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Don’t be left out in the cold A Winter chill is in the air and the frosty weather is here. Don’t worry, we know just how to keep you super warm! Our range of Winter goods has arrived and they’re good, really good. From flasks in various sizes (perfect for storing piping hot coffee and soups) to groovy mugs, soup storage containers for when you’re on-the-go, to nifty plastic ponchos and fabulous umbrellas -ensuring you never get caught in the rain!


This Winter, there’s something for everyone at Mambo’s!

All products available at Mambo’s

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TEST-DRIVE A DISCOVERY SPORT BEFORE 31 JANUARY 2018 AND YOU COULD WIN A LAND ROVER EPIC TRIPPERS EXPERIENCE Win a Land Rover Epic Trippers Experience for you and two mates, valued at R60 000. The adventure includes flights, luxury tented accommodatation, three meals a day, Epic Rider shirts and even bike wash and lube services. And with the Discovery Sport from only R7 699 per month*, the adventure doesn’t have to end when the experience does.


Discovery Sport 2.0i4 Diesel SE

Retail Price (incl VAT)

R728 966

Principal Debt

R620 818

Deposit (15%) Period Monthly Instalment Rate

R109 345 72 months R7 699 5.39%

Balloon Payment (30%)

R218 690

Total Cost of Finance

R765 236

Land Rover N1 City C/O Vasco Blvd & Frans Conradie Drive , N1 Motor City 021 595 7100

*Offer available from Land Rover Financial Services. Deal parameters are flexible but will affect rate and payment. Contact dealer F&I manager for options. These payments are indications only and may change depending on date of first payment, etc. Changes in the prime rate, currently 10.25%, will cause changes to this schedule unless calculated on a ‘Fixed Rate’ basis. Customer responsible for Balloon Payment when and if applicable. Subject to normal credit approval as per JLR FS credit criteria. Retail prices subject to change without notice. Advertised monthly payment includes initiation fee of R1 197.00 and R68.40 monthly service fee. Terms and conditions apply and while stocks last. Land Rover Financial Services, a product of WesBank. WesBank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP20.

WATERFRONT POOL RENOVATION Fibreglass linings | Re-marble | Structural repairs | New Copings Installed Weir, Light, Salt water chlorinator installations

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et the magic back Ever had one of those years when you just couldn’t get excited about the holidays? Too many obligations, not enough time, frantically juggling work, friends and parental obligations? It happened to me last year. By a twist of fate two laptops were stolen at the beginning of December. While I was waiting for insurance to replace them I had to rely on the kindness of a mate to use his computer to finish my tasks, unfortunately only at times that were convenient for him. The juggling of must do’s, recouping my valuable lost data, getting my work done before deadline, social commitments and dealing with the insurance investigator interview (and the insurers always looking for an excuse not to pay), not to mention spending some quality time with my mother who came to visit, made for one of the most hectic months of my life! I was over it long before the actual day…and what a shame, since Christmas has always been a favourite time of year for me. This year I have to get the magic back. Whatever you’re celebrating, make the holidays your own. Don’t like red and green? Pick your own colours. Use the season as an excuse to experiment with something fresh, or indulge in your favourite traditions. Don’t care for turkey? Have lasagne with toast or garlic bread instead. I wish you a wonderfully happy holiday — sit back and kick up your heels. Thank you for making the magazine a part of your day and please contact us if you have any suggestions or even if you just want to say hello. Contact me directly:



i There, Please allow me to introduce ourselves. Northern Hills magazine, a quarterly lifestyle publication delivered to your front door at no cost to you. Our goal is a simple one - to provide you with a quality product, filled with interesting and insightful reading material. Northern Hills has been in operation for the past 3 ½ years in areas such as Plattekloof, Welgemoed, Kanonberg, Van Riebeeckshof and Protea Valley. After numerous requests and due to the overwhelming popularity in the market place, we have finally increased our distribution to include Durbanville Hills, Aurora, Kenridge, Bron, Eversdal, Eversdal Heights, Sonstraal, Sonstraal Heights, Vygeboom, Valmary Park, Brendwood Park, Skoongezight, Wellway Park, Goedemoed and Stellenberg. Every issue is categorised into various sections including décor, parenthood, pet care, mountain biking, golf, finance, health & beauty, luxury living, current affairs and all aspects of lifestyle in general. Our publication is available in print and online affording advertisers the opportunity to reach the local community and correct target market. This is a platform which offers a longer lifespan to advertisers resulting in a better success rate and return on investment. For more info about our publication you are welcome to visit our website www. or contact us directly on 021 422 0410. Visit and Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with events or advertiser offerings.


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From the initial wet works to the final touches, our showroom boasts an extensive hand picked collection of only the finest products selected from over 100+ brands.





















Jaguar XF 2.0 i4 Diesel R-Sport

Who says you can’t always get what you want? With the Jaguar XF you get outstanding handling and the dynamic agility of a sports car, paired with the luxurious comfort and style of a sedan. And when you consider the new 4 cylinder Ingenium Diesel engine delivering 132kW, and the state-of-the-art infotainment system offering advanced connectivity, it’s plain to see XF compromises nothing to give you everything.

Retail Price (incl VAT)

Balloon Payment (30%)

R251 580

Book your test-drive today.

Total Cost of Finance

R835 922


Principal Debt Deposit (5%) Period (months) Monthly Instalment Rate

R838 600 R797 867 R41 930 72 R8 299 1%

Jaguar N1 City C/O Vasco Blvd & Frans Conradie Drive, N1 City 021 595 7100





*Offer available from Jaguar Financial Services. Deal parameters are flexible but will affect rate and payment. Contact dealer F&I manager for options. These payments are indications only and may change depending on date of first payment, etc. Changes in the prime rate, currently 10.50%, will cause changes to this schedule unless calculated on a ‘Fixed Rate’ basis. Customer responsible for Balloon Payment when and if applicable. Subject to normal credit approval as per JLR FS credit criteria. Retail prices subject to change without notice. Advertised monthly payment includes initiation fee of R1 197.00 and R68.40 monthly service fee. Terms and conditions apply and while stocks last. Jaguar Financial Services, a product of WesBank. WesBank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP20.



Allowance f o r Kids

Types & How Much You Should Pay for Chores

competent to handle their own finances. Interestingly, the 2013 study also found that the more frequently kids talked to their parents about money, the more capable they felt in managing their own finances. What this suggests is that simply providing your kids an allowance isn’t enough. According to Lewis Mandell, Ph.D. and author, an allowance must be combined with regular discussions about how to manage the money.

that the chores are done – meaning the money is essentially free. This viewpoint is borne out by Mandell’s research. According to a 2000 survey entitled “Improving Financial Literacy – What Schools and Parents Can and Cannot Do,” kids who received an unconditional allowance had the lowest rates of financial literacy and were more likely to have a poorer work ethic.


With a “pay as needed” allowance, kids don’t regularly receive a set amount of money, but instead ask their parents for money as they need it. On the negative side, the kids haven’t necessarily done anything to earn this money, and if it is in fact contingent on the assumption that they are regularly doing chores, the correlation is neither immediate nor strong. This allowance structure also doesn’t provide money consistently, which makes it difficult for a child to save for future expenditures. However, it does necessitate frequent discussions about money, as each request must be evaluated on its merits. Ideally, under this scenario, if your child wants an e-reader, an aquarium, or a new bike, and there is no major holiday or birthday in sight, he or she would ask you for the money and you would determine whether your child has earned the money or what she or he can do to earn it, or a portion of it. This scenario forces both you and your

If you do choose to give an allowance, there are several options to consider.



here are two general schools of thought in regards to paying kids an allowance: Kids should earn money in exchange for doing chores, or kids should not be paid for regular contributions that are expected of every family member. In the latter case, kids are either regularly given money unconditionally, given money as needed, or they must earn it some other way. There are pros and cons to every method of administering an allowance to children. However, the ultimate point of the allowance, regardless of how it is given, is to teach your kids money


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management skills. It is apparent that the skills necessary to manage money effectively are not being learned in school, but must begin at home.

THE UNPREPARED GENERATION A 2013 survey for Personal Financial Literacy found that college students who had taken financial management courses in high school fared no better in money management than students who had not taken such a course, while a June 2016 study by Capital One Financial Corporation found that almost half of graduating high school seniors didn’t feel

The unconditional allowance consists of giving a regular amount of money without requiring the child to earn the money by doing chores. On the plus side, any allowance given weekly, biweekly, or monthly gives your child the opportunity to manage money on a regular basis in a way that’s similar to a pay check. It’s easier to apportion funds for specific purposes, and the child can plan ahead based on expected future income. The downside is that this method doesn’t teach your child that pay is compensation for a job well-done. This is especially true where the weekly allowance is supposed to be based on the child doing chores regularly, but there is no effort on the part of the parents to make sure



Parenthood child to consider money management each time a situation arises. This method may be suitable for parents who don’t feel kids should earn money for doing chores, but should rather receive the funds simply by virtue of being a member of the family.

3. THE “EARN MONEY FOR CHORES” ALLOWANCE This is the most common type of allowance. Kids are expected to do certain chores around the house in exchange for money. This is often a set amount of money for a list of chores that must be done each week. The benefits are that the child sees a direct correlation between effort and the money he or she receives. But for this to be effective, there must be consequences when the chores are not done; this, in turn, requires parents to keep track. And if there are several children in the household, that may be difficult. An alternative is to have a list of chores with a set price per chore. You might require your child to choose a minimum number of chores, or leave it up to her or him. More involved work pays more money, while

quick or easy tasks pay less. If your child doesn’t do the work, then he or she should not be given spending money.

4. THE HYBRID This is the method I and many other parents use. As a contributing member of the family, my 13-yearold son is expected to do certain chores around the house for free. He can earn money for tackling larger tasks, many of which he can choose, some of which he cannot; the amount he earns depends on the difficulty of the task or how long it takes. This forces us to discuss money each time

What this suggests is that simply providing your kids an allowance isn’t enough.

he takes on a larger task. My son shovels in the garden, does light yard work, empties the dishwasher, makes his bed, takes care of his pets, and does some light housework, all without pay. For bigger jobs, such as heavy cleaning, a big yard project, or a great deal of shovelling, he gets paid per job. When he wants to earn extra cash, he knows he can ask me for a job or project, and I can always find something. I went with this arrangement because my son would like to own his own business someday, and this is a way of teaching him that the harder he

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Complete your bedroom with the

Best Night’s Sleep

Visit or call us on 0861 60 60 60 for your nearest showroom Untitled-2 1

2017/06/09 11:49:15 AM

works, the more money he makes. It’s a lesson he’ll learn eventually in the working world, but why not start now? However, this model is not without its drawbacks. When I have a big job that I need help with (like cleaning the basement), if it’s something he’s opposed to doing, no amount of money can entice him to help. In that case, I remind him that he can work for pay or work for free – but either way, he’s going to work.


home from school with stories about the exorbitant amounts of money his or her friends get for their allowances, consider this simple guideline before caving in to demands to “keep up with the Joneses.” A general rule of thumb is to pay R10 per year of age on a weekly basis, so a 10-year-old would earn R100 per week, a 14-yearold would earn R140 per week, and so on. If this seems high (or low) to you, you can come up with whatever seems reasonable

It’s important to allow yourself some flexibility.

as opposed to instilling the desire to work for it and the pride in earning it.

It’s important to allow yourself some flexibility. The method you end up using may not be what you started with, as your child may not respond to positive or negative reinforcement as initially expected. Ultimately, you could find that you need to change your method to get the best results.


WHAT IS THE GOING RATE? If your child comes

The point is to teach your kids money management and the value of money.

based on how much work gets done (if you link the allowance to chores), how many children you give an allowance to, what your allowance budget is, and what type of allowance system you use. The point is to teach your kids money management and the value of money. If you pay them too much, even if their friends “earn” this amount, you may encourage them to feel entitled to money

It isn’t enough to give kids their own money and expect them to learn responsibility. We as parents must also teach them to manage it, because when left to their own devices, few kids will manage money well. A 2012 survey found that the average child makes between R8000 – R9500 per year from his or her allowance. However, only 1% of parents said their kids actually save any of their allowance. Instead, most of the money is spent on toys and while hanging out with their friends.

TEACH KIDS TO APPORTION FUNDS Just like we earmark (or are supposed to earmark)

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a percentage of our pay checks toward savings and retirement, we should teach our kids not to blow all their money as soon as they get it. A portion of each allotment may be utilized for immediate spending, but a portion should also go into savings. Teaching kids the importance of building up a savings fund is extremely valuable. You may also want to encourage children to reserve a percentage of their earnings to donate to charity. Having them choose the charity of their choice will make them more likely to set aside the money. Just like we give to charities that matter to us, children also need to give to a charity that matters to them, or they won’t be motivated to do it. A simple three-jar method can be an effective means to help kids distribute their money and watch their savings grow. Get three large jars and label accordingly: spending, saving, and charity. Older teens, especially those with part-time jobs, should also be encouraged to save some of their money for future expenses, such as college, a car, or a trip.

