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Paranormal Underground


Volume 4, Issue 10

October 2011

Dr. Lynne Kitei &

The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon Beware of

Tata Duende! Is it Ethical to Send Spirits to the

“Other Side?” The Real-Life Entity Case: Part 3 (The Conclusion)

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• Working With Clients: Conducting the Investigation • Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel • Metafiction Author John Reyer Afamasaga October 2011 Paranormal Underground 1 • Book Review: Dark World by Zak Bagans


Paranormal Underground

October 2011

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INVESTIGATOR SPOTLIGHT Dr. Lynne Kitei & The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon


SPECIAL REPORT Working With Clients: Conducting the Investigation


AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT John Reyer Afamasaga: Metafiction Author


CASE FILES OF THE UNKNOWN Cryptids & Mythological Creatures Beware of the Mythical Jungle Man ... Tata Duende


Haunted History The Real-Life Entity Case: Part 3


PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel Nightly Visitor

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FICTION: FEATURED AUTHOR “Goodbye” by Chad Wilson


PARANORMAL PERSPECTIVE: GUEST EDITORIAL The Other Side of Being Psychic: Moral Obligations of Sending Spirits to the Other Side


October 2011

Contributors Ghost Hunter Comic Publisher’s Letter Calendar of Events Book Review: Dark World

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Contributors Jackie Chin Jackie is a nationally known paranormalist, author, and spiritual teacher. She uses her gifts to enlighten and encourage those who are seeking solutions. During her life, Jackie has seen many deaths, helped people cross over with Reiki, and counseled clients about these issues. She knows that there is life after death, but she believes that each person has their own idea about what death will be like and this influences their experience of the afterlife. Each time Jackie gives a reading and hears from someone on the other side, she is pleasantly surprised. She is mystified that we can actually talk to those who have crossed over. They are still very involved with our lives. For more information, contact Jackie at or at 330-824-1286.

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind EntitiesR-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. You can find her work on www., or contact Terri at

J.D. Harrison J.D. is Paranormal Underground’s science editor. He is a working archaeologist with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archeology and a minor in history. For the past 30 years, he has


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studied demonology, spirit manifestation, Cabalistic ritualism, and many other aspects of the paranormal. He has focused his studies on topics like Paganism, Wicca, Druidic, and Celtic practices, and other obscure religious ritualistic beliefs and practices. J.D. is neither a skeptic nor a believer in the paranormal, but instead believes that scientific observation is best served from a place of neither skepticism nor belief.

John “Jack” Kenna Jack is a technical specialist and investigator for the paranormal team SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He is also the case manager for the New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science. Jack has had a strong interest in the paranormal since he was a child and has helped his SPIRITS team conduct numerous client investigations over the past two years, including an investigation for the U.S. Navy in 2010. Jack has been a technician and project leader for the Department of the Army for the past 26 years.

Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editorin-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine, director of Publications & Editing Services for Ghost Knight Media, and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previ-

October 2011

ous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications.

Dismas & GrissyG Lizárraga GrissyG and Dismas, born in Corozal town, Belize, Central America, met at Los Angeles Mission College in California while enrolled in Art, Multimedia, and general education classes to develop their passion for the Arts while also expanding their personal knowledge. In 2003, GrissyG and Dismas established GrisDismation as their signature to produce original art and animations to entertain, fascinate, and inspire. They also developed a series of art titled Legends of Belize, which interprets Belizean mythological creatures and documents the ancient beliefs that have taught, scared, and intrigued people for many generations. For more information, visit

Stephen Nakonechny Stephen is a kennel owner by day, and ghost hunter by night. “My Alaskan Malamute Big Buck and I are like K9 ghost hunters.” During each investigation, Stephen uses a scientific approach to collect and record data and photographic evidence to back up paranormal claims. Stephen has worked in the aerospace industries and environmental services. His goal as a psychic photographer/paranormal investigator is to prove the existence of Spiritualism through strict scientific applications.

Ghost Hunter Comic

Michelle M. Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. Michelle has a photography degree and is the co-owner of www. Contact Michelle at

Rob St.Helen Rob has been a paranormal investigator for more than five years. He had his first paranormal experience at the age of 11. Rob is a member of West Coast Ghost Hunters, based out of Portland Oregon, where he was born

and raised. He currently works the graveyard shift at The Heathman Hotel. He has come to find that the hotel is haunted.

Barry Taff, Ph.D. Dr. Taff holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering. He is a world-renowned parapsychologist who worked out of UCLA’s former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate. During his 43-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,500 cases of ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition. For more information about Dr. Taff, visit http://

October 2011

Chad Wilson A writer of articles and fiction, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine and a partner for Ghost Knight Media. His interest in the paranormal led to the creation of Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

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Publisher’s Letter Paranormal Underground® Volume 4, Issue 10

October 2011

Phoenix Lights:

More Questions Than Answers EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Contributors Jackie Chin Terri J. Garofalo John “Jack” Kenna Cheryl Knight Dismas & GrissyG Lizárraga Stephen Nakonechny Michelle M. Pillow Rob St.Helen Barry Taff, Ph.D. Chad Wilson

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what they were doing to him, he was ou sit on the balcony outside told because they had a right to. your house. The lights are What did they mean by that? I back again. They silently move think it boils down to, “We made by overhead. The government makes you, thus we can do as we please.” no claim to them, and they defy any Sort of liked a galactic “normal” explanation. father telling his kids, They are too stationtough crap, get over it. ary to be flares and, as When I was a kid, I a matter of fact, look always had the impresnothing like them. What sion that I had been left are they? They are the behind by an otherworldPhoenix Lights, and to ly father, who would me they are the most return for me one day. I compelling evidence to chalk that up now to an date that something unChad Wilson, overactive imagination, explained is going on in Publisher but is it so far from the the skies over our heads. truth? This brings up my As I’ve stated in the past, I next question: What do these visitors, believe in reincarnation. So, how if that is what they are, want from us does that belief play into a world here on Earth? Are they the advance with aliens as a reality? Are we a part scouts of an invasion force from the of one big reincarnation pool, or are planet Nibaru, or maybe we have their separate cycles for different something they need: DNA, cow planets or species? If there is not a parts, our children? Whatever the separate pool, then can we be reincase might be, the reasons behind carnated on an alien world? their visitations remain a mystery. A lot of questions but too few Personally, I believe if we are answers, which is usually the case with being visited, it has been for a long the paranormal. So, all I can do is time — longer than recorded history. keep looking for answers and hope I think these extraterrestrials could that someday the truth will be known. even be responsible for the earliest In this issue, we spoke with Dr. accountings by man of communicaLynne Kitei, who has extensively tion with the Gods. And that is what investigated the UFO phenomenon. they could very well be, our creators, She shared with us her personal after a fashion. experiences, as well as the results of I remember reading Commuyears of research into the infamous nion too many years ago to count. Phoenix Lights. Turn to page 10 to When author Whitley Strieber read Dr. Lynne’s Q&A. asked the ETs why they were doing

October 2011

Calendar of Events October 8–9

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Volume 4, Issue 10


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October 2011

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Book Review

“Dark World” By Zak Bagans & Kelly Crigger Review by Chad Wilson


was pleasantly surprised as I sat down and began reading through Dark World’s 272 pages. The new book by Zak Bagans and Kelly Crigger was well thought out and offered a very entertaining read. If you have ever watched the TV show Ghost Adventures, which features Zak and his team investigating reportedly haunted sites, you already know about Zak’s enthusiasm for what he does. And as I read through the book, I could hear Zak’s voice in my ear. His enthusiasm isn’t the least bit dulled through the written word. Dark World tells the tale of Zak Bagans’ past and what led him to where he is today. The tone of the book is appropriate for the subject matter at hand, and it actually helped to bring the text to life in my mind’s eye. And while I don’t always agree with everything Zak has to say about investigating the paranormal, I can positively say that he has thought out his ideas and theories extensively. The book is divided into sections, starting with how he became interested in the paranormal and how the Ghost Adventures TV show came to be. We also find out what keeps Zak going in his search for answers to paranormal phenomena. The book’s pace is fast, and Zak goes from one case to the next in rapid succession. The book


Paranormal Underground

October 2011

also has many comical moments. I particularly got a chuckle when Zak called himself “Count Zakula — The Banisher of Evil” in Section IV. In the different sections of the book, I enjoyed the descriptions of each location, the brief history offered, followed by an anecdote about the paranormal and some advice. Very informative in spots, I did learn a few things from this book that I had never known before. And as I mentioned above, the book amused as well, including the funny sidebars scattered throughout its pages — such as when Aaron and Zak ran into a group of “vampires” at a bar in the Edinburgh Vaults. I would suggest this book if only for the entertainment value alone. Zak even revealed some personal information in Dark World, including that he has a dungeon in his home. However, he is hesitant to invite dates to his house for fear

of the paranormal activity somehow “messing” with them. Dark World also shows the experience that Zak has gained through his paranormal adventures and the responsibility that comes

normal research and how he will continue to investigate “until I can’t anymore.” In the end, Dark World comes across as a passionate discussion of a paranormal world seen through

Dark World is entertaining, and it makes you think ... with that experience. I really appreciate that Zak gives warnings throughout the book about what not to do, things he learned not to do in his experiences. The book also covered the scientific side of investigating and quantum physics, including discussion about black holes and the paranormal and time rivers and relativity. In the final section of the book, appropriately titled “The Future,” Zak talks about his future in para-

the eyes of someone who has experienced it, researched it, and wants everyone else to encounter what he has. This book was well written, and it achieves the most important attribute of a successful book: It makes you think. I enjoyed Dark World and would recommend it to anyone looking to see what makes Zak Bagans tick, as well as to learn something new about the paranormal world.

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Call 1-575-694-6080 Dave and his small crew of experienced investigators are See Dave’s YouTube Videos 9 available to travel as needed. Also October 2011 Paranormal Underground by Searching for “Master Psychic Dave”

Investigator Spotlight

Dr. Lynne Kitei &

The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon By Cheryl Knight


he March 13, 1997, mass UFO sighting in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona, is now hailed as the largest mass sighting of UFOs in modern times. With thousands of witnesses to the event, ongoing UFO sightings in the area, and a plethora of photos and videos documenting the event in 1997, as well as similar sightings before and after that date, some believe the government will never admit that the “crafts” witnessed weren’t of terrestrial origins. One witness and researcher to these strange and controversial events, Dr. Lynne Kitei (aka Dr. Lynne), has spent more than a decade investigating the Phoenix Lights phenomenon, as well as having her own evidence analyzed by photo and video experts and those in academia. The results are startling, as the data represent some of the best evidence that extraterrestrials are indeed visiting our planet. I recently spoke with Dr. Lynne about her experiences and research into the infamous Phoenix Lights, her book and documentary on the phenomenon, and why she put her reputation on the line to come forward with her research and findings. *****


Paranormal Underground

In 1995, Dr. Lynne Kitei witnessed and photographed anomalous phenomena just yards from her home. She is considered a key witness to the still inexplicable Arizona mass UFO event of March 13, 1997.

Q: Please tell us about yourself. Dr. Lynne: I truly appreciate your kind interest in my background, but I’d be the first to say that this is not about me … it’s about the data. One of the main reasons I came forward in 2004, after seven years of anonymity, is to lend a credible voice to the topic so others will actually look at the data. It speaks for itself. Since graduating Temple University School of Medical in 1974, I have dedicated my life’s work to

October 2011

community education of the reality of vital health issues, combining my unique expertise in communications, education, science, and professional musical theater. Your readers may be interested in learning that I appeared in over 30 professional productions from the time I was eight years old, including Oklahoma, starring Gordan MacCrae; Guys & Dolls, starring Betty Grable; played Alice in Alice In Wonderland with Sherman Hemsley, and understudied Barbara

The above collage of the “Phoenix Lights” represents what thousands of individuals witnessed in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona, in 1997. (Photos by Dr. Lynne Kitei.)

