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Volume 4, Issue 7

July 2011

Haunted Sites:

Ireland’s Charleville Castle

Investigator Spotlight: Jack Kenna

Rock & Roll Ghost Stories

The Enigma of Mount Shasta Psychic Connection: The Murderer Who Came to My Garage Sale Also Inside: • The Poltergeist Phenomenon: Author Spotlight With Michael Clarkson • Adventures in Ghost Hunting: The Music Never Dies • Movie Watch: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 • Book Watch: The Real Men in Black July 2011 Paranormal Underground



Paranormal Underground

July 2011

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Jack Kenna: Learning Through Diversity

Rock & Roll Ghost Stories

Michael Clarkson: The Poltergeist Phenomenon



Haunted Sites Haunted Charleville Castle


Haunted History The Enigma of Mount Shasta


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Adventures In Ghost Hunting: The Music Never Dies The Murderer Who Came to My Garage Sale

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Contributors Heidi Ann

Rick E. Hale

Heidi Ann has been a paranormal enthusiast since childhood when she had her own paranormal encounter. Her personal experience led her to question the world around her. Heidi is a mother of three sons, works as a special education paraprofessional in a middle school, and loves watching television shows and reading books on the paranormal.

A native of Chicago, Rick investigates with the McHenry County Paranormal Research Group. A paranormal researcher since the age of eight, he is happily married and digs Jazz. Rick believes in the use of the scientific method in gathering evidence of paranormal claims. The first installment of Rick’s book series, The Geek’s Guide to the Strange and Unusual, will be released soon by Ghost Knight Media.

Jenny Brown Jenny lives in a small town about 60 miles north of Seattle. She’s always been fascinated with the unknown and paranormal activity. After becoming more interested in the paranormal through television shows, her skepticism grew. After joining and meeting fellow paranormal enthusiasts, Jenny investigated a reportedly haunted location. She has had a few experiences in her life that she’s not been able to explain or debunk. However, after investigate herself, Jenny said she learned just how easy it is to manufacture paranormal evidence or misconstrue experiences as being paranormal.

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind EntitiesR-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. You can find her work on www., or contact Terri at


Paranormal Underground

J.D. Harrison J.D. is Paranormal Underground’s science editor. He is a working archaeologist with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archeology and a minor in history. For the past 30 years, he has studied demonology, spirit manifestation, Cabalistic ritualism, and many other aspects of the paranormal. He has focused his studies on topics like Paganism, Wicca, Druidic, and Celtic practices, and other obscure religious ritualistic beliefs and practices. J.D. is neither a skeptic nor a believer in the paranormal, but instead believes that scientific observation is best served from a place of neither skepticism nor belief.

Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editorin-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine, director of Publications & Editing Services for

July 2011

Ghost Knight Media, and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications.

Stacy McArdle Stacy is the founder and editor-in-chief of the former Babble and Beat Magazine — a rock-music oriented online magazine. Since 2006, Stacy has collected exclusive ghost stories from bands around the world and compiled them into this book. Stacy lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and is currently at work on her next anthology, Rock & Roll Ghost Stories, Vol. 2. Musicians with true ghost stories can send their accounts to Stacy at rockandrollghoststories@

Michelle M. Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal. A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. She has a photography degree, is currently working toward finishing a degree in history, and is the co-owner of www.TheRavenBooks. com. Readers can contact Michelle through her Website,

Ghost Hunter Comic

Rebecca Kane Rebecca is a Colorado native, a freelance writer, and a public librarian. She has had a lifelong fascination with the paranormal. Most of the fuel for her fascination is derived from her own personal experiences and psychic abilities.

Chad Wilson A writer of articles and fiction, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine and a partner for Ghost Knight Media. He has parlayed his avid interest in the paranormal into a top-notch publication and Website — www. Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

Harry Warren Harry is from Dublin, Ireland, and employed as a professional Telecoms Analyst. He has a long and abiding interest in studying the paranormal and photography. Harry’s work, both fiction and non-fiction, has appeared in various magazines and publications, including Fate Magazine, Astronomy Ireland, and The Paranormal Magazine. He

July 2011

is currently investigating many of the haunted locations in Ireland.

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Publisher’s Letter Paranormal Underground® Volume 4, Issue 7

July 2011

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Proofreader Heidi Ann

Contributors Heidi Ann Jenny Brown Terri J. Garofalo Rick E. Hale J.D. Harrison Rebecca Kane Cheryl Knight Stacy McArdle Michelle M. Pillow Harry Warren Chad Wilson

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Skeptical Amnesia


hen I visited Waverly apply logic to those footsteps heard Hills Sanatorium in when no one is there. Yes, I think August 2008, I had what sometimes loose pipes knocking or I deemed to be a paranormal experifloorboards creaking cause those ence. A small children’s ball moved strange footsteps, but sometimes I on its own accord while I stood there believe those footsteps are caused and watched. I had eliminated the by something paranormal. And, I natural explanations from the equabet if we really paid attention, there tion at the time — wind moving the are countless other unexplained ball, human contaminaexperiences that happen tion, etc. To me, it was a around us every day. life-changing experience. Of course, the fear I even caught it on video. of ridicule adds to our As the months and skeptical amnesia. Or, then years went by, the what of the person who experience became less saw something strange in paranormal to me. So, the night sky. Are those instead of trusting my unidentified lights swamp instincts from that night, gas or Venus? Or are Chad Wilson, which said the experithey from a UFO not of Publisher ence was paranormal, I this earth? And as that found myself trying to experience fades from find a logical explanation for what memory, doesn’t it become easier happened that hot and humid night to dismiss the lights as something at the end of August, even though I normal? Something natural? This had already ruled them out while at philosophy could be applied to all the location itself. sightings of the paranormal: ghosts, Then I thought back to my UFOs, cryptids, etc. youth. I remembered times in my So, why can’t some of us just childhood when I had encountered accept that, sometimes, unexplained the unknown. I had blocked those things happen? Is it because we must experiences out. Basically, during have control of ourselves and our envimy youth, I repeatedly saw a small, ronment, and if something is deemed shadowy figure out of the corner of unexplained we have that much less my eye. The figure seemed to be control over our universe? Or do we following me around. I would see discount our weird experiences to try this figure peeking around corners and fit in? Or maybe we develop a sort at me or hiding behind trees when I of amnesia so we don’t have to explain was out in the woods. Eventually, I something that we don’t understand. stopped seeing the figure. While I believe a healthy dose When recently contemplating of skepticism is necessary when my “skeptical amnesia,” I realized dealing with the paranormal, we that this probably happens to a lot of shouldn’t throw the baby out with people when faced with a possible the bath water. In doing so, we might paranormal encounter. They try to miss out on something truly special.

July 2011

Calendar of Events July 16

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Ghost Camp coming to the Lewis County Historical Museum Ages 8–13/Cost $6 per camper 5–7 p.m. Call 360-748-0831 to register Flashlights will be furnished

July 16–17

Overnight Ghost Hunt at Pythian Castle (7 p.m.–3 a.m.) Springfield, Missouri events.html

July 29–31

2011 MUFON Symposium Hyatt Regency Irvine, California

August 26–28

Mid-South Paranormal Convention Fern Valley Hotel & Conference Center Louisville, Kentucky

September 24

Paranormal League of America: The Conference Beaverton, Oregon www.paranormalleagueofamerica. org/conference.html

September 30–Oct. 2 G.H.O.S.T.S. Paranormal & Wellness Conference & Expo Club Heidelberg St. Catharines, Ontario

October 8–9

Central Texas Paranormal Conference Norris Conference Center Austin, Texas

Volume 4, Issue 7

July 2011

ART Art Director Chad Wilson

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October 21–22

New Mexico Ghost & Folklore Expo Ramada Hotel Albuquerque, New Mexico

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December 16–18

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July 2011

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Movie Watch

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Movie directed by David Yates Written by Steve Kloves (screenplay) & J.K. Rowling (novel)

Review by Jenny Brown


f you’ve never read a word of Harry Potter and haven’t seen the final movie, then stop reading right now. I’ve got some spoilers for you. So, if you’re the type who hates having the ending revealed, you’re going to hate this article. Like, when Harry dies ... Okay, just teasing. I was just checking to see if you spoiler-haters were still reading. Let’s begin, shall we? What can I say but wow? This was, without a doubt, the best finale of any series, trilogy, franchise, or dynasty of movies I’ve ever seen. I’m a nerd; I’ll admit it. I’ve read all the books at least three times each and can pretty much quote you any line from any of the movies. And those who know me will tell you The Order of the Phoenix is not only my favorite book, but also my favorite movie. Well, this final installment took the cake, gang. It went above and beyond my expectations. I had three criteria for this movie: 1. Blow me away with the epic battle scenes. Check. 2. Don’t deny me the intense emotion that’s inherent in the scene where Harry goes to his “death.” Check. 3. For the love of everything sacred, please deliver on Mrs. Weasley’s classic line (you know the one). Big check.


Paranormal Underground

After 10 years of playing these characters, the main three (Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson as Hermione Granger) really earned their stripes in this movie.

Amazing Acting & Outstanding Cinematography From the beginning to the end, I was duly impressed with not only the amazing cinematography, but also the actors’ ability to show you just how much emotion their characters were feeling. After 10 years of playing these characters, the main three (Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson as Hermione Granger) really earned their stripes in this movie.

July 2011

Let me also say that Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom absolutely steals this film. He has one of the funniest lines I’ve heard in the entire series. His pivotal monologue completely delivered, and when he kills Nagini, you feel a little bit of triumph for him that you’ve been waiting for since he tried to stop Harry and crew from finding the Sorcerer’s Stone way back in the beginning of the series. It was poetic, really. The biggest loser of a character, the class

In this Harry Potter finale, we see Harry go from a 17-yearold boy to a man who looks everyone’s biggest fear in the eye and doesn’t back down.

nerd, finally saves the day, and we’re all there to witness it. What a brilliant arc for that character. I also have to commend the great Helena Bonham Carter, who once again portrays the dastardly Bellatrix Lestrange to a near-perfect T. And my favorite Bellatrix moment was when Hermione drank the Polyjuice Potion to become Bellatrix in order to gain access to Gringotts. Carter playing Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix was genius. “Kleenex Moments” Abound in This Final Installment Now for the parts where I realized I may not have brought enough Kleenex. I sniffled and sniffed for the last hour of the movie, easily. But there were a few parts that stand out as more sniffle-heavy than others. Professor Severus Snape (played by Alan Rickman) and Harry have had a tumultuous relationship. Since the beginning, we’ve often been left wondering: “Is Snape good, or is he bad?” Harry comes face to face with the answer to that question. He’s both. But he had his reasons. And Snape’s “redemption” scenes were phenomenal. They were two-tissues-worthy, especially when Harry takes the memories from Snape and goes to the Pensieve (an object used to review memories) to see the truth behind the mystery of Snape’s hatred for the Chosen One. Watching Harry realize what Snape really did and how he was actually more on Harry’s side than Dumbledore had been, was so well done you just have to see it for yourself. Hogwarts Fights Back! There’s nothing like a scene of the preparation and anticipation of an epic all-out battle, guns (or wands) blazing. And again, the film delivers. Professor Minerva McGonagall (played by Maggie Smith) takes over

as Headmistress of Hogwarts, and she takes the protection of the castle to a whole new level. Watching the Aurors (an elite group of witches and wizards who battle the Dark Arts) and Professors enchant the castle to fortress status continued to bring tears to my eyes. The actors all brought a level of intensity that was so high, you weren’t sure if they were preparing for their victory or their doom. But the part of the movie that used up the rest of my stash of

“Only one can live while the other survives.”

to lose even more if he doesn’t show up for the ultimate face-off with his biggest enemy. The casual viewer might be disappointed in the fact that it appears he’s given up. But when you put it into context, he isn’t just facing his “fate.” He’s saving the lives of everyone he loves who’s still alive and fighting for him — not fighting just for themselves, but fighting for him. It may look like a cowardly and defeatist move, but it’s actually a beautiful gesture of gratitude to those around him — those who have stood by him, knowing it would eventually mean their own demise. It’s the definitive sacrifice, like Darth Vader saving Luke while taking down his Master.