ALLOW THEM TO SPEND Part of teaching money management is allowing kids to spend their hard-earned money on something they truly want. My son keeps numerous tanks of pet fish, and as long as he takes care of them, it doesn’t matter to me if he wants to spend his money on purple gravel or

more aquarium plants. Kids also need to learn that work merits rewards. With age comes greater responsibility, and that includes being responsible for personal spending money. Younger teens, especially those that might make money doing odd jobs such as cutting grass, raking leaves, or babysitting, might be expected to pay their own way at the movies or when they go out to eat with their friends. Older teens may be expected to pay for gas or contribute money toward the family cell phone plan, as well as pay for some of their personal expenses.

the dishwasher and help to empty it, help set the table, fill a pet’s food and water dishes, water outside flowers, and do some weeding in the garden. • Kids 8 to 10 years old can set and clear the table, vacuum, sweep, dust, take out the garbage, bring in the mail and newspaper, help weed the garden, shovel snow, rake leaves, walk the dog, sweep out the garage, make their beds, and clean their rooms. • Kids 11 to 13 can learn

DIFFERENT CHORES FOR DIFFERENT AGES If you’d like to link your child’s allowance to chores, how early should you start? Kids as young as the age of three may not fully grasp the concept of an allowance, but they can start learning family responsibility by performing a few easy tasks.

HERE ARE SOME APPROPRIATE CHORES FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES: • Young children ages three and four can learn to fold washcloths, put napkins on the table, fill the dog’s food dish, put their toys away, and help sort laundry into different baskets. • Kids in the five to seven age range can handle slightly more complex tasks: They can learn to fold towels and other laundry, do some light dusting, put dishes in

to do laundry, wash the dishes, mow the lawn, trim hedges, help prepare meals, wash cars, clean bathrooms, and babysit younger siblings. Older teens have the increasing capacity to earn money outside the home. Not only will their reliance on an allowance diminish, but they may have very little time for chores if they are already balancing school, work, and extracurricular activities. They also are likely to have less interest (not to mention motivation) in doing household chores.

Part of teaching money management is allowing kids to spend their hardearned money

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You can decide at what point it seems right to discontinue the allowance for older kids. While these are general guidelines, you are the best judge of your child’s maturity level. You don’t want to force kids to perform chores (such as lawn mowing) that they aren’t capable of performing well or comfortable doing. On the other hand, I found that it doesn’t hurt to ask them for ideas. My son, when he was not yet handy with a lawnmower, surprised me by offering to trim the bushes with the hedge clippers. I was hesitant, but he proved to be very capable, and actually enjoys doing it. If kids are allowed to concentrate on chores they like or don’t mind doing, they are more likely to be consistent with helping out. They must, of course, have to do chores they don’t like, but I’ll often give my son a choice. Knowing that he hates cleaning the bathroom, I’ll give him a choice of that or vacuuming, knowing he’ll choose the latter and figure he got off easy. As long as work gets done and I have help around the house, I’m not going to be too picky about which chores he does.

CHORE TRACKING If you are going to use chores to keep track of what your kids earn, you might find it helpful to use a chore chart or house cleaning schedule. You can find many types of charts on the Internet for free This is especially handy if you must keep track of chores for

more than one child. You can also create your own chart. A chart provides a good visual for kids of all ages. Young kids might like to put stickers on the chart once they’ve completed a chore, as it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Older kids can easily see which chores they have completed, which chores have yet to be completed, and (if you pay per chore) how much money they can expect to receive for the week or month. As a parent, a chart allows you to keep track of what you owe, especially if under your allowance system you subtract from your child’s allowance for chores that weren’t done, or add payment for chores that are completed in addition to the regular work you expect to be done.

also online money games available for kids of all ages.


Giving an allowance isn’t the only way to teach your kids about money

There are different schools of thought as to what type of an allowance is appropriate – but regardless of what kind of system you use to funnel money to your kids, the most important component is to have frequent discussions about how they manage their money. It’s so easy to get caught up in the bustle of our daily lives and forget the long-term consequences of our actions (or of our inaction). As parents, our primary job is to prepare our children to successfully handle life in the world by teaching them crucial skills, and money management is certainly one of them. NH

OTHER WAYS TO TEACH MONEY MANAGEMENT Giving an allowance isn’t the only way to teach your kids about money – and there is no rule that says it can’t be fun. You can also teach your kids money management skills by playing board games like Monopoly and The Game of Life. Kids can learn about money and investments, and it provides you with an opportunity to have financial discussions with them in a way that doesn’t turn them off or bore them to tears. To begin to teach young children and toddlers the value of money, set up a pretend store and show them how to pay for things and how to save for things they can’t afford. There are

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2018 18

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e are officially near the end of 2017. Not totally sure how that happened, but we’re here, and we’re already pretty eager to see what 2018 has in store. Of all the design trends we look forward to most in the coming year, colour holds a steady spot at the top of our list. After all, it sets the tone for what furniture we buy, what decor we invest in, and the overall mood for that design year. Sherwin-Williams predicts that 2018 will embody the spirit of contemporary life with their three colour palettes: Affinity, Connectivity, and Sincerity. Each one is inspired by the collective culture of the moment — from fashion to technology — and captures the aura of a year that is bound to be full of progress.

AFFINITY This colour story of striking blue, animated fuchsia, and stabilizing brown, the Affinity palette is set to celebrate the connection of people and places. “We’re remapping our sense of community, landlocked cities are becoming global hubs of crafts and gastronomy,” says Wadden, Sherwin-Williams. Home and car sharing, as well as e-learning, have created a culture of everyday nomadism and the wanderlust-obsessed.” Affinity is just like any good getaway: relaxed but full of unexpected fun. Decorate accordingly with a base of neutral browns and vibrant accent colours in an array of pinks and blues.

CONNECTIVITY The Connectivity palette draws from innovations in tech, including pixelated oranges, digital blues and greens, and high-def yellow. “Connectivity is modern and playful, bringing in dark watery tones of blue that are balanced with neutrals, warm yellow and energetic purples.” Punctuate any room with some tech-inspired hues while working in some much-needed warmth with understated greys and creams.

SINCERITY Minimalism isn’t going anywhere in 2018. However, it is taking on a less structured look. “With the Sincerity palette, silence is no longer empty, but instead is rare and rich with possibility,” says Wadden. “Sincerity is about mindful living and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge. Soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony.” Step away from the stark light and dark contrasts and embrace colour fluidity. This palette is all about ditching harsh lines for sandy browns, muted greys, and hazy greens that harmonize perfectly. Don’t stress too much about sticking to a strict colour scheme, but instead let one organic shade blend into the next. NH

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Home Decor Trends That Are Coming Again in 2018


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o matter how many people have come to believe that home should feel home regardless of its decorations, the importance of taking care of every bit of your house should always be essential. However, they were partially true, stating that your place should feel home anyway, for it is always going to be the place that you retreat to after a long tiring day. With all the progress that is taking place in every aspect of our lives, as luck would have it, interior designs and home decorations have been able to cope up with that fast pace. They are going fast that even launching a new design every single day is not surprising anymore, giving us a lot of options from which we can freely choose, however; there are a lot of trends that are really beautiful, but not everyone has the required budget to give their homes a new makeover and, to be honest, no one likes being far behind all of the new launched trends, but we have some good news for you; a lot of outdated styles are expected to make a big comeback in 2018 and start getting popular all over again. This could actually be the best news ever, for those who were trying to keep their homes updated. Check this list featuring several outdated trends that are going to be popular again and hope that you have one of them, so you do not have to worry about upgrading your interior design anymore.

BRASS AGAIN AND AGAIN A simple piece of metal yet it is capable of making your home shine as bright as the sun with its lively yellow colour. This trend may be considered one of the outdated home decors, but it made an appearance in 2016 and it is expected to do so once again in 2018, so all of those who have brass in their house, celebrate having a trendy dĂŠcor in your house before it was even trendy.

AVOCADO GREEN AND HARVEST GOLD Pairing this avocado green colour with a nice shade of gold creates a nice-looking design, besides; it gives your place a welcoming vibe with its calm and delicate accent. This trend was so popular during northern HILLS



e specialize in the Distribution and Sale of Affordable Quality Outdoor Cast Aluminium Garden Patio Furniture. We have a wide variety of styles and designs from 2 to 12 seated cast aluminium outdoor garden patio furniture sets to suit your individual style and needs as we are all unique in our own way. For anyone looking for strength, durability, and a modern look, cast aluminium outdoor furniture is a must. It’s also extremely versatile, and can change its appearance with as little as a change of cushions. You don’t need to worry about leaving it out in the rain either it’s designed to be rust-proof. Well-suited for formal and informal outdoor dining, cast aluminium furniture can dress up any outdoor space. Patio furniture is what we do. See our online store where we have made shopping for patio furniture easier. Patio SA has the largest range of of quality garden patio furniture, pool loungers, sun loungers, tables, chairs, benches, bar sets, coffee tables side tables interior furniture, gifts, plant holders, pots, stands and various wrought iron craft products. Contact us today or visit our showroom to discover our full range! 69 Vasco Boulevard, CTI Business Park 2, Unit 4 Goodwood, Cape Town, 7460 Telephone number 021 591 1750 | Email:

Uniquely Yours!

the 70’s, but it seems like it is willing to make a comeback and stay for a while, giving us nostalgic thoughts and reminding all of those who have had the best days in their lives through that decade. This should actually be amazing news for everyone even for those who seem like they have not had their house updated since the 70’s. You no longer have to get it upgraded guys, you are already coping up with the upcoming trends.

BLACK AND WHITE Having an interior design that is solely in black and white has been around for a very long time, however; it is ranked as one of the top trends that will never go out of style. It may look Vintage, but that is the reason that is actually reflecting a sense of sophistication and elegance as well. Bottom line; no matter how the trends of colours fluctuate with time, these two colours, black and white, in particular, will always remain the best classical blend.

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WINNER of the best stand award at the 2017 Homemakers Expo!

Giving wood a second chance

082 333 6933 | (021) 553-0056 | | Hoitytoity Factory Showroom, 23 2nd Street, Montague Gardens

Manufacturers of quality furniture

Showroom direct to the Public 24

HILLS Tel: 021 948 northern 6911 | | | Fergusonstraat Nr. 1, Bellville

OVERSIZED FURNITURE New homeowners have taken space into consideration more than actually the design of the furniture pieces. The vast spaces have become more significant in the trendiest interior designs, however; having oversized pieces of furniture are not actually something that you should be getting rid of anytime soon, because, thanks to the trendsetters, a lot, if not all, of the outdated trends of interior designs, are expected to come big in the following year. Besides, they create that elegantly antique atmosphere that is perfectly right for all of the people who are fond of the classical themes.

ART GALLERY WALLS Although having a lot of pictures hung on your wall is considered to be outdated and something of the past, we highly believe that it should be a thing and should never go out of style. Whether you fill your walls with photos of your close family members or even some original artwork, they will aid in giving your wall a nice accent and boost up your room’s overall design despite their relatively small sizes. The frames of the pictures work on perfectly pairing with the design of your wall, creating a nice eclectic appearance. Since they are expected to come back, do not think about taking them off anytime soon. NH

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Common pitfalls to avoid when buying property


buyer usually knows far less about a property than its seller so it’s important for them to be familiar with common defects and contract clauses. “Caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) is a wellknown phrase from contract law that often applies in property transactions. Buyers find themselves in a position where they know less about a property than the seller and the onus has been on them to inform themselves of the true state


northern HILLS

of the property they are about to purchase. While the Consumer Protection Act has gone some way towards protecting buyers, and the new proposed Property Practitioners Bill goes further, buyers still have to beware. Here are some tips to help buyers. Sellers would do well to cover the same ground before they list their property as it could save them a great deal of money and even the sale of their property down the line. Currently to avoid liability

for damages, the seller and their agent are required to inform the buyer of all defects or potential defects, even if the property is being sold voetstoots (in current condition). The new Bill will make it mandatory for sellers to attach a disclosure form to the agreement of sale (or lease). Some real estate professionals such as Just Property already do this. “When a property is listed with us, sellers are asked to complete a Seller’s Declaration (an annexure to our mandate), which lists any and all defects the seller is aware of,” says Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property. Buyers should always insist on a copy of such a document before signing an OTP, advises Stevens. The seller is required

to provide an electrical compliance certificate, electrical fence certificate, entomologist’s certificate and, if relevant, a gas compliance certificate. In Cape Town, a certificate of plumbing compliance is also required. Certain banks (such as FNB) require a compliance certificate for properties with asbestos. Stevens notes that “transfer of the property cannot proceed without these and will be delayed until such certificates are issued”. A reputable agent will advise sellers of these requirements and put them in touch with suitably a qualified entomologist, plumber, electrician etc. But even the most scrupulously honest seller and their agent may not be suitably qualified to pick


up all defects. As a result, consumer watch dogs are encouraging buyers to ensure all certificates supplied by sellers are legitimate, and to undertake extensive inspections of homes they plan to buy. The proposed bill also looks to recommend and regulate home inspections by qualified inspectors. To ensure your compliance certificates are legitimate, include the following in your offer to purchase: In addition to “wooddestroying insects” insert the words “and organisms” when referring to the entomologist clearance certificate, Add the word “verified” to the section on electrical certificates Add the proviso that the property passes a home inspection before to transfer and that if any defects are found that these be repaired to your satisfaction before to transfer), Add the condition that “the home passes a due diligence investigation”. What do these mean? Including “organisms” in the requirements for entomologist’s certificate expands that report to include an investigation for fungi that can infest and destroy timber, as well as borer etc. The verified electrical certification clause means that the local provincial electrical inspection authority will be asked to recheck the entire installation. If any faults are found, the authority will require the electrician who issued the certificate of compliance to sort out the faults at the contractor’s expense.

