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Volume 4, Issue 11

November 2011

Nightwalkers Paranormal Society Investigates New England The Legend of the Bell Witch & Cave

What Is the Fantasma Colorado?

Personal Experiences at the Prosperity School B&B

Also Inside: • Working With Clients: Reviewing Evidence & Reporting Your Findings: Part 1 • Author Dee Tenorio Follows Her Imagination

• Book November Watch: 2011 The Ancient by Lori 1Hines ParanormalOnes Underground


Paranormal Underground

November 2011

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INVESTIGATOR SPOTLIGHT Nightwalkers Paranormal Investigates New England


SPECIAL REPORT Working With Clients: Working With Clients: Reviewing Evidence and Reporting Your Findings: Part 1


CASE FILES OF THE UNKNOWN Haunted Sites The Legend of the Bell Witch & Cave


Cryptids & Mythological Creatures Fantasma Colorado


Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast




FICTION: FEATURED AUTHOR “A Selfish Agenda” by DJ Kemp


November 2011

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Ghost Hunter Comic


Publisher’s Letter


Book Watch: The Ancient Ones


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Contributors Paul Bottini Paul has written several e-books about haunted sites, UFO sightings, and cryptid lore. When not writing, Paul travels the countryside in search of UFOs, hotspots of high strangeness, ethereal beasts, and anything remotely paranormal. Paul also designs Web graphics and animations.

Nick Corey Nick is the founder, lead investigator, and EVP specialist for Jasper Haunts Paranormal Research Team. As a medium, Nick has been drawn to the paranormal since he was young and had many unexplained things happen to him as a child. An EVP specialist, he eventually began his own paranormal group based out of Joplin, Missouri. Nick is a truth seeker and has been on a quest to try and tap into other dimensions to better understand them. Nick comes from a long line of spiritualists, including his Great Uncle Giles Corey, who dates back to the Salem Witch Trials.

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. You can find her work on www., or contact Terri at


Paranormal Underground

J.D. Harrison J.D. is Paranormal Underground’s science editor. He is a working archaeologist with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archeology and a minor in history. For the past 30 years, he has studied demonology, spirit manifestation, Cabalistic ritualism, and many other aspects of the paranormal. He has focused his studies on topics like Paganism, Wicca, Druidic, and Celtic practices, and other obscure religious ritualistic beliefs and practices. J.D. is neither a skeptic nor a believer in the paranormal, but instead believes that scientific observation is best served from a place of neither skepticism nor belief.

Lori Hines Lori’s paranormal mysteries have been inspired by her experiences as an investigator in Arizona. Common details in her novels and short stories include Arizona history and wildlife, Native American history, the metaphysical, and the supernatural. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Desert Sleuths Chapter, and the Arizona Archaeological Society. Lori is currently working on her second novel in the series, titled Caves of the Watchers. For more information visit

Kelly Kalb Kelly has a love for history and research, which prompted her to start her own Website, She

November 2011

is the historical research director and investigator for The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, a group she contacted after having experienced unusual activity in her home. Kelly has also worked with producers on Animal Planet’s The Haunted, and even appeared in an episode. In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family, working on historical research, or at the beach. Kelly can be contacted on her Website or at

DJ Kemp Originally from England, DJ now resides in the U.S. He believes in many aspects of the paranormal in an abstract way, but has a skeptical nature. “I am particularly fascinated with accounts of ghosts and spirits. I’ve also had my own experiences, but intrinsic skepticism keeps me from embracing even my own memories as convincing evidence of the paranormal,” he said. “I strive to learn as much as I can about the subject to further develop my world view and perspective.”

John “Jack” Kenna Jack is a technical specialist and assistance case manager for the paranormal team SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He has had a strong interest in the paranormal since he was a child and has helped his SPIRITS team conduct numerous client investigations, including an investigation for the U.S. Navy in 2010. Jack has been a technician and project leader for the Department of the Army for the past 26 years.

Ghost Hunter Comic

Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editorin-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine, director of Publications & Editing Services for Ghost Knight Media, and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications.

Michelle M. Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic

and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. Michelle has a photography degree and is the co-owner of Contact Michelle at

Chad Wilson A writer of articles and fiction, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine and a partner for Ghost Knight Media. His interest in the paranormal led to the creation of Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House,

November 2011

the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

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Congratulations to our Paranormal Fiction contest winners! 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:

DJ Kemp Lena Griffin Julie Leese and Margaret Ehrlich

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Publisher’s Letter Paranormal Underground® Volume 4, Issue 11

November 2011

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Contributors Paul Bottini Nick Corey Terri J. Garofalo J.D. Harrison Lori Hines Kelly Kalb DJ Kemp John “Jack” Kenna Cheryl Knight Michelle M. Pillow Chad Wilson

Send comments and letters to: Copyright © 2008-2011 — Paranormal Underground® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. As such, Paranormal Underground and its contents are the property of its owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This publication and all content within this publication may not be copied, quoted, distributed, modified, or reprinted without the express written consent of Paranormal Underground magazine. Paranormal Underground magazine is a publication of Ghost Knight Media, LLC.


Paranormal Underground

Where Do We Start?


n this month’s “Publisher’s Letter,” I want to talk about paranormal investigation, theory, methodology, and where we start with all of this. Overall, I feel that the paranormal field must remain patient and not rush to conclusions ... don’t put the proverbial cart before the horse. We must hold onto the patience that is required in investigating something that, in reality, little is known about.

are paranormal investigators not being taken serious by most mainstream scientists and skeptics?” First, let’s look at some of the common problems facing the paranormal field. What Are We Dealing With? 1. We don’t know what we are dealing with. We need to define what is involved in the occurrence of paranormal activity. Yes, you might have a pretty cool EVP, but, what makes it the voice of a deceased person, and what happened around you when you captured it on your recorder?

Why Do We Go Round and Round? There is a definite reason why skeptics and believers continue Chad Wilson, to go round and round What Standards Do Publisher about what the paranorWe Follow? mal really is: a lack of 2. There are no quantifiable proof. So, paranormal standards to help create cohesion in investigators, myself included, must the paranormal field. I’m not saying ask, “Why is proof of the paranoreverybody should investigate the same way. And there are groups who try and mal currently not really proof at all?” Here is my answer. do things differently, but a vast majorInstead of saying, “Look at this ity don’t. That is what has helped lead cool evidence I found” (whether that to the current state of affairs. evidence is a photo, video, or EVP), I think that almost everyone investigating in exactly the same way leads what we need to be doing in the paranormal field is trying to quantify, to stagnation, especially if those methor define, what exactly is going on ods are flawed and based on shaky when a paranormal event happens. science to begin with. But we need to For example, what kind of energy have some common theories based on scientific fact that can be considered is present, if any, when an EVP takes place? We have gotten too caught up valid in the paranormal field. in the end results and have forgotten to look at the mechanics of the unexIs Peer Review Important? plained events that happen literally to 3. Paranormal researchers and investigators must submit methodolhundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. ogies and evidence for peer review. We must ask ourselves, “Why Without peer review, and the ability

November 2011

Paranormal Underground® Volume 4, Issue 11

November 2011

ART Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight


to try and reproduce results, the paranormal field will continue to be looked at as a pseudoscience by mainstream science. How Does Our Behavior Reflect on Our Field of Study? 4. To be taken seriously, we have to be serious. The one thing that makes a field look less than credible is for its members to misbehave at public events or even private investigations. This leads into my last point. Why Is It Important to Police Ourselves? 5. We need to be responsible with our field. We should not tolerate the faking of evidence or the manipulation of evidence in any way. By taking advantage of those who put their trust in us, we hurt the credibility of the paranormal field. We must police ourselves and adhere to high values and strict methods. Otherwise, we will never be taken seriously. Where Do We Start? So, where do we start? We need to start with one idea and go from there. Using the above example, the idea that EVPs are the voices of the

deceased trying to communicate with the living, we need to ask questions, conduct experiments, and recreate proven methods. We need to ask questions like, “What happens when I get an EVP? Does the temperature drop? Does EMF go up? What are the changes, if any, in the environment when I get an EVP?” It is only after questions like these are investigated and answered can we even begin to say what causes paranormal activity and what can be deemed as “evidence.” In the end, we are not responsible for convincing others to believe or disbelieve in the paranormal. We are here to present our best evidence, or lack thereof, so each person can make their own informed decision if something is paranormal or not. To do this, we first need to be able to define what causes paranormal activity. We need to build our evidence on a solid foundation of scientific fact. Once that foundation has been built, we can strive to determine if ghosts exist or not. In this way, we can advance the paranormal field for the betterment of all.