Kleenex was Harry’s march. After he’s seen his “fate” through the eyes of Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, he’s accepted the fact that he is heading to his death. His talk with his loved ones who have passed before him was gut-wrenching. We see Harry go from a 17-yearold boy to a man who looks everyone’s biggest fear in the eye and doesn’t back down. Knowing what’s about to happen didn’t help me fight the tears. When you read that part in the book, you have this picture of a guy who’s lost everything and stands

My Only Complaint ... My only complaint in the entire film was about the epilogue. They attempted to age the actors to show them 19 years in the future, but it was a bit awkward and disjointed for me. Not enough to ruin the movie by any stretch. Just one thing to modify. If I were directing, I would’ve made sure it flowed a lot better. All in all, though, it was a brilliantly realized conclusion to one of the biggest movie franchises in the history of film. Bravo, Harry Potter! Bravo!

July 2011

Paranormal Underground


Book Watch

Book Review: The Real Men in Black Book by Nick Redfern Review by Chad Wilson


he book The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and Their Connection to UFO Phenomena by British author Nick Redfern was first published in June 2011 by New Page Books, retailing for around $10 on The book details personal experiences with the elusive Men in Black, or MIBs as they are more commonly known. It also discusses the various theories of who these enigmatic figures just might be. Nick Redfern is known for his vast writings on paranormal subjects, dealing mainly with UFOs and cryptozoology, so he is no stranger to this type of content. Who Are the Real Men in Black? The obvious purpose of The Real Men in Black is to entertain, but beyond that, its purpose is to inform ... and inform it does. While I was already aware of several cases described in the book, including the infamous Mothman case, the accounts that I hadn’t heard of before were, to me, the strangest in the entire book. So, why Men in Black? Other than the obvious tie-in to UFOs and super secret government agencies,


Paranormal Underground

In The Real Men in Black, author Nick Redfern delves deep into the mysterious world of these unknown operatives. He reveals their origins and discusses classic cases, previously unknown reports, secret government files, and the many theories that have been presented to explain the mystery.

there seem to be a plethora of books on the subject. I found a total of five books about the subject on the first page of an search of “men in black,” and there are many

July 2011

more out there. But then again, why not? MIBs have intrigued UFO enthusiasts for decades. And Nick Redfern is an expert in the field of UFO research. Who better to write a book on the subject? With that being said, let’s get to the book. The Real Men in Black is an easy read. It flows extremely well. I could have finished the book in two days if I had read straight through. But it is no simple book. Divided into two parts, the first deals with personal experiences from various people, starting from the early days of Men in Black sightings and continuing through to the modern day. There are even several pictures included in the book for good measure; although, it can’t be determined who the subjects really are —“real” MIBs or just shots of an actual person who happened to be nearby. The second half of the book deals with the various theories on who the mysterious Men in Black might be — from government agents to the fairy folk themselves. All ideas are given credence in their own particular section, which leads me to wonder: Is their more than one true origin of this seemingly supernatural force?

More Questions Spawn From The Real Men in Black The Real Men in Black never drags. It just plows on ahead with the various personal experiences and thoughts as to the MIBs’ origins. But in the end, the book brings up more questions than answers, which may have been the point in the first place. Who are these strangers dressed in black who seem to pop up when UFOs or cases of high strangeness occur? Will we ever know for sure? Probably not. What I liked about this book: It was informative and comprehensive, especially for those who are not wellversed in the lore about MIBs. What I didn’t like: The book felt too short ... I wanted to read more! But, seeing as I love reading about personal experiences, I never tire of reading case files. At 237 pages, The Real Men

knows, you might just get a visit from The Real Men in Black. I give Nick Redfern’s The Real Men in Black four and a half out of five flying saucers.

Nick Redfern as written for The Unopened Files, The XFactor, and Alien Encounters, among many others.

in Black is a good read for those not up to speed on the theories and cases surrounding the “real” Men In Black. Final recommendation: I recommend this book for all those armchair paranormal enthusiasts. Be careful that your thoughts don’t dwell too long and too keenly on the subject matter at hand, for who

About the Author Born in 1964, Nick Redfern has worked as a staff writer for Zero, a British Magazine on rock music and fashion, written for the London Daily Express, the Western Daily Press, The Unopened Files, The XFactor, and Alien Encounters. He has also written several books on the paranormal, including The FBI Files: The FBI’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed; Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story of the UFOs That Fell to Earth; and Celebrity Secrets: Government Files on the Rich and Famous. For more information, visit

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July 2011

Paranormal Underground 11

Investigator Spotlight

Jack Kenna:

Learning Through Diversity By Cheryl Knight


ohn “Jack” Kenna grew up in an area rich in history; legends; and documented haunted graveyards, historical buildings, and revolutionary battlefields. Born in Troy, New York, in January 1963, Jack’s interest in the paranormal began at a very young age. His curiosity was driven by his mother, who had many paranormal experiences of her own. The home he grew up in and now resides in with his family, also helped pique his interest in the paranormal. In addition to his wife and their seven children, their house hosts what Jack refers to as a friendly spirit, which seems to keep an eye out for the family. For the past 25 years, Jack has relied on his career as a mechanical engineering technician and project leader for the Department of the Army during his paranormal investigations. Beyond his technical expertise for the Army, he brings his video and audio skills to paranormal research from six years of running his own part-time videography business, along with his computer skills from running his own part-time computer repair, training, and Web design business. Jack is the technical specialist/ investigator with SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massachu-


Paranormal Underground

Jack Kenna, technical specialist/investigator with SPIRITS of New England in Winthrop, Massachusetts, and case manager for the New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science, tags the start time on his audio recorder.

setts, and case manager for the New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science. Jack recently spoke to Paranormal Underground about his research and paranormal findings. ***** Q: Tell us about the two paranormal teams you investigate with and when you joined the teams.

July 2011

Jack: The first team I became a family member of was SPIRITS of New England (SoNE) based in Winthrop, Massachusetts. I actually first met these great group of friends online in the Beyond Reality Events forum back in 2007. I chatted with these folks for almost a year before I ever even met them. The founders, Ellen, Becky, and Sharon, created the team during that same year after going to a TAPS event at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Whitefield, New Hampshire. In 2008, TAPS held another event at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield. It was at this event that I met the SPIRITS team for the very first time. Ellen, Becky, Sarah, and Sharon were all such great people, and it felt like I was meeting with old friends. It was at this event that Ellen and Becky asked me to be part of the team. I agreed to join but on a trial basis as a member in training. This allowed both them and me more time to get to know each other and for them to test out my skills as an investigator. Later that same year, we did a couple of client investigations. On my first one, I spent the entire night investigating with Sharon, we really clicked, and during the second investigation later that year, they made me a full team member. It was very

unexpected. It was an evening Jack: In June 2008, I became that I will never forget and an an official investigator for honor that I will always cherish. SoNE and was given the title The SPIRITS of New England of assistant technical manager. team has become more than My duties include identifyjust a team I am part of; these ing the locations for setup of people have become a part of cameras and recorders, along my family. with Sharon our technical As an investigation team, manager, as well as assisting we use a basic scientific method with the actual setup and tear during all of our investigations, down of this equipment. using digital recorders, DVR I also became the assystems, EMF detectors, digital sistant case manager in early cameras, MEL Meters, etc., to 2009 when Ellen asked me to capture and record data and fill in for her while she dealt then review that data for any with some issues at home. My possible evidence of paranorduties in this position include Jack sits with Sharon Koogler and Ellen MacNeil, comal activity. founders of the SPIRITS of New England (SoNE) team, at contacting potential clients After the investigation, we the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts. after we receive e-mails or also do in-depth research into phone calls asking for assisthe history of the building/locatance, as well as responding tions of supposed paranormal places, tion and the client(s) that we to e-mail questions and/or but also includes the proximity of are investigating for. This includes inquiries we receive from various these locations to cell towers, water everything from the physical hispeople asking questions that vary sources, UFO sightings, the geology tory of the area and location, to the from “How do I tell if I have a ghost of the location, and much more. physical, mental, emotional, and in my house?” to “Are you hiring This intrigued me, and I signed medical condition of the client(s), in investigators because I need a job.” up on the Website to become a order to provide them the best help I always kind of chuckle at that member to assist with this and other that we can. one, because I sometimes wish I work they are doing. I have been a The New England Center for could get paid something to do this member of the N.E.C.A.P.S. team the Advancement of Paranormal too, just to offset the costs of what I since July 2010. This is a team of 13 Science (N.E.C.A.P.S.) is the secspend on equipment! men and women, all with the same ond team that I decided to join. My Another job I hold with SoNE interest and passion for the paratwo very good friends Ellen Macis that of Website designer. I also Neil and Shannon Sylvia e-mailed share this job with Sharon our tech me about this new team being manager. Together we keep the site “We use a basic formed by Michael Baker. They updated and add new information had both just become members several times a year in our FAQ secscientific method themselves and encouraged me to tion that we hope is helpful for those during all of our fill the last spot available. looking for answers to their paranorI went to the Website and read mal questions. We also link our site investigations.” Michael’s bio and more about the to other useful sites with information team, their goals, and the type of on EVPs, orbs, demonology, paranormal, as well as a strong desire work they were doing. I was most innormal equipment, and much more. to advance this field of work, while trigued by the database that Michael Lastly, and perhaps most imalso helping clients. I am very proud and his team were beginning to work portantly, I am the technical report and honored to be a part of the on to identify all of the reported writer for the team. This entails me N.E.C.A.P.S. family. paranormal locations in all 50 states taking all of the data, photos, notes, starting with Massachusetts. evidence, and research that the team Q: What are your roles on each This database includes much collects from an investigation and team? more than just the names and locaputting it all into a single, compre-

July 2011

Paranormal Underground 13

Investigator Spotlight

The N.E.C.A.P.S. team, pictured above, breaks new ground through intensive research, tedious investigation, and hands-on interactive experimentation in a laboratory environment.

hensive, multi-page report for presentation to the client at the reveal. This report covers everything from the possible side effects of medications they are taking, to the amount of EMF in their home, to any paranormal activity that may have been identified, to believed paranormal activity that was debunked by the team and the actual cause of it. In August 2010, I became the case manager for N.E.C.A.P.S. and work to assist clients during initial contact and throughout the investigation process. I also identify and secure other locations for the team to investigate and am one of the primary data entry personnel for the team’s paranormal database. Q: Why did you decide to investigate with more than one paranormal team? Jack: I chose to become a member of more than one team because I believe that we can learn more through diversity than by staying in our comfort zone. Both of the teams I belong to, SoNE and N.E.C.A.P.S., have a great deal to offer, and at the same time they both work in different ways, which they have to just based on the size of each team. SoNE is a small team of five


Paranormal Underground

people who are very close and work together like clockwork. We mesh and can setup our equipment without having to even discuss it sometimes. We just know what each of us is thinking at times. N.E.C.A.P.S. is a much larger team of 13 people. It requires much more organization and management to keep things moving smoothly. This is just the nature of larger teams, but this larger team also offers the advantage of being able to

“I have always had a desire to hunt for ghosts and make contact with the other side.” work with many different people and share many different ideas and theories. N.E.C.A.P.S. also focuses on the science of paranormal research and thus offers a very unique opportunity that no other group I know of does — to do pure research of the paranormal in order to advance this field of scientific research. Q: What led you to begin investigating with organized paranormal teams?

July 2011

Jack: This is something I have wanted to do for as far back as I can remember. I have always had a desire to hunt for ghosts and to try and make contact with the other side. I had several paranormal experiences as a child and teen. My mother also had many experiences throughout her life that she would discuss with me at length, and she give me her own thoughts and ideas on the subject of ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons. She told me of seeing the ghost of her father standing on the front porch of their house looking in the window on the same night of the day that he was buried. She told me of seeing the hands of God shining through the clouds over her mother’s grave the day of the burial. She told me many more of her experiences, and it was these stories that have stuck with me and intrigued me to this day, as well as my own experiences. During the years prior to finally becoming a paranormal investigator, I began to just focus on other things, such as college, a career, and my family. When Ghost Hunters came on TV, it rekindled my desire to investigate the paranormal. In searching online resources in order to connect with others with this same interest, I came across and joined the Beyond Reality Forum where I met the members of my SoNE. Q: Tell us about any paranormal experiences you’ve had outside of organized investigation. Jack: When I was a young boy, maybe 5 or 6, I remember on many occasions hearing my mother calling me in our home, but it wasn’t my mother as she wasn’t in the house. The voice always sounded like it was coming from the room next to one I was in. I was not the only one in my home to ever have this experience.

