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Paranormal Volume 5, Issue 3



May/June 2012

The Psi-UFO Connection What on Earth Is Going On?

The Most Haunted Sites in Illinois

Five Common Sense Ways to Spot a Fake Ghost Picture

Personal Experience:

The Father’s Pledge Photos

Also Inside: • The Paranormal Nights of Sunny San Diego: Part 2 • Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel • Author Spotlight: Linna Drehmel

May/June 2012

• Guest Editorial: Profiting From the Paranormal

Paranormal Underground



Paranormal Underground

May/June 2012

Inside This Issue


FEATURES SPECIAL REPORT Five Common Sense Ways to Spot a Fake Ghost Picture


CASE FILES OF THE UNKNOWN Haunted Sites Welcome to Illinois: Come for the Hospitality, Stay for the Weirdness


Are We Alone? The Psi-UFO Connection: What on Earth Is Going On?


PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Ghost Hunter Case Files: The Paranormal Nights of Sunny San Diego: Part 2 Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel The Father’s Pledge Photographs

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Linna Drehmel: Inspired by God


Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial Profiting From the Paranormal


FICTION: FEATURED AUTHOR “Three Wishes” by Sandi Kennedy

32 May/June 2012

DEPARTMENTS Contributors


Ghost Hunter Comic


Publisher’s Letter


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Contributors Karen Frazier

J.D. Harrison

Karen is a paranormal investigator with South Sound Paranormal Research in Washington State and a frequent contributor to Paranormal Underground. She is also the cohost of Paranormal Underground Radio on and the author of Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington.

J.D. is Paranormal Underground’s science editor. He is a working archaeologist with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archeology and a minor in history. For the past 30 years, he has studied demonology, spirit manifestation, Cabalistic ritualism, and many other aspects of the paranormal. He has focused his studies on topics like Paganism, Wicca, Druidic, and Celtic practices, and other obscure religious ritualistic beliefs and practices. J.D. is neither a skeptic nor a believer in the paranormal, but instead believes that scientific observation is best served from a place of neither skepticism nor belief.

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind EntitiesR-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. You can find her work on www., or contact Terri at

Rick E. Hale A Chicago native, Rick has been researching all aspects of the paranormal since the age of eight. A featured writer for Paranormal Underground magazine, Rick also hosts of Paranormal Underground Radio on www. He is also the founder of Foundations Psychical Research. Rick is also the author of the soon-to-be-released Geek’s Guide to the Paranormal: Ghosts, Poltergeists and Demons. As an investigator, Rick considers himself to be a Modern Traditionalist, meaning he believes in melding the new and old schools of psychical research.


Paranormal Underground

Sandi Kennedy Sandi was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, and currently still resides in South Jersey with her husband and two sons. According to Sandi, Paranormal Underground magazine has opened up a world of writing in her that she never knew existed. She has been writing ever since she came upon the Paranormal Underground Website in summer 2008. She is a true believer in the paranormal, having witnessed ghosts on several occasions throughout her life.

John “Jack” Kenna Jack is a technical specialist and assistant case manager for the paranormal team SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He has had a strong interest in the paranormal since he was a child and has

May/June 2012

helped his SPIRITS team conduct numerous client investigations, including an investigation for the U.S. Navy in 2010. Jack has been a technician and project leader for the Department of the Army for the past 26 years.

Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editorin-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine, director of Publications & Editing Services for Ghost Knight Media, and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications.

Kevin Lawrence Kevin is a longtime paranormal enthusiast based on his own childhood ghost experience. He founded in 2011 with the mission of promoting the best real ghost pictures on the net, spreading awareness of quality paranormal evidence, and hopefully stemming the rise of hoax photos.

Stephen Nakonechny Stephen is a kennel owner by day and ghost hunter by night. “My Alaskan Malamute Big Buck and I are like K9 ghost hunters.” During each investigation,

Ghost Hunter Comic

Stephen uses a scientific approach to collect and record data and photographic evidence to back up paranormal claims. Stephen has worked in the aerospace industry and environmental services. His goal as a psychic photographer/paranormal investigator is to prove the existence of spirits through strict scientific applications.

Michelle Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. Michelle has a photography degree and is the co-owner of You can contact Michelle at

Rob St.Helen Rob has been a paranormal investigator for more than five years. He had his first paranormal experience at the age of 11. Rob is a member of West Coast Ghost Hunters, based out of Portland, Oregon, where he was born and raised. He currently works the graveyard shift at The Heathman Hotel. He has come to find that the hotel is haunted.

Barry Taff, Ph.D. Dr. Taff holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering. He is a world-renowned parapsychologist who worked out of UCLA’s former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate.

May/June 2012

During his 43-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,500 cases of ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition. For more information about Dr. Taff, visit

Chad Wilson A writer of articles and fiction, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine and a partner for Ghost Knight Media. His interest in the paranormal led to the creation of Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

Paranormal Underground


Publisher’s Letter Paranormal Underground® Volume 5, Issue 3

May/June 2012


Tales From an Old Soul: Reincarnation and My Belief in Self By Chad Wilson, Publisher

Publisher Chad Wilson

“Through a Glass Darkly”


Through the travail of ages, midst the pomp and toils of war, have I fought and strove and perished, countless times among the stars.

Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Contributors Karen Frazier Terri J. Garofalo Rick E. Hale J.D. Harrison Sandi Kennedy John “Jack” Kenna Cheryl Knight Kevin Lawrence Steve Nakonechny Michelle M. Pillow Rob St.Helen Dr. Barry Taff Chad Wilson Send comments and letters to: Copyright © 2008-2012 — Paranormal Underground® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. As such, Paranormal Underground and its contents are the property of its owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This publication and all content within this publication may not be copied, quoted, distributed, modified, or reprinted without the express written consent of Paranormal Underground magazine. Paranormal Underground magazine is a publication of Ghost Knight Media, LLC.


Paranormal Underground

I have sinned and I have suffered Played the hero and the knave Fought for belly, shame or country And for each have found a grave. General George S. Patton, Jr.

As if through a glass and darkly, the age old strife I see, when I fought in many guises and many names, but always me. So forever in the future Shall I battle as of yore, Dying to be born a fighter But to die again once more.

—Excerpt from poem by General George S. Patton, Jr.


eneral Patton believed in reincarnation. He thought he was the great Carthaginian leader Hannibal. While he had no direct proof of this, they did share some qualities in their separate lives. Qualities that would seem to connect them over the ages. Both were charismatic to the point where the armies they led could perform amazing feats of endurance, the Carthaginians in crossing the Alps and the Third

May/June 2012

Army on its drive to Berlin. Both were tactical geniuses. They both had egos that more than likely got them into trouble upon occasion. It was during the fight against Germany that Patton revealed his inner most thoughts to those around him. As he and his army moved across France, much like Hannibal so long ago, he recited the above poem, which is only an excerpt from the original longer version, to his assistant generals. When asked who wrote the poem, Patton’s only response was, “Me.” No one had told George Patton that he was the reincarnation of one of the ancient world’s most greatest and innovative leaders. He had memories of fighting the Romans as a Carthaginian. Patton believed history was a series of interconnected events, each affecting the other down through the ages, and that reincarnation was a part of that equation. I’m relating all this information

on a long dead American General contracts with others within our soul and his belief in reincarnation to say group to learn lessons from each this. How do we know who we truly other and to teach lessons to those are? Viewing this current life and other souls. remembering the details is a task So, there are many possible within itself, let alone having memoanswers, but how do we know which ries of a past life that might seem like one is the truth. It’s simple: We a dream. But they are memories all don’t. the same. The question is, where did So, what does this all mean? My they come from? answer honestly is, I do not know. I feel each individual is on their own As some of you might know, I journey and that they will discover am a firm believer in reincarnation. No, I’m not saying I whatever truth is out am General George there for them in S. Patton, Jr. reborn. their own time. Because just as I believe Not that I know of in reincarnation, I anyway. But I do believe we are born, we also don’t believe in coincidences. Everylive, we die, and then, when we are ready, thing happens when it happens for a reason. we are reborn again. What we do with The next question that comes up is, what is presented to us determines our how do you know for sure that reincarnafuture going forward. Hannibal, Punic Carthaginian Because, just as things tion is a reality? The military commander happen to us for a simple answer is that I don’t. I can only go with what I feel reason, the decisions we make in regard to those events shape our inside, as well as point out the countless stories of children who recollect lives, for good or bad. So, how do you know what is the right choice? lives they couldn’t have possibly lived. You don’t. Most notably children from India, a country whose belief system accepts Yes, there are obvious wrong choices, don’t drink and drive, don’t that way of thinking. do drugs, don’t have unprotected I assume the next logical question sex with a stranger, and myriad other would then be, if we are reincarnated, bad choices. then to what end? What is the reason that our souls come back again and My best advice is this: Look again? That is a good question. What around at this beautiful world in which we live and the precious are possible answers? souls we are sharing this journey Are we are on some karmic with. Your wife, husband, girlfriend, quest to atone or be rewarded for actions in a current or past life? Are boyfriend, parents, kids, coworkwe spiritual beings who got caught ers, neighbors, and anyone else you might come into contact with are up in the illusion that is the physical not just people, but souls. Souls world, with the only way to break looking for answers just as you are. free being to realize our true spiritual selves and start on a mystical journey And together, I think we can find toward enlightenment? them. Not only do I feel this is a great truth, but I feel it is the only My personal answer, though, is way to live. that we are here to learn and make

