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Volume 6 Issue 10

October 2013

The Real Story Behind the Movie

‘The Conjuring’

ALSO INSIDE: –Steven LaChance: Haunted Survivor

–The Power of Spiritual Energy

–Phil Whyman Can’t Resist ... –Protective Aromatherapy –The Devil’s Tree Curse –Vampires of Africa’s Gold Coast –What Really Happened at Bobby Mackey’s? –The Tulpa Phenomena –Oregon’s Haunted Hotels –Old Patrick’sUnderground Cemetery 1 October 2013 St.Paranormal –The Legend of Teke-Teke –Haunted Kielder Castle

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Haunted Sites Ohio University: A Campus of Spirits Haunted Objects/Curses The Devil’s Tree Curse Cryptids & Mythological Creatures Celtic Cryptid: The Irish Wildcat Are We Alone? 75th Anniversary of ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast Urban Legends The Legend of Teke-Teke Haunted History Hollymont Haunting: As Good As It Gets Haunted Hospitality Oregon’s Haunted Hotels Haunted Cemeteries Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery









Para-Chat Phil Whyman Can’t Resist ... Investigator Spotlight Steven LaChance: Haunted Survivor Author Profile Reagan Hawk: ‘A King’s Ransom’


Special Report The Real Story Behind the Movie ‘The Conjuring’ Katie’s Conspiracy Corner Is Paranormal Activity More Prevalent on Halloween?

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Inside the Psychic Mind Why Do Experiences Vary With the Same Entity? Inside the Psychic Mind The Power of Spiritual Energy The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy Paranormal Chicken or Egg? Crystals & Herbology Protective Aromatherapy Magic & Lore Vampires of Africa’s Gold Coast The Dark Corner With Chuck The Tulpa Phenomena The Bishop’s Corner What Really Happened at Bobby Mackey’s?


Religion and the Paranormal Q&A With The Paranormal Clergy Admin Kat Lang


Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial Spiritual Fitness








Ghost Hunter Case Files A Family Haunted: A True Case File: Part 2 The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates Kielder Castle Paranormal Encounters Canine Spirit Guides


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October 2013

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Paranormal Underground


Contributors WILLIAM BECKER William is a psychic medium and paranormal investigator and researcher, as well as tour guide with Northwest Ghost Tours. William’s interest in the paranormal goes back to his early childhood when he saw his first full apparition. With this interest in the paranormal, along with a degree in history, it was only natural that he would jump at the chance to combine the two by giving tours. ( and JACKIE CHIN .Jackie is a paranormalist, author, and spiritual teacher. She uses her gifts to enlighten and encourage those who are seeking solutions. During her life, Jackie has seen many deaths, helped people cross over with Reiki, and counseled clients about these issues. She knows that there is life after death, but she believes that each person has their own idea about what death will be like and this influences their experience of the afterlife. ( Katie Christopher Katie is a paranormal investigator living in North East Pennsylvania. She has been involved in paranormal investigation since 2006 with the team NEPA Paranormal. In that time, she has investigated over 400 cases. Katie also handles all of the case management for her team. In 2011, her team formed the sub group Ghost Detectives, which is a ghost hunting TV show. ( Chris Davis Chris Davis founded Valley Ghost Hunting in 2011 with three of his siblings. He began experiencing paranormal activity at the age of four. Chris hosts “Proximity Paranormal Radio” and cohosts “Paranormal Hotspot” with Jenny Gurney, both on www. Chris would like to share his paranormal knowledge and experience and is currently seeking to lecture at his local library about paranormal phenomena. Karen Frazier Karen is a paranormal investigator with South Sound Paranormal Research in Washington State and a frequent contributor to Paranormal Underground. She is also the cohost of Paranormal Underground Radio on and author of Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington and Dancing With the Afterlife and coauthor of Lessons of Many Lives. Dave Galvan Dave is a paranormal researcher, father, poker fanatic, author, and snappy dresser. He has been involved in the paranormal since 2001, and during that time he has investigated haunted homes, hotels, wig shops, and even a haunted porn store. He is an occasional writer for the Paranormal Underground magazine. Some day, he would like to travel to a haunted castle in Europe.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. ( Charles G. Gotski Chuck is a native of Chicago and also an accomplished filmmaker and writer. His interest in the paranormal started at an early age due to a personal experience. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, he started his own team, In the Dark Investigations, in 2010. With the help of Larry, Al, and Janine, they have moved into the field by gathering evidence of the paranormal, as well as figuring out the how’s and why’s of these events. ( Paul Green Paul Green, The Psychic Biker, is a gifted medium and psychic who was once an ardent skeptic. He is a hard-core, no-nonsense biker who would look more at home on the door of a nightclub than offering his services as an empathetic psychic medium. Make no mistake, Paul is opinionated and brutally honest, yet he is respected by all who know him, or as he would describe himself: “Attitude with Empathy.” ( Jenny Gurney Jenny is an investigator with Proximity Paranormal. The mystery surrounding the paranormal field has always interested Jenny. She is on a quest to find out why spirits are around us. Jenny has investigated many sites, including Waverly Hills, Bobby Mackey’s, the Villisca Ax Murder House, and First Ward School House. Jenny also hosts her own Web radio show, Paranormal Hotspot on Z Talk Radio. Rick E. Hale A Chicago native, Rick is cohost of Paranormal Underground Radio on He is the founder of Foundations Psychical Research and the author of the recently released Geek’s Guide to the Strange & Unusual. As an investigator, Rick considers himself to be a Modern Traditionalist, meaning he believes in melding the new and old schools of psychical research. Ashley Hall Ashley Hall resides in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has researched and investigated the paranormal for more than 15 years. As well as having worked for many of the state’s most professional teams, he founded The Paranormal Guide. Ashley is openminded toward all aspects of the paranormal. He has written more than 200 articles on paranormal and macabre subjects that have appeared in magazines and on Websites worldwide. John “Jack” Kenna Jack is a technical specialist and assistant case manager for the paranormal team SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massa-

chusetts. He has had a strong interest in the paranormal since he was a child and has helped his SPIRITS team conduct numerous client investigations, including an investigation for the U.S. Navy in 2010. Jack has been a technician and project leader for the Department of the Army for more than 26 years. Stephen Lambert Stephen is co-owner of Extreme Ghost Hunting Limited and EGH Media. Based in the Northeast of England, he likes nothing better than researching and spending the night alone is haunted locations. He is a Peoples Book Prize finalist as coauthor on The Psychic Biker Meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter and producer and host of online radio shows as part of the EGH Media Network. ( and Deborah Lantz Deborah is a gifted and trusted medium. She thoroughly enjoys the gifts she has been given and takes her work very seriously. She works with integrity and compassion. Deborah’s abilities enable her to connect with the Angelic Realm and Spirits on the other side. She uses her gift to assist in paranormal investigative work and often works with her son, Nick Lantz, and his group Redemption Paranormal. ( Bishop James Long Bishop James Long studied for the Roman Catholic Priesthood for six years. It was during his years in the seminary that Bishop Long received solid formation, both academic and spiritual. Through prayer and discernment, Bishop Long accepted Gods call to become an Independent Catholic Priest. He was ordained a Deacon and Priest and was consecrated a Bishop within the Old Catholic Church. Currently, he serves as the Presiding Archbishop for the United States Old Catholic Church. He holds a doctorate of ministry, master’s of divinity, master’s of education, bachelor’s of communication theory, and associate’s of philosophy. Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editor-in-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications. Jill Marie Morris Jill is a psychic/medium, author, and documentary filmmaker. She is well-versed in the technical, investigative, and research sectors of the field. Jill uses her gifts as a medium and psychic to assist with paranormal investigations and cold cases. In July 2011, Jill published 207: A Personal Account of Love Paranormal Phenomenon and Demonic Possession, in which she details a series of reallife events and paranormal encounters that completely reshaped her life.

Stephen Nakonechny Stephen is a kennel owner by day and ghost hunter by night. During each investigation, Stephen uses a scientific approach to collect and record data and photographic evidence to back up paranormal claims. Stephen has worked in the aerospace industry and environmental services. His goal as a psychic photographer/ paranormal investigator is to prove the existence of spirits through strict scientific applications.

Michelle Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. Michelle has a photography degree and is the co-owner of www.TheRavenBooks. com. (

Michaela Rand (Silvermoon Medicyn) Michaela is a Medicyn Woman. Her life threads are woven between symbiotic psychic vampire and Shamanism, working closely with awakening souls looking to balance the dark and light within themselves. Her favorite tools to use are crystals, herbs, and oils. She is a Universal Life Ordained Minister and performs many services, including soul retrieval, Shamanic extraction, and walking the dead to rest. (

Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Jill is a feature writer for She has studied the paranormal since childhood. In fall 1965, she conducted her first investigation. Jill gives workshops and lectures and writes for selected Internet Websites. Her expertise in the paranormal includes parapsychology, cryptozoology, Fortean phenomena, anomalies, UFOs, aliens and demonic possession, and exorcism.

Barry Taff, Ph.D. Barry holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering. He is a world-renowned parapsychologist who worked out of UCLA’s former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate. During his 40-plus-year career, Barry has investigated more than 4,500 cases of ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition. (

Mari Wells Mari’s love of vampires goes back to her tween years. Recently, she has increased her vampire knowledge and expanded it to other paranormal beings. Her paranormal fictional pieces have been included in supernatural magazines. (

Chad Wilson A freelance writer, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine. His interest in the paranormal led to the creation of Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground


Publisher’s Letter PARANORMAL U N D E R G R O U N D® Volume 6, Issue 10

October 2013

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Contributors William Becker Jackie Chin Katie Christopher Chris Davis Karen Frazier Dave Galvan Terri J. Garofalo Charles G. Gotski Paul Green Jenny Gurney Rick E. Hale Ashley Hall John “Jack” Kenna Stephen Lambert Deborah Lantz Bishop James Long Silvermoon Medicyn Jill Marie Morris Stephen Nakonechny Michelle M. Pillow Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Barry Taff, Ph.D. Mari Wells Copyright © 2008-2013 — Paranormal Underground® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. As such, Paranormal Underground and its contents are the property of its owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This publication and all content within this publication may not be copied, quoted, distributed, modified, or reprinted without the express written consent of Paranormal Underground magazine. Paranormal Underground magazine is a publication of Ghost Knight Media, LLC.


Paranormal Underground

Religion and Its Place in Society Note: Before I begin, let me state that my reference to God in the masculine does not mean that I think God is strictly male. In my mind, God is everything, and I use God in the masculine form only for ease of use.

spark of God within us. No, I don’t believe that we are subservient to God, other than in the fact that when we serve God, we serve ourselves. God is within us and every individual on this planet. God is within the trees, the oceans, and in the air we breathe. To me God is the whole of hat is religion and its place creation, and if in the beginning there in society? Yes, I know — a was only God, then where else would controversial topic that all that is around us come from? This there really is no right answer to. But, puts a whole different spin here are my views ... on the Big Bang Theory, Some might say that relibut that is a discussion for gion is just one way for humans another time. to explain the world around So I believe in God, them. To make them feel even though my belief is diflike they are more than just a ferent than how many others physical body. That someday, believe in God. Does that after they die, they will come make me, or them, wrong before their maker, or God, in their beliefs? My answer as some refer to the creator of Chad Wilson, would be no. My beliefs, everything. That they will take Publisher and anyone’s beliefs, do not their place in Heaven, having supersede anyone else’s. earned their just rewards based So, where does that leave us? To on their actions while living. me, it means we still don’t know the For others, the existence of a God is answers to the questions that surround an unnecessary addition to everyday life. us. Different individuals react to this in We exist simply because the conditions different ways. Some peacefully preach on this planet were ripe for life to be cretheir beliefs to others. Some try to force ated in the first place. We crawled out of their beliefs upon others. Some even go the sea and have not looked back since, to the extreme and kill those who do not and when we die, we go back into the follow their beliefs. nothingness from which we came. Not Only through peaceful observance very inspiring, but a belief all the same, of what we believe, without impinging and just as good as everyone else’s. upon the right of others to believe what A myriad of thoughts and possibilities they want, can true enlightenment occur. exist when it comes to God and others’ In the end, like life and death, the relidefinition of who God is or isn’t, or if he gious experience is a personal one. Each even exists at all. My point in all this is that of our individual experiences define each individual person has their own ideas what religion means to us. as to where we came from and where we And as far as I am concerned, that will eventually end up — whether that is is OK. Let each individual believe what Heaven, Hell, oblivion, or somewhere they want. And as long as it does no else. But who is right? harm to another, then let each individual Personally, I believe that we are worship in whatever way they please. divine in our own right. We have the


October 2013

Calendar Of Events October 4–5

Chicago Ghost Conference Irish American Heritage Center Chicago, Illinois

October 4–5

Little Traverse Bay Parafest The Terrace Inn Bayview, Michigan http://littletraversebayparafest.webs. com/

Paradigm Symposium The Historic St. Paul Union Depot St. Paul, Minnesota

October 4–6

Haunted Springs Paranormal Fest Hot Springs, Arkansas hauntedspringsparanormalfest.webs. com

October 4–6

Pennsylvania Area MUFON Conference Sheraton Bucks County Hotel Langhorne, Pennsylvania id=927

Psychic Fair & Paranormal Expo 1-6 p.m., Elks Lodge East Brunswick, NJ

PARANORMAL U N D E R G R O U N D® Volume 6, Issue 10

October 2013


October 17–20

Fantom Fest The Menger Hotel San Antonio, Texas

October 5

October 11–13

October 18–20

C.A.S.P.E.R. – The Second Forensic Ghost Excavation Congress – Convention C.A.S.P.E.R. Research Center Bedford, Pennsylvania http://ghostexcavationconference.

November 2

Pittsburgh Area MUFON Conference Westmoreland Community College Youngwood, Pennsylvania id=929

Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight

On The Cover Andrea and Carolyn Perron (Photo by Les Anderson)

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October 2013

Paranormal Underground


The Paranormal Top 10 List

Top 10 11 Pieces of Advice I’d Have for My Younger Psychic Self By Karen Frazier, South Sound Paranormal Research & Paranormal Underground Radio


K, so this month’s Top 10 list has 11 listings, but I figured you wouldn’t mind! So here we go ... It used to be that the paranormal scared me. I’ve told the story before of my time in a WWII-era haunted apartment. It was my first apartment, and it freaked the crap out of me. I spent the next 20 years running from my paranormal self. If I were to run into that young, skinny, scared 21-year-old today, I’d offer her some advice that would probably make things a whole lot easier. 11. It’s OK to just know things, so you don’t have to hide it anymore. We all inherit gifts from the people who come before us. Remember how you used to find your grandmother gleefully touching all the packages under the Christmas tree and stating their contents as if by magic? Yes — that is a gift you inherited from her. Twenty years from now, she will be gone and you will still be here. One of the things you will treasure the most is that you have this piece of her in you. Now, while you have her with you, talk to her about it. It is a gift you share, and it can draw you closer. It can help you both not feel so alone. 10. When someone you know has died comes to you, don’t be afraid. Sometimes it happens in vivid dreams. Sometimes they’re just there. Sometimes you hear them but can’t see them. These are your loved ones reaching out to communicate with you, and it’s an amazing gift. Listen with your heart, and you will know this is true. You’ll never regret listening to the words of love they have come to share with you. 9. The universe is more benevolent than you think.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

It may not seem like it right now. You’ve been through and are going through some tough things that make it seem like adult life is super difficult. Here’s the thing. You’re the one making it difficult with your resistance. If you can just relax and be, instead of trying to control things, it will all go so much easier. Not only that, but you’ll find peace and joy in going with the flow, as well as enjoying your authentic self. Whenever things seem the most desperate in the years to come (and at times they will), it’s time to let go. The universe has never once failed to provide you with exactly what you need the moment you need it. Let go. You’ll be glad you did.

8. Sometimes you’ll know things ahead of time, but you won’t really be able to do anything about it. Therefore, there’s no use feeling guilty after the fact that you weren’t able to stop it. You can’t stop an earthquake, but you can help the people around you prepare. You can’t stop a murder that is about to occur across the country when you don’t have enough specific information. When those things you see inevitably happen, it’s not your fault. Tune in, listen, and do what you can.

were a kid because you’ve had some interesting dreams and memories. In a few years, you’ll begin seeking out additional experiences in order to learn more about who you once were. While it’s interesting to do so, the most important thing is who you are right now. You are here, and you have a purpose. If you pay attention, you won’t need to continue seeking to discover what that is. That’s because your purpose is being exactly who you are right now, doing exactly what you do right now. You have a choice in this moment of who you are. You have one in every moment. Make the most of every single one of those choices, and you will have lived your purpose brilliantly.

7. When you get the urge to get in contact with someone, do it. It’s better to call someone and tell them you love them than to wish you had later, after something has happened. These thoughts are the urges of your soul, and they are Your most difficult and giving you the opportunity to contentious relationships avoid regret.

2. Love never dies. Neither do you. You’re going to struggle a lot over the next few decades, trying to fit what you know in are also those where the your deepest soul to be true 6. You aren’t crazy. greatest truths lie. into the trappings of your reI know you think you’re ligious background. You have losing it in crowds or when to let go of this, because you will never make it fit. You you live in multi-family housing units like apartments or know the truth, because you have tiny glimpses of it every dorms, but the rush of emotions you feel aren’t yours. once in a while when you’re not busy trying to overthink While it may seem like a curse, this is one of your greateverything. est gifts — the ability to tune into the emotions of others. When those glimpses come, go to a quiet place and Your empathy is a call to compassion. Use it responsibly breathe into them. Those glimpses you see are the key to with gentleness and kindness in all of your actions. remembering exactly who you are. I could tell you exactly who that is (love), but you won’t believe me until you 5. Get over yourself. experience it for yourself. That’s why it’s important you Yeah, you write well and it will serve you well, but make the most of those moments. don’t get so arrogant about it. What you’ll soon realize is Once you remember, you won’t be afraid anymore that those beautiful words aren’t coming from you. They because you’ll know this to be true. Love never dies. It are coming through you and are a gift that should be hongoes on and on, and so do you. ored with deep humility. 4. Dead people don’t have to be scary. Sure it can be a little freaky when things occur and you can’t see who is doing it, but it’s happening so you’ll pay attention. This ghost thing may seem a little weird, but it is an important part of your spiritual path. You have come to help others find their way Home, only you don’t realize it yet. The spirits are scaring you in order to help you realize this life’s purpose. Talk to them. Find out why they are here. And then help them find resolution so they can go Home, which is where we all long to be.

1. Every soul you ever meet comes to you in love. It may not always seem like your interactions are very loving, but at the soul level that is exactly what they are. Your most difficult and contentious relationships are also those where the greatest truths lie. The people you believe are torturing you are acting from love so you will learn the lesson. Try to look beyond the person you see in the flesh and appreciate the soul who has allowed you to make them the object of your ire and hatred in the name of love.

3. Past lives are fascinating, but now is what matters. You’ve been digging around in this subject since you

Have a suggestion for The Paranormal Top 10 List? E-mail with your suggestions today!

October 2013

Paranormal Underground


Equipment Update

Does the Ovilus Really Work? By Jack Kenna, Rensselaer Paranormal Research and S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England


his month I’m reviewing another item produced by Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing (, called the Ovilus. I’m not going to get into each of the versions of this device, as many groups out there probably have the various versions. And, now, Digital Dowsing has released the Ovilus III, which includes what they are calling a “thermal flashlight” that the company is stating allows your eyes to be the thermal camera. Anyway, that’s something for a future Equipment Update. A Device Build for Direct Spirit Communication What I want to focus on this month is the basic function of the Ovilus, which is to allow direct communication with spirits through its embedded word database. The device also contains several sensors, including an Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) meter that takes continuous readings of the surrounding environment. The device converts these readings into a number, and the number is used to reference a word in the database. For example, if all of the environmental readings the device measures are converted by the device into the number 10, the device then looks up the number 10 in the word database to see what word is associated with that number. If the word associated with the number 10 in the database is “water,” the device will speak the word “water” (e.g.: If environmental readings = 10, and 10 = water, then the device speaks the word “water”). Yes, it all comes down to a mathematical equation and a basic if-then statement. The Ovilus’ Phonetic Mode The Ovilus can also be operated in its phonetic mode, which allows it to react to changes in EMF and to create words that are not listed in the embedded word database. In this instance, the Ovilus is converting the EMF readings and calculating what the phonetic equivalent


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

The Ovilus was created by Bill Chappell, a retired electronics engineer who develops devices specifically for ghost hunting. The Ovilus is an electronic speech-synthesis device that emits words depending on environmental readings, including electromagnetic waves.

number is, and then it speaks a word based on its calculation. It all may sound more complicated than it is, but in the end the real questions is does it really work? So, now we know the basics of how this device works, but again, does it work? The simple answer is ... yes, of course it works. It does exactly what it’s designed to do, gather information on various environmental changes and convert that data into a word and then speak that word. Does the Ovilus Really Allow Investigators to Communicate With the Living? Does the Ovilus allow spirits to communicate with the living? This is, of course, is the “real” questions and a bit more complicated to answer. As someone once said, “To believe is to have faith, but evidence can make believing a lot easier.”

