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Paranormal Underground Volume 1, Issue 7

December 2008

2008 Paranormal Year in Review

Investigator Spotlight:

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Steve Raebel, Michigan Paranormal Project

Haunted History:

Harry Houdini and Medium Debunking

Twilight Movie Review

Diary From a Haunted Hotel TV Watch: Ghost Whisperer

December 2008 Paranormal Underground Haunted Sites: 1 Argyle Vinyard

2008 Paranormal Ye INVESTIGATOR SPOTLIGHT Steve Raebel Leads Michigan Paranormal Project 8

SPECIAL REPORTS 2008 Paranormal Year in Review


Sylvia Browne: A Psychic’s Predictions for 2008


Twilight: Vampire Story or Overwrought Rescue Fantasy?



Haunted Sites: Argyle Winery’s Restless Spirit


Cryptids: Mermaid Lore From Around the World



Paranormal Underground December 2008

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Paranormal News


T.V. Watch: Ghost Whisperer


Reader Feedback: Favorite Paranormal T.V. Show


Year in Review Issue HAUNTED HISTORY Houdini Inspires Modern-Day Debunkers


FICTION: FEATURED AUTHOR “The Tower” by Brooke Bechen



tments Equipment Update: Frank’s Box


Member Profile: GettysburgLady


Diary From a Haunted Hotel


Ghost Hunter Case Files 1a: Waverly Evidence Review


Life With the Breathing Impaired


Reviews of the Month: 42 Book: The Hidden Whisper DVD: The Monster Squad Theater: House

December 2008 Paranormal Underground


Paranormal Underground Volume 1, Issue 7

December 2008

Publisher’s Note

EDITORIAL STAFF Publisher Chad Wilson

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ith the American economy in the midst of a recession, some might wonder how this will affect the paranormal field, including the equipment companies and site owners of such locations as Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Eastern State Penitentiary. Even though it seems ghost hunting has become an international fad, and as truth-seekers AND thrill-seekers look for things that go bump in the night, the rising costs of everyday living hasn’t seemed to put a damper on equipment purchases and overnight tour bookings. If anything, the fervor to investigate has increased, possibly fueled by the number of ghost hunting shows currently on T.V. and the Internet. In fact, Waverly Hills Sanatorium sold out through the end of 2008, even after adding more dates after their regular season was supposed to end. As far equipment is concerned, the investigators in the paranormal group that I am a member of are still buying equipment as usual. If the paranormal community has to collectively cut back on costly research as a result of the recession, the advancement in this field of study could falter. Without continued research and the aid of today’s technology, the field of paranormal study cannot progressively move into the future. But, I believe investigating the paranormal is much more than just a

Paranormal Underground December 2008

Chad Wilson, Publisher

disposable hobby to most researchers currently in the field. In fact, to many, it’s a life calling. Even through these rough economic times, I personally plan to continue my exploration of the paranormal, mainly through the local paranormal group I am a part of. Why? Because during my first paranormal investigation several months ago at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, I knew my life had changed forever. I realized as I walked through the parking lot the morning after that investigation, I wanted to dedicate my life to investigating the paranormal and searching for the answer to the question, Is there life after death? That morning, I remember looking back at the old, worn building that is Waverly Hills Sanatorium and thinking, I want to do this the rest of my life. I want to come back here, and go to other places, and make this my life’s work . . . to find answers. The current recession won’t stop investigators from doing what they love . . . searching for answers.

From the Editor

Paranormal Underground Volume 1, Issue 7

December 2008



ur seventh issue of Paranormal Underground has brought us to the end of 2008. This year had its share of reported paranormal phenomena. From a fake Bigfoot capture by two Georgia men to UFOs over Stephenville, Texas, to a mysterious cryptid reportedly washing ashore at Montauk Island, N.Y., we haven’t had a shortage of paranormal reports all year. What paranormal event do you remember most from 2008? Check out our complete 2008 Paranormal Year in Review, beginning on page 12. This month, we also take a look at one psychic’s predictions for 2008 and weigh in with some analysis of those predictions. You might be surprised at the end results. Are you a fan of vampire books and movies? Then you’ve probably already seen the movie Twilight — adapted from the popular Stephanie Meyer’s book series. What did you think? The highly anticipated flick earned $70.6 million in its first weekend and broke the record for the biggest opening ever for a female director, surpassing Mimi Leader’s Deep Impact, which brought in $41.1 million when it debuted in 1998. Make sure to read the reviews of Twilight and see if you agree with our reviewers. In the Investigator Spotlight, we feature Steve Raebel, founder of Michigan Paranormal Project. Raebel has conducted more than 80 investigations and is the host of Michigan Paranormal Underground

Art Director Chad Wilson

Design and Layout Cheryl Knight

Radio on BlogTalkRadio. Turn to page 8 to read more! This month’s Haunted Sites and Cryptids articles cover Argyle Winery’s “restless spirt” and mermaid lore from around the world. And in our Haunted History column, find out how Harry Houdini inspired modern-day debunkers. In this month’s Featured Author column, author Brooke Bechen’s fictional story, The Tower, finds the story’s main character, Darcy, connecting with a mysterious stranger. Her search to uncover just who this stranger really is leads to an unexpected revelation. The December issue’s Personal Experiences section includes “Diary From a Haunted Hotel,” “Ghost Hunter Case Files,” and “Life With the Breathing Impaired.” Also make sure to check out T.V. Watch for a review of Ghost Whisperer, and Equipment Update for a spotlight on Frank’s Box. I’d like to thank all of our volunteer editors, writers, Web administrators, and artists for their hard work on Paranormal Underground magazine during 2008.

~ Cheryl Knight Managing Editor

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December 2008 Paranormal Underground


Paranormal News

Shadow Person Caught on Film in Ada, Oklahoma

Vampire Moths Found in Siberia



previously unknown population of vampire moths has been found in Siberia. Entomologists say the bloodsuckers may have evolved from a purely fruit-eating species, according to Slight variations in wing patterns distinguish the Russian population from a widely distributed moth species — Calyptra thalictri — known to feed only on fruit in Central and Southern Europe. When the Russian moths were experimentally offered human hands, the insects drilled their hookand-barb-lined tongues under the skin and sucked blood. Only male moths exhibit the blood-feeding. Entomologist Jennifer Zaspel at the University of Florida in Gainesville said the discovery suggests the moth population could be on an “evolutionary trajectory” away from other C. thalictri populations. This is the second population of vampire moths Zaspel and her team have found, after discovering the first in Russia in 2006. In January, Zaspel will compare the Russian population’s DNA to other populations and species to confirm her suspicions. “Based on geography, based on behavior, and based on a phenotypic variation we saw in the wing pattern, we can speculate that this represents


n Nov. 5, 2008, strangestate. reported a story covered on the Ada Evening News about seemingly paranormal events surrounding the family of Mr. and Mrs. “G.” The couple had heard strange noises and felt “watched” ever since moving into their rental home in Ada, Okla. Reports from previous tenants, including door slams and phantom footsteps, coincided with the Gs. It wasn’t until perusing family photos years later that Mrs. G came across three pictures of her son at Easter. The three shots were reportedly taken in succession in under a minute. Something strange seemed to be in the background of only one of the trio. “The middle image seemed to show a shadowy, humanoid figure in the background where the G’s knew no one to be,” according to “The couple was alone in the house with the boy. There was no one else who could have gotten into frame, a fact supported by the first and third shots.” something different, something new,” Zaspel said, according to “But it is really difficult to say without knowing genetic differences between individuals in that population, and among individuals from other populations, how different this group is going to be.” If it turns out Zaspel has caught a fruit-eating moth evolving bloodfeeding behavior, it could provide clues as to how some moths develop a taste for blood. Some researchers

Paranormal Underground December 2008

Pictured above: An Ada, Okla., family reportedly catches a shadow person on film.

After the G’s moved from the home, they learned that other renters of the home encountered similar phenomena. While the couple is still not sure about exactly what was caught on film, they do believe that whatever may be haunting that house is not malicious. hypothesize that blood-feeding in insects and animals evolved from behaviors such as feeding on tears, dung, and puss-filled wounds. “We see a progression from nectar feeding and licking or lapping at fruit juices to different kinds of piercing behaviors of fruits and then finally culminating in this skin piercing and blood-feeding,” she said. Zaspel’s research is funded in part by a grant from the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration.

T.V. Watch

‘Ghost Whisperer’

Channels Through Show Producer

By Lisajoyce Vergara


ontact with the spirit world has been played out in movies such as the Sixth Sense and Ghost and T.V. shows such as Medium and Supernatural. And one popular supernatural-fantasy-thriller, Ghost Whisperer, continues to draw nine to 10 million viewers to their television sets each week. Ghost Whisperer, inspired by true events, profiles Melinda Gordan (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), a young newlywed woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Her job is to help ghosts who are Earthbound deal with their “unfinished business and cross over into the light.” Gordan’s firefighter-turned-paramedic husband Jim (played by David Conrad) is also in the business of saving lives. After witnessing his brother die, he committed his life to saving people. Though he supports his wife, he often worries about the emotional toll she faces when dealing with her gift of supernatural communication. Additional cast members have included Aisha Tyler, Camryn Manheim, Jay Mohr, Christoph Sanders, and Jamie Kennedy.

Ghost Whisperer Inspired by Real-Life Medium The show is inspired by CoExecutive Producer and real-life

medium James Van Praagh and his friend, real-life Ghost Whisperer Mary Ann Winkowski. When Creator and Executive Producer John Gray first met with Winkowski, right off the bat he overlooked her as the type to communicate with spirits. Gray recalls Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in the popular paranormal television her being an avershow Ghost Whisperer, which was inspired by true events. age, friendly woman from the Midwest, residence. He would hear strange with no mystique to her. At his first noises and random doorbell ringmeeting with Winkowski, they went ing at night. to a local Starbucks, and one of Gray then phoned Winkowski Gray’s first question was, “Where to ask for her help with his visitors. do we find ghosts?” Winkowski was able to rid the ghosts Winkowski replied, “There’s from Gray’s home, and he hasn’t people here (at Starbucks) right had a problem since. now.” However, series star Jennifer That first meeting between Gray Love Hewitt said that she’s had a few and Winkowski worked into one of encounters with what she believes the show’s episodes. are spirits on the set. Ghost Whisperer made its Real-Life Ghost Whisperer Rids television debut on CBS on Sept. Show Producer’s “Visitors” 23, 2005. Since then, by popular While putting together plots demand, the show is going on its for the show, Gray began to get fourth season, which premiered on “visitors” in the night middle Oct. 3, 2008. of the night at his New York

December 2008 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight

Steven Raebel Leads Michigan Paranormal Project By Jaime Johnesee


teven Raebel founded Michigan Paranormal Project in April 2005 after he and his sister had an unexplainable encounter. An upbeat, fun, and easy-going guy, Raebel has enjoyed helping people with paranormal problems ever since. Raebel has conducted more than 80 investigations over the years and looks forward to many more. He also founded Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio in an effort to showcase differing views within the paranormal community. This fun and informative show can be heard at BlogTalkRadio at www.blogtalkradio. com/Steven-Raebel, as well as on Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio’s MySpace page at Past guests have included Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Robb Demarest, and Donna LaCroix. The show keeps listeners up to date on what’s happening in the paranormal community and covers differing beliefs and ideas. You can also check out Michigan Paranormal Project at www. I recently had the opportunity to ask Raebel a few questions about him and his group. Here is what he had to say. *****


Steven Raebel, founder of Michigan Paranormal Project and Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio, seeks the truth and connecting with like-minded people.