May/June 2012

Paranormal Underground® Volume 5, Issue 3

May/June 2012

ART Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight


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Special Report

Five Common Sense Ways to Spot a Fake Ghost Picture By Kevin Lawrence,


n all the time I spend searching for real ghost pictures to post on our site,, I have seen more fake ghost pictures than I care to remember. The thing that gets to me though is how blatantly fake most of these forged ghost pictures look. For example, there are an increasingly large number of ghost pictures primarily from Asia featuring a female “ghost” who looks shamelessly like the ghost in Ringu, or The Ring, for my fellow Americans. Now, maybe the makers of those films know something about the paranormal that I don’t, but I’m pretty sure every spirit from that region isn’t taking the same form. Inspired by these, and the other laughable fake ghost pictures I’ve come across, as well as the poor gullible people I see falling for them, I’ve compiled a list of common sense checks I use when looking for real ghost pictures for our site. Note: I’m not an expert on photography, and I’m not saying passing any of these benchmarks proves an image to be paranormal. However, hopefully they will help you dismiss blatant frauds, giving you more time to spend on possibly real ghost pictures. Here is a list of five common sense ways to spot a fake ghost picture (in no particular order):


Paranormal Underground

What’s funny about this fake ghost photo and the one on the next page is that it looks like the creator used the same “ghost” for both photos!

May/June 2012

1. What is the source? This one should be the most obvious. Like anything else in life, can you trust where the picture is coming from? Doing a little research on sources can help stop hoaxers from wasting your time.

issues, perspective issues, and a whole mess of other tell-tale traits when a picture has been tampered with.

2. Does it look too good to be true? If it does, it probably is. You should have listened to your mother! With bootleg copies of powerful photo editing software being so easily available, you have to assume anything too clear, or too perfect, is fake. 3. Pay special attention to shading/lighting angles. Most new photo editors don’t know how to match lighting and shadows. Does the sun appear to be shining on a “ghost” in an indoor picture? That’s an extreme example, but I’ve seen it.

4. Are there any other “glitches” in the photo? It has been my experience that most frauds are not made by skilled photo editors. There are usually scale

May/June 2012

5. Is your picture of an orb? If it is, it’s probably not paranormal. This may be a controversial stance, but in my opinion, there are too many perfectly natural ways “orbs” can show up in a photo. I’ve heard they can be considered real if they emit their own light. Even this could be explained as ball lightning, etc. This is not to say people presenting orb pictures are trying to pull a fast one; they may be totally convinced its legit. It’s just such a grey area, and orbs tend to be naturally occurring so often, why waste the time?

Do you have “ghost” photos you believe to be real? E-mail submit@spookypics. com now!

Paranormal Underground


Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

Welcome To Illinois: Come For The Hospitality, Stay For The Weirdness

By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research


h, Illinois. The land of Lincoln. The land of corn stalks knee high by the Fourth of July. Open land as far as the eye can see. I love Illinois. I was born here, I live here, and one day, by the grace of whatever God may be floating around up there, I will die here and be buried in its rich soil. Illinois is so much more than a state filled with miles upon miles of cows. The land of Lincoln is so much more than hard-working people who want nothing more than to spend time with their family and friends. As a matter of fact, it appears there are strange paranormal forces in this great state that make it one of the weirdest places in America. In Illinois, we have more ghosts than you can shake an EMF detector at, terrible flesh-eating beasts with their jowls dripping with blood, and alien visitors that want nothing more than to invade, enslave, and exploit our natural resources. Well, I might be being a bit melodramatic; however, it doesn’t change the fact that strange things happen in Illinois day in and day out. So, welcome to Illinois, where visitors come for the hospitality and stay for the weirdness.


Paranormal Underground

Opened in 1930, the Manteno State Hospital operated primarily as a psychiatric hospital before it closed in 1985. (Photo:

Manteno State Hospital of the Damned Most newbie ghost hunters are always looking for that special place to cut their teeth on. Most in Illinois can visit any number of abandoned buildings and ancient disused cemeteries in the hopes of finding some kind of evidence of a haunting. However, Manteno State Mental Hospital in Kankakee County, Illinois, is not that

May/June 2012

place, unless you like being viciously harassed and, some would say, attacked by its former residents. Mental illness continues to be a major problem in our society, even in our enlightened age of therapy and psychotropic medication. In 1930, the state of Illinois opened a facility to serve with the citizens that showed signs of insanity. Like any mental treatment facil-

ity at that time, Manteno State was opened with the best of intentions, but stories of patient abuse and lobotomies gone wrong began to filter out into the community that suggested Manteno was more an asylum of terror. And the stories of tragedy would get a shot in the arm in 1939. In 1939, 384 patients and staff contracted the deadly illness of typhoid fever, which ended up killing 47. Visitors to the asylum witnessed patients and staff alike die a horrible death at the hands of the all too common disease at the time, which killed tens of thousands. In the early 1980s, most of the buildings on site were knocked down, although some structures still exist, and the other half was turned into the Illinois Veteran’s home. It was shortly after these buildings were knocked down that stories of the ghosts of former patients haunting the living began to surface. Over the years, visitors to the former asylum reported hearing screams that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. Visitors also reported seeing terrifying apparitions of former patients that seemed to carry their madness beyond the veil of death. Visitors have been pushed, shoved, punched, and scratched by the specters of the former residents who lived and died there. Others have reported feeling cold breezes rush past them and the apparitions of children wandering around the buildings that were left standing. Corn and Satanic Worship Shortly after my wife and I met, she told me of a place near her home in Buffalo Grove that was a place of great tragedy, murder, and satanic worship. At the end of Dundee Road sits an innocent-looking corn silo with an interesting story to tell. As the story goes, back in the 1950s, a farmer completely lost his

The SS Eastland was a passenger tour ship. In 1915, tragedy struck while the ship was tied to a dock in the Chicago River. The ship rolled over, killing more than 840 passengers and crew members. (Photo: Wikipedia)

mind and brutally murdered his wife and children, and after hanging their bodies from the rafters of the barn, he committed suicide by doing the same. The story is tragic, and although the house and the barn have been torn down, the silo still stands as a reminder of the brutal murders that took place there almost 60 years ago. For the past two decades, disturbing stories of Satanists holding black masses have abounded throughout the area. Folks in the area have claimed to witness dark robed figures moving around the property at night, and weird chants have been heard carried on the wind. Residents of the area also say that the spirits of the farmer and his family haunt the location and discourage the brave of heart from staying too long. Dark amorphous shadows have been seen near the silo and what remains of the buildings that once stood there. Screams have been heard, and some have claimed to have been attacked by some invisible entity. Others, including myself, who have visited the silo, have heard the sound

May/June 2012

of children not only laughing, but screaming in agony. Whether or not the acolytes of the prince of darkness worship their dread lord there, I can say with all confidence that the silo is most definitely haunted. Tragedy on the River In 1912, the greatest maritime tragedy of all time occurred. One that killed over a thousand people. The sinking of the Titanic will always go down in history as being the greatest tragedy on the high seas. However, on July 24, 1915, the greatest inland maritime disaster took place right here on the Chicago River. On this day, thousands of employees of the Electric Western Company boarded the SS Eastland for a quick trip across Lake Michigan to a picnic the company was holding in Michigan City, Indiana, to show its appreciation to its employees and their families for all the hard work they had done and for their help in making the company a great success. But tragedy struck when the passengers rushed to one side of the