My sisters also had it happen, and it always sounded like either our mother or our father calling to us, even though they weren’t home at the time, or they were outside. I am still in the same home I grew up in, and I raise my own family there now. When my oldest son was 5, he yelled to me from the front porch in the front of the house, asking me what I wanted. I was in the kitchen about 25 feet away and asked him what he was talking about. He said, “Dad, you just called me twice.” At that moment, I knew what had happened. When I was his age and I had asked my mother that same question, she had been outside at the time, and I was in our living room playing. She told me, “I didn’t call you hun. It must have been our guardian angel in the house trying to get your attention.” My response to my own son was a bit more of a skeptic’s response, and I told him I hadn’t called him, but it must have been someone outside yelling to a different John. It kept happening to him a few times every month until I finally sat down with him and told him what my mom had told me. After that, the voice came much less often, but it was still always my voice that he heard and still hears on occasion to this day. He is now 15. This same thing also happened to my father-in-law when he and my mother-in-law came to visit my wife and me for the first time from Ohio. They stayed in one of our upstairs bedrooms. Neither of them knew of the stories, but that first night they stayed with us the next morning my wife’s dad asked her why she had yelled up the stairs to him at 2 a.m. and woke him up, but didn’t answer him when he called back to her. At that point he saw the big smile on my face and asked me what was going on; my wife just looked

at me and shook her head. I told him about the “spirit” in the house that calls your name in the voice of someone you know in order to get your attention. They have not stayed at our house since then and get a hotel room when they come to visit. Another experience I had was when I was in my twenties at my aunt’s house. This was the home that my mother had grown up in — the same home that she had seen her father’s ghost on the front porch. My aunt had just passed away a couple of weeks before, and my mother had

Jack reviews audio files on his digital recorder.

to go over to the house with one of the cousins and start going over the will. I went with her to help. She had always told me about the ghost in the upstairs bedroom that liked the big walk-in closet door to be kept open. The bathroom is upstairs by that room, so when I went upstairs to use it, I saw that the bedroom door was open. I looked in and sure enough the closet door was also wide open.

July 2011

At this point, I decided to see if there might be any truth to the story my mother had told me, or if it was that the door didn’t shut right or always swung open on its own. I went over, shut the closet door, and then tried pulling on the door knob to check if it shut tight. It seemed to. I then said out loud to anyone that might be listening that I heard they like the door open, so if they were there could they please open it to show me. I stood in front of the door for about a minute, but nothing happened. I turned around to leave the room, and as I got about six feet from the door, I heard it unlatch. I turned around, and the door was open about an inch or two. I went back and shut it again and then stood there for about a minute watching it. I then began to back away from the door, so I could watch it and see if maybe there was a loose board that might cause it to open when stepped on. I kept backing up all the way to the doorway entrance, about 10 feet away, but the door did not open. I repeated this again, walking to the door and then backing away. but it still did not open. It wasn’t until I turned around to leave the room, taking two steps as before, that I heard the door unlatch again. I quickly turned around and found the door was halfway opened. This time I went back to it again, shut it hard, pushed on the door, and shook it to make sure it would not open on its own. It didn’t. I then backed away from the door so I could watch it all the way out into the hallway leading to the bedroom, to the point where I could still see the closet door. It was still closed, so I said again out loud, “Open the door please so I know for sure that you are here.” I again watched it for one full minute, but the door did not open. That is, until the very moment that

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Investigator Spotlight

Jack reviews evidence with Michael Baker, cofounder of N.E.C.A.P.S., and Ellen MacNeil, cofounder of SoNE.

I turned to leave. With the door no longer in my sight, I heard the door unlatch, and this time could hear it creak as it opened. I swung around immediately and did get to see the door open the last two inches of movement to where it was fully opened. Then it stopped. I was not frightened by this at all, but did put my arms up in the air and said, “OK, you win, I’m leaving the door open; it’s all yours!” And then I turned and went back downstairs. Q: What have been your favorite cases to investigate and why? Jack: I actually love all of the cases I have been on, but there are two that I really felt good about because of the help we were able to provide the clients. The first was for a woman in Easton, Massachusetts, who was experiencing some negative things, not all of which were paranormal. As a matter of fact, another reason I love this case is because it was a good learning experience for our


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SoNE team “to not draw a conclusion to a case before you investigate.” Given the detailed information that was gathered from the client, we began to draw the conclusion that the issue was not paranormal, but medications and emotionally related. We felt we might be wasting our time by doing an investigation, and were thinking of telling the client about the effects of her meds and that she should also speak with a psychologist.

“Do not draw a conclusion to a case before you investigate.” After some discussion, we decided that we owed it to the client to do the investigation that she had requested and that we had already promised. The night of the investigation, one of the other investigators, Sarah, and I both had several personal experiences up in the loft room where the client stated most of

July 2011

the activity occurred. We even heard a disembodied male voice responding “No” to one of our questions. Upon review of the all the data, we had found that we caught several class A and B EVPs responding to our questions. The disembodied “No” response was also captured. Given all of this evidence, we were able to truly help the client by letting her know of the issues with some of her medications, as well as also connecting with another paranormal team, Ghost Quest out of New Hampshire. Ghost Quest has a well-known psychic medium on their team, and she was able to do a home cleansing for the client, as well as work with her regarding her belief system. The client is now doing extremely well and no longer experiences any type of paranormal activity in the home. This was one of my favorite cases because of the help we were able to give the client, the great connection and friendship we made with the members of Ghost Quest, and the learning experience to “Never judge a book by its cover.” Client cases are complex; treat them that way. My other favorite investigation was one our SoNE team did for the U.S. Navy. This was actually a request that our team leader Ellen made to the Navy to investigate a well-known historical location that had never been investigated before. We were actually all in shock when they agreed to let us investigate. Not only that, but they actually wanted us to investigate it for them, because some of their personnel working there had experiences and were uncomfortable working there at night. What I loved about this investigation was that we were able to provide assistance and, in some small way, give back to some of those brave people who give their all everyday to protect us and our great nation. It was also an honor to be able to work

with some of these people during the investigation and witness firsthand the professionalism and enthusiasm of these young men and women. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is something that I will remember the rest of my life. It was a unique, exciting, and historical opportunity to be the first, and what would turn out be the last (at least for the foreseeable future), paranormal team ever to be granted permission to investigate this location. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about this location, because as with all of our clients, we promise to keep their information confidential if they so desire. Q: What equipment do you use while investigating? Jack: Although the N.E.C.A.P.S. team does use some electronic equipment that the SoNE team does not have (such as the 503 Data Logger, ELF meter, Eddy Current meter, and the KAL-1 meter), both teams do utilize digital voice recorders, DVR systems with IR cameras, digital cameras, mini DV cameras, K-II meters, Mel Meters, EMF detectors, lasers, and white light and UV light flashlights. Q: What equipment should a paranormal investigator never leave their home without? Jack: There are four pieces of equipment I feel no investigator should leave home without: A flashlight, a digital voice recorder, a digital camera, and themselves. Now you may think that I’m joking about the last one, but I’m serious. What I mean by this is that the investigator is the most important piece of equipment they have. The five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and feeling (ie., feelings of chills, temperature changes, heaviness, air pressure changes, etc.) can

tell them more about if something might be going on in a location than any other piece of mechanical equipment they might carry with them. With these four basic investigation tools, you can successfully investigate any location. Q: What specific methodologies do you use while doing EVP work? Jack: The methodologies I employ

during EVP work depend on the type of possible haunting I may be dealing with, which is based on the information from the client and my own observations. I would not use the same methods for a possible demonic or non-human spirit case as I would for a possible human spirit case. With regards to a possible human spirit, the methods I personally like to use when conducting an EVP session is to start off by trying to speak with any entity that might

Investigation Protocols


ack Kenna, technical specialist/investigator with SPIRITS of New England and case manager for the New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science, shares his investigation protocols with us:


Never investigate alone. It’s just not smart for many reasons, but the most important is in regards to safety. The next important reason to not investigate alone is because the second person provides a built-in witness to anything you might experience, as well as an all-important second set of senses (sight, sound, smell) and opinion.


Keep at least one investigator at base camp to monitor the DVR system, which allows them to keep track of everyone’s location and status. They can also contact the investigators by walkie talkie if they spot anything unusual.


Ensure that each investigating team has one functional walkie talkie with them, as well as one at base camp, in order to keep in contact and report any problems or possible activity to other team members.

July 2011


Tape down/secure any DVR cables or other loose wiring that may be a trip hazard.


Conduct a preliminary walkthrough of the location to identify any possible hazards to the team or others.


Conduct preliminary EMF and temperature sweeps of the location, and record them prior to the start of the investigation.

7 8

Hold pre-investigation safety briefing.

All team members are to take notes of any experiences they have or unusual observations they may notice while investigating the location, so that these notes can be referenced later for the final report.


Do not discuss any potential experiences or findings with or in front of the client(s).


If a location poses any serious risks, unsafe conditions, or hazards to the team, cancel the investigation until the hazards, risks, and unsafe conditions can be removed or resolved so that an investigation can be conducted safely.

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Investigator Spotlight Q: What are the best EVPs that you’ve ever captured?

Jack poses with Katie Boyd and Beckah Boyd of Ghost Quest Paranormal at the Harley House in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

be there, as I would with any living person who I was just meeting for the first time. I speak in a friendly tone and introduce myself. I tell the entity why I am there and that I was invited by the client to come and try to speak with them. I ask them who they are and about their life. Then I give them some details about myself. I also believe in using body language to try and communicate with any possible spirits, because even though we can’t see them, I do believe, based on my experiences, that they can see us. I like to keep an open posture and a smile on my face. I try to refrain from sitting clumped in a ball with my arms crossed or even standing with my arms folded and my head looking down. These are all postures that can indicate to someone that you are withdrawn, hiding something, or just not interested in talking with them. I believe that a positive attitude also can make a big difference in making contact and communicating successfully either with spirits or people, for that matter. Q: What program would you recommend for those reviewing audio?


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Jack: I personally use and also recommend Wave Pad Sound Editor. It is a very good audio program with some great basic sound editing functions for increasing volume and reducing noise. I am a big believer that less is more. The less editing you have to do to a file, the more likely it is that you captured a true EVP. Wave Pad does a great job of cleaning up a file so that you can hear it clearly. This sometimes helps to debunk what you first thought was an EVP but is actually one of your investigators in another room. There is a free version and a pro version that you can purchase for a very reasonable cost. I would recommend the pro version if you review a lot of audio like I do. If you’re just starting out as a paranormal investigator, I recommend the free version to save money and to get familiar with the program. Q: Do you find that most EVPs fall within the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range? Jack: Yes, I have found that the majority of the EVPs I have captured do fall into the ELF range between 0Hz and 300Hz. Most actually falling between 20Hz to 50Hz.

July 2011

Jack: This is a tough question, as I consider any EVP I have captured a favorite one! If I have to pick just one though, I think it would be one that I captured with my SoNE team while investigating a historical site for the Navy. The particular location was being described for us by one of our Navy escorts that night. He was telling us about the various type of animals that were kept in this location. Upon reviewing the audio later, the voice of our escort could be clearly heard stating that they kept goats, pigs, and chickens in this area, and then you could hear me saying “uh huh” in agreement. This was followed immediately, and clearly, by the voice of a young boy saying with what seemed to be enthusiasm “And a bear!” We were later told that there had also been a pet black bear that was kept in this area. What I love about this one so much is not only how clear it is, but the interaction that the entity obviously took upon itself to interject about the bear being kept in this area. To me it seemed obvious that this entity was perhaps proud and/or excited about this fact and wanted us to know about it. In some way, this entity was helping to give us the facts and history of the location. Q: How about the best video and photographic evidence? Jack: The best video evidence we ever captured was of a K-II and EVP session at a client’s home in Massachusetts. The response hits on the K-II coincided exactly to the questions being asked and lasted for more than 45 minutes. EMF readings in this same location prior to the investigation were very low — 0mg to .3mg.