Q: How long have you been investigating the paranormal?

Raebel: I founded the group Michigan Paranormal Project in April 2005 when I first started to document paranormal activity. Q: Talk about when and how you first became interested in the paranormal field.

Raebel: In early 2005, my sister and I had an experience with an archan-

Paranormal Underground December 2008

gel, and this piqued my interest to find out what was going on with the spiritual and paranormal worlds. Q: Have you had any personal paranormal experiences prior to becoming an investigator that you’d like to share?

Raebel: One of the first experiences I had with the other side involved my grandma. She passed away from a stroke when I was five years old. Shortly after that I started to have

Steven Raebel, founder of Michigan Paranormal Project, has captured some interesting pictures during his investigations of reportedly haunted locations over the years.

visits in the house I grew up in that I believe were her visiting me from time to time. While in high school, I worked on a 1907 cruise ship that sailed on the Great Lakes and had some encounters with a spirit (a lady who was still roaming among the ship) on a couple of occasions. Q: What interested you in the paranormal?

Raebel: Seeking the truth and connecting with like-minded people. Q: What prompted you to take the next step and go out on investigations?

Raebel: Once I was in my mid-20s, I started to look inside and started to face my fears and follow my dreams. Meeting an archangel sparked something also. We were surrounded by urban legends in our home town, and I wanted to start a documentary on some of the haunted locations to find out what was going on. Q: What other paranormal groups have you worked with to date?

Raebel: We have consulted with more people than we have actually worked with in person. We have worked with three different groups personally on investigations. Q: Please talk a little bit about yourself, both personally and professionally.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight Raebel: I am a 31-year-old, single male from Western Michigan. I was raised and grew up in Michigan but have lived in Texas as well. I love to travel and eat in new places. I have played sports most of my life and have a background in art (oil and acrylic painting) and American history. I now work in the paranormal field but have a background in the hospitality industry, industrial, production, bartender, draft beer servicing and installing, landscaping, and network marketing.

have you investigated?

Raebel: We have done historic public locations, private businesses and residences, old prisons, mansions, castles, graveyards, house blessings, historic museums, Great Lake cruise ships, and abandoned houses/buildings. Q: What have been your most exciting cases to date, and what happened on those cases?

Raebel: Some of the most exciting cases have been with the old prison.

Q: How many investigations have you been on to date?

Raebel: 80 to 100. Q: What are your primary roles while out on an investigation?

think at the time, but it made a lasting impression on me. To see someone in pain, for whatever reason, really made me aware of how important it is for us to entertain thoughts about what is really going on and how we can protect ourselves from things we do not yet fully understand. Q: What have been some of the scarier moments you’ve had while investigating, and how did you handle those instances?

Raebel: In the beginning of researching haunted locations, I was terrified of going up to some of the houses that had no one living in them. I faced my fear and took one step at a time and never looked back. Q: What have been the most significant EVPs you’ve captured during investigations?

Raebel: Researching and finding out what kind of activity is taking place. Making commuRaebel: During the last year, nication with active spirits and I have lived in a very active recording the research of the haunted house. I worked with findings. many different psychics on According to Steven Raebel, some of the most interesting photos To make sure everyone is from his investigations have come from prison investigations recording communication safe and comfortable with the sessions with digital voice and private house cases. situations that are taking place, recorders. and to help people come up This was one of the most There was a lot of different types of with answers and peace with the amazing research projects I have activity from night to night. unexplained. been a part of to date, speaking with You never knew what was going intelligent spirits and having conto happen, from full-body appariQ: What are the most common versations with them and recording tions to something screaming in the types of equipment you use on investhe communications between both surrounding woods to strange music tigations? parties. playing in the background inside the building. Raebel: We use very basic equipQ: What has been your best video ment, including digital voice and photographic evidence caught Q: What case will you remember recorders, digital cameras, basic to date? the most and why? video equipment, GPS, flashlights, motion detectors, baby powder, meRaebel: Some of the most interesting Raebel: The first time I saw a posdiums, certain crystals, a Bible, sea photos have come from the prison session case. We did a five-hour salt, and sage. investigations and private house cases. recording session with a spirit inside of a woman. I was not sure what to Q: What different types of locations Q: Talk about Michigan Paranormal


Paranormal Underground December 2008

Project (MPP) and how the group has impacted the paranormal community.

Raebel: We have really tried to help others who live in haunted houses or connect with people who have had similar experiences as us to let them know there are others out there. Q: What paranormal events does MPP run or help facilitate?

dreams no matter what the facts say.

investigating for the first time?

Q: Please tell us about any future investigations you have planned.

Raebel: Read a lot of books — how to do paranormal investigations, spiritual, near-death experiences, self-help, universal laws, developing intuition, dream interpretations, leadership, and skill with people. Seek out people or pick up nuggets from those who know more and have more experience than you. Put yourself in position to succeed, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Constant persistence and effort is the key.

Raebel: We have some local private homes and businesses lined up. On Halloween weekend, we went to New York to the famous Shanley Hotel.

Raebel: We do a radio show called Michigan Paranormal Underground. We are also going to work with a local mansion to oversee a paranormal event in the near future. Next August, we will be speaking at the Can Am Para Conference 2009.

Q: What would our readers be surprised to find out about you?

Raebel: I have a huge Star Wars collection, and I have owned a modeling company.

Q: What has it been like working on your radio show?

Raebel: The radio show has been amazing. Getting to speak with all different types of people active in the paranormal community — from T.V. personalities to authors, paranormal investigators, psychics, haunted survivors, demonologists, and networking forums — has really helped us understand and communicate with all different types of people and backgrounds. It is also great because we can keep an online journal of current events and great people who cross our path during this journey. Q: How do you go about becoming trained in this area?

Q: What are your favorite paranormal shows and why?

Pictured above: Steven Raebel investigates using his digital camera. Raebel and his team also use digital voice recorders, video equipment, GPS, flashlights, and motion detectors during investigations.

Raebel: Lots of books and “try, fail, adjust.”

Q: What sites do you have on your wish list to investigate?

Q: Whose work in the paranormal field do you respect the most and why?

Raebel: Winchester House in California, some of the castles in Ireland, and someday the pyramids in Egypt.

Raebel: I am a big fan of the underdogs, the ones who follow their

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer amateur ghost hunters

Raebel: I have always been a big fan of Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International. I was very excited to see Paranormal State because they used all different types of individual backgrounds to work on the investigations to help bring some kind of closure to the people involved. Ghost Hunters International I am a fan of because we have had some of the cast members on the radio show we do, and they were amazing guests. Q: Have you ever had the chance to visit or

Raebel: I have seen Paranormal Underground and love the site. It’s great what they are doing to help others connect and hear from all different types of people all across the world.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 11

Special Report

2008 Paranorma February

By Karen Frazier


t’s been an interesting year in the paranormal world. New shows. Hoaxes. Sightings. Here are just a few of the highlights of 2008 in the paranormal world.

• A former Romanian priest and four nuns go to jail for murdering a nun in June 2005 during an exorcism when she was bound, chained to a cross, and denied food and water for days.


• hits the Web!


• A report surfaces of a 12-yearold girl in Kirkland, Wash., who captured a mysterious photo in December 2007 on her new digital camera.

• A gnome-like “creature” is filmed at a Salta, Argentina, park. The YouTube video goes viral. Supposed gnome reappears in October. Do you believe in gnomes?

• The 17,000-resident town of Stephenville, Texas, was the subject of a UFO mystery, with more than 30 eyewitnesses reporting UFO sightings within a 50-mile radius. • Ghost Hunters International premiers on the Sci Fi Channel. This Ghost Hunters spinoff features the same format as it predecessor but heads overseas to investigate reportedly haunted sites, such as Chillingham Castle, Frankenstein’s Castle, and Edinburgh’s Mary King’s Close. • Forever Family Foundation, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that supports the premise that life does not end with physical death,


holds a conference that includes scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and mediums. The conference, held in San Francisco, Calif., set out to “help raise awareness among the general public about the extensive research of consciousness and its implications that we survive our physical deaths.” • The History Channel and Sci Fi Channel both launch competing versions of their shows, UFO Hunters, scheduled in exactly the same time slot. Oops! Which did you watch?

Paranormal Underground December 2008

• A couple in Italy sues previous home owners for not telling them the house they purchased was haunted. Frankly, I’d pay more for a haunted house.


• The EU enacts new Consumer Protections Regulations for paranormal workers, including mediums and ghost hunters. Those claiming to speak to the dead or heal with their minds will have to issue disclaimers that their activities are experiments with no guaranteed results.

al Year in Review May

• Crystal skulls stored in a British Museum and the Smithsonian Institute are not ancient Aztec skulls. New testing reveals that the “artifacts” are actually from the mid- to late-1800s. • A crop circle “crops up” in Eastern Tennessee. • Stan Romanek, who claims to have shot footage of an extraterrestrial peering inside his window, appears on Larry King Live. • Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Ky., is slated to become a resort. Don’t worry, one floor will be reserved for ghost hunters! • The Stonehenge Riverside Archaeological Project reveals a theory that Stonehenge started out as a Neolithic family cemetery. Dating of cremated remains shows burials took place as early as 3000 B.C. • The perfect gift? Give a ghost in a bottle for just $20. Each ghost is captured from a haunted house, hotel, cemetery, etc. Just don’t break the glass or open the bottle! Can PETG (People for Ethical Treatment of Ghosts) be far behind? • New paranormal message board, Phantasma, launches.



• A singlehorned “unicorn” deer is found in a nature preserve in Italy. He is believed to have been born with a genetic flaw; his twin has two horns.

• A mysterious cryptid reportedly washes ashore at Montauk Island, N.Y. Is this creature some mutant experiment from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a known animal that had decomposed, or an elaborate hoax?

• A crop circle in a barley field near England’s Barbury Castle is found to be symbolic of the first 10 places of pi (3.14….). Or maybe it was shaped like a pie?

• The debut issue of Paranormal Underground eMagazine hits the Internet. But you probably already know that if you’re reading this.