Paranormal Underground 11

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

Built in 1869, the McPike Mansion sits in Alton, Illinois. The mansion is said to be haunted by those who once worked there.

vessel to bid farewell to family and friends that stood on the banks of the Chicago River to see them off. By rights, the Eastland never should have been allowed to sail. Mainly because it was considered top heavy, and when the passengers rushed to one side the boat capsized, trapping almost a thousand men, women, and children under the waters of the River. About 844 employees and their family members died that day. If the stories are true, though, some of their ghosts still remain. Visitors to the Clark Street bridge, where the ship capsized, have claimed to witness wispy apparitions dressed in period clothing walking around the banks of the river and the bridge. The apparitions are usually looking into the waters of the river and wandering around as if lost before vanishing. Others have heard what sounds like the screams of anguish coming from the river, as well as the terrified screams of children begging to be rescued before they drowned. The Eastland disaster will go down as being one of the greatest, and almost forgot-


Paranormal Underground

ten, maritime disasters in history. When it comes to the ghosts of the Eastland disaster, there is something interesting to note. When the bodies of the victims were removed from the river, they were taken to a nearby armory for cold storage. Today, that nearby armory is the location of the studios of the longtime queen of daytime talk, Oprah Winfrey. Although Oprah herself will not comment about the strange goings on in her studios, many who work there will. Night security personnel have long spoken of witnessing the apparition of a woman in a gray dress wondering around the premises. Others have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps, laughing, and weeping. Many employees of Harpo Studios claim to have come face-to-face with the apparition of the Gray Lady. The Prototypical Haunted House: McPike Mansion In every community there is always talk of that one house that exudes a sinister feel and has been labeled haunted. McPike Mansion

May/June 2012

in Alton, Illinois, is one such place. In 1869, Henry Guest McPike built his home on Alby Street as a labor of love for himself and his family. Some might think that such a thing would cause any former resident to stick around posthumously. However, not so with McPike, as he seems to be resting well in the family plot. You see, McPike Mansion is said to be haunted by those who once worked there. Although the house is believe to be haunted by a legion of spirits, the two most prominent spirits are Paul Laichinger and a former maid named Sarah. The apparition of Paul has been seen walking about the inside of the house and on the property. Many who have visited and owned the home have claimed to see Paul looking out a second-story window. The spirit of Sarah is heard walking around the house singing. Many believe she is still performing the household duties in death that she faithfully performed in life. Although these two seem to be the most prominent spirits that haunt the upper floors of the house, something strange seems to haunt the basement and the cellar. Those who have visited McPike Mansion and were brave enough to wander around the cold, dark underbelly of the structure have claimed to witness a glowing, bone-chilling mist that seems to come out of the walls, envelope the visitors, and then return to the walls. Who or what is this mist in the basement? Some, including myself, believe it to be a concentration of spirits that are said to haunt the mansion and its grounds. In conclusion, when investigating Illinois’ haunted hotspots, remember to always ask for permission to enter a site, keep safety foremost in your mind, and be aware of your surroundings.

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With Hosts Rick Hale & Karen Frazier May/June 2012

Paranormal Underground 13

Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone?

The Psi-UFO Connection: What On Earth Is Going On?

By Dr. Barry Taff


f you’ve read enough credible research publications from parapsychology and ufology over the past 50 years, you’re probably already aware of the fact that there is a rather fascinating, yet obscure, interrelationship between paranormal experiences and UFO encounters (check out the various books by Jacques Vallee). Why is it that many Close Encounter (CE)-III’s & IV’s have paranormal fallout following the event? Why is it that certain people who have frequent paranormal experiences are more likely to experience a UFO encounter? While it is scientifically invalid even attempting to explain one phenomenon with another, we can look for longitudinal continuity regarding such events in the hope of finding patterns that lead to an eventual explanation of either area of study. In my own case files as recounted in my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown, there are some real high strangeness cases, and most of them are somewhat disturbing in nature. A Case of High Strangeness The first case stems from the mid-1970s where a local television network executive called complaining about poltergeist activity in his home. The case was a rather minor one, where we encountered nothing of interest upon our investigation. Both Alan and his family seemed


Paranormal Underground

In my own case files, there are several high strangeness cases, and most of them are somewhat disturbing in nature.

quite grounded, normal, stable, and well adjusted. From time to time, Alan would call and report more activity, but of a low magnitude and frequency. They reported occasional luminous anomalies, disembodied voices, banging noises, and problems with electrical items in the house. Nothing about their family seemed indicative of such phenomena, nor did their environment, although we did not yet possess the sensitive instrumentation we do today because it did not yet exist. Many months went by, and the calls from Alan eventually ceased. Shortly after that, Alan and his wife were taking a road trip up north in California. While driving at night,

May/June 2012

they spotted what looked like a small, burning plane about to crash into the hills to their right. They drove up to where they assumed the plane had crashed, and after rounding a bend they ran into a very unexpected sight. A shocking and terrifying visage to say the least. Sitting on the ground in front of them was a classic flying saucer, maybe 30 to 50 feet in diameter. And if that weren’t difficult enough to absorb, there were several diminutive humanoids in tight-fitting flight suits moving around in the area around the saucer, as if looking for something. The beings were about four feet tall with grayish-brown skin, large, black, almond-shaped eyes and no apparent nose or outer ears. Classic Greys in every respect. Suddenly, several of the humanoids became aware of Alan and his wife sitting in their car observing them. One of the creatures immediately pointed a tubular-shaped object at them that emitted a bright pulse of light. The next thing Alan and his wife remembered was being back on the highway many miles away, several hours later. The classic abduction scenario. Over the next couple of months, they started having very disturbing dreams about their missing time, most of which they were very reluctant to discuss with anyone, although Alan told me some of what he claimed to have remembered. His wife wouldn’t

even talk to me at all about this. They tried seeking psychiatric counseling, only to discover that mental health workers simply assumed they both had psychotic breaks and wanted to medicate them into passivity. Given that such experiences were not widely known of or as frequently reported as today, this result was not surprising. Needless to say, they walked away from such help for good reason. However, what they weren’t hesitant to share with me was that their marriage was in serious trouble due to their dramatically altered personalities. Alan and his wife started experiencing strong emotional mood swings, from manic to depression, which for them was anything but normal as they were both pretty laid back and calm. Alan’s behavior became so volatile and erratic that he started having trouble at work in terms of interacting with people he had known for many years. We knew where it was headed. In the end, Alan and his wife divorced, and he left his seemingly enjoyable and certainly lucrative job, which the network preferred given his new found anxiety, anger, and bitterness. Blatant Cross-Over Between Paranormal and UFO Events Moving on to 1977, another incident clearly indicated the somewhat blatant cross-over between paranormal and UFO events. However, this one struck real close to home for me, for if this particular event never occurred, I probably would be married today. I truly felt that this woman was my soul mate, and I never could have foreseen what was about to occur. As discussed in chapter ten of my book, I met a beautiful girl on Valentine’s Day while investigating a case in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. This girl was so physically stunning to me that it was impossible to

The actress that most resembled Judy was Mari Blanchard.

stop staring at her. Picture a young Natalie Wood, from Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice (1969) mixed with Sherry Jackson from the original Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of,” and throw in a little bit of a young Brenda Benet, Joan Collins, and Liz Taylor, and you’ve got it. The actress that most resembled Judy was Mari Blanchard, as shown in the picture. This, and much more, was Judy. Not surprisingly, Judy was an aspiring actress and face model, but her career never really took off for many reasons. The case was a very weak one, and there was no follow-up in terms of research required. However, there was follow-up with Judy, and we ended up in a very intense relationship. During this relationship, there were recurring episodes of RSPK activity, culminating in a large glowing sphere of light emerging from the lumber region of her back while giving her a massage. More often than not, most of the clocks in her condo would all desynchronize and run at different speeds, some faster, some slower. All of this paranormal activity was kind of an added bonus to being in a relationship with her. At least I thought it was. Boy, was I wrong.

