we’ve experienced to date happened a year ago. A family acquaintance, Jane, passed unexpectedly during surgery. We were shocked, needless to say, and sadly couldn’t make it to the funeral. That evening, I was failing miserably at trying to read a magazine.

“To this day, even after everything I’ve experienced, I’m still searching for answers. I will say I’m now agnostic. I just simply don’t know what’s out there, although I’m trying my hardest to figure it out.”

I kept thinking of our friend. My husband, Mike, worked quietly on the computer next to me. All of the sudden, this cool breeze washed over me, which for February wasn’t surprising. What did surprise me was the smell of it. It was pleasant. It reminded me of soft summer breezes and clean green grass. Hints of sandalwood layered underneath and mixed with lavender. It all smelled so very clean, like a million loads of the freshest, cleanest laundry one can imagine. Jane had been a herbalist. I looked up from my magazine and looked over at Mike, who had stopped typing. “Do you . . .“ I started. “I smell it, too,” he said. “What is it? It’s smells beautiful.” I breathed in as I looked around cautiously. “J-Jane? Jane? Is t-that

you? Jane?” As quickly as the wonderful breeze enveloped us, it was gone as soon as I finished speaking. We haven’t smelled it since. As much as I try to debunk the happenings, I left this one alone. I

As much as I try to debunk the happenings, I left this one alone. like to think it was our friend, giving us one last hug, saying goodbye one last time. I wish her well, wherever she may be. ***** That’s my story.

I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did telling it. I have come to the conclusion that no, we don’t know everything there is to know about our universe. The more confident I was about something, the more questions would pop up to make me think on things differently. The phenomena made me grow in ways I never thought possible. I by no means agree or subscribe to any religious dogma, but my mind is certainly open to the possibility of serving the universe in a different form for a different purpose after we die. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks for the company.

Paranormal Underground would like to thank Bri Larkin for sharing her story with us over the past five months. We’ll keep you updated on any future paranormal events within Bri’s haunted farmhouse.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 75

Personal Experiences

My Experiences With Alien Abduction By Claudia Ghidella


ell, I guess with this confession I am ruining any chance I had for that senate seat. What follows here are experiences I have had that I have no explanation for. It may seem disjointed, and it is, but it’s what I consciously remember of what I called dreams for a long time, and other experiences that were more concrete.

thin and not very tall, were performing some sort of abdominal surgery on me. The feeling I got from them was that they were very kind, so kind, and I wasn’t scared of them at all. Another time I remembered being coaxed reluctantly out of bed to come see something by these new “friends.” The ship was in the same place as the first time, and somehow we got up to

My First Abduction Recollections The first recollection I have of anything unusual going on was when I was a teen. I had several unusual “dreams.” This occurred before any UFO information was readily available, before it was discussed on television and in books, and I knew nothing of any types of aliens at that point. In the first dream, I was compelled or called to come look out the big picture window we had. I got out of bed and went to the window, opened the curtains, and saw this huge UFO outside about a block away, very low, just over the houses. I thought, “Oh my God . . . everyone is going to see it! How is it going to land there?” The next thing I remembered was that I was lying in my bed, what I thought was my bed, with people in silver suits around me. Tiny people,

After these experiences or dreams, I began to be afraid to go to sleep at night . . .


it, one being on each side of me, sort of floating me along. I was tired and just wanted to go back to bed. I didn’t want to see anything or go anywhere, but they continued to coax me saying, “Come on Claudia, come on.” We went into space on the ship, and I got to see Earth from out there somewhere, and this is where my feelings about our beautiful planet came alive and changed. I fell in love with it and just cried and cried

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at its beauty, hanging there so alone in all this space. I could sense the aliveness of it, and understood how fragile and special it is. The creatures living on it became so much more special to me. Then I looked down, and I felt we were on the moon. They were still holding me up, and I had bare feet, and I remember laughing and thinking the next moon landing will be surprised to see my bare footprints in the fine pristine sand of the moon’s surface. A Realization After these experiences or dreams, I began to be afraid to go to sleep at night, fearful that I would be taken, even though the visitors had seemed so kind. It became a form of torture, wanting sleep so badly, but being afraid to surrender to it. This fear went on for years and years. At times I felt I could sense a visit coming. I had no control over these experiences, no say in whether or not I wanted to participate in whatever they were doing, and I couldn’t bring myself to discuss it with anyone. A few years later, I was in a book store with my mother. I saw the cover of the book Communion, by Whitley Strieber, and I began to