During the conversation, the readings would jump from 0 to 5.0mg, or sometimes even higher, in response to each question. The same response was given more than once to the same question, and at least one EVP was captured at the same time as a K-II response. A portion of this video can be viewed on our SoNE team Website at http:// The most interesting photo evidence we ever captured was at a client investigation in Connecticut. The photo was taken during an EVP/K-II session in the basement of the client’s home. The photo shows a moving white mass in the center of the image. All other items in the photo are stationary. We tried multiple ways to try and recreate the photo but none were successful. Could it perhaps have been a bug flying in front of the camera?

It is possible, but the photo still remains unexplained at this time. We did capture a few Class A & B EVPs in the basement and other rooms of the home during the course of the investigation. This photo can also be viewed on our Website at http://

“If you go into an investigation believing you’re going to find a haunting, you will find one.” Q: What is most important for paranormal investigators to keep in mind? Jack: The most important thing

July 2011

for any paranormal investigator to keep in mind is to never go into an investigation with any preconceived notions. If you go into an investigation believing you’re going to find a haunting, you will find one, whether there is one or not. If you go in believing that the client is mentally disturbed, on drugs, or just imagining things, then you will most likely miss anything that might indicate there is paranormal activity going on. Always keep an open mind, and conduct a thorough investigation. But, most importantly, have fun. *****

For more information about Jack Kenna, his involvement in paranormal investigation, and his paranormal affiliations, visit,, www., and www.

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Special Report

ROCK & ROLL GHOST STORIES Edited by Stacy McArdle GHOST STORY #1: Senon Williams of Dengue Fever (and formerly Cement and the Radar Bros.) It was the mid-90s in Florence, Italy. I was on tour with Cement, the first band I cut records with. At the show, the promoter gave our tour manager the keys to our hotel; we had no time to check in before the concert, and the hotel concierge closes early. Johan showed me the keys, they were a set of four skeleton keys you would imagine some old prison guard to have dangling from his belt. After a late night and too long circling Florence, lost, we found our ancient crooked-stoned hotel. Chuck and I were rooming together; we were in a great mood shooting the shit. Chuck had left his bag in the van thinking he would grab it in the morning. After a while of hanging out, he changed his mind and headed out to the van. While he was gone, I dipped into the bathroom to take a leak. As I was pissing, I heard Chuck enter the room and sit down on the creaky bed. I immediately picked up our conversation where we had left off. After a few sentences, I realized he wasn’t saying anything. I shouted, “Chuck, Chuck?” No answer — silence. When I walked


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way in doubt of one another. The next morning, when we were telling Johan about what had happened, we watched the color drain from his face. He looked as though he was about to weep. He spoke at a near whisper, “All night long someone was passing by my window; I couldn’t sleep. When I got up to check it out, I was looking down a sheer three-story drop out of my window — it was impossible for anyone to be there.” Visit online: denguefevermusic and

Rock & Roll Ghost Stories features personal ghostly encounters from musicians around the world.

out of the toilet, the hotel room was empty and the door was shut. BOOM! Just then, Chuck came bounding into the room in a panic, scared and out of breath. He told me from the moment he entered back into the hotel foyer, across the open courtyard and into the hall, someone or something was following him. He was sure of it. Both of us were like, what the fuck?! Both of us were totally out of our skin and in no

July 2011

GHOST STORY #2: Phanie Diaz of GIRL IN A COMA When I was 8 years old, I used to watch a white figure knock on my mom’s door. Her bedroom was located in the hallway of our home, and my bedroom faced hers. I was never afraid of it ... more curious. In the morning, I would hear a female and male voice call my name. I never thought much of it. I continued to see this apparition for three days. On the third day, it turned to me and walked up to me. That startled me, and I screamed. I never saw it again. Visit online: and

Pictured above at left: Dengue Fever (photo by Kevin Estrada). Member Senon Williams had an unusual paranormal experience while in Florence, Italy in the mid-90s. Above at right: Sheila Go-Sheila of the Go-Sheilas. After going through 11 back-up singers over the years, the band seems to have drawn the attention of an unusual singer who just won’t quit!

GHOST STORY #3: Sheila Go Sheila of The GoSheilas This isn’t really scary, just unexplained. In the first eight months of our band starting, we’ve gone through 11 backup singers, ala Spinal Tap drummers. Anyway, whenever we lose a singer, we can still hear the part being sung at our practices and shows — even when there’s no backing vocalist there. And no, we’re not playing a vocal track in back. It’s like there’s a ghost that wants to be our backup singer. Well, we have one backing vocalist for now, who we hope will stay, but she shares the mic with a ghost singer. Visit online: www.thegosheilas. com and The-Go-Sheilas/60207700451. GHOST STORY #4: THE DANDY WARHOLS In our old studio, the one we had before we bought the Odditorium, there was indeed a ghost. This was 2001–2002, during the recording sessions for what was to be

Welcome to the Monkey House. We dubbed the ghost “Bill Dinsmore” due to an award certificate left from the previous tenant, which stated, “Master Multi-Tasker Award, given to Bill Dinsmore.” The award certificate was found stapled to the wall of what became the control room. When we moved in, we thought it was funny, so we left it up. Yeah, hilarious. Until we started having all sorts of computer and electrical problems during recording

“Chuck came bounding into the room in a panic, scared and out of breath!” sessions. Although nothing was ever officially seen in the studio, every person who was involved in the sessions, even the ones who didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits or otherworldly nonsense of any kind, came to feel that there was something, some presence that was lurking. When we packed up and moved

July 2011

out after purchasing the Odditorium, Courtney left specific instructions NOT to bring the award certificate with us, hoping that the ghost of “Bill Dinsmore” would not follow. Unbeknownst to Courtney, however, and you shouldn’t tell a soul, was that Peter packed up the Dinsmore award anyway. It’s been sitting in storage somewhere in the Odditorium. Visit online: www.dandywarhols. com and GHOST STORY #5: Bobby Steele of The Undead (and formerly the Misfits) I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Bobby Steele — notorious guitarist for the original Misfits from 1978–1980. I’m now best known for my band The Undead — a name I’ve managed to live up to in ways that still amaze me. Okay. You want a true Ghost Story? You got it. This starts in the winter of 1979, when the Misfits were preparing to tour the UK with The Damned. While I was away, I let some friends

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Special Report “I started to notice ... a shadow moving across the bathroom doorway.”

ing across the bathroom doorway. Things mounted a year later, after I’d left the Misfits and started The Undead. I was working on a poster for some upcoming gigs and decided I needed a logo. I was racking my brain over ideas when a button fell off of the million-dollar Franz Kline painting that I’d garbagestay at my New York City picked a few years earlier. apartment in the desolate It was a button that another Alphabet City. One of these friend had made for me, was Celia Valli, daughter of where she’d written The “Jersey Boy” Frankie Valli. Undead in stylized letters. She’d been living in a hotel, What makes this and this would give her a unusual is that in order break from paying somefor the button to come off thing like $60 a night, plus of the canvas, it had to be I’d have someone to keep lifted. Almost immediately an eye on things for me. after the button fell, my This one-month stay phone rang and it was the grew to where they were girl who’d made the button. still in my apartment a few She wanted to stop by. months later, and I was getAfter I hung up the Bobby Steele of the Misfits and The Undead (pictured ting annoyed. One morning phone, I realized that the above playing his acoustic guitar in Tompkins Square Park I called and asked for Celia. button couldn’t have fallen in Manhattan) received inspiration from an unlikely source. Her roommate, Melody (of off the canvas, so I said out the David Johansen song) loud, “Celia, I wish I could answered and said, “Celia’s and no matter how hard Celia hambe sure this is you.” Imdead.” At first, I thought it was just mered on the door, it wouldn’t wake mediately, my radio turned on. and an evasive ruse, but she insisted, her up. the Frankie Valli song “Walk Like “She fell off the roof yesterday So, Celia, in an act of very bad A Man” started playing — not a tape, morning.” judgment, decided to go up to the the fucking radio. I finally pieced the story toroof and see if she could find a way On my birthday in 1982, every gether. They’d been partying all in. She noticed the bathroom wingirl that visited me saw the ghost. night and when they got home, Celia dow wasn’t too far out of reach and Visit online: www.myspace. decided she wanted to get a cup had Belle hold her feet and lower com/54441044 and www.theundead. of coffee. Melody assured her that her to the window. What happened com. she’d be awake to let her in, and she next I’m sure you can imagine. Belle left with another friend, Belle Awful, wasn’t quite strong enough and To read more rock and roll ghost who was the daughter of a foreign ended up dropping Celia — about 50 stories, visit and emissary at the U.N. feet to her death. and search for “Rock When they got back to the When I was finally able to move & Roll Ghost Stories.” For more building and made their way up to back in, the first thing I noticed was information, visit www.rockandrollmy fifth floor walkup apartment, a tapping at my bathroom window. Stacy McArdle is Melody had nodded from the ludes, Then, I started to notice through the currently working on “Volume 2 of and whatever else she’d consumed, corner of my eye a shadow movRock & Roll Ghost Stories.”


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Author Spotlight

Michael Clarkson:

The Poltergeist Phenomenon By Michelle M. Pillow,


hen it comes to reporting on poltergeist, nonfiction author Michael Clarkson brings a unique approach to the field. Spending 37 years in print journalism, he’s worked everything from sports to police reporting. He was nominated for a 1980 Pulitzer Prize for a story on J. D. Salinger. Picking up several writing awards along the way, from the Canadian National Newspaper Award, the U.S. Health Care Award in 1995, to the Canadian Michener Award for public service, he then turned his attention to books. Three of his titles, Competitive Fire, Intelligent Fear, and Quick Fixes for Everyday Fears, focus on the concept of fear. It is this background that he brings to his investigation of the paranormal field, searching into the body’s fear responses as it pertains to the phenomenon itself. In his 2011 release, The Poltergeist Phenomenon: An In-depth Investigation Into Floating Beds, Smashing Glass, and Other Unexplained Disturbances, Clarkson approaches the paranormal like an investigative reporter. His book, for the most part, is filled with personal interviews with the people involved in the field, and in the phenomenon itself — believers and skeptics, witnesses, and respected parapsychologists. Clarkson wrote, “Although I try to remain neutral, it is difficult not to


Paranormal Underground

A prolific author and award-winning investigative reporter, Pulitzer Prize-nominated Michael Clarkson has come up with an intriguing look at an old subject — poltergeist.

arrive at some conclusions. I suspect that poltergeists or at least a type of poltergeist energy exists. Something is going on that seems to defy the laws of physics ... if we are too quick to dismiss cases, we might miss some intriguing stories and theories on the edge of science.” ***** Q: Is a ghost involved in poltergeist activity? Michael: Usually not. Poltergeist

July 2011

energy seems to revolve around a person in the room, most often a young person. In only about five percent of the 75 cases I reviewed, a spirit was reportedly involved and perhaps acting through a young person to move objects. A number of components must come together for a “perfect psychic storm,” and that seems to be why poltergeist cases are rare: there is usually stress or repression in a house and the poltergeist agents are frustrated and feel no way of expressing themselves; the agents often have unusual brains and tap into nearby energy sources to move things unconsciously with their minds. Q: What are the most famous poltergeist cases, and what are the best documented? Michael: The Tina Resch case in Columbus, Ohio, in 1984 was perhaps the most famous case, involving moving objects, electrical disturbances, and international media exposure, allegedly revolving around a 14-year-old girl. One of the better-documented cases was the 1970 incident in St. Catharines, Canada, in which an entire shift of police officers logged what they termed “phenomenal occurrences” over two weeks, centered around an 11-year-old boy, who was never caught cheating. A 1974 case in Bridgeport,

Connecticut, in which a 450-pound refrigerator reportedly moved in the presence of a 10-year-old girl was also documented by many police officers. One of the longest-lasting cases was in Enfield, England, for about a year, from 1977–1978.

to retain attention among family, parapsychologists, and media. So, he plays tricks when he thinks people are not watching. When he is caught, skeptics like James Randi jump on it and tell the media, “See, I told you — it was fraud all the time.”

Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies, and books?

Q: Is poltergeist activity related to psychokinesis — the ability to move things with the mind?

Michael: I tend not to watch much TV, and I’m not much of a reader of paranormal books, but I like to go to the movies for escape once in a while. The Haunting of Hill House, a black and white ghost story in the 1960s, scared the heck out of me as a kid. In the 1980s, I liked The Changeling, and more recently some of Stephen King’s adaptations. I think some of the TV ghost shows are bunk.

Michael: It seems to be a cousin of PK. But poltergeist activity is RSPK — recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, which is more spontaneous than PK and seems to be caused unconsciously by a person, usually a young person. PK generally is thought to be a force caused consciously by an older person.

Q: I think most of our readers have seen the Poltergeist movies. How close to reality are they? Michael: According to the 75 cases I reviewed, they’re not, but rather they are entertaining. I think that’s why people go to movies — to get frightened in a good way, not for science, similar to going on a roller coaster. Q: How would you react if you came face to face with a ghost? Michael: I’d probably be happy, because it would be a very good story to document. Of course, none of us knows how we would react to such a stunning event, but I’d hate to be the one not to get the story.

In his new book, Michael Clarkson reviews 75 cases and interviews hundreds of witnesses, paranormal experts, law enforcement officers, psychologists and skeptics.

paranormal. What I believe I have is very suggestive that they exist — 51 police officers in 17 cases since the early 1950s who claim to have seen what they described as the effects of poltergeist energy up close — moving objects and a force that has even knocked them off their feet. Perhaps the closest evidence was Nina Kulagina, who had poltergeist action in her apartment in the Soviet Union of the 1950s. Soviet scientists studied her for decades, claiming she could move objects in a Plexiglass cube by tightly focusing with her mind. There are videos of her on Youtube.

Q: Is there actually evidence that poltergeists exist?

Q: How much do reported cases of trickery or fraud affect the credibility of real cases?

Michael: I don’t think so, and I don’t claim to have enough evidence in my book to prove it to mainstream science. Of course, science does not believe there is proof for anything

Michael: Quite a bit. And within the same case, there may be legitimate activity and then fraud by a young person who can no longer make objects move with his mind but wants

July 2011

Q: Can the average person develop the ability to move things with the mind? Michael: There is no proof that this can be done, but many people believe it can. The late fiction author Michael Crichton said he attended a spoon-bending party and was fascinated by how young people seemed to be able to bend them with their minds and by rubbing them, and that it all seemed natural, requiring a “focused in-attention.” A Canadian woman in her mid40s, who cannot be named, believes she has converted her poltergeist energy into more focused PK by making a homemade pinwheel and focusing on it until it turns around. She still claims to have RSPK energy, which is said to move objects when her husband gets her upset. Q: Is the average person vulnerable to poltergeist activity in themselves or their home? Michael: Many components must come together, as stated earlier, and it is a very rare event, lasting usually not more than several weeks. It nor-

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Author Spotlight

Book Reviews & Details Reviews: “Michael Clarkson got to the next millennium before the rest of us did ... His research and theories on the powers of the human mind and on the fight-orflight system and its amazing, mysterious powers are well ahead of his time.” --”The Amazing Kreskin,” mentalist and television star

“I admire Michael Clarkson’s clear-sightedness and guts in telling it is like it is.”

--Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, professor of psychology, Claremont University, and bestselling author of Flow

“[Michael Clarkson] ... does not take the topic lightly. He brings a mally involves people with unusual brains and the ability to use nearby energy sources. However, a lot of repressed anger can touch it off. Q: Do you worry that, as an investigative journalist, your reputation might suffer because of the stigma some skeptics attach to paranormal events? Michael: I expected it would, and it has. A Canadian reviewer of one of my non-paranormal books attacked my credibility by noting that I had written a poltergeist book. But this is the chance an author takes when writing such a book. There is a stigma attached to this not only by the mainstream media, but mainstream science as well. A respected neuroscientist claims he is getting reduced government grants since he started investigating poltergeist activity. Q: Who are the best parapsychologists? Michael: William Roll of Georgia


Paranormal Underground

fresh approach to the paranormal.”

--William Roll, renowned poltergeist investigator and author• Paperback: 288 pages

Book Details: Publisher: New Page Books; 1 edition (January 20, 2011) Language: English Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches Product Description: The author has reviewed 75 cases and interviewed hundreds of witnesses, paranormal experts, law enforcement officers, psychologists and skeptics to come up with eye-opening results. is semi-retired and an expert who has investigated hundreds of poltergeist cases through the years, as well as coined the term RSPK. Stephen Mera, of Manchester, England, and Andrew Nichols, of Gainsville, Florida, are also quoted in my book. The late Maurice Grosse was also instrumental in contemporary poltergeist research. Q: After writing this book, are you skeptical or are you a believer in the paranormal? Michael: I remain open-minded, and perhaps not as skeptical as I was. I think there are things we don’t understand, and I prefer to use the word supernatural because I believe many paranormal events are amazing manifestations of the human mind and its abilities. Q: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Michael: Not by definition, but I have had many in-the-zone experiences, especially in athletics and

July 2011

deadline work for newspapers. Under pressure, I’ve been able to avoid choking by turning my fear into passion and then focusing these extra hormones from the fight-or-flight system into increased production. In some cases, it seemed as though I had an out-of-body experience — watching myself perform the tasks. In the end, I had to trust myself and let my training, skills, including mental abilities, take over. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal? Michael: A combination of reasons — society is spoiled and tends to get bored with mainstream stuff; surveys show that most people believe in some type of paranormal activity. We love good mysteries, and are always hoping there are new discoveries to be made. Q: After death, do you hope to come back as a ghost? Michael: I don’t know if I will come back. I try to make the most of my life on Earth, but there are some people in my life I would like to haunt! Q: What does the future hold for your writing? Michael: I am writing a book and a screenplay, but my agent doesn’t want to tip our hand on the subject matter. I am getting so much positive feedback on the poltergeist book that I might consider doing another one. *****

Michael Clarkson currently lives in Ontario with his wife and two sons where he’s working on his next book. For more information on his current book, “The Poltergeist Phenomenon,” visit

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Making an impact in the paranormal community.

July 2011

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

Haunted Charleville


By Harry Warren


here are many areas in Ireland that have a thin veil between this world and the next — a place that the reader may go and visit to experience a world beyond our own comprehension, the world of the supernatural. Ireland’s ancient and mysterious landscape is frequently associated with the “Good People,” the mischievous, and sometimes terrifying, visitors from the “other world” ... the banshees, leprechauns, and fairies. If one knows where to seek them, they are still to be found in modern Ireland, making their mischief in the early morning mist. And for families of an ancient Irish lineage, the cry of the banshee is still today a portent of death. Ireland has also reported the full range of ghostly hauntings over the years. These hauntings have not been confined to the old ruins or fairy mounds either, but they have also been reported in cities, towns, business parks, and shopping malls. In addition, we are lucky to have scores of eerie haunted castles that pepper the land. For decades, Charleville Castle in Tullamore County Offaly Ireland has been reputed to be haunted by various supernatural entities. This neo-Gothic style castle is built in a very historic area long associated with the full gamut of the supernatural. The present-day Charleville cas-


Paranormal Underground

July 2011

tle towers dramatically at the end of a long driveway of overhanging trees. The castle is in the center of a forest that is one of the last surviving tracts of original oak woods in Ireland. The Unusual History of Charleville Castle There are many good reasons for Charleville Castle’s reputation of being haunted. In fact, prior to Charleville castle being built, the ancient Irish druids practiced their rituals in the surrounding oak-filled woods. Certain areas in the woods have the impressiveness of those old, religious groves where ancient ceremonies were carried out. The druids regarded oak trees as sacred and performed macabre rituals in the forest groves, and, if the Roman historians are to be believed, they also carried out human sacrifices. After the druids passed into history, the area later became the site of the 6th Century monastery of Lynally. Many years later, during the suppression of Ireland in the mid-1550s by British colonial plantations, the original owners of these lands were brutally oppressed. In an early example of what would now be classified as ethnic cleansing, their homesteads were destroyed and their lands were confiscated following the suppression of, not unsurprisingly, a rebellion. Many were put to the sword or hung from trees in the forest. First the Stuart, and later the more violent Elizabethan plantations, were cruelly imposed on the local population. The surrounding lands, which were originally ruled by various Irish clans, were securely “planted” or colonized with extreme military force. A later dynasty was established by descendants of the O’Moores, which lasted into the late-19th Century. Charles William Bury, Earl of Charleville and a Freemason, had the castle designed and built as his

The above photo is a recreation of a reported ghost that haunts Charleville Castle — the ghost of a little girl named Harriet, youngest daughter of the third Earl of Charleville, who died after falling from the staircase at age 8. Many folk report various manifestation of her, be it sightings, voices, or the sensation of someone brushing past on the staircase. (All photos by Harry Warren © 2011.)

home by one of the great architects of the day, Francis Johnston, between 1798 and 1812. The location was chosen by Bury due to its history as a place of Druidic rituals and its use as a monastic site.

July 2011

Today, the castle, with its great tower and turrets, looks every bit as haunted as it is reputed to be. The castle was purposely created to visually dominate the area, and it took 14 years to build.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites press the Irish rebellion of 1798. The Burys also greatly assisted in establishing the Act of Union in 1801 that further suppressed the native Irish population; in doing so, they perhaps helped to sow the seed of a further 200 years of Anglo Irish conflict. Their Unionist leanings are reflected in the layout of the castle garden, which is fashioned in a Union Jack shape. The architectural inspiration for the castle’s design was conceived as a celebration of victory over the third French revolutionary expedition to Ireland during the 1798 period of Irish rebellion. In later times, Charleville Castle hosted lavish parties, attracting many notable people of the day. The castle has played host to Lord Byron, “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” who attended many wild parties here. He was attracted to the castle due to the owner’s eccentric notoriety. There were also whisperings that the owner was a devil worshipper.

Prior to Charleville castle being designed and built (between 1798 and 1812), the ancient Irish druids practiced their rituals in the surrounding oak-filled woods.

The interior of the castle is designed to resemble a grand lodge of the Freemasons. Magnificent ceilings designed by William Morris still survive today, adding a distinct atmosphere to the interior. Darkly esoteric Masonic-style architectural features are built into the very structure of the house. There are Ma-


Paranormal Underground

sonic symbols used in the design and decoration of the interior rooms. Notably, there are seven sets of steps that lead away from the castle to seven avenues. The number seven was deliberately chosen for its powerful symbolic use within Freemasonry. The Burys were also proud Unionists, and they helped to sup-

July 2011

Investigators Flock to Charleville Castle In contemporary times, the castle has been featured in many paranormal TV series, including U.K. TV’s Most Haunted, and the American Fox/ABC networks Family’s Scariest Places on Earth, hosted by Linda Blair of The Exorcist. Charleville has also appeared as a location in many films and TV series. Today, the castle is in the hands of the Charleville Castle Heritage Trust who are working hard to restore and carry out any necessary repairs to bring it back to its former glory. The castle has a deserved reputation of being haunted. Within this castle, the mysteries of her people still walk the halls at night. The castle has been visited by many paranormal investigators and psychics who

of the second Earl, the castle housed a child who died at the young age of seven; the boy was not recognized as part of the Bury family. He was reputed to have been kept locked up in an upstairs nursery where many unusual events have occurred. Traces of the faded nursery wallpaper, faintly illuminated in the twilight darkness, have echoed to the reported sounds of unseen playing children. Other disembodied voices have been East Coast Paranormal Investigators of Dublin, heard emanating from Ireland, investgate Charleville Castle and gather the dark corners of the some intriguing evidence, including EVPs and house, murmurs and photographic evidence. footsteps heard in the dead of night. Peer out one of the magnificent continue to report supernatural windows in the ballroom and you occurrences. Various visitors have may also be lucky or unlucky to reported the full spectrum of ghostly witness the spectral phenomena of a phenomena, the unnerving sounds glowing fog-like wraith floating past. of clocks chiming where there are What is a castle without a none, unattended chairs visibly dungeon? The basement area is rocking by themselves, and most known to be haunted by the entity poignantly the ethereal whimpers of of a sadistic torturer and by the spirit a child crying. of another child. There have been Who could the child be? The other reports of apparitions in the reports of a little girl in a blue chifold castle kitchens. fon dress, whose ethereal shade has frequently been seen on the great, Who ... or What ... Haunts winding panelled staircase, the Charleville Castle? wooden walls and creaking boards of But, what are these discarnate which are imbued with a decidedly entities and things that go bump chilling aura. Visitors ascending the in the night? Are they really spirits staircase have reported experiencing of the departed, or are demonic a cold breath of air as she brushes forces at work? Have the dark rituals past them. Perhaps the child is Harperformed by some of the previous riet Hugh Edel, a young girl who owners of the castle given rise to the died tragically after falling to her panoply of paranormal entities and death while playing on the banister spectral hauntings? Ghosts are more of the second floor staircase. complex than a typical “apparition” More mysteriously, it may be or elusive “wraith.” Hauntings in the ghost of a boy. During the time