May/June 2012

For the both of us, it was a perfect relationship in every respect and perhaps even more than normal, as she turned out to be a very gifted psychic and worked with our psi training groups at our UCLA parapsychology lab, as well as on missing person cases. The way things were evolving between us, I really expected us to be engaged within less than six months. But fate had something else in mind, and the omens then came through my subconscious in the form of dreams. They were all the same. The dreams were simple and straightforward. Our relationship was to end on July 22, 1977, the reasons for which were never provided in my dreams. Was I insecure about us? Was I frightened that she’d might leave me for someone else? What was going on? The dreams continued unabated, and all I could do was to write down what I remembered from them, although I never told Judy as she might misinterpret them as my desire to leave her. Then, as suddenly as they began, the dreams ceased and I could not have been happier. Upon awakening in the midmorning of July 22, I had almost forgotten about the dreams, that is, until I discovered Judy sobbing and shivering under the covers next to me in bed. Not willing to emerge from between the sheets, she asked why I didn’t help her last night? What? Help her with what? Judy recounted her being awakened and finding the room brilliantly lit, but the lights were not on. She was levitated up out of the bed, eventually finding herself in a round, metallicwalled room where she was strapped to a metallic table around her wrists, neck, ankles, and abdomen. There were tiny men who had skin like a snake or reptile and a face without ears or noses, with large black eyes, who were poking and prodding

Paranormal Underground 15

Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone? her everywhere, but especially in every bodily orifice; eyes, nose, ears, mouth, rectum, and vagina. She could her them speaking, yet their lipless mouths were not moving. They kept saying that they weren’t going to hurt her, even though that’s exactly what they were doing. The next thing that she remembered was waking up in bed with me soundly sleeping next to her. I asked her if she knew anything about UFO abductions and her reply was, “What are UFO abductions?” While she was very interested in the paranormal, UFOs held absolutely no interest for her at all. I finally coaxed her out from under the covers to be shocked by what I saw. To make a long story very short, she had bruises at her neck, waist, wrists, abdomen, and ankles, like she had been restrained very tightly for some time. She was bleeding from her nose, ear, eye, rectum, and vagina (not her period). We were both startled by all of this. Judy basically had a complete breakdown after this event, becoming almost totally delusional with overt signs of dissociation. She never sought any help from anyone, and she never, even marginally, recovered. She became a religious zealot, but of a very unusual type. Needless to say, our relationship ended on that very day, just as my dream had predicted. From occasional contact with her over the subsequent years, she claims to have been re-abducted many times. It’s one thing to lose a potential mate, but not to something like this. Was there any physical proof of this alleged abduction? Yes and no. It turns out that the power in her condo had been turned off for about two hours that night/morning, and in talking to several of the neighbors who knew nothing of Judy’s experience, many reported a strange, large, glowing


Paranormal Underground

mass that silently hovered over that part of the Hollywood Hills that night. Is this proof? Of course not? But it is incredibly compelling at many levels. The Disappearance of Maria The next case to discuss is from the early 1980s in the Sunland area of Southern California. A middleaged woman named Maria called and spoke about seeing luminous anomalies and apparitions accompanied by strange lights and sounds in her home. After visiting her home and interviewing her, Maria’s case sounded like a haunting, that is, until she told me what started all of it. Maria was taking a walk in the canyon near her home early one evening after dinner and ran across something that scared the daylights out of her. There in the canyon was a glowing UFO hovering maybe 20 to 30 feet over the canyon floor. She said it was about as wide as a very large bus or train cab and emitted a soft reddish light and a slight humming sound. Maria ran away as fast as her legs could carry her. It was after this event that the phenomena at her house began, the worst of which were large balls of fire that would roll down off the hills impacting her house with a thunderous clap that violently shook the entire house, but there were no concomitant burns as a result. Her son became so terrified and unnerved by these events that he moved out to live with friends. Then all contact with Maria ceased. When family members came to investigate what happened to Maria, they discovered that she had completely disappeared. Her car, her money, her purse, and clothing were still in the home and in perfect condition. No evidence of a break-in or struggle was found. She was never found, nor was any sign of her ever located. Thirty years have passed and

May/June 2012

still no evidence or sign of Maria was ever found. Where’s Maria? Perhaps we should look up instead of down? More High Strangeness Cases The last case here stems from the mid-1980s and is from the Bel-Air Estates area of Los Angeles. Very expensive homes of very wealthy people. All I can say is that it involved a female UCLA student and an incident that began as a classic poltergeist case and evolved into one of CE-III, wherein the girl and both her skeptical parents witnessed the presence of seeming extraterrestrial humanoids in their home on more than one occasion. Rather than tell you the entire lengthy story here, the incredible details can be found in my book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown. These stories represent only the tip of a very large iceberg in terms of such cases. But they do point to one particularly interesting hypothesis in which there is a fifth force operating both here and out there. A force that is not electromagnetic, nuclear, or gravitational. A force that does its work without heat (endothermic). A force that could be at the root of both paranormal- and UFO-related events. A force many of us refer to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE). I have this sneaking suspicion that UFOs use this ZPE force the same way we interpret paranormal events and use electromagnetism (to a point), wherein one can be linked to the other in as yet unknown ways to produce seemingly impossible events. The cumulative data from many decades of UFO research strongly suggests that whatever these things and their occupants are, they can affect matter, energy, and mind (consciousness), with the ease with which we affect water. This is a fundamental tenant of my book and research.

100 Years After a Devastating Avalanche Took Their Lives, the “Spirits” of Wellington, Washington, Still Remain. Read One Investigator’s Account of How She Met . . . “The Ghosts of Wellington.”

Book Now Available Online at May/June 2012 Paranormal Underground


Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

The Paranormal Nights of Sunny San Diego: Part 2 By Jack Kenna, SPIRITS of New England For Part 1 of this article, see our March/April 2012 issue.


kay, I know that in Part 1 of this article, I rambled on about the history of Old Town San Diego and the great folks at sdGH, but I just didn’t think I could tell this story properly without this information, and I want to thank you for hanging in there with me to get to what I know you’re truly interested in, the investigations themselves. Trust me, I know how you feel. I wasn’t meeting my new friends at the Star of India until about 9:30 p.m., and I was supposed to get some rest before then. But we all know that didn’t happen; I was just too excited! I actually had the opportunity to do two investigations on the Star of India with my friends from sdGH. So to help shorten this article a bit, I will discuss the experiences of both investigations together. The first investigation took place on February 13, 2011, and the second on April 9, 2011. My first sight of the Star of India was at night. It was impressive to say the least. The ship is berthed in San Diego Harbor at the Maritime Museum right along the main street of North Harbor Drive. The ship was much bigger than I had imagined and was lit only by the soft glow of the street lights and a few of the lights that


Paranormal Underground

were within the ship, which had been turned on by the night guard that was awaiting our arrival. The street by the ship was quiet, only an occasional couple walking by breaking the silence or the creaking of the ropes that secured the ship to its berth. The harbor waters were quiet and smooth. I had arrived a bit early, which gave me time to take some photos

The Star of India is an iron-hulled ship that was built in 1863 on the Isle of Man at the Ramsey Shipyard. (Photo:

