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Volume 6 Issue 12

The Close Encounter

December 2013

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Time Travel

The Cursed


Borthwick Castle

Busby Stoop Chair


Ghosts of

Departed Loved Ones

Christmas City Shamanism

With a Twist

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Table Of Contents CASE FILES OF THE UNKNOWN 24 Haunted Sites Ghosts of The Christmas City 26 Haunted Objects/Curses The Busby Stoop Chair 28 Cryptids & Mythological Creatures Cryptozoology Defined 30 Are We Alone? Close Encounter Classification System 32 Haunted Cemeteries Quaker Cemetery (AKA Spider Gate)


IN THE SPOTLIGHT 14 Para-Chat Ray Jorden Films Haunting: Australia 16 Investigator Spotlight San Diego Ghost Hunters: Respecting the Spirits 70 Author Profile Trina M. Lee: Freak Show









PARANORMAL INSIGHTS 20 Special Report Shamanism With a Twist 21 Special Report The Healing Practice of Curanderismo 34 Katie’s Conspiracy Corner Evidence of Time Travel in the U.S. 42 Inside the Psychic Mind The Complete Being 44 The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy Paranormal TV 48 Crystals & Herbology Turning Over a New Leaf 50 Magic & Lore Tlahuelpuchi: Aztec Vampire Witch 52 The Dark Corner With Chuck Talking With Researcher Marie D. Jones 64 The Bishop’s Corner Can We Make Contact With Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed On? 68 Religion and the Paranormal The Paranormal in Christianity 72 Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial Caught On Film: The Flea Phenomenon

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES 58 The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates Borthwick Castle 62 Paranormal Encounters Forming My Own Team

DEPARTMENTS 4 Contributors 6 Publisher’s Letter 7 Calendar of Events 7 Ghost Hunter Comic 8 The Paranormal Top 10 List 10 Equipment Update

December 2013

Paranormal Underground


Contributors WILLIAM BECKER William is a psychic medium and paranormal investigator and researcher, as well as tour guide with Northwest Ghost Tours. William’s interest in the paranormal goes back to his early childhood when he saw his first full apparition. With this interest in the paranormal, along with a degree in history, it was only natural that he would jump at the chance to combine the two by giving tours. ( and Katie Christopher Katie is a paranormal investigator living in North East Pennsylvania. She has been involved in paranormal investigation since 2006 with the team NEPA Paranormal. In that time, she has investigated over 400 cases. Katie also handles all of the case management for her team. In 2011, her team formed the sub group Ghost Detectives, which is a ghost hunting TV show. ( Chris Davis Chris Davis founded Valley Ghost Hunting in 2011 with three of his siblings. He began experiencing paranormal activity at the age of four. Chris hosts “Proximity Paranormal Radio” and cohosts “Paranormal Hotspot” with Jenny Gurney, both on www. Chris would like to share his paranormal knowledge and experience and is currently seeking to lecture at his local library about paranormal phenomena. James Franklin Dietz Ever since James was old enough to watch TV, he had a fascination with horror movies, sci-fi, and unexplained phenomena. He is a paranormal researcher and investigator who writes articles on the paranormal. He created Asylum Paranormal in 2012 and operates Haunted Houston Tours and Haunted Lafayette Tours. Karen Frazier Karen is a paranormal investigator with South Sound Paranormal Research in Washington State and a frequent contributor to Paranormal Underground. She is also the cohost of Paranormal Underground Radio on and author of Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington and Dancing With the Afterlife and coauthor of Lessons of Many Lives.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Terri J. Garofalo Terri is a paranormal investigator, as well as the artist and writer behind Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She’s a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer in Hyde Park, New York. ( Charles G. Gotski Chuck is a native of Chicago and also an accomplished filmmaker and writer. His interest in the paranormal started at an early age due to a personal experience. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, he started his own team, In the Dark Investigations, in 2010. With the help of Larry, Al, and Janine, they have moved into the field by gathering evidence of the paranormal, as well as figuring out the how’s and why’s of these events. ( Paul Green Paul Green, The Psychic Biker, is a gifted medium and psychic who was once an ardent skeptic. He is a hard-core, no-nonsense biker who would look more at home on the door of a nightclub than offering his services as an empathetic psychic medium. Make no mistake, Paul is opinionated and brutally honest, yet he is respected by all who know him, or as he would describe himself: “Attitude with Empathy.” ( Rick E. Hale A Chicago native, Rick is cohost of Paranormal Underground Radio on www. He is the founder of Foundations Psychical Research and the author of the recently released Geek’s Guide to the Strange & Unusual. As an investigator, Rick considers himself to be a Modern Traditionalist, meaning he believes in melding the new and old schools of psychical research. Ashley Hall Ashley Hall resides in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has researched and investigated the paranormal for more than 15 years. As well as having worked for many of the state’s most professional teams, he founded The Paranormal Guide. Ashley is open-minded toward all aspects of the paranormal. He has written more than 200 articles on paranormal and macabre subjects that have appeared in magazines and on Websites worldwide.

Stephen Lambert Stephen is co-owner of Extreme Ghost Hunting Limited and EGH Media. Based in the Northeast of England, he likes nothing better than researching and spending the night alone in haunted locations. He is a Peoples Book Prize finalist as coauthor on The Psychic Biker Meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter and producer and host of online radio shows as part of the EGH Media Network. (www. and Bishop James Long, D.Min. Bishop James Long studied for the Roman Catholic Priesthood for six years. It was during his years in the seminary that Bishop Long received solid formation, both academic and spiritual. Through prayer and discernment, Bishop Long accepted Gods call to become an Independent Catholic Priest. He was ordained a Deacon and Priest and was consecrated a Bishop within the Old Catholic Church. Currently, he serves as the Presiding Archbishop for the United States Old Catholic Church. He holds a doctorate of ministry, master’s of divinity, master’s of education, bachelor’s of communication theory, and associate’s of philosophy. Cheryl Knight Cheryl is editor-in-chief of Paranormal Underground magazine and producer of Paranormal Underground Radio. She has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor and has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from advanced technology to paranormal investigation. Cheryl’s previous magazine experience includes roles as senior and managing editor for several business publications. Jill Marie Morris Jill is a psychic/medium, author, and documentary filmmaker. She is well-versed in the technical, investigative, and research sectors of the field. Jill uses her gifts as a medium and psychic to assist with paranormal investigations and cold cases. In July 2011, Jill published 207: A Personal Account of Love Paranormal Phenomenon and Demonic Possession, in which she details a series of real-life events and paranormal encounters that completely reshaped her life.

A skeptical believer, she has a fascination with anything paranormal. Michelle has a photography degree and is the co-owner of ( Michaela Rand (Silvermoon Medicyn) Michaela is a Medicyn Woman. Her life threads are woven between symbiotic psychic vampire and Shamanism, working closely with awakening souls looking to balance the dark and light within themselves. Her favorite tools to use are crystals, herbs, and oils. She is a Universal Life Ordained Minister and performs many services, including soul retrieval, Shamanic extraction, and walking the dead to rest. ( Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Jill is a feature writer for She has studied the paranormal since childhood. In fall 1965, she conducted her first investigation. Jill gives workshops and lectures and writes for selected Internet Websites. Her expertise in the paranormal includes parapsychology, cryptozoology, Fortean phenomena, anomalies, UFOs, aliens and demonic possession, and exorcism. Melinda Stum, M.Div Melinda graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in [Comparative] Religion. She served as an intern pastor while completing her master’s of Divinity. She is also a member of South Sound Paranormal Research. Mari Wells Mari’s love of vampires goes back to her tween years. Recently, she has increased her vampire knowledge and expanded it to other paranormal beings. Her paranormal fictional pieces have been included in supernatural magazines. (

Michelle M. Pillow Michelle is an award-winning author writing in many romance fiction genres, including futuristic and paranormal.

Chad Wilson A freelance writer, Chad is the publisher of Paranormal Underground magazine. His interest in the paranormal led to the creation of Chad has investigated with East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society and counts Waverly Hills, the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Queen Anne Hotel, the Queen Mary, and private residences among his investigations.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground


Publisher’s Letter PARANORMAL U N D E R G R O U N D® Volume 6, Issue 12

December 2013

EDITORIAL Publisher Chad Wilson

Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Knight

Science Editor J.D. Harrison

Contributors William Becker Katie Christopher Chris Davis James Franklin Dietz Karen Frazier Terri J. Garofalo Charles G. Gotski Paul Green Rick E. Hale Ashley Hall Stephen Lambert Bishop James Long Silvermoon Medicyn Jill Marie Morris Michelle M. Pillow Jill Stefko, Ph.D. Melinda Stum Mari Wells The views expressed and opinions given by our contributors do not necessarily reflect those of Paranormal Underground magazine’s owners or its affiliates or sponsors. Copyright © 2008-2013 — Paranormal Underground® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. As such, Paranormal Underground and its contents are the property of its owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This publication and all content within this publication may not be copied, quoted, distributed, modified, or reprinted without the express written consent of Paranormal Underground magazine. Paranormal Underground magazine is a publication of Ghost Knight Media, LLC.


Paranormal Underground

Are We All Psychic?


re we all psychic? That is a of their psyche? Whether through tequestion I often ask myself. lepathy, telekinesis, or a myriad of other And while I do think we have abilities, this is how they did it. And the capacity for developing our natural seeing as we each have a spirit inside of psychic abilities, not everyone is at the us, then we have access to these abilities stage where they can. as well. Makes perfect sense to me. I believe you must keep an open I also believe as eternal beings that mind when dealing with the various when we are in our spirit form we live situations that life presents to us. This outside of time, or at least see it difincludes following our gut, especially ferently. Our spirits can see both past when we get a strong sense and future events as if they about something in our lives. are happening in the present For instance, sometimes we day. And I believe that is what can feel strongly about staying some psychics tap into when home rather than going out they read a person or objects or avoiding certain people or past, or predict the future. I places. Or sometimes we feel also wonder if the spirit guides the urge to contact a friend or of some psychics are their own family member, only to find higher self. Chad Wilson, out some important piece of A word about my Publisher information. thoughts on our higher self. I think somehow our spirits know I believe we have a roadmap for our what lies ahead; sometimes that’s danger lives and our higher self has knowledge and other times that’s a necessary connecof that. What exactly is our higher self tion that we need to make. Some people you ask? I believe it is the part of us that listen to these senses, and as they listen remains in spirit, even when we have they start to trust their instincts more, detaken up a physical life. Our higher self veloping a sixth sense when it comes to the interacts with us, guiding us toward our people and environment around them. ultimate purpose in this life, and others, I think this is exactly how we all whatever that might be. develop the innate psychic abilities that I So, in a nutshell, I think we all have believe we all have. What led me to this access to psychic abilities. Whether we line of thinking? can use them or not depends in large A few years ago, during the infancy part on our development as spiritual of our magazine and when the radio beings. I do think it is a rare occurrence show was still a podcast, we interviewed when someone can truly tap into their parapsychologist Lloyd Auerbach. And if full psychic abilities. And when we finally there is an expert in this field, I believe it is are able to use these abilities, we are far probably Lloyd. He is a smart and sensible beyond the point of caring for worldly man, and when he talks, paranormal invesgoods and such things as social status. tigators listen. What he had to say at the There are those who use their time in regards to the connection between abilities for the wrong reasons, but I do spiritual beings and psychic abilities really believe those people are few and far struck home. It made sense in my mind. between. What are your thoughts on He said that spirits, being a dispsychic abilities, and do you think there embodied consciousness, had to be is a connection between psychic abilities able to interact with their environment and the interactions of our spiritual somehow. Why not through the power selves and the world around us?

December 2013

Calendar Of Events December 13–15

Bizarre Atlantic City Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City, New Jersey

December 7–8

Paranormal Encounters Presents: A Haunting at the Crump Historic Crump Theatre Columbus, Indiana

Begins February 7

Ports of Apparitions Cruise New Orleans, Louisiana

February 22–23

March 1–2

All Ireland Paracon Malone Lodge Hotel Belfast, Ireland

April 10–13

Phenomacon Gettysburg, PA Eisenhower Hotel

April 26

Ohio Bigfoot Conference Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center East Cambridge, Ohio

Volume 6, Issue 12

December 2013

ART DIRECTION Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight

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April 26

Grey Ghost Paracon USS Hornet Museum San Francisco Bay, California

VA ParaQuest Historic Avenel Plantation Bedford, Virginia html

February 28–March 2

May 16–18

Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference (CHAC) Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre in Guleph, ON, Canada


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December 2013

Paranormal Underground


The Paranormal Top 10 List

Top 10 Fun (but Unproven) Methods of Divination By Karen Frazier, South Sound Paranormal Research & Paranormal Underground Radio


ouldn’t it be great if you had a way to learn the secrets of the universe? Throughout history, people have used divination methods to try and tap into the cosmos. For example, using a wedding band on a string over a pregnant woman’s stomach to determine the sex of the baby is a method of divination. An array of divination methods exist. Some are ancient tools, while others are more recent inventions. None have been proven, but they can be fun to play with, and most won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 10. Pendulums The aforementioned ring on a string is actually just divination using a pendulum. Pendulums can be made from virtually any hard material, but many people like those made from crystals such as quartz. Supposedly, pendulums work via direct spirit or guide communication. The person with the pendulum asks yes or no questions, and the pendulum swings back and forth or in a circle to answer the question. One of the criticisms of using a pendulum is that they are subject to the ideomotor effect, in which the body subconsciously produces small muscle movements that affect the motion of the pendulum. If you’d like to use a pendulum but wish to eliminate the ideomotor effect, then hang the pendulum from a hook and place it somewhere that it is shielded from drafts. 9. Talking Boards The Ouija board is the most notorious talking board, but many others are available as well. Talking boards work simply. Two people place their fingers on a planchette or pointer device and ask questions. The planchette moves to letters or responses.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Critics cite the ideomotor effect for talking boards, as well. One way to exert better control over this effect is to barely brush the planchette with the tips of your fingers — so lightly that you could shine a light or slide a piece of paper underneath both sets of fingers. When this happens, if the planchette begins to move you will feel it slide out from underneath your fingers. Keep your fingers hovering above and move them with the planchette. 8. Cleromancy This method of divination involves the casting of objects, such as runes, Celtic ogham, dice, or bones. The formation and layouts can then be interpreted. Visit Faç for a free rune reading. 7. Scrying Scrying involves gazing into something in order to see images. The most well-known scrying tool is a crystal ball, but you can use other surfaces to scry as well, such as a bowl of water, a mirror, and smoke or coals from a fire. One clever method of scrying you can try at home involves gazing at a blank piece of white paper that has a lit candle or low-wattage lamp behind it (not too close if it’s a candle). Gaze at the paper in a darkened room with your eyes slightly unfocused and see what appears.

6. Dowsing Many people don’t realize dowsing may be able to detect more than water. Copper dowsing rods can also spin and stop spinning to provide answers to yes or no questions. To use the rods and avoid the ideomotor effect, hold them loosely with your elbows tucked firmly into your sides. Be sure to hold the rods completely level and away from your body so they don’t hit you while they spin. 5. Tarot Tarot cards provide insight into your life and mental processes. With dozens of different styles of decks and layouts, you can find the perfect tarot card deck to fit your own needs. You can even find free online tarot card readings, as well as smartphone apps that provide tarot card readings. My personal favorite tarot deck is the Osho Zen Tarot ( 4. Numerology This divination method uses important numbers in your life — such as dates of birth and others to help you make sense of where you are now and where you are going. You can also find numerology forecasts similar to horoscopes online. Check out for all kinds of interesting numerology information. 3. Bibliomancy

If you’ve got a book or magazine in your house, then you can use bibliomancy. First grab a book (many people prefer to use a sacred text). Now, think of a question. Next, open the book to a random page and begin reading anywhere on that page. What you read may provide spiritual insight into the question you have asked. You can also visit, where you can get a free bibliomancy reading.

2. Astrology Horoscopes are ridiculously easy to find. Based on your birthdate, horoscopes are included in many newspapers. Or you can find them online for free. Visit for free readings. The chief criticism of numerology, bibliomancy, and astrology is how general they are. Almost anyone can find something in any horoscope that applies to him or her. Still, what these tools may do is provide insight into your own psyche. What you see in them may reveal your hopes, wishes, dreams, and other subconscious thoughts of which you are unaware. 1. Applied Kinesiology All you need for applied kinesiology (also called muscle testing) is another person. The process is quite simple. Stand facing your partner. Make a fist and stick your arm straight out in front of you (parallel to the floor) with your palm facing down. Have your partner press your arm toward the ground while you resist. Perform this a few times to determine a baseline of strength. Now begin asking yes or no questions. After each question, have your partner press your arm toward the floor. If you lose strength and your partner can easily press your arm, the answer is yes. If he can’t, the answer is no. Interestingly, I’ve seen applied kinesiology used in a doctor’s office to determine food allergies, as well. The patient holds a vial of an allergen in her closed fist. If she loses strength, then the doctor says she is allergic to that substance. ***** These are just a few of the many divination tools you can use. This list is merely to inform and not to discuss the relative merits of each. Whether they really provide insight into the universe is anyone’s guess, but it’s always fun to give it a try.

Have a suggestion for The Paranormal Top 10 List? E-mail with your suggestions today and you might see your list published in a future issue!

December 2013

Paranormal Underground


Equipment Update

Ghost Hunting On A Budget By James Franklin Dietz


ne of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve encountered over the years is, “Can ghost hunting be done on a small budget?” My answer is, “absolutely.” For those of you who are financially challenged, myself included, you can easily get started for under $100. In this article, I will cover very inexpensive pieces of equipment that will give you fantastic results and serve you well over the long term. You should keep this equipment handy in your ghost-hunting arsenal whether you are new to ghost hunting or a well-seasoned paranormal investigator. Digital Camera The first piece of equipment I suggest you purchase, if you don’t already have one, is an inexpensive digital camera. They are readily available online for $20 or less. Digital cameras with a built-in flash allow you to take photos at night, as well as during the day. After your ghost hunt, you can go home and download your pictures right onto your computer where you can enlarge them for better viewing. This will afford you a better opportunity to examine your pictures more closely in order to determine whether or not you captured anything of interest during your hunt. Digital Voice Recorder Next in line would be to purchase a digital voice recorder, which allows you to record in “.wav.” Wav files


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

record in a lower frequency than an MP3 recorder. The purpose of the sound software is so you can bleed out excess noise, making your recording a little sharper without altering the recording in any shape or form. A bonus feature would be for the recorder to have a built-in retractable USB drive that would allow you to plug the device directly into your computer’s USB port without the necessity of additional wires. To me, this is a plus because my computer work station is already cluttered enough without adding additional cords to my electronic nightmare. These digital recorders are also readily available online for around $30. Not only will this device allow you to conduct EVP sessions, but it will allow you to capture responses during your EVP session, which you can later download directly onto your computer at home after your ghost hunt. You will also be able to use your headphones for better listening. Using this device does take a little getting used to, though, simply because you may feel a little silly while conducting your EVP sessions. I did at first but soon overcame my fear of the impression that it gave others. Frank’s Box/Ghost Box Another great piece of equipment to have is a “Frank’s Box,” “Ghost Box,” or “Spirit Box.” No, these are not all different pieces of equipment but the most common names used by people when referring to this particular piece of equipment. You may even have seen one used on some of the more popular ghost-hunting TV shows.