• NASA astronaut and moon walker Edgar Mitchell raises eyebrows when he says that UFOs exist and extraterrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions. He also says alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades. • The International Got Ghosts Conference is hosted by Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader from Jul. 6-9 in Victoria, Canada. Guest speakers include Haunting Evidence’s Patrick Burns and Beyond Reality Radio Producer Amy Bruni.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 13

Special Report

August • Two Georgia residents, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, claim they have a deceased Bigfoot in a freezer. After the two host a press conference about their find, and many questions from curious reporters overwhelm the duo, it is revealed their claims are fraudulent — it’s just an ape suit in a cooler. • PROJECT GHOSTLIGHT, a new series pilot from SchoonerScout Productions, is named an Official Selection in the fourth annual New York Television Festival (NYTVF), held Sept. 12-17 at New World Stages in New York. • British Comedian Ricky Gervais gets a fright while promoting his movie Ghost Town at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. After several paranormal occurrences, including hearing disembodied voices and being pushed out of bed, Gervais and crew leaves the hotel early.

• A group of filmmakers claim to have successfully captured on film Sweden’s legendary Great Lake Sea Monster (Storsjöodjuret), which is said to lurk in the waters of the Storsjön outside Östersund in Northern Sweden. • Classes at Pedro Panaligan Memorial National High School in Calapan City, Philippines, are disrupted after about 25 students were “possessed by evil spirits.” Do I need to make the obvious possessed teens joke here?

September • CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest centers for scientific research. The organization fires off a Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that lies under the France/Switzerland border amidst fears that it will bring about the end of the world. The world fails to end. Now, the LHC is broken and undergoing repairs before it can once again try to punch holes in the spacetime continuum. • A new paranormal Web site, Truth in Paranormal Science (TIPS), is launched.


Paranormal Underground December 2008

• Underworld Mayan buildings (“a portal to the underworld”) are discovered in Mexico. Archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) have found the route that leads to the Mayan buildings. In one cave, a 300-foot, concrete Sacbe (or ritual roadway) has been discovered. The road ends at a column that stands in front of a body of water. According to Maya myth, the souls of the dead had to follow a dog with night vision on a horrific and watery path and endure myriad challenges before they could rest in the afterlife.

October • Japanese climbers claim to find Yeti footprints in West Nepal’s Dhaulagiri mountain range. • Another wave of UFO sightings are reported in Stephenville, Texas. • Actor Nicolas Cage puts his “haunted” New Orleans home back on the market. Cage listed the French Quarter mansion — considered one of the most haunted houses in America — for $3.7 million (GBP2.3 million).

• Ghost Adventures debuts as a new weekly series on the Travel Channel. Dubbed “extreme ghost hunters,” Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin investigate Bobby Mackey’s Music World (AKA Hell’s Gate), Sloss Furnaces, and Edinburgh Vaults, among other international locations. Finally — some eye candy for the ladies who like watching ghost shows. Yes, Zak Bagans, I’m talking to you. Call me. • Live television ghost hunts at Gettysburg (Most Haunted) and Fort Delaware (Ghost Hunters) are aired on Halloween. No wrestlers were harmed in the making of the shows. • The Sci Fi channel announces yet another Ghost Hunters spinoff — Ghost Hunters: College Edition. It’s about time someone decided to educate those darn ghosts.

November • NASA’s Cassini orbiter picks up a strange, huge aurora around Saturn in early November. The glow reportedly should not be there. The new aurora, spotted on infra-red camera, lights up Saturn’s polar cap and sometimes fills the region from around 82 degrees north all the way over the pole. It is also constantly changing, even disappearing within a 45-minute period. Is this the work of Saturnians, or is this a natural phenomena?

• Gerald Celente, the man who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union, predicts revolution in America, food riots, and tax rebellions — all within four years. Start building your bunkers! • A mother and daughter record on their mobile phones a mysterious UFO near England’s Bristol International Airport. The witnesses said a UFO shot red beams of light to the ground as it hovered over Bristol in South West England. The duo also caught red and white vertical beams, which were not visible to the naked eye. All pictures have been copyrighted by The Sun.

• launches a new kids’ Web site: • Reports of numerous UFO sightings emerge from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The most significant of these are recorded in Ciudad Madero, Tampico, and Rio Bravo. The state’s Direccion de Proteccion Civil (Civil Defense) file more than 50 reports. Among other reports, witnesses saw three white spheres in the sky and other spherical objects.


• As of this writing, it’s just November. But to give you something for December, I’m going to make a psychic prediction. I predict that Twilight, the vampire movie, will be a huge success, especially among teenage girls. You heard it here first!

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 15

Special Report

Sylvia Browne:

A Psychic’s Predictions for 2008 By Karen Frazier


hat’s a year in review without looking at the predictions of psychic Sylvia Browne, with some hindsight. Here are her predictions and whether or not they hit or missed. As of this writing, it is November, so her misses could still technically happen. Time will tell!

Prediction 1: “The

— free money for all! Safe guess if the economy takes a nose dive.

bad time for the stock market.” Throughout the year, “it’s rollercoastering up, down, and sideways.”

Prediction 3: The hous-

Analysis: She was a little early

ing market is “kind of like the stock market -- this is the time to buy, but it sure isn’t the time to sell.”

Analysis: She’s right. Another

economy is really going to slow to a crawl. I think it has to do with the whole political arena and the war and everything. I think it’s going to take a nose dive.”

Prediction 6:

Prediction 2: “I think inter-

pretty easy prediction — as the housing market has been in a nose dive since last year.

Analysis: Well sort of — inter-

Prediction 4: “After the


will be “terrible. Next year, more hurricanes, more floods, more droughts, more tornadoes.” Also, long dormant volcanoes “are erupting.”

tell on this one. Some better, some worse. She got the floods, that’s for sure. Volcanoes?

right! Might not have been a terribly difficult prediction to make. My husband predicted this as well.

est rates are dropping more than a little. We’re talking approaching 0%

Prediction 5: The weather

Analysis: Hard to

Analysis: She’s

est rates will drop again, maybe just a little bit.”

with this one, but mostly right.

first of the year, (the stock market) takes a dump. January is a really

Paranormal Underground December 2008

Senator Barack Obama will become the Democratic “front-runner” in the race to be the next president of the United States. Senator Hillary Clinton will be in the lead in polls until the summer and suddenly “flatten out.”

Analysis: Dead on.

Prediction 7: “I do think a Democrat” will win the presidential election.”

Analysis: Right. Easy predic-

tion, though, given the last congressional election and Bush’s declining approval ratings.

Prediction 8: “Look for

problems with commercial trains, here and abroad.”

Analysis: I don’t know if she meant terrorist or not — but there was a pretty bad train accident in California. Train derailments are a pretty safe bet — they happen fairly frequently.

Prediction 9: Global warm-

Prediction 10:

Browne predicts the Ford Motor Company will continue to produce electric-gasoline hybrid vehicles, despite the fact Ford has been doing this for the last year.

Analysis: Um, duhhhh! Prediction 11: “I

think we will see attempts at a terrorist attack in London, Paris, and Italy. But it will be stopped.” Domestically, “the only thing I’m concerned about are the trucks. Anything can come in with trucks.”

Analysis: So far, not

true. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

ing: “I hate to say it, but I think it is (too late to turn it around). I don’t mean the world’s going to end, but I really don’t think (humans) have any more than 95 years.” The earth’s ecosystem is “sort of like a body where the immune system’s gone haywire.”

Prediction 12: Browne

Analysis: Browne has been

helped — Britney seems much less whacko this year.

predicting the world’s end within this time frame for years. We’ll all be dead, so who knows?

described Britney Spears as having a “bi-polar condition,” and that she will get help for it in 2008.

Analysis: Something has

Prediction 13: “I think

going to be a lot of reduction in car production. A lot of big cars (and SUVs) are going away. I don’t see much hope in gas prices either.” The prediction: They’ll hit $5 per gallon in 2008.

Analysis: Right AND wrong.

We didn’t hit $5, and gas prices have plummeted of late. Car production is way down; however, SUVs and big trucks still exist — they just aren’t an easy sell right now.

we’re going to start bringing boys home (from Iraq) after the first of the year.”

Prediction 16: President

Analysis: Wrong.

Analysis: Duh again!

Can anyone say “surge”?

Prediction 14:

Prediction 15: “There’s

Bush’s approval rating will continue to drop.

Prediction 17: Browne

The job market will be “down. Way down.”

predicts “diabetic breakthroughs” and the use of “sound waves with cancer.”

Analysis: True!

Analysis: No diabetic break-

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 17

Special Report throughs in particular. Sound waves for cancer have been studied since early this century.

Prediction 21:

Prediction 18: “Brad

Analysis: Not at all.

Pitt will never return to his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Aniston. Aniston will marry a producer in a year or two. “

Analysis: Again, safe bet.

Never is a long time, so it is pretty hard to prove or disprove this one.

The housing market gets stronger.

Prediction 22: “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will adopt another child, but the couple will not stay together.”

Prediction 19: Browne pre- Analysis: They dicts “whooping cough, mumps, and measles will be on the rise” in 2008.

Analysis: All true. But not a tough prediction to make with the decrease in immunization rates in the United States.

Prediction 20: “I think

we’re going to have a lot of breakthroughs in M.S., a lot of advances in diabetes and cancer. A lot of laser surgery that’s going to be very sophisticated, rather than cutting into the body.”

Analysis: Pretty broad — difficult to say.

were planning this in January 2008. It was a pretty safe guess, though. As far as splitting — so far the two best-looking people in the world are still together.

Prediction 23: “Jamie

Lynn Spears, 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears, will have her baby.

Prediction 25: Browne

predicts more tsunamis, “a big earthquake in Japan,” and “volcanoes erupting from all parts of the country that have been dead for years.”

Analysis: Japan earthquake —

Analysis: Ya think?

easy prediction. The Pacific Rim is notoriously unstable as far as quakes go. No tsunamis so far. Volcanoes — wrong so far.

Prediction 24:

Prediction 26: Lindsay Lo-

Analysis: Not publicly, at least.

Analysis: Tough one to assess.

“Actor Owen Wilson will have “another dip” in his depression.”

han is going to “shape up her life.”

Prediction 27: Vaccines

will be proven not to cause autism.

Analysis: I haven’t heard this to be true.

There you have it . . . Sylvia Browne’s psychic predictions for 2008 and a little analysis from me! How accurate do you think Browne was? Let us know — write to: editor@


Paranormal Underground December 2008

Reader Feedback

What’s Your Favorite 2008 Paranormal T.V. Show?


aranormal Underground recently asked a few of our readers: “What was your favorite paranormal show in 2008 and why?” It looks like Ghost Adventures took some viewers by storm. Here’s what they had to say: Renee (Spooky): Although I have liked what I have seen so far with Ghost Adventures, I’m going to have to give Ghost Hunters International my vote on this one.

