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Why should I have family portraits taken? Family portraits have an important role in building family history. They are a gift to yourself, your children and many generations to come. They are an expression of how much you value your loved ones, and how they grow more precious as time goes by. Great family portraits are a tradition with us. We have the knowledge and experience to create a portrait that will reflect the special qualities of your family. What kinds of clothing should we wear? Similar outfits for each family member always help create a sense of unity in a portrait and make your images blend nicely. Avoid contrasting colors and patterns that draw attention to one person over the group. Long sleeves and pants or skirts keep the focus on the group rather than the individual and balance the group. Make sure to bring shoes, belts, jewelry and other accessories to match outfits. You may bring an extra set of clothing to create a different look. We are happy to discuss the look you want to create prior to your session to help you choose wardrobe for the day of pictures. How should I do my hair? Avoid trying new hairstyles or colors prior to your portraits. Get a haircut about a week before your session so that your hair is neat and trimmed but doesn’t have that “fresh hair cut” look. Should I do my makeup any differently? Don’t do your makeup differently than you normally would. Wear makeup that will compliment your appearance, not detract from it. You want the true you to come out in your images. Don’t worry about minor blemishes or marks, we fully touch-up all of your images so you can look your best! Should I go tanning? Everyone likes to have a nice tan for their portraits, but be careful! Being overly tanned will make your skin appear blotchy or orange. It is also best to avoid tan lines and uneven spray and self-tanners. If you get a sunburn it will show up in your pictures. So avoid it at all costs! Can Paramount photograph multiple family groupings? Yes, we have photographed many large families both inside and outside. When photographing multiple family groupings we photograph the whole group and then divide the family into smaller family units. This assures that each family unit has their own family portrait.

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