Any costs to remedy the installation would be for the seller who is responsible for providing the certificate. The home inspection is payable by the purchaser, who should also choose which professional home inspection company to use. According to House Check John Graham, such an inspection would look for defects such as: Poor drainage - does storm water flow away from the house properly, does the roof needs new gutters and downpipes, is there a danger of water ponding seeping under the foundations. Faulty electrical, plumbing and gas installations. Wiring, DB boards, hot water geysers, plumbing pipes, gas lines and sanitary ware are all checked. Leaking roof, whether from poor flashing, blocked gutters or aging roof coverings. Defective or non-existent insulation. Poor maintenance, eg DIY plumbing and electrical fixes. Structural damage due to settling or weak moving foundation that means roof structures, doorways, walls and support beams become unstable. Water seepage through windows and doors. Recaulking windows and doors, adding weatherstripping or other more extensive repairs may be necessary. Rotten window and door frames, timber floors and roofing timbers could be an indication of borer beetles, termites and wooddestroying fungi.

Poor ventilation can lead to structural damage and health hazards. Hazardous materials such as lead-based paint, asbestos materials and unhealthy levels of potentially toxic moulds. Home buyers informed of home defects in these inspections will then decide on how to proceed with the

rands to rectify electrical faults and plumbing improvements to reach compliance. This goes to show how important it is to keep up with the maintenance needs of your home. “People fear what they don’t understand, which makes the buying of property a pretty scary ordeal for most first time

The home inspection is payable by the purchaser, who should also choose which professional home inspection company to use. home buying process – they may request that repairs be completed or that the major repair costs be covered by the seller. A due diligence investigation would include title deed conditions, servitudes and confirmation that the structures on the property have been approved by the local authority. “Good practice is to add a clause in your Offer To Purchase, under Special Conditions, that states a copy of approved municipal plans must be provided by the seller prior to registration of the property,” advises Stevens. As much as this is good advice for buyers, Stevens emphasizes that it is just as important that sellers do the same homework, even before listing their property. It can save a great deal of heartache, stress and expense down the road. Putting matters right can be expensive. There are cases of sellers having to pay out 10s of 1000s of

or novice buyers,” says Carla Visagie also of Just Property. “It doesn’t have to be. Just Property has recently developed a new online tool labelled ‘Your Property Journey’ to help demystify the buying process and offer buyers insights into how to better prepare themselves for homeownership. It’s available to the public and accessible via the Just Property website from 1 October. We’ve also included a new online prequalification tool (powered by My Bond Fitness that will give buyers instant results regarding their buying power, all free of charge!” Visagie says that Just Property is “always striving towards new and innovative ways to add value to our clients’ experience. Property takes one on an interesting journey and we’d like our clients to know we’ll be there with professional help and sound advice every step of the way.” NH

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T HROWIN G TH SHADES The must haves in sunglasses FOR summer ‘17. Impossible to ignore and easy to admire, these are the sunglass styles you don’t want to be caught without!

Brow BAR Taken from old vintage styles, a structured bar across the upper part of the sunglass creates a bold feature on an otherwise classic frame shape. This fun retro style can be found on basically every shape including cat eye, aviator and oversized. We love this style in an acetate & metal combo.

Round Go full Lennon with some circular wire rimmed sunglasses! The shape instantly infuses any look with a playful, laid-back touch. Revisit the 70’s and 90’s with a tinted coloured lens to give off an air of fun that traditional sunglasses just don’t. There’s something so flirty and fun about seeing someones eyes through their lenses.

Cat Eye Cat-eye frames and fashion go hand-in-hand. They’re the equivalent of a little black dress — ever-flattering, this shape is both timeless and chic. Plus, there are tons of iterations. Go for a larger-than-life cat-eye to breathe new life into this perennial fashion fave.

tO book your eye test sms your name to 33109 OR BOOK Online at www.execu

Vinnige moet-weet feite oor visie & blindheid


êreldsigdag (12 Oktober 2017) en Nasionale Oogsorgbewustheidsmaand (23 September – 20 Oktober 2017) is twee belangrike jaarlikse inisiatiewe wat ingestel is om bewustheid oor visieprobleme en die gevare van swak oogsorg te skep. Dit is dus die ideale tyd om die publiek te herinner om hul sig eerste te plaas en vir ‘n oogondersoek te gaan as hulle dit nie afgelope twee jaar gedoen het nie. Ongeveer 285 miljoen mense wêreldwyd leef met visieprobleme en blindheid, dit is dus noodsaaklik om gesonde visie te prioritiseer. “Maak nie saak hoe oud of gesond jy is nie. Gereelde oogtoetse is belangrik,” sê Andre Horn, ‘n senior optometris en besturende direkteur van Mellins i-Style ( Tydens ‘n oogondersoek sal die optometris nie net die gehalte van jou visie ondersoek en kyk of jy ‘n bril of kontaklense of nuwe voorskrif nodig het nie. Daar word ook na jou oë se algehele gesondheid gekyk soos beserings, abnormaliteite en vroeë tekens van blindheid soos katarakte, gloukoom, diabetiese retinopatie en makulêre degenerasie – nog voordat jy bewus is van enige simptome. Baie van hierdie probleme kan steeds behandel word as hulle vroeg genoeg gediagnoseer word. Optometriste identifiseer baie keer eerste chroniese siektes en toestande soos hoë bloeddruk, diabetes en cholesterol. Jou oë word ook ondersoek om te sien of hulle as ‘n “span” saamwerk.

HET JY GEWEET? • Ongeveer 39 miljoen wêreldwyd is blind en 246 miljoen het matige tot ernstige visieprobleme. • 80% van visieprobleme kan verhoed word – d.w.s. dit kan maklik behandel/of voorkom word • 90% van blinde mense woon in laeinkomste lande. • Die regstelling van visie en strategieë om blindheid te voorkom is van die mees bekostigbare ingrypings in gesondheidsorg. • Ongeveer 19 miljoen kinders het visieprobleme. • Ongeveer 65% van mense met visieprobleme is 50 jaar en ouer maar hierdie ouderdomsgroep vorm net 20% deel van die wêreldbevolking. • Die toename van bejaardes in baie lande, beteken dat meer mense ‘n risiko sal hê van ouderdomverwante visieprobleme. “Optometriste beveel oogondersoeke gewoonlik elke twee jaar aan”, sê Horn. In sommige gevalle word mense egter aangeraai om meer gereeld hulle oë te laat ondersoek, veral onder die volgende omstandighede: • ‘n kind wat bril dra; • diabete; • ‘n persoon ouer as 40 met ‘n familiegeskiedenis van gloukoom; • ‘n persoon ouer as 70. NH

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Bespoke EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Nick’s philosophy of “if you cannot measure it, you cannot control it”, applied successfully for 20 years whilst being involved in international corporate agriculture in Central Africa, was the foundation of the success story RIO LARGO is today. The climate bespoke of the Scherpenheuwel Valley, terroir and irrigated EXTRA OLIVE OILconditions, orchards as wellVIRGIN as storage under optimal bottling to order and Nick’s personal involvement BRINGING HOME GOLD SINCE 2010 fromNick’s tree to table, have contributed to one of South philosophy of “if you cannot measure it, you cannot control it”, applied successfully for olive 20 years whilst being Africa’s top award-winning oils. involved in international corporate agriculture in Central Africa, was the foundation of the success story RIO LARGO is today. The climate of the Scherpenheuwel Valley, terroir and irrigated orchards as well as storage under optimal conditions, bottling to order and Nick’s personal involvement from tree to table, have contributed to one of South Africa’s top award-winning olive oils.


Ultimately it is all in the taste Ultimately it is all in the taste -

Try it - you’ll love it! Try it - you’ll love it! Excellent quality for local and international enjoyment

+27 (0) 82 688 0578

RIO LARGO OLIVE ESTATE has been independently tested for chemical compliance to world standards by the SA OLIVE ASSOCIATION which denotes no taste defects as well as the year of harvest, for consumer protection.

RIO LARGO OLIVE ESTATE has been independently tested for chemical compliance to world standards by the SA OLIVE ASSOCIATION which denotes no taste defects as well as the year of harvest, for consumer protection. | | +27 (0) 82 688 0578


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from selected CHECKERS or ONLINE via YUPPIECHEF. Nick Wilkinson, owner producer; Master Miller UC Davis 2015




to Eating Healthy During the Holidays


he holidays can be a real trial for the healthy routines that we have been building, tweaking, and refining all year long. Many clients that I work with are terrified of the holiday season out of fear that they might sabotage their healthy routines and permanently undo all their hard earned progress. Instead of flushing our health habits down the toilet this season, let’s find a way to nourish our bodies while joining in on the holiday celebrations. We can have fun and be healthy too. • Eat Regularly: If you can keep your blood sugar levels and appetite stable throughout the day you will be better positioned to make appropriate choices when offered sugary and processed foods. This may mean avoiding a sweet altogether or indulging in a small portion of one of your favorites. Eat some healthy food options throughout the day so you don’t go to a holiday event hungry. • Fill Up on Real Food First: When you attend a holiday party try filling your plate with nourishing foods first. If you are still hungry

later go back for those indulgent choices when you are just near full. Don’t forget to choose vegetables whenever they are available— even if these foods aren’t always your favorite. Beware though—not all holiday vegetables are healthy! (Not mentioning any names… good ol’ fashion green bean casserole or yams drenched in marshmallows.) • Stay Hydrated: Being hydrated curbs sugar cravings and often prevents overeating. If you notice a craving for junk food use that feeling as a trigger to first drink a full glass of water. Then, re-assess your craving before indulging in the treat. • Choose Foods You Love: Scan the food choices and note which foods you don’t care that much about versus the must have treats that you look forward to during the holidays. Health is about balance (nutritional and emotional). If the treat you’re looking at doesn’t make your “must have” list, don’t put it on your plate. Save your one or two exceptions for those special items that are the most significant part of

your holiday tradition. Having a prioritized plan enables you to avoid falling victim to everything that is placed in front of you. • Create Healthy Versions of Your Holiday Favorites: I have come to realize that most (maybe even all) of my holiday favorites can be reinvented into a healthy version. For Halloween, I made a pumpkin pie minimally sweetened with honey with a nut-based crust— delicious! Gravy made with arrowroot flour and coconut milk—a staple at Thanksgiving. Green bean casserole with fresh green beans and mushrooms—yum! Make a list of your holiday must have’s and do an Internet search for recipes that align with your healthy eating habits. • Beware of Beverages: Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and lead to poor eating choices. And both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages themselves can be full of calories, carbs, and sugar. Choose low to no sugar drinks. A wine spritzer (wine and club soda mix) is a great way to slow alcohol

consumption and reduce sugar intake. Alternating between alcoholic and water will keep you hydrated while keeping sugar/carb and alcohol consumption balanced. • Tap Into Your Fullness Gauge: Just because food is on your plate or in arm’s reach does not mean you need to mindlessly eat. Check in with yourself and aim for about 7/10 fullness— nice and full, but not busting at the seams. • Remember the 80/20 Rule: This is a rule that inspires eating 80% nourishing, healthy food, and allowing 20% of food intake to be indulgent or less optimal. This rule doesn’t work for everyone— especially those with sugar addictions who find that they “can’t just have one” or when they eat unhealthy foods they quickly go down a fast and furious rabbit hole of poor eating decisions. For some, on the other hand, the 80/20 rule provides a reasonable guideline for eating healthy without Eat well and be merry this holiday season!feeling deprived of the season’s treats. NH

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PULSE ▪ Northernhills

Post Pregnancy Rehab A Moms guide to getting straight back to feeling her fabulous self


ver the years I have met my fair share of mommies who come in to see me at the clinic. And although pregnancy is one of the most special times of a woman’s life, let’s face facts, growing another human can wreak havoc on a woman’s face and body! Sometimes it does not matter how many products you used during the 9 months of gestation, still the battle scars of womanhood prevail and you can be left with scars, stretchmarks, pigmentation and unwanted fatty areas that can affect your self-esteem and how you view yourself as a woman. Now as a mommy to be myself ( my baby boy is due in May this year!) this is something that I am now experiencing first hand and so I thought I’d share with you ladies out there that hope is not lost and if treated at the right time you can not only have your beautiful bundle of joy but we can have your skin and body restored to its former glory! This is the new age in beauty and ladies… we have options! Just as your amazing body has been able to create new life, with the right treatment you are able to regenerate, heal and restore yourself and the results I have seen first-hand have been truly remarkable! Here are a few of the concerns my mommies have when coming in to see me post pregnancy and how we would go about treating them…


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and smoothing stretchmarks and what I love most about this is it can be used on all skin colours safely and effectively. I have found that my patients coming within3 month post birth to start treatment get the best results, average 60-90% reduction but if it’s been a few years we can still significantly reduce and improve the areas treated. I advise 6-12 treatments at 2-4 week intervals.