OK, so maybe I’m the one who said that, but you do need both in this field of work, especially when it comes to trusting the data/evidence that your equipment is providing you with. So again, does the Ovilus allow spirits to communicate with the living? Like all of the equipment I evaluate and report on, I base my conclusions on actual testing and use. In the case of the Ovilus, I based my conclusion on my own use of it and my observations of other seasoned investigators use of it during investigations of both known haunted locations with intelligent hauntings and of virgin locations purported to be haunted. I have concluded that based on the data collected, the Ovilus does allow spirits to communicate with us through the device. Now, I know that may be a very hard pill for some of you reading this to swallow, so to speak, but please hear me out and let me present my findings before you flip to the next article in this magazine. For those of you who already agree with my conclusion, please continue to read on as well, and see exactly how and why I came to this conclusion. I did not decide this lightly, and it took a lot of testing, data collection, and evidence review to come to this conclusion. I also came to the conclusion that although the device does allow for spirit communication, I do not feel that the communication that comes out of it is always accurate with what a spirit might be trying to convey to us. The device also has its flaws and bugs, which I feel investigators sometimes mistake as spirit communication, but is nothing more than the device malfunctioning. So let me get into the details of my use and testing of the Ovilus and how and why I have come to my conclusion.

the Ovilus were at the Whaley house and again the Star of India. Along with the capture of EVPs and other personal experiences that occurred at the same time we were getting responses on the Ovilus, I began to change my outlook of this device. The Investigation That Made Me a Believer It was our use of it during a fourth investigation at the William Heath Davis (WHD) House in San Diego that made me believe that the Ovilus does provide at least a good potential for spirit communication. As always, you have to keep a bit of skepticism when working in this field, especially with any device you’re using, but what happened at the WHD House I couldn’t just explain away, as it was completely unexpected and the responses were accurate according to the individual who was with us and whom the responses/communication were directed at. Here is what happened to make me less of a skeptic of this device and its potential as a spirit communication device. We had been investigating the WHD House since about 9 p.m., and it was now about midnight. I had some very interesting personal experiences, including feeling dizzy every time I stepped into the doorway of the upstairs baby’s room, but only in the doorway itself. When I would step out of it or through it, I was fine. I also saw small green lights dart through that room from the adjoining bedroom, which had once been used as a hospital room for the sick when the building was used as a hospital. I also saw a dark shadow move through the bedroom. It was around midnight when my friend and founder of SdGH, Maritza, broke out her Ovilus to try and contact whatever spirits might be there. There were four of us in the room. I was the only male, and I sat on the floor next to the building’s docent, who had joined us for the investigation. I will call this woman Emma for the purposes of this article, as I do not want to disclose her real name. Earlier in the evening I had heard Emma, Maritza, and Colleen talking about how Emma’s son had recently passed. I was in another room at the time, so I didn’t hear much of the conversation, except that he had passed away recently. So, there we all sat on the floor, in the bedroom, Emma to my left, Colleen to my right, and Maritza across from me. The ladies took turns holding the Ovilus and getting a few words here and there that did seem to have some possible connection to the house. Then Maritza and Colleen suggested that I try holding it to see what interaction I might get.

The Ovilus does allow spirits to communicate with us.

My Tests With the Ovilus My first time using the Ovilus was during an investigation with my good friends from San Diego Ghost Hunters (SdGH). We were investigating the Star of India, which is berthed at the Maritime Museum in San Diego. I wrote about this investigation in Paranormal Underground magazine in early 2012 in an article titled “The Paranormal Nights of Sunny San Diego.” My first impression of this device and the results it produced was one of interest and also a “Yeah right!” I thought that what was probably going on was that we were reading more into the words the device was spitting out than was really there. Although the responses seemed to be potential direct communication, I had my doubts. The second and third investigations where we tested

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 11

Equipment Update I took the device in both hands and tried to mediate as Maritza and Colleen directed me to do. I asked if there was anyone in the room with us, and the Ovilus spoke the proper name “John.” Now although this is my given name, everyone calls me Jack; so to be clear about what had just been spit out by the device, I asked “What did you say your name was?” Again, the response was “John.” I looked at both Maritza and Colleen, and they looked both excited and perhaps a bit shocked. When I looked over at Emma, she seemed a bit distraught and stunned, but I had no idea why until Maritza spoke to her and asked her if she thought it was maybe “him.” The ladies could see that I was a bit lost at this point, and so they told me about how Emma’s son John had just recently passed away due to an accident. Immediately after Maritza told me this, the device spoke two more words, “Mother” and “Accident.” This startled me a little, but it also seriously piqued my interest in what might be happening. I asked another question: “John, is this your mother next to me?” Again a response came: “Mother.” I asked, “Do you want to talk to your mother?” The response again was “Mother.” Does the Ovilus Capture Proof of the Afterlife? After this, I continued to hold the device but had Emma do the talking. What followed, I have to admit, struck me to the core. Emma asked if it was indeed her son John, and the device replied, “John.” Emma asked if he was OK, and the device responded, “Pain.” I found out at that point that he had suffered in pain before he died. If I was to allow myself to totally believe the potential conversation that followed over the next 20 minutes, then John was still staying by his mother because he was not in total acceptance of his death, he was worried about his mother, and he didn’t want to leave her alone. There was obviously a lot more detail to this interaction with the Ovilus than I have written here, but I think this is enough to explain my thoughts on this device and its potential for spirit communication. The biggest thing that struck me about this potential communication we had with a spirit was the fact that the communication was random; it had nothing to do with the house itself as one might expect during an investigation. It


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October 2013

was focused on an individual who was part of the investigating team. As the one who seemed to be the conduit between the spirit, Ovilus, and Emma, there was no possible way that I was causing the Ovilus to spit out these words and responses, as until that night I had never even met Emma and knew nothing about her son or any details of his passing. This, along with the combined results of other investigations with this device, indicates to me that the Ovilus does have the potential to allow spirits to communicate through it. Is it 100% accurate or effective? No. No device used in this field ever is. As I say time and time again, no device we use in this field can detect or identify a ghost or spirit or prove the existence of such. What the devices we use can do is provide us with data to review, evaluate, and to draw our own conclusions with. So, in my personal opinion, based on the data I’ve collected and evaluated, the Ovilus is a device that can offer the potential for direct spirit communication. Is it the right piece of equipment to have in your arsenal of paranormal gear? In this particular case, I would mostly recommend it for the serious paranormal teams involved with trying to assist clients or trying to further the paranormal field. I would not really recommend it to the novice or the weekend ghost hunter, as I do feel there are potential doors that might be opened by the use of this device since it functions somewhat like a Ouija board — you hold the device while asking questions and wait for someone/something to respond, and those of us who have been in this field for awhile know what can potentially happen when someone uses a Ouija board. On the lighter side of the reason for why I don’t recommend it to those just starting out, the Ovilus is a bit expensive at a price of approximately $280. Is it worth the expense? It all depends on if you intend to use it or just let it sit in your box of paranormal tools and collect dust. If you have any questions regarding equipment to use for investigating the paranormal or any other paranormalrelated questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail at For more information about the Ovilus, check out Digital Dowsing’s Website at http://

The Geek’s Guide to the Strange & Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts, and Demons Rick E. Hale’s book about unexplainable paranormal phenomena explores many of the world’s most intriguing paranormal cases and haunted locations, including the Demon Drummer of Tedworth, Lucedio Abbey, the Dagg poltergeist, and three cases of possession, among many others.

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Phil Whyman Can’t Resist ... By Paul Green, The Psychic Biker


hil Whyman is best known for his role as a paranormal investigator on the popular TV show Most Haunted. He worked alongside Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie and was hugely popular with fans in seasons 2 to 4. Phil ultimately left the show to concentrate on other areas of the media. May 2007 saw the launch of his first book, Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted: Paranormal Encounters & Investigations. In the book, Phil introduces the reader to the different forms of paranormal activity that can be encountered at a haunted site and provides a guide to conducting a paranormal investigation. The book covers everything from experiments to his own reports from investigations. On October 14, 2009, it was announced that Phil was to re-join Most Haunted Live! for its eight-night show from Morecambe, Lancashire, being aired Halloween week October 2009. In January 2010, he was again involved in Most Haunted Live, from RAF West Raynham Royal Air Force base in Norfolk, England. His primary role during the investigations was opposite presenter Paul Ross as a studio-based expert. In addition, each night when the show ended at midnight, Phil took two audience members to participate in a vigil, which then aired the following day on the show. In October 2011, Phil re-joined the Most Haunted team to film a Most Haunted Christmas special called Most Haunted Christmas Spirits, which was later released on DVD in December 2011. Phil now hosts a monthly podcast along with his wife, Sara Whyman, and friend Arron Weedall. The Dead Haunted Podcast is free and available on iTunes. When Phil recently joined us on our radio show, we quickly found out that he was exactly as he appeared on


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October 2013

Phil Whyman is best known for his paranormal investigations on the Scream Team and Most Haunted TV programs.

screen, funny and straightforward. We also learned he is a huge fan of electronic music, both to listen to and as a musician. Fans can also find Phil at many ghost hunting events throughout the UK. Now, on to our para-chat with Phil Whyman! *****

Q: What’s your earliest memory? Phil: I think my earliest memory is of hearing the song “Magic Fly” (by the ’70s group Space) playing on the radio. I think it was about 1977 ... I don’t have any earlier recollections, which is probably really rubbish! Q: Describe your perfect day. Phil: Spending the day on the beach at Cala Llonga in Ibiza with my wife Sara and our son. Then going for dinner at one of the lovely restaurants around the town center, before ending the day sitting out on the balcony of our favorite apartment overlooking the gorgeous Cala Llonga bay, looking at the stars and sipping a night cap ... or several. Q: Who from history would you like to share a dinner party with? Phil: Several. Wyatt Earp (he died on January 13, the same date as my birthday!); Spartacus; Laurel & Hardy; Lawrence of Arabia (T.E. Lawrence); the Spartan King Leonidas (from 300 fame). Q: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Phil: Mess about with the EuroMillions draw in some way so that my numbers come out. Then treat my family and friends. Q: What’s your pet hate? Phil: Ignorant people. The government. The pathetic petrol/diesel prices in this country. Food prices ... there are more, but I won’t bore you. Q: What’s your favorite book? Phil: The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. The Lord of the Rings BBC audio dramatization (on CD, starring Ian Holm, Michael Hordern, et al.) is absolutely fantastic.

Phil is currently working on a project called Haunted Ruins, and he hopes to film more episodes soon.

Haunted Ruins, and I hope to begin filming another episode soon. The first episode proved very popular with those who watched it, and I enjoy the production side of it — filming it, editing it, etc. *****

To find out more about Phil, visit his Facebook page,

Did You Know? • In addition to being a paranormal investigator, Phil is also a musician and an artist.

Q: What can’t you resist?

• Phil first appeared on Living TV’s ghost-hunting show Scream Team, which followed contestants around the UK as they investigated strange phenomena.

Phil: Seems silly, but I absolutely love fresh, warm bread with good butter. I am a bread enthusiast, if there is such a thing.

• Phil was a composer and keyboardist for the group Pesky.

Q: What’s your current or upcoming project?

• When he joined the Scream Team show, Phil was working as a laptop engineer.

Phil: I’m currently working on a personal project called

October 2013

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Investigator Spotlight

Steven LaChance

Haunted Survivor, Author, and Paranormal Investigator By Jenny Gurney, Proximity Paranormal


n 2001, Steven LaChance and his family began to endure an extreme haunting inside their new Union, Missouri, home. After being driven out of the home by demonic attackers, Steven began investigating the paranormal in an effort to find answers to what had happened to him and his children. He eventually founded Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR) and cofounded the Paranormal Task Force PTF). Steven developed the idea of The Humanistic Approach to investigation in order to help others. In July 2007, Steven left MPR and PTF to pursue independent endeavors. And then in 2008, Steven published The Uninvited, a book that documented his family’s true and terrifying first-hand account. In the book, LaChance chronicles how the house’s relentless supernatural predators infested those around them. And while he consulted paranormal investigators, psychics, and priests, the demonic attacks — screams, growls, putrid odors, invisible shoves, bites, and other physical violations — continued to grow worse. The entities clearly demonstrated their wrath and power: killing family pets, sexually assaulting individuals, and even causing two people to be institutionalized. Steven also authored the book Crazy, which chronicles the events at a haunted truck stop in Missouri. His upcoming book, Blessed Are the Wicked, will be released soon. Steven travels around the country speaking at paranormal conventions about the haunting his family endured. His case was featured on Discovery Channel’s A Haunting TV program in October 2006. Steven recently spoke with Paranormal Underground about his experiences and books. *****


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Steven LaChance and his family endured a violent haunting within their new home, one that led to demonic attacks.

Q: What happened during the extreme haunting that you and your family endured? Steven: I moved into a haunted house with my three children in May 2001. Shortly after moving into the home, things began to happen to us. My children were the first to be effected. They claimed various things, including hearing voices, seeing closet doors that would not stay closed, things moving around on their own, and even being chased through the house by dark figures. In the end, they were locked into one of the bedrooms and I could not get into the door to get to them. When I was finally able to get in, I carried my daughter out of the house in shock. The house would scream and bang. All sorts of things went on that are just too numerous to tell in a short synopsis. The haunting continued after moving from the house for years to come.

Another thing that happened when I was writing both of the books was we had many paranormal type things happening. In the case of Blessed, it even reached as far as Shannon Lusk, the editor of the book. It is not easy to write about things when you have all hell breaking loose around you. For instance, during the writing of Blessed, we would find butcher knives lined up in the middle of the kitchen floor. We would literally walk out of the kitchen and walk back into it, and there they would be in the floor. And Shannon was dealing with a lot of dark figures that should not have been there. I know there were times when I had to talk her into continuing to edit Blessed because of all of the activity surrounding its writing.

“It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world.�

Q: Was it difficult for you to recount your horrifying experiences while writing The Uninvited and soon-to-be-released Blessed Are the Wicked? Steven: The two books were very difficult to write. It is never easy to disclose personal things about yourself, and in my case those things are still very painful.

Q: How has this experience changed your life?

Steven: It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world. I know it has even changed my spiritual beliefs. The hard thing about living through something like this is that you have to put it into a box that makes sense for yourself. In the case of this haunting, there were so many people who were affected by it, and in some cases very adversely. So you are not only dealing with your own baggage from it, but also the baggage left by what it did to people you care about.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 17

Investigator Spotlight Q: What is your opinion on the episode of A Haunting that told your story?

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is new to ghost hunting?

Steven: I think it was the Disney version of the story. It played well to a primetime audience. And in order for it to do that, certain difficult things were left out that would not have made the show able to be viewed by a general audience. I get that. I think for the purpose of what they were trying to accomplish with the show and what they did do, it was done very well. But it was nowhere close to the entire telling of what happened. I have come to terms with the show, and I am still very proud of what they were able to accomplish considering their limitations.

Steven: Read and read some more. Do not follow the TV shows, because in most cases they have very little footing in reality. There are some great things out there to read by Gerald Brittle, Hans Holzer, and Barry Taff, just to name a few. Also, constantly be thinking outside the box. I have found that once you start doing things the way everyone else does it, the evidence tends to dry up. I have seen this over and over again. So be original and don’t let someone tell you this is the right way to do something, because the truth is we don’t know the right ways yet.

“There is danger every time you step out on a ghost hunt.”

Q: By your own definition, what is an extreme haunting? Steven: You may find this funny because I have never been fond of the term extreme haunting. It makes me think of haunting skydiving. What I would consider extreme may be much more than a normal person, who has not lived through something so severe, might consider extreme. For most people a door opening on its own or something thrown across the room by unseen hands may seem like the most extreme event in the world. It is because of their base experience of course. The cases that I consider extreme usually involve something more of a demonic nature. Q: What is your second book Crazy about? Steven: Crazy is a dark book that came out of a very dark time for me. The major case it deals with is a haunted truck stop. The Syfy show Fact or Faked actually went to the truck stop last year and experienced on film a lot of paranormal activity. I had some questions in my mind about life and death when I wrote it that I was examining for myself. Most of those questions stemmed from the truck stop case. I think I did a good job of presenting these questions for the reader and gave possible answers to them without actually telling them what to think. I wanted it to start the thought process for the reader about what they believe about some difficult and even scary things, but in no way did I want to answer those questions for them. It is one of those books that leaves you thinking, and in some ways it has scared the hell out of people because once that thought process has started they have to answer some very dark questions for themselves about their beliefs.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Q: What are your thoughts on young people watching TV shows on the paranormal and ghost hunting with friends at local haunts vs. them going out trying to be demon hunters with no idea what they are getting into? Steven: I think I need to repeat this again. There is danger every time you step out on a ghost hunt. You never know how it is going to roll. So, going at all you need to be aware that you could end up in a very difficult situation, and you better know what to do when it happens to you. I don’t think of this as a hobby. A hobby is not something that can get you hurt and in some cases killed. Q: Please tell us about your current projects and your future work. Steven: I’m still working on a screenplay for Crazy. Also, I am working on my next book, which will follow the release of Blessed. I am not saying what it is about yet, but it is going to be very cool. Could be my Frankenstein? Who knows; we’ll see. I am still working with a great producer on the Union Haunting becoming a film. I think once Blessed comes out, the time will be right for that film. Who is the producer? I am not telling, but it is someone very well known for their work in film. *****

To read more about Steven LaChance, visit his Website: You can also find his books online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as in bookstores.

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Special Report

The Real Story Behind the Movie ‘The Conjuring’ By Jenny Gurney, Proximity Paranormal


he 2013 movie The Conjuring (directed by James Wan, who also directed Insidious) was a muchanticipated production within the paranormal field. The film not only caught the attention of paranormal investigators and enthusiasts, but of moviegoers worldwide. The movie grossed $272,307,598, according to, far beyond its $50,000,000 production budget. What was it about the movie that led to its success? It was based on a true extreme haunting that took place in rural Rhode Island in the 1970s over the course of 10 years. The production documented the investigation of a dark presence terrorizing an all-American family in their farmhouse. It was also based on the case files of paranormal pioneers Ed and Lorraine Warren. Apparently, watching a family’s extreme turmoil caused by paranormal entities equals box office success. But what about the real people behind the movie The Conjuring — the people who experienced the unexplainable phenomena and had to live with it every day? Andrea Perron was just 12 years old when her family moved into the infamous farmhouse, which stood on 200 acres of land, enough for her and her four siblings to roam around. But during the 10 years they lived there, they experienced paranormal activity of all types, both benevolent and malevolent. Now, more than 30 years later, Andrea puts pen to paper to write three books about the traumatic events that took place at the haunted Rhode Island farmhouse. Paranormal Underground recently spoke with Andrea Perron about her family’s paranormal experiences, the movie that grabbed the attention of the world, her book trilogy House of Darkness House of Light, and where the family is today. *****


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

During the 1970s, this Rhode Island farmhouse was home to extreme paranormal activity experienced by the Perron family.

Q: Would you mind telling our readers a bit about yourself? Andrea: I was born in 1958 in Rhode Island, my home in heart. Graduating from Burrillville High School in 1976, it was a thrill to share that important time with the Bicentennial. The next four years were some of my most challenging and formative, at Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I took on a double-major in my two favorite subjects: English and philosophy. It was an incredibly enlightening journey in its own right as I tried to explain for myself what was happening in my childhood home back in Rhode Island. After we moved to Georgia (a mere two weeks after my graduation), I began life anew, as did every member of our family. During the seven years I spent in the land of cotton, I opened a business and had many adventures along the way, but I always longed to return “home” to Rhode Island, which I did in 1987.

The real Perron sisters (pictured above in the back row) and the actresses who portrayed them in the film The Conjuring. Andrea Perron is pictured at top right. (Photo Credit: Warner Brothers)

I spent the next decade cooking in a restaurant I Q: How did your family find out about the farmowned with three partners who worked as hard as I did. house, and when did you move into the farmThen I returned to Georgia to help my mother through house? How old were you and your siblings when a health crisis. When I moved back to Rhode Island in you moved into the house? 1998, I began a whole new career as a counselor. It was Andrea: I was 12 and my youngest sister was five. My very fulfilling work, but something kept tugging at me. I mother found the farm in an advertisement and quickly had another job to do. contacted the realtor. Once she saw the place, she put In summer 2007, I began writing our family story of life down $500 earnest money on the property, and then she at the farm and soon realized I had to return once again to waited for my father to come home from a business trip Georgia to be with my family. It was the only way to do the to tell him. That is when all hell broke loose. story justice. Surrounded by supportive siblings and both He wanted the money back parents, everyone contributed their and wanted no part of this deal. personal stories and it began to She convinced him to go look “We witnessed our first take shape. Since the inception of at the farm, and he suddenly full-body apparition.” writing House of Darkness House fell silent, muted by its intrinsic of Light, the trilogy of books has beauty. It was love at first sight consumed all of my attention, to the exclusion of all else. for all of us. It was “home.” I live with my mother and sister Christine in a quiet country town, and that’s my life in a nutshell … so far. I Q: Did your mother and the rest of the family expect more adventures to follow. In some ways I feel as experience paranormal activity before and after if I’ve only just begun, but at least I now realize that this is moving to/from the farmhouse? what I was supposed to do. All the pieces have fallen into Andrea: My mother had one strange experience as a child. place, and I’m a happy, satisfied soul — and how many Other than that, no, not before we moved to the farm. But people can say that?

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 21

Special Report

Pictured above: Andrea and her mother, Carolyn, who experienced an extreme haunting during the 1970s, along with the entire family. (Photo by Les Anderson)

afterward, that’s a whole other story. Being touched by spirit is ultimately a blessing, not a curse. It becomes a part of who you are and though you can always turn your back on it and pretend that it doesn’t exist, such belief is a fallacy. When the moon is new, the sky is dark. Does anyone doubt it is still there? Q: What were everyone’s first thoughts about the farmhouse? Did you sense anything out of the ordinary when entering the house?