With this device, not only are you are able to communicate with ghosts in real time, but you will be able to audibly hear them respond to you through the device, especially if you add external speakers to it. The main difference between a ghost box and a digital voice recorder is that the Frank’s Box does not record. However, you can use the digital voice recorder along with the ghost box” and you will be able to accomplish both recording and hearing audible, real-time ghostly responses at the same time. The cost of a ghost box will usually set you back about $80, which is still not too bad for a micro-limit budget, but it falls at the higher end of your budget costwise. Whether new or used, the cost stays the same, on average, including shipping. So, I would prefer to buy new rather than save $2-$5 on a used device. With a new device, you at least have a warranty on the device in case it’s defective or it malfunctions. If you want to add external speakers to this device rather than rely on the built-in speaker, you will have to fork out another $20. Personally, external speakers are nice to have but are not necessary for the device to work. Both items can be purchased online.

19th Century and didn’t actually see a revival in use until ghost hunters started using them in the mid-20th Century. Since our bodies are made up of 80% water, dowsing rods are quite effective in indicating the presence of a ghost or paranormal anomaly. Another benefit of this device is that it is not affected by extraneous EMF frequencies that may be present when investigating buildings, not to mention, they can be made very cheaply if not for free. The materials needed to make your own set of dowsing rods” are a “Y”-shaped Willow Tree branch (free) or you can go to any local home goods retailer and pick up a bundle of brass coat hangers ($2 or less). If you go this route, untwist the coat hanger and then straighten it slightly until one end has a 90-degree angle. Snipping off the excess will leave you with a long side and a short side. The short side is the handle you will hold loosely. Now, repeat this process on another coat hanger. You will now have an identical pair, which is needed for them to be effective when using them on an investigation. If you happen to have children who are interested in ghost hunting, you can use this as an opportunity to turn their construction into a fun family project. As an “old school” ghost hunter, I use dowsing rods on a regular basis instead of the more popular K-II Meter. The only downside is that the coat hangers have to be either brass or copper since both of these metals are very conductive.

Divining Rods/Dowsing Rods My ghost hunting budget equipment list would not be complete without adding something unusual and quite unorthodox to the mix. And that is “Dowsing Rods” or “Witching Rods.” Originally, these devices were used by Water Witches who used them to find underground water sources. They were constructed out of a “Y”-shaped Willow Tree branch, which would bend in the direction of a water source. The Water Witch would then mark the spot as a place for a water well to be dug. However, they became obsolete by the end of the

Pendulum Another seemingly unorthodox piece of equipment on my short-list is a pendulum. I know, I know. I can hear everyone balking at this suggestion because of the occult connotations surrounding this item. I completely understand your apprehension about using such an item. However, all of this aside, pendulums are very reliable and versatile. You have the option of either purchasing them new or making your own. Both options can be accomplished very cheaply. If you choose to purchase a new pendulum, it will cost you around $3-$7. On the other hand, if you choose to make your own, you can cut this cost in half. There is no hard and fast rule regarding a pendulum’s composition or the materials used to make one. I’ve seen them as simple as a ring on a string to elaborate, rare crystals dangling from a sterling silver chain. Let your imagination run wild on this one. This is also another great opportunity for a fun family project.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 11

Equipment Update Flashlight and Transparency Sheets Finally, rounding out my list of ghost-hunting equipment for those on a budget pertains to the challenge of poor lighting. One of the solutions to this problem is to purchase night vision equipment, which can be very expensive and out of the price range of most people, especially those on a limited budget or just entering the field for the first time. I’m also a staunch believer that top-of-the-line equipment does not automatically make anyone a good or great ghost hunter. So, needless to say, I don’t like this option at all. My solution is to create your own night vision device for just pennies on the dollar. To accomplish this task, you will need three inexpensive items: (1) a flashlight or hunting spotlight, (2) a yellow transparency sheet, and (3) a blue transparency sheet. Once you acquire these items, the rest is very simple. First, you will take your flashlight and unscrew the lens on the front. Next, trace out the shape of your flashlight lens on a piece of paper and cut out, making a template for you to follow. Then, you will take one of your colored transparency sheets and place the drawing you made onto it. Now, begin cutting out the shape of your flashlight lens from both transparencies. After you do this, take your colored cut-outs and place them inside the part containing the flashlight lens, one on top of the other, making sure that the entire lens is covered. Next, screw the flashlight lens back onto the body of the flashlight. Once you have reassembled your flashlight, turn

it “ON” and test out your handiwork in the dark. Your flashlight should emit a greenish soft light instead of the harsh white light. Voilà! You now have instant night vision. This “old school” remedy will not only save you tons of money, but will boost your confidence as well. It will also give you bragging rights when your friends are still trying to master their high-tech equipment in the field. Another bonus is that you don’t lose the functionality of your flashlight. All you have to do is remove the colored transparencies, and your night vision will turn back into a useful flashlight. You should already have all of these items on-hand, with exception of possibly the colored transparencies. Don’t worry, though, because you can pick up the colored transparencies at any office supply or art supply store for under $1 each. Did I mention that I’m cheap? Your homemade night vision equipment may not have the appeal of top-notch, high-tech equipment, nor will it be the best quality night vision either. However, for the price, you simply cannot beat it. Plus, it provides decent night vision at those dark locations you will be investigating. I think the best part of this little project is that you will be out investigating while your friends are still trying to figure out how to turn their fancy equipment “ON.” You Can Investigate Without Expensive Equipment My parting words to you are: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that expensive equipment equals better results. This is simply not true. I have seen people use very expensive equipment and get zero results and people use very inexpensive equipment who get huge results. Remember that equipment does not make you a good ghost hunter; skills and creativity do.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

The Geek’s Guide to the Strange & Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts, and Demons Rick E. Hale’s book about unexplainable paranormal phenomena explores many of the world’s most intriguing paranormal cases and haunted locations, including the Demon Drummer of Tedworth, Lucedio Abbey, the Dagg poltergeist, and three cases of possession, among many others.

Book Now Available Online at December 2013

Paranormal Underground 13


Ray Jorden Films Haunting: Australia By Paul Green, The Psychic Biker


his month’s guest is Ray Jorden, a man I have worked with several times, both on his hugely successful radio show and then he was kind enough to guest on my show co-hosted with Stephen Lambert. Ray is always fun to work with; the hard part is not to be corpsed during any show as, he brings his often irreverent humor wherever he goes, but always with respect. He recently returned from Australia after finishing filming a brand new paranormal show, Haunting Australia. As a TV presenter, Ray is very much at home in front of the camera. He has worked on many productions, with works that include a joint project with TV Polari, as presenter and the writer of a production called Screamers with Most Haunted’s demonologist Fred Batt, Live in London TV chat show with more in the pipeline, and hosted a radio show alongside Most Haunted creator Karl Beattie. With a passion for radio, his journey into broadcasting started as he began to guest on many UK and international radio shows, eventually being asked to be the UK host, alongside an American cast, to host The International Paranormal Radio Show, which lead to Ray hosting his own radio show with fellow presenter and co-star Wayne Punter. The show, called Haunted 911, ran for over two successful years, blending the art of celebrity chat, music, paranormal, and comedy, as well as two hours of madness and mayhem, and was certainly a show not to be missed. Ray can often be heard guesting on many national and international radio shows. Ray recently chatted with Paranormal Underground ...

Q: Describe your perfect day?

***** Q: What’s your earliest memory? Ray: My earliest memory, well one of the ones I recall well, is with my mother sitting by the open fire watching kid’s television, just after she had picked me up from preschool.


Paranormal Underground

As a youngster, Ray would try and contact the spirit world while playing in his grandfather’s cellar with his cousin.

December 2013

Ray: That would be a day of simple pleasures with my gorgeous partner if I am honest, starting with fabulously cooked Eggs Benedict for breakfast with fresh coffee, lovely walk along the river in warm weather, lovely quiet lunch, classic movie or two, gorgeous evening dinner

The TV show Haunted: Australia, set for a 2014 release, features (from left to right) Gaurav Tiwari, Ray Jorden, Robb Demarest, Rayleen Kable, Ian Lawman, and Allen Tiller.

cooked by myself with some expensive white wine, candles, the whole romantic setting ... then, well I will leave that to your readers’ imagination. Q: Who from history would you like to share a dinner party with? Ray: That’s a toughy, as there are so many people I would invite. But I think I would invite Marilyn Monroe, Harry Price, James Dean, Jayne Mansfield, and Gandhi, to name but a few. Q: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Ray: I would have a really good snoop out of natural born curiosity to see what friends and general people get up to, plus I think it would be interesting to see what the dog gets up to when there is no one around.

Q: What’s your favorite book? Ray: It’s a book called Before I say Goodbye by Ruth Picardie. Its touching, inspiring, and a story that in some way or another we have all been touched by or connected to. A total must read. Q: What can’t you resist? Ray: Oh lordy ... there are so many things I can’t resist. I would really be here all day. I honestly would. But I can’t resist checking my iPhone for messages, as I like to think I am very social, or my Facebook or Twitter. Q: What’s your current or upcoming project? Ray: I just finished filming a new TV series called Haunting: Australia, which is due to air in 2014 and was filmed with Ian Lawman and Robb Demarest. I have a few public events coming up on a couple of ghost hunts, but I am open to offers!

Q: What’s your pet hate?


Ray: Ignorance, rudeness, and those in the public eye that will not give their fans the time of day or response on social media sites. These are the people that put them in that position, as well as putting themselves there.

I look forward to seeing Ray in his new body of work along with fellow Brit and close friend Ian Lawman. Keep a lookout for Haunting: Australia. To keep track of Ray, visit

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 15

Investigator Spotlight

San Diego Ghost Hunters: Respecting the Spirits By Cheryl Knight


he San Diego Ghost Hunters (sdGH) team assists historical landmark owners in the discovery or confirmation of occupants and events that have passed from our mortal plane and now exist in spirit form. The team uses intuitive tools and high technology during investigations, and evidence is researched utilizing genealogy searches, archaeologists, and published historians. Based in San Diego, California, the team investigates sites like the Whaley House, William Heath Davis House, Star of India, and Arizona’s Silver King Ghost Town & Mine. Well-respected in the paranormal field, the fully insured team is regularly re-invited to investigate invaluable landmarks and has been tapped by San Diego’s infamous Whaley House Museum and the William Heath Davis House Museum to conduct monthly public paranormal investigation tours. With the team’s unique investigation techniques and media appearances on such shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, sdGH has become the go-to group for all things paranormal throughout historical San Diego and Southern California. Team founder Maritza Skandunas talked with Paranormal Underground about the team, its investigations, and paranormal evidence. ***** Q: Please talk about the San Diego Ghost Hunters team and mission. Maritza: As a genealogist with over 40 years experience, I’ve assisted many individuals and organizations in discovering their past. Major projects have included teaming with Richard Milligan and John Miles of the Linn County historical and state historical societies of Oregon from 1980 to 1990. I also assisted Evergreen Production Studios, Inc.’s Larry Reaney for a television production focusing on the pioneers of Oregon and movie script development sup-


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

The San Diego Ghost Hunters are pictured with San Diego DJ Boston Rob during an investigation on the Star of India Ship in the San Diego Harbor. (Pictured from left to right: Maritza Skandunas, Boston Rob, Colleen Rose, and Julie Haney.)

port with a member of the Harden Family’s history. Right now, I’m working with the famously haunted San Diego Whaley House Museum and the historical department of the Hotel Del Coronado, as well as spearheading sdGH’s investigation agenda. Recently, our team has started working with the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation in the San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp District’s William Heath Davis House Museum. We’ve been donating our time once a month directing ghost tours for both the Whaley House Museum and the William Heath Davis House Museum, helping to raise additional revenue for the upkeep and renovations needed. Having experienced the paranormal all my life, I

founded sdGH as an outlet to officially investigate life’s mysteries. I like to think that I bring leadership, intuitive gifts, and research experience to the team. Colleen Rose and Julie Haney are our lead investigators. Colleen is my husband’s cousin, and we have known each other since the early 1970s. Colleen refers to herself as a sensitive and recalls seeing her first spirit at the young age of five. Colleen is very outgoing and the single one in the group, a great trigger object for the male spirits, and an EVP magnet. As my Aunt Sally always says, “Colleen, this is the year of the man, not the dead man!” Colleen is the Operations Manager at a dental practice in San Marcos, California. Julie is a retired NCIS Special Agent with more than 25 years of experience as a criminal investigator. She is now a private investigator and investigates cold case homicides at a police department in San Diego County. She has a passion for solving cold case homicides. Julie brings the same professionalism and investigative mind to paranormal investigations. She first worked with the team when she asked sdGH to join her investigation of a 1995 cold case homicide that had the victim’s spirit appearing to past and current residents of the home where she was murdered. The team was able to obtain nine pieces of information that were only known to the victim and Julie. The sdGH team continues to assist in solving cold cases, no matter how old they may be. Q; How did you become interested in the paranormal and joining a team?

“Spirits were showing themselves to me on a regular basis.”

San Diego Ghost Hunters’ Julie Haney and Maritza Skandunas conduct an Ovilus session at the Whaley House in San Diego, California.

Q: When did you join or start a team and why? Maritza: In the year 2000, I traveled with my husband to Glastonbury, England. While taking photos with a 35mm camera, I captured an apparition of a knight in armor. The photo of the knight was so captivating I was drawn back into the paranormal and founded my group, the San Diego Ghost Hunters in 2004. Q: Talk about your personal paranormal experiences.

Maritza: The paranormal found me. From the age of five my parents had the uncanny knack of purchasing the most haunted and terrifying houses in San Diego. That’s the way I remember it. Spirits were showing themselves to me on a regular basis, talking to me and waking me up all night. This was normal to me. As I became older, it started to take over my life, and I realized I had no control over the situations as they presented themselves. It was horrible. I then had to learn how to block them out and communicate when I wanted to with the help of many different spiritualists and other religions.

Maritza: During my childhood there were too many to count, but waking up and finding spirits surrounding my bed, staring down and looking at me sums up my early days. At the age of 15, I felt something come into my room. I actually heard footsteps walk to the foot of my bed. Then it jumped up on my bed, grabbed my right hand, and I received a huge electric shock that shot right through me. Creepy! After my capture of the knight in England, I started my group and rented out the Whaley House Museum in San Diego’s Old Town. This time I approached the paranormal in a scientific manner, using digital recorders, cam-

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 17

Investigator Spotlight Q: What equipment do you usually take with you on an investigation? Maritza: Digital recorders, Ovilus (original & X), K-II meters, EMF detector, dousing rods, pendulum, a variety of cameras from digital to the FLIR Camera, DVR system, props, and computers. Q: What methodologies do you use during investigations?

San Diego Ghost Hunters’ Colleen Rose and Julie Haney stop for a photo while investigating a ghost town.

eras, and other high-tech equipment. I was amazed at the apparitions and EVPs we were able to capture. Through historians and original photos, we were able to prove some of the paranormal photos that were taken by either myself or other team members. Besides the typical disembodied voices, being touched, seeing shadow people and apparitions, and capturing numerous EVPs, the paranormal world has taken on a whole different meaning for me now. Q: What interests you most about the paranormal? Maritza: Finding out why spirits are still here and trying to solve a small piece of the mystery. Q: What different types of locations have you investigated? Maritza: In England, I investigated some of the old inns and abbeys. In the U.S., we have investigated The Lizzy Borden House, The Villisca Axe Murder House, Myrtles Plantation, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Missouri battlefields, the Oregon Trail, mines, jails, old boarding houses, schools, and bordellos in Arizona and Nevada, such as the Bird Cage Theatre. We’ve also investigated old dairy’s, several of California’s old Spanish land grants and adobes, Victorian homes, hotels, and many other historical buildings, which remain undisclosed for privacy issues.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Maritza: At the beginning of our investigation, we like to walk around as a group for about 40 minutes, familiarizing ourselves with the location, talking and laughing out loud to stir up the energy. We find that this works very well for us as a team, and we have captured some incredible EVPs during this time as the spirits seem to mingle and chime in on our conversations. At this point, we will split up into pairs and conduct EVP sessions in the most active rooms first before the energy is lost. If we feel we are losing energy in specific areas, we will use the Ovilus or Spirit Box to ask very non-threatening questions like, “Do you like apples or oranges?” or “Do you like vanilla or Chocolate?” We notice these non-threatening questions spark up the energy again, and we will continue with everyday questions to get to know the spirits in this location. Depending on the location, we use props to trigger responses. Q: What is the most important part of a paranormal investigation?

“We don’t like yelling or taunting; you never know if you are yelling at a child.” Maritza: Our connection with the spirits is the most important part. It is crucial for every team member to have a soft, respectful, and natural approach to gain trust from the spirits during our investigation, unless we are investigating a murder suspect or jail where interrogating the suspect or prisoners is justified. We don’t like yelling or taunting; you never know if you are yelling at a child. Q: How valuable is teamwork during an investigation? Maritza: Teamwork is invaluable. Trust, respect, communication, and positive energy are how we would

Maritza: Many of the tour guests that we have had on our ghost tours think that “ALL” orbs they have captured in their photos are spirits. We also find that when a location is described as being haunted, like the two locations we work in once a month, the tour guests expect to see a circus of activity. They are expecting to be touched, see ghosts, hear them talking out loud to them on command, etc. Q: Whose work in the paranormal field do you respect the most and why?

San Diego Ghost Hunters’ Colleen Rose and Maritza Skandunas with visiting guest investigator Jack Kenna from SPIRITS of New England.

describe our “teamwork.” There are no egos on this team, and communication is crucial. Q: What case will you remember the most and why? Maritza: Two murder cases that we investigated in the same town of Arizona from the late 1800s and early 1900s. We spent three years working on this, and on the 100th Anniversary we recreated the murder and the responses and photos we got were incredible. On the other case, we were visited in broad daylight by one of the spirits connected to the case and received some incredible responses from the Spirit Box that said, “Kill him” and an EVP of one of the murder victims who said, “I’m Dying” and “I’m so cold” and then took his last breath. Q: What is the most compelling evidence of the paranormal that you’ve personally captured? Maritza: In the Villisca House, I captured an EVP of one of the children who was murdered. It was the saddest EVP I have ever heard. The little boy said, “It hurts to die,” and then we captured the sound of blood dripping while we were sitting in the living room. We later found out that it was the exact spot where the blood was dripping from the children’s room upstairs through the grate of the floor.