November 2011

Nightwalkers Paranormal Society (Left to Right: Anne Kerrigan, Mike Markowicz, & Colleen QuinnBeltramini) Photo by Anne Kerrigan


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Book Watch

“The Ancient Ones” Book by Lori Hines


here do you find underground passages, Indian ruins, Stonehenge-like monuments, an alternate dimension, and ancient petroglyphs of the solar system? You can find all of these elements, which culminate into the adventure of a lifetime for Lorelei Lanier, psychic medium and the Arizona-Irish Paranormal Research Society, in Lori Hines’ first paranormal mystery novel, The Ancient Ones. Published by Aberdeen Bay, it is the first in the trilogy and is available in print and kindle format through The Triangle T Ranch The Ancient Ones, while a work of fiction, contains true facts pertaining to Native American history, Arizona history, and the metaphysical. Since the main characters are investigators, Lori partnered with Sonoran Paranormal Investigations (SPI) in Phoenix to lead ghost hunts of the places featured in her fictional novel, including the Triangle T Ranch, historic Vulture Gold Mine, Tombstone, and Sunset Wupatki National Monument. Lori recently talked with Paranormal Underground about some of the sites included in her new book ... The first book signing and ghost hunt took place at the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, Arizona, on May 28, 2011. The ranch, owned by


Paranormal Underground

Upper and lower dining hall at the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, Arizona — one of the most active paranormal locations on the ranch. (Photos by Lori Hines)

Linda Kelly, has been featured on an episode of Psychic Kids. According to Linda, “Guests, visitors, and staff have all experienced unusual phenomena, including three men playing poker in the dining hall, an Indian princess riding through the property on a horse, a Hohokam woman, and the spirits of Cochise and Geronimo.” Established in 1922, the ranch boasts a colorful and exciting past. In 1929, it came into the hands of Metta Tutt and was named the Triangle T for “Tutt.” Since then, the Triangle T has been the site of many historical events. It was the center of intrigue during World War II. The subsequent rumors that high-ranking Japanese officials were detained at

November 2011

the ranch were recently confirmed by award-winning author Jane Eppinga, after years of exhaustive research and the lifting of the 50-year moratorium on classified information. Details of the incarceration of the world’s “most wanted” war criminals are available in the library at the Triangle T. Located adjacent to the Amerind Foundation archaeological research center and museum specializing in Native American cultures of the Southwest, the Triangle T Guest Ranch is rich in its own Native American History. Apache Chieftain Cochise and his band used the ranch as a summer camp for many generations. The ranch also holds a centuries-old sacred ceremonial location among the boulders, complete with

petroglyphs and rock carvings. The Triangle T hosted the ghost hunt in May, which took place from 11 p.m.–1:30 a.m., with guests from Phoenix and Southeast Arizona roaming the property to try and get a glimpse of the past. One of the teams had an experience within the lower dining hall, hearing footsteps on the outside stairway that goes to the roof, though no other teams were in the area. And it sounded as though a person was walking on wooden stairs, though the steps had been covered in cement. Could it have been a spirit going about their lives in another dimension, crossing with the curious in our dimension? Historic Vulture Gold Mine Discovered in 1863 by Henry Wickenburg, Vulture Mine was one of the Arizona Territory’s richest mines, and it was still producing, at decreased levels, until World War II. Today, this ghost town provides visitors with the opportunity to see a genuine vision of what life was like in an old west mining town. Many buildings remain intact, and there is also a fair amount of mining equipment to see, as well as an old schoolhouse, the assay office, the dining hall/saloon, old blacksmith shop, and power-generating station. Vulture Mine’s wealth allowed the camp to blossom into a selfcontained town by 1880. Along with roughly six boarding houses, the town boasted a cookhouse and mess hall, a blacksmith shop, stores, offices, saloons, and even a school. By this time there were about 300 miners and their families living in town. Vulture City peaked with a population of about 5,000 residents. Owner after owner faced challenges turning a profit with the mine over the next several decades as the main gold vein was lost. However, the mine was not officially closed

Reported phenomena at the Vulture Gold Mine includes physical encounters with not-so-friendly ghosts inside the Assay Office.

until 1942. The mines at Vulture City officially produced about $200 million in gold. Due to all the spiritual activity, Vulture Mine is a favorite investigation site for paranormal teams. Visitors, staff, and investigators have experienced a floating head at the ball mill, children’s voices at the schoolhouse and on the playground, smells emanating from the old dining hall, and physical encounters with not-sofriendly ghosts inside the assay office. Amazon Reviews of The Ancient Ones The following are reviews of The Ancient Ones. • “Unique premise and extremely interesting plot. A robust cast of characters and yet you can readily connect and follow them. I enjoyed the fact that the mystery was unfolded all the way to the end. This is an important thing for me ... I hope the author plans on more books and considers making this a series.”

November 2011

• “I just loved reading this book. Since I live in Arizona and it’s based there, it was so much fun to read. It definitely is a page turner and has twists that will surprise you.” • “The storyline gets your attention and you just do not want to stop until the very end. A little mystery, a little romance, and a little spirituality all rolled into one really great read.” • “Lori takes you on a journey into fascinating little towns and Indian ruins chasing down the Ancient Ones. Her knowledge of psychic abilities and the ghost hunt are detailed and authentic. ... This book has it all; intrigue and mystery, murder and love, psychic phenomena and the FBI!” *****

Lori Hines’ book is available at www. ref=cm_cr_dp_all_helpful?ie=UTF8& showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmis sionDateDescending.

Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight

Nightwalkers Paranormal Investigates New England By Cheryl Knight


ightwalkers Paranormal Society Incorporated (NSPI) is a team of dedicated paranormal investigators hailing mostly from the South Shore of Massachusetts. With a mission of “coming together to seek out the truth,” NSPI members first try to disprove paranormal activity before making any findings. “We pride ourselves on being hardworking, dedicated, and here to assist our clients, other teams, and the paranormal community as a whole,” said Colleen Quinn-Beltramini, NSPI’s founder, director, and lead investigator. The team, which places children first and foremost, investigates from a stance of skepticism. “We will go through hell and high water to ‘disprove’ anything and everything first,” Colleen said. “If we cannot, then what we are left with will be addressed. We feel that this is the only honest approach for all involved.” Paranormal Underground magazine recently spoke with three NSPI members about paranormal phenomena and investigation. To learn more about Colleen, Jeff Durette (assistant director, lead investigator, and tech manager), and Mike Markowicz (guest investigator, analyst, and author), read on … *****


Paranormal Underground

Pictured from left to right: Nightwalkers Paranormal Society’s Anne Kerrigan, guest investigator; Michael Markowicz, guest investigator, analyst, and author; and Colleen Quinn-Beltramini, founder, director, and lead investigator.

Q: Please talk a little bit about yourself, both personally and professionally. Colleen: Nightwalkers Paranormal Society Incorporated (NSPI) was formed from members that have been in the field and have gained ex-

November 2011

perience both on our own and with prior paranormal teams. We love all aspects of this field, from investigations to team outings, and are still learning from each other and our individual techniques that work! We work hard to “de-bunk,” and we are true “skeptics” at heart.

I have been in this field since April 2008, but have read and studied as much as I could about the paranormal since I was a young child. NSPI’s Mike Markowicz, Anne Kerrigan, and I graduated high school together in the little town of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. We were even in the same class! We all share a love for this field and respect each other and what talents each team member brings to the NSPI table. Personally, I have two children, one daughter Heather and son Zachary, and a granddaughter that I think the world of named Kiera Rose. I am an honest, hardworking person; I respect people and treat them as I would like to be treated. I have worked in the financial services field for over 30 years and currently started my own Web Design Company ( I love everything Halloween … I love Salem, Massachusetts, and spend a lot of time strolling the area! I have many friends in the paranormal field who are all great people. I consider myself one lucky person and would like to thank my original team for allowing me to learn from them and grow going forward. It’s important to remember where you come from and where you’re going in life!