Andrea: Yes, each of us dealt with what came in different ways. Some were terrified, others curious, and my father lived in a perpetual state of denial for an extended period of time until he was forced to face the truth of it. The books outline in great detail the journey each of us embarked upon and how we each handled all the obstacles we faced from the perceived intrusion. Eventually, all of us came to terms with the fact that we lived in a supremely haunted house. Accepting it, facing those fears, abandoning the denial, and simply observing these entities became the new “normal.” We moved into the farmhouse as a normal family and left 10 years later as a paranormal family, as each of us had been profoundly touched by spirit and were allowed to leave only after we had learned our lessons well. Q: When did the paranormal activity start, and how often was it happening? Describe the paranormal activity that took place within the farmhouse.

Andrea: To do so required five years and 1,380 pages! That’s why the single manuscript became a trilogy. It began the day we moved in, and it persists to this day. Being touched by spirit is a gift you can never return. So your task as the readers of this interview is to read the books. Q: How many spirits do you think lived there?

Andrea: At least a dozen dwelled among us in a house alive with death. It was busting at the seams. There were periods of extreme activity and Andrea: Not at all! We loved it. then sustained periods when We had no sense of doom and “What I witnessed was nothing particularly ominous gloom. No sense of an imposing traumatic. I thought I would occur. presence outside of our own famThe most unnerving thing ily flooding over the threshold. In watched my mother die.” about the farm was the mystery fact, we visited the farm a number of it; not ever knowing what of times well before my parents was coming next. It was like living in a state of perpetual, actually closed the real estate deal in December 1970. low-level anxiety. Being watchful because the moment one When we moved in during the first week of January of us let our guard down something would happen to snap 1971, we were immediately confronted by the truth — our us back to attention. We weren’t allowed to forget about new “reality” — the surreal estate deal of a lifetime! That them, as if what they were seeking was acknowledgement. was the day four of the five of us (children) witnessed our first full-body apparition. Q: Can you talk about Bathsheba Sherman, the witch spirit in the house? Q: How did your family, deal with the fact that your house was haunted? Did it happen separateAndrea: Just because Bathsheba was accused of being ly to each of you? a witch does not necessarily mean she was a practitioner


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

of the dark arts. There is no proof that she sacrificed an infant to the Devil. That’s what the town folk said. It was what she was accused of, but was exonerated for before it ever went to trial. There was no trial, only an inquest, producing insufficient evidence to satisfy the presiding judge. Case dismissed. I spend a great deal of time and attention on Bathsheba in the books because I feel sympathy for her and all of the spirits. Q: What were some of the more frightening paranormal occurrences? And how did you and your family cope with the experiences? Andrea: The most terrifying experience for me was the night of the séance. The Warrens came with an entourage of people, including a priest, a medium, and a technical crew. During the “gathering of souls,” as it was referred to that evening (and to which my father strenuously objected), a door was opened that could not be closed and a presence came through that could not be controlled. It muted every spirit and was not of this world. What I witnessed was traumatic. I thought I watched my mother die. It took more than an hour to revive her, and it was the most horrific experience of my life. I thank God she has no recollection of it. That is the blessing that came from what was an otherwise cursed event. Whatever power invaded her that night possessed all the force required to claim her life. It did not want to kill her or it would have done so. Instead, in retrospect, I believe it wanted to make its presence known to every mortal soul present. It did.

Andrea: There are many answers to that question, all explored in depth within the volumes. Suffice to say, we were supposed to be there or we wouldn’t have been. It was as if what conspired to take us to the farm likewise conspired to keep us there, our tenure predetermined by unknown cosmic factors we have yet to identify. Q: How did the Warrens get involved in the case? How were they perceived by your family, especially your siblings? Andrea: Keith Johnson informed Ed and Lorraine Warren of our predicament during a college seminar he attended. For the most part, we were very open and forthcoming with them, except (of course) for my father, who treated them with suspicion and contempt. He has since made amends with Mrs. Warren for his behavior at the time. April had very little to say be-

Q: Did your father believe what was happening to your mother and the children, or was he skeptical in the beginning? Andrea: Beyond skeptical. He now admits that it was his fear of the unknown that so darkly colored his reactions to what he was being told. His real fear was that we were telling the truth, but his denials and accusations created distrust and eventually manifested as an alienation of affection between my parents. We children did not disclose anything to him once it became self-evident that he doubted our words. My mom deeply resented his lack of interest and failure to protect his family. She now realizes that there was nothing he could do to protect us or himself in that surreal environment. It was, quite simply, far beyond his control. Q: Why did the family choose to stay living in the farmhouse for those 10 years. Why not move out when you started experiencing things?

Pictured above: Bathsheba Sherman’s gravesite. Bathsheba, who once lived on the property, was accused of witchcraft and other terrible acts. Some say she brutally haunted the Perron family during their time at the farmhouse. (Photo by Steve O.)

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 23

Special Report cause she had a secret friend, and I believe she thought they were capable of making him go away. The rest of us poured our guts out to those we perceived as authorities who told us that it was safe to share, who told us they believed us. It was a relief to speak honestly about the ordeal we’d already endured when they arrived at the door in October of 1973. They both listened intently to our stories and would often glance knowingly at one another without saying a word. They had come to help us. Of this, there is no question in my mind. Interestingly, Nancy wanted to know if they could get rid of some of the ghosts but leave the ones we loved behind! Out of the mouths of babes … Q: Do you believe the Warrens helped or made the activity in the house worse? Andrea: Both. They at least tried to help, but found themselves up against a formidable force to be reckoned with and were not equipped to dispel the spirits from the farmhouse. When they came to the farmhouse it did cause an increase in activity, which they later explained often happens during their investigations because their presence stirs the cauldron! It was not their intention to create havoc. It merely happens around them. I know the feeling. The Warrens couldn’t help us. No one could. A priest from The Vatican, most likely an exorcist, came to our home and walked through every room, pausing to pray along the journey. He then approached my mother and said, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Perron. This house cannot be cleansed.”

Q: What made you sit down and write the three books about your family story? Andrea: Honestly, it was as if a loud, disconcerting bell or an old-fashioned alarm clock went off inside my head. Suddenly, I was no longer satisfied with any aspect of my life. I knew on some deep, visceral level, it was time to tell this story, not something one should rightfully take to the grave. It is far too significant a tale to be kept as a secret — compelling and substantive. As is so often the case, the message is more important than the messenger; it’s not who it happened to but that it happened at all that is miraculous. Q: Do you remember everything clearly, or are there some events that were lost over the years? Andrea: We all remember many episodes with great clarity. There are some events that were deliberately excluded from the manuscript because they were either too disturbing or too personal to share, and that is our prerogative. We’ve shared about 95% of what we experienced and that’s enough. The rest of it is still being processed and will never be disclosed beyond the boundaries of our close-knit family. When we began dredging up the past, revisiting these memories, my mother said something profound: “We have spent 30 years trying to bury our dead as deeply as memory allowed, and yet when it came time to exhume them it is amazing how close to the surface they were.” There are some experiences that are so shocking, so disquieting, when they occur they become impaled in the mind, seared as if being branded on the brain. Every instant is memorized and can be revisited with total recall — the smells, a chill in the air prior to a manifestation, the abject paralysis that occurs, creating a freeze-frame effect that never dissipates. Initially, I thought this would be an issue, but when I finished the manuscript and began the arduous task of cross-comparison to make certain we got it right, I had to change only one thing. I’d written down the wrong season for one of the incidents. It happened in spring, not in autumn. That in itself was phenomenal to me, that everyone remembered everything precisely the same way, without any prompting or need to remind anyone of anything. These events are permanent fixtures in our minds. Q: Are the books based on your memories or did you collaborate with your family when writing?

While writing House of Darkness House of Light, Andrea found that every family member remembered everything precisely the same way even though more than 30 years had passed.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Andrea: The books were written by me, but every member of the family contributed their own recollections. It is all woven together in what I refer to as “a collective memoir.” Many of the passages are directly from the

The Conjuring is actually based on the case files of the Warrens, although Andrea provided a great deal of material to the producers.

source, as I would often sit with my siblings beside me at the computer, transcribing every word they said. For the sake of authenticity, I thought this was an important, if laborious, process. I wanted everyone to feel as if their story was being told accurately, leaving no stone unturned. Mission accomplished. Q: In your book, it seemed that “something” was actually trying to kill your mother. How did she handle these attacks?

What do you think that means? Andrea: I feel quite certain that I’ve lived in that farmhouse before, in other lives. I hope by telling their story, it will liberate me from the place. I believe it was my destiny to write this story and tell the world the truth. Q: What advice do you have for others dealing with extreme paranormal encounters? Andrea: Face it. Accept it. Embrace it. Learn about it, and confront it whenever necessary. Good always triumphs over evil. There is no point in running away from an attachment formed. It will follow wherever you go.

Andrea: What attacked my mother the night of the séance was perfectly capable of claiming her life, and it did not. In my opinion, it wanted to make its presence known to all involved, including the Warrens, Q: Do you think The the medium, and the priest. Conjuring was truthful to “I thought the film was beauMy mother was repeatyour story? Did it actually tiful — a heart-wrenching edly threatened over the years, represent your real haunttaunted with fire, scratched, rendition of the story told in ing experience? stabbed with a needle, beaten broad, sweeping strokes.” Andrea: I thought the film was about the head and neck with beautiful — a heart-wrenching a heavy coat hanger, stabbed in rendition of the story told in the side with a tomato stake. It broad, sweeping strokes. The fine lines of history are was trial by fire in many ways. My mother handled it the etched upon the pages of the books. There was no consame way she has handled every other trial in her life, by ceivable way for them to tell a story this big in two hours. healing the wounds from within. She is a strong, incredThe film is actually based on the case files of the ibly resilient woman whom I admire. Warrens, though I provided a great deal of material to the producers. It was more than they could ever hope to inQ: In the book, it almost seemed like you and clude, so the screenwriters plucked the fruit of two differyour family had ties to the property. Can you ent trees, metaphorically speaking, and created their own explain that? In fact, your sister saw a spirit that recipe, one that would work most effectively onscreen. looked a lot like you when you were younger.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 25

Special Report It is not entirely accurate. For example, my mother posed to happen or it would have happened another way did not seek out the Warrens. We were not godless instead. Such is the nature of life. heathens but had all been born, baptized, and raised Catholic. There was no exorcism performed in the cellar; Q: What would our readers be most surprised to rather, a séance gone awfully wrong. This occurred in the find out about your case? dining room. My mother doesn’t bite, even when proAndrea: Several members of the family would love voked, or my father would be covered in scars! She would to go back to live at the farm. My sister Nancy and my not have done anything to harm any of her children no father mourn the loss of it daily. Neither of them ever matter how upset or oppressed she might have been, and wanted to leave it behind, and neither did I. It was the according to her (after viewing the film trailer) would not only place I’ve ever lived that have been caught dead in that felt like home. ugly orange skirt! That was a truly tumultu“It was the only place So, you see, she has reous time for our family. The I’ve ever lived that felt tained a sense of humor along separation anxiety was utterly with her sense of style. Best to like home.” overwhelming. But my sister make light of the darkness, she Cindy and our mother will always says. never return there again. The Conjuring got it right in many ways. It represented our family bond as the most powerful aspect of Q: I heard that you experienced UFO activity the film. It hit the major touchstones of the story dead on: as well. Could you please explain some of your Love conquers fear and good conquers evil. It was the experiences? most important messages conveyed. Andrea: I will say this about that: The human race needs to awaken to the truth of our reality on this planet. If we Q: In the movie, the children played the game do not, it will be a rude awakening, indeed. Belief sysHide–and-Clap. Did the family really play the tems will be shattered, minds will be fractured, and mass game, or was that Hollywood? suicide will occur on a global scale because of the overAndrea: Ah, Hollywood. For the first few months in the whelming power of fear. house, we played Hide and Seek, but quickly learned that My advice is to wake up. This is The Ascension. The there were safer things to do, like sliding down an icy hill new age has arrived. This transition does not need to be into a granite stone wall! the end, but, rather, will prove to be a new beginning for My mother never did participate, as she was far too humanity. busy establishing a new household, but she was always there to deal with the inevitable fallout of a dangerous Q: What is something that most people don’t game. All of the ensuing stories are chronicled in the know about you? books. When Nancy became trapped “in the bubble” Andrea: When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, I transform behind the chimney in the borning room, we abaninto the most compulsive/neurotic person on the planet! doned the game and found other ways to keep ourI will work a puzzle to the exclusion of all else, start to finselves amused and enlightened in the dead of winter. ish, until it is complete. I forego sleep, food, or anything Parcheesi! else as I attack it with single-minded purpose. I haven’t done a puzzle in over five years. Instead, I Q: What would you like our readers to take away have put this puzzle of a story together, requiring intense from your books and The Conjuring? concentration of effort, as a true labor of love. Andrea: The sense of wonderment: a sense of peace and comfort. There is something beyond our mortal existence. Q: What is in the future for you?

Q: What could your family or anyone involved with the case have done differently that would have resulted in a different outcome?

Andrea: I have no Earthly idea! But that’s what makes life so interesting! The mystery of it all!

Andrea: Mistakes were made. Damage was done. In retrospect, it all happened precisely the way it was sup-

To keep updated with Andrea’s adventures and to purchase her books, visit


Paranormal Underground

October 2013


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October 2013

Paranormal Underground 27

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Sites

By Deborah Lantz,


hio University (OU), located in Athens, Ohio, has a reputation as a party school. OU has made it on the list of the top 10 party schools of our country more than once. The Halloween party thrown every year in Athens has achieved national fame, but OU also is known for its other kind of spirits, the more ghostly kind. It is its ghostly inhabitants that dwell on campus that I find fascinating! OU is one of the most haunted college campuses in the world. Visiting Athens is a paranormal lover’s dream come true. You literally cannot help but walk into someone with his or her own story of paranormal experience. Almost every building on campus also has its own ghostly encounter story. My son, Nick Lantz, now a sophomore at OU has had his own run in with wandering spirits. Ohio University: History and Hauntings Founded in 1804, OU was the first institution west of the Appalachian Mountains dedicated to higher learning. With a very long and colorful history that spans over 200 years, it is not surprising that it is packed with paranormal accounts. One of the more famous hauntings on the OU Campus is at a place known as the Ridges, which compromises a series of buildings. The building’s original purpose was as a tuberculosis ward, which was originally built in 1868. Then it was called the Athens Lunatic Asylum, which was a mental hospital. It was in operation from 1874 until 1993, when the state of Ohio closed its doors for good. What most people do not know about this facility is that when the doors closed in 1993, the patients there were simply told to leave instead of being transferred. This is a very scary scenario. The building served Civil War veterans, children, and criminals — all lumped in together. Today, the university owns the facility and it is used as offices, storage facili-


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Founded in 1804, Ohio University offers students higher learning, as well as the possibility of running into a ghostly encounter.

ties, and home of the Kennedy Museum of Art, which is located in Lin Hall. The hospital gained its notoriety because of its wide spread use of the infamous Lobotomy procedure. Knowing this building’s history, I would say it is a perfect storm for a paranormal hotspot. The Ghost of Margaret Schilling One of the most commonly seen apparitions at the Ridges is a ghost named Margaret Schilling. She is reported to be seen still walking the halls of this building. Margaret was a patient in the hospital. She supposedly disappeared in December 1978. After a thorough search of the hospital, Margaret’s body was found on the top floor of the ward. She had been dead for several weeks.

Pictured above is the Ridges, one of the most haunted buildings on the Ohio University campus. The building had been used as a tuberculosis ward, mental hospital, and ultimately as school offices and storage facilities.

Margaret had removed all of her clothing and folded them up neatly next to her, and she had simply laid down and died. It is reported that, to this day, there is a stain on the floor that is in the outline of her body. Unfortunately, the Ridges have been slated for demolition, and it has already begun. Preservationists lost the battle to save this historic and haunted building. Haunted Wilson Hall and the Demonic Face Another significantly haunted location at OU is Wilson Hall. One of the most famous Wilson Hall stories is that of room 428. It is said that a girl who practiced the occult died violently in the room. Supposedly, there is a demonic face in the wood grain of the original door to the room. Since then, students have reported hearing footsteps and strange sounds in the room, furniture being moved, and reports of an actual apparition of the girl. According to the Athens County, Ohio, Website, the University has sealed the room and it is not used anymore. My son Nick and his dorm mates all had their own personal experiences. Last year when Nick was a freshman, his dorm was the O’Bleness House. Located on South campus, his dorm room was on the fourth floor.

Nick shared with me on several occasions when he would experience loud knockings on his door, only to find nobody there. The first couple of times it happened he said he thought somebody might have been pranking him. It was getting on his nerves, so Nick waited by his door to see if the knocking would begin again. It did and Nick whipped open his door to find nobody there. Nick ran down the hall and there was nobody, at least no one in his or her physical form. This experience happened several more times to my son. Nick shared his strange experiences with one of his dorm mates, who then shared his own spectral visitation. The young man’s name is Ben. He had been experiencing the feeling of an unseen presence in his room at night. One night Ben asked out loud if there is really someone in here with me can you make a sound? No sooner had Ben’s words left his lips than he heard his chair slamming to the ground. These dorm rooms have no carpet, so it made quite a loud sound. It’s easy to understand why Ohio University has been labeled one of the most haunted college campuses in the world. Watch for more articles on Haunted Athens.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 29

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Objects/Curses

By Ashley Hall, The Paranormal Guide


n an open field near Bernards Township, New Jersey, is an old oak tree. When the tree stands with a lesser gown of leaves in the colder months, it takes on quite a sinister appearance. Legend has it that this tree, cursed with the souls of the many who died by hanging from its branches, is not to be trifled with. Around the trunk is a chain link fence that prevents people from making their mark. If you look through the fence, you can see the many cuts, scarred into the bark and wood from the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of axe swings by those tempting fate. Some of these cuts are quite deep, and more than once it looks like the teeth of a chainsaw has bitten through to the heartwood. Yet no one has succeeded in cutting it down; the tree is still growing strong despite its wounds. The Devil’s Tree Curse A story, a legend, exists that states that anyone who attempts to cut down the tree will be cursed — injury and death coming for them in the form of a car accident. The other penalty for marking the tree with a blade concerns a black pickup truck that chases the offender down. People believe this vehicle to be driven by a demon or perhaps the Devil himself. The truck appears from nowhere, chasing those who dare defile the tree, out of the paddock and down the road, before disappearing to lay in wait for the next group of courageous (or foolish) people. It sounds like the stuff of a classic horror movie, but there are many who take parts of the legend seriously, especially the stories concerning how the tree became cursed. Earlier in its history, Bernard Township was said to have quite a large number of KKK members. And, at times they would lynch men and women (possibly children) from the African-American population.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Located in Bernards Township, New Jersey, the Devil’s Tree is said to curse with injury and even death anyone who dares to defile the tree.

In those days, the area near the tree was much more secluded and set away from the population center of the town. It was from the boughs of this old oak that people would be hanged by their neck until they were dead. As the tree was so far out of the township, the bodies may not have been cut down for some time, slowly swinging backwards and forwards in the breeze, until the police were informed or a kind passerby set to the work. Tempting a Cursed Tree Psychics believe it is the dark energy from these events that have given the tree its curse. Several suicides

Courageous, or foolish, people have even taken a chainsaw to the Devil’s Tree. Today, the tree is protected by a chain link fence that prevents people from making their mark into the tree’s wood.

have also said to have taken place in the tree’s branches, including that of one man who murdered his entire family and then hanged himself. The hanging branch that grew horizontally out from the tree existed until recently, when it was removed in a effort to lessen the want of people trespassing onto the field to visit this macabre piece of local lore. Many times dummies and mannequins have been strung from the branch, creating a very disturbing site for the passerby, especially for those who have heard the stories. Some people who have taken the risk to climb the tree, usually on a dare, say they have heard strange sounds, as if someone is trying to scratch and pound their way out from the inside of the tree. Those who have taken a souvenir from the tree, breaking off a piece of bark and chopping a chunk out, tell of even more curious events ... waking up to find an old man standing at the foot of their bed, seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes, or worse still their hands turning black for a time before returning to normal. What do you think? With the dark history said to be tied to the tree, could it be cursed?