Halloway episode. It gave me chills, and I don’t usually get that way from shows with psychics. There’s just something about Carla Baron saying to Patrick Burns, “She’s here. Check your equipment, and you should see some changes.” And Patrick’s face when there WERE fluctuations in ambient temp, EMF, etc. It just gave me chills. And then there were some new leads in the case. Even if it’s crap, it’s compelling crap.


e’ve also asked a couple of our regular Paranormal Underground staff members what their favorite paranormal show in 2008 was: Karen Frazier: I have really enjoyed the addition of Ghost Adventures to this year’s paranormal show lineup. Although they aren’t very big on ob-

***** Deb: My favorite ghost hunting show of 2008 would have to be Ghost Adventures. Ghost Hunters is a close second even though I make fun of it at times.

First, I’ll explain that I do not believe any of these shows to date have found great evidence, nor do I think any of their evidences holds up in the world of science. Therefore, my interest in them are of pure entertainment value. However, I have always loved history, especially ancient. Ghost Hunters International is the one show that brings me to many ancient medieval ruins, whereas the others do not as much. So, even if they never find a suspected phantom, at least I can enjoy their adventure in these places. ***** Laura Locke: I think my favorite show was Haunting Evidence — the Natalie

jective evidence, I find the gimmick of three easily startled young men being locked in a spooky place extremely entertaining. I also love their overblown dramatic reactions. If you’re going to put on a ghost show, it might as well be one that entertains the audience and is a little spooky. Ghost Adventures has it nailed. *****

I enjoy Ghost Adventures because the guys on that show actually have reactions to things that happen. They seem like they are fresh and ready to go. Sometimes they do run like scared kittens, but that is what makes them so likable. But, I am kind of torn between Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters just because I have watched Ghost Hunters since the very first show. Yes, I’m a nerd. *****

Chad Wilson: My favorite paranormal show of 2008 was Ghost Adventures. This show, while hard to believe in spots, is very entertaining and provides some much needed comic relief. Zak is a very energetic and capable team lead, though at times his refusal to let his fellow team mates get a word in edgewise does get a little tiresome. The antics of Zak, Nick, Aaron, and their spiritual guests keep me entertained and coming back for more. In fact, I look forward to new episodes of this wonderful and interesting show.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 19

Special Report

Twilight: Va or Overwrought By Karen Frazier


y 12-year-old son, Tanner (read his review in the sidebar), is reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga, so naturally he wanted to go to the movie as soon as it came out. His whole middle school is abuzz with talk of the books and the movie. I read the first book in the series and was interested to see how the story adapted to the big screen. I had my doubts, and I knew we’d be sitting knee deep in giggling teenage girls, but I was prepared. So my husband, Jim, and I bit the bullet and took Tanner to Twilight on opening weekend. On the Big Screen, Twilight Doesn’t Adapt Well First the good news. Washington’s Olympic Peninsula provides a gorgeous backdrop for the movie. I lived for more than 10 years in that neck of the woods. The natural beauty of the region is showcased throughout the movie. Watching it reminded me of hiking through the peninsula’s lush rain forests. Now for the bad news. The movie is a poor adaptation of the book. Twilight is, at its heart, a love story with Romeo and Juliet-inspired elements of young love against all odds. Edward Cullen — played passably by Robert Pattinson (the ill-fated Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter fame) — is a vampire who has been 17 for


nearly 100 years. Edward falls in love with 17-year-old fellow high-school student, Bella Swan — played unconvincingly by the relatively unknown Kristen Stewart. When they first meet, it is clear through Pattinson’s clenched jaw and glowering expression that Edward wants nothing Twilight premiered to audiences nationwide on Nov. 21, raking in more than $70 million in its opening weekend. to do with Bella. After a week away from school, my second ovary.” however, he has a change of heart. It was difficult to hear him over Suddenly, Edward and Bella are in the sighs of the teenage girls sitting love. It’s difficult to understand from behind us. the plot how they got that way — but Jim’s ovaries aside, I have never in love they are. met a 17-year-old girl who talks like “And so the lion falls in love Bella did. Yet, as the movie prowith the lamb,” Edward intones gressed, such overwrought declarations seriously as Bella gazes raptly into of love were commonplace. The audihis face. It was at this point that Jim ence (or at least those who hadn’t read leaned over to me and whispered, “I the book) was left wondering how it think I just grew an ovary.” was that Edward and Bella actually got When Bella, acting as the narrato such a place that they could be so tor, uttered the lines, “About three deeply in love when five minutes ago things, I was absolutely positive. First, they weren’t even speaking. Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him — and I didn’t know Acting Doesn’t Hold Up how dominant that part might be — in Twilight that thirsted for my blood. And third, Well into the movie, another I was unconditionally and irrevocably group of vampires appear. Included in love with him,” Jim leaned over in the group is James — laughably and whispered to me, “Oh — there’s

Paranormal Underground December 2008

ampire Story t Rescue Fantasy? portrayed by Cam Gigandet. James sets his sights on Bella. Not as a love interest — but as a meal. What follows is the same rescue fantasy that is the plot of so many romance movies and novels. Weak yet feisty heroine is pursued by a dark evil bent on destroying her, but is rescued at the last minute by the handsome, strong, romantic hero. Overall, the acting in the movie is only fair. Stewart’s portrayal of Bella is meant to be emotionally raw and vulnerable but often comes across as pained and twitchy. Pattinson shows signs of competence, but in trying to portray a fatally flawed romantic hero, his intended intensity often comes across as flat out creepy. And not in a romantic hero kind of way. The rest of the cast tries, but their parts are so peripheral to the story that they get lost in the shuffle. In the end, I can’t help but feel like the movie tried too hard and failed. Perhaps the book is one that just doesn’t adapt well to the screen. Whether that is the case or not, I doubt it will matter to the millions of teens who have read and loved Stephanie Meyer’s stories. To them, Edward Cullen is the ultimate romantic hero, riding to the rescue of the fair Bella. To me, Edward Cullen is the guy who gave my husband his first ovary. But then, I’m not a teenage girl.

Twilight: They Turned a Perfectly Good Movie Into a Love Story Aimed at Teen Girls By Tanner


thought the movie Twilight was fairly good, but not as good as the book. They left too much from the book out of the movie. I was a little disappointed because they didn’t follow the story that was in the book very well. I was expecting the movie to be more of a vampire story, and instead, they focused on the romance. The romance was overkill — it was just way too much for me. I really enjoyed the vampire parts that did make it into the movie. They also focused way too much on the characters of Edward, Bella, James, and Charlie. By doing that, they left out a lot of really good characters like Bella’s school friends or the rest of the Cullen family. Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward, did okay with the part, even though he wasn’t how I pictured Edward. I had a hard time seeing him as a vampire. Kristen Stewart, who played Bella was okay, but she wasn’t very believable.

Twilight appeals to teen audience.

The best character in the movie was Alice. The actress who portrayed her (Ashley Greene) was really believable. I would recommend to my friends that they see the movie, even though I expected more of it. It was fun to see how the book was made into a movie, and I think my friends would really enjoy it.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 21

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

Argyle Winery’s Restless Spirit By Karen Frazier


n a recent wine tour through Oregon’s Willamette Valley, a tasting room employee at one winery related an incident that occurred on Halloween. In the small sitting room adjacent to the tasting room, a shelf with wine bottles that was securely attached to the wall came crashing down. Such incidents are common at the Argyle Winery. Nestled at the foot of the Dundee Hills in Oregon’s premier pinot noir appellation, the Argyle Winery is famous for its delicious reds and some of the best methode champenoise sparkling whites to ever come out of the United States. Troubled Spirit Haunts Argyle Winery Founded in 1987 on the site of an old nut processing plant, the winery has embraced the restless spirit that is believed to haunt the tasting room — honoring her with their Spirithouse Pinot Noir. The spirit that haunts the Argyle Winery is believed to be Lena, a troubled woman who once inhabited the home that became the Dundee City Hall and later Argyle’s tasting


Dec. 17, 1908, and was unconscious for 10 hours. After she was conscious for 24 hours during which she told loved ones that she had nothing to live for. The ingestion of carbolic acid and the fact her death was a suicide have been verified in Lena’s obituary in the Dec. 24, 1908, Newburg Graphic, though nothing was said about a pregnancy. Also, two young men reportedly died in the house after Imus.

room. Lena Elsie Imus died in 1908 after ingesting carbolic acid in a successful suicide attempt. As the story goes, Lena became pregnant at the age of 25. The father of the baby told her he was going to leave, and Lena became despondent. She ingested carbolic acid on

Paranormal Underground December 2008

Spirit Makes its Presence Known to Employees Employees of the old Dundee City Hall (which occupied the Argyle property from the late-’70s until the mid-’80s) began to suspect the property was haunted when two City employees noticed a rash of strange occurrences. Molly Davis, then City recorder, and Chris Culver, former City clerk, started to notice strange occurrences in the building. The incidents were accompanied by a flowery scent, leading the employees to believe that the spirit was female. Often, the sweet scent would be accompanied by an unexplainable

Pictured at left and above: The Argyle tasting room. The Spirithouse Pinot Noir is made in honor of Lena Elsie Imus, the ghost that reportedly haunts the Argyle Winery. Lena died in 1908 after ingesting carbolic acid in a successful suicide attempt. Employees report multiple paranormal events throughout the winery.

puff of air, as if someone wearing perfume was passing by rapidly. Tod Miller, assistant public works superintendent for the city of Dundee, also worked in the old City Hall building. He said that he also had experiences with Imus’ ghost, including lights turning off and on by themselves and footsteps heard in the upstairs hallway when no one was there. Other employees began to take notice. A copy repair technician was in the building and unexplainably had a toolbox full of tools dumped onto the floor. The repairman never returned. At one point, winery employees within earshot of the tasting room heard a glass roll off the counter and shatter. However, upon investigation, all the glasses were in place, and not one was missing. Laughter also erupts from empty rooms and glasses break, without really breaking. Spirithouse Pinot Noir Made in Honor of Lena Employees at Argyle believe Lena’s ghost indeed haunts their winery. Lights still turn themselves

on and off, footsteps can still be heard, a presence is sometimes felt, and occasionally, something startling might happen, like a shelf coming off of a wall or a glass breaking on its own. Whether you go for the wine or the spirits — the next time you are in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, be sure to visit the Argyle Winery. At the very least, you’ll get to taste some

world-class wines, including the Spirithouse Pinot Noir. Just don’t forget to raise a glass and drink a toast to Lena. She might just make her presence known. The Argyle Winery is located at 691 N Highway 99W in Dundee, Ore. You can contact the winery at 503-538-8520 or 888-4-ARGYLE (1-888-427-4953). Their Web site address is

Pictured above: Lena’s grave in the Dundee Pioneer Cemetery. The Inscription reads, Not Dead, but Gone Before. Lena is buried with her parents and two brothers.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 23

Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids

Mermaid Lore From Around the World By Jaime Johnesee, Zoologist


ermaids are one of the few cryptids that are found throughout several cultures and countries. In Japan, the mermaid is a vicious creature that can take the form of a human only by either ingesting human flesh or forcing a human to ingest mermaid flesh. In Cornwall, England, there is a mermaid that is said to sing, luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks of the cliffs. There is also said to be a mermaid in West Cornwall that grants wishes and is quite benevolent. Tales of Mermaid’s Popular in Many Countries Across the globe, mermaids are often described as having the tail of a fish, but the torso, face, and arms of a human. From there, the descriptions vary. Some have oozing sores and are quite ugly and evil; others are exquisitely beautiful, kind, and loving. Some stories (like the first Cornwall mermaid) have them sitting on rocks singing to lure men to their deaths. Other tales have them saving the lives of seamen that have fallen overboard. There are even stories


of mermaids intermarrying with humans and creating hybrid children similar to faeries. One Irish tale tells of a shipwrecked sailor who meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman who has come to his aid on the shore. He takes her as his wife and she bores

him a son. One day, he discovers her secret, and she steals their son and leaves her husband for the sea. He then throws himself off a cliff in the throes of his sorrow. Most tales relay versions of seafaring merfolk, but there are stories to be found of mermaids haunting rivers, lakes, and deep ponds. In Derbyshire, England, there is a pool known as Mermaids Pool, located beneath Kinder Downfall. It is said that a creature dwelling there appears on a specific day and time. She is said to be the most evil and treacherous of all merpeople. In the Caribbean, there are stories of an underwater kingdom where merfolk live, stealing humans from ships and dragging them down beneath the sea to procreate. Of course, the humans die within minutes, but according to the stories, the merfolk keep kidnapping people because they forget humans cannot breathe underwater. There are also stories of well-meaning mermaids squeezing to death the men they are trying to save in the open ocean. Across the globe, mermaids are often described as having Mermaid legends and myths the tail of a fish, but the torso, face, and arms of a human. have been recorded throughout From there, the descriptions vary.

Paranormal Underground December 2008

is actually describing is It’s my belief that mermaids a manatee (a large grey came into being amidst a group of creature with a mustache sailors one-upping each other. I and brown eyes). Cocan just imagine one man boasting, lumbus also noted that “I saw a Kraken,” and yet another he thought mermaids tossing his head to the side saying, were supposed to be “Yeah, well I had a mermaid come more beautiful. onto my ship and sing to me.” It is my belief that, over time, people have Are Mermaid Reports a Case of confused manatees, Poetic License? dugongs, dolphins, and I must agree with a fellow other marine creatures Paranormal Underground member as mermaids. I think in that I cannot see a human (who they, like Columbus, see is not feverish, drunk, or high) this animal and embelmistaking a manatee or dugong as lish what they believe a beautiful woman. However, I can they saw a beautiful see them sighting one of these creawomen swimming in tures and taking poetic license with the ocean. The ultimate its appearance. It is my belief that, over time, people have confused mana“one that got away” As for the tail being seen, tees (pictured above), dugongs (pictured at lower right), story, if you will. dugongs and manatees are known to dolphins, and other marine creatures as mermaids. In fact, Don’t forget the giant breech the surface the way a dolphin in his log, Christopher Columbus wrote that he saw a merpanda was once touted does when they are afflicted with a maid during his travels. as being 15 feet tall, with type of parasite. The parasite gives 24-inch-long fangs, whose up its grip on the animals and hide history beginning from 5000 B.C. diet consisted of humans. We know when it comes into contact with air. The mermaid has been known by better now, but eyewitness sightings are So, is the mermaid a real live animany names: Aycayia in the Caribjust as iffy in regard to creature sightmal, a case of mistaken identity, or an bean, Mami Wata in West and Cenings as they are in court. overstated creation of man’s mind? I tral Africa, Jengu in Cameroon, and It’s said that within an hour, the leave that up to you to decide! Merrow in Ireland and Scotland. smallest details of an event are being If you have a cryptid you’d like to Russia and the Ukraine call her replaced in our minds with what we know more about, e-mail me at Jaimethe Rusalkas, and the Greeks call want that event to actually be. For Johnesee@paranormalunderground. them Nereids and Naiads. In Europe, example, if someone saw a man in net and tell me what you’d like to read there is talk of a freshwater variety a blue shirt carrying a brown bag, in about in an upcoming issue. named the Melusine who is somehours that brown times said to have two fish tails or the bag would be body of a serpent instead of a fish. hard for some to The Philippines is home to recollect, and the Sirena and Siyokoy. In fact, there color might be are some who believe the mythical recalled as being sirens are actually mermaids. white or blue. And, let’s Is it Possible That Mermaids not forget how Are Real? humans like to So, are there creatures under add on to stories the waters of this planet that are half to make them that human/half fish? I highly doubt it. In much more excithis log, Christopher Columbus wrote ing and intriguing Mermaid legends and myths have been recorded throughout that he saw a mermaid during his to others. history beginning from 5000 B.C. travels; however, I believe what he

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 25

Haunted History

Houdini Inspires Modern-Day Debunkers By Jaime Johnesee


any people know and respect Harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss) for his skills as a magician. His water tank trick, straight jacket escapes, and daring buried alive stunt are his most famous endeavours. What most may not know is that after his mother’s death, Houdini made it his mission to debunk psychics and mediums. He had attempted hundreds of séances trying to get in touch with the spirit of his deceased mother. However, after all of the séances failed, he determined that the mediums aiding him were unconscionable frauds. His disgust soon turned to anger, and he decided mediums were only out to take advantage of the grief-stricken public. During Houdini’s time, not one psychic was ever able to pass his tests. His mission cost him a friendship with an author and earned him an enemy in the form of one medium. Houdini also made the announcement that if it were possible to come back from the dead and speak to a medium, he would prove it when he died by coming back himself. Every year since his passing, people gather to see if psychics can channel him or even make contact. And every year, nothing happens.


Houdini Inspires Some and Enrages Others Using his skills and knowledge as a magician, Houdini was able to easily spot the tricks and slight of hands charlatans used to hornswoggle the public. It was this fierce

After the death of his mother, Harry Houdini set out to debunk all mediums.

determination for the truth that inspired the modern-day medium debunker James Randi. Known as The Amazing Randi, he took up Houdini’s mantle and does his best to root out psychics and mediums that prey on the

Paranormal Underground December 2008

hopes of the unsuspecting. He has a million dollars on the line for any psychic that can prove their ability is real. So far, no one has ever been able to claim that money. Houdini’s friend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was a staunch spiritualist and refused to believe mediums were fraudulent. Cited as saying, “I consider the psychic question to be infinitely the most important thing in the world. All inventions and discoveries will sink into insignificance beside those psychic facts, which will force themselves within a few years upon the universal human mind.” Conan Doyle was immovable on the subject, and Houdini was just as passionate on the side of mediums being fakers. The two men eventually lost their friendship and publicly argued their sides. It was said at the time that the loss hurt Houdini deeply and made him all the more eager to expose frauds. Eventually, mediums began refusing to entertain Houdini, so he started wearing disguises to ply his trade. He was so passionate about someone taking advantage of the weak that he traveled to séances with a reporter and a policeman. This made him a target for the wrath of spiritualists around the globe as they felt he was trying to destroy what they believed in most.

welcomed her guests. She was that prevented the bell from ringing, dressed in a flimsy gown and Crandon’s husband, Dr. Le Roi Godslippers in order to put at ease dard Crandon, accused Houdini of people’s frets that she was sabotaging the box and the séance. concealing anything on her person that might make the séHoudini Never Yields His ance fake. Houdini was unconMission to Debunk Mediums vinced. He sat on Margery the During yet another attempt Medium’s left. He did not need to prove her worth to Houdini, a his disguise this night. Crandon carpenter’s ruler that could be used reveled in the chance to convert to make the bell ring despite the the hardened skeptic. cabinet’s movement-limiting design Harry Houdini created his own fake spirit photo to During the séance, a spirit was found at Crandon’s feet. aide his mission of exposing mediums as frauds. bell rang, a voice called out Her supporters saw this as an atHarry’s name, and a megatempt by Houdini to falsely discredit phone threw itself to the floor her. They claimed he planted the Houdini also had his share of at his feet. He remained stoically undevice, and Crandon’s husband supporters; many magicians felt the moved, and at the end of the night, yelled for him to leave the house. same way Houdini did and were Houdini thanked Crandon and left In his report to Scientific Ameriquite disgusted by the mediums using for his hotel. Although he could not can, Houdini gave the verdict that the magicians’ own tricks to deceive deny the medium’s beauty, he could the events that took place during people out of their money. They stood deny her “talents” as a medium. Margery the Medium’s séances were behind him and even sent him the He explained the spirit bell’s the result of conscious and delibernames of mediums to investigate. ringing by relating the fact he had the ate fraud. Crandon never saw a cent spirit bell box placed at his feet. He of the money, and neither did anyHoudini Teams Up With had rolled up his pants leg unbeone else. Houdini made sure of that. Scientific American Magazine knownst to Crandon and was able to So there you have it. The most Houdini became part of a feel her knee touch his as she rang entertaining magician in history was committee at Scientific American the bell with her foot. He also said also one of the world’s most pasmagazine that studied and tested during the séance that Crandon’s sionate debunkers. When Houmediums from all walks of life. In hand came up from under the table, dini died on Halloween 1926, the December 1922, Scientific Ameriand, in the dark, she placed the megaparanormal community lost its most can published they were looking into phone on her head. When Houdini tenacious skeptic. the paranormal and put out a $2,500 directed the “spirit” to throw it prize for the first person who could in his direction, all she would produce a psychic picture (a phohave to do was nod her head tograph of a deceased person that toward him, and it would fall happens during a séance). Houdini right at his feet. was on the panel of judges. Houdini then decided Oddly enough, it was Houdini’s to create a cabinet that was a former friend Arthur Conan Doyle crate with a slanted top with who brought the medium who would openings to fit the medium’s cement Houdini’s fame as a debunkhead and arms. Once inside, er to the attention of the magazine. the spiritualist’s movements It was his tangle with self prowould be severely limited. claimed psychic medium Mina CranMargery agreed to do a don (aka Margery the Medium) that second séance from inside the made him infamous as a debunker. cabinet. During this séance On July 23, 1924, at 10 Lime Street in nothing whatsoever happened. Harry Houdini (at right) is pictured with Scientific Boston, Mass., Houdini went to see American Publisher Orson Munn (at left), Editor J. Upon finding a pencil eraser Crandon’s séance at her home. Malcolm Bird (back center), and medium Mina Cranwedged into the spirit bell box Thirty-six-year-old Crandon don (aka Margery the Medium) (front center).