Claudia Ghidella

cry and shake really badly right there What it did do was ease a part of me ing the newspaper. The television in the store. I couldn’t stop staring at that thought I was just nuts, hearing kept being interrupted by static, and that face on the cover and couldn’t that this had happened to others, I thought it was weird that someone stop crying; I was simply terrified. seeing my own fears mirrored back would use a power tool that late interI went to find my mother and, to me, and hearing my own words fering with the television reception. I dragged her over to see the book come out of stranger’s mouths. DurThere was a commercial, on and cover, and she said, “Yeah . . . what ing this period, I often fell asleep thru the commercial and the static I about it?” solely out of exhaustion. heard this: It didn’t scare her a bit. Now, I Then one night in the early-80s, “Put down the paper, turn off had seen monsters, devils, and faces I woke in the night and saw a little the T.V., turn off the light. Go to of killers on books before, and nothperson, a little brown-hooded guy in bed. We have a message for you.” ing phased me, but seeing that face my room at the foot of my bed, and It took a minute for that to regisbrought me to my knees. I said to him, “Oh, shit, not again.” ter, and I looked at the T.V., it was a Why would that happen, car commercial, and I thought and how could an image of it was an odd thing for a comsomething that supposedly does mercial to say. not exist, something I supposWhy would it say to turn off edly could never have seen, the T.V.? Put down the paper? bring up so much fear in me? Huh? It then sunk in that it wasn’t There was deep recognition the commercial. I calmly did what in me; I knew that face, and I I was told, but I have no recollecknew it was something to be tion of any dreams or messages. feared, something that conSince then, I have had no trolled my nights and tortured more weird happenings, and me. Before that time, I never my interest in reading about had a face to put on the mysUFOs has waned. I will still terious strangers who took me read books by authors that I from safety against my will. consider serious researchers For a long time I wanted and abductees — authors that I nothing to do with that book. trust. A few years later the paperback came out, and I did get a copy, Why Would They because at that time I wanted to Abduct Me? know why it frightened me so If you are familiar with badly. I couldn’t read the book abductions, many focus on hu“I was in a book store with my mother. I saw the cover of man reproduction and Earth’s for a couple of weeks, and it the book Communion, by Whitley Streiber, and I began had to be out of my bedroom ecology, both elements of to cry and shake really badly right there in the store.” before I could sleep. which I may have experienced. I also found out that my Other than that, I have no exnephew could not sleep with a planation for what went on. He replied, “Yes, but this is the copy of the book near him. UltiI do guess that the visitations last time.” mately, he threw it in the dumpster, stopped because I am no longer in Ever since that time, true to and couldn’t even have it in his own prime childbearing years, but betheir word, I have been left alone. I garbage can. yond that I have no clue what to do have slept soundly, unafraid of them with these “memories.” returning, understanding that their A Final Visit? Perhaps in time, through the work with me is over. After reading Communion, government declassifying inforWell, actually, there was one my appetite for all things UFO mation and more people coming more incident, in the early 90s. I had and alien became voracious. I read forward with their experiences, we gotten home late, and I was tired. I everything I could get my hands on, will begin to make sense of what has had the television on, and I was readeven though much of it terrified me. happened to so many. More personal experiences

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 77

Personal Experiences

Close-Up UFO By PJ Gaenir


n the subject of UFOs or aliens, there’s an event from my childhood that I’d wondered about but never paid much attention to. This account from my childhood has nothing to do with aliens . . . as far as I know. It has to do with a close-up “UFO” sighting when I was eight years old. In any case, I didn’t remember it until I was about 16, and even to this day I have a difficult time keeping the memory, remembering it when the subject comes up. I once put this account on a forum message board, and had people all but yawn — they told me that red-orange round things are common. If they’re that common, doesn’t that lend some credibility as empirical evidence? ***** It was 1973, and I was eight years old, living with my mother in Ventura, Calif. Dad had remarried and lived across town. During one period, we had a normal home, an apartment, living with this man who had a job working for the City Street Dept. I was wild, and usually outside playing until well after dark. Mother had been diagnosed as having terminal cancer, and she had a difficult time dealing with it, as anybody would I suppose. She drank a great deal. I was often alone. My best friend was Gina. She


lived a few doors away, and we were inseparable. One quiet night, I’m pretty sure it was autumn, Gina was staying the night with me, as mom was gone again. Though it was school time, we were often unsupervised, and out until late; Gina’s mother was pretty relaxed about that sort of thing, as long as we stayed nearby. So that particular night it was dark when I remembered I’d left my pearl ring outside, on the far side of the swimming pool. Mom’s boyfriend had bought it for me at a sea

It almost seemed to “breathe”; it got larger and smaller, expanding and contracting quickly. park, and I’d hung it on a faucet to keep from losing it while swimming. My back sliding glass door faced the community pool of our apartments, reachable just down the few wooden steps of our porch, and the light inside the pool gave a nice glow to the whole enclosed area in the evening. Gina and I walked around to the far side to get my ring, chatting about mundane things, not paying

Paranormal Underground February 2009

attention to much. I picked up the ring and we began back. And this big round thing appeared. ***** It didn’t seem to go from one place to another, it seemed to just flat out materialize in thin air. The part nearest me was barely above the other end of the pool, and the whole thing was just a little above the roof of the two-story apartments that surrounded the pool. It was large, I’d say about a 35-foot diameter; it was roundish, not quite a perfect ball, just a little bit shorter in top-to-bottom length than side-to-side length. It was a dark orange red, and it was a light, or was lit, or was giving off light. I could see no features; there was just this big glowing red-orange globe hanging in the air where a second before there had been nothing. Gina and I were motionless as we stared up at it in frozen awe. It almost seemed to “breathe”; it got larger and smaller, expanding and contracting quickly. There was a hum I could hear and feel inside my head like a fuzz, and the hum changed pitch with the shape change, as if the movement were creating it, and the sound moved inside my head to match. It made my head feel even fuzzier, as if I were gradually becoming part of it and I was changing size too. Behind the pool was a car lot

with dogs guarding it, which were oddly quiet. You’d think, being such an outgoing kid, I would have been excitable, but I was quiet too; I just stared at it. I simply couldn’t move and knew I couldn’t without even trying. Even my mind was slightly numb, and getting more so by the second. From the periphery of my vision, I knew that Gina was standing beside me, trapped in the same sort of shock. The next thing I remember, and it’s a very, very dim memory, is of Gina and I in the house, crying, closing windows and curtains.

