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Senior Pictures Frequently Asked Questions What kind of clothes should I wear? Wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well. Find outfits that are fun and stylish along with some that are more formal. Make sure you bring shoes, belts, jewelry and other accessories to match each outfit. For your yearbook image, you must meet school dress code. Most students prefer to wear a more formal outfit.

Should I bring hair care products? Yes. While your hair should be styled before arriving for your session, please bring whatever you need to touch-up your hair between clothing changes. Such items might include: combs, brushes, curling iron, flat iron, hairspray, etc.

Should I do my makeup any differently? Don’t apply your makeup differently than you normally would. You want the true you to come out in your images.

Should I go tanning? Everyone wants a nice tan for their senior pictures, but be careful! Being overly tanned will make your skin appear orange and blotchy. It is also best to avoid tan lines and uneven spray and self-tanners. If you get a sunburn, it will show up in your pictures, so avoid it at all costs!

How should I do my hair? Avoid trying new hairstyles or colors prior to your portraits! You might not like your new do. Get a haircut about a week before your session so that your hair is neat and trimmed but doesn’t have that “fresh hair cut” look.

What about facial hair? Make sure all unwanted facial hair is removed before your session. A fresh shave is suggested.

What should I bring? Personalize your portraits with your car, artwork, collectibles and friends. If you are involved in any activities that you would like to include in your portraits, such as a musical instrument or sports equipment, please bring those as well. We can feature anything that you like in your photos, from video games to books, purses and shoes to your favorite artwork. Bring the things that you love and are a big part of who you are!

Can I bring a pet? Pets can be a lot of fun to include in your senior portraits, so bring them along! Just make sure someone comes with you who can take care of the pet when it is not being photographed. An extra charge does apply, and while we are happy to photograph you with your farm animals, we will only do so outdoors. For large animals like horses, we can do on-location photos at your barn.

What will my session be like? We always have a lot of fun during sessions! You might be a little nervous when you arrive, but we can make even the most camera-shy person comfortable. To help you relax, we have a sound system in our studio and we encourage you to bring CDs, an MP3 player or tell us your

favorite radio station, and it will be playing throughout your session. Feel free to bring a friend, parent, or sibling along with you to help you.

Can you retouch my portraits? Yes! Basic touch-up is done to all finished prints. Additional touch-up to remove acne, braces, earrings, and much more can be done at additional charges.

Are my hands or feet going to be in the pictures? Your hands will be in some of your images. Make sure that you have fresh polish or a manicure.

How long will my session last? Much of this depends on you and the type of session you decide on. We normally schedule 2030 minutes per outfit. If you are going to another location in addition to your photos here, there will be some travel time to consider.

How long does it take for my images to be ready? You’ll receive your proofs 2-3 weeks after your session and your finished prints will be ready within 3-4 weeks after placing your order. Additional time might be needed for specialty frames or albums.

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Frequently asked questions about senior picture sessions

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