Maritza: We believe as a team that we respect and would like to thank all engineers who have developed some of the most incredible equipment we use today on our investigations to be able to further the science of the paranormal. Q: What sites do you have on your wish list to investigate? Maritza: Rolling Hills, Poveglia Island in Italy, Alcatraz, Goldfield, Bobby Mackey’s, Pompeii. Honestly, there are too many to add to this list. Q: What words of wisdom would you offer amateur ghost hunters investigating for the first time? Maritza: Never ask the spirits if you can help them. You may find yourself waking up to a few extra occupants. Protection: Learn to surround yourself in the white light. Don’t provoke; you never know if you are provoking a child. Remember, not every investigation is going to be active; sometimes investigating can be like a stakeout, many hours of waiting for something to happen. But boy, oh boy, when you review your evidence it can be like Christmas — one EVP after another! Don’t record in your own home. Lastly, have fun; we do! Q: What else should our readers know about you and your team? Maritza: We treat spirits with respect and communicate as though they are sitting in front of us. We always want to know if they can see us so that we can document our findings. Digging deeper to find out as much as we can about life after death and sharing our findings with the world is important. We also are advocates for saving historical locations and buildings. *****

Q: Talk about common misconceptions about the paranormal field that you’ve encountered?

For more information about the sdGH team, visit www.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 19

Special Report

Shamanism with a Twist By Silvermoon Medicyn ,


hen we think of the term shaman or shamanism, we often think of the Native American medicine man or woman working with the people of the tribe. But shamans are in many cultures of indigenous people. The mission of all shamans is based on hope and to help the suffering journey their way through to the other side of understanding. This article will focus on two types of shamanism: Ecoshamanism and Cosmic/New-Age Shamanism. Shamans have been known by many different terms over the years, including conjurer, root worker, soothsayer, or even

are many variations of shamanism throughout the world, several common beliefs exist that are shared by all forms of shamanism. First identified by religious historian and journalist Mircea Eliade in 1972, the following bullet points resulted from Eliade’s study on Shamanism: • Spirits exist and play important roles in both individual lives and society in general. • The shaman can communicate with the spirit world. • Spirits can be benevolent or malevolent. • The shaman can treat sickness said to be caused by malevolent spirits.

witch doctor. A shaman is not about the title they hold, their heritage, or the age of the person. It is about the principles and philosophies of the individual.

• The shaman can employ trance-inducing techniques for the purposes of inciting visionary ecstasy and going on vision quests. • The shaman’s spirit can leave the body and enter the supernatural world to look for answers. • The shaman evokes animal images to be used as spirit guides, omens, and message-bearers.

Common Beliefs Throughout Shamanistic Practice Before we begin discussing Ecoshamanism and NewAge Shamanism, it is important to note that while there


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

The Healing Practice of Curanderismo By Mari Wells,


curandero or curandera is a Hispanic person who cures many illnesses that originate from a magical perspective. Curandero literally means “one who heals.” They are considered “the wise ones” of Latin American and Hispanic communities throughout the USA. Curanderismo is a form of folk healing magic. It is believed that God has given someone the gift (el don de Dios) in order to heal. Curanderismo also combines native knowledge and religious beliefs. Most curanderos will call on Catholic Saints for assistance. Often curanderos only use White Magic, if they use magic at all. There are many tools that are used in Curanderismo: some herbs, limes, and lemons; eggs are very popular; and spices, Holy Water, Saints, Crucifixes, prayers, candles, incense, oils, and divination tools. Contacting spirits, ritual cleansings, and energy work is also used. Not all curanderos use all tools, and some don’t use tools at all. Those who search for the help of a curandero believe he is the only one who can deal with illnesses caused by witchcraft. Some of the illnesses a curandero can cure include: • Mal puesto, which varies from person to person, can be a mental disorder causing the individual to engage in abnormal behavior. Or it can be any healthrelated illness that won’t go away under the treatment of a medical doctor. • Mal de ojo, known in English as Evil Eye, is the casting of negative energy at someone. • Susto is such an altering fright that it has caused health complications and a loss of soul from the body. • Empacho is a varying array of stomach complications. • Caida de la mollera is when a newborn’s fontanelle caves in. The curandero’s chief adversary is the Devil and the brujos that have made a pact with Satan. Curanderos are also known to practice any or all of the following: • Yerbero, an herbalist, specializes in herbs and plants and the remedies plants can offer. They are similar to pharmacists. • Partera is essentially a midwife who attends pregnant women and aides in delivery of babies. • Sobador/Huesero: a huesero is a bone therapist, believed to be able to heal any bone ailment. A sobador is similar to a masseur and is trained in using massage. • Shaman are common in Peruvian cultures. They are known as Ayahuasca and take the role of healer and spiritual leader. Most curanderos heal three parts of the being: mind, body, and spirit. Those who work this way believe all three need to be in balance to be healthy. If one is not in correct condition, there will be illness. There are three ways or levels of healing: 1. The material level is when the curandero uses his tools and is awake. He may need to touch your physical body or work with an image of you. 2. In the spiritual level, he practices while in a metaphysical state or trance. There is no need for a physical representation of you. 3. The mental level includes practice while channeling energy. In this level, there also isn’t a need for a physical representation of your being. Brujos or hechiceros (witch doctors) are viewed disparagingly and often believed to be the caster behind any hex suffered. Within their communities or by those who believe in their gifts, curanderos are often seen as a skilled healer and are respected. Curanderos are trained by others who have walked the path before them. Curanderismo is often passed down through the generations of a family line. Some believe that you can have the Don but not the training, and an older curandero will provide those with the gift training and mentoring until the younger one is ready. The mentor will then retire, although most continue a few healings until death. The most skilled and revered healers don’t charge for their services.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 21

Special Report environment. They mainly wish to educate the people of Earth so we can conserve our planet’s resources. The shaman encourages composting, growing organic foods, and promoting urban and community gardens. Recycling everything and using the Earth resources to live from, like solar heat and rain water, is a great start. The elementals of air, water, earth, and fire offer the shaman great understanding about meteorological conditions and the other natural processes like earthquakes, tropical storms, or tornados. An Ecoshaman worships the animal kingdom, drawing power and visions from them and their spirit guides. The plant kingdom is used to create healing for not only the humans but for the planet itself. Overall, the Ecoshaman’s goal is to be in harmony with Mother Nature and all she has to offer.

Cosmic or New-Age Shamanism has a goal that is about promoting cosmic consciousness and assisting souls/humans to grow into a 5th dimensional being.

• The shaman can tell the future, scry, and throw bones/runes, as well as perform other forms of divination. Who Can Be a Shaman? Anyone can be a shaman; it comes from inner spiritual allegiance with your soul. I am sure there are some of you who would differ with this notion, and that is OK. There are courses or training classes that teach someone to become a shaman, but most are self-taught and their beliefs vary by what the teacher/student accepts as true. Shamanism is changing and growing as the needs of the Earth and its people change. The basic focus of the shaman is to grow and cultivate a healthy tribe/community and environment for their people. It is not odd to think that we might need many different types of shamans as we become a more individually minded race. What Is Ecoshamanism? Ecoshamanism has a deep focus on healing the planet and, in turn, helping the human race to awaken on a globally conscience level. We have become numb to Earth’s needs because of the individualistic way of thinking and our disposable lifestyles. Ecoshamans are often activists who promote symbiosis between the human population and the


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

What Is Cosmic or New-Age Shamanism? Cosmic or New-Age Shamanism has a goal that is about promoting cosmic consciousness and assisting souls/humans to grow into a 5th dimensional being. It is growing in popularity as the human race begins to awaken to a new sense of being. With our current economic times and the challenges in the political world, humans are being forced by unknown forces to think outside the box and question things. People may use these identifying terms for themselves — rainbow warriors, light/gray/dark workers, or pranic/ reiki healers, among many other names. Many people are hearing the “call” to come and assist all of humanity to find peace, learn to love everyone, and spread forgiveness. Children being born into these karmic roles are called indigos, star seeds, wanderers, and walk-ins. These souls are cosmic beings that have offered to assist on the planet while Mother Nature prepares us for a shift in thinking and believing. Often this type of shaman may feel a deep connection to the cosmic forces and may think they originate from somewhere besides planet Earth. They believe they are from star people or extraterrestrials. Not only are they deeply connected to the universe and galaxies, but they are heavily bound to the Earth and the lessons of life of the soul. Their mission is to educate, heal, and guide people as the vibration of the Earth is rising. They have a profound yearning to connect with intergalactic and cosmic forces or ascending masters. These cosmic forces are far beyond our planet; they are the guides for the shaman. Synchronicity is the pathway to ascension, and they want others to awaken by using cosmic and karmic laws as the guides. You will find cosmic shamans at venues for spiritual healing and parapsychology fields.

My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obsession This personal experience book follows paranormal investigator Rick Waid as he struggles with an obsession that consumes his every waking moment: an obsession with the paranormal. Rick’s paranormal adventure ultimately revealed to him evidence of the afterlife and exposed gifts he never knew he had. He also learned hard lessons that almost destroyed his family, his job, and his life. “I hope this book will help others realize there are reasons for exploring into new territories and breaking through current boundaries,” Rick said.

Book Available Online at & Kindle December 2013

Paranormal Underground 23

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Sites

By Jill Stefko, Ph.D.


ounded by Moravians on Christmas Eve 1741, Bethlehem, PA, is known as Christmas City in the U.S. It’s known for tours and other events during Yuletide. In October 1998 and 1999, I wrote the scripts and served as hostess and expert about ghostly phenomena in conjunction with the now-defunct Bethlehem Tourism Authority (BTA) for Haunted Bethlehem, a successful walking tour of the historic area. The BTA was abolished in 2000, according to local newspapers, due to the desires of the mayor at the time. We entertained our guests with true stories about the “otherworldly Bethlehem” and would lead them on walking tours around parts of the city. No one was ever disappointed with the tour. So, let me fill you in on the ghosts and haunting of Bethlehem, PA. Ghosts of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Due to requests for confidentiality, some names and exact locations aren’t provided. • Brethren’s House: Used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War, it is home to the ghost of a contemporary nurse. • Sun Inn: According to legend, there’s a room in a tunnel near the inn’s entrance. Moravians built tunnels in case of hostile Amerindian attacks. According to legend, Brother Albrecht hid records and valuables in the room. His ghost is said to still guard it. Cold spots, breezes, and feelings of a presence are reported. • Hotel Bethlehem: At this location, guests staying in Room 932 have reported flashes in the mirror and papers flying off the table. Others in the hotel report phantom ghosts inhabiting occupied rooms. Haunted Historic Hotel Bethlehem • Donegal Square: This building is on the site of the house where Lafayette stayed, recovering from battle


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

This 1962 photograph shows the southern elevation of the original part of the Single Brethren House, built in 1748. (Photo source: Library of Congress)

wounds. According to legend, his caretaker’s daughter fell in love with him and was heartbroken when he returned to France. Poltergeist activity includes faucets turning on by themselves. • Former Visitors’ Center: When this was a nightclub called The Colonnade, a woman was murdered. Case, unsolved. Phenomena reported include poltergeist activity, the sightings of a misty form, and people sensing an unseen presence. • Hanoverville Roadhouse: This historic restaurant is known for its poltergeist activity. • At the Historic High Street First Floor Apartment, a resident reported ghostly encounters. Before each incident, the room became chilled and the resident felt uneasy. She reported seeing apparitions, feeling something creeping up on her bed, and hearing strange moaning sounds. • Historic Market Street Apartment: Poltergeist activity includes objects disappearing, then reappear-

ing, sounds of phantom rodent claws heard in ceilings, shoulder, stalking the hall. They heard paranormal louvered closet doors damaged when no one was home, knocking on the front door and heard the battery-less fire whimpering heard in the “coopy hole,” and residents feeldetector sounding. One night, a woman was awakened by ing something watching them something unseen, wrestling through a bedroom’s transom. with her. The next morning, Poltergeist activity, • Modern Main Street she noticed an inexplicable disappearing objects, and Residence: People felt somehalf-dollar sized bruise on the phantom piano music were thing watching them in the inside of her left upper arm. playroom. A child was alone experienced. in the playroom when he saw a A Charming Legend “monster.” One night, when he was in bed by the window, John Gottlieb Ernestus Heckewelder, best known the child saw something white and filmy flap in and out for his missionary work with Native Americans, lived on through the screen. Bethlehem’s Cedar Street, renamed Heckewelder Place in • Bethlehem Home: Third floor lights turned on by his honor. People began avoiding taking livestock to graze themselves, phantom footsteps on the stairs heard, someby the Lehigh River because they saw the ghost of a woman thing played with toys, and the cat was afraid of the vestiwho drowned herself there. Heckewelder confronted the bule. When a homeowner opened a closet door, she was ghost, demanding to know why she was scaring his people. stunned. There was a white-washed painting of an everShe said that when she lived in the Old Country, green tree on the left wall that wasn’t there the day before. her husband was so cruel that she drowned their baby to Also reported were poltergeists and apparitions. free him from abuse, then fled to Bethlehem. She killed • West Broad Street Apartment: Poltergeist activherself out of remorse. She was doomed to remain Earthity, disappearing objects, and phantom piano music were bound until it was her time to die. experienced. When Heckewelder told the townspeople, they no • Beverly Avenue Apartment: Tenants saw somelonger feared her. When her time came, no one noticed thing dressed in a hooded Monk’s robe, scythe on her absence.

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Paranormal Underground 25

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Objects/Curses

By Ashley Hall, The Paranormal Guide


n June 1702, a man is dead, killed by several blows to the head by a counterfeiter’s hammer. Another is strung up in a gibbet, covered in pitch after being hanged by the neck till he was dead. Next to that gibbet was a quiet country inn where the hanged man once lived, his favorite chair now cursed to kill any who dare sit in it. A strange picture this may paint, but it is all pretty straightforward. Man loves woman, woman’s father argues with man, father dies, man is hanged, chair is cursed to kill all those who sit in it. Simple. But if you are interested in the full and robust tale of Busby’s Chair, continue reading ... The Story Behind the Busby Stoop Chair In the late 17th Century, a counterfeiter of currency named Daniel Awety (sometimes Auty) moved to the small town of Kirkby Wiske, which is located along the River Wiske a little northwest of Thirsk in North Yorkshire, England. It was a much quieter location for Awety to conduct his illicit trade of faking currency or shortening it. He purchased an old farm that he converted to something more suitable to his needs — he built a large, hidden underground room and installed a very robust locking mechanism so unexpected visitors could not catch him at his work. He renamed the farm Danotty Hall. Awety had a daughter named Elizabeth, and a local man by the name of Thomas Busby fell in love with her. The two were married, a marriage of which Daniel Awety was not too keen on. But what was he to do? Soon he and Busby became partners in the counterfeiting game, which no doubt proved to be a trying relationship because Busby was a bit of a drunk. Busby and Elizabeth took up lodgings in the local inn a little ways down the road from Dannotty Hall, which


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Legend has it that anyone who sits in this cursed chair dies quickly thereafter. Is there any truth to this legend?

was no doubt a perfect home for the ale-swilling Busby. But soon, as with all stories of this ilk, things went bad. For reasons that we shall never know about Daniel Awety, Elizabeth’s father came to the inn to drag her home and away from Busby for good. She refused to budge till Busby got home. So Elizabeth and her father

sat in the inn and waited until a very the deaths it was causing) after endrunk Busby arrived home. The quiring about the legend. He died in two men broke into an argument of a car crash later that evening when quite large proportions. Awety did the car he was driving crashed, killnot want his daughter to be maring him. ried or otherwise associated with a Many airmen from the nearby drunkard. Well, that’s what he was airfield lost their lives after having arguing about. sat in the chair. It was said all who The drunken Busby was arguing did would not return home from about something else all together ... the war. apparently, Awety had been sitting in Strangest of all was a chimney his favorite chair! sweep who sat in the chair one Sometime during the argument, evening hitting the drink. He left Awety left back for Danotty Hall at some hour of the night/morning (without his daughter) but Busby was but did not get far. He was found fuming. Later that night, he made hanging from a gatepost next to the the three-mile trek to the hall where mock Busby Gibbet located next to he bludgeoned Awety to death with the inn. one of the counterfeiting hammers These are only the more mod(some say he strangled him). ern stories. Awety’s body was eventually Even well into the 70s the locals Busby’s spirit has been seen about the inn on occasion, taking the form of a dark shadow found and Busby was charged, tried, were fearful of the curse. Soon the on the upper floor landings. and found guilty of the murder. In inn would be free of the chair’s 1702, he was hanged. After he was terrors, but it would take two more dead, he was cut down, dipped in pitch, and hanged from lives. Two young airmen sat in the inn one night daring a gibbet. each other to sit in the chair. Eventually, one of them However, as he was led to his execution, Busby caved in and placed his backside on the chair for just a cursed all people to death who would take a seat in his second. On their way back to the field, they both died in a favorite chair. After the execution, the inn was renamed traffic accident. the “Busby Stoop Inn.” The publican who had enough took the chair to the The owner of the inn, a known money spinner, told local museum and told them to display it up high and to all who visited about the chair, still standing in the place never allow anyone to sit in it ... ever! Busby liked to sit. It proved to be quite an attraction, as something as morbid as an execution and a cursed chair Where Is the Busby Stoop Chair Now? will have been quite a talked-about topic in those days To this day the chair is mounted high up on the wall (heck, we are still talking about it right now!). of the Thirsk Museum, and no one has been allowed to sit in it, no matter how much they offer for the thrill. Is the Busby Stoop Chair Really Cursed? However, all of this may turn out to be a little duSo, was the chair actually cursed? bious. A test of the chair revealed it is not even close If you believe the legends, then it would seem it to being as old as it says it is. Maybe it was not the almost certainly was. The chair reportedly took the lives chair so much that Busby cursed — a chair is a chair — of many people; some counts place the number at 63 who but the location overlooking the main room of the inn dared sit in it. was prime. It is said that many people who have dared to sit in I’m not sure I would be game enough to sit in the the chair inexplicably died very soon after. In more recent chair, legend or not. There is something about this story, times (post WWII), a young builder’s apprentice died this legend, that makes me not want to take the risk. Who soon after having lunch at the inn. His workmates dared knows what the truth of the matter is, but I am not one to him to sit in the chair, which he did. Later that day, he fell tempt bad things to come my way. through a roof and died. As for Busby himself, his spirit has been seen about A delivery man sat in the chair while it was stored the inn on occasion, taking the form of a dark shadow on away in the cellar (that generations landlord was sick of the upper floor landings.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 27

Case Files Of The Unknown: Cryptids & Mythological Creatures

Cryptozoology Defined By Ashley Hall, The Paranormal Guide


ryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. The word itself is made up of two parts — the Greek Kryptos, meaning hidden, secret, concealed, and Zoology, which is Zoon (animal) and logos (knowledge). So the word has quite a literal meaning. This branch of what many consider pseudoscience involves the search for and study of evidence relating to animals that are generally considered nonexistent. They can be classified as nonexistent, as they are either extinct (no longer exists), thought to be the stuff of myths and legends, or are not thought to exist in the locations where they, or evidence of them, is found. A “cryptid” is the term given to these animals. There are many cryptids that are said to be more than just folklore, with a large number of people out there in the search for definitive proof of their existence. Some of the more well known are: Bigfoot Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is believed to be an ape-like creature inhabiting the forests of North America. The wider scientific community put sightings down to frauds or a misidentification of common animals. Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness Monster, a large lake monster said to inhabit Loch Ness, Scotland. Many believe “Nessie” to be a representative of a long-lasting line of plesiosaurs, thought to have gone extinct some 60 million years ago. Chupacabra Chupacabra, the goat sucker. This creature, mainly reported in the Americas (but not exclusively), feeds off the blood of livestock. It is described commonly as a large creature with a row of spines running along its back and


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

The Komodo Dragon was thought to be a mythological creature, known as the giant monitor.

down to its tail. However, some descriptions wildly vary. It is considered to be folklore. British Big Cats British Big Cats is the classification of large cats said to have been witnessed in Britain, but are not native or thought to exist there. Panthers, pumas, and leopards, among others, have been reported since the mid-1700s. Many believe the animals to be solitary, not breeding populations, the result of escapes or illegal pets being set loose. This is an example of a geographically displaced cryptid. There are many, many more cryptids out there, from all parts of the world. Some of them quite incredible sounding. Just because an animal is not accepted by the majority to exist does not mean that will always be the way it stays. There have been many cases of mysterious animals said to be folklore and legend that have turned out to be anything but. Let’s examine a few.