tion like mine, and I concluded that they were probably making it up. I don’t know that this is relevant to anything, but for trivia, I should mention that the pitch change that accompanied the red thing, it was just a tad slower, and a similar pitch interval (not the same sound or tone, just the same interval) to what I now know to be an old British police siren. (They’re a bit different from

I know, none of it makes sense. That was in autumn 1973. I completely forgot about it. (And I never did find the pearl ring I’d had in my hand when it appeared.) ***** I’d guess about three years later, age 11 or 12 or so, I was living with my father and my stepmother on the other side of town. I hadn’t seen Gina since awhile after the incident; I’d moved away when mom got too sick, and when I was nine, she had died. But who should come walking through my apartment complex but Gina! Her mother was visiting a friend nearby. We were amazed to find each other again, and sat in the playground and talked for hours. At one point, she suddenly stiffened and exclaimed, “Oh my God, remember that thing we saw? I’d forgot all about it till just now!” And I remembered like a flash, and we both exclaimed, “Yeah, wow!” And then I completely forgot about it again.

***** The next morning I’d all but forgotten about it. It was more like a dream, a bit in the “back of my mind.” I don’t remember whether Gina had gone home that night or not, only that despite how amazing it was, Gina and I didn’t even think to mention it the next morning while walking to school. But Alan, a kid in my schoolroom, was a cop’s son. (Interesting that he’s the only kid’s name ***** I remember from that Four or five years Claudia Ghidella school year.) And the next later I was living with a “The next thing I remember, and it’s a very, very dim memory, is morning he rushes in and friend’s family, and we of Gina and I in the house, crying, closing windows and curtains.” shouts that his father said were watching some UFO there had been all kinds special on T.V. I wasn’t of calls the night before to American sirens.) A breathy, buzzy bothering; I was disinterested in the cops from locals saying they’d kind of sound, though. anything to do with the subject. Intelseen “a UFO.” I was interested. Was The size change was physically lectually it was alright, and I loved that what it was? impossible as far as I know; it even science fiction, but I just couldn’t A crowd of kids gathered around looked impossible then, and this seem to get myself to read or watch him, and a few shouted, I saw that! might be part of why I so completely anything related to UFOs. There were all kinds of silly descripforgot about it. And I’ve no memory Star Trek was wonderful, but anytions, and though I was usually boisof the light of the object lighting up thing that even suggested the subject terous, I was hesitant to add mine, the pool area with its glowing dark was “real” instead of creative fiction, or to join the conversation; I stood red-orange; it sort of “kept its light to I avoided, and even the term “UFO” by, unusually quiet. None of the kids itself” somehow. made me want to walk the other way. making so much noise had a descrip-

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 79

Personal Experiences So I was doing laundry instead. Coming in from the garage and the clothes dryer, I stopped in the doorway of the family room to let the door shut against me, so it wouldn’t slam. I just happened to be facing and looking right at the T.V. There was what appeared to be a videotape being shown. As far as I could tell in the first two seconds, it was pretty unreliable, you could barely see the thing. It was some dark object, apparently filmed during daylight or dusk. I was just beginning to smile and roll my eyes and make some joke when something about the object arrested my attention, and as I simply froze and gaped at it. The narrator said something to the effect that it appeared to change size. The sight of it changing, larger then smaller and back again, even so dimly, suddenly made me feel like a balloon was opening and bursting inside my chest; the explanation made me gasp, and I quietly dropped the laundry basket in shock. Standing there, all the memories came rushing back at me, all at once, as vividly as if they had just happened. I stood there in the doorway for a minute kind of shell shocked, not seeing or hearing anything else. First by the memory. But then, more so, by the fact that I had completely forgotten about it, twice. For some reason that immediately bothered me. I went into the bedroom, sat down, and thought about it for awhile, replaying the newly-discovered yet vivid memories in my head. I was frustrated that I couldn’t remember how Gina and I got from the other side of the pool into the house. Did the object leave? Did we get bored of it? No idea. I remember standing there frozen, is all. It seemed like I would have screamed, or there would be some other prominent (and probably amusing) memory of our reaction. I figured I


could have “spaced out” the maybe 11 seconds it would have taken to break out of the stasis-shock and get to the point where my (abruptly dim and dreamy) memory picks up, but I didn’t know why I couldn’t remember, considering how vivid and linear the rest of the memory was. How long, I wondered, had we stood there? ***** In retrospect, I’m able to see that within a month or two of that memory at age 15 or 16, I developed an almost obsessive interest in things like PSI, psychology, and hypnosis. I still had a major “disinterest” in the subject of UFOs. I plunged into reading hypnosis and psychology texts, studying theology and cults and

. . . I couldn’t remember how Gina and I got from the other side of the pool into the house. work done on PSI talents and other things that seemed unrelated. But now I’m not so sure about that. A few years ago, when I was in the Mesmer Society out in North Hollywood, a few folks asked me to come to MUFON meetings and similar clubs to work as a hypnotist for regressions with people of “alien abductions.” I just laughed. I had to refuse, even though friends like E. and R. were involved in the field, and they’re obviously intelligent, far more than average. But you know how it is: The few folks I’d encountered who claimed to be “alien abductees” were basically whacked. In analysis, some of this was a catch 22 explanation: They had