STRETCH MARKS AND LOOSE SKIN The medical term for stretch marks is Stria Gravidarum, and although I hear them called many things, tiger stripes, stretch marks and battle scars come up top of the list. Now I know many woman chose to wear them with pride, as a beautiful reminder of how mind-blowing the female body is in being able to form a whole new living being. And while I too find the thought and realisation of my bodies capabilities fascinating and special I must be honest, I am not one who will feel comfortable flaunting my stripes for all the world to see. The key to treating stretchmarks effectively first and foremost is to treat them sooner rather than later! What treatment options are available that actually work?

NIR SKIN TIGHT LASER This laser is my go to first port of call for postnatal abdomens. The Near Infra-Red laser heats up the dermis (the under layer of the skin where collagen is produced)to cause tissue regeneration and contraction of existing collagen bands, and is used to treat loose, wrinkled skin all over the body and face. It is Pain free as far as laser treatments go and gives patients absolutely no ‘Down time’ allowing my patients to resume their daily activities immediately! This treatment is also excellent at shrinking

Automated micro needling must be one of my most popular treatments at Pulse Dermatology and Laser. Treating a wide variety of skin conditions this procedure has now far surpassed the deeper laser treatments as the side effects are so much less and the results speak for themselves! Using tiny needles to create micro-injuries so that we can get better penetration of active ingredients and trick the skin into rebuilding a newer healthier version of itself. I advise this procedure for those stubborn marks and sometimes combine this with laser and other light therapies depending on the severity of the skins stretching. Patients usually have 6-8 treatments at 6 week intervals. PREGNANCY PIGMENTATIONMelasma, aka, the mask of pregnancy is pigmentation that is hormonally driven and usually presents itself in the shape of a butterfly on the face hence its name. Without a doubt the only thing that works for this kind of pigmentation is the Cosmelan depigmentation program by Mesoestetics! It is very strict and precise but the results are amazing, giving patients an average reduction in pigmentation of 95%! This is truly the Rolls Royce in

depigmenting treatments and although it doesn’t come cheap it’s important for patients to know that other conventional treatments will not work on Melasma and in some cases may make it worse!

HAIRLOSS I’m sure you have heard of it and let me tell you the stories are true, though you may have the most lustrous tresses during pregnancy once baby is here your hair goes through a shedding Phase and while this normally takes up to a year to correct itself there are fantastic treatments we can do in the meantime to encourage new hair growth combatting thinning hair and even bald patches! With a combination of microneedling with an ingredient called Biotin to regeneratae the scalp we send our ladies home with the Mesoestetic Tricology treatment which is a pharmaceautical range that stimulates the scalp to not only ensure that your existing hairs are strong and healthy but it encourages new hair growth too!

HORMONAL ACNE While it may take a few months for your hormones to settle especially if you are still breastfeeding there is absolutely no reason why you can’t start treating your skin and combatting those pesky breakouts! The key is not to be aggressive and that is why I advise the Pulse Dermatology and Laser Medfacial which combines either a ‘No-Peel ‘peel ( I see the peeling you don’t, you just look fresher and brighter) or some crystal microdermabrasion to reduce blockages and impurities with Some healing and antibacterial LED light therapy. Add in some glycolic acid for cleaning out pores while promoting cell renewal and some phytic acid- a powerful anti-oxidant which heals and brightens the skin and you are all set on the path to fresh glowing skin! Sometimes I also advise some IPL laser to strengthen collagen even further but this will be determined at your initial assessment. NH

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How to make a

DIY Sofa


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oday’s modern furniture is more freestyle than it used to be, which means it’s easier to make your own sofa and couches using materials readily available at your local Builders Warehouse or timber merchant. Pine is one of the most affordable woods to use for making your own sofa, plus you can buy a selection of sizes at your local Builders Warehouse or timber merchant. While it’s easy to make the framework for your sofa, what is more important is the upholstered part of the project, and you may need to take some sewing lessons to get that part of the project completed successfully! You can buy foam products cut to size from foam manufacturers around the country, and these guys will be able to assist in recommending the right density of foam for your particular project. You will use a variety of foam products to make your sofa, with medium- and high-density foam for support, and low-density foam for added comfort. For even more comfort you can incorporate batting to add softness and plump up your finished design. Choosing the right fabric is also an important part of making your own sofa. Upholstery fabrics will obviously be the best choice, as these fabrics are designed specifically for use in upholstery projects and can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Alternatively, shop for durable fabrics with a tight weave, heavyweight fabrics such as bull denim, or affordable linens. Plywood is a great material to work with if you want to make your own affordable sofa. You can choose pine plywood if you’re trying to keep the cost down, or opt for more expensive birch- or



maple-faced plywood - or you could make an outdoor sofa using marine plywood. This plywood sofa by HomeMadeModern can be assembled and upholstered in a day-visit HomeMadeModern/ videos Imagine a sofa that doubles as a dining table or work area. If you make your own you can custom design a sofa to fit into any space. The sofa-table is the perfect seating design for small spaces. The luxuriously padded seat cushions and back rests provide a comfortable place to sit. Make using pine, meranti or hardwood to suit your budget. NH Â

sun canopy

on factor

Sandpit ith sun with a sun canopy e integrated

your children utdoor play is a natural and fun way to keep busy, and it helps in e sandpit to all aspects of a child’s growth and education. It is something that comes content even naturally to all children and they love it… so we need to keep encouraging it in as many ways as er. possible. A great way to do this is through sand


play: it’s a fun and unique activity that can be enjoyed by everyone… parents included!

1 INTRODUCTION We’ve added a new dimension to a children’s classic: Our sandpit comes with a sun canopy that you can lower and tilt as required, thus providing optimum protection from UV rays. You can also lower the sun shade completely to keep the sandpit clean. The sandpit consists of two parts: the pit itself and the awning on two canopy supports. The sandpit itself consists of a frame whose parts are fastened together with square bolt connectors, while two connected gable ends form the canopy frame. The following assembly instructions apply to spruce glued laminated wood board of 18 mm (gable boards) and 27 mm thickness. You must adapt the list of materials accordingly if you opt for other materials or material with a different thickness. Note that spruce timber, whether painted or varnished, is less weatherresistant than other types of timber. If you want


to be certain of weather resistance, choose teak or robinia wood. Ask your DIY store or carpenter to cut the required boards to size.


enclosed within the long frame surrounds. Mark the different parts with a triangle so that you always know what goes where at a later stage of assembly. Using the cordless screwdriver and screws (4 x 60 mm), mount the short and long surrounds using the upright screw strips to form a single frame.

procedure for the remaining bench boards. Refer again to our tip about screwing together two pieces of wood. The bench boards are joined together by connecting straps from below, which also ensure the sandpit is stable enough. Pre-drill these straps in each of the corners, using the drill and 5-mm drill bit. Place the sandpit with the bench boards face down on the trestles. Using the cordless screwdriver and screws (4 x 45 mm), mount the straps as shown in our illustration. Refer again to our tip about screwing together two pieces of wood.

60 mm), you can now fit the bench board through the pre-drilled 5-mm holes in the horizontal screw strips. Follow the same

plastic sheeting. In either case, use a tacker to secure the layer of plastic below the horizontal screw strips on the sides.

• Jigsaw ded a new dimension to a children’s classic: Our sandpit comes with • Random orbit sander • Cordless drill/driver opy that you can lower and tilt as required, thus providing optimum • Cordless screwdrive • Router from UV rays. You can also lower 3the sunTHEshade completely to kee JOINING • Tacker BENCH BOARDS • Fine spray system it clean. WITH THE FRAME Lay the completed frame OTHER the ACCESSORIES: pit consists of two parts: pit itself and the awning on two canopy on trestles. Now position • Set of wood drill bits the first bench board on • Countersinkof bit a frame The sandpit itself consists whose parts are fastened its side and the horizontal • Sanding paper, grits of screw strip as illustrated 120–240 with square bolt connectors, while two connected gable ends form th in the drawing. Secure • Robert Bosch GmbH it in place with clamps. • Cloth ame. 4 FITTING THE ROOT Remember to use pieces of • Folding rule, soft pencil, BARRIER PLASTIC OR wood as buffer blocks laminated rubber, pencil sharpenerto scrap wing assembly instructions apply spruce glued wood SHEETING while doing so to avoid leaving unsightly pressure To prevent plants from the list 8 mm (gable boards) and 27 You must adapt 2 JOINING THE mm thickness. marks on the workpieces. growing in the sand, you WITH Using the cordlessor material should line the sandpita withdiffere ls accordingly if youSURROUNDS opt for other materials with THE SCREW STRIPS screwdriver and screws (4 x root barrier plastic or strong First place all of the parts required for the frame in the way you want to assemble them. The short frame surrounds are

spruce timber, whether painted or varnished, is less weatherhan other types of timber. If you want to be certain of weather e, choose teak or robinia wood. 37 DIY store or carpenter to cut the required boards to size. northern HILLS


northern HILLS

DETAILED MATERIAL LIST: pcs 2 3 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 1 1 68 32 8

Designation Gable ends Cross connector Canopy supports Short surrounds Long surrounds Upright screw strips Horizontal screw strips Bench boards Connecting straps Sheet Canopy fabric Flat head screws Flat head screws Flat head screws

Length 1,500 mm 3 1,464 mm 1,450 mm 1,446 mm 1,500 mm 213 mm 1,350 mm 1,300 mm 170 mm 1,600 mm Approx 1,700 mm 4 x 60 mm 4 x 45 mm 4 x 50 mm

5 JOINING THE GABLE ENDS AND CROSS CONNECTORS FOR THE CANOPY Using a pencil, draw the outline of the gable end on the gable boards. See our illustration for the necessary measurements. Cut the gable ends to size using the jigsaw. Secure a suitable rail with clamps to use as a parallel guide and help you cut in a long straight line. Now position the gable ends and the cross connectors in the way you want to assemble them. Now use a pencil and triangles to mark their relative positions so that you always know what goes where at a later stage of assembly. To fasten the gable ends to the canopy supports, use the drill and 8-mm wood drill bit to make a hole in each of the gable ends. This position is marked in our illustration. Now use a pencil to trace the outlines of the cross connectors on the gable panels. Using the drill and 5-mm wood drill bit, make at least two holes through

Width 200 mm 58 mm 120 mm 240 mm 240 mm 45 mm 45 mm 200 mm 110 mm 1,600 mm Approx 1,500 mm

Thickness 18 mm 18 mm 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm 45 mm 45 mm 27 mm 27 mm 0.4 mm

which you can fasten the gable ends and cross connectors together with the cordless screwdriver and screws (4 x 60 mm). Refer again to our tip about screwing together two pieces of wood.

6 PREPARING THE CANOPY SUPPORTS AND JOINING THEM TO THE SANDPIT Rout a notch at the top of each canopy support so that you can raise and lower the canopy to provide optimum sun protection. To do this, secure the canopy support with a clamp on your work surface (remember to use buffer blocks). Using a router, parallel guide and an 8-mm straight bit, make the groove in the canopy support according to the specifications in our illustration. Complete the task in several steps, routing only about 4 mm at a time to go easy on the router bit. Using the cordless screwdriver and screws (4 x 50 mm), now fit the canopy supports in the centre of each side of the sandpit so they are flush with the

Material Spruce glued laminated timber Spruce square timber Spruce glued laminated timber Spruce glued laminated timber Spruce glued laminated timber Spruce square timber Spruce square timber Spruce glued laminated timber Spruce glued laminated timber Root barrier plastic or strong plastic sheeting

bottom edge. Refer again to our tip about screwing together two pieces of wood. We have also included a hole in the bottom of the canopy supports for the carriage bolts with wing nuts so that you can fasten the canopy as a lid on the sandpit and keep the sand clean. To mark this hole, align the canopy frame on the bench boards of the sandpit. Use a pencil to trace the hole position on the inside of the canopy supports and then make the hole with the drill and 8-mm wood drill bit.

in the best possible working condition before starting assembly. First buff all edges with sanding paper with a grit of 120 or 180 at a 45° angle to create a small bevel. Use your sander to sand all visible surfaces in the direction of the wood grain, first with coarse sanding paper (grit of 120, 180) and then with fine sanding paper (grit of up to 240). Afterwards rub the surfaces with a damp sponge to wipe off the dust. Some loose wood fibres may protrude while the wood is drying. You can remove these with sanding paper with a grit of 180. The wood is now ready for surface treatment. Little tip: Make sure that the sanding paper is sharp enough to remove the wood fibres properly, not just flatten them.



First read the manufacturer’s safety and handling instructions thoroughly. Make sure the room you are working in is well ventilated and not used for smoking, eating or drinking. Generously apply the varnish with a fine spray system and remove any excess varnish with a cloth. Observe the drying times specified by the manufacturer. Before applying a second coat, you must sand the surface a second time with sanding paper with a grit of 240. Once again, you must always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Repeat the application as described in the section above.