The Komodo Dragon The Komodo Dragon was thought to be a mythological creature, known as the giant monitor. A giant land lizard with a “poisonous” bite sounded crazy, but in 1912 proof was provided of their existence and the new species was documented.

Thylacine (aka Tasmanian Tiger) There are also, at times, conspiracies as to why an animal may retain a hidden/mystery/extinct status. The thylacine (aka Tasmanian tiger) was thought to have been extinct from mainland Australia for the past 2,000 years,

but lived on in Tasmania until 1930, when Wilf Batty shot and killed the last one in the wild. The thylacine lived on in captivity until 1936 when the last one died, just two months after it was finally declared a protected species. It was essentially hunted out of existence in order to collect a bounty, as they were thought to be responsible for the killing of livestock. The government would pay a certain price per head in order to control the numbers. Numbers were “controlled” until there were no numbers left. However, there have been many reports of thylacines in the Tasmanian Wild, but no actual, tangible, accepted proof. There are those who believe that certain businesses are baiting and secretly killing thylacine in order to prevent certain tracts of landscape from being classified as sanctuaries, and thus freezing certain business in those areas (clearing, felling and logging, exploratory drilling, etc.). There is always room for the new discovery of animals and other creatures, as there are many new additions to the books every year. It is quite rare for larger animals to be discovered, but it still happens. Do you have a cryptid reported in your local area?

December 2013

There have been many reports of thylacines in the Tasmanian Wild.

The Kraken This sea monster, described as a squid of massively huge proportions, was said to be able to bring down ships with its tentacle clubs and crush men in half with its beak. Thought to be legends of the sea for centuries, it was not until quite recently that photos and specimens emerged of the giant and colossal squid. These massive squids may not be able to pull down a sailing ship, but no doubt seeing one on a misty night would put the fear into any sailor, especially if they have had a few drinks.

Paranormal Underground 29

Case Files Of The Unknown: Are We Alone?

Close Encounter

Classification System By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research and Paranormal Underground Radio


here is a classification system that defines what a person experiences when they witness a UFO. In his brilliant 1972 book, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry,” astronomer and former UFO debunker for Project Blue Book J. Allen Hynek came up with a classification system of encounters with otherworldly beings. Known as the Close Encounter System, the classifications were an important tool in defining the experience of a witness. Over the years, there have been sub-classifications, but Ufologists widely disregard these sub-classifications, but are accepting of a fourth and fifth. But we’ll visit those later. So, it’s the middle of the night and you find yourself driving down a deserted road with no other cars in sight. Suddenly, your attention is drawn to a strange light in the sky. At first you think it’s just an airplane, but you look a bit closer and this aircraft doesn’t have the typical running lights of a conventional aircraft. Instead, it has lights running around its midsection and it’s not shaped like anything you’ve ever seen. CE1 Event You watch as the craft glides silently away, and you think, Wow! I think I just saw a UFO. You have just experienced a Close Encounter of the 1st kind, a CE1. A CE1 is quite possibly the most common sighting experienced by an eyewitness. You just see a strange light in the sky or a strange craft that looks like anything but a conventional earthbound aircraft. Personally, I have had two CE1 events. Once when I was 15 and the second 10 years later. When I was 15 I witnessed three oval-shaped UFOs flying in formation. The second experience was even stranger. I was leaving from work late one night. Before I pulled out of the parking lot, I watched as a light slowly descended from the sky. As I got closer to the buildings, I could see that the bright light was connected to an object about the size and shape of a car. Then, the object vanished. It made no sound and was just gone.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

J. Allen Hynek came up with a classification system of encounters with otherworldly beings.

CE2 Event A CE2 experience is slightly more advanced than the CE1. Not only does the witness see a UFO, but they may also discover physical evidence left behind after the UFO departs. Prints left by landing gear, burnt grass, and in a few cases like that of UFO witness Lonnie Zamora, sand that has turned to glass as a result of high levels of heat. Heightened levels of radiation also could indicate a UFO encounter. There are thousands of these examples that have been investigated and reported over the years. CE3 Event According to Hynek’s system, the “holy grail” of close encounters and the rarest is the CE3. In a CE3 scenario, the witness just doesn’t witness a UFO but also the occupants of the craft. Again, such as in the case of Lonnie Zamora, he saw the two occupants of a landed UFO. Others eyewitnesses have reported seeing occupants of a UFO through windows on the craft as it is in flight. CE4 Event Jacques Vallee, an early investigator of UFOs, was the man who proposed the CE4 level. A CE4 occurs when

CE5 Event And lastly is the CE5, first proposed by Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor by trade, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and president

of The Disclosure Project, a nonprofit organization that has testified in front of Congress demanding full disclosure of the government’s knowledge of alien visitations. A CE5 is when a human comes into direct contact with an alien being and a free exchange of knowledge is exchanged. We tell them about toilets and they tell us about laser guns. Seems like a fair trade. Throughout the 1950s, there were several men and women who would be considered contactees — George Adamski and Truman Bethurum being two perfect examples. Adamski and Bethurum were both taken aboard the respective spacecrafts freely of their own will. No medical exams were given. However, they were given knowledge of future events. Future events where mankind was possibly in danger of destroying itself through war or environmental calamity. Both men, they claimed, were given the task of warning mankind of the impending doom and what we could do to save ourselves before it was too late. Some say these men were visionaries, while others believe they were completely insane. I hope this gives you a better idea of what people have seen and experienced with regard to UFOs.

December 2013

someone is physically abducted by aliens. About 10 years ago, I met an elderly man who made the wild claim that, as a boy, he was abducted from his home by aliens. I cannot and will not give the man’s name, because I promised that I would never divulge that information to another soul. Although his experience was benign, others who experience a CE4 event can’t say the same. Some abductees or experiencers report their abduction to be a nightmarish event where they are forcibly abducted and taken aboard a spacecraft. While in the possession of these beings, the experiencer claims that they are subjected to bizarre medical experiments. Some have reported having limbs severed and then reattached to their bodies. Female experiencers have reported being impregnated by the aliens only to have the human/alien hybrid fetus later removed from their bodies.

Some abductees report their abduction to be a nightmarish event.

Paranormal Underground 31

Case Files Of The Unknown: Haunted Cemeteries

By Rick E. Hale, Foundations Psychical Research and Paranormal Underground Radio


icture this scene if you can. It’s a dark night. The moon hangs low in the sky over the ancient, abandoned cemetery. A slight wind blows through the trees, low-hanging branches caressing the silent stone sentinels of the dead. The creepy iron gate blows back and forth, producing a squeak so loud that it could raise the dead. Just then, without warning, a hand shoots out of one of the forgotten graves. Then another and another. The rotting corpses of the damned fight their way from the ground that was supposed to hold them captive for an eternity. Awakened by the arcane chantings of a wicked necromancer, the dead once again walk among the living and the townspeople that sleep soundly and peacefully are completely screwed. And they don’t even know it. Yet. Mwahahaha. OK, I get that my fiction writing isn’t the best. But you have to admit the thought is pretty creepy, right? Anyway, after reading such a scene and perhaps picturing it in your mind you might think that a place like this could not possibly exist. But it does exist, sans the walking dead. Our next stop in this Haunted Cemetery series is in Massachusetts, the small town of Leicester’s very own gateway to Hell, The Quaker Cemetery — otherwise known as Spider Gate Cemetery. The Beginnings of The Quaker Cemetery The village of Leicester was established not too long after the Pilgrims first set foot on this soil by the Southwick and Earle families, two very prominent and wealthy families. Like most old New England families, they had a family plot located close by. In fact, the first recorded burial was of Mary Earle sometime in 1755. Although, there were probably plenty of unrecorded burials for many years.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Trespassers to Spider Gate Cemetery have reported hearing what sounds like demonic roars issuing from the surrounding woods. Others have reported being chased out by terrifying black shadows.

Over time, the Southwick and Earle families donated the family plot to the Worcester Friends Meeting, an offshoot of the austere Quaker religious movement. After taking over the cemetery, the townspeople in Leicester had a new place to bury their dead. At this time there were no reports of hauntings either in or around the cemetery. That would come much later. Out of necessity, Dr. Pliny Earle, II commissioned a local iron worker to create a set of gates to close off the cemetery from any riffraff that might attempt to break into the cemetery to raid the graves. The design on the gates were supposed to represent the Sun and the Sun’s rays pouring down over the cemetery. However, people didn’t see what Dr. Earle saw. They saw two black iron spider webs closing off the dearly departed from the rest of the world. Shortly thereafter the rumors of hauntings began.

The Legends of Spider Gate Cemetery The world is filled with dark tales of cursed places being gateways to Hell. Gateways where the damned could come and go at will to terrorize the living. Some believe Spider Gate Cemetery, as it is called by the locals, to be the eighth gateway to Satan’s pit of despair. Although the cemetery may look peaceful and oddly beautiful during the light of day, it would seem that Spider Gate Cemetery takes on a much more ominous, almost dread-like, atmosphere when the sun goes down. Spider Gate Cemetery is closed as soon as the sun dips below the horizon. That, however, has not stopped the brave or the foolish from scaling the fence to see if the stories are true. Trespassers have reported hearing what sounds like demonic roars issuing from the surrounding woods. Others have reported Many cemetery trespassers test the legend of Marmaduke Earle’s gravesite. being chased out by terrifying black shadows. Others report a strange, foul-smelling white ooze coming up from the ground. Spider hanging himself from a tree on the cemetery grounds. Gate Cemetery is not a place you want to find yourself That story is a fact. It is believed that these two spirits after dark. haunt the graveyard. While no one has ever been harmed by the entities said to stalk the cemetery, it still begs the question: What Legend Tripping at Spider Gate makes this seemingly peaceful cemetery so haunted? If Ever hear of a little thing called legend tripping? Legyou ask the locals this question, they will tell you a wild end tripping is a game that thrill seekers engage in at allegconspiracy theory. It is believed that the Southwick family edly haunted places. They find out a legend concerning still maintains control of the cemetery and has conspired a graveyard or a supposedly haunted house and in order with local law enforcement to keep any details of deaths to provoke the dead they act out the legend. Spider Gate and even stories of Satanic rites hidden from the general Cemetery has one of these legends that these thrill seekers population. As crazy as this may seem, there may actually may want to engage in: Marmaduke’s grave. be some truth to these stories. The legend of Marmaduke Earle’s grave began many years ago when local youth would dare each other to spend the night in the haunted cemetery. The legend is real There are two recorded simple. You walk around Marmaduke’s grave 10 times, the tenth time being at the stroke of midnight. You then call deaths that happened out, “Marmaduke, speak to me.” You then kneel down and near the Cemetery. place your ear to the grave, and Marmaduke is supposed to speak. Whatever he says no one has ever reported. There are two recorded deaths that happened within Legend tripping and thrill seeking aside, Quaker or relative proximity of the cemetery. The locals will tell you Spider Gate Cemetery is believed to be crawling with suthat the young girl was sacrificed to the Devil by Satanists pernatural beings. Two things the owners do not tolerate at an area of the cemetery called “The Altar.” This soare ghost hunters and trespassers. Inquiries to investigate called altar is a raised hill in a secluded tree-covered area the cemetery are immediately shot down, and trespassof the cemetery. This story may sound sinister, but a girl ers will be prosecuted. Spider Gate Cemetery is a creepy was in fact murdered near the cemetery. place to behold, but I warn you if you trespass the entities The second death associated with Spider Gate Cemof the eighth gateway to Hell may not get you but the local etery is that of a young man who took his own life after coppers will.

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 33

Katie’s Conspiracy Corner

Evidence of Time Travel in the U.S. By Katie Christopher, NEPA Paranormal’s Ghost Detectives

The purpose of this article is to educate readers on the facts behind some of the most popular and controversial paranormal conspiracy theories. There are many things out there being hidden and covered up. But we have a right to know the truth. Each month I will cover a different conspiracy theory — some well known and some a bit more obscure. You will be given details and theories about each topic, and in the end, it is for you to decide what you believe. Please e-mail me at KatiesConspiracyCorner@yahoo. com with any questions or topic suggestions.


ave you ever made a mistake you regretted? Ever wished you could do something differently? Been plagued by a choice you made that you fear may haunt you for the rest of your life? Regret is a part of life, and something we have all come to terms with. But what if you could have a second chance to make it right? Would you take it? Take that one step further. Imagine a situation where we could go back and rewrite history. Pretend our leaders have the ability to change the decisions those before us made and create a situation where crucial events in history are altered to end in our favor. This type of technology is certainly a far-fetched concept, but imagine the possibilities. This could change our country and world exponentially. Has it already? There are some who believe that time travel is 100% possible and has already been used to change such pivotal events in our history, including the Revolutionary War! There are individuals who claim that not only were they a part of this experiment, but one man claims he was the one who personally spoke to George Washington during the Revolution. Could our government really possess power of this nature? To bend the time and space con-


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

There are some who believe that time travel is 100% possible and has already been used to change pivotal events in our history.

tinuum and allow for travel between generations? I personally found this to be too bizarre of a concept, but after seeing some riveting testimonials from those who claim to be personally involved in these experiments, both as researchers and participants, it definitely seemed interesting enough to take a closer look. So where did this concept even come from? 1.21 gigawatts of power? It worked for Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in Back to the Future, but I think our own government may have had something a little more sophisticated. Let’s take a look at some of the reported history behind this theory. The Philadelphia Experiment Perhaps the study first came into play in 1943 when the Philadelphia Experiment allegedly took place. This

was a Naval experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where those involved attempted to cloak The USS Eldridge and render it invisible to the naked eye. The technology was based on Albert Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. This basically unifies the electromagnetic field with the gravitational field, which was ideally supposed to result in bending light. The theory is that by bending light you are also bending the space-time continuum, which creates the ability to time travel. Presently, the US Navy denies this experiment ever took place, and no written documentation is available to support it ever happening. All that exists to give validation are personal accounts. Witnesses have come forward stating several different results of this experiment. Some said it did nothing other than make those around severely nauseous. Others stated the experiment was somewhat successful, but all that could be seen was a green fog. Others said the experiment not only worked, but the ship was transported to Norfolk, Virginia, where is was visible to crew members on the SS Andrew Furuseth, then vanished to reappear in Philadelphia, but 10 seconds in the past. It was also said crew members were on board at the time of the experiment, some who came back imbedded in the structure or missing limbs, if only temporarily. These testimonies may be where the origins of government study of time travel stems from. In 1955, a man named Morris Jessup, who studied UFOs and was working on some theories directly relating to the supposed energy source used in the Philadelphia Experiment, received a letter from a man named Carlos

The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval military cloaking and time travel experiment reported to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October 1943.

Allende. In the letter, Mr. Allende told of how he was a passenger on the nearby ship, the SS Andrew Furuseth, at the time the experiment took place. He said he witnessed the ship appear and disappear. Jessup wrote the man back, asking for more detail. Weeks later he received a reply from Allende, he had since changed his name to Carl Allen, who said he could not provide any more detail that he recalled, but speculated hypnosis might help him remember more. Jessup declined additional contact. It was alleged that the Allen had severe mental health problems.

The Montauk Project Another supposed experiment on time travel was the Montauk Project, which was believed to be a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment. It was said to have taken place underground at Camp Hero at the Montauk base on Long Island starting in the 1960s and spanning into the 1980s, with the direct support of the Department of Defense. The experiment involved testing with psychic enhancement, mind control, and time travel. It has been said that homeless and orphans were seized and forced to endure high amounts of electromagnetic radiation to test mind control and brain programming technologies, with only a small fraction of the people surviving. A special chair was built designed to pump energy into one’s body. The high levels of energy were said to broaden psychic ability, and it was reported that many of the individuals were able to move objects just by intense concentration. These high levels of energy also allowed for mind control experiments. They would use electromagnetic energy to put thoughts into people’s heads and then transmit them out using a RADAR transmitter at a very high amount of power. These energy experiments continued until they reached a new level of scary. Scientists were able to create wormholes. Many of these scientists were supposedly former Nazi’s. They began using the children they were testing on in time travel experiments as well. It was said that in August of 1983, exactly 40 years after the Philadelphia Ex-

December 2013

Some crew members who came back were reportedly imbedded in the structure or missing limbs.