NSPI’s Jeff Durette, assistant director, lead investigator, and tech manager, has been investigating the paranormal since his teenage years.

EVP specialist/tech specialist/and a person with a broadcast background. We are extremely lucky to have such a wide array of people, and that is what makes NSPI work! Our mission is to help those who ask for our assistance to the best of our abilities. If we need to refer a client to another team that specializes in other areas of this field to help them (i.e., demonologist), we will!

Jeff: I’m a logistics manager for a fortune 500 company. Been in transportation for over 23 years now. As for my interest in the paranormal, it started back when I was 14 years old when two other friends of mine decided to setup a recorder at Lizzie Borden’s family plot in Fall River.

Mike: The group has a nice mix of talent from its members, including a

Q: Talk about your paranormal group and its mission.

sensitive, so the results can be varied, which is the way it should be. The mission is to provide evidence in an unbiased fashion with full disclosure.

Colleen: NSPI is a dedicated team of individuals with different approaches that all nicely complement our team. We have a sensitive person/skeptics/dowsing rod specialist/

“I was in the corner reading every ghost story book.”

Jeff: Our team mission is clear. We expect our group to be open-minded and understanding of who is asking

November 2011

for help. We bring the tools we need to execute an investigation professionally. Q: Talk about when and how you first became interested in the paranormal. Colleen: As a child I used to see/deal with situations that made me question its existence. In middle school while others girls were reading Teen Beat magazines, I was in the corner reading every ghost story book that was written and especially loved the ones that happened in our area of New England! When the first ghost hunter-type show came on television, I thought, That is what I want to do, and sent an e-mail, joined my first team, and grew from there! Mike: I got seriously interested when a friend let me listen to an audio clip of an EVP she recorded in an old house. It was of a woman screaming. That was an epiphany for me. After I heard that recording I knew I wanted to record EVPs too.

Paranormal Underground 11

Investigator Spotlight Q: What interests you most about the paranormal? Colleen: Simple question … trying to know the unknown and peering into a world that very few know about or see! Mike: Recording and collecting EVPs is my specialty. There is so much communication going on all of the time, and it fascinates me to listen to audio files and then hear voices. Jeff: Being able to work with a group that shares my same values with regard to the paranormal. Q: What led you to starting your paranormal group and/or participating in Nightwalkers Paranormal Society? Pictured above: NSPI team members investigate the Armory/Rose Island Barracks in Newport, Rhode Island, in March 2011.

Jeff: I first became interested in the paranormal 23 years ago when I read an article in a local newspaper. A couple was recording voices from the grave. Seeing they could do that, I wanted to see if my friends and I could do the same thing at Lizzie Borden’s grave. Q: Have you had any personal paranormal experiences prior to becoming an investigator that you’d like to share? Colleen: Yes, as a child I used to be “visited” by an older woman who appeared in shadow and would be rocking, knitting, and talking to me. I remember carrying on full conversations until I would fall asleep. As a teenager, I worked in a kennel and had many “incidents” that happened there … and also my first apartment on the North Shore of MA had “things that happened.” Mike: I have had one interaction in particular that stands out. It was


Paranormal Underground

in the form of a psychic attack. It started before I became an investigator. This entity entered my dream state and momentarily took over my mind, forcefully. The attack occurred while I dreamed I was at my father’s house. As I opened the basement door and stepped onto the landing, the door slowly closed with so much force that I was unable to stop its motion. When it closed, a very large and strong hand grabbed my throat and flipped me over backwards and pinned me down to the floor. I heard a loud ringing and the sensation of that powerful hand, but not the feeling of strangulation. I came to realize that I could breathe just fine, and then everything stopped and I woke up. But that event was as real as anything. I knew this was an attack by an entity because I could feel him inside my head, inside my thoughts, and that is way different from any state of mind in my day-to-day awakened state.

November 2011

Colleen: I had been on a few teams. I took the knowledge they taught me and structured my own team with the people that I knew shared the love that I have for this field. I then designed my own Website, obtained my non-profit status with the state, and reached out to those who I felt were true assets and good investigators. I also try to bring in “guest” investigators who serve on other teams to help out or just invite them to spend some time with NSPI to exchange information and learn new techniques. This field will never bring you a paycheck (only a lucky few), but it will bring memories and friendships I hope last a lifetime. Mike: Colleen had invited me into the group. I work with several other groups as well. I guess I am a freelance EVP specialist. Q: What is your primary role while out on an investigation? Colleen: We are a “team,” so no one has a primary “role.” But we each have areas that are strong points for us. We each take turns at

all aspects during an investigation … including setup, monitor duty, photographer, and so on. Each member takes turns doing everything, and it educates and makes a more rounded team. Mike: My role is to provide audio evidence. I have a lot of gear to provide the best evidence that I can. After all, garbage in, garbage out. Clean, clear EVPs sound a lot better than listening to a bunch of noise and an EVP. Jeff: I’m a director, plus I handle all the tech aspects of our group. Q: What types of locations do you investigate? Colleen: Residential, business, cemeteries, and historical locations are our favorites! We do both inside and outside investigations. Mike: Any location is fine to record in, as every place has spirit activity in it. I haven’t had the misfortune of not collecting any EVPs from a location in seven years.

some jerk. I’m going to pass you right by. Use common sense. Q: Have you worked with any other paranormal groups? Colleen: Yes. I have been with two other teams in the past. One taught me a lot, took me under its wing, and brought me up the paranormal ladder, which helped structure who I am today. I wish them well and wanted to take this time to say, “Thanks.” The other, not so much … you live and learn!

Website that represents that unity, and others who believe the same can share it on their own Website. It takes many branches to make a beautiful tree! We often invite other teams or their members out with us to help all of us grow! Jeff: Yes. We do mix groups, and I think that’s really great. Some other teams may have a different approach to investigating or maybe use different equipment. It’s really a matter of sharing and learning from each other.

Mike: Yes I have recorded for many groups and businesses over the years.

Q: Do you approach investigations as a believer or skeptic?

Jeff: Yes I have.

Colleen: Always as a skeptic, but knowing what I know … I’m a believer!

Q: Does Nightwalkers Paranormal Society ever team up with other paranormal groups or investigators? Colleen: Absolutely. We encourage unity in the paranormal community. In fact, we have an icon on our

Mike: I am a total believer. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, then stay home. You need to have a certain amount of understanding in what you are doing in a location that may have a lot of paranormal activity going on. Don’t put yourself at risk

Q: What philosophies do you employ during investigations? Colleen: We just take our equipment in hand and the knowledge we currently hold and move forward, always keeping an eye/ear out. No two locations will ever produce the same results. Mike: I treat the spirits as though they are people, because in my mind they are. Mentally, they are just like us. After all, the evidence by way of EVP shows us that. Jeff: My philosophy is simple. If someone wishes to communicate with the other side, don’t act like a jerk. I feel that if I was on the other side, why would I want to talk to

During an October 2010 investigation in Cape Cod, NSPI utilized dowsing rods. Audrey Kelly is the team’s dowsing rod expert.

November 2011

Paranormal Underground 13

Investigator Spotlight the mountain. If there were, then you would have learned nothing. Jeff: As for our new members, we walk them through how to use equipment and how to conduct themselves. No matter what, we are all learning as we go. We assess what worked best for each investigation and what didn’t work and why. Q: What are the most common types of equipment you use on investigations? Colleen: We use a variety of basic equipment, such as the K-II Meter, digital recorder, analog recorder, flashlights, digital video recorder, camcorders w/infrared, laser grid, walkie talkies, and digital cameras. Mike: I use my Sony PCM D50 digital recorder everywhere I go. I also have a more elaborate recording system that consists of condenser microphones, a mixing board, and a computer. Both have their pros and cons. Jeff: Digital recorder, K-II Meter, and a camera Q: Please tell us about recent investigations. NSPI members first try to disprove paranormal activity before making any findings. The team investigates from a stance of skepticism.

if you are not willing to accept the consequences. Jeff: I always go into a location as a skeptic. Q: How do you go about becoming trained in this area? Colleen: You join a team and get yourself integrated and educated to the best of your abilities. Some teams offer classes that might help out as


Paranormal Underground

well. There currently is no “formal� certifications for this field, but you study and learn from those who have gone before you with years of experience. Respect them and learn! Mike: By getting out in the field and recording. I then spend hours and hours listening to files. If you do a task over and over enough, you become efficient at that task. You have to learn by taking one step at a time. There are no elevators to the top of

November 2011

Colleen: We recently completed a residential investigation where a boy would not sleep in his bed due to what he felt was in the family home. His father, the owner, called us as he was seeing shadows that were going from room to room and heard noises while he was home alone. Mike: Colleen had taken me to a private home that Nightwalkers had just completed an investigation on. I was just there for a short while and only recorded for just over an hour. I did manage to record an interesting EVP of a type that pops up only once in a great while.