Charleville manifest themselves with more evidence than a transparent and elusive spirit. For anyone who is sceptical of paranormal phenomena, note the sagely advice of the Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu (470-391 BC), speaking of the supernatural: “The way to find out whether anything exists or not is to depend on the testimony of the ears and eyes of the multitude. If some have heard it, or some have seen it, then we have to say it exists. If no one has heard it and no one has seen it, then we have to say it does not exist.” So with this philosophical advice in mind, I was delighted to be invited to an investigation of Charleville Castle as a guest of Ireland’s East Coast Paranormal Investigators (ECPI). Many paranormal researchers today are semi-professionals, complete with modern equipment. They have little time for the trivialization and sensationalism that goes with TV-style paranormal investigations.

Paranormal Underground 31

July 2011

Pictured above: Eamonn Dunne, an electronics wizard, developed his own self-built infrared kit, which was used during the recent investigation of Charleville Castle.

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites Instead, they are serious investigators who hope to come up with an answer for, what is for them, a serious subject to study.

recording kit in the hope of capturing some ghostly Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP.

Investigating Charleville’s ECPI Investigates Eerie Castle Rooms Charleville Castle The old kitchen area had a Lead investigator Mick distinctly moody atmosphere. Doyle and his colleagues busily After sitting for a short time in set up their paranormal investhe oppressive dark, the ECPI tigation equipment. One room investigators requested, “If there was used as the command and are any spirits present to make control center for the night’s themselves known.” The idea investigation. Various monitors being that by calling out to spirits and recorders were configured locally, it would allow them to to control night vision video manifest themselves via discarcameras, motion detectors, and nate voices or raps and creaks temperature sensors, while within the room. other items were installed in the Shortly, two of the team reputed most haunted areas of members in the group experithe castle. enced an unusual coldness, a Later, in the eerie library, distinct temperature drop on whose very walls reeked of dark their side of the room. Sitting episodes of the castle’s past, opposite at the kitchen table, technical expert and paraEMF readings and temperanormal investigator Eamonn ture readings were normal, ECPI sets up their command and control center for the night’s investigation. Various monitors Dunne set up a powerful infraand the voice recording equipand recorders were configured to control night red array, especially tuned to ment logged all sounds for later vision video cameras, motion detectors, and illuminate the near dark room analysis. temperature sensors. for adapted video cameras. A What was that sound? Some disturbing séance was held in unexplained noises apparently the library later. emanating from a corner of the sion accompanying the wispy mist For the investigation, it was room were reported by the that carpets the dungeons floors. I decided to split into three groups. group. I had heard something, I was set up my own video camera, couAgreement was reached to spend sure, but then it was gone. Despite pled with motion detection software, specific times in the most active more requests from the group, no in the dank gloom of the creepy areas of the castle. We took turns more sounds were heard. dungeon corridor. I was happy to in the macabre locations before Then, from the corner of my retreat to the safe companionship regrouping to report on whatever we eye, the claustrophobic darkness in of the ECPI group in the adjacent discovered. the corridor was briefly illuminated castle kitchen. I and some of the ECPI team as the screen of my laptop automatiIn the flickering shadows, I headed down to the old kitchen area cally flickered into life. could see chiselled above the cobthat adjoins a long corridor next to The attached video camera that webbed castle fireplace the slogan, the castle dungeons. These dark I had left focused along the corridor where kitchen staffs were admonbasement chambers were originally was picking up some unusual moveished to “Work Hard and Obey used as wine cellar’s and storage ment and recording it on screen. Your King.” rooms, but were reputed to have Somewhat nervously, I decided Various EMF meters to detect been used as dungeons for the insurto check it out. On entering the fluctuations in the local magnetic gents captured in the 1798 rebellion. corridor, in the gloomy darkness, fields were laid on an ancient oak In the dark of the night there is a cobweb brushed against my face table along with a digital sound an overwhelming sense of depresfollowed by the loathsome sensa-


Paranormal Underground

July 2011

tion of a spider crawling across my cheek. Hastily brushing it aside, I sat at the laptop while swiftly rewinding the captured imagery. I quickly felt that I was no longer alone; I soon became very aware of a nearby presence.

by the sound of the quiet laughter of a child. We passed along the staircase and stood on the landing. Once again, we asked if any spirits were present and to make themselves known. Moonlight, interrupted by

Many sensitives have experienced a malevolent presence at the cupboard and have heard the whimper of a sobbing child. Someone or something’s eyes were staring at me, watching me. I consoled myself that being in this weird location had activated my imagination. “I must be imagining things.” And then, a sound of movement emanated along the wall to my right, so soft but distinctly audible. My ears were not lying to me. I could feel the sensation of blood pumping in the veins in my temples. I knew I must look around but felt frozen to the spot with fear. In near darkness, I turned. At shoulder level, the most piercing eyes I have ever seen, illuminated by the screen of my laptop, glared back at me. A few heart-stopping instants of total fear elapsed until I realized it was a friendly castle cat on the prowl, perhaps investigating for itself just what the ECPI members were up to! Breathing once again, I rejoined the group, and we left the basement. The Grand Staircase, Nursery, and Ballroom We then headed to the next area for our investigation, the far wing of the castle, where the old wooden staircase is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. It was a frequently reported spot where many have physically felt a presence — as though someone brushes past them on the stairs, usually accompanied

passing clouds, drew strange shadows across the landing. After some time elapsed, there were no unusual occurrences, but some orbs were photographed. The ECPI members examined the results and soon identified the orbs as being of the non-paranormal variety. They were created by the camera flash guns reflecting off dust particles floating in the air above the staircase. To continue our investigation, we made our way up the stairs to what was once a children’s nursery. The nursery, currently under-

going restoration, still has some children’s peeling wallpaper on its walls. Standing in the dark corners of the room now illuminated by pale moonlight, there was an earthy smell present, akin to one of decay and of life that seemed to permeate the air. A doorway along one of the nursery walls leads, somewhat disturbingly, to a cupboard, which was large enough to seat a chair in its small space. Perhaps it was used as an ideal place for a strict children’s governess to punish a naughty child. Was it used for that purpose? Many sensitives have experienced a malevolent presence at the cupboard and have heard the pitiful whimper of a sobbing child. During a previous investigation, an ECPI member was seated inside it and, terrifyingly, was unable to open the unlocked door for several inexplicable minutes. We spent some time here but failed to experience anything of the paranormal variety. However, the room definitely requires future investigation.

Pictured above is the Charleville library, sometimes used for séances. The room itself holds a secret passageway behind the bookcase that leads to the remains of a chapel believed to have been utilized by the original Freemason owner of the castle.

July 2011

Paranormal Underground 33

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites Our next investigation spot, the ballroom, provided much more interesting results. The dark, large windows allowed a pale moonlight to cast strange shadows about the room. In times past, the magnificent sculptured ballroom ceiling has echoed to music. In more recent times, the ANUNA choir have performed their music, a haunting mixture that slips easily between classical and Celtic-based song. After one such performance, it appeared to stimulate supernatural activity in the ballroom. We sat in a semi-circle around one of the wonderfully sculpted marble fireplaces. Various instruments were set about the floor to take readings. In no time, mysterious disembodied sounds were heard in the room. Some appeared to arise from the far corner of the ballroom, while others were heard near the

fireplace. A member of the ECPI team, under the guidance of team leader Mick Doyle, attempted contact via divining rods. A series of questions to any entities present were asked, with the rods responding in a positive manner.

“If there was an entity present, it spread a somber, sullen emotion about the room.” A Séance Is Held in the Charleville Castle Library After assessing our results, we moved to the old library for a séance. A wooden bookcase hides a secret passageway that leads to the old castle chapel. The library is a strange octagonal-shaped room replete with Masonic symbols. There are tall windows with splendid stained glass panels and a fine marble fireplace. The investigators seated themselves around a table at

After ECPI team members asked any entities present to come forward during their Charleville Castle séance, disembodied noises, temperature drops, and odd shadows filled the room. For one of the participants, the icy coldness became unbearable and they had to leave the circle.


Paranormal Underground

the center of the room. To facilitate a recording of the séance, technical expert and paranormal investigator Eamonn Dunne carefully configured his personally designed infrared lighting equipment to illuminate the séance table with

July 2011

a beam that was only visible on his adapted video equipment. Eamonn and I viewed the video monitors from a vantage point in the corner of the room to record and study the proceedings. ECPI members, including a visiting investigator Darren Merrit from Cork, formed a circle around the séance table. The room was lit by moonlight, as two candles burned at the center of the table. In the gloomy darkness, their faint flickering lit a disturbing sculpture of a human skull that gazed down on the proceedings from its perch on top of the fireplace mantelpiece. The séance was expertly led by team leader Mick Doyle. A circle was formed around the central table. After preparations were made to protect the séance’s participants, the proceedings began with the members joining hands. Upon calling out for any spirits present to make themselves known, mysteriously, one of the table’s candles flickered strongly while simultaneously Eamonn’s monitors appeared to experience a dip in power. The equipment screens darkened for an instant until the candle flame steadied itself. The participants gripped one another’s hands more tightly as the atmosphere in the room grew quite unpleasant. If there was an entity present, it spread a somber, sullen

Pictures above are two original photos from within Charleville Castle. They were taken within minutes of each other in a room notorious for aggressive poltergeist-type activity. There is a very unusual and disquieting atmosphere in the room, and one of ECPI’s investigators reputedly suffered physical scratches in the room on a previous investigation. The photo on the left shows nothing unusual, but the photo on the right might have captured an anomaly. Or, is it just the photographer’s reflection?

emotion about the room. Was it the shade of Charles William Bury manifesting himself, angry with the intruders in his library? There were several sounds experienced in the room, and between Mick and Darren the air temperature distinctly dropped. Odd shadows briefly moved across the room’s entrance. Some vibrations were experienced by the circle member’s hands resting on the table. After more questions for any entity to identify itself, one of the candles flickered again. For one of the participants, the icy coldness became unbearable and they had to leave the circle. Additional, unusual knocks and raps were heard, but then they gradually quietened and petered out. If there were any spirits present, it appeared that their energy or attention had waned with the breaking of the circle. The ending of the séance felt like stepping off a rollercoaster, an intense high-energy emotional rush, coupled with light-hearted relief.

Evidence Review Turns Up Interesting Results Following on from the investigation, the ECPI members found several interesting pieces of evidence. EVP recordings had captured something that was not audibly experienced by any in the group. A gruff male voice a few decibels higher than the accompanying audio hiss was recorded. Also, an intriguing photograph, taken earlier in a room noted for aggressive poltergeist activity, contained an unusual image. The reader may wish to examine two accompanying photographs taken within a minute of one another. The first photograph shows the room (see photos above). As for the second photograph? Well I leave it to your judgment. Is it a simple reflection or evidence of something unworldly? Myself, the ECPI team, and their visiting friends thoroughly enjoyed investigating Charleville Castle, and all who participated agreed that this castle is most probably haunted and worthy of serious investigation.