Paranormal Underground 35

Katie’s Conspiracy Corner

This AN/FPS-35 Radar at Camp Hero State Park in Montauk, New York State on Long Island is reportedly the centerpiece of the “Montauk Project Conspiracy,” which involved time travel.

periment was performed, they discovered a way to travel back and visit the USS Eldridge. Men have come forward over the years and detailed their involvement in these experiments. One such man was Stewart Swerdlow. When asked about his involvement, he was quoted as saying, “Beatings, a lot of torture, electrical shock, burials, near drowning, they would bring you to the point of death and the person doing this would be your rescuer and say I’m the one that saved you and remember that. That person then became your handler.” It is undetermined if these experiments actually existed. No documentation is available, only the accounts of witnesses, researchers, and participants. No traces of an underground facility have been found at Camp Hero, but there is a hill on the property with concrete doors that are sealed off. Could the evidence of this project be hidden behind these doors? Project Pegasus & Andrew Basiago Project Pegasus was yet another alleged time travel project headed by DARPA and the CIA. The most famous witness of Project Pegasus is Lawyer Andrew Basiago. He has spoken out with claims to have been heavily involved in the experiment as a child participant. In his time with the experiment, he says he was transported back to the Revolutionary War to advise George Washington that we would win the war and he would become our nation’s first president, but he must retreat from NY harbor. He claims to have completed this mission successfully as Washington moved his troops that very night.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

He also claims to have traveled to Gettysburg during the Gettysburg Address. He even claims he has a photograph of himself as a child there. It pictures a clear Abraham Lincoln in the background with a front shot of what he says is himself outfitted in bugle boy clothing provided to him when he arrived. He says what is most interesting are his shoes, which are too large on him. He says when he arrived, his shoes did not, so they were forced to give him what worked best. I personally have seen the picture, and while President Lincoln is very obviously, the boy in the photo is not as clear. I have seen the comparisons to Basiago as a child, but it is really open to interpretation as it is impossible to say without a doubt it is him. He claims to have had software comparisons done on the size and bone structures of the boy in the picture and pictures of him as a boy, which came up a match, but it is truly impossible to tell based on seeing the picture alone. What is also interesting about Basiago’s claims is who he believes participated in the study with him — none other than President Barack Obama. He says that President Obama not only participated in time travel as well, but he was sent to the future and shown he would be President of the United States. He also says Bush and Clinton were revealed to him as future presidents. According to an interview with Basiago, he provides the following reasoning for the project:

Project Pegasus was yet another time travel project headed by DARPA and the CIA. • The Department of Defense wanted to test the mental and physical effects of teleportation on children. • Project Pegasus needed to use children because the holograms created by the chronovisors would collapse when adults stood within them. • The children were tabula rasa (a blank slate) and would tend to see things during the time probes that adults would tend to miss. • The children were trainees who upon growing up would serve in a covert time-space program under DARPA that would operate in tandem with the overt space program under NASA. • The program sponsors found that after moving between time lines, adult time travelers were often becoming insane, and it was hoped that by working with gifted and talented children from childhood, the U.S. government might create an adult cadre of “chrononauts” capable of

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Katie’s Conspiracy Corner

According to Andrew D. Basiago, he time traveled to Nov. 19, 1863, during the Gettysburg Address. He says he was part of the DARPA Project Pegasus time travel experiment. Basiago claims he can be seen in the center of this photo wearing shoes that are too large for him.

dealing with the psychological effects of time travel. So how did such amazing technology work? For being so young at the time, Basiago has incredible detail on the subject. He said the technology was based on paperwork drafted by Nikola Tesla (who I also covered when discussing the 9/11 Death Ray Theory in an earlier issue of Paranormal Underground magazine). He claims when Tesla passed away, the papers were seized from his home and put into action. The concept involved two gray booms roughly eight feet tall separated by about 10 feet. In between was radiant energy. This was discovered by Tesla and had the capability to bend the space-time continuum. Basiago said the participants would jump through the field of energy where they were thrown into a vortex tunnel. He said the vortex gave the feeling of either moving at fierce speed or not moving at all. When the tunnel closed, they had finished moving through time and were at the desired location. A type of holographic technology allowed them to travel back simply by standing within the hologram. He even continues to say that sometimes the entire being would not travel all together at once. This never happened to him, but he did witness another boy whose head, arms, and torso returned before his legs. He said the child was suspended in air clearly in excruciating pain for a few seconds until his legs finally returned and


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

he walked off the platform. He claims these bugs have been fixed as of today. So what are the benefits of this type of research? Basiago says, “Teleportation is a second quantum access technology developed with public funds that the public is being denied the full benefits of. Teleportation could be used to move people and goods more quickly and efficiently around the globe, without the pollution caused by planes, trains, and automobiles or the negative land use effects from airports, railroad tracks, and highways. “Chronovision could be used to create an international network of virtual museums in which images from the past would be shown to enlighten and educate the public. Misapplied, such technology could also be used to create a Fascist society based on 24-hour surveillance of individuals by government, which may have been portended by the DARPA project called Total Information Awareness that President George W. Bush established and placed under Admiral John Poindexter.” The Total Information Act was established in 2002 and allows government agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and Department of Defense, to share information stored in their databases. These files were previously stored in separate databases unique to each organization. Under this act, all information would be available for all government agencies to see under one large database. This type of data-mining was designed to better identify personality models and red flags to help stop (you guessed it) terrorism. Many felt this type of surveillance was a precursor to more Orwellian forms of monitoring to come. Big Brother is a topic for another time, but considering the many ways U.S. citizens are presently being monitored, I have to agree.

Time travel technology is designed to allow for political control or illegal surveillance. Time travel technology is now designed, as eluded by Basiago, to allow for political control or even illegal surveillance. Basiago now gives lectures across the country detailing his experiences, and he has been a featured guest on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory, Coast to Coast AM Radio, and Paranormal Underground Radio. While this is all very intriguing, if not slightly obscure speculation, the real question here is: Is this for real? Opinion Based on the information at hand, I can’t say that I believe we have access to these technologies. I believe

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They also reveal their thoughts on ghosts and hauntings, as they willingly seek to experience the things December 2013most Paranormal Underground people would39run from in terror.

Katie’s Conspiracy Corner a doubt in the average person’s mind and to question their sanity. We may never know what happened to these individuals, but they will never doubt the things they witnessed and experienced. I will never underestimate the things our government is capable of; however, I don’t think time travel is part of that list. Maybe someday in the future we will have the technology, and it’s possible experiments have gone on and are going on to get us there, but I think up to this point they are unsuccessful. If we did have this type of technology, would we really be in the ecoBack to the Future’s Doc Brown came up with the idea of the flux capacitor nomic state that we are currently in? Better after slipping and bumping his head while standing on his toilet to hang a yet, would we not be the most powerful clock. The idea came to him in a vision he had after being knocked out. nation in the world? If we had the technology, and we weren’t that powerful, all we’d have to do there are ways of going back to your own past through is use the technology to change it and no one would be hypnosis, but this isn’t exactly time travel, more like any wiser for it. Some would say maybe we aren’t that past-life regression, which is a completely separate thing. greedy, but power is much more seductive than money, Factually speaking, there isn’t much available to prove and I don’t believe for one second our government we have the capability to time travel. What probably wouldn’t take as much power as they could get their makes me question things most is the testimonials from hands on. This poses the question, though, that if we Andrew Basiago. erase history and tip the scales in our favor, how can we In researching this article, I not only read up on him, ever learn from our mistakes? but I watched several interviews and documentaries he On a personal level, sure, I have regrets, and I’ve was questioned in. made plenty of mistakes. I am, after all, only human. But He shows no signs of any mental distress or any the beauty of a mistake is that you learn from it. Our past cause for concern of mental instability. He speaks so articulately and weaves such an intricate and detailed If we erase history and tip account of what happened to him that it’s hard not to believe his sincerity. the scales in our favor, how I do believe Andrew Basiago was involved in governcan we ever learn from our ment experimentation as a child. I also believe that he believes the experiment involved time travel; however, mistakes? I don’t think this is actually the case. I would venture to is what teaches us to make smarter choices. If we made say he is sooner a victim of an experiment gone wrong, no mistakes, or had no regrets, we would remain naïve for programmed to believe he was a child time traveler. I’ve the rest of our lives. seen the data, information, and declassified documents on This becomes even more important from a political mind control experimentation, and it is not a far stretch standpoint. We are supposed to learn from history. It for a product of this study to be in the state Basiago is in, tells us what works and doesn’t from an executive level. only to have been subjected to some type of mind control Poor choices in war result in chaos, lost allies, blown to make him forget his true involvement. He could have covers, and often times many casualties, but it prevents even been victim to a completely different experiment we future generations from doing the same thing. If we will never have knowledge of. rewrite that, we will never learn or even remember that Several of these “projects” already talk about mind mistake. control as part of their studies. Not only Basiago, but Bottom line: Time travel is a fun concept to think all of the key witnesses that have come forward are so about, but highly unlikely. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be putsure of the things that happened to them. All seem fairly ting my Flux-Capacitor to use anytime soon. sane, but with ideas so farfetched that it’s enough to put


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December 2013

December 2013

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Inside the Psychic Mind

The Complete


By William Becker, Paranormal Insights


e are taught that life is pretty much what exists in the physical world around us. Religion and forms of spirituality may be brought into this environment, but even that doesn’t really consider or take into account the full dimension of reality, beyond the three-dimensional world we know and are told is existence in its entirety. I’ve published some previous articles that explore various other realms — realms where we can connect with our past and between lives and learn more about our current one from them. I’ve mentioned other paranormal beings that seem to reflect the others spoken of in many myths and legends from around the world. But where I’ve been going with this is part of the vision I’ve had all my life. It’s the integration of it all within us. The Fear of Using Our “Extra” Senses The world we exist in is a much bigger, and seemingly more complicated, but actually simpler place than we are led to believe. We have the energy left behind by people whose lives made an impact on locations. We have souls, or part of souls, who come and visit to assist us or communicate with us. Or they come as tourists. We have a myriad of beings who seem to step from the pages of legend and lore, and we have a direct connection to the universal consciousness and depth of immortal being. All this has simply been educated out of us by a societal perspective that relies on five senses, not six or more. It is up to us to relearn how to reopen these additional senses. Sometimes people are afraid that developing additional senses will lead us into the land of evil beings. Sometimes religion tells us those other senses are evil in themselves. Much of this fear and superstition is basically


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

These additional senses we need are part of who the human race is. It’s part of our own creation and evolution. It’s natural to our beings.

man-made labeling from man-made religious doctrine. My theory is that these additional senses we need are part of who the human race is. It’s part of our own creation and evolution. It’s natural to our beings. What isn’t natural is the denying and covering up of these essential parts of ourselves. The entities we can communicate with help to educate us as to our place in the larger reality, as well as to what our role in this more limited existence is. We can visit with, and talk to, our guides at the seat of all knowledge, often referred to as the Akashic Record. Allowing ourselves to communicate with beings of myth and legend

can open us to new aspects of our connection to those beings. We open to a much greater sense of belonging to the universal and our place in it. We also become more aware of our responsibility to it. Part of this responsibility is that we request permission of the beings inhabiting the places we go to visit, as well as to treat all beings with respect and to understand that each has its own unique place in the universe. We are not there to judge, but to be part of, learn, and understand.

A word of caution: These additional senses are not to replace our five physical senses. They are to further augment and complete them. These are in addition to, not instead of, our knowledge, wisdom, and rational thought process. These additional senses and the realms they open to us assist us in connecting with our soul and its path now, in the past, and throughout eternity.

We have a duty to protect this planet and its living beings.

Our Duties Beyond Our Three-Dimensional World The additional wisdom and connection we develop should also help us to better understand our responsibility in this three-dimensional world of our five senses, as well as our duty in the larger universal. We have a duty to protect this planet and its living beings. It is vital that we recognize that our energy, let alone our physical activity, affects the world around us. We create what we put out there, both in the realms of our other senses and in this realm.

Finding Our Part in the Universe There is a place deep within each of us where we find the universal and our part in it. It is this place where we can most connect to our true selves — our completeness of soul. And it is from this place that we can grow and evolve as spiritual beings, as well as physical ones. It is here that we can touch a deeper understanding and level of knowledge, one that is simply “known,” not taught. It is here we further develop our life’s purpose. I find this to be an eternal process — one that we work on in this life, as well as during our life between lives and past lives. It is to find this path in themselves that I am blessed to assist others.

December 2013

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The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy

Paranormal TV By Paul Green, Extreme Ghost Hunting


f you are reading this magazine, I feel it is safe to assume you will have seen at least one TV show that has a paranormal element, possibly more than one. Here in the UK, I watched the pilot episode of Most Haunted, the show that broke ghost-hunting shows in the UK and sparked a multitude of copies. Some good, some bad, and some abysmal — all trying to do the paranormal in a new or different way. So, we have so-called ghost hunters — we will discuss the so-called later — screaming abuse at the ghosts and taunting them. We have the celebrities who want to tell their story or guest on the most popular shows. We have psychics solving cold cases, or so they say. We have or had a blind medium so the show could not be accused of cold reading. We have psychic barbers, chefs, and psychic bikers — or in this case a Psychic Biker; I am, of course, unique. Ahem. However, in all this you find that among many is a thirst for fame, and the paranormal world is simply a route. Now, I did say “some,” so don’t get your hackles up. But do a quick trawl of the net and you will quickly come across moody shots of men in the “hero” pose, staring down the camera giving that two-finger “horns” salute. I have yet to see anyone look good doing that, and pubescent-looking guys fail big time. Or, we have women in wacky or revealing outfits giving the “I am crazy” stare to the camera. TV & “Real” Paranormal Investigators But how many of these are “real” ghost hunters or paranormal investigators? By real I mean in it for the journey of exploration of the paranormal world, with a view to finding some answers. Or are some simply wanting to use this hobby/passion so many of us share as a route to being on the TV and then on to fame and fortune? Not that the two always work together of course. The paranormal world is awash with characters who think being loud with dyed hair, wacky outfits, and multicolored beards make them interesting. None of which has anything at all to do with ghost hunting or the world of


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

the paranormal. Now, OK, you do get the real characters out there. The difference is that the real characters don’t know they are characters; they’re just being themselves. I love meeting those sorts of people. Hands up, I have a unique selling point: Looking like I do, most people don’t think “psychic medium.” Most in fact think, Is he going to mug me?” However, my look is not a format designed to look interesting. My tattoos reflect my life and my loves, and I have been into biking since a small boy, riding them for over 30 years. I, for one, am getting rather fed up about the series of “bad boy ghost hunters” who are trotted out by so many TV channels, all looking about as bad boyish as my granddaughter aged 5. Some tatts and a pasted-on attitude look don’t make a bad boy; trust me. I know. I spent a lot of time throwing people looking that way out of events after one too many drinks. However, is this unique to the world of the paranormal? I don’t think so. It seems we are living in a world where being a celebrity is a job in itself — no talent need-

ed. We have people who feel that they must get in front of a camera and are willing and ready to try any route. But can you blame them when there are production companies out there with shows on their development slate just looking to fit a show to “cast.” After all, we have actors who are Auction Hunters; check out Ton and Allen’s IMDB profiles to see what I mean. We have allegations from fired cast member Dave Hester of Storage Wars that lockers are “salted” with high-value goods and boob jobs are given to the female stars. (Full story on that topic here: storage-wars-fake-dave-hester-controversy/.) Then why shouldn’t people be ready to shift from ghost hunters to glory hunters? Reality TV: In It for the Right Reasons Again, I did say we have so-called ghost hunters that are nothing more than fame-hunting zombies, stumbling around the entertainment world who have as much an interest in the paranormal world as I have in football, or soccer to our readers in the U.S. This is zero. However, if nothing else, the Storage Wars dispute demonstrates an aspect of the world of paranormal TV, or any TV that many of these fame hunters so often forget or are so ego driven they assume it will never happen to them. That fact is, it’s called show BUSINESS for a reason, and secondly there are insincere people in TV. Yes, I know, a shocker! Who would have thought? So, if they do get approached, they jump at the chance to do some filming. We see it all the time on Face-

They didn’t understand that you were just a commodity for the TV companies. book pages; investigators announcing how deeply honored they are to work with blah, blah, blah. Then a few weeks or months later, they are posting that they have pulled out of the project as they have ethics, which I often read as shorthand for “we weren’t good enough,” Or am I just a cynic? What is often the case is they didn’t understand that you were just a commodity for the TV companies, a product that will make them money or not. If not, you’re out with not even your bus fare home. You are not a star; you didn’t get the offer of a series. Cancel the new car and yacht. And your personal tattoo artist is now unemployed. Again, not unique in the paranormal world, we can all think of a pilot show we liked but never saw again.

OK, again, hands up. Stephen and I have done some filming, The Ghost of Emma filmed at Kielder Castle in deepest Northumberland, England. You can see clips on YouTube. And after a long struggle, it is also on cable in the U.S. at the peak viewing time of Friday at 3.30 a.m. Our game plan is to hope an insomniac-ridden Syfy producer will notice us and make us stars. Luckily, or maybe not (this is less of a problem here in the UK), no one is making anything as no channel is buying. As this is published, though, I have no doubt that the press will become awash with the announcement of a new show. Watch out for my tantrum on Facebook if that happens. But in other countries, mainly the U.S., it seems teams are evermore looking for a way to stand out and be more wacky, as already mentioned. There are extreme locations or ordeals by the public staying in a haunted location alone with no help. Let’s see how long before someone has a breakdown. Is that exciting TV? They are looking for new ways to try and encourage activity; let’s face it, the first company to catch a full-on apparition that cannot be dismissed by skeptics is going to make a lot of money. The down side of most paranormal TV is, of course, the viewers who watch the shows. Then they come to a well-run public event and are disappointed to find it not as wild and wacky as TV. We have no doubt all met people who feel short-changed at not being attacked by a demon. What’s the Newest Paranormal TV Craze? So the question I pose is what’s next for paranormal TV? Maybe a take on another reality show called Naked and Afraid. In this actual show, each week a new pair of complete and total strangers — one man and one woman — find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to some of the world’s most extreme weather environments. Each duo is left high and dry with no food, no water ... and no clothes. They must survive on their own for a full 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each

December 2013

Paranormal Underground 45

The Psychic Biker: Attitude With Empathy how fast the ideas transfer from one style of show to other areas. Anyone want to take odds on a nude paranormal investigation show hitting our screen soon now? Is this what you as a paranormal enthusiasts want? Though the thought of a nude Bigfoot hunt in deepest winter in some snow clad part of the world does intrigue me. Maybe I should stop there. It could be my next big show, no pun intended.

and the knowledge that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment. See for more information about the show. Could that be the theme of the next ghost-hunting show? Would you do it? If you hesitated in answering, maybe you have fallen into the fame-at-all-costs trap. To check, here is an exercise: Get a pen and paper and list what you would be prepared to do on a paranormal TV show. Then list things you wouldn’t do. Go have a cup of coffee and come back to the list. Look at the “I would do” side and consider if there are items there that you would not do right now in public, no cameras. If there are, maybe you have a problem, or maybe it’s the world of paranormal TV that has the problem. Just in case you would like a trial run with the above idea, someone has beaten to you to it. Already, a haunted house owner has started an event: “This haunted house won’t scare the pants off you, because you’ll already be nude. Shocktoberfest, a ‘scream park’ in Sinking Spring, PA, will let fright-seekers experience a haunted house completely naked to enhance the feeling of terror in The Naked and Scared Challenge.” “It’s taking people down to their core, making them as vulnerable as possible with zero protection,” Patrick Konopelski, president and owner of Shocktoberfest, told the Daily News. Full story here: http://www.nydailynews. com/news/national/naked-scared-challenge-scream-parknude-haunted-house-article-1.1467236. I absolutely had no idea of that nude haunted house story when I sat down to write this column; I came across it looking for the Naked and Afraid link, which shows


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

What Would Your Paranormal TV Show Be Like? So, is it time that the world of paranormal TV went real? Real ghost hunts, proper ghost hunts run in an ethical and honest manner? No doubt many of you are nodding away, agreeing with those sentiments and that you would know just the ways to do that. Equally no doubt other nodders will agree with you that they know the right way to do this. But, by the way, your way is wrong. So, competition starts again for the chance to put your ideas onto the screens that are beamed into our homes every week. So how are you going to spice your show up, make it different, more watchable? Face it, the usual ghost hunt does not make good TV, because there are long hours of sitting and asking for signs of a paranormal presence, or table tipping, or Ouija boards with a glass inching across a board. You may, of course, have a technical bent, so we will be watching lights go on and off, hear hours of static from out-of-tune radio bands via a black box, or be peering into screens with feeds from infra-red cameras. As I say, those options do not make exciting TV. Or am I wrong? I have been wrong before, only occasionally of course. Is this what the TV audience should be watching? Is it time to get rid of all the shouty, loud ghost hunters? Of course that means all the artificial characters I mentioned will now not be pleased. What will happen to their groups and their search for fame? I doubt they will agree that the pipe and slipper approach to ghost hunting is the way to go; they will want to make their style of shows. Cue arguments and disagreements on Facebook, dozens of “you said, they said, my friend said to your friend that you said” style posts. This will be closely followed by a huge falling out as others take sides for reasons of loyalty or, if I am in a cynical mood, for which group they feel they would get most out of if they get into TV. Then the inevitable, “We don’t usually do this, but we feel we must” style posts. Next column title: Does paranormal unity really exist? In the meantime, keep your clothes on people!