Take time to prepare the wood surfaces so they are

10 DONE!

7 COVERING THE CANOPY FRAME WITH CANOPY FABRIC Stretch the canopy fabric lengthways over the canopy frame and gable ends. Fix the fabric in place on the outer cross connectors using the tacker.


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211H Lunch Mag Ad FA.indd 1

2017/07/20 1:55 PM




Leg of lamb on the braai Serves 6 | prep5 min | cook80 min


’m as fond as the next South African of boerie on the braai. Nothing beats the smell of all that fat and gorgeous coriander hitting the hot coals. I’m rather partial to a plump lamb chop too. But a xmas braai day isn’t just any day. It’s an occasion. Approaching it the way I would any normal weekend braai seems… well, a little bit disrespectful somehow. A statement braai is called for on a day like this – and nothing makes a statement quite like a whole leg of lamb, done to smoky perfection on my Weber. I like high-impact food that’s little to no effort. Nothing wrong with wanting to sip something fine and chat the afternoon away with friends instead of slaving in smoke. This fits the bill nicely. Make the fire,

MY GRAN USED TO ROAST A LEG OF LAMB LONG AND SLOW. I PREFER MINE PINK ON THE BONE. chuck the roast on and walk away. It takes care of itself. I do deign to give it an occasional brush of my special Greek-inspired baste packed with garlic, origanum, olive oil and a few other magical things. What to serve with it?

Whatever you want! I continue the Med theme and serve mine with pita warmed on the braai, my green spring salad with loads of feta and finally extra thick, creamy tzatziki with dill and mint. This is braaing made fancy, but I think it’s rather fitting for my favourite national day.

ALL YOU NEED IS.… 5 tbs olive oil 2 tbs tomato paste 2 tbs fresh origanum (dried works too) 2 tbs water 1 large clove of garlic (or two small), finely chopped 2 tsp dark soya sauce pinch of black pepper 1.8kg leg of lamb 1 tbs cake flour Place a tin foil dripping tray between the coal baskets and add half a cup of water. All the wonderful juices from the leg will collect in the tray during cooking and form the base of a truly lovely gravy. As soon as your coals are ready, place your leg of lamb on the grid. Baste it liberally, put the lid on and walk away. Check it from time to time and baste again. Once done to your liking, remove the leg, cover with tin foil and set aside to ‘rest’ for at least 20 minutes, preferably longer. This ensures that the meat stays

super moist. Pour the juices from the dripping tray into a saucepan. Add a tablespoon of cake flour and cook for a minute while stirring. Stir in a bit of water and any leftover baste and cook for 5 minutes. The flour will gradually thicken the gravy. Finally add any juices from the resting leg of lamb to the gravy, add salt to taste, a bit of black pepper and it’s done.

HOW LONG ON THE BRAAI? How you prefer your meat is a very personal thing. My gran used to roast a leg of lamb long and slow. I prefer

mine pink on the bone. The easiest way of knowing whether it’s done, but still pink in the middle, is to use a meat thermometer. 50 degrees Celsius in the middle is perfectly pink for me. If you regularly roast large cuts, I really recommend you buy a thermometer. They’re about R200 online. If you don’t have a thermometer, start with 7080 minutes on the braai for a 1,8kg leg. Stab with a sharp knife and if the juices still flow way too pink for your liking, give it another 5 minutes. Just remember, it continues cooking while it rests, so bear that in mind if you figure it’s still too pink. NH northern HILLS


SUMMER Cocktails



When watermelon is in abundance, this is a great way to use it. Bobby Flay purees seedless watermelon chunks, then strains the juice through a sieve and mixes it with silver tequila, sugar syrup, blueberries, mint and fresh lime juice.

Tabernacle Crush

This light and refreshing cocktail is as reminiscent of the American South as it is of the South of France.

INGREDIENTS • • • • • • •

1/2 large peach, sliced 6 small basil leaves, plus more for garnish 1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 ounces gin 1 ounce Lillet 1/2 ounce simple syrup Ice Club soda

HOW TO MAKE IT In a tall glass, muddle the peach with the 6 basil leaves and the lemon juice. Add the gin, Lillet and simple syrup. Add ice cubes and top with club soda. Garnish with basil.

INGREDIENTS • • • • • •

1/4 cup water 1/4 cup granulated sugar 8 cups diced seedless watermelon (1 pound) 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 3/4 cups blueberries 3/4 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves, plus 8 sprigs for garnish • 1 1/4 cups silver tequila • ICE

HOW TO MAKE IT Step 1 - In a small saucepan, bring the water to a simmer with the sugar and stir over moderate heat until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 minute; let the sugar syrup cool. Step 2 - In a blender, puree the watermelon until smooth. Set a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl and strain the watermelon juice, pressing gently on the solids to extract as much juice as possible. Discard the pulp. Step 3 - In a large pitcher, combine the sugar syrup with the lime juice, blueberries and mint leaves. Using a wooden spoon, lightly muddle the blueberries and mint. Add the watermelon juice and tequila. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours. Step 4 - Pour the cocktail into tall ice-filled glasses. Garnish with the mint sprigs and serve. NH

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Wedding Colour Combos for summer

et these haute hues inspire your wedding planning. Summer weddings usually sport the brightest, boldest colour palettes—and for good reason. They’re sandwiched between a flood of spring pastels and the rich jewel tones of fall. Embrace the hues of the season, or let a favorite metallic lead your colour scheme. From preppy to rustic, check out our favorite colour combos to inspire your wedding planning.

MARIGOLD & POPPY RED Best for: Fiesta-style weddings If you’re going for a bold and bright colour scheme, choose hues that are either complementary (opposite each other on the colour wheel) or analogous (next to each other on the colour wheel). That way, they’ll live in harmony and you won’t have to worry about anything clashing. We’re in love with the idea of accessorizing your bridal look with a flower crown of poppies or anemones or styling a single red bloom in a lose updo. Coloured glassware is a great way to dress up your table without it looking too stiff. The perfect favor? Mini bottles of hot sauce with personalized labels.

BRIGHT BLUE & FUCHSIA Best for: Edgy tented weddings Want to throw a vibrant summer bash? Go with a shade of hot pink anchored with a calming blue. A modern graphic on your stationery is a great way to introduce this bold colour combo, and it can be carried through the rest of your wedding on ceremony programs, the reception menu and cocktail napkins.


northern HILLS

PASTEL BLUE & GREEN Best for: Lakeside weddings Let the wedding party attire inform the formality of the event: floor-length gowns or cocktail-style dresses can push the party vibes in the direction you want them to go. Same for the groomsmen—suits or dress pants and a button-down? This colour palette would excel in either environment. Blue florals are limited, but delphiniums and globe thistle both grow in a beautiful natural blue hue and they’re perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding. NH

GOLD & BLUSH Best for: Formal ballroom weddings What’s more romantic that a barely there palette of light pink and metallic gold? Since the palette itself is so neutral, take risks in other design areas like textures or patterns. For example, drape reception tables in sequin tablecloths, style a linen dinner napkin at each place setting and have ruffled beaded tablecloths on accent tables like a dessert display or in a lounge area.

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Wedding bride gift ideas 24 PIECE BAGUETTE SET Stainless steel R1 149.00

SILICONE and Beechwood spatula R59.00

SERVING SPOON Available in blue, green and coral R59.99

BRIDESMAID GIFTS Tokens of appreciation

3 PIECE Plastic bowl set R169.00

CERAMIC COATED Non-stick frying pan (24 cm) R259.99

SILICONE SPATULA Available in red and blue R69.99

JUICE SQUEEZER Available in green, blue and coral R99.99

011 417 6600


wedding essentials

Wedding groom gift ideas


WEBER BRAAI Black enamel fire bowl and lid with chrome cooking grid (43 cm) R699.00

BOTTLE STOPPER with vacuum pump R44.99


CORKSCREW Easy turn R34.99


2 CAP LIFTERS Stainless steel R14.99

Groom gifting made easy

MEASURE POURER with automatic stop R29.99

STAYSHARP Carving knife with scabbard R249.00


wedding essentials

011 417 6600

: CarducciMen

: CarducciWomen

: CarducciSA



+27 21 422 1090 | WWW.PRINSANDPRINS.COM

The company that sets the industry standard. TRUST AND REPUTATION Since 1982, integrity and a reputation for quality have made Prins & Prins Diamonds the premier, trusted family jeweller in Cape Town. Trading from the exquisitely restored Huguenot House (ca.1752), their private offices, showrooms, and elegant displays will transport you back to a time when quality and service mattered. A team of qualified gemmologists, award-winning designers, and master goldsmiths will explain and assist in selecting diamonds and gemstones for bespoke jewellery pieces. FREE ADVICE Generations have come to know, and trust, Dr Petré Prins and his team of jewellery professionals. They offer free advice on: • Design, manufacture, and the repair of fine jewellery • Identification and valuation of gems and jewellery • Buying and selling of gold, diamonds, and gemstones (Prins & Prins Diamonds is one of few jewellers licensed to purchase gold and diamonds from the public) You are invited to visit the Prins & Prins Museum of Gems and Jewellery where the origin and exploitation of Southern Africa’s precious minerals are explained. Learn about the earliest jewellery made (75 000 BC), and how modern-day discoveries of diamonds and gold shaped South Africa’s political history. How jewellery styles changed over centuries, the biggest diamond ever found, and a “famous gold dress from 1974”, are just some of the exhibits to be seen in this FREE Cape Town attraction.


This voucher entitles you to a 25% discount on any jewellery purchase, a free cleaning and polishing of two jewellery items (rhodium plating excluded) as well as a safety assessment of the diamonds or gems in your jewellery. FREE PARKING available, please call our office for directions.

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Landscape Turf • • • • • • • • • • • •

Direct Importers 7 Grass Types Latest Shaped Yarns Double Backing Joining Tape DIY Instructions Pet Friendly Residential Homes Balconies Play Areas Pet Areas Custom Installations 083 236 1155


new urban development using upcycled ISO shipping containers has launched in Johannesburg’s Maboneng precinct, bringing affordable housing to the mixed-space area that is often used as the posterchild for recapturing the heart of South Africa’s biggest city. The development, called Drivelines Studios, is the latest in a growing trend

to repurpose shipping containers for liveability. While most of these projects are sold as ‘modular homes’ (with prices starting as low as R120,000), Driveline marks a first, as a multi-storey apartment block made up of multiple containers. The project was launched in 2014, led by Propertuity and designed by LotEk Architects, and was completed and opened for occupation in September

2017. It is a mixed-use residential and retail building developed over an existing single story structure, previously a car repair shop.

WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LIVE INSIDE A R200, 000 SOUTH AFRICAN CONTAINER HOME Recent FNB data shows that South Africans living in the country’s most populated provinces can expect to

pay well over a R1 million rand for a home, leaving many with no option but to turn to expensive rentals or alternative living arrangements. One increasingly popular option is container living – the repurposing of large shipping containers into office and living spaces as a trendy means of saving on space and money, as well as providing for mobile and sustainable housing option. While it is arguably South

A look inside Joburg’s new R4,900 a month container homes Africa’s poorest citizens that stand to benefit most from this simple housing design, there is also a growing market for these containers as more high-end living spaces, according to Brad Berman of Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts. “We were initially aimed at low-cost housing but seem to be working more with luxury units and guest-house type accommodation,” said Berman. “Our prices start at R120,000 for a 6 metre

container and R195,000 for a 12 metre unit, with prices varying depending on the size and range of finishes. This, however, excludes delivery and installation costs, which are charged separately.” Berman also explained how container homes deal with concerns such as space, electricity, water and insulation. “Each 12 metre-long container is 28 square metres,” said Berman. “Our modular application means all internal plumbing

and electrical works are prepared in the factory for easy on-site connection.” In addition, Berman noted that all interior walling products are installed with appropriate and effective insulation, and all homes are capable of using alternative energy supplies including solar panels, solar geysers and/or rainwater harvesting systems, which can be installed in the factory for off-grid living. According to the BermanKalil website, plans are

needed for any structure placed on an erf but Berman notes that their containers can also be designed and implemented so as to not be permanently affixed to the land, and with off-grid services so that a connection to the municipal services isn’t necessary. It is also possible to connect multiple container units together for space purposes, although this will mean that the movable status of the joined units could become compromised. NH

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F-PACE 2.0 i4 Diesel R-Sport

Retail price (incl. VAT) Principal debt

A performance crossover, blending exhilarating performance with intuitive technology and class-leading practicality.

Deposit (10%)

Book your test-drive today.

Monthly Instalment

Jaguar N1 City C/O Vasco Blvd & Frans Conradie Drive , N1 Motor City 021 595 7100

Period (months) Rate

R844 366 R718 908 R126 655 72 months R9 799 7.46%

Balloon payment (30%)

R253 310

Total Cost of Finance

R948 975

*Offer available from Jaguar Financial Services. Deal parameters are flexible but will affect rate and payment. Contact dealer F&I manager for options. These payments are indications only and may change depending on date of first payment, etc. Changes in the prime rate, currently 10.25%, will cause changes to this schedule unless calculated on a ‘Fixed Rate’ basis. Customer responsible for Balloon Payment when and if applicable. Subject to normal credit approval as per JLR FS credit criteria. Retail prices subject to change without notice. Advertised monthly payment includes initiation fee of R1 197.00 and R68.40 monthly service fee. Terms and conditions apply and while stocks last. Jaguar Financial Services, a product of WesBank. WesBank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP20.




he 2017 Jaguar XF blends sharp design and sporty handling in a midsize luxury sedan that runs with the best in its class. Its top-notch cabin coddles you, while its supercharged V6 power delivers the thrills. There’s also optional all-wheel drive for all-weather performance, and a new optional diesel engine for fuel economyminded shoppers.