July 2011

After the investigation ended, we said our goodbyes and departed Charleville Castle’s Estate via its tree-lined drive. Toward the end of the shadowy avenue stands the magnificent and ancient “King Oak” tree. The splendid aspect of the tree comes with a notorious reputation. Historically, whenever one of its overhanging branches fell, a Charleville family member would die. During a violent thunderstorm in the month of May in 1963, the oak was struck by a bolt of lightning and suffered major damage to its trunk. But, the King Oak survived. However, after two weeks had elapsed, Colonel Charles Howard Bury, the head of the family, and the last of the line to own the castle, mysteriously dropped dead.

Fore more information about East Coast Paranormal Investigators, visit To check out Charleville Castle, visit

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Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

The Enigma of Mount Shasta By Rick E. Hale


erhaps one of the most enduring legends of our strange world is the belief that, at one time, a continent known as Atlantis was destroyed by a great cataclysm almost 10,000 years ago. The knowledge of this lost civilization was brought to us by the great Greek philosopher Plato, who wrote of the doomed culture in his dialogues, “Timaeus and Critias.� Plato claimed to have received the story of the once great civilization from a family member, Solon, who learned of it from Egyptian priests while living in Egypt. For the most part, the story of Atlantis and its fall from grace is regarded as nothing more than a story that imparts a moral message to the ancient Greeks, warning them not to become too power hungry, as well as to live a modest life. However, many thousands of miles away in the Pacific ocean, just off the California coast, another continent, Lemuria or Mu was said to have met the same fate as their Atlantean brothers a couple millennia earlier. It would be easy to


Paranormal Underground

dismiss the story of Lemuria/Mu out of hand if it were not for the widely held belief that survivors of this doomed continent made their way to our shores and took up residence

Is Mount Shasta home to a race of immortals, the Lemurias, who some believe watch over humankind?

July 2011

on and inside one of our most scenic mountains, Mount Shasta. Are the strange stories that have filtered down from Mount Shasta over the last century nothing but pure bunk? Or are we to believe the tales of white-garbed strangers and strange lights seen on the mountain? You be the judge. Mount Shasta: The Jewel of Northern California Rising more than12,000 feet above sea level in Siskiyou County, California, Mount Shasta is considered to be the jewel of Northern California. Shasta has long been held in awe by the Native American population who believe that the mountain is home to the Great Spirit and various other spirit entities. Shasta is also believed by many New Age enthusiasts to be a place of great healing power and the home to one of the root races of immortals that are said to watch over the affairs of mankind. Some say this race will one day descend from their mountain lair and usher mankind into an age of enlightenment.

Getting beyond the new age factor, folks from the surrounding towns and cities have reported strange things on the mountain, such as mass sightings of UFOs, strange chanting in an unknown language, and the occasional sighting of a group of hairy bipeds believed to be associated with Sasquatch. However, there have been reports of locals coming into contact with strange humans who occasionally come down from the mountain dressed in long, flowing white robes, and attempt to buy and barter goods with the local merchants. Some

ans and lived to tell the tale? Yes, if we are to believe them. Personal Encounters From Mount Shasta In 1896, a local man was climbing Mount Shasta when he became tired and took up shelter inside one of the many caves that dot the slopes of the mountain. Later, the man told a strange tale of being awakened by a group of peaceful men and women dressed in long, white robes, who appeared to be well over seven feet tall. The mountain climber would later tell his friends and family that

Many New Age enthusiasts say Mount Shasta is home to great healing power. believe these odd folks are nothing more than hippy cultists living out a wild sci-fi fantasy, but many believe that they are the descendents of the survivors of the lost continent of Lemuria/Mu. Those who ascribe to the Lemuria/Mu connection believe that many thousands of years ago, the 25,000 survivors of the doomed continent came to our shores and built a gigantic city of peace and prosperity deep within the rocky walls of Mount Shasta. The Lemurians are believed to be technologically advanced to the point of having intergalactic and interdimensional craft, called the “Silver Fleet.” These craft are said to make runs in and out of the mountains at all hours of the day and night, which some people believe is responsible for the multitude of UFO sightings over the years. Can these stories be true? Are there any people who have had experiences with these alleged Lemuri-

Avalanche of Spirits:

the strange people took him down a long path that led deep into the mountain, carrying strange glowing crystals that lit the way through the darkness. When they came to the end of the path, the man was greeted with a gleaming white city that was lit by a gigantic ball of light, which not only gave off heat and light, but also gave off a sense of well-being. The citizens greeted the awestruck man and took him on a breathtaking tour of their amazing city via an airship that did not need any balloon to keep it afloat. And, he reported that the airship made no noise. After the tour, the citizens imparted wisdom to him and a stern warning that mankind must let go of their warfaring ways before it was too late. The man was then taken back to the cave, where he climbed down the mountain and told all that he knew of the fantastic sights that his eyes feasted upon.

July 2011

“The Ghosts of Wellington.”

Book Now Available Online at:

Paranormal Underground 37

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted History

Mu was said to be a lost Pacific Ocean continent, and was popularized by James Churchward (1851–1936) in a series of books, including the Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man (1926). The map above is a representation of Mu.

This sounds like a nice tale; however, many researchers regard the story with a great deal of skepticism since the man in question had no name. Skeptics also say his tale sounds more like an alien abduction or a very vivid dream. However, just a few years later in 1904, all that would change. JC Brown’s Most Unusual Discovery at Mount Shasta JC Brown, a geologist for the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of London, England, was sent to take surveys of the strange mountain for some business concerns. While surveying the surrounding area from a bluff on the mountain, Brown literally stumbled upon a cave in the side of the mountain that was previously unknown to him. Always the adventurous sort, Brown entered the cave. After many hours of traveling down a path that led deep into the mountain, Brown came upon an


Paranormal Underground

opening and was shocked by what he saw — a vast city of abandoned buildings and homes. Brown, was incredulous by what he had found and decided to take a walk around the amazing city buried deep in the Northern California mountain. While exploring, Brown saw 13 statues cast in gold and copper around what he believed to be a park. He found other artifacts, such as shields, swords, and chalices made from gold. Brown was so ecstatic of this amazing archeological discovery that he quickly made his way out of the chamber and hightailed it to Stockton, California, where he fell off the radar for 30 years. In 1934, JC Brown resurfaced in Stockton at the age of 79, claiming to have immersed himself in the hidden histories and the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. He felt that it was time to launch an expedition into the mountain to bring this alleged lost civilization to the light of day.

July 2011

A Return to Mount Shasta Over the next several weeks, Brown convinced 80 citizens of Stockton to accompany him on this amazing journey. Among the citizens were newspaper reporters and scientists from various disciplines who believed the eccentric old gent and could not wait to be part of the find of the century. Leading up to the expedition, Brown warned his fellow adventurers that there were shadowy figures who wanted to keep his mouth shut about the lost civilization, and the impact it could have on mankind. On the morning of June 19, 1934, the 80 citizens gathered at the foot of the mountain and earnestly waited for their leader. Unfortunately, he never showed. Local police were contacted and an investigation was launched into the disappearance of the eccentric, old man. No trace of him was ever found. Did the shadowy figures that he believed were out to get him drag him away to cover up a great secret? Or was JC Brown just some crackpot whose bluff was called when the citizens of Stockton came out to help him investigate the alleged lost city of the Lemurians said to be buried deep within Mount Shasta? The world will probably never know. Today Mount Shasta is still believed to be a sacred place, but the phenomenon that once ignited the fertile imaginations of the locals is all but quiet. Sure, locals still claim to see the occasional strange light issuing from the mountain side, and some folks say they have witnessed Bigfoot-like creatures. However, as for the mysterious strangers that were once believed to be somehow related to the citizens of a lost continent ... no such luck. No one has been known to have spotted these white-robed people of great beauty for many years.

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July 2011

Paranormal Underground 39

Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files

Adventures In Ghost Hunting: The Music Never Dies By Rick E. Hale


very once in a while our founder and fearless leader, Tony Olszewski, will receive a call from a terrified client that really does not require an investigation at all. The client is only looking to rid their home, and themselves, of a nasty entity that is seeking to completely ruin their life. A few days after my son was born, Tony called me up and asked if I would like to get in on a miniinvestigation and a house cleansing. Tony explained that the client, a famous Irish musician we’ll call Morris, was in our country after going through a series of operations to fix a bacterial infection that had almost completely destroyed his face. Morris was a gentleman who, for a number of years, had been under attack from a malicious human entity that was seeking to bring his life to an end. For the past couple of years, this spirit parasite had turned Morris’ life upside down, and not only was trying to force him to kill himself, but was also making his otherwise beautiful and traditional Irish music dark and disturbing. So, after waking my wife from a nap and getting her okay, I raced out the door to join up with Tony and two other investigators. Our mission was to try and help our client escape


Paranormal Underground

the clutches of whatever spirit was running roughshod over his life and get his music back on track. A Musician’s Tale When we arrived at the home in question, we met up with Morris. He was a tall, thin man with a haggard look on his face. I could tell that Morris had experienced something that

was making his life Hell, and it was wise of him to contact a paranormal group that hopefully could help him. After going inside and setting up our equipment, I was shocked, and almost dismayed, to see a high volume of discarded beer bottles and boxes lying around the home. When I saw this, the red flag in my head stood straight up.

During an impromptu Ouija board session, the spirit of a young girl named Elizabeth began to communicate with Morris and his group of coworkers and friends. The session soon turned negative, and Morris would never be the same.

July 2011

I couldn’t help but wonder if Morris was in need of a paranormal investigative team or a good 12-step program. But when I considered Tony and his stern professionalism, I knew that something other than “the creature,” as the Irish call it, was possibly causing him undue stress and trouble. After a few moments of removing EMF detectors and other tools of the trade from our bags, we sat down to listen to Morris’ story and what made him believe that some unknown ghost was trying to cause chaos in his life. As he began his story, you could almost feel the sadness in his voice. This man’s life was tragic. Morris told us that when he was 17, he got a job working in a hotel in Northern Ireland on the west coast. It was a small job to help feed him and his family while he composed his music. Morris went on to say that one night when he and the lads had just gotten off work and had began their drinking, one of his friends pulled a Ouija board out of his bag and suggested that they should try to contact the ghost that was said to haunt the hotel. At first, Morris, who considered himself a good Catholic boy, refused to take part in this spirit communication, because he was always told that such things were of the devil and nothing good could come of it. His friends, who had by this time liquored up, began to give him a hard time. So, Morris relented and placed his fingers on the planchette. According to Morris, nothing happened at first as his friends began asking questions. The questions followed the typical line, “Will I marry,” “Will I be famous,” and “Will I ever get out of this tiny village?” According to Morris, who was getting ready to call it a night,

something did come through. The spirit of a young girl began to communicate with the group of friends. She said her name was Elizabeth, and she had died at the hotel almost a century earlier. At first, the communication with this female spirit seemed innocent enough, but then it took on a much darker tone. A Ouija Board Session Becomes ... Evil Elizabeth claimed that she wanted to live again and she would do whatever it took, even if it meant possessing the body of one of the young men. Horrified by what he was hearing, Morris broke contact by removing his fingers from the planchette and walked out of the room, leaving his friends with the Ouija board and the evil spirit. Morris went on to say that a few years after the event, he had began his career in music and had completely forgotten about the Ouija session and the spirit that called itself Elizabeth. That was until Elizabeth began appearing and speaking to him. At first, the spirit wanted to help Morris in composing his music and bring it to the world. His music was traditional Irish music brought up to date and played by an orchestra. Morris was pleased with the way his life was turning out; he had fame, fortune, as well as the respect of his peers. All was good, until his music and his relationship with Elizabeth took an unexpected turn. Morris’ music was growing darker and more disturbing, and the entity that called itself Elizabeth was becoming more demanding of his time and attention. Elizabeth began telling Morris that he was useless