Eden in the Sound of Music. I was also featured as “Florence Arizona” in the Coen Brother’s 20th Century Fox hit Raising Arizona, starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, William Forsythe, John Goodman, Frances McDormand, and Randall “Tex” Cobb. Ironically, there is a poignant line in the film referring to UFOs and my character — 10 years before the Phoenix Lights mass sighting! I tried to put my extensive theater background to good use during my post-graduate medical training by creating TV News health reports on the KYW-NBC affiliate in Philadelphia in 1976. It was so successful that I was invited to syndicate 120 60-to-90-second health tips, which aired globally for over 10 years. While practicing medicine part time and raising two sons with my husband of 40 years, I squeezed in stints as the resident health reporter at the NBC affiliate in Phoenix and USA cable in the early ’80’s before starting my own company, Health Education Learning Programs in 1985 after treating adolescents in our family practice drowning in substance abuse. That was the beginning of the “You Make It!” series [AIDS, Teen Pregnancy & Substance Abuse prevention/education curricula], which put the reality of vital health issues right in the classroom in an informative and entertaining way. I combined kids who had been

there, experts in the field, music and celebrities, including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, cast members of Beverly Hills 90210, Paula Abdul, and more to impart meaningful messages to young people. The internationally award-winning programs are currently being distributed by Discovery Education. After the “Phoenix Lights” mass sighting, I felt compelled as an educator, scientist, and experiencer to help raise awareness and inform the public concerning the reality of this vital topic, giving up a stellar posi-

“I felt compelled to help raise awareness and inform the public ...” tion as chief clinical consultant of the Wellness & Imaging Center at the renowned Arizona Heart Institute to publish my book and write/direct/ produce our internationally award winning documentary. I am currently developing a comprehensive curricula for grades 5–12 on the topic of Unexplained Phenomena, called “Out of the Box.” Q: Tell us about the events that took place on March 13, 1997. Dr. Lynne: I have to share that what appeared in the skies of

October 2011

Arizona on March 13, 1997, was not an unusual occurrence for me personally, but it definitely was for thousands throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada while they were looking skyward for a glimpse of the Hale-Bopp Comet. Many statewide also caught a glimpse of a silent, low-gliding, mile-wide V of orbs that “seemed to be attached to something or had a force field holding the huge lights in rock solid formation.” Not only were there light arrays, but thousands also reported different, silent mile-to-twomile-wide craft. The advanced nature of these phenomena is also noteworthy. They could glide at a very low altitude, hover, and then take off at blink speed or split in two! Some witnesses saw the orbs detach from the main object, go out into the environment, and then re-dock with it. Incredible technology to be sure … oftentimes described as “otherworldly.” Besides these anomalous objects appearing prior to and after the Arizona mass sighting, it is important to note that there weren’t just one or two events on March 13, 1997, as the media and military would have us believe, but unusual sightings taking place for over a dozen hours. Reports started as early as 5:20 p.m. in New Mexico through 11:30 p.m. when two commercial airlines witnessed a massive triangular craft

Paranormal Underground 11

Investigator Spotlight I have yet to find an answer. But after seven years of anonymity and intensive research while keeping a detailed daily diary, I did end up with a 750-page journal of incredibly credible information that I ultimately felt was too important not to share. Q: Is there evidence of the Phoenix Lights being of extraterrestrial origin? What do you think the Phoenix Lights are?

with lights covering Las Vegas, and continued to the next morning when a Boeing crew arriving for work at Sky Harbor IAP, about 5:30 a.m., witnessed the mysterious mile-wide object hovering over their tarmac! There is an estimated 10,000 people who witnessed this extraordinary mass UFO “parade,” which has become historic in the annals of ufology and human history. To this day, the Phoenix Lights have NEVER been duplicated and cannot be explained or denied. Q: Did you have an interest in paranormal aerial phenomena before these events took place? Dr. Lynne: I had no interest or knowledge of unexplained aerial phenomena before our very close sighting in 1995 of three amber orbs in a pyramid formation hovering just yards from our mountainside home. I happened to capture stunning photographs of this “advanced intelligent technology” two years before the mass sighting, with no idea what they


Paranormal Underground

could have been. Besides the close encounter in 1995, one of the most dramatic sightings for me was two months before the mass sighting, on January 23, 1997, when I captured the same phenomena in the same location as the video I would shoot during the mass event. These awesome 35mm photos are of a mile-wide phenomena head-on and then turning into a V. The phenomena was confirmed the next morning by air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor International Airport as a mile-wide V of equidistant points of light, turning as a unit against the wind at a 1,000 feet altitude in Class B Restricted airspace! These orb phenomena continued and were captured by myself and others on film for days before the mass sighting, and then a hand-full of us during the mass sighting. After I learned that thousands statewide witnessed the same phenomena on March 13, 1997, as I had been documenting for years, I pushed my entire successful medical career aside to find a logical source and meaning for what I saw and photographed.

October 2011

Dr. Lynne: When I witnessed and photographed the Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) up close and personal in 1995, I had no idea we had this advanced technology here on Earth. However, as others would share during the mass sighting, the objects felt “unearthly” and inter-dimensional because when they slowly and mechanically disappeared from view, they still seemed to be there, even though we didn’t see them anymore! Almost 17 years later, I still have no idea what these things are, only that they are and that it is time we get this topic out in the open — address it, accept it, and study it — so we can find out who’s driving these things, as well as move forward in our own evolution. But I was fascinated to learn that native cultures right here in Arizona and worldwide do believe that otherworldly intelligences have been visiting us since human documentation began. In fact, the Gila Native Americans living in the basin between South Mountain and the Estrella Mountain Ranges shared that they have been looking up at these orbs for centuries. They call them Sky People and Light Beings. They are part of their culture. And as in other tribes, including Hopi, they have protocols to invite these beings. Some believe they are ancestors coming to give them comfort, inspiration, and guidance. By the way, the Gila indigenous peoples call the Estrellas, which means

star in Spanish, the “Gateway to the Stars,” believing there is a porthole or gateway in that area. In science we look for repeatability, and if you examine my photos closely you will see that these UAP keep popping up in that same location. Maybe they are right! Q: What do you think of the U.S. government’s explanations for the Phoenix Lights? Dr. Lynne: It is pretty intriguing how the story played out after the mass sighting. There was no investigation or explanation by the military or government for the extraordinary events on March 13 until July 25, 1997, one month after a June 18 front page USA TODAY article opened our event to international scrutiny. We were immediately deluged by media from all over the world asking why there was no inquiry or explication. The very next day, on June 19, former Gov. Fife Symington mocked the event in a scheduled press conference, presumably to put a lid on the growing national and international interest. But that little diversion didn’t stop me from my own continued inquiry. After checking with military officials at every base in Arizona for weeks and learning that they were just as curious as we were, on July 24, 1997, I received a very interesting call from the head of PR at the Air National Guard. She stated that no one had looked at the log of visiting ANG and that the Maryland ANG was in town that night deploying illumination flares in “Operation Snowbird,” which I later learned meant diversionary tactical maneuvers! No doubt flares may have been sent off to attract attention away from the true unknowns and confuse the issue, but not one witness described flare characteristics of “drifting haphazardly with the wind, flickering frantical-

ly with huge smoke trails, or illumination of the area around the lights.” In stark contrast, witnesses described a low-gliding, rock-solid, mile-

“Some believe they are ancestors coming to give them comfort, inspiration, and guidance.” wide equidistant V formation of orbs (self contained light) that traversed the entire state for many hours. Flares cannot do that! Just take a look … ZD7kgyHo&feature=share. When I told her that I had photographic evidence of the same phenomena in the same location two months before and during the mass sighting, confirmed both times by air traffic controllers as appearing at 1,000 feet in Class B restricted airspace, she blurted, “You never told me that!”

The Phoenix Lights Documentary is a comprehensive examination of the strange lights seen over Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13, 1997. But there is much more to the story!

October 2011

In addition, there were witnesses who watched the same V array of three equidistant orbs/craft that I videotaped glide silently at low altitude right above their head about 10 p.m., describing the PLs as “huge canisters of swimming light.” But the best confirmation that the Phoenix Lights were definitely not flares came three years after the mass sighting when three Air National Guard units tried to duplicate the Phoenix Lights in an announced “reenactment” on March 7, 2000. They failed miserably. Decide for yourself: To this day, the Phoenix Lights — and the videos around 10 p.m. — have never been duplicated. However, that didn’t stop the “authorities” from declaring the “flare” excuse for the entire mass sighting on July 25, 1997, and continuing to do so. Q: Tell us about any paranormal experiences you’ve had before March 13, 1997. Dr. Lynne: I have to admit that the Phoenix Lights were not my first paranormal experience. Besides details of some pretty bizarre “happenings” after the mass sighting, I also share my 1956 childhood Near-Death Experience (NDE) in the book, which could very well have been a precursor to what is happening now. After my childhood NDE, when I was taken into another space and time and met three giant beings in glowing white robes, I have lived with that vivid memory and “knowing” that we are not alone in the universe. Was this early paranormal experience the foundation, while the close sighting in 1995 was the catalyst that propelled me to do this dedicated work? I approach all of this as a healthy skeptic and cannot definitively con-

Paranormal Underground 13

Investigator Spotlight

firm one way or the other. However, there is that possibility ... Keep in mind that there were a number of other Phoenix Lights witnesses who shared with me that they also had childhood NDEs that were re-awakened by the mass sighting. I began considering a connection between all unexplained phenomena — whether NDEs, out-of-body experiences, or unexplained aerial phenomena. And when I started looking for confirmation, I started finding credible studies by esteemed scientists at university level verifying a strong connection. Not only is the experience similar in many unexplained phenomena cases, particularly those associated with a mystical light, but the most profound finding was the positive aftereffect that changed an experiencer’s life forever in the majority of cases. I began calling all Unexplained Phenomena UPs, because they are touching the experiencer to the core


Paranormal Underground

with a positive awakening. The person who truly experiences an UP realizes our intimate connection to each other, to our beautiful planet, and to the universe. They are enlightened forever. Like myself, many return from the experience with a feeling of urgency to help make this world a better one and were told that they needed to come back for a reason. Perhaps this is mine. Q: Did you encounter any type of ”high strangeness” following your experiences with the Phoenix Lights? Dr. Lynne: The weeks following the mass sighting of March, 13, 1997, were filled with unusual events, including weird dreams, an out-of-body experience, confirmation that the essence of who we are does go on after passing, and a daytime sighting of the orbs exactly one month later (caught on film by an