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 27

Fiction: Featured Author

The Tower By Brooke Bechen


t was a sleepy town; a little under 5,000 people inhabited it. There were a few churches, a gas station, nothing too exciting. But Darcy only had to stay for a few more months. Then she could move out on her own, far away to a bigger city where she could do whatever she wanted. The only decent thing about the town, Darcy thought, was an observation tower located a few miles outside city limits. The wooden structure stood at about 70 feet on top of a massive mound covered in many species of lush trees. The mound loomed 400 feet above the area and was created thousands of years ago by glaciers that snaked through the area. She’d often drive out, climb the hundred or so steps to the top, and look out into a grand abyss, reflecting on the life she had been forced to uproot and now rebuild. ***** Darcy stood at the top of the tower, the cool night breeze blowing ever so gently through her long, black hair. She shivered a little as it brazed her uncovered arms. It was close to 11:30 p.m., she thought, but Darcy had no intention of going home. Not yet at least.


She reached in the back pocket of her pants and pulled out a cigarette, cupping her hands around the end so she could get a good light. She exhaled the smoke with grace, leaning her body against the railing so she could look across the land and watch the

The world was quiet. Every noise was hushed. Darcy focused on the silence, closing her eyes so that all she saw was black. lights of other cities twinkle faintly in the distance. The world was quiet. Every noise was hushed. Darcy focused on the silence, closing her eyes so that all she saw was black. “What are you doing up here?” a male’s voice demanded. Darcy immediately opened her eyes and swung her body around. There, on the final steps to the

Paranormal Underground December 2008

top of the landing stood a person, cloaked by the shadows of the dark infrastructure of the tower. Darcy stood still, seemingly struck cold. She hadn’t heard anyone down below, and she certainly hadn’t heard this person approach up the stairs. “I’m sorry?” She finally spoke. “I’m just wondering what you’re doing up here so late,” the stranger said, finally stepping out of the shadows, climbing the rest of the stairs, and submitting himself to the cool air circulating on top of the tower. The moon lit up the male’s figure ever so slightly, exposing him to Darcy. He looked about her age, 18 or 19, with light colored hair and a muscular build. He wore a dark colored sweatshirt with a pair of faded blue jeans. She’d never seen him before, at the tower or anywhere around the small town. “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. “It’s okay,” she smiled weakly at him. Although he seemed harmless, her basic instinct still told her not to trust him. “Those will kill you,” he spoke again.

“What?” He pointed to the cigarette wedged between her bony fingers. “Oh.” She paused, dropping it to the ground and stepping on it to extinguish it. He shifted in his standing spot, looking down at his feet and then looking back up at Darcy. “Can I join you?” Darcy’s heart bunched up in her chest. “Yeah, sure.” He walked to the edge of platform, standing only two feet away from Darcy. He rested his arms on the railing and looked out into the distance. “I’m Jason by the way.” “Darcy.” “You from around here?” the stranger asked. “Just moved about a month ago. Living with my aunt for now.” “Cool.” “What about you?” Darcy nodded at him. “Nah. Just visiting.” He looked over and smiled at her. Darcy gave him a leery smile in return. “So what are you doing up here?” she asked. “I could ask you the same question,” he said. “I don’t want to go home. What’s your excuse?” “I don’t want to either.” There was a pause between them. “Why don’t you want to go home?” he asked her. “You ask a lot of questions.” “Well, I’m curious.” Darcy looked over at him. She smiled and rolled her eyes. “Me and my mom don’t get along.” “Why’s that?” “She made me move here.” “I see. I never got along with my

parents either. Don’t feel bad.” “I don’t.” Darcy shifted uneasily. “I better get going though,” she said. “Why?” “It’s getting late.” She started toward the stairs of the tower. “Maybe I’ll see you again?” the stranger asked her.

“Maybe.” ***** Darcy quickly made her way to the bottom of the tower, glancing behind her every so often to make sure he wasn’t following her. She finally made it to the bottom, speed walking to her car, the only car in the small makeshift parking lot. She climbed in the front seat,

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 29

Fiction: Featured Author immediately locking the doors. Before she turned the ignition, she looked to the top of the tower. Jason’s figure had disappeared from sight. She sped home, the fastest she’d ever gone on the gravel roads back into town. Something about the whole situation made her skin tingle and her brain buzz with a strange sensation. Sure, it was completely logical for someone to be up there at night, she tried to tell herself. She was up there, right? Darcy pulled her car into the driveway, easing up as she walked to the back door. She went straight to her room in the basement, curled up on her bed, and attempted to fall asleep. But every time she closed her eyes though, his face seemed to pierce her thoughts.

cousin, Maddie, about the mysterious person. “I met someone the other day,” she said. “I was wondering if maybe you knew him.” “Was he cute?” was her cousin’s immediate response. “He was okay.” She paused. “Do you have a yearbook or something I can look at?” “Sure.” Maddie opened the door to her closet, reaching to the way back. She

***** A few days passed, but the essence of Jason followed Darcy every where she went. She became almost fascinated with the notion of him, almost like she had to find him. Although she feared him because she knew nothing about him, she wanted to meet him again with the hope to learn more. She looked for him when she went to the gas station, the grocery store, everywhere. She sat at the tower, even though it frightened her sometimes, in hopes of seeing him again. But every place she looked turned up nothing. As a last ditch effort, Darcy decided to approach her 17-year-old


pulled out a box overflowing with slender books from school. She dropped the box at Darcy’s feet, grabbing the first book on top and handing it to her. “This is the most recent one.” Darcy took a seat on the floor as Maddie retreated to her bed. She flipped through all the pages of the yearbook, not once seeing someone she recognized. She grabbed another from the

Paranormal Underground December 2008

pile and skimmed through that one too, coming up with nothing. Maddie looked up at her, as she reached for another book. “Those are Miranda’s. He’s probably not in there.” Miranda had graduated a few years back, but Darcy found no harm in looking. She was desperate. She flipped through the pages quickly, figuring it was a lost cause. But as she did so, her finger caught on one page. “This is him!” she exclaimed, pointing to a picture of three guys hanging out by a soda machine she assumed was located at their school. “In the middle there.” Maddie reached over and grabbed the book from Darcy’s hands. She examined it for a second, then looked down from her bed at Darcy with a strange look. “That couldn’t have been him.” “I’m positive it was,” Darcy insisted. “It wasn’t.” “You weren’t there. You wouldn’t know.” Maddie paused, throwing the book back at Darcy. “That guy jumped off the tower the year Miranda graduated.” “What?!” “Check the back page if you don’t believe me.” Darcy fumbled the book in her hands. Her heart dropped as she stared at the very last page of the book, saying aloud it’s only sentence: “In loving memory of Jason Gibbons.”

Equipment Update

Frank’s Box By Chad Wilson


magine a device that would allow people to speak with the dead in real time. Even though it seems like science fiction, it was rumored at one time that Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, was working on a spirit phone before his death in 1931. Technology that allowed communication with the dead seemingly began with the Spiricom, developed in 1979 by George Meek and William O’Neil. The device was allegedly created with the help of a spirit — Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, deceased university professor and NASA scientist. Mueller was said to simply appear in the O’Neil’s living room one day as a semi-materialized spirit and announced that he was there to assist in the Spiricom project. Though the Spiricom was the first device of its kind, communication with the dead actually goes back to the late-1950s with research into electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) — voices captured with an audio or digital recording device that were not present, or at least audible to the human ear, when first recorded. Frank’s Box Said to Communicate With the Dead One new, controversial device making its rounds in the paranormal community is Frank’s Box. It was while working with Stefan Bion’s EVPmaker software, and finding that not all spirits could communicate through it, that Frank

Sumption developed his own system for communicating with ghosts in 2002. His system — also known as the Ghost Box — consists of a random voltage generator used to rapidly tune an AM receiver module. The audio from this tuner, the raw audio, is amplified and then fed to an echo chamber. This is where the spirits manipulate the audio to form their voices. The audio from the chamber is then picked up via microphone and fed to an output jack where a recorder is connected. Sumption states it is the randomness Frank Sumption and Rosemary Ellen Guiley show off of this raw audio that is the key Frank’s Box, a device that “communicates with the dead.” to these contacts. There have been many attempts by others to replicate More research into the box, Sumption’s successes, such as Paraand other boxes like Sumption’s, is normal System’s “MiniBox” and Joe needed to determine its effectiveness. Cioppi’s “Joe’s Box,” though most The bottom line: Paranormal enthuother ghost boxes are not random siasts will continue to look for ways to band sweeping, but linear sweeping communicate with the dead, and with of AM or FM bands. White noise technology advancing quicker than generators have even been used in ever, we just might be on the verge of conjunction with box technology. a major breakthrough. The days of the Ouija Board Does Frank’s Box Work? seem to be numbered with new Whether Frank’s Box actually inventions like Frank’s Box. Who works or not is up for interpretation. knows what might be next. The box entered national mainstream Even now, Sumption is trying his when it was featured on a recent technology on television sets. In the episode of A&E’s Paranormal State. near future, we just might receive picIt has also been featured on Coast to tures of the dearly departed to go along Coast AM With George Noory. with the voices produced by them.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 31

Personal Experiences

Diary From a Haunted Hotel By Carolyn M. Hughes


hen I began working as front door (which is glass-paned) to panel with the light switches and a night auditor a year see the vehicle the guest was driving saw that the light switch was flipped and a half ago at Quality for the registration. I could clearly into the off position. (The light Inn at General Lee’s Headquarters, see the vehicle in the well-lit area switches are old and hard to snap located on the Gettysburg battlefield, out front. into place.) So, I turned it back on. I anticipated experiencing nothing Only a few minutes later, at 9:31 more interesting than having some p.m., I stepped out to the front desk bizarre request from a guest. However, I never expected my spirit friends to visit so often or to hear I walked into the so many accounts of activity laundry room to get some from unsuspecting guests. items out of the freezer I never thought they would for breakfast the followalert us to their presence ing morning. As soon as in so many creative ways, I opened the door to step or for there to be so much into the laundry room, I activity involved. smelled a heavy odor of I am of the personal cigar smoke. (I don’t like belief that spirits only want cigar smoke.) I looked us to know they are still here around to see if the back and not to forget what hapdoor was open; perhaps it pened here, for it is on this might be a guest outside ground that they truly gave near the beverage machine “When I began working as a night auditor a year and a half ago at their “last full measure of smoking a cigar. The door Quality Inn at General Lee’s Headquarters, located on the Gettysburg devotion.” was closed. Here is my ongoing di- battlefield, I never expected my spirit friends to visit so often.” I immediately thought ary of my experiences within I should get some air the hotel . . . freshener and spray this to answer the phone. I was on the area so it wouldn’t permeate into the phone taking a reservation when I clean, fresh towels and sheets loaded noticed the lights that illuminate the on the carts. I went to retrieve the air front area of the hotel were out, and freshener and walked back to where it was very dark. I previously noticed that heavy cigar I finished with the reservation, I was checking in a guest and smoke, but it was completely gone. went into the office to look at the happened to look up and out the No air freshener needed.

Wed., Sept. 17 4:30 p.m.

Mon., Sept. 15 9:20 p.m.


Paranormal Underground December 2008

Wed., Sept. 17 6:40 p.m. I went back into the laundry room to retrieve my dinner from the microwave and noticed the back door was closed and locked. I asked my coworker Courtney if she had locked it, and she said no. Thanks, boys! You are taking that “keep us safe and keep the doors locked” seriously!