December 2013

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Crystals & Herbology: Mystical Etchings From A Medicyn Woman’s Grimoire

Turning Over a New Leaf By Silvermoon Medicyn,


s we enter the natural rhythm of life known as autumn equinox and begin to slip deeper into the fall season and holidays, many of us face a quieting within our spirits that we don’t know how to deal with. It is a time of introspection and compromise, but with the pressure of the holidays, family gatherings, and limited activity due to the weather, we find life becomes a challenge to balance. It is no wonder with all the pressure of society’s beliefs and religious rules that we lose touch with the true meaning of this season. The cycle of life is asking us to rest and prepare for new beginnings and there are some stones and herbs that can help us though this cycle of life. Dealing With Pressure During the Holiday Months Many find it hard to balance their emotions during this time. It is not uncommon for many people to find this season depressive and gloomy. We have so many social perceptions about how things should be that it creates stress on our emotional bodies, with the expectations of meeting family obligations and providing acceptable holiday gifts only adding to insecurities of the self. I believe many of us are Earth empaths, feeling the changes on a deeper soul level than most humans. As the vibration of the planet slows, so do we internally. These changes affect us by causing increased sleep, overeating, and dulled senses, mimicking and mirroring depression. Once depression takes hold in a person’s spirit, it can be a challenge to find positivity in any situation. This could force them to go so deep into the self, they lose touch with everything around them, resembling a death of the self — much like the season. Depressive emotional energy can be found hidden in the human soul under layers and if left unchecked could become something that eventually consumes the human completely. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is often the diagnosis that starts to make its debut during these


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Oils will channel the body’s energy and unblock the life force so it can flow freely to open the spirit’s growth pattern, aiding with the emotional ups and downs of this season.

months. People who experience this know how physically painful and emotionally destroying it can be, making it a challenge to turn over a new leaf. The most powerful emotion we feel during this time is fear. We have the fear of rejection, death, and the end of situations. The second one that seems to creep in is loneliness; this is due to the media hype about families, our own insecurities, and the Earth’s vibration. These two emotions alone can stop anything dead in its tracks. By adding some of the healing tools mentioned below to your life you will be able to weather the changes and turn over the leaf. Remember eating a balanced diet with proper water consumption will do miracles for you. Gemstones That Help Lift the Fog These are some gemstones that can be added to your environment or pocket to help you lift the fog of this season and adjust your vibration. Andalusite helps you overcome loneliness and the fear of isolation. It assists in sealing all your own energy

leaks and tears, thus decreasing anxiety. It starts by activatsupport to come out of the shadows and feel alive again. ing our upper chakras and creating a barrier around your Herbs that have been converted to oils are best used will chakra, protecting you from psychic attacks. if placed directly on the body, depending on where the Epidot assists you with recognizing the destructive body’s dysfunction is coming from. These oils will channel behavior patterns that you have the body’s energy and unblock created. It helps you acknowlthe life force so it can flow freely Blue Holly helps connect edge them and gives you the to open the spirit’s growth patthe body to the spirit. inner strength to want to change tern, aiding with the emotional or remove them completely. ups and downs of this season. This stone is known as the “backbone” to the heart chakra. Cypress is an herb that helps us relax, but it also opens our It makes a soul walk its path of destiny, but offers the lost senses. It takes away the anxiety and the fear of the unknown. or disenchanted souls the best of the path they must follow. It eases emotionally painful scars and the negatively abusive Blue Holly helps connect the body to the spirit, ofthoughts that are the chains holding you in place. It can bring fering protection from negative influences and vibrations. emotional upsets to the surface of our consciousness. It assists in leaving past poor choices behind and focusing Neroli offers happiness on a subtle level. It sneaks in on a fresh clear future. You are able to embrace the small on the unbalanced life-force of the body and pushes that destructive thought patterns and stop them, leaving room energy to a new level or moves it completely. It acts like for more constructive thinking and easing the pressure on a flush or rush that gives you no time to second guess the the focus of your shadow side. notion of continuing the healing process. Pink Tourmaline is a high-powered heart chakra Petitgrain helps with the body’s physical response to cleanser useful for debriding the self of old love scars that the emotional work needed. It is known to offer ease by have left emotional marks and inhibit honest communicareducing or alleviating the anxiety. The symptoms that tion. It is used to fill in the holes and tears of the spirit, often subside are nervous over-thinking, racing heart, and offering relief from becoming emotionally numb. It offers rapid breathing; it works closely with your sympathetic refuge to the inner child that has been hidden and gives it nervous system.

Vampires, Werewolves, & Witches! Mari Wells Delves Into The Myth Surrounding Some Of The World’s Most Feared Creatures! Join the conversation at December 2013 Paranormal Underground 49

Magic & Lore

Tlahuelpuchi: Aztec Vampire Witch By Mari Wells,


ost of the Aztec culture was destroyed when Spain invaded Mexico. The religious conquest of the Roman Catholic Church assisted in ending the Aztec’s beliefs. The goddess remained, but was slightly transformed to fit the popular imagination of witches. The Spanish people called them “brujas,” meaning witch, but the Nahuatl speaking descendants of the Aztecs called them Tlahuelpuchi — the blood-sucking witch or Tlaciques. What Is a Tlahuelpuchi? Tlahuelpuchi, usually female, was believed to possess powers enabling them to shape-shift into several animals, mostly turkeys or buzzards, but also fleas, cats, dogs, and a corpse candle. Tlahuelpuchi would attack and suck the blood of infants, the most favored delicacy. On rare occasions, she would also feed upon children or adults. These witches were able to live incognito in their villages; for this reason they become objects of fear, especially among couples with infants. Tlahuelpuchi form pacts amongst themselves to not trespass on another’s territory, as it’s hard for one to stay hidden in her community, keeping two hidden would be impossible. Also a vampire who enters a community and leaves after the kill isn’t as cautious as one who remains in the community. The Tlahuelpuchi was born a witch, which was a chance condition. She had no control over the situation, which lasted all her life, and was unable to pass it to her children. There wasn’t a way to tell if she was a witch until she reached puberty. The power to shape-shift came with the first menstruation. At this time, the young witch also began to crave human blood. Her family would soon know her condition and try to hide it out of fear. A witch could kill anyone who knew


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Tlahuelpuchi form pacts amongst themselves to not trespass on another’s territory, as it’s hard for one to stay hidden in her community. Keeping two hidden would be impossible.

or could reveal her secret, although she wouldn’t harm her relatives in other circumstances. If any family member killed her, they will carry the curse in their blood and pass it on to their daughter. Tlahuelpuchi’s blood cravings would happen once a month; some would require blood up to four times a month. The Tlahuelpuchi had hypnotic powers too; they could cause people to walk to high places and jump, causing them to commit suicide. Sometimes she attacked chil-

dren, adults, livestock, or a person she had fought. The population could also attack an enemy’s livestock, causing the vampire witch to be blamed. She was the scapegoat for various evils that people suffered. Tlahuelpuchi: On the Hunt There are two beliefs on how the Tlahuelpuchi would hunt. Some believed she would shape-shift into a buzzard and fly over her victim’s house, first in a North to South direction, then in an East to West direction, before entering to feed. The second feeding method required a special ritual preformed on the last Saturday of the month. She would go into her kitchen and light a fire made of special substances. By the light of this special fire, she transformed into a dog. The lower part of her legs would be left behind and formed into the shape of a cross. She feeds while in dog form. When she returns home, she turns into a human and reattaches her feet and legs. This process leaves a slight limp, which could give her identity away. It was widely believed that garlic would keep the Tla-

huelpuchi away. The Aztecs would wrap cloves of garlic in tortillas and put the bundle in an infant’s clothing. If you didn’t have garlic, you could use onions. Shiny metal was also used. Machetes and or boxes of pins were also placed under the infant’s crib. Metal objects could be formed into a cross and kept near the baby. Parents also used mirrors, clear water, or Holy Medals in hopes of keeping the Tlahuelpuchi away. If an infant was attacked, it was believed that the parents relaxed in their attempts to protect their child. The witch vampire was a corpse candle, and as such she glows brightly before she attacks. If spotted by the prosperous illumination — she even had this glow while in a shape-shifted form — the villagers would attempt to kill her by stoning or clubbing. Usually, the animal would transform into a human. Occasionally, the townsfolk would agree that a suspicious woman was a Tlahuelpuchi; if this happened, they would go to her house and kill her by stoning or clubbing her. After her death, her sense organs — including her fingertips — were removed. Her body was left in a deserted place unburied.

December 2013

It was widely believed that garlic would keep the Tlahuelpuchi away.

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The Dark Corner With Chuck

Talking With Researcher

Marie D. Jones

By Charles G. Gotski, In The Dark Investigations


ecently, I came across a book called PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena by Marie D. Jones. I found it to be a fascinating read with all sorts of new theories (at least to me) that delved into everything from ghosts to UFOs and beyond. It also shows how quantum physics and New Science may explain the existence of said fields and that what we believe to be paranormal may actually be just the other end of the spectrum of science itself. I immediately knew that I had to contact Marie and ask her a few questions. Lucky for me, she was gracious enough to allow me the pleasure of doing so. Even with her busy schedule, she took the time to put up with this newbie and answer a few of my questions. ***** Q: Can you give us a brief history of your life? Marie: I grew up with a scientist for a father and an artist for a mother, so I got that early blend of scientific curiosity and overactive imagination that pretty much defined my entire life. I had a magical early childhood, read voraciously, explored my surroundings like a little Indiana Jones, and really became highly observant of everything I could see, yet was always aware of an unseen reality parallel to the seen. I had a great love of the paranormal from a very early age but also worshipped science and never really looked at the two as being counter to each other. Q: Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer? Marie: I started writing and telling stories before the age of two. My first book was written at the age of five, about life on Mars, and my mom bound it in cardboard and tied the


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

Marie is also the coauthor of 11:11: The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities.

covers together in shoelaces! I was destined to be a writer. Throughout childhood I, of course, wanted to be an astronaut, a scientist, a cop, a forest ranger, and mostly a jockey ... in fact, being a jockey was my second great dream. I decided that being a writer, I could get to do all

Q: I see that beyond being an author you have other interests as well, one of them being a screenwriter. I believe there is a movie in production called 19 Hz. Can you tell us about that?

those things in a sense! I published my first article by the age of 12 and was consistently writing and being paid for it since I was a teenager. It’s been feast or famine at times, but it’s been the one constant in my life.

Marie: I actually started out writing fiction — short science fiction stories that I sold as a teenager to these tiny magazines before the advent of the Internet and online mags. And my dream was to be a novelist. I got into screenwriting in my late teens and early 20s and studied and learned under some amazing mentors. Then I went to L.A., pitched and made deals, and had deals fall Marie: Yes, I always saw the world through. Then I took a break and on two levels, the seen and the stumbled into writing and producunseen. Loving science as I did, and ing direct-to-video product for a few PSIence introduces readers to the having a father who was a geophysilatest discoveries in quantum physics years, and then into nonfiction, which and New Science that may explain the I’ve been doing for the past 12 years. cist and had a background in both existence of paranormal phenomena. seismology and astrophysics, I just But my love for fiction and screenhad that passion for the hard science writing remained, and I’ve begun to behind everything, yet was always aware of the hidden really get back into it. levels of reality. I have two films in development and signed with a I simply knew there was a science to those realities publisher for two novel series, one a middle grade series as well, even if our level of scientific knowledge had not called EKHO that I wrote with my son, and the other a caught up to it yet. My dad was a big UFO guy, loved to YA series called Freak. Both will be released next year, read and talk about UFOs! I had the understanding of rehopefully along with another YA series, Gridwalkers, with ality as being like a huge multi-level “grid” growing up and Larry Flaxman. I am one of those lucky people who can never questioned it. In fact, my belief in that concept has write anything, but it came with a lot of practice, rejection, only been strengthened by my current research and work. and learning! 19 Hz is based upon one of our actual books, The Q: As a writer, how do you pick what you want to Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, write about? Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid, and the work of Nikola Tesla into resonance, frequency, and infrasound ... Marie: I usually write about what I want. If you don’t with a horror/sci-fi touch. We had tried to raise the funds have a passion for it, you won’t be able to sustain the hard to make it ourselves, but we are now talking with producwork of writing, research, and then promoting the book tion entities to finance it. We hope! for years. But on occasion my editor or publisher suggests a great idea, which was the case with 11:11 and The Déjà Q: Do you see yourself doing more of this type of vu Enigma. But I won’t write anything I know I can’t stay writing in the future? excited about for the long haul. Writing is hard work! I do tend to stay in the same arenas of science and Marie: Yes, I plan to focus on fiction mainly, while doing unknown anomalies, because to tell you the truth, when a nonfiction book now and then. After 12 of them, you it comes to nonfiction, those things interest me the most, need a creative shift! As for film, I have another script and I try to choose subjects that haven’t been done to in the works and am always writing something, as a real death. I’ve written seven books now with Larry Flaxman, writer should be. my coauthor and partner, and we agree on that as well: We only write what turns us on! Q: Let’s step away from the writing aspect of your Q: Most of your books are on subjects that pertain to something metaphysical, as in relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses, whether it has to do with alternate dimensions, wormholes, time travel, etc. Was this always your thought process or belief?

December 2013

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The Dark Corner With Chuck life for a moment. What other things do you like to do besides write?

There is a lot of snobbery in the field, with people who are or have been on a television show treating everyone else like underlings. I’ve seen Marie: I am a single mom, and my that first hand, in fact, with people son, Max, who is now 12, is my main who used to be friends, getting on a focus. We have fun together, and he is show and then deciding I’m not worth very involved in what I do for “work.” associating with anymore! What is this, I also love doing marathons and races junior high school all over again? It’s and have done a few, though I am still ridiculous, especially when many of trying to get up to a full marathon. I am these people lose their shows or will a race horse fanatic and hope to write one day ... and won’t have a theory a film about my fave of all time. I love to stand on. We have enough snobspending time with my friends, who are bery to deal with from the scientific my support columns. community, we don’t need it amongst I live very close to my family, and ourselves. This is a level playing field, being Italian, we always have a big folks, because as of yet, nobody has bash going on. I am also very actively “caught” a ghost and put it on display involved in the Community Emergenor solved the puzzle yet ... cy Response Team (CERT) for my EKHO, the Evil Kid Hunting Organization, is I have moved away from the region and am a fully trained disaster a sophisticated network of kid spies and “ghost-hunting” element of the pararesponder. I also have a ham radio li- secret agents that utilize a variety of cool normal because it is so much more cense. KI6YES! And I read voracious- gadgets to stay one step ahead of the enthan just spirits and ghosts. I’ve tried emy — the bullies. ly. I also do some speaking out and hard to broaden the definition of the about at conferences and events. Right word and the parameters of the field. now? It’s all about fantasy football! Larry and I have written a ton of books that might not seem “paranormal” upon inspection, but they are filled Q: What’s your take on the paranormal field as a with ideas that can indeed apply to the field. whole right now, i.e., TV shows, books, convenI also object to anyone calling themselves an expert, tions, etc.? whether it be a demonologist, paranormal researcher, or Marie: It has become a parody and a travesty, really, whatever, because we are dealing with a field filled with with way too much focus on trying to get on a TV show, unknowns and anomalies. At most, we can call ourselves running around in allegedly haunted buildings with pieces well-versed on the existing evidence, if any. But there are of equipment, and posing for pictures and working on no experts here. images, rather than conducting serious inquiry and deQ: Where do you see this field going in the next 10 veloping theories and ideas that have a tiny bit of science years or so? behind them ... or at least common sense. I think everyone in the field has their own motives, Marie: I would like to see a real balance between solid, to be sure. And that is fine, but I personally see way too hardcore scientific research and inquiry into the more many people in the field immediately glomming onto subjective, psychological aspects, as well as what our own “this is a demon,” or “this is a haunted building because physiology may have to do with paranormal phenomena. it is old and abandoned,” or “I have proof of a ghost We cannot just focus on hard science; we also have to because my meter flashed three times,” etc. Many of the embrace the more subtle aspects of this field, including conferences have the same speakers, usually TV people, how our own bodies and brains play a role. But I believe talking about the same locations over and over, doing the we are not doing that very “scientifically.” Instead, we same investigations over and over, with no controls in allow anyone who claims to be a psychic or a medium a place whatsoever. There is way too much focus on image loud voice in the field, without proving their abilities. being more important than substance. On the other hand, We believe things are this or that without asking for many people do this for fun and as a hobby, and that is alternative explanations first. We apply religious beliefs fine, as long as they are not out there making claims of where they do not belong, because they taint the interpreactual “scientific evidence and inquiry.” tation of an event right out of the box. So many things we


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December 2013

Within the pages of “The Harvey Boat,” Spiritual Medium Robyne Marie tells the story given to her from “behind the veil,” after connecting with a spirit who passed away on 9/11. The spirit asked for his powerful, touching, and heartfelt message to be shared with “the children,” so Robyne Marie set out to make this request a reality.