XF doesn’t sacrifice thrills for frugality, either. Jaguar hasn’t announced the new engine’s fuel economy yet, but figure somewhere in the high 30s for highway mpg just to keep pace with the offerings from Audi and BMW. The new diesel is the perfect complement to the


XF’s existing power plant, a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 that comes in two strengths -- one with 340 horsepower and the other with 380. There’s plenty of performance on tap, of course, but you also get a solid 30 mpg on the highway with the standard rear-wheel-drive setup.

The 2017 Jaguar XF returns largely unchanged after last year’s thorough redesign, but now offers a new diesel four-cylinder engine to complement its V6 options.

VEHICLE OVERVIEW Car shoppers looking for a midsize luxury sedan can be forgiven for limiting their search to the German contingent. After all, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz created the class and have benchmarked it ever since, despite impressive incursions by American, Asian and other European automakers. But the 2017 Jaguar XF gives shoppers a very good reason to expand their options. The XF’s extensive aluminum construction makes it light, fuel-efficient and quick to respond to driver commands. Its plush cabin melts away time spent sluicing through traffic. And it cuts a dashing British figure on an open road. New for 2017 is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, which should broaden the XF’s appeal to luxury shoppers who prioritize fuel economy. With more than 300 pound-feet of torque waiting to be uncorked as you dig into the accelerator, the diesel

which you’re driving and adjusts the throttle, brakes, transmission and stability control for optimal grip. Jaguar says rear-drive XFs with the lower power rating will do zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds, while the S trim shaves a tenth of a second. All-wheel

the touchscreen to 10.2 inches and replaces the gauge cluster with a 12.3inch configurable display. Here the XF falls a bit short, its infotainment system lacking the speed and refinement of rival systems. The screen, controls and menu buttons are easy

The all new Jaguar XF

PERFORMANCE & MPG The 2017 Jaguar XF offers two engine choices: a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and a new turbodiesel 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The V6 makes 380 hp in S trim, and 340 hp in all others, and 332 lb-ft of torque in both cases. The four-cylinder is rated at 180 hp and 318 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission comes standard with either engine, with your choice of either rear- or all-wheel drive on every trim. The standard All-Surface Progress Control system helps the XF get moving in low-traction situations. When engaged, you set a target speed with the cruise control, and the XF selectively applies power to maximize traction. Adaptive Surface Response mode (included on AWD models optioned with the adaptive suspension) senses the quality of the surface on

drive also shaves a tenth in both cases. These are competitive times for the segment among similarly powered models.

INTERIOR From its pulsating starter button to its motorized rotary gear selector, the Jaguar XF infuses the start of every drive with a little theatre and charm. Top-quality materials and finishes extend throughout the interior, as befits a car in this class. Cabin space is also on par, offering taller rear seat passengers a little more headroom than the Audi A6, for example, all while maintaining the XF’s sleek, low-roof look. Trunk space is abundant at 19.1 cubic feet, a number that makes it tops in its class. With a wide and deep enclosure, you won’t have much trouble fitting luggage, golf clubs, strollers or the take from a monthly wholesale warehouse supply run. A split-folding rear seatback with a passthrough door allows for easy transport of longer items. The standard InControl Touch infotainment system has an 8-inch touchscreen, while the optional “Pro” version of the system (included with the Technology pack) enlarges

to use, but we found the system’s responses slow, and the navigation froze up a few times during our testing. InControl Touch also does not yet support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We’re also a bit disappointed with the 3G Internet connection, given the increasing availability of 4G connections in today’s vehicles.

DRIVING When Jaguar redesigned the XF for 2016, it infused the body and panels with lightweight aluminum, which gave the car a more nimble and athletic character. Add accurate, light steering to the mix and you’ve got a midsize luxury sedan that feels more like a smaller model from the driver seat. The supercharged V6 provides satisfying acceleration in either standard or S trims and there’s ample torque across the rev range. Some sport sedan shoppers may wish for a richer soundtrack, however, as we’ve found this V6 sounds less enthusiastic here than in the Jaguar F-Type sports car. Nonetheless, the 2017 XF sports enough distinct English style and character to make it a compelling alternative to its midsize rivals. NH

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VALUE Full Membership · Under 35 R585 (Monthly fee) · R435 (Montly fee)

ADVANTAGES • • • • •

• •

Handicap, SAGA and WPGU Affiliation Card 20% Discount in Bar 10% Discount in Pro Shop (excluding promotions & specials) 35% discount on carts (R205) Two free weekday rounds per month (excluding competition days & public holidays) at a junior fund levy charge of R5 Unlimited 9-hole rounds at a junior fund levy charge of R5 during the week (Summer after 16h00, Winter after 15h30) Any of your children (who are scholars) receive free membership and only pay their Handicap, SAGA and WPGU Affiliation fee 10% Discount on green fees when having a corporate day at BGC Member’s Guest green fee rates (limited to 1 guest invite per month on Saturdays but no restriction on other days) (R235)

R380 (Monthly fee)

Weekday Membership



northern HILLS

• • • • •

Handicap, SAGA and WPGU Affiliation Card 10% Discount in Bar 10% Discount in Pro Shop (excluding promotions & specials) 20% discount on carts (R255) Can play on Saturday or Sunday at full affiliated visitor rates (subject to space in field. Booking opens on Wednesday before the weekend) One free Sunday afternoon round per month at a junior fund levy charge of R5




he Masters Tournament has officially teed off, and the greens of Augusta, Georgia are filled with the world’s top golfers -- and some of the world’s top earners. It’s probably no surprise that these professional players have impressive bank accounts -- but just how big are we talking? The top 10 players of last year all made it into the $15 million club, supplemented by both on-course and offcourse income. Tiger Woods, who usually leads the pack by a wide margin, dropped to the No. 4 spot this year. So what other big names beat out Tiger Woods this year? Where does 23-yearold Jordan Spieth stand right now? The on-course income includes money earned from the following through Dec. 4, 2016: • PGA tour • 5 international tours (Japan PGA, PGA European, Australasian, Southern Africa, Asian) • PGA Tour Champions • LPGA Tour • Ladies European Tour • Japan LPGA • Unofficial money won in non-tour events Off-course income includes estimates of all money earned from the following: • Endorsements • Bonuses • Appearance fees • Corporate outings • Speaking engagements • Licensing fees • Books • Instructional videos • Course architecture • Product lines NH

The 10


golfers of 2017 4. TIGER WOODS


On course: $107,000 Off course: $34,607,000 Total: $34,607,000



On course: -Off course: $15,000,000 Total: $15,000,000

On course: $12,664,185 Off course: $7,100,000 Total: $19,764,185

3. PHIL MICKELSON On course: $4,267,628 Off course: $33,500,000 Total: $37,767,628



9. ADAM SCOTT On course: $8,160,920 Off course: $6,900,000 Total: $15,060,920

On course: $42,000 Off course: $20,000,000 Total: $20,042,000



On course: $8,845,112 Off course: $10,750,000 Total: $19,595,112


On course: $6,403,470 Off course: $24,000,000 Total: $30,403,470

On course: $17,514,505 Off course: $32,000,000 Total: $49,514,505

On course: -Off course: $40,000,000 Total: $40,000,000

northern HILLS


Heal your golfing ailments for good!


f you love playing golf you probably have experienced one or more of the typical golfing injuries such as the golfers elbow, tendinitis in the wrists, knee pain or back ache. The good news is, injuries don’t need to keep you off the course for long, when addressed effectively you can be in full swing sooner than you think.

FAR INFRARED RAYS Far infrared rays are a light form that heats up your body from the inside. Infrared light is able to penetrate deeply into the tissues, heating up the muscles and internal organs. This internal heat causes the blood to flow faster which allows the body to release toxins and inflammation. Plus, it attracts healing nutrients. The result is muscles and joints ease up while mobility increases. Far infrared rays are used by many sports fanatics worldwide, including Ironman Triathlon junkies. FIR healing properties are : • powerful • natural • non-invasive • proven for over forty years • side-effect-less

BIOMAT AND FIR The BioMat is a healing device which emits FIR along with negative ions. This mat was created based on the Nobel Prize winning research of Dr. Neher and Sakmann and their discovery regarding the function of single ions channels in cells. Negative ions are a vital component in the process of healing, reducing inflammation and easing pain. The combination of negative ions and FIR is a winning formula and the number one reason that the BioMat is effective. The BioMat is FDA approved. Electrical Heat Penetrates 0.5cm into the body Drains the body from energy Pain disappears for a short time


FIR Heat Penetrates 7cm into the body Revitalises the body Pain stays away for a long time, many times forever

The BioMat is available for you to experience in Durbanville. Contact Helen Hansen, kinesiologist, to book your BioMat session or for more info: 0724097664 /


Important Things We Forget To Tell Cycling



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o one is born popping wheelies on a R120 000 bike—not even Peter Sagan. Everyone starts out as a beginner sometime. Luckily, there are sage, seasoned cyclists (and entire clubs) more than willing to share their knowledge to a padawan of the church of two wheels. However, when you’ve been cycling for years, memories of what it’s like to buy your first kit may be fuzzy. There are some basics that just seem so obvious that you forget to mention them. And to a new cyclist, those facts may not be obvious at all. We chatted with recreational riders and racers alike to find out what they wish they’d known when they first started riding. If you’re new to riding yourself, please learn from our mistakes.

DON’T WEAR UNDERWEAR WITH CYCLING SHORTS. REALLY. This was the number one piece of advice given by the cyclists I chatted with. “I totally wore underwear with my cycling shorts for like the first month,” says Category 2 road and cyclocross racer Megan Ruble. “It was awful. I kept reading that you weren’t supposed to, but I did it anyways. I finally decided to try it the right way and

wow—what a difference. The first thing I told each of my parents when they started cycling was, ‘DO NOT wear underwear with your shorts!’” On top of potentially bunching up or rubbing in uncomfortable places, underwear can also trap sweat and bacteria. (The chamois in cycling shorts is often made of sweatwicking, antibacterial material.) Unless you’re in pedestrian apparel, you’re best off leaving the undies at home.

your feet are going to hurt, your back will hurt—and it’s not supposed to.” Many shops offer a complimentary fit as part of the purchase of a new bike, otherwise, they typically cost somewhere between R500 and R1000. “I rode a painful and numbing two years on the stock saddle that came with my Bianchi Brava,” Category 1 cyclist Marissa Axell says. “It took me one more year to actually get a bike fit (‘Wait you mean things aren’t supposed to go numb or hurt?? Wow!’).”



If you’re doing anything more than riding a beach cruiser down the boardwalk at 10km/h, you should consider getting a bike fit. Why? A proper bike fit will make riding more comfortable, prevent overuse injuries, and can even make you faster by helping you pedal more efficiently. If you’re feeling pain, or even discomfort in general, that’s also a sign you should consider a professional bike fit. “People have this misconception that something is going to hurt on a bike,” says Judd Van Sickle of the Sports Performance Program at UC Davis Sports Medicine. “There’s an assumption that your butt is going to hurt,

Shortly after beginning to date my boyfriend, I asked him, “What’s your favourite gear?” He was completely perplexed by the question. Turns out—as seasoned riders would attest—you shouldn’t have a favourite gear. Instead, you should be shifting all the time to maintain your ideal cadence. Most people will find 80 to 90 rpm to be a good cadence that balances efficiency and comfort. If you go too low (mashing at 60 rpm for example), your body will actually use less oxygen for pedaling, which means it’s less taxing aerobically, but you could also be doing damage to your knees with all that torque. If you

really want to get a handle on your spinning, you can track your rpms using a cadence sensor.