Thurs., Sept. 18 5:30 a.m. Courtney was working the overnight shift and had been in and out of the breakfast area getting coffee all night. When she stepped into the room at 5:30 a.m., she immediately noticed one of the chairs had been pulled out from the table. When she described it to me, she said it looked like someone had been sitting there with their feet up on the table relaxing. Courtney also noticed the bowl that sits on all the tables holding sugar packets had been moved to the other side of the table, near the edge. No one but Courtney had been in that area since midnight.

Sun., Sept. 21 3:00 a.m. Courtney received a call from a guest who needed assistance at 1:30 a.m. She left the office by way of the back door in the laundry room to go down to the lower wing of the hotel. When she returned, she entered by the same back door, walking through the lighted laundry room, opened another door, closed it, and passed through the office into the lobby to do some work on one of the com-

“I was on the phone taking a reservation when I noticed the lights that illuminate the front area of the hotel were out, and it was very dark. I finished with the reservation, went into the office to look at the panel with the light switches and saw that the light switch was flipped into the off position. So, I turned it back on.”

puter workstations. At approximately 3:00 a.m., Courtney finished on the lobby computer and walked into the office. It was at this time that she noticed the door to the laundry room was wide open, and the laundry room was dark. The door had been opened, and the light had been turned off. Courtney checked the entire area and found no one there. She told me she never heard the door open or the light switch click.

Mon., Sept. 22 7:43 p.m. I was in the office talking to Carrie, who works Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to help with peak check-in time. I was standing one foot from the wall panel that holds the light switches for all the outside hotel lights. I had turned the outside lights on at 7:00 p.m. As I stood there chatting with Carrie, I heard a loud click and immediately looked at the closed panel. I asked Carrie if she

heard that click, and she said yes. I opened the panel and saw the light for the portico lights, which illuminate the front door area of the hotel, had been turned off. It was then that I looked toward the front door and saw that, indeed, the lights in front of the hotel were off. I told Carrie that what we heard was the light switch being flipped, shutting off the outside lights. “Oh, no, they did NOT shut off,” was Carrie’s immediate response. I laughed and told her to look and see for herself. She kept saying, “I did not hear that; I did not see that.” “It’s too late, Carrie. You already admitted it, and you are a witness.” Ironically enough, Carrie lives in a house on Day One battlefield in an area that saw considerable action. She sits on her front porch at night and often hears invisible horses galloping down the road in front of her house and other phantom sounds.

Stay Tuned . . .

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 33

Personal Experiences

Ghost Hunter Waverly Evid By Chad Wilson


n Paranormal Underground’s October issue, I presented my first case file on my visit to Waverly Hills Sanatorium during my overnight investigation there on Aug. 20, 2008. Here is my final evidence review. First, let me say what a wonderful experience Waverly was, and being my first ever “haunted site” to investigate, it left an impression on me that will stay with me the rest of my life. Equipment I used during the investigation included: • Sony DCR-SR82 Handycam with an attached IR Illuminator. • Sony A200 Digital SLR Camera. • Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Recorder. • TriField EMF Detector (Model 100XE). • Mannix IRT408K Infrared Thermometer With Type “K” Probe. Video Evidence Now for the evidence review. I will start with the video I gathered. Most of the video is of scenes of the tour itself and of my meanderings through Waverly’s darkened halls. I didn’t have a detailed plan set forth


for my investigation, but had intended to “get a feel” for investigating. My video reflects this, and is somewhat unsteady during parts of the investigation. That being said, the only piece of notable video is of a ball moving on the second floor. My coinvestigators, Roberta and Dacie, and I came across a blue,

. . . at one point when the wind picked up, and I was sure the ball would blow away, it stopped moving altogether, not continuing its movement again until the wind had died back down.

During an uneventful initial wait, during which I noted how uneven the floor actually was, we settled to wait and see if any spirits would respond. We sat there in the warm August night, a very perceptible breeze blowing, not enough to move the ball in my opinion, asking questions of anyone present other than ourselves. You can imagine our surprise when the ball began to rock slowly back and forth, maybe an inch at the most. For a full 20 minutes this continued, and at one point when the wind picked up, and I was sure the ball would blow away, it stopped moving altogether, not continuing its movement again until the wind had died back down. On my next visit to Waverly, I will definitely try to debunk this experience.

bouncing ball, the kind you could buy at, say, Wal-Mart for a child. I even think it still had the barcode imprinted on it. We came across the ball on the second floor. Roberta played with it for a minute, trying to get any entities to move the ball for us.

Audio Evidence The audio from the above section of the video (the ball moving) presented some unexpected results. It was while Roberta was asking if the entity we were calling Michael wanted a hug. The video’s audio, as well as my digital recorder, picked up a distinct, “Hug me,” in answer to Ro-

Paranormal Underground December 2008

Case Files 1a: dence Review Dacie felt there was a girl entity by the name of Sarah present, and this might have been confirmed when she asked Sarah if she wanted to play, and in the distance you can hear a definitive, “Yes,” in a little girl’s voice. The only problem with the audio obtained at Waverly was that there were at least 40 other people in the building, so the environment wasn’t especially suited toward the collection of EVPs. I hope to return at a later date and try to create a more controlled environment in which to collect EVPs.

My coinvestigators, Roberta and Dacie, and I came across a blue, bouncing ball on the second floor. Roberta played with it for a minute, trying to get any entities to move the ball for us. During an uneventful initial wait, during which I noted how uneven the floor actually was, we settled to wait and see if any spirits would respond. We sat there in the warm August night, a very perceptible breeze blowing, not enough to move the ball in my opinion, asking questions of anyone present other than ourselves. You can imagine our surprise when the ball began to rock slowly back and forth, maybe an inch at the most. For a full 20 minutes, this continued.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 35

Personal Experiences

This blurry picture of a random room on the first floor, near the old Waverly Gift Shop, seems to reveal what looks like the image of a military person or orderly in the upper right-hand corner. It this matrixing or something else?

Did this photo taken during the investigation capture something paranormal? Or is this picture the result of shutter speed problems?


Paranormal Underground December 2008

berta’s question. We did not hear this response while we were recording. Dacie also felt that there was a girl entity by the name of Sarah present, and this might have been confirmed when she asked Sarah if she wanted to play, and in the distance you can hear a definitive, “Yes,” in a little girl’s voice. The only problem with the audio obtained at Waverly was that there were at least 40 other people in the building, so the environment wasn’t especially suited toward the collection of EVPs. I hope to return at a later date and try to create a more controlled environment in which to collect EVPs. One final note on the audio from the digital voice recorders: While we were asking questions around the ball that was moving on the second floor, Roberta asked if the entity present was named Michael and not Timothy as everyone claimed. It is at this point on the video I heard the words “I’m Michael” in response to Roberta’s question. Photographic Evidence Last, but not least, are the pictures I took at Waverly. None of my pictures turned up any strange anomalies. However, Dacie took at least two photos that beg further study. Using a Nikon D40, she took a picture of my back, and around my head can be seen some kind of “aura.” It has yet to be determined what that aura is. Dacie also took a picture of a random room on the first floor, near the old Waverly Gift Shop. In the picture, in the upper right-hand corner, is what looked like a military person or orderly. Whether this is matrixing, or even the real deal, is left up to the interpretation of whoever is looking at the photo.

However, the picture suffers from shutter speed problems, as I believe Dacie took the picture without using a flash. There were a few other photos that turned up anomalies; however, bugs or camera problems could explain those particular photos. Personal Experiences I did have a few personal experiences, mainly on the third and fifth floors, and just a general creepy feeling on the fourth floor, but other than that nothing else of note happened. As for my personal experiences, they basically comprised seeing shadows move in the ambient light cast from the open doors in the long hallway. This could be attributed to eye strain, but shadows did seem to flit across the open expanse of the doorways. It would be nice to go back and set up cameras to see if animals might be responsible for the shadows. On the fifth floor, while in what I thought was room 505, I got an eerie feeling that I was not welcome. It was only later after looking at my photos of that area that I discovered I was actually in room 502, where a nurse allegedly hung herself. The fourth floor only held a feeling of dread for me. It had no artificial light sources, even the exit signs were covered to add to the darkness the Waverly staff claimed facilitated the viewing of shadow people. I never saw any shadow people on this floor, but I found I couldn’t make myself go off alone as I had done on other floors. I will always cherish the opportunity afforded me by Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It introduced me to the wonderful and mysterious world of the paranormal, and for that, I will be always grateful.

My fellow investigator, Dacie, took a picture of my back, and around my head can be seen some kind of “aura.” It has yet to be determined what that aura is.

My personal experiences comprised seeing shadows move in the ambient light cast from the open doors in the long hallway. This could be attributed to eye strain, but shadows did seem to flit across the open expanse of the doorways.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 37

Personal Experiences

Life With the Breathing Impaired By Bri Larkin


house. I continued to transition into ince buying my home in Misbeing a full-time, stay-at-home mothsouri during spring 2002, my er. I had a relatively long recuperation family and I have had experiafter a difficult delivery and welcomed ences that we can’t fully explain. I any help that was offered. have been documenting those ocMy husband’s parents paid us currences here, within these pages, for Paranormal Underground readers since the September 2008 issue. And, as I said in my very first article, before I had my experiences, I was pretty much what you would call an atheist. I really didn’t see or sense anything that would lead me to believe there was anything beyond what I could see in day-to-day life. To this day, even after everything I’ve experienced, I’m still searching for anIs a “shadow dog” responsible for these door scratches? swers. I will say I’m now agnostic. I just simply don’t know what’s out there, although I’m trying my hardest a visit one weekend to help when to figure it out. the baby was still relatively new and I will continue to portray to you very colicky. They usually stay in the the different phenomena we have upstairs portion of our house, where witnessed while living in this house. I had initially heard the footsteps ***** several years before. As the seasons changed, so did ***** our experiences in our little farm-