While in the barn, that was attached to the house, I recorded a male voice saying, “Cooper Town,” which meant seemingly nothing. But Colleen proceeded to explain to me that the reason the family was away was because one of the sons made the playoffs, and the whole family went to Cooper Town. Jeff: Our last event was a residential where there was a report of a dark mass walking from one room to another. One of the children had problems sleeping in one of the bedrooms. Q: What have been your most exciting cases to date, and what happened on those cases? Colleen: My very first investigation in New Hampshire with a former team was one to remember. They has a lot of claims, and the home next door was abandoned by the residents, so we went in and checked it out. It was creepy. We were told the residents left in the middle of the night and never returned due to what they witnessed. I went to my own town hall and witnessed a huge shadow that came around behind me. It was unreal. And our recent residential investigation is looking like the evidence might prove it is an active location. Mike: I had to opportunity to record in the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, Massachusetts, and my job was to see just how active the house was through the collection of EVPs. Just as with all investigations, the real excitement comes upon review of the recordings. That one night at the Fearing Tavern yielded many eye-opening EVPs. There was an admission to murder: “Hey Ashford, I killed Grandpa Ash. I just knew that you’d feel the pain. Then consider it a gift.”; the voice of a little girl saying, “Wanna

play dress up?”; and the sound of what appears to be a large iron gate slamming shut and then latching. There is no iron gate in the house nor outside. However it was used as a jail in the early years when it was a meeting house. The original structure dates back to the 1600s.

case and the shadow at the town hall.

“I get more EVPs at cemeteries than anywhere else.”

Jeff: My first time at Lizzie Borden’s gravesite. When all three of us got back to my house and listened to the recording, we heard a female talking on the recorder. WOW!

Jeff: My most exciting case was investigating an old hospital. I was in one of the underground tunnels doing an EVP session, when my hand was pushed down as we were asking questions. It was like something was trying to whack my hand from the digital recorder. Q: What case will you remember the most and why? Colleen: Both the New Hampshire

Nightwalkers Paranormal Society Team Members Michael Antunes Brian Belanger Colleen Quinn-Beltramini Carrie Bishop John Cloutier Nicole Durette Jeff Durette Audrey Kelly Anne Kerrigan Michael Markowicz Yvonne Sullivan November 2011

Mike: The Fearing Tavern for its abundant source of EVPs and a private home in Connecticut where I got attacked by an entity. It took a week to figure out just what had happened after I started feeling gloom and doom and a lot of fear for no reason.

Q: What have been the most significant EVPs you’ve captured during investigations and where did you capture them? Colleen: We have quite a few and have captured them all over — from investigations to cemeteries. It’s funny how much “they” want to be heard! Personally, I get more EVPs at cemeteries than anywhere else! Mike: Even though I have thousands of clips of EVPs, and they all make up a fantastic body of evidence to study, there are a handful that do stand out. 1. A gunshot recorded at the Guthrie residence in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 2. The admission of murder from the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, Massachusetts. 3. Several EVPs left on my work voicemail after experimenting with projecting the number with thought on a daily basis. This proved to me that thought travels beyond our brain. 4. The boys choir singing “Hallelujah” from the edge of the Bridgewater Triangle in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 5. The choir of sopranos singing hauntingly from Fort Revere in Hull, Massachusetts.

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Investigator Spotlight Jeff: We captured Indians chanting while investigating in the Freetown State Forest.

Q: Talk about common misconceptions about the paranormal field that you’ve encountered?

Q: What has been your best video and photographic evidence caught to date, and where did you capture them?

Colleen: That this field is made up of a lot of “wanna be stars” and that they are all just wanting the next big show to come along! We are not. We are people who have dealt

Colleen: At a recent investigation, we caught a door opening slowly all on its own! As for photos, we also took some strange pictures at that recent investigation that need debunking. If we can’t debunk them, they are pretty darn cool!

“If it’s creepy or has a spooky history, I’m there!”

Jeff: It was in a residential location. One of our investigators was entering into a room, closed the door to start an EVP session, and the door began opening up. Q: Whose work in the paranormal field do you respect the most and why? Colleen: I respect no one team or person in particular. I respect those that are in this field for all the right reasons, which is to collect evidence and knowledge, further this field, and make it become an accepted scientific field that is not shunned as a bunch of “weirdos.” I would like to see the general public understand the how’s and why’s of this. I want to see the field gain acceptance and draw positive attention. Mike: I tend to respect people who are spiritually adept and have knowledge and understanding of spirits. Also, I respect people who respect me and treat me honestly; I have shared respect for those people. Jeff: I don’t respect any particular person. I feel that we are all trying to find answers and validate it with hard evidence.


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with this field for many years, and some of us have dealt with it for our entire lives. We are working hard and not just looking to be on TV. We are working with new equipment that paranormal inventors, such as my friend James at Recon Paranormal, are developing. This will bring us from the stone ages into the future! Mike: Boy is that a loaded question!? Pretty much everything on paranormal TV shows I disagree with. One of the most important misconceptions is that people think it’s OK to tell a spirit to use their energy and body to speak through. Obviously, these people have never had the misfortune of a bad interaction with spirits or they wouldn’t be asking such stupid questions. Provoking an unseen entity is as bad as it gets. You might as well be waving a red flag in front of a charging bull while wearing cement shoes! Jeff: I think that some people look at us as strange for what we do. Q: Please talk about any future investigations you have planned. Colleen: We will always be here

November 2011

for those who need us. We have mostly residential investigations coming up, and we are available on an on-call basis. We also have a lot of historically well-known and some not-so-wellknown locations to take a look at. New England is rich in its history, and our locations are endless if you just know where to look! Jeff: We are looking forward to doing a lot of local work in the New England area. There are so many locations that we feel would be great sites for paranormal investigation, and the area is so rich with history. Q: What sites do you have on your wish list to investigate? Colleen: I don’t have a real “dream” location. If it’s creepy or has a spooky history, and even if not, I’m there! Mike: I want to get back to the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, Massachusetts. I like to investigate very old homes the most, as they tend to provide the most abundant and clear EVPs. Jeff: The Stanley Hotel. Q: Where can readers find out more about you and your team? Colleen: You can see us on our team Website at, and we are also on MySpace and Facebook, so stop on by and become a site member. We would love to have you! *****

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November 2011

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Special Report

Working With Clients:

Reviewing Evidence and Reporting Your Findings: Part 1 By John “Jack” Kenna, SPIRITS of New England


ou’ve completed the investigation for the client, and you’ve collected hours of audio and video data, as well as personal experiences. Now it’s time to sit down and begin reviewing all of the data. One person can’t do it by themselves, and it has to be done in a timely manner. Remember, this was done for a client who is looking to you for answers, and they want those answers sooner rather than later. You and your team have an obligation to respond to the client within a reasonable amount of time. Because we are all volunteers in this field of study, and we all have fulltime jobs, families, or other personal obligations, I always let our clients know that it will be four to six weeks for us to complete the review of all the data, complete the report, and then get back to them for the reveal. I believe this is a reasonable amount of time given the fact that your team will likely have about 50 to 80 hours worth of audio and video to review if you ran four DVR cameras, seven audio recorders (one with each DVR camera and one with each of three investigative teams), and one to two mini DV


Paranormal Underground

Remember, not all team members have the same skills as another, and although a team member may be a good investigator, they may need assistance or training with other aspects of the investigative review process.