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Case Files Of The Unknown: Cryptids & Mythological Creatures

Celtic Cryptid: The Irish Wildcat By Jill Stefko, Ph.D., Suite 101 Contributing Writer


hroughout history, sightings of the Irish wildcat have been reported, even though wildcats do not officially exist in Ireland. It’s possible that Scottish wildcats or domestic cats carrying wildcat genes may have found their way to the country. Some believe accounts are, most likely, the result of mistaken identity of pine martens. The only true wild feline living in the UK is the Scottish wildcat, an endangered species the size of a domestic cat. Wildcats in Ireland? Most zoologists maintain that Ireland has never been home to a wildcat, unlike the rest of Europe. Irish naturalist Michael Viney disagrees. He wrote that wolves, bears, badgers, foxes, and wildcats lived in Éire during Neolithic times. Dr. Karl Shuker, a respected British zoologist and writer, specializes in cryptozoology. He wrote that King Cairbar of Connacht was called Chinn Chant because he

Are sightings of Irish wildcats actually mistaken identity? wore a wildcat’s skin attached to his helmet. Was the pelt from a wildcat or a feral one? Legend of Cait Sith, Irish Faery Cat The Cait Sith is a supernatural legendary cat in Scotland and Ireland. Cait means cat, and sith means mounds of the faerie folk or the mounds. Many Scotspeople believed these legendary creatures were


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

When Royal Museum of Edinburgh’s Dr. Andrew Kitchener analyzed eight bodies of Kellas Cats, he found traits in seven that were of both domestic and wildcats, indicating they were hybrids.

transformed witches, not faeries, and were the size of a large dog with a white spot on its chest, rigid bristles, and an arched back. Shuker postulates it’s possible that legends of the Cat Sìth were inspired by Kellas Cats, which are the size of and resemble domestic black felines, only found in Scotland. These cats were believed to be legends and hoaxes, until gamekeeper Ronnie Douglas killed one. There was speculation that the Kellas Cat might be an unclassified species or subspecies of the European wildcat. Shuker predicted that it would prove to be a complex hybrid of domestic cats and Scottish wildcats. When the Royal Museum of Edinburgh’s Dr. Andrew Kitchener

caves. He maintained he discovered bones of two different felines. Schariff believed the larger ones were those of the Irish wildcat. • 1965: AW Stelfox challenged this, stating the bones were those of a female and male domestic cat. He wrote that no feline bones had been found in other Irish digs. The debate still continues.

analyzed eight bodies of Kellas Cats, he found traits in seven that were of both domestic and wildcats, indicating they were hybrids. Irish Wildcat Controversy • 1885: WB Tegetmeier gave the pelt of an alleged Irish wildcat to the Zoological Society of London. Upon analysis, it was found to be that of a feral cat. • 1906: Dr. RF Schariff wrote a paper about his archaeological excavations in Eden vale and Newhall

Irish Wildcat Encounters While there have been many sightings of the Irish wildcat, the following accounts are unique in that both were killed. But, unfortunately, the bodies weren’t sent to be analyzed. Pap Murphy, knowledgeable in County Mayo archaeology and history, wrote that in the 1940s his uncle and father saw an Irish wildcat in his father’s shed. The animal was trapped in fishing nets and clutter, so they shot it. The feline was large, growled, and had a nail-like end to its tail, unlike a domestic or feral cats’ one. Joe Keery was hunting when he shot what he thought was a fox. When he looked at the animal, he was surprised to see it was feline. It was the size of a fox, light brown, had a long tail, protruding teeth, and was about four feet long.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 33

Case Files Of The Unknown: Are We Alone?

75th Anniversary of ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast By Dave Galvan


ctober 30, 2013, marks the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles infamous War of the Worlds American radio broadcast, an adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds (1898). Part of the show was presented as a series of simulated news bulletins that suggested an actual alien invasion by Martians was in progress. While panic ensued during and following the broadcast, as many listeners didn’t realize the show was a fictional presentation, the show and its listeners’ reactions represent the intense fascination — and fear — in the UFO Phenomenon. Join us as we feature Orson Welles’ contribution to the entertainment field, as well as take an in-depth look at his War of the Worlds radio broadcast that aired in 1938 over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Who Was Orson Welles? Orson Welles was a wunderkind in his youth. He conquered Broadway in New York City at the age of 18 with a force hardly seen before. He worked for the Federal Theatre Project, a part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal that had a small fraction of funds reserved for the arts. He was hired by Producer John Housman to produce a version of Macbeth, played entirely by African American actors. Eventually called Voodoo Macbeth, it played to sold-out houses across the country. Over the next two years, Welles became almost unstoppable. He produced, acted, and directed in stage plays throughout the Broadway theatre district. His rendition of King Lear, playing an old man while he was still in his early 20s, even got his picture on the cover of Time magazine. After a controversial production of a play called The Cradle Will Rock, a pro-union play that was not allowed to be performed in its intended theatre because the actors were not union workers, Welles and Housman decided to quit the Federal Theatre Project and started the Mercury Theatre. They employed such actors as Agnes


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

George Orson Welles (1915–1985) was an American actor, director, writer, and producer known for his work in theater, radio, and film. He first gained wide attention after his War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938.

Moorehead, Joseph Cotten, Dolores del Río, Ray Collins, George Coulouris, Frank Readick, Everett Sloane, Eustace Wyatt, and Erskine Sanford, all of whom would continue to work for Welles for years to come. The first Mercury Theatre production was a heavily edited version of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar, set in contemporary fascist Italy. Cinna the Poet dies at the hands of a secret police force instead of at the hands of a mob. According to Norman Lloyd, who played Cinna the Poet, it stopped the show, with applause lasting

more than 10 minutes. The second year of the Mercury Theatre, Welles started producing, writing, directing, and acting in radio plays. His most famous role was that of The Shadow, which made Welles a household name across the U.S. Welles and his theatrical partners filled the airwaves of the most popular media at that time, radio. Never before could a voice be spoken in a room in New York and be broadcast across the country in the blink of an eye. Welles, the tour de force in the industry, learned that there was no law in New York at that time that said you had to be injured or sick to ride in an ambulance. With that information, Welles rented an ambulance to chauffeur him from the theatre to the radio studio to get him there in record time. Hundreds of New Yorkers would be forced to move their car aside for the sirens of an emergency vehicle thinking there was someone dying in the back. In reality, Welles sat there smoking a cigar, reading and writing his scripts for his next stage play, which would be a modern version of War of the Worlds, the classic science fiction invasion story written by H.G. Wells (no relation to Orson Welles). Welles would perform the story as a news broadcast reporting an alien invasion. The Creative Process Behind ‘The War of the Worlds’ Radio Broadcast Contrary to popular belief, this had been tried previously in England, where Ronald Knox’s satirical newscast of a riot overtaking London and the British Broadcasting Company in 1926 had a similar approach (and created much the same effect on its audience). The writing of The War of the World radio play fell to Howard Koch and his one-time assistant Anne Froelick. Welles and the rest of the Mercury Theatre also had some input. It has been said that Koch decided to have the Martians land in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, by literally jamming a pencil randomly into a map and then having the Martians head to New York from that location. After some rewrites, the play was ready. Welles directed it live from the floor, giving cues to actors while live on the air. All the actors were encouraged to talk over each other as fake panic ensued. Sound effects were taken from World War I news broadcasts and from artillery tests. Welles was a master at mixing fiction with reality, and he knew how to leverage radio’s imaginative possibilities. To maximize ratings, Welles had the Martians land during a musical interlude during the broadcast of rival NBC’s Edgar Bergen’s comedy show. Welles knew that some listeners would be turning the dial to see what else was on. What he didn’t know was the panic that followed would change American Broadcasting forever.

During and after The War of the Worlds 1938 broadcast, individuals from New York and New Jersey headed for the hills or began looking for aliens to kill.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed. Wait a minute! Someone’s crawling out of the hollow top. Someone or ... something. I can see peering out of that black hole two luminous disks ... are they eyes? It might be a face. It might be ...” Listening to the broadcast today, it might be difficult to imagine how realistic this broadcast sounded at the time. What is key to remember is that this had never been done on this type of scale before, and Americans were less cynical then they are today. What also should be considered is that in 1938, radios were finally affordable to most Americans. While the depression was still going on, the worst of it had passed, and there were plenty of affordable radio sets available to the mass public. This was the first time that the masses were able to hear a voice spoken in New York broadcast all the way to California. What one must understand is that most of the people who listened were not listening to the entire broadcast. They were joining in part way, listening to the “invasion” and then turning off their radios and running for the hills.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 35

Case Files Of The Unknown: Are We Alone?

Orson Welles was a celebrated Shakespearean stage actor, who performed in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Othello, among others.

From ‘The War of the Worlds’ Radio Broadcast “Good heavens, something’s wriggling out of the shadow like a gray snake. Now it’s another one, and another one, and another one! They look like tentacles to me. I can see the thing’s body now. It’s large, large as a bear, and it glistens like wet leather. But that face, it ... Ladies and gentlemen, it’s indescribable. I can hardly force myself to keep looking at it, so awful. “The eyes are black and gleam like a serpent. The mouth is V-shaped with saliva dripping from its rimless lips that seem to quiver and pulsate. The monster or whatever it is can hardly move. It seems weighed down by ... possibly gravity or something. The thing’s ... rising up now, and the crowd falls back now. They’ve seen plenty. This is the most extraordinary experience, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t find words. I’ll pull this microphone with me as I talk. I’ll have to stop the description until I can take a new position. Hold on, will you please, I’ll be right back in a minute.” Before the announcer described the “aliens” coming out of the “craft,” most listening to the broadcast assumed we were being invaded by the Nazis, who had been spending some time annexing Europe. Once the “news” came out that this was a Martian “invasion,” all hell broke loose.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Whole families started packing their bags and leaving the cities. Some took up arms in case they ran into a Martian. Men and women were calling the police, asking where the Martians had been spotted so they could help the Army in fighting them off. In San Francisco, a woman walked into a Police Station and told them that she had been sexually assaulted by a Martian. In Cleveland, Ohio, a young broadcaster named Jack Parr — who would eventually be considered one of the most trusted men in America after he would take over hosting duties of The Tonight Show from comedian Steve Allen — was getting phone call after phone call asking if the aliens had landed in the area yet. After turning on the radio and hearing Orson Welles’ voice, he did what he could to calm people down using the airwaves. Some people actually called the station and asked Parr what the government did to him to help with a cover-up. Ironically enough, the epicenter of the entire broadcast, Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, seemed to sleep through most of it, other than a small posse of men armed with shotguns looking to see if they could help defend from the invaders. One of them saw an alien “Tri-Pod,” and shot it. Turns out they wounded a local water tower by mistake. But while most of the country, and parts of Canada, thought the city was destroyed, residents of the town were oblivious to the excitement that literally put them on the map. “A humped shape is rising out of the pit. I can make out a small beam of light against a mirror. What’s that? There’s a jet of flame springing from that mirror, and it leaps right at the advancing men. It strikes them head on! Good Lord, they’re turning into flame!” Chaos and Panic on the East Coast By most accounts, some places were experiencing almost pandemonium. As a lot of New York and New Jersey were either heading for the hills or looking for aliens to kill, phones calls to CBS and police stations were piling up. People were putting wet towels under their doors to protect themselves from gas. A freak power outage in parts of Washington State caused alarm and confusion, as some thought it was caused by Martians. The cast and crew of the show were unaware of what was happening outside during this live broadcast. That was until the police showed up at the station to investigate. Once Welles realized that the show was causing such excitement, he locked the studio door to keep the police and radio executives from stopping the broadcast. He knew that this would be the largest audience he ever commanded. The actors started sweating, fearful that they would all end up in jail. But the show went on. “Incredible as it may seem, both the observations of

science and the evidence of our eyes lead to the inescapable assumption that those strange beings who landed in the Jersey farmlands tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from the planet Mars. The battle which took place tonight at Grover’s Mill has ended in one of the most startling defeats ever suffered by an army in modern times; seven thousand men armed with rifles and machine guns pitted against a single fighting machine of the invaders from Mars. “One hundred and twenty known survivors. The rest strewn over the battle area from Grover’s Mill to Plainsboro, crushed and trampled to death under the metal feet of the monster, or burned to cinders by its heat ray. The monster is now in control of the middle section of New Jersey and has effectively cut the state through its center. Communication lines are down from Pennsylvania to the Atlantic Ocean. Railroad tracks are torn and service from New York to Philadelphia discontinued except routing some of the trains through Allentown and Phoenixville. Highways to the north, south, and west are clogged with frantic human traffic.” On With the Show! As the radio executives pounded on the door wanting Welles to say, over the air, that this was a radio play and that Earth wasn’t actually being invaded by little green men, Welles continued. It was almost as if he didn’t care if he got in trouble with the government. Why should he? There was no law saying you couldn’t stage a radio play as part of a news broadcast, and he did state at the beginning of the show that this was a dramatization. No laws were being broken, and it wasn’t his or anyone else’s fault that people just so happened to have tuned in to the middle of the broadcast and actually thought that America was under attack by men from Mars. Who would believe that story anyway? Aren’t people smarter than that? “A bulletin is handed me ... Martian cylinders are falling all over the country. One outside of Buffalo, one in Chicago ... St. Louis ... seem to be timed and spaced. Now the first machine reaches the shore. He stands watching, looking over the city of New York. His steel, cowlish head is even with the skyscrapers. He waits for the others. They rise like a line of new towers on the city’s west side ... Now they’re lifting their metal hands. This is the end now. Smoke comes out ... black smoke, drifting over the city. People in the streets see it now. They’re running towards the East River ... thousands of them, dropping in like rats.” Thousands of calls hit operator switchboards across the nation. The operators hear panic in people’s voices, and they themselves wonder if we are truly being invaded. Then, as quickly as it all started, it was over. The calls stopped.

“This is Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen, out of character to assure you that The War of The Worlds has no further significance than as the holiday offering it was intended to be. The Mercury Theatre’s own radio version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of a bush and saying, ‘Boo!’ Starting now, we couldn’t soap all your windows and steal all your garden gates by tomorrow night ... so we did the best next thing. We annihilated the world before your very ears, and utterly destroyed the CBS. “You will be relieved, I hope, to learn that we didn’t mean it, and that both institutions are still open for business. So goodbye everybody, and remember please, for the next day or so, the terrible lesson you learned tonight. That grinning, glowing, globular invader of your living room is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch, and if your doorbell rings and nobody’s there, that was no Martian ... it’s Halloween.” Welles improvised most of it. He knew that something was going on. That something big had happened, but never imagined that this broadcast caused such a panic across the nation. He figured that maybe a few people around New York City had called the police.

After The War of the Worlds broadcast, Welles had to answer to the police and radio executives, some of whom wanted Welles fired on the spot.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 37

Case Files Of The Unknown: Are We Alone? Publicly, some people held him as a pariah. It’s unlikely Welles ever expected or wanted the kind of panic that had been caused. But that didn’t matter. In Hearst-owned papers across the country, he was demonized as what was currently wrong with America. Within one month, newspapers had published 12,500 articles about the broadcast and its impact. Adolf Hitler cited the panic as “evidence of the decadence and corrupt condition of democracy.” According to the New York Times, Welles expressed profound regret that his dramatic efforts could cause consternation. “I don’t think we will choose anything like this again,” he said. He hesitated about presenting it, Welles said, because, “It was our thought that perhaps people might be bored or annoyed at hearing a tale so improbable.” Many listeners ended up suing the CBS for “mental anguish” and “personal injury.” All suits were dismissed, except for a claim for a pair of black men’s shoes (size 9B) by a Massachusetts man, who spent his shoe money to escape the Martians. Welles insisted the man be paid.

Welles directed 13 full-length films during his career, including Citizen Kane, in which he also starred.

Public Outrage Hits Welles Instantly When Welles exited the studio with the rest of the cast and crew, he had to answer to the police and the radio executives, some of whom wanted Welles fired on the spot. Orson spent hours with them, trying to explain how this was a drama, and he hadn’t broken any laws. Now that the word was out, people were trying to find a scapegoat, and Welles was the perfect man to be nailed to the cross. Fortunately for him, Orson Welles was a master outré, and a speaker beyond note. So much so, President Roosevelt wanted Welles to run for the US Senate — an offer he turned down — for the state of Wisconsin. That office was won by Joseph McCarthy. Orson was able to get out of any trouble by speaking the simple truth. No one at any time did anything illegal. Welles was probably yelled at by executives at CBS, but it rolled right off him. He knew his future was set. Because of the publicity from this broadcast, Campbell Soup picked up his show as a sponsor, and he was also now getting offers from Hollywood.


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October 2013

The Significance of Welles’ Broadcast The effects of this broadcast are still felt to this day. Not only did people run for the hills — and stay there — The FCC changed the rules that you can no longer air a fake news broadcast and declare it entertainment. In the following years, several people tried the same trick in South American countries. The reaction was the same, and the producers ended up either in jail or on the lamb. Orson Welles enjoyed amazing publicity following the broadcast, to the point where Hollywood came a calling. He eventually signed a two-picture deal with RKO studios, where he had 100% creative control over his movies. Some executives in RKO even wanted to purchase the film rights of The War of the Worlds from rival MGM to capitalize on the notoriety. Welles snuffed that idea right out and settled on a movie he co-wrote, called Citizen Kane, as his debut film. He even took with him many of the Mercury Theatre players, including some involved in The War of the Worlds broadcast. Welles later shared his one and only Academy Award with his Citizen Kane co-writer Herman J. Mankiewicz, and later won the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1952 for his film version of Othello. As we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The War of the Worlds radio broadcast this year, we also remember how a wide-scale panic can happen over seemingly unlikely events, like an alien invasion. It shows that some people, even if they won’t admit it, consider events like this possible. What we must also remember is that this broadcast showed how our feelings are very real about what we believe to be true.

October 2013

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Case Files Of The Unknown: Urban Legends

By Ashley Hall, The Paranormal Guide


young school boy leaves his school at the end of a long day. He had stayed back for some extra activities, and due to the settling in of winter, it was quite dark outside. He leaves the main doors of the building, crosses the yard, and enters the alley between the school and the neighboring buildings. As he winds his way through the cramped maze of city blocks, preferring to avoid the smog-thick air of the main roads, he begins to feel as if he is being watched. A mild paranoia sets in, as he has heard several strange stories about things taking place in such locations, so he increases his pace, his feet slapping in the puddles and on the damp ground. The alley suddenly opens up into a small yard, and several paths exit between other buildings. He is unfamiliar with this location, although he has walked this way — well, what he thought was this way — many times before. The buildings climb to the sky overhead, lightless windows staring down at him — all except for one. The silhouette of a young woman is plain to see in the second floor window of one of the buildings. Although the back light casts her into shadow, he can still make out the delicate features of a girl about his age, leaning on her elbows in the windowsill. He walks to her in the hopes of asking for directions, as he is undoubtedly lost. The sudden sound of a train can be heard, the roar passing through the alleys. He must be near a train line ... yes, definitely lost. Smiling, he approaches the building the girl can be seen in. As he nears the base of the older brick and concrete structure, he clearly sees her face turn from a bemused smile to an angry sneer with a curled lip. He is more than startled when she launches herself from the window. It’s not the speed and strength at which she leaves the building, but rather the fact that she is missing the bottom half of her body. As she arcs over him, he can clearly see she has no legs and her entrails dangle from the ghastly slice that rent her in two.


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October 2013

She lands beyond him, facing the other way. She pulls herself to height, standing on her hands, her torso drooping below her. She stares at him, her long black hair passing over her face, yet he can still see she wears a face of pure contempt. She takes several steps toward him, hand over hand, each step making a curious sound as it slaps the ground — teke-teke-teke. The boy screams and runs as fast as he can away from the girl; however soon, all too soon, he can hear her chasing him — teke-teke-teke-teke... He does not stop to turn around to see how much she is gaining on him. Each of her steps sounds closer and closer — teke-teke-teke-teke-teke. The alley starts to open up. He can see a fence ahead, as well as the train lines. He passes the wasteland between the buildings and the line as fast as he can, the terrible sound of the “creature’s” slapping hands continue to make their signature sound — teke-teke-teke-teke. At the last moment, the boy jumps at the chain link fence and starts to scramble over it, but soon finds himself back on the ground. He blinks as pain shoots through his

side, and the face of the “girl” is looking directly into his. He blacks out and passes away, not entirely sure what has happened.

In the early years of the legend, one would be safe by not venturing near train tracks alone at night, because Teke-Teke would seek her prey near the location of her death. Unfortunately, as her death took place in a differ***** ent location with each telling, one had best stay away from The following morning a young school boy is found all train lines to be sure. next to a fence that runs along the train lines. He has been The story soon evolved, and the horror soon started to cut in half, handprints leading to and from his corpse. stalk the school during the night. And, finally, at the crux Teke-Teke is a Japanese urof school student panic over the ban legend that tells of the ghost She has no legs, and legend, Teke-Teke was said to of a young woman, a school girl haunt the toilet stalls of school her entrails dangle bathrooms. No doubt a story that who in 1969 committed suicide on the train tracks as a result of saw smoking in the school toilets from her body. school bullying. She was cut in decrease dramatically. half by a train. Her vengeful spirit, unable to rest, takes It is said there is no escaping Teke-Teke, for even if out its revenge on those who seem similar to the ones who you manage to outrun her — a near impossible feat — she bullied her. will find you, and you will surely be dead within three There are other versions, as with all urban legends, of days. Just glimpsing her is said to be a death sentence. who Teke-Teke is. Some say she is a nurse, others a girl As with all good urban legends, and with Japanese who was murdered, and finally a girl whose death is accicinema’s affinity with a really creepy story, the legend of dental. Regardless of her origins, the fate of her victims is Teke-Teke was turned into two movies in 2009, Tekealways the same — they are chased down and cut in half. Teke and Teke-Teke 2. You can find the trailers for these The name Teke-Teke comes from the distinctive movies on YouTube. sound she makes as she runs on her hands, or at other As with all urban legends, what you believe is up to times her elbows, a “tek, tek” sound with each hand fall. you.

October 2013

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Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted History

Hollymont Haunting: As Good As It Gets By Dr. Barry Taff,


hen one of your cases finds its way into the National Enquirer or onto the front page of the View Section of the Los Angeles Times, you generally know that one or both of two things have occurred. Either the case was unique enough to attract the attention of the press and tabloid media, or you’ve made a serious error in judgment by allowing yourself to be interviewed by them. In a case that began in late spring 1976, both of these reasons can be cited as true. In view of the manner in which the case was reported in both papers, I should have exercised better judgment and more caution, as neither publication came close to accurately reporting what actually transpired. Strangely enough, the greater of the two evils was not the National Enquirer. In this case, the venerable Los Angeles Times did a much worse job. Contrary to what most people believe, there really is not much difference in the sensationalistic style of journalism practiced by either publication. They distort, slant, embellish, exaggerate, and frequently misinform their readers about subjects they consider to be less than credible. The resulting campy, tongue-in-cheek article was not just unprofessional, it was downright rude and disrespectful. Amazing Claims of Paranormal Activity Over the past 40 years, most cases have come to my attention via conventional means, e.g., word-of-mouth, occasional appearances on local TV talk shows, teaching, lecturing, or random calls coming to UCLA’s former parapsychology lab. However, this all changed in May 1976 as a young undergraduate student came storming into the lab in shock over what had transpired at a party on the previous night.


