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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

The Jaboticabal Poltergeist By Rick E. Hale, McHenry County Paranormal Research Group


nthropologists agree that mankind’s fascination with magic began thousands of years ago before the advent of organized religion and when man was still young and had a day to struggle with a seemingly unforgiving environment filled with awe, wonder, and fear. Researchers believe that magic came about as a means to control their unforgiving environment and as a means to commune with nature. This possibly explains why early man painted on the walls of their caves showing hunting and battle scenes — they firmly believed that by drawing themselves capturing and killing an animal, they could become one with their prey and have an easier time making the kill and feeding their family. However, there is a different side to magic — a negative side that seeks to call up evil beings in an attempt to control and enslave an enemy. This “Black Magic” (or “Left-Hand Path”) has been blamed for many tales concerning mankind crossing paths with malevolent spirit entities. This would appear to be the case surrounding the story I’m about to tell you. Fear, Revenge, and Suicide The events that transpired in the Ferrier household in Jaboticabal, São Paulo, Brazil, have gone down on record as being one of the most violent episodes of poltergeist phenomena. The activity described


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The Jaboticabal Poltergeist case was said to elicit abject fear, revenge, and suicide.

below elicited abject fear, revenge from beyond the grave, and suicide. In December 1965, the Ferrier house, and all those who resided there, came under attack by bricks that would fly through the windows and doors of the modest little home, breaking valuables and occasionally striking members of the family. After investigating and ruling out the possibility of some unknown assailant throwing the bricks, the family became convinced that they were under attack by some kind of demonic entity. So, the Ferriers did what any devout Roman Catholic family would do in their situation — they contacted their local priest and begged for an exorcism to be per-

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formed. Little did they know, things would soon get worse. When the priest arrived at the Ferrier household, he spoke with the family about the strange activity that held them in an iron-fisted fear. The priest, himself, witnessed numerous phenomena that included bricks striking the home, plates moving of their own accord, and rappings on the wall. The man of God determined that the family was definitely under attack from some diabolical being, and he quickly went about the business of cleansing the home of whatever evil invaded it. It is a common thing for families who have strong religious beliefs and experience this kind of activity to contact their local church in the hopes

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