cameras, all at approximately four to six hours of data each. It can be a daunting task, and all team members need to pitch in. So, Where Do You Begin? The team leader needs to set a deadline for completion of all evidence review. Personally, I like an initial deadline of three weeks from the day of the investigation, and then see how it goes. Each team member who had brought their own audio recorder should be made responsible for reviewing that audio

November 2011

and providing a report on their findings, along with any Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) files, to the team leader and team manager by the deadline date. Their report can be as simple as an e-mail describing what they found and the time and location the EVP was captured. They should also attach to the e-mail the original EVP audio file or a clip from the audio file. If for some reason a team member does not have a computer or the computer skills to be able to accomplish this, then that team member

needs to get their audio recorder to a team member or the team manager who can review it for them. Remember, not all team members have the same skills as another, and although a team member may be a good investigator, they may need assistance or training with other aspects

Who Should Review Audio Files ... and How? When it comes to the review of audio for EVPs, there is one thing I have noticed among many teams: An assumption is made that “anyone” can review audio for EVPs. But first you must ask, does the person

“I never present a Class C EVP to a client.” of the investigative review process. By this time though, I will assume that the team as a whole has already decided what team members will be responsible for audio and video review of at least the “team equipment.” This typically ends up being the Technical Manager and Assistant Technical Manager, but even they will need the assistance of other team members to get it all done. Since it may not be practical for the team members to review the data together in one or two days like you see on the TV shows, you will need an easy way for team members to access the files from various locations at their leisure. There are many good online file storage and sharing Websites that make it easy to do this for a reasonable yearly price, or even for free. Or your Website hosting company may also be able to provide this service for you. Personally, I use, which allows me to upload large files and share them with whomever I choose. The total cost is under $60 per year. This also allows me to keep my files safely backed up and secure from loss should my computer crash for any reason. I also own a backup drive at home, but I’m a big believer in backup redundancy. The point here is to be able to easily share files for review among all the team members. The Internet is the best and most efficient way to do this.

reviewing the audio have any experience doing it, or do they even know what they are listening for? It is a major mistake not to ask these questions. It’s no different than hiring someone for a job that they have no experience or training for and expecting them to be able to do it from day one. Think about it: Would you hire someone to paint your house who had never done it before and expect them to do a professional job? I don’t think so. The same thing applies here. You want to have the team members with the most experience review the audio. I have also found that some people just seem to have a knack for this, while others struggle with it. EVPs can be tricky things. They can appear as a whispered voice under the voice of an investigator or be just a noise that no one heard at the time. They are not always obvious.

listens to it hears the same thing. 2. Class B: Is a voice that can be understood, but not everyone will agree on exactly what is being said. It is obvious that it is a voice. Everyone listening to it together will be able to come to a consensus on basically what is being said. 3. Class C: These are the worst quality EVPs. At best it is difficult to determine if it is a voice or a noise. No one who listens to it can determine what is being said. When working with clients and trying to determine if there is paranormal activity in the home or business, I prefer to present to them only Class A or borderline Class A EVPs. I will present Class B EVPs only if no Class A’s are captured and there is other evidence captured or experienced at the same time the EVP occurred, such as a personal experience by an investigator, unusual K-II hits, or something unexplainable captured on camera when the EVP was captured. I never present a Class C EVP to a client, because I personally believe they are unreliable as potential evidence of paranormal activity.

How to Classify EVPs There are also different classes of EVPs: Class A, B, and C. The breakdown of these is as follows: 1. Class A: Is a very clear voice or noise. Everyone that

November 2011

Paranormal Underground 19

Special Report How to Structure a Report of Findings When reporting findings of potential EVPs to my team, I prefer to provide a semi-detailed report, but I do not include in the report what I believe is being said or heard. This way I do not bias the review of the other team members. Here is an example of my reporting of an actual EVP that was captured during one of our investigations: 1. “DWH_Attic2_11Dec2010_ TS05439-RecdrB: There are two potential EVPs that appear between approximately 11.4 seconds and 15.1 seconds into the file. There is no one in the attic at this time. Investigator Sarah left the attic just moments before these potential EVPs were captured. Prior to this, she had been talking about the guns downstairs and about her grandfather’s guns.” Notice the first designations. These identify the file information. DWH stands for the place being investigated: Deane Winthrop House;

EVP or perhaps one of the investigators. The next part of the findings report identifies where in the file the potential EVPs appear and what was going on at the time the EVPs were captured. Note again that I do not tell what I believe I heard so as not to bias the other team members when they listen to file. Although I do keep a separate version of the file where I do identify what I believe I heard. This way, after everyone else e-mails back their findings, we can compare notes and see what the consensus is, even if that consensus is that the voice is one of our own investigators. In any case, this is just one way of reporting. The point here is to find a good way of reporting that works for your team and gives enough detail without biasing the review by the rest of the team.

Unlike audio evidence, video evidence can be much more subtle and more difficult to identify. the next identifies the location in the house and the investigative session: Attic Session 2; the next identifies the date of the investigation: 11 December 2010; the next identifies the time on the original audio file that the EVP occurred: Time Stamp 05439, 0 hours-54minutes-39seconds into the original audio file the EVP occurred; and the next identifies the audio recorder on which the EVP was captured: Recorder B. This information can be used to check it against video data or other audio data to see what was happening at the time and if it’s an actual


Paranormal Underground

Once your EVP report is complete, you can send it out to the rest of the team, along with the EVPs, and get a consensus from everyone on what they believe they hear and if it’s an EVP at all. Sometimes what we believe may be an EVP can turn out to be one of the investigators whispering or even outside contamination that occurred during the investigation. One of the other investigators may remember the event and be able to positively identify what the possible voice or noise is. This is why it’s extremely important for “all”

November 2011

members of the investigation team to review the audio and provide their feedback in a timely manner. You don’t want to go into the reveal with the client, present what you believe is an EVP, and then have one of your team members say, “Oh, that’s not an EVP. That was me whispering in the background.” This makes you look very unprofessional and unorganized in the eyes of the client, not to mention how embarrassing it can be to all involved. Reviewing Video Evidence: Label Files Carefully Video evidence is just as important as the audio evidence and must be reviewed just as thoroughly. Here again it is very important to label your files accurately with the location name, area of the location where the video was filmed, date of the investigation, time the event was captured, and the camera that recorded the event. This information is critical to the data collection and review process in order to identify what was happening at the time the event was captured and where everyone was at the time. Unlike audio evidence, video evi-

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Special Report dence can be much more subtle and more difficult to identify. I guarantee that you’re not going to see a full-formed ghost go floating across the screen in front of your camera. Yes, this type of evidence does happen every once in a blue moon, but this is non-typical. Typical paranormal video evidence is just never that obvious. It is often very subtle, as a shadow moving in the background that just doesn’t make sense to what else is going in the area, or it can be an odd bright light that just appears out of nowhere, lingers for a moment, and then disappears. It may be even something less obvious than that, such as a black mass that appears on the video for only a moment while you are panning from one section of a room to another, but was not seen by the investigator at the time. It could also be as simple as something in the shot moving slowly over a few minutes time, such as a lamp or a chair. This would not be noticed at the time by the investigators but would be more obvious on the video. It could also be more obvious, like a door opening or closing — in either of these cases, there will be no visible source making the item move. The point here is that you need to be vigilant in your review of video footage and look for anything that just doesn’t fit or doesn’t make sense. Once you think you have found something that could be evidence, you need to try to find a reason for it. Watch more of the video after the activity to make sure that what you found is not being caused by one of the investigators or something else more natural. Double check the footage before the activity for the same reason. Once you’re pretty sure this might be something paranormal, then review it with the rest of the team to see if anyone remembers this moment in the investigation. Ask


Paranormal Underground

if they know what may have caused the activity. Whether its audio, video, or other type of evidence, you always need to have the investigative team review it to get a consensus. Documenting and Reporting Personal Experiences The other evidence that needs to be gathered and reviewed is the personal experiences of each investigators from the night of the investigation. I find the best and quickest way to do this is to have each investigator submit an e-mail report within one

or two days after the investigation so that it is still fresh in their minds. These reports are just simple two or three paragraph e-mails about their experiences that night. These can then be reviewed later by the team member putting the final report together so that they can add anything of importance to the final report. Another great way to review for

November 2011

personal experiences by the investigators is to review the audio files from the digital recorders that were used that night. This will be your best documentation of any personal experiences that occurred that night, as typically whenever an investigator does have a personal experience they will discuss what they just experienced with their team member and it will be captured on the audio file. Also, remember that in the last article I discussed how I like to have each team member give a quick audio interview during the investigation, either during a break or before everyone leaves for the night, of any experiences they may have had during the investigation. If you do this, then those audio files can also be reviewed. Researching the Local Area The last thing that needs to be done is to research the history of the home and surrounding area, not just to see if there are deaths associated with the home, business, or location, but to also see what type of geology, water sources, electrical sources, and even seismic (earthquake) data exists in the area. Someone on the team needs to be assigned to do this research. A lot of this information can be found on the Internet, but some of it will also require phone calls to the local historical society, a visit to the local library, and even a visit to the local city/county clerk’s offices where the home/business is located. This is not an easy task and in many ways is the most difficult task of the entire review process. It can also end up being the most important information that you will gather. *****

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article in the next issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine.