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October 2013

This Hollywood Hills home was home to extreme paranormal activity, including objects moving on their own, apports, fullbodied apparitions, and other unexplainable events.

Mark was quite excited to share all of the incredible events he had witnessed just hours earlier, especially since he found the entire matter difficult, if not impossible, to believe. Once I was able to slow down his rate of speech, he attempted to coherently discuss the barrage of paranormal events that occurred during the all-too-brief party. As Mark’s story initially was nothing more than the ramblings of a very frenetic young adult, I tried to get him to start from the very beginning so I would have some perspective in the matter, rather than attempt to sort and collate a series of divergent events. When Mark understood what I needed to actually begin investigating his experience, he started describing the location of a large, three-story house on Hollymont Drive in the Hollywood Hills. While at the party, Mark and several of his friends

witnessed some of the most amazing things they had ever seen. When the owner of the house, a banker named Don Jolly, first moved in, he immediately hired a houseboy to clean and cook. Shortly thereafter, the houseboy began telling Jolly of strange events that really unnerved him. Objects were rapidly moved from one room to another, and enigmatic shadows and apparitions were seen out of the corner of his eye. The frequency and magnitude of these events escalated to such a degree that the houseboy seriously considered quitting rather than putting up with any more of the bizarre phenomena. According to Mark, during the party, many loose objects began flying about the house. At one point, after a young woman entered the house, a large throne chair suddenly moved under its own power across the room, pinning her against the wall of the living room directly in front of other guests. This was followed an instant later by a kettle flying in from the kitchen stove, which quite deliberately dumped its water over the girl’s head. Later that evening, the houseboy was chased around the house by a cabbage with a huge butcher knife stuck in it. It was this particular event that finally caused the houseboy to abruptly quit his job. Needless to say, these stories were more than sufficient to arouse my interest and desire to attend yet another party to be held at the same house the next evening. I figured that the worst-case scenario would be one where I would speak to some interesting individuals who were first-hand witnesses to the previous party’s events. It also presented the opportunity to personally observe, if not record, some astounding phenomena. Never in my wildest

This was one of the most incredible cases in my files suggesting discarnate intelligence. dreams did I ever imagine that this possibly embellished story would turn into one of the most incredible cases in my files that suggested discarnate intelligence. Witnessing Psychokinetic Displays The next evening, my colleague and I went to the house to attend the party. The area of Hollywood where the house is located was not exactly known for its beauty or safety. In fact, it was noted mostly for its high crime rate and drug trafficking. As such, I was far more concerned about the threat from burglars, muggers, and flying

“The front doorbell began ringing relentlessly. When we examined the doorbell, we were shocked to discover that it was disconnected from the house’s power.”

lead than belligerent ghosts. While at the house, we did have the opportunity to observe some of the most astounding psychokinetic displays we had ever seen. On several occasions, numerous books would take off from their resting place, fly madly about the house, and abruptly drop to the floor. A telephone left its secure position on a stand and then flew over Don Jolly’s shoulder in my direction, as did a large glass jar. The most humorous event occurred while several of us stood in the foyer directly at the entrance to the house. In the middle of us was a large wrought-iron chandelier. As we continued to speak, I commented that I was very hungry. Within seconds, a large clump of bananas came flying across our path and landed at my feet. I bent down to pick them up and noticed that they were rather cold to the touch. Their exact source could not be determined even after checking out the kitchen where they supposedly originated. We eventually returned to the foyer to continue our conversation. That was about the only really vacant

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Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted History Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck (pictured) once lived in the Hollymont house, which also was home to intense tragedy, including murder and suicide.

room in the house where a conversation could be heard given the party’s boisterous nature. Suddenly, the front doorbell began ringing relentlessly, as if some madman outside was seeking entrance. When we examined the doorbell, we were shocked to discover that it was disconnected from the house’s power, as its wires were completely frayed and rotted, incapable of carrying even the minimal household voltage or current. What then caused the doorbell to ring? Or more precisely, what allowed it to ring? After some background research, we discovered that the Hollymont house had a rather sordid background. Two murders and one suicide had occurred there over the past 50 years. These historical tidbits combined with the fact that both Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck once lived there, contributed to its celebrity atmosphere. After talking at length with Don Jolly, we discovered that the apparition of a young female had repeatedly been seen by both workers in the house, as well as Jolly himself. We also learned that Jolly was a part-time minister and had a small chapel set up on the second floor. This seemed a little suspicious and made me wonder whether we might be dealing with a religious zealot. By about 11:30 p.m., the house finally settled down and we decided to leave. Returning to the Home With a News Crew in Tow We were not able to return until about 10 days later, on May 14, 1976, at which time we were accompanied by a news crew headed by Connie Fox from local Los Angeles television station, KTTV (which coincidentally became part of the Fox Network — no relation to Connie). On this particular visit, we experienced more sustained phenomena in a finite period of time than in any


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October 2013

case before or since. Due to the detailed nature of the recurring phenomena, it is easier to list them in an itemized manner. • We arrived about 6:30 p.m., and at one point we all were in the dining room. Suddenly, an ice tray came flying out of the kitchen and soared across the dining room into the west wall. • Shortly thereafter, a large sack of cloth napkins flew out of the kitchen (which was empty) and struck silverware in the dining room directly in front of Connie Fox. • A pewter goblet flew out of the kitchen storage area and impacted the west wall of the dining room. • A religious vestment (metal cylinder) disappeared from the upstairs chapel and appeared outside in front of the house dropping in open air. • A large world atlas suddenly appeared flying in front of the house and literally chased a screaming and terrified Connie Fox down the front Z-shaped stairway, making three distinct 90-degree turns (changes of direction) in doing so. All the while, the atlas was flapping its pages as though it was a bird in flight. • When one of my friends laughingly commented on the above event, an old shoe flew around the outside of the house and struck him on the side of the head. • While in the pantry area between the dining room and kitchen with Jolly, showers of coins, primarily pennies and dimes, fell from the ceiling, pelting us. These thousands of coins appeared to fall from the empty air.

“We discovered that two murders and one suicide had occurred on the property.” • While several members of the crew and I stood in the foyer discussing these occurrences, a large black robe apported itself onto the massive wrought iron chandelier positioned immediately above and between all of us. One instant the chandelier was empty, in the next the robe appeared out of thin air. When examined, it was discovered that the robe was intricately wrapped around the workings of the light fixture, requiring several minutes with a stepladder to remove. • We learned that Jolly had invited a local Bishop over to the house to bless it. Shortly after the Bishop entered the house, his hat disappeared off the top of his head and was later found lying on an inaccessible part of the roof. • A large shower head from the main upstairs bathroom came flying down into the living room under its own

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 45

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted History putting down a glass of iced tea on the kitchen counter, I power. It somehow managed to miss the more than 15 individuals present in the room at the time. went to the refrigerator in search of more lemon. Return• Several sharp and loud explosive sounds came ing to the counter, the glass of tea was gone and was later from the hallway. Investigation could not determine their found in the library three rooms away behind a door that source. I had locked the evening before. • When the Bishop attempted to bless the house usAugust 4, 12:20 a.m.: Library door unlocked itself ing his Holy Water scepter, the top explosively blew off its again. base and flew around the room. August 5, 10:40 p.m.: Bar door on dining room side • Coasters from the dining room table took off and locked itself from the inside by throwing dead bolt. flew into the living room. 11:57 p.m.: Something approached the master • Several keys came flying bedroom door, grabbed and “A fire broke out upstairs down the stairway, although no jiggled the knob, and then one was upstairs. turned it to the right. Opening in one of the wastepaper • Several chairs in the dindoor revealed nothing. Large baskets in the bathroom.” chair was moved five feet and ing room changed locations. • A thick chain and padturned around while I was out lock suddenly appeared around the front door and gate, of the bedroom for not more than three minutes. essentially locking everyone in the house. August 6, 2:40 a.m.: I was awakened in the downstairs • A fire broke out upstairs in one of the wastepaper bedroom by sounds of someone walking around the baskets in the bathroom. kitchen and lower portion of house. Investigation revealed • A telephone, several large jars, and a large book nothing. were observed to fly across various rooms. 9:45 a.m.: While sitting on couch in living room, I • Electrical power in the house was turned on and off heard the sounds and sensation of someone walking down repeatedly during our visit that evening. Checking out the the stairway and up behind me, accompanied by a strong, fuse box provided no clue, as it had not been tampered sweet perfumed smell. No one was there. with. Whatever force was accomplishing this feat could se4:45 p.m.: While talking on a newly installed telelectively negate the power along specific circuits whenever phone, the jack pulled itself out of the wall and threw itself the TV news crew attempted to use the AC lines in the over a chair, pulling the 25-foot cord along with it. house. The power to those lines was cut off while other August 7, 2:30 p.m.: While attempting to make lines were left unaffected. repairs to the upstairs bathroom shower, a large tool box • Even the battery-powered equipment refused to that I had just brought upstairs was apported from the function while in the house. Also affected was the street floor next to me back downstairs to the kitchen drawer lamp directly in front of the house that began blinking where it was originally located. My attention was taken erratically. However, the rest of the block’s street lamps off the tools box for not more than 15 seconds while were not affected. removing old shower handles. Upon turning around, the So ended our first full night of investigating the house. toolbox was gone. All that remained was for us to return and continue our The sound of someone walking around the house was work on another day. heard throughout the entire day. 9:45 p.m.: While talking to a friend on the kitchen Living In a Haunted House telephone, I observed a dark humanoid form cross my Due to very fortunate circumstances, we actually were visual path in the dining room area. No salient features able to temporarily live in this house — a parapsycholoor characteristics were distinguishable, nor could gender gist’s dream. What made this case even more interesting be determined. The dark form was observed through was that both my colleague and I lived less than 10 minthe open pantry storage area separating the dining room utes away, almost in our backyard. and kitchen. Friends sitting in the living room at the time We formally took up residence on August 2, 1976. thought they heard the sounds of someone walking in the What follows is a chronology of events that transpired dining room but assumed it was me. over the next nine days. August 10, 4:30 p.m.: Rear French doors opened by August 3, 11:58 p.m.: Stove turned itself off and themselves. pulled away from the wall. Library door unlocked itself. Master bedroom door locked and unlocked itself. After Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article in our next issue.


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October 2013

Within the pages of “The Harvey Boat,” Spiritual Medium Robyne Marie tells the story given to her from “behind the veil,” after connecting with a spirit who passed away on 9/11. The spirit asked for his powerful, touching, and heartfelt message to be shared with “the children,” so Robyne Marie set out to make this request a reality.

Book Now Available Online at October 2013 Paranormal Underground


Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Hospitality

Oregon’s Haunted Hotels By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research and Paranormal Underground Radio


n this month’s column, we head up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States. An area of the country that is well known for its miles of pristine coastline, thousands of acres of vast forests, and a hairy bipedal creature that has been a big part of the Pacific Northwest’s folklore going back centuries (Bigfoot). However, in this survey of haunted hotels we are not concerned with cryptozoology, but rather with ghosts and hauntings. Our first stop is Downtown Portland, Oregon’s very own The Heathman Hotel. The Haunted Heathman Hotel For a number of decades those who have stayed at the beautiful Italian Renaissance hotel, specifically in rooms 703, 803, and 1003, have reported strange ghostly goings on in their rooms. Some of these occurrences have even prompted a few guests to either ask for a different room or leave in the middle of the night. Those who have stayed in the three affected rooms have all reported the same bizarre phenomena, including cold spots that follow guests around the room, followed by the sounds of footsteps following them. Others have reported poltergeist activity as they watched objects fly around the room guided by an unseen hand. Two of the most terrifying spirit manifestations happen in the middle of the night and have caused many a guest to leave. The hazy face of a man has been seen staring from a darkened corner of the haunted rooms, as well as the feeling of a presence moving bed covers and laying down in the bed and waking up the sleeping occupant. Who is this strange apparition? The story goes that a distraught man, unable to cope with his life, committed a desperate act by throwing himself from the roof of the hotel to the street below, dying instantly upon impact. Whether or not this is a viable explanation for the hauntings at the Heathman is debatable. One thing is certain though, The Heathman Hotel is one of the most spiritually active hotels in the United States.


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Spirit Activity at the Heceta Head Lighthouse Most paranormal researchers agree that many a haunting is caused when a spirit takes exception to the human occupants changing what they perceive as still being their home. If there is any truth to this theory, then Heceta Head Lighthouse bed and breakfast would be the proof. The lighthouse at Heceta Head in Yachats Oregon has been sitting on its rocky point warning ships of the dangers of coming to close to the shore since 1894.

Since then, the lightkeeper’s house has been turned into alarm. Rather than just taking a few days, the job took the a bed and breakfast for those looking for a romantic volunteers several weeks to finish. The batteries were regetaway on Oregon’s pristine coastline. Although Heceta moved from the alarms, but that did not stop Rue. To the Head Lighthouse is such a place, it would seem that volunteers’ amazement, the alarms would sound despite a former occupant is not happy about the change and the power source having been removed. not shy in letting guests and One maintenance man employees know about her had a run in with the angry The alarms would sound displeasure. apparition one day. As he was despite the power source Legend says that in the working in the attic, he turned being removed. early days of the lighthouse, around to see Rue staring at Rue, the wife of a long dead him, giving him a look that lightkeeper, faced a great tragchilled him to his very soul. edy when her beloved little girl fell from the cliff to her Needless to say, the maintenance man refused to enter death on the rocks below. Rue was so distraught by the the attic to finish the job. In fact, no one did. All the death of her daughter that she herself died from a broken maintenance men refused to enter the attic, not wanting to heart soon after. incur the wrath of Rue’s spirit. Guests who have stayed at the bed and breakfast have America’s Pacific Northwest is a land filled with all reported seeing a very stern-looking woman with silver natural beauty. And if you should ever visit, these are two hair and a long black dress in various areas of the propwonderful places where you can stay if you want to experierty. Rue pretty much keeps to herself and only making ence the natural and supernatural Oregon has to offer. an occasional appearance, unless you are making a change to the house. God help the unsuspecting workman. For more information about The Heathman Hotel, visit Many years ago a group of volunteers were assembled And to find out to paint the bed and breakfast. For whatever reason, Rue more about the Heceta Head Lighthouse, visit http://hectook exception to the activity and began setting off the fire

October 2013

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Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Cemeteries

Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research


or generations, as well as during slumber parties around the world, kids have dared each other to stare into a mirror in a darkened room and recite two simples words, a name actually, three times: “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” According to legend, the apparition of a dead witch, looking somewhat like the ghost chick from The Grudge, appears in the mirror and claws peoples’ eyes out. Nice. Usually with stories like this, it’s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. After all, this all-too-familiar story has passed into the annals of urban legend and children from as far away as Zimbabwe play the game. However, surprisingly enough there would appear to be a small kernel of truth to this eye-clawing legend. And that legend comes from a graveyard within mere minutes of my home: St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Wadsworth, Illinois. The story of Bloody Mary’s origins didn’t so much happen in the cemetery as it did happen in the woodsy area surrounding the cemetery. The story says that Mary, a young married woman, was accused of being a witch by her own husband. And although this was the late 19th Century, the fear of witchcraft and the devil was still very much alive in Northern Illinois. In response to the charges, Mary killed her husband and burned the house to the ground. The only two buildings left standing were the barn, where Mary hanged herself, and the dog kennels. Strangely enough, the barn and kennels mysteriously burned down a few years later, killing the dogs. As time went on, the Catholic Church consecrated a small plot of land near the place where Bloody Mary committed her nefarious act, and St. Patrick’s Cemetery began taking “clients.” Although this was considered Holy Ground, that didn’t stop people from holding dark, arcane rituals there, presumably to summon the spirit of Bloody Mary. Evidence of rituals have been discovered over the years in the cemetery and the woods surrounding it. Athames, or ritual knives, have been found, as well as makeshift altars and the bloody remains of sacrificed ani-


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

mals. St. Patrick’s cemetery seems to represent the perfect storm of dark haunting phenomena. Over the years, visitors and legend trippers alike have reported the feeling of being watched and witnessing large, black shadow figures walking amongst the tombstones. And if that isn’t weird enough, the gravestones are said to glow green at night. However, the really bad stuff happens just over the fence in the wooded area surrounding the cemetery. The place where some say Bloody Mary murdered her husband. Those who have found a way to walk through the woods and the field, which is now private property, have reported being physically assaulted by a vicious, unseen presence. Others have heard unexplainable screams. Terrifying apparitions of large, dark shadows have also been seen. And, lastly, people have been chased to their cars by black-robed men brandishing knives and clubs. It seems that something paranormal is definitely happening in this small graveyard 40 miles north of Chicago. Something dark and foreboding.

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 51

Katie’s Conspiracy Corner

Is Paranormal Activity More Prevalent on Halloween? By Katie Christopher, NEPA Paranormal’s Ghost Detectives

The purpose of this article is to educate readers on the facts behind some of the most popular and controversial paranormal conspiracy theories. There are many things out there being hidden and covered up. But we have a right to know the truth. Each month I will cover a different conspiracy theory — some well known and some a bit more obscure. You will be given details and theories about each topic, and in the end, it is for you to decide what you believe. Please e-mail me at KatiesConspiracyCorner@yahoo. com with any questions or topic suggestions.


his month for the Halloween issue, I wanted to cover something a bit lighter than usual. Rather than delve into a heavy theory this month, I’d like to visit some areas of the Halloween season that are very much alive today, as well as dig into what makes them relevant and why we celebrate with such strangely specific traditions. In keeping with my article theme, I also want to visit the theory that paranormal activity is more prevalent on Halloween than any other day of the year. Halloween Tradition Trick or treating, pumpkin carving, haunted attractions, and costumes are all activities synonymous with Halloween. Every October 31st, millions of children dress up in costumes and go door to door in an effort to secure candy from each of the home’s owners. Autumn hayrides transform into scream-inducing thrill rides, and pumpkins are gutted, cleaned out, and carved with some of the most detailed and intricate designs one may see all year. These are traditions we have all come to know and love. Many of us grew up taking part in these activities, and the fun of it all keeps us from questioning, where did


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

this all come from? Why am I dressed up like some sort of insect with neon wings strapped to my back begging my neighbors for candy? The truth of the story is that these activities did derive from things that were practiced centuries before any of us were born. The word Halloween originated in the 16th Century and is of Scottish descent. It roughly translates to All Hallows’ Eve, which would be the day before All Hallows’ Day, or more commonly known as All Saints’ Day, which is immediately followed by All Souls’ Day. Though the word itself is 16th Century, the traditions of Halloween are much older.

2000 years ago, the Celts celebrated the Festival of Samhain on November 1. This Festival marked the start of a new year, and October 31st was like an ancient New Year’s Eve. On this eve, they would build bonfires, dress in costume, and dance around a fire. They would burn dying crops and give sacrifices. Ancient lore says that the Celts believed that on this day, the veil between the living and the dead grew weaker and the spirits of the dead walked the Earth with the living. The costumes were used as a disguise as to blend in so they would not be recognized as living for fear of what the dead would do to them. It was also believed that at this time, when the gap between those living and dead was so small, that the Celtic priests, or Druids, could make accurate predictions of the future, so fortunetelling was also a large part of their celebration. So now that we know where the practice of dressing in costume came from, what about the other traditions? What would give us the idea to send our children door to door seeking candy? Why are we carving faces in pumpkins? Believe it or not, there are old-day practices that tie in with these beloved Halloween practices as well. In the 18th Century, the poor would go door to door knocking on the homes of their more fortunate neighbors asking for money, food, or clothing in exchange for prayers for the dead on All Souls’ Day. They would do this every year on All Hallows’ Eve. Because it was dark out, they would pick turnips, carve out the middles, and turn them into lanterns to help light their way as they traveled.