Book Now Available Online at December 2013 Paranormal Underground


The Dark Corner With Chuck do wrong, and if we don’t adjust the sails now, this field will fall by the wayside. But, as with anything, the die-hard researchers who have always been there will continue on, even as the wanna-be’s and hobbyists and those who are just in it for the glamour and ego fall away. I also truly believe that there is a science to the paranormal, and we will one day get closer to understanding what that science is. There is a science to everything, even if we are not advanced enough yet to identify it!

because that is what I was allowed to do as a child. It is one of the things I am most grateful to my parents for. They allowed me to think for myself, believe in what I saw fit, and evolve as I was called to. As long as Max is a good person, I don’t care if he believes in trolls who drink decaf coffee. I will be happy! But he is involved and always reading and asking questions, and the biggest challenge of my life is trying to answer what I can, while encouraging him to go out and find his own answers.

Q: Back to the subject of writing. I see you have a Q: You and Max have a book coming out in Janunew book just out called The Grid: Exploring the ary 2014 called EKHO, which stands for Evil Kid Hidden Infrastructure of Hunting Organization. “ The Grid is a whole new way Reality. Can you tell us a Whose idea was it to colbit about it? laborate, how was it to of looking at the world around write with your son, and us and how we might be expeMarie: The Grid is so fun for can you give a quick synLarry Flaxman and myself, beriencing levels of other worlds, opsis of the book? cause we’ve been talking about realities, and universes.” this idea for years and finally Marie: Yes, EKHO is one decided to put it into a book. It’s of many fiction series I have really a general overview of a theory we are working on (a coming out next year. It’s for middle grade readers and is work in constant progress) and have been working on for based upon my son’s real life spy group he formed when years that views reality as an infrastructure of levels of realhe was being bullied in grade school. He found a very ity, with particular connectors that allow us access to those cool and resourceful way to deal with the bullies. other levels, triggers, and mechanisms by which we do that. He turned the tables on them and EKHO was born. It’s our foundation for a Theory of Everything, so to I had told a TV producer friend about what Max was speak, that we feel really strongly explains not just the realdoing a couple of years ago, and she was stunned and said ity of our reality, but of others as well. So often, people who immediately it would be a great book series and TV show! look for that one big theory forget to incorporate human So I sat down with Max and we developed a TV series physiology into the mix, which we’ve been talking about treatment, and then wrote the first book, which will be out for years. The Grid is a whole new way of looking at the in February 2014, and the publisher has already asked for world around us and how we might be experiencing levels the second book. It will be a trilogy. of other worlds, realities, universes, what have you, both So, it is a true story, but we added in a fun sci-fi twist to it to amp it up a bit. Max provided the background voluntarily and involuntarily. It’s our introduction and background into our ideas, and we will be continuing to develop info on the real EKHO, the technology, and much of the it and evolve it as we learn more and discuss it with others school stuff, and I put it all together with some spooky in the fields of science, psychology, paranormal, metaphysstuff that will be revealed more in Book Two, and then ics, religion, etc., because it covers all of these arenas. the climax in Book Three. It has been so fun, and I keep This is not a new idea. It is, in fact, an ancient one. telling Max to get ready for craziness ahead, because we But we like our new spin on it and how we have put it into have TV and movie interest, and Max will be doing proa powerful “visual” construct that anyone can wrap their motion with me, hopefully at things like Comic Con! minds around. ***** Q: I see you have a son named Max. Does he have I would like to thank Marie D. Jones. It was a pleasure the same beliefs that you have within the field of to talk with such and interesting and thought provoking the paranormal and metaphysical? researcher and author. I look forward to reading more of Marie: Hmmm, I don’t know! He talks with me all the her books. If you get the chance, pick up a copy of PSIence. time about the work I do, all of it. And he expresses such It just might make you think about the paranormal field in interest on his own, doing his own research. But as for a whole new light. For more information about Marie, visit his beliefs? I am letting him develop those as he sees fit, or


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December 2013

December 2013

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Personal Experiences: The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates

BORTHWICK CASTLE By Stephen Lambert, Extreme Ghost Hunting


ir William de Borthwick built Borthwick Castle in 1430. A Royal Charter was required to build it and was granted by King James I of Scotland. The Chancellor of the Exchequer would, however, pay for its construction. The reason behind this was that William had been a hostage in the release of King James I in 1424. William’s father and grandfather had both been ambassadors to the English court, and one of his ancestors was one of the knights that carried Robert the Bruce’s heart to Jerusalem. The History of Borthwick Castle The site of Borthwick Castle had previously been a mote-hill called the Mote of Lochorwart. The land slopes down steeply on three sides. It is only to the west that the land was vulnerable. So to offer extra protection there, he built two square towers out from the main part of the Castle. For even more protection, the walls went from 14 feet thick in the dungeon to nine feet thick in the garrison. The Castle also had a strong vaulted ceiling some 30 feet high. Within the Great Hall the walls were hung with tapestries and the ceiling painted with frescoes. There is a State Room above the Great Hall that was originally divided into a sitting room and a chapel. The chapel is still used today. Above the State Room was the first floor of bedrooms, and then in the vault space the Garrison. The Castle was built deliberately high so that in the event of an invasion they could signal to Crichton Castle. Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the Castle in June 1567. This was one month after her marriage to the Earl of Bothwell. Lord Darnley had been murdered in February of that year. The sixth Baron invited them to escape the scandal surrounding Darnley’s murder. They had not been at the castle long before word arrived that Lord Morton and Lord Lennox, accompanied with a thousand men, were approaching to take Bothwell by force. On hearing the news, Bothwell left for Dunbar, leaving Mary to face Morton and Lennox. She told the army he had left and then escaped herself disguised as a page. She rode off from Borthwick Church to rejoin Bothwell.


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December 2013

Borthwick Castle, one of the largest and best-preserved surviving Medieval Scottish fortifications, was built in 1430. It is said to be home to full-bodied apparitions, phantom scratching on the doors, and temperature fluctuations, among other activity. (Photo by Kim Traynor.)

She was followed and finally gave herself up at Carberry. She was taken from there to Edinburgh and then to Loch Leven Castle. She was beheaded for treason at Fotheringhay Castle on February 8, 1587, after being held prisoner for 20 years at various castles in England. John, the ninth Baron of Borthwick, was a Royalist and had sent troops to fight Oliver Cromwell. In 1650, Cromwell fired two or three cannon shots high up on the east

wall of Borthwick Castle. The cannon shots inflicted some damage. A letter was sent to the Baron saying that if he did not leave Borthwick Castle then Cromwell would “bend his cannon” again. The Baron held out a little longer until more damage was inflicted. Realizing he could not win, he left asking for 15 days grace to collect his belongings. Cromwell took over the Castle and left it empty. The Castle was then passed to the family of the Dalrymples and later to the family of Mitchelson of Middleton. It was then empty for nearly 150 years until John Borthwick of Crookson bought it in 1812. During the Second World War, the Castle was used to store some of Scotland’s most irreplaceable documents, manuscripts, and art treasures. The present Lord Borthwick leased the Castle to Helen Bailey in 1973, and it opened as a Conference Center/Hotel in 1975. The Ghost Stories of Borthwick Castle There are various ghost stories surrounding Borthwick Castle. The main story is of a local girl called Ann Grant that was apparently made pregnant by one of the Borthwick Lords. Heavy with child, she was slashed across the abdomen and left to die in what is now the haunted room. A modern visitor and prior owner have reported that they had seen a vision of the murder. Guests in the haunted room, the Red Room, experienced several manifestations. There are reports of temperature fluctuations and scratching on the inside of the door. Footsteps can often be heard on the turnpike of the stairs at around 1:30 a.m. A heavy fire door opens by itself. Weeping and wailing can be heard during conferences in a part of the Castle where nobody is known to be. Previous owners apparently had the haunted room exorcised, but it had no effect.

During the Second World War, the Castle was used to store some of Scotland’s most irreplaceable documents, manuscripts, and art treasures.

I could not wait to stay the night at Borthwick Castle. There were a few factors that were going to add lots of spice to the night. Firstly, I was to be staying somewhere that Mary Queen of Scots had spent some time and even had her own room. I still had a fear of her since my visit to Castle Cary. Secondly, I was staying in the Red Room. Known as the haunted room, it was supposedly the most haunted room in the whole Castle. Lastly, something I forgot to mention earlier, I was to be staying at Borthwick Castle on Halloween.

My Tour at Borthwick Castle It was late in the day when I arrived at Borthwick Castle. Approaching in the dark, it was quite hard to make out the full size of the place. I entered up some stairs into the Great Hall. At the opposite end there was a fire burning in a huge fireplace. I signed in and was given the key to the Red Room. I was informed there was to be a tour of the whole Castle later on in the night. Excited about the tour, I made my way up the spiral stone staircase to my room. When opening the door to the most haunted room in the castle, you are not quite sure what to expect on the other side. To be honest, the room itself was excellent. Everything you would expect in any good hotel but with an added twist … this room was haunted. The four-poster bed had red covers and drapes, and a few walls had red wallpaper. This was quite obviously the Red Room. You had to bend down to get into the bathroom area that was set back around the side of the bed. There was an eerie feeling in the room, but I was not sure if this was due to the fact that I knew what had occurred in years gone by and had been seen by previous guests. Before setting off back down for the tour, I set up a few trigger objects in the room. What this involves is placing objects in an area and seeing if they are moved by unseen hands. Basically, I placed some coins on a blank bit of paper. I drew around the coins and placed them on one of the cabinets. If they were moved whilst I was on the tour, then obviously this would show from the lines I had drawn around the coins. I locked the door and made my way down to the Great Hall for the tour. Whilst I waited I sat reading the Comments Book for Borthwick Castle in front of the fire. I al-

December 2013

There are reports of temperature fluctuations and scratching on the inside of the site’s doors.

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Personal Experiences: The Extreme Ghost Hunter Investigates and made me feel slightly less anxious about her. In her room, there was a four-poster bed. The “en suite area” used to be the servants’ sleeping quarters. There is also a window area with seats on either side. This is an area where she apparently put on her makeup. The reason for this was that it was the best place to access sunlight in the Castle. I knew later in the night I was going to have to face my fear of Mary Queen of Scots and return to her room.

This picture shows damage on the Castle’s upper facade, which was caused by cannon fire in the mid-1600s.

ways find the Comments Book a great place to see if other people have experienced anything paranormal on their stay. I suppose it is train spotting for the ghost hunter. The lady who was to be the tour guide was a wealth of knowledge. She told me all the stories, plus showed me a picture taken of the Great Hall. It appears to show a small boy running behind guests. It is a very good picture. There was no child staying the night of the picture, which makes it even more interesting. Sat opposite me was a German couple who were the only other guests for the night. The guide had explained that when she finished her shift the door would be locked and I was free to go where I wanted. This was a dream come true. I set off on the tour with the German couple, and we headed up to the State Room. I was asking to go into rooms that were in darkness, and I could see the Germans were very puzzled. They were even more shocked when I started taking pictures in the dark. Another story that came to light on the tour was the appearance of blood-like spots on the walls the day after the rooms had been cleaned. Whilst in one of the rooms I could see some strange red spots on the wall that I could not explain. We made our way up the spiral staircase toward Mary Queen of Scots’ room. This was one of rooms I wasn’t too happy about going into at first. Upon entering the room, there is a picture of her on the wall. Seeing the picture of her took me aback. The only pictures I had seen before were of her when she was older. This was a nice picture of her at a younger age


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December 2013

My Investigation of the Castle I returned to the Red Room and checked the trigger objects. They had not moved. After a couple of hours of relaxing and setting up equipment, I decided it was time to set off. Lights off and armed with my night vision camera, I locked the door of the Red Room behind me. As soon as I turned around, I had a spiral staircase to walk down. This was OK to do with the light on, but when you are on edge and you can’t see around the corner, it is pretty nerve-racking. I managed to conquer my nerves and wander down to the Garrison Room and position myself on the sofa in front of what was left of the fire. Looking out over the Garrison Room and up to the Balcony, I started to ask in a loud voice if there were any spirits present. I sat in the silence and listened intently for a response. Just as I was feeling settled, the fire sparked and I nearly fell off the chair! I spent some time in the Garrison Room with only a few light anomalies on my camera. These could have easily been passed off as dust. With the fire going, it was quite hard at times to make out any possible noises that may have been responding to me asking out for spirits. I headed from the Garrison Room up to the State Room. I spent time there asking out for spirits with no response. Whilst sitting in the State Room, I knew what was coming next. I had to face my unexplainable fear of Mary Queen of Scots, so I cautiously made my way to her room. I gingerly opened the door and went into her room. Once in, I was not sure where to put myself. The room was cold, and it seemed like her eyes on the picture were following me around the room. For some strange reason I decided to sit in the window area where Mary Queen of Scots would put on her makeup. I think I did this in the hope there would be some light coming in through the window. That was not to be, and I was now at the furthest point away from the door if I needed to make a sharp exit. I sat for about 10 minutes gathering my thoughts and building some courage up to ask out. It is hard to explain, but you just get the feeling that something is going to happen. I then asked: “If there are any spirits present, can you please try and knock once for yes?” From an area close to the picture, there was a knock. I don’t mind admitting that

I thought of another question to try and elicit two my heart suddenly jumped into my mouth. It wasn’t just something clicking; it was a knock. To be sure, I asked the knocks, so I stupidly asked: “Are you happy with an Engsame question again. In direct response and from the same lishman sitting where you used to put your makeup on? area, there was another knock. Can you imagine how I felt? One knock for yes or two knocks for no.” I was communicating with Mary The next two knocks Queen of Scots over 500 years were louder but thankfully Now my worst fears were after her death! had moved back toward the coming true. At this point I wanted to picture on the wall. As excelmake that sharp exit but had to lent as these responses were, I try and stay put. The hairs on my arms and neck were on end, was now pretty scared. I hoped there would only be one and I could hear my heart thumping. To prove to myself I knock in response to the next question. I asked: “Would was not going mad, I was thinking of a question that the spirit you like me to leave your room?” I didn’t even get the would have to give two knocks as a response to. So I asked: chance to ask the second part. There was one single “Are you happy with me being here? One knock for yes knock from the area of the picture. That was enough, and or two knocks for no.” Again, from the same area near the I was off out the door. I was happy to go back and spend picture, there were two knocks. I had the feeling that question the night in my own room, even if it was supposed to be would give two knocks for an answer, and I was right. the most haunted one in the Castle. Next I asked: “Is this Mary Queen of Scots? One knock The rest of the night passed without incident. In all my for yes or two knocks for no.” Again, one knock, but this years of ghost hunting, this single experience has to rate as time the knock was more between the picture and me. Now one of the all-time best and scariest I have ever had. my worst fears were starting to come true. Firstly, I have tried In the morning before leaving, I had a look at the damthis technique nearly everywhere I have stayed over the years age inflicted by Cromwell on the east side of the Castle. Just and have never once had a response. Secondly, and more as well John the ninth Baron decided to leave when he did. importantly, at this moment in time it appears the spirit in Borthwick Castle may not have been here today if Cromthis room could actually be that of Mary Queen of Scots. well had the chance to “bend his cannon” again.

December 2013

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Personal Experiences: Paranormal Encounters

Forming My Own Team By Chris Davis


had my first paranormal experience when I was four. And I was in denial about it for several years, passing it off as a bad dream. I finally had to accept my experience as real when I talked to some of my family members who had the same experience in the same house. After mentioning my experience in passing to my aunt one day, she told me about her encounters with a man in full Scottish garb and a black dog with flaming eyes, teeth, and paws. We discussed my aunt’s paranormal experiences at length and wondered if she might have actually encountered a hellhound. The Legend of the Hellhound There have been sightings of hellhounds for many years, and a few books have even been written involving the legend. The most famous is most likely by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of The Baskervilles, which was a book featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. The basis of that book was actually the legend of Richard Cabell, a man who was a squire in England in the 1600s. Cabell was said to have been very abusive to his wife, so one night she left and took her dog with her. Cabell was said to have caught her and beaten her to death while the dog watched. As the dog sat next to its murdered owner, it started to grow to a giant size, with glowing red eyes from the rage. The dog then ripped out Cabell’s throat, and went on to haunt later generations of his family. But the story doesn’t exactly end there. It’s said that on foggy nights Cabell’s body would rise from his grave with glowing red eyes and stalk the moors looking for his wife with a pack of dogs. The legend of the hellhound states that when you see your third one, you will suffer a tragic death. Along with my aunt’s sighting, I heard from three more relatives who had the same experiences. So, I started to do research on the paranormal, going to the library, and looking into the history of haunted locations and lore. Back then, we didn’t have easy access to the Internet, so I spent a lot of time in the library doing my research. For over 20 years, this was my normal thing. One day in 2011, a friend told me about a friend of hers who had just joined a paranormal team. I thought that sounded


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

The legend of the hellhound states that when you see your third one, you will suffer a tragic death.

like a good idea, so I met with the founder and joined. I convinced my younger brother to join; he was going to be our tech guy. My First Paranormal Team It was at our first team meeting that we realized we had joined the wrong team. The first words out of the founders mouth were, “We’re going to be famous.” After a few months with this team of things going OK, I caught the founder faking evidence. Even worse, in the process of doing this he not only scared the poor client and her autistic son, but also caused damage to her basement wall by throwing a bowling ball at it and claiming a ghost did it. He had apparently forgotten we had a night vision camera set up down there hooked to our DVR system. The next day we parted ways. I talked to a few of my friends, and over the next few weeks they convinced me to found my own team. I was reluctant until I told my brother about it and he said I should. My new team included my brother Mike and sisters Tricia and Kendra. We loved the idea that it was something we could do together. After awhile we added team members to help investigate bigger sites. I will always be thankful to this team and the research we did together that evolved out of our own paranormal encounters.