Paranormal Underground December 2008

That first night, after they went upstairs to bed, the baby started her regular, “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE YOU FOR PARENTS?” screaming. My husband took her and started rocking her in the nursery. I grabbed a bottle and went in a few minutes later. As I was leaning over the baby and my husband, who was sitting in the chair, we started hearing noises coming from directly overhead. From where we were positioned, we were pretty close to where the bed upstairs was situated. The disturbance got louder. It sounded like a struggle, with furniture being knocked into. The first thought I had was, “Raccoons!” But, no one came downstairs or yelled or anything. “What are your parents DOING?” I asked, my eyes fixed to the ceiling. (Disclaimer: My in-laws are wonderful, proper people, so get your heads out of the gutter.) “I don’t know,” my husband answered as softly as he could over our precious, furiously pink darling still wailing on his shoulder. “Whatever is

going on, we can ask them about it in the morning.” “It is morning,” I said with a yawn. The “noises” continued for 30 minutes before it died down. In the morning, we asked if my in-laws heard anything. They didn’t. That next night, my mother-in-law stayed with the baby while we blissfully slept. She was my hero that weekend. She never heard as much as a creak the entire night she was with the baby. ***** After that, with the exception of the flashes of light I described to you in my last article, during this time period, things were relatively quiet. Quiet for awhile, anyway. Just awhile. Then, we started seeing shadows. They were close to the ground, darting here and there, and were just out of our line of sight. My husband started seeing them before me. It usually occurred early in the morning while he was getting ready for work. I thought he just had tired eyes until I started seeing them. One day, I was walking to the kitchen, and a shadow appeared directly in front of me, trotting like a little dog. It really didn’t have a shape to it, but the way it moved and acted as I got closer reminded me of a little dog who was used to getting out of the way of people. I then started calling it, “Shadow Dog,” for obvious reasons. I found this significant because it was the first time I had seen it directly. It wasn’t in my peripheral vision. If it hadn’t taken me by surprise, I could have actually studied the way it moved before it disappeared in front of the sink. The shock didn’t allow me to do this. A short while later, while talking to my brother on the phone, it hap-

“One day, I was walking to the kitchen, and a shadow appeared directly in front of me, trotting like a little dog. It really didn’t have a shape to it, but the way it moved and acted as I got closer reminded me of a little dog who was used to getting out of the way of people.”

pened again. The shadow “trotted” out to the kitchen to the right of where I was standing. Surprised, I stopped talking and watched to see what it would do. As it hit the front of the refrigerator, it stopped. To my utter amazement, the little shadow stretched a bit, wrapped, turned into itself, and was gone. “Holy *expletive*!” I exclaimed into the phone. I told my brother what I had just seen and instead of being frightened like he was, I was incredibly excited. I finally got to study what it did and how it moved. I was able to have my eyes on it, not even blinking, from the time it appeared to the time it disappeared. ***** I wish I had that experience on video. It was fantastic. It would be great to compare notes with others who have seen things like this blink

out of existence to see if the motions are common. Now, maybe I’m having wishful thoughts, but our door that leads out to the utility area is a very old, very scratched up door. It looks like someone before us had a little dog, and it had scratched furiously at this door. We have a little dog, too, who loves to growl at the shadows from time to time, but these scratches were there when we bought the place. Could this be the little dog that follows us around? We still see the “shadow dog” to this day. He pays us a visit every now and then. It’s funny because I’ll be working on something or walking quickly, and I’ll think I’m seeing my own dog peeking around the corner or standing next to me in the kitchen. Then I’ll realize that our dog is nowhere near me. It’s just Shadow Dog, livening up the place a bit.

December 2008 Paranormal Underground 39

Member Profile

Carolyn M. Hughes (GettysburgLady) Age: Old enough to remember where I was when JFK was shot and young enough to still like to play. Born: Yonkers, N.Y. Currently resides: Just outside of Gettysburg, Pa., (12 minutes from the battlefield). Status: Single.

I have since learned I was a local woman in 1863 who was one of the first to attend the wounded men out on the battlefield (before the battle had even ended) and contracted an illness from the pestilence that hung in the air for months after the battle and died shortly after. I guess I was not finished with helping those left on the battlefield

Education: AAS Degree in business administration and 30 years working in law firms in Los Angeles as a legal assistant/paralegal, specializing in patent and trademark litigation, civil litigation, bankruptcy, and corporate, entertainment, and collections law. Working with $600-$700/hr. L.A. attorneys is an education itself!

How would you describe yourself? I am intensely loyal to my friends, and I like to laugh. I am a news junkie and constantly curious about all nature of things (let me go “Google” that). I enjoy cooking and watching my friends enjoy what I make; I’m stubborn, a perfectionist, and way too generous with my books (“I’ll never get that book back now”). I love giving tours of the Gettysburg battlefield and sparking that interest in our country’s history.

Tell us about your family and what you like to do. I support my 78-year-old mom who has some serious health issues. She is the only family I have left, and I try to make her as comfortable as I am able (even though she drives me crazy). It Zodiac Sign: Capricorn. is definitely true that when our parents get older, they revert to Occupation: Currently a night childhood and childish ways. auditor at Quality Inn at General When I’m not workLee’s Headquarters. (Yes, it ing, by day I love to visit the was his headquarters during the Gettysburg battlefield, taking Carolyn is most interested in reincarnation, spirit photogBattle of Gettysburg). tours to learn more about what raphy, and speaking with her spirit friends via her digital recorder. happened here. By night, I What does your member name visit my spirit soldier friends, mean? I moved from L.A. to photographing them, comfortand now assist those boys who are Gettysburg after a one-week vacaing them, and assisting them into stuck to continue their journey tion to Gettysburg. When I left to the light. through the light. go home, I felt that my heart was I am also a voracious reader. being ripped out. I couldn’t stop Who are your heroes? I admire El(I read a book a day.) I panic if I thinking about Gettysburg. eanor Roosevelt, FDR, and George don’t have at least 10 books waiting One year later, I moved here. Washington. to be read.


Paranormal Underground December 2008

What are your favorite TV shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? My cable company has three military history channels that I watch all the time — WWI, WWII, and, of course, anything to do with the Civil War. I used to have the History Channel on all night while I slept, but I started having dreams about Hitler and had to switch to a music channel. I love historical novels and period movies and am constantly referring to the Internet to learn more about it. Basically, I’m a history nut. I don’t think there is a movie made in the 30s or 40s that I haven’t seen and loved. My mother did that to me. Favorite music? 60’s rock and roll, R&B, disco (I can’t help it because I lived it), classical, new wave, big band, pretty much everything EXCEPT rap. Oops! I came close to revealing my age! A lady never tells. Any other “favorites”? I love Paul Simon, Earth, Wind & Fire, Neil Diamond, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and too many to mention here. What are your pet peeves? Liars, injustice, negative people, and child and/or animal abuse. I’m a huge animal lover and advocate. Are you a skeptic or believer? I have seen and experienced far too much on the battlefield, where I work at the hotel, and during my life not to believe. What areas of the paranormal interest you the most? Reincarnation, spirit photography, and speaking with my spirit friends via my digital recorder. Have you ever studied the paranormal? I have worked with three incredibly gifted people over a 30-year period, each one generously sharing

their knowledge and experience with the spirit realm. Individually, they shared all the knowledge they had been given through their spirit guides and indirectly steered me toward my next “teacher.” Each lesson they taught was proven through experiences and being shown by my spirit friends.

Talk about any paranormal experiences you might have had and how they have affected you. The first time I actually saw Civil War spirit soldiers on the battlefield, I was with a friend, and it was daylight. We thought they were reenactors. They were only a few feet away from us, and one actually turned and looked

Carolyn admires Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, and George Washington. at me as they went “marching” by. Then, they disappeared. I thought my friend was going to have a coronary. I was laughing and screaming and jumping up and down. It was amazing. I have had too many paranormal experiences to list. I never cease to be astounded.

What do you think happens to us when we die? When we travel down that tunnel and enter the white light, we are purified of all our mortal foils (jealousy, ego, pettiness, etc.). We are immediately filled with joy and love. Our first encounters are with the pets we have had throughout our many reincarnations. Then, those souls who we have been together with throughout our many lifetimes (family, friends) greet us. It is then

that we are shown our current life in flashbacks and are given the chance to judge ourselves. For God does not judge us, he loves us unconditionally. I’m not a particularly religious person, but I am spiritual.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? When I was six, a mentally disturbed man broke into our apartment and held my mom, my brother, and I at gunpoint for seven hours. In 1982, while driving through a canyon in Los Angeles on my way home during a heavy rain (or rather sitting in traffic in that canyon), I escaped being crushed under a fast moving wall of mud from a mudslide by a mere second or two. In 1994, I was trapped under debris for six hours before being rescued by fireman after the building collapsed on me during the Northridge Earthquake. Three months later, I was car jacked and saw two people get killed before my eyes by a gang member that was whacked out on drugs. Two months after that, I was driving home from work and was barely clipped by a car in pursuit in a high speed car chase in progress while driving through an intersection. I saw those damn helicopters, but didn’t know it was so close. 1994 was a banner year. When you think you are going to die (and I did, several times), you learn not to get your panties/boxers/ briefs in a knot over the small things. Life is precious and fleeting. Enjoy every moment of it. Any exciting plans for the future? I am working toward getting back into the legal field, which I dearly miss. It is difficult in the area where I live because they do NOT like outsiders. But, I’m determined and may eventually become a contractor working at home.

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Reviews of the Month: By Mindy Kinnaman

In Your Library: The hidden Whisper


ant to brush up on the paranormal through a work of fiction? In his 2008 debut novel, The Hidden Whisper, author JJ Lumsden gives readers a unique insight into the paranormal field by tying in his knowledge of the paranormal with the story. The book follows Luke Jackson, a paranormal researcher, who is called in on a poltergeist case while visiting his grandmother. As readers move through the book, they can read up on

reference points, learning more about topics such as ghosts, extrasensory perception, and poltergeist activity. The story features fast-paced dialogue, which often results in the story seeming a bit too fast-paced. However, the references at the end are a wealth of information, and it is clear that Lumsden knows a great deal about the paranormal. • If you are more interested in the science than the story, I definitely recommend this book.

On Your Small Screen: The Monster Squad


ince I first saw it as a wee third grader back in 1988, The Monster Squad has been one of my absolute favorite films of all time . . . and not just because it is the only film I know that features the line, “Wolfman’s got nards!” Recently released on DVD, The Monster Squad shows what happens when every kid’s worst nightmare comes true: Dracula moves into town with his buddies Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon,


and in order to stop him, you’ve got to talk to Scary German Guy and find yourself a virgin. While not many 1980s films have translated well, this one continues to entertain children of all ages. My two nieces love it; my mom loves it. And even though I’m nearing 30, I still love it. I bet if you watch it, whether for the first or the bazillionth time, you will love it too. • I give The Monster Squad 5 out of 5 “kids who save the world.”

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Now Playing: House


ou know how sometimes in the theater you have that one person screaming, “Don’t go in there!” at the screen? Well, when it comes to the film House, I wish someone had stood outside the theater shouting that to me. Based upon the 2006 novel by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, House tells the tale of two couples trapped inside the bed and breakfast from hell in which they are being chased by the Tin Man and his band of merry psychos. The premise alone is as cheesy as the film turned out to be. The acting was painful, including a horribly bad southern drawl stating, “You’re purty.” The film tried to be clever in telling the story but fell far short of the mark, including many instances where the characters simply told the audience what was going on, believing that the audience was not smart enough to get it the first time around. I should have taken the fact that I was alone in the theater as a sign, because I can now honestly list this as the worst film I have ever seen in theaters. Had I not wanted to see how bad the film could be, I would have gotten up and left. But who doesn’t want to watch a train wreck? • I give this nightmare 1 out of 5 “boos.”

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