Why do we dress in costumes on Halloween and Trick or Treat? As time went on, this practice was laid to rest, but it was enough to pave the way for a long-lasting tradition of traveling the neighborhoods for goodies. With time, turnips were changed to pumpkins and now we decorate them every year. In later years, as the Catholic Church became more dominant, the Festival of Samhain would be no more, and in its place would come All Saints’ Day, and later still, All Souls’ Day. As the Americas became populated, some of these traditions would carry over as well. Because of the mixed ethnicity of those living in the Americas, however, the celebration of Halloween would become a mixture of many different customs. As more people came to the United States, the festivities began to spread across our nation. As witchcraft became more popular, young women took to doing “tricks” and spells. It was believed that on Halloween, they could reveal the names of their future husbands

using objects such as apples, yarn, and mirrors. People would also host parties where they would sing, dance, and tell fortunes, much like the Festival of Samhain, but to add an American twist, they also told the scariest ghost stories they could think of. In the late 1800s, America made the decision to change Halloween. Instead of focusing on the scary, spell casting, and dark side of the holiday, they decided to make it more about the family and friends aspects, and from that point on up until the early 1900s, Halloween was just that. There was no more talk of ghosts and the dead. Parents of children were urged by local leaders, and even seasonal newspaper articles, to keep the frightening and ghostly aspect out of their children’s costumes. These efforts proved to be effective,

October 2013

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Katie’s Conspiracy Corner and much of the ghastly aspect of the holiday was forgotten. As time went by, however, ancient tales and superstitions would not be completely quieted, and today, the scary side of Halloween is much alive. This would surely explain the fear factor we experience every year on the holiday; however, unlike the Celts, instead of taking preventative measures to make sure we are not identified by the dead, society now seems to enjoy the scare. It’s a thrill and adrenaline rush, and we don’t think twice about paying whatever admission fee needed to enter a building where hundreds of premeditated arrangements await us in order to give us the scariest 10 minutes they can come up with. Men dressed in black hiding in the shadows, waiting for us to come near so they can jump out. Others in hockey masks and toting chainsaws delight in our blood-curdling screams, but this is the fun we’ve come to expect from Halloween. Tales of ghostly encounters and creatures of the night, such as zombies, werewolves, and vampires, would not be silenced. It is amazing how the times change, and traditions once sacred and holy, or even desperate acts for survival, are now what make up this unique fall holiday. Paranormal Activity on Halloween Perhaps the most interesting of all surrounding Halloween is the Celtic theory that Halloween is the day the dead walk among the living. This explains the practice of dressing in costume, but for one who researches the paranormal, it means so much more. Historically, Celtic traditions on this sacred holiday include a celebratory dinner in which seats are left open for the spirits of loved ones, offerings are made in the name of deceased loved ones that are more over the top on this day than any other, and candles are lit on window sills to act as a tool to help guide the spirit of a loved one into the light and over to the other side. On a more sinister side of things, it is also believed that the spirits present can seek out revenge as much as they can comfort a loved one. Criminals and murderers feared their victims would come back in search of justice. It was also believed inhuman spirits roamed free as well. The average person carried the fear of encountering something demonic. It was also believed that fairies would steal people, never allowing them to return. Meals were often left at the doors of homes for the fairies to prevent them from entering a home. One thing is for sure: If costumes really were used specifically to blend in with the dead, one can bet they were some


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October 2013

of the scariest, most elaborate costumes you will ever see! As a paranormal investigator, to think a day exists where that veil truly is thinner, making the task of communication easier, is like hitting the lottery. We spend exponential amounts of our lives researching. We spend hundreds of dollars on the latest tools in communication and countless hours in the darkest, most potentially haunted locations in the world, all in the name of finding that one piece of data we can present as evidence of the existence of life after death. Could there really be a day where we can do this and the odds of getting solid results are increasingly better than any other day of the year? History and tradition are incredibly important, and as you can see, they shape us in so many ways and have a profound influence on things we practice today; however, as a modern day society, it is clear that the dead do not roam freely on Halloween for all to see. I have spent many years in the paranormal field, and personally I believe if there is activity in a location, those spirits are present no matter what time of year it is. We do not know what makes it either easier or more difficult to communicate, so there really is no way to confidently say that the conditions surrounding one specific day prove to make communication easier. I am sure conditions do exist, and it is possible that on the right day, when everything aligns just so, contact may be easier, but it doesn’t mean that day is Halloween. With such a gruesome history, as well as the fact that Halloween is a time when we like to be scared, it is easy to see where the theory came from. I have personally seen some amazing pieces of evidence picked up on Halloween investigations, but I have also seen equally amazing pieces of evidence that did not happen on Halloween. Since nothing in the paranormal field is a science, I guess it is still possible that the veil between worlds could be lifted. It is an interesting theory and something that was clearly taken seriously years ago. I sincerely hope I can provide some evidence to support that theory this year, but as with many questions we have on the paranormal, I think this may be something we will never know for sure until we see the other side for ourselves. Next month, we tackle the topic of Government Mind Control. We will explore experiments gone horribly wrong and what modern-day mind control consists of. Check out our next issue to find out more!

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October 2013

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Inside the Psychic Mind

Why Do Experiences Vary with the Same Entity? By William Becker, Paranormal Insights


ne of the things I find interesting with the paranormal is how different people will have different experiences with the same entities. I think there are several aspects that influence the interactions we have with these beings. We can often forget that the entities we’re working with have a cultural and societal norm that is vastly different than our own. In the area I’m in, we have strong Victorian and Edwardian influences. Even in the areas of what would be called the Wild West, there were still norms that were followed that are alien to us, just as our cultural norms are alien to beings of those time periods. I’ve found that some of the women I know, in particular, can have difficulty with some of these beings. I was in one location where a friend of mine was elbowed in the ribs so hard by an invisible elbow that they were sore for three days. Another friend has been called names and another poked with a parasol by an unseen entity. On the other hand, I’ve gotten along very well with these entities. And except for one, they all seem to like me. The one with the parasol didn’t like me because I was telling her real story! But all she did was yell at me. Spirits Can Have Their Own Societal Prejudices These situations all have a couple of things in common. The entities were both male and female, but all were from a mid-to-late Victorian period, into the Edwardian. This was a time when women did not speak out independently and didn’t have a political voice, people dressed very conservatively, and the man of the house was seen to be the master of the house. Women had few rights of their own and, for the most part, little control of their own lives. These friends of mine are amazing people. They are strong, independent women; have their own bank


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October 2013

accounts and jobs; dress in shorts and pants; and think for themselves. They aren’t subservient to anyone. And there lies some of the issues the “ghosts” have with them. They are not the Victorian lady and don’t fit the norms of the time when these beings were walking the Earth in their physical bodies. They are scandalous even to the ladies of ill repute, who contrary to the image given in Western films, were very conservatively dressed in the latest styles. The plunging necklines of the movies were not a reality! Expectations Can Factor Into Our Experiences Another major factor I’ve noticed is that frequently, we get what we ask for, in a sense, with paranormal entities. If we go into a location geared up for battle, or

expecting some negative activity, we are much more likely to find it! If we go in judging or thinking we know it all and what the entities need, there’s a much greater possibility that they will react defensively, or aggressively. If we go in expecting to be attacked, we have opened the door and invited the attack! If we go in expecting evil, we are more likely to experience behavior that can be seen as evil. I go in with a sense of openness and interest in the entities for who they are. I’m not here to judge or criticize. I don’t tell them that they were bad people or that they are evil. I go in as an equal. I don’t give them greater power than I have. I keep control of myself and expect them to not cross boundaries, and they don’t. We develop a sense of mutual respect and often liking. Some of the entities I’m very fond of and have a very good relationship with would have probably killed me if I had run into them in a dark alley at the time they

were alive. They did what they could at the time and for their incarnation. Now, we joke with each other. They know they can’t hurt me and have no desire to. We chat, they drop in for a visit, and we joke around and talk more seriously as well. We accept and respect each other for who we are. As it is in all relationships, mutual respect is a key element to successful interaction. Since I approach paranormally active locations with this attitude, I find that, for the most part, they are comfortable and safe places for me. In the few locations where it is clear that my presence isn’t wanted, the beings have always told me their story. And the reason I wasn’t welcome to stay had nothing to do with me personally, but had to do with the history and the entities inhabiting the place. A warm and welcoming approach has allowed me to have a truly beautiful journey into the realms of other beings, and I’m very grateful!

October 2013

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Inside the Psychic Mind

The Power of Spiritual Energy By Jackie Chin,


am sure at some point you have heard the word aura and have learned to associate it with some sort of energy that surrounds all living things. We know that DNA is something that makes us who we are in a unique sense, but you also have something called spiritual DNA that surrounds your outer body and extends seven feet in all directions if you are in perfect health. We Can All Control Our Spiritual Energy Spiritual DNA is pure energy unconfined and able to be pulled inwards or pushed out at the will of the individual who understands its purpose. My understanding of exactly how this energy works came in a quite unexpected way. In 1996, I attended a health and wellness expo in Cleveland, Ohio, and it was here that I learned the aura is alive and controllable. There was a woman who had brought a Kirlian Photography machine, and there were at least 50-60 people that had lined up to have their picture taken. As I stood there watching the activity, I overheard the woman telling a friend of hers, “Look at all the people here who just came to see me and use my machine. I am going to make so much money!” Now mind you, it was not what she said, but the manner in which she said it. The words seemed to say, I’m preying on suckers. I turned to my husband and said there had to be a way to show her that she was not in control of this situation. I decided that I was going to show her a thing or two. When my turn came, I told the lady that I still wanted the picture when it came out, and to not be alarmed when she saw it. She looked at me like I was nuts and said, “Of course you will receive your picture, and yes I know they are all different on some level.” Smiling, I sat there and waited for my picture to develop.


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October 2013

When the picture was developed, the woman who pulled it out of the camera immediately took it to the woman who owned the instrument. That woman came to me and yelled, “You broke my machine! How did you do that? Why would you do that?” She was enraged, and her anger showed others there at the event that she would turn on a dime if someone messed with her income and all that money she felt she righteously deserved. I looked at her and said, “I did not break your machine. I am merely showing you that you are not in charge, and there are other factors going on here that perhaps you might at some point want to learn more about if you can stop yourself from thinking only on the monetary.” What disturbed her so much about the photo? It was evident that it was me in the picture, but there was no color around me whatsoever. There was only darkness. What did I do? I managed to pull all my energy with intent inwards, and it worked. I had proven to myself that this energy existed and that it could in fact be controlled

just by intention. I also told her that if she merely just sent up another individual and took their picture, she would see I did not break her machine. The next person was a male. They took his picture and hesitantly waited for it to develop. After a few minutes his picture indeed exposed the wonderfulness of his true colors. I would be next again to take another picture. Once mine developed, this time they could see the bright pinks, purples, greens, and orbs surrounding me.

their mother, who then called a relative to get some assistance to clear the home and release her daughter from the dark energy. Once I was called, I told them to vacate the dwelling and go someplace where I could meet with them to do an interview. My husband and I are experts in distinguishing physical, mental, and psychological aspects of a case, and were interested in what had occurred prior to all of the disturbances. As we spoke to each family member, we found that much Physical or emotional of what started the downward Energy Is Alive trend was based on emotional stressors can build up an Energy is alive, and once displacement. Feelings that energy source ... you touch something either by are kept bottled up and not photo or physical touch, you addressed can lead to kinetic leave a part of who you are at your spiritual core — be it energy and be released in a forceful manner, and/or goodness and light or of a denser energy thereby charging blended with current residual energy within the domicile. an item. A recent case in 2011 involved just such an item. Many times young people do not understand that they can This is “Ann” from Ohio’s story: affect objects by their personal energy movement, and it A confused youth I will call “Ann” started off down a can lead to fear and misunderstanding. path of curiosity with regard to the paranormal, which led Confusion coupled with ongoing physical or emoto opening of Ouija boards, invocations to lower spirits, tional stressors can build up an energy source of its own, and receiving an item that was for lack of any other word and when fused by thought can cause a traumatic situa“cursed.” The individual she obtained the necklace from tion resulting in what scientist in the quantum field call was steeped in chaos and looking for someone who was entanglement theory. A particle of one sort is meshed just innocent enough that he could control. Ann was not with another to cause a direct spin correlation. someone to be controlled. So he decided to use a charm In this spin, energy is fused together, and it creates from his grandmother on a necklace and offered it to her a separate reality — something that would be thought of as a token of his affection. normally as impossible, becomes possible. Once the Once she began to wear the necklace, her mood thought particle ceases to be fused with the object, they changed and she became even more unmanageable for both return to a restful state. her parents, and thus began her downward spiral. Ann became withdrawn, moody, and disenchanted with her Maintaining a Spiritual Balance friends, family and schoolwork. She started mutilating The way that I helped this young person return to her her body by cutting and quit eating normally. Her parents state of balance was to do a series of prayers, Reiki, and were even more concerned as she started to explore her spiritual counseling. Changing her energy pattern was first sexual side in ways that were shocking. and foremost, after which she could begin to think more The event that finally caused the family as a whole to clearly and work on ways to help herself back to her spirireach out came about 2 ½ weeks later. tual Catholic roots. It is important to speak to the client in Ann was in her bedroom listening to some music and a manner which they feel led to. She prayed, cried, and let trying to get some rest. However, she began to hear some out such an emotional release that she was almost to the noises coming from her curio cabinet and watched as the point of exhaustion. cross she was given turned and fell over face down. ImThere were other family members who were also mediately after, the doors on her tall boy dresser began to directly involved, and I reminded them of the love that open and slam shut, along with the closet door. they had for each other, to pray together, and to allow for What happened next though would send her running the freedom to voice their personal concerns in a loving, out of her bedroom to her sister’s room. Ann was being compassionate manner. choked to death and had the marks from a hand across Secrets dissect families, and fear always divides. Learn her throat and a scratch along the base of her spine. this lesson well so you do not have to endure this type of Her sister, Kari, screamed in terror and went to get pain in your own family.

October 2013

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The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy

Paranormal Chicken or Egg? By Paul Green, Extreme Ghost Hunting


ou’re a ghost hunter, or a paranormal investigator, whichever term you prefer to use. Or maybe you have your first event booked soon, off along with others to a haunted location. However, before you pack your EVP recorder, stow your ghost box, and store your cameras, I would like you to consider a question I have often mused on. It’s a chicken and egg question. Or, in this case, what came first, “the ghost or the ghost hunter?” Here in the UK, walking around dark buildings festooned with ghost-detecting gear, which in my case as a medium that’s my mind, only became really popular after the launch of a well-known TV show, Most Haunted. So my question is, what were the ghosts, the spirits, doing before the boom and the resulting invasion of ghost hunters into stately homes, castles, and old buildings of all types? Were they sitting forlorn in some spectral green room on the other side awaiting their first visit of ghost hunters and thus their call to the stage? Then one day on some dark weekend their unending boredom was lightened by the sound of the front door opening and a team trooping in. As they noisily start to set up equipment and make their plans, is the “lead ghost” also making plans? Gathering his team, ready to throw stones at the visitors when asked, allocating rooms to make scratching noises in, and handing out the orb-making torches. Then it’s show time, action, to work ghostly people. Which leads me off on a sidetrack of thought. In the spiritual realm, is there a pecking order of ghosts? Just as here we have A list and B list celebrities, is it the same on the other side? Will some ghosts refuse to leave their part of the spirit realm unless there is a famous ghost hunter in


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October 2013

What were the ghosts, the spirits, doing before the boom and the resulting invasion of ghost hunters into stately homes, castles, and old buildings of all types?

attendance? Just as supermodels such as Linda Evangelista wouldn’t get out of bed for less than £10,000 will some ghosts not appear unless Zak Bagans is present. A spectral diva? I, of course, don’t know the answer, but it’s an amusing thought that there is a management team on the other side spending weekends persuading noted ghosts to appear for ghost-hunting teams. However, back to my original question: chicken or egg? Seriously, think about it. Locations that may have been regularly visited, a historic building, a museum, or other public places. Places where possibly staff and visitors have reported strange events. We all know the pattern if we have been doing this for a while. Staff say they feel as though they are being

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 61

The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy

Is it possible that paranormal investigators or ghost hunters awaken paranormal activity while investigating?

watched, doors slam, things seemingly lost reappear weeks later, or fleeting glimpses of figures are seen. But it has gone no further than that — no signs that whoever or whatever is causing these events have a desperate need to communicate further, to tell their story, let people know who they are. Thus it remains for years, and staff and owners get used to it, often jokingly saying that Joe, they always name the ghost, is acting up again. Or even a location that is old, or built on an area that has seen some significant event, a battle, a murder. It may be that, simply, there is a connection with some noted historical figure — you know, the sort “Abraham Lincoln was here.” But with no reported event or activity that could possibly be called paranormal. Then, in both cases, the owners get approached by the team manager of some ghost-hunting group or, even better from a financial point of view, a TV production company. Now the owner is either prompted by curiosity or financial gain and invites a team to investigate. Suddenly, it appears that locations that had minimal or no paranormal activity are awash with ghosts, orbs, smells, temperature drops, and a multitude of other “signs” that are said to suggest a paranormal presence. Soon, word spreads and other groups want to come along; if a TV show has been there, the news spreads faster. The location usually quickly latches onto the fact they have a money spinner here — not in every case, of course, but in many. Then the hire costs go up; suddenly, they are a “haunted location” and appear on lists of locations available to hire. Now it’s a regular occurrence to have groups in on a weekend. I can guarantee you that groups will get a mix of


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October 2013

results; many will match others group’s findings in that names or events are repeated and become synonymous with the location. But there will also be new info, new events, and even new names that people “get,” either through EVP, automatic writing, or even via people like me, mediums. Which once again leads me off on a tangent ... sorry. Where do these specters come from, and why is it that which ghosts are present seems to vary on differing weekends? Is it, as I sometimes muse, that there is a staff rota on the other side? Somewhere this weekend a ghost will be sipping a cup of coffee, or whatever drink is popular there, scanning a shift rota in a spectral staff room moaning that again they are down to be the bad boy ghost, booked to scratch an investigator. I wonder if they get to choose which one? All the while, the others sit smugly knowing they have a light shift of just blowing on cheeks and necks. I also wonder if there is overtime on the other side during busy periods. For example, at Halloween do ghosts have to pull double shifts? So is that the reason that some weekends a well-known ghost is not around? They have a weekend off? However, back on topic and really to the point of this article. Despite all the meandering’s, there is a point I would ask you to consider. Next time you are off to visit a location to investigate paranormal activity, I would ask you to consider this. As I asked before, were the energies, the ghosts, simply sitting around at a location with nothing to do when there was no ghost hunter to play with, often for hundreds of years? If so, what was their purpose and why did they stick around, assuming there was no strong emotional connection? Or is it a case that investigators’ activities somehow cause a corresponding increase in paranormal activity? Does the presence of ghost hunters set off some proximity alarm on the other side and thus a rush to come make their presence known? If so, why and what is the motivation? A desire to be known, or is it a deeper reason? Is it that our search for the answer to the ultimate question (Is there life after death?) causes those on the other side to rush to try and answer that question? Particularly on those nights we are searching for the answer? Is it us, as paranormal investigators, causing or provoking the activity? To use the old analogy, “If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?” Or, if we were not looking, would there would be no paranormal activity at all? As the title of this column asks, “Chicken or egg?” Which are we?

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Crystals & Herbology: Mystical Etchings From A Medicyn Woman’s Grimoire

Protective Aromatherapy By Silvermoon Medicyn,


e have all at some point in our lives felt drained or touched by unhealthy encounters. You may have spent time with someone and gotten a headache real quick, felt odd tiredness when walking into a room, or began to feel nauseated or fatigued for no reason. You may have become very cold or hot and felt really negative about things even though you might not have a reason to. These feelings and symptoms come from energy disturbances within your life force or someone/thing attacking your aura. They are what most call psychic attacks. These attacks can leave you feeling obliterated or just slightly unwell. There are some people who are empathic by nature, and they face these same challenges on a more frequent basis, making it hard for them to distinguish the difference between an attack and someone else’s emotional pain. Attacks can last for days or even weeks, depending on where the attacks are originating from. Psychic attacks happen intentionally, often coming from humans that are unaware that they feed on other’s energy, or from invisible entities like ghosts, spirits, or cosmic tears in the dimensions. These attacks can happen anywhere and at any time, making it hard to be prepared and impossible to control; you are not given a queue as to when it will happen or how they are doing it until it is too late. For paranormal investigators, this can be a common occurrence, so how can we prevent these types of attacks from happening to us? How to Protect Yourself From a Psychic Attack Some of us understand that we can use our own energy as a shield or filter, but many of us are just not mentally prepared for those types of invisible or overwhelming encounters. For those of you that need something more tangible to use when it comes to psychic protection, I will


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Try using protective aromatherapy as a shield or filter against psychic attack and having your life-force energy disrupted negatively.

present some herbs that are surefire ways to help you out. One sure way is to use protective aromatherapy as a shield or filter, making it challenging for your life-force energy to be extracted from you. The fragrance creates a protective shield around your body and energy meridians, making it hard for the energy mongers to absorb your life force. There are four types of mixtures that really focus directly on situations requiring the need for protection. They are banishing, exorcism, hex breaking, and protection of self and areas. Some of the formulas will not only repel the intruder, but it will also support a personal self confidence that assists in building up your natural defenses too. Protection seems to be what many types of herbs pro-

How to Break a Hex If you need protection from a hex, there are a few herbal mixtures that can help. My favorite one is a mixture of bergamot, rue, and vetivert; this sweet but pungent oil can be worn on the body or sprayed on your clothes to keep hexes from sticking to you. Another one that has a more pleasant smell contains wintergreen, chili pepper and primrose. This one really helps drive away the mental madness left by some hexes and works well on children. When it comes to banishing spirits, there are three herbs that work well either together or apart. I use crushed black pepper, some morning glory petals and dragon’s blood oil. This mixture can be placed on anyone or anywhere. It will send spirits packing, To break a hex, you can wear bergamot, rue, and vetivert on the body or spray but it propels all spirits away, so if you it on your clothes. Or try wintergreen, chili pepper and primrose to drive away have spirit guides with you, they may the mental madness left by some hexes. need to leave too. This mix provides temporary banishing, meaning that at some point they can return. vide, but how and what they are protecting is the question. If you add mullein to that formula, it will create peace Knowing exactly what herbs affect does help you to find and allow harmony to settle in by stopping spirits, ghosts, the correct formula for the right situations. Herbs and oils and unwanted energies immediately. can be mixed together to create the exact protection you Exorcism is something slightly trickier and dangerneed. ous, because any spirit that does not want to leave can For instance, most people say to use sage to smudge cause damage or severe sickness to the person they are the area or the person, but the downfall is that sage only reattacking. Basil, cumin, and garlic can be used internally; moves the negative energies around us. It does not protect crush all three of these herbs into olive oil and let it sit or create a shield to stop a psychic attack, so this technically for three days. is not very helpful. My favorite protection formula to use This can be dropped into includes rosemary; it is a very the person’s mouth just before protective plant. It is best used To banish spirits, I use the exorcism is started. While on houses or areas you wish to crushed black pepper, the Rite is happening, burn ward energies from. Rosemary dried fern leaves, pine needles, oil can be used to anoint the morning glory petals, and and myrrh to help push the doorways and window sills to dragon’s blood oil. spirit away once removed from stop intruders and protect those the body. living within the home. Although I feel anyone can do this, it is often best if White copal can be burned to purify the area and you have an experienced person with you who knows how enhance the herbs you may be using at the time. I like to release spirits and care for the person once an exorcism placing sprinkles of marjoram in corners and cracks to has happened. Never put yourself in a position you could help repel negative energies and quiet the home or space. regret later. Another purifying and repelling mixture is frankincense So when it comes to the world of protective aroand garlic oil, which can be used to anoint furniture or matherapy, keep an open mind and find the formulas that even small parts of your body that may be affected by work best for you. psychic attacks.