May/June 2012

I wanted to get and to reflect on the history and life of the vessel. The Star of India’s Past She is an iron-hulled ship that was built in 1863 on the Isle of Man at the Ramsey Shipyard. She was first christened with the name Euterpe after the Greek muse of music and poetry. In the 148 years that she lived, she has sailed around the world 21 times. In her first voyage alone, she survived a collision and a mutiny; she has also lived through numerous hurricanes, typhoons, and countless storms at sea. She has been trapped in ice in Alaska, went aground in Hawaii, and was made an “American” ship by an Act of Congress. She carried countless emigrants in her ’tween deck, or what could be considered the womb of this great ship, on their journeys from England, Ireland, and Scotland to the new world of New Zealand. These people were used to a hard life and endured life aboard the ship on a diet of hardtack and salt junk provided by the ship’s owners as part of their payment for passage. Many suffered from illness and many passed away onboard and were buried at sea. Some of the deaths onboard were even more tragic though. A first mate committed suicide in his bunk onboard the ship by cutting his

own throat after accepting the blame for another death that he did not cause and was not involved with. No one knows exactly why he took the blame for this, but it may have been to protect a person he thought was a good friend. A young lady of the evening also died onboard, or in fact may have been murdered by one of her clients. She fell, or was possibly pushed, to her death from the railing of the ’tween deck to the cargo deck below. She also did not like the work she had been forced into out of necessity and the lack of other more honest work. She resented the men that she had to “entertain” in order to make a living. Even in recent years, in her normally quiet harboring, the ship has been witness to the death of a crew member. In July 2010, Greg Gushaw, a 68-year-old retired Navy man and 10-year volunteer crewmember of the Star of India, fell about 30 to 50 feet from the rigging of the main mast where he had been working to prepare the ship for its first November sailing in several years. Gushaw was described by his friends as a man of great integrity and class. The accident is still a bit of a mystery, as Gushaw had been wearing a safety harness at the time, but it somehow seemed to have failed. It was determined by the Coast Guard who investigated the incident that Gushaw had most likely suffered a “medical emergency” just prior to his fall. There are many more documented deaths that have occurred aboard the Star, and it gives an investigator a lot to think about before going aboard to attempt to make contact with any spirits that may still be lingering there. Sitting there alone on the hood of my car, staring at this awesome and historic vessel in the dark quiet of a cool harbor evening, and thinking about all of this history, it made me begin to

Jack Kenna investigating with divining rods for the first time on the Star of India.

wonder what I might encounter that night and if I might be worthy enough to have those souls still living there be willing to interact with me. I could only hope. The Team Arrives My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a truck pulling up, followed by a van. It was Maritza, Colleen, and Diana. We were also joined a few moments later by five other guest investigators, four women and the son of one of them, a young teenage boy also named Jack. I don’t know what it is, but for some very strange reason I always find myself surrounded by women during paranormal investigations. My team SoNE, based in Winthrop, MA, is basically an all-woman team with one exception, yep, me. So here I was about to investigate the famous Star of India with seven women and a young gentleman named Jack. I was truly feeling right at home and looking forward to a great investigation. Maritza gathered up our group as we were joined by the night guard for the Maritime Museum who lead us onboard. We set up our base camp inside the first class and officers quarters on the upper deck of the ship. We would also investigate this area, but it provided the best central loca-

May/June 2012

tion to organize the group. Maritza had us all gather together around the table in the officer’s quarters as the night guard gave us his safety lecture and even enlightened us with some of his own “odd” experiences on the ship. He told us to enjoy ourselves and that he would be back at about 2:30 a.m. to let us off the ship. While the guard exited the cabin, Maritza began to tell us how she wanted to start off the investigation. I found what she said next to be an interesting approach to the beginning of an investigation. She suggested that we first wander about the ship, checking it out, talking, laughing, and engaging in some general conversation. And even take some photos or video. We would do this for about an hour before settling in to investigate. Again, I found this interesting, although while she was explaining what she wanted us to do I didn’t totally “get it” at that moment. Then she made it clear why she wanted us to do this, “It will stir up the spirits! Get them engaged with our presence here.” Boy did the light bulb suddenly go on in my head! Of course! As a paranormal investigator we are all predisposed to our belief that spirits do exist. We often tout ourselves as being skeptics, but the fact is that we do believe that there is life after death and that the spirits of some of

Paranormal Underground 19

Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files those who have passed on, for whatever reasons, remain and continue to roam the areas that they once lived. So in believing this, it makes a great deal of sense to try and engage these individuals, these souls, by walking through what they may consider their home, letting them know you’re there, that you want to talk with them, and that you’re whole purpose of being there is to interact with them.

and her team had encountered and captured EVPs from. We explored the ship and identified areas that we wanted to start with and conduct a few EVP sessions at. While walking the ship, I kept my audio recorder going from the time we first left the officer’s cabin. I like to do this even during investigations of client’s homes, during the walk through and while taking the

I turned to see the dark shadow of a man. In thinking about it, we all do this as investigators whether we realize it or not. During the time that we are setting up our equipment in a location, we are moving through the home or building talking with each other to setup DVR cameras, audio recorders, and other equipment. Even during the walkthrough before the setup and investigation we are talking about the activity while viewing the areas in which it takes place. We are talking about the spirits that may still be wandering these sites in front of them. We are strangers moving through their home. Like any living person, if we suddenly hear someone talking about us or have a stranger enter our home, we become immediately curious and tend to listen very closely to what’s being said. We go to see who it is and what’s going on. It stirs our interest, curiosity, and emotions, and it eventually draws us into the conversation, causing us to interact with those involved. The Investigation Begins During this first hour of our investigation, Maritza provided us with additional information about some of the history of the ship. This included the people who had died on board and some of the souls she


Paranormal Underground

base EMF readings. On more than one occasion I have captured EVPs during this time. Again, the intrusion of strangers into the home can seem to illicit a response from spirits that may be there watching us. If I can believe my own senses of what I experienced next on the ’tween deck, then Maritza and her theory are correct. While walking through the ’tween deck, with all of us at the bow end of the ship, I heard something toward the stern end and turned to see what I can only describe as the dark shadow of a man. He stepped out from a dark corner of the deck, moving from right to left, and then disappeared as he stepped into the faint light shining in from the cargo hole above. There was no sound of footsteps, and no one responded when I yelled, “Hello, who’s there?” Maritza had also seen it along with one of the other women. Was this one of the spirits coming out to see who we were and what we were doing onboard “their” ship after hours? Was it perhaps residual, or was it really just a trick of the light on our eyes? I wasn’t totally sure at this point and was not yet totally ready to trust what I had seen. But I had seen it, and it was in the dark shape of a

May/June 2012

man walking; the sound of something moving in that exact corner had drawn my attention to it. The experience was, although just personal at this point, encouraging that the night would yield a good investigation. EVP Sessions Yield Results At the end of the hour we regrouped for a few moments in the officer’s cabin. Maritza had us break up into two groups. Maritza, Colleen, Diana, and three others would hold an EVP session in the officer’s cabin, and two of the other investigators and me would conduct an EVP session on the lower cargo deck. The three of us gathered our audio recorders, cameras, and a Mel Meter and headed two decks down to the cargo deck. We found a small table with three chairs about threequarters to the rear of the ship by a gated area to the old crews’ quarters and work shop. We took some initial EMF and temperature readings using the Mel Meter and then sat down at the table to begin our EVP session. As the two investigators with me were fairly new to the field, I helped lead off with an introduction of who we were to whomever might be there. I followed this introduction with a short explanation of the equipment we were using and how they could use the devices to communicate with us. This, in turn, was followed by a few typical questions: “If there is anyone here with us tonight, can you please give us your name?”, “Do you work here?”, “Were you a passenger onboard this ship?”, and so on. I could also hear the girls talking a couple of decks above us and tagged it, discussing the importance of tagging with my co-investigators. We thought we had possibly heard some movement in the back crews’ quarters and workshop beyond the gate during our session, but nothing

May/June 2012

Paranormal Underground 21

Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

Pictured from left to right (in foreground): Diana, Maritza, and Colleen attempting to make contact using dowsing rods on the Star of India.

that was an obvious response to any questioning. About 40 minutes into the session, we heard someone walking on the ’tween deck above us. For a moment I assumed that it was just one of the investigators from the other group, then I remembered that they were two decks above and I had not heard anyone come down the stairs from the main deck. I was just about to yell up to them when Colleen yelled down to us asking if we were walking around. We replied back, “No,” and that we thought it had been them and were about to ask them the same thing. I stopped my digital recorder and played back the audio. You could hear the obvious loud sound of someone walking toward our direction on the deck above us. It started off from the direction of the bow of the ship on the ’tween deck and became louder as they came closer. It also sounded like someone wearing boots, like a wooden heel stepping on the


Paranormal Underground

wooden deck. Then the footsteps suddenly stopped for a moment, then they started up again, but they were now right over our heads! I rewound the recorder and played it again. The break between the footsteps seemed to last for about 10 seconds over a distance of about 15 to 20 feet, this from the difference in the volume of the footsteps. They are first at a distance, loud enough to be heard clearly, but you can tell they are at a distance. Then the footsteps stop completely for several seconds, reappearing right above our heads before stopping. Both groups heard the exact same thing, and I was also able to capture them on my audio recorder! This was definitely becoming a great investigation! Using the PX Box We all decided to regroup and hold a PX box (a type of radio, spirit box) session down in the crew’s quarters and shop area. Maritza