July 2011

and told him that he would be better off dead. Morris fell into a deep despair, especially after contracting a bacterial infection that threatened to take his life. This is what brought him to the U.S. and to the attention of the McHenry County Paranormal Research Group. A Jealous Spirit After listening to Morris’s amazing story, I began going about the house with my trusty EMF detector and a digital thermometer gun. As I walked around asking questions of the entity that might be in the home, I began taking reading with the digital thermometer. I was shocked to see that wherever I pointed it, I got a consistent reading of 48 degrees. Sure it was winter, but the heat was on in the house and blowing at a comfy 66 degrees. There was no way that I should be getting back such a low temperature reading. That is, of course, unless there was true spiritual presence in the home causing the temperature variation. After walking around the house doing an EMF sweep and conducting a comprehensive EVP session, I decided to rejoin Tony, the two investigators (who were both rescue mediums), and the client in the living room. I watched and listened as one of the mediums came into contact with the spirit and was attempting to get this malevolent soul to pass on. Now, I know that psychics and mediums are not very popular right now with paranormal groups, but I trusted this medium and knew that she was the real deal. Besides, if we say that we believe in ghosts, then it made sense to me that there must be people who are able to contact them. After a few minutes of talking with the spirit, we discovered that the spirit was not female after all, but

Paranormal Underground 41

Personal Experiences: Ghost Hunter Case Files rather a male spirit who in life had been a failed musician who had committed suicide. He was so jealous of Morris’ talent that he wanted to drive the man into despair, and eventually to the same fate that he had undergone in his previous life, suicide. The rescue medium was able to convince this envious spirit that it was unfair of him to cause such turmoil in Morris’ life. Morris had a right to live and perform his music for his many fans. The medium further told the spirit that he needed to pass over into the spirit realm where he had family and friends that missed him dearly. After a few moments, the spirit agreed to leave Morris alone and let him compose his music the way Morris saw fit. After this unseen exchange, I noticed three things. The feeling of tension in the house quickly lifted. Also, while I was standing there watching the medium do her business, I felt the sensation of invisible hands press-

ing against my throat, which had since dissipated. Lastly, not satisfied with just a psychic display, I quickly went about the house and began taking readings with the digital thermometer again. I was shocked when I recorded a major temperature change; no longer was the thermometer reading a

“I felt the sensation of invisible hands pressing against my throat.” frigid 48 degrees. It was now reading the proper temperature of the home, 66 degrees. It seemed that once the spirit had left the house, the temperature returned to normal. This bizarre temperature change was proof to me that something had been here and was now gone. Not to mention the really killer picture I got

of a luminous mist that seemed to be taking on the form of a person. In Closing As for Morris, Tony kept in contact with him and discovered that his life had taken a turn for the better. He was in a good program to deal with addiction and was on the road to recovery from his operations. This was a case that I loved being a part of. Paranormal investigation is not about just running into a house, waving around an EMF detector, gathering evidence, and then leaving the client with whatever it is that haunts them. It’s about bringing resolution to a problem and truly helping those that feel they are being plagued by some unseen force. This case proves that not only is it our job to help the living, but we are here to help the dead as well, as long as they want that help. I continue to hope for the best for Morris.

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July 2011

Paranormal Underground 43

Personal Experiences

The Murderer Who Came to My Garage Sale By Rebecca Kane


have an uncanny ability to detect underlying, concealed emotions in complete strangers. In the paranormal world, I am considered empathic or sensitive. These perceptions can come in handy, especially since I am extra sensitive to rages leading to violence. I will never be one of those co-eds you read about in the paper, who is tricked into getting into a car with a Ted Bundy, because one whiff of his evil aura would send me on a sprint at 12.28 megabits per second. So, when a murderer came to my garage sale, it ruined my day. I spent my entire childhood riding my purple, banana-seated, Schwinn bike along the streets of the Republic of Boulder, Colorado. In the ’60s and ’70s, Boulder didn’t have any slums, but my parents cautioned us about a few sketchy areas. One was the bricklaid strip of the Pearl Street Mall — an outdoor arena and breeding ground for street vendors, jugglers, tight-rope walkers, clown ventriloquists, transients, and other shady characters. In 1979, as a teen, I held the prestigious title of night manager at The Art Cinema on the Pearl Street Mall. Every Friday night, for two years, it screened The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It now terrifies me to recall when I would carry a


Paranormal Underground

cash-stuffed deposit bag one block down to dump into the outdoor bank depository, at two a.m. The other dangerous area was “The Hill,” aligning streets that sloped down onto Broadway, directly across from CU. During the Summer of 1985, We Decided to Have a Yard Sale In the summer of 1985, my boyfriend and I were living at 906 Pennsylvania Avenue, on “The Hill.” We lived closer to the Flatirons, across from Columbia Cemetery, the serene stretch of Pennsylvania’s avenue. If you ventured into the 1100 block, toward the campus, your safety became questionable. Seedy stores with opened doors

July 2011

released stenches of patchouli incense, the inside walls lined with tie-dyed hippie Ts, Day-Glo psychedelic posters and hemp necklaces. Glass cases flagrantly displayed a vast variety of pot bongs. Even further down came the stereotypical Animal House fraternities, in which every Friday night, firemen were dispatched to extinguish a porch couch fire. We were recent college graduates ourselves, barely scraping by, shacking up in order to cut expenses. On Saturday, June 23, 1985, we decided to have a yard sale. We didn’t have many wares, but business was brisk. I even sold a rusted pie pan for five cents. Around 10:30 a.m., out of the

corner of my eye, I saw a tall, lanky man speed up on a bike, toss it aside, and approach our sale. He reminded me of the many transients that slept on benches along the Pearl Street Mall. He was young, but his prematurely lightening-bolt-colored hair was matted. His beard was stained yellow, and his bare feet had cracks embedded with mud. The most striking thing was the bright multi-colored turquoise Peruvian hippie vest he wore — a stylish gypsian garb. Instantly, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. The residue of evil lingered upon him, permeating the entire area, like a dead rodent trapped for months behind a bookcase. I hovered behind my boyfriend as a line of defense. “What is wrong with you?” he said, irritated. “That guy is scaring the bejeezus out of me,” I whispered. “What guy?” “Shhhh!” I was terrified to draw attention to myself. “Just don’t leave me alone with him.” Mr. Evil surveyed our sale, gazed over our stuff, hesitated at the box of vinyl records, and then began thumbing through them. He picked one up and approached my boyfriend, holding the record up for him to observe. “Who is this?” he asked and pointed to the name scrawled in sharpie across the top of the album cover. Since my boyfriend and I were living in sin, I had written my name across the top of my records and books to keep them separate, a prenup for our relationship. My name, on the record he held, stood out like a beacon, a security breech of epic proportions. “Oh, that’s my girlfriend,” my boyfriend told him and pointed back at me.

I Began to Feel Like Clarice Starling Oh good God. Every firing synapse in my central nervous system shouted that this guy was Jeffry Dahmer’s brother, and now, he not only knew where I lived, but my name as well. I might as well give him my phone number, my place of work, and my first born child. And, to be betrayed by the man I trusted — the same man who ran

Subaru to haul to goodwill. Then, I saw the transient, sauntering up the sidewalk, with the record grasped firmly in his hand. As he approached, it felt like the tide was going out, sucking the water and the sand out from under my bare feet, leaving me teetering on a precarious platform. “I don’t want this record.” He shoved it toward me. I kept my head down, staring at

“I made the mistake of glancing up into his piercing blue eyes.” ahead of me in Hawaii with a stick, knocking down high spider webs, preventing silk webbing from sticking on my face, or spindly legged spiders from attaching to my shirt. I felt like Clarice Starling being handed on a silver platter to Hannibal Lecter. “I’ll buy this.” The man dug deep into his jean pocket, tugged out a crumpled dollar bill, shoved it at my boyfriend, and left with my record. By now I was shaking with fear and anger at my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, if I had my way. “How could you tell him my name?” I berated him. “Oh calm, down for Christ sakes,” he retorted, disgusted with my melodrama. “It’s not like he’s going to murder you or anything.” Later that afternoon, business slowed down and my boyfriend lost interest in becoming slum-dog millionaires. “I’m going for a run.” He sat on the porch and laced up his Asics. “You can’t leave me here alone,” I pleaded. “What if that guy comes back?” I lost that battle and after he left, I began the garage sale dump, loading piles of holey t-shirts into my

July 2011

his yellow toenails. “Why not? Is it broken?” “No. I don’t have a record player.” For God’s sake, what an idiot. Why did he buy a record if he had no way to listen to it? “Here, let me give you your money back.” I fumbled around my back pocket, hands shaking. “Keep it,” he said. I took the album, careful not to let my fingers brush his, but in my confusion, I made the mistake of glancing up into his piercing blue eyes. Through these windows, a soul had long since fled. His Charley Manson stare was crazed and disconnected as he studied me. It was like ripping the head off a Barbie and peering inside, only to discover a hollow hole. Did He Know That I Was on to Him? Did he know that I was on to him? He smirked, turned, and limped off in bare feet. My boyfriend got an earful when he returned. The encounter haunted me. Anyone who is psychic can tell you, extra-sensory perceptions are not an exact science. Time

Paranormal Underground 45

Personal Experiences

I followed the case of the murdered woman and clipped the above story from the Boulder Daily Camera.

gets misconstrued. I had sensed that he had done something heinous, but how could I know when he had done it? Emotions linger. Was an act of violence committed an hour ago or 20 years ago? Or was he just thinking about killing someone? It kind of left me powerless. I couldn’t exactly go to the police and say, “Arrest this guy; he gives me the creeps.” Monday evening, we were eating yet another potato concoction, when someone knocked at our front door. My boyfriend answered it, and I overheard him talking to someone. “No, but maybe my girlfriend knows something.” He called me to the door. A handsomely dressed man introduced himself. He was a detective from the Boulder police department. “Could I ask you a few questions?” He held a stack of instant Polaroids in his hand and pulled off the top photo to show me. “Do you recognize this woman?” The photo was of a Hispanic woman with silky, dark hair; beautiful brown eyes; and a soft smile. “No.” As I stared at the Polaroid, confused, I glanced at the next photo on the top of the stack he held in his hand. It was a picture of just a vest — a turquoise-woven Peruvian vest.


Paranormal Underground

The Police Pay a Visit “What’s that?” I yelled, jabbing my finger at the photo. “That’s the vest the guy was wearing that came to my garage sale!” “You mean this guy?” The detective slipped out another photo. As he held it up, I was starring at the face of the monster. “What did he do?” I questioned, emphatically. “Did he kill that girl?” The detective glanced at my boyfriend, and then back at me. “He is under suspicion,” the detective calmly continued. “This woman had befriended him because he was homeless. She was letting him stay at her place. Then, on Friday night, some of her friends said they got into a fight and she made him leave. Her body was discovered in Boulder Creek Saturday afternoon — she drowned. But the strange thing is her friends claimed she was a competitive swimmer.” “He killed her! I assure you, he did it!” I was frustrated and adamant. “Well, that’s why I am here,” the detective stated. “He claims he couldn’t have killed her because he was at your garage sale all morning. We are establishing his alibi. Did you have a garage sale on Saturday morning? And did he come to it?” “Yes,” I admitted. “But that doesn’t prove anything. He still

July 2011

could have done it. He purposely acted weird, buying a record and not having a record player, then returning it. He wanted to make sure I remembered him!” The detective gave a tired sigh and glanced at my boyfriend again. He exchanged a look with him that said, “God, why do I always get all the nutcases.” My boyfriend shrugged his shoulder and shot him a look back that said, “Yeah, she’s a little crazy, but what can you do?” After scribbling a few more notes, the policeman left. I turned to my boyfriend. “See, I told you he was evil!” I think my boyfriend was still in a little bit of shock himself. There was a time when he thought all my drama, was just that; but after this, he began to have more faith in my premonitions. We picked up a copy of Monday’s Boulder Daily Camera, which had an article about the girl’s death. Carmen Durand Cacho, a 32-yearold Naropa student from Mexico City was found dead under a log in Boulder Creek at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, at Eben G Park, about two miles from our house. The woman resided at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. The coroner estimated she had been in the water less than five hours. If that were true and the transient killed her, he must have done it right before he came to my yard sale at 10:30 a.m. that morning. No wonder he reeked of murder. Unfortunately, we never heard back from the detective again. There were never any further follow-ups in the paper, so apparently no one was arrested for murder. It must have been determined as an accidental death. I am still convinced I came faceto-face with her murderer.

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