A LITTLE BASIC MAINTENANCE GOES A VERY LONG WAY Before every ride, take two minutes to once-over your bike. Start with the tyres: check the tyre pressure and pump them up if necessary. Too-low tyre pressure can leave you susceptible to pinch flats, should you hit a bump or pothole, which can in turn make you more likely to go down. Conversely, Van Sickle finds many new cyclists actually overdo it here and overinflate their tires. If you’re a 50kg female riding a road bike, for example, you should be fine with around 6 bar. Next, you should check that your saddle and handlebars are still in their proper alignment, that your brakes are working correctly, and that your chain isn’t making any chirping, squeaking, or grinding sounds—clues that it’s dry and needs to be lubricated. “For most things on a bike, you can figure out how they work if you look closely enough,” advises Nathan Hurst, a tour guide with Duvine Cycling and Adventure Co. “It’s not a black box; as machines go, it’s actually pretty straightforward.” NH

northern HILLS


Stellenbosch Square 021 880 2809 - De Jonker 021 886 6226 Somerset Mall 021 852 0925 - Helderberg Sentrum 021 851 8059 - Kuilsrivier 021 906 3926 Brackenfell 021 982 7977 - Sonstraal Hoogte 021 979 4805 - Willowbridge 021 914 9588 northern HILLS Parklands 021 554 1815 - See Punt 021 434 9578 - Kloof Straat 021 424 9186



Pets Suffer Mental Illness Too, Say Owners


epression and anxiety are often thought of as human conditions but research by Direct Line Pet Insurance showed two fifths of owners believe their pets can also develop these conditions. 26 per cent of owners say their dogs exhibit signs of separation anxiety and a quarter say their dogs suffer from stress. One in twelve were also concerned their dog may have an eating disorder or believe their dog has experienced grief. Dogs that are stressed may exhibit a host of symptoms such as excessively shedding their coats, pinning back their ears, diarrhoea, or demonstrating destructive behaviours such as chewing furniture. One in ten believe their dog has suffered from

depression in the last year. The causes of these conditions vary. One in six owners believe a previous traumatic event is the cause of psychological conditions such as OCD, separation anxiety, PTSD or grief in their dogs. Many owners, however, believe that they are the cause and have passed their anxiety or depression to their dog. Madeline Pike, Veterinary Nurse at Direct Line Pet Insurance said, “Pets are often relied on for comfort by their owners when they are upset or stressed. However, dogs are sensitive, emotionally intelligent animals that also respond to the environment around them. We can rely on our dogs to cheer us up when we are feeling down. However, it is important we reciprocate this dependency by ensuring that the environment in the home is as positive as possible so we don’t negatively affect our dogs’ behaviour.” Sarah Page-Jones, Head Vet at PawSquad, an online pet health consultation service said, “As our human lives get busier and more complex, we may become distracted and stressed by our own schedules and, as a result, spend less time with our pets. Pets often pick up on our stress and can become anxious when left alone, and this can affect their wellbeing. Although it’s not always appropriate to extrapolate human conditions directly

to animals, it is becoming increasingly important to take time to understand our pets’ behaviours and act to reduce the risk of stressrelated disease. “Many psychological and behavioural conditions are not covered by Pet Insurance policies; however, there are lots of practical online guides offering valuable advice for owners to help them take proactive steps to manage their pets’ mental health. If pet owners are concerned, PawSquad offers affordable online consultations with experienced veterinary surgeons that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.”

TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR HOME A HAPPIER PLACE FOR DOGS • Talking to your dog benefits both you and your pet. Even though your dog may not understand what you are saying, it allows them to become more familiar with your

voice and can be relaxing. Food is king. Purchasing good quality dog food and putting more thought into what you feed your dog, will keep them healthy and put a smile on their face. More importantly, always ensure your dog can have drink at their leisure - this will make them feel they are more at home and allow them to cool down in warmer temperatures. Pets like routine, so be consistent and keep to a routine as much as possible for feeding, walking and bedtime. Give your dog access to a safe hiding place so if they are stressed, they can escape if they feel afraid. Dogs are intelligent animals and can become easily bored so make sure they have access to suitable toys and objects to chew. NH

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By Tracey Cole from Village Gardens


t is official, we are in the midst of a drought. Our dams are just about empty, we pray for rain but still, even if we do, it won’t be enough. The world is warming up and our gardens will suffer in South Africa if we don’t prepare our gardens…. Guys and gals this is critical. Our gardens of course will be the first to suffer, let alone all the farm animals, … it is so sad to see it breaks my heart. There is however a way where you can still have a stunning garden and who better to design it for you than Village Gardens.

WATER WISE GARDENS OR NAMELY XERISCAPING: This is a form of landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Xeriscaping may well be the alternative to various types of gardening. To be honest we really may not have a choice living in South Africa… With Xeriscaping (water wise gardens) we will help you choose plants for water conservation not necessarily selecting just indigenous plants. Xeriscaped gardens are easy to maintain, capable of withstanding a drought and able to conserve and retain water… Just fabulous.

Grey water systems are becoming more and more popular, please let’s consider grey water.


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I am sure you are probably thinking that a water wise garden will just be a bit of gravel and a cactus with some tumble weeds flying past… aahhh hhaaaa no it is nothing like that. The main principles are: • Designing the garden using local or non-native plants. • Efficient irrigation • Using low water use plants (we have stunning plants to use) • Soil improvement (very important) • Mulch • And then of course seasonal maintenance The principles are pretty much the same as a normal landscape or garden design HOWEVER much more suited for hot dry climates like here in South Africa. Yes we do get the rains but if you notice the summers are getting hotter, population is increasing hence more demand for water, face reality that the earth is warming up no matter what some politicians say… the fact is that we can feel and see it happening. Lawns unfortunately may be a thing of the past if we continue having less and less rain, but we have alternatives. There are fake lawns out on the market and some are not


too shabby. We don’t have to get rid of all our lawns, people love lawns I get that so how about keeping a smaller patch of lawn and allowing us design a stunning water wise garden around the lawn. Irrigation is ideal if you have it but again if everyone is using the underground water then we will eventually run out of underground as well as the dams. Try using drip irrigation, this will save at least 65% of water which is lost through pop up irrigation that either evaporates or does not sink into the root of the plant enough. Grey water systems are becoming more and more popular, please let’s consider grey water. One can even rig their own pipe flow system that can lead out to the garden. You know it kills me as I am sure it does you to see our gardens suffering and dying in front of us. But there is something we can do, if they can have stunning gardens in arid hot climates around the world then we can certainly have the same. Give Village gardens a call for a FREE quotation on a water wise stunning lovely jubley garden. NH



We are a highly progressive practice making use of the newest technology and most effective therapeutics to enhance the chiropractic science


pinal manipulation can reduce muscle weakness and spasm and produce immediate improvement and relieve of back pain, neck pain and headaches by restoring the normal biomechanical dynamics and spinal reflex arc activity of a dysfunctional segment of the spine caused by trauma, repetitive postural strain or overuse of the spine. Physical shockwave impulses delivered by Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy can induce angiogenesis in injured musculoskeletal tissue to remarkably improve blood supply and thereby significantly promote repair, healing and growth of the injured tendon, muscle, ligament or bone. We offer several additional therapeutics including preventative, therapeutic and postural taping techniques, dry needling, myofascial release/ massage techniques and sport/ musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation For scientific support of the treatment offered by us please visit our website.

Garden court, High Street Shopping Village, 8 High Street, Rosenpark, Cape Town 021 914 1818



ith growing concerns over our environment and climate change, more people are looking to become as self-sufficient and environmentally friendly as possible. An average household consumes between 500600 litres of water per day. An average borehole can produce up to 20 000 litres of water per day making boreholes an ideal option for water sustainability. A borehole is a long term investment which adds value to your property, however, given the severe drought currently, a borehole has now become a necessity. There are 2 common sources of ground water,

namely, well-points and boreholes. A well-point is constructed by inserting a 1 inch pipe into the ground. The geology must be sand and the depth is limited to 9-10m. A borehole is used where the water table is deeper and solid rock is present as well as deep layers of decomposed granite, shale or sandstone. A large drill rig is required in most cases and the hole is drilled with either mud rotary in sand and decomposed granite or air percussion in solid rock. If boulders are present then the hole will be started with an Odex drilling method and once drilled past the boulders then the drilling reverts to mud rotary

or air percussion. Most boreholes in Cape Town are between 40 and 80 meters, but can exceed 100 m in some areas. This is the most expensive way of finding water, but in many areas the only viable alternative. Mission Drilling is based in the Western Cape, giving us extensive knowledge and experience of the various formations in our city. We have maintained a superb reputation for outstanding customer service and excellent workmanship. Our passion lies in delivering unequalled service to all our clients. Our reputation is proof that we are the drilling company of choice. To date, Mission Drilling has had a 100% success rate in finding water. We

are a dedicated team of experienced professionals who ensure that a quality service and product is delivered each time! We offer professional and reliable services to domestic households, land and property developers, as well as to commercial businesses. Many factors play a role in the cost of drilling, such as depth, formation, the amount of casing used etc. Please contact us for a comprehensive quotation. Mission Drilling 021 551 7562 / 021 551 7604 admin@mission-drilling. com www.missiondrilling.

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A new heart, a new era This is an edited extract from Every Second Counts: The Race to Transplant the First Human Heart, by Donald McRae.


orty years ago this week a team of American surgeons was on the brink of performing the first human heart transplant. But it was a South African doctor with only sketchy research behind him who finally made medical history. Donald McRae explains how Christiaan Barnard stole the race from his rivals On an ordinary Saturday afternoon in Cape Town, Edward Darvall and his wife, Myrtle, sat in the back seat of their daughter’s new car, a green Ford Anglia. Behind the wheel, Denise, 25, sang Lara’s Theme, from the film Doctor Zhivago, which she had spent the previous hour teaching her brother to play on the piano. Keith was 14, and his loud humming in the front passenger seat mingled with his sister’s more tuneful voice as the car edged through the heavy traffic towards


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Milnerton, where they were expected for tea that sunlit afternoon of December 2 1967. They were driving down Main Road rather than take the faster freeway because Myrtle wanted to buy their friends a caramel cake at the Wrensch Town Bakery in Salt River. Joseph Coppenberg’s bakery was famous for its doughnuts - “with or without cream” - but Myrtle, watching her weight, resisted her husband’s plea to buy half a dozen. “We’ll just get the cake,” she insisted. Outside the car she and Denise hesitated while they waited for a break in the traffic. Ann Washkansky, meanwhile, drove slowly out of the Groote Schuur Hospital parking lot and down the hill to Main Road. She had just visited her husband, Louis, who was in dire need of a new heart. He was at a low ebb, the lowest she had seen

him. Since his cancelled transplant attempt 10 days earlier, Dr Christiaan Barnard had come no closer to producing a donor. “I’m getting out of here,” Louis had wheezed despairingly. “I’ll see you tonight, Louis,” Ann had promised as she bent to kiss him. Denise and Myrtle left the bakery at 3.40pm. They could see the green Ford in front of them, but their vision to the right was obscured by a large truck. Driving in the opposite direction from Ann Washkansky, a 36-yearold salesman and police reservist named Frederick Prins kept his foot on the accelerator. He had been drinking and, with his eyes on the truck rather than the road, he never even saw the two women. Prins’s car hit Myrtle, killing her instantly, before knocking Denise into the air. As she fell, her head cracked against the back hubcap. She rolled when she hit the road, ending up in the gutter. Blood streamed from her nose, mouth and ears. Her mother lay in the middle of Main Road. “Dad!” Keith Darvall screamed when he saw the bodies. “It’s Mum and Denise!” A crowd had already gathered by the time they ran across the street. Edward could not reach his wife but her absolute stillness terrified him. He turned to his daughter and tried to pick her up but another man, racing towards them, yelled: “No! Don’t touch her.” He was a doctor, Louis Ehrlich, who had just been to a bar mitzvah. Ehrlich

confirmed that Denise had suffered a compound skull fracture but she was still alive. Ann Washkansky’s car slowed on the other side of the road. She shuddered and then drove on, unaware that out of the tragedy a source of hope would be found for her husband. Chris Barnard had, by then, arrived home. He spent the afternoon listening idly to his Ink Spots records in an attempt to escape the grinding frustration of not being able to find a donor, which would allow him to make medical history - and save Washkansky. Then, that evening, the phone rang. Coert Venter, the doctor responsible for Washkansky at night, told him that they had found a brain-dead donor. “Is she coloured?” Barnard asked. “No,” Venter said in surprise. “Why?” Barnard didn’t have time to explain the political ramifications of his battle with Val Schrire, the hospital’s chief cardiologist. Schrire was unconvinced that Barnard’s sketchy transplant research justified the risk. He was even more curt in rejecting Barnard’s written suggestion that, for a recipient, they should “take a Bantu with cardiomyopathy because it is a disease common to them with no known cure. This will give us a young man with a good body who has only one defect - heart disease.” His casual description of black South Africans as “Bantu” and “them” revealed the extent of

apartheid’s grip on Barnard’s language. “Forget it,” Schrire snorted. He knew that choosing a black patient for the first heart transplant would open

could never be brought back to consciousness, her heart continued to beat. Darvall shook his head. First his wife, and now his daughter. “That’s pretty