October 2013

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Magic & Lore

Vampires of Africa’s Gold Coast By Mari Wells,


he Ashanti people of the Gold Coast of Africa — Ghana, are said to have two vampire creatures. Obayifo is what they call their incognito vampire witch. The Dahomean tribe calls the same vampire witch Asiman. The Obayifo in human form finds it very easy to keep its secret. As long as it’s not confronted (he fears violence), he will act and look human. If he fears violence, his skin begins to glow with a phosphorescence substance. He also has a vampire familiar or servant called Sasobonsam. Witchcraft is learned, and so there are no tells as to who is or will become an Obayifo. This vampire witch has a food obsession, and it is able to leave its body and travel like a glowing ball of light. It uses its powers to attack people, especially kids. It can also suck the juice from fruits and vegetables, though blood is its favorite. The bean of the cacao tree is its favorite crop (the tree that is used to make chocolate). When it drains the life energy from someone, it’s a long, slow, and painful process. It can take days to weeks for the victim to die. If the Obayifo drinks a special potion made of fruit and vegetable juice, it gives it the power to shape shift into various animal forms, and it will take these animal forms to attack its prey. If someone were found guilty of witchcraft, he would be tried, and if convicted the tongue was pulled out and pinned to the chin with a thorn to prevent any more curses from being uttered. The Obayifo would then be impaled on a sharp stake, and the head would be severed. These practices are very similar to Eastern Europe’s treatment of vampire suspects. After burial, if someone was suspected of being an Obayifo, the corpse would be examined for signs of blood and abnormal swelling. The grave of a true witch had a small hole in the dirt. It was believed that a witch could take the form of a rat or cat and leave the coffin through


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October 2013

the small hole. Usually the body would be destroyed to prevent anymore witch activity. The vampire monster Sasobonsam can serve the Obyaifo. The Sasobonsam lives deep in the cotton tree (Kapok forests) and is rarely encountered. This vampire stands about five feet tall, has a bearded face, a mouth full of fanged iron teeth, and a row of scaly ridges over its blood shot eyes. It also has a small horn that protrudes from the top of its head. Its long arms look like huge bat wings, so large that the wingspan is 20 feet long. The Sasobonsam’s torso is so thin it looks like a skeleton, its legs are permanently bent, and it has three hook-like toes on each foot. Its body is covered in black and white spots to help camouflage it while sitting on the tops of the cotton trees. When it catches its prey, it brings it up and bites off its head, then drinks the blood. The Sasobonsam also has the supernatural power of making a person unlucky enough to look upon its visage become very sick and die. The size of the cotton trees is said to be proof of the Sasobonsam’s existence, as no one is brave enough to cut them down.

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The Dark Corner With Chuck

The Tulpa Phenomena By Charles G. Gotski, In The Dark Investigations


ello, and welcome to my first column in Paranormal Underground magazine. My first article covers a topic that has always piqued my interest, tulpas. But before we get into what a tulpa is and the phenomena surrounding it, I want to explain how my thought process works. I’m told by most that I think way outside the box. In fact, let me rephrase that. My good friends tell me that as far as how I put things together, it would be a better statement to say I’m not even near that box. So, expect my columns to present scenarios that cross known boundaries and theories. OK, enough about my brain and how it works; let’s move forward. What Is a Tulpa? For those of you who don’t know what the tulpa phenomena is, I’ll explain. The word tulpa comes from the Tibetan language. It refers to any entity that attains reality as a result of the imagination. It is actually a spiritual discipline, and it has “teachings concept” in Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. Also called a “thought form” (a Western term for tulpa), it has been around since 1927 when it was used in the Evans-Wentz translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Creation of the entity is formed by the mind of an individual, not drawn out, written down, or even verbally described. If its creator wishes, it may become physical in reality, and this would be accomplished through intense concentration and visualization. However, care must be taken to only bring to reality what is beneficial to the world, not something that could turn problematic or destructive. For the most part, a tulpa’s personality is the product of its creator, though it does think on its own, has decision-making skills, and has its own preferences, options, and tastes. So, in essence, it is a being of its own accord. Now, from what I have found, the tulpa is still connected to whoever creates it. But I have read about several instances when the entity has detached and become free from its creator, effectively becoming an entity of its own accord. One such story comes from the works of Alexandra David-Neel, who claimed to have created a tulpa by imagin-


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October 2013

ing a jolly Friar Tuck-like monk. However, this tulpa later developed a life of its own. It then had to be destroyed. For more on this, find the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet. Implications for Paranormal Investigators Now that we have defined the tulpa, let’s move to the field and see how this phenomenon might tie in to what some of us find while investigating the paranormal. For most of us, we do our homework before an investigation to gather what history and information we can attain on whatever particular location we are about to investigate. Along with this, we gather claims that have been put forth about the area as well, as they are also a part of the puzzle of figuring out what is actually happening and who we might be dealing with. I say “who” because the largest belief in the paranormal field is that we are dealing with the souls of people who have passed on. I know there are many other theories out there, but for this article this is what I’m basing my thoughts on.

We’ve all heard stories of groups of people praying for Sometimes, however, we run into a location where there is not much to go on, and the history is sparse and unsubsomeone that is sick, someone who medical professionals stantiated. Though claims to the location are still plentiful. said there was nothing more they could do, only for the A lot of times this is due to one factor, stories passed down patient to recover miraculously. from generation to generation. The details change as a result of the story being retold time after time. Details change Communicating With a Tulpa and tales gain momentum. We like to call them legends, a Belief is a very powerful thing. It is part of the energy story coming down from the past, especially one popularly on which we all exist. Now transfer that energy outward. I regarded as historical although not verifiable. believe that sometimes, at certain locations, we might just OK, here’s where it gets be dealing with a tulpa. Does it interesting (at least from my point mean that it is any less important Belief is a very powerful of view). So we travel to a location to understand or try to commuthing. It is part of the enwith only the handful of claims to nicate with? In fact, it’s quite the work with, and we’ve exhausted opposite. If it can think on its ergy on which we all exist. all avenues to make any real conown and adapt like we do, then nection to the spirits, factually, as stated above. Yet when we maybe we need to try and communicate with it. To underget to the location, we are able to gather audio and sometime stand how this entity can exist might take us further into visuals of the exact stories that have been put out. So how is understanding what we as human beings are really all about. this possible? Here’s what I believe might be a very viable We are so much more than our physical selves. We way to connect the dots and answer this question. are also just entities within a shell, going through life as the What if, over time, somehow with all the people beings we are told we are to be, right? So maybe we aren’t believing in the story, believing in the details, they were so different. Who knows, maybe tulpas or thought forms able to create a tulpa (a thought form) that fits that exact are the key. And doing what we do in the paranormal, model. Think about it: a popular location and hundreds whether it is communicating with the deceased or any of people from the curious to investigators visiting. Add other kind of being, we are all just looking for the answer to that the energy put out from all these people thinking to the purpose for why we exist. At least I am. about what they’ve been told about the location. I mean So the next time you’re out investigating and you find if one person over time could actually create a tulpa, just yourself communicating with something, maybe you’ll give imagine what hundreds of people could accomplish. this article a thought (no pun intended).

October 2013

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Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

A Family Haunted:

A True Case File: Part 2 By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research For Part 1 of this article, see our September 2013 issue. Note: All names of the clients have been changed to protect their identity.


few days after the first investigation, I contacted the client’s sister, who was also experiencing paranormal activity, to get a little background on them and what they were encountering. And, wow, the client had some pretty amazing stories concerning the activity in their home. Mrs. Y, we’ll call her, explained to me they had began experiencing activity in their home when they moved in. The activity they were experiencing was quite common as far as spirit activity goes. Footsteps, the feeling of being watched, and seeing fleeting, dark shadows out the corner of their eyes. However, what her daughter experienced was far from common. More Than an Imaginary Friend Mrs. Y explained to me that when their now-teenage daughter was four years old, Mrs. Y would often hear her daughter in her room holding conversations with someone. When Mrs. Y asked her little girl who she was talking with, she said that she was talking to a woman with long, dark hair and olive-colored skin. Her daughter said that she looked like a Hispanic woman, and she visited her frequently. The client told me that the daughter hasn’t seen the woman since then, but she does hear her name being called regularly. After taking all the stories in, I asked Mrs. Y if she would be interested in having an investigation done. The answer was yes. I’m very selective about the people I work with. It’s not a snobbish thing. I just don’t go in for large groups,


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October 2013

During my interview with the client, she revealed that as a young child, her daughter talked to a ghostly figure. While the figure hadn’t been seen for years, her daughter still occasionally heard her name being called by a phantom voice.

and, most importantly, I need people I can trust. Amy Hession Eagon is one such person. Not only is she a great investigator, but she’s a trusted friend. So I was more than pleased when she accepted my invitation to accompany me on the investigation. When we arrived at the home, we were both struck with just how ordinary the two-story, single-family home looked. If I was going to put money on it, I would say that there was no way in hell this house had spirit activity in it. And I would lose that money quickly. Upon entering the home, you could feel it in the environment — that more than just the Y family resided there.

investigation. And the daughter’s room would be the first place we hit.

When I investigate the paranormal, I sometimes use old school techniques. During this investigation, I grabbed some tissue paper and began attempting to communicate with any spirits present, asking them to move the paper.

Before beginning an investigation it’s important to not only interview the client, but to explain to the client what an investigation entails and the equipment we use. This creates trust and provides the client with important information about our investigative process. After Amy and I were done with the initial meeting, it was time to begin the

Investigating the Daughter’s Room The daughter’s room was a typical teenage girl’s room, with posters on the walls and pictures of her and her friends. After setting up the equipment, I went into the usual EVP questions. Getting no hits on EMF, I decided to go with an old school tactic. Tissue paper. I grabbed a piece of tissue paper from a box sitting next to the daughter’s bed and placed it in my hand. I called out to any spirits who may be in the room and invited them to move the tissue from my hand. After a few minutes of addressing any spirit present, a corner of the tissue began to lift and the tissue paper began to quiver. For several minutes I tried to get the spirit to move the tissue. When it didn’t move the tissue from my hand, I placed it on the daughter’s desk and tried to get it to move the tissue off the desk. Unlike my hand, no dice on the desk. So I crumpled the tissue and threw it away. Hey, it may not be the most scientific method, but I did get a response.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this article in our next issue.

October 2013

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Personal Experiences: The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates

KIELDER CASTLE By Stephen Lambert, Extreme Ghost Hunting


stumbled across Kielder Castle back in September 2004. Kielder Castle is set in Northumberland, England, at the head of Kielder Water in the North West of Kielder Forest. The area itself is only three miles from the Scottish Border. Therefore, some of the earliest records talk of how the area suffered border raids and warfare for many centuries. William Wallace’s army rampaged through Kielder in 1297, and Robert the Bruce “laid waste to Kielder” between 1311 and 1312. I had been searching locations to investigate and sent a speculative e-mail off to a number of possible locations. Surprisingly quickly, I received an e-mail explaining how the Forestry Commission at the Castle were very interested in the idea of a group spending the night. It would fit in well with Halloween activities they were planning themselves. Legends From Kielder Castle I could only find two paranormal stories relating to the Castle. The first is of a servant girl called Emma who died of a broken heart. Her lover set off to fight in the Boer War but never returned. There are reports of her being seen walking between the parts of the castle and the well that serviced the Castle. There is a plaque on the well telling the story of Emma. Secondly was the story of a Fredy (an officer in the German Border Police) and a woman called Emine, his girlfriend. They had always wanted to spend the night in a haunted location and got their chance one night at Kielder Castle. They set their sleeping bags up in one of the downstairs rooms and dozed off. The tale is told that Fredy said, “We had not been asleep long when Emine woke me up saying she could hear a noise. I told her it was the door, but I realized I had already closed them all. I have never heard a noise like it.” Emine said, “I am too young to die; please let me


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October 2013

Pictured above is what looks to be the outline of a misty spectral horse outside of the castle. (Photo brightened to show greater contrast.)

sleep in the car.” Fredy decided they should stay a bit longer, but then the room temperature dropped for about 40 minutes. They were surrounded by voices that were neither male nor female; there were also the noises of shuffling feet and the sound of a door being forced open. As the witching hour struck, the couple could stand no more and fled to the safety of nearby streetlights. They spent the rest of the night bundled up in their car, and the next day Fredy said, “I won’t ever go back there after dark again. What a crazy night!” Leading up to my visit, I assembled a group of friends who were to be staying the night with me. Some had been on investigations before, others were just interested, and a few just didn’t believe in the paranormal at all. With all the hype leading up to the stay with the press etc., all I hoped for was that the night was not a total flop.

Kielder Castle in England is said to house all types of paranormal phenomena, including disembodied voices and footsteps, fullbodied apparitions, extreme temperature changes, and other spiritual contact.

My worst fears were starting to come true. I had been buildOur Arrival at Kielder Castle ing this place up for weeks, and the whole night looked as When we arrived, it was just starting to get dark. though it was going to pass without any activity. You should There are no houses or streetlights near, so it literally gets never assume there would be activity at any location, but pitch black. One part of the Castle that no one else in the by this time, the doubters in the group were rubbing their group had seen was the attic. I had previously visited this hands in glee. I was starting to feel the night was going to through the day when I was on the photo shoot. This area end with me having a red face and having to eat my words. comprised of two small rooms at the front of the castle Just before midnight, feeling a little despondent, I that lead into two larger rooms. This area was said to be decided to have a lie down across two chairs and was the servants’ quarters. quite prepared to call it a night. A small group had sat To add to the atmosphere of the night, these rooms themselves over a stairwell and was conducting a séance. I were filled with lots of old items from the castle, farming couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was aware that equipment, old pictures, and, maybe best of all, some they were there. They had also set up some motion senprops that were going to be used for the Castle’s Hallowsors behind them. The sensors een activities. Finally, to give us work by placing two sensors a genuine “haunted castle” feel, I heard the alarm go off and facing each other across an we also had the resident bats to what sounded like a herd of area such as a corridor, and if contend with as they roosted in elephants running past. something breaks the beam, an the larger rooms. alarm sounds. We set up a base in one of From a distance, I thought I heard the sound of the second-floor rooms, split into small groups, and set off the alarm going off. This was closely followed by what to carry out vigils in various parts of the castle. My group sounded like a herd of elephants as five people went racand I settled into one of the rooms at the rear and started ing past where I was lying. I followed them into a nearby asking aloud for any spirits to make their presence known. room to find them all out of breath. After they recovered This normally results in knocks, bangs, or other types of themselves a little, they all started to babble at me at once. noises. At last, I got them to calm down and tell me what had However, this time, no matter what we said and no happened. matter how quiet we remained, nothing seemed to happen.

October 2013

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Personal Experiences: The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates

Paul Green (left) and Stephen Lambert of Extreme Ghost Hunting filmed on location at Kielder Castle for a TV pilot.

Contacting the Spirits They said whilst conducting the séance they had been asking for spirit activity. In response to this questioning, the sensors alarm sounded. The shock of the noise made them all leap off their seats and scramble for safety. I decided at this point to use a Ouija board to see if this would generate any further activity. I say Ouija board, but in this case it was simply an old table, four bits of paper, and a glass. Two bits of paper had YES written on them, and the other two NO. There was a reason we used two of each response. We have found that if you only have one NO and YES and the answer is the same twice, then the glass keeps pushing the same bit of paper, which can be confusing. It sounds a bit complicated, but experience has shown that we get better results using this format. The normal way in how to use the board is to ask aloud for any spirit energies present to move the glass to show they are present; hopefully, the glass will start to move. This time the glass did start to move straight away, so to get some idea of who was moving it, we began to ask questions. With only having “yes” or “no” for answers, you have to think carefully about the questions you are asking; you need to ask questions that can be answered with “Yes” or “No.” (There is little point asking complicated questions that require complicated answers.) The first person to come through on the board was one of the Dukes. We devised a novel way of finding out which Duke it was. On the main stairwell and top landing there are pictures hung of the Dukes. One unlucky person was dispatched to the top of the stairs where the rows of pictures start. This area was some distance from where the séance was being held and was in complete darkness. This person, prompted via radio, would slowly move


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October 2013

along and shine their torch at each picture in turn. When the torch lit up the correct duke, the glass would point to yes, at which point, we would call over the radio for the person to tell us the portrait of which duke they had the torch pointed at. A unique method of communication that only seemed to occur at Kielder was that when one spirit had finished talking to us, the glass would move to the center of the board. It would then stop for a moment and then begin to circle the table; it felt as though the new energy was looking the board over to get a feel for where things were before it started to answer our questions. This movement occurred three times on my first night at Kielder. During the rest of the Ouija board session that night, two more Dukes, one of which was not happy we were there, and Emma the servant girl communicated with us via the board. I think we had all hoped Emma would come through, so were all quite excited when she did. One thing that was apparent when communicating with Emma via the Ouija was how much the temperature would change. For example, I would also ask her to spin the glass, and the temperature could be felt dropping. Then I when would ask her to go and make some noises in a different room. The glass would stop spinning and the temperature would increase. However, we could all sense when she returned due to how cold it would get. Paranormal Activity Experienced at Kielder On this first visit to Kielder, I think Emma was responsible for three things. Firstly, a single ceiling light flashed in the adjoining room; secondly, she could be heard whistling; and lastly, you could hear her running up the stairs to the attic. She had told us she was running up the stairs to the first room on the left, as this was her room. I already knew from research that this was her room, so it was easy to get her to move the glass to yes as I went through a list of rooms. One other strange thing was that she could see the room we were carrying out the séance in both as it was now and also as it was when she was alive. She could also see items on the table we were using, but because they had not yet been invented when she was alive, she did not know what they were. After that first night, we all left with mixed emotions and a lot of people in a state of disbelief. Over the coming months and in different issues, I will let you hear some more about the ghostly accounts from Kielder Castle. Paul and I filmed on location at Kielder Castle for our pilot for TV. You can watch the pilot, extra clips, and out-takes on our YouTube Channel. Just visit

Vampires, Werewolves, & Witches! Mari Wells Delves Into The Myth Surrounding Some Of The World’s Most Feared Creatures! Join the conversation at October 2013 Paranormal Underground 75

Personal Experiences: Paranormal Encounters

Canine Spirit Guides By Stephen Nakonechny


ate winter in Central Florida can’t be beat. Bright, blue skies and boundless sun with daytime temperatures in the 60s and low humidity. Surprisingly to many, evenings can be downright cold and crisp. Dogs, humans, and spirits alike really enjoy this kind of weather. So mid-winter in Florida is perfect for ghost hunting. Being self-employed with a small boarding kennel, I have the luxury of being accompanied all day by my canine side-kick, Bucky, an Alaskan malamute. Our kennel and property is basically an animal magnet. Domestic and wild animals seem to be attracted to it. The neighbors’ pigs, goats, and cows have wandered through. Stray dogs and cats have shown up on the doorstep. Our property is home to gopher tortoises, foxes, and all types of birds, including bald eagles. And, apparently, our kennel is not only host to the living, but also to the departed animal spirits as well. The Humane Society was located about ¼ mile up the road from us. In 2006, they relocated closer in town. In 2008, the building served as a make-shift rescue for displaced cats and dogs during Hurricane Katrina. It is now privately owned. Unfortunately, due to the domestic animal over-breeding and the resultant overpopulation, thousands of dogs and cats were euthanized at this facility. One cool and crisp April evening, I put Bucky out into the courtyard of the kennel. Now a senior, he enjoys stretching out in the grass for extended periods of time. This courtyard faces south, which is in the same direction as the original site of the Humane Society. I went to the kitchen to start taking photographs in hopes of catching any spirits that may be in this atmosphere. After doing spirit photography for a while, you develop a sense of when a spirit wants to make its presence known, but this night was a bust, so I decided to pack it in for the night. As I let Bucky back into the building, I snapped off a few shots, hoping that outside would yield better results than inside. We both left the building thinking that we were both alone in that courtyard that evening. We were wrong. The next day I grabbed my camera and reviewed the photographs from the night before. I first went through the


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Stephen believes he captured two full-body dog apparitions, sitting side-by-side near his dog.

interior kennel shots and then scrolled quickly through the pictures of Bucky in the courtyard. I stopped … looked again … stared some more. “Three dogs in the photographs. It couldn’t be,” I said. I knew that Bucky was dog aggressive. I know there weren’t any dogs out there with him because he would have reacted to them in a territorial manner! In the pictures, as plain as day, you can see Bucky at a 6 o’clock position in the frame, and in the background at about two o’clock in the frame of the photograph are two large breed dogs, sitting side-by-side in the courtyard. On the left is a brown and white, large, mixed-breed dog, placing its head over the right shoulder in a dominant posture of a black Standard poodle on the right. Incredible! Both are translucent, and a rock in the drain in front of the outside kennel doors can be seen reflecting from the flood lights, through the dog on the right. I can only speculate who these dogs were in life, probably departed alone, only to reunite in the afterlife. Or maybe it was a newfound relationship? This photograph demonstrates that it is possible that all mammals, not only humans, have souls. One must ask, if dogs are our companions in life, then why not a continued bond in death?