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November 2011

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

The Legend of the Bell Witch & Cave By Kelly Kalb, Pennsylvania Paranormal Association


he legend of the Bell Witch has been around for decades and has been the topic of several books and movies, but to some it is still a mystery. While researching the Bell Witch, I was able to find some interesting facts about the haunting. The legend of the Bell Witch took place in Adams, Tennessee, in the year 1817. It is a true poltergeist haunting that mostly affected the Bell family, which began when John Bell came across a strange animal that he shot while hunting. Not long after he encountered the half-dog, half-rabbit animal, strange things began to happen to the Bell family. Knocking and noises started outside the walls of the home and eventually moved inside. John Bell’s youngest daughter, Betsy, even claimed to be assaulted by the entity. Over time, the poltergeist was said to have gained strength and would even hold conversations with the family and guests. Reportedly at one point, the entity even identified itself as “Kate.” This is where the story takes on a life of its own. A neighbor of the Bell family, named Kate Batts, was working on a land deal with John Bell when the deal fell through and she reportedly put a curse on the family. There really is no proof to support this claim, as Kate Batts outlived several


Paranormal Underground

The Bell Witch Cave, located in Adams, Tennessee, is said to host disembodied voices and apparitions.

members of the Bell family and would have no way to “haunt” them if she was alive. The hauntings continued for several years and tapered off after John Bell’s death. He reportedly died after being poisoned by the Bell Witch herself. Family members found a vial of liquid next to John’s corpse and decided to give some to the family cat, which died instantly after ingesting the liquid. The Bell Witch seemed satisfied after John’s death and only visited the family a few more times. Betsy went on to marry and died in 1888 at the age of 82. People in the area of the Bell Witch Cave, which is near where the Bell family home once stood, still believe an entity exists in the location. They continue to hear noises, singing, people talking, and children playing, as well as seeing candle light

November 2011

in the fields at night. The suffering the Bell family reportedly experienced was unbearable, as it occurred every night for years. Who exactly was “haunting” the Bell family will always be a mystery; however, one thing is certain, the haunting was real and witnessed by several influential people of their time. After researching the Bell Witch case, I feel there is no denying that some type of haunting did take place and involved the Bell family. How would you handle a haunting of this magnitude if your family was affected? Today, we have paranormal groups that can document activity and help their clients cope with the unexplained occurrences. I am sure that when the Bell family experienced paranormal activity, there were very few people who would believe their claims or help them document and deal with the phenomena.

100 Years After a Devastating Avalanche Took Their Lives, the “Spirits” of Wellington, Washington, Still Remain. Read One Investigator’s Account of How She Met . . . “The Ghosts of Wellington.”

Book Now Available Online at November 2011 Paranormal Underground


Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids & Mythological Creatures

Fantasma Colorado By Paul Bottini


Paranormal Underground

The Red Ghost: Drawing by Jeff Hatch

The Devil killed her, I tell you! It was the Devil, himself!” the hysterical woman shrieked. The damsel in distress collapsed in her husband’s arms, as the man gazed outside at the mangled, female body. The front yard was bleached with blood. Blood and a pureed hand, or maybe it was part of a face. From this distance, it was difficult to tell. Massive hoofprints ringed the area around the cadaver. Thick, red strands of hair littered the ground. A second man, the slain woman’s husband, rushed outside, collapsing to his knees and weeping over what was left of his dead spouse. Inside the modest home, the rancher turned to his agonized wife. The woman gazed up, sensing her husband’s skepticism. Her tearstained face contorted. “I know you don’t believe me, but the Devil was here! He visited our house, damnit!” The woman pointed to the crushed cadaver outside. “What else could have done that?!” Miles away, 72 hours later, Lucifer made a second appearance, trampling the tent of two prospectors in the middle of the night. Escaping injury, the men scurried from their demolished shelter, as a monstrous beast galloped into the blackness. A search of the area turned up the same crimson fibers and enormous hoofprints left in the wake of the first encounter. Both tales spread like wildfire

across 1883 southeast Arizona. Folks began whispering of Fantasma Colorado, a malevolent entity terrorizing the region. From his perch on the ridge, Cyrus Hamblin could see the beast clearly. Word of the infamous Red Ghost had reached local newspapers. In these parts, Cyrus was one of the unlucky few able to read. Now, staring down at an angry camel, the man wondered if this animal was the cause of all the commotion.

November 2011

Had this been an ordinary dromedary, he felt certain those who endured its wrath would recognize it for the beast of burden it was. Here in the afternoon sun, though, the animal’s fur gleaming red like rage, the camel appeared anything but prosaic. Strapped to the brute’s back was something bizarre. Something horrible. Squinting, Cyrus swore the object leashed atop the monster was a decomposing, human corpse.

Weeks later, the beast was spotted again. This time by prospectors anxious for target practice. Although not a single bullet found pay dirt, the deafening reports of revolvers had caused the camel to sprint for its life. In the frenzy, the head of the animal’s disintegrating rider came loose, landing at the feet of the astonished men. Deduction painted a portrait of a lost settler facing dehydration, strapping himself to the back of the camel in hopes the beast would find water before it was too late. Having to carry a fetid carcass through blazing heat, the dromedary probably became enraged and exacted revenge on anything human within its path. What Was the Fantasma Colorado? Sightings of Fantasma Colorado continued until 1893, when one Mizoo Hastings gunned down a

beast thought to be the nefarious Red Ghost. By this time, the monster had relieved itself of its pesky passenger and was traveling sans skeleton. However, rawhide straps believed to have

One thing is certain. Reports of dromedary sightings in Greenlee County, Arizona, persist to the present day. Not indigenous to the region, these beasts were imported

Some claim the fabled Fantasma Colorado still gallops across the desert. once secured the corpse to the camel were still attached to the animal’s back. Oddly, these leather bands were affixed in a way the passenger could have never fastened himself. Had the man atop the animal been alive when attached to the creature, sent off into the desert as capital punishment? Was it more likely that somebody possessing a maniacal sense of humor, a cadaver, and a camel simply slung the body onto the beast to get a laugh? Perhaps we’ll never know.

by the U.S. Army in the 1850s as a means of transportation. The program fell apart when the animals, although well suited for the terrain, began displaying their inherently irate nature. Some claim the fabled Fantasma Colorado still gallops across the desert in the Grand Canyon State. Should you care to take a look for yourself, Greenlee County can be accessed via U.S. Route 70, U.S. Route 191, State Route 75, or State Route 78.