Paranormal Underground February 2009

personal problems that could result in the delusion of abduction, but on the other hand, it’s possible that real abductions could have had that effect on the psychology (caused the problems). So logic didn’t work on that one. But they were so strange! Quasi anarchists or metaphysically way over the wall, and that’s the best that could be said. They always seemed to be people who took things far too seriously, they always seemed to be on the verge of obsessive, and many went immediately went ballistic — they’d range from explaining why they are Jesus (And He Is An Alien Too) to stockpiling arsenals in their cellar for the “upcoming invasion.” Getting “into” the UFO field invoked extremes. (Then again, this WAS Hollywood.) Besides, from what little I’d heard, I suspected that alien abduction stories were more about the hypnotist’s interest than the subject’s anyway. I refused to have anything to do with it. And yet, I remember that from age 17 or so, I’d gotten the idea that I’d like to be hypnotically regressed to remember more about what happened in the event with Gina. But despite this, and despite eventually being surrounded by hypnotists who would love to do such a regression, I’ve just never gotten around to it. Every time I had the perfect chance, I forgot. Sometimes, rarely but it’s happened, friends have had discussions about the subject, and I go home and realize that in the midst of that, I never mentioned the experience at age eight, or other things . . . oddly enough, I’d just completely forgotten about them. I never saw Gina again. I don’t even know her last name. Too bad. It would be interesting to ask if she remembers.

Visit to read more about PJ’s experiences.

Personal Experiences

The Tylenol Capsule in the Sky By Bettie Johnson


aw something I couldn’t understand in the sky above my house. I had been bringing in groceries and looked up to see a silent, probe-like craft moving across the sky. It looked exactly like a Tylenol capsule with a dark marking in the middle, color and everything. I couldn’t make out the marking as the craft effortlessly travelled a straight line due south. I watched for a good five minutes or so until it got so far away I couldn’t make it out any longer. I realized that I needed to tell someone what I had seen. My husband had been inside tending to our tired child when I ran inside. I told him what I had witnessed and grabbed his hand to show where the craft had been. As I was explaining its appearance, he looked up and pointed. Interrupting me, he asked, “You mean like that?” A UFO Report Goes to MUFON I jerked my eyes upward and there it was again, this time heading due west. It could have been the same one or it could have been a second, I’m not sure. “I have to find my binoculars,”

he mumbled as he watched it glide toward the sunset. I offered to get them for him so he could keep watching. By the time I got them and he had them ready, the craft already had its behind to

“I jerked my eyes upward and there it was again, this time heading due west. It could have been the same one or it could have been a second, I’m not sure.”

us. He thought it looked metallic and was reflecting in the sun, giving it its Tylenol-white color I originally thought it had. I contacted MUFON and wrote out a detailed report. A representative of MUFON called me and took my report over the phone. They

also asked us to draw what we saw. We complied and drew what we had seen to the best of our abilities. A UFO Is Spotted . . . Again Three weeks after that, we were sitting outside in the dark. A storm had taken down our security light so seeing every star in the sky was a treat for us. My husband was facing me as we sat on the porch. A small light moving across the sky caught my attention. I thought it was a satellite, as it looked exactly like one. It was traveling southward. All of the sudden, the object stopped in its tracks. Quickly, it turned a 90-degree angle and shot eastward. If I had been blinking during this time, I would have missed it. It went so fast. It surprised me so much that I yelled, “WHOA!” when it happened. I noticed a jet following the satellite’s path a few seconds later. Having just witnessed the Tylenol craft a few weeks earlier, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by this point and didn’t report this incident to MUFON. I haven’t seen anything since these events.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 81

Equipment Update

How to Ghost Hunt on the Cheap: Part II By Dave Galvan, Paranormal League of America


lectro-Magnetic-Field (EMF) detectors are one of the most common tools you can find in the ghost hunter’s toolbox, and one that couldn’t be more overrated. Everyone has to have one, and they have to get the latest and greatest, or one they see on one of the T.V. shows. It’s almost a badge of honor to have an EMF detector, as though it is proof that you are a ghost hunter. What it exactly is, however, is proof that a fool and their money are soon parted. What Does an EMF Detector Do? An EMF detector is nothing more or less than a small handheld device that searches for magnetic fields. Why would one want to do that? Well, its whole design and purpose was always for those who work in construction. If you are going to tear into your drywall, wouldn’t it be nice to know if you happen to have some electricity running through the very spot you’re about to sink your axe into? Of course. We hunt ghosts. We don’t want to become one. Somewhere along the way, someone noticed that if you stand in the middle of a room where there are no lines that conduct electricity, then sometimes, the EMF detec-


tor will actually go off for no explainable reason. So, that must be a ghost, I suppose. EMF Detectors in Paranormal Investigation Now, I am not totally against EMF detectors. They have their place in the field; however, only for debunking purposes. Too many people for far too long have used the EMF detector specifically as proof of a haunting, when there are far too many variables to consider. Power companies inadvertently will send EMF surges into a house when substations switch over. Pipes will cause false positives. Even gas lines An Irish Wind Chime and some simple beads in a sealed glass mason jar can provide a means of in older houses can cause an EMF spike. So why do people communicating with spirits. And you can make it at home for under $10. swear up and down by their EMF detectors? Simply because they want to believe. If You Must Have an Think about it. You EMF Detector are using a device that is designed The EMF detector should be for an entirely different purpose, the last thing you purchase, right trying to detect something that you after that timeshare, but if you really can’t prove is even there. Neither want to have one, here is a word of of which you can even see. So why advice; buy the cheapest you can would anyone put so much time and find. Do not fall for the $150 model money into a device that doesn’t rethat will slice your bread for you in ally prove anything to anyone?