October 2013

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The Bishop’s Corner

What Really Happened at Bobby Mackey’s? By Bishop James Long, D.Min.


t seems that every time I present a lecture on demonology and possession, I am always asked about my experience at Bobby Mackey’s with the Ghost Adventures television show that airs on the Travel Channel. I have appeared on three episodes of Ghost Adventures, and each dealt with Bobby Mackey’s. I can say without hesitation that each experience was different from the others. The first experience that I had with the Bobby Mackey’s episode is when Zak came to my church and showed me the scratches that occurred while he and the rest of the crew conducted an investigation. The scratches that I saw were quite severe, and based upon the location of where the scratches occurred, it would have been rather impossible for them to have been self inflicted. As an exorcist, I am quite versed in determining if scratches are self inflicted or if they are the result of a demonic attack. Based on what I saw and the pictures that were presented to me, there was no doubt that what Zak endured was the result of a demonic attack. He was legitimately concerned when he visited my church, but Zak refused to stop provoking. Most of you know that I informed him that he must remember that demonic entities provoke back, but they do it in their own time. After the show aired, I was inundated with e-mails and phone calls. People demanded that I visit their home and perform an exorcism on them, because they were convinced that they were possessed or that they had a demon in their home. It was rather overwhelming. Because of the overwhelming cases, I was able to rely on an organization that I started 13 years ago, called the Paranormal Clergy. The sole purpose of the Paranormal Clergy is to help those who are truly being attacked by a force that is relentless in its ways. The Paranormal Clergy has respectful teams all across the United States, and we now have two administrators, Kat Lang and Rich Valdes,


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

Bishop James Long is currently the Archbishop for the United States Old Catholic Church and offers spiritual and life help for those who seek his assistance.

who are doing a beautiful job with keeping up with cases and assisting teams as needed. I will write more about the Paranormal Clergy at a later date. The second show with Ghost Adventures consisted of me participating in an investigation of Bobby Mackey’s. I was able to capture some evidence that clearly indicated to me that a malevolent spirit was present and that the intention of the spirit was rather clear. I should note that growls and even the smell of sulfur overwhelmed us at times, and from my perspective as clergy, it was clear that the Minor Rite of Exorcism was warranted. It was also during this time that I was severely scratched on the hand, and the burning sensation caused me to drop my digital recorder. I was able to listen to parts of the recording, and during the time in which I was scratched, I was asking if the spirit accepted Yahweh as their God. The response was one in which I will never forget: “Hell no.” Finally, the third and last episode is when the Crew asked if I would perform the Minor Rite of Exorcism at Bobby Mackey’s. I was hesitant, because I was concerned

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is said to house dark spirits and even demons. Bishop James Long describes his experiences inside Bobby Mackey’s while investigating with the Ghost Adventures Crew.

about the guys. I have seen what Bobby Mackey’s has done to them, and my fear was that they would not be able to emotionally or physically handle what may occur during the Rite. That fear, unfortunately, became quite evident when Zak began to feel the heavy weight of oppression. During the Rite, we all heard deep growls. There was, at times, an overwhelming smell of rotten flesh and sulfur. Aaron became very agitated during the Rite, and there were times that I would glance quickly at him and I could see the mounting anger building within his body. He was in a very dangerous state of mind. Once I cleared one of the rooms, Zak stated that he was not feeling well and that something was happening. I am grateful that the crew turned off the cameras, because it was during this time that I saw a real transformation in Zak’s behavior. And it was one in which I became quite concerned about. Aaron became unresponsive, and thankfully Nick was able to grab what I needed in order to assist the guys. Because of privacy, I will not divulge all of the things that occurred with the guys and out of respect and the friendship that I have with them. I am sure that you can understand. I will say that Bobby Mackey’s has had a very serious impact on the guys, and as I told them when we

finished, I will always be there for them. I speak with Zak often and consider him a good friend. I am eternally grateful that Zak has spoken about things that have occurred in his home because of the provoking that he has done. Zak has taken complete responsibility for his actions, and he should be applauded for wanting to teach the public that consequences do occur when provoking malevolent spirits or demonic entities. People often ask me if Bobby Mackey’s is really that bad. My answer to them is rather simple. I do not work for Bobby Mackey’s. I do not work for Ghost Adventures. And I have absolutely no reason to mislead the public about what I experienced at Bobby Mackey’s. I am the type of person who will blatantly tell you if I did or did not experience activity at an alleged haunted location. The experience that I had with Zak, Nick, and Aaron will always be a reminder to me of what evil can do to individuals. I am not paid to advertise for Ghost Adventures or Bobby Mackey’s. I can just tell you what I experienced, and those memories that I have of the last episode at Bobby Mackey’s will always be a fresh memory.

I invite you to write in with your questions, and I will answer them in the next issue. Please submit your questions to

October 2013

Paranormal Underground 79

Religion And The Paranormal

Q&A With The Paranormal Clergy Admin Kat Lang By Chris Davis, Proximity Paranormal Radio


at Lang is an administrator for Bishop James Long and The Paranormal Clergy, as well as Productions Operations Manager for Ghost Walk Productions. Originally from Washington State, Kat is also a sensitive who can see, hear, and speak to the other side, a gift she discovered when she was a child. Kat is not currently part of a paranormal team but works as a consultant alongside of The Paranormal Clergy helping to answer e-mails sent from people seeking answers and guidance. She also has gifts in remote viewing, and has done readings for some of the most haunted places in the U.S. Join us as we talk with Kat.

Kat Lang believes that science can’t entirely explain the universe around us and that paranormal phenomena like psychokinesis, telepathy, and extraterrestrial intelligence are a part of our world.

***** Q: Explain to me the strength of your belief in God. Kat: I was raised an Irish Catholic. I attended CCD class, my first communion, and I used to play my flute in church. So my beliefs are deeply based on the fact that there is a God, and Jesus did die for our sins and was resurrected. He does exist. He is here to answer prayers and guide us through our lives. Although Jesus, when he created man, he created man with free will, and he would never make you give up your right to your free will. He does not judge people, because he does realize they do have free will to do what they want. But I do believe Jesus does have control of my soul and that when I die I will go to Heaven. Q: Why do you believe in God, and what started your belief? Kat: I believe in God because I have seen miracles happen in my life, and I attribute them to God. I also believe in God because that’s how I was raised. Q: Do you believe in anything paranormal that is


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October 2013

unrelated to religion like psychokinesis, telepathy, UFO phenomena? Kat: Absolutely. I believe in all of that sort of stuff based on my research and my own experiences. I believe that things like that can and do exist. Now you have to remember that science will tell you that we only use 10% of our brain. So, I believe that there are some people who have the gift of telekinesis, etc., by using more of their brain power, even if they do it inadvertently or subconsciously. I believe that most people who can do that are not completely aware or are fully unaware they are doing it. For instance, I had a friend who, when he would get angry — I mean deeply angry — things would start to move around his house. And I don’t think he was fully conscious that he was the one who was moving them with his mind. So because science knows so little about how the human brain actually works, I don’t think you can count things like that out. As far as UFOs go, I believe they exist. I think it would

be kind of senseless to believe that we’re the most intelligent beings in the Universe. There has to be something else out there. Do I believe we have been visited by aliens? I believe aliens have lived on this planet probably since the planet was around. I have met some people that act very strangely to me, and it makes me wonder if they are even human beings at all. And as far as Bigfoot and creatures like that, yes I believe those kind of things do exist. Q: Why do you believe in the paranormal, and can you tell us about some of your experiences? Kat: I believe in the paranormal because I have been able to sense spirits since I was a child, and I have seen full-bodied apparitions. I have captured them on camera using both video and still frame. I’ve been to some of the most haunted places in the United States, and I’ve talked to spirits and they’ve talked to me. They have come through on EVPs, and I’ve had them actually answer my questions like I was having a conversation with them. My mom died a couple of years ago, and I have her ashes here in my home. She plays little practical jokes on me here and there. It’s not really something you could explain, and it’s not something that I want to explain. I just want to enjoy the fact that she’s here with me. But I’ve have enough strange personal experiences on my own to believe that the paranormal does actually exist.

Kat Lang poses with The Booth Brothers.

power to believe in my own mind that, yes, he is going to protect me when I do these investigations. Q: Do you feel that less and less people are believing in God?

Kat: I don’t believe that is true. I think people believe in God in different ways, so the variance on that is pretty vast. Everybody in every religion believes in a higher Q: Have your paranormal experiences affected power; they believe that this higher power is guiding their your religious ideals? lives and in the very end this imminent power is going to Kat: I kind of separate the two. Native Americans are save their soul. spiritualists. They believe that the spirits of the earth exist, There is a lot of talk about the Catholic Church, and and they believe that human beings and the earth have to deep down inside for me percoincide. And when they don’t, sonally more and more people they step in. I see my belief in “People believe in God in believe in God — it’s just they Jesus as being separate from my call him by different names. different ways.” belief in the paranormal, beI believe that most people do cause Jesus performs miracles, believe in a higher power. and these miracles are not paranormal. They are through an act of God. But that phrase goes a lot deeper for me, Q: Do you think there is an increase of belief and because you’re talking about someone saving my soul attention within the paranormal? when I die versus what would happen to me when I die if Kat: I believe that there is a lot more interest in the paraI came back to this earth. normal. I think that the age of enlightenment is coming So all the apparitions and other things that I’ve seen around again from the 1800s. It seems to cycle itself in in my life have absolutely nothing to do with my faith in and out. God. Although the only correlation that I can personally We have all of these television shows that the family make between the paranormal and my belief in God is will sit around and watch, and I think that the possibility anytime I go into a location, I do say the prayer of Saint of ghosts and spirits to most people is very intriguing. So Michael, the Lord’s Prayer, and I ask God to protect me I think there is definitely a surge in people believing in during the investigation. So I believe that through dothings like that. ing that God gives me the opportunity and gives me the

October 2013

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Religion And The Paranormal Q: How do you think science and technology affect how people believe in God? Kat: Scientists and archeologists go out to try to retrace Jesus’ steps. They know where he’s buried; they have the shroud of Turin. They have scriptures and scrolls from way back in the day talking about Jesus. They have actual documentation that the scriptures were actually written back in the time of Jesus, although there is great debate about that. But, I think that it’s up to the individual to determine if God is real. I don’t think science and technology really has anything to do with it.

Q: Do you believe in predestination or predetermination?

Kat: I believe in predestination, because I believe there are people who were born on this planet in the past 100200 hundred years who were predestined to do certain things. Like the Wright brothers. I believe they were predestined to make that 32-second flight in a plane. I believe that Thomas Edison was supposed to discover electricity. I believe that Abraham Lincoln was supposed to be the president when the Civil War was going on. I believe the Franklin Roosevelt was supposed to be the president he was during Q: Do you think people are World War II. “I guarantee you that becoming more rational So I do think there are demons do exist. But not people than say 50 to 60 years ago? who are predestined to be born that are going to, all ghosts are demons.” Kat: Yes, absolutely. Fifty to as they grow up their life path, 60 years ago we didn’t have go in a certain direction. They are predestined to invent things like cell phones and personal computers. It was things for the rest of the world to enjoy. much more difficult to reach out and discover things for yourself. Today, I can sit around in my living room and Q: Some people think that ghosts are nothing but type out anything on Bing and get an answer to just about demons. What do you think? anything that I ever wanted to know. But back then, if you Kat: Because I work for The Paranormal Clergy and wanted to know something you’d have to knock on your Bishop Long, every time I go to Kentucky, I hang out neighbor’s door. with him. I have learned so much from that man. Not all Then, one person would tell a story and the next ghosts are bad, and demonic cases are extremely rare. Do person would embellish it, and you would lose the middle demons exist? I guarantee you they do exist, but not all ground. But since the advent of technology, we have a lot ghosts are demon. more resources to depend on. On a personal note, I’d like to say what a shame it is that some of these television shows that people watch Q: Do you think people need something to beevery week represent all spirits as demonic. I think lieve in? psychologically that can damage somebody who might Kat: Absolutely. You need to have something to believe have something going on in their own home, and they see in. In fact, I always tell my friends, “If you don’t believe in these shows and think, Oh my god. I have a demon. It’s anything else, believe in yourself.” the psychological damage that starts to set in that makes people believe that everything is demonic when, in fact, it Q: Are you superstitious? is extremely rare to have a case like that. Kat: That’s a good question. And the answer is, not reQ: Has working in the paranormal field strengthally. I don’t believe that if you break a pane of glass, you ened or weakened your faith? are going to be cursed for seven years. I don’t believe that if you walk under a ladder, something bad is going to hapKat: Working in the paranormal has definitely strengthpen. I think that superstitions are an internal process and ened my faith because of the protection prayers I say has a lot to do with your psychological makeup. before the investigations. I will at times say them during I remembered when I was a kid we played that game the investigation, and I always say them after an investi“step on a crack, break your mother’s back,” where gation. if there was a crack in the road you wouldn’t want to So psychologically it does me a lot of good to say walk on it. So we’d end up like hop-scotching along the these prayers. It strengthens my faith when I go into an road with those different panes of concrete because you investigation. I believe Jesus is going to protect me from couldn’t step on a crack. But those childhood superstianything that can hurt me. I have never been hurt on an tions are long gone for me. investigation.


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October 2013

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October 2013

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Author Profile

Reagan Hawk:

‘A King’s Ransom’ By Michelle M. Pillow,


eagan Hawk (AKA bestselling paranormal author Mandy M. Roth — shhh, we’re not telling), is the super-secret identity of an awesome writer. OK, so she’s my bestie, and I would worry about being biased if a slew of readers didn’t agree with me. When I had a cancellation this month, she was kind enough to slip into one of her multiple personalities and answer my questions. The fact that I have blackmail photos from the last Faery Ball has nothing to do with it. Thank you for joining me, Mandy, erm Reagan.

Reagan Hawk is a pen name for bestselling author Mandy M. Roth, known for her Immortal Ops Series, King of Prey Series, Project Exorcism Series, and more.

***** Q: In your book A King’s Ransom you delve into the world of shapeshifters, magiks, gods, and mythology. What inspired you to write about this? RH: I have always loved history, mythology, and the paranormal, so it seemed like a good idea to blend them all and throw them into a fantasy novel. Q: When world-building, did you base your story off of known myths throughout history? RH: Yes. I borrow from Roman and Greek mythology to explain how some of my characters have the powers and abilities they have, while also using it to explain how the Earth myth came to be. Q: What myths or legends inspired you? RH: The legend of Pluto/Hades and Persephone is a big one for me. I like the idea of the god of the underworld being desperate for love. I dig the idea of forbidden fruit. And I like the idea that a mother could miss her daughter so much that she’d bring about winter. So many other


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

myths have inspired me too. For A King’s Ransom I talk about the God of War — Mars. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal? RH: I’ve been fascinated by it from an early age, but I couldn’t tell you why. Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies, and books? RH: I’ve always been a big Stephen King fan. I really like the show Haven, I think because it’s based off a Stephen King

short story. Also, I tend to re-watch IT and The Shining. Q: Do you believe in the supernatural? Or are you a skeptic? RH: I believe but with a hefty dose of skepticism. Q: What kind of paranormal creatures do you wish you could meet? RH: I’m torn between two sort of “norm” picks — A vampire or a werewolf. Well, then there would be a faerie too. Too many to count. Q: If given the chance, would you become a vampire? RH: Absolutely. It would be a great way to lose weight. I mean there can’t be that many calories in 0-neg, right? And I already don’t love going out in the sunlight. I work all night. I’d be perfect for it. Q: How would you react if you came face to face with a vampire? RH: Sadly, I’d probably fangirl it. Q: What does the future hold for your Masters of the Pleasure world? RH: The next book, A Knight’s Redemption, will be out at the beginning of 2014. Q: Have you ever been to a psychic and/or had a past-life regression? What did they predict for you? RH: Mine told me you and I were sisters and always linked in our past lives. Ha ha! You can’t shake me.


“A King’s Ransom” is currently for sale at all major online retailers. To read more about Reagan’s books, visit her Website (And, if you promise not to tell I outed her, you can visit her at www.

October 2013

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Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial

Spiritual Fitness By Jill Marie Morris,


eath is final. Or, is it? Many lavish this belief, but is it sensible to completely discount something just because you have been advised or instructed that the spirit realm does not exist, or that spirit cannot come back after death? Better yet, should you ignore, neglect, or deny something that may make all the difference for good in your life? Energy is the driving force behind almost everything on this planet. It is a vital function of the human body and is the power that sustains life as we know it. The human spirit is said to be energy-based, and I believe that to be true. The Premise of Religion Aside from religion prevailing as a guide for what is sacred and sacrilege, the focus of most doctrines have served as a social organization rooted in intricate origin and are prolifically based on a host of personal and global motivations. Additionally, humans are logical creatures, and that means one thing: the need to establish order and direction. From all outward appearances, religion has made a good go at just that. Religion has also been viewed as a means of exercising power and authority over a growing world population with variances dependent upon geographical location. Plain and simple, doctrines were established to scare people straight both near and far. Remarkably, the price that would be paid to do so has led to war, bloodshed, violence, and corruption. Not exactly orderly. Certainly not a favorable direction to tread. Religious faith tends to have a nasty habit of taking a human’s highest standards and ambitions and using them to alienate, creating profound emotional conflict, as well as physical and psychological distress. In part, this aspect alone indicates both a personal and global agenda to break down the psyche and manipulate the masses. These points help to illustrate why we, as a species, are frequently frightened and conflicted by the spirit world


Paranormal Underground

October 2013

and almost constantly question its existence. More times than not, we are fearful of what our faith may have otherwise instilled. Indeed, this presents quite a conundrum. Damned if we do. Damned if we don’t. The Conflict It comes as no surprise that many people struggle with how they feel in a spiritual sense. The commonality seems to be a sense of confusion relative to spiritual fulfillment or lack thereof, in conjunction with their faith. Religion is quite complex and tends to segregate, whereas spirituality is much simpler, all-encompassing, and satisfying. The most striking difference is that spirituality is based upon life experience, wisdom, and independent thinking, while religion is learned and tends to dictate. More times than not, confusion and lack of spiritual contentment will surface around a crisis. Most often, such crises involve the death of a loved one. Grieving can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, ultimately leading an individual to question not only their life purpose, but their actual personal belief system.

This tends to occur because people often define their spirituality in direct context of a single, perceived religion. For some, they may be uncomfortable letting others know that they are not gratified or empowered by their faith. More guilt. This interesting dynamic stems from religion’s ability to place an unnecessary and unhealthy emphasis on a particular doctrine as the end-all indicator of what is spirituality apropos. A harsh reality exists and can become fiercely painful for those who have to face it post-crisis. After the neighbors, friends, and family stop bringing aluminum pans of baked ziti and platters of decorative lunch meats through the front door, many of those in a weakened spiritual state are left to fend for themselves. Even the most loyal supporters can become worn and wearied when trying to help someone in the throes of a spiritual emergency. In time, they may become frustrated and complacent, leaving the individual to crumble under the weight of grief and lack of support. Guilt, anxiety, fear, conflict, and lack of spiritual connection can lead an individual down a very dark road. Over time, that person can become lost and deeply confused, which only exacerbates a negative situation. This is often seen in those who cannot cope or deal with grief or loss, and later commit suicide. Becoming Spiritually Proactive Through life experience, I became more proactive in my own spiritual fitness program. Raised Roman Catholic, I have come to incorporate aspects of my Native American heritage, as well as elements of Buddhism, into my personal spirituality. I often refer to myself (I won’t be offended should you laugh), as a NABULIC: Native American Buddhist Catholic — a hybrid of faiths that empower me, support my Spiritual Self, and collectively provide spiritual stability. Each and every aspect holds a special meaning in my heart, mind, and soul, and no one doctrine rises above the other. Together, they merge into a shielding spiritual fortress and are equally important when it comes to practicing spiritual warfare and protection. How exactly does one become more spiritually proactive? Simple. Each individual must learn to become an active participant, not a sideline observer relative to their spiritual fitness program. Always listen to the heart and think with the head. Do some soul-searching. There is no law that states a person is any less of a human being because they question, challenge, or change their faith. Some may face a bit of adversity, but if unhappiness persists then make a change. Any human being should be able to incorporate elements from various faiths with that of others, so long as it helps them. By doing so, one can grow and push through

the pain during a stressful life situation. I encourage and challenge everyone to become spiritually fit. Each person must become aware that they are in control of their Spiritual Self, and so long as they do not hurt themselves, or anyone else in the process, it should matter not what others think. Every individual needs to take a long look at their Spiritual Self and identify what is missing, be willing to self-evaluate with brutal honesty, and stand up for what they believe in. Independent views should consist of what one thinks and feels, not something dictated by another. The focus needs to shift from the group mentality of religion to that of individual spiritual health and wellness. The secret to spiritual fitness begins with the self. If facing uncertainty or sensing a lack of connection to one’s faith, have the courage to stand up and walk away from situations that deplete spiritual energy and cause low spiritual esteem. Be kind and seek peace, comfort, and resolve instead of living in a world of torment. No single person is less important for what they have endured in their life than the other. Each and every life experience contributes to independent spiritual fitness. Take a walk outside, enjoy nature, meditate, pray, chant, sing, dance, exercise, listen to music, reflect — do whatever nurtures the soul and strengthens the relationship between the Spiritual Self and God, a Creator, or elsewise. In the end, all of life’s trials and tribulations mesh together like a massive workout for the soul. Those experiences provide the ability to develop a unique routine that will lead to a stronger, more gratifying level of spiritual fitness. The soul will flourish, and the way will be paved toward the achievement of a more satisfied and healthy Spiritual Self. Be well.

October 2013

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