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Paranormal Underground 27

Personal Experiences

Prosperity School B&B By Nick Corey, Jasper Haunts Paranormal Research Team


n 2007, I found myself drawn to the old Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in Joplin, Missouri. I had always heard rumors about paranormal activity at the old abandoned school, which was built in 1907. I contacted the owners Richard and Janet Roberts in 2007 to see about possibly investigating the B&B. They were all for it, seeing how they were drawn to the paranormal aspect of Prosperity as well. Investigating the Prosperity School B&B On September 20, 2007, I was set to investigate, having access to the whole two-story B&B. Not knowing what to expect, I set one camcorder with night vision downstairs in the parlor room looking into the dining area and one camcorder upstairs facing the East wall. I filmed and tried to record EVPs for about two hours. A couple of days later, while reviewing the evidence I captured, I saw something on the downstairs camera view. It appeared to be a large orb with a flat top. It moved up from the floor to across my camera view from right to left with controlled movement; this was no dust orb. It had a graceful presence with residual sounds of piano music that filled the room. I found so much evidence during the review, that I quickly called the owners. After presenting all evidence found, I wanted to go back


Paranormal Underground

The Prosperity School B&B, built in 1907 in Joplin, Missouri, is home to documented paranormal activity, including disembodied voices and apparitions.

for a recap to see if this energy may have been a residual haunting. I setup a week later, to the day and same time, and captured nothing. Intrigued as I was, I decided to go back at a later date. The next time I was able to setup was Halloween, and I conducted my first sĂŠance at the school with Richard and Janet. We recorded many strange sounds, voices, and names, which we later found to be linked back to the Civil War era (the grounds were artillery shelters during the war). This

November 2011

was quite interesting to discover. Channeling the Spirits As a medium, I started channeling spirits more and holding sĂŠances at the Prosperity School B&B with small groups that were interested. We began to open a great portal when it came to the spirits coming through there. They would flow through like a river. One of the best sĂŠances conducted had about 10 people present. I opened with visualizing a white light around us to love us and

protect us from harm. Then I took a few deep breaths and went into a trance state to channel deeper, allowing spirits to enter my body — with my permission of course. The first to enter my body was a flyer/pilot from the 1940s; he came through showing me what happened to him as he crashed down in the snowy mountains. Another spirit came through with much more information; he was a death row inmate. This man was being put to death by electric chair and said that he was falsely accused of murdering a police officer in California during the 1940s. The energy of his presence filled my body, the room temp dropped, and everyone present could see a mist coming out of my mouth as he entered into my body. I felt what the spirit must have felt. I could feel the straps go on my body as they locked him down into the chair. I felt my head bobbing back and forth and saw it all like a video in my head, and then I began to feel the jolts of energy running through my body; I felt like I was being electrocuted. The pain was unbearable, as I could feel everything he endured that day. The spirit told me that his wife and child were present when he was being put to death; tears rolled down my face as I felt his emotions inside me. The energy grew so intense that the people around the table had to let go of my hands because they too could feel the electricity coming through. There was so much energy coming into my body that I was physically paralyzed; my hands felt like they were sizzling! (Energy imprints of my hands were left behind in the table that, to this day, cannot be removed) As the pain started to become too much, my sister assisted me in coming back to this dimension. As I started to come back from the spirit realm, I could still see the spirit, Randal John-

son, there beside me. I assured him it was all behind him now, and I encouraged him to move on from the pain. As I looked up, I could see a spiritual doorway open with his uncle waiting to cross him over. I told Randal to go to the light and that he would find peace there. He

between the ages of three and five. June 21, 2008, I decided to rent a room at the B&B and see what would happen. It got active after about 11 p.m. that night. I first saw a spirit woman in the hallway and heard her humming a song. Then I turned on my digital recorder and captured

“The spirit of a death row inmate came through.” then detached from my energy field and went toward his family. I felt so much peace with his crossing. I have connected with many spirits at the Prosperity School B&B and even had a few children visit me there, but Randal was by far the strongest presence I have channeled there. Paranormal Experiences at Prosperity School B&B On several occasions, I have had paranormal experiences at the Prosperity School B&B, one being when a spirit boy entered the room during a channeling session. We had gathered around talking to the spirits. I had my dog, Sunny, present in the room to try and attract the spirits. My dog started getting restless, so I said to him, “Calm down or you are going out the car.” Upon playback of EVPs, we heard a boy spirit say, “Come here Sunny” right after I told my dog I would put him in the car. This was amazing to hear the spirit acknowledge the dog’s name. Wow! That let us know they can interact here in the now with us. It showed intelligence. On another night, Janet was downstairs cooking, and I went upstairs to chat with the spirits and record EVPs. I felt a small presence enter the room and touch me on the leg. I said hello as usual, and upon playback I heard, “My baby; I can love eating.” These spirits sounded like they were

November 2011

a woman saying, “Record for me,” which was exciting because she knew my intentions for that night. As I sat there recording on the edge of the bed, I felt the bed go down like someone had put their knee on the mattress. This kind of freaked me out, as I saw and felt an invisible presence moving. One night, I sat the camcorder in Mrs. Pink’s room facing the doorway and captured a full-body apparition of what looked to be a child. As Janet reviewed the footage, she was amazed by this, as the boy spirit looked to be floating in midair from right to left by the staircase. I have been blessed to capture some amazing paranormal activity at the Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast, which I have concluded is an active and intelligent haunted site. Evidence From the Location My strongest evidence gathered at the Prosperity School B&B include: EVPs: • “My baby; I can love eating” (child spirits) • “Dr. Ploise” • “I’m a good spirit” • “Are you Debbie Ralus?” • “Come here Sunny.” (child spirit) • Piano and organ music Video: • Large flat-top spirit energy • Full-body apparition (childlike)

Paranormal Underground 29

Paranormal Fantasy Author Spotlight

Dee Tenorio

Follows Her Imagination By Michelle M. Pillow,


ee Tenorio has a few reality issues. After much therapy for the problem — if one can call being awakened in the night by visions of hot able-bodied men a problem — she has proved incurable. It turns out she enjoys tormenting herself by writing sizzling, steamy romances of various genres, spanning paranormal mystery dramas, contemporaries, and romantic comedies. Her newest paranormal romantic suspense series, The Resurrection, delves into the world of wolf shifters. Tempting The Enemy (Book 1) and Deceiving The Protector (Book 2) are currently in stores.

Dee Tenorio goes wherever her imagination leads, which she says is often in directions wise people would choose not to go. Her book “Tempting The Enemy” was recognized in the 2011 Prism Awards for the Dark Paranormal category.

***** Q: What inspired you to write your newest release, Deceiving The Protector? Dee: Is it too simple to say I’m a “dog person” … well, not THAT way, lol. I’ve been reading about shifters for a while, always assuming it was something I couldn’t really do, but really admired. Then one day, I got an idea about a shifter running for her life, because as strong as she was, there was something even more powerful, something inevitable, after her. Once I got started, there was no stopping the story, which takes a great amount of its world from history.


Paranormal Underground

Mankind has never been kind to what it doesn’t understand, and shifters would fall into that category very easily. I haven’t looked back since. Q: When world-building, did you base your story off of known myths throughout history? Dee: Not a myth, actually, but history, yes. The Resurrection series is

November 2011

actually stories of survival, about genocide gone unchecked and how far people will go to stay alive. I’m a Native American, and I was brought up learning about the eradication of my culture and the systematic way it was achieved. Then, my mother worked in a Jewish Temple, which was one of the greatest places to learn about

After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. But Lia Crawford doesn’t want his protection. When she eludes his watch and returns with mysterious injuries, Tate knows she’s hiding something. To find out what, he’ll have to win her trust ... and get closer to the woman he thinks may be his mate.

Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies, and books?

a culture so completely different than anything I’ve ever known. I’d always been into history, but learning about the Holocaust from survivors and their children, well, that definitely stayed with me, and I wanted to imbue my characters with the strength I saw in true survivors. Q: What myths or legends inspired you? Dee: Well, not directly, but it’s always been one of my favorites, Hades & Persephone — dark, powerful hero and a heroine standing up to him. There’s a LOT of that in this book. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal? Dee: I think most people wish they were stronger, able to do something extraordinary. It doesn’t get more extraordinary than turning into a dangerous predator at will. Plus, the heroes tend to be written with a lot of … well, stamina, lol.

Dee: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I love Shelly Laurenston’s shifters — OMG, SOOOO much!; Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series (can I have a SnowDancer of my very own, pleaaaaase?); and Sherilyn Kenyon’s shifters are right up there with Lora Leigh’s Breed series for favorite guilty pleasures.