October 2011

elderly couple in Rainbow Valley), followed by automatic writing in the middle of that night. The “message” I penciled, with my eyes closed in the dark, sent me on this wondrous journey of discovery. Will let your readers enjoy the fascinating details in the Third Edition of my book, The Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone. In this latest version, I share what has transpired since I came forward after seven years of anonymity in 2004, plus new riveting information that I never thought I would share — the analysis and conclusion of my close sighting pics by respected Navy Optical Physicist and renowned UFO researcher Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. I have kept his mind-boggling findings private for over a dozen years because of the bizarre nature of the case. But in fact, Dr. Maccabee presented my 1995 data at the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in Washington, D.C., as the first authenticated photographic evidence ever of “missing time.” Q: You’ve written extensively about your experiences with the Phoenix Lights. Tell us about the mass media and presentations where you’ve documented your personal accounts and those of others. Dr. Lynne: Since divulging my identity eight years ago and coming forward with the book, my data and I have been featured in hundreds of radio, print, and TV interviews. I have also been a keynote speaker at the University of Arizona Tucson Medical Center with Harvard’s Dr. John Mack (just months before his untimely passing); Washington, D.C. X Conference; MUFON International Symposium; and many more. It is both an honor and privilege that my book and documentary have been hailed as the definitive works

concerning the most important mass UFO sighting in modern history, called the “Phoenix Lights.” My interviews and articles have been featured in publications including TV Guide Magazine, Physician’s Management Magazine, UFO Magazine, National News Network, Philadelphia Inquirer, Phoenix Magazine, L.A. Times Magazine, Enlightenment Magazine, National UFO Magazine, AZ Republic, Open Minds Magazine, among others. Q: You’ve also made an internationally award-winning documentary about the Phoenix Lights. Tell us about this project and the feedback and response you’ve received since releasing it. Dr. Lynne: After pushing my entire successful medical career aside for four years to meticulously research, study, and compile the most credible information concerning these anomalous phenomena, I went back to work as the Chief Clinical Consultant at the renowned Arizona Heart Institute’s Wellness & Imaging Center while condensing my 750-page daily journal into 230 pages of the best info I found. I also did much soul searching on whether or not to come forward with the stunning data. After seven years of anonymity, while sharing my Phoenix Lights photo evidence gratis to the media, I finally took that precarious step and published the first edition of my book. The response was so overwhelming and positive that I felt obliged to produce a visual edition, complete with witness accounts, experts, the history and background of these elusive phenomena, the effect on the experiencer, as well as the “message.” I was approached by filmmakers, but working full time, doing radio interviews into the night, and Barnes

& Noble/Borders book tours on the weekends, I did not have the time to even think about producing a documentary. Enter talented filmmaker Steve Lantz, who was very persistent and passionate about the topic, as well

“No one could give me an explanation for what I witnessed and documented on film.” as the project. Like myself, he wanted to create something credible and professional to help raise awareness in a non-threatening, informative way. It has been evolving ever since we began production in June 2004 when I ended up leaving the Arizona Heart Institute to dedicate my full time energy and monies to complete it. We have been going full throttle since, as the film has evolved each year with new data, new sightings, and new witnesses, including former Gov. Symington, a 911 Phoenix police operator, a commercial/military pilot, and the powerful words of moon walker himself, Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. The feedback has been extraor-

After seven years of anonymity and intensive research while keeping a detailed daily diary, Dr. Lynne ended up with a 750-page journal.

October 2011

dinary. Not only have we won over a dozen international film festival awards, which is unheard of for a documentary, especially for one of this genre, but from the thousands of e-mails and communications I have received through the years, our unique endeavor is indeed touching one person at a time very deeply, just as these anomalous phenomena are doing worldwide. Q: What are some of the common myths and misconceptions about the Phoenix Lights? Dr. Lynne: After the mass sighting, when I learned that thousands of people saw what I had been witnessing and that these anomalies were appearing worldwide, I took great lengths to have my photo data analyzed and explained to me. I went to the heads of the University of Arizona optical sciences and consciousness study departments; Arizona State University geology, anthropology, astronomy, and mathematics departments; the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA; in addition to respected Navy Optical physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee in Washington, D.C. Across the board, no one could give me an explanation for what I witnessed and documented on film, but what they could confirm was that my 35mm photos are of true unknowns. Not only is it vital that witnesses worldwide know that they are not alone, which in and of itself is healing to those who are afraid to talk about their experiences for fear of ridicule or discrediting, but it was essential to me that the potentially important data be shared, whatever the consequences. However, even though I came forward with impressive evidence and the “rest of the story” in 2004, some media — who are either uninformed

Paranormal Underground 15

Investigator Spotlight or choose to ignore the data — continue to report a different narrative. Most focus on the first official call from Paulden, Arizona, by a retired police officer at 8:20 p.m. and profess that the Phoenix Lights lasted only an hour or so. They also separate the earlier sightings from a “grand finale” over Phoenix around 10 p.m., when a hand-full of witnesses, including myself, captured the same phenomena on video that thousands described for hours before and many reported after that time frame (i.e., mile wide, silent arrowhead, boomerang, or V arrays of five to seven lights). Keep in mind that the videos around 10 p.m. are virtually the only hard evidence of the Arizona mass sighting — and the only thing of substance that authorities could debunk. Even though the videos of the unknowns are very different than what they looked like in real time, they continue to use them to explain away the “Phoenix Lights” as illumination flares! Needless to say, it has been a bit frustrating and disconcerting that hard core skeptics, debunkers, media (outside of Phoenix), and even some leaders in the UFO community ignore my own credible and authenticated photo data and continue to mislead the public concerning the complicated and still unexplained March 13, 1997, event, including Wikipedia. If you find this curious and suspect, there is much more to the “inside story” that I hope you will check out in the book and documentary. Plus, if you would like to learn about the Phoenix Lights myths, please refer to “Debunking the Debunkers” on the Phoenix Lights Network Website. My documentary collaborator, Steve Lantz, does an exemplary job of dispelling the falsehoods that abound (i.e., flares, blimps, conventional aircraft, holograms,


Paranormal Underground

The Phoenix Lights book presents a detailed account of the strange events that took place on March 13, 1997, and the ensuing cover up of what is now being hailed as the largest mass sighting of UFOs in modern times.

etc.) at http://www.thephoenixlights. net/Myths.htm. Q: What is the Geospatial Animation Project? Dr. Lynne: As mentioned earlier, there weren’t just two events, as most debunkers and the misinformed would have us believe, but many events for many hours, as well as multiple phenomena noted by witnesses statewide. Besides the orb formations, there were eight to nine different mile-wide craft. Whether the reports were of a phenomenon that could morph, a parade of multiple craft, or the perception of the witness from their vantage point, we may never know. However, it seemed important to illustrate these different craft for public awareness. So after 12 years of intensive investigation and compilation by

October 2011

UFO researchers Michael Tanner and William Hamilton of the most credible objects reported by multiple witnesses to the National UFO Reporting Center, AZ MUFON, Village Labs, and 700 reports to then Councilwomen/Vice Mayor Frances Barwood, Geospatial Animation Project (GAP) was created by illustrator Larry Lowe: http://www. Not only was there a craft reported to have split in two, but another craft is identical to video captured one month before our mass sighting during another mass sighting in St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 19, 1997: com/watch?v=2wkpn4S6WlY. Just as our own Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and the Boeing crewman at Sky Harbor International Airport reported concerning our mass sighting, the St. Petersburg “craft” was also reported by St. Petersburg airport ATCs as hovering over their tarmac! Q: Have you ever been persecuted for your beliefs about and work surrounding the Phoenix Lights? Dr. Lynne: With all the ridicule and discrediting surrounding this topic, it was quite precarious for me to come forward as a well-established medical professional. I have to admit that staying anonymous while doing my homework for seven years paid off. From the feedback and plaudits I have received since 2004, it seems that those who actually look at my dedicated endeavors truly appreciate the time, effort, and sacrifice that has gone into making them the best they can be. I am so grateful that others have embraced my heartfelt efforts. The major reasons I came forward were to set the record straight, as well as to let others know that they are not alone in their experiences.

Ghost Knight Media, LLC

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Making an impact in the paranormal community.

October 2011

Paranormal Underground 17

Investigator Spotlight Keep in mind that when I first revealed the “rest of the story” in 2004, the official and accepted explanation for the Phoenix Lights (outside of Arizona) was that they were merely military illumination flares. There are some who still feed into this “logical” explication. If it gives them comfort, that’s okay. Everyone in their own time. To be clear, most things can be explained. Only a small percentage cannot. But let’s get the facts concerning these curious, enigmatic, intelligent phenomena that demonstrate aerial capabilities far beyond our own correct in the meantime. With all the hard work of many, one of the most fulfilling aspects of the still unexplained and now historic Arizona mass sighting of March 13, 1997, is that similar sightings around the globe are being compared to the Phoenix Lights. Slowly, but surely, the word is getting “out there.” It’s also important that credible witnesses do come forward. One important example that assisted in lending additional momentum to the Phoenix Lights occurred shortly after the 10th anniversary of our mass sighting when former Governor Fife Symington — who had mocked the event in 1997 — revealed that he had actually witnessed it and as a pilot and military, he was assured that it was “otherworldly!” His courageous admission propelled the Phoenix Lights into the international spotlight of disclosure, especially on the Internet, which has played a pivotal role in disseminating information at record speed concerning our sighting and others. In fact, the Phoenix Lights case was the first mass event discussed in chat rooms, while enthusiastic blogs continue to this day. With more credible witnesses coming forward, similar global sight-


Paranormal Underground

ings being recorded on film and reported, plus thousands of UFO files declassified by countries around the world, including France, the UK, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, and recently New Zealand, the awareness of this new reality is slowly but surely seeping into the mass consciousness. It would be a huge step in the right direction if the ridicule and snickering dissipates for witnesses of unexplained phenomena who share their experiences. Perhaps one day soon, the debunkers and those who try to discredit others who do come forward will be the ones who are laughed at. It’s already happening.

“I do believe that we are at a pivotal time in our civilization’s history.” Q: Will you continue to research the Phoenix Lights? Dr. Lynne: Good question. The truth of it is that I will probably continue looking for an answer until I find one. And now that The Phoenix Lights book and documentary have gained lives of their own, I am returning to my passion of youth education by creating comprehensive curricula on the topic for Grade through High School. Young people thirst for knowledge concerning this subject, but there is absolutely nothing about it in our history books. Hopefully, I can help fill that gap as well. Stay tuned … I do believe that we are at a pivotal time in our civilization’s history. I liken it to the flat Earth era when our world view changed dramatically after realizing that our own world is round! With the recent CERN finding that there are particles faster than

October 2011

the speed of light, that if true seriously questions Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, plus NASA’s discoveries that life is viable everywhere and that there are billions of other galaxies, with trillions of other planets — and possibilities — our world view is evolving once again. As a final note, it is important to impart that there has not been one report of harm, threat, or abduction associated with the “Phoenix Lights.” I’m not saying that everything out there is benevolent, but when you study the data it does seem that these gentle, non-threatening “visitations” are alerting us to their presence, while waking us up to the wondrous potentials that await us in the vast universe — and within ourselves. They, whoever they are, are touching us deeply. It is also very exciting that people across the globe are just beginning to learn the poignant details about our incredible mass sighting and looking skyward, catching glimpses of something otherworldly as they exclaim, “Oh look, there’s the Phoenix Lights!” Q: What else should our readers know about you and your work? Dr. Lynne: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and efforts. My only wish is that your readers will take a look at what I have compiled in my book and film so they too can learn and grow, as I have. *****

For more information about Dr. Lynne Kitei, The Phoenix Lights … A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone book and internationally award-winning Phoenix Lights Documentary, please check out the Phoenix Lights Network at www.

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Special Report

Working With Clients: Conducting the Investigation

By John “Jack” Kenna, SPIRITS of New England/New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science


o your team has begun working with clients. You have identified each team member’s role and their responsibilities on the team. You have been contacted by a client and gathered the detailed information you need from them and scheduled the investigation date. The day of the investigation is only a week away; NOW is the time to begin getting the team prepared to conduct the investigation. I’m sure you’re wondering why. Why should we start getting ready so soon? What should we be doing to get ready a week before the investigation? Good questions, and here are the answers. Start Planning a Week Before Your Investigation At this point, your case manager should coordinate with the team leader(s) to determine a time and location for the team to meet before going to the client’s home. They should also contact all members of the team, remind them of the date and time of the investigation, and provide the team with a location, directions, and time for the meeting before going to the client’s home. You want to make sure that your team shows up at the client’s home together. By showing up together, it’s another way to show


Paranormal Underground

your client that your team is organized and professional. The case manager should also verify team member attendance for the investigation. If for some reason one or more team members can’t make it, it could have a significant impact on the investigation or might even mean you need to reschedule the investigation. The team leader or team manager should provide all the team members with copies of the client’s information form or remind

October 2011

them to access it and review it again to ensure they are up to date on any new information. The team manager should identify specific jobs for specific team members and then send a message out to the team with these assignments so everyone knows what their job is for the night of the investigation. It is also the job of the team leader to make sure that the case manager and team manager are getting these things done.