Paranormal Underground February 2009

the morning. Get the $30 model that looks like a child’s toy. You don’t need to have a meter that goes up to 100 or higher; you only need one that goes up to 10 or 20. Do yourself a favor and get one where the volume is adjustable if it beeps. The last thing you need is to listen to this thing beeping at you when you are trying to get EVPs. The least expensive model that I have seen is sold at for about $30. If you look hard enough online, you can get it for as low as $20. This unit is all that you really need in order to debunk or validate any energy signatures that are in the air. The only downside to this model is the annoying beeping sound it makes when it goes off. You can open the back of the unit and clip the speaker wire to keep that thing from beeping and driving you nuts. The cord is a bit of a liability, as well. The base unit has a cord that plugs into the sensor. If you shake that cord too much, the unit goes off, giving you false positives. What you will need to do is take some electrical tape and tape the sensor to the back of the unit. This will solve this problem, and also allow you to keep the unit in one hand, leaving the other hand free for an audio recorder or a camera. Before I continue, I must say something about the KII meter. This is am EMF detector that is all the rage right now with people because it is highlighted on one of the ghost hunting programs. So now everyone must have one. The unit is a low-wattage EMF detector with lights on it for a meter. The theory is that a spirit can be convinced to wave its hand in front of the unit and “communicate” with people by making the lights flash. What the people on the T.V. shows aren’t telling you is that if a spirit can do this with a KII meter, then they can do it with a regular EMF detector, including one that costs half the price.

The KII meter (at center above) has been hyped on a lot of ghost shows recently. There are far less expensive ways to communicate with spirits than using this meter. While the TriField EMF detector (at right above) is well over $100 and doesn’t offer any advantages for paranormal investigation over far less expensive models. If you must have an EMF detector, your money is far better spent purchasing an inexpensive one that looks like a child’s toy, such as The Ghost Meter (at left above).

It doesn’t matter which type of EMF detector is used, or even which brand. What matters is that it is a meter that detects EMFs. I have often wondered if the T.V. shows that use this meter sign a contract with the manufacturer for the advertising. An Alternative to the KII Now let me tell you of a way that you can get similar results to what you see on T.V. with the KII. What you need is a giant mason jar, a few strings of shiny beads, and some glue. The cost should run you all of eight bucks. Get the shiny beads on the strings, tie the ends up, and glue them to the inside of the jar lid. Pour glue on the grooves of the jar where the lid will fasten, and then screw on the lid. This will lock the lid in place, and the beads will not move in the jar unless either the jar moves or something paranormal makes the beads move. There is a plan for this exact same idea online under the name Irish Wind chimes, but instead of a

string of beads, you use a wind chime. I use this jar on every investigation. I always ask the spirits to put their hand through the jar to make the beads move. I’ve had some interesting results using this method, and fortunately it didn’t cost me any more than the $5 to put this together. A far cry from the $50 that the KII will cost you. Trust me when I say that the EMF detector shouldn’t be your top priority. Put your money into your audio and some video before you shell out the money for your EMF detector. Remember, the best tool you have is your ability to debunk any activity in a given location. Trust your instincts.

Dave Galvan has been hunting ghosts for the better part of a decade. He is the founder/director of Paranormal League of America (PLA), a ghost hunting group based in Portland Oregon. He will be speaking at the Mount Hood Paranormal Conference April 25-26. Visit www.paranormalleagueofamerica. org for more information about PLA.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 83

Member Profile

Marissa Bowden (Damini) Age: 39. Born/Currently resides: Akron, Ohio/ North Ridgeville, Ohio. Status: Married. Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management.

We have a camper that stays at a campground about 45 minutes away from my house, and we go there almost every weekend between April and October.

What are your favorite T.V. shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? My favorite T.V. shows are Zodiac Sign: Leo. True Blood, Fringe, and Ghost Hunters InternaOccupation: Retail Mantional. I like just about any ager. vampire movie, but Lost Boys, Salem’s Lot, and What does your member Queen of the Damned are name mean? My memmy favorites. I also like ber name is a Cheyenne Marissa Boden is a skeptical believe who has seen three full-body science fiction movies like Indian girls name meaning apparations. She has a degree in business management. Chronicles of Riddick. lightning. When I was a As far as books, right young child, I was at my now I am reading Dead grandmas third-floor apartUntil Dark by Charlaine ment, and it was storming. Harris, but I also enjoy freedom. Also, the police and fireAs I was watching out the reading books by Steven King, Anne fighters in our community who work window, a power transformer about Rice, and Stephenie Miller. every day, including the holidays, to 10 feet away from the window was keep us safe. struck by lightning. Favorite music? I enjoy all kinds of A few years later, I had a scary music. Some of my favorites include How would you describe yourself? paranormal experience involving Linkin Park and Korn, but I also Passionate. When I put my mind to Indians. My screen name is the sum like Pop and even some classical. something, there’s no stopping me! of my childhood fears that I have overcome. Are you a skeptic or believer? I conTell us about your family and what sider myself a skeptical believer. I you like to do. I am married with Who are your heroes? My heroes have had my own paranormal expethree wonderful children. We love are the men and women in our rience, which makes me a believer. to camp and spend time outdoors armed forces who put their lives However, when I watch those parahiking, fishing, and enjoying nature. on the line every day to protect our


Paranormal Underground February 2009

normal shows on T.V., and every five minutes you hear, “What was that?”, it bothers me. I am skeptical to call anything paranormal without eliminating all possible sources. I sit in my own house, and I hear the occasional thumps or noises, but these can be explained. I will not jump to any conclusions, and it would take a lot of evidence (my own experience was with three full-bodied apparitions) to convince me that something is paranormal.