“knowing” thing for me. Knowing that things are coming, good or bad, can be somewhat difficult. I can’t actively use it, but it has come in handy at the strangest times. The bad thing is knowing something painful or life-changing, like losing a family member, is going to happen soon but having no ability to change the outcome. Q: What kind of paranormal creatures do you wish you could meet?

“Once I got started, there was no stopping the story.” Q: Do you believe in the supernatural? Or are you a skeptic?

Dee: The friendly kind, lol.

Dee: Absolutely I do. I’ve seen and heard too much not to, but I make it a point to respect things I don’t fully understand and most importantly don’t want in my house.

Q: If given the chance, would you become a shifter?

Q: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Dee: It’s more a question of when DIDN’T we have any. Basically, growing up, we found ourselves in a number of somewhat haunted houses. My family tends to have a certain sensitivity to that kind of thing. Personally, though, it’s the

November 2011

Dee: I WANT to say yes, but I don’t know that I would. Shifters would have to be very careful in our world. I talk in my sleep. (Discretion is not my middle name.) Q: How would you react if you came face to face with a shifter? Dee: Lots of OMG-ing and then, probably, “Can I pet you?” Q: What does the future hold for the Resurrection Series?

Paranormal Underground 31

Paranormal Fantasy Author Spotlight Dee: Hopefully, several more books. That’s the plan anyway. I really want to explore the world — show the other groups that make up the different parts of it. I’m working on Book 3, which

least another two novels after that. That’s my hope anyway. Q: Have you ever been to a psychic and/or had a past-life regression?

“The bad thing is knowing something painful or life-changing ... but having no ability to change the outcome.” is about The Sibile, a group of psychic mercenaries that live a bit like the Amish in small communities around the world. The males are essentially slaves and though the women are powerful, they aren’t that much freer. Really excited about where the story is headed. I’m planning a free read on my site for the spring and at

Dee: Nope, I haven’t. Well, unless you count my mom, who took one look at my future husband when he was 13 and declared he was staying in the family, with a pointed look at me. Mom’s good that way. She also calls scores for football scores, but never bets on them. She has morals, unless you’re playing Yahtzee. Then she’ll slaughter you

by calling the dice. Q: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Dee: I’m guessing my family doesn’t count, lol. Nope. My feet have always been planted firmly on the ground. (I don’t air travel well, they probably figured that out and moved on.) Q: Do you plan to continue writing paranormal stories when the Resurrection Series ends? Dee: Most definitely. The dark overtones very much fit my writing style, and I love being able to interject it with humor and sensuality. Now that I’m here, I think I’ve finally found a writing home. *****

Visit for more information about Dee and her books.

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Featured Author: Fiction

A Selfish Agenda By DJ Kemp, First-Place Paranormal Fiction Contest Winner


y name is Sarah Barstow. I am 22 years old and a lifelong resident of this small town. While the population here has declined to just a few thousand over recent decades, the history still remains. Just over a year ago, I started tagging along with a local paranormal investigation group, as it seemed a fun thing to do. Initially, I was just an interested observer, but after accompanying the six group members on several investigations, I increasingly became a more integral part of the group’s investigations, and their success. I found myself looking forward to further investigations, although for very different reasons than the rest of the members. I’m sure that more than a little of my enjoyment was because I had developed a particular fondness for the group’s leader, Thomas. Within just a few months of getting to know him, I had decided to move in with him at his small apartment. ***** Based on what has been widely interpreted as compelling evidence of the paranormal, the group has achieved fairly widespread recognition in recent months. The local TV news channel carried a story on the group a few months ago, albeit with their collective tongue firmly in cheek; a local newspaper profiled the group more recently; and now there’s talk of a


Paranormal Underground

network paranormal TV show sending a producer for a preliminary meeting with the group. I know Thomas is very excited for the future, although I’m a little saddened because I know nothing will come to fruition. While I am not especially proud to admit it, the truth is that I falsified a lot, if not all, of the group’s most persuasive evidence. So much equipment was left in various locations around each site, it was easy and far too compelling for my mischievous nature to ignore. Whispering into an unattended digital voice recorder, illuminating darkened rooms containing video recording equipment, casting shadows in view of a camera’s lens, or making any number of unnatural noises —

November 2011

such as noisy footsteps, banging on walls, opening or slamming doors — you name it, I did it. I contrived to do whatever I could to enliven what would have ultimately been uneventful and monotonous investigations. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t amusing to me at the time, but I do feel an element of regret and even shame when looking back at my actions. I deceived people that I had grown to like, people who had given up their free time and spent their hard-earned money on expensive equipment out of their desire to learn the truth. I will no longer interfere with the group’s investigations, but I do wish to continue my relationship with Thomas. I have decided that tonight is the time we will have a serious talk

about our future. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the future and the people I choose to include in it. I’m not one to give my love away easily, nor do I place trust in people who do not appear worthy of deserving it. I hope that the events I have set in motion this night do not lead Thomas to resent me and leave. I can see him now through the doorway, in his bed, breathing slowly and deeply. I feel torn between selfishness and my desire.

live with knowing of the freedom that I enjoy now. I hope Thomas quickly sees things from a similar perspective. I was killed instantly by a drunk driver in a head-on collision one February evening as I drove myself home from the bookstore. The driver of the other car was killed instantly too; I remember the confused and simultaneously horrified look on his face as he


stood by his car looking at the remains of his broken and bloody body within. I’m sure his expression mirrored my own. Momentarily, he then moved into the light that had appeared above, presumably to transport him to whatever lies beyond this realm. The whole universe operates through cause and effect, and we are not immune to this even after our mortal death. The universal law always ensures we have the opportunity to observe the consequences of our actions, or in my case the consequence of the man that led to me being dead in the wreck of what was once my vehicle.

The outside doors are closed, as are the windows to this small apartment. I have turned on all the rings on the old gas stove without igniting them. The apartment is silently filling with deadly gas that will soon bring Thomas to me. ***** I said earlier I was 22. In fact, in a traditional sense I would be quite some years older. The truth is that I was just 22 when my body-constrained life was taken from me. It took me some time to realize it, but I see it now for the liberation it was. I haven’t experienced every passing day since in the same way as I did when I was alive — my perception of time is different now. For weeks and even months at a time, I’ve been like the gas pilot light in an old water heater, just awaiting an event or person to pique my interest and ignite the flame of my being once more, while all but fading to a memory when the desire takes me. I always manifest to myself exactly how I looked the day before the events that removed my life from my body. My existence had felt so content in that body until I acquired the knowledge of what would follow. Thinking back now, the limits it placed on me would have been impossible to

fleetingly upon mortal death, and it soon vanishes if ignored, perhaps forever. I now appear to be firmly rooted in the periphery of the world of the living, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, quite the opposite; I am truly free! Once also free of the confines of his flesh, Thomas will be able to see me as real and solid to him, as his

“The universe operates through cause and effect.”

***** Once the horror of my last breath and the unexpected quandary I now faced had begun to fade, I regained some of my composure and immediately started to sense the possibilities of my new state of being. I wouldn’t understand it fully for months, if indeed I do now. I realized there was more to existence than I ever suspected, and so I had hesitated. I did not enter the blinding light, which appeared to hover above me at an indeterminate distance. It soon dissipated and left me alone in the night to reflect on my choice to stay. I have no idea how I could transition now even if I wanted to; it seems that gateway opens only

November 2011

mortal friends were in life. It is then that I will ask him to stay with me and confess my long-held feelings for him. I desperately hope he doesn’t resent me for the necessary actions I took to liberate him and bring us together. I hope he can see the bigger picture. At first, Thomas may deny my claim that what I did is for the best. I’ll need to be very careful with what I say and how I say it. He will need my guidance to tell him of the many things he will gain, rather than the little he has lost. I wish I could have had such a guiding hand when I died. He must not move to the light! By deciding to stay in his familiar, but now very different world, he will gain so much more than having continued to be held prisoner in his earthly body. No more sickness or aches and pains, no more reliance on sleep, no aging and deterioration as the body slowly declines, the ability to soar through the clouds unanchored by gravity… I could go on. Also, of course, he will have my love and companionship for as long as I desire him. ***** Anyway, I can hear Thomas’ breathing becoming increasingly labored and shallow. It won’t be long now.

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