The technical manager should make sure that all of the investigation equipment is together and in working order. The last thing you want to have happen the night of the investigation is to show up at the client’s home and find out your DVR system isn’t working, you don’t have the power supplies for the cameras, or that you don’t have any fresh batteries for your audio recorders. The technical manager should also send out a reminder to all team members who are bringing their own equipment to the investigation. They should be reminded to bring backup batteries. The team leader(s) may also want to hold a phone conference with everyone a couple of days prior to the investigation just to go over the case, the plans for setting up equipment, where the team will meet before going to the client’s house, and to address any questions or concerns that any team members might have. These are by no means the only things you can do to get ready, but they are some of the most important to help make sure that the investigation goes smoothly. What to Do First on the Night of the Investigation So the night of the investigation has arrived, and you and your team have arrived at the client’s house on time and together. Everyone has their assigned tasks and knows what they are supposed to be doing. The key now to setting up quickly is organization. Even though everyone knows what their task is, you don’t want them getting into each other’s way trying to accomplish them; that would be a disaster. I can sum up the key to avoiding this in three words: coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. I can’t express the importance of this enough. A well-coordinated team is a successful team. The team manager at this point

becomes a director. She or he needs to direct the various small teams of one to two individuals. Now is the time to gather everyone into the base camp area and quickly but deliberately go over the task assignment plan with all members of the team. This should be done whether you have a team of 10 people or four people in order to ensure setup goes quickly and smoothly.

setup an audio recorder in each of the camera locations, at least one with each of the DVR cameras — mini DV cameras have their own audio. You might ask, “What is the point of this if team members are going to be carrying audio recorders on them for EVP sessions in these locations anyway?” The answer to this is simple: to maximize your data collection. By putting stationary audio

Make sure to review the task assignment plan with all team members. It helps to have your equipment open and ready to hand out to the team members. I personally have found that if you’re using a DVR system on your investigation, things go much more quickly if you assign at least two to four people, depending on the size of your team, to first run the DVR cables to each room being covered before trying to setup the cameras. This especially works well if you know where you plan to setup the cameras. By doing this you get the messiest part of setup out of the way first — the running of cables. Then one person can begin taping down the cables while the other person connects the cameras and coordinates camera views with the team member managing the DVR and monitor. This also keeps team members in separate locations and keeps them from stepping on each other’s toes. Using this method to setup four cameras in a 2,500-square-foot home should take about 30 to 40 minutes. If you’re using mini DV cameras as well, you can have another team member or the DVR camera person(s) set up these after they are done with the DVR cameras. Now that the cameras are setup, your technical manager or assigned team member can go around and

October 2011

recorders with each DVR camera you maximize your data coverage, increase your chances of capturing EVPs, can synchronize this audio later with the DVR footage to greatly enhance your review process, and validate any possible personal experiences that might occur. You can also use this second audio source to help verify or debunk any potential EVPs that you may believe you have captured on a team member’s handheld audio recorder in that location. The last thing that the team members can now do is to work together to turn off all of the lights throughout the location if you will be investigating in the dark. Everyone should then return to basecamp to begin the investigation. What to Do During the Investigation You have completed your setup in record time and without any major issues. Now it’s time to break up into your pre-determined investigative teams and head out to the pre-defined locations. Before leaving basecamp, the team manager and team leader(s) should quickly gather the team together to ensure everyone knows where they are going and making sure that each team: 1. Has a walkie talkie on them.

Paranormal Underground 21

Special Report ing to write them down, and it can easily be reviewed later to accurately report any team member’s experiences. This should also be done at the end of the investigation when everything is still fresh in each team member’s mind.

2. Has an EMF meter, audio recorder, camera, flashlight, extra batteries, and any other equipment that the team leader and team manager have determined is necessary for each investigative team to have. 3. Knows what time the first investigative session is to end and when they are to return to basecamp to begin the next session. 4. Shut off and turned in their cellphone(s) at basecamp for the remainder of the investigation. 5. Give a final safety briefing, reminding everyone to use their flashlights to get to the investigation


Paranormal Underground

locations, watch for trip hazards, immediately contact basecamp if anyone has a problem or someone gets injured, feels sick, or just is not feeling well, be aware of their surroundings, be professional, be safe, and have fun. After all, even laughter can help encourage a potential spirit in hiding to come out and interact with you. 6. You can also use this brief time to gather any personal experiences that each team member may have had during setup. For this I suggest using an audio recorder to quickly gather anyone’s experiences. This will save a lot of time over try-

October 2011

Which Investigative Techniques Should Your Team Use? So everyone has safely made it to their respective investigation locations. Now what? This is where the fun begins. Although I do believe that certain investigative techniques should be used during every client investigation in order to maintain a control factor, I also believe that each investigator should also be allowed and encouraged to use their own investigative methods to add diversity and bring “out-of-the-box” thinking to the investigation. This is the reason I like conducting at least one-hour sessions at each team’s location so that 30 minutes can be spent using the control methods and 30 minutes can be spent freelancing, it so to speak. I have found that this keeps the team members more engaged/interested throughout the long evening. I also believe in conducting multiple investigation sessions of the locations with different teams throughout the night to see if different techniques get different results. Another productive method I sometimes like to use is to have one investigator sit by themselves in one room while a team of two investigators conduct an EVP session in the room next to them or a room above or below them. You may be saying to yourself, “But this violates the rule that no investigator should ever be left alone.” This is why I only do this in rooms/locations where we have a DVR camera setup and the single investigator can be monitored from basecamp the entire time, as well as the single investigator must have a

working walkie talkie on them. But why do this anyway? I have found that using one investigator as an “observer” while others are investigating in the room next to them, that the observer can end up experiencing more activity than the team who is actively investigating. Sometimes having someone just sitting quietly, listening and looking, conducting a “static” investigation can be more productive than an “active” investigation. Why this is I’m not sure. Perhaps an entity that might be in the location is curious as to why this person is alone and away from the others. Perhaps it is trying to find a more quiet place and is attracted by the fact that this “other person” also seems to have sought out the same thing. Perhaps it is a bit darker and is drawn to the seeming vulnerability of this lone individual. This is all just theory and conjecture, but it does seem to get results in a location with real activity. Sometimes the single investigator will witness the activity, and more often than not they won’t seem to experience anything. However, upon review, of the evidence, EVPs will be captured on the recorders in the room and sometimes even video evidence will be captured on the IR camera. Then again, sometimes you get nothing but a very tired and bored investigator. But I still like using this method, especially in a location where the investigators believe they are experiencing activity. Should You “Provoke” Spirits to Show Themselves? What about using the method of provoking? Well, there is provoking and then there is “provoking.” I do use provoking as a last resort when I don’t feel I’m getting anything with my other methods ... but, I DO NOT USE VERBAL ABUSE. I never swear at or make threats at a

potential entity/spirit. There are ways to provoke without doing that. How? Talk about the location and how ugly you think their house really is. Remember it may have been the potential spirits home at one time. Talk about how rude they are being by not interacting with you after you came so far just to meet them. Tell

as hearing a disembodied voice, heavy feelings in a room, unusual EMF readings, cold spots, disembodied footsteps, being touched when no one is near them, feeling scared or as if they should leave the room, and suddenly feeling ill. What should they do? I personally like to initially

Never allow a frightened or ill investigator to go back to basecamp on their own. what/whoever might be there that you’re disgusted with how they have treated you and you’ll be telling others how rude they are. Talk about how this will be their only opportunity to speak/interact with you and once you’re gone that’s going to be it, they will be alone again forever. Talk about how they are scaring the family or employees that live/ work in the home/location and how they need to stop doing that. These are just some of the ways you can provoke without being completely disrespectful or verbally abusive. Another good method to use, which I have personally had some very good results with, is just talking with your other investigator about other investigations you have done, or just talking about friends and family, vacations you’ve taken, and even just talking gossip. Again, remember that whatever might be there was probably just a person once themselves. Humans are social beings and they were once human. It makes sense that these conversations will attract a potential spirit/entity and possibly trigger interaction with you. What Do You Do When Paranormal Activity Happens? What if you or one of your investigators experiences something they believe to be paranormal, such

October 2011

keep these feelings to myself for a moment to try and verify for myself what is really happening. Did I really see that shadow? Was I really touched or was it something else? Did I really hear that voice? Then I will ask my investigative partner if they just experienced anything while being very careful not to give them any details right away. I often encourage team members not to contact basecamp to just report an experience over their radio as this can interrupt the other investigative team(s) and can also influence the other team(s) when they investigate that room/location. I like each team to go in with as little knowledge as possible of what the other team may or may not have experienced. This way if they experience the same or similar thing, then it validates each team’s investigation of that location. Remember, this is a client investigation. You are trying to assist a client with what they are experiencing. To do this you need to try to identify, debunk, verify, and/or validate the possible causes for what your client is experiencing. You need to do this in a controlled manner, with as little external influence as possible. It is human nature to want to tell someone about a unique experience that you had, but try to

Paranormal Underground 23

Special Report refrain from doing this during client investigations, at least until the end of the investigation. I feel it is OK for one investigative team to tell another that they did get some “activity” or had an “experience” in a particular location, but don’t give any details. This way when you take verbal reports at the end of the investigation you can see if there were any similar experiences between your teams in the same locations. On the other side of the coin, if an investigator is overwhelmed by something they have experienced and needs to leave the location, it is extremely important that they try to stay calm. They should tell their investigative partner what they just experienced and that they have to leave the location immediately. Their partner should immediately radio basecamp to inform them of the situation and escort their partner back to basecamp. NEVER allow a frightened or ill investigator to go back to basecamp on their own. Also, do what you can to keep them calm and do not allow them to discuss what happened in front of the client. You don’t want to possibly scare or upset your client. Remember, they live there and may be alone there after you leave. Remember to always follow these simple rules when you experience something that overwhelms you or one of your investigators: 1. Stay calm. 2. Tell your partner. 3. Inform the team. 4. Stay together. 5. Leave the location. 6. Return to basecamp. 7. Access the situation. 8. Do not discuss it in front of the client.