Have you ever studied the paranormal? It depends on how you define studied. I have not officially gone to school to study the paranormal. However, I have wanted to become involved in paranormal investigation for a long time. I believe that someone who is uninformed could cause more damage than good to both themselves and those they are trying to help. This is why I have taken the time to read many books on the subject and joined discussions online with experienced investigators so that I could ask questions and follow their discussions with others. I have also found a local group to investigate with so I can be with experienced investigators in the field.

Indians standing just outside of the bed. They did not look friendly, and I was so horrified I could not move or speak. I just laid there until they evaporated and the sun came up. To rationalize it, I just told myself it was a very bad dream and that is what I believed for many years. A few years ago, my brother, mom, and I were having a conversation about ghosts. My brother said that he believed while I was quite a skeptic. He began to tell stories of how he had seen several apparitions, including the apparitions of three Indians on the hill behind our house (our street ran parallel with a hill; there were also houses at the bottom) and that people at the bottom of the hill would claim to see them walking on the hill. Then he said, one night, he woke up, and the three Indians were right outside of my bed. My jaw dropped, and I have been a believer ever since.

When Marissa puts her mind to something, there’s “no stopping her.”

Talk about any paranormal experiences you might have had and how they have affected you. When I was younger, we were having family in from out of town. I have to render my room for the guests and had to sleep in my brother’s room on the bottom bunk of his bunk bed. I woke up near dawn and noticed three full-body apparitions of

What do you think happens to us when we die? I really don’t know. I have heard many accounts of near-death experiences where there is a light and people that we know waiting for us. This is what I think is closest to the truth, but I am in no hurry to find out for sure.

Paranormal Underground would like to thank . . .

Shannon Sylvia for participating in our featured LIVE CHAT for the Month of January!

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Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? Look before you leap. Any exciting plans for the future? I joined a local paranormal group and went on my first investigation in January. I look forward to going on more investigations.

February 2009 Paranormal Underground 85

Roundtable Debate: Alien Abduction

Believer: Alien Abduction Is Happening to Millions

Skeptical Alien Abductio But

By Claudia Ghidella


es, I guess you could say I am a believer, since something happened to me that matches the experiences of millions of people around the world and throughout history. Can I say absolutely for certain that alien abduction exists? No, but I do believe something is going on, perhaps the concrete reality of abduction or perhaps some other phenomenon we have yet to define and understand. But really, how could it not be true? Have there been other types of mass hallucination on such a grand scale? Not that I know of. Plus we have physical evidence of UFOs touching down on Earth, women with pregnancies that disappear, miraculous cures, scars, implants, and many other things that cannot be explained away. To me, to have the government and our peers continue to deny that UFOs and abductions exist is an insult to completely level-headed John or Jane Q. Public, who knows without a doubt that it was not Venus in the night sky that they witnessed shooting across the horizon and stopping on a dime to shoot off in another direction. While I’m no expert, I am pretty sure that Venus doesn’t do that. How egocentric is it to believe that in the vastness of our universe that we are alone, and that no other civiliza-


By Mindy


Claudia believes that alien abduction is a real phenomenon happening to millions of people around the world.

tion could have progressed infinitely beyond our level of technology? I understand the unwillingness to believe, because it would rock our world view to the core, demolishing all our sacred cows about how great we humans are, where we came from, and our holy spirituality. Some of us have had that done for us without our consent. But it doesn’t have to destroy us psychologically. Belief can be inclusive, not exclusive; even the Vatican said so. All I know is that I am in good company if Stanton Friedman and John Mack also believe that there is something quite extraordinary going on.

Paranormal Underground February 2009

liens are the only subject that, no matter what, scares the absolute bejeebers out of me. I believe they do exist, as I feel it is shallow of people to assume we are the only planet capable of sustaining intelligent life. What terrifies me are the stories of people telling tales of how they were abused and experimented upon by aliens. It is that fear and my hope that aliens are more evolved that make it hard for me to believe tales of abduction actually occur. The idea sounds too frightening to be true, which is why I cannot say that I defini- Mindy thinks ali tively believe such incidents is possible, but fi occur. Why would aliens take believe that an a humans to study and implant lization would in experiments on items in our bodies? What do they hope to learn that they could not get by more humane methods? I just find it hard to believe that aliens would inflict such torture among a species they should see as intelligent. I know that people claim to be abducted and that foreign materi-

What is your opinion Let us know your thoughts editor@paranorma

l Believer: on Is Possible, t...

Skeptic: Enough With the Anal Probes Already . . . By Jim Fazier


als have been found in people who claim to have been abducted, but I just find it hard to believe that aliens could be so cruel. Aliens capable of travelling to Earth to study humans are clearly much more technologically advanced than we are. Call me naive, but I just cannot believe that more highly evolved creatures are capable of the brutality of which abductees often accuse them. But then I wonder if these events really are occurring, maybe the aliens are trying to learn more about us much in the same way zoologists study animals. I am from Missouri, and ien abduction as my state motto and many finds it hard to advanced civiof my state’s famous resinflict torturous dents have said, “You have to humans. show me.” I believe that aliens could be studying humans, but the only way I will believe the horrific encounters people claim to have had is if I have one myself. But trust me, I am not asking for such an incident to occur. There are some things I would rather not know.

of Alien Abductions? on the subject by e-mailing


irst off, let me say that I am more than open to the possibility of alien life. Given the overwhelmingly vast size of the universe, I’d be shocked if there wasn’t intelligent life out there somewhere. However, since even a neighboring star is at least 35 trillion miles away, the odds of getting visited by our very distant cousins is extremely remote at best. Not to say that it couldn’t happen, because we plan to visit other systems ourselves in the next few centuries, but it’s not like someone is going to just “bump into us” while they were out seeing the sights. If they come here, it will be for a reason more purposeful than just liking how shiny our planet looks from space. Why do I not believe that an advanced culture would not take us up into their flying saucer and examine us? For starters, we could easily infect them if our body chemistries were anything close to similar. Even something as harmless as our intestinal bacteria could wreak havoc on an organism that hasn’t had a few million years to adapt to it. Just look at how quickly the lowly Streptococcus bacteria has adapted to antibiotics. Earth’s biosphere is literally crawling with ways to kill the unprotected. I will admit that there is always the chance aliens would have medical technology so advanced that they would be immune to everything

Jim says that alien beings should be able to “probe” humans without us even realizing it.