May/June 2012

informed us that they had previously made contact in this location with an older gentleman during other investigations there. This individual, she informed us, usually kept a bit of distance when people were around and had a problem with people being in his area. There were reports of items being thrown at people, which Maritza had experienced herself once. We sat down in a “U”-shaped pattern with the PX box on the floor in front of Maritza, and she began the session. This was new to me, as I had never used a spirit box on an actual investigation before. To be honest I have always been a bit skeptical of them based on having seen them used only at a few events and on TV shows. I kept an open mind though and watched and listened closely to see what might come out of it, if anything. Now before I continue here, it is very important to note that earlier that afternoon Maritza and Colleen had told me about their use of the spirit box at their investigations of the Whaley House, and how during one of the first times they used it there they had a voice come through on it identifying himself as “Top Hat.” When asked if that person might be Mr. Thomas Whaley, it said “Whaley” and then again repeated “Top Hat.” Maritza, having been a docent at the Whaley House for several years, remembered that Thomas Whaley himself did wear a top hat, and that hat still resided in the home. So again, here we were, sitting on the lower deck of the Star of India and about to try and communicate to any spirits that might be there through the PX box. Maritza told us that we needed to give it a few moments to go through its startup cycle. After a few moments she made her first statement and asked the first question. “Hello. My name is Mar-

itza, and I’m here with some friends of mine,” we each introduced ourselves in turn. Maritza continued, “We are here to try and communicate with you. Will you talk to us? Can you please give us your name?” Now this was the very first “clear” response that I ever have heard from a spirit box, and what was it? “Top Hat.” Maritza and Colleen begin laughing as I stared at them with my mouth wide open. All I could say was, “Come on! You’ve got to be joking right!?” as I began laughing myself. I actually did ask them if they had rigged it to say that just to play a joke on me. Maritza and Colleen still smiling and laughing assured me that they hadn’t, and that those words are not even in the box’s built-in vocabulary. The next intriguing response was to what Maritza started to ask next, and it actually responded before she finished. She asked, “Is this Mr. Whaley?” And at the exact same moment she said, “Whaley,” the name “Whaley” came out of the box! Again I said, “Come on!” I was still smiling and said, “It responded before you even finished asking!” I thought maybe the device was somehow triggered to her voice to respond with these answers, so I asked if I could ask myself who we were talking to. They said “Sure.” So, I said, “Hello, this is Jack; can I ask who we’re talking with?” The darn thing came back with “Whaley. Top Hat.” I just smiled, shook my head, and said, “Thank you.” Noises, Disembodied Voices, and Shadow People The rest of the night was one of the best investigations of its kind I have ever been involved with. While continuing our session on the lower deck, we also heard a male disembodied voice coming from, what

sounded like, the opposite end of the deck. As two of us went to investigate, we found nothing on the lower deck, so thinking that it might perhaps be the security guard, I ran up to the ’tween deck and then to the main

peak out from behind a wall at the rear sitting area of the ship and duck back behind the wall. I ran to the sitting area, knowing that if it was a person there was no way they could get past me without me seeing them. The little hall created by the two

I saw a very dark shadow peak out from behind a wall ... deck yelling, “Hello.” There was no answer to my calls, and we found no one onboard. A very similar event occurred during the second investigation in April, but this time something even more intriguing happened. Again, our group at that time was gathered in the tool room area of the lower deck, and again we were using the spirit box to try and communicate with any souls that might be onboard. We were getting some responses from the box, as well as knock responses. Then we heard a dragging noise and a thud from the ’tween deck above our heads. I and one of the other investigators went upstairs to check it out. He went up the set of steps closer to the bow of the ship, and I went up the set toward the aft end of the ship. As I walked up the stairs, I thought I heard the voice of a young girl. As I reached the top I yelled, “Hello,” and literally, directly in front of me, I heard a little girl’s voice clearly say, “Hello,” back to me! I stood there for a moment glaring at the deck in front of me. I heard the other investigator yell to me, “Jack, did you hear that!” I told him that yes, indeed I had, and that it came from right in front me. I repeated my hello and asked if she could show herself to me, but there was no response. Then, suddenly, I saw a very dark shadow

May/June 2012

bathrooms and storage rooms on each side of the deck just make it impossible. As I entered the sitting area, though, there was no one there. I went back and opened the bathroom doors, and there was no one. The storage doors were locked. The other investigator also saw the shadow and verified that no one had gotten by us when I ran back to the sitting room. Wherever that shadow had been, it was now gone. There was no way a little girl could have said hello right in front of me without me seeing her, if she had been a living person that is. There are no speakers in that section of the deck that could have broadcast a girl’s voice that close to me. We were also unable to identify what made the dragging and thud sounds that we had heard. The only thing I found on the ’tween deck that I was able to somewhat recreate the sound with was a large, heavy wooden chest near the area where I had heard the girls voice say hello back to me. These experiences were truly paranormal in nature and some of the most interesting I have ever had. ***** See the next issue of Paranormal Underground magazine for Part 3 of “Paranormal Nights of Sunny San Diego.”

Paranormal Underground 23

Personal Experiences

Tales From the Haunted Heathman Hotel By Rob St.Helen, West Coast Ghost Hunters


ello from the Haunted Heathman Hotel! It’s been really quiet the past few weeks here, which doesn’t make me happy. I tend to enjoy my work when there is activity around. However, I made mention of an experience that happened to me at the Hotel at the end of my last column in Paranormal Underground magazine that I wanted to expand upon in greater detail. I was delivering newspapers and picking up breakfast orders. I was on the fifth floor when all of a sudden my body got incredibly cold, and I got very light headed, dizzy, and very pale. I had to touch the wall to complete the job I was doing. I was too dizzy and too nauseated otherwise. When I came off the elevator, my coworker looked at me and said, “What’s wrong? I have never seen you so pale before.” By this time I was having trouble walking, even talking, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I just wanted to get outside and get some fresh air. As I stood against our building outside, I started trying to rethink what had just happened. I knew something had gone through me and was still with me. Before I came back into the building, I said, “Get out of me. You cannot stay with me. You must go back into the hotel and leave me.” The whole episode took about


Paranormal Underground

Pictured above: The fifth floor of the Haunted Heathman Hotel where I had trouble walking, talking, and catching my breath.

45 minutes before I started to feel better and get color back in my face. I have a friend who is an extremely talented psychic medium, and over the years I have come to trust his words. I had told him what happened, and he told me that I may have walked through an “old

May/June 2012

timer” part of the building, one that may have had some alcohol and drug use. I haven’t had any problems since then on that floor. I have been here at this job for just about five years, and this is the first time something like this has happen to me.

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May/June 2012

Paranormal Underground 25

Personal Experiences

The Father’s Pledge Photographs By Steve Nakonechny


hile at my brother’s house on vacation in Connecticut, I caught three spirit photos (see pictures at right). I brought my digital camera and a cassette recorder in hopes to communicate with my departed father. He was first-generation Russian and baptized as Russian Orthodox. Throughout his life, due to hardship and misfortune, he lost his faith in God. During his10month bout with cancer, he said to me, “If there is an afterlife, I’ll contact you.” During my vacation visit I felt drawn to his bedroom, the location where he passed. My brother and I went to his bedside and started to ask questions directed to him. On three occasions while snapping off photographs, we caught amazing spirit photographs. We have tried to debunk the photos and have been unsuccessful. A short time afterward, we returned to the bedroom. This time I went into the room with my brother and he took the third photo, capturing another spirit photograph. Conditions were in complete dark with no flash; my brother was a participant and highly skeptical, being a high school science teacher. Due to the self-illumination (emitting its own light source), objects are visible such as the bedspread and the corner of the room;


Paranormal Underground

The above photos were taken with a digital camera in the dark and with no flash.

the window is also visible in the background. The radiant light is casting rays and lighting up the bedspread, which proves this entity is in front of the camera and not a camera artifact or defect. The radiant luminescence can be seen deflecting off the bedspread, placing this object above the bed which is proof-positive of spiritualism. There is no baseline for comparison because no one has ever seen a spirit so close with such clear definition; you can actually see my reflection in it. The entity has both a fluid movement, as if it’s a living entity, but also shows straight lines, suggesting a manufactured origin. Was this designed by a higher power, and can these photos be the “smoking gun” proving there is a creator? If these photos cannot be debunked, they hold the most significant evidence ever collected answering mankind’s age-old question: Did we evolve or were we created? I feel this was my father draw-

May/June 2012

ing me to his death bed, communicating and keeping his pledge to me, proving that his soul lives on and that your spirit energy survives. This story holds a lot of meaning to me, and I would like to share it with you. While on set in Hollywood shooting an episode of My Ghost Story, the interviewer mentioned to me that Jeffrey Poe, a psychic medium, said I was nervous about the spirit activity I was experiencing. We met over dinner, and he said I have a bright Etheric Aura and because of this spirits are attracted to me. He’s been working with me to develop my psychic abilities. Basically, I’m haunted. Wherever I go, they follow. By photographing them, this empowers them and through this recognition the spirits participate, allowing me to photograph them. I conclude that my original spirit photographs offer both proof of spiritualism and answers man kinds most important question of creation!