Paranormal Underground

What Do You Do Once the Investigation Is Over? So you’ve completed your investigation sessions for the night. Now what? Break down time. Time to break down your equipment, pack it up, and go home. It’s important to remember that even though your entire team is exhausted, you need to be just as professional and organized as when you first arrived and setup. This is important for two reasons: 1. Your client(s) may still be there and are watching you. 2. A rushed and disorganized break down results in disorganized packing of the equipment and even lost equipment, and lost equipment is expensive to replace, especially since your working for free. Take your time. Double check that your team has collected all of the

October 2011

equipment. Be diligent in checking the location to make sure nothing was left behind, including personal items. Make sure you leave the location as clean as you found it. Put back in its original location anything you may have borrowed from the client or moved around to set up equipment. Clean up and take with you any trash you may have created (i.e., coffee cups, water bottles, snacks, etc.). If the client is there, take a few moments to thank them for their hospitality and let them know when they can expect to hear from you next to set up the reveal with them and go over your findings and report with them. Since it’s probably about 2 or 3 in the morning by this time, and the client probably has neighbors, leave the location quietly. Don’t stand around talking outside. Don’t slam your car doors. Don’t honk your car horn, screech your tires, or do peel-outs in the road. Leave quietly and respectfully. Plus, you’ll want to get home quickly and get some rest, as you all still have a lot of work ahead of you, including reviewing all the data you just collected. Although I’m sure there are things that you are thinking about or have questions about that I didn’t cover in this article. What I covered here are some basic things to always think about and follow through on when conducting an investigation for a client. Remember, your reputation is on the line. Do the right things, be respectful, and always be professional. If you have any questions about anything that I have or have not covered here, please can contact me by e-mail at

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Author Spotlight

John Reyer Afamasaga Metafiction Author

By Michelle M. Pillow,


ost of us in these technological times have heard the term Graphical User Interface (GUI), often pronounced “gooey.” And even more of us are familiar with a little social phenomenon called Facebook. It is these two elements that create the forum to author John Reyer Afamasaga’s postmodern intertextual style. An ongoing story told via Facebook (and later in e-book and other formats), the GUIOPERA is an endto-end saga that, well, is probably a concept best explained by the author himself. And this wouldn’t be an exclusive Paranormal Underground interview if there wasn’t a little bit of the otherworldly thrown into the mix. The ongoing, online story deals with the idea of multiple planes of existence and the concept of possession. The possessions are not inherently good or evil, but more of a fundamental concept of the world-building. ***** Q: Who are you and what do you do? John: I’m an online writer. I write Emotional Techno Fiction (etfiction) namely the GUIOPERA. Q: In your work, etfiction and the GUIOPERA, you delve into


Paranormal Underground

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1965, John Reyer Afamasaga began conceiving of etfiction in 2001 and the GUIOPERA concept in 2007.

the world of possession. What inspired you to write about this? John: I write in the genre called Metafiction, and to quote wiki, it “self-consciously addresses the devices of fiction, exposing the fictional illusion.” So with that said, I use external devices, such as the interview taking place, to reinstate some of that intrigue that traditional fiction has.

October 2011

From wiki again: “It is the literary term describing fictional writing that selfconsciously and systematically draws attention to its status as an artifact in posing questions about the relationship between fiction and reality.” In the story or the End-to-End Saga, Lazoo, Metofeaz, Le Mac & Afamasaga (LMLA-ink), the lead characters, are linked by events that go back to sometime in the 19th Century. The modern day story is twisted so it may be used as a cloaking device to distribute Intel among LMLA-ink and other Network operatives who fight corruption. Possession is a device that was used by the author who also appears in the story under various guises to sell to the new operatives under his care — who were mostly gifted ex-cons, thieves, hit men, and the like — their new identities or covers. He instilled in each of the untrained operatives their new personas and therefore personalities, which had to account for their natural tendencies with such conviction that it was likened to being possessed by an entity. In GUIOPERA 1, John Reyer even created a site in the Nevada desert, like a mecca where the new and young recruits would visit after their training, that was designed based on psychosynthesis technique “Transmu-

100 Years After a Devastating Avalanche Took Their Lives, the “Spirits” of Wellington, Washington, Still Remain. Read One Investigator’s Account of How She Met . . . “The Ghosts of Wellington.”

Book Now Available Online at October 2011 Paranormal Underground


Author Spotlight tation,” to find their Entity with Entitlement, a spirit worthy of possessing their shell or body and mind. Q: What is GUIOPERA? John: GUIOPERA stands for Graphical Interface Opera. I like to think of it as an app. It’s the brand name for the online serial I write, incorporating its facets. It’s delivered in a browser (GUI), and it’s an opera in how the story has links to music on YouTube. A glorified story if you’d like. Q: What is Trillion Cool? I see you post this word a lot on your Facebook page. John: *TrillionCool* is a phrase, but also a tour that I’m currently on. The Halcyon Days following an apocalyptic first decade to the 21st Century. The tour ends in 2020, during which I hope to write the GUIOPERA in as many countries around the planet possible. Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk about topics like sustainability and economic development for developing countries in and among writing the GUIOPERA. Q: In the story you refer to the SFD, MMD, and AMD? What do the acronyms stand for? John: They’re dimensions where the entities roam looking for a Shell to inhabit. MMD or the MindMorph dimension is Earth or the physical realm where Shells exist. The name derived from how our minds are morphed in consumerism by marketers; life on earth is quite a freaky reality when we consider everything we do is planned for us. The SFD is the SenFenide Dimension or the dream dimension likened to our subconscious mind. The SFD is the negative of or inverted image of reality. The AMD


Paranormal Underground

is the AmalgaMension dimension or the realm where everything is congruent. For the sake of selfdevelopment, the apparatus is two-step paradigm — the new recruit works in MMD and SFD sorting out their mind and finding out how they work, and then progress onto the AMD. In the End-to-End Saga, there are three universes in which the battle of good against evil is waged by entities inhabiting or possessing humans.

John: Logically speaking, it’s a reaction to the rigidness of life we lead, another form of escapism that is safe from an inquisitive mind’s length away. On the other hand, it’s an all-immersed alternative to religion’s “sit in a pew, fold your arms, face the front” search for the truth to satisfy the soul. Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies, and books?

“I witnessed three cases of demonic possession, and all of them happened to be deeply religious people.” Q: When world-building, did you base your story off of known myths throughout history? John: Mostly based on the mind, influenced by psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and Roberto Agasiolli. But that is only the rules or the constructs of each dimension. What goes on in the dimensions has a lot to do with my upbringing, a strict Christian one until I broke free in my teens. Q: What myths or legends inspired you? John: The Bible, of course. I had little or no say in that. But then there was King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Robin Hood. And Dracula. Add to that my penchant for making stuff up, and I ended up with a cauldron of misfits cruelly cut up by some real-life experiences of demonic possession of people around me. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal?

October 2011

John: I’m out of touch to be honest, and have had my head buried in my writing for the past decade. Meeting you was the first time I really got to know about this. Q: Do you believe in the supernatural? Or are you a skeptic? John: I’ve definitely witnessed the supernatural up close and personal if demonic possession is counted. Q: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? John: I witnessed three cases of demonic possession, and all of them happened to deeply religious people. A few interesting facts prevailed in all three cases. 1: the chilling air, ice cold no matter the insulation of the room or the weather outside; 2: the fear in the person’s eyes, but the strength and will in their bodies; 3: the fluency in the tongues they were speaking in was also chilling. Two of the people are still alive and still remained in their faith after the experience. The other died from

an epileptic seizure that couldn’t be dealt with due to the ferociousness of the occupation. The first two I witnessed growing up. The latter, I witnessed in my late-teens. I didn’t know the person and was only there as a friend of a friend who knew I was a Christian and thought that I could be of help as the possessed person, also a Christian, was a runaway. Q: What kind of paranormal creatures do you wish you could meet? John: A vampire Rom writer who believes in the supernatural? Is that an admissible answer in this forum? :) Q: I see someone finally got their season of True Blood. *laughing* So, if given the chance, which of your dimensions/worlds would you want to live in?

John: It would be the AMD or the AmalgaMension dimension where all lessons learned have amalgamated, resulting in congruency or in finding the Authentic Self, you!

I’m on number four right now, starting on September 5, 2011.

Q: How would you react if you came face to face with a ghost or vampire?

John: I’ve had out-of-body experiences, seen a lot of stuff, and I still believe that only destiny knows the future, and fate waits for you tempt it. Indecision and doubt are angels of fate.

John: Ghost ... I would question the reason why they’re here. Vampire ... I’d be on the phone straight away to King Bill —“Dude, I think I have Sookie and Eric’s love child here. He wants to know if I have any True Blood …” LOL. Q: What does the future hold for your writing? John: As I pointed out earlier, the *TrillionCool* is a phase and a tour I’m on until 2020. I hope to write 13 GUIOPERA by the end of 2020.

Q: Have you ever been to a psychic?

Q: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? John: Not yet, not today anyway … *****

Thank you for joining us, John! GUIOPERA 4 begins September 5, 2011. It’s a free online read and can be found at either or by friending John’s Facebook page at

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October 2011

Paranormal Underground 29

Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids & Mythological Creatures

Beware of the Mythical Jungle Man ... Tata Duende By Dismas & GrissyG Lizárraga


sudden whirlwind of leaves and twigs followed by an eerie whistle sends a chill down your spine. An ugly little man wearing a big red hat tugs at your shirt. He politely asks you to show him your hands. You look down and notice he has backwards feet. Never show the little man your hands … This is the warning from our grandparents and elders. Beware the mythic spirit called Tata Duende who dwells in the jungles of Belize. Descriptions about the hideous spirit frightened us to not go into the jungles or play outdoors late at night. The warnings taught us what to do when and if we ever came in contact with the evil spirit, but most importantly, we learned how to avoid dangerous encounters. What Is Tata Duende? A little bearded man with no thumbs, a big red hat, and backwards feet are what some would describe as Tata Duende. Legend has it that no one can ever be sure if the spirit is coming or going because Tata Duende has backwards feet to confuse anyone who dares to follow it. Although Tata Duende mostly appears in the form of a little man, it is also known to deceive people


Paranormal Underground

Beware the mythic spirit called Tata Duende who is said to dwell in the jungles of Belize. (Graphics by Dismas & GrissyG Lizárraga, Copyright © 2011)

by changing into small animals or even someone familiar, like a family member or a friend. How do you know if you are in the presence of Tata Duende? Some say you just know, for one can feel its supernatural presence. Some also say that the spirit has strange powers

October 2011

and will appear following an eerie whistle. If the whistle sounds nearby then you are safe, for the spirit is far away. But if the whistle sounds as if it is far away then beware, for Tata Duende is nearby. As children, we were always reminded that if we ever encountered

the little man to never show it our hands. It is said that Tata Duende lacks thumbs of his own and will request to see your hands. Don’t show the little man your hands because it will steal your thumbs. That’s

the animals of the jungle, and if anyone ever causes harm to the animals, then a frightful encounter may be imminent. The best way to avoid an encounter with the spirit is to not harm the animals and jungles.

Tata Duende is known to rip thumbs off! right, Tata Duende is known to rip thumbs off. Our grandparents and elders always took precautions and reminded us of how to avoid encounters with the mythic spirit. They would tell us that Tata Duende loves to eat and therefore a small offering of fruits, tamales, or even bread would put the spirit in a good mood — and it might even consider granting a wish. It is also said that Tata Duende protects

Does Tata Duende Really Exist in the Jungles of Belize? Many stories and warnings about strange mythical creatures that dwell in the jungles and waters of Belize have been told for many generations. Some stories of horrifying encounters filled our memories with creepy descriptions of Tata Duende and many other spine-chilling creatures. The warnings are not to be

October 2011

taken lightly, and all the stories have one main underlying message, and that is to respect the animals and jungles. To this very day, some say there have been actual encounters and sightings of Tata Duende and other strange creatures, but none of these mythic beings have been proven, or unproven, to exist.

Paranormal Underground 31

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

The Real-Life Entity Case: Part 3 By Barry E. Taff, Ph.D.

For Part 1 of this article, see our August 2011 issue. For Part 2, see our September 2011 issue.