Earth could throw at them, but at that level of advancement, they could scan us molecule by molecule without us even knowing we were being probed. Our doctors can look inside the human body without cutting it open, and we’d be hard-pressed to reach Mars in the next 20 years. If they can manage to keep themselves alive long enough to get here, they can surely examine us without sticking things inside our bodies. If you think about it, after the first few, they could probably do it without us even remembering we were ever “taken.” Speaking of probes, why do so many abduction stories involve being violated by invasive cavity searches? There really isn’t all that much to the human rectum, which is why proctologists get paid so well. After the first few, the thrill of discovery would really start to wear thin. Unless, of course, they think that’s where we hide all the good stuff?

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Paranormal Observatory

E.T. Likes Pizza, Too By GhostHunter50


’m often asked if I’ve ever seen a UFO. I haven’t. Of course, many believe these are extraterrestrial spacecraft operated by intelligent beings from far-away civilizations. I hope so. I’d like to meet them someday. But if they are in fact visiting Earth, one has to wonder what they’re doing here. After coming all this way, you’d think they’d land and stay a while. Why come to this planet? How did they find us? And why are they always in such a darn hurry to leave? Maybe the explanation is a simple one — like, they’re lost and late for work. Surely they must have jobs, and everybody loses direction now and then. Could it be that their presence here is completely accidental? Here’s a thought: Perhaps that UFO spotted recently was actually an off-course and behind-schedule, intergalactic take-out pizza delivery vehicle, piloted by an alien from another world! I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I agree, “pizza” as we know it probably doesn’t exist on other


inhabited planets. But perhaps they have something similar. What species intelligent enough to be capable of getting here WOULDN’T like an occasional treat like a pizza? I wonder what they call it in their native language.

Maybe a “bloopy” or something odd like that. So indulge me for a moment and imagine this scenario. Zortock is a member of the Garnusian race who lives on the planet Kloonia in the Fardonian Cluster. He rests in his favorite gravitational support device nestled inside his habitational

Paranormal Underground February 2009

unit as he watches the live broadcast of the Intergalactic Glorpsnot championship match on his new, wide-screen HDTV. That translates to “holographically-distributed teleportational visualizer,” in case you didn’t know. It’s an exciting battle, and the Garnusians are beating the “fleep” out of the favored team from Horticon 12! All the drama of the game has Zortock in the mood for something tasty to consume. A large bloopy with tworps, vleepjits, and extra wingdats sure would hit the spot, he thinks. Heck, he might even splurge and get a side-order of dreezlewumps! He activates his telepathic communicator and places his order with the local Bloopy Shmorf, which is just down the galaxy a bit, right past the Clouds of Mardonnis. They’re well-known for making the best bloopy in the sector! And it shouldn’t take long, as they promise delivery in 30 shronks or less — or, you get a free bag of Niplusium dorts with your next order!

Down at “the Shmorf,” as the Gloxxor decides to skoot down thru locals call it, Zortock’s bloopy order the atmosphere for a closer look is received and processed. The at the planet he’s stumbled upon. service is a little slow, since the workIt’s a big, blue and white heavenly ers there are also monitoring the body, with some interesting features. big Glorpsnot match. Apparently, He investigates further after spotsports-like competitions are not only ting what he interprets as signs of an a big deal here on Earth! unusually primitive culture. While he waits for his delivery Finally, for his own amusement assignment, transporter-zorn Gloxxas he approaches the surface, he or roots for the Horticons. But, oh makes a series of jagged maneuvers no! The Garnusian’s just zunked to attract some attention. “Dwerk them and executed a long prooble! dwerk! Borpzot sneepgloot jortz Now they lead by two dinkelblips! weemklop shmup ploop!” Gloxx Finally, the bloopy is prepared laughs to himself. (Translation: “Ha and it’s time for delivery. It’s placed ha! THIS should scare the CRAP in what they call a “PTCV,” in their out of them!”). native tongue. That’s “portable The Bloopy Shmorf manager temperature-containment vessel,” in suddenly radios back to Gloxx with case you were wondering. It’s vital for new directions. “Fleep!” Gloxx cries keeping the bloopy out in dismay, hot while in transit. since he was just Gloxxor jumps starting to have Perhaps that UFO in his Kworpflatz fun. But, spotted recently was some spacecraft, turns reluctantly, he on his flashing actually an off-course turns his craft back “advertising” lights, toward the heavens and behind-schedule, and heads off at and speeds off intergalactic take-out toward Zortock’s multi-light speed toward Zortock’s home planet. pizza delivery home planet. It’s a Once there, he vehicle . . . fine flying machine, hands over the but he’s been havbloopy, and — due ing trouble with his to his navigational navigational unit lately — and soon misfortune — the coupon for the free discovers that he’s lost! bag of Niplusium dorts. “Gloxx,” as he’s known to his Even though his bloopy delivfriends, calls back to the Bloopy ery is late, Zortock slips the young Shmorf and reports that his Zumitransporter zorn a few zoofs for his natron is acting up again. He’s not trouble. There’s social courtesies to sure of his location, so he asks for be observed out there in space, too, directions. it seems. And once again, all is well “Fleep!” the manager mutters in the universe. to himself, followed by some harsh Hey, it could happen. Maybe I’ll words at his worker for not havsee one of these misplaced UFOs ing this problem fixed earlier as he for myself someday, and, if I’m urged him to do. Apparently, that lucky, it will land and stay awhile. I old saying, “it’s hard to find good hope so. I’d like to try one of those help” might be true even in the far bloopys. With extra wingdats, of reaches of outer space! course. And a side order of dreezleWhile he waits for instructions, wumps would be nice, too.