May/June 2012

Paranormal Underground 27

Author Spotlight

Linna Drehmel

Inspired by God By Michelle M. Pillow,


inna Drehmel grew up in a military family and loves those who have and do serve in the military. She has an addiction to music and can’t write unless her favorite muses are crooning in the background. She’s mother to eight children who keep her very busy. Her book, the Young Adult SciFi/Paranormal H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Children, releases spring 2012 in e-book and print.

mind and gives people a complete and utter escape. Q: Do you have any paranormal pet projects? Linna: I do! I found this really great almost old-fashioned Internet radio drama called “The Drama Pod.” The man who runs it, Tim Huffernan, has invited me to write a paranormal/supernatural script for him. This is very new to me, so it is going to take me some time, but I look forward to having my work on “The Drama Pod” (

***** Q: In your book The Children, you delve into a perfect little world where people’s lives and minds are being controlled by an addictive energy force that is being supplied by a mysterious god. What inspired you to write about this? Linna: I guess you could call that the ultimate supernatural experience. I was in church, sitting there peaceful, not thinking about writing at all, then BAHM! The main plot and main characters were all there in my head. I fully believe that this story was inspired by God. Q: What myths or legends inspired you? Linna: Lots! I have been into archaeology and anthropology all my


Paranormal Underground

Author Linna Drehmel was inspired to write her new book, The Children, while sitting in church.

life. I have loved many different cultures and mythologies. Egypt, Greek, Norse, Celtic, Mezzo-American, and so many more. I love to see how the myths, legends, and theologies intertwine and pull us all together as one human family. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal? Linna: It is the ultimate fantasy. Looking outside the norm, the everyday mundane. It stretches the

May/June 2012

Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies, and books? Linna: Is there a word count limit here? I loved Twilight, YES I DID! Charmed, that one is such a favorite that I have all eight seasons on DVD, and I have watched them so much that I have a lot of the spells memorized. I loved the X-Files, Men in Black, I Am Legend, Interview With a Vampire, Harry Potter, Vampire of the Mists, Arson. See what I mean. I could go on and on! This is just a fraction of the books, movies, and TV shows that I love. Q: Do you believe in the supernatural? Or are you a skeptic?

Linna: For sure I am a believer! I know that there is so much more out there than any of us can comprehend with our regular human senses.

Q: How would you react if you came face to face with a vampire? Linna: Well that would depend on if he was a mean killer or the sexy lost soul type. Mean killer ‌ pull out the garlic and holy water! The sexy lost soul type ... well I am sure you can guess. *blushes and winks at you*

Q: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Linna: I have, but for me these are deeply personal experiences. But what I will tell you is that every one that I have had, I cherish and they have made me a better person. Q: What kind of paranormal creatures do you wish you could meet? Linna: I would like to meet the vamps and werewolves that Stephanie Meyer created for Twilight. Friendly and HOT!

Q: What does the future hold for the H.E.A.R.T. Saga?

In The Children, Linna delves into a perfect little world where people’s lives and minds are being controlled by an addictive energy force supplied by a mysterious god.

Q: Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

Q: If given the chance, would you become an alien test subject?

Linna: HAHA! No, but my motherin-law likes to joke around that she is one.

Linna: Heck no! But I sure loved the movie Avatar. I would become one of those aliens in a hot second!

May/June 2012

Linna: Book one, The Children, is out this spring. I have book two, The Choice, almost done. I have three other books planned out after that. ***** Thank you for joining us, Linna! To learn more about Linna Drehmel, visit her on the Web at and You can also find Linna on facebook. com/linna.drehmel and twitter @ LinnaDrehmel.

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Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial

Profiting From the Paranormal By Karen Frazier


here seems to be an unspoken agreement in the paranormal field that profiting from the paranormal is bad. Personally, I don’t begrudge anyone making a profit doing what they love, even in the paranormal world. After all, we’re all just trying to get by in a really tough economy, and who wouldn’t want the opportunity to turn their passion into a little bit of cash and fame? We live in a capitalist society. Whether we like it or not, we need money to get by. For years, authors, artists, filmmakers, and many others have parlayed their passion for what they do into a living. Even though you really never could put a value on art, it happens every single day as people buy paintings, download music, flock to the movies, and read books. Although that art doesn’t bring a single practical thing to anyone’s life, it nonetheless enhances it. Art uplifts. It keeps us from becoming a society of drones who mindlessly go throughout the day in pursuit of enough money to stay afloat. It speaks to our higher selves, helping us stay focused on beauty. I’ve often wanted to ask people who are as passionate about the paranormal as I am a simple question. What if? What if you could follow your passion and be rewarded


Paranormal Underground

for it in a way that allows you to make a living? Would you do it? I’d be surprised if the answer was no. Yet, I see the same people who would very likely answer “yes” to that question get up in arms if they see someone charging for a paranormal tour, seeking money to teach a paranormal class, etc. It seems there are some ways that are perfectly okay to profit: a television show, a book, a movie, a psychic reading. Other ways, however? They are frowned upon. In fact, I often feel inclined to defend myself to people, telling them I’ve never made a cent of profit from my own paranormal book. Every

May/June 2012

penny I make from the book goes back into sharing the story of Wellington. Or at least that’s my plan if I ever break even in the first place. While it’s the truth, why on Earth should I feel compelled to share that with others? I poured creativity and a lot of work into my book. Why shouldn’t I be able to make money from that? This is not me advocating that paranormal teams start charging clients. There’s a very good reason why we don’t. Because while we believe we are providing a service to our clients, there’s no way to guarantee results. There’s no way to prove that ghosts even exist, so to charge some-

one for the service of investigating does seem a little beyond the pale. But what about sharing information? Teaching a class? Leading a tour? If you have knowledge and information, and other people would like that knowledge and information enough to be willing to pay for it, then I say go for it. Don’t call it a “certification” or guarantee a result. Be honest about what you’re offering. Make it reasonable by charging a modest fee. But, by all means, if you can find a way to turn your passion for the paranormal into an honest way to make a living, do it. Do it with integrity. Do it with the intent to share with others. And if a little money flows your way when you do? Good for you. Of course, there’s always risk involved when you turn your passion into your job. Many artists have discovered that when they make their art their source of income, part of the joy that originally came from unbridled creativity goes out the window as they also now have to focus on making a living, pleasing customers, taking care of business. If you’re not careful, your passion becomes your chore, and the pursuit of money starts to outweigh the joy with which you once embarked upon your endeavor. When it starts to become all about money, it may be time to move on because you are no longer offering an authentic product to your customers. This is all my way of coming out in support of a very unpopular position. I think it’s okay to profit from the paranormal, provided your heart is in the right place, your product is honest, you treat people (living and dead) with dignity and respect, and your motivations are honorable. As long as you remain in that space, then you can proudly look yourself in the eye and know you’ve done nothing wrong.