The fact that the phenomena moved with Doris as she moved ... strongly suggests that the phenomena was a direct product of her tortured unconscious mind and not of her environment.”


fter our last visit with Doris, we temporarily lost contact with her as she finally moved from the Culver City location and apparently was too preoccupied with her relocation to phone us, a situation that forced us to locate her. (Although, perhaps she just wanted to get away from all that was going on around her.) Not surprisingly, after re-establishing contact with Doris three months later, early in February 1975, we learned that the phenomena around her was continuing within her new environment, although at a considerably lower frequency and magnitude. The question we are now faced with is just what the appropriate explanation is for the phenomena that over 50 individuals, some collectively, including ourselves, observed. The answer can be narrowed down to three distinct possibilities, while completely rejecting the hypothesis of hallucination or fraud. One possibility suggests that


Paranormal Underground

living human agents, in this case Doris and her children, were directly responsible for all the witnessed phenomena. This belief falling under the previously discussed category of poltergeists in which unconsciously released energy of an unknown variety affects surrounding matter and energy and is assumed to be associated with the psychophysical state of the occupants of the house (in many cases, one individual in particular) in

October 2011

which pubescent or adolescent children are present, which in this case was extreme. The psychodynamic environment within Doris’ household was extremely intense and anxiety ridden, with overtones of animosity and belligerence underlying its nature. From a psychoanalytic perspective, it is interesting to note that Doris’ reported attacks and alleged rapes were by three male “beings,” the

same number of male children she has. Considering the strong antagonisms existing between Doris and her children, especially the three boys, the potential for subliminally projected hostilities are self-evident and require no further clarification at this point. Understandably, it is within the realm of reason to suspect that the poltergeist hypothesis in this case is a viable one and therein taking responsibility for all of the paranormal activities, although not explaining their mechanics. However, due to the frequency and consistency of phenomena experienced by us and numerous assistants during the short course of this investigation in conjunction with its responsive, directed nature, which is not in keeping with poltergeist cases, the possibility of something beyond a recurrent spontaneous psychokinetic effect must be considered. Even if Doris could, through some presently unknown paranormal mechanism, direct energy to move objects and create visible lights that behaved unpredictably, how often would this ability or faculty operate in our presence? The probability in view of past-recorded cases of it operating six out of eight times consecutively is almost nil. Indeed, not one known poltergeist case involves collectively visible three-dimensional lights. Additionally, we must not forget the cold spots and the terrible odor that almost always preceded the onset of phenomena. Taking all of the aforementioned effects into account, we are inclined to believe that the phenomena witnessed cannot as yet be explained by any coherent theory involving poltergeist activity (RSPK) or discarnate intelligence. While we recognize that a belief in discarnate intelligence is almost inconceivable,

we nevertheless must align ourselves with the theory that best explains the experienced phenomena (remember, your theory must fit your data, not the reverse). Perhaps what was demonstrated here was a unique combination of different types of phenomena acting in concert. The evidence in this particular case, in our opinion, leans slightly toward the hypothesis of discarnate intelligence, or at least one capable of acting independently

something truly extraordinary, something that has been with us since the dawn of civilization. Something that may eventually tell us more about who and what we really are, whether we like it or not. Furthermore, it illuminates an area of human experience that continues to occur in spite of our advanced technology, ignorance, and lack of recognition, and appears to be relatively inaccessible to the scientific method. However, such might

“The psychodynamic environment within Doris’ household was extremely intense and anxiety ridden ...” and at a distance from its operator, agent, or source. To conclude that these phenomena are no more than the products of neuro-chemically and emotionally disturbed personalities would indeed be an insult to those individuals plagued with such phenomena. This single investigation seemingly appears to reinforce the findings of contemporary academic researchers in this field in that there is some abstract form of relationship between electro-chemically unstable individuals and paranormal phenomena. Whether there really are such entities as ghosts or apparitions, whether these terms are really appropriate for such a state in view of reported incidents of RSPK, and where within space-time such non-physical energy exists, remain problems that we may solve only in the distant future. Meanwhile, what we have here is a study that, in our opinion and considering the limitations imposed, meets the requirements of a contribution to science in that once you eliminate and rule out all the known possible causes, you’re left with

October 2011

not be the case in view of current beliefs within the field, especially considering the analogies drawn between holographic processes and paranormal phenomena. Although this investigation shed no further light on the real source or true nature of the phenomena encountered, we believe that it constitutes a diligent effort in that direction, despite financial and technological handicaps. The occurrences outlined within the body of this study, which were documented to the best of our ability, cannot be explained or accounted for by any conventional physical, scientific theory, or model and therefore remains just as it began — a phenomenon. ADDENDUM As previously discussed, as is quite common within the entertainment industry when it comes to enhancing the intensity of nonfiction stories, dramatic license was extensively exercised with The Entity novel and feature film. For example, we obviously never recreated Doris’ house in a controlled

Paranormal Underground 33

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History The special effects depicting the luminous anomalies within the movie The Entity were not even close to what was actually observed within Doris’ bedroom during the summer and early fall of 1974. The fast-moving lights in the movie were more reminiscent of tracer rounds from an automatic rifle. What the investigative team visually observed were more graphic, following very circular paths and moving at a significantly lower speed.

laboratory environment, nor did we attempt to restrain and capture the entity by supercooling it with liquid helium as discussed in the book and depicted in the motion picture. The logic behind the attempted supercooling of the entity is based on very tried and true physical principles. Light is produced when electrons jump from higher to lower orbits in atoms that have been sufficiently excited. This is a mechanical process and thus will be affected by a rapid drop in temperature to nearabsolute zero. In fact, in modern electro-optics/physics labs, they have been able to literally slow photons down to rest through the application of supercooling. Such efforts, while scientifically feasible, would have been prohibitively expensive given the non-existent funding of our lab. However, what was visually observed by more than 50 eyewitnesses between August 22 and October 31 of 1974 was far more incredible and astounding than what was shown on the screen. If you wish to blame anyone for the major diminution of the movie as


Paranormal Underground

compared to the book, blame the producer and director. Unfortunately, the producer of The Entity, the late Harold Schneider, was vehemently opposed to Frank De Felitta directing the film, as was originally planned. Given Frank’s extraordinary credentials within the entertainment industry, this was a real shock. An even greater shock was the director that Schneider hired to replace Frank (as if such was really possible). From the Ipcress Files and Lady Sings the Blues fame came Sidney J. Furie. As is all too common in this business, the first thing Furie and Schneider did was to substantially re-write Frank’s screenplay, significantly diminishing the magnitude and sometimes the nature of phenomena experienced along with my methods of how to document it, i.e., holographic laser cameras, thermal imaging, etc. The most significant changes made by the Schneider/Furie team involved the climax where the entity is literally frozen by liquid helium. What was described in the book

October 2011

was quite compelling and thoughtprovoking. What ended up on the screen was, in my opinion, a hack’s attempt at controlling and devaluing De Felitta’s brilliant labor of love. Think I’m a bit biased here? You’d be right. The special effects depicting the luminous anomalies within the film were not even close to what was actually observed within Doris’ bedroom during the summer and early fall of 1974. The fast-moving lights in the movie were more reminiscent of tracer rounds from an automatic rifle. What we visually observed were more graphic, following very circular paths and moved at a significantly lower speed. Another significant change from reality to the silver screen was the scene where Carla’s (Doris’) boyfriend, after observing her naked body being fondled by the invisible hands, picks up a chair in an attempt to get the entity off her. The result of this event lands Carla in the hospital. What really transpired was far more impressive from both the paranormal and entertainment perspective. Doris’ boyfriend came out of the bathroom ready for a good romp in the sack. What he discovered, however, was a large, luminous male apparition on top of Doris, having its way with her sexually. Momentarily shocked by what he observed, as anyone in that situation might be, he froze. Without much further hesitation, the boyfriend picked up his guitar and intensely hammered it into the apparition on top of Doris, hoping to force it off her. The guitar went right through the apparition and struck Doris. Thankfully, this real-life incident did not require Doris going to the emergency room for treatment (as Carla did in the film). Unfortunately for us, this particular event occurred long before our investigation of the

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October 2011

Paranormal Underground 35

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

Pictured above: A scene from the movie The Entity (1982) in which actress Barbara Hershey portrays Carla Moran (AKA Doris Bither), who in real life was terrorized by a menacing and unexplainable force.

case, making it difficult, if not impossible to verify. ***** If you really want to see an accurate recreation of what was collectively observed by more than 20 people, purchase one of two DVDs that display these images. You have a choice between Barry Conrad’s California’s Most Haunted, in which one segment is dedicated to The Entity case, or you can purchase or rent The Entity DVD, which has this author in the special features section discussing the case as well as showing clips from Conrad’s DVD. Fortunately, when Conrad was making California’s Most Haunted, he hired a very gifted and talented effects artist named Rodd Matsui. As Rodd is a consummate professional, he interviewed me for several hours while taking detailed notes. The result of Rodd’s dedication to the facts was a very accurate, almost perfect, recreation of what many of us witnessed in the summer of 1974 in Doris Bither’s dilapidated house in Culver City. It’s a real pity that Rodd wasn’t around when The Entity was being made. Unfortunately, back in 1981, Rodd was a teenager. That certainly was our loss.


Paranormal Underground

It should be understood that Frank’s script was rewritten not simply as a matter of dramatic license or putting their own two cents in, but more due to the fact that Furie and Schneider were total skeptics, verging on debunkers. They basically believed that we were all “a couple fries short of a happy meal” and essentially fabricated the entire case. This prevailing attitude was the primary reason for their altering Frank’s exceptional screenplay. During one conversation with Furie prior to the start of production, I straight out asked him why he took on the direction of The Entity if he felt it was nothing more than a cheap hoax. His reply was equally straightforward: “Money!” My only retort was, “Well, given that you are essentially little more than a mercenary, if we give you even more money, will you leave the production and let Frank direct it as was originally intended?” By the look on Furie’s face, he was not amused. The exact words I used here are not worthy of being repeated as they would cheapen this article. I never even attempted a conversation on this matter with Schneider, as intellectual communication with him was all but impossible.

October 2011

On one of the many occasions when Schneider was lambasting this author, he was somewhat perplexed by my lack of reaction to his ranting and raving. At a later date, he finally got around to asking me why I didn’t appear to be upset over what he had said. My response was short and concise: “I’ve already been paid. So, I really don’t give a damn as to what you and Sid decide to do with this film. If you want to ruin this film by cheapening it at every turn, thereby diminishing its box office, then be my guest; it’s your problem, not mine. Like I said, I’ve already made my money.” While my retort sounds equally mercenary to Sid Furies’, I just felt that once the script was sold, the director is at liberty to do pretty much anything they want with it, depending of course upon the contract existing between them and the screenwriter. I know that one should not speak ill of the dead, as they cannot defend themselves. In this case, however, Schneider was such an angry, bitter, rage-filled, argumentative, and confrontational man (get the point?), it’s of little or no concern. Lest you think I am simply slamming The Entity movie for some ulterior motive, rest assured that my comments reflect the fact that I read Frank De Felitta’s superb script long before production began. Therefore, I knew what was originally intended to be put on the screen and the way it was to be directed. ***** The passage of time can have dramatic and sobering effects on one’s interpretation of reality, especially when it pertains to an area of science that lacks voluminous amounts of hard, replicable data, like parapsychology. More than 38 years of inves-

tigative research into more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeists has significantly altered my attitudes, perspective, and belief system. Very distinctive longitudinal data patterns have emerged, reinforcing existing theories regarding this type of phenomenon. While revisionist history does not generally lend further credence or substantiation to any event, in this particular case, time-acquired knowledge and experience has provided a unique perspective that would otherwise be unobtainable. The result is a reinterpretation of events that took place more than 30 years ago. In the simplest terms and contrary to the popular media hype, The Entity case was not, in my opinion, an instance of haunting or discarnate intelligence, but one of extreme RSPK — that is, a poltergeist manifestation, which make up well over 95% of my case files. In this regard, it was apparent from the outset that Doris was a deeply troubled woman, whose claims of spectral rape were due in large part to extreme emotional distress coupled with an overactive imagination and libidinous fantasies. Another relevant question at this juncture is as to whether the property in Culver City had a unique or uncommon geophysical, i.e., electro/geomagnetic signature associated with it that might have contributed to the initiation of paranormal events that were to plague Doris for years to come? We did not yet suspect the nowacknowledged correlation between electromagnetic/geomagnetic fields and poltergeist outbreaks. Nor did we possess the portable instrumentation for such environmental field monitoring, as they did not yet exist. Therefore, I guess we’ll never really know the answer to this question.