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Reviews of the Month: By Mindy Kinnaman

In Your Library: Invasion


here are only two books that have managed to terrify me so greatly that, years later, I still have nightmares about them. The first is Stephen King’s The Mist. The other is my recommendation for you all: Invasion by Robin Cook. This book-turned-TVminiseries is not the greatest book ever written, especially as Cook normally writes medical thrillers. But throw in a device resembling a rock that infects people with an alien virus, turning nearly everyone in the world into an alien, and I have recurring nightmares. After people close to them are infected, a small group of uninfected survivors fight to not only stop and

reverse the spread of the disease, but also stop the aliens from coming to Earth. The survivors face death and, worse, infection as they seek to find a cure. The story does not sound terrifying enough to give someone recurring nightmares, but there has always been something about the idea of a hidden infection spreading through my loved ones who, in turn, try to infect everyone else that has left me afraid to close my eyes at night. The book flows at such a breakneck pace that readers may find it hard to put down until they have read the very last sentence. • I give Invasion 3.5 out of 5 “alien outbreaks.”

On Your Small Screen:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers


liens truly terrify me, especially the thought of them replacing my loved ones with pod people. Of course, that is why I love the 1956 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Kevin McCarthy plays Dr. Miles Bennell, a doctor who is inundated with reports that residents of his town are being replaced with emotionless replicas while sleeping. He soon realizes the reports are more than delusions of grandeur as his friends show him a


half-formed pod person. As the pod people take over, Bennell and the few normal humans struggle to stay awake and stay human. This film is so darn good that it spawned many remakes, including the 1978 version featuring Donald Sutherland and the 2007 film The Invasion starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. None of the remakes have surpassed the first. • I give Invasion of the Body Snatchers 4 out of 5 “pod people.”

Paranormal Underground February 2009

Now Playing: Let the Right One In


first hard about the 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In back in November, and it finally reached theaters here in the Midwest two months later. People describe this film as “the better version of Twilight,” and it is easy to see why they feel that way. Oskar, a misunderstood and bullied young boy, finds himself befriended by Eli, a 12-year-old girl he later learns is a vampire. Eli not only keeps Oskar company, but she helps him build the confidence he needs to face his bullies. He falls in love with her, despite her proclamation that they can never be friends. As love blooms between the two, heartache and death surround them. Do not let the subtitles keep you away from this film. Unlike Twilight, Let the Right One In allows viewers to explore the characters and the situations they face. While gruesome in parts, the movie also features humor and heart. I hope you can see it! • I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 “blood baths.”

Book Review

Hidden Secrets of “Many, But One” Book Review by Regan Vacknitz


he self-published book Hidden Secrets of “Many, But One” — authored by Dr. Donald Ryles, Ph.D., M.Msc., C.H. — has a powerful message. However, that message gets lost in translation due to spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. The back cover claims help in finding the key to a happy life, finding direction in your life, and what secrets are to be revealed. Hidden Secrets of “Many, But One” is divided into three sections: personal psychical memoirs, deeper definition with numerological equations, and poetry.

that defined and morphed Dr. Ryles into who he is today. It was refreshing to see an open take on personal accounts, and accountability, in regard to visions, channeling, parents, and coming of age. I felt drawn to his plight during the death of his father, confused over the mysterious caller, and angry that he didn’t find out more about the voice on the other end of the telephone. And once you get accustomed to the author’s writing style, Section One becomes easier to read. However, the author then changes gears and mixes things up with numerology in Section Two.

Section One I opened this book and dove right in, intrigued by the “Written and copyrighted four years before the events,” referring to Sept. 11, 2001, that is highlighted and splashed across the cover. I wanted to read the author’s abilities as well as his predictions; instead, I immediately became distracted by inadequate editing as mentioned above. However, I did enjoy reading the author’s personal accounts from childhood into adulthood, as well as his recounting of psychical events

Section Two I understand the need to explain how his numerology plays a role in his life; I am confused how claims of such can be a direct link to the horrific events of 9-11. Using the simple numerology in various aspects of my life, I too come out with 11 being a key number. Does this mean that I too have a direct link to 9-11? Then again, once I got the hang of the mathematical connections of Section Two and began to grasp the idea he was trying to convey, he again radically switched gears in Section Three.

Section Three Section Three was lyrical prose and poetry pertaining to his life. As stated in his book, poetry was key from age 12 on, and this is a compilation of the stronger, more meaningful of all his writings. I enjoy poetry written by others; I found strength and solace in quite a few of his works. Overall, this is a brilliant book. I strongly urge the author to seek assistance in editing; it will only solidify and empower the message behind the book further.

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