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Fiction: Featured Author

Three Wishes By Sandi Kennedy


acob was out digging for worms to go fishing with when he found it. A little box buried about a foot underground. He brushed the caked dirt from it and exposed a silver latch. He pried the latch with his dirty fingers and flipped the box open. He was nearly blinded by the glare from the gold it contained. This was the miracle he’d been praying for. He didn’t know how much it was worth, but he felt that it would probably be enough for his mother to keep the house. Fishing was the furthest thing from his mind now; he couldn’t wait to get home and show the gold to his mother. He hurried to his bike and picked up his fishing rod that was next to it. Juggling the box and rod, he stood his bike up and climbed on. No sooner did he do this than he heard a strange voice. It sounded low and far away. “Wait there!” it said. The boy paused and looked around. “That doesn’t belong to you!” it spoke again. Jacob had been looking too high for its source, for when he looked at the base of the tree near where he had been digging, he saw an odd little man. He was smaller than any dwarf that Jacob had ever seen, about the size of a baby he thought. The man was dressed to the


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nines in a rather garish green suit. His shiny black shoes were decorated each with a single gold buckle. His tiny head was partially covered with a wild mane of fuzzy red hair, and his mouth, which was half obscured by a wiry beard of the same color, had a pipe protruding from it. Even though he looked more like a bad game show host than the character on the cereal box, Jacob knew what he was. “Leprechaun,” Jacob stammered. “Oh yes young lad, you be right about that,” the leprechaun said, taking the pipe from his mouth and tipping the ashes onto the ground. “I’m quite impressed that you’ve managed to find my gold. Many a man has tried and failed, every one,” he added. Jacob’s eyes widened as the leprechaun advanced a step toward him. “Don’t be afraid lad, I only be wanting my gold back. Usually you have to catch me to get three wishes, but today is your lucky day.” Jacob rolled back on his bike to distance himself from the man. “I know about leprechauns and your tricks! Why should I trust you?” “You should trust me because you hold something that I want and I hold something that you want. It’s

May/June 2012

a fair trade my boy,” the leprechaun reasoned as he walked a little closer. “Now, what do you wish for lad?” the leprechaun asked. “I wish you would go to Hell!” Jacob swung his fishing rod at the leprechaun knocking him off of his feet, and then he turned and peddled as fast as he could away from him. He could barely hear the leprechaun yell as he fled. It was all too garbled to understand, and he didn’t care anyway. He was nearly home, and there was no way the leprechaun could have matched his speed with his tiny little legs. Jacob even cut through the clover field because he read that fourleaf clovers repelled the little gremlins and surely the lot held a number of

them, although he’d never been lucky enough to pluck one himself. ***** His mother, Adele, was busy in the kitchen kneading dough for biscuits when Jacob stormed in. “Jacob, you’re getting dirt everywhere,” she chided. He dropped the filthy box on the dinner table much to his mother’s dismay. “Get that thing out of here!” she yelled. “Mom, look inside,” he encouraged. “What is it?” she questioned, looking at it in confusion. “It’s the answer to our prayers,” Jacob said as he opened it, revealing the gold coins. “Jacob, where did you get this?” his mother demanded. “I found it buried in the woods.” Jacob reached in and grasped a stack of the coins, dropping them back into the box with a shrill clatter sweeter than any music. “Did you steal it?” she asked suspiciously. “No mama. I found it just like I said. Finders keepers, right?” His mother looked at him sternly, “I better not find out otherwise.”

She took the box and hid it in the cupboard. It would be safe there for the night, just until she made up her mind what to do with it. She certainly needed the money to pay her overdue bills, but how would it look for her to suddenly come up with a box of gold coins. She needed to think things over, so she sent Jacob to bed with a belly full of stew and buttermilk biscuits.

I Will give you three wishes in return for the gold. He was so proud of himself for finding the gold, but he still neglected to mention anything about the leprechaun. He wasn’t quite sure how his mother would react to it. He thought it would just complicate things further and it was just better left unsaid. He could actually picture his mother making him give the gold back to the leprechaun and apologize for taking it. As he lie in bed, he started to doubt his not taking the wishes, but then quickly assured himself that he had done the right thing. Of what use was an old box of gold to a little man who lives in the woods anyway, he reasoned with himself. If he could grant wishes, certainly he could wish for more gold for himself. Jacob’s eyes closed and soon he was fast asleep. ***** Jacob’s mother, however, was asleep. Adele sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of hot tea. She had the phone book out and was jotting down the numbers for various pawn shops close by. Tomorrow she’d call and determine who had the better price to offer. Suddenly, she began to hear a

commotion coming from her son’s room. She hurried up the stairs and threw open his door. The room was dimly lit, and she could feel a cold breeze flowing in through the window. The moonlight revealed that it had been broken. She turned her eyes to Jacob’s bed. He was gone, but she could faintly make out a moving figure across the sheets. Groping for the

May/June 2012

light, she never took her gaze from it. She let out a startled scream when the light fell on the little form. The leprechaun was frozen by her horrified stare. “Who are you, and where is my son?” Adele demanded. “I be the victim of a crime lass, and your kin be paying for it unless you set it right,” the leprechaun hissed. “What do you want?” she pleaded. “I think you already know the answer to that.” The leprechaun hopped from the bed, his shoes tapping on the wooden floor. “The gold is yours?” Adele put her hand over her mouth in shock as she realized the unbelievable situation she was in. The little man just flashed a toothy grin at her and nodded his head. “You will return my son if I give it back to you?” she asked. “I cannot undo what has already been done, but I tell you that your son be safe for the moment. I will give you three wishes in return for the gold. Three wishes to do as you choose.” Adele hurried down to the cupboard without hesitation and

Paranormal Underground 33

Fiction: Featured Author retrieved the leprechaun’s box. She quickly ran back to her son’s room where the leprechaun was patiently waiting by the window, smoking a bit of his pipe. He extended his arms to collect his gold when Adele unexpectedly pulled it back. “I give you this and you will tell me where my son is with no tricks,” she said as she looked at the leprechaun intently. “If that be what you wish, so shall it be granted,” the leprechaun said. She agreed and handed the box over to the elated gnome. He gave the box a short jolt as if to determine its weight, and then he opened it and ran his hands across his precious treasure. He smiled ear to ear. “Your son be underground by the very tree where he found my riches.” “Oh my God, you promised he was unharmed, you rotten little bastard!” Adele shrieked hysterically. She lunged at the leprechaun snatching up his coat. “He is fine for the moment lass. Enough air for a couple of hours, I promise. I was just teaching the boy a lesson. I’m sure he’ll not take what is not his ever again.” The leprechaun struggled free from Adele’s lessening grip. “Now then, do you desire to use your second wish?” he asked. Adele gathered her composure and said, “I wish for my son to be here in this very room!” “Mind the rules dear, I cannot undo what has already been done,” the leprechaun reminded her. She thought for a moment, careful to choose her words. “I wish you would take me to where my son is buried.” In an instant they were standing in a large clearing in the woods. Adele once more grabbed the leprechaun’s coat. “Show me where my son is bur-


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ied?” she ordered him. “He is under that lone oak tree just ahead,” he told her as he pointed to a large tree about a hundred feet away in the barren field. Adele thought hard as she knew that she only had one wish left. “You promise not to trick me; I’ve given you what you asked for. You promise that my son is under that tree and you will not move him from there.” Adele pulled the leprechaun close to her face and looked deeply into his beady eyes. “Yes lass, I assure you that your son be buried under that tree, and I promise that I shall not move him even one hair,” the leprechaun said earnestly. “Then I will be requiring a fine shovel,” she said as she let go of the leprechaun. He brushed his green coat of the woman’s creased hand marks. “You wish for a fine shovel that will take the labor out of your task?” he asked. “Yes I do,” she agreed, and a shovel appeared between the two. “You have been so careful with my gold that I will tell you that your

May/June 2012

son be buried on the side of the tree that the morning sun is just now gracing.” Adele turned to look at the tree, its eastern side lit bright with the morning sunlight. By the time she turned again to take the shovel, the leprechaun had vanished. It was true she thought that you couldn’t take your eyes off of them or they’d be gone. She had a pertinent task though and no time to waste on his disappearance. She grabbed the shovel tightly in her hands, but upon turning toward her son’s burial place she quickly lost her grip on it. Adele fell to her knees in shock. “No! No!” she cried. The leprechaun had probably kept his word about not moving her son, but none of that mattered now. The once barren forest was now thick with trees, all oak just as familiar as the arbor under which her son had been planted. She ran frantically through the woods. “Jacob! Jacob!” she yelled. Her cries were met only by the wicked little laugh of the deceitful leprechaun.

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