In an even stranger twist to an already mind-boggling case, while in San Bernardino, Doris claimed that she had gotten pregnant from The Entity. However, medical results were more consistent with an ectopic or hysterical pregnancy (no fetus), once again leaving us scratching our heads for answers. Understandably, given the cir-

to their new environment. It appears that these highly energetic environments may act as irritants or triggers to individuals with sensitive and highly reactive central nervous systems. In the same manner that bacteria or virus infects a susceptible individual, perhaps this energy infects such a person who then carries it beyond the physical

“We did not yet suspect the now-acknowledged correlation between electromagnetic/ geomagnetic fields and poltergeist outbreaks.” cumstances, Doris believed that The Entity would eventually kill her. ***** Now back to what we believe to be reality. Lending further support to the poltergeist hypothesis was the fact that when Doris moved into her new residence in Carson in late-1974, the tenants of the houses flanking her immediately began experiencing outbreaks of intense and varied poltergeist activity. It’s important to understand that the neighbors had no knowledge of Doris’ identity or experiences as we kept her away from what little media then existed. The continuing events around Doris suggested that this phenomenon was perhaps radiant in nature along with a proximity effect. After investigating thousands of poltergeist cases over the subsequent decades, data has clearly indicated that this type of phenomena moves with the agent over time and does not appear to have any lasting or residual effects on the house or apartment once the agent leaves. When the suspected poltergeist agent takes up residence in a new abode, psychokinetic storms shortly follow after the PGAs are acclimated

October 2011

boundaries of their original residence and continue to propagate its enduring effects. Is it possible that this type of phenomenon has quasibiologic properties? By analogy, imagine you go to visit a friend whose family is sick with the flu. You spend a short time there doing your best not to touch anything, which of course is impossible, and return home where everyone is healthy. Several days later, you and your family come down with the same flu. It’s not beyond reason that certain aspects of poltergeist activity may operate in a similar, although not identical, manner. I’ve labeled such contagious episodes as related to the poltergeists as a “psychovirus,” for lack of a better term. However, what constitutes or determines ones susceptibility in such matters? It could be as simple as being seizure prone or epileptic. Such a distinctive electrochemical brain may dramatically increase one’s vulnerability to such a hypothesized psycho-virus. The evidence accumulated in my own files, as well those of many other researchers over the past four decades, certainly implicates this nexus between poltergeist outbreaks

Paranormal Underground 37

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

In the film The Entity, the paranormal activity is at first deemed to be caused by the experiencer’s psychological distress.

and their human locus of temporal lobe lability as manifested through epilepsy. Unfortunately, back in 1974 the questions we asked of the experiencers of such phenomena did not include queries into their specific neurophysiological constitution and as to whether they’ve ever experienced seizures or epilepsy. If we only knew then what we know now, the database on this matter would truly be overwhelming and beyond reasonable doubt. But then again, hindsight is always 20/20. However, even accepting the substantial evidence in favor of the psychokinetic nature of The Entity case does not account for the inexplicable 35mm photographs recorded during the course of the investigation. After a detailed analysis by Adrian Vance, the West Coast editor of Popular Photography (May 1976, pp. 102 & 115) and others, we were still left wanting for answers. ***** The last and perhaps most compelling psychodynamic indicator of the case’s RSPK underpinnings is Doris’ claim of being repeatedly attacked by three male entities, where


Paranormal Underground

two allegedly held her down while the third raped her. It is no coincidence that at the time she was living in a highly volatile relationship with three male children. It does not take a great leap of logic to understand the obvious conflict-ridden environment that spawned this incestuous hallucinatory projection, especially given Doris’ incredibly abusive past at the hands of both her parents and numerous men. In this case, the circumstantial evidence appears to speak for itself. But, what if we are wrong? What if there really are discarnate entities that prey on weak, emotionally troubled, or chemically imbalanced individuals? What if ancient mythology regarding the incubus and succubus are more than just legend, superstition, and religious hysteria? Are we so absolutely sure of ourselves and our neonatal paranormal science that such a definitive statement is possible? I think not. Given that the discipline of parapsychology (or more precisely, psychical research) is but an embryonic science (albeit after 125 years), we are all in the position of the three blind men touching different parts of

October 2011

an elephant trying to determine the nature of the beast. One touches the tail and thinks it’s a rope. The other touches a leg and believes it to be a tree trunk, while the third blind man touches the elephant’s trunk and is positive it’s a hose. Might we be in exactly the same situation here? At this time, due to the lack of any developed paranormal instrumentality, all we are able to do is speculate, conjecture, and theorize about the true nature of the phenomena based on fleeting encounters with its multi-faceted components. It is very important to understand that one cannot measure what they do not know. The instrumentation we currently utilize in the course of our work (which has been portable for just the last 15 years or so), only measures those forces of nature we are currently aware of, i.e., electromagnetism, gravitation, and the strong and weak nuclear forces, although the last three seem unlikely candidates regarding the paranormal. There are only a limited number of options open to us here. One is that these phenomena are the result of known energies working in, as yet, unknown ways. The other, more likely choice, is that these phenomena are the result of unknown forces working in, as yet, unknown ways. The best analogy of this idea is measuring a wake that disturbs the surrounding water while never being aware of the boat producing it. In all likelihood, were are detecting and measuring little more than the way this unknown form of energy interacts with the types of energy and matter we already know about. At this point in time, we do not possess the level of sophisticated technology to do otherwise. Though I’m sure there are some who will say that EVPs and the like are opening doors to this domain.

Only time will tell. In reality there is little, if any, hard evidence pointing to a credible, objective description of this phenomenon. In science, a theory must conform to the data supporting it. To look only for data that supports your theory is quackery and pseudoscience. ***** Coming back to the human part of the equation, the last this author heard from Doris was in February 1983, when The Entity motion picture was released. She said that to her great relief, the phenomena had ended quite some time ago. Not long afterwards, I again lost contact with her. The last Frank De Felitta heard from her was in 1990. There has been a substantial quantity of misinformation regarding The Entity case in general, more so to the whereabouts and

condition of Doris Bither. Recently, several Websites erroneously reported that Doris died in 2006 of Multiple Myeloma, an insidious and highly lethal form of bone cancer. To make matters even worse, these Websites reported that while I was on A.M. Coast to Coast with George Noory in November 2006, I made such an assertion. The truth of the matter is that I did, in fact, speak about The Entity case during the opening segments of the show. However, during a later segment of the show I discussed an extraordinary poltergeist case that had surrounded my associate Barry Conrad’s girlfriend, Lisa McIntosh. The woman who unfortunately died in July 2006 of Multiple Myeloma was NOT Doris Bither, but Lisa McIntosh, who had absolutely no connection whatsoever with Doris Bither other than knowing me through Barry Conrad and being

October 2011

aware of the case. After 38 years and thousands of field investigations, The Entity case still stands as one of the most remarkable encounters with such an extraordinary level of psychokinetic and luminous phenomena that was collectively observed by dozens of individuals. However, even with all our newly acquired sensors, theories, and quasi-scientific nomenclature, The Entity case is just as unfathomably enigmatic today in the early 21st Century as it was in the seventh decade of the 20th. So much for real progress in a field of unfunded scientific research. *****

This article is an excerpt from the book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown” (published in July 2010) by Dr. Barry Taff.

Paranormal Underground 39

Personal Experiences

Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel By Rob St.Helen, West Coast Ghost Hunters


ello once again! This month the haunted Heathman Hotel welcomed Hillsboro, Oregon-based paranormal team Hide and Seek Paranormal (H&S) for an overnight investigation that included the infamous room 703. I showed up for my shift at work around 10 p.m., completed my work, and then joined the group in room 703. We talked about what we would be doing, where, and for how long. The hotspots in the hotel that would be covered included the Broadway Room, a meeting space where “Mr. Baker” likes to roam; the Laundry Room, where I believe there may be up to five spirit children; and the elevator shaft. Employees and hotel guests claim to experience a plethora of phenomena in these locations, including hearing disembodied footsteps, voices, knocks; having personal items disturbed; and seeing dark shadows. After the investigation, I talked with H&S about their experience at the Hotel. The team believed they caught more than 10 possible EVPs, as well as an intriguing photo. Visit the team’s Website ( to listen to the EVPs and view their other evidence from the investigation.

Hide and Seek Paranormal uses a wide array of equipment during investigations, including digital voice recorders, K-II meters, EMF detectors, and infrared cameras.

H&S: We found the Heathman by searching the Internet as one of the top 10 haunted locations in the country. This certainly caught our attention. Q: Was the investigation worth your time? H&S: For me, as the team’s founder, this investigation was a dream come true. While I have experienced paranormal events all of my life, my team is new. Consequently, being granted permission to investigate this grand hotel, the cofounder Sun and I were delighted and viewed this as a huge opportunity for our team. We hope to visit again, and I would certainly suggest this location to another team!


Q: What sticks out from your night at the Heathman?

Q: How did you hear about the Heathman Hotel?

H&S: I would say that everything about that night will always be


Paranormal Underground

October 2011

remembered, and I cannot say for certain if one experience is more prevalent than another. Meeting Rob was one of the highlights for myself and for Sun. Rob was a great tour guide and knew firsthand where the hot spots might be. He took an interest in my team and in the investigation and made himself available for any questions or concerns. His presence helped the investigation run smoothly without delay or confusion. Q: What will you remember most about your time at the hotel? H&S: For me, it was the energy of this historic place that will stick with me for years to come. I could feel the integrity of this grand hotel and was in total awe that I was standing in a place that echoed longevity and grace. It felt almost magical for me. It was an honor to be there and be part of its long and colorful history.

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Personal Experiences

Nightly Visitor By Stephen Nakonechny


ur paranormal event began in January 2010 while vacationing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. We made the 7 1/2-hour commute by vehicle from Ocala, Florida, to Elijay. Georgia, deeply rooted in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Along the way, we were met with strong gusty winds and, to our surprise, snow. After a treacherous ascent to the mountain’s summit without snow tires, we safely reached our destination. The cabin had three levels and was quite impressive in stature. It was isolated on a private 50-acre parcel of property, away from people and the fast-paced lifestyle. Our intentions were to escape and leave the world behind us … or so we thought. ***** Our arrival was close to dusk and little time was left to explore, unpack, and settle into a nice, warm inviting fire. When my wife went upstairs to inspect the master bedroom, she immediately experienced an uneasy feeling. She was drawn to one particular location in the master bedroom. There was a small door leading to a cramped closet space in the dormer. She opened the door and found the space empty but oddly oppressive. She left her personal items, still packed, on the bed. She said nothing to me. A short time later, I also went


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After visiting a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, Stephen and his wife experienced a startling event.

upstairs to unpack my personal belongings. I never completed this task for I felt a presence in the room, waiting for us, and my impression was one of malevolence. Not wanting to spoil our first night, I did not mention anything about the negative atmosphere to my wife. We both were aware that the other hadn’t unpacked their personal belongings, but not a word was spoken. The atmosphere was heavy. At some point, while sitting on the

October 2011

living room couch by the fireplace, my wife turned to me and said, “Why don’t we just sleep down here near the fire tonight?” At that point, I agreed and mentioned the negative energy I had picked up on. She gasped and said, “I was waiting for you to say something because I felt it, too. I was just waiting to see if you could validate my experience!” My wife professes to having zero psychic ability, but she does know

that I am a sensitive and can pick up on energies. ***** We did decide to sleep on the sofa in the living room with a roaring fire to warm and comfort us. Sleep was the furthest thing from our minds as the atmosphere was foreboding and oppressive everywhere in the cabin. My wife decided to take a sleeping pill, which was out of character for her. As we settled in our makeshift bed, the stairway light leading up to the master bedroom flickered several times. This was the only electrical appliance that was being effected by this unknown power surge. Suddenly, we distinctly heard four loud, rhythmic knocks on the wooden front door. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. I quickly opened my eyes and, to my surprise, saw no one at the door. The front door was located on the second floor deck, and if anyone had been at the door they would have walked past two very large, unobstructed windows. My wife also opened her eyes and turned toward the direction of the door and saw no one. I ran out onto the deck and saw no disturbance ... no footprints in the freshly laid snow. The screen door still had snow attached to it. The morning couldn’t come quickly enough for us. My wife contacted the rental agency and changed our accommodations. Thankfully, we would put this personal experience behind us … or so we thought. ***** Two weeks later after returning home to our private, gated 10-acre property, a similar event happened. My wife and I were watching TV late one evening and we heard a series of four loud, rhythmic knocks on our door. It was eerily similar to those