Barnard didn’t have time to explain the political ramifications them up to accusations of experimenting on an already persecuted majority. Mindful of Barnard’s opportunistic streak, Schrire frustrated the surgeon but he could not block an attempt indefinitely. Washkansky, a 53-yearold Jew born in Lithuania, was a gravely ill man for whom nothing else could be done - and Schrire accepted him as a candidate for the momentous first transplant. On the phone to Venter, Barnard roared in exasperation when he heard that they had not yet obtained the father’s consent to remove Denise Darvall’s heart. But inside, he was exultant. Edward Darvall, however, sat on a hard wooden chair in a hospital office. He had never felt more alone. His wife was dead. His daughter, her skull crushed, lay on a table behind the closed doors across the hall. His family had been ripped to pieces in an instant, just because they had stopped to buy some caramel cake. Darvall had been sedated earlier that evening, and was still dazed when Venter and a colleague, Bossie Bosman, gently opened the office door. Bosman explained that while Denise

hard luck,” he murmured. Then they told him about Louis Washkansky. Darvall said later that in the four minutes it took him to reach his decision, he thought only of Denise. He remembered a birthday cake she had once made for him. She had carved a heart into the icing and written the words “Daddy We Love You” across the top. He also remembered that with her first week’s salary from the bank, she had bought him a bathrobe. That was Denise, that was his girl. That was how he would always think of her. She was full of love. He knew what had to be done. “If you can’t save my daughter,” Darvall said, “you must try and save this man.” Barnard went to see both his patients. He noticed how pretty Denise looked. Washkansky simply reminded Barnard that he was a betting man. “The odds always change at the last minute,” he said huskily. “Are they moving my way or against me?” “Your way,” Barnard said. Yet in the scrub room with Marius, his brother and fellow surgeon, Chris felt

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the old doubt rise up. He was so close, but the task suddenly seemed impossibly daunting. He thought of all the dogs he had lost after transplanting their hearts. He was not like his American rivals - Shumway, Lower and Kantrowitz - with their long-term survivors. He was just an Afrikaner from the Karoo, from a reviled region without even a single television set. And now he and his brother were about to attempt the most daring operation in medical history. When he saw Washkansky’s heart for the

behind his mask. “Pump on.” Blood flowed through the tubes and in and out of Washkansky, bypassing his heart and lungs. Barnard made a purse-string stitch in the aorta, stabbed a small hole in its centre, and plunged in a catheter so that it could be hooked onto the arterial line of the machine. “Clamp the line,” Barnard ordered his senior nurse. Peggy Jordaan did as she was instructed. But she clamped the line before Barnard issued the order

“We made it!” Barnard said as their hands locked across the pumping heart. first time, in the early hours of that Sunday morning, December 3 1967, Barnard paused. He looked at the “waste and ruin of a ravaged heart . . . rolling and heaving, one beat after another, like a boxer about to collapse in the ring”. The surgeon walked to the adjoining Theatre B, where Marius waited. It was 2.20am. They made a note of the time as Denise’s ventilator was silently switched off. “All right,” Chris said when the moment came. “Start cutting.” Back in Theatre A, where Washkansky lay, 14 surgeons, perfusionists and nurses almost shivered when Barnard said the words: “Hook on to bypass . . .” Rodney Hewitson, his chief assistant, nodded quietly

to switch off the heart-lung machine. Blood spilled on to the floor, while air filtered through the pump and up towards Washkansky’s brain. “Cut the pump!” Barnard yelped. The hum of the machine died away into a terrible hush. Barnard knew that as soon as the air hit Washkansky’s brain that they would face certain doom. Their patient would be brain-dead even before they had a chance to give him his new heart. “Dammit!” Barnard screamed. “Are you stupid?” “But you said, ‘Clamp the line,’” Jordaan protested. “I never did,” Barnard shouted, knowing that everyone had heard his exact words. Reacting with life-saving speed, Barnard ripped the leads from

Washkansky before air enveloped his brain. He reconnected them and gave the calmer command: “Turn on the pump.” Returning to Theatre B, Barnard removed the small heart from Denise’s chest with his gloved hands. “OK,” he said. “Here goes . . .” Slowly and carefully, his eyes never leaving the heart, he walked the 31 steps separating one operating room from the other. When Barnard lifted Washkansky’s bloated heart up and out of him, he looked down into the empty hole of his chest. It was huge. Barnard felt the enormity of the moment, yet did not have time to linger. He nodded to Hewitson, who delicately placed Denise’s heart into Washkansky’s body. Later, Barnard wrote of that crucial moment: “The heart lay paralysed, without any sign of life. We waited - it seemed like hours - until it slowly began to relax. Then it came, like a bolt of light. There was a sudden contraction of the atria, followed quickly by the ventricles in obedient response - then the atria, and again the ventricles. Little by little it began to roll with the lovely rhythm of life.” As soon as they switched off the machine, the transplanted heart faltered. The blood pressure reading dropped to 70. Barnard ordered them to revert to the pump. They waited for five nervous minutes before trying again. At 6.13am, they made another fretful attempt. “Cut the pump,” Barnard said.

There was another hesitation in the heart, and then it began to beat more strongly. The pressure soared back up to 90. The heart pulsed steadily and determinedly. A solid echo of its beat resounded from the EKG. Barnard had won the race. He had become the first man to transplant a heart from one human being to another. Barnard stretched his right hand across the opened chest of Louis Washkansky. Rodney Hewitson did the same. His glove was also red with blood. “We made it!” Barnard said as their hands locked across the pumping heart. “Jesus, we did it!” Louis Washkansky died 18 days later. After mass euphoria, in which images of a beaming Washkansky had flashed across the globe during the week following the operation, the world’s first heart transplant recipient went into decline. Barnard, who had become one of the world’s most famous men, made the fatal mistake of believing that Washkansky’s body had rejected his new heart. He pumped his patient full of anti-rejection medication - failing to realise that Washkansky had developed an unrelated dose of pneumonia. On the day Washkansky was buried, Barnard flew to America for an hour-long television special and to meet the president, then Lyndon Johnson. Two weeks later, on January 3 1968, he carried out the world’s third transplant. This time his patient, Philip Blaiberg, survived for 18 months. NH

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Posting a holiday selfie could result in BURGLARY Social media make it easier for thieves to target your home


hose jetting off on holiday this year may want to reconsider posting snaps and ‘checking in’ on social media - as doing so may make you a burglary target. • More than 40 per cent of people are at risk of being burgled while abroad  • Criminals are using technology to track the whereabouts of homeowners • A huge 70 per cent of internet users post images on Instagram while away Uploading images to the internet and tagging the location is putting an enormous 40 per cent of holidaymakers at risk of having their home broken in

to by thieves, a new study has revealed. Criminals are using technology to track the whereabouts of homeowners - and many travellers are making it easier to do so by posting about their trip weeks in advance According to figures revealed by insurance specialist Admiral, one in six people have social media accounts that allow full visibility and one in four tag their location when they leave to travel. The study - which includes comments from Crime Specialist Alex Iszatt - also states that 72 per cent of internet users are on social media, which includes burglars. An enormous 70 per cent of internet users post images

on Instagram while away, an app that often allows strangers to see where the image was taken and uploaded. One in six holidaymakers never check their security settings, so it is easy for thieves to access their information, including their whereabouts. Former crime scene investigator, Alex Iszatt, said: ‘Criminals can get a good idea about where you live and use street view to find the best way into your property. ‘Turn off location-sharing features, update your privacy features and stop broadcasting to people who aren’t in your group of friends. ‘Look at your property on Google street view, if you

were looking to break in could you? Are your trees too high, is the house next door empty and for sale? If you see a possibility, so can a criminal. ‘If you really can’t stop posting your pics - then add them to an album and share that only with your close friends and relatives. ‘Try not to post from your holiday destination - it is a clear advertisement that your house is unoccupied. ‘If you are unfortunate enough to come home to a house that is burgled - don’t touch any smooth surfaces that a criminal may have touched - there could be fingerprints. Take a look around for anything out of place that isn’t yours - this could be evidence for the crime scene team.’ NH

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W A T E R S AV I N G A N D S T O R A G E 3 Montague Drive, Montague Gardens T: 021 5515790 plasticsforafrica



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Replacing your old windows and doors with our REHAU uPVC double glazed products brings many important benefits: •

• Enhanced security - our products are tough, and fitted with modern locking systems for increased burglar resistance •

• Noise reduction - cut out that traffic noise, barking dogs or noisy neighbours!

Call or email us today for your free quotation New Look Window Systems Tel: 021 5527172




to consult the HOA prior to Remember making alterations to your homeOffice in order to to making to your home in order to ensure youalterations have the necessary approval. ensure you have the necessary approval. HOA Office: 021 863 6128 HOA Office: 021 863 6128

Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. It has little to Photography is an art ofsee observation. It’s about finding do with the things you and everything to do with something interesting an see ordinary place. It has little to howinyou them.” do with the things you see and everything to do with how you see them.” 082 774 8583 |

082 774 8583 |

BENEFITS: • • • • • • •

No more painting No Maintenance No rising damp Increased property values Lifetime guarantee Used for interior and exterior applications Suitable for most structural surfaces


IRRIGATION installations, Design / Supply / Maintenance / Audits / Grey water systems Installation, design/ supply / Rain harvesting systems / Pumps / Water Installation, design/ supply filtration systems & maintenance

& maintenance

t: +27 (0)21 9877698 +27 (0)21 9877698

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HALT Durbanville’s leader in armed response


ALT, Durbanville’s leader in armed response, has expanded its response team in an effort to secure and protect Durbanville CBD. HALT has added an additional and dedicated armed response unit to not only enhance its security presence and visibility within the CBD, but to discourage crime and contribute to making Durbanville a safer place in which to conduct business. This serves as the first of a three step plan by HALT to effectively secure the Durbanville CBD, says George Conradie, MD of HALT. Apart from increasing its security presence in the CBD, HALT’s patrol vehicle will offer additional services not only to businesses, but also to their clientele. The HALT CBD vehicle will patrol businesses during the day and night, focusing on known hotspots, identifying suspicious behaviour, and responding to requests for security – related support

in the CBD According to Conradie, HALT intends to work closely with the police and Law Enforcement in response to a challenge from the Durbanville Community Policing Forum chairperson, retired general Glen Schooling, for increased security in the CBD, as well as the vision of Durbanville police to form strategic community partnerships to address crime. ‘Our vehicle will relay useful information, gathered through observation, to police and Law Enforcement, receive information from them to more effectively apply our resources, and request their support when necessary by means of the northern Suburbs radio network, through which security companies and police are linked,’ explains Conradie . He encourages those working in the vicinity to call the HALT vehicle on 0810187893 when in need of, among other services, an escort from your office to your car, when noticing

anything suspicious, when you or your clients are being harassed, or in any other situation that makes you or your clients feel uncomfortable. ‘HALT’s offices are in Durbanville CBD and subsequently share what fellow business owners endure’, says Conradie. HALT wants to make a difference, add value to our fellow businesses, and give back to a community that has been supporting us for the past 16 years. It also means our vision of offering clients protection beyond just their property is coming to fruition. Those interested in the services offered by HALT can contact Conradie on 076 228 9653 or email him at for a oneon-one discussion about how your business and home can enjoy the benefits of HALT’s initiative. Visit, or follow their Facebook page to stay updated on the most recent developments. NH

From the left are Jonathan Plaatjies (HALT armed response commander), retired General Glen Schooling (Durbanville Community Policing Forum chairman), George Conradie (HALT MD), Sergeant Hans-Wentzel Joubert (Durbanville police sector 2 commander) and Lesley Kotze (HALT CEO).


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SECURITY SERVICES ARMED RESPONSE HALT boasts a large fleet of armed response vehicles to maintain the rapid response service that has become one of our trademarks. We have dedicated vehicles to certain areas and this has proven to cut response times drastically and the high visibility helps with crime prevention. HALT currently provides armed response services in Durbanville, Bellville, Brackenfell, Kraaifontein, Welgemoed, Protea Valley and the surrounding areas. We are a local security company with the biggest recourse in terms of vehicles and for this reason we comfortably ensure the most rapid response available.

24-HOUR MONITORING HALT offers a 24-hour manned

SAIDSA approved alarm monitoring centre. The control room makes use of high-tech monitoring equipment, technology and software, ensuring that we are always ready to receive and respond to signals from your alarm system. With highly-trained, dedicated and friendly control room operators, you can be sure that your alarm system is linked to the best possible monitoring centre for your peace of mind.

ARMED RESPONSE We would like to educate our clients on the procedure of an emergency situation. It is important for us to know that you have peace of mind on being fully prepared for any emergency situation. We will briefly discuss the procedure for you, as our client, to have a better understanding of what is expected of you and us at HALT, when an emergency situation occurs.



HALT offers the full spectrum of risk management solutions as an integrated service offering: • Physical Security • Armed Escorts Tracking of Vehicles and Individuals We design, implement and manage risk solutions unique to each of our clients’ specific needs that prevent loss through proactive and reactive best practice. We have a track record that proves that we provide innovative and effective safety and security solutions in a broad spectrum of applications, encompassing the safety and security of personnel, property, assets and information. HALT provides integrated risk management solutions that combine leading technology, properly-screened and trained manpower, and effective management and control systems. We offer our service to a broad client base that includes residential estates, commercial sites, retail centres, industrial sites, national key points and distribution centres.


BE PROTECTED BY HALT. | | 021 975 1503 northern HILLS



Allow us to match or better your quote on frames, lenses or both. Terms & Conditions apply.

Find us at Canal Walk, Upper level, opposite Edgars 021 551 1768 | To book your eye test sms your name to 33109 OR book online at

Northern Hills Magazine ISSUE 13  

Northern Hills magazine is a top quality lifestyle magazine distributed to the finest residential areas in the Northern Suburbs

Northern Hills Magazine ISSUE 13  

Northern Hills magazine is a top quality lifestyle magazine distributed to the finest residential areas in the Northern Suburbs