Does it seem impossible to find help with spirit removals? Master Psychic Dave Gerke offers his services to help rid you of Attachments, unwanted Spirit attacks, and/or home invasion. $50 consultant fee required. Serious inquiries only. To set up payment for consultation fees, contact Assistant Stephen Frey at To find out more about Dave, check out his writings, including “The Story of a Master Psychic,” “Billy the Kid, Serial Killer, revised,” and other informative writings. For book purchases online, just click the links listed below. Story of a Master Psychic (Adventures, Tales, Happenings, and Tips for Becoming a Master Psychic):

Billy The Kid, Serial Killer Revised (Billy’s Own Words of His Killings, Mutilations, and December 2013 Paranormal Underground 63 Loves as Told to Master Psychic):

The Bishop’s Corner

Can We Make Contact With Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed On? By Bishop James Long, D.Min.


get asked this question quite often. I attend so many conferences and present lectures on demonology and possession and, inevitably, I am always asked this question. Often, however, I am asked this question privately and not in an open forum. Regardless of how I am asked, I am often presented with this lingering question that so many people have. Can we really make contact with our loved ones who have passed on? People ask this question for a variety of reasons. The obvious reason why anyone would ask this question is because they miss their loved one terribly. So it is only natural for them to want to make contact. Or perhaps they were not able to say goodbye to their loved one. Perhaps they were unable to make it to the hospital in time to say, “I love you and goodbye.” Or perhaps they just want to hear their loved one’s voice one more time. Just one more time. Regardless of the reason, the burning desire to make contact with loved ones who have passed on is as natural as breathing, and one should never feel guilty because they have this deep desire. They are not being selfish by wanting to hear their loved one’s voice just one more time, and I believe that we can probably all relate to wanting just a few more seconds with those who have passed on before us. Making Contact With a Departed Loved One So the question remains: Can we really make contact with our loved ones who have passed on before us? The answer is ... absolutely we can! We develop relationships while we are on this earth. Those relationships and bonds last an eternity, and they do not stop when we pass on. They do not cease to exist. Rather, they simply


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December 2013

How often have you gone for a walk and just spent time with your loved ones who have passed on? How often do you find yourself talking to them as if they were right there with you?

develop into a spiritual bond that can never be broken. That is the secret in which one can make contact with their loved ones. While on Earth, we develop a physical relationship/ friendship with others. We can see, hear, and hold them. We rely heavily on our senses with our relationships and friendships, and those senses deepen our commitment and friendship with them. However, when our loved one passes on, those senses that we have relied on throughout the years are now in complete turmoil. We can’t see

them, hold them, or touch them. And, therefore, our brain immediately concludes that the friendship/relationship is terminated. But it’s not. When our loved ones pass on, we have to develop a different type of relationship with them. We know the physical relationship that we had with them, but now we must foster, develop, and embrace the spiritual one. It is easy to rely on our senses to develop relationships and friendships, but it is challenging to rely on our spiritual self to foster and deepen the love that we have for our loved ones who have passed on. However, our relationships will develop into a much stronger bond through the spiritual and those relationships will never end. So, how do we do that? Recognize the Little Things First and foremost, do not ignore the little things that your loved one did while on Earth. If they loved John Denver (as I do), and you are in the car thinking about them and a John Denver song begins to play, remember and embrace that moment. Avoid overlooking little things that they are able to do in order to show us that they are there with you. Often, people will tell me that they can smell the scent of their loved one. I have had that happen to me on many occasions, and those moments, again, should never be overlooked. You see, our loved ones are using our senses to let us know that they are there. They use those senses so that we can be comforted in knowing that they have never really left us. So the question remains, how do we develop a spiritual relationship with them? First and foremost, mourn for your loss. This is absolutely crucial in the grieving process, and when one finally accepts that their loved one has passed on, they can then begin to look at developing a spiritual relationship. Many people who have lost their loved ones remain in denial, and it becomes a very unhealthy emotional journey for them. So the first thing that I would recommend is to mourn. Upon mourning and then accepting the physical loss of our loved one, we are then ready to move toward developing a spiritual relationship with them. And to do that, we must acknowledge that we are spiritual beings. Our bodies are mere temples for our soul, and when our bodies deteriorate, our souls remain intact. Our spirit does not cease to exist upon our earthly death. Our spirit remains very much alive. Now, in acknowledging that we are spiritual beings with a temporary physical temple, we must learn how to tap into our spiritual life so that we can develop our relationships more closely with those who have passed on.

Ask the Bishop Q: What if you find yourself in a situation where you feel like a demonic presence is present and you do not believe in the Christian God? Does an exorcism by a member of the Catholic clergy work in that particular case, or do you need to seek someone out who is more of your beliefs? Let me explain my question further. I would think that when a demonic infestation is occurring it involves those at the location in addition to the location. So, if someone is of a more spiritual belief and a Catholic priest is brought in, will the effect be the same, or will the spiritualistic person’s disbelief in the Christian God, and thus the Catholic priest’s methods, cause the exorcism to not be as effective, or not effective at all? —Chad A: Fantastic question Chad. Let me say this to you. I have had a case in which the family were not Christians, but they most certainly had a major issue occurring within the home. This was not a demonic possession case, but it was an infestation issue. After the cleansing of the home, and after the activity completely stopped, the family sincerely thought about their path and they converted to Christianity. This was their decision based on the blessing and their realization that evil does exist, but so does good. This is very important to point out. I can perform a thousand Minor Rite of Exorcisms on a home, but unless I know the root reason as to the cause of the infestation in the first place, then I am just wasting my time because it becomes a revolving door. There are a variety of reasons as to why a demonic infestation could occur. There could have been a pre-existing infestation before the home owners moved into the home or someone could be playing with a Ouija board or provoking. Once clergy is able to determine the reason as to why the infestation occurred, then the real work begins with cleansing the home. *****

I invite you to write in with your questions, and I will answer them in the next issue. Please submit your questions to

December 2013

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The Bishop’s Corner on? How often do you find yourself talking to them as if Try Meditating to Connect With the Spiritual they were right there with you? If you can relate to those First, meditate. We hear this often. There is so two questions, then keep doing what you are doing and much literature that exists from accredited programs and do not stop. highly respected doctors who all claim that meditation is Your deceased loved ones are indeed right next to healthy and, in some cases, necessary to reduce stress. you, listening to your every word. And you will begin to When we meditate, we temporarily remove the stress of notice that they will continue to life and focus in on the interuse your senses to communinal, the spiritual. We develop Our loved ones never cease cate with you! our own spiritual awareness to exist. And they will conOur loved ones who have and self, and it must begin tinue to use your senses to passed will always use our there! senses to communicate while we There is no “one way” that communicate with you! exist within our temporal body. we must meditate. Some use soft music, while others must remain in a very quiet setKnow That We Never Cease to Exist ting without disturbances. I have known others who love Finally, know and believe that you will be united again to meditate while walking through the woods and being with them and that you will never have to worry about out in nature. separation again. You see, here is the real secret. Our Whatever the case may be, it is important that we take loved ones never cease to exist. Yes, their physical bodies time out for ourselves so that we can deepen our spiritual are no longer with you, but they remain very much alive. awareness. This is crucial in learning how to develop a They now exist within the fullness of life, without concern spiritual relationship with those who have passed on. for the deterioration of the body. When we change our way of thinking, we begin to Spend Time With Your Loved Ones realize that our loved ones who have passed are actually Secondly, how often have you gone for a walk and more alive than we can possibly imagine. just spent time with your loved ones who have passed


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December 2013

December 2013

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Religion And The Paranormal

The Paranormal in Christianity By Melinda Stum, M.Div., South Sound Paranormal Research


ast month, this column explored the paranormal experiences in Judaism, including disembodied human spirits, mediums, prophecies, and prophetic dreams/visions, as well as the potential of non-human spiritual beings. Judaism is the foundational soil from which Christianity sprouted, yet the history of Christianity has provided a different spin on the relationship between theology and the unexplained (paranormal) phenomena. Similar to a previous column on Paganism, Christianity has a significant range of diverse theology, practices, and embracement of paranormal phenomena. Therefore, this column will be grossly generalized. Prophecy, Dreams, and Visions Roman Catholic and Mainline Protestant Christianity profess that Jesus the Christ was the final prophet (in the biblical sense). This challenges the notion of precognition, or prior knowledge. However, the earliest Christians often wrote of divine dreams and visions, which provided the individual with strength in their vocation (e.g., calling) often ending in martyrdom. These visions differ from those in our biblical texts, because these are often limited to the individual, their call, and to provide them with encouragement and strength. The difference of these visions is observed in the first recorded, post-ascension vision of Jesus the Christ. This vision was witnessed by Saul, who would become the Apostle Paul. This vision blinded him and told him to visit the home of a Christ follower, where his vision would be restored. Paul listened, his sight was restored, and a personal transformation


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December 2013

The earliest Christians often wrote of divine dreams and visions, which provided the individual with strength in their vocation (e.g., calling) often ending in martyrdom.

from the persecutor of Christians to the Christian Apostle to the Gentiles occurred. Perhaps the concept of prophecy, dream, and vision has been re-defined with language of precognition. Precognition, by definition, is “before knowledge.” Although not recognized by mainstream, modern science, it includes Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), premonition, and déjà vu. This perhaps begs the question: Is precognition prophecy whether this knowledge is obtained through an unexplained “download” of information, a dream, a vision, or by other means? The charismatic Christian denominations have con-

Disembodied Human Spirits The disembodied, but human, spirit is dismissed within a variety of Christian denominations. These Christians often hold that individuals either: (1) are in a neutral Spiritual (Non-Human) Beings realm until judgment, (2) are blessed with ever-lasting life The Judeo-Christian tradition has been significantly in Heaven, (3) are condemned to the fires of hell, or (4) influenced by Zoroastrianism, a Persian faith tradition. are undergoing the process of purgatory. This influence includes the Most Christians, who duality of Good and Evil as recognize the existence of disThe disembodied, but it is understood in modern embodied human spirits, often human, spirit is dismissed Christianity. This is the dualroot the belief in soul similar to within a variety of Christian ity of a supreme, divine good the (hungry) ghosts in Hinduknown as God and a supreme, ism and Buddhism. Therefore, denominations. divine evil referred to as Sathe disembodied become astan. Unfortunately, such dualism is seen throughout the sociated with unfinished business and often not friendly. spiritual realm. Yet, these Christians have noted potential, additional There is the existence of the supreme, divine good causes, including the committing of a horrible crime, led by God. God’s supporters are the angels, while the suicide, or simply regrettable non-believers that fear supporters of Satan are the demons. These forces are in judgment. battle, with human (souls) in the middle. Unfortunately, this dualism has continued to result in Conclusion all paranormal phenomena being identified as either holy The diversity of Christianity prevents a compreand angelic or evil and demonic. The gray area, including hensive article on its relationship with the paranormal. the disembodied human spirit, is becoming acknowledged Although there are brief glimpses of paranormal phenomor considered less and less. ena in Christianity, it can be challenging to uncover. tinued to embrace this precognition through prophecy, dreams, and visions as a gift from the Holy Spirit, which continues to bless believers.

December 2013

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Author Profile

Trina M. Lee Freak Show

By Michelle M. Pillow,


rban fantasy author Trina M. Lee was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Writing fiction since childhood, a fascination with the supernatural developed in her early teen years and an immersion in paranormal fiction began. Her titles have been ranked in the Top 100 Paranormal/Vampire Bestseller Lists on Amazon & iBooks. Her newest book, Freak Show (Alexa O’Brien Book 7) releases this month in eBook and print. ***** Q: In your book, Freak Show, you explore the possibilities of vampires and werewolves. What inspired you to write about paranormal creatures? Trina: I grew up really into vampires and werewolves. Back then the paranormal genres were not as popular, and I found it hard to find good books featuring these creatures. I knew I had to write my own. Thankfully, over time, many others did as well, so now there is plenty of good paranormal reading material to choose from. Q: Do you keep your paranormal mythos traditional? Trina: I did keep some of the classic vampire and werewolf rules; though some of them I got rid of, such as garlic for vampires and silver for werewolves. I like to put my own twist on things where possible. Q: What myths or legends inspired you? Trina: I’ve always been intrigued by old tales of the paranormal. Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad Tepes ... those people caught my attention when I was still a preteen. I’m


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December 2013

Trina M. Lee writes urban fantasy that is dark, gritty, and violent with a twist of romance, eroticism, and horror. She’s been immersed in the world of the paranormal since childhood when the vampires of The Lost Boys seduced her.

always on the hunt for some fascinating folklore I haven’t discovered yet. Q: Why do you think readers, and society in general, are fascinated by the paranormal? Trina: The sense of mystery lures people in. And of course the idea of something being dark and forbidden helps add to the intrigue. I think people have always been attracted to that which is off limits and dangerous.

Q: So, you’ve had a paranormal experience? Trina: Several. My mother’s current house has plenty of ghost activity. Voices can be heard at night, muffled, like they’re in the next room. Lights and the TV turn on and off by themselves, etc. Thankfully, nothing incredibly terrifying has happened. Q: What kind of paranormal creatures do you wish you could meet? Trina: All of them, lol. If I were to meet one, I’d be obsessed with finding others. Of course, I’d have to survive the meeting. Q: If given the chance, would you become a vampire or werewolf? Trina: I’d probably be impulsive and go for it. Hopefully, I’d take the time to think it through. It would certainly have its perks, but it would have some serious cons too. I’d likely be swayed by the intrigue and say yes. Q: How would you react if you met up with a paranormal creature? Trina: I’d like to pretend I’d be all cool and suave, but I would probably pee my pants and pass out. Q: What does the future hold for Alexa O’Brien? While she is a skeptic when it comes to things like aliens, Trina says she has no doubt that ghosts and other spiritual entities are real.

Trina: Dark things. Alexa still has a lot to learn. She’s gone through a lot of changes, but there is much yet to come. It won’t be pretty, but it will be necessary. Q: Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows, movies and books? Trina: I have always been a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I was so sad when it ended. Currently, I am enjoying Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. For movies my all-time favorites have to be Ginger Snaps and The Lost Boys. In books, right now I’m enjoying Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. I’ve also always loved Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Q: Do you believe? Trina: I definitely believe in the supernatural. I can be a skeptic when it comes to certain things, like aliens. But I have no doubt that ghosts and other spiritual entities are real.

Trina: Not that I know of. Although if the Men in Black did their light zappy thing, I’d never know it happened. To learn more about Trina M. Lee and her books, visit her Website at

Trina’s Paranormal Titles • Freak Show • Once Bitten • The Wicked Kiss • Only Vampires Cry Blood • Blonde & Blue • Death Wish • Darker December 2013

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Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial

Caught On Film:

The Flea Phenomenon By Jill Marie Morris,


o joke: I have been asked my opinion on hundreds of photos relative to strange-moving orbs that have mysteriously surfaced during paranormal investigations or while residents have conducted their own research into alleged haunted happenings. Interesting for sure, my quest to find the cause led me to quite a startling, and slightly entertaining, discovery. It’s always an exciting find to capture a floating, brilliant-colored dot on camera during an investigation, but considering that I’m not a fan of orbs, I tend to scrutinize every little detail when reviewing evidence. I hate to be a party pooper, but the fact that a glowing object darts across the camera or is captured in full motion by the lens does not necessarily mean that it’s paranormal in nature.


Paranormal Underground

December 2013

In fact, I urge those on a hunt to specifically document the existence of pets in the home. Is Your Paranormal Orb Just a Flea or Mite? Just as allergies can create those dastardly demon scratches (refer to my previous article: Demon Scratches), pets can, and often are, the source of colorful, air-born orbs. That’s right; you’re orb may in fact be a flea — or mite. I stumbled onto this find several years ago while playing with my new camera. Sitting on my bed were two of our family cats, minding their own business. Testing out the flash feature, I turned off the bedroom lights, returned to the bed, and began to fire away. The cats were rather annoyed by the frequent flashes; however, I loved the unexpected results. Although the cats were treated for fleas, it was clear that there were mites, or bugs, in the air. The flea treatment deterred the blood suckers, however, it did not stop them from trying to bust through the protective barrier. I was shocked to see several moving orbs captured in various stages, darting to and from my cats. The evidence existed in both video and still photographs. Disturbed that such creatures were living among my family despite my vigilant attempts to keep everyone flea-free, it was clear that I was onto something. Within minutes, I was going into different rooms, experimenting with the cats, the kids, and my camera. What I noted:

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Explore the Unexplained With Hosts Rick Hale & Karen Frazier December 2013

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Paranormal Perspective: Guest Editorial of fleas literally leaping from his dog. It was enough to make him take beloved Benny to the groomers the next day. Poor thing endured a deep-clean at the doggy day spa. Two days later, our video captured the creatures failing during an attempt to penetrate Benny’s flea shield. Truly, a fascinating experiment if you have a good flash and time to play with your camera aperture settings. If you do decide to test my theory, make sure you also take shots from the floor. You’re sure to find some swell stuff popping out from the carpet. The Next Time You See an Orb in Your Photo, Ask Yourself, “Do I Have Fleas?” A lesson for sure, it was both alarming, as well as quite intriguing, to figure out why so many people have photographs and video of zipping, darting, flitting Just as allergies can create those dastardly demon scratches, pets can, and orbs. From singular colors, to multi-hued often are, the source of colorful, air-born orbs. That’s right; you’re orb may specimens, mostly all are characterized by be a flea — or mite. a straight line flight pattern. Noteworthy is the fact that none of which were captured wiggled or wafted haphazardly; they all had the favorite feline locations had several critters darting very definitive patterns of movement that made sense to about in view of the lens. Most other locations had less actheir being a flea or mite. And in case you are wondering, tivity, with an occasional creature making a bizarre cameo. yes, some bounced. Within a week, I was taking experimental stills and Even if a pet is not present, consideration needs to video at my friend’s house, as well as during investigabe given to the possibility that one may have lived in the tions. In nearly every case, a home that had pets (or use space. And, depending upon the owner, the possibility to), had quite a few images of fleas in-frame — especially in locations that the furry family friend liked to lounge. Additional photos were taken after removing the I was shocked to see sevpets from the house or rooms. By photographic evieral moving orbs captured dence alone, it was clear to see where they spent most of in various stages, darting to their time, and oddly enough, all but one pet (out of five homes) were treated for fleas. The determination and and from my cats. predatory action of a louse should not be underestimated, exists that they may have been hosting a parasite-palooza, nor dismissed when on a hunt. without being aware. Adding paranormal activity into the equation makes for quite a trippy find if these buggers The Proof Is in the Photos show face during an investigation. The most interesting captures took place when the As with anything else in the field of investigating all pets were present. The same, brightly colored blobs apthings spooky, give thought to the flea phenomenon bepeared to hit an invisible shield and literally bounce off fore you think you’ve scored big on evidence. You might the outer edge of the pet’s coat. For the single pet that was even want to take some time to experiment with your not treated, it was quite strange to see them literally shootown pets. But always be safe, and keep your animals out ing out of the dog’s fur. It was like something from the of harm’s way. You never know when you may capture movie Independence Day, only this time the small UFOs an annoying nit or the essence of Uncle Bob paying an were wee bugs. ethereal visit to his favorite, old Fido. One pet owner was mortified when he saw the shots


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December 2013

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