According to Stephen, enlarging the above photos reveals distinct facial detail, including a head and torch.

we had experienced at the rental cabin! Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. It startled us. We jumped, and our dogs reacted by barking and racing to the door. I thought, It has to be an intruder; there’s no other worldly explanation. Cautiously, I approached the door and reached for the door handle, unaware of our fate. I quickly swung open the door, hoping to catch whoever or whatever was waiting there. To my surprise, there was no one … absolutely no one … at the door. I went and grabbed my digital camera and took a series of photographs. Quite frankly, I was shocked when I reviewed them. All 13 photographs showed what appeared to be a floating head holding a torch! Thinking that the two events were related and I was being haunted by some unknown entity, I contacted a well-known psychic medium. He reviewed my photos

October 2011

and informed me that the man in the photo is connected to the adjacent property. He felt the spirit dated back a hundred years or more. I did some historical research and learned that back in the1840s, the United States Congress passed the Armed Occupation Act (AOA) and our county became part of the Eastern Circuit of Florida. The AOA offered free land to settlers. It is entirely possible this spirit was the original property owner dating back to the 1800s. ***** It remains to be seen why the two door-knocking events were so eerily similar. Was the night visitor at the cabin our same neighborly pioneer, offering us protection from a bad situation with a warning knock? Or was he giving us a stern warning to “get out”? Hopefully, we will never know.

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Featured Author: Fiction

Goodbye By Chad Wilson


y father was a common man. He worked with his hands, being an Electrician. He also was distant and, like me, kept mostly to himself. Aloof in the strictest sense of the word, a private man with a private life. And now he was dead, and I hardly even knew him. Now, here I stood on the threshold to the small trailer in which he had lived. They had found him already dead, his life’s breathe having escaped him sometime during the night. My Dad and my mother had been divorced going on 28 years, and having never remarried, he lived alone, and he had died alone. ***** Tears sprang to my already moist eyes as I surveyed the dark interior, the books he had loved in life piled high around the small living space. In the back room was his old, sunken bed, even more books piled around it and in the small closet next to it. His body had been found lying in the narrow living room, his glasses on the table next to the worn chair in which he had probably sat soon before his death. Lost in my reverie I almost missed the sound of movement in


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the back, a kind of shuffling, almost like someone was moving around. Quietly, I made my way to the room in the back, working past the pile of boxes in the kitchen. My dad had been a hoarder, obviously. Like my father, I carried his name, and in turn had named my son William. Thinking of my own son made me think of the relationship I had with my dad while he was still alive. Strained at best, we seldom

October 2011

talked, even when we had been sitting at the same table together. I would sit there watching my father drink beers in long succession; occasionally we would mention work, or the weather, or the latest news, but not much more than that. Tears welled up in my eyes again as I glimpsed a pile of books on the cluttered table. My dad had loved his fiction, mainly science fiction, and had instilled that love in me. I had even taken up writing of late, to the point of starting my own magazine with my girlfriend. We were still what I considered small potatoes, but I had big dreams for our magazine. Someday we would make a difference. But that was then; now I had to go through my father’s effects. He had no insurance, so the family had to determine a way to pay for the cost of a funeral. It was doubtful anything of value would be found in the piles of books and junk that surrounded me. ***** As I stood on the other side of the kitchen, I heard it again, the shuffling, almost like feet being dragged slowly across the floor. Gathering my courage, I pushed on into the darkness.

My father had let them turn off his electricity long ago, probably figuring he didn’t really need it. Now, I silently cursed my luck as I stumbled around in the darkness, wishing all the while I had brought a flashlight. I stood at the closed bedroom door, my hand resting tentatively on the cool metal doorknob. Swallowing down my fear, I turned the knob and pushed on the old, wooden door. Creaking slowly from age and misuse, the portal swung slowly open. The dust of ages rested upon the stacked high interior; here and there a book sat atop a tattered box. A musty smell invaded my senses as I walked across the room, every step sending up a plume into the darkness. The dim light of the fading evening gave me small comfort. Everything my dad had been was in this small, one bedroom trailer in the country. The tears flowed more freely as I realized what my dad’s life had become, simple in the extreme, and lonely. He had lived alone, and he had died alone. Sadness gripped my soul, as I made my way out of this place of memories. I needed air.

fond memories of my children and their childhood: camping in the back yard, playing video games with my son, talking to my deaf daughter with notebook and pen. Those were some of the greatest times of my life. Rising to my feet, I took one last look at my father’s former abode. Just as his body no longer dwelt here, his spirit no longer resided within his body. It had moved on to whatever was beyond death. In its absence it left heartache and a nagging sense of loss. He was my father. He had given me life and, in a way, had inspired me to try and somehow impress the “old man.” Well, there would be no more of that. Like personal demons vanquished, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The burden of living up to my dad’s expectations was gone. ***** Now, the sadness returned to grip me once again. I had returned to my father’s dwelling place, only it

***** I sat on the wooden steps long into the night, thinking of my father and of our time together when I had been a child. I could count the experiences I remembered on one hand. The most prominent memory was when my father had played whiffle ball with me as a young child. It was the most cherished as it was the happiest moment with my dad. My father, for some strange reason, had an aversion to spending time with his kids; he was either working or reading a book. This had inspired me to spend more time with my own children as they grew up. I wasn’t there 100% of the time, but I was there a lot, and as a result I had many

was too late. I would never be able to know why my father had been the way he was, that avenue of communication was forever broken. Even if my father’s spirit could somehow talk, what would I say? With sadness and a feeling of the loneliness my father must have truly felt at the end, I turned and walked to my car, choking back the tears as they fought to escape to the surface. Planting my fists on the hood of the rent-a-car, my body was wracked with sobs, hot tears dripping onto the hood. “I love you Dad,” I whispered to no one in particular. As soon as the words were spoken, I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder. Looking around in bewilderment, I saw no one. Then I heard it on the cool, fall breeze, a whisper faint but not far away. “I love you too, son.” Then I felt the hand again, upon my right shoulder, a feeling of warmth and love flooding my body. Falling to my knees, I let the tears flow, and with it all the resentment and anger at my father left me. “I forgive you Dad, and I miss you,” I said out loud, daring anyone to say anything, even though no one else was there. One more touch and a soft breeze blew past me. As the autumn leaves caught on the wind and blew into the night, I heard one last word. “Goodbye.” And then he was gone. Letting out one last sob, I rose to my feet, my soul lighter, and the night not so dark. I got into the rent-a-car and drove away. *****

Dedicated to my father who died one year ago this month.

October 2011

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Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial

The Other Side of Being Psychic: Moral Obligations of Sending Spirits to the Other Side

By Jackie Chin, psychic/medium


his article in intended to create discussion with regard to the moral obligations of mediums, psychics, parapsychologists, and paranormal investigators in the active “sending on” of spirits, ghosts, or entities to “the other side.” I have to admit that in all of the 20-plus years I have dealt with spiritual entities, I have not broached the morality of sending them to the other side. I have done my very best to make sure that if something was bothering a family and causing a disturbance of their normal daily lives, I would send “it” to a place more fitting for such entities. Those spirits who seemed to just want to go home after they realized that they were in fact deceased were sent on to wherever they felt they needed to be as well. I have also made sure to use techniques in each case that were acceptable to those who lived or worked in the dwelling. To me, it seems like the right thing to do to help those who need assistance, whether living or deceased. Why Would We Send Spirits to the Other Side? The following are some of the reasons why spiritual energy stays Earthbound and rationales that spiritualists have for sending them on to


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October 2011

their next part of existence. • Spirits are the spiritual energy of those who are deceased, and they may become Earthbound in their demise due to trauma or a deep feeling of things undone. • The death was traumatic to loved ones or others who keep grieving and essentially keep the spirit from moving forward. • The individual had a long history of mental instability, used any variation of the black arts, indulged in speaking to demonic presences, was steeped in drug or alcohol abuse, or denied the presence of God. • Spiritualists understand that there is energy that can linger after death and that there are tools and methods to help assist those who truly want to move forward. These tools can also be used against those entities choosing to cause harm those who are innocent. • Spiritualists are aware that there are many dimensions, the spiritual body exists on another dimensional plane, and it is necessary for spirits to enter into that realm to complete their lifecycle. • Learning techniques, having a broad understanding of religious beliefs, and having a genuine fervor for doing what is right without ego are the responsibilities of a spiritualist. Can Crossing a Spirit Over Make Things Worse? Now that the basis of spiritual energy found on the Earth plane has been described and the responsibilities of psychics who feel a draw to assist those who have become stranded have been addressed, I would like to discuss some of the situations where those who appear to want to help actually make matters worse. There are many shows on cable where you can find a paranormal

investigator interested in area stories and “debunking” the myths or drawing out the spiritual energy from dwellings where there have been poltergeist activity or other disturbances. Many psychics and paranormalists, for the most part, do a good job in speaking to the people affected. However, to bring excitement to the viewer and garner higher viewer ratings, what tends to happen is the over-dramatization of the event. It is difficult to tell where there is real activity or just the misuse of equipment. Then there are those who shall not be named that call out the demonic to challenge it head on, perhaps causing tremendous chaos, offering few resolutions, and then leaving. These are the investigators who are most troubling and, in my opinion, should just stick to watching from the sidelines. Beyond what spiritual entities are, the responsibilities of a paranormalist, and how spirits can be assisted or taunted, there is another factor to consider when discussing the moral side of sending entities to the other side. I’m reminded of a situation in 2008 at a local powwow where everyone involved was very much alive; but bare with me as a connection will be made back to spiritual entities soon enough. It was a beautiful summer day, at least in the mid-80s, and my family was visiting a favorite uncle named Andy who had a massive handmade tipi ... and some slamming Sloppy Joe sandwiches. The children and my husband were waiting for me with Andy. I had to go back to the van to get some supplies, and while I was on my way back, I noticed a small crowd of about six people standing around where there was no exhibit, or activity. What I found when I ap-

October 2011

proached was to my mind simply appalling. These people were videotaping and taking pictures of a Native American man sleeping. My nature is sometimes rather loud, especially when I see something so totally absurd that it needs to be addressed. I immediately yelled, “What the hell are you thinking? This man is sleeping. He is not an exhibit on display. Where is your compassion, or even for that matter your common sense?” The ones who were filming asked me if I knew the man or what I was so wound up about. They proceeded to tell me that this was a free country and they could do whatever they wanted. I stood my ground and said things I won’t print here, and they left. My point in all of this is to draw attention to the fact that even though spirits are dead, they still deserve respect. I believe that spiritualists have a moral obligation to respect life in all forms and to stand up for those who do not have a physical voice, or body, in death. Be Knowledgeable Before Deciding to Take Action So how does a paranormalist determine what they are dealing with when it comes to spiritual entities and then how to deal with a particular entity? The answer is relatively simple: If you do not have experience in dealing with such matters, find someone who can mentor you until you do. Never decide to take on a spiritual send off just because it looks simple on TV or you read a how-to book. Having been called to take on the responsibility of assisting, protecting, and teaching the spiritual entities how to move to their final destination of peace is an awesome undertaking and should never be treated without due regard.

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